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Top 10 Awesome Zombie Depictions

They’ve been dead for a long time, and it’s proven excessively difficult to keep ’em down! Zombies are nothing new to myth, folk tales, print or cinema – but what has drastically shifted over the last 35 years is their popularity. Though not openly given boardroom status with other popular monsters (vampires, werewolves, demons etc.) zombies have earned reputable stripes as an entire species capable of wiping out humanity! Regardless of the form they take, the general term “zombie” has generated a number of extremely unique appearances – the most shocking, original and talked-about versions lie here…


Bald Zombie/Airport Chart House Zombie
Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Photo 11366521 40602 4137932 Main

As seen in George A. Romero’s original classic, Dawn of the Dead, this is one zombie that undoubtedly most everyone has seen. On nearly every poster and advertisement for the film’s numerous video releases (from Beta to Blu-ray), this example of the walking dead holds high marks for being disturbingly real, and more than a pop icon. Added to that resume, this is one of the few zombies who manages to almost catch African-American hero Peter Washington (Ken Foree) off guard.


Private Mailer
28 Days Later (2002)


It’s not difficult to envision Private Mailer as a most unremarkable soldier in life, one who was likely failing at even the most standard military obligations. Given the weeks since the initial outbreak of a deadly monkey “Rage Virus”, as well as the optimal safety-in-numbers that Mailer shared with his squad of perverted cohorts, it’s somewhat ridiculous that he managed to get himself infected at all. One must also stress the term “infection” here. Purists, of course, understand (and enforce) the concept that Mailer is no real zombie – despite the overwhelming media-fueled misconception. However, despite my own puritanical leanings, I’m willing to accept the inclusion of Private Mailer on his own terms. He is, let’s face it, a member of 1) an overwhelming population of diseased individuals, 2) intent on killing or subverting any non-infected individual who comes across, and of course, 3) a victim of his own nature. This qualifies as a “non-dead zombie status” in my book. Added to those similarities, Mailer is also one of the more ferocious and dangerous “revivals” that you could hope to meet. Thrashing about as a backyard surprise in the third act of Danny Boyle’s 2002 film, Mailer quickly proves his lethality when Cillian Murphy’s leading hero, Jim, literally lets him off the chain.


Dr. Carl Hill
Re-Animator (1985)


Zombie speak? It’s certainly not the first time that it has happened. It is, however, one of the few instances where a zombie demonstrates a seething hatred for his own murderer – in this case, Dr. Herbert West, played by Jeffrey Combs. After decapitating Hill with a shovel, West quickly re-animates his former colleague with his serum. What follows is a frighteningly surreal and camp-filled satire of revenge. Never before has a zombie been so manipulative, cunning, or purposeful – a trend that has continued with pack-leading performances such as Eugene Clark’s “Big Daddy” in Romero’s fourth-installment Land of the Dead. Thank you Dr. Hill.


Road Zombie
Zombi 2 (1979)

Zombie Flesh Eaters

Half a face and rancid with worms, this zombie includes mention merely for the fact that is a well-realized depiction of the walking dead. ‘Nuff said.


Basement Zombie
Return of the Living Dead (1985)

The mention of the Basement Zombie is not merely to appease fans from the John A. Russo camp of Return of the Living Dead films. Totally not. While those films are semi-enjoyable shlock that are best taken on their own terms, the #6 spot has to go to the one zombie in the original “Return” film that, well, looked the most like a zombie. Slimy, rotten, and putrid to the touch, the Basement Zombie is actually pretty gruesome in its detail. It also affects what is perhaps one of the more memorable “zombie walks” that is complete with a total lack of muscular coordination. Don’t let it fool you though, this is the zombie that got the drop on gang-leader and angst-ridden nihilist “Suicide” and effectively renamed him to “Murdered.” If the gruesomeness of his appearance and the hilarious gait weren’t enough, please consider that this zombie is perhaps responsible for popularizing the phrase: “Mooooore Braaaaains.”


