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10 Theories on the Sun Space and 2012

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In the near future, Earth could be faced with the threat of severe atmospheric activity, including solar explosions, near Earth asteroids, and geological anomalies. The Earth is currently traveling through the geological epoch known as the Holocene period. An epoch is a subdivision of the geologic timescale that is based on the study of rock layering. The Holocene began approximately 12,000 years ago and was preceded by the Pleistocene. The end of an epoch is characterized by extreme climate change and mass extinction. During Earth’s transition into the Holocene, the planet experienced the Quaternary extinction and the Younger Dryas global climate cooling event. Modern research conducted at the Russian Antarctic Vostok Station has suggested that we may soon be reaching the end of the Holocene. This was determined by studying the layers of the Earth’s crust through the process of massive ice core drilling. This revelation is a bit concerning with the current global climate disruption we are experiencing on Earth.

Everyone is familiar with the current 2012 doomsday predictions. In December of 2012, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, which was used by several Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures, will reach the end of its 13th baktun. People have predicted that this indicates that a massive geological event will occur on Earth. This article will be examining some theories surrounding the sun, space and the 2012 severe weather patterns. Put yourself in the place of a high level government official. If you had direct information that a cataclysmic event was approaching Earth, would you suppress it from the public or announce it? The obvious answer is to hide it and secretly prepare for a response.


Holocene Impact Working Group

Tunguska Event Trees

The Holocene Impact Working Group is a collection of scientists from Australia, France, Ireland, Russia and the US, who hypothesize that meteorite impacts on Earth are more common than previously supposed. The group has suggested that the Earth experiences one large global impact every 1,000 years. They claim that the geological formation known as a chevron or a wedge-shaped sediment deposit observed on coastlines, are created by megatsunamis and asteroid impacts. This idea is controversial because other scientists proclaim that there have not been enough large impacts and landslides to explain all the observed chevrons in the world. The Impact Working Group understands that their research contradicts much of what is understood about impacts and tsunamis. However, they have gathered some significant results and located major impact zones on Earth. The most important being the Burckle Crater, which is an undersea crater located to the east of Madagascar and west of Western Australia in the southern Indian ocean. The position of the impact crater was found by the Working Group, based on evidence of prehistoric chevron dune formations in Australia and Madagascar.

The impact zone is very large and estimated to be about 30 km (18 mi) in diameter. The Burckle Crater has yet to be dated by radiometric analysis, but it is strongly believed that the object impacted Earth between the years 2800-3000 BC, which is only 5,000 years ago. Numerous cultures make references to an ancient flood during this time in history and a wide range of events point to a disaster on Earth, including the end of the Early Harappan Ravi Phase, the end of the pre-dynastic “antediluvian” rulers of the Sumerian civilization, the start of the First Dynasty of Kish, and the pre-Xia dynasty rule of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors of China. In 2003, another impact zone was revealed off the New Zealand continental shelf. It has become known as Mahuika Crater. The impact zone is over 20 kilometers (12.5 mi) wide and over 153 meters deep. The findings are extremely interesting considering the fact that, around the year 1400, the natives of New Zealand totally abandoned their southern coastal settlements. The event has historically been attributed to an earthquake induced tsunami, but no specific earthquake could be identified. The Mahuika Crater explains the signs of megatsunamis in this area of the world. The massive crater has been dated to around 1443 A.D., which is only 567 years ago. Earth’s most recent encounter with a meteoroid or comet is known as the Tunguska event. In 1908, a large explosion was recorded near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Russia.

The blast was measured at between 15-30 megatons of TNT. It was equivalent to the Castle Bravo thermonuclear bomb, tested on March 1, 1954, or about 1,000 times as powerful as the atomic bombs dropped during World War II. The explosion demolished an estimated 80 million trees over 2,150 square kilometers (830 sq mi). The Tunguska event is believed to have been caused by the near air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment at an altitude of 5–10 kilometers (3.1–6.2 mi) above the Earth’s surface, meaning that the comet never actually impacted Earth. It is generally believed that the object was approximately 20-40 meters (65-131 feet) across, which is clearly much smaller than the Burckle and Mahuika meteorites. The Tunguska event is the largest impact event over land in Earth’s recent history. However, all Impacts of a similar size over remote ocean areas would have gone unnoticed before the advent of global satellite monitoring in the 1960s and 1970s. In 2002, The B612 Foundation was developed. The B612 is a private foundation dedicated to protecting the Earth from asteroid strikes. Their immediate goal and mission statement is to “significantly alter the orbit of an asteroid in a controlled manner by 2015.”


Solar Cycle 24

Suncombo1 Prev

The energy of the Sun supports all life on Earth. The Sun accounts for 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System and drives the Earth’s climate and weather. It is important that people understand the characteristics of the Sun and how it follows a solar cycle. In 1843, a German astronomer named Samuel Heinrich Schwabe discovered a pattern while observing the Sun over a 17 year period. He noticed a periodic variation in the number of sunspots recorded on the Sun. It has since been realized that sunspots indicate intense magnetic activity on the Sun, creating areas of reduced surface temperature. Sunspots produce solar flares in the regions surrounding them. A solar flare is a large explosion in the Sun’s atmosphere that propels radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum. Solar flares are dangerous and can cause mass bursts of solar wind and even geomagnetic storms on Earth.

Every 10.7 years the Sun passes through a solar cycle. The cycle directly changes space weather patterns and impacts climate on Earth. The solar cycle is marked by two extremes, a solar maximum and a solar minimum. The solar minimum is the period of least solar activity, where the sunspot and solar flare ratio diminishes. The opposite end of the spectrum is the solar maximum, where the Sun is peppered with sunspots, solar flares erupt, and clouds of electrified gas are hurled into space. Since 1755, there have been 23 solar cycles. In 2008, the Earth entered Solar Cycle 24. It is predicted that the solar maximum for cycle 24 will peak in 2013. Solar Cycle 24 has been the center of a heated discussion among the Internet community. Various proponents of the 2012 phenomenon use the cycle as evidence that a cataclysmic doomsday event will occur on Earth. In 2008 and 2009, the Sun experienced a deep solar minimum. This has concerned many scientists, including people like Mike Hapgood, who is the head of the European Space Agency’s space weather team. He has predicted that the resulting solar maximum in 2013 will be the biggest we have seen in 100 years.

In 2009, Hapgood was quoted as saying, “We’re in the equivalent of an idyllic summer’s day. The sun is quiet and benign. The quietest it has been for 100 years, but it could turn the other way.” In 2010, high ranking NASA officials released a disturbing report stating that the Earth could be hit with unprecedented levels of magnetic energy from solar flares during the 2013 solar maximum. The report used the word “super storm” and warned humanity of possible catastrophic consequences for the world’s health, emergency services and national security. Dr Richard Fisher, the director of Nasa’s Heliophysics division has put forth some chilling quotes, “We know it is coming, but we don’t know how bad it is going to be.” It will disrupt communication devices such as satellites and car navigations, air travel, the banking system, home computers, everything that is electronic.”


Current Action


As of early October, 2010, sunspots are regularly appearing on the Sun. Many websites are dedicated to tracking and documenting this activity. Earth is currently in the rising phase of Sunspot Cycle 24 and we are experiencing solar flares and coronal mass ejections. In the last five years, a number of international space experiments have been developed in order to study the Sun and its influence on Earth. NASA is currently conducting a space program named Living with a Star. The goal of the study is to look at many different aspects of the connected Sun-Earth system and to determine how they directly affect life and society. Specifically, how the Sun interacts with space weather and geometric storms. Living with a Star will include Space Environment Test beds, which will be used to test target protocols in space. The first active science mission of the program is named Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and it was launched on February 11, 2010. The goal of the mission is to actively view and photograph the Sun for five years, while it travels through the solar maximum.

The best spot in the world to make intergalactic observations is the South Pole. The Pole’s high altitude and extreme cold weather creates a thinning of the atmosphere. In 2007, the US National Science Foundation completed construction on the South Pole Telescope. The primary goal of the telescope is to conduct space survey’s to examine several thousand clusters of galaxies. In December of 2009, the camera on the telescope was upgraded. Claims have been made that the South Pole Telescope is being used for top secret observations of space asteroids and other celestial bodies. The largest solar flare ever detected came from the star system II Pegasi, which is located 135 light-years away from Earth. II Pegasi is in the constellation Pegasus. In December of 2005, a massive flare was detected in the area of Pegasus. It was derived from a star that is slightly smaller than the Sun. The solar flare was 100 million times more energetic then the typical solar flare viewed on the Sun. It has been estimated that the energy released from the event was equivalent to 50 million trillion atomic bombs. Clearly, this type of disaster would trigger a mass human extinction.


Orion Nebula

Dazzling Image Of Orion Nebula

There is something quite strange and eerie about the Orion Nebula. The Orion Nebula is a diffuse nebula situated south of Orion’s Belt. The area is clearly visible to the naked eye and appears as the middle “star” in the sword of Orion. The Orion Nebula is one of the most scrutinized and widely viewed objects in space. The nebula is peppered with a group of massive star formations and it is the closest region of star collections to Earth. It has also been observed that supersonic “bullets” of gas are repeatedly piercing the dense hydrogen clouds of the Orion Nebula. Theories have been listed on the Internet that state that the area surrounding the Orion Nebula contains stars that are dangerous to Earth. Many of these statements stem from a group of YouTube videos and articles suggesting a government cover-up. The videos explore a space coordinate that is located near the Orion Nebula in both Google Sky and the Microsoft space viewer. They claim that specific areas of the sky were purposely blacked out by the business giants.

We are all familiar with the fact that the Maya Long Count calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Apparently, the Maya people of Central America had a folk tale which dealt with Orion’s part of the sky, known as Xibalba. The word is roughly translated as “Place of fear.” Many of the traditional hearths or fireplaces of the Maya people contained a smudge of glowing fire that corresponded with the Orion Nebula. This is strange because some of the greatest astronomers in history, including Galileo who made specific telescopic observations of the area surrounding Orion, did not mention the nebula. In fact, there is no mention of the Orion Nebula prior to the 17th century. This has led to speculation that there is a current flare-up of the illuminating stars in the nebula that has greatly increased the brightness of the area. It also proves that the Maya people had pre-telescopic knowledge of the Orion Nebula. The Orion Nebula has been rigorously studied and photographed by international space programs. Stars in the nebula regularly emit large bursts of stellar wind. In many cases, these massive events are on a larger scale than stellar wind produced by the Sun.


Global Climate Disruption


Recent press releases have indicated that the White House would prefer that people start using the term “global climate disruption” instead of the coined “global warming.” The reason being that the phrase “global warming” oversimplifies the problem and makes the situation sound less dangerous than it really is. We are experiencing a change in a wide range of weather patterns and the phenomenon is not just a warming. Anyone who has studied global warming understands this because, from 1998 to 2009, the Earth did not record any increase in global temperatures. This general global cooling was predicted by scientists who study the Earth’s natural weather cycles. In fact, 2007 and 2008 were the coldest years in decades and the use of greenhouse gases has increased.

In December of 2009, supported by mounds of data, 650 of the world’s top climatologists made a presentation at a UN Global Warming conference and voiced their opinion that human-made global warming from the release of greenhouse gases is a media generated myth without scientific basis. Dr. Kunihiko, Chancellor of Japan’s Institute of Science and Technology, has been quoted as saying “CO2 emissions make absolutely no difference one way or the other … every scientist knows this, but it doesn’t pay to say so.” With the coming solar maximum the Earth’s surface temperature is expected to rise over the next couple years. However, scientific literature and text books state that human greenhouse gas emissions are the cause of our current global climate disruption. If this is not true, I can’t imagine why we have all been lied to.

