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10 Mysteries With A Logical Explanation

We all love mysteries – as the number of comments on our mystery lists shows, and while it is always fun to read about new and exciting mysteries whilst trying to figure out a solution to them, it is also fun to hear about mysteries that are not mysteries any longer, or to hear potential rational explanations about them. This list looks at 10 well known mysteries, and attempts to explain them.


Mars Face

Screen Shot 2011-04-19 At 1.45.54 Pm

The Cydonian region on Mars attracted a great deal of attention because one of the hills in that region looked remarkably man made. The region was first imaged in detail by the Viking 1 orbiter, which was launched in 1975. Several images were taken by the Viking, including one taken in 1976 showing that one of the Cydonian mesas had the appearance of face. Scientists dismissed the face as a trick of light and shadow, but then a second image also showed the face at a different sun-angle. This caught the attention of organizations interested in extraterrestrial intelligence, and some talk show hosts who believed the Face was a long-lost Martian civilization. Most scientists still held the belief that the face was just a consequence of viewing conditions. In 2003, when the European space agency launched Mars Express, it was able to combine data from a high resolution stereo camera and create a 3D representation of the “Face on Mars”. The most recent image (bottom) I think would silence even the most faithful believers. The image shows a remnant massif, thought to have formed from landslides and an early form of debris apron formation, but no face in sight.


Ica Stones

Ica Stone Lg

The Ica Stones are stones which were discovered in a cave in Peru. The cave was never identified. The Stones have engravings on them such as Aztec men fighting dinosaurs, extinct fish, open heart surgery and other things that show an advanced civilization. A farmer was arrested for selling these stones to tourists, when he admitted to making them himself. To get that ancient look, he says he left the stones in his chicken coop, and let the chickens do the rest. Others have also made and sold Ica Stones. There is no evidence of a civilization in that area, no ruins, bones or anything.


Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste As Amazon In 1861-1

The Mary Celeste was a ship discovered floating in the sea minus its crew. Stories range from finding meals, still hot and ready to eat, to the ship being found abandoned but with no personal items taken, with strange circular burns on the deck – indicating alien abduction. The truth is much more boring. The ship that discovered the May Celeste saw signs that the crew had left in a hurry. The also noted the ship was making strange noises. The captain probably thought his ship was sinking, so he left with the crew.


Bermuda Triangle

Geuu 02 Img0437

The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area in the Atlantic ocean where a large amount of ships and planes have crashed, or disappeared, without a trace. However, many of the ships and planes that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle were not actually in the Bermuda Triangle. Also, the amount of disappearances and crashes are not unusual for an area that size. The story of the Bermuda Triangle has developed due to media hysteria and authors wanting to be published.


Mayan Long Count Calendar

Mayan Calendar1

The only mysterious thing here is the Mayans themselves, and how did they come up with the calendar. The calendar looks like this ,, though this isn’t todays date. The end number counts up one day, when it reaches a certain number it will reset to zero and the number next to it will count up one. It ends on the year 2012, so people predict the world will end too. The world isn’t going to end. Think of the Mayan calendar as a odometer, when the numbers reach zero, they will start counting up from one again. No mystery.


Loch Ness Monster


The monster of Loch Ness, allegedly a plesiosaur which is all that is left of the dinosaur period. There have been sonar’s which have seen ‘something’, photographs etc. to support the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. What there hasn’t been, is a lot of common sense. The Loch Ness monster story has been around for more then 1500 years. That is one very old monster. Of course, it could have bred, but that would mean a family of monsters. How come with that many monsters there is no definite proof? A clear photograph that can’t be argued with? A carcass? But there is nothing except a lot of tourism.




Bigfoot is a prehistoric ape like animal. It is tall, hairy and has big feet. As with the Loch Ness Monster, there are only (hard to see) photographs and questionable footprints to prove its existence. Just like the Loch Ness Monster, there is no actual proof of the existence of Bigfoot. No scat, no bones, no artifacts. Nothing, except a lot of sightings. Ultimately, he is probably a figment of a few wild imaginations.


Shroud of Turin


The Shroud of Turin is supposedly the cloth that was used to wrap Jesus after his death. The face of Jesus was miraculously imposed onto the cloth. Some blood, type AB was found on the cloth. Firstly, the AB type blood was found on the tape that was used to lift fibrils on the shroud and not on the shroud itself. Secondly, it could be anyone’s blood, from anyone who ever handled the shroud. Lastly, dried old blood is black and the stains on the shroud are red. One theory is that a male model was painted and wrapped in the shroud to create the figure of Christ. Vermillion paint was splashed on the models wrists, feet and body to create the blood. Analyzing the shroud has shown 2 common paint pigments used in the 14th century.




Astrology is the practice of examining the stars to tell us about our future. People born at a certain time of month have certain star signs, for example, Leo, born in July/August. Where some daily star signs might be accurate, this is coincidence. There isn’t any way a lot of old, probably dead stars can tell us about the future. Daily Star Signs are kept vague enough that they could apply to anything. For example, “You will meet someone new today”, we meet some one new every day, at the shop, the bus driver, in any day you will meet some one new.


Incorruptible Corpse


Incorruptible Corpses are corpses that have been ‘preserved without embalming or any other artificial means’. The most famous is St. Bernadette Soubirous (above), who died in 1879. Her face and hands are made out of wax. The wax was added because her face was emaciated when she was first dug up. Other incorruptible corpses give off a sweet odor, similar to embalming fluid. Others still are due to how they were buried, in alkaline soil, with a lack of oxygen and bacteria and worms.

  • Renard B.


    • TomBaker

      Loch Ness was a solid block of ice during the Ice Age 15.000 years ago. How could a dinosaur have survived?

  • Triptastic


  • The face on mars is pretty cool

    • MagnusCreel

      Yes it is quite cool. The Martian surface temperature rarely rises above freezing.

  • cool


  • I feel like the order should be reversed with the things that have facts to disarm them at the higher spots (closer to one) and the things that are simply suspect when thought of with some common sense (Loch Ness, Big Foot) at the end. Other than that though, nice list. A little more information would have also been nice, specifically on the Shroud of Turin. I had never heard that common paints had been found on the Shroud itself.

    • Michaelkon13

      ^ what an annoying troll!

      Cool list

    • Auburn Tiger

      My thoughts exactly. I thought it was sort of silly for Bigfoot and Nessie to be so high up because the counter argument was basically “Seriously? C’mon you don’t really believe in that.” Which no, I don’t, but I’d rather see something fact based at the top. I’d like a more complete explanation of the shroud. Also, at the risk of sounding like a moron, is it bad that I’m not sure how the mars face photo is conclusive?

    • Dan R

      Theres no proof to debunk most of these things on this list. shame on the author. this list was awful.

      • M. Hari D.

        I can only say that the arguments were quite weak, so I partially agree. But, especially for the case of Loch Ness and Big Foot (and their aliases), there is no proof to prove their existence anyway.

        • Halim

          loch ness and big foot are confirmed fakes. they are both staged by their respective authors (photo takers). the story was featured in national geographic magazine.

      • Correct. Making the Incorruptibles number 1? Did author really know about science?

    • larry

      Yes, the Shroud is not a mystery! Everyone know it’s a cloth in which Christ was wrapped, I don’t see nothing mysterious about it.

  • awesome subject and cool entries but more detail!

    • Go to, in the “Strange News” section and you’ll find most of the debunking for these entries. As for the baktun calendar, Universe Today has one of its articles explaining it very well. There is someone in Yahoo! Answers (Astronomy and Space section, though most would call it already call it lame to believe the outrageous 2012 hoax) section who explained it very well but I cannot find it in my 4,000+ mails…That would make it a lot easier for the search.

  • jer-bear

    Someone has a closed mind!

    • tassie devil

      Enter your comment here.

    • tassie devil

      Some people have such an open mind that their brains have fallen out! Scepticism is the foundation of the scientific method and the key to new knowledge. I would also think that not wanting to analyze mysteries in a logical manner is in itself a sign of a closed mind.

      • Davo

        jer-bear has mixed up close mindedness with not being gullible

      • but skepticism itself is not scientific proof which is how this author wrote in his article. “I have my skeptic belief and thats what these are without providing any proof that backs up his claims that all are fake” for instance when he does provide word of proof its so vague that it makes it impossible to find his sources. I know science has been bastardized the past 20 years but I dont see any science being referred to here only 1 mans skepticism

  • bestever2682

    Finally!!!! someone who doesnt buy into the whole 2012 thing!!!!

    • If he is the first person you’ve seen dispute the 2012 thing, I suggest you find a new group of people to hang out with. It must get crowded under that rock.

      • BURN!!!

      • 6twistedbiscuits

        I’m a she :)

        • My mistake. I meant no offense :)

        • Maggot

          Wow, my first thought upon seeing a list from 6twistedbiscuits is that this must have been submitted quite some time ago. Like, over a year ago. But then, here you are posting today! Good to see you 6tb. Hope you are doing well these days.

          • 6twistedbiscuits

            It was submitted over a year ago, I was in chemo when writing it so it’s not nearly as well written or as detailed as I would write it now I can thik clearly

          • chuchoponce

            thats not the mayan calendar.its the aztec one :D

  • Turinista

    For the Shroud of Turin, I heard that the imprint was made by some type of radiation. They had a show about it on the history channel I think. I never heard anything about dyes or pigments. More info about these would have been good.

    • zachary

      I heard the shroud was edited once in france in the 1700s becuase the French thought it was old and ugly, they fixed the edges, and added dye.

      Also this list is dwindling of many facts that makes this less slanted.

      especially on #3,#4,#5,#6,#7, not that I believe in any of them.

    • Rob

      There was a documentary to try and find out who made the shroud of Turin. Scientist now believe it is a fake created by none other that the Great Leonardo Davinci. The believe it is the worlds very first photograph. The head image is crafted out of clay and the body is the image of a real body, as Davinci was able to get his hands on corpses to study for medical purposes.

  • dubmatrix

    A little more research and detail might have made this list more credible. Interesting, but lacking of any evidence to disprove any of them. At least in my opinion.

    • WORD! 8)

      • dubmatrix

        Not that this list has no merit, it just doesn’t have any backings. It’s like the Masons wrote this with the attempt that small facts would sway everyone to believing they’re b.s.

        • HJRO

          granted this list has a lack of information but perhaps it was kept that way so that the readers could actually do the research and find out themselves, you know it’s not that hard to open a book or search the internet for information.

          • Most of us are just too lazy. That why we love links and a lot of info

          • asojax

            nothing wrong with being vague especially with a list, but he should be willing to at least cite references, especially if your going state “Firstly, the AB type blood was found on the tape that was used to lift fibrils on the shroud and not on the shroud itself. ”

            Any writer knows they need to add footnotes or endnotes to give credit to where they got there information from, otherwise it’s just made up information that doesn’t help the reason for the list.

          • Beej

            Just what i was thinking

          • Boatman

            The name of the list is “Mysteries and their logical explanation. Many entries have no explanation given, logical or otherwise, so the list fails to provide what it said it would. If there were an explanation given, that explanation could be researched further by the reader if they so chose.

