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10 More Mysterious Conspiracy Theories

Flamehorse . . . Comments

To date we have around seven conspiracy theory lists or lists containing entries related to such. This new list is a welcome addition as it has been some time since our last one and they are always extremely fascinating topics to read about. The world is full of conspiracy theories – many of which contain elements of mystery. This will definitely not be the last list of this type.


Ararat Anomaly

Screen Shot 2011-10-15 At 12.07.56

Theories surrounding the Ararat Anomaly arose from a single black and white photograph taken in 1949 by a USAF recon plane performing routine intelligence gathering of the Ararat massif, which was in an area of military interest at the time. This famous photo shows a shoulder of Mount Ararat, only 1300 feet from the summit, covered in snow, with an odd-looking object on the very precipice of a steep slope.

Conspiracy theorists, many of them Biblical literalists, claim that the odd-looking object if Noah’s Ark, which the Bible states “came to rest on the mountains of Ararat” after the Great Flood. Since the Bible pluralizes “mountains,” the question still stands, “Which mountain of the area?” Mount Ararat is the tallest of the Armenian Plateau, but the whole area of Eastern Turkey and Western Armenia is mountainous, and Mount Ararat is actually two peaks, with the main peak a prominence for miles around.

The anomaly appears to be a very rounded elongation teetering on the edge of a slope, buried under ice and snow, and it has so roused the curiosity of the U. S. government that planes and satellites have been used to take numerous photographs of it, not all of which, the theory claims, have been made public. The best public views of it can be found on the Internet for free, and the anomaly does look very much like a big boat, approximately 1,000 feet long and 200 to 300 feet wide, which roughly matches the Bible’s description of the Ark.

A close-up of it appears to show two sets of three “prongs,” one set on each end, and this close-up does look very man-made. Why the U. S. government will not divulge anything further than what is available is not universally established, but the theory claims that in order to do so, the government would have to declassify top-secret spy satellites, which would set a lot of unwanted media against them in terms of invasion of privacy. The U. S. does have satellites that can photograph a postage stamp from 600 miles overhead, but there are no such photographs of the anomaly.


Suppression of The Cathars

Screen Shot 2011-10-15 At 12.08.57

Catharism is a branch of Christianity similar to Gnosticism, and the details of it would take too long to enumerate. Its heyday lasted from the 1000s to the 1300s, and during that time, Cathars throughout Europe so irritated the Roman Catholic Church that the Church first tried to convert the Cathars without violence. When that didn’t work, they initiated a full-force Crusade, the Albigensian Crusade, which brought 20 years of warfare against the Cathar movement. During that Crusade, the fortress of Beziers was besieged throughout most of 1209, at the end of which, the Catholic army won and slaughtered every single man, woman, and child in the city – at least 7,000, possibly as many as 20,000. The leader of the army stated, “Kill them all. The Lord will recognize His own.”

In the end, the Cathars were very effectively suppressed. So why in the world did the Catholic Church pursue this end so violently? Because, according to the theory, the Cathars had copies of various texts sacred to them and not Catholicism, including The Book of the Two Principles, and the Gospel of the Secret Supper. These and other texts depicted Jesus teaching that reincarnation is real, that Heaven and Hell do not exist, that the God of the Old Testament was instead Satan, and Almighty God is either Jesus or his Father in Heaven, but not the Old Testament God. This is a central tenet of Gnosticism also. The most earth-shattering point of this theory is that Jesus may have taught that reincarnation is real, leading theorists to speculate about who on Earth right now is Jesus, and when he will make his presence known again. These apocryphal texts sacred only to Catharism are commercially available, most falling under the header of Gnosticism.


Nibiru Collision


This theory ties in with the 2012 Doomsday theories. It claims that there is a planet the size of Jupiter, named Nibiru or Planet X, currently as far from us as the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, and that it is on a collision course with Earth in 2012. The theory goes that the IRAS infrared satellite launched in 1983 took a photograph of this object, which was finally leaked to the Internet in 2009. The photograph was explained away by NASA as showing 9 galaxies and some intergalactic cirrus, but no other objects.

The theory goes on to claim that the U. S. government funded the construction of a very powerful telescope at the South Pole to take pictures of Nibiru and track it. This telescope is claimed by NASA to be a radio telescope which cannot take pictures, but the theory ignores this to go on: Nibiru cannot currently be seen because it is behind the Sun.

It is impossible to debunk this theory, not because it may or may not be true, but because conspiracy theories don’t have to respect the authority of a government, especially that of the U. S. Any “debunking” of evidence in support of Nibiru is immediately denounced as a lie. Nibiru is on its way, and its impact will obliterate Earth.


2005 London Bombings


At 8:50 AM, on 7 July 2005, three suicide bombers, two of Pakistani descent, and one Jamaican, blew themselves up onboard three separate subway trains, killing a total of 42 people, including the bombers. At 9:47, less than an hour later, the number 30 double-decker bus, traveling in Tavistock Square, blew up because of a fourth bomber, killing 14 people, including himself. These are the facts as presented in news accounts in the days and weeks following.

The conspiracy theorists are not convinced. In fact, they are convinced of the opposite: the four bombers were not the culprits, not bombers, and merely innocent civilians along with all the other victims. The real killers, according to the theory, were members of the UK government’s security, including MI5, and that PM Tony Blair, and even the Queen, knew all about it.

So why cover it up? Al-Qaeda even took responsibility for it in a post-taped video appearing on Al Jazeera, but this video was proven by British authorities as having been edited after the attacks to include them, in order to take credit for them. The bombers were officially dissociated with al-Qaeda, but the theory simply uses this video as one of many proofs that something fishy was going on.

Once the term “cover-up” enters a conspiracy theory, the theorists almost always diverge, because a government may have a great many things to cover up. Evidence of aliens on the subway trains and the number 30 bus; evidence of cooperation between the British government and al-Qaeda (whose video response they tried to shut up); and this lister’s personal favorite sub-theory, that the four “bombers” were really just tabloid photographers who had photographed Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the future wife of Prince William, having sex with Queen Elizabeth’s horses. No joke, that’s one of the branches of this conspiracy theory.


Operation Alsos


This theory centers on one man in particular, Samuel Abraham Goudsmit (1902-1978). Goudsmit was a nuclear physicist who headed Operation Alsos as a branch off the Manhattan Project. While America considered it vitally important to beat the Nazis at making the atomic bomb, they found it equally important to hinder the Germans as far as possible.

The Allied war effort saw to that magnificently by bombing Nazi ball bearing plants. Hardly any machinery in the world functioned without ball bearings, and while the Nazis attempted to research nuclear physics, Goudsmit organized a spy ring to report on how close the Germans were coming to the bomb. His published reports stated that they never got close, but the truth, according to this conspiracy theory, is much more insidious.

Goudsmit is said to have discovered that the Nazi nuclear physicists, led by Otto Hahn and Werner Heisenberg, actually built the bomb, or at least discovered all the technology involved in building one and were in the process of doing so, which Hitler intended to use on London, England. In order to counter this, Goudsmit informed the U. S. Government, which found it more promising to buy the Nazi scientists off than to carpet bomb the areas where nuclear testing was occurring. Additionally, Goudsmit had been unable to ascertain from the scientists where this testing was being done. After the War, laboratories were discovered all over Germany, which means bombing would not have been feasible.

So Goudsmit was given millions of dollars to bribe the Nazi scientists into coming to America, with the bomb and all research and materiel, and those scientists partnered with Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi, and Edward Teller, and enabled the Americans to finish their fission research, then build bombs. The Trinity Test of 16 July 1945 is claimed by this theory to have been the original Nazi bomb.


Disclosure Project


Steven Greer is the central focus of this one. The theory incorporates all known extraterrestrial conspiracies, then takes them one step further. Greer claims to have been contacted by aliens with good news. He founded the Project in 1992 as a convention for other people who claim to have been contacted by aliens (Trekkers do the same thing, really).

Meetings of this Project occur every year in various American cities, are not secret at all, and even boast some fairly authoritative government agents as members, all attempting to make the U. S. government take the hood off the public’s head and “disclose” the truth about extraterrestrial existence.

The one step further is as follows: Greer claims the aliens’ good news to him and others they have contacted is that they are on their way from distant planets (more than one), and that they come in peace to share scientific, medical, and cultural knowledge. Most importantly that a specific aspect of their and our planet histories is identical the worlds over – that a certain member of each planet’s most intelligent species was unjustly killed for its own purpose of removing sins from all other members of that species. Conspiracy theories just don’t get much better than this. When they will arrive is anyone’s guess, but 2012 seems to strike a chord.