The current opinion surrounding global climate change is evolving and many international polls have reported a significant decrease in the percentage of people who think human-made greenhouse gases are responsible. The data is also location specific, with a larger majority of people in the European Union and Japan showing concern over the Earth’s global climate change, while people in the US and China show the least amount of concern. Like all international polls, media coverage is a strong contributing factor to this data. Theories exist on the web that human-made global warming is a ploy developed by world governments to explain the events that will occur in 2012, as a planetary object approaches Earth and causes its axis to shift. Claims have been made that this will create an increase in world temperatures and cause massive ice glaciers to melt.


Earthquakes and Pipeline Explosions

Califfire99Jpg-1F959C04771417B9 Large

Experimental studies are routinely performed on the Sun in the hopes of better understanding its influence on Earth. Recent research has suggested that the Sun has a greater impact on the Earth’s tectonic movements than originally thought. Scientists have proven that sound generated deep inside the Sun can cause the Earth to shake and vibrate in sympathy. Recently, NASA’s fleet of five THEMIS spacecraft discovered that a certain type of space weather will cause spacequakes, or a tremblor in the Earth’s magnetic field. A spacequake is felt more strongly in the Earth’s orbit, but the destruction is not exclusive to space and can reach the surface of the Earth. The total energy in a spacequake can cause a relatively large earthquake. According to THEMIS, magnetic jets crash into the Earth’s geomagnetic field and the impact sets off a rebounding process, in which the incoming plasma actually bounces up and down on the reverberating magnetic field.

It has been proposed that spacequakes, acting together with Sun vortices, can generate substantial electrical currents in the near-Earth environment, possibly disturbing radio communication and GPS. The 2013 solar maximum will only increase this behavior. In 2010, the world has been hit with a series of devastating earthquakes. The largest examples being the quakes that hit in Haiti and Chile in early 2010. However, as we progress in 2010, earthquakes are becoming more frequent. In January and February, we experienced eight notable earthquakes with a magnitude over 6.0. In August of 2010, there were eighteen such events. Government officials and news outlets continue to publish stories indicating that the 2010 earthquake season shares a similar event ratio to other years. On April 4, 2010, an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude struck Baja California. The following day the Earth experienced one of the largest geometric storms of the year, peaking at a K-index rating of 7. Following the Baja California earthquake, the San Andreas Fault experienced over 500 after-shocks of 2.5 or larger.

The year 2010 has also been littered with an outbreak of pipeline disasters. On September 9, 2010, the city of San Bruno, California, experienced a massive pipeline explosion that resulted in severe damage. Immediately following the accident, US news outlets published many stories questioning the safety of pipelines throughout the country. The San Bruno explosion was caused after the pipeline had severed and released a large amount of natural gas. No reports have been released indicating how the pipeline broke. However, in many similar disasters a small earthquake is responsible for the failure. If the Sun’s solar maximum is capable of forming earthquakes on Earth, then pipeline ruptures may become a major concern. Time will tell if the abundance of earthquakes and pipeline explosions will increase as we reach the 2013 solar maximum.


Cataclysmic Pole Shift Hypothesis

Screen Shot 2010-10-13 At 4.35.09 Pm

Charles Hapgood was an American academician who developed the cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis. The theory suggests that the Earth’s axis of rotation has shifted numerous times in geological history. Such an event would create calamities on Earth, such as mass floods, earthquakes, and flash freezing. Charles Hapgood was a Harvard graduate and friend of Albert Einstein. In fact, Einstein was extremely intrigued by Hapgood’s research and wrote the foreword for one of his books discussing the topic. Charles Hapgood based many of his ideas on archival maps, which he claims show Antarctica with free flowing rivers. One example is the Piri Reis Map, which shows a vast southern continent similar to Antarctica in shape.

Hapgood argued that the Caribbean section of the map was rotated nearly 90 degrees from the top of South America, giving Earth an “alternate north.” He also uses paleontological data of Woolly Mammoths and other ancient animal species, which have been found in the South Pole, frozen solid with undigested vegetation in their stomachs. This would suggest a single cataclysmic event occurred with such ferocity that it killed these species in their tracks. Charles Hapgood theorized that the earth has gone through three such mass crustal displacements over the last 100,000 years, and, according to his data, the last occurrence was approximately 12,000 years ago. I went searching for more factual based information to support the pole shift hypothesis and came across Vostok Station.


Vostok Lake

3681517097 1269D3287A Z

Vostok Station is a Russian Antarctic research center that is located at the southern Pole of Cold. This part of the South Pole holds the lowest measured temperature on Earth. In the 1970s, the former Soviet Union began a project of drilling huge cores into the ice underneath Vostok Station. This activity began to expose subglacial lakes buried in the ice. The largest discovery was Lake Vostok, which is an enormous mass of water that covers an area of 15,690 square kilometers (6,060 sq mi). It is located 4,000 meters (13,000 ft) under the surface of the central Antarctic ice sheet. The lake is one of the most bizarre and influential discoveries in recent history. Small islands have been discovered on Lake Vostok and the water’s temperature is unusually warm with hotspots ranging from 50 to 65 degrees F. This clearly indicates a sub-terranean heat source.

It is quite amazing that underneath the frozen South Pole, an isolated ecosystem has been discovered and samples of unidentifiable bacteria have been removed. Many strange magnetic anomalies have also been recorded near Lake Vostok. This has caused scientists to release statements indicating that the Earth’s core might be thinner near Lake Vostok, but many conspiracy theorists have latched on to the idea that an accumulation of metals, the kind that you would find in an ancient buried city, has caused the magnetic disturbance. The original goal of the ice core drilling was to measure past weather conditions. This was accomplished by Russian scientists and data was gathered stretching back 420,000 years. This data has revealed some concerning facts. Apparently, the Holocene geological epoch which began approximately 12,000 years ago is going to end soon.

The Vostok ice cores have given scientists important data indicating that changes to the Earth’s surface can occur suddenly and violently, which is in direct opposition to the current geological model of gradualism. Scientists predict that the last sudden shift occurred around 13,000 years ago. All of this data supports Charles Hapgood’s ideas surrounding a sudden pole shift hypothesis. A sudden change in the Earth’s alignment relative to the sun would plunge parts of Earth into a perpetual freezing hell. The pole shift hypothesis has gained a substantial Internet following. Claims have been made that the Maya people understood the danger, which may reveal itself as an orbiting planet or asteroid that enters the Earth’s atmosphere on a timed schedule.


Nibiru Collision


The most discussed conspiracy theory surrounding the 2012 phenomenon involves a large planetary object named Nibiru. Claims have been made that this planet is in orbit with the Sun and that it will enter the Earth’s atmosphere causing mass destruction. Nibiru has been used to explain periodic pole shifts and catastrophic events in the Earth’s past. Internet groups have suggested that the Maya people understood the path of Nibiru and predicted when it would approach Earth next. However, the Maya clearly did not have the technical advancements that we do today, so if this is true a massive government cover-up would have to be involved. In 1983, the IRAS mission was launched into space and became the first-ever space-based observatory to perform a survey of the entire sky at infrared wavelengths. It mapped 96% of the sky four times. The observatory made media headlines briefly in 1983 with the discovery of an “unknown object” that was at first described as “possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system.” However, later analysis is said to have revealed this report to be false.

In 1984, world leaders decided that it was time to create a global seed bank and began to store seeds in an abandoned coal mine at Svalbard, located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, which is 1,300 kilometers (810 mi) from the North Pole. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault officially opened on February 26, 2008. Under high security, the facility preserves a wide variety of plant seeds in an underground cavern. It stores approximately 1.5 million distinct seed samples of agricultural crops. The mission of the vault is to provide a safety net against accidental loss of diversity, with an emphasis on a possible global catastrophe. In 1894, Bostonian astronomer Percival Lowell became convinced that the planets Uranus and Neptune had slight discrepancies in their orbits. He concluded that the gravitational pull of the two planets are being influenced by a more distant object.

Astronomers point to the fact that such an object so close to Earth would be easily visible to the naked eye. People have responded by claiming that the object has been hiding behind the Sun for several years, and has recently become visible, revealing itself as a second Sun. Thousands of pictures exist on the Internet claiming to have captured Nibiru, but it is hard to judge the reality of these photographs because adding a second Sun in Photoshop is simple. People have also claimed that the recently discovered dwarf planet Eris is in fact Nibiru. Eris is the largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System and the ninth-largest body known to orbit the Sun directly. Because Eris is 27% larger than Pluto, it was initially described as the “tenth planet” by NASA and in media reports after its discovery. Certain websites have released postings claiming that Eris will reach its closest point to Earth around 2012 and cause major problems for our gravitational pull.


Loss of Electricity


It is no secret that humans’ hold a heavy reliance towards electronic devices. Since the invention of the computer, technical networks have been developed and aspects of many countries infrastructure use electricity. It is also a fact that electricity is sensitive to magnetic energy. As the Earth enters the heavy portions of the 2013 solar maximum, we will be left susceptible to possible geometric storms. In 2007, NASA launched the THEMIS satellites. The goal of the space program was to study energy releases from the Earth’s magnetic surroundings. One of the THEMIS satellites discovered a breach in the Earth’s magnetic field. This breach has caused NASA to release documents stating that during Solar Cycle 24 the atmosphere might experience a higher intensity of geomagnetic storms. Geometric storms are associated with solar flares and are generated by a solar wind shock wave that strikes the Earth’s magnetic field. The solar wind pressure changes the electric currents in the ionosphere, causing a magnetic storm on Earth.

If we experience a significant amount of geomagnetic storms in the atmosphere then huge levels of radiation will be displaced. On Earth, the major concern will be direct damage to world power grids, communication satellites, and all things electrical. As a human population, we need to start considering scenarios where large areas of land will lose power for a long time. One potential hotspot is northern Europe and Britain, who apparently hold “fragile” power grids. The National Academy of Sciences has released various statements on the situation. One indicates that GPS navigation, air travel, financial services and emergency radio communications could “all be knocked out by intense solar activity.” Your government is aware of the situation, but it seems that the mainstream media was not given the memo. The US government has said that “contingency plans were in place to cope with the fallout from such a storm.” This includes allowing certain electrical transformers to be turned off for a period of time. The National Risk Register in Britain has similar plans in case of an electrical disaster.

In 1989, an electromagnetic storm disrupted power throughout most of Quebec and caused visual aurora as far south as Texas. The worst recorded solar storm in history occurred in 1859 during solar cycle 10. During the storm, auroras were seen around the world and telegraph systems failed all over Europe and North America. Telegraph pylons began to physically spark and caused major fires and damage. Apparently, 18 hours before the storm’s onset, a massive solar flare was seen exploding towards Earth. It has become known as the Carrington Super Flare. During the 1859 solar maximum, numerous large solar flares were recorded, including the Steward Super Flare. In August of 2010, the Sun experienced four large Coronal mass ejections directed towards Earth. The solar flares possessed enough energy to cause aurora to be observed by the naked eye. The event caused scientists to reaffirm that these types of occurrences can greatly damage infrastructure, such as power grids and telephone lines not adequately protected against induced magnetic current.

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      • Maggot

        of course the number of conspiracy theories that make any sense: different story.

