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10 More Rock Songs Longer Than 10 Minutes

Nic Swaner . . . Comments

This is the second list of long rock songs, with the cutoff being under 10:00. While there are no guarantees your song will be on here, there is a wider variety of talent on display here than the previous list, and no repeat artists. Seven of these are in no particular order, however, numbers 1, 2 and 3 seemed to hold a special place in the comment section of the first list as most requested, longest requested and most passionately requested, respectively. So I urge you to sample this fine arrangement of soundscapes and socialize in the comment section.


Jane’s Addiction
Three Days – 10:46

Written by alternative rock band Jane’s Addiction, “Three Days” was inspired by Xiola Blue, who came to Los Angeles for her father’s funeral, and spent three days with frontman Farrell and his girlfriend in what was quoted as “a haze of sex and drugs.” Though the song was written prior to Xiola Blue’s death of a heroin overdose in 1987, the song was released in 1990, and the poem at the beginning makes light of this, in memory. The guitar solo is also ranked as #100 on Guitar World’s Best Guitar Solos of all time.


The Decline – 18:19

From a California based punk band comes this 18 minute EP that comments on, and encapsulates everything NOFX has become known for, such as attacking political and religious leanings. Interestingly, because of the cover art, the EP has been linked to syncing with Pink Floyd’s The Wall (the movie), in much the same way Dark Side of the Moon is rumored to sync with the Wizard of Oz.


Eddie Hazel
From the Bottom of My Heart – 12:34

This is a stratospheric, emotional song from Eddie Hazel, reminiscent of the psychedelic “Maggot Brain.” Not much can be said for his powerful, thrusting guitar, and the solemn vocals (which, in my humble opinion, remind me of groaning renditions of Bach). Needless to say, the inclusion of this is a personal wish, but it holds it own easily.


Close to The Edge – 18:43

The title track to progressive rock group Yes’s fifth album is, supposedly, based and inspired by Herman Hesse’s book “Siddhartha.” According to vocalist Jon Anderson: “…You always come back down to the river. You know, all the rivers come to the same ocean. That was the basic idea. And so we made a really beautiful album….” And it truly is a wonderful album and serves as an excellent example of creating an ambiance and atmosphere with the simple inclusion and layering of running water, wind chimes and more.


Spoonful – 16:48

Here you will see a small exception to the studio preference for these lists because, this song really stands out when blues-rock authority Cream takes it to the stage. But, even before then, this song wasn’t included on the release of the US version of the album Fresh Cream, and was, instead, replaced by “I Feel Free.” “Spoonful” was on the UK release, however it was ten minutes shorter than what it would become on the Wheels of Fire album.


Uriah Heap
July Morning – 10:32

With a former band member list numbering at 19 members, it seems more like a talented dysfunctional family rather than a band, but Uriah Heap gets it done (in 1971 originally) with sweeping riffs, and a powerful foreboding melody. Having changed their lineup so much, it’s hard to determine just what genre they fall under. They do maintain a large presence in Eastern Europe, but currently only have ‘cult’ followings in North America and the UK.


The Doors
The End – 11:40

“The End” is a song from The Door’s self-titled album, written by Jim Morrison about breaking up with his girlfriend. The song evolved after several months of performances, using it to close their set. It was first released in January 1967. The song was recorded with no overdubbing and ranks as #336 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.


Iron Maiden
Rime of the Ancient Mariner – 13:37

Inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem of the same name, this heavy metal epic borrows some of the famous lines from the poem: “Water, water everywhere, nor a drop to drink.” The song was written in a short time according to the band, and written while in the Bahamas. It can be divided into 3 parts, the first expressing the exemplary galloping that metal is known for, the second being soft and dark, and the third phase an upbeat instrumental before repeating the initial melody.


Jethro Tull
Thick as a Brick (Sides 1 and 2) – 43:28

If there is any way to sum up Jethro Tull, let this little anecdote paint you a picture. A friend of mine had the pleasure of experiencing a Jethro Tull concert. An hour into the concert a band member proudly proclaimed, “And now, for our second song.” And so here we are at “Thick as a Brick,” an epic progressive rock song resembling a typical classical symphony. This song also uses a host of instruments, with guitars, drums, piano, a Hammond organ, flute, harpsichord, xylophone, timpani, violin, lute, trumpet and a string section.


Iron Butterfly
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida – 17:05

To conclude this list we come to Iron Butterfly’s psychedelic amalgamation of experimentation, drums and a little bit of alcohol. If legend is to be believed, while intoxicated during a rehearsal, Doug Ingle slurred the words “In the Garden of Eden,” thus giving the song its name and lyrics. There are other explanations, such as the drummer misinterpreting the title and it sticking, as well as other variations of being drunk/high. Besides that though, this song is monumental for helping to conceive heavy metal out of psychedelic rock.

  • danmoo071

    Love the addition of Thick as a Brick. One of my favorite songs ever. Even though it is more of an epic

  • danmoo071

    Im not sure if it is considered a rock song, but Funeral for a Friend by Elton John is pretty great too

    • Chut

      Sucks…infact the whole list sucks!!