    • Nils


      The idea is interesting, but without any references, quotes, sources or any kind of developped reasonning, it’s quite lacking in credibility or the “oh my, I’ve learned something today” feeling that you get from the good lists.

    • Arsnl

      Uhm this is not exactly how things work, scientifically at least. You dont say this exists. Prove me wrong. If you cant then this thing exists.

      No. If you think something exists you first go out and prove it. For some of these things (bigfoot, loch ness monster) a simple no proof(bones, dead bodies) has been given. That would be enough for me.

      • rich

        not even scientifically, this rule applies to the entire world. I could claim that i am a magical unicorn that possessed the body of a human. of course no one would believe me but no one would be able to disprove it especially if i claimed that i had access to the bodies memories. On the flip side i would have no evidence to prove the statement (because it is not true). The idea that you can prove a negative is absurd. What is even more absurd is the idea that you don’t need evidence to back up your claims.

        • fudrick

          That rules most certainly does not apply to the whole world, just look at how many people believe in god.

          • That depends on wether one has a good reason to believe in god. If one presents good evidence to believe in god than the notion is not ridulous but credible (i personally believe in god). However most people do not have good reasons so they are ignorant. However throwing out the notion of god is just as ignorant since there are a plethora of good arguments for the “being” out there.

          • NakedChristian

            Aw you dun it now douche… YOU DUN GOOFED

          • Jono

            @Rich. Yes, good ‘arguments’. But no proof.

    • JoeBLACK


      • Proof is mathamatical if you want one pertaining to math look up omega point by Frank Tipler. Though i dont follow his theory it is very compelling and requires alot of math (he is a physicst). There are other “scientific theories” out there like the Big Wow
        theory which is being worked on by a lupe quantum gravity physicist. However i will not claim there is proof of god just very strong evidence.

  • Why suck the fun out of all those theories?

    • Because it makes the inexplicable ones that much more mysterious!

      • dubmatrix

        If there was any validation to them it would suck the fun out. Not to offened the author but it definitely was a half added writin article with minimal facts or backings.

  • fraterhater

    Let the Opinions fly!

    I reckon a good list is one that is interesting, unique and also encourages discussion. And this list does just that.

  • Wallace

    Out of all the mysterious top 10 you do you are a fucking retard to post this I use to like this site but you just proved that you a fake keep reading wiki dude

    • Jim

      Wallace, your a cock.

      • AfriendOfWallace

        What the… ? dude! lol

        • AnEnemyOfWallace

          Well, Wallace did leave a silly comment.

          • AfriendOfWallaceTheThird

            a silly comment, is calling someone a “cock”. Never mind, you’re right

  • Armin Tamzarian

    Good list, although a bit more detail on most entries would be nice.

    The funny thing about astrology is that people are able to find something that fits a prediction, be it literally or symbolically, even if none is rationally present.

    Also, it is funny how many religious ‘mysteries’, from all religions, can be explained by a bit of science and rational thinking.

  • Will Trame

    Excellent list. Even before beginning to read it, I knew that the Mary Celeste, the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot would appear on it. I’ve actually heard about the logical explanation for the Celeste mystery quite a few times. When you look at the big picture in the long run, logical explanations can be boring and people are more fascinated and enrapt by the absurdly fantastic theories behind weird events.

  • andrewtpepper

    I’ve seen most of these “mysteries” before; the “Mary Celeste” story was largely invented by Arthur Conan-Doyle – author of the Sherlock Holmes stories – he even renamed the ship to Marie Celeste.

    I remember a naturalist asking the question of the Loch Ness monster; “What would they eat?” There, apparently, isn’t much to live on in the Loch.

    Bearing in mind all the unlikely theories associated with the Turin shroud (miracle, a very early photographic camera etc) back in the 1980s a TV programme did, what in retrospect, the obvious – they asked a fine artist to try and produce a shroud with a face on it. She did an excellent job and said that it was intuitive to produce a photographic negative if you imagine a shroud around a body. The other thing about the shroud is only the face is detailed; the body isn’t that well painted.

    I love mysteries, but have got used to hearing the mundane explanations.

    I think the “The most recent image (bottom) I think would silence even the most faithful believers.” sentence shows great optimism!

    • ben

      Any link to that program? Discovery verified that the shroud most likely wasn’t painted.

    • Freddie

      U may have inadvertently answered the question about why there arent more monsters in lochie is breeding, they eat their young to survive! They breed and the strongest of them eats the others.

      • So why hasent the lochness monster died of age. Believe me any species that kills it’s young is an evolutionary disaster that would be able to survive for a hundred years max.

  • Ben

    Great list, my one gripe is that it isn’t anywhere near as long as it could be, you could have listed sources and gone into much greater detail without making the list long and boring :)

  • p1t1o

    WHAT! Astrology is meaningless?? NO. WAY.

    Most of these things have been on lists before, not my fave list.

  • thelotuseater

    I’m sorry, but this is probably the worst list i’ve ever seen on this site. Where’s the mysteries? Where’s the logical explanations? No detail, no grammar.
    I’m certain all these entries have been on other lists, including better explanations and more detail.
    The conclusion of the Loch Ness Monster ‘not existing’ isn’t really a massive revelation, especially to anyone with a brain cell.

    • JoeBLACK

      Agreed. One of the very worst list ever made by man since the inception of lists.

  • Rossco

    What’s with the spelling errors in an otherwise great list?

    • Amber

      Not just the spelling errors but twice in the same list item I read “amount” instead of “number”. I’m not a grammar Nazi but come on, people, can we please try not to allow our beautiful language to fall down the shitter?

  • The Mick

    Im sorry but i disagree with the Mars face.
    having researched this for many years, with pictures of the original Viking probe, i cannot believe that the picture that NASA showed us recently is a real photo at all ! It even looks digitized. And why is it that it took NASA 8 years to release this photo? And why is it different again to a photo NASA released in 1999???

    There is too much behind this story to put in writing here, so i wont bore you.
    As for everything else on this list, it sounds pretty much legit.

    • thorlite

      Maybe you could provide links to your claims, so that we could read for ourselves. I suspect that it will lead to the same deluded websites that are usually full of this sort of B/S.

      I spent a few years looking into ‘the unexplained’ and there are never any new stories…. only those left over from Victorian parlour rooms and pre history.

      Live in the real world The Mick, it’s a lot more interesting..

      • JoeBLACK

        There’s no harm in believing in those stuff. Unless you’re into Scientology.. (that was a joke btw, the part about Scientology)

      • The Mick

        i do live in the real world, thorlite, having a stab at me for what i have determined for myself to be real only proves to me that YOU have no basis for your claims .
        You have already stated your prejudice and bias in stating that ít will lead to deluded websites’.
        you are like a lawyer that tries to discredit the defendant and not actually take the fact of the matter into consideration. you do this because YOU KNOW YOU WILL LOSE any logical argument because you are WRONG!.
        the ‘real’world is indeed very interesting, thorlite, perhaps you can go on a voyage of discovery and start with a place called a LIBRARY !!

    • Freddie

      I agree with u Mick. Even the close up picture still looks lik a face to me. There are gorges for eyes and a pointy hill for a nose, how does it not look like a face?

    • The Mick

      for those of you who would like to know more, i will point you to a great starting point. Richard C. Hoagland worked for NASA as a consultant. He also helped create the interstellar message on Pioneer 10.

      He isn’t the one that discovered the Face On Mars, however, he did find startling correlations and other anomalies in the Cydonia region.

      ok, so you want to read one of his books? this is the one i recommend you start your journey with,:

      can’t be bothered reading (LOL), then watch this presentation given at the United Nations building.

      its one of 11 videos (one full video cut into 11 segments for easier YouTube viewing):

  • ConVixen

    All I got to say is with the direction the world is taking if the Mayan so-called doomsday calender date did come to life. Well, I sure wouldn’t complain. :\

  • Alex

    4 and 5 don’t really explain it, just dismiss it. 2 explains horoscopes but not astrology

    • copperdragon

      Horoscopes are derived from astrology. Both are easily debunked.

      1) Scientific tests have been done on twins, who by definition have the same birthday/date/time, therefore, same horoscope (even detailed natal horoscopes). Yet they have different personalities and different daily events.

      2) Tests were done on large groups where everyone was given a horoscope based on their birthday, and they were told to indicate which parts were true for them. Most subjects indicated the horoscope matched their “sign”. The debunk? All the horoscopes were the same.

      • D

        omg, why do people keep talking about astrology when they know, please forgive me, NOTHING about it?
        1. No, twins do NOT have the same birth time. Even a 15 minute difference indicates, for example, that major events in their life will occur with about 3-4 year gap.

        2. lol? what horoscope were they given? a generic text saying “you are such a nice person, but can be very mean if you are really upset”? oh really?:D
        try a proper, detailed, no nonsense horoscope which is 30 pages long and see how they will recognize themselves there.
        in addition to that: people are biased and unreliable when it comes to themselves. Ever heard a wife-beater call himself a moron? me neither. Experiments should be better controlled with less confounding and extraneous variables

        • Speaking as a professional astrologer with 25 years of experience, there is a lot more to astrology than its ignorant debunkers have ever bothered to investigate.

          And as an item on this list, it fails to qualify as a “mystery with a logical explanation.” It was essentially dismissed as a mystery, so there was no need for a “logical explanation” and indeed, none was given…

          • achrontimeless

            Correct, it’s more of a delusion than a mystery. The only mystery is how people convince themselves that it’s real, and that it’s accurate despite using woefully out of date star charts out of a sense of tradition rather than celestial position.

          • …says the person who has no idea how astrology actually works.

          • achrontimeless

            Says the person who knows my entire life instantly and the years of study I put into the subject when I was a gullible college student looking for direction. Thankfully I managed to wake up from that fantasy before I started claiming it was real. There’s an old saying about “assuming”, you might want to familiarize yourself with it.

          • excuuuuse me… but based on your comment “woefully out of date star charts” immediately tells me you haven’t studied the astrology all that well. That issue has been addressed by astrologers and worked out. There are two branches of astrology: sidereal & tropical based on the issue you raised. But I’m sure you must know all that since you put “years of study” into it… maybe you were out sick the day they taught that lesson?

          • achrontimeless

            Oh this is where it gets good. You claim it’s all been taken care of right? Heck, I can’t get 2 of your type to agree how many zodiac signs there are. It’s right up there with fung shui on having loads of “mathematical” methodology, but is never practiced the same way by any 2 given people who haven’t met before. Because there’s a method (validity not required) you can toss away all responsibility for being rational. Not too surprisingly with any complicated method not based on facts, it doesn’t work consistently, and if it does it isn’t due to any actions the person took. Yet, because there’s a method, there’s trust. Just dig around any forum catering to teenagers and you’ll see a wild bunch of methods for preventing pregnancy and stds, which of course won’t work any better than moving your couch will win you the lottery or the position of pluto, which is no more a planet than rocks in the asteroid belt around the same size, can tell you about your childhood.