President’s Book of Secrets


This theory was used in the film National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, and claims that the Presidents of the United States have passed down a book from Washington to Obama, in which some or all have added facts and histories earth-shattering in scope and implications, and that this book’s location is only known to the President, and the National Librarian of Congress. Thus, if the President is assassinated, the Librarian informs the next President of the book. After each President leaves office, the location is changed.

This book is rumored to contain the truth about the alien landings at Roswell, NM and Rendlesham Air Base, UK, and many other UFO events; the truth about the JFK and RFK assassinations; the location of the Holy Grail (tying in with the Fort Knox conspiracy theory); the fates of various high-ranking Nazis following WWII (and the facts concerning the U. S. government’s assistance of them); even the identity of the Antichrist. Assuming there is a book, and assuming it identifies the Antichrist, we are led to wonder if he and the President are on the same side, are one and the same, or whether the President fears for Earth’s immediate future. Even more insidious, in terms of realism, is the claim that the book told of the attacks of September 11, 2001 before they took place, and also tells of the imminent coup d’etat of Russia, followed by a Russo-North Korean invasion of South Korea, initiating WWIII.


Osama bin Laden is Alive

Osama Binladen 1238702C

You might have seen this one coming. Not many conspiracy theories sprang to life as quickly as the theory in the immediate aftermath of the Navy SEAL raid on bin Laden’s hideout, that Osama bin Laden survived the raid, or wasn’t even present to begin with. The theory was bound to show up anyway, but it took off like wildfire when the White House refused to release official photos of bin Laden’s dead body. Why not? Let’s all see the justice that was done.

That was what conspiracy theorists shouted, but the pictures will likely never see the light of day. The official excuse, from the President himself, is that it would be kicking a man while he’s down, and not in keeping with the appearance of fairness the U. S. government prefers to show the world: the sentiment in withholding these pictures was meant to be “we’re better than this barbarian.”

But without the photo, many are still crying “fake!” The photo was described by numerous politicians as “very gory” with the entire forehead blown off and brain matter exposed. These politicians, according to the theory, are just part of the cover-up. So if bin Laden is alive, where is he? Well, just claiming that he’s still hiding in the Tora Bora mountains doesn’t suffice conspiracy theorists. They claim he is hiding in the last place anyone will ever look: the United States of America.


Cure for Everything


Theorists seem to have derived this one from a passage in the late, great Michael Crichton’s novel The Andromeda Strain. In that book, one of the characters tells another about a top-secret U. S. government-funded medical research project which appeared to have discovered a single drug which would not only inhibit the reproduction of a bacteria in the human body, but actively kill all biological and viral pathogens known to science, without any serious repercussions to the human body.

The fact that it may stem from a novel has not deterred conspiracy theorists from claiming that Crichton was stating facts but was afraid to admit to it, which is why he hid his facts in a work of fiction. In this passage, the drug is not named, but it is described as causing no more discomfort to the person than diarrhea, because it also kills the good bacteria in the intestines. It kills cancer within days and kills AIDS, syphillis, Herpes Simplexes I and II, Rabies Encephalitis, and every single disease of any kind ever known.

The character who describes it remarks that it was about to be made commercially available, until doctors took patients off the drug after several months, and all of them promptly died within weeks from unknown diseases never before seen that caused bizarre and horrifying problems in the body: brains melted, metastasized cancer of every single organ and tissue in the body within days, liquefied livers, and many others. The reason? While on the miracle drug, the human body had no need for its immune system, which stopped functioning. Then when the drug was discontinued, the only barrier the human body has between itself and all the weak bacteria and viruses humans never have problems with did not restart, allowing those germs to create unheard-of infections.

That’s all courtesy of Crichton, but the conspiracy theory claims that this drug exists, was tried on people, and was taken off the market for a completely different reason: while the human immune system was not stopping (which is true; it will do its job unless suppressed by age and/or strong diseases), visits to doctors’ offices were. And like all medical conspiracy theories, this one centers on the insidious motive of greed on the part of the American Medical Association, which would be put out of business completely and forever should the drug hit the open market.


Grand Grimoire

Alchemist Dream Grand Grimoire

This one is based on the fact that the so-called “Grand Grimoire” exists, and it does. It is a book, also called “The Red Dragon,” and the “Gospel of Satan.” The book is real because the Roman Catholic Church officially claims ownership of it, but has never let the public glimpse it. It is fact that it was discovered in Jerusalem in 1750, in the tomb of Solomon, written in either Biblical Hebrew or Aramaic. The manuscript has not been dated to an earlier time than this, or else the Church has not said, but the book itself is inscribed with the date of 1522 AD. Theorists claims it was copied in that year from a manuscript written in the 1200s AD or earlier.

The earliest known proof of it comes from the writings of one Honorius of Thebes, whose existence has not been undeniably proven. He may have been Pope Honorius III (1148-1227). Honorius of Thebes is believed to have written something now referred to as the “Sworn Book of Honorius,” from which the Grand Grimoire was derived, or which is, in fact, the Grand Grimoire itself.

The theory claims that Honorius was either Satan himself, or possessed by Satan for the purpose of writing the book. It contains instructions on summoning Satan at any time, at any place on Earth, for various insidious intentions. The word “grimoire” denotes a textbook of magic. Any kind of magic, whether good or bad. A great deal of so-called copies are in circulation around the world, but none of these, the conspiracy theory claims, contains the true words of the actual Grimoire. It is very popular in the voodoo culture of Haiti, and practitioners there claim to use the book all the time, like a cookbook for spells and hexes.

Theorists claims the Grand Grimoire is itself supernatural in that it permanently resists burning, cannot be cut, pierced, penetrated, torn, or in any other way damaged or destroyed. It is the only book with the knowledge of how to summon Satan (all others being fakes that don’t work), with a precise ritual to be performed, and in addition to this, it can summon any number of named demons (Pazuzu, from “The Exorcist” among them). Being written by Satan, it details proofs of various supernatural miracles of the Bible, the precise locations of biblical relics, and even contains Satan’s personal sketches of the faces of Judas Iscariot and Jesus Christ. Because it is in the Catholic Church’s possession, the theory goes on to claim that every Pope starts out a human, and then becomes possessed by Satan once he is elected.

The 1989 film “Warlock,” starring Julian Sands as the prospective Antichrist, uses the Grimoire as a major plot device, and goes even further, claiming that the Grimoire contains the secret name of God, which, when uttered backward, will annihilate the Universe. This lister paused the film and inched it forward at the climax to read the secret name, and it is “Roaisha.” Help yourselves. Think it just couldn’t possibly get any better? Well, this last quality of the Grimoire was most likely invented by David Twohy, who wrote the story for the film. But conspiracy theorists have championed the idea ever since, claiming that everything in this entry is based on provable facts, and that these facts are in the Grand Grimoire itself.

So where is the Grimoire? You guessed it – in the Vatican Secret Archives.

  • A Person

    I really feel resentment for anyone who thinks Osama bin Laden is still alive. In my opinion they are just paranoid.

    • Josh

      Why would America fake his death if he is still alive? Would they risk him making another video and causing massive rebellion overnight? I think not…

      • A Person

        can’t tell if you’re agreeing if he is dead, or disagreeing and think he’s alive

        • JCJackson

          It’s pretty obvious…

          • balloonism

            The theory about Osama that I read suggests we captured him and are torturing him for info/fun

      • wasd

        Maybe he died a long time ago? hmmmm? no.

        • Gabs

          Maybe he never existed, and was created as an avatar for the terror campaign. Westerners always need an enemy with a face, and perhaps killing him off was an attempt to neutralise the fear.

          • Educated America

            What? Hes been around for decades. Osama Bin Laden was in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War and was in strong opposition to the United States placing troops in the Islamic homeland and that is where al-Qaeda began. It is believed that Osama orchestrated the ’93 World Trade Center bombing and has been in control of many bombings across Europe, however al-Qaeda is an umbrella organization. So no he is not a fictional character

          • deck

            the CIA actually created al-Qaeda to combat the Russians.

      • Karan

        You really need to get out of the small box you’re thinking in

        Why would the US pretend he is dead if he may attack again? What a stupid question. Do you think everyone else is an idiot for not thinking of this?

        That would be a huge flaw in the theory. Are you a genius who came up with this?