      • nonononononononononononono


  • danmoo071

    Achilles Last Stand was on the previous list

    • David

      Oops my bad forgot about the previous list.

  • bluesman87

    I approve everything from 7 down. Although most are pretty well known. One of my favs is rattle snake shake by fleet wood mac with peter green . Creams live stuff is always awesome . The new(well new to me) reunion was excellent those old toppies can still rock harder than blue ball hardon . NOFX sucks.

    • sippigrrrl

      Three Days is pretty cool. We used to joke that's how long the song was,lol. Great (and genre spanning) list.

    • cambered

      Peter Green era Fleetwood was so fucking good… it's a shame that it has been overshadowed by the Buckingham/Nicks combination — amazing in their own right… just saying that most people would not be aware of the earlier incarnation. Whilst "Rattlesnake Shake" is a great tune, "Albatross" is surely their pinnacle..?

      And yes, NOFX suck arse.

      • Budd Weiser

        "And yes, NOFX suck arse."

        +1. I grew up listening to them and they used to garner a fair bit of respect back in the 90's. After listening to that for the first time in about 10 years though I have to agree they really do suck. That track does not deserve to be anywhere near this list, it probably wouldn't even make the top 10 punk songs longer than 10 minutes.

  • michaela

    Im glad to see NoFx is included on this list =D has anyone ever included NoFx on any list on this site? I know Me First and the Gimme Gimmes was on a list. Fat Mike is in that band as well ;D you guys should have a top 10 punk band list…. actually make that 20. im not good at ranking but include these, NoFx, Operation Ivy, Rancid, Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, the Stooges, Dead Kennedys, the Clash, Black Flag, Green Day(i know a little controversial but they are viewed as a punk band by most the bands i have just mentioned…ive read interviews people), the Transplants, Pennywise, the Germs, the Adverts, Dropkick Murphys, Sham69, the Adicts, the Exploited, Minor Threat, 7 Senconds, Fear, Blondie, MC5, TSOL, New York Dolls, the Velvet Underground, Husker Du, Social Distortion im sure there are lots i forgot. oh and DO NOT include AFI or Rise Against,,,,

    • michaela

      BAD RELIGION! im listening to them right now… cant believe i forgot them lol

    • electricauntjemima7

      Beautiful list!

    • Julius

      Fat Mike has some serious problems but I like his music.

      • michaela

        yeah ive read that article before. but people really go thru that shit… it sucks but it happens.

    • oliveralbq

      make it 25
      dri — richard hell & voidoids — the damned — the cramps — the misfits
      put in patty smith, get greeen day out (one of their
      best songs is an op.ivy cover from 39 smooth)
      write us a list —

      • michaela

        if i write a list im not gunna get green day out cause they ARE SO FUCKING CONTROVERSIAL!!! how can i not include them? honestly a lot of the bands id put would be more "influential" than the best ever which i guess would be viewed as the same to some people(but not me) yaknow? hmm but ill think about making a list… but yeah awesome suggestions!!!(: can't believe i forgot patti smiths and the misfits above all.

    • metalmarc

      I love most of the bands that you mention . Did you ever heard of Youth Brigade there one of my favorite band and they run the BYO record label witch release the split ep of Rancid / Nofx . Check out -To sell the truth & Sink with Kalifornija there awesome albums

      • michaela

        have i heard of Youth Brigade??? of course i have!! i live in Orange County! they're a socal band! hahaha theyre suppose to come out with a new album soon.

    • Kristi

      every band you named are amazing!! And I agree, AFI and Rise Against aren't true punk

    • cambered

      Umm… are The Ramones not punk enough for you, or was that just a glaring oversight?

      And what of The Damned, Misfits/Danzig, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, The Anti-Nowhere League, Sick Of It All, Minutemen, The Replacements, Radio Birdman, The Saints?

      Glad to see you mentioned Husker Du, Dead Kennedys, New York Dolls, Buzzcocks and The Stooges… as for Green Day… sorry, but fuck Green Day.

      • michaela

        the ramones… nobody i personally know would mention them. and my dad grew up in the 70's and followed punk music, and he hates them(i think they're pretty good tho)

        "And what of The Damned, Misfits/Danzig, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, The Anti-Nowhere League, Sick Of It All, Minutemen, The Replacements, Radio Birdman, The Saints? "<<<<<<yeah i those would be in the top 50 list. there are soooooo many!!

        • cambered

          "my dad grew up in the 70's" — me too, but I love them… horses for courses, I guess.

          "there are soooooo many!!" — damn right… been a lifelong passion of mine listening to music and exploring new bands. Not sure if you have heard of Radio Birdman or The Saints before; both are early (late 70's / early 80's) Australian punk outfits who had a great influence down here. Not hardcore by any stretch of the imagination; just fucking great.

          • michaela

            ive heard of the Saints. i found one of there albums "eternally yours" at amoeba(huge record store in LA) =D haven't heard of Radio Birdman tho. ill check 'em out thnx.