            It’s bunk, and deep down you know it or you wouldn’t be having this serious of an emotional reaction.

          • believe what you like, dear boy… my point still stands: based on the criteria set up by the title of this list, astrology does not belong on it.

          • achrontimeless

            Ah, abandoning your claim that it’s truth then? Cute. Still, I agree, it doesn’t belong on this list because it’s a delusion, not a mystery.

          • Not abandoning my claim. Abandoning you. I have 25 years of personal experience as a professional, certified astrologer, with a long list of satisfied clients who I have helped with their lives and their problems. I have more than proven to myself it works.

            25 years of personal experience trumps one noisy, self-important know-it-all who spent a few years studying something and gave it up when he was incapable of figuring it out…

          • achrontimeless

            Oh no, I’ve been abandoned by the delusional man that keeps responding to me because he has to defend his outdated and unproven belief system that he uses to bilk people of their money. What ever shall I do?

            See, between us, you’re right, there is one of us who hasn’t figured out how astrology works, but I’m afraid you chose the wrong one. Yes, after digging into it I discovered that it was nothing more than a hokey belief, similar to someone who believed faeries would grant wishes for them if they left a bottle of whiskey in the woods.

            Tell ya what though, if you’re so certain that your scam is actually real, prove it. James Randi is running a challenge for anyone that can prove this type of thing. Go, collect your million dollars, laugh in my face. Or, make excuses, tuck your tail and run.

            I don’t need a crystal ball to know which you’ll do.

          • I continued to respond to you out of respect.
            I have no reason to prove anything to anybody.
            I know it works. That’s what matters to me.
            Science can’t prove what “love” is. so I guess it doesn’t exist? The god you worship is limited…

          • achrontimeless

            god I worship? You don’t even know the definition of the word atheist and you attempt to define what’s true.

            But go on with your delusion if you need it to survive. You’ll go down in history with other people that knew their beliefs worked, like the Maya with their quaint little human sacrifices, or the folks at Jonestown who spiked the punch for their “truth”, or the Heaven’s Gate group perhaps? Oh wait, no, those people were willing to die for their “truth” and you won’t walk into a laboratory for a shot at a million dollars. Guess that shows how strong your convictions are for your happy little fantasy.

          • Your god is science… you just like to act like it’s better than all the other gods… just like every religious nut that ever existed…

            If you genuinely knew science, you would know how ignorant you actually are…

          • achrontimeless

            More delusional by the minute I see. Science isn’t a thing, or even an entity, it’s a process. Tell ya what, let’s both design a new type of insulin pump. I’ll use science and you can make a star chart. We’ll see who gets further. Heck, you have science to thank for being able to know the position of those stars in the first place. Oh, did you think precision optics used in observatories happened because Mars happened to be in just the right spot?

            There are 2 kinds of people in the world when it comes to this matter: those who accept reality, and those that realize accepting reality would mean rejecting their beliefs since they don’t actually work and would rather reject reality than the security blanket of fantasy.

            Also, odd use of the word “abandon” earlier, didn’t realize you meant “obsessively vomit bullshit in the comments and not even attempt to prove my position”. That’s not a definition widely in use, so you’ll have to forgive me for not being familiar with it.

          • i never ever said science was useless… thanks for shoving words down my throat… all i said was science misses a lot… i’m not sure how you made the conclusions you did based on what i said, but you have already established yourself as someone who struggled to understand astrology, so i guess jumping to erroneous conclusions comes naturally to you…

            personally i love true scientists… it’s the twerpy little skeptics that give true science a bad name.

          • achrontimeless

            Shoving words down your throat? Well since you seem to need this:

            “The god you worship is limited”

            “Your god is science… you just like to act like it’s better than all the other gods… just like every religious nut that ever existed”

            So you flip from science being a sentient entity that people worship and can’t be trusted to… “i never ever said science was useless”.

            Yeah, umm, are you aware of the things you type or are you suffering from a condition I need to know about?

            Also let’s recap that I understand astrology completely, it’s another delusional mental security blanket for people who can’t handle reality. Ya know, ” just like every religious nut that ever existed”. I’d say it was the pot calling the kettle black, but since I’m not enthralled by any such delusion, I’m afraid I don’t have an apt metaphor to ease the blow for you.

            Also this whole still spreading tripe, refusing to prove your claims of astrology’s accuracy, and in general just doing a pathetic job of trying to twist my words after saying you were done? I’d call that “abandonment issues”, though not in the traditional sense.

          • You seem to have difficulty understanding sentence structure and pronouns.

            Personally, I love true science. It’s skeptics that I can’t stand. What I said to you was “your” god and “you” worship. See those words in quotes? They’re called pronouns and they influence the meaning of the sentence. I was talking about “your” relationship to what you believe science to be.

            And really, why should I want to prove astrology to you? You claim sufficient knowledge of the topic but seem to know nothing about the thorough & scientific research Michel Gauquelin has done, and his work on The Mars Effect. You have given me no evidence you truly understand either astrology OR science.

            Trying to prove astrology to you would be like teaching a pig to sing.

            Good day, sir. We shall agree to disagree.

          • achrontimeless

            Well, I have to admit, I’ve never witnessed anyone admit they were completely wrong with their assumptions but still claim they were right all along. Inventive, if insane.

            See, you haven’t figured this out yet, so I’ll just explain it to you plainly. You’ve already lost here. You claim astrology isn’t a mystery because it’s fact, I respond that it’s a delusion, you respond that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. It’s over at that point. As Hitchens so succinctly put it, “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” I’m perfectly happy with you believing the position of a random bit of space junk when you were born predestined you to lose this argument, but when you start claiming it as an actual fact that I have to believe in too for your sake? A line is drawn in the sand on that occasion.

            Also, since you’d prefer to try and get out of what you were saying by nitpicking the wording (another sign that this is over and done with) I can’t help but notice you never addressed the Pluto issue. So, apparently I have to speak more plainly on that as well for you to understand it.

            See, people used to incorrectly assume Pluto was a planet. The simple fact is that it’s just a ball of ice about the size of some of the asteroids floating around in the belt. If they’re not planets, how can Pluto be one? So, that mislabeling has been corrected recently. Unfortunately you star chart obsessed folks granted Pluto special powers based on its position in your belief system due to it being called a planet. This creates a major issue. A year before the debate started, I guarantee you would’ve claimed absolute accuracy in all your charts, including whatever influence Pluto had according to which of the many conflicting systems you decided to follow. The problem is, Pluto wasn’t a planet. All those years of charts were in error, but you’d fight tooth and nail to claim Pluto had a measurable effect on things.

            You’re left with 2 options at this point: admit that everything up until you stopped including Pluto (if you even have stopped) was crap and you were unable to tell on your own because apparently these charts don’t have any bearing on reality, or claim that Pluto is big enough to have an influence and then have to explain why you don’t chart asteroids. Either way, your belief doesn’t have a leg to stand on from just this ONE issue. I’d love to point out other major issues but since there are so many “right” ways to do the whole astrology thing, I’d have to know which one you actually believe in or else you’ll just sit here saying that’s the wrong kind of astrology. Which is, of course, why you refuse to tell me. Believe me, you’re acting just like every other fundamentalist I’ve ever talked to.

            But please, nitpick the English language rather than properly defending yourself. The last thing I’d want to do is bruise your ego further by debunking you in front of everyone, and we both know that’s why you don’t dare offer any support for your belief. In your case, the only winning move is not to play, but that just proves you’ve already lost.

          • The very questions you just asked utterly prove you never studied astrology. Only an ignorant novice would ask them. So much for your lying ass.

            And I respect Hitchens. You, sir, are a parrot. Try thinking your yourself someday. It might be refreshing.

          • achrontimeless

            Dismissal rather than defense. Well, it’s obvious who’s lost the high ground.

            I bet you’re fun at poker games, refusing to show your cards yet claiming you’ve won.

            Good job on “abandoning” me so far btw.

          • I end with my Uncle Eddie’s most famous quote: “You think you know? You don’t know nothing. If you knew, you’d know you don’t know.”

          • achrontimeless

            You wound me with your inability to back up even the most basic of your claim and resorting to petty personal attacks. I just don’t know how I’ll ever go on knowing that someone so thoroughly refused to do anything other than claim they were right with no substance at all to back them up. I guess I’ll just go cry in a corner now knowing how you’re a billionaire due to being able to plot all your business practices by infallible star charts that give you an unfair advantage while the rest of the world must rely merely upon logic and reason.

            More likely I could snicker at the person who was so done with me days ago but keeps responding out of irrational need to defend their beliefs even though they won’t even attempt to do so. Seriously, if you’re so sure of your beliefs, how could one little internet skeptic send it crashing down? Well, we know the answer to that now, don’t we? ;)

          • Talk to my Uncle Eddie…

          • achrontimeless

            Oh, so you don’t actually understand anything well enough to defend it and need your uncle to do it for you? That’s sad, but go ahead and get him on here so we can finally get this over with.

      • Scientific tests have been done on twins separated at birth. THAT is far more interesting. The results were amazing. Since they were raised apart they did not struggle to differentiate themselves from each other. They were like carbon copies of each other.

  • BondSavingsBond

    Seconded. Some of the sentences were difficult to make out – specifically the intro and the Mary Celeste entry. Improper use of punctuation and too many thoughts in single sentences. I’m not asking for literary perfection – this is the internet, after all – but it should be as painless a read as possible. There’s also no dramatic structure in any of your entries that draw the reader into the explanation. Especially in #1, where you state what an incorruptible corpse is, then immediately leap to matter-of-fact debunking without any link to signify the change from one line of thinking to another (like say “But many of these so-called ‘Incorruptible Corpses’ are a fraud” to go from introduction to explanation).

    Like many here, I also think that there isn’t enough substance to your “Logical Explanation(s)”. So many of these are common sense, and worse, presented as common sense. If the explanation is so simple, then boost the history of the entry. Engage the reader in theories or fascinating tidbits before concluding with the rational explanation. Contrast the logical by teasing the fantastic. Many of your explanations are huge let-downs. It’s true that explaining the fantastic with the mundane can be a let-down, but if you build it up, a mundane explanation can be presented like a revelation, an “a-ha!” or “I knew it was something like that!” instead of a “Huh, is that all?”. As for the Mayan calendar, I really don’t understand what you’re trying to say in your description. Clarity of language and ideas is key to the kind of bite-sized factoids that populate Listverse.

    • BondSavingsBond

      Weird, I clicked reply to thelotuseater’s comment, hence why I wrote “Seconded.”

    • Dickensgirl

      Hi, this is the editor – my apologies, I was sick when the list was first prepped for posting and didn’t get to edit it till after it was posted. Hopefully, it reads a little more easily now.

      • BondSavingsBond

        Thanks, but it’s still a bit hazy in places. I’m still baffled as to what “The calendar looks like this ,, though this isn’t todays date” means. But that’s down to the list’s creator.

