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10 Animals You Wouldn’t Believe People Eat

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

[WARNING: This list contains disturbing images – including spiders.] The time has arrived at last! The Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists has been launched and is now available in bookstores (including Amazon and Barnes and Noble). It is as huge as the first book (over 700 pages), and this time it features a small number of lists that have never been seen elsewhere (including here on Listverse) by me and other contributors. Be sure to buy a copy today to get it in time for Christmas. And while you are at it, if you don’t have the first book you should also buy The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists. You can read about both on the Listverse bookstore.



Elephant 2

The most endangered type of elephant – the forest elephant is not just hunted for its ivory – it is also hunted for its meat. One animal can provide over 1,000 pounds of flesh, resulting in the poacher making a fortune from one kill. This, combined with the popularity of eating its flesh, makes it a difficult animal to protect.




Gorillas are endangered, but the native populations of the various African nations in which they are eaten, don’t care. The eating of gorillas (and chimpanzees) is a very old tradition in Africa – a tradition that continues to this day.


Silk Worms

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Silk worms make up the main ingredient in a very popular dish in Korea. It was originally made with rotten baby worms, but evolved to use freshly dead male worms. The worms are battered, crumbed, and fried in oil. In some places they are merely skewered and fried (as is seen in the picture above).




Ants are a popular addition to confection in some nations, and in others (where the ants are huge), they are eaten fried or baked. Frankly, the idea seems repellent to me, but to each his own. If you want to enjoy ants in France you can buy them in chocolate bars.


Puffer Fish


This has already appeared on a list here but, honestly – who can imagine eating a deadly poisonous fish? It beggars belief that someone once actually tasted each part of the animal to determine what was poisonous or not.



99 Fried Rat

This is possibly not such a surprise, as rat is well known as a staple food in countries with scare supplies of protein. In some countries, rat is commonly eaten as a result of starvation (as is the case in North Korea). The ancient Romans used to eat dormice (and some European countries still do), and it was considered a delicacy.




Horsemeat is not just for dogs. And you may be surprised to know that it is very, very popular in many western countries. France, for example, have special butchers who sell nothing but horse meat. A horse meat butcher is called a boucherie chevaline. In the top 8 horse eating nations in the world, over 4 million horses are eaten each year. The picture above shows a horse meat roasting joint on the right.



Dindins - A. Holdrinet

It is not a popular thing for us in the West to imagine people eating dog, but it is actually extremely common in Asia and in the South Pacific. Dogs are a good source of nourishment and they are far larger than rats – thus feeding more people. We all feel awful about the thought of people eating dog, but the animals are killed in the kindest possible manner, and it really is no worse (sentimentality aside) than someone eating beef (cows).




Turtle was a popular delicacy in Victorian times, but, due to dwindling numbers and the increase in environmental protesting, they have become protected most of the world around. Some species of freshwater turtle are plentiful in the US and they are not protected, so eating is allowed, but in parts of Asia, the endangered sea turtle is routinely caught illegally and eaten. Given the slow growth rate of sea turtles, this is a tragedy in the making.



005 Small

It had to be the first entry on the list. The thought of eating spiders probably makes most of us queasy, to say the least. But, in various parts of the world, spiders are a delicacy. You can buy them at road-side stalls in Cambodia, where people developed a taste for them when they were being starved to death by Pol Pot.

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • timothyjames

    I am unimpressed. I have had silk worms (delicious with some butter) and ants. I didn't know about elephant though. That was a bit surprising.

    • lalabhaiya

      Same here. Heard/ seen everything except for elephant although I am yet to eat any of these.

      • TEX

        Hey guys – here is a video on how to cook elephant. (1:57 mins long)

        from "The Naked Prey" w/ Cornel Wilde (1966)
        most intresting scene is at 45 seconds in

        • lalabhaiya

          Bloody hell. Were they planning to throw a party for the whole village with that much meat?

          P.S. – I know they killed for the ivory.

          • TEX

            those who saw no value in ivory killed for the meat
            those who only saw the value of ivory killed for it and left the meat to rot

    • ats

      i love horse meat. it`s a delicacy in a Central Asian country where i am from. most folks from around CA countries find pork to be repulsive, but then again i love me some bacon. also is it me or do lamb/mutton have a distinct unpleasant odor?

  • Courtney

    I can't stand the thought of eating bugs, chocolate or no.

  • Nice list… I am thinking I should try a couple of these.

  • Hmm

    "the animals are killed in the kindest possible manner" – I somewhat doubt that.

    • astraya

      One of my American colleagues in Korea had a personal campaign against eating dog meat, and would take every opportunity to tell me about the horrors perpetuated on the dogs, and send me links to videos showing it, which I never looked at.

      Whenever the conversation turned to food in classes in Korea, a sure-fire way to get people talking was to ask them whether they'd ever eaten boondeggi (silkworms larvae), sannakji (raw octopus) or boshintang (dog stew) (euphamistically "healthy soup"). More younger people *aren't* eating these things.

      One lesson turned to the proverbial attributes of animals – owls are wise, cats are crafty, dogs are –
      One student said (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) "Delicious!".

      • Mark_man5000

        I once had the opportunity to eat boondeggi and sannakji. I didn't eat the silkworms but had a bite of octopus. Needless to say, it was way too rubbery and had the grossest texture.

        And I just couldn't stomach eating those silkworms although I regret not even trying it now.

    • lalabhaiya

      I have seen the way pigs are killed for pork. And it was anything but kind. The animal was alive, kicking and crying for over an hour.

      • coocoocuchoo

        eh? what country was that in? cus ive seen them killed and they are stunned by an extremely powerful electric shock and then immediately hanged upside down and drained of all their blood in a matter of 15 seconds….they dont feel a thing as when the throat is cut (unless it is hallal) the spinal chord is cut also. and the electric shock is like being put in a coma

        • lalabhaiya

          Well, what I saw was done by the rural people way way inside the country. I guess that is the reason.

        • Ninja_Wallaby

          Yeap that is exactly how they are killed. Not only for humane reasons but for reducing the amount of stress on the animal as this affects the way meat tastes.

          I've heard the opposite is true for the killing of dogs for meat though as the more stress the animal is under before killing improves the flavour of the meat. A great shame that.

      • SleepySasquatch

        For over an hour? I mean no disrespect but I find that hard to believe. Fatally wounding an animal then attempting to keep it alive for 10 – 15 minutes would be a difficult task on it's own. Therefore the only way I can conceive an animal being killed over a period of an hour would be if the people involved specifically went out of their way to keep it alive, which would just delay their business unnecessarily.

    • Alucard

      In China they 'think' that by torturing an animals gives it 'flavor'. Unfortunately, I saw an under cover film of a cat/dog market. I thought a skinned dog was dead and then its eyes blinked. I wish I never saw this film. May God damn those people.

      • JustSayin'

        I saw what I think is the film you are referring to. I don't remember the dog, but I do recall seeing a couple choose a cat from a cage and the vendor/butcher (in every sense of the word) began to "prepare" it, which involved scalding the still-living creature in boiling water in order to make the skin easier to remove. Horrific.

        I have also seen films of the fur trade in China and I, like you, wish I could unsee the sight of a blinking, just-skinned animal (in this case, it was a raccoon, I think). The image haunts me even now.

        • lalabhaiya

          I know what you mean. I saw the fur video too. Animals were viciously thrown down on the floor and then let suffer and skinned while alive and then they were left like that. how about a coup de grace?

    • SleepySasquatch

      It's in a business's best interests to kill animals quickly because of A) Public Relations and B) Efficiency. Ergo, anyone who kills an animal in an unnecessarily cruel manner is not simply inhumane but a poor businessman. Thankfully, this minimises the number of inhumane killings within larger corporations.

  • drenner

    HOW IS TURTLE ABOVE DOG?!?! Dog is SO much more disturbing.

    • lalabhaiya

      Here in India, in the North East, the places that border China, you won't find any dogs on the street because they have been eaten up by people as there is a shortage of food there. Here in South India, Bangalore (some 4000 kms away), dogs roam the street during night and chase you and bark at you.

      I don't know witnessing which experience will be more disturbing. (Imagine 10 dogs running after you after dark.)

      • Jeri

        Your comment, “lalabhaiya” is beyond moronic! First of all it shows how little you know about your own country. Second, it shows that you are a third class human being that doesn’t have any qualms about pretending to know things you obviously have no idea about.

        I am from the North-east. I have had dogs all my life. The reason you don’t find dogs running amok on the streets is because there are no stray dogs there. Unlike mainland India where there are hordes of sick, diseased strays on the streets everywhere.

        As for shortage of food – as it is quite obvious that you have never been to the north east let me tell you that if you ever do grace us with your presence sometime, you will not see a single person begging on the streets for food or money (again unlike mainland India where it is impossible to go anywhere without the sight of starving children running alongside the starving dogs every single time you step foot in the streets) Oh then again, I’ve been told that we have beggars now. Mainland Indians beggars who came in from bordering states because of the untouched ‘begging market.’

        While it’s true that dog meat is eaten there, it is not because of shortage of food, and most definitely something that is condoned by the general population. Most people abhor the practice. We call it the ‘meat of the drunkards’ :) But the rest of our dogs are loved, clean, well-fed and happy in our homes. Not running around starving, spreading disease on the streets. Hygiene is important to us out there in the north-east, unlike mainland India.

    • BubbaChuck

      I tried dog when I was stationed in South Korea 13 years ago. It was actually quite tasty. It was stringy and had a sweet taste to it.

    • robuilt

      tell me how eating dog is any more disturbing then any other red meat?

    • Jack H

      Does anybody have recipes for dog? I only have a couple and I want some variation.