        The reason it is a theory is because people believe that the US government has some sort of control over Osama and that Osama has been in contact/cooperation with them multiple times. We know this is true because the CIA did visit Osama in a hospital before 9/11 when he was on dialysis. This was denied by the CIA but confirmed by hospital staff who said that they were made to empty out that part of the wing for the visit

        Now, I don’t think he is still alive. I think it is possible that he either died long before or that this raid was not the situation they say it was. They didn’t find and kill him, they knew where he was all along. I believe Osama had been under the US’s mercy since 9/11

        • Bob

          And what is your evidence for this? Nothing whatsoever. How do you people not understand just saying something doesn’t make it true? Why would you believe something so god damn rediculous without any evidence? Do you like to feel important or something? Gabs, saying “maybe” and “perhaps” means you’re just speculating, and you’re making BASELESS assumptions. You may think that’s doing research, saying “perhaps” and “maybe” alot, but it’s not. It makes you look stupid.

          • RA

            he did not at any point say perhaps or maybe. and he said thats what he thinks, not “i know this for a fact”. that is his opinion and he is entitled to it, that doesnt mean that he is right (although what he is saying is a very high posibility) it just means thats what he thinks

          • Danimal

            The same right that allows people to have their “theories” also gives everyone else the right to make fun of those people with stupid and complete nonsense theories. If people weren’t made to feel ashamed when they call out some mental reject with some assenine conspiracy theory, people might actually know how to follow facts and proper research methods. Instead, you have a million attention hounds who make millions publishing bad info they thought up while playing with themselves in the shower that morning, and sell it as fact on the internet with no fear of being called out.

          • AD

            And what is your evidence that he IS dead? A single press conference and a bunch of stories on the 5 o’clock news? What has YOUR research uncovered?

      • WasabiPeanut

        They faked his death because he was a CIA operative this whole time, he just wanted to retire!!!

        • Hong kai

          you all keep arguing that he is dead or not…. One thing that was sure is that the US want him out of public or we can say erase his existence. If he is truly not dead then he will find a way to public and humilate the US. Thus we can assume he is dead if we didnt hear his news again!

    • Jessica

      No not paranoid, enlightened. I find people to be ignorant if they don’t see that the government lies. Its pretty obvious. Especially since many people don’t think he even committe 9/11, why would you not question that bin laden was killed?? I mean come on! we looked for this guy for 10 years!! And all of a sudden you find him in his house on his compound. You seem to forget all the jokes there used to be about Bin Laden living in caves and holes etc. But no he was in a house, with cable and all….

      • p1t1o

        Governments do lie. So do I, so do most people.

        However, assuming that *everything* a government says is a lie is a preposterous notion.

        It’s all very well approaching gevernment statements with suspicion and demanding explanations and evidence, but stating “its not true because governments lie” is a 6 year-olds argument. Are you 6?

        • MF

          Bin Laden could certainly be a fictional person created to be the enemy of the free world by governments. To be seen to have eradicated such a man from society only boosts said governments credibility about winning the war on terror. However it has to be stated due to the apparent ease at which Bin Laden was finally eliminated, this does raise several points which need remembering. Firstly it is hard to imagine that any man who supposedly has influence over hundreds, possibly thousands of followers was able to evade the might of the US, UK etc military and intelligence services, whose resources well outstrip any other military style organisations on the planet for over a decade. Certainly long before now someone would have given the guy up as he couldn’t have acted alone, more likely in a very small group say of around 30 people who then had associated to contacts to aid their personal missions. Even then every man has his price, as man generally is greedy for wealth, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that someone associated with his network would have been able to be bought/bribed for information leading to his whereabouts. Thats how drugs rings are busted the world over by people being bribed for information and immunity, with the amount of manpower and resources thrown at tracking one man down, it wouldn’t take ten years. Be honest if you wanted to disappear you probably could as only a handful of people would go looking for you if you weren’t a criminal, but have say 100,000 people from intelligence and military agencies around the world looking for you as a criminal with a network of followers, you’d be found rather quickly i’d suspect, just my opinion!!

          • Whilst you do not suggest anything physically impossible, how many assumptions do you make there?

            Is it possible that Bin Laden was some Government construct? Yes.

            Is it likely? No.

  • Amrendra

    Wow!!! Great list Flamehorse. Need more lists like these!!!

  • Matt

    No offense, but these were a little thin.

    • RA

      they may not have every word of info but they give you enough info to get what its about. noone wants to read a thousand paragraphs on one conspiracy theory

    • Branden

      Hi, you must be new here. This is the internet and these are conspiracy theories. now im not saying i dont believe any conspiracy theory. just that a lot of them are thin. especially when boiled down to just a single paragraph or two

  • pamma

    a good list after long time.. I love reading and i also think osama death was fake

  • Will Trame

    This was definitely a interesting…and pretty good…list, but a few of the entries reek of science fiction. As to Osama bin Laden being alive, I seriously doubt it, but who can tell? Perhaps he can be added to the list of 10 people believed alive after death.

    Another intriguing…though rather thin….conspiracy theory involved John Lennon’s murder. There is a school of thought that believe that his death was possibly engineered by the then-incoming Reagan administration. Due to his views, Lennon was perceived as a threat especially since he successfully resisted an intense effort to deport him back in the 70s, which must have stuck in Nixon’s craw. Again I admit that this is not a strong theory, but it is interesting as we have recently observed what would have been Lennon’s 71st birthday.

    • Aubrey

      On the flip side, there are those who believe he faked his death and is living happily on some private island.

  • JC

    Conspiracy obsessives will respond to real photos of the dead Osama the same way as they responded to LRO images of Apollo hardware on the moon (including the astronaut foot-prints). “Fake”. Ironic considering the number of fake photos of his corpse are floating around, which so many insist are real.

    • karan

      No, idiot, they are two completely different theories. Not believing the 9/11 osama theories does not immedietly tie you in with the moon landing theories, JFK theories, Roswell theories or numerous other theories out there

      • BlahBlahBlah

        Looks like karan here needs a course in remedial reading comprehension.

      • Stormy

        Uhm that isnt what he meant karan

  • Arsnl

    Samuel Goudsmit was one of the 2 guys that came up with the notion of spin. Too bad that fact didnt make the list. But this being a funny list, it wouldnt fit in.
    Also he participated in a cia study concerning ufo’s. But who ever thinks germans could have/ habe built a bomb during ww2, is a complete idiot.

  • Armin Tamzarian

    You should’ve named this list “10 More Crazy Conspiracy Theories”. The people who believe in some of these should be locked up in a room with ample padding on the walls, and no sharp objects.

    Also, to me, the Ark of Noah looks suspiciously like a rocky outcrop…

    • ziggorut23

      You sound bitter. Granted there are alot of false conspiracies, ones that are obviously ridiculous, but surely on this planet there must have been atleast one conspiracy that took place at some point in time. To discount the possibility of conspiracy entirely is to be afraid of the unknown.

      • OmegaMan

        While he sounds bitter, he is more correct than not. Conspiracy theories mostly are created by some individuals to profit from it in forms of selling books, movies, survival/security tips and gadgets and whatnot.

        Some theories, as you have mentioned, might have been proven right (I myself cannot recall anything at the moment though).

        But that aside, believing or not believing is a personal opinion. I come here to know something new everyday and enjoy myself in the process. In that sense, this list did not disappoint. Far from that. It is a good list. Good work Flamehorse.

      • Johan

        That is a straw man. I don’t see anyone discounting the concept of conspiracies, just the nutty beliefs. Do you belief a rocky outcrop is Noah’s Ark? If not, then you get the point. If yes, then you never will.

        • YouRang?

          Conspiracies and odd theories in general have been discounted en masse on about every list that Listverse has ever published touching on the subject. There are dozens of posts that say something like, “Anyone who believes any of this bullshit…”

    • Gabs

      You’re right. Who knows, whoever wrote the Bible or that part specifically could have noticed the shape of the rock to resemble an upturned ship, and thus created the story of Noah’s Ark. That way the story stands the test of time and challenges skeptics forever.

      • JO

        That isn’t plausible. How would the person that wrote the bible be able to ascend to the top of that mountain?

    • Chris

      People only get ” locked up” if they are a danger to themselves, ie. Suicidal, Not because they believe in conspiracy therories. You give people suffering from a real mental illness a bad rap.

  • jer-bear

    I thought nibiru was doing a swing by on sunday at 7:30 pm EST(?). And THEN was swining around the sun to return and destroy our atmosphere/magnetic poles/van allen radiation belts?
    I will now go back to reading the list quietly…

  • bi

    Number 1 really interested me.
    Great list!