  • Rob

    Shroud of Turin has been explained. There was a documentary on it. It is the first ever photograph taken. Aka a hoax. By none other Leonardo Davinci.

    • Zagnut

      You fell for that documentary? That’s funny.

    • Diane

      Wrong! The first ever photo was taken in France in 1826 by Joseph Niépce. It was called a Heliograph

  • Drnecropolis

    All of these have been on other lists about mysteries. I had to look at the date again midway down. How did this make it through?!

  • Jillian

    Great list, hope there will be more of these in the near future!

    • JoeBLACK

      hope not

  • Zagnut

    The only one I firmly disagree with is the Shroud of Turin. Many skeptical scientists have tried and failed to adequately explain its mystery. A one-paragraph attempt to debunk is weak and completely inadequate.

    • thorlite

      Yet again we are being asked to prove that is is real….. do you not understand that it is up to YOU to prove it is the real thing. (which of course you are unable to do) they are your beliefs, not ours. As far as i’m concerned its a stained potato sack. prove me wrong.

      • Zagnut

        The preponderance of the evidence shows the Turin to be real. Your comment is silly.

        I believe you are an alien that has inhabited the body of a human. Prove that I am wrong.

      • ben

        The item is there and tangible, it should be up to those claiming it’s a hoax to prove such and how such was achieved, prior to dismissing it.

        • Thorlite

          No, you claim a random shroud is the face of christ…… You prove it.

          • Zagnut

            Random shroud? You are either totally uninformed (and therefore should keep your pie hole shut) or you are stupid.

          • Jono

            ZagNUT alright. You obviously have no idea how science works. That is in fact just a random shroud.

          • Well Garry Habermas got a mathamatician to find the chances of the body not being jesus and it was 1 in 282 billion.

            “Donovan concludes that there is a probability of 1 chance in 282 billion that the person buried in the Shroud was someone other than Jesus. ” (pg, 70, 78)


            So would you like to make a bet?

          • Juno-

            The evidence you gave is outdated and is now discarded my most scienticst. There is anothee fabric weaved into the shroud of turin hence why the carbon dating is wrong. Please
            do more research inorder to prevent yourself from looking like an idiot.

  • micke26

    lame list

  • Ghidoran

    Honestly I felt this was a mediocre list.

    The first few entries were interesting, although no sources, as someone mentioned, was a problem. However, each entry was only like a paragraph. The actual mystery lists themselves are usually larger, so you would expect this to be as long if not longer.

    Then suddenly the list changes style. While at first it was giving logical answers to what the mysteries were, it then simply goes on to talking about how the mysteries are fake (see: Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot).

    The Astrology entry was also really bad. I mean, that’s not even a mystery, just an idea that some people believe, and while they have every right to believe it, I just don’t feel it’s justified being on this list. Sort of feels like the author ran out of ideas.

    Really though, the lack of detail is what really killed it. It doesn’t look like nearly enough time or effort was put into the list.


    “Hi, I want to send in a comments-whoring list!”
    “Print it!”

    Pathetic. Also, kudos to listverse for including a pop up ad on EVERY.SINGLE.PICTURE. on EVERY.SINGLE.LIST. Wow. Top Ten Reasons Listverse Sucks Now:

    …1. They should re-name it

    • thorlite

      Use firefox and use an add on called no script, all adverts will disappear unless you agree to them first.

      I never see a single advert anywhere i go.

      Job done!

  • iuuk

    Crappy list. Not so much the reasons, but the total lack of evidence or other support for the theories. The conspiracies get more of an explanation than the regular explanations do.

    Without anything backing these claims it’s just a ‘it’s not true, aliens are stupid’ kind of list. Not that I don’t agree with that, it’s just a very cheap way of making a list.

  • Clockwork

    I like the premise of this list, but a few entries don’t really fly. For example, there has been evidence of bigfoot found. I’m not saying I believe in him one way or the other, but there have been enormous footprints found that come from an unknown primate, as well as droppings that haven’t been identified.

    Also, what logical explanation do you provide for the nonexistence of the Loch Ness Monster? Basically, all it is is skepticism. Again, I don’t necessarily believe in it either, but there were no valid arguments against it considering there have been hundreds of sightings.

    It’s the same with the Mary Celeste. Why would experienced sailors think a ship is sinking even if it wasn’t, regardless of strange noises?

    Lastly, even though I also think the Bermuda Triangle has been overhyped, there have been a number of extremely odd disappearances there, and no new information is really brough to light debunking the “myth” here.

  • pcanuk

    you really should do more research on the shroud, there is no paint on it, as for the 14 century threads,they were repairs to the shroud at a later date. there is also residue on the shoud of plants anly found in jerusalem.

    • thorlite

      That was 12 years ago, i think you’ll find this article from the same site interesting!

      • Zagnut

        So ONE shroud from the same time period has a different weave than the Shroud of Turin. So what? Are you claiming that is proof the Shroud of Turin is from a different time? Why? I would be surprised if there were no differences. Is there some evidence they were all made exactly alike?

      • rich

        OK i found the article you where talking about and i believe it to was mistaken ( i like that word a lot)

        The different weave on the shroud existed long before the time of Jesus. I am not sure where Science Daily got it’s information from. the weave on the shroud of Turin was available to the egyptians during 130 C.E. They are called Herrinbone linens and have the same weave that the shroud of turin has. Furthermore archeologist R Pfister has documented several textiles which contain similar weaves that date back to 300 B.C.E (Dura Europus). There is more information debunking the article you gave me but i am too lazy to repeat all of it so i will give you my source.

      • ben

        How would one shroud, weaved in a particular way, be indicitive of how all shrouds were weaved at that time? What a ridiculous article; the author deduces so much, from so little, in an effort to validate their own biases.

  • No number of facts can take the Loch Ness monster away from me. I still believe!

  • pcanuk

    the incoruptable corpses are dipped in wax , not made of wax.these logical arguments really have little evidence to debunk the ‘myths’

  • Armadillotron

    Gutted about The Face on Mars not being built by Martians..

  • NiMur90

    I knew every single one of these XD

  • Actually i think you are mistaken on the shroud of turin. It contains no pigments, this is scientifically proven.

    You might be talking about the pigments on the edge but these where part of the revowen cloth that was attached to the shroud not the shroud or image itself. Furthermore the shroud contains the exact same markings the bible displays.

    • thorlite

      Regardless of pigment, it is not from the time that christ supposedly lived!!

      • The link doesnt seem to work

        However if you are reffering to the carbon dating that has been discarded my most scienticst scince they found out that the cloth was rewoven during the middle ages. The cloth has Pollen on it which is directly from jureslem. Furthermore they found roman lepta coins on the shroud of turin which would trace the man on the shroud directly back to the time of jesus’s death. This obviously any artist from the middle ages would not have included this (it wasent even painted).
        Furthermore the bloodstains on the shroud match the ones on the summarian (wrong spelling). Which dates before the 700 and is mentioned in the bible.

  • randomizer

    10 mysteries with a logical explanation. I think i can do better. Aliens, bigfoot, boogeyman, and anyother mystery from the mysterious lists and ill give you one logical explanation. Marijuana.

  • Lisa

    That’s a picture of the Aztec calendar, not the Maya. if you want the Maya.

  • Zomvik_1511

    I’ve been checking this website for 2 years almost and I usually don’t comment, because well, I am a lazy ass, and overall I love the lists, and the website. But, I feel I should comment on this one: this was a terrible list. Yeah, interesting points, but the lack of research and the tone of it, discrediting (don’t get me wrong, the Mayan Calendar is no mystery) like a Glenn Beck article. There are other ways to prove or disprove a point and show logic, but I think this one lacks beyond any reach.
    The Mary Celeste for example, the logic of its seems more of an opinionated logic rather than a full well explained, well researched logic. I highly doubt that if the crew left in such a rush and they found the ship later on, why would the captain and the rest did not communicate that they left the ship?
    I get the idea that there are logical explanations to these mysteries, I just think the explanation was crap.

  • Elemarth

    Thank you for this list! It was good – I couldn’t disagree with any of them, except that the Mary Celeste has multiple logical explanations. I hope everyone reads this, especially the one about the Mayans, because that obsession is getting on my nerves.

  • BFXer

    This list had great potential but the author put forth no effort. Did he write this list on napkin during a bathroom break or something?

    “The loch ness monster is made up. Next. Ok bigfoot is fake too! Next. Mary Celeste? Crew left. Next…”

    This list and yesterday’s were just awful. Are children writing these lists now? Ridiculous.

    • JoeBLACK

      I can totally see that.. he was taking a huge crap, and accidentally brought a pen with him, so he thought “might as well..” and just write it on a piece of toilet paper.

  • FlameHorse

    The Shroud of Turin is such an outstanding forgery that even though the dates don’t jive, Da Vinci has been named the usual suspect. It has been traced to 1353, before Da Vinci was born. That’s still 1325 years or so off from the time of Jesus. I say it’s a fake, but a darn good one.

    • Zagnut

      The carbon dating is very suspect. Here is one of many links I could offer:

    • mom424

      I’ve read that the areas chosen for dating are areas on the shroud that show signs of repair – documented repairs done in the middle ages – I’m not so sure that the jury isn’t still out on this one.

      and I agree – if it’s a forgery it’s a darn fine one.

      • Who ever forged it should be worshipped as the son of god for truly they have accomplished a miracle!


  • oouchan

    What a great read this morning. I would like more details as well, but I will go out and find that on my own. Make it more interesting that way. I also don’t follow any of those in this list. But I know many that do.

    Awesome list, 6twistedbiscuits! (I miss seeing you on here!)

  • fordmadoxford

    A very informative list full of substance and solid evidence. In fact I was inspired to write an entry of my own….

    The Moon is not made of cheese because some blokes went there and it was made of rock.

  • Kreachure

    This list started OK, but then it got smug. First you say that these are attempts to explain the mysteries, but then you write them like they’re absolute truths.

    First of all, since there is no proof of something, it means that something doesn’t exist, right? Wrong.


    The fact that you have insufficient information to prove something is true or false doesn’t mean that you can say it’s false. This is also called “Argument from ignorance”. The fact that there’s no proof of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster doesn’t “prove” they’re not real.

    Also, the “proof” you are quoting is not definitive, they’re just some of the many theories that are pending proof. For example, the Mary Celeste story is not definitive as you make it sound, it’s just a rational theory of what may have happened that hasn’t been confirmed. It doesn’t mean that it happened that way.

    • I am a space monkey from mars who is a scout and will signal a future invasion of my fellow space monkeys.

      The problem is that you cant prove the above statement wrong but because i cant present to you one iota of evidence for this being true you can presume it to be false. That is how the burden of proof works.

  • msgsudz

    sorry but this list was balls. didn’t back up any of his arguments, and most of the entries were easy and overdone. this should never have been published. listverse should be better than this.

  • The only thing killing this for me right now are the cut-off sentences (ex. “There was a tree. The tree was very big.”). It really messes up the flow when you read.