Bicycle Zombie
The Walking Dead (2010 television series)

Having come so far and shown to be so profitable, it’s an enormous treat for zombie-followers everywhere that we now have our own TV program. Based off Robert Kirkman’s ongoing “The Walking Dead” graphic novel series, the show features a cast of desperate human characters attempting to survive in a world without a pulse. As the first fully visible (no pun intended) zombie on screen, the “bicycle zombie” is an astonishingly well-designed piece of craftsmanship from FX designer Gregory Nicotero, but it’s not just the make-up. As bewildered Rick Grimes, the show’s main protagonist, takes pity on this zombie, it’s a poignant reminder that the walking dead are victims of their own nature.


Timmy Baterman
from Pet Sematary (1989)

Pdvd 001

Taking a moment to be real, answering what has been (perhaps) the single most frightening depiction of an animated corpse on screen is likely to involve at least some mention of one of Stephen King’s more gruesome creations. Killed in the World War II and laid to rest in a cursed Indian burial ground, young Timmy Baterman returns to his father’s house in a small town in Maine, but is clearly not the person he used to be. Depicted as a demonically-possessed resurrected corpse, Timmy (like all those that lie in the sour grounds beyond the pet cemetery) is a shadow of his former self. So unnerving an idea as it is, producers of the 1989 Mary Lambert-directed film adaptation chose wisely to include Timmy’s story pretty much as it is read in the book.


Frankenstein’s Monster
Frankenstein (1932)

Karloff Boris Frankenstein 001

The silver screen’s ultimate zombie-like character deserves mention on this list, if not for his memorable depiction throughout the years, then for his longevity. Written as the “Modern Prometheus” by Mary Shelley in the early 19th century, Frankenstein’s Monster has endured as one of the most frightening symbols of science and genius run amok. A damnation from birth, the monster represents all that is misunderstood and feared about the unknown. Alas, it’s easier to destroy what we hate. As curious as he is deadly, the Frankenstein Monster is one zombie in particular that has consistently retained a reputation for sympathy from all audiences. How can you blame a beast?


The Cemetery Zombie
Night of the Living Dead (1968)


The stuff of nightmares. The cemetery zombie in George Romero’s original Night of the Living Dead could easily be considered the #1 contender, and by rights, at least deserves that recognition. This is the zombie that started it all, the first of the Romero zombies, and the first of the “leading role” zombies. After killing her brother by smashing his head on a grave marker, cemetery zombie turns his deranged-grimace towards Barbara and then mercilessly chases her through the woods. The cemetery zombie is also uniquely agile and can trot at a good clip. Though he’s free of any severe deformity or apparent cause of death, this is the kind of zombie that reminds us that death is on the cards for everyone and that the walking dead can be our own neighbors turned rabid.


Dr. Tongue
Day of the Dead (1985)


“Dr. Tongue” as he was nicknamed by designer Tom Savini, is arguably the single greatest zombie-design for any living corpse in either film or print. Seen in the opening moments of George Romero’s Day of the Dead, Dr. Tongue emerges from a desolate Ft. Myers, Florida, beckoned by the desperate cries of a human rescue effort. With his lower mandible likely blasted away by a poor marksman, Dr. Tongue is a curiously pathetic example of a zombie because he may or may not represent any real threat! Although Romero’s films make it clear that all zombies eat not for nourishment, Dr. Tongue is likely not even a threat for contamination. In the almost 30 years since Day of the Dead’s original release, few zombie designs have come close to matching the gruesome reality that Dr. Tongue represents: there’s only one way to kill a zombie. You have to shoot them in the head.

  • OmegaMan

    Good List.. :)

    • oldirtykoala

      Although ugly as all F^ck, I bet DR tongue pulls the women!!

  • Mythomaniac

    What no Shaun of the dead? It gets me everytime:)

    • OmegaMan

      Shaun of the dead is one of my favorite movies.

      • mom424

        Agreed. I <3 Simon Pegg.

        • P5ychoRaz

          I can’t think of an iconic zombie from that movie except for the first woman they see and laugh about

  • Stu Miller’s Gust

    Notable omission: Rod Argent

    • oldirtykoala

      Notable omission: Michael Jackson in thriller. Although not worrying to full grown Homo Sapiens, children around the world will never sleep the same again.