  • PenguinSteve

    I have never seen the word ”insidious’ used so much in one article.

    • Nik

      My theory is flamehorse has been commissioned to plug the recently released film as it had poor sales, also due a sequel!

      • MandieMurder

        That’s very insidious of them…. Also I was thinking the same thing when I read this.

  • First of all… the Osama theory is completely bull. Because it is the exact opposite to the truth. Osama died of Marfan syndrome back in 2002, according to Steve Pieczenik (look him up). The “killing” of Osama was a hoax. For one thing… the picture.
    Look at the beard coloration. The angle of the head. The nose and ears. Not to mention the fact that the team that carried out the assassination is now dead and there is no body. Not even a finger for conclusive DNA testing. The whole thing was staged to lift Obama’s plunging rating, to paint him as the hero who killed the most wanted man on the planet…

    As for the London bombings… Terror attack drill targeting the EXACT SAME STATIONS, AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.

    As for the rest, fun to speculate about but no substantial proof :)

    • Ness

      I hope you know that’s a fake photo. Enough about you, but this list was a good one! 1 was kinda freaky! But theories are more fun to read than to believe in.

    • Arsnl

      “Look at the beard coloration. The angle of the head. The nose and ears. ”
      If someone would give you 2 pictures with 2 peni*ses and told you one’s from Osama and one is from a dead body, would you be that through too? Would you check the coloration of the “beard”, the angles of the head etc? (but i imagine Osama loving him a brazilian waxing)

      • Jonathan Wisswell

        What he was saying is that facial features like the nose or especially the ears can be pretty unique. The pic of Osama sitting in front of the tv Is clearly not the same person. As to the rest of the list, it seemed pretty biased to make them look crazy. Nibiru isn’t necessarily suppose to colide, thats more of the finge theory. The disclosure project met in front of the national press club with testimonys by a large number of high ranking military/goby officials. All I mean to point out it that each entry should be covered thoroughly and not slanted in any one direction.

        • Jonathan Wisswell

          Military/govt officials*

        • Xyroze

          I don’t know. I mean, theories that are based entirely on impossible to know things are obviously difficult to disprove, therefore I can understand presenting them in an unbiased way. Though, when theories hinge on the laws of reality bending and would result in an educated person slapping you for insulting them by implying something so ridiculous, chances are you can probably pretty confidently portray it skeptically.

    • Johan

      The terror attack drill? False. Where do you get these lies?

        • Johan

          Your link does not back up the claim. Exact same locations at exact same time? Blatantly false. It never surprises me to see a conspiracy theorist lie to back up their paranoia.

          Come on. Admit it. The claim is false.

    • Andres

      I really, really, REALLY hope you don’t believe that picture is the one that the U.S. government claims to possess of Osama’s corpse.

      Not to mention the fact that your theory that the “assassination” was staged to raise Obama’s approval ratings is ridiculous. Any person who’s even touched a book on presidential history would know that such events don’t lift approval ratings for more than 2 months, as was indeed the case with Osama’s killing and Obama’s ratings. Any person or organization capable enough to execute such hoax would also be smart enough to know that raising Obama’s approval ratings from May to June 2011 will have no effect whatsoever on his 2012 campaign, as, again, has proven to be the case.

      Theories that Osama was dead from before are even more ridiculous than theories that he is alive. Implausible as it is, it is more likely for him to be held captive by the U.S. right now than for him to have died years ago. Think about it, please. Use your brain. Why in the world would Al-Qaeda corroborate the U.S. version of his death, if it actually were a hoax? Wouldn’t they want to say “you imperialist pigs are lying, he was dead from years ago and we have proof”?

    • sgtcolon

      The entire team wasn’t killed; only a few of them were–along with a number of other soldiers–and that was in an RPG attack, if I remember correctly.
      Also, I remember reading about DNA testing.

    • p1t1o

      “First of all… the Osama theory is completely bull. Because it is the exact opposite to the truth. ”

      So you’re saying that its all false…because its false?

  • Mon

    ” the only barrier the human body has between itself and all the weak bacteria and viruses humans never have problems with did not restart, allowing those germs to create unheard-of infections.”

    This could happen to persons with AIDS and other diseases that cause human immunity to drop. People AIDS usually dies from pneumonia because of the microorganisms that are commonly found in the skin (which are harmless to people have working immune system).

  • minxbanks

    Its either Osama is still alive, or he’s been dead for a long time. I don’t believe the US seals killed him

    • Josh


      • Darklaw

        Because he’s a moron who has no concept of how terrifyingly skilled DEVGRU is.

  • Matt

    The presidents book was made up for the National Treasure movie. It doesn’t really exist except in the mind of a screen writer

    • Kris

      Nuh-uh! I saw it! It has the REAL Obama birf certificate in there!

    • Branden

      i thought i had read something about it prior to the movie? no claiming to believe one way or the other just saying i think the idea at least existed before the writer

  • Best list from flamehorse so far! :) Love to see the word insidious again and again.

  • Reverend

    There is some to the Nazis having an atomic bomb before us. While they were never able to produce one, at one point they could have produced one before us. Read up on the Norwegian heavy water sabotage.

  • beastofgevaudan

    Interesting list.

    I found numbers 1 and 2 to be the most interesting. Number 2 in particular. It wouldn’t surprise me if the AMA was covering up the existence of a similar wonder drug because of greed.

    • Johan

      So countless people would let their friends and families die in order to.. uh.. get a profit for a company? And this conspiracy would last for generations, with people allowing their loved ones to die.

      Yeah, right. That would be psychopathic behavior. Not to get all weird or anything, but seeing so much psychopathy in other people might indicate more about your own mindset than you would like to reveal to strangers on the internet.

      • beastofgevaudan

        You’re an idiot.

        • Cameron

          Having worked with vaccine and drug creation in the past, I can tell you it’s absolutely positively impossible for a panacea like the one described to exist. Ask any biochemist. They won’t lie to cover MDs, many of them dislike MDs.

  • Armadillotron

    So now Osama Bin Laden is now dead, people are saying he`s alive. People said “he died of kidney disease years ago.” And now he is dead, people are saying the rat is alive. the reason he wasn`t caught, was simple. You had GEORGE W BUSH looking for him. It was like Robin Hood and Prince John. Like Robin Hood, Osama Bin Laden was hugely popular and so nobody was going to turn him in, and George W Bush, like Prince John, was a blundering idiot. Unlike the Twin Towers, which people STILL believe was blown up, there`s a way to prove Osama Bin Laden is dead. Just send some Frogmen down to the bottom of the ocean. 9/11 conspiracy theories do my head in.

    • Voorhees

      Get those people that found the titanic to fine the body. Then Cameron go visit it in his sub and make a 200 million dollar movie out of it “The Search for Osama”.

    • karan

      Some people were saying he is already dead. Some are saying he is alive now

      These are not the same people, however. And you cant just go and search the ocean for his body, they did not disclose where they dumped it. Good luck searching thousands of miles of ocean for a single body. You’ll likely find a few dozen people who just drowned before you find him

  • Voorhees

    Osama is dead. But, the reason giving for not showing his body is flawed. You wrote “is that it would be kicking a man while he’s down, and not in keeping with the appearance of fairness,” but Sadamn and his sons bodies were shown after they where killed. As was other al quaeda bombers etc.

    So either the body is in such a mess that it shouldnt be shown, which is fair enough. But the reason of fairness is bullshit in my opinion.

    • Ryan

      I agree. They just don’t want people putting him on t-shirts, the internet, and etc. – glorifying his corpse and making a figure out of him.

      We trusted them when they said he was still alive (they could of lied then), so we have no reason to doubt them now.

      • CrazyGirl

        I think you need to remember that it was a different president when all those other bodies were shown…

    • sgtcolon

      Look at it this way. If they didn’t release a photo, people would say, “They didn’t release the photo! They have no proof! IT’S A LIE!!!111!”
      If they DID release a photo, people would say, “It’s fake! I can use Photoshop too! This proves nothing!”
      In other words, no matter what the government does, the people who don’t want to believe that ObL is dead never will. Otherwise, the people in the first category would have accepted the virus-infested images that floated around and those in the second category would have to define some other sort of “proof”, because a photograph wouldn’t be enough.

  • Ryan

    Anyone believing or making the claims of any of the above have all of their work ahead of them.

  • jen

    The Osama conspiracy is completely false. My friends husband was not a part of the navy team who killed him, but he is part of a special forces area and he was over seas and watched the shooting live.