      • lalabhaiya

        ask brOck.

    • Jam928

      is it legal to eat dog? i was trying to locate a korean restaurant serving dogmeat in US but so far everyone was telling me it’s easier to go to Korea.

      Some say that even there you cannot just come alone as a tourist but have to be brought by the locals, so they know they can trust you.

  • bluesman87

    cool list . knew about all 0f them though ,the pics were excellent . How about people eating tigers ? thats crazy . For pic no.3- is that dog blood on the floor ?

    Look at the size of this rat they caught about a km from my house

    • oculus18

      first a parktown prawn and now this enormous rat? dude, your place is scary…

      • bluesman87

        im sure there are places in the city and sewers all over the planet with rats just as big LOL , they could feed a family . They use these giant rats to sniff out land mines in Mozambique actually.

        • oculus18

          by sniff, you mean deliberately setting the giant rats loose so they'd detonate land mines? lol

          or are you saying they are actually being trained?

          • bluesman87

            yeah just the same as bomb sniffing dogs and i imagine they are lighter so have less risk of detonating the explosions .

          • mom424

            I read about that – not only lighter and easier to transport but also easier to feed, already acclimatized etc. Very cool. But still gross as fuck to have one of those monsters living any where near you.

        • ames801

          Holy hell, blues!!

    • lalabhaiya

      How many people did it feed?

      • bluesman87

        i doubt they ate it , rat isnt really on the menu here .

    • We have them in America, too. My stepmom's aunt had rats the size of dauschunds in the fields and woods around her house!

  • lucas

    wow this definitely wasn't the best list to read right after I ate

    • timothyjames

      It's even worse right before you eat. Specifically if you were planning a meal of horse meat, wrapped up with some ants for desert.

      • lalabhaiya

        How about Dog Brain Soup with deep fried Starfish in Shark Oil for starter?

      • Miss_J_Bean

        I'm eating right now. Iron stomach for the win!

    • That's why I have a delicious Marlboro breakfast! Dry heaves are way better than recycled Count Chocula!

    • cyanidebreathmint

      or to start reading while you eat breakfast…

  • tripsyman

    Most of these made me feel like barfing but the horse one actually looks quite appetising.

    I thought Frogs might have been on here and also cockroaches, in my home country of scotland we also hunt and devour the vicious but delicious Haggis
    ( link:… )

    On a lighter side here is a joke I found,

    Lost in the woods, a hiker spends two days wandering around with no food. Finally, he spots a bald eagle, hits the bird with a big rock and eats it. A park ranger stumbles on the scene and arrests the man for killing an endangered species. In court, the hiker explains that he was on the edge of starvation and had no choice.

    “Considering the circumstances, I find you not guilty,” says the judge. “But I have to ask—what did the eagle taste like?”

    “Well, Your Honor,” the hiker replies, “it tasted like a cross between a whooping crane and a spotted owl.”

  • mindy

    this is absolutely DISGUSTING!

  • :))

    If you look at the people in the spider picture , they don't seem too delighted to be eating it either.

    • Eye-Licker

      They aren't even looking at it, having their eyes set elsewhere I reckon the look on their faces are due to a sporting event. Seems like they consume them as snacks to me, and that they pay no more mind to it that you would putting your hand in a bowl of potato crisps and eating one.

    • Anonymous

      They are the ones selling the stuff

  • stephen

    I feel like bad because most people eat this food because they can't get the other food, whether it's because of financial reasons or the fact that it's the only food available

    • mom424

      You're acting as if they want to stop eating their traditional foods. And why should they want to? I wouldn't stop eating my faves just because some 'foreign' culture tells me it's not kosher. :)

      • stephen

        i'm not referring to EVERYONE who eats these kind of animals, just the people who have to.

      • lalabhaiya

        Same here. And its not some foreign culture but mu own. Being a hindu, I can't eat beef. As long as my mom doesn't know, well, you get the point. Its plain stupid. If you can eat chicken, goat, pigs, pigeons then what is wrong with a cow?

        • Stephen

          I thought it was because cow's are sacred because they provide milk and if you kill the cow, no milk. I dunno, one of my friend's is Hindu and that's what he told me.

          • anon

            Yeah that's true…I'm a hindu.

          • anon

            and it's also coz the cow is like your mother (coz it gives you milk) you wouldn't kill your own mother!!

  • tatttat

    Why is it that people call disgusting food a "delicacy"

    • Miss_J_Bean

      I've been asking this for years. I've been to stupid parties with "rich people food" that had NOTHING edible except the chips. :)

    • oliveralbq

      to raise the market value.

      the definition of delicacy from
      1. — the quality of being delicate.
      2. — something pleasing and appealing, especially a choice food.
      3. — fineness of appearance, construction, or execution; elegance

      if someone has access to monkey brains with a beaver ass juice reduction, or walrus feet a la mode, or yak sperm casserole — *and* that person wants to capitalise on the resource available to them, then the potential for financial growth is much better if they refer to it as a delicacy. since people often do things to temporarily live a little above their means, and disgusting food is a good short term escape for them.

      iof pepople think eyeball stew is gross, but it is something on a 5-star restureant menu, then people may try it on a special occasion. just to say they did, and to experience "finer living".

      if people think eyeball stew is gross, and it comes in the form of mc-eye stew, then people are gonna say — that's fucking gross, and they need no other experience drawn out of their foray to mcdonalds that day.

      would you like fries, eye-stew, or an apple pie with your order?

      um……yeah, no — i think i'll pass thank you very much

  • lalalab

    I'm sorry but this was a bad list, barely informative

  • blake honda

    I've tried Balut and I have to say that's one of the strangest food i've ever ate.

    • The Mick

      im surprised it wasnt on the list too.

  • You're Welcome

    None of these are very disturbing at all, actually. People shouldn't eat endangered animals, of course, but eating a dog is absolutely no worse than eating a chicken, pig cow, turkey or anything else. I don't really know what the problem is. Pigs are far more intelligent than dogs and people have no qualms with eating them.

    • lalabhaiya

      Ah. Then how come people take more offence when you call them 'pig' when compared to 'dog'? Next time I do something like that, I'll point out that pigs are more intelligent than dogs. Thanks. And you've already said Your're Welcome. So Don't mention it.

      • jackitt

        "In animal farm, the dogs were considered lower than the pigs because they just did anything they were told."

      • unknown

        "Then how come people take more offence when you call them 'pig' when compared to 'dog'?"

        i guess it's down to each country. in my country dog and pig are about the same level of offensiveness.

    • Dogs don't give us bacon.

    • magoopaintrock

      What are you talking about? There are hundreds of millions of people that have qualms with eating pig.

      • You're Welcome

        I'm not referring to Jewish or Muslim people, though, if those are the millions you make mention of. But you're right. I'm sure there are plenty of people who care, but the majority of those people are in the minority…

      • robuilt

        they obviously havent tried bacon!

  • Shaun Slade

    I saw a program once where some guys went to a place that kept dogs for eating. The poor dogs were kept in extremely confined spaces and treated very badly. I can still hear the yelps, whining and barking of those dogs being tortured. To compare it to beef cattle, who live comfortable lives, is a very bad comparison. Sorry.

    • bluesman87

      chickens have got it the worst . . .

    • lalabhaiya

      you should see the documentary Food, Inc. You'll see how food is processed for us when it is alive and after it has departed.

      • timothyjames

        I just watched that. It was eye-opening, to say the least.

        • lalabhaiya

          Well, if you like the eye popping business, watch Jesus Camp. If you can digest a somehow unbiased view on religion and how children are being molded by it.

          • Jille

            Seriously? You're bringing religion into THIS?! You are truly a piece of work. Go peddle your shit somewhere else. There are thousands of sites on the World Wide Web that love to talk religion 24/7. You belong there, not here.

          • Atheus

            You can't say shit or else you're going straight to hell, my friend.

          • lalabhaiya

            Hey thanks a lot for joining in Julie. But if you can remove the dark specks, i was talking out of contexts about documentaries. Something like:

            Oh ok. You didn't know about Apollo 13 before you saw that documentary? It was amazing wasn't it? By the way I was seeing this documentary about cars yesterday (see, completely different topics about the documentary but STILL talking about documentaries?). If you liked the truth you saw about apollo 13, you should watch this and decide.

            I am a piece of work. Always have been and I peddle my shit pretty frequently too but I AM NOT TALKING RELIGION HERE. YOU ARE. I was talking about a documentary I saw. If I was talking religion, I would have given my opinion as I am very willing to give about you.

            Have a god day.

          • Jille

            "If you can digest a somehow unbiased view on RELIGION and how children are being molded by it." Your words.

            So you're not talking religion here, huh? Funny. By your post I know exactly how you feel on the subject of God/no God and you have no idea where I stand. I'm just sick and tired of the argument injected where there IS no argument. The subject was cruelty to animals and eating animals. Period. You're never going to change anyone's mind here so stop trying. "Have a god day." yeah, far be it from you to talk religion here.

          • lalabhaiya

            Jillie, aren't you taking this a bit too seriously? Yes. I said religion but then thats what the documentary is about, right? I mean how else can I describe the documentary? (by the way, have you seen it? watch it. it is unbiased.) And I used the term unbiased. I didn't judge what the documentary said. I said it was the unbiased view. And that is what my statement was too. Unbiased. I think you're just too pissed off at some atheist who has gotten over your nerve more than the acceptable level and you just blow off whenever you hear the word religion without waiting to think the way it has been said. My statement was neutral. Does it occur to you that I may be religions? Read my initial comment and then think over it.

          • Moonbeam

            I get where you're coming from lalabhaiya, that's exactly how minds work. Someone mentions a documentary and describes it as eye popping, and you think of another eye popping documentary. I think religion is such an explosive topic for some folks that they go off just at the barest mention. Kinda sad.

