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10 More Moral Dilemmas

David Hopkins . . . Comments

Morality is fun to debate. At the end of last December, I posted a list of another 10 dilemmas. By the comments submitted, I realize many did not feel that they had sufficient debatable merit. Therefore, I have posted 10 more, which I think will be more thought provoking and agonizing than my first list. Please tell us what you would do in each scenario via comments.


Doctor’s Sick Patients


You are a very skilled doctor with five dying patients, each of whom needs a different organ in order to live. Unfortunately, there are no organs available to perform any of the transplants. It just so happens that you have a sixth dying patient, suffering from a fatal illness, who will die sooner than the other five if not treated. If this sixth patient dies, you will be able to use his organs to save the five other patients. However, you have a medicine you can give to this sixth patient that will cure his illness and he won’t die. Would you:

a: Wait for the patient to die and then harvest his organs or
b: Save the patient even though the other patients won’t get organs.

If you chose to administer the medicine, would you still do so even if the medicine will not cure the patient, but, instead, delay his death to some short term future date or time after the five patients will have died? Why?


Robin Hood Robber

Robin Hood

You have witnessed a man rob a bank, but then, he did something completely unusual and unexpected with the money. He donated it to an orphanage that was poor, run-down and lacking in proper food, care, water and amenities. The sum of money would be a great benefit to the orphanage, and the children’s lives would turn from poor to prosperous. Would you:

a: Call the police and report the robber, even though they would likely take the money away from the orphanage, or
b: Do nothing and leave the robber and the orphans alone?


Friend’s Wedding


Your best friend is about to get married. The ceremony will be performed in one hour, but you have seen, just before coming to the wedding, that your friend’s fiancee has been having an affair. If your friend marries this woman, she is unlikely to be faithful, but on the other hand, if you tell your friend about the affair, you will ruin his wedding. Would you, or would you not, tell your friend of the affair?


Plagiarized Report


You are head of a student council at a high school, and are faced with a difficult decision regarding a grade-twelve girl’s risky, last-resort choice. This girl is an honor student. All through her academic years, she has obtained straight A’s, has many friends and has never been disciplined by the principal. However, near the end of her grade twelve year, she fell ill with the flu and fell way behind in her school work. She missed three weeks of class, which resulted in her having to rush a report that would be worth 40% of English, a required graduation subject in her curriculum. She was so desperate about the report that she went online and passed off a report she found on that subject as her own. Her English teacher caught her and has referred her to you. If you enter on her academic record that she plagiarized, she will likely not be eligible to be accepted into St. Steven’s University, a school she has dreamed of attending all through high school and needs in order to fulfill her academic and future dreams.
What would you do?


Photo Shop

Darkroom Lawrence 38808S

You are a developer at a photo outlet. There have been six instances over the past several weeks in which the same parents have taken film to you for developing. In those pictures you have processed, you have seen those parents with a little boy, obviously their young son. In three of those six cases, the child appeared to be injured in some way. One time, he had a bruise, one time he had a burn, one time he had multiple bruises and a cast. The first time you saw him with some degree of injury, you just thought to yourself, “Well, kids will be kids,” but, now that you have seen him this way three out of six times, you are starting to grow concerned that these parents could be abusing their child.

You know the policy at your outlet is to “Report questionable photos”, but you fear that if you do so, the police will take outrageous measures to try to “protect” this child. The parents could be totally innocent after all, but a child protective agency may take the child without any thought. This would leave the parents facing criminal charges, an expensive court case and possibly have to keep fighting to win their child back, even if found not guilty.

On the other hand, maybe the parents are harming their son and to not intervene would mean he will have to endure more of this cruel treatment, maybe indefinitely.
You consider asking his parents what the relationship is between them and their child, but for all you know, they might just lie to protect themselves.
What would you do?


Fountain of Youth

P10 08

A man/woman (whichever is opposite your gender), is immortal, because (s)he and his/her family have drank from a fountain of youth, not knowing what it was. You are now in love with this person and have felt this way long enough that you know (s)he to be your destiny. However, the only way you can stay together forever is if you drink from the fountain of youth and become immortal, too. If you do this, however, your family and everyone else you know will grow old and eventually die, and you will never be reunited in heaven with them, or your loved ones that you have known, who have already died. On the other hand, if you don’t drink from the fountain, you will grow old and eventually die, and the person with whom you are in love will never see you again, and be condemned to an eternity of loneliness and only memories of you. What would you do?
(From Tuck Everlasting, by Natalie Babbitt)


Concentration Camp, Revised

Alg Concentration Camp

You are an inmate in a concentration camp. A sadistic guard is about to hang your son who tried to escape, and is telling you to pull the chair out from under him. He says that if you don’t do so, the guard will kill not only your son who tried to escape, but also your other son, who is another innocent inmate. You have no doubt that he means what he says. What would you do?


Son and Granddaughter

Stock Traintracks Close-1

There is a train that, much to your horror, is about to run over your grown up son, who has been tied to its track. It just so happens that you have just enough time to flip a switch that will send the train down a different track, saving your son. However, tied to the other track, is your granddaughter, the daughter of the very son in danger of being run over. Your son is begging and pleading with you not to flip the switch, not to kill his daughter. What would you do?


Son’s Sacrifice

Screen Shot 2011-04-18 At 12.46.41 Pm

A very evil, uncontrollably murderous man tried to kill your son as a baby, but only succeeded in killing your son’s aunt and uncle, who were babysitting him. Since the murders, you fled into hiding, but now, you have discovered, in a prophecy, that when he tried to kill your son, a piece of the murderer’s soul left him and went into your son. For your son to defeat him, he must go forth and let the murderer kill him, destroying the piece of the murderer’s soul within your son. Otherwise, his piece of soul, within your son, will make the villain able to return if his body were destroyed. Your son has courageously accepted his fate and decides that he must die in order for his friends and allies to bring about the death of the villain and bring peace to the world, because it’s the only way. As his mother or father, would you:

a: Hold him back, because you love him too much to let him go, and feel you need to protect him as a parent, or
b: Accept his fate and choice just like he did and let him die. (Modified from Harry Potter by Joanne Rowling)




Jim has the responsibility of filling a position in his firm. His friend Paul has applied and is qualified, but someone else seems even more qualified. Jim wants to give the job to Paul, but he feels guilty, believing that he ought to be impartial. That’s the essence of morality, he initially tells himself. This belief is, however, rejected, as Jim resolves that friendship has a moral importance that permits, and perhaps even requires, partiality in some circumstances. So he gives the job to Paul. Was he right?

  • Barry Wanksock


    • Danny

      hear hear

    • g


    • Jeraldine


      • no__one

        i think we all agree here then

  • Dudezontehweb

    I found these choices pretty easy (not going through it, but having the choice of which to pick i can easily tell which one i’d pick, it would still be hard to actually do though) in comparison to the one posted before.

    Great list (very well written too) nonetheless.

  • Johan

    The only one I had a problem with was the Nazi camp one… Tough question.
    I’d try all my best at making them hang or shoot me instead. Including using violence.

    • JHZ

      Yup. As a sadist, the guard would only derive pleasure in tormenting me, and if I attacked him and forced him to kill me, he would be the loser. Sure, maybe he’d kick the chair himself, but at least it would not be me, and there’s a chance he doesn’t, because if he wanted to kill people, he’d do it himself. He probably gets his jollies from tormenting people, not killing them.

      As for the doctor one, why not ask the patients what they think? Deciding for yourself is playing God. Maybe the sixth patient doesn’t have much to live for, and instead of prolonging his sick life, would gladly help others? And if I can cure him, well, then, at least I can save one.

  • Weird order, and a few were just sort of choices, not moral dilemmas. But the ones that were were nice. Here is what I would do, if anyone is interested:

    10) I would save the patient. As a doctor, it would be my duty to provide care for patients under my supervision. It’s unfortunate that the other patients are in need of organs, but that doesn’t give me the right to determine the life of any other person. However, if the sixth patient would die regardless of whether or not care was administered, I would consult the patient. If they are willing, then I would harvest the organs.

    9) Report the robber. It’s an difficult circumstance, but I’ve got Kant on the mind, and robbing banks is an action which can never be justified, regardless of the course of action the robber takes afterward. And I’m sure the news coverage would send a huge flow of money to the orphanage, or, if it really is such a terrible place, it would be closed and the children would be sent to a better orphanage.

    8) Tell my friend. Better a single ruined day than an entire ruined life. This one was kind of lame.

    7) The circumstances of this are kind of absurd, but I can look past that, I suppose. The girl should fail that paper. If she is really that outstanding of a student, a single plagiarized paper won’t ruin her life, and you can’t set a precedent for “well, maybe sometimes it’s okay to plagiarize.”

    6) You talk to the parents and inform them of what you intend to do. If they really are innocent, fighting a claim of abuse based on a few ambiguous photos wouldn’t be that hard.

    5) Don’t drink from the fountain. Then make a suicide pact with the person. I assume the can still die from a swift beheading?

    4) I would pull the chair. Better my son dies at my own hands and knows why I am doing it than dies at the hands of some sick Nazi.

    3) I don’t flip the switch. If my son makes the choice to die to save his daughter, anything thing I feel to the contrary doesn’t matter in this case. His word should be the only one that matters. To act on my own desires would just be selfishness.

    2) Talk about a spoiler. First of all, if this murderous man is as the same caliber as Voldemort (Voldermort?) then, I would understand my son’s desire to do good. Because when it gets to that level, it isn’t just about your son and this guy anymore.

    1) There is no moral obligation in friendship for partiality. It’s a nice thing occasionally, but when a moral obligation for life comes in, it overrules the moral obligations of friendship. Being impartial in this case is more important, morally, than any obligation you have to friends.

    • Ni99a

      I agree with yours in everything except number 7. Have you ever got that feeling where you have done everything perfectly then something little came about and destroy your whole plan? Thats what that girl is feeling right now. You already knew, given she isn’t sick she will still pass with flying colors. This is a person’s future we are talking about. If you fail her she would have to waste another year because of a flu that probably was not her fault anyway.

      Shame shame.

      • Plans for the future are overrated. I was actually in the same situation once in high school. I was an A student (at least in English), and at the end of my senior year, I plagiarized for the first time on my last paper of the year. Worst feeling in the world, but I accepted the consequences. Didn’t destroy my future. That’s the problem I have with the dilemma: it’s got too many really specific stipulations.

        • guest

          I’m cruel, I guess. I would have made sure she was punished for copying the paper. If she’s so smart and awesome, then she should have gone and spoken with her teachers about being ill and how much she needed to catch up. There is nothing wrong with admitting you are over whelmed. I feel bad that she doesn’t get to go to the school she wanted to, but perhaps she should have taken that into consideration before she did something wrong.

      • g

        It is her future, and she should be mindful of it. She didn’t “make a mistake”, she deliberately cheated in order to get what she wanted. If she truly believed in her dreams, then she would attempt to accomplish them ethically. Shame indeed.

      • Mrs Marvel

        So it’s okay to cheat if you get sick but not okay to cheat if you are healthy? Secondly, she may have dreamed all along of attending the particular university, but a course change mandated by her decision to cheat might actually turn out to be a better future for her after all.

        Secondly, depending on where she lives her teachers may allow her to do make up work to compensate for the missing 40% of her grade given that she’s been sick and the situation is out of her control. Schools in general are pretty flexible and will work with students who are derailed by extraordinary circumstances. The scenario doesn’t even entertain the possibility that she could have made special arrangements with her instructors, which should have been the first thing she did rather than cheat.

        • Ni99a

          The scenario here is she does it in last resort. So the question here is will you be the obstacle to her dream. Mind you, she is a straight A student. Therefore the scenario is assuming that she will pass given she is not sick.
          If you decide to fail her, you are morally selfish.

    • Sucky suck.

      Is it really a moral dilemma if there are clear laws/creeds governing what action is the correct one (as in #10, 9, 7, 6, and 1)?

      The only hard one is #4.

      • Just because there is a law on something does not mean it will always dictate the moral duty of a certain situation.

        • Lifeschool

          Absolutely! A few bits of paper with the words LAW on them tucked away in Washington/Whitehall do not necessarily dictate the choices a person decides to make in the spare of the moment. There’s a law against speeding – but I’m late so there goes that one! Oh dear. Laws are strict guidelines, yes, but absolutes of human nature, no.

    • bestever2682

      I agree with all of your answers!

    • BallBag69

      No one gives a f$ck..

      • Lifeschool

        You obviously do, or else why make the effort to bother typing in a comment? If you really didn’t care, you would have skipped the list and the comments altogether.

    • bobby

      I loved your answer for number 5, i have to be honest i was stuck on that one.

  • magoopaintrock

    10 – Save the one patient, which doesn’t necessarily kill the others. They are killed because of something else.
    9 – Don’t report it. It’s none of your business and it’s probably insured anyway.
    8 – Tell the fiancé to tell the friend “or else.” Then they’ll have no choice but to come clean.
    7 – Punish her. It’s not the end of the world if she doesn’t get the school of her dreams.
    6 – Report it. What does it hurt the child to be removed from innocent parents? If they’re innocent they’ll be reunited shortly.
    5 – Don’t drink it, at least not for the reasons outlined. There are plenty of fish in the sea for both individuals to find new love. And a perfect memory of someone isn’t that bad, after all.
    4 – Kick the chair. It’s a personal sacrifice, but is this really the time to be selfish?
    3 – Kill the son. He’s begging for it, for obvious reasons, so just do it.
    2 – Let him do whatever he wants.
    1 – He was right as a friend. Professionally, it will end in disaster.

    • Mrs Marvel

      Re #6 in the US they start with a home visit, so not even likely the child would be removed from the parents right off.

    • BallBag69

      No one cares what you would do..

  • randomizer

    10) b otherwise jail term do you even know how many malpractice suits are out there?
    9) a. I cant live with him running off with someones hard earned money.
    8) Tell him. Its better now then getting divorced later.
    7) If there is time left in the acadamic year then i would give her two days for another report and take away 10% of her score as punishment.
    6) Inform the authorities. They might kill the kid.
    5) too twilightesh for me. No guy is worth losing your family. Thats right bella you did wrong.
    4) Attack the guard i would much rather he kill me than watch my son die.
    3) dont these trains come brakes.
    2) b
    1) politics politics politics. Its how you get ahead.

    • magoopaintrock

      Haha I guess attacking the guard is always an option. What about attacking the patient, or the robber, or the fiance, or the parents, or the job applicant? It’s a quick way out of any moral dilemma.

      • jroache

        Really?, attack the patient, parents,robber,job applicant. Why not attack the train while you are at it. Attacking the guard(and possibly the murderer) is the only situation where it would be suitable response. Unless you are a murderous

        psychopath, then these wouldn’t be dilemmas for you would they?

  • 10. Save the one you can and let the rest die a transplant operation is time consuming and too much work , and 5 would just be too much effort .

    9. Banks and the rich of the world are greedy shits plus the money is insured.

    8. Tell .Dont be pussy , tell .

    7. If she was genuinely sick this wouldn’t happen .

    6. Keep your mouth shut , children are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs .

    5. Drink it and rule the world .

    4.Pull the chair . If you haven’t killed your self by this point you obviously intend to survive and have probably done a great deal of other foul things to survive .Dont waste all that hard work .keep going you may get out with a child yet .

    3. Cannot advise find out in advance about the various life insurance policies.

    2. Get a book deal and become the richest single mom ever.

    1. The word nepotism comes to mind but if your friend doesn’t do anything for you then dont help him at all . Agree on a pre-discussed percentage of his salary for a pre-determined amount of months before you give him the job .

    • ahhh, i see you are taking advantage of the word pussy not being censored

      • as in “pussy cat” not…….. the other one .

        • nothing wrong with being cute, cuddly and furry

          • fighting …urge …to …joke….about ….waxing…..

          • Waxing kittens is wrong

          • yeah i know especially when you are drunk . Thats why im missing a finger on my left hand and I’m blind in one eye . Incidentally if you ever want a bald cat like Dr Evil , dont be cheap, buy one , its not a DIY friendly process .

    • randomizer

      Why do you hate kids so much? Be nice to them they are nice to you be nasty with them they shove right down your throat. I think thats the case with you try to be nice more.

      • im the nicest guy when it comes to kids , as soon as friends with kids come they all high five me like im the best . I set them up with food and drink and entertainment then as soon as i turn my back they get me. Last time is was my playstation , this time they poured toiletries into my fish tank .

        RIP Jerry, never forget all the good times .You died a long slow , lavender scented death . Adieu , until we meet in heaven ,

        • randomizer

          Lol. Then ive got it easy my niece and nephew as soon as they say hi they bury their heads in their psp. The four year old is the only trouble maker he thinks my coffee table is a jumping castle and paper shreds my magazines by hand but when i play picabo and here comes the tickle monster he becomes well behaved again.

          • i actually gave one of the kids a brand new PSP i wasn’t using …… That’s another moral dilemma , do you A) tell your friend their kids are destructive and out of control and risk loosing a friendship or B) Use blunt force trauma and dispose of the child under the compost heap ?

        • There are times when i question your sanity

  • <3boobs

    I love Harry potter.
    I like questions 1-5 but the rest I would need more information about. Can’t make the decision while presuming any information.

  • BRIK

    This site should stay with having lists on interesting subjects, not this moral dilemma BS. I read this site to learn interesting stuff, not to answer questionnaires.

    • Moral dilemmas are the root of philosophical ethics. Number 10, in fact, is one of the foundational dilemmas of utilitarianism. Hardly “questionnaires.”

    • JustMe

      Seconded. The quality of the lists on here has gone down significantly over recent months. Or is it just me???

      • According to your name, it is, in fact, just you ;)

  • I actually had #6 happen to me only slightly different. I was working as a photo tech and one night I was going about business as usual and I went about developing a roll of film. Then I checked the negatives through a scanner to see if there were any pictures that came out bad. Well I went through the first ten or so and didn’t really notice anything strange. Then I notice a naked little boy on one and I figured probably just kids being silly or something. But then I saw more naked of both the little boy and girl. Now the way they were shot it didn’t really come off as anything wrong but then I saw a picture of a guy holding both the little girl and boy and that’s when I knew I had to show my manager. I showed him and he contacted the police, who defiantly thought that something illegal was going on from what they saw in the pictures. Then I had to give the film back to the girl who had dropped the pictures off (who wasn’t in any of the pictures) and inform her to contact the police or that they would be in touch with her if she did not. Later on I asked my manager what happened and he wouldn’t comment on it. I’m guessing I busted a pedophile.