    • karan

      I’d like to believe that, and I don’t want to call you a liar

      But your friends husband may be boasting a bit much. The entire operation was and still is highly classified. Unless your friends husband was a high ranking officer that was sitting with the president in the control room for the press photo, he can not and will not discuss the operation. They wouldn’t let somebody who tells their friends about stuff like this within a mile of the operation

  • jen

    The Osama conspiracy is completely false. My friends husband was not a part of the navy team who killed him, but he is part of a special forces area and he was over seas and watched the shooting live.

    • Get out of town

      And then you woke up

    • Maggot

      My friends husband…

      You’re just a shill for “the Government”. A part of the conspiracy. Everyone knows that the conspirators have a special task force of covert agents who patrol internet blog sites such as this one, posing as “average citizens”, in order to post seemingly credible misinformation such as your comment here, in effort to further bury “the truth”. You aren’t fooling anyone. Your real name probably isn’t even “jen”…

      • Johan

        Take your meds.

        • Maggot

          What meds would those be? The ones designed to keep me in a drug-induced stupor, so you can control my mind and keep me compliant and subservient? But the so-called “pharmacy” around the corner from me is just a front, isn’t it? I knew something was “off” when that lady behind the counter smiled at me. You’re in on it too, aren’t you, “Johan”? I bet you are that guy who was staring at me on the bus today. I know your tricks. You want me to think I’m crazy.

          • Johan

            To paranoiacs, everyone is part of the conspiracy. Every single person who refutes your crap on the internet MUST be part of a vast global conspiracy. Right.

            As I said, take your meds. If you have to claim that anyone who disagrees with you is ‘in on it’ then you are incontrovertibly paranoid.

            Take your meds, seriously. People like that get dangerous.

          • bigski


          • Dude

            Stop arguing with him guys.Maggot is a sane person,the sarcasm is obvious.

        • jen

          Do you hear yourself? How paranoid are you, honestly

          • jen

            And by the way, grow a spine you black jungle runner.

          • Arsnl

            Everybody has to hear this message: beware of maggot. He is an ex cia operative that was involved with MK ULTRA. He is trying to triangulate our locations as we speak/type. Use anonymouse and encript all your data. I can no longer continue this message. I fear for my life. He is trying to infiltrate in our lives. Please…

        • Seiji

          This rmdines me of the old “Cholly Bilderberger” columns in Instauration. They really should be complied into a book.

  • YouRang?

    No. 2 reminds me of the theory that enormous doses of radiation can kill off all the parasites and viruses in the body. Of course, the radiation itself is deadly, but the victim may enjoy wonderful health for a few days before the radiation begins to destroy the body.

    It’s been years since I read the Crichton book, but I thought the drug had a name. Are you referring to Kalocin?

    • Anonymous Coward

      I’ve read that book many times. Yes, the drug was called Kalocin.

  • Dean

    I liked the list and the sense of humor. Good job.

  • Adam

    regarding number 8…. the fact that the author ends it with saying “it is happening” prompted me to write this comment….

    IF a planet of the size of the Earth were “as far as the asteroid belt” we would already be feeling its disturbance…. however, to claim that a planet the size of Jupiter (which can fit Earth inside of it over 1300 times) is THAT close to us, and we are currently fine, shows a complete lack of understanding of how physics, and specifically gravity work.

    Shame on whoever wrote this trash and shame on the site for ignoring my very topical “Facts about Nirvana” list in lieu on something like this.

    • Arsnl

      I think he wrote that paragraph from the point of view of a nutjob. For such a person any evidence against his theory is a lie (clearly a dumb hypothesis that blocks any discusion). I think it’s obvious he didn’t write that from HIS perspective.

  • Darklaw

    Most conspiracy theorists are not that bright it seems if the believe this crap.

  • uni

    Ahsiaor. Read this and wait for it…

    • FlameHorse

      Yeah, but how do you pronounce it? Ah-see-ah-or? Ah-see-owr? Oops. Duck and cover!

      • Gabs

        I said it and then I saw a leaf fall into my backyard. Scared the bajeezus out of me. If a leaf can mean the end of the world for me for one second, imagine what conspiracy theorists feel when they spend their whole lives proving to themselves that the world is doomed in 2012. I vote blissful ignorance.

  • Name

    Bin Laden pics not shown because Seal Team Six missions are the HIGHEST level of security

  • aj

    royal raymond riff had a cure for cancer and more then 50 other diseases in the 1920’s but was shut down a few years later for not selling his cure to the AMA

    • Johan

      Why would he need to sell it to anyone? If it worked he could take it public or use it in another nation. Do you think all countries follow the rules of the AMA? What about Cuba or North Korea?

      All he would have needed to do is find volunteers. If he could have he would have, instead he chose to sell snake oil and got caught doing it. You are a fool for falling for it.

    • ringtailroxy

      Really now? How so? Considering that cancer is a term used to describe ANY rapid & abnormal growth of cells that interfere with homeostasis, and there are several variables that are precursors to being afflicted, how can there ever be “a cure for cancer?”

      Some cancers are genetic in origin, separate from any outside factors. Some cancers are predisposed, and are “awakened” by outside stimuli. Others are the result of prolonged contact with known carcinogenic substances.

      There can NEVER be a cure-all for all cancers. Even cancers that we currently can “cure” (which never really means it is removed entirely from a body, it is always latent and only in remission) may require very different proticols for different people, even in the same family.

      Diseases we can cure, once we now the primary cause; many of humanities’ ills are the result of poor sanitation or nutrition, parasites, or a slew of bacteria, viruses, and prions. We have the ability to control some of these variables.

      Until science comes up with a way to reprogram malfunctioning cells… that will be the only way to cure cancer. But as with any medication, every desired effect comes at a cost of some other effect.

      • ohnoheddint

        Except… no. You don’t know anything about cancer.

        • Cameron

          Even if he doesn’t I do and he’s absolutely right. Fighting disease in the molecular age is all about recognition of chemical signals called antigens on cell surfaces, including cancer cells (except in systemic treatments like chemo or physical treatment like radiation). No drug can cure all cancers when different kinds of cancer cells have different antigenic properties.

  • Planet Earth

    When it comes to Conspiracy people are S.TUPID . You don’t have to look far into History to know how corrupt the government and BANKS really are .

    Let’s go way back to President Andrew Jackson . He’s campaign for he’s second term in office , his slogan was NO BANKS and in 1811 the congress voted out the BIG BANKS and in 1812 the British attack JUST LOOK WHO PAID FOR THE WAR OF 1812 . The same BANKS own by specific British Family’s .

    OLD MONEY control’s the world if you like it or not .

    Abraham Lincoln went to the Big banks and ask them for a loan to fight the south. The banks offer him a loan at 36% interest and Lincoln said no and went to congress to past a law that allowed the U.S.A to print it’s own Money . He printed almost half a million before the BANKS stop him .

    If you think for a second that a Family that was worth millions in the 19 th century has no money toady you are WRONG .Why does Forbes magazine say that Bill gates is the Richest man on Earth cause they look at peoples individuals portfolio not FAMILY HEDGE FUNDS .

    The Federal Reserve is the biggest SCAM in U.S History . I would say that 80 % of the resident of the U.S have no idea who OWNS the Federal Reserve.

    Look who owns the stocks in the Federal Reserve .

    Federal Reserve prints out money out of tine air and then loans it to the U.S government at interest . Then the government has to borrow money at INTEREST to paid the interest of the previous loan .That equals the never ending debt circle the U.S.A is in right now .

    I could go on and on about this subject .

    • Johan

      You should go on and on getting an actual education instead of falling for conspiracy theories. I’m not denying that there are incredibly rich families controlling huge banking empires, but I am denying that the Fed is a scam. There are many many people involved in the Fed and they have been cycled through those jobs for several generations. How likely is it that those thousands of people would never reveal the truth?

      Conspiracy theorists show a remarkable ability to deny real world experience. You have probably heard the old adage that two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

      • Planet Earth

        I do have a education a accounting Degree . Equity = Asset – Liability you should know that unless you’re not educated .

        Fact : the FEDERAL RESERVE has NEVER been AUDITED .

        If you think the FED is not a scam you don’t agreed with past presidents of the United States of America .
        @ JOHAN i think you need to read you’re history .I ask you this do you know who owns Federal Reserved ?