          • cambered

            No worries. "Eternally Yours" is very good, but see if you can locate their first album, "(I'm) Stranded" — the title track is a classic.

            With Birdman, check out the album "Radios Appear", and in particular the singles "Aloha Steve and Danno" (their tribute to the 70's TV series Hawaii 5-0) and my fave, "New Race".


    • novacaine

      JESUS OF SUBURBIA the most exciting and longest rock song ( for me)

      • michaela

        thats 9 minutes

  • TheTruth

    Not bad

  • ajokeinabottle

    Dream theater have a lot of songs more than 10 minutes.

    • movingsignals2112

      Dream Theater made the last list.

    • A Change of Seasons bro. m//

    • vas

      no dream theater in this list
      i am disappoint

  • Stephen

    Why no "Fool's Overture" by Supertramp??!

  • flgh

    No Helloween's Keeper of the Seven Keys?

    • michael kiskie

      for real huh? the song halloweens around 13 min of pure awesomeness!! it was coo to see maiden on the list though

  • evilspwn

    love every single track on this list.
    prefer starship trooper to close to the edge. why arent there more bands like that anymore?

    • electricauntjemima7

      D00d… Mars Volta?

  • electricauntjemima7

    I posit that there are no good rock songs over ten minutes in length on the basis that anyone whose ever masturbated knows even that activity, while serving the same purpose in a social context, doesn't even take that long… if it does you should just give up, likewise for rock songs.

    • timothyjames

      How does masturbation and producing rock songs serve "the same purpose in a social context?" They both…make use of hands? They both…..get worse when someone new and unfamiliar is introduced?

      • electricauntjemima7

        Well I think you can call a 15 minute vamp by say… Cream roughly analogous to masturbation in a sexual context. JFrater has included the egregiously long live version of "Spoonful" here, which is complete garbage sitting next to the wonderful 6 minute or so album version for "Fresh Cream", which still manages to be impressive in that it showcases the (formidable) talents of all the members of the band, but it is able to do so without taking up an entire side of vinyl. By stretching out this song to 15 minutes, what are we getting that's new in an aesthetic sense? What are we getting besides an extended lesson in polyrhythmic drumming, and pentatonic scales? Ultimately, what does a 15 minute "jam session" add to that song in terms of art? Really nothing. Basically the 15 minute version is like masturbation in that its really only there to entertain the people doing it, while not being of much benefit to the audience, though, like masturbation that doesn't mean people won't want to watch. To me 15 minutes of EC paying similar sounding scales over and over and over is like watching an expert crane operator move boxes around for 15 minutes, its's impressive, and I couldn't do it, but it's boring nonetheless.

        That doesn't mean short songs are inherently good in and of themselves, but in the spirit that "brevity is the soul of wit" I think the same principle applies to rock songs. Look at Led Zeppelin's "How the West Was Won"… the 23 minute version of "Whole Lotta Love" makes a stab at listenability by being a medley of many shorter songs…

        You just can't honestly make me believe you pop in your "Wheels of Fire" CD on the way to work and flip right to the 15 minute version of "Spoonful" everyday, then put it on a playlist for your girl (or boy) friend…

        • movingsignals2112

          Even though I disagree with the initial opinion that there are no good rock songs over 10 minutes, I have to say that was very well played.

        • Nic Swaner

          Agreed, very good (albeit partly disturbing) analogy.

          But I assure you that I had a hand (pardon the pun) in choosing the videos.

    • yourbirdcansing88

      You clearly didn't know me during my adolescence, if you think masturbation should last less than ten minutes. I was an insatiable little so-and-so back then…still kind of am…

      …I mean…did I just say that out loud? *disappears*

  • It makes me so unbelievably happy to see Jane's Addiction on here :)

    • akiraronin

      I second that…

  • jajdude

    Extended guns on the list G. Can't fathom no anthem without a plethora of the diaspora


    • Vera Lynn

      Man where you been? Seems like its been a while. :-)

  • Kelso

    I recommend Terrapin Station by the Grateful Dead, at 16 1/2 minutes, and probably my favorite song.

    Even people who aren’t really into the Dead, I find often like Terrapin Station.

  • JayD

    Needs more Dream Theater.

  • Geronimo1618

    I was going to say 'Echoes' but it's obviously in the first list…scariest song I'v ever heard..

  • moldovia

    Glad to see Yes on the list because I am a great fan of 70' and 80's prog. :-)

    • Maggot

      I am a great fan of 70' and 80's prog.

      If that’s the case moldovia, what do you think about digging a little deeper for things like VDGG’s “A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers” (23:04), King Crimson’s “Lizard” (23:15), or maybe even Can’s “Halleluhwah” (18:32).

  • brock

    thumbs up if you didn`t listen to these songs

    • Brocktracker3000

      You're not Brock…

      • Vera Lynn

        You are correct. Theres not that little pic and the tall O in the middle.