    As for the question itself to me it kind of seems unlikely that parents that were abusing their children would really have time to take that many pictures. But if I had gotten them I probably would have at least shown them to a manager and left it up to him in regards of contacting the police.

  • <3boobs

    You are 21 years old, you have a disease that has no cure and will kill you you won’t suffer but you only have 10 years left to live. A magical pixie that lives in a shoe comes to you and tells you thy on the flip of a coin you could be cured of the disease and guaranteed to live to 80 (you wouldn’t have any major health concerns ever again). But if you lose the coin flip you will die in between 3-5 weeks…. Make your decision, google coin toss and find out if you would have lived or died.

    • I die – btw – you have an interesting screen name

      • Arsnl

        Yes. His name is awesome. And so subtle. I think the long version is “universe< 3boobs".
        Fond memories. Total recall and Paul.

        • <3boobs

          <3 gooners

    • jethro

      Im dead/near death/comatose or too drugged to know wants happening.

    • Fencingismysport

      I’m live :D

    • David Hopkins

      I would not take the coin flip. I would gratefully live 10 more years than risk living only 3-5 more weeks. Besides, there is always the risk that something sudden and unforseeable (car crash, cancer, venomous bite, murder, etc) could happen to me at a young age that will claim my life.

      • David Hopkins

        God forbid something like that would happen to me though, especially young.

  • ozwald

    David Hopkins is going to hell. You can either bring him water from fountain of youth so the he could live forever or you can teach him to write better lists so that he could save his soul. What would you do? I’d say go to hell.

    • David Hopkins

      Ozwald, would you like it if someone posted a comment like that about you?

      • Zalmang

        i agree with david, you shouldnt be saying things like that ozwald

  • Kelladros

    Number 5 drink the water of course. Your going to be able to spend eternity with the person you love. Your family is going to most likely die before you anyway and you can always offer your children a drink from the fountain. Also living forever means you would be living millions, billions, trillions of years, I think after a few thousand you and your love would have become somewhat god-like beings at least in your mentality. Besides in a few thousand years things are obviously have going to changed tremendously so who knows you and your love could always volunteer to be the first people sent to some kind of distant planet or anything really considering your immortality you could help mankind with a tremendous amount of things. If you get to spend the rest of eternity with the love of your life I think after a few hundred years you would be able to get over the loss of your family. The whole religious aspect of it is kinda moot but I guess if you believe in it, I’m pretty sure in a million years you could figure out how to visit heaven if you really wanted.

    • Arsnl

      Yeah. All these things …or …you’ll start hating her guts and you beg for the sweet sweet moment when the angel of death will come to rescue you from the clutches of satan himself. But that will never happen.
      Plus she wont stop whinning about how she gave YOU immortality. Are you ready for centuries of “who let the toilet seat up” arguments?
      And now the WORST THING: her mom is also immortal. I think i rest my case

      • Detonator D

        LOL !

  • 10- don’t kill the sick, it’s still murder

    9- Leave the orphans be

    8-Get some since she is giving

    7- Let the plagiarism case go(don’t be Hilary Clinton)

    6- Report it

    5- :? i really don’t know :|

    4-Offer oneself for the lives that one has produced

    3- Let the little life live

    2- Live with the evil, don’t let go of the good

    1- Wrong choice(unless he was doing you some late night favors), he will eventually get your job if he gets a friend who is hiring for a position( pitcher ) you want . . . DON’T BE A TOOL

  • mandy

    10 – I’d save the patient that I had the medicine to save
    9) I’d keep quiet and let the orphanage have the money
    8), I’d tell my friend,
    7)I’d have given her a chance in the first place to have some extra time to write the report since hse was sick- I’d get her to rewrite her report as her own and count that towards her grade.,
    6), I’d report it and let the authorities deal with it.,
    5) I dont think I’d drink. I couldn’t handle losing every person I ever love but one.
    4)Hard one, but if my first son was going to die no matter what I do, I think I’d do it but then again I don’t really think I’d be able to make myself kill anyone let alone my own kid.
    3) I’d respect my sons wishes, knowing that as much as I don’t want to go throught he pain of losing a child, he doesnt want to live while his child dies. I wouldn’t want him to go through the pain of knowing his child died so he could live. I think it would be easier for the child to cope, knowing she has her mother, and grandmother to support her.
    2) Accept his choice (though not somethign I believe in, the spirtis and all ;P)
    1) Depends how badly Paul needed the job I think. But generally I think the job should go to the most qualified person.

  • circlefan

    @timothyjames…for no. 5: no, quick beheading will not make him dead, i’ve read the book, and those who drank the eternal waters have amazing regenerative abilities ;)
    so, will you still have the suicide pact?

    • Really?! How lame. In that case…. I would….drink it? I really don’t know. I worry that I would get bored after I mastered everything in the universe.

      • Assimilator A

        what about if you try suicide using explosives??

  • Arsnl

    10)If hollywood(and some book a guy wrote) ever taught us anything is that if your foot ever touches a hospital floor, you’re good as sold for parts. Its commonc knowledge and you should accept your faith. Plus we all know that sooner or later we’ll eventually wake up in a bathtub filled with icecubes and a scar above our kidney. Why should a doc save patient 6 when sooner or later his kidney will end up in a 3rd world country. Let’em die.
    9) greedy orphans. We all know how they are. They make those puppy dog eyes(sad and soulful) and give your their bowl:” please sir. May i have some more?”. NO. NO YOU MAY NOT HAVE SOME MORE.
    8) I live in france. And im pretty damn sure i saw they were serving foie gras. Do you realise how expensive that stuff is? Why let it go to waste. And cake. Yum. Im sure my friend wont mind. Its for the greater good. The greater culinary good. He worked his azz off to pull off this wedding. Who am i to spoil it for him. Maybe he was dreaming of it since he was a lil’kid. (did i mention foie gras?)
    7) arent there adult movies that deal with this exact same issue?
    6)Im pretty sure that kid got a waffle face cuz he deserved it. Also we have all seen the omen
    5)Moral if this story: gays dont get to be immortal. Thats enough for me to lead a happy life.
    4)Id make my kid shoe sols made of superconductors. And id put a huge magnet under the floor. He’ll start levitating in no time. And if he’s a good actor he’ll fake a good hanging too. Afterwards when the guards will keep on seeing him in the camp, ill tell them its a ghost. That will sure mess with their heads.
    3)Now you know you should have staid of my lawn.
    2)hmm. I see where you are going. Chucky. Cool. Well my kid will eventually turn up to be adolf… Oh he’s harry potter? Id ask him if he kas hermione’s number.
    1) hire the chick with the biggest assets.

    This list made me ask myself continuously. What should I do? Should i write and please my fans? Should I not say anything and disrupt the natural order of the universe? Tell me. What should i do?

    • David Hopkins

      Oh, I get it. Hire the chick with the biggest ASS-ets. Literally, a provocative pun.

  • Plod

    For #5 i would drink it and if i thought it was time to go we would shoot ourselves in the face

    • Reminds me of an episode of a CSI episode, had who guns, they would shoot each other at the same time at the count of 3. 1 – 2 – 3 couldn’t shoot the other when they got to 3.

    • Maggot

      Immortality means you don’t die. It doesn’t mean “you don’t die except for when you get shot in the face”. Being immortal also doesn’t mean you feel no physical pain. So to recap – you will have chosen to forever walk the earth with a bloody gaping head-wound and be in constant excruciating pain. You might want to rethink that one, genius.

      • Dolo

        Immortality and invincibility are not the same thing. Immortality just means you’ll live forever (in other words, you won’t die of natural causes or old age). It doesn’t mean you can’t be injured or killed. Whether the author meant that you’d be immortal or immortal AND invincible, I don’t know. But it makes a big difference.

  • Metalwrath

    I actually experienced the one with the cheating bride.

    The futur new wife of my father sent me a text message (which wasn’t directed at me, it was a mistake) which clearly proved that she was cheating on my father with some lover. something like “I can’t see you today because my futur husband will be here. Thanks for the tender words.” Later she accidently called me and left me a message saying the same sort of thing. Since my father was old, lonely and depressed, and she was much younger (by 30 years), I didn’t say anything and let it go because I knew my father would be happier. They’ve been married now for almost 10 years. Oh, and my father isn’t rich at all, he’s a retired school teacher, so its not about the money. She surely loves him and cares, but that didn’t seem to stop her from having another lover, probably more her age.

  • Metalwrath

    Oh and for those interested, I don’t think she ever realised that she accidently sent these messages to me instead of her lover. I never mentionned it to her and nor did she to me.

    Once she called me all stressed out telling me the “guy I saw with her yesterday in the street” was a friend from work. The thing is that I didn’t even notice them, but she was obviously scared that I saw them, and she had something to feel guilty about obviously.

    Yeah, she’s kind of stupid :D

    • Arsnl

      If i remember correctly you are french right? In that light it wouldnt be suprising to me, your story.

      • Metalwrath

        hmmm stereotype much? Yes I’m French, but my father’s new cheating wife is Indian, she immigrated to France at 20 and met my father here 5 years later.

        French women aren’t more inclined to cheat than any other western women.

        • ADSIJ

          India is East of you

  • ace

    And yet you read it all. Or did you? In which case you disqualified yourself from making a fair comment.

    Your moral dilemma: do you respond that you did indeed read all of it or no, you only read it partially? Your move..

  • vh4life


  • necropenguin

    10 – save patient #6. i don’t think you could legally harvest their organs without their permission (or their family’s permission).

    9 – let the robber go.

    8 – tell him about the cheating whore.

    7 – redo your report, possibly with a minor penalty. i can give a little leeway to someone for being sick for 3 weeks.

    6 – call the cops.

    5 – drink up! you can always find new friends after the old ones all die off.

    4 – kick out the chair. at least let one of my sons live. but on the other hand would i want either of them to have to suffer in a concentration camp for who knows how long?

    3 – sorry son, but you said to save your daughter.

    2 – there’s no such thing as soul transference, so who cares?

    1 – yeah, i’d hire my friend too. it would make going to work a little easier to deal with.

  • Pedro

    What is this? A center for ants?

  • Hyer

    No. 2 is a hell of a SPOILER to Harry Potter fans who have not read the books! LOL. NICE LIST!

  • “Son and Granddaughter”, what a unnecessary dilemma.

    number 1 Friendship is easy. Obviously choose the most qualified.

    • Fred the Fish

      Unnecessary? To be honest, I have thought about this one and can understand the dilemma, since I have children in real life, but I have decided I would save my son nonetheless. Here are my reasons:

      1 He’s of closer relation to me than the grand kid.
      2 My duty as a parent is to preserve his life, whatever the consequences or circumstances.
      3 He’s probably still of reasonable age to bear another child (I’m not).
      4 Since he was a parent and didn’t want to lose his child, maybe he’ll come to understand I felt the same way about him.
      5 Any person tied to the second track, be it grand kid, other relative, friend, acquaintance or stranger, would be some parent’s child, in which case, I’d still be saving my son, although another parent/family would be grieved.

      I would just pray like mad my son finds strength, peace and forgiveness in the rest of his life. Maybe his daughter will end up in heaven, but there just is no life in the universe that takes priority over my child.

      • David Hopkins

        I find your viewpoint cold, thoughtless and completely self-centered. Let’s take a look at your reasoning:

        1 Why should it always matter who is of closer relation to YOURSELF?
        2 Your duty as a parent is to preserve his life in a way he can actually benefit.
        3 What makes you think he will want to bear another child after losing the one he had and by his own parent’s hand at that?
        4 Since you’re so hell bent on not losing him, wouldn’t you realize your son would feel the same way about his own child, rather than the other way around as you wrote?
        5 A stranger grieving for their lost child is bad enough, but if you loved your son as much as you’re trying to make out, how on Earth could you subject him to grieving over his lost child? It’s like you’re saying, when it comes to life or death, your son comes first before anyone else, but when it comes to grief, you don’t give a damn (even if it could be your son) who is hurt.

        I hope you never have any grandchildren.

      • Quinn

        @ Fred the Fish: If that is what you have to say, you’re about as bad as the arsebag who tied them to the tracks.

        • Fred the Fish

          All right, you two. You don’t have to get so antagonistic. I was just expressing my opinion. I understand your arguments, and I really would feel guilty whether or not I flipped the switch. It’s just that my son is my son. I would rather die than see him crunched under a train. I’m aware my son would feel the same about his daughter and I would love her too. It’s just that she wouldn’t mean quite as much to me as my son. My son would hate me, but I would still have him. You’re probably right, actually. I should save his daughter. But, I admit, I just wouldn’t and couldn’t have the moral strength to let the person I’d have raised and supported for 30-40 years get killed.

  • Bob

    With number 9 in the USA the government or law enforcement agencies can’t take back money given to charitable orginizations so report him because he still broke the law.

  • Lifeschool

    Hi, I love lists like these. Lets have a look at the order:

    #10 – Organs are donated all the time, so there is a chance that some will arrive to save the sick before they die. In the meantime I would save the ill person. If the ill person is infectious, there would be a good chance this infection would spread to all the sick guys if I harvested the organs from the ill guy, and a series of ill + sick guys will prevent the organs from ‘taking’ to their bodies. So that’s right out. Another option would be to ask all the sick guys if they would like to become organ donars in case of death, as just one taker of this opportunity may save all the others.

    #9 – I would leave the robber and the orphans alone. The stolen money will most likely be insured, especially if it came directly from a bank or a business. Banks rob people all the time – even loans are daylight robbery – so I have no problem sharing it out. Call it; a bonus :)

    #8 – Some people have pre-marrital affairs as a final act of independence before their marriage, or a final one-night-stand as if to say: “goodbye to all that”, and yet still remain faithful during the marriage. Russell Brand comes to mind. I’ve had this opportunity too, on my stag night, but I chose to turn it down. So no, I wouldn’t pre-judge the partner. Besides, if I were to say something before my friend finds out for himself, he may dismiss me and our friendship. I see all kinds of things happening to all kinds of people; and as an outside observer of life this is often quite obvious; but I would never presume,/u> to interfere with other peoples lives in that way. You can’t live someone-elses life for them, no matter how much you care about them, and if you did interfere, you may be preventing a very valuable life lesson / growing opportunity.

    #7 – First offence, slap on the wrist, “don’t do it again or higher steps will be taken next time.” Girl: Shock – humility – gratitude – relief. Learning why it is important NOT to plagerize is a valuable lesson which needs to be learned in Higher school in order to strengthen the girls chances at University. If the girl had been at University, then the recourse would have been the same, although this time things are going to be made public, followed by a hearing, followed by a verdict. But there is still a good chance that even this showboating will still let the girl off with a severe warning – if this was the first offense.

    #6 – If I were beating up my child, I would make sure there was no photo or video evidence which could be used later in court. :) Seems obvious, but no-one is going to be that dumb, knowing that the developer will see the photos and presume. My kid used to fall over all the time – usually into walls or on stoney ground. He had bruises. Besides, if this was a serious case, the child would be injured across all six photos and not just the three, proving this was an ongoing situation. What if the child had been climbing out of his cot and landed on the floor; breaking an arm. Ours did this a few times, but fortunately he didn’t break anything. Having social workers in is almost a personal invitation to have them snoop around and take action. Some social workers are paid on a ‘per rescue’ basis, and they have ‘targets’ – using the excuse ‘Well, there’s no smoke without fire, we wouldn’t have been called in if this wasn’t serious!’. Well… perhaps someone got someone else into serious trouble by not knowing the full story, or the full implications of their actions? You can never gain the full story by looking at a few mere snapshots.

    #5 – Well, I invoke the ‘Highlander’ principal. It is possible (according to the movies) to have long lasting loving relationships with mortals – to the end of their days – and be fulfulled – and then find another companion later down the line. However, immortality can be a curse, and I would never drink from the immortal cup willingly. No, not because some guy with a sparking sword will come along and chop my head off, but because I’d have to work for like 600 years while I’m still in my prime. Life would lose it’s meaning – it would simply be endless.. endless… endless. No “I must do this before I’m 40”, no “10 more years and then I retire”. Besides, imagine staying with the same partner for hundreds of years. My marriage, as good as it was, lasted 3.

    #4 – Similar to a list item on a previous list, I would pull the chain, save my other son, save myself and my family. “If I’ve told him once, I’ve told him a thousand times! Never try to break out of a contentration came before the tunnel gets finished. This is for your own good, son – you impatient idiot!”

    #3 – Again very similar list item as before. If I am ‘responsible’ for my son, and my son is ‘responsible’ for the life of his daughter, then I have to take the position to stand by whatever my son says concerning his daughter (and as she has wandered blindly onto a track with an approaching train on it, I guess she is clearly not ‘responsible’ enough to take care of herself!) In short, I’d comply with my sons wishes. For the record, if the son was 40, I was 60, and my grand-daughter was 7, there would be no issue, and even so – this is a sketchy dilemma at best.

    #2 – Such an obvious Harry Potter ploy, I guessed it from the first or second line. Soul-loss I believe to be real (in an immaterial sense) due to the impact of severe shock or trauma, leading to: “I never felt the same after that…” My Shaman friend does remote soul retrieval to this very day, and with great success*. Anyway, back to the plot. If, by some logic, it was not possible to extract (soul) energy from within an energetic being (ahem..) then, “Son, you’re old enough to take on the burden of this responsibility, you’ve clearly made up your mind, so you go get ’em.”

    (* consensus view based on over two-hundred clients – including myself – and their general feedback)

    #1 – Yes he did the appropriate thing. A friend knowing a friend will also know if they are: honest, loyal, intelligent, hard working, respectful, motivated; and what kind of relationships they build with other people. He will know if the friend will aid him as an allie – and allies tend to stick together more closely than some paid ’employee’ who needs the carrot and stick approach to be bothered to do any overtime. If ‘business’ were to be likened to a battle, a brand new tank could make all the difference. But it is important to ensure a bright and loyal commander is in full control over that tank, or else you may find yourself with a mysterious, head-strong, brown-nosing loose-cannon on your hands; who thinks nothing of joining the other side!

    Cheers. (sorry for any typos)

    • Lifeschool

      A further note about no.1: re friend. Sometimes a friend recommendation is the best recommendation. That’s how Ayrton Senna got started. Chico Serra was a pioneer of brazillian driving when he won the Formula Ford 1600 championships in 1977. From the start he was informing his boss, Ralph Firmin, about how fast Ayrton Senna was and, although Senna was relatively inexperienced, and never won the World Karting Championships (despite so many attempts), Firmin gave him his chance and Senna won two FF1600 championships back to back in the SAME YEAR – 1981. Then Senna did the same for his friend, Mauricio Gugelmin – who won it in 1982. Sometimes, it’s not just about paper qualifications, or even experience… When the right shoe fits, wear it.