  • Frankenstein was no zombie story.

    • tassie devil

      Anyone who doubt Frankenstein’s monster is a zombie needs to watch the I’m Alan Partridge episode Basic Alan. Argument closed.

      • Nosmo King

        Went at your suggestion, Alan Partridge is class.

    • Jade

      A zombie is a corpse that has been reanimated and can move, feed and so on independently. Frankenstein’s Monster was made of parts of dead criminals, thus he is a zombie.

  • GeauxFallon

    No Jesus? He’s the most famous zombie.

    • allah1344

      last time i checked . you dont even think its cool . RESPECT please ..if you have a God would you like people saying things like this to him ? (her) ?

      • Danny medina

        Dude seriously !? Your had to kill it with your b.s response huh ? Have a fcking sence of humor… Jesus Christ I’m glad I live in America and don’t live in a middle eastern country…

        • Mon

          Sense of humor? People can be very sensitive with burning the Koran but because Christians rarely retaliate, people seem to think it’s okay to disrespect. Guess what, we don’t care if you are a Christian or an atheist or what! Take your joke with you and respect other people’s religion.

          • Mizz Moochi

            Stop talking.

        • Napoleon666

          Joke’s not funny and is kinda disrespectful. I could say “Don’t forget the most famous pedo of all; Muhammad!” and a lot of people would get pissed.

      • GeauxFallon

        For what it’s worth, I do have a god. I am a Christian and I believe in the holy trinity of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I am not going to defend my beliefs or my wit to you, but Jesus did rise from the dead, which makes him a zombie, albeit a divine zombie. I do go to church and worship every Sunday and give thanks that he bought my salvation from the fiery pits of Hell by dying and then rising from the dead (zombie). I also can’t wait for when he returns and we all get to. rise from the dead and join him (epic zombie party) as described in Revelation.

        • GeauxFallon

          Please excuse my poor grammar. This was typed at three in the morning on an iPhone. Geaux Tigers!

        • oldirtykoala

          It was written Jesus died on the cross, then was raised from death 3 days later…. although brief, is this not true.

          In these three earth days Jesus was not with us in flesh, he went to hell, to covert and save the souls of the damned, releasing them of their sins. Then he returned to his earthly body. The reason i mention this, is the fact Jesus’ soul returned to his body, unlike zombies who are merely bodies WITHOUT souls, Hence why Jesus could not have been a zombie.

          If i die on the operating table for 5 minutes, and then return to life, does that make me a zombie?

          Sorry to be so serious about what was initially a joke, but this is people’s religion we are talking about, be respectful while being witty,

          Besides, although i have always pictured Jesus as a ninja, can you really picture him eating the brains of his non followers?

          • GeauxFallon

            Now THIS was the response that I was looking for. Well done sir! Also thanks for that bit of sarcastic humor at the end.

          • slippyfists

            I believe in dragons and fairies, but i dont get offended when people make fun of them

      • respect a fairy tale, huh? in capitals!

    • Mira Bel

      I thought it was funny, have a sense of humor. And technically speaking, to those of you who claimed “he” existed, he would be labeled a zombie because zombies raise from the dead and walk the earth again. Isn’t that how the fairytale goes? I’m just saying…

      • Mon

        Really? This kind of joke is disrespectful.

        We don’t care what you believe in, but the last time I check RESPECT is a universal in a person that people value and need to learn.

        There are subjects that you do not cross. What if I joke about FILTHY GHETTO N*****S LIKE YOU! HA!

        • GeauxFallon

          My mother told me never to argue with an idiot because passersby may not know the difference.

          Mon, bless your heart.

        • Chineapplepunk

          Get stuffed dickhead

        • AliciaS

          Jesus would be proud of that attitude.

        • Mira Bel

          Why would you joke about your mother that way :(?