  • Will Trame

    As I noted on the previous list of lengthy songs, this trend is dominant in the progressive rock genre. I believe that it was Robin Trower that opined, “Instead of putting out short polished gems, artistes were more concerned with putting out long shards of glass”. There were a lot of good entries here; I’m pleased Listverse pays heed to comment feedback. Uriah Heep’s name was misspelled; a very Spinal tap-esque move. Some more examples:

    1. “All Of the Above”, Transatlantic 30:56

    2. “The Last Human Gateway”, IQ 19:59

    3. “Salisbury”, Uriah Heep 16:22

    4. “Change Your Mind”, Neil Young 14:38

    5. “Lonesome Crow”, The Scorpions 13:31

    6. “Return of The Son of Monster Magnet”, Mothers of Invention 12:18

    7. “Dark Now My Sky”, Barclay James Harvest 12:01

    8. “The Magician’s Birthday”, Uriah Heep 10:20

    Heep’s “July Morning” was an epic piece of music featuring a majestic Hammond organ intro, impressive instrumental interplay. Manfred Mann added some fine mind-warping Moog synthesizer textures at the piece’s conclusion.

    • Nic Swaner

      Sorry about the misspelling, that's my fault, should have caught it. ;) Thanks for the suggestions, they're on my queue.

  • Will Trame

    Geronimo1618, you’re right about the fear factor in Pink Floyd’s “Echoes”. Dogs have been known to go into panic mode when the wild screaming section commences at the 10:10 mark.

  • graham

    la villa stangiato by rush?

    • oliveralbq

      over 10 minutes, dude.

      i have this cd hemispheres right here, and the run time on this tune is 9 min, 35 sec.

  • Hooray! Iron Maiden made the list!
    God, that song is amazing!
    Steve Harris is a genious!!!

  • unclejoe1917

    In honor of this list, particularly number 7:

  • OutOfBounds

    Very nice. I'm quite the fan of 60s & 70s progressive/psychedelic/hard rock. The only thing I would change, would be switching out NOFX's one with Pink Floyd's Dogs, Sheep, or Pigs (Three Different Ones). I hate to be a fan boy for one of the most popular bands ever, but they really do rock. Also Atom Heart Mother Suite, is quite the underrated gem, standing firmly at about 24 minutes. None the less, great list. I enjoy most of these bands with a passion, and I really care about my music.

    : )

  • erik

    funeral for a friend/love lies bleeding by elton john?

  • akelz7

    10: Meh don't like that band.
    9: ^
    8: ^^
    7: ^^^
    4: Don't like the song now.
    3: ^
    2: ^^
    1: OH FUCK YES.

  • oouchan

    Great list. I had to get a bigger ipod since most of the songs I like, happen to be over 10 minutes long. :)
    Good choice for number one as well.

  • Guest

    where's 'Dopesmoker' by Sleep? it's an hour long!

    • iamthejackal

      That's right!

  • ianthemagnificent

    November Rain?

  • oliveralbq

    good list man — i knew that first list would
    make for an interesting sequel.

    i think tull's other 1 song on album (a passion play)
    is a little better, but brick certianly more popular

    and cheers on the end and 3 days

    —-the end is the song that got me into the dooors

    —-as for 3 days, xiola blue was a sweet chick
    (i grew up near her) she was
    caught up in all kinds of wrong shit, which swept
    her up and took her way too soon……
    ;( and she's still missed

    nic– this one, i believe, is better than the 1st one.
    nice write-up

    • Nic Swaner

      Thanks for the words mate, all entries were suggested from the previous list with the exception of #8, so it's quite possible you suggested some of the entries. Cheers!

  • The Annoyed Elephant

    I would include "At the End of the Day" (16:28) and The Great Nothing (27:02) by Spock's Beard, both off of the album "V". The Ranch on Mars Suite by Galactic Cowboys is great – and long, too (north of 20 minutes), but it may not get counted since it's 7 separate songs that all run together and share a theme.

  • Casey

    I would anticipate a 3rd list. A lot of great music still to mention (Tool etc).

  • Chut

    Rock Music Suckss!! And today's list sucks Mr.Frater!
    People Can I get a thumbs down?

  • zeke

    Clear the battle field and let me see all the profit from our victory.

    2 lists, no Tarkus. tsk tsk. I'm liking the Yes and Tull, though. King Crimson's on the last list, so I have nothing to complain about really.

  • Keri

    What about Pink Floyd? Shine on you Crazy Diamond is over 10 minutes

  • otcconan

    At 58 minutes plus, A Pleasant Shade of Grey by Fates Warning deserves to be on a list like this. That's right, the whole ALBUM is one song.

    • Bob Loblaw

      No, it's just called a concept album.

  • G. S. Feet

    As a Southern Rocker born and bred, I must protest the absence of "Freebird" from either list. Before I am stoned with flaming bricks of comments, let me clarify. Yes, the "single" version comes in at 4:01, but no one I know of including radio stations ever plays that version. The most popular version on our hometown classic rock station WROQ is the 10:13 live version of the song which starts out with Johnny Van Zant yelling out "What song y'all wanna hear now?"

    Also notably absent for us fans of Dixie rock is The Allman Brothers Band epic "Whipping Post" that clocks in at 22:56 on the spectacular live album they recorded in July 1971.