    • asdad

      Your 1st answer was genius! Infected organs, why didn’t I think of that!

  • Freddie

    In the order appearance…
    10 I would save the 6th patient. As a doctor it is my duty to preserve life not aid in death even if killing one patient saves five others. Even if there is a 50-50 chance that medicine will cure him, he has the right to be given that chance.

    9 Leave the orphan and the bank alone. The bank’s money is insured. Hence, they will get it compensated. The orphan’s will probably not get a break like this ever.

    8 Of course you have to tell your friend. You can’t let him marry an unfaithful woman. Yes you ruin his wedding, but you save his future.

    7 I would tell her she could graduate if I got a little tongue bath (just kidding!). I would give her the lowest possible grade she needs in order to graduate on the condition that she study for two weeks and re-do the paper without cheating.

    6 Wow, this was a tough one. I would casually mention, maybe jokingly about the kid getting injured a lot. Maybe make up a story about getting injured a lot as a kid or something, just to see the reaction. Based on the parent’s reaction I would decide whether to report them or not.

    5 I would not drink from it. Let her live on. I will move on and find a normal person to love.

    4 This one was quite sickening. Instead of an answer I’d like to pray that no one, absolutely no human being ever has to be faced with this choice.

    3 Oh bloody hell! I hate the one’s that involve family members. I would not flip the switch. Women and children first, always.

    2 This is too far-fetched. I went along with the fountain of youth etc., but this is unlikely to happen, hence, I choose to ignore it.

    1 Jim was so wrong. Jim should have been more professional. He should have admitted the conflict of interest to his boss and removed himself from making the choice of filling the position. He should also not reveal which of candidates is his friends so that others can make a fair choice.

  • oouchan

    mmm…..I’m not a fan of this one…but then again, I don’t like the “Kobayashi Maru” type situations.
    I’ll let someone else play this game.

  • 10. Do what I am supposed to do. I am a doctor. My role is to cure people or at least delay their deaths. I am not an executioner nor a judge.

    9. He may look like the robber, dress like the robber, walks like the robber but I am sure he was not the robber. I know. That is the truth. Insurance companies are making lots of moneys anyway.

    8. I always bring with me a spy cam, a laptop, and a portable projector. And I can make good slideshow in less than 20 mins. A good church must at least have a flat wall I guess.

    7. Is “retake” not allowed anymore nowadays? Why make it that hard?

    6. Do what I am supposed to do. Work policy requires reporting of questionable photos. Whether they abused the child or not, I have no way of knowing it. What is a few days away from parents than a possible loss of life / childhood.

    5. Whether or not I would be staying in love with the girl or not, I would be drinking that fountain still.

    4. Spit in his face! Never show emotions, it will only satisfy him.

    3. May it be a grand daughter or someone I don’t know. I won’t be flipping any switch. Someone killed my son is less evil than I killed someone’s son.

    2. America bombed Japan. And I thought that was noble.

    1. Good personal relationships within the workplace is good for the company. As long as you are not stealing anything from the company, or unless you are hiring someone incompetent, then it’s fine. Anyways, a normally qualified person can outperform a highly qualified person in the actual workplace.

    • Chrisy

      Wait are you honestly comparing Harry Potter to America bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki? First of all there was NOTHING noble about dropping the atomic bombs on Japan, recent confidential files that have been brought to light, suggest that Japan was suffering from famine due to lack of rice and other crops and therefore couldn’t possibly have continued for much longer.

      Plus atomic bombs are never justified, the one’s who truly pay aren’t the generation involved but the next one.

      Go educate yourself before you say crap like that

    • Chrisy

      and if you still haven’t learnt anything maybe this will help you understand the true circumstances under which America dropped the Atomic Bomb and destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  • Tutsrevenge

    wait, when did bank robbing become so deplorable. I actually fancy the audacity with which they complete the acts, and especially enjoy a brilliant one.

  • WasabiPeanut

    Okay here are my answers:
    10. Save the patient. As a doctor Im supposed to save who is savable, not kill one to help others (which deny care would certainly do).
    9. Call the police. While his intentions are good they still broke the law and endangered others to do it. Could’ve raised money through a fundraiser or some other means.
    8. No question you tell them.
    7. If they are an outstanding student and their sickness was known they could have asked for an extension. Even if they couldn’t, it would have been less damning to their future to have tried and failed than to get caught cheating. They may be smart, but lack character.
    6. I probably would run it by my manager, but realistically all kids do get injured, and the more active they are (sports or just really hyper) they more likely they will get injured. I was bruised and cut up all the time from playing karate with my friends (broke my ankle) to falling out of trees.
    5. Id drink up. Whether I do or don’t would keep my family and friends from dying (besides couldn’t I take them to the FoY as well?) but in the end I’d want an eternity with the one I love.
    4. Hardest one on this list. Principle would say I don’t want to by complicit in my own son’s murder, even if he was going to die anyway, but to risk another son would also be heartbraking.
    3. Easy, the granddaughter. If both are family its really a hard choice, but the son wants his daughter to live, plus I would almost always save a child over an adult.
    2. I’d say its the son’s choice at this point. Although I find this moral dilemma to be a bit ridiculous
    1. No. When he accepted the position in the company he is morally obligated to do what is best for the company, not his friend. Besides being the boss of a friend is only going to be more awkward not less.

  • Ike

    #10. What treatment the patient receives is completely up to them. It’s not the doctors decision. If the other patients die because the one chooses to receive the medication that will either cure him or delay his death then so be it.

    #9. Call the police. A crime is a crime, no matter what good may become of it. Hopefully by reporting it the orphanage will receive the attention it needs and conditions will improve through donations.

    #8. Of course I would tell my friend… what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t? Better to ruin the wedding than ruin his life.

    #7. I have a hard time imagining that a student that missed 3 weeks of school due to an illness would be required to submit a report in such a time frame. This is such a ridiculous scenario that I won’t even address it.

    #6 I would report it. First of all is is the stores policy. I wouldn’t ask the parents myself because I am not trained to ask questions in a situation like that… if I were I wouldn’t be working at a freakin CVS one hour photo. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Sure I would feel bad if they were innocent, but I would feel worse if they weren’t and I didn’t report it.

    #5. Personally… I don’t believe in heaven… so reuniting with loved ones is a bunch of crap for me. But… I don’t want to live forever… I can’t imagine anyone who would. Life would become boring after a while… I’d end up wishing I could die just to cure the boredom.

    #4. I would do everything in my power to overtake the guard. If my sons and I get killed in the process then so be it. At least we didn’t die cowards.

    #3. i wouldn’t flip the switch. I don’t really see where this is such a dilemma…

    #2. This one is just stupid. I refuse to acknowledge it’s existence.

    #1. No, he wasn’t right. if Paul was a true friend he would understand that Jim had to hire the better qualified person for the job.

    I didn’t find this list any better than the other. I had a hard time seeing what the dilemma was in most of these. To me, the were more of a common sense thing than a moral one.

  • Canadianguy


    Easy. I’d report the English teacher for being incompetent.

    Really, don’t you know student coucil members have no authority since they are just students?

  • c.l.

    got some debates going in my office for sure… very cool … nice list!!

  • omg lemonade

    what kind of question is #5? id drink it within seconds

  • Zoe

    10 – b, obviously. You can’t go around killing people for their organs. Even if he is going to die anywaym still “b” unless he gives consent.

    9 – a. The law is the law. Hopefully it will bring some attention to the orphanage in media coverage.

    8 – tell them. I’d want to know.

    7 – give her the chance to re-do her report

    6 – report them, easy

    5 – immortatility

    4 – don’t do it. the guard is responsible for the murders.

    3 – not flip the switch

    2 – b. it’s his choice

    1 – yes.

  • David

    With The Robin Hood Robber theory, that`s easy. You do b. And i know it sounds crazy, but if you were to compare Robin Hood to anyone, it`s Osama Bin Laden. Robin Hood is seen by a lot of people as a criminal, but to the poor, he`s a hero. To America and the world, Osama Bin Laden is seen as a terrorist, to Arabs, he`s a freedom fighter. Robin Hood evaded the bumbling King John and his henchman the Sheriff of Nottingham, Osama Bin Laden has evaded the bumbling George W Bush, and Obama, and their henchmen the CIA. Amazing, I know.

  • Auburn Tiger

    10. Save the 5 patients. No one will blame you for doing it. Doctors lose patients all the time and saving 5 is a big deal.
    9. Leave it. They need more than Wells Fargo or BB&T.
    8. Don’t tell him. It’s best to stay out of others affairs (no pun intended).
    7. Explain her story to those in charge and see if she can redo it in the summer. If not, don’t lie. Screw her. You don’t need to lie and risk getting in trouble yourself. You did what you could.
    6. Report it. If they get caught, you don’t want it to reflect poorly on you. If they were innocent, you probably won’t hear about it, so you’ll be able to live with yourself.
    5. Be with woman; live forever.
    4. Pull the chair. Any father would do that I assume (I’m not a father).
    3. Save your granddaughter.
    2. I hate this one. I dunno. Whichever. They’re both stupid.
    1. Hire your friend cause that’s awesome. Fuck that other guy.

  • Springs

    10. Save the sixth patient. If there is a chance to save a life you save it, you do not kill to save others.

    9. Definitely let the robber go and let the orphanage keep the money. Banks are soulless buildings full of complete shit, their money would be insured anyway but I couldn’t care less if it wasn’t. If a person robbed a piece of shit organisation like a bank and gave it to poor children I would applaud him.

    8. Confront the person cheating first. To be honest I think a relationship can be repaired through things like this. It reminds me of an episode of MASH where Col. Potter finds out his daughter’s husband cheated on her. He doesn’t tell however, he knows the husband is truly remorseful. However, if they did it again, I’d tell my friend straight away.

    7. Hard choice for me. Personally I think that dreams of university and a dream career is absolute crap, mainly because it is simply selfish ambition, usually at the cost of previous relationships. However if it is the girl’s one and only dream and losing it will shatter her, well I’ve been there, I would let her pass the paper and follow her dreams. Her happiness is more important than my silly opinions.

    6. Confront the parents first and watch their body language closely. Then more than likely call the police. If the parents seem suspicious then you have done the right thing, if they seem innocent well then they will have no problem with the police.

    5. If I was the mortal one I would drink from the fountain. As an immortal I believe you would both be more useful to the world, plus find out the true meaning of suffering. Going through history for milennia with a true love would be worth it, also considering I do not believe I will ever be reunited with my loved ones in the afterlife.
    However if I was the immortal I would tell the other not to drink from the fountain. If I really loved them I would not want them to go through the horrors of immortality, and they deserve to be reuinted with their loved ones in the afterlife if they believe.

    4. Attack the guard and hopefully die. If my two sons also die I would not be saddened, compared to the situation, death is not so bad, especially considering the possibility of afterlife.

    3. This is the easiest one, I do not flip the switch. If I flip the switch I lose my son in a far worse way than if I hadn’t. The son would not only hate you forever, but would hate himself forever.

    2. Seriously don’t care. That situation is ridiculous and the only way it couls be more ridiculous is if the son could die and then magically survive somehow…

    1. Give the job to my friend. I could not care less about my professional life or whatever stupid job or career I am working for. I could not care less if the company goes under directly as a result of it. My friends are far more important to me than my work. To be honest, I would rather lose a job than lose a friend.

  • LooeyButterfly

    I really think this list is not even close to the previous ones. I didn’t even have to debate what to do on any one of them.
    10. Give the patient the medicine. I see no Moral dillema here.
    9. Don’t tell the cops. No dillema.
    8. No question in my mind to tell my friend his wife is cheating.
    7. As a college teacher, no doubt in my mind to turn her in for plagerizing. She has probably been doing it all along anyway.
    6. I don’t know where the author is from, but this is a no brainer. Report it so that there can be a full investigation. Just by reporting it does not automatically mean the child will be taken away.
    5. Drink the water from the fountain (i don’t believe in Heaven anyway)
    4. Kick the chair. (this is the only one that has a dillema, but it is basically the same as the previous list)
    3. Kill your son, save the grandaughter. Same as the previous one (save the child, kill the friend). Your son could never live with himself if his daughter died. (Yes, i have children and can see a dillema, but I wouldn’t even have to think twice)
    2. I don’t even think this is worth thinking about.
    1. Prior to being a teacher I was a hiring manager at more than one place. This is easy to me, always hire the person best qualified.

  • TheRealQuestion

    When you first started reading List Universe it was an interesting place to visit on the web. Soon the list quality started to deteriorate, then there were pop up ads every time you clicked on anything. After that, even your very comments were censored, and if that weren’t enough, now there are pop up ads on every single picture that is featured in the daily list! Do you:

    A) stop coming to this site because, let’s face it, things ain’t getting better


    B) keep coming here day after day hoping that this place will somehow revert back to what this place used to be

    • Gabriel

      B. The site is still good, although sometimes the lists are shitty.

    • JustMe

      I guess I’m the eternal optimist – I keep hoping it’ll get back to where it was a couple of years ago….:o(

    • Freddie

      I guess in order to sustain it, the site had to increase quantity which almost always dilutes quality. I still visit daily because i know that among the not-so-good lists there is always a goodclistcaround the corner. Go Listverse!

  • SailorBill

    Awful list.

  • 10) I doubt the medical profession would allow me to kill one patient to save others. (malpractice?) I’d save the one, then do everything possible for the rest.

    9) I’d let the orphans keep the money.

    8) Depends on the friend. I have some friends who I know would forgive the fiancee, so I would let them live in ignorance and not ruin their big day. I have other friends who would break up with the person immediately, so I would definitely tell them so they could move on to something else. Which ever option would improve that particular friend’s happiness, I guess.

    7) Turn the girl in. If the girl was as smart as it says she is, she could have turned in a decent report of her own with just a few hours of work. Even if she’d only gotten a 50% on the report, she still could have passed the class.

    6) Report the parents. The police will then determine if they’re guilty or innocent.

    5) I don’t believe there’s only 1 person you can be happy with. I wouldn’t want to be immortal, so I’d just walk away and find someone else.

    4) Pull the chair.

    3) Don’t flip the switch. Even if I did save my son, his life would be miserable knowing I could have saved his daughter and I didn’t.

    2) Spoiler, anyone? I’d let my son save the world.

    1) I personally wouldn’t hire a friend because it might cause problems down the road, but I think it’s fine to hire a friend over a more qualified applicant mainly because at least you know they’re reliable.

    Interesting list! Thanks.

  • Chris Speight

    Well that list was pretty simple: I must be a lot tougher than I thought I was!
    10. Cure the curable – you have no right to sacrifice anyone.
    9. Turn a blind eye – banks are little more than robbers that don’t care about anyone other than themselves. I may be tempted to go and help!
    8. Tell the friend.
    7. Let the kid get away with it.
    6. Report the photos as the authorities will be able to make an informed choice.
    5. If anyone knows of this fountain of youth then please let me know where it is. This talk of Heaven is drivel. There is no dilemma here.
    4. Attack the guards and hope that you can take him out before you get killed for doing so.
    3. Don’t throw the switch.
    2. Delusional nonsense. If you believe this and intend to act in such a way then you should be in a mental hospital.
    1. Don’t let your friend apply in the first place.

    Far from the best list.

    • Lifeschool

      ‘Heaven is drivel’ – what?, and the Fountain of Youth isnt? There is more chance of there being a Heaven than there ever was of ever having a Fountain of Youth. Well, that’s not quite right.. in my world, heaven IS the everlasting fountain of youth. :) Immortality within immateriality. Well, I may be completely wrong, but I like to think it may happen…

  • deeeziner

    10. Do no harm…Besides what are the chances that these organs are properly matched for 5 other patients?

    9. I won’t take food from a child’s mouth if the loss to the bank is insured.

    8. There are whore’s and there are last call flings…if she’s my best friend’s fiance’ I trust I’ll know the difference.

    7. Similar to the beginning scene in “Dreamcatcher”, and handled in an honorable way. Give her the opportunity to make right, if she’s as diligent as described, the experience and second chance will never be forgotten.

    6. The responsibility is to the child’s safety. Report to the manager, because that kid will haunt me if I don’t.

    5. Immortality may be fun for a while, but moderation in everything. I’m lookin’ for love elsewhere.

    4. Chances are my spirit has already been broken. sorry son, you should have done better with your escape.

    3. I have to say bye to my son, he has made his choice.

    2. The needs of the many and all that crap. This one is too fictional to be a concern.

    1. If you give a mouse a cookie….or one friend a job, pretty soon ALL your friends are gonna want something. Hire the better qualified person and give your friend some job leads.

  • Gerard M.

    #1 Give him the medicine, your a doctor and swore not to cause harm that means you cant sacrifice someone even to save 5 others.

    #2 I wouldn’t go to the police but if asked by them I would tell. That way I’m not causing the orphanage to lose the money.

    #3 Tell your friend, no question about it.

    #4 You have a job to do. Its sucks but them’s the breaks

    #5 If there’s any risk of a child being abused and you don’t report it then you should be ashamed of yourself.

    #6 People die, I’ll get over it. The reunited in heaven bit only counts if you’re a believer and I’m not.

    #7 I know the “right” answer is to kill one to save the other but that’s easy to say now. I can be a cold hearted git at times but no one knows what they’d do in this situation unless they where in it. I sincerely hope no one I care about has to face anything like this.

    #8 Again the right answer is to let your son die but in this case if you saved him over his child would he be able to live with himself? Would he ever forgive you? Would you be able to forgive yourself

    #9 Save your son. As I stated earlier I’m a non-believer and so I simply don’t believe in soul’s.

    #10 Yep, look out for your mate’s. It’s not fair, it’s probably not legal, but it’s what we’ve been doing since the dawn of time.

  • Matt C

    10. Save the one. That’s your job.

    9. The orphans get the money.

    8. Give her 10 minutes to tell him, or you’re doing it.

    7. Report her.

    6. Tell the police and NOT the family (what will they do before the police catch up with them?)

    5. Drink.

    4. Pull the chair.

    3. Run down your son, then work out who tied them both up and teach him what his own liver tastes like

    2. b

    1. Yes

  • cockneyem

    Not read the previous moral dilemmas as I’m fairly new to the site, I like the ones where you’re unrelated but watching Sophie’s Choice was awful enough for me, really don’t want to ponder eeny miny mo with my kids’ lives. Oh and I don’t read kid’s books except to my children (odd) so I wasn’t aware of the Harry Potter plot yet. Cheers for that.