        I have it on good authority that the government carefully controls what information is “leaked” out about various conspiracies, so as to ensure that we only theorize about the conspiracies that they want us to theorize about.

        • Jay

          I believe that, sir. And I also believe the government leaks "mis-information." They choose the goofiest-looking, dumbest people they can find and convince them of say, the reality of UFOs, so when they stumble out of a Georgia swamp and say they saw a flying saucer, it's easy to make fun of flying saucers and all who believe in them.

          The upshot: the stupider and more ridiculous the person espousing a theory is, the more likely it is to be true.

  • MiPiaci

    Well that was pleasant.

  • jybinator

    the one about vostok was really cool. it would be insane to have a world inside our world … or something

  • Stefan

    not informative enough
    too superficial

    anyways, i believe in 2012, although i dont believe in reading long lists

    • oliveralbq

      @Stefan: "anyways, i believe in 2012"

      —–i do too — then again, i also believe in 2011 and 2013.

      • fairtwiggy1

        Ha ha that was funny.

      • lalabhaiya

        same here. but just in case, i'll have a scotch every day in december 2012. if something does happen, i'll be fully armed.

        • oliveralbq

          two words, one number for ya:

          the macallan 25

      • Stefan

        thats actually contradictory; if you believe in 2012 (end of world), there wont be any 2013 to believe in.

        • oliveralbq

          @Stefan: "thats actually contradictory; if you believe in 2012 (end of world), there wont be any 2013 to believe in. "

          —–nah. not contradictory…. …..sarcastic. (play on the words since it was unspecific).

          twiggygirl and lala got it right.

          in your first post, you didn't qualify the belief.
          so i didnt either.
          but, for clarity, i believe were going to have 2012. and 2013 and 2025.

          i could go on, but at some point i'm sure ill be wrong.

          it was listverse smart-ass hour

          • Le tel

            I can't believe you had to justify your comment,

            @ Stefan, you are a dumbass!!!

        • Jim

          Double face palm to you, sir….

        • K94

          Why the hell does anyone believe the Earth will end in 2012? Guess what people! It's the end of a CALENDER! Just because your Word-A-Day calender doesn't go to 2011 doesn't mean the world will end on the last day of 2010.

        • avi

          did you really not understand it?

      • cqsteve

        I didn't believe in 2009, boy was I embarrassed.

  • roxas

    its really interesting,,,,,it really proves that the question is not,"will the apocalypse happen" but "how will it happen and when"

    this is really scary but the same time fascinating for a curious person like me…

  • KabirBhai

    Sorry to say but i think that we all will perish. When, no idea. It may be in next 25 years, it may be after 500 years. But that will happen. We are too crowded here. Too much overcrowding, too much destruction of nature, too much pollution, its like we have destroyed the earth. Where will we all live? Am not a fanatic nature lover but at the present rate, what will happen in next 300-500 years???

    There will be a new beginning…

    • shaymm09

      It is possible, however it is unlikely. Obviously we can't continue on the same destructive path, but even if we do we are no where near close enough to destroy the earth. We haven't given mother nature and her prowess enough respect in that matter.

    • Leak

      *forenote: ok lets not get into a religious debate about truth about evolution*

      When you look at how long the human species has been on the planet, which starting for the Australopithecus to current homo sapiens sapiens, we have only been around for around 5 million years, our current kind only 130,000 years.

      the Earth was formed about 5 billion years ago

      ok now think about that, we're only a small bleep in Earth's history, hardly a mark.
      Human's time will end one way or another, im not saying it will be in 2012, but it will come eventually.
      that's evolution of the Earth, kind of sad when you think about it.
      It looks like the Sun is what's going to end us, sooooo im going to invest in some sunscreen : )

      • CPT_ED

        People are so full of themselves; thinking that the whole universe revolves around the 'human' race; far out, I mean what we know about the origins of the big bang etc, should make us more humble about the fact that we are but a fraction of a blink in the eye of the universe.

        • K94

          I always hated how prideful people can be. Even in religions. "Pride is one of the 7 deadly sins! By the way, the universe was created only for humans."

    • CPT_Ed

      Exactly; I mean we only have a few thousand years of 'documented history' who knows what sort of weather was endured pre-history, its only rational to understand how fragile out existence is on this tiny little blue planet, right next to this huge ball of burning gas.

  • mordechaimordechai

    This list makes no sense at all from the top to the bottom. I hated every single line of it.
    It made me think of those scientists that are opposing to global warming/climate change theories and are for that reason fired and discredited like Professor Philip Stott and others.

    Under n° 1 i read "geometric storm" (???) did you mean geomagnetic storm or will we be really sitting in our patios looking at those romantic triangles falling from the sky?

    • oliveralbq

      if you ever see parallelogram cloud go bury your head in the sand.

      • TEX

        The perfect dodecahedral storm!!!

        • Jay

          I saw Parallelogram Cloud at the Wonderland Ballroom. Nice guitar sound, needs a better drummer.

    • Vera Lynn

      That phrase was used more often than just at #1. Go back and reread.

      • mordechaimordechai

        no, i will not!

      • TEX

        I'm surprised it isn't one on the list "The Geometric Storm"
        Must be that storm that froze all those poor mastodons down in Antarctica.

  • coocoocuchoo

    look, if it happens it happens there is absolutely fuck all anyone can do about it….so those conspiracy theorists who spend all day shitting themselves about such an event and calling everyone else "sheeple" are wasting their fucking time. just go with the flow!

    • Jay

      RIGHT! Don't do anything! Die when you're supposed to. That's what the Universe wants!

  • kizzler

    When nature strikes, it strikes. there is not much you can do about it. So why not go with the flow? read another good book, a list on listverse, watch a great movie, relax, take a beer. do some stuff you've never done before and go on with your life because after reading this list everyday could be your last.

  • fairtwiggy1

    Jeez this list made me a little paranoid.

    • timmar68

      Sorry, but I HAVE to comment-when I read your name I don't see the "i" in the word "fair". lol I get a good giggle when I start my day!

      • fairtwiggy1

        curse name generator I was called twiggy in highschool but I guess [email protected] was taken so hence fartwiggy or fairtwiggy

        • oliveralbq

          name generator? i imagined it was either a reference to twiggy ramirez (not so good), twiggy lawson (not so bad) or fair hair barbie.

          but a name generator?
          if i stick my userid in a name-generator, im sure i'd get something about bbq olives like shifty did.

          • Jay

            I put my userID in a name generator once. It said I should be called br0ck. And I said NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    • TEX

      Shake it off – I assure you it is 100% grade-A bullshit.

  • Geronimo1618

    What the hell, is this a research paper on doomsday or what… I agree, the text should have been condensed and written in an informal manner.

  • tripsyman

    2012 will come and go and nothing will happen, I know it – you all know it and everyone else knows it. It was the same with the millenium bug and will be the same with whatever comes after 2012. Much more real and worrying is going to be rogue nations and people acquiring nuclear or biological weapons in the coming years. Or even a global medical epidemic. However chances are for most of us we have and will have nothing to worry about.

  • Gav


    Good luck, suckers! HA HA HA HA HA!

    • Leak

      Let's move to mars, don't forget the Vodka!!!

      • KolT

        Good luck surviving. I hope a metor hits you on your way there!

        • jcs299

          Don't worry. We'll be taking the red ryder wagon with some sandwiches and comic books as well as the vodka.

          • tina

            Don't forget the scotch .. and the gin… and the rum. For shit's sake please don't forget the rum.

  • Amrendra

    One of the best lists I read on listverse. Very well researched and very well written.

    • tina

      I agree. A lot of people seem to dislike the idea of a well researched list because it's just too much reading. I'm a little worried for the future. Not only because of the fact that the world may end in two years but because people either can't or won't read because it's just too hard. Ridiculous.

    • K94

      This isn't well-researched. It would be if he didn't make things up and quoted and cited actual sources.

      • Violatorofsanity

        The only thing I found wrong with it was that they discovered that the highest levels of magnetism on the sun are actually coming from the white cracks and not the black spots. [My source] Richard Hammonds: Invisible Worlds :)

  • Leak

    Amazing List, one of most interesting and informative lists on the site. now i've just become a little worried about 2012 since all the theories about world ending have so far been easily dismissed…. these are a bit more difficult to dismiss.

    It's great to finally get some good lists published again, Great work BryanJ.

    • coocoocuchoo

      all the theories about the world ending have so far been easily dismissed due to the fact that the world did not end….once we get to january 1st 2013 the apocalypse theory of 2012 will be pretty easy to dismiss.

      • TEX

        Hell – why wait? I dismiss it now – this fucker is trying to start his own Jonestown!

  • martin_mcfish

    i must say i do love a good "fire and brimstone" list in the morning
    good list though very interesting, i already knew about the pole shift and the nibiru one…one of these days someone's theory will be right and then its bye bye for us all

  • bluesman87

    good i hope all men on earth perish…except me…………….. and all the chicks. ………and my army of polar bears .

    Seriously the pic for 6 is really sad , so many animals die everyday because of us humans , but all the stupid assholes that surround me in traffic and on tv and in elevators are allowed to live seems pretty unfair i mean people suck , humans lives dont have value anymore we are in so much ecological debt we should just liquidate the species . Bring on Armageddon i'll be waiting with bells on …and nothing else …except possibly a boner .

    • fairtwiggy1

      Can't stop laughing. You're hilarious

      • bluesman87

        heh heh thanks =) , Ive always admired your intelligence and good taste . . .

  • Skata

    Sounds like 10 good reasons to turn loose more money for a better class of whiskey.

  • jozef

    Glenfiddich is always a good option. A boner too … considering the fact that repopulation has to get going right after all mails die. Except me off course. Seriously now. That is one Wicked list to think about. Very good altought I am pretty convinced that the 2012 thing isn't something to take for granted. The Maya calender just had to stop sometime. They could'nt keep putting on years and dates for ever. Those guys needed holidays too.

  • pumpkincat210

    the illuminati!

    • TEX

      Nailed it!!!

    • jroache

      No, no, the illuminati is just what they want you to believe. They, who are they you ask, its the reverse vampires. It all makes sense now, doesn't it.

      • TEX


  • Dian

    Geez, that picture for number 6 sure is depressing. ):

    • GagaMonstette

      yeah, really sad

    • TEX

      Haven’t you figured it out yet?!?!
      Every whack-o enviro-death-freekazoid conspiracy puke puts a picture of a fucking polar bear by his bullshit “were all going to die” theory.

      • bluesman87

        bears are one of the coolest animals . never seen one in the wild so dont ask me why but i think those things are awesome . they seem like cool dudes .

    • Bones

      Polar Bears use floating chunks of ice for transportation when they don't feel like swimming – in other words conserving energy. They are also very good swimmers. This picture, and more like it are somewhat misleading by omitting the other floating masses and land that are out of frame.

  • GagaMonstette

    Poor polar bears

  • phil

    good list ! however the wooly mammoths were found in the Artic not South pole as stated….

    • TEX

      thus a shit list

  • homersayswhat

    my question is "who cares" we have reached beyond the point of fixing any problem that we might actually have…..we have destroyed our planet!!! So are we going to do something about………………! No one cares as long as gas is cheap and fossil fuels don't cost to much to heat/cool our home. I will give great rave to one that can prove to me that there is an alternative fuel source in the world that is as efficient as burning oil….nothing is going to happen to global warming and the "green" science until you can produce efficient energy….but you cant, so give up. I like solar and I like wind, but it is not an efficient way to produce energy…..again show me the way and I will believe!!!!