          • badjokebob

            right on lala some people are just too touchy.

          • sochej

            @Jille: Way to overreact, dude. Afraid you'll be indoctrinated? :P

    • timothyjames

      If you think cattle live comfortable lives, you are sadly mistaken.

      • Eye-Licker

        If you think the pictures and videos that organizations like PETA release are the norm, then so are you.

        • Julius

          Have you ever been to a standard cattle or poultry farm? It may not be as bad as most of the PETA photos but it definitely isn't the Kingdom of Caring either.

      • Shaun Slade

        I'm not saying that cattle have the best lives but from what I've seen it's a damn sight better than the dogs had it.

  • jajdude

    Pan-fried guns on the list G. Could go for some Snake n Bake at the mo yo.

    • oliveralbq

      elephant guns on the list, b.

  • Vegan

    Best option is to turn vegan guys! its atrocious to kill animals to satisfy one's hunger when there are a plenty of other options available..

    • The Mick

      pardon the pun, but, get off your high horse, Vegan.
      I am an omnivore. I will eat meat as well as veg.

    • tripsyman

      Vegan my backside – I here trolls are quite delicious

      • trinityenigma

        I was going to call troll too, but then I wasn't sure- I'm not sure they're allowed (or able) to use words as long and complicated at atrocious…

    • astraya

      You have what small amount of intelligence you have because your ancestors all ate meat. Your great-great-…-grandmother mated with your great-great-…-grandfather because he could bring home the woolly mammoth, and not with your sensitive neolithic age guy great-great-…-uncle, who didn't or wouldn't.

      • Vegan

        i agree that the great-great-…-grandmothers & the grandfathers used to eat meat…but there were a lot of other things that they had n did which we dont…appendix, roaming around naked or wearing animal skin etc. this is what's called evolution my dear frnd….bt now that we are wiser and have a lot of options available why do u wanna continue doin the same things??
        anyway to each its own…peace out!

        • beth

          um, I'm pretty sure we still have appendixes.

          • Vegan

            yeah we do…bt m sure u wud also knw tht they r useless n a lot of babies born these days dnt hav em….AGAIN….evolution!!

          • Bond

            The appendix isn't useless, it maintains gut flora during an intestinal infection making it easier for the body to recover after having diarrhea.

        • I still have my appendix, spend a great deal of time roaming my house naked, and I love my leather! The reason we eat animals (besides deliciousness!) is the fact that nature designed the human body to be omnivorous. I find veggieism to be highly offensive, because it's UNNATURAL!!!

        • smbrickner

          You can have children through atrificial insemination but I bet you still choose to have sex right? Evolution my ass.

        • Omnivore

          Wow, I wasn't aware that people were born without appendixes now! When did this huge step in evolution take place!? I'm just dying to know!

    • oculus18

      wow, I didn't know you guys from PETA read listverse too.

      • Jack

        Why do meat eaters feel the need to attack non meat eaters at almost every opportunity. Maybe, its because deep down they feel bad about what they do and despise those who in some ways are stronger.

        • bluesman87

          for every animal you dont eat ill eat 3 . if you start eating animals i will cut back to one . making the total between us 2. So save a life ! I looked into my heart and decided to adopt you . thanks maddox .

          • Jack

            Youre a lard ass as it is . . . are you sure you can handle it tubby?

          • bluesman87

            haha lol , ill start with small animals …… animals . Also i aint fat .

          • oculus18

            hey, we guys could always share. I eat the meat while Jack can have the vegetable side dish. I eat meat but I also eat veggies, but I could always share the veggies and keep the meat. :)

        • trinityenigma

          The difference is that Veggies usually preach their views, whereas Meat-eaters take the piss out of Veggies and think they're weird.

          It reminds me of pro-religion and anti-religion arguments. I don't know why people can't just get along.

        • smbrickner

          Stronger? I am pretty sure your lack of protein isn't making you stronger.

          • THE

            Beans and nuts got protein, but that'll make you fa®t. Eat what you want.

        • astraya

          Why do non meat eaters feel the need to attack meat eaters at almost every opportunity? Is there any meat eater, or a meat eaters' society, which spouts at non meat eaters the sort of garbage that non meat eaters spout at meat eaters? I will allow anyone – vegans, arachnivores, canivores (dog eaters) or pachyvores – their choice. Just don't spout at me how morally superior you are for eating elephant when I don't.

    • flgh

      Sot it's not atrocious to kill plants?

      • Jack

        I hope your are smart enough to realize that plants in fact do not have feelings. I think when your science teacher told you that "plants are alive", you took it as far as to thinking they had feelings.

        Animals do feel pain, and they do have feelings. As marvelous as plants seem, they are simply run by natural chemicals, which makes them do things that allow them to survive, not brains or muscles.

    • pickledtink

      Bollocks. It is natural for us to eat meat. That is how we are designed. The human body has a much harder time digesting plant materials than animal materials because our digestive system isn't built to break down the plant cells. I am against animal cruelty, in living conditions, testing, whatever, but I'm not so fucking arrogant than to think I know better than millions of years of evolution. Get off your high horse and start eating it instead.

    • HannahMondo

      Each to their own. I like meat, you like veg/soya etc. End of.

    • Ixie

      There have actually been studies done by botanists and phytologists that show that acquiring food from plants actually harms the plant. Plants are living things and do have a nervous system.
      I actually eat both meat and plants. But I think vegetarians/vegans are a bit hypocritical. Since there is also proof that plants are actually harmed as much as animals.

    • robuilt

      LOL, i love how the only vegan comment got the largest thumbs down.

    • Kennypo65

      I'd go vegan, but I'm afraid that it would turn me into a condescending asshole. I heard that veganism may actually be an eating disorder, like bulimia. Every vegan I know, and I know quite a few, talks about almost nothing else but food. They are fucking BORING, man.

      • Dara

        Now you're just being judgmental and making completely unfair generalizations. I'm a vegan and I am NOT boring! I don't like talking about food, I'm not a condescending asshole, and people think that I'm interesting. Stop making general statements about people that you don't even know.

    • Bond

      I have irritable bowel syndrome and for awhile it made me unable to easily digest meat. So I became almost completely a vegetarian. I got used to the lifestyle and kept it up even after my digestive system had become stronger. But after awhile I realized that my stamina wasn't all it could be even though I was still eating plenty of protein (in the form of soy, nuts, seeds, etc.). So I tried going back to eating meat to see if it would make a difference and, sure enough, my stamina improved. I still don't eat that much meat, but it's definitely a part of my diet. When I was a vegetarian, I never pushed my lifestyle on people. I didn't even like discussing it for fear of being categorized as a self-righteous PETA-pusher. And unlike the combative meat eaters on here, I'm not just going to call you stupid and end the discussion. I can honestly say that I gave the lifestyle a try and it didn't work for me, it actually made me weaker. Maybe there will be a day when evolution phases out the need to eat meat, but we're definitely not there yet.

    • Momotsuki

      Just googleimage "No such thing as a vegan".

      • katie

        Well if their was no such thing as a vegan then why am i one

    • Is it possible to truly be a Vegan?

    • Shriya

      That's true!! Eating ANY animal is cruel!!

    • Nightmare

      So does turning vegan make you lose any form of coherant grammer? Ya bra, y u mkin fn uf me riting? U 2 bra.
      Vegans are typically against animal cruelty…however eating plants still takes away valuable resources, therefore why aren’t there more fakirs out there whom refuse to eat anything but air? Beat that!
      I tried the whole vegan crap because my ex-wife wanted to be trendy and have something to brag about. The outcome? I looked similar to when I was on chemotherapy. A bag of pasty bones with no energy. I finally broke off that woman and began living the way I wanted, and I’ll be damned if I try that again.
      I had a vegan in my battalion too, turning up his nose and chastising the other meat eaters in his aura of superiority. Quite frankly, the stereotype is brought upon your own actions. I could give a rats ass what anyone chooses to eat. But how common is it that we omnivores come out of nowhere and tell vegans “hey q-tip, you should try this awesome ribeye steak! It’s healthy for you!”
      Bunch of rotten drug peddlers.

  • Pattybelle

    oh my i think eating dogs is much worse then any animal & maybe because i live in the usa!i love dogs!!!that is crazy so surprised to know about elephants & horses seriously i could never imagine eating a horse!!…and spiders!!? they scare me by just looking at them.rats is nasttttyyy filthy ewww!i loved reading this nice interesting list!!!!!feel bad for these animals though especially the endangered species!!….

  • oculus18

    Eating a rat is just disgusting.

    as for eating Gorillas and chimpanzees, if they are the closest relatives we have in the animal kingdom, then eating them would almost be some sort of cannibalism.

    • Ginger

      I thought the exact same thing

  • The Mick

    knew about horse and turtle meat, but haven't tried it. (it is supposed to be delicious). others for this list: snake, sea urchin, frogs, snails.

    This list should really be split into two parts: things people eat for the exotic taste and things people eat for survival.

    Here in Australia, you can buy Kangaroo, Emu and crocodile meat as well as other game animals. Also include witchetty grubs,… yum

    • Le tel

      Have had Kangaroo and Emu but no croc…europe doesn't seem to get em and i don;t think a Zoo would appreciate me setting up a barbie :)

      Horse is OK, stronger tasting then beef but much more stringy and tough.

      I reckon reindeer should be on this list. Was recently in finland and goddam it tastes good! Lots of flavour and tender as…feelin peckish now

    • I have had horse and dog – both were okay. I can't stomach the idea of eating most insects but I would probably try ants.