  • peter2dc

    10. Docotor will always save the life when possible, if no organs available others will die…no dilemma.
    9. crime is a crime is a crime. No dilemmma
    8. Tell friend. NO wedding also means no divorce, no dilemma
    7. Fail`. Cheating is cheating, always retake. no dilemma
    6. Tell authorities, child care can deal with any issues, real or unreal. no dilemma
    5. …would make my loved ones take a drink…no dilemma
    4. I would try and kill the guard. no dilemma
    3. Only real part dilemma, i would let the train run over my son, as he would kill me and himself if i let the train run over his child.
    2.I had trouble with the `fountain of youth`now its a bad spirit? Sorry as an atheist…too silly to answer.
    1. Friend gets the job…since when has buisness run on ethics??? no dilemma

  • parasit

    10. b and if i can’t cure him I would ask him for his organs.
    9. b of cause (there’s no dilemma)
    8. won’t tell him (he still can divorce) and would talk to his wife later so she tells him herself
    7. solution: she redos the report, keeping her record clear
    6. not enought evidence. would try to harden my suspicions by talking to them.
    5. would drink. afterlife isn’t for sure.
    4. would pull the chair
    3. won’t flip
    2. absurd scenario
    1. depends on pauls situation.

  • Gabriel

    10 – As a Doctor, It would be my obligation to try and help all the patients that appear. If I don’t try to help the sixth patient, I would certainly face some sort of trial, and maybe lose my practice license. So I would try to save him even if that means risking the other five lives.

    9- I wouldn’t call the cops. Banks earn a lot of money every year, so they would be able to recover that amount that was stolen very easily. And besides, the orphans need the money very much.

    8- Of course I would tell him. I’m sure my friend would be glad I told him his future wife was cheating on him. There’s a lot of fish in the ocean.

    7- These things can be resolved internally. No need to add that to her record, and screw her life because of something so small like that. I would just fail her and make her do that class the next semester.

    6- I would contact my boss and let him decide what to do. Period.

    5- Only if I can get to win the prize in the end… There can be only one! XD

    4- I would attack the guard and try to kill him.

    3- If my son wants to die, then let him die. It’s his decision.

    2- See #3

    1- He’s qualified and also a friend. So that makes him even more qualified than the other guy. In the business world, we gotta keep these friendship relationships becaus you never know when will be your turn to need his help.

    • Gabriel

      Regarding number 5, I forgot to add that I also want to see how things here on our planet will end.

    • David Hopkins

      For #3, it’s not that your son wants to die. It’s that he doesn’t want his daughter to die and would rather die himself and have her live on than live and see her dying from the train. If nobody was on the other track, he would be perfectly fine with you saving his life and he would want that if that were the case.

  • foohy

    These were all pretty easy to answer. That is assuming that the choices given are the only choices. If you think too much into them you can usually come up with a better third choice.

    The only one that is rather difficult is #5. Assuming that in the context of the question Heaven undoubtedly exists along with a working fountain of youth, that’s a somewhat difficult decision. But in the end I’d choose to live a perfect life in a perfect place with all my family and friends as opposed to staying on on earth where there’s pain and suffering and all that.

  • Lindsey

    10: Ethics dictate you treat each of your patients to the best of your ability. Not kill one to save the others. Doctors are not God.

    9: Say nothing

    8: I would wait until it is offered by the wedding officiate to offer any reason that these two should not be wed….and then state the reason. Nothing better than getting it out in the open.

    7.Shouldn’t have gotten to that point. She should have been given an extension in the first place. Never would have happened. She would turn in what she had ready and allowed to complete the work she had begun.

    6:Wait. Clearly kids do have injuries. Keep an eye out. Report if it seems necessary.

    5:I would drink from the fountain.

    4:Kick the chair. Who wouldn’t. You would be saving one son from death and one son from torture.

    3:Whichever one allows the granddaughter to live.

    2:Whatever. We all know what happens

    1:He would have been right either way. Both people were qualified. Besides that, anyone who is anyone in business knows, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, that is why networking is so important, and why social networks have become necessary in the work place. Jim has a personal stake in the success of his friend, and as long as his friend has good work ethics they should both prosper from this arrangement.

  • br0ck

    Yo I’m MC Historical-Inaccuracy

    I drop lyrical bombs like Hiroshima in Seventy-Three

    I write rhymes like Shakespeare when he wrote Anne Frank’S diary

    Which is about the civil war of 1812 in Germany

    I’m like the Spanish Inquisition when they killed Jesus

    And Abe Lincoln’s suicide was the theme for my thesis

    Like Moses when I focus I can split the red sea

    Like he did in 1950 with the Chinese army

    • deeeziner

      Ohhhh Brock…….Brock.

      Could be humorous and witty if you had at least chosen a more historically topical list.

      But “A” for effort on creative trolldom….

      • Auburn Tiger

        It’s a cut above his usual.

  • Gabriel

    10) B. Another organs can be avaliable soon.
    9)Do nothing, of course!!!
    8)Hard to say…
    7)I could have a serious talk with her, but I would do nothing against her.
    6)I could investigate deeper, by myself, first.
    5)Nice history. Living forever is a damn thing. Love is a impressive thing.
    4)Hard. I would let he kill both.
    3)I can half-flip the track, derailing the train!
    2)Boring history.

  • David Hopkins

    Interesting responses. Now that I have seen my list published, here is what I have to say:

    10: I would help the one sick man; hard to explain why rationally, but my conscience just tells me to. However, that would apply only if the medicine indefinitely cured him. Otherwise, I’d save the other five.

    9: Report the robber, then raise a fund for the orphanage.

    8: Tell the friend. Better he finds out now than later.

    7: Forgive the plagiarism this once. This is an honour student and I would not want to mess up her entire future. I know she wouldn’t have plagiarized if she hadn’t been sick. I would warn and or reprimand her and maybe encourage her to take grade twelve again the next year. One extra year is hardly anything out of the 70 or 80 years of a lifetime. If the university asks why she repeated grade twelve, just say she fell ill and got too behind to catch up. It wouldn’t really be lying and you wouldn’t need to mention the plagiarism.

    6: I don’t know. Thank goodness I’m not a photo developer.

    5: I can’t decide on this one either.

    4: I would have to pull the chair. Otherwise, both my children will be killed.

    3: I would not flip the switch.

    2: I would let him go, but it would be very painful. I would try to make myself feel proud of my son’s bravery and nobility but it wouldn’t be easy.

    1: I would give the job to the one more qualified. My friend should understand.

  • Luca

    I had the unfortunate situation of number 8, I did tell my friend and it did ruin their wedding.

  • Cassi

    All of these were awful.
    I child could do better than this half-assed excuse presentation of dilemmas.
    Obvious Harry Potter modifications, really?
    The concentration camp one… Come on. Kill one son or both? Lame.
    plagairized report, obviously the girl does well in school… Obvious choice is obvious.
    I’m not going to elaborate anymore, due to the fact, as stated before these were awful.

    • I call your bluff. Write a list and prove me wrong!

  • All fairly easy to answer, actually.

    10- Give the medicine to the sick patient, saving that one one life for certain. As a Physician one is bound to the oath to “First, do no harm”, and to withhold the medication would be doing harm.
    In the meantime, it is possible that other donors may be come available for the patients awaiting transplants, thereby saving some of them, as well…and having *not* needlessly ended the life of the one patient who could be saved.

    9-Report the robber. “Thou Shalt Not Not Steal”. Even if the money, every cent, *is* removed from the orphanage, the resulting media coverage will undoubtedly bring the situation to the public’s attention, and (as usually happens in cases such as these), the donations will roll in, leaving the orphanage in better financial shape than it would have been with the stolen money.

    8-You can’t leap to the conclusion that just because the bride had been having, or had had, an affair she would be unfaithful to her marriage.
    Shut your mouth and wish the couple all the happiness in the world.

    7-Consider the circumstances and not report the girl. However, she is obviously in need of your council, and a good talking to about how she quite nearly ruined her life by plagiarizing the paper.

    6-Report the parents! There is *no* reason, legal or moral, to circumvent the absolute requirement to make a report to Child Protection Agency. The welfare of those unable to protect themselves is the concern of every one of us.
    I have had to report a family myself. It may be uncomfortable, but it *is* necessary! Lives, real lives, do depend on your taking action, or not taking action.

    5-Do not drink. Who wants to live forever?

    4-“Thou Shalt Not Kill”. I would not pull the out from under my son. It is possible that the other son could escape into the the camp, into somewhere he could not easily be found. Or the guard could have been joking, trying to see what you would do, to make you agonize. Your agony, after all, is his pleasure.

    3-Save the child. Your son has had a life, and is begging you to save his dave his daughter, who is just beginning her life.

    2- OK, this is an incredibly stupid question, and even the premise is, by far, the most idiotic of the lot (except, maybe, the Fountain of Youth one), but in the case of this actually happening I would accept his choice.

    1-Yes & no. If the other candidate actually *is* more qualified, he will find work anyway, and we all do have a moral obligation to our family and friends.

  • Amber

    These weren’t really moral dilemmas, with the possible exception of maybe the first one. They were more just choices. A moral dilemma should be a mind-fucking decision that you really can’t make.

    The wedding one was ridiculous, tell my friend, no contest.

    The train track one was kind of stupid too, you save your granddaughter. I’m not saying everyone would necessarily make the same choices as me but they’d still be able to make a choice, not much of a dilemma.

  • James

    10.) This is a tough one. I think the right thing to do is to try and save the five patients that need transplants after the sixth one dies because saving one life isn’t worth letting five other people die, but on the other hand I don’t think I would be able to let that person die if I knew how to save him. Maybe I should save that person, then kill myself and donate my own organs, lol.

    9.) Report it to the police. It doesn’t matter if the robber had good intentions, he broke the law and he shouldn’t get away with it. And besides just because you don’t report it doesn’t mean he will get away with it, perhaps there was another witness who will report it to the police. And if you are so touched by his charity then why don’t you donate your own money?

    8.) Yes, tell him. The wedding will be ruined but so what? I would rather ruin a wedding than let my best friend get his heart broken, or go through a horrible divorce later on.

    7.) Yes, report her. She needs to know that plagiarism is serious business. If she gets away with it now then she might try it again while she’s in college with even more serious consequences. She needs to learn the lesson now, she should have known how serious the consequences were if she were to get caught.

    6.) Report it, it is better to be safe than sorry. The next photo could be of that little boy in a coffin.

    5.) Assuming eternal life is possible then this would also be a tough one. I think I would drink from the fountain of youth to be with my love, love can make you do crazy things. However, I think I would later regret my decision, I mean we were not meant to live forever.

    4.) This is a bad situation. He might kill my other son anyway no matter what I do, and I probably wouldn’t last long in a concentration camp anyway. I would probably punch him in the face so he would kill me too and I could die with both my sons, I know that probably isn’t the right decision to make but desperate times calls for desperate measures.

    3.) I would listen to my son. If I flip the switch and kill my son’s daughter my son would never forgive me and I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. I would feel horrible about letting my son die but since he was begging and pleading for me not to let his daughter die I would feel a little better knowing that is what he wanted.

    2.) I would go with choice B. I mean my son made his decision and he would probably do it anyway even if I hold him back now. It don’t know if I would be able to “accept” it but I wouldn’t try to stop him, I mean it is possible that there would be more victims if the evil villain were to survive.

    And perhaps you should warn those who haven’t read all the Harry Potter books of possible spoilers.

    1.) I don’t think so. Just because someone is a friend doesn’t mean you should give him the job especially if there is someone who is more qualified, I mean a true friend would understand that and would forgive you rather than hold a grudge against you for not giving him the job. I hate how whether or not one gets a job often depends more upon who you know rather than your actual qualifications.

  • JImmyP

    10. I would save the one patient. Why should he be screwed because he happens to be in a hospital where other people would benefit from his organs?

    9. I would say nothing. Let the poor kids have better lives.

    8. I would probably say something. I would just hope he/she would believe me.

    7. Maybe give her a second chance.

    6. Report it.

    5. I would just find another partner. Life doesn’t even usually last anyway. I’d want to die one day, too.

    4. I don’t have any children, nor do I ever want any.

    3. Same with number 4.

    2. I don’t believe in souls.

    1. Wrong, I suppose. Then again, he is his friend. I don’t really think it’s in good taste to apply from something that your friend is in charge of.

    • JimmyP

      Sorry, I meant love for number 5.

    • g

      The cynicism and pessimism shown here – perhaps as a result in not believing in a soul – is astonishing. I pity you.

  • Thulasizwe

    number 2 is fiction on most parts and can not happen. A person’s soul cannot be destroyed. It can be split but only if that person wills it to be so (by “split” I don’t mean it will be really split but appear to be so to someone who cannot see the energy that it is). The person’s soul is God mind you…an individuation of the whole that is All That Is (all that is Energy[everything]) but not separate from it just varying degrees of density.

    • Lifeschool

      Interesting comment.

  • Steven Douglas

    10) IT IS NOT THE DOCTOR’S CALL. Plain and simple, moral dilemma solved. Also, for perspective, there are SEVEN terminally ill patients, if you include the doctor. Even more when you include every other mortal in the hospital. We are all going to die (the very definition of mortal), so we are only talking about a delay in the inevitable for each person. The only “moral dilemma” if you want to call it that, belongs to each individual, including the patient thought to have the least amount of time remaining. Only that patient has the right to decide how much of his TIME can or ought to be divvied up so that others can have more of it.

  • Thulasizwe

    I would act on whatever my intuition tells me. Moral is not about thinking about but looking to what you feel you should do. Basically the first impulse.

    number 2 is fiction on most parts and can not happen. A person’s soul cannot be destroyed. It can be split but only if that person wills it to be so (by “split” I don’t mean it will be really split but appear to be so to someone who cannot see the energy that it is). The person’s soul is God mind you…an individuation of the whole that is All That Is (all that is Energy[everything]) but not separate from it just varying degrees of density.

  • I would act on whatever my intuition tells me. Moral is not about thinking about but looking to what you feel you should do. Basically the first impulse.

    number 2 is fiction and can not happen. A person’s soul cannot be destroyed. It can be split but only if that person wills it to be so (by “split” I don’t mean it will be really split but appear to be so to someone who cannot see the energy that it is). The person’s soul is God mind you…an individuation of the whole that is All That Is (all that is Energy[everything]) but not separate from it just varying degrees of density.

  • Amber

    Also think you should have put a spoiler alert on the HP one. That’s the, er, moral thing to do.

  • David Haggs

    lol, Number 2 is about harry potter :p

  • loapaja

    I found solutions to these pretty easily, some without even blinking!

  • Anonymous

    Moral Dilemma #11
    You boot up the computer and log onto the Web, and open up Listverse. At the top of the page you read that today’s topic is 10 Moral Dilemmas. You recall you read the last Moral Dilemma list and found it to be rather…tedious? You really don’t enjoy these hypothetical situations — after all, you don’t recall spending any time in a Concentration Camp, and you’re not planning any sea voyages any time soon so the prospect of being stuck on a lifeboat built for 10 and having to pick 2 people to throw off (or not) is really a moot point. But you feel a loyalty to the website, and want to help increase its profile by visiting and supporting the site. SO, do you OPEN up the page and read it to the end? OR, do you ignore Listverse for the next day or two so as to avoid the list completely?

    • Lifeschool

      Sounds like you picked the former – if only to read the comments.

  • Steven Douglas

    RE: #4 – Concentration Camp, Revised

    A play on Sophie’s “Choice”? Take both, murderer – my son and my daughter, if that’s what you choose. Spare one, spare both, or spare neither. It is not my choice. It is yours. Alone.

    A really stupid version of this exists in the popular “Saw” series of horror films. This is a dilemma in which a murderer attempts to cause someone else to take partial responsibility to murder and/or mayhem.

    In ALL cases, there is absolutely no dilemma for me. If you are going to kill my son, or anyone else, do it, and shut up about it. You alone are the murderer. You alone, in ALL CASES, are responsible for all deaths. If you are going to kill another son based on my refusal to take part in killing the first, SO BE IT. Kill both of them, and then kill me while you’re at it. You are still the lone murderer, and fully responsible for all deaths, regardless of my “choices”.

    In other words, contrary to a popular ideology that gets itself tangled up into all kinds of unintended stupidity, nastiness, and faux-moral-dilemmas, we are not “ALL IN IT TOGETHER”. Whatever evil you do, you do it alone. The fact that I could have “saved” one by taking part in your silly game means absolutely NOTHING to me. Go to hell. I won’t follow you there, and neither will anyone you killed in order to get yourself there.

  • vld

    Soft dilemmas. I think Mr Garrison’s father had a better one:

  • g

    10. Save patient 6.

    9. Report the thief.

    8.Tell my friend of the affair.

    7. Plagiarized girl gets black mark on her permanent record.

    6. Report what you’ve seen in the photos.

    5. This one is actually a dilemma (the others aren’t): I would probably not choose immortality.

    4. Refuse to pull the chair.

    3. Adhere to my son’s wishes

    2. Like the Harry Potter Books, this one is just stupid.

    1. Jim was wrong

    All but one of these is an actual dilemma, the rest are only problems for those who have no moral compass.

    • David Hopkins

      Was number 4 (concentration camp) really that easy for you? Many respondents thought that was the hardest one. And what about your other son?

      • g

        Are you kidding? Lower myself to a Nazi’s level and personally kill my kid? No way! What the guard does is his problem. No dilemma!

        Like I said before, all of these except the fifth one were just questions with an obvious answer, not dilemmas.

  • Kyle

    0. I would give him the medicine unless he wanted to die in order to donate his organs, but if i knew the medicine would just delay his death then i think i would let him die and use his organs.
    9. I wouldn’t report him.
    8. I would tell him so he wouldnt have to go through a divorce.
    7. I wouldn’t report her.
    6. I would try to find a way to ask the child but if I couldn’t I would probably report it while asserting that it is just to be safe and for the authorities to not assume that the parents are definately abusing the child.
    5. I would definitely become immortal. Since I don’t really think there is an afterlife that part does not really factor in.
    4. I would kill him to save my other son.
    3. I would let my son die and save my granddaughter, she has more life to live and if I saved my son he would probably hate me and be miserable for the rest of his life.
    2. This one’s just ridiculous but if this situation could possibly happen I guess I would let him die.
    1. I think it is fine that he hired Paul. In addition to being qualified, the person you’re hiring should be someone that you will get along with so as to prevent conflict in the workplace, so if he’s already your friend then that’s perfect. Also you shouldn’t have to ignore someone’s applying just because they’re your friend.