          • Mon

            I thought it was funny, have a sense of humor. And technically speaking, Black people are meant to be slaves

        • Metalwrath

          I dislike it when religious people urge atheists to respect their beliefs… because religious people’s beliefs is basically that atheists will suffer eternal damnation in fiery Hell. Your religions are pretty disrespectful of non-believers… so there’s no reason why atheists should kindly respect your dogma, since it teaches they’ll be “rightfully” eternally punished for not believing like you do.

          I say this, though I do respect religions nonetheless and acknowledge that especially Christianity receives unfair criticism more than other religions. But still, don’t talk of disrespect from atheists. That’s just hypocritical.

          • Jimbo

            Nicely put. It’s about time religious people started respecting the beliefs of atheists. I disbelieve in jesus, god, heaven and hell and any other supreme being of any type. Just because I don’t believe in what you do doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

          • Mira Bel

            @Metalwrath: You stated that very well. Thank you.

          • mrbrytsyd

            Implying Atheists don’t disrespect Religiousfags.

          • Mon

            I dislike it when people give a fuss with people joking about other people’s race but are too lenient with making jokes about other people’s religion.

        • Aco

          This is the internet, there is no respect here

          • tassie devil

            For christ’s sake, dont mention anything about Jesus.

        • p1t1o

          Well, the racism is many, many orders of magnitude more disrespectful than the zombie joke, use some sense.

          People need to be able to laugh at themselves and not take it upon themselves to become furious and the smallest slight!

          Its also pretty arrogant to assume that even a *slightly* racy joke is, in fact, a jibe aimed directly at your faith – take it for what it is, a harmless joke.

          Oh and horrible racist slurs don’t constitute a joke, btw, they were calculated simply to cause offence.

          How about you grant the zombie joke teller a modicum of this “respect” that you hold so highly, and assume that his intent was not to offend and simply to entertain. The world isn’t all about you.

      • MOn

        Mira Bel, if you think joking about other people’s religion is funny, surely you’ll love to read about racist jokes. I mean both disrespect other people anyway so there shouldn’t be a problem if people joke about your black race!

        A little girl wrote to Sarah Palin asking, “How did the human race start?”. Sarah Palin answered, “God made Adam and Eve, they had children and all mankind was made.”

        The next day the little girl wrote to michelle obama and asked the same question. Michelle obama answered, “Many years ago there were monkeys in africa from which the human race evolved.”

        The confused girl went to her father and asked, “How come Sarah Palin told me that mankind was created by God, and michelle obama told me mankind evolved from monkeys?”

        Her father answeres, “Well, it’s very simple . . . Sarah Palin told you about her ancestors, and michelle obama told you about hers!”

        • WTF??

          why does my name show up wothout being ****ed out? Weird.

        • 3man

          Nice jokes Mon, now here’s one for you:

          I hope a leprechaun assaults you in your sleep, breaks your dick in half and personally delivers it to Satan so he can ignite a burning hellfire over it and roast marshmallows whilst chuckling at your misfortune. Unknowingly, Satan will have committed his first ever good deed by destroying the reproductive organ of a vile man such as yourself, thereby freeing the world of the inevitable bigotry that would have been your offspring. Satan, realizing his mistake, would then implode at the thought of having done something nice for a change. God and all his angels would proceed to rejoice, chanting merry songs of praise! Then, following your death, God would welcome you to heaven with open arms and thank you for your tremendous accomplishment of accidentally destroying Satan with your penis.

          Just kidding, none of that will ever happen. You’re probably just going to burn in hell for being a racist a$$hole.

          • Bugs

            @3man, that was truly creative and somewhere deep… Hilarious. Racism is just degrading yourself. Ask others to respect but while doing so, disrespecting takes away the fun. Live and let live. Let Jesus love all. Btw, I find ebonies real hot. @Mira, u free tonite?

        • p1t1o

          Oh wow, well i hadn’t read this far down before, while writing my previous response to you, i had assumed that you were just peeved at the zombie joke and had taken the racism analogy way to far, but now i realise you are just a common troll.

          Go troll somewhere else, your work is done here.