    • Hannahmondo

      Kangaroo, Ostrich, Emo and Antelope are all yummy. Didn't like crocodile or Alligator much though.

      • HannahMondo

        Hahahaha Emo, oops that was not intentional. However come to think of all the self righteous Vegans there are here,maybe deep down I was. :D

        • The Mick

          Freudian slip, a case study !!

  • Cj123

    Bit of a lazy list.

    I've had horse a few times and it's more tasty and leaner than beef.

    Also agree with Balut! It's disgusting.

    A duck embryo allowed to develop in the egg and then boiled is pretty grim. Plus it has a very liver like taste and the fact the duck embryo has bones is gut churning.

    I remember seeing Blue Peter here in the UK showing people who to cook earthworms! (not sure it was a April fools or not but I know they can be eaten)

    (Apologies to anyone reading this lol)

  • lalabhaiya

    Some time ago, just before the olympics, this mail was going around describing the delicacies available in China. I'll mention a few here. (Let me know if someone wants the pdf. I can forward it. There are images too!)

    Star Fish friend in SHark Oil
    Sea Urchins
    Turkey Vulture Schnitzels
    Sea Snakes
    Dog Liver with Vegetables
    Goat Lungs with Red Peppers
    Mixed Cow and Horse Stew
    Dung Beetles
    Lizard Legs
    Dog Brain Soup
    Iguana Tails
    Crickets and Beetles
    Sea Horse

    And thats just China.

    And I swear when I was a kid, I saw a show on Discovery where they showed people buying red ant eggs. They were in a huge pile. Wow.

    Nice list although I would have liked it to be a bit more exhaustive in terms of the text provided.

    • oculus18

      They eat dung beetles? errr…
      um..there's a reason why they're called 'dung' beetles.

    • Julius

      I've eaten snake, horse, goat, crickets and sea urchins (they actually eat those in the mediterrenean too) and I must say, apart from the sea urchins I enjoyed all of them (the sea urchin I didn't really enjoy because I am not particularly fond of seafood) I probably would at least try everything on that list. In the end, it's all just proteins.

      • tulky

        hey have you eaten Pigeon?its really good…

        • lalabhaiya

          I have. It was very er… stringy. And had to chew really hard. It was pretty ok though.

    • oliveralbq

      lala– i definitly would like that pdf
      if you go in forums, my userid is the same as my w.p. one
      p.msg. me
      it is almost 7am, and i must goto work…. will check when i get home

      as for this list of things?
      lizards taste like frogs legs
      sea horse is delicious
      im not eating any brains, livers, lungs or any of that shit, i dont care if theyre mixed with peppers or not.

      the 3 years my dad lived in hong kong, i visited a lot and ran across my share of things that people here in louisiana wouldnt eat.

      bugs are very disappointing, you *want* then to be good but theyre not

      mixed horse/cow stew?
      chances are i've had this and just didn't know it.

      good post lala

      • lalabhaiya

        you lost me with all those abbreviations. i'd be glad to send it but can you give me your e-mail here? i completely lost you there. which forum are you talking about?

        • oliveralbq

          @lalabhaiya: " i'd be glad to send it but can you give me your e-mail here?"

          —-i could but i dont want 89 messages from that kubrick asshole, and brock emailing me telling me everything is gay.

          i'm referring to the listverse forums

          register (it takes only a second and free), and my userid is the same as here, you can send pm's (personal messages)

          if you cant do that for some reason – server error or whatever, lemme know and ill figure something out — i'd actually really like to see that

          • lalabhaiya

            ya. brOck would do that. Wouldn't he? I'm on my way to work and will mail it to you from there.

    • elle bee

      I’m surprised you didn’t include panda on this list…apparently in China some restaurant menus have panda listed on them. that’s just wrong.

  • damn12345

    what a dumb list… people around the world will eat anything

    • konradfatal


    • lalabhaiya

      What a dumb world. People around the world will comment anything.

      • jackit

        What a dumb comment… people around the world will judge anything.

        • lalabhaiya

          What a dumb reply… people around the world will throw shit anywhere.

  • JanC

    In the Philippines, natives kill dogs for food. It was said on the list that dogs are killed in the kindest possible manner. This is 100% not true. Dogs here are killed in the most brutal form of torture you can imagine. Believe me I've seen it.

    • konradfatal

      what's so torturous with smacking the dog's head with a blunt weapon? it's an instant death so dog's need not suffer just to get to people's stomach.

      • oculus18

        it's not really "instant" death since they had to repeatedly hit the dog's head before it dies.

        • konradfatal

          if you hit them with a really powerful blow at the back of the head, they will die instantly… my friend does it with ease.. :p

      • Jack

        Countries in the Far East believe that dogs taste better when adrenline has being coarsing through their veins immediately prior to their death. To achieve this result, dogs are killed in front of one another. The dogs howling and barking desperately trying to escape release huge amounts of adrenline . . .

    • bluesman87


      • oculus18

        The dogs are each put in a small cage. When they are chosen to be the next meal, the dog's head is put on a sort of lasso and then a small openning on the top of the cage is opened to get the dogs head pulled out, then they repeatedly hit the dogs head with a blunt weapon 'til it dies.

        • bluesman87

          oh the same as pigs , fish and cows , not too bad .

          • Jack

            Youre a knob jockey – Would you like to go out that way?

          • bluesman87

            its way better than chickens , how they get practically boiled alive . Id be vegan (i like animals and do have compassion) if it was convenient and cheaper . But my lifestyle doesn't really allow it . For instance yesterday i bought a single serving bag of vegan soup . it cost me R50.00 thats the price of 2 mac meals or KFC meals . i work 12 hours a day . Then i still got to get home clean and figure out how to get a good meal with bland expensive(if i wan tot to be any good) ingredients ? naaah I respect the food i eat and dont waste or kill animals for nothing , wont even kill a spider, my dog eats meat too and he's the coolest guy ever . but i guess you are so much better than me and old earl huh ? learn to take a joke bean fart .

          • oculus18

            same with turtles then. Some restaurants feed vegetables to turtles for days, sort of to cleanse their insides. Then the turtles are dipped alive in boiling water, they're so much in pain that the turtles shit themselves while being repeatedly dipped. Afterwards, they are cooked. Really brutal.

          • bluesman87

            what ? fucking sick man .

          • lalabhaiya

            Shit? Really? Thats fucking sad. Shit.

          • lalabhaiya

            well, you're expecting too much from people if you want them to be able to take a joke. And I know what you mean with veg food being more expensive then a KFC or a McDonald. Have you seen the documentary food, inc? if you haven't, you should. It is an eye popper to say the least. Thankfully here in India food market hasn't been completely industrialized and so we still have options. And options at fair prices. Watch the documentary.

  • konradfatal

    dog meat tastes good, if anyone wanted to know.

  • Naska

    Oh this sounds really gross. I hate being an omnivore sometimes.

    • Jack

      Then why are you?

  • ressistor

    You forgot about duck embryos (balut or balot)

  • Geronimo1618

    Ewwww..ugh man..what's the problem with people, just looking at those pics made me puke a bit.
    If people eat all this shit, there might be some who eat flying cockroaches also. If there are any here please contact me. Thanks.

    • lalabhaiya

      You mean apart from the one I found in my KFC?

      • oculus18

        They deeply apologized for that. Earlier, they ran out of rats so instead they had to substitute cockroaches for your add on meal.

  • Ostenswe

    I would have added Guinea Pig since people in South-America actually eat those rodents, though I find it kind of unnecesary since there can't be much meat on one of those… A capibara on the other hand…

    • They eat guinea pigs all the time in Ecuador. It's like their version of the Big Mac. I saw a tv show about them cooking the guinea pigs, and I must say, it looked quite appetizing.

    • jcs299

      I've had guinea pig. It was pretty good. The rib meat reminded me of the dark meat off a turkey.

  • 6ptb

    Giant ants taste a lot like a certain liquid only males can produce. Serious.

    • bluesman87

      how do you know what that tastes like :-0

      • haha I was going to ask the same thing until I saw you had :)

      • 6ptb

        I because I tried ants and I have a boyfriend lol, that seems to be a question with an obvious answer. Crickets don't have much taste, they're just crunchy. Kangaroo is like spicy beef and crocodile tastes like tuna and pork.

        • lalabhaiya

          That more than answers the questions all the males here. :D

          Infact it does more.

    • Snake

      So you swallow then?

      • 6ptb

        That's none of your business :-O

        • Snake

          Giggidy, giggidy, gig-gi-dy!

          • trinityenigma

            You know if she spit then she'd still taste it right?

          • cambered

            I think we're all assuming here that 6ptb is female… the post read, "I have a boyfriend"… could still be a bloke… just sayin'

          • lalabhaiya

            i guess you've been reading brOcks comments a lot. It is showing. You are thinking like him. I like the thinking.

          • cambered

            Obviously I'm messing around — I'm glad you like the thinking… but trust me, I definitely do not think like br0ck! Cheers!

          • trinityenigma

            Ok then- You know if he or she spit then he or she would still taste it right?

          • cambered

            OK then… sorry about the semantics — just having some fun with you trinity. :P

          • 6ptb

            Lol, I am female.

      • oculus18

        lol. someone had to ask.

  • don

    I think dog shouldve been first. event hough Im chinese Ive never eaten dog though its such a common joke to make that chinese eat dogs. turtles are nothing. I live in vancouver canada and I see packed turtles in chiense supermarekts, killed and frozen or pack in saran wrap. Its like, so what?

    • oliveralbq

      i dunno man
      eating dogs can't kill you.

      pufferfish should be #1

  • lalabhaiya

    Imagine what chicken owners must feel like.

  • Shahbaz Lalani

    This kind of list gives me the satisfaction of being a vegetarian.