    • K94

      The greatest leaps in technology and science were fueled by need. If governments and investors realized that we need better alternative fuels, we'd have a major breakthrough in at least 5-10 years.

      Also, no offense, but are you an idiot? How exactly do you know that humans have learned everything there is to know about fuel and green technology? Throughout history people have thought that they have reached the peak of knowledge and technology, and guess what. Each time they were proven wrong. Whether they thought that people would never go faster than 30 miles per hour, or that humans could fly, they were proven wrong.

  • powyayow

    i think this list is pretty good. makes you think about what would happen to everything that man has built for himself… all going to turn into dust anyway. anarchy anyone?
    but i have to say, i don't understand half of what is being explained in the list. :D

    • TEX

      I'll be glad to explain it to you – forget you ever read it – you'll be happier and smarter if you do.

  • Sky Beast

    Mammoth found on the South Pole?
    When? Were?
    By whom?

  • Weakling

    Haven't we already gone through the 2012 hype after the movie of something?

  • br0ck

    its so boring bcs it is a bullshit 2012 is fake

    • KolT

      Did you read the list, or look at the pictures?

      Not every section is based on the 2012 conspiracy. Vostok Station, Pipes Exploding?

    • Northman

      Ahh br0ck, eloquent as always… How do you determine whether a year is genuine or fake? Was 2009 real?

    • fairtwiggy1

      Was your mother disappointed when she queefed you out?

    • oliveralbq

      at least you made a stab at an arguable point.

      i thought for sure you were just gonna say "the sun is gay"

    • LostMusicalMeanings

      I don 't believe it,but when you try to say it,or people like you.
      Its annoying and makes me wanna believe.I have personal
      theories though

  • cons Piracy

    The only reason why people believe in the Apocalypse is not because they fear it, but they want to experience it. Too much movies, I guess?

  • Joanne

    After reading today's list I got the impression that it was a bunch of conspiracist and pseudoscientist nonsense clumped together in a list and labelled "scientific theories" surrounding 2012 and buried in a mountain of obfuscating text in an attempt to lend credence to these "theories." Don't get me wrong I love new lists as much as you do and I always keep my mind open to learning from others so it would have been nice if the author provided sources but the closest (s)he's come up with were "some internet groups" and "certain websites," as if anything that the internet believes in is automatically transformed into fact – oh wait I almost forgot the author can never source them because the Evil Corrupt Government plotting the NWO sponsored by Jews/Illuminati is hiding them lol, except "some websites" that despite their power they cannot censor – Seriously, being critical of authority is OK, it's what makes free speech & democracy work, but claiming that everything is a clue pointing towards a massive apocalypse as the grand finale of a global conspiracy is just insane… If we're all gonna die anyway, what would those "high level government officials" be left with to rule over/exercise their power on?? A utopia of bacteria and cockroaches peacefully coexisting with their human overlords? These knee-jerk conspiracists just love comparing themselves to some evil corrupt govenrment/secret organization to make themselves look like some brave noble selfless liberator hence concealing their incompetence, then they claim that these evil corrupt governments/secret organizations are somewhat "conspiring against the people in order to maintain the status quo" to cover for their own laziness and irresponsibility. They're intellectually at the same level as the hypocrite anarcho-socialists at our university… reading through this list reminded me of them hehe I guess one thing led to another sorry about the ranting

    • TEX

      Not a problem sweetheart – keep it up – you're dead on.

    • BryanJ

      The list title says nothing about "sceintific theories." The article deals with theory in general, with some of them being "conspiracy theories."

  • Joanne

    ROFL "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly."

    What about the list?!? How did a "list" like this get approved by the admins? Hello?

    • BryanJ

      The fact that it gave you such a reaction makes it a good list in my eyes.

      • TEX

        Downtown a guy drops trou and takes a shit on the sidewalk – the cops show up to arrest him and he says “You can’t arrest me – I’m an artist – this is performance art – art is to provoke a reaction!” – and the cop staring at the pile says “Looks like shit to me!”

  • mrjimmyos

    Dude, you have number 10 a little wrong, the Tunguska event is believed to be caused by atmospheric changes which ended up creating a sort of explosion if you will. I don't know the details but its not got anything to do with an asteroid

    • mom424

      no…pretty sure it's accepted to be a comet or piece of a comet.

      • TEX

        correct mom

    • Jay

      Atmospheric changes? I've heard the meteor theory a thousand times and I've heard it could have been a massive upwelliong of superheated gas. I've even heard it could have been a miniature black hole (???). But atmospheric changes? That would be the microburst to end all microbursts.

    • BryanJ

      The explosion is beleived to have been caused by a near-earth air burst of a large meteorite.

    • K94

      It's pretty widely accepted to have been a comet or meteor.

      There's no way in hell that any kind of natural atmospheric change would create an explosion of that magnitude.

      • mrjimmyos


        I forgot they are shit with facts :/

  • mom424

    Excellent smattering of fact, speculation, and outright fantasy. Would be nice for the less scientifically inclined if that line separating fact/fiction was a little more pronounced. For instance our print calendars only show a couple of years ahead – doesn't mean the calendar makers figured the world was ending. Also – a giant extra planet hiding behind the sun? I'm certain there would be some huge magnetic evidence eh? Just not possible. But increased solar activity and its effect on communication etc is a real concern. Pretty sure that shifting of the magnetic pole has been proven but don't see how it could cause flash freezing. Not entirely sure but that lake under the snow – just how much snow? and wouldn't that type of pressure create enough heat to keep the water liquid? Made me think. Great list BryanJ.

    • Ninja_Wallaby

      I'm fairly sure the lister is refering not to the magnetic poles shifting but the actual planet itself tilting about. It is thought that this may have happened before at one time when a planet sized object hit what was the Earth back then (all theory). All that aside this planetry tilting hocus-pocus is tied in with the nibaru theorists. Bunch of crazies if you ask me.

    • Jay

      Mom, our print calendars don't go far into the future because who would buy them? Astrological "calendars" go several thousand years. You're right, magnetic poles do shift slightly, maybe a hundred miles or so. If they rapidly shifted a few thousand miles, the entire world would change very quickly. Because the poles are related to the tilt of the Earth, and we're really talking aobut the Earth changing so that the very coldest regions would be near the Equator. And that could happen if a huge mass went by the Earth. Some think this has already happened. But the odds seem, if you'll pardon the word, astronomical.

      You're also right that the increased magnetic activity is a great concern. I'm told that the magnetic storm that hit East Canada a few decades ago severely damaged communications. (More info on that? Anyone got a source?) Now our communications are more complex and perhaps more vulnerable. AND… Now we have these stupid computer-thingies that rely on moving electrons around. No one knows what will actually happen. Maybe nothing. Maybe we'll all die…

  • Ninja_Wallaby

    Most of this list are outright lies. Mammoths in Antarctica? Really? It isn't april fools day is it?

    • Jay

      Weirdly enough, you picked the most solid of the items to be incredulous about. Mammoths have been found quick-frozen. AND, according to some who claim to have done post-mortems on them, they had summer flowers in their stomachs. Apparently, they were eating vegetation in an extremely warm climate when they were suddenly frozen. It seems unlikely to me (I'd think the flowers would be destroyed by digestive juices even if the animal died), but that's the story and certain people are sticking to it.

      • Northman

        She was referring to their range, not how they died. Mammoths were a northern-hemisphere animal, unless someone proves otherwise.

        • Jay

          Oh that. Sorry. Thanks, Northman. I had the wrong end of the stick, but I thought we'd settled all that.

      • Ninja_Wallaby

        I'm not questioning the fact that many animals alive in the last major ice age were frozen quickly enough for scientists to be able to do thorough post mortems. I'm questioning where they were claimed to be found. Mammoths never lived on Antarctica.

  • No one knows whats gonna happen so why stress over it. Shit happens, just like dying. You don't know how or when so why worry. It's better to enjoy your life then waste it worrying about shit out of your control. :P

  • mom424

    what? Did I read the entire tone of this list wrong? The list writer believes this stuff and isn't just chronicling what others are speculating? I know about all the whacky 9/11 conspiracies out there – don't believe any of them.

    • KabirBhai

      Dont u start 9/11 conspiracies theories. Everyone knows that Osama and Obama are the same person, and born to the Undertaker, a WWF wrestler, who himself is an alien. So Osama/Obama is an alien, and 9/11 was caused by Sun God because he did not get his candy… (Of course everything is about Oil. Even my friend digging his nose is all about Oil). My time is over, am going back to my cell. My doctor says that in order to rule Jupiter, i must rest and take those medicines daily…

  • ringtailroxy

    the 2012 paranoia will pass as has all other prophesies. Tell me, one and just one prophesy that was foretold centuries before that came true. And I am not talking of some catchy little song or poem that can be interpreted thousands of different ways…but an honest prophesy.

    As for the Earth's eventual end, that is written in the stars. Even the Milky Way itself will eventually collide with Andromeda and twist into a new galaxy…we can witness this happening to other galaxies already!

    As for the human population dying off, good I say. No other species has been so out-of-touch with nature; so destructive, self-centered, or unconcerned with other life. I blame religion…the whole "go forth and multiply" bit. Manifest destiny and the obliteration of native peoples.

    I am not going to worry about such things-I enjoy living in the NOW and too bad for future generations. It's not as if everything since 1980 hasn't been gearing up for a catastrophic economic downturn in this country anyways. Maybe Capitalism, like Communism, looked good on paper but is unable to sustain itself for any great period of time…not because the idea is poorly constructed, but the way it is carried out and the basic greed of humans distorts it so greatly as to no longer be viable.

    • Captain Ed

      Prophecy? hate that word.
      Nobody prophesies these days, there are connections between the end of an ancient calender and natural events which are going on today. Conspiracy, maybe.
      If u read more than just a list and actually looked up some credible sources, you would find that a lot of this rings true in scientific discoveries(not all, but quite a bit). Solar flares for example.

      • K94

        Captain Ed, what exactly are credible sources for you?

        Here's a little tip. When you read something on a website, look for what sources THAT cites. And then look up those sources and keep going until you find the source.

        Because, it turns out that most of those conspiracy websites have completely false citations when they do list them. Either they changed a word or they made the entire bloody thing up.

        Here's a bit of advice. Next time, read a scientific journal. Maybe you'll learn something.

        • Northman

          @ K94; Captain Ed told people to do research and you said they should read scientific journals. You both encouraged others to look up the facts and make their own decisions. You don't have to be a dick about it.

          • K94

            No, he said that if people looked up credible sources, they would quote a bit that supports conspiracy theories. Which is complete bull.

          • K94

            *Messed up what I said. Derp.
            Anyway, let me try that again:

            "No, he said that if people looked up credible sources, they would find 'quite a bit' that supports these conspiracy theories, which is complete bull."

    • Arsnl

      'As for the human population dying off, good I say. No other species has been so out-of-touch with nature; so destructive, self-centered, or unconcerned with other life. I blame religion…the whole "go forth and multiply" bit. Manifest destiny and the obliteration of native peoples. '

      You should have said: no other species has reached out level of intelligence. We (and unless you have proof of aliens) are the most COMPLEX SYSTEM IN THE UNIVERSE. We rock. We are trying (and why not succed one day) to understand whats the universe. In case you didnt get it: the universe appeared and exists, for what we can say no reason whatsoever, yet inside it a complex system appeared, and the cutting edge organism of that complex system is so advanced it can one day predict why the whole universe formed. We left the planet we've sent probes outside of the solar system, we've morphed our ecosystem on a planetary level, we understand the quatum world. Im always amazed by our achievements and creations, so many, so magnificient.