      • Napoleon666

        I was going to leave a serious reply but then I saw your face! XD

    • p1t1o

      I’d just like to point out to this entire comment chain that, if there is a god, it’s quite obvious to me that he has quite a well developed sense of humour of his own. If the being is as powerful as is implied in all the writings then a zombie joke isn’t even going to appear on his radar, and if he did notice, I’m sure he had a chuckle.

      Because if he doesn’t get the joke, or doesn’t like it, or if as some of you say, it fills him with wrath and hellfire and the desire to smite all who even so much as smirk at the idea of zombie jesus, then exactly what kind of being is he? Not the one described in the bible and not one I’d wish to worship.

      For the record, I’m atheist (well, agnostic technically). And also for the record, there is a majo difference between the zombie joke and burning a koran – an act calculated only to aggravate, and thus not a joke.

      • Napoleon666

        I personally have no problem with a joke about ANYTHING as long as it it funny. People meaning to offend and it’s not funny.
        Anway here’s a joke I think is funny.

        Little Jhonny goes to school and one of the teachers notices he is sad. He asks Jhonny what the
        matter is. “My paernts are getting divorced.” “Why?” asks the teacher. “My mommy says my daddy’s not the same.” “I know how to help, just take these pills and put one in his coffe every morning.” says the teacher. A few days later the teacher notices Jhonny is sadder than ever and asks him what the matter is. “Well my mommy’s dead, my sister’s pregnant, my ass hurts and the dog is afraid to come home!” XD

        (sorry I had to translate from Hungarian)

  • Simon

    Cheers. Why I sat and read this list I do not know. People say I have an ‘irrational’ fear of zombies. I disagree, I think it’s possibly the most rational fear in the world. Now if I get stopped at college cause im carrying a machete, well … it’s all your fault. Just sayin.

    • Must agree, many a times i go back to the list on how to survive a zombie apocalypse and reread(thoroughly study) the list. I just fear the idea of being eaten by dead people . . . that’s why i hate hospitals . That’s where it starts you know, in health care facilities . . . and jungles but mostly health facilities

      • Simon

        Note to self. Avoid hospitals. I was going to point out, do you not also fear the idea of being eaten by people that are alive, however I imagine the conversation would help the situation. I like to think I would live in my local supermarket for eternity. Then I found an emergency exit the other day (I also work there, not trespassing. Promise!) and my whole survival plan was destroyed. I’d probably also find all the other thousand occupants of my part of town in there, so maybe its not too good an idea :(

        • Kobbin

          Emergency exits are good, you know. As long as you keep them barricaded and keep the entrance from the outside well hidden by debris it would act as a perfect escape route. You need one of those, you know. :]

  • MandieMurder

    Where the fuck is Bub!?

  • Oregonmade

    LOVING The Walking Dead!

  • Amrendra

    Elizabeth Moody in Brain Dead was also very very scary and cheesy!!!

    • Jimbo

      That film’s a classic.

    • Beej

      So glad you mentioned Brain Dead. An absolute classic film. Who knew half a zombie could still fart!

  • Rossco

    Private Mailer, Dr. Carl Hill and Frankenstein’s Monster are not technically zombies. Basement Zombie is actually “Tarman” Zombie…and you are missing the baby zombie from Braindead/Dead Alive, and there’s about 3 or 4 more zombies from Dawn that deserve mention. Epic fail on this list.

    • MandieMurder

      Basement zombie made me roll my eyes. It’s Tarman, dude. Everyone knows that! This list makes me sad.

      • Kobbin

        OH! That’s the name, that’s why I didn’t recognize ‘im in the list. What a terrible oversight. x.x

    • Mama Bear

      Don’t be so hard on it, it’s not that bad. I myself would not have included Frankenstein or Dr. Hill but would let Mailer squeeze in. Maybe a follow up list is in order?

  • Armadillo

    All the zombies in The Walink Dead are awesome in my opinion ^^

    • Armadillo

      Christ I can’t even write three words without making a mistake T_T

      • fendabenda

        I’m shure yuo can if you trie yo best! :)

  • Rich

    What about Bub?

    • JudeTheObscene

      I fully agree. I thought he would be number one. He is by far the most recognized Romero zombie ever. This list will need a sequel.