    • Roxanne

      As if you weren't self-satisfied enough…

      • Angie


    • Shriya


  • Eye-Licker

    I'm also a dog owner, but as long as people don't eat my, or anyone elses dog, then I must stay objective and admit that it's no worse than eating any other mammal. I'd never eat dog myself, but I won't knock people that do either.

  • Will Trame

    I recall how some individuals were cooking up and eating cicadas during the 2004 infestation.

  • Clau

    I think picture number 5 is of an animal known here in Perú as a cuy (guinea pig) instead of a rat, or maybe I'm wrong. Well, here in Perú, there's people that eat cats which is pretty disturbing… and then i think in some places they sell horse meat… btw, nice list but some of them weren't that disturbing, like the turtle one, it's very common and can't believe it's weirder than eating dog.

  • pickledtink

    Ah, funny. I just finished watching The Supersizers Go… Ancient Rome, and they had cooked mice. I don't think any of them actually tried it though. They also have brain and rose petal omelette and Garum, a sauce made from fermented fish guts, used like ketchup.

    "Poison, poison, poison, Tasty Fish!"

  • Sawa

    Wow, I thought this article was about 10 animals you wouldn’t believe eat people. Boy was I wrong.

    • diablo135

      Great list idea! Kinda related to a recent one but still….

    • That's funny, that's what I read, too. Weird.

  • Ophiucha

    The statement "the native populations of the various African nations in which they are eaten, don’t care" seems incredibly insensitive. We are far too oversensitive about endangered species. Let's face it, some species are going to die out. If we were killing them en masse without maintaining their life (as we do with cattle and whatnot), then I can see an argument against it. But if native people, presumably with comparatively primitive tools, want to eat gorilla, then they should. And if the gorilla die out from it, well, that's called natural selection.

    • Woyzeck

      ITT: Ophiucha defends native African people by comparing them to animals. Good going.

      • Ophiucha

        Well, we're all animals, aren't we? I'm merely saying that if you're in a situation where things aren't handed to you on a silver platter, as they often are in the so-called Western world, then I see no point in telling them they can't eat something because of our incredibly pretentious view that we need to save the animals. Frankly, I am against all animal conservation, even if it is more 'modernized' people doing it (I know I've always defended the Japanese when people get on their high horse about them killing dolphins or whales), but I think it is doubly true if you aren't systematically hunting them.

        • I hope you don't like fish because we're going to be completely out of food fish in about 20 years with that attitude.

          • Ophiucha

            I'm a vegetarian, so in that regard, no, I don't care. Also, there are such things as fish farms for a reason.

        • Woyzeck

          I hate that attitude. I bet you'd like to see the British Museum turned into a giant McDonald's, wouldn't you?

          I'm not going to bother engaging you further on this idiotic topic, but if "we're all animals" and you're "against all animal conservation" then I propose we start with you. SKADOOSH!

          • Ophiucha

            Sure, why not. I'm hardly much of a humanitarian, either. And there is absolutely no link between saying we have a right to kill animals and that we should rid ourselves of priceless artifacts for the sake of a food chain. Besides, knowing McDonald's, there is likely one IN the museum.

          • Woyzeck

            "And there is absolutely no link between saying we have a right to kill animals and that we should rid ourselves of priceless artifacts for the sake of a food chain."

            The two are linked in that they each involve the destruction of rare things which most educated people consider worthy of conservation for the sake of basic and unnecessary eating. I'm sorry if I made that too subtle for you. Maybe I should have said the Natural History Museum?

            And no, there isn't a McDonald's inside the British Museum. If you're ever in the neighbourhood you should check the place out.

            The concept of a vegetarian being in favour of wiping out endangered species and calls it "incredibly insensitive" to point out the fact that the people who eat them don't care about their endangered status is batshit insane. Also, you shouldn't appropriate Darwinian terminology without first looking up what it means.


    • jroache

      "But if native people, presumably with comparatively primitive tools,", i think most poachers use rifles and shotguns, these can not called comparatively primitive tools, if native populations used bows,spears, slings and such it wouldn't be that much of a problem.

  • fraterhater

    Rubbish! I believed all of that…

    But seriously, its an interesting list if a little less surprising than the title would have you believe. Good list still.

  • joetravolta

    horsew meat is absolutely delicious. plus its much better for you than beef

  • HelloMyNameIs

    in japan we have a saying that chinese people will eat anything with legs, other than chairs

    • twat

      and eating poisonous raw fish is better?

    • mom424

      That's seriously hilarious – coming from folks who eat chicken heads, various innards, and raw fish. lol

  • oliveralbq

    jafe —
    this is a great list – fun and different
    my main question is why do you have it categorised under food/health and not under bizarre?

    this is the definition of bizarre.

  • oouchan

    The gorilla, elephant and dog got to me. How sad. I understand that even stuff that I eat would sicken someone from another country but eating a dog?! Man's best friend is not what's on the menu.

    Cool list…and conga-rats on the book! :)
    (oh…and thank you for the warning)

    • Julius

      If you take a look at where the Forest Elephant and Gorillas have their habitats, it's not a matter of "Hey what shall we get tonight? Baby Gorilla or Taco Bell?" It's more of a matter of getting anything to eat. At all.

      • oouchan

        I'm aware of that. Just as I said that it would sicken some on what I eat, it sickens me what others eat.

    • That's ignorant of you.

      • oouchan

        How so? I think you didn't understand what I posted. Some people need to eat to survive, but there's places where they hunt and kill these animals and sell them in restaurants…..not someone going out and getting an animal because they were starving.

      • bluesman87

        no its not ignorant . Monkeys are shot, their babies sold to the pet trade and their parents chopped up and sold in the local markets , because they too lazy to farm chickens .

  • lolalow

    not a very interesting list to read…

  • Mr. A

    Not really disturbing. Not an informative list.

    • hrhsss

      dog is killed by covering the head with sacks or clothes to avoid bite… then the dog will be repeatedly strike with anything hard in the head until it will collapse or die… then you can see the dog's tears( dunno if its tears or not) , and they will cut the head, shave the dog and cook….. Now tell me wheres the kindest there??? I saw a lot of them killing dogs – they kill it to be eaten with alcoholic drinks.. I am against it, but they kill their own dog …..

      • hrhsss

        i saw also people killing duck in a brutal way…. the duck will be feed with alcoholic drinks to tame it. Then a nail will be hammered to its head… leaving the duck struggling to walk and fight for its life while the people around laughing.

        • hrhsss

          cat is eaten also in , it should be in the list…..

          • hrhsss

            and I saw my 1 year old niece eating cockroach while his mother busy talking gossip with the neighbor… is this considered too?

          • hrhsss

            where is FROG? i can tell you where the places people eat frog… they taste chicken… I know cause I love this food..

    • calic

      I know. Usually, listverse gives interesting pictures and info.

      .. But they just slapped on pictures of animals and two sentence descriptions.

  • Zen

    crocodiles should be in the list

    • I don't think croc is that weird. I'd try it. I've had gator, and it's really good. Kinda like gamey chicken!

  • calic

    .-. I already knew all of these. I guess listverse couldn't think of anything to post?

    Also, 5 is a guinea pig. I've seen that picture before. :u

  • br0ck

    asians are so creepy for eating dogs just look it up on youtube fuck asia

    • mom424

      And you eat unborn babies (eggs), smoked mammal fat (bacon) and ground up seeds and mold (leavened bread).
      Asian food is weird to me too BrOck – but weird is relative eh?

      • br0ck

        everyone eats eggs and mammal fat even animals but nobody is eating dogs except asians

        • mom424

          and aborigines and some south americans too.

    • lalabhaiya

      is that what you look at when mommy and daddy are not at home and wank yourself?

    • TimC

      Pretty sure that 'the animals are killed in the kindest possible manner' is a false statement too…

      • 12313123131313123

        Dog meat taste good

        • TimC

          Hey I'll try anything at least once… Well most things.

  • Colleen

    None of these really surprised me. A lot of them I would eat/have eaten.
    It does sadden me, though, that endangered animals are so frequently eaten.

  • Woyzeck

    Bonus: Harlequin Ichthyosis Foetuses. Just me?

    • bluesman87

      that was like lemon juice n my minds eye .

  • Anonymous

    Would have been a nice list if it had been written better.

  • ringtailroxy

    you seem to have forgotten this little number: balut. look it up. looks utterly and completely disgusting.

    as for the dogs being killed humanely, you are mistaken, Jay Fray. they are forced into tiny cages, and the "fear" is often seen as a means of making the meat more tender.

    I don't know how you think animals are slaughtered, but in the United States, undercover individuals are consistently finding horrible cases of cruelty and violations of the Humane Slaughter Act.

    I understand that people have to eat; but, as an animal welfare advocate & veterinary technician, I also understand that no dairy cow is actually bred naturally to a bull, that female pigs are forced to lay in tiny gestation cages, and chickens are genetically modified to be so large by a few weeks of age they cannot even stand. all int he name of progress and efficiency.

    We are so far removed from our food that many choose to not even acknowledge the cruelties their food had endured while alive. I would never tell someone not to eat meat; just be aware of what that creature was, how it lived, how it died. To never feel the sun, eat a blade of grass, or even reproduce naturally is not humane treatment.

    • mom424

      I agree to a point – some of the giant mega-farms do often treat animals horribly. But if you buy grade A meat that is not usually the case. Stressed animals' meat is mushy. The hormones do something that makes it unpalatable. (I could look it up but you're the vet and I'm sure you know this). The independent farmers that I know are aware of this too. They treat their animals with actual affection. It's their meal ticket eh?
      Of course if you're buying pork patties, it doesn't matter and any old ground up pig'll do. The best solution that I've found is to buy local and from independents as much as possible.