      And i really dont get your point at all. You:
      1) believe in god and all that blah blah, so the "multiply etc" is a rule that has to be respected
      2) dont believe in god then your blaming of religion doesnt make sense: humans invented religion and humans destroy stuff. Why blame religion? Also, from all the creations of the universe, you select a part of it and you declare it is "evil" etc. Why would the rest of the universe be good and fluffy and that part of the universe (that was created by the universe respecting the laws determined by the universe) be bad. You confirm your self-centerness and you declare its bad. Why dont you change yourself before calling for the complete anihilation of our species?
      So if its either case 1) or case 2) your comment doesnt make any sense at all. What id call a troll.

      • ringtailroxy

        uhm…I am hardly a "troll" actually, I am quite attractive and have been on LV since the early days…back when such amusing and intelligent folks like Kreature, Segue, Buckslim, Randall, and yes, even Jay Frater made more appearances in the posts.

        I do not, in any way, think that human are the most complete system int he universe, and I think it is rather pretentious for youto say that. All species are complex-whether they are a single celled bacterium or a 180 foot blue whale. Stars themselves are ornately complex, as are the galaxies that they comprise.

        I do not believe in God, but it seems to me that the human belief that they have been created in God's image helps contribute to the dominion over nature and the need to possess, subdue, alter, and change the environment to fit the needs of humans, instead of humans evolving to fit the needs of the environment, like every other species.

        What is your point about space exploration? If there is one human trait I am most proud of, it is our highly developed frontal lobes. I love my curiosity and ability to understand the world around me.

        "You confirm your self-centerness and you declare its bad. Why dont you change yourself before calling for the complete anihilation of our species? "

        Well, as a student of ethology, I can vouch that all living things have a self-centered need to survive…everything we do is to benefit ourselves…take me fostering orphaned animals. I enjoy doing it, I find great joy in watching the daily development of kittens & puppies, raccoons & squirrels. The side-effect of my wonder is that these babies get a chance to live and survive! So, my self-centered nature actually is beneficial to another being…but it all starts with my own selfish need to nurture.

  • vanowensbody

    Great list. What is so interesting about the various end of the world scenarios you put out there is that in only a few cases can we do anything at all to protect ourselves. Assuming carbon emissions are driving the rise in global temperatures – that is something we could change to protect our future children and the environment. It would be nice to keep the Arctic ice cap (and polar bears) instead of melting it into the Arctic swimming pool.

    We could switch back to vacuum tube technology and away from circuit boards to protect ourselves from #1. Vacuum tubes make better guitar amps anyway.

    We could all move to high ground to avoid the tsunamis from #10, but that gets us closer to the space radiation from #9.

    And we could just leave Lake Vostok the hell alone, but that will never happen. We just have to mess around with things.

    But ultimately we are hosed if any of these catastrophes take place.

  • oouchan

    Like reading a fantasy novel. Good stuff to mull around in your brain, but bunk otherwise. These are the kind of stories one comes up with when drinking with your friends. All fun and games, but nothing worth getting upset over.
    I'm not worried about stuff like this…..I'm only worried about the idiot who will want to see it happen and try to get the ball rolling.

    Neat list.

  • Arsnl

    "cause major problems for our gravitational pull"
    When was the last time you heard that the gravitational pull of neptune was causing problems on earth? And neptune's mass is 10000 times (give or take) larger than eris's. And neptune is even closer.
    Im amazed you didnt start talking about the lizard people. Its always about the lizard people.

    • Scratch

      Jewish lizard people who are working in conjunction with the illuminati, the Vatican, and the Knights Templar.

      • Arsnl

        What about the nazi tibetans and roswell? We CANNOT ignore such important hard facts.
        But on a more comical note. A site of the competition had a list about things people think are magic if they come from a different culture. And all this maya thing fills the bill. If some new age hippy says we're doomed we dont give a rats ass. But if a mayan makes a calendar. Wooooow thats deep man!!
        Ps: Hehe. "hard facts" sounds funny. Ill use it more often

        • Scratch

          I must have forgotten them because I removed my tin-foil cap and the CIA's brain erasing gamma ray erased them from my memory.
          I'm glad the internet was invented so all of these organizations could finally be exposed in grainy youtube videos, blogs and message boards.

    • TEX

      All answers about the lizard people can be found here –
      This is real and factual and not to be questioned by mortal men – just like this list.

  • Carra 23

    Another Conspiracy Theory Nutjob! As Mr.Rate would say: "artificial sweeteners were safe, WMDs were in Iraq and Anna Nicole married for love."

    Before you go off half-cocked why not mention the fact that the Mesoamerican Long-count Calendar was followed by another one as well as having various others of shoreter duration overlapping it – if you're gonna tell a story – – – – thell the WHOLE fucking story and not just the bit that fits in with your idiot disaster scenario one.

    And I agree with all the others that, despite my abnormally-long attention span, the list was WAY too long – next time; write a book, it'd be quicker to read.

  • Mr. Ree

    Electricity? Don't need it. Hoarding food & water? Not necessary for me.

    I'm fully stocked up on guns and ammo and if some nasty shit does happen, my neighbors homes will be my stockpiles for everything.

    I just need to find a copy of the book: 1001 ways to prepare human flesh.

    • gatortarian

      Food and water? I'm going to stock booze and cigarettes. I'll be the post apocalyptic Donald Trump.

      • K94

        No man, the real money will be in toilet paper and prostitutes.

    • bluesman87

      you can prepare people the same way as pork , the cuts will all just be a bit elongated. There are tons of exiting recipes you can try , but if you arent too adventurous you can stick with the classic combo of liver and fava beans.

  • enooooisback

    Good list but it should have also included the other sides of the argument. There are also people saying that 2013 will be one of the least active solar maximums in 100 years. Also with Nibiru, if it was really that big and was going to hit us in 2012 it would be easily visible by now. And has anyone seen it? Nope. And according to many scientists polar shifts take hundreds to thousands of years to complete, it's not something that just happens overnight. Also the effect on earth's crust from the sun is miniscule. The big earthquakes are caused by the movement of the tectonic plates that we sit on over the liquid core of the Earth. I'm not saying these are impossible, just ridiculously unlikely.

  • gatortarian

    From #6 "If this is not true, I can’t imagine why we have all been lied to. "

    Money. If they can tax carbon, they can tax you for breathing.

  • ribenaberry

    This is an amazing list. I don't believe most conspiracy theories, but it is fascinating to find out the science behind the theories – given a very open mind you can understand why even some of the most inane theories gain followers. That said, I do believe that the planet is due for some kind of cataclysmic event. Even in the absence of hard science to prove it, the human race has, as a whole, become complacent in our role as dominant species on a (normally) benign planet, that just happens to have the right resources, climate etc to maintain our existence. I think that that the 2012 thing is a bit specific, and I don't think we will be wiped out overnight, but I do think that some time in the relatively near future we're in for a shock, or at least a serious re-evaluation of our existence. I'm not religious, but some of the results that science has produced can definately help us to understand why societies in the past were so dependant on the idea of a superior being – imagine all this happening with no understanding as to why? Terrifying. Forewarned is forearmed.

    • K94

      Eh, don't believe the 'science' behind this article.

      Also, the Earth is anything but benign. Tornadoes, floods, storms, meteors, a fucking mars-sized object smashing into the young Earth, etc.

  • Piper

    Great list. I have prepared myself well for the end of the world and will be ready to re-populate with whoever is left. I done dug myself a hole and bought a 'how to survive the end of the world' protection stuff from ebay. Comes on a disc with some photos and shit. Can't wait to try it out. Sure as sugar is sugar we're screwed………well you lot are, I got me a hole and disc. Suckers.

  • Someonelse

    I see no point to this "sky is falling" bullshit. What are you trying to say the world a shitty place and only going to get shittier. I already knew that.

  • Armadillotron

    So the World is going to end in two years? I can`t believe people believe this crap. I was one of these idiots who believed in The Millenium Bug, where things were going to shut down and planes were going to start falling out off the sky. and-pardon the pun-Bugger all happened. And then there was Bird Flu. Which I thought was a modern day Black Death. And what happened-hardly anyone died. Are we REALLY supposed to believe people, who RIPPED PEOPLES HEARTS OUT, because it "pleased," their Gods? Yeah right.

    • KolT

      Hey, I ain't gunna f*ck with anyone RIPS PEOPLES HEARTS OUT, man!

      • David

        Yeah, well, The Aztecs predicted their own demise. That guy with the wierd name predicted that Cortes Pizarro and the Spaniards would come along and destroy them.

      • bluesman87

        yeah especially that MMA fighter who did it to his mate while tripping on shrooms .

    • K94

      Also, never mind the fact that it's the Mayan calendar that supposedly predicts the end of the world, not the Aztecs aka Heart Rippers. :P

  • Scratch

    The Mayans did not set their calendar to infinity, therefore the world will experience a cataclysmic event in 2012.

    You know it has to be true when the Internet and Youtube videos are cited.

    • Jay

      I won't believe it until Justin Bieber does a song about it.

  • reefer

    Humans have two very annoying qualities. First, everything is a conspiracy theory and second, we seem to harbor a death wish by some cataclysmic event. I say smoke a doob and relax

    • Jay

      Are you insane???!!! I don't have time to stop and smoke a doob. I'm too busy racing around figuring out what's gonna kill me first.

  • GnipGnop

    This list was a little long, but it was better than the last ten pieces of garbage that were given to read. At least this one was well written and interesting.

  • Jay Poe

    I can't wait until December 2012 so people would stop talking about this stupid crap. But I'm sure people will find new theories and a new date for the end of the world.

    If the Mayans were so smart how com they couldn't predict the end of their civilization?

  • Andyman

    There is no context to the picture in #6 so don't go worrying about that "poor" polar bear. They do know how to swim, you know? It's not like the bear is stranded or anything. Plus, the picture is so cropped that you may not see the rest of the iceberg that's floating next to the bear. Yes folks, just cropping a picture can affect it's editorial content.

  • ghastlyvestment

    I'm actually looking forward to 2012. If we all die at one time then what's there to be afraid about?

  • JH

    wow, what a load of horseshit!

    • TEX

      Too late I cried bullshit earlier – bullshit overides horseshit.

      • Jay

        It does? Well, dingo feces!

  • Mixed_Monkeys

    Small question: Where did the 1755 date come from in number 2. The author uses it to say that we are now in the 24 th solar cycle. Why did the cycles start in 1755? Maybe they started in 1745, and we are actually in the 25th cycle as we speak! This would explain the strange sounds coming from my washing machine…. DOOOMED, we're all DOOMED!!! Oh and the other thing… he mentioned that the solar maximum is supposed to be the worse in a 100 years. What happened in 1913? Oh, i know income tax was introduced in the USA that year. Shit, we're in for it now! Lock your doors, hide your children, stockpile cans of navy beans, and don't forget to stuff your money in your mattresses. DOOMED I TELL YOU.

    • TEX

      I had navy beans for dinner last night.

  • undaunted warrior 1

    I enjoyed reading the list, not that I believe any of it – it was well written but a bit long winded for me as some have already mentioned above.