  • JAsmine

    10) This one is a very simple choice. I would do what’s best for my patient: giving him the medicine. If it’s going to cure him or even delay his death then I have to give it to him, he’s a human being and has the right to live just as much as the five others. Quantity doesn’t matter, my duty is to do my best to cure every patient, I won’t let one die just in order to save others. Even if my heart tells me saving 5 persons is better than saving only one, my brain tells me to do what’s right.
    9) Here again, it’s a brain-heart fight. My brain would tell me to call the police, because robbing like murder, is a crime and should be punished even if it’s for a good cause. And anyway, who tells me that a part of the money they robbed didn’t belong to a poor family saving for buying a house or for paying their children’s college tuition? But my heart would definitely tell me to not say anything because of the orphans and the help the money will bring them. But I think I would still follow my rational side and report the robber. There are other ways for helping the poor then committing a crime, and if the robber is really eager to help, he could do fund raising and stuff like that and get “clean” money instead of “dirty” money.
    8) Friends are made for situations like this. My friend trusts me so I would definitely tell him about his fiancée. Because one day, he will eventually find out, and when he’ll know that you knew it all along, then he’ll feel betrayed and your friendship will be over. Yes, I know, it will ruin his wedding and maybe he won’t talk to you for a few months, but when he’ll be over it, he’ll realize you did it for his own good.
    7) I think I wouldn’t report her. She fell ill and it wasn’t her fault, she would have succeeded the test otherwise. What I would do though, is make her take another test, leaving her a week or so to study. Because everyone should have a second chance especially in this kind of situation.
    6) First, I would ask the parents and the kid about the bruises. And I will see their reaction. If I find it suspect, then I would call the police because God, child abuse is one of the world’s most evil things. I think the police is trustworthy and will investigate before taking any drastic measures.
    5) I wouldn’t drink from the fountain. Love isn’t eternal and sooner or later, we’ll get bored of each other, and we will live an endless life of loneliness. It’s life and people die for a reason. Being immortal is I think, one of the worst curses that could exist.
    4) I think this one was on the other list wasn’t it? It is one of the most difficult choices in my opinion. Losing one son or losing both? Rational side would choose option one. My heart would choose neither but it would be so hard killing my own son. I couldn’t live with that. I think I’d let them kill them, then kill myself. Tragic much.
    3) Let my son die. It’s hard but if I kill his daughter, there is no doubt he will kill himself anyway. And my son has already lived his life while the daughter is still a child.
    2) If he accepts his fate, which is very courageous from him, then I shall accept it too.
    1) No he wasn’t right. If another person deserves it then I would pick him not my friend. And if he’s really my friend then he would understand my choice, and accept it.

  • Maggot

    If you just remove the contrived element of heartstring-tugging from all of these, they pretty much answer themselves:

    10. You treat your patients independently. Therefore, if you can save or prolong the life of someone, you do it. For the other five, unfortunately you can’t save them, because there are no donors available. That fact has been a constant throughout each of their separate ordeals.

    9. If you see a crime being committed, you report it. Why condone utter lawlessness, regardless of how “noble” the reasons are?

    8. “if you tell your friend about the affair, you will ruin his wedding” Oh boo hoo…that’s a small price to pay for saving him from a life being a cuckold.

    7. Why enable a selfish sense of entitlement to the already privileged by forgiving the fact that she cheated? Taking responsibility for her actions and accepting the consequences will be a better lesson than anything taught at her “dream school”.

    6. It says right in there that the policy is to report questionable photos. So report it…you might be saving a kid. Duh.

    5. Without even getting into whether the afterlife premise is bogus or not – if the person is “your destiny”, then who cares if you’ll never be reunited with all your other loved ones. They are second-tier.

    4. Gee, do you want to see both of your kids die, or only one?

    3. One or the other is going to die regardless, so might as well go with the one who is begging for it.

    2. You’re not even in the mix on this one. The son made the choice. But if the questioner wants to force the issue – you obviously sacrifice the son to save humanity.

    1. They’re both qualified (wtf is “more qualified”?), so give the job to whichever one accepts the lowest salary. And then collect your bonus for coming in under budget.

  • badjokebob

    The Death camp one was the easiest of all. Offer only resistance is such circumstance. Active or passive, whichever is best suited to the situation. You and both your sons are already doomed to die. Don’t give the (fill in the blank) guards the satisfaction of seeing you squirm or beg.

    • Maggot

      While I agree with you in principle, IMO you can’t introduce assumptions (i.e. “You and both your sons are already doomed to die”) when answering these things. Too many folks do that in order to justify an answer, and it defeats the purpose of the questions, really. That said, it’s still a simple choice – between seeing one ,or both, of your kids die. You being forced to pull the chair is not relevant. It only serves to fan the flames of emotion. The death camp scenario isn’t relevant either, frankly. It’s: one kid or two? Simple.

    • stormofthedragon

      You sir, are my hero. I thought I was the only one on here that realized that, you are fucked, may as well have some fun. To hell with resistance is futile. You gonna try to kill me? I’m sure as hell going to take a chunk out of you.

  • shinacira

    10. Save patient 6, as a doctor it is my duty to help where I can.
    9. Leave the robber be, it is going to a better good.
    8. Tell my friend, they deserve to know
    7. Report her, she could have explained her situation to her teacher in the first place, whom seeing as she is a top student would have more then likely giving her an extention or a makeup report.
    6.Tell the police, better be safe then sorry with something this serious,.
    5. No I wouldent become immortal, there is way to many other cons then there are pros. Besides looking at the averge length of relationships now, what happens if you breakm up in 5 years? live eternally with someone you cant stand?
    4. Better not to stoop to his level and become a murder.
    3. Obey him, she is younger and has more years ahead of her then what he has.
    2. B
    1. No he wasent right, he should have gone with the one that was more qualified.

    Although these are the choices I think I would do in the situation, it is always easier to say things like this when not actually put in the situation itself.

  • Big improvement over the first list. Most of these were hard choices, although some of the circumstances seemed a bid absurd. Good job.

  • Amber

    I think people who try to come up with ways around the dilemma are missing the point. A well-written moral dilemma doesn’t have a “way around it”, the point of it isn’t How Resourceful Are You? or How Creative is Your Thinking?, the point of it is what would you do if these were your ONLY TWO OPTIONS?
    Otherwise it’s not a dilemma. It’s a problem. Use the internet to do some research if you don’t know the difference between a dilemma and a problem.

  • Jael

    5. I am going to base this answer on my personal life and go with drinking from the fountain of youth. My reasons for this being:
    -I don’t have that many friends to begin with.
    -I’m not close to my very small family. And even if they die, I’ll still have a family anyways (me, husband, and in-laws, for better or for worse).
    -I don’t believe in a possible reunion in Heaven. And I sure as hell don’t want to go to Hell.
    -I have been alone for over twenty years. I refuse to let the love of my life pass by just because he can’t die.
    -If I’m immortal, this will allow me to do all the dangerous things I have always wanted to do such as skydiving, eating fugu, and playing Russian Roulette.

    So, yes, I would drink out of the Fountain of Youth.

  • buttercup108

    10) I would ask the single man if he’d be willing to give his life for 5 other people, then go with it from there. If he declines, those people are SoL, and if he agrees, he’s a god damn hero. Would probably have a wing of the hospital named after him.

    9) Snitches get stitches, bitches. Fuck the banks, I wouldn’t report him.

    8) I would tell him, no questions. I have a reputation for being pretty honest, so I’d think he would believe me, but there’s always the chance he’d be in denial. If that were the case, I’d let him just make the mistake of marrying that filthy lying whore. It’s his life to ruin.

    7) This is kinda tough. Given the circumstances, I’d probably let it slide. She’s already proven herself to be an exceptional student and one incident shouldn’t erase all of that. I’d probably have a talk with her, though, to make sure she knows she won’t get away with it in the future.

    6) This is also rather tough. I’d do what I can. Ask the parents about it and try to judge their reaction. If they seem genuine, I’d probably forget it, but if they were taken aback or act otherwise suspiciously, I’d definitely consider alerting authorities. It wouldn’t be a perfect system, but it would be the best I could do.

    5) The whole “seeing all your friends and family die” thing never struck me as particularly horrible. I’d do it. Not just for the love, but for the opportunity to see the future and all the wonders/horrors it has in store.

    4) Easily the hardest on this list. Says a lot about it when attaching the Holocaust to anything makes it just that much more horrible. I can’t really speak on this one, because I don’t have any kids. Attacking the guard wouldn’t be a good idea, because you will almost certainly die, and probably both of the sons as well. It’s unfathomably awful, but it’s probably just bet to cut your losses and do as he says. In a concentration camp, you really can’t have your way.

    3) Easiest on the list. As much as it would suck to have to let your son die, it would be better for everyone to save the granddaughter. Also…uh, couldn’t you just cut them loose?

    2) I take it back, this is the easiest on the list. When the stars align on a blue moon, we travel to a dark forest to find the Orb of Ba’al. This orb steals souls and is especially effective on children. I’d use the Orb to suck out both the child’s soul and the murderer’s soul and separate them. Obviously, I’d return the child’s soul and either destroy the murderer’s or devour it myself, allowing me to sacrifice myself in my child’s stead.

    1) It depends on how closely qualified they were, and what sort of relationship I have with my friend. Familiarity with a co-worker can lead to great things when working together, assuming your friend isn’t a manipulative jerk. That could more than justify the discrepancy in credentials and turn out great for the whole company. It’s called intangibles, and you pretty much just have to go with what you know.

  • carol d

    10)save the patient
    9) a, no one should rob a bank
    8)give the cheater a chance to tell, if he/she doesn’t, then tell
    7)no one should plagiarize
    6)they are “questionable photos”, report it
    5)drink the water, the world is going to be a mess in the future
    4,3&2)ahhhhh–don’t make me kill my kids
    1)nope, he should be impartial

  • john

    i agree with everyone else, these barely even qualify as dilemmas, most it seems completely obvious what the best choice would be

  • Ben

    #1 i would have just passed the duty of choosing someone to a co-worker or the boss

  • jdoerner

    As a high school teacher, I have made the decision to report a student in just that sort of situation on more than one occasion. Better for them to learn in high school where they can make up for the error than in college where they will NEVER be able to get into another school.

  • Jono

    “and you will never be reunited in heaven with them, or your loved ones that you have known, who have already died”

    HAHAHA. I stopped reading there. Enough of this cult business.

  • Skeptic Teen

    10.) I’d actually see how long they’d last on life support until suitable organs arrived…or maybe see if any of them had organs suitable for each other.
    9.) Depends on who and where he stole it from — if it’s a bank frequented by well-off people, I wouldn’t report the guy. Or maybe I could make the public aware of the poor orphanages plight and do something about it. I mean, HONESTLY, if you knew of a rundown orphanage, would you do nothing?
    8.) I’d tell him, of course! He’d find out later and then somehow find out *I* knew, and then where would I be? Other than a romantic comedy?
    7.) Hmm…I’m not sure. I think I’d pass her — obviously she’d tried and it wasn’t much her fault. I also don’t see how the report itself would ever affect her again.
    6.) Report it. Seriously, I know someone (well, you could say that) whose parents have been falsely reported and the agency took it quite well. Except for some family counseling.
    5.) If his whole family drank from the fountain, why can’t mine…? And all my friends? Maybe we could all find some way to kill ourselves if we got bored with immortality and all that, too.
    4.) Hmm…well, I’d communicate “I LOVE YOU” as much as possible with my eyes and kick that chair as hard as possible so it isn’t painful. He could die starving or gassed or any other Nazi method of torture. This is much better. I’ll just have to get therapy when I’m really old.
    3.) Set the tracks to the son’s track and try to cut him loose before then. There’s all sorts of crap lying around train tracks here.
    2.) Well, I wouldn’t have much choice because he’d just sneak away in his invisibility cloak before then, vaguely taking in the death and destruction caused by his being there. Plus, my son still has his soul, so he’ll just meet his old bearded headmaster and magically come back to life. And then kill the guy who tried to kill him.
    1.) No. That’s not fair at all. Partiality isn’t needed for friends, you wuss. Legitimate friends know better.

  • Jessica Mauger

    Thanks for ruining the twist in Harry Potter A-HOLE!!!!!!!

  • NiMur90

    I knew what I’d do instantly with all of these; I don’t know what that says about me, but I found them pretty obvious

    10: Save the patient. There are plenty of dying patients in the hospital, what makes this one so special? Also, the odds are very slim that the organs of this patient would be eligible to match all 5 others.

    9: Wouldn’t even consider reporting the thief, but if I saw somone rob a bank I wouldn’t hesitate to report it, I’d do it immediately, not wait for the scenario that I could figure out what he’d do with the money, but if I somehow had foresight, I would not report him.

    8: Of course I’d tell my best friend, what sort of friend wouldn’t!?

    7: This is the only one that I thought about for a second. I probably wouldn’t report it to be honest.

    6: I’d let the police handle it..who in the right mind would let that slip if there was even a chance a child was being abused?

    5: Gimme some of that life juice

    4: So this question is ‘Would you rather 1 of your sons to die, or 2?’…I’m not even going to satisfy this with an answer..also, I think this was on the first list

    3: Save the granddaughter

    2: Send my son to the Looney bin

    1: Depends on how close this friend is.

    • David Hopkins

      You answered your own question in #10. The fact that he fulfills that rare situation of organs suitable for all five others is what makes him special.

  • some guy

    My 10

    I would give him the medicine if it cured him, but not if it just delayed things.

    I would not call the police

    I don’t think this is a moral dillema, so much as a moral courage question. I know I’ve got the courage to tell my friend and screw up his wedding to prevent him from screwing up his life.

    Blackmail. I would not write on the report that she plagiarized – but I’d make her write and e-mail her report in at her own leisure, and if it wasn’t good enough and didn’t get to me within 3 months, I’d tell her college that there was a paperwork mistake and that she plagiarized.

    Nothing. I don’t have enough information to go on yet. I’d keep copies of the photos though.

    Come on, of course I’m drinking the sweet immortality juice.

    Pull the chair out

    Not pull the switch

    Hold him back. I don’t know what this killer’s soul piece nonsense is that he’s been spouting but I’d probably get the kid into counseling and/or rehab, depending on how the urinalysis turned out.

    Sure why not. He got a monkey in a seat pushing buttons, his role within the company was fulfilled. He was only wrong for taking so long to make a decision.

  • Stormofthedragon

    Easy answers to all.

    Let the patient that will live if treated have the medicine. Its murder and horrifically unjust if you don’t. Take the organs from the first patient that dies. Obviously blood type and organ size isn’t an issue as one guys organs would have worked for them all.

    I trust the police about as far as I can throw them. They would probably steal the money and murder the orphans. So obviously I wouldn’t say a word.

    Who would let their friend marry a cheating slut? The wedding was ruined anyway.

    One flu shouldn’t destroy someones entire life. If she was really as top notch as mentioned she would have already been studying/doing her report no matter what was coming from her nostrils. either she’s lazy and deserves what she gets or she was dying and needs a break. If she was that sick she should have been excused from the testing.

    Ah, the whole sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong and ruining peoples lives dilemma. As a photographer you only see a thin slice of whats going on with these people. The doctors, teachers, family friends and relations have a much wider scope of the situation. If nothing has been done by now than there is nothing that needs to be done.

    Hey, Twilight! Immortality is what you make of it. You want to live forever with the love of your life so be it. Your family is going to die before you anyway. You want to get old, crippled, demented and die alone mourning the loss of the one person in this world that will truly miss you for eternity. Well, so be it too.

    I would kill the Nazi scum or die trying. How could you even conceive killing your own child? Not like you can go much downhill from that situation anyway. At least you could take a few with you.

    Who the hell goes around tying people to train tracks? In these moral situations there is always someone tied to a train track. OK I get it, save one or the other but shezz, train tracks? K, if there really isn’t time to untie/cut loose at least ONE of them, I guess save the child. One way or another, someone is going to need some serious counseling after that.

    Its Harry Potter. You can kill him all you want, he’s just going to keep coming back to life. I really cant take this one seriously.

    This happens all the time and nine times out of ten a good friendship is going to mean more to you than some guy you don’t really know. They are both qualified. No harm is going to come to your company, only one of the few friends you have left in the world. Give the other guy the next promotion.

  • 19reader

    Hi! Nr2 Son’s Sacrifice, is it a painting? If yes what is it called?

  • Sarah

    I have one! Study for your 15% test that’s in less than 2 days, or continue reading peoples comments to this list. Suggestions?

  • p1t1o

    These are pretty much all “rock and hard place” sort of choices, most of which have an obvious answer, but one that will come with obviously unpleasant side effects, its hard to see any real “dillemmas” here…

    They are really easy to come up with:
    -Shoot your wife or daughter or I’ll shoot them both, then you.
    -Burn down an orphanage or I’ll burn two down.
    -Steal a tenner off a homelss guy and I’ll pay for an extension on your house.
    -The dog you grew up with just had puppies and is on the berge of dying (complications), kill one of the puppies or I’ll poke one of your eyes out.
    -Break your own left index finger or I will break your right index finger.

    Etc etc. Nothing special really. Making people think “well I would obviously kick the stool out from underneath my son, yeah it would be really bad, but its the logical choice.” Kinda takes away from the fact that things as unpleasant as this actually happen, and we are lucky NOT to have to think about it.

    Ok, pseudo-phsycho-social rant over.

  • Alex

    10. It’s hard to choose, but I don’t like the idea of killing a person for gaining something.

    9. I’ll call the police (that @sshole didn’t give some to me! :p)

    8. I won’t tell… that’s his problem! :p

    7. I’ll write it! besides, I have the teacher that caught her as back-up

    6. Call the police to be sure

    5. I’ll get myself a hooker instead >:P

    4. Start a revolution!

    3. save my grand daughter, she’s our future(how the hell did she got there too anyway?!)

    2. as a parent I must understand and support what he likes

    1. yes, besides he’s qualified! what else do you need?!

  • darren

    In normal circumstances you would not know all the facts. For example number 3 the train would have already arrived by the time you worked out what was happening and what leaver did what. Unrealistic.

  • Kiki

    “A man/woman (whichever is opposite your gender)” – seriously was that necessary?

    • Amber

      So glad someone said this, it’s actually bordering on offensive.