    • Amen!

  • mom424

    Not a bad offering today – could have been much better. The information on each entry is too sparse. How long have they been eating them? How are they prepared? etc etc. A recipe for each item? lol
    I don't really find any of them to be that odd or unbelievable. The Gorilla one is kind of sad – partly because there aren't too many of them left and partly (big partly) because of Dian and Jane. We think of them as people eh?
    I have no great objection to horse or dog – it's not like they're having a barbeque with Fido. Well at least not if he's a well behaved Fido.
    I've had horse – it was too rich and meaty for my taste, but that could have been how it was prepared. I'd give it another go.

  • ianthemagnificent

    This makes me understand why some people are vegetarians.

  • Mel

    If you're grossed out about eating one kind of meat, why not be grossed about about eating ALL kinds of meats? People are freaking out because in some places, people eat dogs, and yet eating pig is common in most countries. Pigs are the third smartest mammal in the world. Dogs are number eleven.

    If this list disturbed you and you're still willing to eat a chow, chicken or a pig, then that just makes you a hypocrite. Period.

    • ladies and gentlemen, peta. *slow clap*

      Yeah, there's totally a correlation between eating a spider and eating a hot wing. DERP.

      • Mel

        I'm not a member of PETA as a matter of fact.

        And yes, there is a correlation. A spider is a living thing and doesn't deserve to suffer any more than any thing/anyone else.

        • Herp Derp

          Turtles are an endangered species, as are elephants, gorillas, and whatever else was mentioned on the list. Cows, pigs, and whatever else, aren’t.

          And you obviously do not own a dog. Eating strong, loyal, friendly animals is nothing like eating smelly, fat, dirty creatures.

  • seyton

    I live in New Orleans and turtle soup is pretty popular here. Also, yummy.

    • oliveralbq

      yeah — i live here too, and turtle soup isn't bad, but for those of you mentioning crocs/gators — i have never been to a wedding here in n.o. (or the mississipi gulf coast) where some type of alligator bites weren't served.

      sometimes its fried, and i've seen em on ka-bobs a lot.

      it is better grilled imho,
      but either way, they are always one of the first things gone.

  • msn

    Protein is protein. Most of us have the luxury of living in a country where we can buy our food neatly wrapped in plastic. Theres a large percentage of the world that does not and we have no right to judge them.

  • Carole

    Why wouldn't I beleive it? Food is food. A dog is no different than a chicken. We just like to pretend that they are . We keep dogs as passive slaves to our pathetic emotional needs . Stop feeding your dog and see how long it continues to"love" you .
    Your neighbour could be the most despicable, evil person, and all they would have to do is wave a steak at your dog and the dog will find a new buddy.

    I really despise the phony moral outrage of well fed North Americans!!
    At the same time I don't find any of these animals appetizing

    • Jimbo

      Dogs are different than chickens. You are correct about dogs being used for emotional needs, that is what humans have bread dogs to be over the last 10,000 years a companion. Chickens, cows, pigs have not had this luxury they have been domesticated as for food. I don't know why it bothers you but I have seen dogs save some peoples lives with their ability to love whoever. Humans are very lucky to have dogs.

      • ulmflb

        Actually, the companion part is accessory, dogs were raised because they were useful, to have dogs just as pet without serving any other use is a very recent trend, food have been scarce during all history of mankind, and it's just in the last 50 years that food scarcity stopped being a problem in the western world and that dogs became just pets for the common people. I agree that other animals species were raised just for food. But dogs were not raised to be a companion, they were raised to be tools.

    • TEX

      I am not fed – I feed myself through hard work. I live in a society where one of the benefits of being productive and self sustaining is the ability to by fresh quality foods – and I prepare my own meals.
      So what is your godamned problem ?

      • ulmflb

        You are well fed not because you are a hard working person, but because you live in a country were food is largely available at a cheap price. The horrible image of the African child with his big belly starving to death is not due to his parents laziness, you can bet that they worked their asses of, but just to where they live.
        Doing what you want in your own home is not a problem, nobody can force you to eat dog, but the western world have been know to try to force its views to the rest of the world…

  • MacMan

    After reading this list.. I don't see my turtle as a pet anymore.. All I see is an eventual snack. Mmmm.. Soup.

  • smbrickner

    Turtle Meat is Delicious. We have snapping turtles around where I live (Central Wisconsin) and they are delicious. So is squirrel, rabbit, venison, and bear meat. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of nature as long as you make a quick and ethical kill.

  • lowtolerance

    A warning would have been nice. I wasn't expecting to see a dog being roasted on a spit, and I wish I hadn't.

    Also, "killed in the kindest possible manner?" Don't fool yourself.

    • Julius

      [WARNING: This list contains disturbing images – including spiders.]

      • lowtolerance

        Either that wasn't there when I wrote that(I checked!) or I've gone mad.

        • k1w1taxi

          Must be option 2 then :) as oochan thanked Jamie for the warning several posts up.


  • Emma

    I have to wonder where you got the information about dogs being killed in the kindest possible way? I have seen many heartbreaking videos and images which show they are treated just as horrendously before and during death as the typical factory farmed animal.

    • Jimbo

      The author is obviously trying to be politically correct and not start a fued of commenters accusing asians of being heartless animal killers. I would have to agree with you, they are most definately not treated as pets and probably treated very poorly during thier lives and most likely killed the easist way possible with no consideration to the dog.

  • Jimbo

    I disagree about dogs not being any different than eating cows. I could be wrong but I believe over 1000's of years dogs have been domesticated by humans to be companions and not food. The opposite goes with cows, they have been domesticated for food. I realize it's a different culture but I assume the dogs in Asia still wag their tails when a human comes over to them and I assume they still have person like traits like eyebrows that move ect. I'm just a western cultured dog lover, sorry I'm biased.

    • ulmflb

      Some races were bred for food in Asia and ancient Mexico. I don't know if any race was bred for that purpose in the western world, but if it was, it's very likely that it has disappeared, like all the races bred for long gone uses (the turnspit dogs, for example).

  • Carbin

    You do what you can to not starve, I guess.

    Nice list.

    • MeeMA

      Food called DELICACY it doesn't quite enter the starvation zone!! Dont you think ???????

  • Zarq

    How is horse worse than sheep? Or cow?

    I've eaten it, and it's rather good.

  • meateater

    in this crazy fucked up world im suprised you didnt put humans at number 1

  • TEX

    Hey guys – here is a video on how to cook elephant. (1:57 mins long)

    from "The Naked Prey" w/ Cornel Wilde (1966)
    most intresting scene is at 45 seconds in

  • FlameHorse

    I could've lived the rest of my life without knowing about #4, which I already knew about. If you put a gun to my head and said "horse or spider," I'd probably just fight you for possession of the gun.

    • lalabhaiya

      Or run.

    • Woyzeck

      Horse is delicious. Ooh baby I like it raw, ooh baby I like it raaaaaaw. Neeeiigghh!

      • lalabhaiya

        Ah. I know. Have you read Equus?

  • Cocal

    Haven't read all the comments yet… has anyone mentioned kangaroo in Australia? you can find it in your favourite supermarket :D

    • cambered

      Kangaroo is delicious. Very lean, a little gamey and packed with goodness. Try a BBQ roo fillet with some onion marmalade… very tasty. Emu too, by the way.

  • Cocal

    I was forgetting, in some parts of my country people eat… cats. And alpaca (a cute relative of llamas) is becoming very popular, even in gourmet restaurants (it's delicious!). And finally, of course, the cute and deliciosus guinea pigs :D
    Greetings from Peru!

  • Horse isn't that unbelievable, i tried it in France when i was 13. Of course i didn't know what it was until i had finished eating.
    It is strange to think of dogs as food, i felt guilty for eating a venison sausage.
    We humanize our animals, they have names, personalities and are part of the family.
    I'm curious though, how long would a dog go hungry before they made a meal of a human?

  • Dxc93

    When I read that this list contains 'disturbing images' I was like pff yeah whatever, and then BAM picture of a dog on a spit…ugh that's just horrible. Although I know I only think that because I have one as a pet. I guess actually the worst ones to eat are the endangered ones.

  • Hey, big fan of Listverse, but In regards to item #3. In South Korea dogs "are killed in the kindest possible manner" could not be further from the truth. In South Korea, many people believe that torturing the dog before it's killed will let adrenaline course though it's body making the meat better. There are plenty of videos on Youtube and articles across the web addressing the manner.

  • Memeito

    "the dogs are killed in the kindest possible manner"???? Yeah,right…
    Just visit a Hong Kong slum and you will hear from far away dogs screaming in the most inhuman way possible…They are beaten to death because adrenaline makes their flesh more tender.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Horse sounds good!

  • randomizer

    Whats so strange about eating bugs? I mean we eat ground up bugs in food coloring and there are also used in our lipsticks and clothes. Check out carmine in wikipedia. You’ll be surprised about how it is made and what it is used in.

  • tony

    when i went to vietnam i ate dog there, i dont see what the stigma is for i mean i know yeah theyre your pets but when you aint got nothin to eat you gotta make due with what ya got.

    • If it comes down to a choice between watching my kids starve to death, or cooking up Mr.Fluffy, there's no contest.

    • Jack

      Did you have nothing else to eat?!

  • bansey

    I don't know how you can say that dogs are slaughtered humanely, they have their throats slit whilst concious.

    • smbrickner

      There isn't a much faster way to kill an animal and avoid spoiling the meat than to slit the throat. Death comes quickly then. I have had to do it with deer before and it is alot faster and more efficient than shooting the animal. Cheaper too.