    • kier esparar

      we need to pray and always call on the lord

  • timmy the dying boy

    I don't think I can embed an image here, so this will have to do:

  • drshady

    Only God knows when doomsday will come….this is something you can't predict and can't do anything about no need to worry about dying and better to worry about living…because…eventually…doomsday tomorrow or after million years…everyone has his own time.

  • TEX

    Theories on the Sun Space and 2012

    Holocene Impact Working Group
    Solar Cycle 24
    Current Action
    Orion Nebula
    Global Climate Disruption
    Earthquake and Pipeline Explosions
    Cataclysmic Pole Shift Hypothesis
    Vostok Lake
    Nibiru Collision
    Loss of Electricity

    Gosh – what can I say? I’m at a loss for words.
    If I had turned in something like this back in junior high they’d have put me on the short bus.

  • Seriously

    Oh my god, are we seriously doing ridiculous, ignorant conspiracy theories now? Yeah, obviously all the government officials must be hiding this secret information predicting cataclysmic events in 2012. Dude, grow a brain. First off, how precisely would these be "predicted"? By psychics? Other BS? The Mayan calendar happens to end in December 2012. That means NOTHING. Do a little research and inform your fellow conspiracy theorists. It's like coming up with some ridiculous theory that our calendar predicts the end of the world on December 31st because it happens to end there. The Mayans believed that the end of the 13th baktun would be the beginning of a new world, because the gods had finally gotten it right after two failed attempts. THEY didn't even believe it was the end of the world. And seriously, it's Mayan mythology. Are you honestly going to put any stock in ancient Mayan, Greek, Roman, or Egyptian mythology that was made up to try to explain things that they couldn't understand without the benefits of science? Oh wait, if you're religious, you're programmed to believe in bullshit ancient mythology, so I guess there's your answer. What idiots you people are.

  • ames801

    I'm not exactly sure I understand everything that I just read. Having said that, cool/creepy list. I'm pretty much going to live each day as if it were my last. Drinks tonight, anyone?

  • enough

    Wait, are you serious? You think we're supposed to completely discount global warming now because ONE "scientist" said so, while ignoring the 95% of scientists who agree with it? God, this list sucks.

  • Bullshit!

    People don't believe this article, its rubbish!

    As a scientist, I can tell you this article is pure sensationalism written by someone with no scientific background. Its writing style is shoddy, there are no sources, and I have no doubt a lot of 'facts' are just made up. Beginning a sentence with 'people claim' and 'scientists have proven' usually means the writer just wrote what he/she thought sounds cool.

    Any scientific claims backed by ancient Mayan calendars are immediately dismissed as pure bullshit, and a large fraction of this list refers to the 2012 paranoia (which the author probably found out about from the movie).

    Solar flares, asteroid impacts are plausible scenarios and each could have its own article written about them. Again when referred to 2012 here the facts stated lose all credibility. Hidden planets hiding in the sun's 'shadow' is just ridiculous. Sun sound causing 'space quakes', well…interesting, I would like to research more into it but for now I don't believe it.

    Earthquakes happen every year all over the world. However if they happen in a country not close to the USA, the short-sighted Americans never hear about them or don't care. Global warming is a whole other complex argument that this guy can't comprehend with his little brain. So many scientists with data proving each side of the claim.

    Anyway just thought I'd vent my spleen at this piece of bullshit 'science'. Even wikipedia articles are more credible that this.

    • lol

      Wow, a "scientist" who constantly throws out the word "bullshit".

      You sir, are bullshit. You are not a scientist.

    • gsroest

      ok, i agree with you for the most part, but "short sighted americans"? come on. not all americans are arrogant jackasses. don't blame americans, blame the news stations that are broadcast on american tv.

  • Vera Lynn

    I hope the world ends. My life has turned decidedly shitty.

    • mom424

      I'm sorry that your life has taken a temporary set-back. I'm certain it's just temporary, just as certain that you really wouldn't want to take the whole world with you.

      • Vera Lynn

        Temporary? Everything Ive worked for for the last 23 years as been erased. I have no future. Im ruined. No savings. No pension. No retirement. Ever.

        • mom424

          Unless you're 900 hundred years old with one foot in the grave….there is always time to make more money. I know that you're not old…..what happened?

          • Vera Lynn

            Witch hunt. I'm being fired. Crosshairs set, Benedict Arnold aim, FIRE!!!!
            And I am that old. I paid my dues. Why am I starting over this close to 50? What's the point anymore. I'm done. "walk on by…"

          • mom424

            We're the same age – 48? And it does suck, I agree. I've been the victim of office politics once or twice. Damn shame that. Once the hurt is over you'll be able to put a more positive spin on the situation – you'll have to. Life is so not fair.

    • K94

      I'm glad the people in power aren't like you.

      • incognito

        Fuck You

    • Woyzeck

      Keep smiling through, just like you always do.

    • tripsyman

      Karma for hurting so may ears vera – seriously though I do hope things start looking up for you :)

  • enough

    And is the fact that mammoths were found with undigested food in their stomachs supposed to be proof of something? You think it's impossible for an animal to die just after it ate? That's the weakest "proof" of anything I've ever heard. Yeah, because obviously a flash pole shift is the more logical explanation.

    And regarding Nibiru, please do not even start with this crap. Percival Lowell noticed unexplained disturbances in the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. He was looking for a Planet X. You know what was found in the spot he predicted? No, not Nibiru, PLUTO!! So sorry, but that is no proof whatsoever for this bullshit theory. The entire Nibiru theory was made up by one woman named Nancy Lieder, who claimed to be told about it by aliens through an implant in her brain. She spread this through her website and it spread throughout the internet via dumb conspiracy theorists. She also claimed that the collision was happening in 2003. When it didn't happen, she said it was a "white lie" to fool the establishment and she wouldn't give out the "real" date so they couldn't declare martial law. It's a giant load of crap.

  • Kama

    Yeah well, someday the world will end, but it looks like it wasn't today
    and probably not tomorrow, and maybe not even 'the day after tomorrow'
    So be glad that you still got some days (or not, depending on how your life
    is going) and when it happens.. well it happens, we can't change it and
    probably never will, cause we are still miles away from understanding the
    universe, beside that we not even understand ourself our this tiny world
    we life on.

    About #6:
    'If this is not true, I can’t imagine why we have all been lied to. '

    Pretty easy. There is a huge money making industry behind the
    global warming/cooling stuff, which in short, transfers money
    from the already poor to the already rich ones with many many
    corrupted people who just profit from the crumbs the rich ones
    left over.
    So, it's kinda like always human history…

  • St3ph3n

    I always like to think that if the world comes to an end in 2012 than my god are we ever the luckiest people to experience it. To lucky if you ask me.

  • psychosurfer

    This list is too universal

  • Flytch

    This whole thing is such intense bullshit. No sources, literally mentioning 'conspiracy theories' and 'the internet' for each entry as if that somehow verifies the idea.

    Why would the Mayans, the people who tried to fight off the Europeans with spears and who practised ritual human sacrifice and were destroyed thousands of years ago, have some sort of knowledge that we don't?

    So sick of the sweaty geeks clogging up the internet with this shit…

  • murpheyslawyer

    Blah blah blah. Earthquakes have been in steady numbers for eons as have been hurricanes and geomagnetic storms. Blah blah blah.

  • BryanJ

    Important Note: I am not afraid to admit when I make a typing error. I pulled information from all areas of the web for this article. It wasn't a simple lets summarize Wikipedia. As pointed out by a few readers. In the entry on the Pole Shift Hypothesis, the article should say nothing about the South Pole and Wooly Mammoths. Hapsood simply used the evidence that the creatures had been discovered with vegetation in their bodies. However, not that they were found in the South Pole. My bad. It is unfortunate because people usually only see the flaws.

    • Dree Budesin

      Immanuel Velikovsky also talked about similar occurrences in his books Earth in Upheaval and Worlds in Collision.

  • sil-chan

    This list should have had

    “1) Nothing: Most sane people thing nothing will happen in 2012.”

  • mooface

    ah well. that makes me feel a whole lot better bout everything!! how marvellous.

  • umakemehateu

    Wow. I can't believe all the hate comments on this list. I loved this list. It wasn't too heavy handed on the conspiracy theories at all and has some really interesting scientific theories with substantial research to back it up. Too long? It wasn't too fucking long. It took me about 15 minutes to read the whole thing. It pointed out some theories by the small majority of the 2012'ers, 9/11 thruthers, NWO believers, white man created AIDS to kill the black man fuck nuts who cry conspiracy on everything but conspiracy wasn't the intended point of the list. Deep, massive, subterranean lakes with temperatures that don't add up, Wooly Mammoths frozen dead in their tracks, solar flares that could wipe us out, solar cycles, long term scientifically observed sun spots and their correlations with solar flares? None of this peaked the interest of those who didn't like this list? All just a waste of a read. Does it all point to the end of the world? Make the Mayans right?….Hell no.

  • umakemehateu

    Well done BryanJ. I'd read a list like this anyday compared to some of the ohter topics we see here. Keep em' coming but maybe you should do a follow up list tomorrow on "The Top 10 Daisy's Found Round the World." Just a fucking picture and it's name. Nice and short. If anything is spelled wrong I also won't give a shit.

  • K94

    Jay, you do know that no one killed themselves, right? Hell, some people did freak out, but most people quickly realized it wasn't serious. The whole belief that society went batshit insane is completely false, and is just an urban legend.

    • Jay

      K94, I didn't say they did. "Considered or attempted suicide…" I believe this is correct. Whether they succeeded or not is another matter.

      Society may not have believed it as a whole but a fairly large percentage were taken in initially. It's like M. Night Shymandolin's hoax. I was taken in for a few minutes before I realized I was hearing a cookie jar's worth of hyena saliva. Since there was no personal threat and there was no reason to believe my loved ones would be endangered by the info I was getting, I listened long enough to make an informed decision that the broadcast was all misshapen monkey missiles.

      But had it been a live broadcast saying giant spaceships were hovering over my city, you better believe I'd have been outside looking up. And I'd never have heard the rest of the broadcast.

  • chachmeister

    Wow, that Nibiru collision sounds scary…if only it were concocted by a sane person.


    Now I know, take Wikipedia with a grain of salt, but here's an entry on the "scientist" who came up with the nibiru theory: "The idea was first proposed in 1995 by Nancy Lieder, founder of the website ZetaTalk. Lieder describes herself as a contactee with the ability to receive messages from extra-terrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli star system through an implant in her brain. She states that she was chosen to warn mankind that the object would sweep through the inner Solar System in May 2003 (though that date was later abandoned) causing Earth to undergo a pole shift that would destroy most of humanity."


    • Jay

      Let me guess, chach. She never had any tests that might have revealed the existence of an implant. Hehehe. About 25 years ago, some scientist claimed to have photographed a dinosaur, but he left the lens cap on.

      Don't get me wrong; I enjoy hearing people make extraordinary claims, but there are a lot that make the claimant sound so stupid, you wonder why they said anything. If I photographed a dinosaur and left the lens cap on, the last thing I'd want to do is reveal what an idiot I am. If I thought I had an implant, I'd find a doctor I could trust and get the tests, just to have the proof.

  • muscarius

    life is like arriving late at a movie projection. you missed the start and you have to leave before the ending. so you won't enjoy it really much. well, there is some chance we are going to see how all this ends.

    • Top Kill

      Yes and i am looking forward to the end.

      • Jay

        Just don't walk out before the credits roll.