    Also, nothing interesting or intriguing was used to explain off any of these ‘mysteries’ (and so many are so well-known it’s not as if we didn’t already know any logical explanations beforehand…). An okay list, but nothing great.

  • umpad

    lame list. a lame list.

  • Mystery_Fan

    RE: St. Bernadette — “Her face and hands are made out of wax.”

    Not true. They are COATED with wax — “…a precise imprint of the face was molded so that the firm of Pierre Imans in Paris could make a light wax mask based on the imprints and on some genuine photos. This was common practice for relics in France, as it was feared that although the body was mummified, the blackish tinge to the face and the sunken eyes and nose would make an unpleasant impression on the public.”

    Another interesting fact is that during the exhumation, her internal organs were also found to be well preserved:

    “At the request of the Bishop of Nevers I detached and removed the rear section of the fifth and sixth right ribs as relics; I noted that there was a resistant, hard mass in the thorax, which was the liver covered by the diaphragm. I also took a piece of the diaphragm and the liver beneath it as relics, and can affirm that this organ was in a remarkable state of preservation. I also removed the two patella bones to which the skin clung and which were covered with more clinging calcium matter. Finally, I removed the muscle fragments right and left from the outsides of the thighs. These muscles were also in a very good state of preservation and did not seem to have putrefied at all.”

    Normally, the soft tissues and internal organs began to decompose rapidly after death, causing the body to expel foul gasses and bloat. For whatever reason, this did not happen to Bernadette’s corpse.

    Quotations from —

    Also see:

  • I know most of these already being on too many sites and many daily scientific newsletters (Livescience, Universe Today and many more). Most would complain that they need more backup information but this is enough for me. Read many of them under the “Strange News” section in Livescience. Great read anyway! Thanks!

  • Andrew

    The thing about the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot didn’t really prove anything, it just proved that it PROBABLY doesn’t exist. He just presumed that since there isn’t that much evidence it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t work that way. I, for one, actually believe that there is an undiscovered species of ape in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a huge space, a dozen or so of them could easily die and remain undiscovered. :)

    • Heaven

      I believe, too! I was born and raised in Port Angeles, WA, with the Olympic National Park in our backyard. I fully believe the Bigfoot could be out there, it is very sparsely populated in the entire region. You can drive an hour between towns and it’s nothing but forest. While camping a few years back my husband and his friend walked thirty minutes into the woods, no trails, and are convinced they found a crude Bigfoot shelter made out of thick logs about ten feet long, with branches for covering and a bed. They couldn’t move the logs, they were so heavy. It really shook them up!!

  • Bernard Marx

    Great list, I already knew about the mayan calender and the shroud but the ice stones were new to me. I still think bigfoot might be real though.

  • Pancho Villa 8

    Don’t understad why americans insist to call the AZTEC CALENDAR as the mayan calendar.

    Try wikipedia; mayan calendar and aztec calendar.

    On the Aztec Calendar page at wikipedia you will find the photo of the Aztec calendar from the Museo Nacional de Antroplología in México City

    • Dolo

      I’m not sure why you assume the author is American, but regardless, the list’s authors almost never choose the pictures that go with their entries. They’re picked by the editors or JFrater, who is not American, by the way.

  • major harris

    the idea that a very experienced sea captain fled his ship because he thought it was sinking is not valid. the captain would have had to see a whole lot of water pouring in, FAST, to make such a decision. especially with his wife and 2 year old daughter on board, the command to abandon ship in a small lifeboat out in the middle of the ocean, would have had to be of a very serious consideration.

    as for the face on mars. i do have a small problem with the official explanation. call me a cynic, but i just do not trust governments when it comes to honesty. the social implications to people if they find out that we are not alone would or could be disastrous. tommy lee jones said it best in men in black. ” a person is smart, people are are a scared, dumb mob.” for all we know, the government could have taken a photo from any mesa or massif and say, “here it is! see? nothing there! move along.” remember a famous video from one of the shuttle missions? a camera was following an object, there was a flash, the object stops for a split second then changes direction almost instantaneously just before a streak flies into where it was before. this was a LIVE video feed from the shuttle. after this got out, funny, nasa stopped live feeds. wonder why?

    • Pareidolia and this article can help in the debunking……hope so…

      • Stupid me! try this instead…

        • The Mick

          you’re not even close, reginald.
          pareidolia will explain why some people see the Virgin Mary’s face in a potato chip, but i am sorry, it’s not applicable to the face on Mars. Read my links in a post further above yours. It’s not only a face that has been seen in the region of Cydonia.
          As for the NASA image, i dont buy it. Not in the least.

          • Oh, that above? I saw it but since the comment is based on circumstance, I did not make any reply.

            Mars is geologically dead for more than 4 billion years. Being too small (astronomy, less massive or about only a tenth of Earth’s) its core has cooled too quickly and froze over to produce any significant magnetic field. This magnetic field in turn protects any supposed life from radiation from outer space like gamma rays which according to geological records here on Earth happen once every 500 million years or about 2 galactic years. I believe the Ordovician-Silurian extinction event is one. The weak magnetic field is also responsible for the thinning of the atmosphere which many astronomers believe had once been thicker but was eroded by the solar wind. The less mass also means that Mars cannot house a significant atmosphere and I don’t need to discuss how much role the atmosphere plays for life here on Earth. And take note Mars is close to the Asteroid Belt. More impacts means less hospitable to life and thinner atmosphere means a more severe impact. The average great impact here on Earth is about 35 million years if you look in the Earth impact list in Wikipedia. That for Mars means a lesser interval.

            As for the long year interval and the pictures you don’t believe, they were mosaic pictures from the recent Mars Reconaissance Orbiter. It took the satellite a long time to get there and even 5 months to aero-breaking. Also, it is NOT NASA’s responsibility to either prove or disprove beliefs regarding the face on Mars. Truth is irrelevant to whatever people believe. The face on Mars is just nothing but a geological formation. End of story.

          • The Mick

            hello reginald,
            i can’t seem to reply to your post, so it has to go here, ahead of you reply.i must say that your comments are the most lucid, logical, well-read, coherent and erudite comments i have read on listverse in a very long time.
            it would be awesome to debate the matter with you, as i was in the exact same way of thinking as you are now, only 15 years ago.

            i hate telling people to ‘read a book and see what you think’.
            but man, seriously, if i was even remotely wealthier i would buy you the book i mention in the link above (earlier post), as a gift, just so you could read the first few pages and at least,hopefully, find it interesting enough to continue reading it. it does deal with all the points you made in your reply, re. weather, location, ecology etc.

    • Dolo

      The issue was not water flooding the ship. I’ve read about this quite a bit, and the most reasonable explanation I’ve seen is this: The Mary Celeste was carrying a lot of alcohol in the hold (not drinking alcohol, more like rubbing alcohol). When they found the ship, one of the containers was leaking and there were fumes in the hold. The most likely explanation is that the captain was afraid of an explosion. They all went into the lifeboat, probably tying it to the ship, just intending to wait it out until the fumes dispersed, but the rope broke (there was a frayed rope trailing the ship). The ship probably just sailed away from them too fast to catch it, and they died at sea.

    • Maggot

      i just do not trust governments when it comes to honesty. the social implications to people if they find out that we are not alone would or could be disastrous.

      What do you mean by “social implications”? Peoples’ religious beliefs would be thrown asunder? Or what? That’s kind of the old cliché, but I don’t buy the “scared, dumb mob” or any of that type of reasoning as being an incentive for a Gov’t to suppress any proof of extraterrestrial life. If Gov’t knowledge of such proof did exist and was subsequently suppressed by every nefarious means possible, all it would take is one bonafide and indisputable incident to occur, and that would render all previous suppression efforts a meaningless waste of time and money. So then, why bother in the first place? Why not just get it out there to the masses sooner rather than later…?

  • CuppaJoe

    The Shroud of Turin is one of the most studied and controversial artifacts in history, yet it’s dismissed with one paragraph here? You could easily make an entire list with arguments for and against it’s authenticity.

    • Dolo

      I always find it interesting how people will dismiss the idea of aliens, vampires, or werewolves and consider people who believe in them to be nutcases, and yet you’ll swallow unquestioningly stories that are just as (if not more so) implausible and ridiculous, just because you heard them in church.

      • Zagnut

        I didn’t hear about the Shroud of Turin in church. It really is a fascinating artifact. Dolo, if you do even a little research on the subject, I doubt you will consider it implausible and ridiculous. If you are ignorant about the subject, and I suspect you are, I find it “interesting” you call it implausible and ridiculous.

      • rich

        i dismiss claims that aliens visited earth because of special relativity (nothing can surpass the speed of light) which would make it implausible for them to reach us. I dismiss vampires and aliens because of the complete lack of evidence. I do not dismiss the shroud of Turin because it has an abundance of evidence backing it up. Maybe if you did more researching rather then making biased assertions you would reach the same conclusion as me.

  • mordechaimordechai

    I liked the attempt at the list but it is a fairly weak one.

    The Shroud isn’t painted at all. they may have found traces of paint but the image (that is practically invisible at naked eye) has been left by heat-light radiation “into” the fibers rather than “onto” them.

    Moreover the mars face still looks like a face in the second picture. but i guess it is just a combination

  • Footprint

    No 4 if you would have done some really research you would have found bones ,so were found in china and some you’re found in the U.S.A in a city dump.
    It took almost 60 years before they were able to capture a Panda bear and put in a zoo .

    • Are you referring to Gigantopithecus? But aren’t they all dead since 100,000 years ago? I don’t know the relevance of “USA” and the second sentence.

      • Footprint

        The bones of the Gigantopithecus is to prove that it’s not impossible for the Bigfoot to exist . I compare it to the Wooly Mammoth and the elephant and the connection between these two animals .
        Here ‘s the bigfoot hand that was found in 2006 in a city dump.

        The person who wrote this article is just assuming things and has not put forward any real evidence . What about all the hair samples that came back inconclusive when they tested it’s DNA.

        • Maggot

          Here ‘s the bigfoot hand that was found in 2006 in a city dump.

          Oh please. How about producing an actual press account of this amazing find? Or better yet, a follow-up peer-reviewed scientific report. Not just some stupid article from a cryptozoology website DEVOTED to bigfoot sightings. Yes there’s a picture of the hand on that webpage with an ABC News logo in it. Let’s see ABC’s account of the story? A quickie google search turns up nothing. But notably, the guy in this hand story, one Tom Biscardi, is a PROVEN hoaxster.

          Remember the story a couple of years ago about some Georgia yokels who said they had a frozen bigfoot body? It made huge news, for a couple of days at least.

          End result? HOAX:

          And guess who these doofusses contacted to help with their story? Yep, Tom Biscardi. Interestingly, this is an ABC New story. Funny…no mention at all in this 2008 story about Biscardi’s hand from 2006. And if that isn’t enough to debunk this clown, here’s another story about the Goergia hoax, that mentions yet ANOTHER fraudulent claim by Biscardi, a 2005 claim that he had captured a male 400 lb. 8ft tall bigfoot, which of course turned out to be a hoax:

          The person who wrote this article is just assuming things and has not put forward any real evidence .