  • nthensome

    That's quite the revelation that starving ppl eat elephants and gorillas and other animals we well fed ppl think are cute and 'special'.
    I'm glad the author didn't seemingly try to cast derision on the less fortunate.
    Killing and eating wild and/or 'endangered' animals may not seem to be humane, but unfortunately this is what ppl have to do to survive.
    Let's not judge them.

  • lindsay

    the ‘rat’ in number 5 is actually a guinea pig, which to me is even more disturbing. just lettin ya know. love the lists :)

  • fknairii

    I do find this list disturbing (my southern California upbringing makes me cringe at the thought of -ME- eating this) but I don't find it disgusting, per say. It's all culture based — we may find it outlandish and disturbing but in some countries, it's just another meal on the table.
    I mean, people in India are appalled that we even commit such a dastardly sin of eating cow.
    So honestly, who are we to judge?

  • Claw

    I’ve seen videos of dogs being skinned alive, only to be eaten afterwards. So, I don’t buy them being killed in the kindest way possible. I’m disturbed by the reasons that drive people to eat these animals in the first place. Ahhh, humankind! The worst!

  • Jimbo

    I know you were trying to be politically correct and cut the asians some slack on the way they kill almost any animal for food and medicine that crosses their paths with no consideration to conservation. So let's just admit that the dogs are not raised in a humane way and are killed with no extra effort to make it less painful for the dog. I mean come on, why would they take the extra effort and money to make sure of this when they are first poor and second it's just food to them? I'm not blaming them, it is their culture but let's be honest here.

  • Anne

    I genuinely thought people all over the world ate horse meat. It really surprises me that it's just us west-european countries (I'm from Belgium) who eat it. It's really good though! It tastes like ox meat. I eat it almost every single week.

    • someone

      You eat horses?! u bitch!

  • Scorpions? Toad? Chicken foetus? Nobody been watchin An Idiot Abroad?

  • Chris

    I had whale in Iceland. One of the very few countries where it's not outlawed.
    It was pretty tasty.

  • Jaryuki

    When I got back from Africa, brought a bag of mopane-caterpillars with me (dried). Lots of different meats there, some of my peers brought with them canned crocodile, for example.

    It seems that when ever human finds an animal, the first thought will be "wonder how that tastes like?" xD

    Really, not surprised about foods, never really have been. I just don't understand why eating one animal would be more "normal" than eating some other… Might just be more pelntiful in the area y'know. I myself don't eat any animals so… yeah. In general I don't oppose of meat eating in itself though.
    As for eating animals that are on the brink of extinction.. kinda counter productive if they want to eat them in the future too – not to mention for the species itself.

    Only foods that make me go "what?" are eating things that really should not be eaten…

    Not dissing the list though, it's an ok read.
    Rattle snake meat and chocolate scorpions for all :P

    • Jaryuki

      PS. I did not buy the caterpillars, friends did and gave me the rest. Brough them as a souvenire of sorts. Just thought to mention in case some troll is gonna go "caterpillars are animals too you retard".

  • Juan Cash

    I love the way you guys warn about the spider pictures. Considering I am arachnaphobic. :) Good list.

  • Natalie

    I really don't believe that the dogs are killed in a humane way…I read that the more distressed the dog is when they kill it it's believed they are tastier and make you more viral. Horrible!

  • yolm

    I remember still seeing canned turtle soup in the 80's. Heck, I remember it was still a staple in the comics books.

  • pable

    What's hard to believe is that anyone finds the items on this list surprising.

    • You are not surprised that people eat gorilla?

      • lordpolverston

        I'm not that surprised by it. I was very young when I found out that some conutries in Asia ate dog and ever since I found that out I've accepted the massive difference in cultural approaches towards food. As a passionate meat eater I thought there was nothing I wouldn't try at least once, but then I saw a man in India eat a fertalised egg (the foetus was clearly visable) and I drew the line at that.

  • Well, everyone on here getting high and mighty about what they would and would not eat. Life and death situation you'd all eat anything. And as for saving the planet and going vegan? It isn't natural to us. Fuck saving the planet, it'll be fine. It's us people that are leaving, and I am sure the planet will be just fine with that.

  • pwscott

    I'm surprised turtle even made this list. I've eaten stingray and alligator, and God only knows what's in a can of Spam.

  • tulky

    officially…I tried everything on the list and more…
    they are pretty good but don't recommend rats, those small bones just get stuck in your throat…
    Strangely I can't eat beef or pork…makes me sick.

  • Grace

    Why is it that every time someone mentions another country eating dogs, it must be compared to eating cows in India?

    I never hear any other examples.

    And I do find it bizarre to eat dogs because they can serve a much better purpose by hunting food to bring back to you. They can hunt for themselves but still bring you game, which in the long run gives a much greater reward then killing it for meat.

  • Iamthestone

    You know whats more cruel than eating a horse? Making it run around a track for profit and killing it when it breaks its leg. I understand that it is difficult for a large animal to survive after a severe leg injury but if it wasn't forced to run in the first place it would not have broken its leg and need to be killed.

    There is nothing wrong with eating an animal for nourishment as long as we aren't wiping out a species and are killing them as humanely as possible.

  • Mim


  • Kyle

    Dogs are not the equivalent of cattle. Dogs are intelligent and each has an individual personality. Sentimentality aside, it's an observable fact.

    • Dani

      Yeah, and so are pigs. In fact, pigs are probably smarter than dogs. But I'm sure you enjoy your nice slice of ham at Christmas.

      It's an observable fact you know.

  • ali J

    gross how can you eat gorrilas and rats and dogsssssss yuccccccckkk

  • Ali J

    where da f is peta now?

  • skippy

    whales should of been added on the list

  • artmingo

    I'm french and I nerver heard of ants in chocolate bars…

  • calic

    derp I think dogs are equal to any other animal, including humans.
    As any animal is equal to anything else living.
    Why put an animal higher or lower than another? ;_;

    • Angelo

      Intelligence should obviously be the deciding factor. No other animal is equal to a human, they are all lesser. This doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated with reasonable humanity, but people put far too much concern in their welfare.

  • Cesar

    In Northe of Peru some people eat lizards, i was hoping to find it here.

  • Himself

    "A horse meat butcher is called a boucherie chevaline"


    A PLACE where you buy horse meat is called boucherie chevaline. Not the butcher himself (boucher). And you can find horse meat in a lot of boucheries nowadays in France, not only specialized ones.

    Nothing really surprising on that list to be honest.

  • aerophile

    The list needs to be retitled "things non-westerners eat." How we perceive what's weird or not is a matter of what's available and acceptable within one's culture. I'd been hoping for something on the list like tree bark, pebbles, and the CSF of a stillborn llama or something. Those I would not believe people eat.

    But a fairly well written list, for a change. Thank you for that.

  • smbrickner

    In regards to the people saying it isn't humane:
    There isn't a much faster way to kill an animal and avoid spoiling the meat than to slit the throat. Death comes quickly then. I have had to do it with deer before and it is alot faster and more efficient than shooting the animal. Cheaper too.

  • swapie

    The weirdest thing I have eaten is puff adder snake. Skinned, cleaned and cut into pieces. It was then marinated in white wine and herbs for a couple of hours and then pan fried. Was delicious, tasted like chicken.

  • tonepoet

    Having lived in Korea for 2 years and traveling to Thailand, I've seen and smelled some pretty gnarly stuff. The silkworms have a stench that is like a burning dumpster. Never ate them, or dogs. Saw a vat of roasting roaches at a market in the Thai town of Trat, ate chicken's feet in Korea (I was drinking, it was like gristle). Pretty grarly.

  • Bond

    At first I found it repulsive that people would eat endangered species. But then I realized that in a lot of countries food is so scarce that you have to eat whatever you can get your hands on. The standards for what is acceptable change greatly when you're struggling for survival.

  • redwolfblack

    i would eat all this given the chance. ^_^

    • Joe

      You are disgusting.

      • redwolfblack

        and you are a ingnorant twat that is afraid to try new things. i hope the fact that you cant fathom that people can actualy be different from will fade soon.

  • Joe

    The ancient practice of eating dog meat increasingly distasteful for China's growing affluent, pet-loving middle class. There is hope for change.

  • Taha Soysal

    A really interesting and retch-worthy list.

    But seriously, gorilla?? I too thinnk that's getting in the territory of cannibalism.

  • burak

    cats also should be on this list

  • muscarius

    Horse meat is quite common in Italy. you can buy it everywhere.

  • Roflwaflz

    My mother has that plate that the turtle is sitting in. Weirds me out more than the list. I would eat everything on this list but dog. For some reason I just can't do it knowingly. I would eat Dumbo, Mr Ed, and Philbert at the drop of a hat but Lassie? I don't think so.

  • simon

    blech!! This list makes me want to go vegetarian.

  • Marcia

    I think the spiders and the dog are the worst on the list for me because I hate spiders and dogs are considered a part of the family in western culture (if you have one). I think the oddest thing I've ever eaten was Ostrich. The way it was cooked kind of made it surprisingly taste like beef.

    But, I can understand how people the world over can eat things deemed as being wrong if you're in a bad enough situation or grew up in a culture where it was common.

  • Pro-choice

    I'm sorry, but what about eating eggs. You're just committing chicken abortion.

    • jcs299

      excpet for the fact that most of the eggs you'll eat have never been fertilized

  • faketree78

    If you don't think it's weird to eat shrimp, crab, or lobster then you really shouldn't have a problem eating spiders.

  • kadir

    in china, dogs are killed in a very cruel manner.. apparently they are beaten to death before cooking to let their bodies produce a lot of hormones, fluids and adrenaline which are supposed to increase the taste.

  • Oxycinna

    This is pretty cool. Hard to believe that they think it's normal to do such, while some of think of it as vulgar.