  • Will Trame

    As far as this 2012 apocalyptic prediction goes, I really don’t believe it will happen. We’ll all know in about two years, anyway. The end of the world has been predicted since time began. When my parents were in school, 1960 was to be the decisive year. We’re still here. Then it was June 6, 1966 (6/6/66). Then planetary alignment regarding Jupiter was speculated in early 1982. I still recall the hubbub over Y2K. Once we reach 2013, a new date will be set. I’ve seen documentaries theorizing 2029 and 2036 are the next dates on the horizon. Who really can tell?

    The Tunguska explosion of 1908 still hasn’t been satisfactorily explained. rampant theories have included an asteroid, a comet head, a black hole, even extraterrestrial impact.

    Overall, this was an intriguing list, but too many of the theories presented could be debunked.

    • bassbait

      Actually, the disaster Nostradamus predicted wasn't what everyone thought it was.

      What Nostradamus really saw when he looked into the future was the atrocity, the calamity, the catastrophe that was… 2012… the movie.

    • Jay

      Much of the list is based on such speculative material, it's hard to see how you could debunk it. Of course, you can't bunk it, either.


    Weather man Tellin us it aint gone rain…

    Now we sitting in the drop top soaking wet

    • Jay

      And we can't roll up the windows 'cause the vandals stole the handles.

  • Nic_S

    The only satisfactory emotion to emote on this list is clearly :/

  • TEX

    This list proves one of my own personal theories – that you will never run into any person who believes in a single conspiracy – conspiracy fruitcakes always believe in most, if not all conspiracies out there.


    • bassbait

      Nah, they just want you to believe that they believe in every conspiracy, because it's a conspiracy!

    • Top Kill

      This list is not about conspiracy. Its about the SUN. whether there is a conspiracy or not doesn't matter.

      • TEX

        correction – it is about "SUN SPACE" – whatever the hell that is

        • Vera Lynn

          I think it was supposed to be Sun, Space, and 2012.

          • Jay

            No, it's Sun-Space. They've formed a conspiracy.

  • umakemehateu

    NASA and astropysisists have done "substantial research" on some of the items on this list. Some are very real things and they simply present an educated hypothesis. None of these things are set in stone as to what will possibly destroy us. Researching 9/11 conspiracy theories only leads to more garbage conspiracy theories. It has nothing to do with research done by some of the top minds in their field backed by years of observation.

  • Zaeriuraschi (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    8O Stuff like this scares the hell out of me.

  • FlameHorse

    This list is outstanding. Fine job, BryanJ. I haven't read the comments, but don't let anyone tell you it was too long a read. It's called patience.

    • Top Kill

      A very good list i agree.

  • Black-Storm

    Here is proof of the Polar Shift Theory, suprisingly the time you say was the last Polar Shift is the same time the Deluge took place…

  • Ol'fool

    It's plausible but again, I have to agree, just speculation. Of course it's not really a doomsday theory, more of a "the world is gonna be in deeper crap then it already is" scenario

  • Woyzeck

    Shit, I can't read this, I can barely even fucking see straight. Fuck man, I don't even know what the fucking "Sun Space" is.

    • Steph

      OK, I thought it was just me!!! Tried reading it but it hurts my brain, lol!!!

  • Mike

    if I've said it once, I've said it 1000 times…..

    If you believe the world will end in 2012, you'll have no problem signing a contract giving me all of your money and stuff effective January 2013. You've literally got nothing to lose. Let me have your stuff 2013.

    • Jay

      If I'm wrong, I've lost my money. If I'm right, you won't get it anyway. I fail to see an upside.

  • bassbait

    I say that the bears are causing it all!

    They're the number one threat to America.

    • gsroest

      i bet most of the forest fires are actually started by Smokey himself

      • Jay

        No, the other bears have discovered fire. Professor Terry Bisson discovered this.

    • gatortarian

      No, its manbearpig!

      • Jay

        Are you cereal?

  • timefillmyeyes

    Too many of these rely on government cover-ups. The idea of a government cover-up is pretty laughable when it comes to astronomical and geological events because there are private organizations that can also monitor these things, and I doubt that all of the governments of the world, or even just all of the governments of the developed world, would work together to cover up massively important things. Different governments have different philosophies about what people should be told, so there's bound to be some disagreement on matters such as this.

  • umakemehateu

    I think the boys at NASA at least have a pretty sound understanding of science. Carl Sagan had even expanded about solor flares and their possible effects even if he didn't come up with the discovery. Didn't know the man personally but I think Sagan was held in pretty high regard in the scientific community.

  • StarTe

    Damn nature, you're scary.

  • Vedas

    All the people who 'believe' in 2012 please read number 2 on this list.
    Don't believe everything you hear. Or at least have the decency to look it up beyound YouTube and Wikipedia and stupid moves with great CGI effects (2010).

    • Name

      There is no way in hell that 2012 will happen it is a hoax I can't beileve people beileve in this crap.

  • fknairii

    I remember reading an article of an interview with a Mayan shaman about 2012 a couple months back…he said something to the effect of 2012 being a fabrication by western culture because we love to have something make us shake in our boots.

    If I recall correctly, the world has ended about six times in the past 125 years.

    • Jay

      Really? I missed ALL of that. I have GOT to turn off the TV and read a newspaper sometimes.

  • Pete

    Lot of people taking this list waaay too seriously!

    Should really read "Hypotheses" but we'll forgive that for now :)

    As for conspiracy theorists and people against human-caused global warming, heres my two cents:

    There was a comment on here (cant find it) somewhere about calling BS on Al Gores tirade against global warming claiming "if all the ice melted" etc etc "the sea level would only rise 1 inch!" directing us to some "truth" website.

    I got curious about this and id a brief search, found another "truth" website stating the rise would be between 60-75 metres!

    So which is it?

    There's a reason that we leave this stuff to people who do it for a living.

    • Jay

      Pete, I've never heard either of those numbers. I've heard lots of numbers, just not those. I suspect the reason people are trying to figure this stuff out on their own is because we know better than to leave it to people who pretend to do it for a living. Half of those people make their real money from oil companies or something like that, and they're going to discover whatever they're told to discover. I also suspect there are a lot of people who exaggerate the numbers, but that's a lot more respectable because they usually point out they're talking about a "worst-case scenario."

      I think we can put some trust in our own common sense and recognize that melting ice is a vicious circle. As each bit of ice melts it uncovers dark earth which absorbs more heat that the ice did so the ice melts faster as you go. A simple experiment with a black piece of cardboard and a white one will confirm this. Since estimates of the amount of ice available were made years ago before the subject became politically charged, we can use those. We know how much water comes from a piece of ice.

      It shouldn't be that difficult to figure how much water would result from the melting of a huge ice shelf whose volume we know. Anyone wants to sound like an expert and has the time to look this stuff up on the Net, go ahead. If you can show that the sea level rise would be over about three meters, you're talking about the loss of millions of square acres of prime beachfront property, the loss of trillions of dollars in land and houses and the inundation of some large cities. A lot of islands would simply cease to exist.

      If you can produce an estimate that the rise would be only about one meter, we can deal with that easily enough.

  • drcooper9040

    "However, the Maya clearly did not have the technical advancements that we do today, so if this is true a massive government cover-up would have to be involved." Government coverups seem to be the first conclusion all conspiracy theorist jump to.

    • Jay

      The government is so big and has so many people investigating different things and has access to so many sources that they would surely have heard about something before we do. If they aren't saying anything, there must be a cover-up going on.

      I have no idea how this applies to the Maya; it would appear we have access to all the relevant information. With regard to a few hundred other subjects, I'm not so sure. As an example, in WWII the government kept a great many things from the American people so the knowledge wouldn't be transmitted to our enemies. That was certainly reasonable. But it's possible that knowledge has been kept from us at other times for reasons that aren't quite so reasonable. That's where the conspiracy theorists jump in.

      And who can blame them?

  • sun

    So I attended school my whole life only to be killed in about 2 years fuck my life.
    The list was interesting, it scared me, especially the Orion Nebula and the Nibiru collision theories.

  • Jay

    I'm not even going to judge the list; I'm just going to say that this "discussion" is the most boring and pointless series of posts to ever appear on the Internet.

    Is this some wierd thing where you put up a decoy list to draw in all the morons so the smart people won't be bothered while they have adult intelligent discussions about the REAlL list IS THAT'S WHAT GOING ON?

    Well, if that's the case, then what am I doing here? Answer me that! I should be with the smart people discussing the real list. So how did I get here? Wait… you mean…?

    NOOOOOOO…. I'M SMART!!! I SWEAR I AM!!! Take me with you! Don't leave me here… with…

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      You still have to stay here with us though.

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        At least I have you to help me through it,Pete. Thanks. And it could have been worse. I hear br0ck is going to the other- What? He's staying?


  • It's official–we're gonna die.

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      2 things in life that is "official" Gina – you will pay taxes and yea, you are going to die !.

      • Jay

        I always suspected that, but it's nice to have it all official and everything. Now I won't feel like such a failure. You see, my goal was to live forever or die in the attempt. So dying was my second choice.

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      pretend there was another giant magic mushroom right next to the one you see, and the bear ate the whole cap, causing the ground to get wavy and ocean coloured, and the shroom he is standing on turn to ice, and feel white, and taste silent, and sound chilly. it'll be a litle happier that way.

  • acryphaea

    afraid of world's end? nahh… even the bible tells us about it.. that's the time we will be with our Creator which I think its great! But about the date, December 2012? I don't think so. Maybe it will be tommorow, or the next day, or 2013, no one knows. Only God knows. So just do what you have to do, learn to love your fellowmen, and love God above all, and everything will be alright. We don't own the world, even ourselves. So it is written, so it shall be done.

  • joefuchyerself

    Why would the government cover something like this up? More importantly, why would the government even be looking at the Orion Nebula? Do you have any idea how much nonsense the government has to deal with on a daily basis? NASA is ridiculously underfunded and you think that they would be exploring such ridiculous cover up end of the world theories?

    Oh, and just because the Mayans say something doesn't make it so. What the ef would they know about the end of the world? Just because a civilization is foreign and ancient doesn't mean they're magical and all knowing. Weird internet people

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  • KabirBhai


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  • bboyd4291

    Correction– Well, not exactly a joy to read considering the content and what it could mean for us…but you get what I'm saying.

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  • Sophie

    I love reading theories such as these, they get your mind going.
    Hope none of them happen, Dec 21, 2012 is my eighteenth. >.<
    Great list!

    • Jay

      In case we're all busy dying on the 21st, I'll say this now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • hunter
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    Earth fabricasion your dna. Do not fear. The time is strong to bluprs. My plantet with yours to freedom live. Nibiru is not the angles. Shed thiss skin now. the ladder climbs and more you are not human.

    • Jay

      Hard to argue with that.

  • davekat

    the odds of a global calamity befalling the Earth sometime in the calander year 2012 are exactly the same as any other year
    the 2012 "phenomenum" is entirely cultural–it is faddish millenialist claptrap that we've all seen before.

    Anyone who honestly believes in a Mayan "prophecy" is an idiot

  • levi von schnitzel

    Very interesting list, but in some points were weakened by repeated references to 'internet groups'.

    • emmit

      truth. "Some on the internet speculate that blah blah blah" immediately discredits something.

  • Top Kill

    This is a great list. I personally look forward to the end of the world. We will most probably go out in a bang. All hints point at 2012. cool.