          So, you’re critiquing the listwriter for not putting up any evidence, yet your own so-called evidence to the contrary is one cryptozoology link?

          • My point exactly. Thanks!

          • Footprint

            Forget the hand, what about hair samples and what about dermal ridges in footprints how can you explain that ? Please tell me

            Funny how other country ‘s around the world take a very different view on this subject for ex : China & Russia.

            Yeah it’s not like hunters not nothing about animal footprints they leave behind .

          • Maggot

            Forget the hand, what about hair samples and what about dermal ridges in footprints how can you explain that ?

            What about them? You’re the one making the claims, not me. I already destroyed one of your crackpot “evidence of proof” claims (one that you are happy to dismiss now as well); I’m not going on a wild goose chase for you in attempt to debunk every other claim out there. And btw I’m not blindly declaring everything to be a hoax either. Most hair specimens have been proven to be bear, elk, coyote, buffalo, etc. (and yes, some synthetics), and ridges likely being inadvertent or deliberate fingerprints or similar left by hoaxers, or else casting artifacts. How about you produce some specific research that conclusively shows otherwise? Not anecdotal stories or pseudoscience pulled from various bigfoot enthusiast sites that have a vested interest in perpetuating the idea rather than actively attempting to falsify it, but something with an actual peer-reviewed scientific conclusion. You can’t draw any conclusions from a collection of inconclusive data.

  • Oliver Ryan Caliwag

    Good list…very good one!

  • Oliver Ryan Caliwag

    Very good list!

  • deeeziner

    #10 Whack jobs will whack…Anyone who thinks that this mountain is manufactured, without any other “artifacts’ or structures to support such a culture is just plain ignorant or crazy.

    #9 For exactly how long have these stones been an international “mystery”? Since the advent of popular tourism?

    NO–# 8 is not an explanation…it is nothing more than another conjecture by someone who wasn’t there at the time of the crew’s disappearance.

    #7–it’s not the disappearances, it’s the weird tales from those who came through it., and the radical unreliability of instruments while in the “zone’. Not quite answered yet.

    #6—not a mystery. Calendars are just that–a way to keep track of time and the cycles of nature. Doomsday scenarios about 2012 are no more scientific than those who prepare for the zombie apocalypse. The real mystery is how people can believe in the “doomsday”.

    #5 & 4– Crypto-zoologists are welcome to prove this, until then, I can’t find the need to say they don’t exist, just not likely. Does that “explain” the phenomenon of such tales–not empirically. Those who do look for these creatures are at least getting some fresh air and exercise, which is more than can be said for armchair doubters.

    #3 okay this is one HAS been proven to not be authentic….but that won’t make the faithful drop their belief.

    #2–I haven’t seen astrology offered in the MIT curriculum. Again where’s the mystery to this entry.

    #1–I find this to be the most confusing of the entries…Are you saying Bernadette is not “incorruptible” because of her wax coating..well there has been no secret to her preservation method. That there is no such thing as an incorruptible corpse? That there are such corpses, but they have a smell? that mummies are a mystery? I just don’t get it and I have read this entry about five times now to be fair to the author.

    I’m sorry to slam this list..every list here at the site is the labor of someone, and I have sumitted a few, I understand that negative words hurt.

    But I’m almost 50 and have pursued “mysteries” since a kid. The 70s were bombarded with every item on this list, as well as so many more…Stonehenge… Atlantis…Alien technology shared with ancient cultures…Easter Island monoliths…how the pyramids were built..where did the Mayans go…How do magnets work?

    I guess I was just hoping when I read the title that some serious knowledge would be forthcoming.

    • Zagnut

      Your assessment that #3 HAS been proven to not be authentic is exactly as dead wrong as anyone who assesses it HAS been proven to be authentic. Neither statement is true. Period. The end.

      • deeeziner

        Did you not read the second half of my sentence?

        • Zagnut

          Yeah, I read the whole comment. I’m not asserting that the Shroud of Turin has been PROVEN to be authentic. That would be asinine. You seem to believe it HAS been proven it is not authentic. That is asinine. Maybe you don’t get the difference. That makes sense if you think it has been PROVEN that the Shroud of Turin is a fake.

    • KimbaR

      This. +1

  • Mitch


  • Steven Douglas

    I saw Bigfoot once. Made a sound I wouldn’t want to hear twiced.

  • Falloppio

    Hey you got a Lochness’ picture there, then it must be true!

  • Roget


    This site just isn’t what it used to be. I held out as long as I could, but alas, I bid you adieu

  • chevalierdupin

    Wow, it seems we have an ultimate skeptic submitting lists. I take issue with several of these, namely:

    The Loch Ness monster and various other marine cryptozoological beliefs in many other bodies of water around the world…it is neither proven nor disproven and is still very much a possibility. Considering not only that marine animals thought to be extinct millions of years ago are still found alive today, there are a number of species we do know of who live for hundreds of years and so the plausibility of a prehistoric species capable of living for several human generations is not necessarily far-fetched. Nature does not follow our rules.

    Bigfoot: well, again, neither proven nor disproven, but many different sightings in many different regions of the world.

    The Shroud of Turin: while still hotly disputed, there have been recent discoveries and evidence that has surfaced that serves to prove its authenticity. While it is true that in the Middle Ages that there was an illegal business of creating and pawning false relics (for example, there are no less than 13 churchs which claim to house the foreskin of Jesus…an absolutely unlikely and improbable relic to begin with) there are others that are far more convincing…the Shroud is one of them. No other relic of this sort has been found and evidence has shown that the areas that were tested were areas repaired in the Middle Ages.

    Incorruptible corpses: being an agiophile, myself, and having seen many incorruptible saints in my travels, there is nothing base or over-simplified regarding the fact that many of their bodies have resisted the normal process of decomposition without the assistance of human intervention.

    Lastly, Astrology was for centuries considered a science, and while the idea of reading and living by those silly horoscopes one reads in a newspaper or magazine is laughable, Astrology is a far more complex study. It does not claim to be able to tell someone the future, but it can help someone understand some of the influences and types of experiences they can expect to encounter. To cite but one example, most who are familiar with Astrology know what it means when Mercury is in Retrograde…and those who are not familiar, when they find out what it does mean and compare it to their own experiences during the period of retrograde, they begin to understand why it is such a feared and despised cosmological influence. We know that the moon affects the tides, that gravitational pulls and energy from the sun have physical effects on our planet and lives…why is it so far fetched to understand that various energies from our exteriors are capable and do influence our internal energies? That’s a fairly scientific notion if there ever was one.

  • Lifeschool

    I hate to say it but I really don’t like these ‘debunking’ lists. Sometimes they are written by those who prefer the scienticic approach, sometimes they are written with some other kind of bias. Although I wanted to like the list I found it lacking in general depth or broard theory, and was bascially the authors subjective views on the subject. The list could have read: #10 – Its a hill, #9 – they’re fake, #8 – it’s an empty boat, #7 – it’s a story, #6 – its a calendar, #5 & #4 – it’s a story, #3, 2 & 1- it’ fake. If some lists make me want to do further research, this didn’t.

    BTW, no offence to the author, I’m sure you’re a great girl ‘6’, but this just didn’t float my boat. Perhaps I’m lost in the Bermuda Triange? – and my compass is spinning wildly due to the fluctuations of the planets magnetospher in conjunction with highly magnetic mineral deposits under the sea floor, er, around this location? ..Or perhaps I’m just messing around here, just ignore me..

  • mom424

    Good premise, not so great execution. Many of these entries didn’t really explain anything, just dismissed them. Although I do believe there are rational explanations for all these items, they weren’t entirely evident here at all. And there is actual evidence; the doctor who admitted to forging the most famous nessie photo, the guys that perpetrated the bigfoot fraud (that actual picture btw), cavitation (air bubbles making the water NOT dense enough to support ships) experiments…..just saying we could have had more meat.

  • Baer


    Mary Celeste – Not solved. The mystery is what happened to the crew. They were never located.

    The Mayan Calendar – My opinion about the Mayan calendar coming to an end is that they simply stopped doing them.

  • Greg

    So the logic for number 8, Mary Celeste, is that the captain heard a noise and ordered the crew to abandon ship? So they all left got in life boats and rowed away without looking back. They didn’t bother to get food, water, personal effects or other basic supplies? I think this logic is flawed. I just can’t picture a captain with that little experience, knowledge and common sense.
    With that being said I don’t have a better explanation, but the logic of “they left in a hurry because they did” is flawed.

  • Jesus

    I like this list…:)

  • Guest

    I love a good mystery and there are a few that I will believe until I die, simply because I love them so much. Nessie and bigfoot are two of them. There may be little evidence, but I still believe. Though, I will say, the shroud of Turin is a big load of hooey and so are incorruptible corpses.

  • Cranky_canuck

    good list , but I would prefer to see the answers fleshed out beyond ” it cant be so because of this . There could be more than one explanation for many of these and other odd stories from this wild world of ours.

  • jumbles

    I appreciate the attempts at some of the explanations here, but I’ll be happy to point out that enough details regarding most of the events on this list were left out to remove the parts that made it particularly mysterious in the first place —

    The Mary Celeste — yes, it’s quite possible that the entire crew left of their own accord. That’s one explanation — but you leave out the strangeness of the circumstances and more importantly – where those sailors who supposedly left of their own accord went and why *all* of the rafts or off-boarding vessels on the ship were accounted for.

    Astrology — Let me be perfectly clear. We don’t know enough about stars to draw any concrete conclusions. Our universe often defies laws of physics in numerous ways: galaxies that are too large, stars and massive black holes older than our current estimate of the universe’s age.

    Really – the list goes on and on. I’m disappointed with the lack of facts and the undermining of unexplainable circumstances just so you can draw logical conclusions. The whole point is – in light of many of the circumstances that surround many unsolved/mysterious events — logic doesn’t add up.

  • rebecca

    About the Mary Celeste, that would make a nice explanation, except that no one ever saw any of them again.

  • kennypo65

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence–Carl Sagan. If you make a claim ( bigfoot is real, there is a face on Mars, etc.) It is up to you to provide compelling evidence to its validity. If someone calls bullshit, then you haven’t provided enough evidence to support your claim. The guy calling bullshit is not the one responsible for providing evidence, you made the claim, the burden of proof is on you.

  • Nez

    Interesting list, but i want to point out two things that are wrong.
    One: the Aztecs didn’t live in Peru, so how can the Ica stones depict them?
    Two: In the article about the Mayan calendar, you used a picture of the Aztec calendar.

  • James

    #5 – They found a carcass in Japan a few decades back. I dunno why that photo didn’t become the famous one, it was far better than the one that was faked in Scotland.

  • Melissa

    I’m going to be picky and mention that the image depicted for the Mayan Calendar is actually the Aztec Calendar Stone, so not from the Mayan culture.

  • KimbaR

    Should have been so much better. Horrible paragraphs.