  • Carole

    Morality is subjective. It’s easy enough to say” Oh I would never do that!” but how do you really know for certain until you are involved in one of these dilemmas.

  • freckledsmile99

    Ditto to timothyjames’ answers.

  • DG

    10. B

    9. B

    8. No

    7. Enter it in her record, especially since the English teacher already knows. No way to keep it quiet.

    6. Report them.

    5. I wouldn’t drink. No earthly love can match that of God.

    4. Attack the guard forcing them to kill me and hopefully the other son wouldn’t be killed.

    3. I wouldn’t flip the switch.

    2. I would accept his choice.

    1. I agree with him, mainly because he would know his friend more – less chance of surprises.

  • Agon

    5- “will never be reunited in heaven with them” this is the silliest thing I have read today

  • Wow, this list really got me thinking, i sometimes experience such thoughts but dismiss them after some pondering but now that the list is tall and the context is elaborate, i find that it is really a dilemma, with the friendship example, i chose the more qualified when it happened to me. about the rest, you got me thinking, still!

  • David Hopkins

    About #5, yes, you would be immortal and indestructible. That’s the way it was in the book and movie. I guess I just didn’t think that far when entering that item, but that’s what really complicates the situation. Looking back, I think I should have pointed that out. Just bear it in mind for any future commentors.

    And for #2, I’m sorry if I spoiled the ending of Harry Potter, but I just assumed that any fan of Harry Potter would have read all the books by now.

    • David Hopkins

      I might also add that if you were destructible, you wouldn’t really be immortal, because you could have a fatal accident happen to you and probably would after a few centuries.

  • I would enjoy ethical/moral dilemmas that actually occur…it is easy for us to explore the vast ‘what ifs’ that are so far out of our life context, yet when things hit home it is much more difficult to decide.

  • mike

    9, 3, 6, and 1 were lame

    • David

      I agree.

      9-Why take much wanted money away from innocent, starving children? The money’s probably insured anyway and the police wouldn’t take it from the orphanage if you did report him.

      6-I can see a bit of a dilemma here, but I wouldn’t have any qualms with calling the police. I’d rather risk a removal from innocent parents than the kid possibly being beaten to death.

      3-I think this is the dumbest question of all. Kill your son’s little girl against his wishes? Really? Anybody who would hit that lever is barbaric and sick!

      1-Hire the one more qualified of course. Acting professionally does not mean hiring someone just for being a friend.

  • Izzy

    10- I thought this one was hard. I guess save the sixth patient with the medicine. Keep the rest of the patients on the donor list. People die every day, there’s got to be a transplant coming in at some point.

    9- I’m not ratting him out :)

    8- Tell him. Better save him from this mistake. The truth’s not always pretty, but it needs to be told. Can you imagine how he’d react if he found out about the affair and found out that you knew but didn’t say anything? Tell him.

    7- Punish her. Plagiarism is against the rules, and everyone knows that. It doesn’t matter the circumstances. She’ll still have a good chance of getting accepted to a good school despite her mistake, and if she doesn’t she really should have thought about that BEFORE she cheated. But I’m a firm believer in this one. No one is above the rules. Treat as you would every other student. Most teachers help out students who were legitimately sick for a long period of time.

    6. Do you really want to take the chance that this kid is being abused? You could be his last chance. Report it. The cops will do the proper investigation and decide if they’re innocent or not.

    5. Way to rip off Tuck Everlasting. But in all seriousness, not sure what I’d do. But romances come and go, family is forever. Then again, who knows if there is an afterlife? Toughie.

    4. Wasn’t this on the other list? Anyway, I’d pull the chair, but I’d whisper something to my son or touch him or something to let him know that I am completely against what I’m doing. I feel bad for people who actually had to make these choices…

    3. The son’s a big boy now, he can make his own decisions. Save the granddaughter.

    2. Way to rip off Harry Potter. Again, the son’s a big boy now. Of course I’d be upset, but he can make his own decisions.

    1. Wrong decision. Getting personal friendships mixed up in buisness is messy. If he’s a true friend, he’d understand that you needed to give it to the best qualified person.

  • Andy

    Wow! What a stupid list. It seems like some of these you just made up on the spot as you were writing.


  • What a silly list. #2 is particularly ridiculous. It would be nice if we could leave out these stupid lists and stick interesting, factual things.

  • SickHead

    10: Really rare situation where all the 6 patients have the same blood group and the 6th person is a suitable donor for all.

    Being a sick male, these would be my responses for some of the stupid situations:

    8: I would rather blackmail my friend’s fiance and have an affair with her!

    7: blackmail the student and have *** with her

    6: Blackmail the parents

    5: have *** with her as long as she’s alive

    • Deedee

      (The 6th person could be O negative, which is called the universal donor because it matches with pretty much anyone.)

  • TheNakedJimbo

    This is really a terrible list. Most of the questions are not dilemmas at all. #10, if you’re a doctor, you have an obligation to treat every patient to the best of your ability. There’s no decision to be made: if you have the medicine to treat a sick patient, you treat him. You don’t get to make a judgment call. The Hippocratic Oath and the state medical boards guarantee that. For #9, the cops would not take the money from the orphanage. Bank deposits are insured by the FDIC, who would pay out to the bank. If the robber bought a car instead, the cops wouldn’t take back the money from the car dealership, so why would they take it back from an orphanage? Terrible, terrible list.

  • kagetaicho

    10. I would save the patient. As a doctor it is not my job to let a patient die so I can save others. It’s my job to try and save everyone. It’s also fair.

    9. I would keep silent unless the people that were stolen from were equally poor.

    8. Again I would stay silent. My friend probably would not take my word over his fiancee’s anyway but even if he did I still might leave it to chance as to if the fiancee is faithful.

    7. I’d rearrange it so that she got all A’s. I know what it’s like working for years getting A’s and at the last moment something comes up and disrupts you.

    6. I would keep silent again. Maybe look into it later.

    5. I am not interested in eternal life anyway. I’d try and be with that person anyway but I would not give up my mortality and family.

    4. I guess I would do it. But it would depend. Depending on how I felt I might just assault the officer and kill him before me and my whole family are killed.

    3. I would be forced to leave the switch where it is. If I did turn it away from my son he would never forgive me. Also I would personally feel more guilty for killing a child.

    2. I would hold him back. I would not let the murderer be the cause of my son’s death as well.

    1. Only if it were a family-like or true friend would I be biased. Otherwise I would give it to the more able person.

  • Deedee

    Here’s what I would do:

    10. Save the patient with the medication. If the medication would only prolong his life then I would explain the situation to him and let him decide whether to save the other 5 or prolong his life slightly. (If I was patient 6 I would let myself die to save the other 5)

    9. tell the orphanage that it was stolen money, let them choose to report it or not

    8. Tell the fiancée to confront the husband, if she refuses, tell him myself.

    7. I’m torn on this one. On one hand, I wouldn’t want to shatter all her dreams, but on the other hand, she knew what she was up for when she cheated. How long would it have taken to whip up an essay, even if it sucked? Anything would have been better than directly coping someone else’s!

    6. Get the parents to explain the pictures obviously.

    5. Don’t drink the water. Eternal life would totally not be worth it, and he has all of eternity to get over you.

    4.Pull the chair out. At least that way you might have a chance to give him a final hug and kiss goodbye :(

    3. Respect the son’s dying wish and let his daughter live.

    2. This one is just ridiculous… but I guess, if the murderer/villain was definitely going to go around killing more people, and he absolutely couldn’t be thrown in jail, then I’d let my son go and be killed…

    1. No Jim was wrong and shouldn’t be in charge anymore if thats the kind of thing he does!

    • Deedee

      Alright I’d report the girl in number 7. She got herself into this mess, and I’m sure she could get into SOME school, even if not the one she was aiming for. Her mistake, she should pay for it.

  • Elisa

    Haha, love the ads popping up on this page “a moral dilemma, offered right now at”

  • Dan the Man

    WTF is number two? A pice of the murderer’s soul is transferred into your son’s body? That’s not much of a moral dilemma, that just sounds like a bad movie.

  • CrimsynLies

    10. Let the one person die, and then harvest their organs. It isn’t morally responsible to let five other patients die of organ failure and save just one.
    9. Don’t report it. Said by someone before, the money is probably insured, and if it is going towards a good cause, how is it harming you? (unless you were a part of that bank)
    8. Tell him. Maybe after he knows that his wife is a cheater, he can get the money back on the wedding and move on.
    7. Don’t fail her. While some teaches are very leniant, I had an English teacher who almost failed my friend for being sick for two weeks.
    6. It never hurts to lightly ask the parents what’s going on.
    5. Because I am a hopeless romantic, drink the water. Then, if it doesn’t work out, let your family and friends drink the water if they wish to do so.
    4. Kick the chair. I’d rather kill my son with my own hand, and I would have another son left.
    3. Flip the switch to kill my son. If he’s begging and begging for me to flip it, he must love his daughter immensely, and doesn’t care that he’ll die.
    2. I just do not like sons I guess. I would let him if he thinks it’s the right thing to do.
    1. Give the more qualified person the job. If it destroys your friendship, oh well. There are always more people to befriend in the world.

  • Raj

    A newspaper article today caught my eye due to the similarity to one of the dilemmas posted here. Have a look

  • melissargh

    Number 4 is hard .. I guess chances are if they’re in a concentration camp they’re all most probably gonna die anyway. From diseases or starvation. I wouldn’t know what to do.

  • Smith

    10 Explain the situation to the patient and let him die if he gives consent.

    9 Report him.

    8 Tell him.

    7 Report her.

    6 Report it. Even if they’re innocent, they’re damn foolish for bringing such suspicious film in.

    5 Wouldn’t drink. She can always find another person to love, and she will always have her immortal family.

    4 Wouldn’t pull the chair. If both my sons die, at least I didn’t murder either of them.

    3 Sorry son, but I’m saving you. You can have another kid, but I am not going to let mine die.

    2 Wouldn’t let him sacrifice himself.

    1 Yes.

  • timefillmyeyes

    10. Heal the one patient. It’s never right to take away the the rights of an individual, even if it is in service to a greater number of people. The right to life is inviolable.

    9. Report it. Stealing is wrong, no matter the intentions involved. The stolen money belongs to someone; money in a bank isn’t just free money that has no owner. You are hurting someone else if you steal that money, and again, it isn’t permissible to violate the rights of one for the betterment of the many. People have a right to their own property.

    8. Attempt to get the fiance to tell, but tell the friend if she won’t. It is best to allow the cheater to take responsibility for her actions, but, if she won’t, you have a responsibility to your friend to inform him.

    7. She knew the consequences of plagiarism and chose to accept the risk. It isn’t right to reward her for doing something wrong, even if she has a history of never doing wrong. Plagiarism isn’t just a minor screw-up, either. It is a conscious decision to do something that is hammered into you as being wrong. She should have spoken to her teacher, or someone in administration if her teacher was being unreasonable.

    6. I find it hard to believe that the cops would have that kind of knee-jerk reaction. They would have to find evidence of abuse if they were going to have CPA take away the child. Otherwise, the state is left open to a massive lawsuit. If the parents are abusing the child, the child is removed from the situation. If they aren’t, they don’t have anything to worry about.

    5. I don’t believe in an afterlife, so I don’t think that not seeing my family in an afterlife is a deciding factor in this. I wouldn’t be losing any time I might have had with my family by becoming immortal, so I’m not betraying my family or anything like that by doing it. I would have to judge based on what I think my life would be like if I lived forever. If I thought that I truly loved the guy and we would never fall out of love over the course of however many millenia we live (which seems an iffy proposition), that would be a point in favor of becoming immortal. I would also like to be around for future scientific discoveries and social development of mankind, so I would probably take it.

    4. This is where my idealism clashes with my pragmatism. Ideally, you should not be the hand that kills your son because you are the one committing the act of wrongdoing under those circumstances. If the Nazis kill your sons, you are not directly responsible for it, because those actions belong to the Nazis. However, pragmatically, it is better to do what you can to save your children. In effect, you would have to accept the evil of the act of killing one son in order to achieve the good of saving the other. I would probably take the pragmatic route.

    3. I would not change the track. I imagine that I would have feelings of familial love for both my son and my granddaughter, so that would even out the initial decision. Add to that the wishes of my son that his life be sacrificed to save his daughter’s, and I would allow him his wish.

    2. If my son is an adult or near it, he is responsible for his own choices and should be allowed the freedom to choose for himself. On an emotional level, I would not wish to lose him, but I would agree with his choice from a moral standpoint.

    1. He should have given the job to the more qualified individual. As part of a business, you are not there to exercise your personal feelings and attachments. Essentially, business is separate from your personal life. You are there to do what is in the best interests of the business you work for. The more qualified applicant is in the better interests of the business, so you must choose him/her. Now, the terms of the qualification should be examined. If the person who appears to be more qualified is only more qualified on-paper, but your friend would fit better in the social environment of the office, it might be more beneficial to hire your friend. But I’m assuming the question takes into account all areas of qualification, so the other applicant would probably also be better at working with the rest of the office.

  • A.

    A spoiler warning for #2 would have been nice. :/

  • Alencon

    #10 – Administer the medicine. It’s not up to me to decide one person must die to save others.
    #9 – Call the police and report the robber. The end does not justify the means.
    #8 – Keep my mouth shut and hope for the best.
    #7 – There’s no free pass here, she plagiarized. She should have worked the time issue out with the teacher.
    #6 – Report it to the police. There’s no dilemma here.
    #5 – Since there is neither a heaven nor a fountain of youth, I think I’ll pass this one by as idiotic.
    #4 – You kick the chair out and save the second son.
    #3 – I’d respect his wishes and leave the switch alone.
    #2 – Hold him back because this has got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Then I would get him psychiatric help to help him deal with these delusions.
    #1 – Was he right? No, absolutely not. I might point out that in order to avoid situations like this any reputable company requires you to disqualify yourself from employment decisions involving a relative, friend or even an acquaintance. Failure to do so is often grounds for dismissal.

  • Shadow

    Hmm, some of these were definitely easier than others. I’ll add my own two cents as far as what I’d do in each situation.

    10) Save the patient. It is not the job of a doctor to choose to kill one person to save many. Besides, I see this as good population control: Save one person, five others die. Good trade.

    9) Report the robber. As well-intentioned as the robber may be, that is not his money to use. Life savings, college funds, or someone’s meager paycheck they need to barely scrape by that month would get taken. If you want to help people financially, then fine – do it with your own money and not someone else’s.

    8) I’d tell. I think a friend as a right to know if the person they’re marrying is a cheater from the start, and many times, someone who cheats once will cheat again. I’d rather break my friend’s heart before he ties the knot and wrecks his life then let him find out the hard way.

    7) She fails. Colleges don’t care if you’re on your damn death bed – plagiarism should never be seen as an alternative to an original paper and a person will get thrown out of college if they pull that crap there.

    6) Tell Mommy and Daddy. I think you’d be able to tell from their reaction alone if they’re guilty of child abuse or not. If they have nothing to hide and there is no actual abuse present, then they’ve nothing to fear should they get investigated.

    5) Would not drink. How do you know the person you love now is the person you’d want to be with forever? Or that they’d want you forever? Personally, I think heaven is just an abstract thought – not a real place, so I couldn’t give two shits about going there to see my dead relatives. Odds are good I will leave them before I die, so they will not have many fond memories of me anyway. If I’m taking on eternal life, it’s going to be for me and no one else.

    4) I’d yank the chair. Hey, he knows why he’s being killed, and it wouldn’t be fair to let the kid who didn’t try to escape get killed too. Besides, if having to choose between one son dying and both sons dying, losing one would probably be the better choice.

    3) Wouldn’t pull the switch. If he’s willing to die to save his child, then I would do as he says. Besides, do you think he’d ever forgive you for disobeying him?

    2) Let him go. If he believes he is possessed by the partial spirit of a murderer and wants to let that same murderer kill him, then he can go right ahead. This sounds pretty far out and I think if the guy actually believed this shit, he’s probably a little screwy in the head and would not be missed.

    1) Test them out. Maybe have each candidate intern (paid) for a bit and see how they each function on the job. Give the job to the person who is decidedly more qualified after observing them on the job. As nice as it may be to give your buddy the job, you have to look for the person who is the most qualified. A true, good friend will understand this, I think.

  • Michelle

    Fer sher

  • marge

    in #2
    yes i would let him sacrifice himself because itd be for the greater good and also with 2 souls inside him he essentially has 2 lives and would live the first time of being killed and would have a chance to kill the man who tried to kill him
    brush up on the harry potter facts

  • rjay

    just a comment about #10. it’s quite unlikely that the tissue type of the 6th patient match all 5 who required organ transplant. without a match, then organ transplantation will only result to a complete failure.

    • Jessica

      i wish i would’ve rememberd that in my comment, i forgot even if they all are a match, there is still the possiblity of Graph Vs Host, thanks for bringin that up.

  • loaf

    most of these are beyond the pale. extremely unrealistic and oversimplified.

  • Jessica

    10. Not treating the patient would be direct breach of the hippocratic oath, i know its not a contractual oath but i think you get my point.
    9. I wouldn’t do a damn thing.
    8. Stay out of it, no good will come from telling. It’s noble to want to do the right thing, but if it’s only going to bring pain and no one is in physical danger, thats not noble, it’s selfish.
    7. Let it go, she worked her ass off for years, she would’ve gotten an A n e way, or try to find a way to have her redo the project with sufficient time to study.
    6. The risks do not outweigh the benefits, if they’re innocent, most likely, i say not guranteed, but most likey they will be found innocent, anything to help that child is the best choice.
    5. Well, from what churcches have taught me, taking your life into your own hands is like giving God the middle finger which is why you are said to go to hell if you commit suicide and vampires go to hell if they die, so, the fountain of youth just keeps u from dying of old age, i never heard of it making death impossible, so, sorry loved one, i dont wanna burn if something does kill me.
    4. kill the first son, no point in both ur kids dying
    3. Um..kill ur son
    2. Let him die
    1. No, he should’ve been impartial, but he was a damn good friend.

  • ADTC

    For scenario 5 (Fountain of Youth):

    The whole question is based on a hypothetical scenario which makes two assumptions untrue/ of the real world:

    A heaven exists (and those who die on earth will go to heaven).
    A fountain of youth exists (and at least one person has found it).

    Discussing moralities based on such scenarios with untrue/impossible assumptions is pointless because morality is a system that is to be applied in the real world.