  • I like turtles…

  • Iig

    Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. Fellow earthlings, regardless, should not fear us or regret their existential symbiosis… less suffering should be our motto, not more of the same…c’mon man…

  • Behnam vahaby

    I cant belive that this wastes are food.Oh…give me lot of this wastes.

  • Denzell

    damn, it's a good thing I just ate my dinner.

  • i like turtles

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lol i ate one when i was young, although i didn't know it was a turtle and it's not just any turtle it was MY turtle…

    • David Hopkins

      I feel really terrible for you, having eaten your own pet without knowing it. I can't imagine how that came to be or how you must feel.

  • In the Pokeworld, they eat things from charzards and pikachus to goldeens and ratatas! Talk about bizarre!

  • Dan

    Didn't know about the gorillas, interesting list

  • jurivega

    What about eating snake? Apparently, it tastes like chicken.

  • David Hopkins

    I've heard that in some cultures, people actually eat recently deceased humans. "Mortuary feasts" they call them. Just the thought is chilling.

    I'm actually kind of surprised that wasn't on the list, or at least a bonus.

  • Arghzombie

    I thought on first glance that this was a list of animals that eat people! Disappointed it was the other way round. Maybe that’s an idea for another list.

  • cofex

    How unethical and unthoughtful of humans, I dont understand how a human can eat these animals, and take their lives away… They have feelings too!!!
    When u are eating an animal u are taking a soul away, killing an innocent creature!

  • Vegunn

    Dogs are killed in the "kindest possible manner." I almost burst out laughing. There are plenty of videos showing skinned dogs strung up and still blinking. However processing cattle or any other animal is no less gruesome or cruel.

  • Anonymous

    dude that's gross.
    did you know in europe or something like that, they freeze pig's blood and eat it as pudding?

  • friedemann

    Horse is not so bad. Consider that horses are finickey eaters and eat grass or hay, whereas a cow will eat rotting garbage. (what goes in comes out). Pigs are garbage eaters too. As for dogs(another trash can eater); many times have I heard people calling their animal an "elephant". Suprised there are no "cats" for they are larger than rats.
    Also what happened to the slugs and snails?
    Definitely an incomplete list.

    • David Hopkins

      Ew, cows eat garbage, and then the farmers use the cow’s feces for manure?

  • Johna

    There is a saying in China, eat everything with four legs except tables and everything that flies except airplanes


  • sadface

    My friends have seen the dogs beaten to death behind the restaurant serving the dog meat.

    So it’s really not true that they were killed in any way that could be considered kind.

  • sunny

    what the hell is this, stop killing animals u all are bastards who wanna eat these beautiful animals.

  • Cat

    Well, think about it. Is this any more disturbing than killing and eating a cow? Or a pig? Cows are unbelievably docile (unless you tie a rope around their testicles–bullfighting) and pigs are highly intelligent and clear brush far better and more quickly than bulldozers. Not the ones you eat, true, but the ones you eat have been specifically bred to have birth defects that make them idiotic and unnaturally muscular. Is that any better than eating a dog?

  • Kate

    I live in Korea now, so I’ve eaten Dog and Silk Worm– Both extremely delicious :] — My great-grandparents died from eating puffer fish >< I want to try it but scared it'll be like a family tradition of dying from it. Ha ha.

  • PuroresuPride18

    The Reem loves the horse ;)

  • mercurylass2010

    About dogs being treated humanely is wrong WSPA have pictures of the killing which for example they beat and torture the dogs cos it makes the meat more tender. When they are skewered and put over fire to cook they are very often not dead.
    Check it out on WSPA’S website, or WWF, the pictures they have will make you absolutely disgusted as a human who is geneticly related to these torturing b*****ds

  • amoreous93


  • Casey Jane

    #5 is actually Guinea Pig. It is a very popular dish in Peru.. known as Cuy. FYI!

  • Mia

    Why are guinea pigs not on this list?

  • Dogs in s.korea is beaten to enhance flavor. And strangled to make sure the dogs die as slowly as possible to keep the meat tender

  • Lauren

    The picture for Rats are actually of Cuy. A South American dish – Guinea Pig

  • Alexandre

    Oh americans. Actually I find way more disgusting these 4-pound burgers some people there consider a touristic attraction. Or any big-sized fast-food portion by the way.

    At least bugs are healthier. And you have a good point by saying than eating dogs is no worse than eating a cow.

    • Name

      americans eat large portions of only a handful of animals where as everyone else almost every animal

  • Name

    is there no animal we could skip as a MEAL also notice how none of these animals are on american menus

  • slice

    why in the world are elephants and gorilla the least of surprising on the list over spider, ants and silk worms?? good list, retarded order

  • Love Food

    The Picture of the rat is actually guinea pigs that people from Peru eat. Which I am against.

  • Gordhan lal choudhary

    this image are wonderful and good

  • Liz

    Urgh!! I have a dog & turtles & found this very sad :(

  • whatever

    Ah yes.. this has got to be the most talked-about list in this website. But seriously, most westerners don’t approve the idea of eating dogs or cats since… 1) they experience rather a good life; there is abundance of food and wealth, plenty of burgers to eat, ey? 2) mankind has already accustomed itself to have quite a connection with these animals since they’re domestic
    Come to the poor countries of central and southeast asia, then you’ll know why it pays to eat dogs and cats even it’s against the morals of most people.


  • whatever

    For real? Man that’s hilarious!

  • Eh, I’ve seen people eating worse (yes, worse) things than this.

    Btw, the skewered silk worms in that picture is probably from China. Koreans eat it simmered in broth.

    Speaking of food on a stick…


  • mani

    its so simple for man vs wild with bear grylls

  • skespoglelt


  • Belpteeteg


  • Gchand

    Dogs killed humanely???!!!!! I think not. Check out Youtube for videos of the dogs’ terrible suffering before being clubbed to death. Sickening.

  • tiepantabinia


  • Name


  • vermilionskin

    Are you joking? In China they eat abortion babies!! that should be number 1!

  • ashley

    i hade to make esay

  • Wrondernank


  • liewdrere


  • beckymonster

    I would try anything on that list but the bugs. I’m a bug wuss.

  • Niamh

    None of that was suprising.

  • Bob

    Stop being a know it all!!!! Jeez

  • Bob

    For the comment above, look at page 1 for the post by jeri
    on august 1st at 10:26

  • Doctor

    This just goes to show you that humans will eat ANYTHING…i mean ANYTHING…and we call ourselves civilized lol…seriously

  • Toki

    It’s not entirely correct to say eating dog is “extremely common in Asia.” It’s true that dog is eaten in China, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, parts of India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. However, Asia is composed of over 40 countries, so in most of Asia people do not eat dogs.

  • jabblejab

    the writer of the article must be british, it’s common in my country to eat horse

  • argh

    the dog was something i wish i didn’t see..

  • asim

    O SHIT man WTF Humans are so many things to eat rather then eating this shit and eating rates and dogs worms spiders disgusttinggggggg

  • Lauren


  • Hernan Marino

    I like what you guys tend to be up too. This kind of clever work and coverage! Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve included you guys to our blogroll.

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    I like the valuable info you supply on your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check once more right here frequently. I am slightly certain I’ll learn many new stuff right right here! Good luck for the following!

  • Caroline

    The ants weren’t that surprising because at the Conran Shop (London) you can get them chocolate covered and one of my friend gives them to me every Christmas as a joke

  • This fucking list makes me sick. My wish is that in our next lifetime, all the people who could’nt give a crap about animals become the prey…they are hunted down and killed in the same manner that they subjected these poor animals too! One can hope and wish that God is listening to these cries.

  • unknown9000

    Elephant should have been number 1. I’ve known that people eat spiders for a long time.

    • Duncan

      I’ve known that people eat elephants for a long time.

  • MeatFree

    You all are insane if you think any slaughter is “kind”.

    • Duncan

      vegetarians forever

  • apletwhj


  • Caisi


  • Totallu agree with Oouchan, it is disgusting, beyond barbaric. Zoe Stevens, you really are delulded and have no educuation.

    We are natural hunters, we eat foods that we can restock and are killed in a humane way (Im from the UK). Asia – they dont kill to surive, they eat LIVE animals for status. Eating live squid – how is that a delicacy…its disgusting. Killing a dog by skinning it ALIVE then ripping its jaw out and throwing it on a BBQ…HOW IS THAT KILLING TO SURVIVE? You people make me sick and should be ashamed of yourselves. You dont FARM animals to survive. Killing Gorilla and Tiger for bush meat…ARGHHH you are filth. I have seen it all and there has NEVER been a humane killing in Asia for food. NEVER.

    How anyone can justify the way you kill and how you can eat animals like that should be put through the same as the animal goes through.

  • Jack

    are you serious, the dogs a killed in the kindest possible manner? mate you’ve been living in a cave, They hang the dogs by their necks and hit them over the head, and they dont all die from the hits, so instead they just skin them alive and pass them off to the next guy who guts and cleans them. read more about it and watch the videos before saying they kill them in the kindest possible manner

  • Duncan

    People in Peru eat guinea pigs.

  • Athena

    Ugh this post and all these horrific animal slaughter stories in the comment really make me want to go back to vegetarianism. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating meat though, we’re omnivores after all, but I do think we eat way too much of it. This day and age we eat a rediculous amount of meat, we really don’t need that much. If everyone just had one or two veggie days a week, it would make a huge difference. For the environment as well, meat industry is damn polluting. The worst thing though isn’t eating meat, but the way animals are treated. If I could eat animals that had a decent life and were then killed humanely, I’d feel better about eating meat. Unfortunately money and animals don’t mix very well, never has never will.

  • melissa