  • Top Kill

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  • Svenirinch

    really good list…each theory has a factual basis but none of them is convincing enough to be true…but anything can happen…

  • Zen

    good list….at least these theories are not tht absurd compared to other conspiracy theories,except for theory #2

  • 7raul7

    What is 'sun space' anyways ? & too long. Seriously, you could've condensed it … somehow. Anyways, average list at best with this kind of fantasy & imaginative speculation. The least you could do was to name this list "10 hypothetical ways the Earth can end" or something.

    Man … I'm tired after reading this huge piece of complete fantasy.

  • dalinean

    #6 is sheer bull, classic misinformation.
    Nice picture though.
    Yes, Dr. Takeda is a real climate skeptic and has always had a reputation as a voice against recycling and global warming and other popular 'fads'.
    This does not mean that. he is right.
    Basically, with global warming, the numbers are in and the statement that; "from 1998 to 2009 the Earth did not record any increase in global temperatures. This general global cooling…." is simply misleading.
    The general global temparature trend is warmer, arctic and antarctic ice is melting in unprecedented ammounts.
    the numbers are in…..

    • BryanJ

      The fact in the article is correct, 2007 and 2008 were the coldest years since 1980. As the Sun entered the solar minimum, the weather cooled. In the next couple years, things will only get hotter.

  • TEX

    – no one is commenting on this "fact" –
    there is absolutely no truth to claim that the current geological period is coming to an end – the only people who claim such are the "We are doomed" alarmists – the FACT that you call it factual, thus true, prooves thaty you indeed do belive in in this voodou bullshit – so stop lying – you believe the human race will perish in whole very soon – my guess is the you have empowered yourself with the god like prediction that it will occur in YOUR lifetime. Sorry buddy but you are going to perish just like all living creatures in the past – and mankind will survive many many thousands of years after you're dust.

    • TEX

      but Bryan – i hope there are no hard feelings – it's you're ostentatious approach that is such a pisser

  • Dirt Nasty

    I'm spending everday of 2012 getting Fucked Up Woooooooooo Let's all get stonedd!!!!!

  • Trigaar

    Wow, I pretty rarely post here, but I have to say that this list is so riddled with completely incorrect information it's astounding. The thought that the Earth will change its axis of rotation can be disproven by any high schooler who has taken basic physics. It can also be explained by continental drift and a number of other factually based theories. I understand that there are conspiracy theories on all of this stuff, but please present them as such. They are wacko theories drawing incomplete, untrue conclusions. Always remember, don't get your science facts from crazies on the internet, they have school, colleges, and books to teach all of this stuff.

    • Don't forget that sometimes even school books contain errors!

      • Vera Lynn

        Youre right, Big Time. I cannot tell you how many times I have found errors. Its insulting.

    • Jay

      Had the Internet been around d a few decades earlier, I imagine sites like this one would have been buzzing with the weird new possibility of continental drift. And someone would have pointed out that the universities and their books have the "true" facts. One of the greatest geniuses who ever lived, Thomas Jefferson, dismissed the possibility of meteors, even though they'd been regularly falling on Earth all along. And he wasn't being a maverick; he was merely upholding the status quo.

      There are always those who will try to shut off any new avenue of inquiry, but so long as people are free to examine the less-popular ideas, knowledge will advance in spite of those who cling desperately to the world as they know it. And so, our view of the world constantly changes. We now fully expect a major flux in the level of solar flares and difficulties with electronic communications in the next two or three years. At one time, this idea would have been considered as crazy as much of the stuff on this list.

      Sometimes the newer ideas fail. Velikovsky believed that hydrocarbons can somehow change into carbohydrates in the atmosphere. That was his explanation for "Manna." And I could probably name a few thousand other ideas that didn't work out. (Phlogiston, anyone?)

      But sometimes the new ideas change the world. And the sooner we figure out what's going on, the better.

  • Neil

    One of the things thats starting to REALLY piss me off about this site is that every page take AGES to load. My computer is fine; I have never searched or looked at porn, downloaded ANYTHING from the net, or anything else. Its THIS site! For god sake, Listverse, why do you have so many cookies and adverts on every one of your pages?

    This list: Well, entertainment for the guillable. Pseudoscientific Bollocks.

  • gsroest

    thank god i'm already orbiting the earth in a geometry-resistant space station. haha you're all fucked!

    • Jay

      Just because you're geometry-resistant doesn't mean you're MATH-PROOF! Now who's fucked?

  • korj523

    Scary theories, indeed!

    I think, we just have to be prepared always.

  • 63jax

    the same thing was with the LHC and nothing happened, all king of stupid predictions, no one knows the future. bullshit…

  • two camels in a tiny car … that will be the end i tell u ….what ? u don't believe me ?:D

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    Sun Space? Is a comma missing?

  • Name

    Only retards beileve in 2012, I mean who the hell even beileves in that hoax it is like beiliving in a giant flying spaghetti monster from outer space.

  • goofballreferee

    They renamed Global Warming to "Global Climate Disruption"….. haha environmentalists crack me up sometimes.

  • kevin n.

    Here's a definitive prediction: NOTHING will happen, that does not fall within (nearly) predictable events.

  • Jay

    I have my own idea about when the world will end. Jesus was either 31 or 33 or possibly 34 when he died (depending on which Synoptic Gospel suits you best), and he was born sometime between 4 and 10 B.C.E. so you add all that to the Number of the Beast X the Trinity and you get… something. There's quite a range of numbers there, but that's what makes this theory great. I think it's somewhere in the 2019-2028 area. If I'm right, we have NINE YEARS of waking up every morning and thinking, "If the genius Jay is right, this could be the day."

  • Mina

    Wait a minute. The solar cycle repeats every 10.7 years but there have only been 23 since 1755? That makes no sense at all.

  • Mina

    Ah, I counted wrong. Never mind.

  • Jay

    Thank you for clearing that up, BryanJ. Some people prefer to think of the Holocene Epoch as having already ended and say we are now in the Anthropocene Epoch, which is usually considered the third age of the Holocene. In any case, these ages and epochs are measured and named by people who TELL US they know what they're doing and we usually go along with it. Like when they suddenly decided Pluto isn't a planet. But Eris is? Hehehe. I think that's crazy.

    I like knowing what conspiracy or other theories are floating around; otherwise you just end up spouting some moronic knee-jerk reaction like, "That's nonsense! Stones can't fall from the sky!"

    • BryanJ

      Ya good point, it can be fun to read about some conspiracy theories and see what people are saying on the net. I wonder what officially marks the end of an epoch, who knows?

  • Jay

    Wish I'd read your second post before I jumped in and did the math.

  • obeythebrain

    Mother Nature is one beautiful angry bitch.

  • Amy Evans

    Your not that far off with number 2: Nibiru-PX Collision.
    But you have 2 events happening at the same time very soon. 1) Nemesis is interacting with our Solar System right now … its outermost Planet is inside our system, and should be crossing somewhere between Jupiter & Mars in the next year.
    Nemesis is a Brown Dwarf Star a little bigger than Jupiter, but nowhere near as bright as our Sun. This makes our system Bionary … but only making contact with each other once every 26,000 years. Nemesis has at least 6 Planets and several large Moons.

  • Amy Evans

    Nibiru is also making its appearance … Nibiru is something different … it is not a Planet, nore is it a Comet. It is about the size of Pluto, but far dencer than a normal space body that size should be. Its present orbit is plus 47 degrees to the Ecliptic. It has already rounded our Sun's Southern area, and is on its way up toward the Ecliptic and should cross the Ecliptic sometime in 2012. Nibiru has at least 5 large Moons or small Planets orbiting it. Because it has a high angle to its orbit around our Sun, it falls into the Kozai Mechanism ( and its orbit is very unstable. It is guesstimated that this is its 5TH orbit around our Sun, after being trapped by our Suns gravitational pull sometime in 15988BC. Nibiru should be visible to the naked eye sometime after years end in the Southern skies.

    • BryanJ

      Amy, you seem to understand a bit about the solar system. Do you know what the really bright star that can be seen on a nightly basis this time of year is named? It is by far the brightest star in the sky and can be viewed every night in my section of the Western US, even cloudy evenings. Maybe it is Jupiter or a different large planet. .

  • I dont belive it'll happen. I'm only 16 and i've the world be predticted to end at least once a year. And if worst comes to worst we better enjoy the next 2 years and not worry about stupid stuff!!

  • davo

    id like to bet everyone on this planet $1,000,000 that nothing will happen on December 12, 2012. The people that believe this crap are the same people who freaked out over Y2K. ie, idiots.

    • Jay

      So if it DOES happen, we'll be dead and can't collect….

  • skye

    Very interesting list. I love hearing conspiracy's about 2012 and just space in general. I personally don't think the world will end in 2012. I believe if that if humanity is going to be destroyed we would have no warning and we wont even have time to know whats going on before its all gone. So saying that, I will excitedly decorating for Christmas and waiting for the 25th :) in 2012.

  • Lia

    Here I was, excited to read a rational list of theories about the intricacies behind the universe. Instead, I am greeted with 10 apocalyptic conspiracy theories. Since when did Listverse cease to be a place for intelligent, well researched trivia, and succumb to frivolous "the end is near" ravings? Can we have "Caution: Opinions" tags?

  • Maybe you could change the blog name 10 Theories on the Sun Space and 2012 – Top 10 Lists | Listverse to something more better for your webpage you make. I loved the the writing even sononetheless.

  • Bryan J

    ListVerse doesn't want certain links in the comment section, so I have been unable to respond to some comments with resource articles. Some people have mentioned the coming solar maximum. If you are interested in looking at some of the pages used to write the list just do a simple google search for "NASA June 2010 solar storm warning."

  • Zachary

  • Jezwina

    I couldn't bring myself to read the whole thing. I'm sure I'd pass out of fear or something. I'll just read the comments that say "2012 is bullshit y'all" in an attempt to reassure and calm myself

    • It is severe, read it. And everyone else commenting that this is bullshit, well… guess we wont see you in 2013. The brown dwarf system of Nibiru is now being seen, not photographed, but seen with naked eyes in the southern hemi-spheres. I'm not a fanatic, a zealot, a sci-fi freak. I'm generally a skeptic. I have two children, 4 and 7 years old. 2 years ago I changed my life drastically because of what i saw in the sky with my own naked eyes in Australia. 2 Suns rose. 2 SUNS ROSE AT DAWN!!! Spend time with your people and children, there isn't much of it left.

  • Sebastien Brady

    I've never read so much rubbish in all my life!
    Bloody pseudoscience.. pah!

  • Ally

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  • erika

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  • mort

    has anyone information on a operational facility on the moon
    does the navy have an area 51
    any stoeies of strange underwater craft

  • Name2

    It’s been about a year since people wee claiming to see Nibiru in the sky constantly. Anyone still claiming that? If not, what WERE those people seeing?

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  • 2012 what will happen

    By reconnecting to your higher self and gaining a higher-level perspective, you will be able to put the pieces together of your life and make sense of it so you understand your place in the divine plan.

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    What the fuck is a geometric (literally Earth measurement) storm? Does it rain rulers with algebra winds or something.

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  • TheTransitMtl

    do As this list was posted in 2010 I find truly incredible some of the affirmations made about Lake Vostok which was reached by the Russians team drill in the winter of 2011-2012. Also the fact that upon reaching it they stopped drilling so to not contaminate the lake and allowed an ice cap to form until next winter when they will use a hot water drill for the couples of feet remaining.

  • Abhirup Bhattacharya

    very briefly said and well studied facts waiting for some new additions, if possible. As today we have already passed half of the year 2012.

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