        • Johan

          The federal reserve is continually audited from within. You don’t get to pretend to have facts that you don’t. For example, Herman Cain was a member of a state fed and mentioned the continual audits even on a state level. I think Cain is an idiot but these are verifiable facts. Many many people are employed in the fed and the other state feds, many many people are employed in the feds of other nations. For you to be right all of those people, scattered all over the world, have to be part of a vast conspiracy that they somehow keep quiet for generation after generation.

          That is totally beyond belief. Get a grip on reality. Your beliefs are out of touch with reality.

          Accounting degree? You can’t even speak english properly. Do you mean high school diploma with an accounting course? Me too, along with a bachelors in math and physics. Does it help that a minored in history? Yeah, didn’t think so. You are too out of touch with reality to deal with.. well, reality.

          I expect conspiracy theorists to lie because the do. Always. They have to deny the obvious difficulties with getting huge numbers of people to keep a lie over generations. In your case you have to ignore that other nations have similar banking systems and that there are generations of economists who have been employed for their own national banks. In your fantasy land all of those people are ‘in on it’ just so that you can make a fool of yourself on the internet.

          • Arsnl

            You are history man.

          • Planet Earth

            @ Johan I like how condescending you are you think you know so much lol

            I believe in what DR . Ron Paul has to say about the FR.

            “The federal reserve is continually audited from within”

            That ‘s like letting convicted pedophiles run a day care .

            BTW English is not my first language . Johan how many languages do you speak ?

            Do you read book’s do yourself a favor and read this book release in 1912.


            FED audit :

  • mom424

    Funny how the only conspiracy I believe in – big business buying their way into political office so they effectively control everything – is NOT on this list. And by the way, it’s real. They didn’t even have to get together (ie; secret meeting/societies etc) to make it happen. It’s just good business to control the rule(r)s that govern you. And we let it happen. Profit over all things. Shame on us.

    PS: the Ararat anomaly has been proven to be a shadow – the snow has curled over, much like a wave peak, and created the shadow/anomaly. I saw pictures of the same spot from a different angle on some mythbusting show or another.

  • Swapie

    Aah Flamehorse. I have that warm feeling all over after reading your latest list.

  • Number 10 isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s a crackpot historical theory, but does not involve a group of people conspiring.

  • My question for the Bin Laden Deathers is: Why? Bin Laden had been evading capture for 9 years, and the person who really would have benefited from his death would have been Bush, who did not fake his death. If Obama wanted to fake his death, he should have done it BEFORE the midterm elections, not after. Also, there is a huge risk in faking his death, if it ever got out(which it would have), anybody involved would have been thrown out of office. The benefit to Bush or Obama would have been a minor, temporary uptick in approval ratings, while the risk would have been political suicide.

    My question for those who believe that Bin Laden has been dead for several years is: Proof, please? Also, why would the US government say that he’s alive when he isn’t? The answer I get is, “to keep the soldiers in Afghanistan.” But capturing/killing OBL was only one of our mission objectives in Afghanistan, our biggest one is giving the country a stable democracy, which, even after OBL’s death, we’re still working on.

    Until somebody can answer those questions, I’ll keep on believing the “EEVIL ZIOniST OFICAL STORY!!!111!!!1!”

  • Somebody with brains-

    This listverse thing is very very wrong- filled with crap, misconceptions and misguided theories which are mostly wrong- what kind of bullshit is: “planet X cannot be seen because it is behind the sun???” As far as science knows, the earth rotates the sun every year- which, allows us to see what’s behind the sun !!!!!!!!!!!

    No fucking way anybody would believe this. Although interestig, its is a bucket of crap.

    • catchick

      Uhm… hello…. brainless… that’s basically what the list writer is saying. Misguided theories = conspiracy theory.

      Oh.. and with an estimated 7 billion people in the world… yes, there is a ****ing way someone would believe at least one, if not all, of these theories.

  • undaunted warrior 1

    I always enjoy these type of lists – and this writer does it so well.

    Grear stuff


    • mom424

      Hey there – nice to see you again. Sorry for my somewhat extended absence – happy to be back and looking forward to future conversations.

  • Me

    Fabulous list. Very interesting

  • Mashhead

    You really like the word….insidious!

  • vanowensbody

    #7 shows just how crazy some conspiracy theorists can get.

    #1 is very interesting. Nice list

  • Darren

    Good stuff. Fascinating to see how people make sense of the world so differently from others.

  • Canadianguy

    Concerning number 10…It looks like a ledge, and nothing more than a ledge. Those who see more to this picture are deluding themselves.

  • Canadianguy

    I don’t get the “conspiracy” in #9…They were killed because they represented a threat to the authority of the Catholic church. It’s really that simple.

    • Ohnohedidnt

      It’s not a mystery. I have to agree though it isn’t really a conspiracy because conspiracies are done in secret, mass murdering and entire religious following isn’t exactly secret. Perhaps the reason it’s considered a conspiracy is because it’s never talk about? I’m incredibly interested in this, and I’ve never heard of it to this day. Of course, if the God of the Old Testament was Satan, than that means that all Jews worship Satan… but only if it’s true.

      • Canadianguy

        Lack of interest in something that happened nearly a thousand years is not a sign that something is a conspiracy, it means that it’s old news. People naturally lose interest in events which aren’t current as they don’t affect them or the world in which they live.

  • jbjr

    Great list. Great comments. Number 9 I found really interesting have to read more about that subject.

  • Stark

    Flamehorse: Steven Greer has never said such thing. No benevolent alien species has ever sacrificed one of their own. You are putting words into people’s mouths. Furthermore, it is not called Operation Alsos, it’s called Operation PAPERCLIP.

  • Jimbo

    #1 is terryfying.

  • tassie devil

    Back in 2002 there was a worldwide news report that a comet was discovered that would pass through the orbit of the Earth and the Moon in 2019 (with a possibility of collision). However, the next day it was promptly retracted due to “an error in the calculations”. An error or governments trying to calm the public? 2019 may be a very interesting year indeed, so stockpile some food and weapons.

    • Canadianguy

      No, someone at NASA probably mixed up km with miles. It happens quite often. A few years ago, a space probe worth 500 million dollars was destroyed when it slammed into a comet because of such a mistake.

    • coffee

      weapons for what? you gonna shoot away the comet? fool

  • Robert

    it doesn’t surprise me that the papist might hold the letters of satan. after all they’re promulgaters of the most evil acts in Christendom. Don’t take their teachings as true, they’re merely re-warming paganism to their own ends and have nothing to do with true Christ-likeness

  • RFL

    “Why won’t the US government spend more of it’s money investigating whether or not a piece of rock is actually a boat from a fictional story written thousands of years ago?”

  • catchick

    Regarding the Ararat Anomaly; actually this theory is quite old. The current debate is the theory publish by Ron Wyatt: that he found the site of Noah’s Ark at the base of one of the mountains of Ararat. Complete with petrified wood with pitch (tar) residue, anchor stones and lots of metal “nuts, bolts, nails”.

    Although Turkey has acknowledged it as the one true Noah’s Ark, (they have a visitors center at the site).. it is still wildly debated in the world of “professional” archeology mainly because Ron Wyatt was an amateur archeologist with no degree behind his name, using his own and private funds to do his research… which apparently no self-respecting college educated archeologist would do. His name has been mud in this field for years.

  • creamk

    No goverment on Earth have spy satellites that can read postage stamps. At best, thy are able to distinguish someone reading a newspaper. The resolution should absolutely huge to get farther than 50cm per pixel…

    And i can’t still see snything but a mountain in the 1#..

    • creamk

      number 10 i mean..

  • jer-bear

    @stark wasn’t project paperclip when we took the nazi scientist in the rocket field to the US and the commies took the medical scientists for bioengineering?
    @tassie devil kinda like when the mars rover first landed on the red planet and took a picture of its’ own landing gear and there was water under it? The initial report said it was ice that formed from the descention out of the atmosphere that melted, and the next day the headline was retracted and a new one saying “water on mars found!” Buncha bs if I’ve ever heard! All the h2o is frozen under the surface! If you want a good read on mars, you should look up richard c hoagland and enterprise mission, his website. Pretty interesting stuff there…

  • Lifeschool

    Really interesting list – great stories. I don’t believe any of these are real or true but I do think some of these COULD be. As for Bin Laden – he’s dead – has been for years.

  • Ashley Lopez

    you silly ppl. you think you know every angle of every situation. how ignorant of you.

  • nAMEbOY

    I think Osama’s dead. I believe he has been dead far longer than they want us to believe. It was a tool to be pulled out at the right moment. Remember, that was around the same time that these people were wanting to see the presidents birth certificate. This is all just speculation, of course.