    • BUB should defiantly made the list. Frankenstein is a zombie. But reanimator is way more dark comedy than even russo’s return series. TARman is a great selection though. For bonus id say harre christna zombie from original dawn (sp’) I have a toy of it. Lol and a painting of Bub.

  • Will Trame

    Notable omissions: Colin Blunstone..lead singer of the Zombies.
    The zombie that appeared on “Kolchak: The Night Stalker”. The climactic confrontation in the automobile graveyard was indeed a chiller.

    I definitely agree with your #1 spot. That cemetery zombie was definitely eerie.

  • Will Trame

    I meant number two for cemetery zombie. I’m like a zombie without a few shots of me morning coffee. Mea culpa.

  • moopersoup


  • lenun

    disgustingly awesome

  • Mira Bel

    Pet cemetery was awesome! Great list, the zombies you chose were not too gory and not to fake looking.

  • Great List, though I think the Stripper Zombie from the opening credits of ZombieLand deserves an honorable mention at least. She even had tassels!

    • That should be strip.per, dang censorship device!

  • donnalaviva

    My Zombie dreams are no match to Dr. Tongue

  • aargume1

    Waa now i’m gonna get ready for another possible zombie apocalypse…

  • The Mick

    Pinhead was my favourite, although the term “zombie” has to be extrapolated a little .

  • pat rice

    the thriller video

  • I love Zombie Movies. Dawn of the dead is my fav. frm d abv. Gud list btw.

  • vanowensbody

    Nice list. Loved Reanimator.

  • clever list …. the only thing i was thinking i’d see that i didn’t was christophe (zakes mokae’s character based on clairvius narcisse in the serpent and the rainbow) who popped back up in l’estère, haïti 19 years after being declared dead ….. call the film hokey or whatever, sure, but that cat scared the piss out of me when i was a kid…

    • YouRang?

      oliveralbq!!! I was just posting the other day that I hadn’t seen a comment from you in a long while. Now you return and the first thing you do is try to inject logic and reality into a perfectly good discusssion where absolutely no one acttually knows what the heck they’re talking about.

      Zombies eat human flesh but I’m getting even. I drink all the Zombies I can. I’m a follower of Gregory Corso, an Abomunist, and I stand ready, in times of naional emergency, to drink myself to death for my country.

  • karenator

    you forgot the shark eating zombie from.lucio fulcis zombie and the bathtub zombie from 7 doors.of.death which is also a lucio fulci movie.

  • wasd

    Now I want to go play Left 4 Dead.

  • bexster

    d’ya know, ive always wondered why zombies bleed!? Doesnt distract from the enjoyment though!

    • Not all of them do, it depends on how “fresh” they are. If blood is still in their bodies, then it would have to spill out when they’re shot or cut. I know this not from movies, but from personal zombie experience.

  • KingSlave

    Top Ten Things You Should Not Talk About On The Internet? “RELEGION”

  • Voorhees

    Only missing zombie here is Bub from Day of the Dead – not that rubbish Dr Tongue who is just background character.

  • Not my favorite zombie movie but Fido probably deserves a mention.

  • Oh ListVerse, I love you. But everyone argues about religion! I’m Catholic. I don’t consider Jesus a zombie by the terms of the majority. Jesus did rise from the dead. However, zombies rise from the dead or are brought back to life by someone living, and then they seek revenge, blood, people to infect, or all of the above. Jesus most certainly didn’t seek revenge on anyone once he rose from the dead. So please, people, think a little more when you post such silly things. You know that if you went to your local priest or the Pope of all people and asked them if Jesus is a zombie, they would most certainly say no. Because let’s face it, zombies aren’t supposed to be nice.

    By the way, I know that this list was based on movies and t.v., but the game Nazi Zombies in the Call of Duty series has certainly created a large interest in zombies. In the map, “Call of the Dead” they even feature George Romero along Freddy Krueger, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and two others I forgot. Okay I talk to much. BYE!