    However if I have to grand the second assumption the merit of being hypothetically true, the right thing to do is obviously to drink from the fountain of youth. But there is a slight problem here, eventhough your justification would be that people who die would simply be dead while you can live eternally with your lover, the fact that you know the location of the fountain of youth would mean you have the incentive to get everyone to it, so that everyone you love can actually live eternally.

    And if I have to grand both assumptions the merit of being hypothetically true, the question boils down to whether living on earth eternally, or living in heaven eternally is a more fulfilling choice. But once again, since the location of the fountain of youth is known, you can call everyone you know to drink of it. Those who choose to drink of it will live on earth eternally, those who don’t will die on earth and live in heaven eternally.

    But these answers are useless in the real world because such a dilemma is guaranteed to not occur in the real world.

    • ADTC

      In the first sentence, I meant “untrue/impossible” where I wrote “untrue/”.

  • David Hopkins

    #2 upsets me the most.

    • Guy Incognitus

      Seriously? It’s ripped from Harry Potter and has no basis in reality.

      • David Hopkins

        Absolutely, #3 is a close second because in both, you have to sever the sense of protection towards your child. That, in itself is heart breaking, and I’m not sure I could actually do it in real life. It would take a million times more guts than sacrificing my own life. However, in #3, your son has a moral and legal sense of protection towards his kid as well, so that’s what places it second to 2. I actually tried to think of an alternate, analogous, real life, scenario for son’s sacrifice, but couldn’t, so I used Harry Potter as it was (except letting the parents be the ones alive), and I did give credit to the author and the source, so it’s not like it’s plagiarism. As for #4, the first son is going to die anyway, still heart breaking though.

        • Sandy

          “I actually tried to think of an alternate, analogous, real life, scenario for son’s sacrifice, but couldn’t, so I used Harry Potter”

          Son and granddaughter already does this. Your strange rip-off of Harry Potter is not only completely unrealistic, but redundant as well.

  • Guy Incognitus

    Most of this stuff is stupid because it’s not really your choice:

    10) Ask the 6th patient what his wishes are.

    9) Do nothing, the bank is insured and the orphanage needs the money.

    8) Tell the friend. He should know what he’s getting into. A messy divorce later would be much worse, especially if they have children.

    7) Do nothing. One slip-up should not ruin a person’s life. Her previously flawless academic record should be what counts. But I would tell her that I know to make sure she doesn’t believe she got away with it and will continue to be a good student.

    6) Show the photos to the police and let them draw their own conclusions.

    5) Drink from the fountain. Heaven is a fabrication of religion to control the people.

    4) Save the other child. It is logically the only answer. One child alive is greater than zero.

    3) Save the granddaughter. It is you son’s right to choose his fate and besides that the granddaughter has more life ahead of her.

    2) This is seriously the stupidest question. Really? You’re just going to rip off Harry Potter? This isn’t a moral dilemma. Let your son choose his fate, just as Harry does.

    1) Give the job to your friend. Office relationships are important as well as qualifications.

    • David Hopkins

      I love your answer to #8. They might not even be HIS children.

  • David Hopkins

    I don’t understand the people saying that there is no heaven. Do you really want to believe that you will die and everything will end? If a loved one of yours dies, would you think that everything is over for them and nothing continues? Is church or other religious worship trivial and silly to you? I pity the lot of you.

    • ADTC

      Jeez, sorry to burst your bubble of wishful thinking, but the fact that when “you die, you die and that’s the end of it” is a fact, and it doesn’t matter what we believe or don’t believe. This is what we have observed generations after generations. Even with all the science we have now, there is still not a shred of evidence pointing to any form of life beyond death, be it heaven, reincarnation or resurrection. All these are mere forms of wishful thinking created and enjoyed by people like you who cannot fully come to terms with the sad but true fact that your death is the end of you, and that the death of a loved one means you will never have another chance to spend time with them again. Which by the way makes it precious and priceless to spend all the time you have with your loved one on Earth as much as possible.

      • David Hopkins

        You’re wrong.

        • ADTC

          I’ve explained so much, and all you can say is “You’re wrong.”? Explain yourself, why you are right and I am wrong.

          • I suppose neither of you are right. No one knows what happens after we die, because, well, you’re dead. The dead can’t tell the living what happens after we die, as they are dead. What happens after we die is a huge mystery. There might be a Heaven (I certainly hope so), or there might not. But for you to simply say that there is no afterlife is a comment of sheer ignorance. There is no fact established about what happens after we die. I, and you, and David, and everyone else, will only know what happens after we die when we die.

          • David Hopkins

            Well, on the ferry ride to my grandfather’s funeral, there was a killer whale swimming, splashing and jumping so joyfully and freely right by the ferry following it. I remember my grandfather had a great fondness for whales, and even gave me a book about whales when I was a little boy. I have never seen, known, or heard of a killer whale acting like that other than that occasion. My grand dad was there.
            Also, when we were visiting Wales, the home town of his birth, a ginger cat followed us all through Slade Wood, never left us on the tour and always seemed to make sure we were near.
            Also, when my great grandfather, my grandmother’s dad died, my grandmother had a very very vivid dream that her dad was in a truly amazing, gorgeous place, completely healthy and happy. My grandmother had a very strong 6th sense and all her prophetic dreams seemed to turn out to be true.
            My mother knew of someone who died and just as the passed away, a smile bloomed all over her face.
            People claim to have had out of body experiences in near death accidents.
            A person who has died often looks “empty” as though something has left them.
            The list of evidence goes on, and anyway, I know (or at least it’s my very strong opinion) in my heart that there is a heaven, or at least some kind of life after death. Nonetheless, I am grateful for life on Earth while it lasts.
            Don’t assume there is no afterlife just because science on Earth cannot prove it.

          • ADTC

            Please read up on Anecdotal evidence:

            And also on how the human brain is vulnerable to different kinds of faults (such as faulty memory and faulty reasoning), if you can find good information.

  • me

    9 is way too easy, it’s not even a dilemma.

  • jdfdshjsd

    How is 8 even a dilemma? let your best friend get married to a cheater?

  • nerd

    Number 2 is just the story of Harry Potter.

  • 10-Use the medicine on the sixth patient, then use my own organs to save the remaining five.

    9-Call the police, but beg them not to arrest the guy. Then donate to the orphanage.

    8-Persuade the fiancee to stop her affair and be faithful. Why did she even accept my friend’s proposal?

    7-The girl’s smart enough to get into that college without my help. Even if she did plagiarize.

    6-Talk to the parents. Also, bring a lie detector.

    5-Two answers: Get my family to drink from the fountain, or Get her(i’m a dude) family to stop drinking from the fountain.

    4-I’d kick the guard’s ass, release my sons, and run like hell.

    3-Stop the train with my bare hands.

    2-Kill the killer twice.

    1-Yes. Jim and Paul are friends, and friends work better when they work together. As for the other guy, i’m sure there are tons of firms a qualified guy like him could get in to.

    These answers may seem crazy, and they are, but i don’t like multiple choice. I make my own choices.

    • David Hopkins

      For #5, if you get your family to drink from the fountain, your family might as well give their family and everyone they know a drink too. Then they will give their family/friends a drink. Then THEY will give THEIR family/friends a drink and so on and so on. Ultimately, the whole world will become immortal, and the human race would become completely unnatural/chaotic.

  • colbz

    im only gona comment on a few of the items on the list… in the case of the orphanage who cares about the bank- the government will give them money if they dont have it, we already know that.. as for the cheating spouse u could tell them but how many times have u told a friend about a bf or gf cheatin and they get mad at u instead so its pretty much a complete waste of time because most of the population is in denial.. and to kick a chair out from under your own child and watch him strangle to death, wow.. your very morbid to even thnk of that.. i cant even try to answer that one.. i would save my granddaughter over my son because if i killed his daughter he would probably commit suicide after i untied him from the train track anyways.. those are all the one that i care to answer..

  • alertreader3000

    Most of your questions here aren’t really questions of morality, but more questions of priority. In most of the them, the morally correct answer is fairly apparent and the question isn’t “could you pick the moral answer”; it is “could you stomach the moral answer”. Another big question this list poses is whether or not you can classify a lack of action, immoral. It is easier to point out the immoral action than it is to decide if a lack of action is, indeed, immoral.

    #10 is simple. You cannot achieve morality by doing something immoral. The fate of the lives you could have saved is indeed regrettable but if by saving them, it required you to initially do something immoral, you do not gain moral ground. In this, like many of the following, the answer to the query is dependent on where your priorities lie. The moral choice is apparent.

    #9 is one of the cases mentioned earlier about whether you can define a lack of action as immoral. Would withholding the information from the police be unethical? Yes. Would it be potentially illegal? Maybe. Is it immoral? No. Would stealing the money yourself and giving it to the orphanage be immoral? Yes.

    #8 is again questioning whether a lack of action is immoral, but actually on this one, you don’t even have to get that deep in the discussion. Knowing facts or truths and not expressing them is not in itself immoral and so to ask if keeping what you saw from your friend is immoral, it is not.

    #7 is not a moral vs. immoral question. This is again a matter of priority. If you are in the position where this question is put to you, choosing to despense punishment for infractions against a posted institutional guideline is a matter of discretion rather than morality. Would it be immoral for you to take someone else’s work and lie and say it was your own? Yes. Is it immoral for you to give or not give punishment for doing this. Neither applies.

    #6 Again is a lack of action immoral? If the question was “You know that a child is being abused; do you tell the authorities?” This would make this moral question much harder, but even that one would still be a question of ethics and not of morality. It would be unethical not to tell the authorities but to say it was immoral would be difficult.

    #5 There are no moral implications of this scenario.

    #4 The key to coming up moral on this one is simply not committing an immoral act. If someone says, “commit this immoral act or else I’ll do this immoral thing”, you gain no moral ground by complying. The question will be, “can you stomach this decision?”

    #3 Same as above

    #2 You will be no more moral or immoral for picking either one of these. You will just have to stomach the consequences of either.

    #1 Again, this is a question of ethics, not morality. Morality does not take intent or outcome into account. It is not immoral to give someone a job, so therefore the moral question is void. Is it unethical? Potentially yes.

  • havok

    for the friend weddign part, id def. tell about it, id rather ruin his wedding than his life.

  • Sam

    10 I would save patient 6. While more people would survive if I chose ‘a’ they would be saved BECAUSE I let a patient die, whereas the deaths of the 5 aren’t actually needed to save patient 6. If one of the 5 had an Earth-saving secret and was too ill to tell it to me, I might decide differently, but that would be too ridiculous to even think about.

    9 I think I’d let the orphans keep the money. While I don’t approve of what the robber did, the orphans probably need it more than the people who lost it.

    8 I would tell my friend of the affair.

    7 I would absolutely turn her in for plagiarism. If she cheated, she doesn’t deserve a good college.

    6 Call the police and try to prevent the jumping-to-conclusions the scenario suggests, even if I have to get involved in the case myself.

    5 Tell my immortal loved one there are plenty of other fish in the sea besides me. I will go on to live a normal, natural life.

    4 I would do anything to attack the guard and make him either hang me or kill me and both my sons instead.

    3 Wow! This really is a hard one! If that was my son tied to the track and any person, whether I knew them or not, was tied to the other, even where the other person was the best friend who saved my life (see another 10 moral dilemmas) I would flip without a thought. The same would hold even if the other person was another family member. Only here, my son is basically in exactly the same position as I am. If I were in his shoes, I would want my father at the switch to leave the switch alone and spare my daughter. Yet, as a father, I don’t think I could ever knowingly fail to save my own son’s life if I had the chance, even where he was prepared to die to protect his own child. This is the only one I really have no idea what I would do.

    2 I don’t think I’d let him go forth. While his decision is indeed very brave, I just wouldn’t feel like a responsible parent if I let my son go forth to die. If it were to war, I might (and I emphasize might) force myself to stomach it and let him fight as he could very well survive, but I’d love him too much to let him go to certain, planned death.

    1 No, give the job to the worthy applicant. It’s not fair to give to the one less qualified, even if he is a friend.

    • David

      #3 would be even harder if the train was originally coming to the granddaughter and your son was begging and pleading for you to switch it away from her to himself.

  • Katta

    I would like to answer nr 2 with option c: I would hope somebody would tie me and my son up and rush us to the nearest mental facility they could find since I clearly would be delusional and in need of some serious medication plus maaaaany years of therapy, if I would ever get out… My poor son would be in another ward with slightly less security where he would get extensive therapy to rid himself from my poisonous brain-washing of him during these years and hopefully he could one day get something resembling a ‘normal’ life.

  • tjao

    #10-Give the patient the medicine if it cured him, but if it delayed his death, explain to him his organs could be useful to five others and ask if he’d be a willing donor now.
    #9-I’d call the police, but wait until the orphans have fulfilled their chiefest life needs from the money.
    #8-Tell the wife-to-be that I know and give her a chance to confess to her fiance or I’ll tell him myself.
    #7-Enter the plagiarism on her record, but explain her previously flawless record, straight-A status and illness to Saint Steven’s University and pray they come to be merciful and accept her anyway. It would not be moral to withhold her plagiarism to cover her wrongdoing.
    #6-Warn the parents that I suspect child abuse and tell them that if I see one more picture of the kid injured, I’ll call the police. If the they stop coming to me after that or don’t bring me any more pictures involving the boy, I may still call the police after all as they could be hiding his abuse knowing I’m aware.
    #5-This is impossible fiction and doesn’t need considering.
    #4-I think I’d pull the chair if it meant savings one of my sons, but I’d probably live in incomprehensible guilt after and commit suicide later on.
    #3-Leave the switch alone and let the grand kid live. If I were my son, that’s what I’d want.
    #2-See #5.
    #1-If Paul was a real friend, he would understand Jim giving the position to the more worthy applicant.

  • solaris station

    If you apply reason many of the dilemmas are solved. The most difficult is the fountain of youth because we can’t realize the concepts of immortality and eternity.

    10. Doctors patients
    Of course you don’t kill (this is the word) a patient to save the others. But let’s say that you can delay his dying and you don’t. It could stand if he gave his permission. Other wise you have to do what your oath say. Did you take that from House MD?

    9. Robin Hood robber
    Many think that banks are robbers too, so there is no problem to rob them. But it’s against the law. What if someone gets killed? In Spiderman, the hero let a robber go and he kill his father.

    8. Friend’s wedding
    Of course I would tell him. That’s what friends do. To hell with the wedding.

    5. Fountain of youth
    Only a crazy man wish to live for ever. Oh the boredom, the boredom! But if you are young you believe that your love will last. To paradise on your own, or to hell with the one that you love? There is a song of my country that says “at midnight I heard that you love me, who said that it is not well in hell?”.

    4. Concentration camp
    The reason say to kill your son. But how can you be sure that he mean what he says? But the problem says that you are sure.

    3. Son and granddaughter
    I would save the granddaughter. Let her live too. Let the chain continue.

    1. Friendship
    The wright thing is to take the most qualified person. What if you can’t find a job because people take their friends and not the worthy? Your friend will understand and respect you more for your impartiality, if he is a worthy friend…
    That of course doesn’t happen in reality. Not of what I know of.

  • Jupiter

    10. Save 6th patients even though the drugs will only prolonged life for a short period of time because the oath of a doctor is to do no harm.
    9. Call the police. How do we know whose the money belong to? It may be belonged to a pensioner or someone who is saving it for a major surgery?
    8. Tell him. It’s better to ruin the wedding now than having him to find out she is a cheater, cause more hurt and asking you why you didn’t tell him.
    7. Report her for plagiarism. She would have received help if she asked for it.
    6. Report it since you have a duty to protect a child from harm. It’s better to be wrong.
    5. Don’t drink it. Love only last because life is short.
    4. Give up your life in exchange.
    3. Don’t flip the switch. No love is greater than giving one life up for someone else.
    2. Allow him to die. Sacrificing one so that many will be saved.
    1. No. Never mix professionalism with personal feeling and friendship.

  • Jon

    Is it evil for me to say that moral dilemma no.5 is not a dilemma for me at all? If the only price is letting go of the friends and family I have now in exchange for immortality then I’m willing to do so. The only thing I’m afraid of is that if the world ends what will happen to me? Will I live the rest of my life suffering from the lack of oxygen while I float in space?

  • MIMI

    10) I’m not sure. If it would just extend the man’s life a bit, I would certainly let him die to give the others the organs. But if it would totally save him, I probably would save him. I think it’s actually more morally acceptable to let him die and save the others, but I probably wouldn’t.


    8 ) I’d probably not be able to work up the courage to tell him, but if I could I would.

    7) I wouldn’t want everything to be just “okay”, but I feel so sorry for the girl, so maybe I’d just make her fail the paper but not put it on her record.

    6) I’d report the pictures. I like to believe the government isn’t that stubborn.

    5) I wouldn’t drink it. I’d rather not live forever – that could become quite tedious.

    4) I would do it. If he’s going to die anyway, I’d rather save my other son. Not to mention I’d rather he not just be heartlessly murdered by this guy.

    3) I would save the granddaughter. She’s got more time left and the son doesn’t want her to die.

    2) Well, the plot is totally off. Just, like, really. I’d want him to do it because I’ve read the book and he lives. Like, duh.

    1) Nah, he was wrong. He should have given the job to the other guy. But as long as Paul isn’t that big of an idiot, it isn’t a HUGEHUGEHUGE deal. I mean, it’s not good, but there are other situations that could have filled up that space instead.

  • Tiger

    10 As a doctor I MUST save the sixth patient. That’s what I swore to do in my oath.

    9 Stealing is wrong. The robber could have helped the orphanage in other ways except stealing. I’d report him and raise a campaign to help the orphans.

    8 My friend deserves to know the truth. Tell him his wife is unfaithful, before he finds out himself and gets his heart broken.

    7 “To err is human. To forgive is divine.” I would let her redo the paper.

    6 Call the police. Better to be safe than sorry if there’s even a chance this kid is being abused.

    5 I think it would be a grave sin to choose immortality. I would spend every last minute of my life with the person I love, and when I’m gone he’ll have fond memories of me.

    4 and 3 These two are hard. I don’t know.


    1 Hire both.

    • Tiger

      3 All right, I’d let the train run over my son. I really wouldn’t be able to bear with letting him die, but if I really, truly loved him, I could not put him through the pain of losing his child. Besides, if I did save him and switched the train to his daughter, I’m sure he’d never be the same.

      But #4 is a completely horrible situation. I still wouldn’t have a clue what I’d do.