  • p1t1o

    Impossible to debunk Nibiru?

    I beg to differ!

    How about a GCSE in physics and ten minutes on google, that’d do it.

    Apart from that, I’ve never actually come across the Nibiru thing as a real conspiracy, I mean, you don’t get crazy types telling us to listen to the TRUTH and do some RESEARCH SHEEPLE! etc etc.

  • oohlala

    No 911 theory? you know some people still think that it was the work of terrorists and not their own government.

  • Ken

    #10 is a joke. You talk as if the anomaly is on the Moon or Mars. It’s on the earth for Christ’s sake and if you want to go and have a look at it yourself you can. It’s been investigated and found to be geology NOT archaeology. Basically it’s a rock formation. No physical evidence of Noah’s Ark has so far been found.

    • catchick

      Actually untrue… read my comment above yours and do a little research. Despite the fact that archeology as a Science (capital S) refuses to even touch the evidence, it is rather compelling.

  • Gentlemoron



    We Will Never Know The Truth :\

  • Antonio

    Cathars as Gnostics, can be considered heretics as they appeared long after Christ’s death and came up with their own conclusions about his teachings and pretend to be Christians, just like Jehova’s Witnesses which really aren’t Christians at all.
    For Nibiru, if did exist, just by passing once near the sun it would have been trapped in its gravitational field and never left our solar system.

  • Luke

    I wouldn’t go as far as calling #5 a conspiracy theory. Greer did have some pretty credible people speaking who were willing to testify, before Congress, on what they witnessed whilst on the job. Take a look at ‘Disclosure Project’ for yourselves before summarizing it in three short paragraphs.

  • WasabiPeanut

    Considering a good portion of our digestive system relies on beneficial bacteria, wouldn’t a drug that “inhibit[s] the reproduction of a bacteria in the human body” ya know kill us.

    • p1t1o

      Well, no, because the bacteria in your gut gets there from your food, so it could easily be re-inoculated. And also, given that there are some pretty strong antibiotics in existance and they don’t kill you either.

      But the hypothesis behind #2 IS preposterous, almost humourously so.

  • a black guy

    just found grand grimoire on amazon..

  • Name

    Someone tell me how Nibiru can be “hidden behind the Sun”. What crap.

  • pick of destiny anyone?

  • Angelo

    #5 (Disclosure Project) reminds me of the Robert J. Sawyer book written in 2001, “Calculating God”.

  • Woody

    Hey bro, these are some pretty cool stories..

  • And you (& Sheep like you) just accept at face value anything your told by the powers that be. WHY? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. The short & simple answer is… “DRUM ROLL PLEASE”… because your brain cells are shorting out, & American’s can’t use the common sense God gave you at birth to develop! How many times has the Government lied to American’s over the last 75 yrs (that we know to be true).. Watergate, Iran Contra, Clinton with his wild penis, the list goes on. How many times have politicians, running for congress, or the presidents seat made Promises, “I’ll Bring Change”, “I’m the reform candidate! Vote for me”.. Or here’s one Promise our Present President reneged on. “Vote for me, & I’ll make the editors of Pork Barrel Bills Famous”.. “I’ll close GITMO”, “I’ll promote transparency in Government”..

    Its you people who’ve created the monster we have in Government because you believe every lie your told

    • p1t1o

      Wow, what an unpredictable thing to say! I stopped taking you seriously at the word “sheep”, so that’s what? 3? 4 words in? Is that a record?

      If you’re going to support one of these theories, sorry, hypotheses, at least say *something* rather than spout off a list of scandals from the last few decades. Wow. Politicians lie? I am dumbfounded by surprise.


      Peace, out.

  • djC

    @ Karan
    That’s what I think too.

  • Alx

    You’re kidding me about this “Ararat Anomaly” right? Did you miss the deluge of documentaries during the 80’s/90’s on public T.V. showcasing first hand pictures and film footage from expedition groups to physically reach and explore the Ark Of Noah there, on the “largest mountain in the world”? Before the Turkish Govt closed tourist access to the sight apparently to preserve the relic from pilfering and damage. Documented evidence left very little to the imagination excepting of course for those possessing very little imagination, particularly the boisterous Atheists among us.

    • Alx

      …oh, and by the way the photo of that alleged ‘rock formation’ that you used doesn’t even slightly resemble the aerial and satellite photos of the Ark, when published was more than obviously a dark non indigenous wooden structure sticking out of the land scape like a sore thumb. Also the numerous photos and measurements of the endless compartmentalized empty stalls within that lined the below decks that would have served no other earthly purpose than to transport masses of animals of all different sizes, complete with storage holds respective of the sizes of the stalls/chambers. Check it out. It may take some digging nowadays which of course fits and feeds into another major conspiracy theme originating back to the beginning of history as we know it, believe it or not…your choice.

  • DanF

    …The US does not have satellites that can photograph a stamp from 600 miles.

  • Amir

    This OBL conspiracy is ridiculous, you guys are focusing on all the wrong things. Osama was killed in late 2001, look it up. That is where the real conspiracy is, he was very sick and suffered kidney failure and issues with his lungs. There is no way he could of lived another 1o years. Until there is pictures, there is no evidence that they killed him in the raid.

  • American

    Ok the conspiracy theory behind the 7 7 bombings in London has noting to do with aliens are you RETARDED? it arouse from intelligence stating that they had a exercise drill covering the same targets at the same time, which is impossible. and accounts of the survivors said that they looked scared and one “terrorist” caught clue and ran away then was shot over 8 times in the head.

  • Me again

    thats right a government terror drill covering bombings at the same place at the same time all those who think this is crazy need to look at history next they will say Hitler didn’t burn the reichstag. that states it all.

  • I hate you

    this is absolute bullshit! there is no supporting evidence to any of this. especially the “planet X” Fuck you who ever wrote this trying to scare people.

  • Disinfo

    Why are you adding your opinion in the article? You are trying to shape people’s beliefs.

  • SCBeauty1983

    I have my doubts about #4, simply because of 2 words: Plausible Deniability. Plus, I simply just can’t see our Government giving all the anwers to the most secretive Plots, Conspiricies , or whatever you wanna call them to one man. If there’s ever a President that defects, develops a conscience and tells a trusted Aide, spouse, friend, Advisor, or the wrong person learns of the ‘secret location’ of such a book and gets his/her hands on it, then all of America’s “Secrets” would be “Secrets” no more. Nah… Too risky and too unrealistic.

  • Osama2012


  • Bwahahahaha! The part that said “the theory goes on to claim that every Pope starts out a human, and then becomes possessed by Satan once he is elected.” just cracked me up! Where do people come up with these things?

  • jason
  • Why don’t you call this list “10 More Baseless Speculations”? That would be more accurate. Calling them “theories” is highly misleading.

    • p1t1o

      If anything they should be Conspiracy Hypotheses.

  • Enda Azar

    I think the 2008 structured Joba plan was even dumber than the 2009 non-structured Joba plan. I dont want starters being forced to be skipped multiple times, and I dont want starters being transitioned from the bullpen to the rotation midseason.

  • KDAvis418

    The Grand Grimoire is an actual book, and translations of it are easily found for sale…so I can’t see a conspiracy in that.

    • Numb2Dworld

      From the list: A great deal of so-called copies are in circulation around the world, but none of these, the conspiracy theory claims, contains the true words of the actual Grimoire.

      I suspect a lot of people have A Grand Grimoire, some of which were probably written in spare time by an aluminum-siding salesman from Dubuque.

  • who what when where why

    bullshit wake up !!

  • anonymous

    why is 9/11 not on this list?

  • Emmanuel Warhola

    Hi, i feel that i saw you visited my site thus i got here to return the choose?.I am trying to to find issues to improve my website!I guess its adequate to use a few of your ideas!!

  • blellekly


  • raza

    Osama bin laden was diabetic, and also diagnosed with Kidney disease at the American Hospital in Dubai and received a dialysis treatment. He was not expected to live very long and hence succumbed to his illnesses in border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan soon after 9/11.
    This is also why the “osama bin laden” tapes got weirder and weirder every time because the CIA couldnt find the replacement osama and they released the 2004 footage of some alien looking guy anyway claiming osama had dyed his beard.

  • Abdulkadir

    and that’s why bush idmimeately moved into the middle east as freaking soon as gorbechev left.