  • Jorge O.

    cool list, although the thing of the shroud of turin has a deeper story than just what is on this, there are some really good theories explaining how this was used to cover Jesus’ body (like the fact that you can see the same types of wounds and stuff) it’s all about faith anyway

    • Zagnut

      The Shroud is NOT all about faith. I am VERY skeptical of Christianity. I am a “doubting Thomas” who requires scientific explanations. That is precisely why this artifact is particularly interesting. In fact, it takes more “faith” to believe the Shroud is a fake than to believe in its authenticity.

      • Geko

        Quick tidbit: the image’s injuries on the shroud do not fit with reality. The nails are in the image’s hands, as often depicted in religious representations of Christ’s crucifixion, whereas historicaly, and for obvious anatomical reasons, the nails were planted through the wrists. Hand are just not solid enough to support the body-weight…

        This alone should make people suspicious.

        • Zagnut

          Geko. It is the exact reverse. The wounds on the image are in the wrist, which increases the likelihood it is legitimate. Because, like you stated, most (if not all) paintings and works of artists place the wounds in the hands.

          This alone should make you reconsider your position.

  • chris s

    Possibly the worst list I’ve ever read on this site, not in terms of subject, but the author’s retarded belief that debunking a theory can be accomplished by saying it “probably isn’t true”.

    Are you okay?

  • Human?

    great list

  • i know im going against the trend but i didn’t like this list there was to much opinion and not enough fact.

  • dread

    dumb youths sunk into decay beneath the weight of internet age stupidity.

  • Ghoo

    Brilliant list!

  • herpderp

    I am all for explaining mysteries but this list is a joke. The author’s excuse for no Sasquatch or Loch Ness Monster is the same “proof” that “dispelled” giant squid and oarfish, which turned out to not only be true but actually abundant in the ocean (and they even found squid consistently larger than giant squid to be called colossal squid). The Mary Celeste (which the author misspells as “May Celeste” in the very tiny article…if the author cannot even spell-check, it seems highly unlikely that the author can fact-check) is a mystery not only for the crew leaving but vanishing without cause. There is no entry in the captain’s log to explain why the crew left, which would be in there if they left due to the thought of sinking. The ship is also a mystery for being reported as seen by other ships during their voyages…not just that the crew left.

    Also, the incorruptible corpses…not sure how that made it to number one considering the author states how corpses become incorruptible. Maybe it’s no act of God but the author clearly states that it does indeed happen and how. And really, dispelling the entire field of astrology based on “For Entertainment Only” prefaced entries in a newspaper is really, really just terribly done and clearly the author has absolutely no concept of astrology. I don’t even believe in astrology and even I can tell this was a half-assed job at best.

    Here’s a tip: when you consider a myth disproven by typing a couple sentences and providing zero sources, you might need to step back and ditch your arrogance.

    • ruby

      lol i was thinking it, you said it

  • Lorikeet

    Good list, but it needs more detail, not to mention some cited sources.

  • magoopaintrock

    Bad list today and “Mayan” isn’t even a word. So please, even if the the list is crap, at least spell check the headings.

  • Gabriel

    So disappointing… :/

  • Ruby

    A good idea for a list and good entries, but definately needs some expansion and clearer explanations!

  • axel_f

    poor list. Mysteries seemingly debunked with opinions more than anything.

  • BryanJ

    Many of the entries don’t include a logical explanation or proof for your suggestions. The Mary Celeste entry doesn’t explain anything.

  • Regarding the Mary Celeste – They mystery isn’t that the crew abandoned ship, it’s why the crew abandoned ship.

  • Tauro

    #6…That’s a picture of the Aztec calendar…not the Mayan calendar

  • Ric

    Your basis for this list is basically that there’s no proof to show, it’s all your opinion and really silly.

  • tinker

    Can I just say that it is a good list but just saying that something isn’t real or hasn’t been proved is not providing a logical explanation that it it doesn’t exist.

  • Cass

    I read something about the famous blurry nessie photo, that it was actually a swimming elephant from a traveling circus. Looks very trunk-like in hind-sight…

  • DogBitez

    I like the idea of this list… but the grammatical errors/typos were distracting. Also, when discussing something like the Mary Celeste, mentioning a year or range of years would be rather obvious.

  • Really?

    I don’t necessarily believe in any of the things presented on this list, however, surely if many people do there may be some merit in some of the ideas. Is it worth entirely discounting somethings existence merely because there is no proof of it yet? Yes, this does make it an unsubstantiated claim, but that doesn’t make it entirely (or at all) false. Animals such as Cuvier’s Beaked Whales and Hoan Kiem Turtles obviously do not prove all unsolved mysteries or tales of cryptozoology to be true, but it does show that things can remain either undiscovered or unverified by the scientific community for years before being discovered. My apologies if this comment doesn’t make me seem skeptical enough, but I felt it needed to be said.

    • Really?

      Oops, in hindsight I should have read ALL of the comments before posting in order to refrain from being repetitive. Sorry Listverse!

  • Truman

    These Aren’t mysteries if we know what they are…

  • Nadroj321

    As for nessie, I haven’t seen many, if any, arguments against this evidence. Take it or leave it, just posting. I believe in it but that’s just me. And if it is a fake, well done.

  • Nadroj321

    As for nessie, I haven’t seen many, if any, arguments against this evidence. Take it or leave it, just posting. I believe in it but that’s just me. And if it is a fake, well done.

  • jc

    I think the 2012 thing is silly. But just because it starts again that doesn’t really debunk anything. It still restarts in 2012. In order for something to restart, it has to first end. ;)

  • Blaz

    i don´t like it… i think you´r trying to be a false positivism fan,the Bermuda triangle is more than that, it has magnetic properties and other researches that refute your idea of the Bermuda triangle to be just a commercial trap.

    And astrology is more than that also, the ¨you will meet somebody¨ thing it´s a cheap excuse for the ones who underrate the astrology, a true astrological research will give you some exacts or very close dates of some things that happened in your life, maybe (for example) you had lost your parents on an accident or you were raped in the childhood, i bet you that if you ask an astrologist to do your Astral card, this events will appear in it, you will be shocked.

    There´s some things that need to be studied more before creating an opinion, sorry for the bad vocabulary, i´m from Argentina, and cheers to this awesome website.

  • Rodrigo Gracia

    Again, that’s the aztec calendar not the mayan calendar.

  • The_Snowdog

    Man what a buzzkill this list is…

    I enjoy mysteries and you shattered my illusions


  • Bassbait

    I’d like to point out that number 5 doesn’t have the “logical explanation”. It has a logical debunking, but it doesn’t explain what the Loch Ness monster COULD be, it just explains why it ISN’T what people think it is.

    Not going to call this a crappy list (so many people do that, and it’s just idiotic, because it’s not constructive to the author, and it’s not interesting to the people who read it), but I think it would have worked better if you had pointed out what The Loch Ness Monster mystery’s “logical explanation” actually was.

  • Bassbait

    Oh, and number 4 also does have a much more obvious logical explanation – HOAX. The guys who did it (one of which is named Roger Patterson, the same name as the dead Ex-bassist from Atheist, a bit of trivia there), never came out as saying it was a hoax, but there was a guy who claimed that he made the bigfoot suit, and explained why all of the weird things that Bigfoot does in the video are actually a product of wearing the suit. I will admit, that the bigfoot footage is one of the creepiest videos in existence, and just thinking about it makes me turn around in fear that something’s creeping up on me.

  • Todd

    You might want to check your facts or other lists before you write off Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster simply because there has never been a body found.

    Also if you need some science added to the mix when talking about Bigfoot
    you might read Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science by Jeff Meldrum.
    Very interesting book.

  • Amiel

    Coinciding also with no.1 is Saint Pio of Pietrelcina’ body which is incorrupt after being exhumed by the vatican before his canonization.

    You should also research about him.

  • mystery

    LOL to mayan calendar and lochness monster..good list!

  • Number 8 (Mary Celest) isnt a very good explanation. A better one i heard recently, which gives credit to the evidence found on the boat, Is that the crew burned to to death. The ship was carying barrels of a very strong alchohol, that when on fire burns at an invisable flame at extream tempuratures. 3 barrels were empty when the boat was found and as mentioned, there were a few burn marks and singes around the boat.

  • Haruhi

    How boring…

  • Lip

    The Bermuda Triangle has in fact a lot more missing ships/aircraft than the surrounding area or other parts of the world of a similar size, however there are of course missing cases near the triangle as well. I’m not going to say there is or isn’t something to it, just letting the maker of the list aware that if you look at the actual missing cases (ones that haven’t been solved) that are still out there then you’ll see the area absolutely has more than an average area “should”. Of course it could be many reasons for this (ie; methane pockets in the seafloor, rougue waves, electromagnetic disturbances, etc) and I for one wouldn’t rule anything out till it’s been proven one way or another.

  • vicki l

    what a load of shit — St Bernadette is whole, she has not had wax added to her. If she was dug up and looked emaciated does this not tell you that instead of being decomposed she was just a slightly thinner version of herself when she was alive? A normal person would just be decomposing. Also the Shroud of Turin — if you knew anything about Christ you would know that His blood would not turn black like a normal persons blood would – it would remain red because he is the Saviour. Do not attempt to dismiss miracles when they are plainly evident to yourself and the world. Publishing items like this is an attempt to pollute the world with lies

  • Hmmm… this list showed so much potential considering the subject matter.

    As has been stated before, it seemed a bit rushed because of its stunted length and occasional errors. The distinct lack of explanation for some of the items was also disappointing…

    But I don’t mean to complain. There were still points that I had not heard of or had never considered before. It was not a complete failure in that regard.

  • Mingy

    I really don’t get how a 360 view around the face of mars is supposed to convince me it’s not a face. It’s a 360 view of a profile of a face. Do the same thing with one of the faces of mount rushmore and it probably wouldn’t look like a face either (especially if it wasn’t as detailed as it is now)

  • libertine81

    I agree with everything in this list except for Bigfoot. Bigfoot (Bipedal forest apes) are REAL and exist on much of the planet, mostly in heavily forested regions or in very high mountains.

    Bigfoots are just another of the Homo line that evolved, lived and migrated alongside humans. They had some very negative interactions with humans along the way, so they became extremely wary and cryptic. In fact, they hide better than any animal on Earth. This is why they are difficult to locate and discover.

  • rsoemary

    He told me I was his Cinderella !! It’ s not a fair tale,it’s true.

    I’m a normal girl, not very beautiful or sexy. I never think anyone will love me until I met him in

    ~~ M eet ing Ri ch * c/-0 m ~~ a place connecting millionaire admirers and wealthy people. He said he had a special feeling for me! He want me to be his Queen!

    OH my god! It’s a dream? He is a certified millionare!!

    I totally believe this after our first date.

    Don’t wait, you will be the next !

  • Nina

    Adipocere for number one. The bodies “melt” in minutes after exposure to oxygen.

  • Mark

    The Shroud of Turin is on your Top 10 Unsolved mysteries. Explain.