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  • David Hopkins

    I’m having some second thoughts about my response for #4 in April. Maybe, I’d let the guard kill both. If I were the second son, I might (perhaps, not necessarily ‘would;’ that’s a hard call) actually prefer dying rather than living with my mom or dad having killed my brother.

    Perhaps, I’d also do what others have suggested and attack the guard or offer myself for the release of both my sons, even if that would result in me and both sons being killed. If my son who was to be hanged WANTED me to pull the chair so that his brother wouldn’t be killed, alright I’d pull it, but it would still make me feel downright sick.

  • David Hopkins

    Also, when I was in grade 8, we read a short story called “The Decision.” It was about a father who took his young son on a camping trip and during the trip, the boy fell onto a train track and a boulder that fell on his leg pinned him in place. The father had to run (there was no alternate track or switch) to tell the conductor to stop the train, but he had no clue which was the right direction. And so, this father had to make an agonizing 50/50 guess.

    Luckily, he guessed correctly.

  • Tonya

    10. Save the patient. His life is just as valuable as the others and they’re his organs.
    9. The moral thing would be to turn the robber in but I know that if I were actually in that position I’d keep my mouth shut.
    8. I’m really not sure. I’ve been in a position where I told a friend her boyfriend made a pass at me. She kept the boyfriend and got rid of me. I’d hate to ruin their big day because no matter what he chooses it’s going to suck. So, I don’t know. If it’s a good friend I’ll tell. If not, I’ll mind my own business.
    7. She plagiarized. I am compelled to report that. The rest of her record will speak for itself or not. I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever on this.
    6. The kid’s wearing a cast which means he’s been seen by a pediatrician, who is a much better judge of childhood abuse than I am. Kids get bruises and I lived next door to a little boy once who had half his face covered in scars from when he poured hot coffee on himself as a toddler. Abusive parents aren’t likely to take photos of their crime and if they were they’d use a digital camera. It wouldn’t occur to me the child was being abused. No way would I risk taking a kid out of a probable loving home and turned over into god knows what kind of foster home over this.
    5. Immortality would get so tiresome and that kind of passion only lasts so long. I don’t want to watch everything I ever love die. Also, I would grow to resent the one who gave me immortality so no.
    4. Assuming I can’t make another option happen by attacking the guard, I would tell my son that I couldn’t do that because I love him too much and then during the uproar I would shove him quickly before he had an idea what I was about to do.
    3. My son is a grown man who has the same feelings for his child that I do for him. I cannot let him live knowing that his life cost his daughter’s. Also, that girl is my grandchild and is younger and needs me more. My son dies.
    2. I really didn’t understand this one.
    1. Giving the job to the most qualified candidate is the “right” decision but Paul is his friend and I would have done the same thing.

  • Rainbow

    #10 I’d save the five patients. I see that’s not a very popular answer, but I personally feel it would be better to save five and let one die by omission than it would be to save one and let five die by omission. I wouldn’t actively kill him to save the others though.

    #9 I’d let the orphans keep the money.

    #8 This one’s a bit tough. I have visions of telling him his fiancee is unfaithful and he gets angry, doesn’t believe me or, worst of all, answers, “Actually I was having an affair with another woman.” I think I’d tell him anyway though.

    #7 I’d give her a reprimand and a zero on the paper. If she’s that excellent a student, she’s probably got about 95% in her course content other than the report, so that leaves 55% deducting the 40% caused by her zero score. That way, she passes grade twelve barely, but has to suffer a lousy grade. That should teach her not to plagiarize again.

    #6 I’d talk to the parents and monitor their eyes, expressions, confidence, gestures etc very carefully.

    #5 I’d drink that water and live eternally with the one I love.

    #4 Offer myself.

    #3 I could not, EVER, let a train run my son over. If the person on the other track was anyone in the world besides his child, well, tough luck for them, but in this case I’d lie down on the same track as he is, so the train can run over us both and me and my son can die together.

    #2 I’ve read the Harry Potter books. I’d let my son go forth because his own soul will be saved like Harry’s and he will go on living.

    #1 I would hire my friend.

    • David Hopkins

      In 7, her percentage would be 57%, not 55%. If she has 95% in the rest of her course work, and you give her a 0 on the report, that works out to 57/60+0/40, because 60*0.95=57. Summing the numerators and denominators to obtain her overall percentage would give 57/100, or 57%.

  • Cara

    #10 Give the medicine to patient six. Others’ organs might arrive in the mean time.

    #9 I think I should tell the police but I wouldn’t.

    #8 I wouldn’t tell him. It’s none of my business.

    #7 I sort of want to forgive her and let her go with a warning, given her circumstances, but I know that she cannot be treated as ‘special’ from the other students. She is subject to the same rule regarding plagiarism as all the other kids in the school and all students worldwide. I cannot risk precedent of possibly having to let other kids get away with plagiarism. So, I would enter it on her record.

    #6 I would show the pictures to my manager and let him make the decision of whether to report them or not.

    #5 No immortality for me. I could not bear to lose my entire friends, family and everyone I know except for this one person. He can probably find someone else to love after I am dead.

    #4 This situation is just heartbreaking altogether. All the options just seem so wrong. I truly cannot answer this one.

    #3 I would save my grownup son. I realize this is not the morally correct answer, but the pain of letting him die, watching him die etc when the switch to save him was in front of me would be too devastating. I would be too bound to him to let him go. I would pray he one day comes to forgive me.

    #2 I am not even going to try to answer this question.

    #1 Jim should have hired the one more qualified. It is not fair to the job to the one more qualified if Jim chooses to hire his friend, just for friend’s sake. Paul should understand that business priority is important and respect Jim’s position, being his friend.

  • Tyson

    10 Save the patient with the medicine.

    9 Report the robber

    8 Tell him

    7 If, in addition to the circumstances given, she is truly sorry, and swears to never plagiarize anything again, I would let her off this once. Otherwise, I’d report her.

    6 Call the police.

    5 No loved one is worth giving up an eternity with God in paradise for.

    4 As much as it would suck to kill your own kid, you really have to pull the chair. Letting your other son die would be little more than parental negligence.

    3 Save your granddaughter.

    2 Let him sacrifice himself. If he’s willing to die to save many, you should honor him as a hero. (Although I do find this scenario kind of absurd)

    1 Hire the one more qualified.

  • k

    10. save patient number 6. it’s your job.

    9. don’t squeal. the money’s insured anyway.

    8.tell my friend. no lying cheating douche marries my friend.

    7. i’d inform the girl that i’m well aware of her plagiarizing and then give her a second chance to pass another report but this report of course will be harder and the highest grade she could get will be the passing grade. if her report fails, she fails.

    6. tell the boss then let the boss make the decision. if he wants to make a case, support him. if he says to observe further then do just that.

    5. drink.

    4. find a way to get myself killed instead.

    3. don’t pull the switch. give your son the right to save his daughter.

    2. much as i love my son, his life does not belong to me. i can only compromise mine to save his and in this situation, doing that won’t do a thing. if he decides to sacrifice his life for others, much as it will hurt, i’d let him then thank life for allowing me to bore a fine son.

    1. get the more qualified. i don’t know about others but i’d rather not have so much familiarity breeding in my workplace. it’s much easier to make unbiased and professional decisions.

  • Meg

    10. The Hippocratic Oath says First do no harm. If I neglect that one patient for the benefit of five others, I would be doing harm. I guess neglecting is not actually doing, but his purposefully failing to save his life is certainly a stepping stone to save the others, so it’s really the same thing.

    9. If I saw someone doing something illegal, I would report it. The law exists for a reason and that reason is not so people can disobey it. The orphans have rights too, but, like the doctor, the robber has no right to do wrong against one person for the aid of many.

    8. I would first have a talk with the friend’s fiancee and tell her what I saw. But what I really want to know is how did I “see” my friend’s fiancee was having an affair? Was I the mistaken recipient of an email? Did I actually see love-making through their window? This question is a little too ambiguous to answer properly. If what I saw was anything but a definite flirting, or love-making, maybe I’m the one who’s mistaken and they’re just friends. If I felt there was a good chance she is, in fact, cheating, I would give her a chance to tell her fiancee. Otherwise, I would tell him, in detail, what I know.

    7. She’s in grade 12, 17 or 18 years old, and it’s her mistake. She must face up to her mistake. I understand her desperation, but this mess is her fault. The plagiarism goes on her record. I do feel some guilt over this position, but like you cannot cover up someone’s crime, you can’t cover up academic misconduct, and it only makes you an accessory. Maybe, she’ll be able to fulfill her academic dreams at a different school she finds. Otherwise, I’m sure life will work out well somehow for her in the end. I’ll also add she should have got a flu shot.

    6. I would call the police. Yes, maybe the parents are innocent. But if you see evidence of any sort of crime, you must call the police. You never know what sort of abuse this child might be facing and you could be his only hope. Even if the police and CPS just conclusion and don’t follow up properly, that’s their misconduct, not yours and you did you job. I’ll also add that even if these parents did not abuse their son, they weren’t really thinking when they took those pictures and took them to be developed. They’re kind of asking for eyebrows to be raised.

    5. Hmmm, tough question. If I could know that heaven was real and I would be reunited with my loved ones there, I would tell my loved one that he and my family are equally precious to me, but that I believe that God would want to live, grow old, and die the natural way. If he really loved me, he would accept my choice and would not wish to see me in such grief from losing my whole family and living with the boredom of seeing the earth to its end. Maybe, after I die, God will give me the power to come back to my loved one in the form of a spirit.

    4. A concentration camp is a living hell. It is no place for any being, particularly children. I literally learned, in history, that most people who escaped concentration camps, or otherwise lived to tell the tale, never found happiness again and wished they had died in the camp. They wound up poor, rejected, even sent to asylums. I would never wish that on either of my sons. I would refuse to pull the chair so the guard can kill both my sons, and free them of the camp and a dismal future, and I would hug my son being hanged in the process.

    3. This one got some truly unsettling responses. Why are so many of you saying ridiculous things like, ‘stop the train with my hands’ ‘derail the train’ ‘lie down on the track so we’ll both die’ and so on? I mean come on. Really? Are you THAT hell bent on not letting your son die? He’s an adult now. Fred the Fish and Cara, no, he is most certainly not going to forgive you for killing his daughter against his wishes. Would you ever forgive your parent if they did that to your child, so you could live? Those of you who found this a hard question in any way need a reality check and those who answered ‘Kill the granddaughter’ need a smack in the face. I would 100 thousand percent leave that switch alone and respect his wishes. That is what I would want my parent to do for me and my child. Yes, I would miss my son, and I would save him over almost everyone else, but his child is just as valuable to me as he his, and to save his life, but to put him through the burden of his child dying would not be love. It would be gross selfishness and hypocrisy.

    2. It’s his sacrifice, not mine. Technically, I’m not even part of this question. If my son were still a child, it would be harder, but I would still accept his choice. He is doing the right thing and I do believe I would have sacrificed my life if I were in his place. I would cry at the prospect of losing him, but I would give him a hug and kiss and, if he wishes, come with until the killer finishes him.

    1. Friendship is irrelevant in professionalism. If I were Jim, I would tell Paul, “You know, you would be a great candidate, but there is someone else who would just fill the position better. Sorry.” It would get pretty difficult being the boss of a friend as well and would get pretty hard not to treat him as a boss’s pet. It would be for the best if Jim hires the better worker.

    • Meg

      Oops. in 5, I should have said “If my loved one really loved me” instead of “If he really loved me.” I sound like I’m referring to God. (Though I believe God loves me too).

  • 10. Save the patient. The Oath doesn’t say the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one…

    9. Leave it be. The money in the bank is ensured anyway. Fuck the greedy bastards…

    8. Tell him. Save him some pain later on.

    7. It’s the flu… Why ruin the girl’s future because of a damn microbe?

    6. Ask. Because if the child goes into protective services, he might be subjected to worse abuse (pedophiles, overmedication, etc. google it)

    5. Don’t drink.

    4. Better to lose a son rather than both.

    3. Don’t flip.

    2. Harry Potter, really?

    1.Yep. Qualification isn’t everything. Team interaction is vital too. So go with the one you know best.

    P.S. Here’s another one for you, given by South Park:

    Would you have sex with your son to save his life?

  • Zak

    I found this list pretty lame. Only three of these (#s 3, 4 and 5) I found dilemmas. #8: ruin his wedding or ruin his life? Seriously? #s 10, 6 and 1: Why risk being fired (or in 10 arrested) because of personal feelings? If you don’t like the rules don’t take the job in the first place. #2 sounds like something the author stole from Harry Potter because he couldn’t think of any more scenarios. The good lists are getting fewer and fewer. I guess Frater and contributors have used all the good ideas up.

  • Zak

    Besides what I mentioned, my responses would be as follows:

    #9 He unjustifiably stole from innocents. Call the police.

    #7 Faint dilemma here, but quite easy for me to say I’d punish her in other ways without putting it on her record.

    #5 I don’t know. Maybe I’d ask my love what she’d want me to do, but I wouldn’t know what I’d do unless I were in that situation.

    #4 I suppose I would pull the chair to save my other son, but again, I can’t say for sure. I might find I can’t actually do it.

    #3 Which do I choose: a) Suffer my child dying or b) Have my child alive, but he has to suffer his child dying. As hard as it would be for me, b would be such an evil answer. I would have to go with a. Although I might want to find and kill whoever tied them up.

    But all the same, 3 out of 10 scenarios being real dilemmas does not make a satisfactory list.

  • Stingo

    10-Explain to patient 6 that his organs would be useful to 5 others if he dies and let him decide whether or not he would be willing to die to give life to 5 others.

    9-Let the orphans keep the money.

    8-Tell my friend his fiancee is unfaithful.

    7-Let her go. I couldn’t stand to flush twelve years of her hard work down the toilet.

    6-Ignore it. A few instances of injuries does not particularly indicate abuse.

    5-I’d drink.

    4-Pull the chair to save my other son.

    3-Do what I can to cut him loose before the train reaches him.

    2-Let him save the world.

    1-I’d hire my friend. Probably not the right answer morally, but I’d think of a friend before someone I didn’t know.

  • ryan

    10) Not my place to play God, save the 6th one if you can.
    9) I would always report a robber, I was in a burger king that got held up,nothing spiritual about robbing people at gun point duh!!
    8) Mind your own business dont tell your friend ever.
    7) Look the other way
    6) report child abuse if you think its happening duh!
    5) romantic love is superstition, drink from the fountain of youthregardless, no gaurntees there is life after death.
    4) dont pull the chair out, look at the gaurd and spit in his face
    3) let your son get run over
    2) accept sons fate
    1) hire your friend

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  • AlphaTestDog-0132


    10. Ask the sick patient if he would be willing to die to save other people, and tell him he would have done a great and brave thing.

    9. In most cases I would report him, there would have to be a very very good reason for me not to. Otherwise I’d call the cops.

    8. Tell him, i’d rather be loyal, plus on the long run im doing something good.

    7. I wouldn’t report her, i mean she would have gotten an A anyway, or if she wouldn’t life is all about second chances aint it?

    6. I’d report the family, however id be cautious how i say it. I’d tell the cops that I found some strange pictures and that they should look over them and interview the parents.

    5. This one is really hard, i mean I wouldn’t want to live forever in the first place, maybe 500 years max, but still….. It depends how hot that girl is. If shes SMOKIN THEN WHY THE HECK NOT?

    4. I think id be paralyzed and wouldn’t pull it. I cant imagine being responsible for a sons death.

    3. Im totally saving my son!! DUH! he can have other kids, easily. Easy choice.

    2. This ones really strange…. maybe just let my son go??? Im sure yet.

    1. This one completely depends on situations, in many situations the answer is yes, in others no. Its just too general the description.

    • David Hopkins

      Would you rather die so your child can live, or live while your child dies? That is what your son is facing in #3. Would you ever forgive your father/mother if they killed your son/daughter so you could live?

  • Ray

    10-Use the medicine to save the one patient who can be saved.

    9-Turn the robber in.

    8-No cheater is marrying my friend!

    7-Her plagiarism, her punishment.

    6-Follow my policy and call the police.

    5-Wouldn’t drink. Turning my back on my love wouldn’t be as wrong as turning my back on God.

    4-Tell the guard to hang me for the release of both my sons. Otherwise, I’d attack him with the chair.

    3-Let’s hope I’ll never have to decide that.

    2-Why is this one even included? It’s ludicrous nonsense.

    1-It’s my obligation to hire the one more qualified so that’s what I’d do.

  • Unikiwi

    I would treat the 6th patient as an individual and treat their illness with the best possible medicine to prolong or improve their quality of life as long as possible. There are always people dying, people need organ transplants everyday and they are not available. I would also do my best to obtain organs for the other patients that need them.

  • Unikiwi

    9. Call the police and report the robber. What he did with the money is irrelevant.

    8. I would not tell my friend of the affair. With matters of love and relationships there are lots of things people accept and overlook to be with someone. The relationship will overcome or fail in its own time.

    7. If it is my duty and obligation to investigate and report the findings. I would have to do just that.

    6. I don’t think making assumptions about photos over the course of time is what the store means by “report questionable photos”. I am sure there are guidelines to what you have to report, pornography, child pornography etc. You don’t know the details there is no reason to assume or take action.

    5. I don’t want to live forever.

    4. I would not have a part in killing my son.

    3. I wouldn’t have any part of the death of my son.

    2. I would have no part of the death of my son.

    1. If Paul is going to be a good employee then yes. It is about who you know.

  • Birch

    10-Give my own organs.

    9-I’d have to call the cops on the robber.

    8-I guess I ought to tell but it’s really none of my business, so I’d keep my mouth shut.

    7-Give her a second chance.

    6-A friend of mine went through something similar to this one. He was working as a photo tech, and he came across some prints of three naked children standing in a row making suggestive poses. He thought of informing the authorities, but in the end, dismissed it as probably being some kids play and ignored it. Five years down the road, the eldest daughter turns in her father as having sexually molested her and her siblings. So, I would turn the pictures of this boy in.

    5-Negotiate with my love.

    4-One of my sons might as well live. No point in both dying. I’d close my eyes and force myself to yank the chair.

    3-I’d respect my son’s wishes and let his child live.

    2-I’d let my son sacrifice his life for others.

    1-Hire the one more worthy of the job.

  • dinnu

    for number 10 all you need to do is wait for the first of the five dying patients to die and then use his/her organs to save the other four, and the other person can be saved with medecine.

    • David Hopkins

      Good solution. I never thought of that.

  • fabgirl

    #3: Has anyone thought of the fact that the train might not kill the son?