  • Honza

    babulula1 on October 10, 2010 NFL Red Zone ALWAYS stays on 1 particular game much longer than any other game & that is why it SUCKS! I was sold on the idea that it was to show all games scoring evenly…. DEFIANTLY NOT THE CASE & this host they have totally sucks as well always giving his ridicules opinions that nobody cares about, Goodbye FOREVER NFL Redzone & hello Direct TVVVVVVVVVV!

  • siennanoah


  • Robert Merciless

    Your information about the Grand Grimoire is false. It is not strictly in the Vatican’s holdings. It has been published multiple times. A. E. Waite included a large part of it in English translation in his “Book of Black Magic” in 1898. Before that it was published in French in 1845 by B. Renault. The text claims to be from 1522 but most scholars think it is really not older than early 19th century or so. You also confuse this grimoire with another, completely different one known as the Grimoire of Pope Honorius.

  • Poetry

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  • Adam

    The cure for everything is NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) Amide. Dr. Glenn Goldstein synthesised and researched it. Don’t take my word for it, go do a little googling. Granted you won’t get a huge number of results, but the research papers show at least a few clear benefits of this substance, yet it doesn’t seem to exist outside these research labs and unpublicized papers. This won’t come to the public eye because it has all been shushed for the obvious reasons – a huge number of people would lose huge profits if everyone in the world suddenly became healthy. It would have devastating consequences on everything from the insurance and healthcare industries to the economy in general. Brilliant consequences on peoples health and well-being, though. Spread the word, and maybe it will come to the public eye.

    • Unfortunately, a substance with such extraordinary claims as “cure for everything” demands evidence far in excess of some papers showing up on googling showing “a few clear benefits”.

      There is also a hole in your claim of conspiracy for profit in that if you did have a cure-for-everything you could make a fortune.

      And finally, anybody who has done basic biology at school can work out that it is extremely implausible for a single substance to *cure* many different conditions. Even *curing* two different viruses with the same pill can be tricky. This goes double due to the simplicity of the compound described by the name “N-Acetyl Cysteine” which by the way has well documented uses, that can indeed be beneficial, but it is as far away from a cure-all as my fist is.

      Just because there are only a few google hits and a few papers “suggest” beneficial properties, this is not a sign of a global conspiracy.

  • Walt Disney

    Grand Grimoire, I have an app for that

  • a person

    sshit creeepy

  • Red Tie

    when reading about the Grand Grimoire, did anyone else think of the Mysterium Xarxes from Oblivion?

  • osaid

    Cathars :p

  • Craig Newman

    Great post! Do you think that “Suppression of The Cathars” would make a good movie? Craig @

  • peter

    baha I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to finish reading this and think “man, dude really loves the word ‘insidious,’ doesn’t he…”

    good list though, fun read.

  • john

    for all of you who trust the us government and the media……i feel sorry for you. wake the *%#@)*& UP ! no better yet go watch “dancing with the stars” or “big frickin’ brother” you MORONS! keep your ignorant heads in the sand so you can be a happy camper, that’s what they want you to do. and for Gods sake dont question the authorities or the media . do i think osama is alive? i would not doubt it at all.

    • You are an anachronsim, you really sound like some disgruntled 16 year old from 1999. When will you realise that typing anemic insults in ALLCAPS kind of puts people off you and everything you say, you can’t bully someone to your point of view over the internet.

      Note here that I am not commenting on your opinions, obvious as they are, I am only trying to point out that you could be saying the utmost common sense but no one would care.

  • Falom

    A new conspiracy about Princes Diana’s death.

    • FacetheFacts

      What’s interesting to me is how many people base their arguments on, “your an idiot” or “wake up!”, as if these caustic words are the obvious answer to anything you don’t believe.
      Somebody claimed the Federal Reserve theory was false because they are internally audited. Really? That’s your proof?
      Somebody else claimed that convincing a large number of people to lie, to cover up a truth, just isn’t plausible. Really? Last time I checked my “facts”, Christianity has fooled an enormous number of people for quite some time. Just because a crap load of people believe something, doesn’t necessarily make it true.
      An interesting thing to keep in mind is that most “conspiracies” can be traced back to one central theme: Money is Power and Power = Control. If you don’t believe that money and the power that comes with having the most of it drives the world, you are seriously narrowing your scope of things.

  • You give the mainstream media accounts of what happened, but what if the mainstream media outlets are IN COLLUSION WITH THE GOVERNMENT? That was a rhetorical question, but if you spent the time researching THE TRUTH about things instead of making a post dissing the people who have opened their minds, then maybe you wouldn’t be as fucktarded as you are presently…

    • OMG he actually said it!


      You sir, are a stereotype.

  • emj

    I’m more interested in this Grand Grimoire

  • Name

    Some of the dumbest sh$t I have ever read. Not too mention awful writing. The only thing that kept me reading was how poorly contrived the lame arguments were. I hope this person has a day job.

  • John son of John

    Good thing the last item was proven false when the Vatican opened its archives recently

  • TheFallen

    I want the Grand Grimoire.

  • Anon

    This is the biggest pile of bullshit I’ve ever heard. Especially the London stuff.

  • whatcha

    Nice try at debunking credible information on the London Bombings. Its always funny to see such “factual talk” turn into labelling.

    Why dont you reviel that a “drill” by the police and other services of the EXACT same bombing event was being conducted that SAME day; and they just happend to be ready for such an event? Lol, your a fool.
    More information on a documentary called “Terror storm”. Look it up and learn.

  • another sheep

    risk making another video!? what if he was a “scapegoat” for an inside job [9/11] Bush senior had regular meetings with members of the Bin Laden family – look it up they were actually good friends. secondly on the day of 9/11 Bin Laden’s brother was in New York have a meeting with high ranking officials – the facts are there, all you have to do is look.

    if he is “dead” it is only because the U.S. wanted the public to think they have won the war on terror and thus there tax dollars which were continually pumped into the program were well spent – the term unite against a common enemy comes to mind.

    don;t be so naive – the world you live in is not as black and white as you are led to believe.

  • Lindsey

    I think if there was a miracle drug it would go on the market. People would be forced to spend money to live. Although now that I think about it, that’s just what we’re doing now as far as food…

  • roby

    ur bezegudhu

  • derek

    this list is filled with horse shit. Can’t believe i stumbled this…

  • Me

    Its not about pretending Obama is dead when he is not. Its likely with all the intelligence the US has that he was killed early on and his death was staged to bring the people back on side after the damage done to Iraq unnecessarily.

  • CanonyTroully


  • jennifer

    you know what fine i could care less we all die make those losers happy what make’s me so mad is this people buy into this mess when hello there are almost nine billion human being’s on earth and if we die fine we die the world will end i don’t give a crap any more i am so tired of this mess were all gonna die sooner than later people don’t like facing reality so they make up b’s like this too keep them comfortable and complacent and happy too dull and delude the masses if there is a rouge planet i don’t care anymore my god grow up what is earth gonna be like once we reach nine billion what will earth look like with ten billion inhabitants huh what will human’s do when there is no more gas or water or food too spread around i think human’s are so scared of death that they make stuff up too suit them fine we all die get over it babies

    • You know what? Fine, I couldn’t care less if we all die, it would make those losers happy.

      What makes me so mad is that people buy into this mess when there are almost 9 billion human beings on Earth, hello! If we die: Fine, we die. The world will end. I don’t give a crap any more, I am so tired of this mess – we’re all going to die sooner or later. People don’t like facing reality so they make up BS like this to keep themselves comfortable, complacent and happy to dull and delude the masses.

      If there is a rogue planet I don’t care anyway. My God! Grow up! What is Earth going to be like once we reach 9 billion? What will Earth look like with 10 billion inhabitants, huh? What will humans do when there is no more gas, water or food to spread around?

      I think humans are so scared of death that they make stuff up to suit themselves. Fine, we all die.

      Get over it, babies.

  • david

    these conspiracy theorist forget that their comments are a THEORY and not a fact. none of them have come up with any proof nor do they bother looking for it and decide to bask in the shallow, moronic, lgnorant little world they call a brain

    • In the interest of scientific rigour and keeping the creationists off our backs, please can we emphasize the difference between “theory” and “hypothesis”?

      A theory doesn’t need to have “proof” (I have raved before about the scarcity of literal proof before – not many things can truly be *proven*) but it needs to stand up to all tests and challenges and has to be generally accepted, there can be many conflicting theories on a particular subject, but they rarely diverge from each other too drastically.

      A hypothesis can be anything, does not require any evidence – it only needs to be an idea postulated to account for something.

      These are “Conspiracy Hypotheses”.

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