  • darkknight9761

    Really, really cool list. You forgot some the zombies from the British black comedy “Shawn of The Dead”. Minor oversight, very good list as I am a big fan of zombie movies. Question though; Don’t the infected people in the Resident Evil storylines count? Nemesis was pretty wicked if you ask me.

    • Kobbin

      Minor?! :P

  • Thanks for mentioning the Bicycle Zombie! As soon as I saw the title of this list, it was the first image that came to my mind. Not sure why it stuck with me.

  • mom424

    Good list; can’t believe there’s a zombie movie I haven’t seen. There’s actually a couple.

    The 1/2 Zombie crawling through the park in the opening episode of The Walking Dead kind of got to me. Pity much more than fear. Somehow it’s worse.

    ps: I think Jesus zombie jokes are funny. Pretty sure Jesus, either as man or god, would laugh. He’s the peace and love dude remember. 9_9

  • Salvador

    Half of the ‘zombies’ on this list aren’t even zombies. >.<

  • George Ofwona

    Horror movies has for a long time been underrated thus far few get awards at the grammy’s as evident from the last couple of years.I love horror movies and I guess that movies such as “paranormal activity” should be classified as an all time classic.Fantastic list !

    • Samara

      The Grammy Awards are for music, not films — you’re thinking of the Oscars.

      Regardless, I’m also dissapointed that the Oscars (or Golden Globes, etc.) always snub any horror flick just because it’s horror. Some horror movies are truly great films with excellent plot, acting, direction, etc. It’s sad that they never get recognized.

  • Matt

    Fantastic list! I didn’t think there’d be too many options but you cover them pretty nicely here. A few stretches, but interesting read.

  • karl

    Frankenstien wasnt a zombie, sort of ruined the mood but still a pretty good list

  • link

    Don’t know if Evil Dead zomibe/possessed people count but they looked hideous……ugh gives me chills thinking about em

  • bigski

    im not scared of zombies…….cause im a ninja !!

  • Maxx the Slash

    Those aren’t zombies in 28 Days Later (#9), they’re living people. Zombies rot and eat people, those retards in 28 Days Later claw and spit up blood and starve themselves to death. Get your facts straight.

    • Slappy


  • Brooke

    By far the best zombie book is World War Z! Unfortunately not a visual depiction, so it didn’t make this list.

  • JackJack

    Oh man, I could never get Tarman’s voice out of my head, Braaains!!

  • Yournamehere

    No Fallout ghouls. That’s sad.

  • Kobbin

    I was waiting on the Basement Zombie and the Cemetery Zombie the entire time. Those are two of my favorite movies. :]

  • FlameHorse

    I’m willing to bet if you nuke a zombie, that’ll do the trick. No one has EVER used a nuke as a plot device in a zombie flick! Can you dig it?

    • wrake

      But, they did in Return! Return is even on the List!

    • oak

      ya they did in return of the living dead but it didn’t work cuz the chemical responsible, 2-4-5 Trioxin, survives and gets into the clouds to rain again another day

      sorry if this is a re-post

  • Zombie Fact Checker

    The Basement Zombie is more commonly know at the Tarman.

  • gigi

    For the religious freaks I’ll concede that Jesus wasn’t actually a zombie. He was in fact undead. Many people use these terms interchangeably, however there are a couple differences. For starters, zombies decompose while the undead do not. They also, in general, lack or have greatly weakened senses. Undead also have a far greater level of mental functionality and retain most, if not all of their senses and memories. Really, the only thing a zombie and undead have in common is that they both had to die to become what they are.

  • YouRang?

    What is a zombie, anyway? The zombies in some of these movies were caused by infections from outer space creatures. Do we really want to call those zombies? If we don’t, all of Romero’s work is out and that leaves us with… not that much. Others were caused by man-made infections; those probably aren’t true zombies.

    The entire subject is vague and undefined. I suggest we use Jessica Caine’s word: Rebod. That’s short for Re-animated Body. Basically, it means any body that’s been dead and then come back to life (its own or someone else’s).

  • Aussie_Nik

    Negroid zombies are the worst! Scary, ugly, stupid and dead!