    Just something to think about. In any event, InnaGadda has maybe the greatest drum solo ever.

    • Kaneone

      i agree on this one as well.

    • Bob Loblaw

      Also, Allman Bro's "Mountain Jam".

    • movingsignals2112

      Good catch. I didnt even think of Free Bird. Im also a Southern Rock fan myself and it would have been nice to see at least one Southern Rock band on either list.

      • Maggot

        it would have been nice to see at least one Southern Rock band on either list.

        Can you come up with a single 10+ minute southern rock song? I can’t. Closest thing I can find is the Outlaws’ Green Grass and High Tides at 9:49. Well, Dickie Betts’ High Falls by the Allman Bros (post-Duane) comes in at 14:28…so there ya go.

        • movingsignals2112

          Not counting live versions… Creedence Clearwater Revival's I Heard it Through the Grapevine (11:04). And thats it. But I would still count the live version of Whipping Post because in my opinion it surpasses the original studio version. But I do see your point.

    • Maggot

      The Allman Brothers Band epic "Whipping Post" that clocks in at 22:56 on the spectacular live album they recorded in July 1971.

      I disagreed with this line of thinking in the first list, and I’ll do it here too – IMO extended live versions of shorter songs shouldn’t count on this type of list. As great as this live recording by the Allman Bros is, a 5 minute song with 20 minutes of improvisational (albeit kick-ass) jamming inserted into the middle does not make it a different song. It is still a five minute song. Likewise, Freebird, as written, is 9 minutes. And as electricauntjemima mentioned in an earlier post – Cream’s studio cover of Willie Dixon’s Spoonful is only 6 minutes, and I’ll add that the original Howlin’ Wolf recording is just under 3 minutes.

      the 10:13 live version of the song which starts out with Johnny Van Zant yelling out "What song y'all wanna hear now?"


  • I am extremely dissapointed at the absence of "Do You Feel Like We Do?" by Peter Frampton. Whenever you say "Rock song longer than ten minutes", I immediately think of Do You Feel Like We Do. Here is a link to the song:

    • electricauntjemima7

      Peter Frampton's hair ruins any music he's ever made…

  • Kaneone

    ok first, im an avid listverse fan. 2nd, this is my first comment on any list and for good reason. i know these lists are simply "your" opinion, but you cant have a list like this without naming any of the many from Type O Negative, the song Black No 1 in specific, not only did it get huge MTV play in 1993, lead their album to become the first Platnium for Roadrunner records. Their Lead singer/Bassit just passed this year as well. Peter Steele… RIP.

  • Toni

    If you ever decide to do a list of long R&B songs, I'm sure Isaac Hayes will occupy several entries for Walk On By (12:00) and By The Time I Get To Phoenix (18:40),

  • Bob Loblaw

    I could only give this one thumbs down…

  • Awesome.Sauce

    you missed Opeth – Blackrose Immortal :))

  • movingsignals2112

    Im glad Yes made this list. I was a little suprised when they didnt make the cut on the first list. Overall a good list.

  • XJapan

  • Nick

    David Bowie: Station to Station. 'nuff said.

  • fendabenda

    Mountain: "Nantucket Sleighride", 17 minute live version from the album "The Road Goes Ever On".

  • PewPew

    The band DreamTheater has a song which is 42 mins long.

    • 24, sorry. You're thinking of Octavarium. And possibly dyslexic.

  • movingsignals2112

    Can I ask why there seems to be so many Prog rock haters? Whats wrong with Prog Rock. I like many genres of music but Prog is one of my favorites. I can see why people would not LIKE it. But why hate on it? For example I don't like R&B, but I repect it and its influence on music. __All Im saying is I think Progressive Rock should get a tad more respect. Its a genre that takes risks and thinks outside the box. And MOST Prog rock band have a completely unique sound even compared to other Prog Rock bands. When you hear a Pink Floyd song you know its Pink Floyd, and the same can be said with most bands within the genre.__I agree that Prog Rock is very "hit or miss" so to speak, but that comes with the territory of trying anything new and innovative.

  • Will Trame

    Graham, Rush’s “La Villa Strangiato” clocks in at 9:36.

    GS Fear, as previously noted above, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” clocks in at 9:08.

    Both are great songs but they don’t fit the criteria of the list.

  • Will Trame

    Maggot, I liked the Van Der Graaf Generator reference. I happen to own the “Pawn Hearts” album, which consisted of 3 lengthy pieces all over the ten minute mark. Other prog pieces that are rather arcane are Caravan’s “Nine Feet Underground” (22:42) (which I mentioned on the previous list), Camel’s “Ice” (10:10) and the four tracks that make up the Soft Machine’s “Third”.

    • Maggot

      Good calls, Will. Liked Camel in particular. There is also the Genesis masterpiece Supper’s Ready, clocking in at 22:58, and to a lesser degree Kansas’ Song for America at 10:03. But maybe those are not so arcane.

  • twoworlds

    Because anyone who corrects mistakes on the internet are faggots

  • Laz0

    No Parabola either (10k days in my opinion isn't nearly as good as Lateralus or Ænima.)

  • shaymm09

    MGMT -Siberian Breaks. Love this song youtube it, its amazing

  • Jimbo

    I feel that live rock songs that break the 10 minute marker are more appealing than studio albums. Grateful Dead, Phish and Allman Brothers (I know I'm a hippy) have some of the greatest long live songs ever played. They can all take you to another level and have you fall into a dreamy state of mind, you get lost in their music.

    • cambered

      Yeah man… love those bands you mention… "The Divided Sky" by Phish is a great (long) tune.

  • Kirbytheawesome

    I hate songs like this.

    Sooooo boring.

  • krypto092108

    Inna Gadda Da Vida is a CLASSIC Psychedelic rock song from a CLASSIC Psychedelic Rock band… The only band more Psychedelically classic than them is Jefferson Airplane!

  • Austin

    Freeee Birdddddd

  • Anon

    Where the [email protected]#$ is Br0ck today, his comment was the only good thing I expected off this list!

  • Who doesn't love In a Gadda Da Vida???? What is wrong with you people!

  • Dom

    I'm surprised that Telegraph Road by Dire Straits has hardly mentioned a mention in the comments of either list.

    • Dom

      earned rather than mentioned

  • PakooMakoo

    FREEBIRD!!! Actually, it's only around 9 minutes — I just wanted to yell FREEBIRD!! like a dork. Feel free to join me! You know you want to :)

  • blake honda

    i know i'm going to get thumbs down on this but there should be a list of 10 Electronica songs that are longer than 10 minutes long or 10 DJ Mixes that are longer than 10 minutes.

    • stockyzeus

      sorry, listverse is for mature people only. we dont like your hipster music.

  • Julia

    Oh Comely isn't a rock song and is less than 10 minutes. So, why exactly does it NEED to be on here?

  • Frank

    The band Gypsy – Dead and Gone @ 10:58 and As Far As You Can See (As Much As You Can Feel) comes in at 12:13.

  • redshift53

    Happening to me too, must be a glitch.

    • Kiwi

      It's not just this list either, all of them have disappeared.
      Glad to hear it's not just me, thought my internet was screwed up for a minute.

  • Name


  • hunter

    "From the Cradle to the Grave" – Subhumans

    One of the best punk rock songs of all time. IMO, one of the best songs of all time.

  • BTBAM!!

    The entire "Colors" album by "Between The Buried And Me" is technically one song. That was their setlist played straight through with no breaks until their next album "The Great Misdirect" which is now the setlist instead. Both albums are over an hour long! The most talented group of musicians ever!

  • Boredom

    More like 10 more rock songs i cant be F***** listening to.

  • DonkeyJohnMon

    Ants of the Sky by Between the Buried and Me; likely one of the greatest songs I've ever heard in my life.

  • Katie

    What about Green Day's Jesus of Suburbia?

    • michaela

      thats 9 minutes! your the second person ive corrected.

  • cambered

    I love your list, Nic. On a purely personal (read: entirely selfish) basis, I would have loved to have seen some Porcupine Tree on here… notably "Anesthetize"… that tune is an absolute cracker. I would have even settled for some Phish.

    Having said that, I have been a long standing fan of bands like Yes, Jethro, Cream and Jane's Addiction… so, well done.

  • chrom3d

    XJAPAN will get my vote fore this list with their heavy metal super ballad progresisive songs!!

  • Calvin Coolidge

    Since rock is pretty a broad genre, how about Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands by Bob Dylan? Technically folk-rock, and fits the criteria more than Dylan's other 10 minute+ track of the era, Desolation Row. Also, a great song which closes a landmark album. And that's my suggestion, feel free to down your thumbs in my direction (but probably don't, because I'm sensitive).

    • yourbirdcansing88

      Nonsense! Anyone who would give a thumbs down to such a wonderful suggestion should hang his/her head in shame. Those are two fantastic songs! There are at least two other songs by Dylan that are over 10 minutes long: "Highlands" (which I think is about 16 minutes long) and "Joey" (although to be honest, the less said about that song, the better).

  • yourbirdcansing88

    Heck yes! "Thick as a Brick" FTW! Also, these may be more in the folk department rather than rock, but may I suggest "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" by Arlo Guthrie (18:30) and "Foreigner Suite" by Cat Stevens (18:17)? Also, for something just barely over ten minutes, but rockin' as heck, I suggest any live version of "I'm Going Home" by Ten Years After, but especially the version played at Woodstock (okay, so technically, according to the track of that version on my iPod, it's only nine and a half minutes long. Still, it's worth a listen).

  • Randallphobia

    My parents talk about seeing Tull in the 70s. They played for almost an hour before pausing. Lead singer Ian Anderson then smiled at the crowd & said, "And now for our 2nd number!"

    • ShoresLady

      'Aqualung' live at Detroit's Cobo Hall was fantastic!

  • muscarius

    this list is insulting. Pink Floyd made so many songs longer tha 10 minutes that this whole list could be made only using theirs songs.

    • Maggot

      Excluding Echoes because it was on the first list, name ten other Pink Floyd studio tracks longer than 10 minutes that could make up this list.

      • Kiwi

        Unfortunately for muscarius, if you exclude Echoes Pink Floyd has only nine songs over ten minutes: Shine on you crazy diamond, Dogs, Pigs, Sheep, a saucerful of secrets, sysyphus, atom heart mother, and Interstellar Overdrive. I do have to point out though, that if you drop it to nine minutes they have 18 songs.
        Some of them (most of them) don't deserve to make the list, but their should have been at least one. Glad to see Cream here though!

  • OrganHatch

    What about Tool's Wings for Marie. Part 1 comes in at 6:11 with Wings Part 2 coming in at 11:13. A hauntingly beautiful track about his mothers long battle with cancer.

  • dustan

    How about Starla by Smashing Pumpkins? A much better group than Janes Addiction.

  • calculating infinity

    wow i just read through the posts and am surprised incredible modern bands like BTBAM and Opeth are mentioned. people actually recognizing outstanding acts of today, not just daddy rock followers who think everything old got to be golden. by the way, kudos to another one comment which mentioned an American Icon like Dream Theater. a technical and compositional visionary of a band.

    • cambered

      Dream Theater made the original list… "Octavarium" to be precise… an outstanding piece of music from an amazing outfit… (and that's coming from a so-called "daddy rocker").

      You could also include bands like The Mars Volta and Porcupine Tree on a list of incredible modern bands.

  • toratoratora1942

    NOFX, Iron Maiden, and Yes but no Pink Floyd? What about Shine on You Crazy Diamond?

  • stockyzeus

    neither of them are over 10 minutes. read the title or pay attention to the songs you listen.

  • doob

    all by Sonic Youth: Andre Sider af Sonic Youth – 57:32/J’Accuse Ted Hughes – 22:53/Agnès B Musique – 18:15/Fire Engine Dream– 10:22/The Diamond Sea – 25:48/Heady Jam #1 – 24:16/Heady Jam #2 – 14:13/Heady Jam #3 – 27:02/Karen Revisited – 11:10/Hits of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg) – 11:05/Invito Al ?ielo – 20:54/Radio-Amatoroj – 29:21/Slaapkamers met slagroom – 17:39

    all by Pink Floyd: A Saucerful of Secrets – 11:521/Atom Heart Mother – 23:44/Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast – 13:00/Echoes – 23:29/Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I–V) – 13:38/Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI–IX) – 12:29/Dogs – 17:03/Pigs – 11:25/Sheep – 10:25

    all by Can: Yoo Doo Right – 20:27/Mother Sky – 14:31/Halleluhwah – 18:32/Aumgn – 17:37/Peking O – 11:38/Soup – /10:25/Bel Air – 20:00/Chain Reaction – 11:09/Unfinished – 13:21/Flow Motion – 10:23/Animal Waves – 15:29

    • iamthejackal

      CAN, man…!

  • eli

    Billy the mountain by frank zappa and the mothers of invention, only recorded live on the "just another band from LA" album it's almost 25 minutes long.

  • Jimbo

    Buckethead is pretty awesome. I did once see him at Wakarusa music fest like 5 years ago and he played twice that weekend. I went and saw him play his first show and it was killer, so I went the next day. Sorry to say it but he played the exact same set note for note even down to when the drummer timed his trowing of his sticks into the audience, that was pretty lame. I mean who plays the exact same set at a festival twice? It made me wonder if he can improv at all or if he plays the same set everywhere and doesn't feel comfortable swaying away from it.

  • cambered

    I love Kraftwerk, and that track is brilliant… but to be picky, they are not exactly a rock outfit.

  • iamthejackal

    Glad to see Sleep & Kraftwerk on the same list!

  • Jillian

    Should make more lists on this particular subject and add Coma by Guns n Roses, great song =P

  • Will Trame

    I see a third list coming on this matter. More lengthy pieces:

    “Telegraph Road”, Dire Straits 14:15

    “Low Spark of High Heeled Boys”, Traffic 11:37

    “Seven-Ate Sweet”, Kaleidoscope 11:31

    “In My Time of Dying”, Led Zeppelin 11:08

    “Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding”, Elton John 11:06

    “The Musical Box”, Genesis 10:26

    “Station To Station”, David Bowie 10:10

    “Budapest”, Jethro Tull 10:05

    And, from the jazz-rock fusion field:

    “Bitches Brew”, Miles Davis 26:58

    “As Falls Wichita So Falls Wichita Falls”, Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays 20:46

    “Valentyne Suite”, Colosseum 17:14

  • ShoresLady

    You whippersnappers cnn't imagine how exciting and revolutionary it was for us to hear "Inna-gadda-da-vita' played on our local FM underground radio stations, it was like tearing down the Bastille with bass guitars as our weapon of choice.
    And a summer night;s dance sponsored by the Lions Club turned into mayhem with the pulsating sound of those first notes. You really missed something wild and groovy, and I mean it,

  • David

    sufjan stevens = impossible soul
    25 minutes long, and pretty much perfect

  • Krauzer_the2nd

    Subjective list as most progressive songs are very long, Transatlantic's "The Whirlwind" lasts a little over an hour and 16 minutes.. give or take, also metal songs like Green Carnation's "Light of Day, Day of Darkness" clocks out at the hour mark, and Edge of Sanity's "Crimson" ends at 40 minutes.. so yeah.. there are a lot of long songs XD

  • karma coma

    Ok, what about Frank Zappa? The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet, from the 1966 Freak Out!, 12:15. Packard Goose, from Joe's Garage, 11:30.

  • Tool – Third eye

  • Gavin

    Great list Iron Butterfly is one of my all time best !!

  • spearchuckler

    East-West by Paul Butterfield Blues Band
    Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac

  • grinningdog

    2112 by Rush should be getting some love. It's a great song!

  • Jews

    What about Elegy by Becoming The Archetype? Love that song.

  • Sigur Ros – Untitled #8 (The pop song)

  • Rei

    The Poet and the Pendulum by Nightwish is 13 minutes long :p

  • Will Trame

    I almost forgot about Paul Butterfield’s “East West”, which clocked in at 13:10. I also like Camel’s “Lady Fantasy”, which I mentioned on the first list, that closes the “Mirage” album at 12:43. The two album-length Jethro Tull discs (“Thick As A Brick” and “A Passion Play”) were weird pieces of music that displayed a wry sense of humor and at times impenetrable lyrics; I admire artists that are willing to experiment. I think they both took critical pastings from critics. Interestingly, these were the only two Tull albums to top the American LP chart.

  • Edu

    Light of Day, Day of Darkness by Green Carnation. You'll be surprised. : )

  • kevin

    I recall being at the Old Boston Garden watch Jethro Tull perform in 1972 and yes, Ian Anderson did say that line about "now for our second song". Awesome.

  • Repack Rider

    Sons of Champlin 15 minute 1968 anthem "Freedom," side 4 of the double album "Loosen Up Naturally."

  • Mabel

    Some of these I know and some I don't, so I'm looking forward to getting home where I can actually listen. No speakers here at the work desk. :P

  • Dan

    Desolation Row – Bob Dylan. You missed the best one.

  • Vince

    Anyone mentioned “Telegraph Road” by Dire Straits (14:23)?

  • imemine


    what about ”unsuccesfully coping with the natural beauty of infedelity”by type o negative?also tool and the mars volta has a lot of great long songs.

  • Nhadz

    Out of this world – The Cure (from Bloodflowers album)…I think it’s 12 mins and a few seconds…

  • Randallphobia

    My parents went to a Jethro Tull concert in the 70s, & have always told me the exact story above. They said that the band played for over a 1/2 hour before stopping. Ian Anderson, the lead singer/floutist, then smiled at the audience & said, “And now for our second number.”

    Tull is still great live. It’s like watching a show that’s 1/2 stand-up comedy & 1/2 classic rock master work.

  • Flake

    Dante’s Inferno-Iced Earth couldve been on this list. Heavily underrated and extraordinarily written song it is. Maybe a dream theater song coulve been fit onto here as well. Rime of the ancient mariner & iron butterfly are overrated but still has its impact, no doubt. good list though :D

  • GENESIS : “THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY” A two album set about a misfit named “Rael” Its different songs through out, but its one story much like Wagner’s “Ring Of The Nibelung” which is four different operas but its still one story at a whopping 17 1/2 hours long !!!

    • That to me is Genesis’ masterpiece by far and only Peter Gabriel could have come up with it. “In The Cage” has to be one of the most dramatic songs ever written for popular music. I certainly commend you on that and my hat is off to you !!!

  • “Suppers Ready” by Genesis (24:00 minutes), “Karn Evil 9” by Emerson Lake and Palmer (35:00 minutes), “Dogs” by Pink Floyd (22:00 minutes), “Billy The Mountain” by Frank Zappa (20 + minutes), “In The Dead Of Night / By The Light Of Day” by U.K. (14:00 minutes)

  • bodkinvanhorn

    why did I even think for a second Sleep’s Dopesmoker (73:07) would be on this list? one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated metal masterpieces ever conceived.

  • Scarlette

    did anyone ever listen to 2112 by rush?

  • petet2112

    @ Scarlette, Sure I have heard it and I can give you a list of more SONGS by Rush that hit the 10:00 + barrier : 1), “By-Tor And The Snow Dog (The live version from “All The World A Stage”, 2). “Xanadu”, 3).”Cygnus X-1″, 4). “Cygnus X-1, Part Two” on the “Hemispheres” Album 5). “The Necromancer” from their “Caress of Steel” Album, 6). “The Fountain of Lamneth”, also on their Caress Of Steel” Album, 7). “The Camera Eye” from their “Moving Pictures” album. 8). “Working Man” / “Finding my way” / Drum solo medley at the end of “All The Worlds A Stage” Album

  • wolf

    i would have put in my time of dying, by zeppelin

  • neil1953

    “Supper’s Ready” by Genesis from their second live LP “Seconds Out” in 1977. Length : 24:30