  • WafflesWafers

    There’s one thing I don’t understand about the Ica stones. How did the farmer create that many stones in a little amount of time? And how did the farmer know such things like the open heart surgery? I’m not really sure that the farmer made those stones himself…

  • IrahtaRando

    regarding incorruptible corpse.. it is nothing mysterious it just a process of saponification.. and it is saponified

  • Ryan

    For the ‘Mary Celeste’, the crew were never found right? Nor any lifeboats or debris etc.? The explanation provided seems equally mysterious to me. The rest are fairly reasonable though.

  • rajeewa47

    the worst list ever on this site.

  • Fraser

    The shroud of Turin was the first attempt at photography by Leonardo DiVinci. Based on the writings in his own diary.

  • starryeyez

    In reference to your no.2 on list, what you refer to is horoscopes (which you quite correctly point are vague at best and mostly coincidental) Astrology on the other hand is far more precise working on the principle that the stars are perpetually moving positions in the sky, so depending on precise time and location on earth your astrological birth chart will differ (even in the case of twins who are born within minutes of each other) from anybody elses. a true astrological reading would entail someone researching your starmap at your time of birth and does not try to predict your future but instead gives you an insight to your charachters strengths and weakness and give you an insight into how you would react given different circumstances in your life.

    when i look at all the different influences the stars have over the earth i dont see why it is so hard to believe that they would have some kind of influence over us too, a few instances the tides are pulled by the moons gravity, crabs will migrate to breed under the moons influence, The sun is the very life source of our earth. psychology through history as associated emotions and madness with the moons influence hence the title lunacy derived from the word lunar. if science is so ready to accept that the moon and sun has such a heavy influence over us why is it not possible that the other planets do not have the same influence??????

    • Alexis

      Agreed. I actually made a list of these inaccuracies.
      This is the first list I disliked just because it sounded as if a cynical, skeptical, young adult wrote this in an attempt to make people angry.
      1. The majority of people haven’t looked deep enough into the “Mayan” calendar. What is pictured is the Aztec calendar. The Mayan calendar is on a stone slab. The Mayans and Aztecs are completely different.
      2. The newest Mars face picture actually increases the interest in many researchers of the theory, so just because the author’s opinion is opposite doesn’t make it right.
      3. The Bermuda Triangle is associated with many disappearances that happened OVER the mass of water. Not around it. All attempts that I have researched to disprove the fact that things have happened over it have been debunked as hoaxers trying to get a rise. Electromagnetic fields are unusually odd compared in the area compared to usual forces, so even if the author was right the cold, hard, fact is that it is a place of strong interest.
      4. Astrology is a deep-rooted subject, with scientific backing. And either way, leave it alone, as it is believed by many and followed by them. Saying Astrology doesn’t exist is like saying that The Bible doesn’t exist. It exists, it could be a little inaccurate, but it gives basic descriptions of a wide variety of subjects and is still researched today BEAUSE it is such an interesting subject that often follows through as accurate.

  • biasedarticle

    Change #2 title to Horoscopes, you dumbass.

  • Raul

    Sorry my friends, but the Shroud of Turín shouldn’t be on this list…

    ¿How do you explain Poncius Pilates coins marked in His eyes?, and many many more evidences…. The only one that fails was Carbon 14 datation, but again its 1 vs many, (And now a days most of the scientist that study the shroud agree that Carbon 14 was probably wrong),

  • Imraan

    very nice work..

  • Tara

    Ur probably one of those many losers whooz knowledge about Astrology is restricted to sun signs alone. Well I have some advice for you. Go in depth with it the way you’d do with any science and lose the ignorance.

  • pissed

    Astrology is not about telling the future. This makes me laugh. There is no evidence to back up your claims. This is purely opinion based. What you described are daily horoscopes, which are in fact general in vague. HOWEVER, is so much more in depth than you will ever understand. Sun signs give each sign such as Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, e.t.c. their personality traits. It describes different traits of people’s personalities. It is so much more than that… each sign has a certain rising sign, which is different than your sun sign, polarity, and elements. A sun sign is either earth, water, fire, or air. For example Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra would be air signs. There is also two different types of astrology to study; western or eastern astrology. One is all about the constellations and the planetary pull on human beings and the other is determining your sun sign and all about how your specific sign affects your personality daily. Also, considering the first chemicals of the earth (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and helium) formed within a star and are a result of a Supernova (an explosion which started the Big Bang Theory and the beginning of “time”)…use your logic. Next time get your facts straight because you write a full of nonsense, opinion based, blog. THANKS!!

  • Terrible

    Terrible list. Really, just awful. Most of this stuff is easily debunked with facts; too bad the author gave none. Clearly a biased skeptic wrote this list after doing very minimal research, if any.

  • Jay

    Easily the worst list ever published on Listverse. That’s a shame because the title promised something that would have been great. But there’s nothing here except a vague statement that strange stuff doesn’t exist.

    Maybe we can do a follow-up with some real research and some actual alternative explanations or refutations for for all the unexplained phenomena some believed to be involved in these cases.

  • comment

    added thin wax..not made of wax..

  • Peter Van Kan

    The most shallow, meaningless list I’ve seen here. I came for the promised logical explanations, and find mostly unfounded convictions of the author. Total fail.

  • jalsingh

    I like that all the inforn…

  • MB

    I’m pretty sure the reason why people think the world will end in 2012 is not just because the calendar ends and restarts then, but because we will be entering our fifth cycle, and the Mayans believed that the world would enter a new stage of creation.

  • vishwa

    i had pretty much fun……….cool stuff……..u hav to see it.

  • sky

    sorry to say but these really aren’t good explanations, don’t have me convinced

  • Crazypants

    The list lost legitimacy to me when you pictured the Aztec sun stone as being a Mayan calender.

  • V123

    This is stupid. Most of the entries state that the people were just wrong in what they saw and the thing of interest doesn’t actually exist. Which is always the first thought springing to mind. Why do I need a list, which cites my first assumption anyway?

  • xavierleeba


  • Dawngael

    This list should be removed. Nothing backs up the authors conclusions.

  • itZy0ll0tl

    number 6.. is NOT the MAYAN calendar. it is a representation of the Aztec calendar.. however it is not a calendar, it is called the stone of the sun…. a calendar is used to give you the exact date.. and this stone just has the 20 days around it, and a representation of the 5 eras they believed had gone by since the earths creation. the Mayan calendar is also circular but.. made by the mayan people…

  • Kristian Hendon

    I’d need to examine with you here. Which isn’t something I often do! I enjoy studying a submit that can make people think. Additionally, thanks for permitting me to remark!

  • Diana

    I agree with the author on everything except Shroud and incorruptible corpses (one case is not enough). And there is still no explanation as to how they produce oil, sometimes in very large amounts.

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  • Ashley Bush

    Hey folks, Will be the U.S. far better off staying with Syria’s Assad?

  • All opinion, badly researched, big dissapointment. :(

  • Geko

    Funny, that. When skeptics comment on “unsolved mysteries” lists asking for reliable sources, the “believers” come out of the woodwork to rant about open-mindedness. Yet, when it’s a debunking list, they’re the first to comment and ask for… reliable sources.

    A bit hypocritical, me think…

  • Infidel

    Great woo debunking list!

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  • Emma

    As for astrology… okay, I don’t believe they can predict the future. At all. But there’s something to be said for a group of people born in a time frame with similar personality features…and if they don’t fit their horoscopes, if you look into one’s natal’s fascinating.

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  • Alala

    Whoever wrote this list is obviously uneducated on the subjects in this list and extremely close minded.Stop believing what mainstream science and media tell u and learn to think for yourself!Not everything in our world is black and white.There is an extremely large grey area that holds alot of mysteries.

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  • Jeff

    I truly enjoy your site. I’ve learned a lot and for that I thank you. One thing about this list is you are incorrect about astrology. Astrology is not about the study of the constellations, that is astronomy. Astrology is the study of the signs of the zodiac. Each sign correlates to a planet. Each planet gives off energy fields an affects the way we think an act. Think of the moon and it’s affect on every living thing on the planet. Every planet in our solar system has affects on human beings and astrology helps us understand those affects.

  • Jeff

    Astrology is not the study of the stars to tell the future. Astrology is the study of the signs of the zodiac and their relation to the heavenly bodies (i.e. Sun, moon, and the planets) and the effect that they have on the earth and every living thing on it. Also, the astrology you find in almost all magazines and other publications has as much to do with actual astrology as the game Monopoly has to do with actual real estate.

  • karkneedak
  • Veyron

    Horrible list. You can tell a skeptical of eveything made this.

  • TetralFire

    Author has done no research into the face on Mars because along with the face there are also pyramids forming the Fibonacci spiral. Also to just discredit the Mayan calendar as just a calendar is a bit arrogant for they had vast knowledge of the cosmos. Including a complete know how on the procession of the equinoxes. Which would include just watching the skies for over 20 000 years to even notice. So yea, there really are no logical explanations yet for some of these things.

  • There is a lot more to the Shroud than what was stated here. I’m not saying it is the burial cloth of Jesus with his image on it. I don’t know that it is, I don’t know that it isn’t. I am saying it is not so easily dismissed as they make it seem in this article.

  • They included the Shroud, but they did not include the Tilma bearing the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  • veupevi
  • I think this was very intrestin I only cam on to look up marie seleste and you tort me other stuff also how to spell mary celest thank I think it was very cool at intresting aspetialy thr lock ness monster and big foot I’m like am I the only one that thinks its a bit odd that there are only pictured like that blured all the the time and its the same with aliens pictures thank you and sorry its long xxx

  • Joe Rebel

    In number 6, you are showing an Aztec stone, totally different in period, culture and place. What gives? you should be more precise now that you are “explaining” stuff. Grosss mistake…

    just saying…

  • Alexis

    This is the first list I disliked just because it sounded as if a cynical, skeptical, young adult wrote this in an attempt to make people angry.
    1. The majority of people haven’t looked deep enough into the “Mayan” calendar. What is pictured is the Aztec calendar. The Mayan calendar is on a stone slab. The Mayans and Aztecs are completely different.
    2. The newest Mars face picture actually increases the interest in many researchers of the theory, so just because the author’s opinion is opposite doesn’t make it right.
    3. The Bermuda Triangle is associated with many disappearances that happened OVER the mass of water. Not around it. All attempts that I have researched to disprove the fact that things have happened over it have been debunked as hoaxers trying to get a rise. Electromagnetic fields are unusually odd compared in the area compared to usual forces, so even if the author was right the cold, hard, fact is that it is a place of strong interest.
    4. Astrology is a deep-rooted subject, with scientific backing. And either way, leave it alone, as it is believed by many and followed by them. Saying Astrology doesn’t exist is like saying that The Bible doesn’t exist. It exists, it could be a little inaccurate, but it gives basic descriptions of a wide variety of subjects and is still researched today BEAUSE it is such an interesting subject that often follows through as accurate.

  • Gyabo

    Lol you hurt the feelings of Crazy hair alien dude in History Channel. Great list

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