  • trfan01

    I’ve never been one for zombies, they’re just gross (except the hallucinatory ghost/zombie best friend of “American Werewolf in London”). Give me the zombies of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes “Dead Man’s Party” and “The Zeppo” any day.

  • jer-bear

    BRAAINS.. these comments are lacking in BRAAINS….

  • Film_Fan

    Two films to check out are “White Zombie” from 1932, starring Bela Lugosi and “I Walked With a Zombie,” from 1943, directed by Jacques Tourneur .

    Both present the classic version of a zombie–the dead CONTROLLED by the living. Since zombies ARE dead, they do not eat–let alone devour the living, as they do in modern stories.

    “White Zombie” is horribly dated–in some scenes to the point of being laughable–but is, nonetheless, still atmospheric and spooky.

    “I Walked With a Zombie” benefits from more modern acting styles, and a more intelligent script. It also relies heavily on lighting and sound effects to create an atmosphere of nightmarish doom, as this famous scene illustrates:

  • I had the night of the living dead zombie as number one in my head. classic.

  • 504KO

    I heart zombies and most of these entries suck. The fact that the dude that worked at the gas station pre zombification from the remake of land of the dead, isn’t on here proves it. it was the first time i actually was scared of the thought of a zombie. i can deal wit a mindless biting undead human being but a cognitive one is by far the stuff of nightmares!

  • tothie

    ah maganda..

  • oak

    notable omission: Bub from DOTD played most excellently by Sherman Howard
    “say hello to aunt alecia”

  • Buster

    “Serpent and the Rainbow” anyone?

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  • #5 Bicycle Zombie. “…As the first fully visible (no pun intended) zombie on screen…”

    What pun?

    • p1t1o

      Good point!

  • SwampRob

    I liked the main character’s buddy from American Werewolf in London. As the movie went on, he gradually got more and more rotted.

  • p1t1o

    The “Fast Zombies” from Half-Life 2, scary! With the howling and skylining across rooftops and jumping and most importantly the ability to close distanceto you in no seconds flat!

  • Carnage

    What about baby zombie from Dead Alive?Or the nurse?

  • Jodie

    Good list.
    However, I really tend to lose interest when somebody includes 28 Days franchise in zombie lists. They are not zombies (they’re not dead), and even if you want to include them as non-dead zombies, that doesn’t really work either, as they aren’t under the control of someone. They are virus infected, it’s like saying someone who has rabies is a zombie.
    Yes, I’ll agree, awesome character, equally awesome movie, but not zombie.

  • Bugs

    I know the weirdos in I am Legend aren’t technically zombies, but they sure walk like them, look like them and do the f**k like them. Will the real true zombie please stand up.

  • mordechaimordechai

    Hi, every one. Nice list, but the creature of Dr. Frankenstein is by no mean a zombie. He is alive … or shall i say “HE’S ALIVE, ALIVE !!!”.

  • fendabenda

    I have always thought that David Gale’s (aka Dr.Hill) performance in Re-animator is… brilliant! He’s just as good, if not even better, as Jeffrey Combs (aka Herbert West) or anyone else in that film. :)

  • fendabenda

    Also, what’s this thing about “fast zombies”? IMHO, zombies aren’t supposed to be fast. They are supposed to be slow and dull, but unrelenting. Lucio Fulci was probably the last director who knew what a zombie should look like and what it should/could do. Fast rabies-infected people aren’t zombies, excusez-moi, they are just infected people.

  • Davlin

    Great zombie depiction? Me at an 8am class :)

  • Elvis

    I would just like to say to all my fans: stop coming to my planet, it’s getting crowded and I’m tired of singing Love Me Tender and Hound Dog all the time, I’m dead you know and I’d like to rest for a while. TCB. I have left the building.

  • vermilionskin

    Evil dead?

  • Lala

    Technically speaking the ‘zombies’ in 28 Days Later weren’t zombies by the traditional definition of the word (reanimated corpse/an undead person). They were just really bleeding angry!

  • where’s jiang shi? :0

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    What about Eddie, Iron Maiden’s mascot?

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  • darren

    is zombie no.10 the on that has when theres no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth?