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10 Controversial Pictures

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The official definition of a controversy is an issue that involves a prolonged public dispute or debate. Controversies usually concern a matter of opinion and can involve a wide variety of topics including world history, religion, philosophy, politics, economics, science, finances, age, gender, and race. In some areas of the world controversial issues are said to be disruptive to society and are not discussed in public. In other cultures, people feel it is their duty to examine all areas of a subject and discuss it in a civilized manner.

Since the invention of the camera, hundreds of controversial pictures have been taken. This article will examine 10 images that have raised concern in the media and caused debate across the internet. The list is not attempting to display the top ten controversial photographs in history, but will examine a collection of pictures that have not been featured in similar articles. In any case, I would like to hear your opinion on the most controversial images in history.


The Lost Tucker


The 1948 Tucker sedan is an advanced automobile that was developed by Preston Tucker and produced in 1948. According to records, only 51 Tucker sedans were made before the business folded. The vehicle’s design was innovative for the 1940s and was built for safety. The Tucker was the first car to feature seat belts, safety glass windshields, and the Cyclops, which was a headlight system that shifted directions to increase visibility for night driving. In 1949, the Tucker Corporation was ridiculed by the American media and experienced a consumer backlash. The company was shut down amidst a scandal of controversial accusations around stock fraud. In 2011, a 1948 Tucker sedan was featured on the show It’s Worth What? and received an estimated value of $1,200,000.

Justin Cole is a man that runs Benchmark Classics in Middleton, Wisconsin. He claims to own the only unfinished prototype of a Tucker convertible. The authenticity of the vehicle has been questioned by classic car collectors from all over the world. Legend holds that the convertible was a secret, off-the-books prototype known as “Project Vera,” developed by Preston Tucker and named after his wife. However, Alex Tremulis, who designed the Tucker sedan, has claimed that the convertible was not a factory project, official or unofficial. Justin Cole refers to his convertible as Tucker #57 and says the factory number of 57 is stamped on the body panels.

In 2010, Justin Cole attempted to sell the Tucker convertible at the Russo and Steele auction in Scottsdale. The bidding reached a price of $1.4 million, but didn’t meet the reserve price. The car was also listed on ebay in 2010, where bidding approached $900,000, but once again didn’t meet the reserve. The vehicle is still listed for sale on Benchmark’s website and has a large gallery of photographs. The car holds a clear Tucker design and clean convertible conversion. The position of the Tucker Automobile Club of America is that the vehicle was converted after the company went out of business.

If you’re in the mood for more controversy, try Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies at!


Sowoneul Malhaebwa (Genie) Cover

Girls-Generation Yiw1S 22975

Girls’ Generation is a nine-member South Korean pop girl group formed in 2007. They are currently the top selling Korean girl band in the world. In the summer of 2009, the group took part in a controversial photo shoot with a military theme. One of the pictures from the shoot was selected for the band’s mini-album cover Sowoneul Malhaebwa (Genie). Soon after the album’s release, controversy erupted over the cover. In the picture, a plane can be seen which many people felt was a direct replica of Japan’s A6M Zero fighter plane, which was used by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service in World War II. People also noticed that the military outfits, medals, and hats worn by the girls resemble that of the Third Reich.

In one example, the eagle emblem used on the girls’ hats greatly resembles the Nazi Party emblem. In response to the accusations, SM Entertainment stated: “We used military icons on the album cover, but it was interpreted and understood in a way we didn’t expect, so we are planning to delete it and put an icon of the South Korean supersonic jet T-50.” In the future, Girls’ Generation should be more careful about using images that were taken from Nazi and Kamikaze insignia. Regardless of the controversy, Sowoneul Malhaebwa (Genie) reached #1 less than 24 hours after it release.


Thomas Hoepker’s 9/11 Photo

Screen Shot 2012-02-10 At 09.56.06

Thomas Hoepker is a German born photographer and member of Magnum Photos. On September 11, 2001, Hoepker was in New York when the World Trade Center was attacked. Hoepker captured hundreds of photos of the destruction, but one stands out. The photograph shows a collection of Americans relaxing and enjoying a conversation while the Twin Towers burn in the background. Hoepker did not publish the image for five years because he was concerned with the message. In 2006, the picture caused controversy in the American media. The New York Times published an article claiming the picture showed America’s failure to learn from the tragic day, or to change and reform as a nation.

“The young people in Mr. Hoepker’s photo aren’t necessarily callous (insensitive). They’re just American.” This is a country that likes to move on, and fast. The people in the picture have responded to the media by saying that they were in “a profound state of shock and disbelief.” They have ridiculed Hoepker saying that he took the picture without permission and in a way that misrepresented their feelings. Whatever the case, the photo is established as one of the defining images of 9/11 and remains controversial in the eyes of many people.


Sochi Six

Fortean Times 2682 5

At the end of World War II, the United States and Soviet Union captured a large collection of German secrets, including information on a German rocket program. The technology sparked the Space Race (1957-1975) between the United States and the Soviet Union. In each country, a select group of individuals were chosen as the first astronauts. In most cases, these people were kept secret from the public. A good example is the Russian born astronaut Grigori Nelyubov. Little is known about Nelyubov, but he was likely the third or fourth person to travel into space before his dismissal from the Soviet space program in April, 1963, for disorderly conduct. Following his dismissal, all information regarding Nelyubov’s life was stricken from the Soviet record.

Grigori Nelyubov’s image was removed from a collection of famous photographs, including the Sochi Six picture, which shows the top members of the original class of Soviet cosmonauts. This airbrushing has led to a large collection of conspiracy theories regarding lost cosmonauts and unreported space flight. In 1966, Nelyubov committed suicide. From 1961 to 1972, at least eight former Russian cosmonauts are known to have died. The Sochi Six picture was officially released in the 1970s and the deception was only discovered after Russian news managers lost track of which versions of the picture they had already published. The fakery has caused some to label the Soviet Union’s string of space triumphs over the United States in the 1950s and early 1960s as a series of falsifications. I have included the original Sochi Six photograph before Nelyubov was removed. He is the tallest man in the picture.


Samar Hassan


Chris Hondros was an American Pulitzer Prize-nominated war photographer. In 2005, he traveled to Iraq in order to cover the war. On January 18, 2005, Hondros was in Tal Afar when he witnessed a car that failed to stop at a U.S. checkpoint. U.S. Soldiers feared a suicide bomber and opened fire on the car killing both parents and injuring one of their five children. Hondros approached the scene and captured a picture of 5-year-old Samar Hassan splattered in her parent’s blood. After the photo was published, it quickly caused controversy and was spread across the world. Many feel the picture is the most iconic image of the Iraq War, similar to the naked Vietnamese girl screaming and running after a napalm attack. The Iraq War delivered few singular images, partly because it was too dangerous for photographers. The U.S. military also set strict rules for journalists.

In 2011, Samar Hassan looked at the picture for first time and was interviewed by the New York Times Middle East. About the incident she said that her family was in the car because her brother was sick and that they were returning from the hospital. In 2011, Samar was living on the outskirts of Mosul in a two-story house with four other families, mostly relatives. Chris Hondros was quoted about the once in a lifetime photograph: “Almost every soldier in Iraq has been involved in some sort of incident like that or another, I would say. Their attitude about it was grim, but it wasn’t the end of their world.” It was reported on April 20, 2011, that Chris Hondros and photojournalist Tim Hetherington were killed by a mortar attack in Misrata while covering the 2011 Libyan civil war.


Mary Moorman JFK Picture


Mary Ann Moorman was a witness to the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. She is best known for her photograph that shows JFK a fraction of a second after being shot in the head. During the event, Moorman was standing directly across from the grassy knoll, about 15 feet (5 m) from the presidential limousine. Her photograph was taken approximately one sixth of a second after the bullet’s impact. The image has caused controversy. Some claim to have identified as many as four different figures on the grassy knoll. With the most well known figure being a uniformed police officer named the “badge man.” Others claim to see Gordon Arnold or a man in a construction hard hat. People also point to the light color observed over the wall (left side), which looks like photo doctoring.

The story of Gordon Arnold is an interesting one. In 1978, Gordon claimed that before the assassination he was twice approached by a business-suited CIA or Secret Service agent who demanded that he move from behind the picket fence of the Dealey Plaza grassy knoll. Arnold claimed that he moved just south of the picket fence and filmed the assassination with a movie camera. During the event, a bullet passed extremely close to his left ear and in response Gordon hit the ground. He was then approached by an armed officer dressed in a Dallas police uniform. The man kicked Arnold while on the ground and demanded the movie film. Another man was armed with a rifle and dressed in a Dallas police uniform. He was wearing yellow lens tinted “shooter’s glasses” and stood close by crying, shaking, and waving his rifle around.

The Moorman picture has been digitally enhanced for television documentaries. In the photo, blood and brain fragments can be seen exploding forward, which contradicts the theory that the shot came from the front. Moorman’s original photograph was never confiscated by the FBI and in 2008 she sold it on ebay for $175,000. On the contrary, a second picture taken by Mary Moorman that shows the sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository moments before the assassination was lost. The picture was confiscated by the FBI and never published. It probably shows Lee Harvey Oswald or anyone who may have been shooting at the President’s car. Another interesting photograph was taken by Phillip Willis (number 5) seconds before the fatal head shot. Willis said he took the picture after being startled by a gunshot, possibly the first shot. In Willis’ photograph, the grassy knoll can be seen and some have identified the “black dog man.”


7/7 London Bombings

7 7 Bombtriall 468X395

On the morning of July 7, 2005, four Islamist home-grown terrorists exploded a series of bombs in quick succession aboard London Underground trains. In all, 52 people were killed in the attacks. The bombers (all deceased) were identified as Mohammad Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Germaine Lindsay, and Hasib Hussain. The group was recorded by CCTV cameras entering Luton station on 7/7. On September 1, 2005, it was reported that al-Qaeda officially claimed responsibility for the attacks. However, an official inquiry by the British government indicated that the tape claiming responsibility had been edited after July 7, and that the bombers did not have direct assistance from al-Qaeda.

The lack of facts surrounding the case and its unusual timeline has led to a collection of conspiracy theories. Some newspaper editorials in Iran have blamed the bombing on British or American authorities seeking to further justify the War on Terror, and have claimed that the plan involved the harassment of Muslims in Europe. There have also been theories proposed about the attackers, including the suggestion that they were patsies. One of the theories is centered on a picture that was taken at Luton station. After researching the photo, a large collection of people have called it fake.

Some of the problems with the picture include a number of inconsistencies with the railing in the back of the image. The railing appears to be moved over the man’s arm and its crossbars do not line up. The person featured in the right side of the picture has no clear face and a skinny left leg. The entire picture is developed with extremely poor quality and three of the terrorist’s faces are unidentifiable. The photo is the only image taken of the four bombers together on 7/7. Controversially, no other CCTV images, either still or moving have ever been released. In an interesting twist, the photo is timed at four seconds before 7.22 am, which would have given the men only three minutes to walk up the stairs at Luton, buy their tickets, and move to the platform.


Piss Christ

Piss Christ

Andres Serrano is an American photographer who has become notorious for using feces, corpses, and bodily fluids in his work. Serrano was raised in a strict Roman Catholic family and is half Honduran, half Afro-Cuban. In 1987, he created a photograph titled Piss Christ. The image depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist’s urine. The photograph was part of a series of pictures that show classical statuettes submerged in various fluids, including milk, blood, and urine. Serrano received $15,000 for the picture, which was provided by the United States sponsored National Endowment for the Arts. In 1989, the image was displayed for the first time and the event caused a massive scandal. People became outraged over the picture and it was alleged that the U.S. government funding of Piss Christ violated separation of church and state.

Andres Serrano received death threats over the controversy and lost public grants. He responded by saying that the picture was not intended to denounce religion, but alludes to a perceived commercializing or cheapening of Christian icons in contemporary culture. Supporters of the picture have argued that it is an issue of freedom of speech. On the contrary, others feel it is their duty to destroy the image if displayed in a museum. In 1997, a retrospective of Serrano’s work was featured at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. During the show, two teenagers attacked Piss Christ with a hammer. On April 17, 2011, a print of Piss Christ was vandalized “beyond repair” by Christian protesters while on display in Avignon, France.


Depiction of Muhammad


This entry is not a specific photograph, but rather the overall depiction of Muhammad. On September 30, 2005, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 12 editorial (political) cartoons that depicted the Islamic prophet Muhammad in various situations. The headline of the cartoons read: “Muhammeds ansigt” (The face of Muhammad). The cartoons were drawn by 12 professional cartoonists in Denmark, most of who regularly worked for the newspaper. After the cartoons were published, Islamic protests erupted across the Muslim world with more than 100 reported deaths. The Danish embassy in Pakistan was bombed and embassies in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran were fire bombed. Muslims stormed European buildings and burned the Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, French, and German flags in Gaza City.

The newspaper announced that the cartoons were an attempt to contribute to the debate regarding criticism of Islam and self-censorship. Further examples of the drawings were reprinted in newspapers in more than 50 countries, which further deepened the controversy. Critics of the cartoons have described them as racist and hurtful to the Muslim faith. Supporters claim the cartoons illustrate an important issue of terrorism and are a legitimate exercise of free speech. Many people in the Western world feel that Muslims were not targeted in a way different from other religions, since unflattering cartoons about Jesus and Gautama Buddha are often published.

The entire issue was covered in two separate episodes of South Park, which is notorious for depictions of Jesus. Apparently, Comedy Central has been hesitant to allow images of Muhammad to be shown on the network since the riots and threats generated from the controversial cartoons. After Muhammad was heavily featured in the South Park episode 200, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone received death threats from the Revolution Muslim organization. Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has described the Muhammad cartoon controversy as Denmark’s worst international crisis since World War II.


Brooke Shields


The full image will not be included, only a cropped version. Garry Gross was an American fashion photographer who specialized in dog portraiture. In 1975, he took a collection of pictures that would become the most controversial in history. The photographs show a ten-year-old Brooke Shields nude. She is standing and sitting in a bathtub, wearing makeup, and covered in oil. The pictures were taken with the consent of her mother, Teri Shields. At the time, Garry Gross was working on a project titled The Woman in the Child, in which he wanted to reveal the femininity of prepubescent girls by comparing them to adult women. The series was first published in the magazine Little Women, and then in Sugar and Spice, which is a Playboy Press publication.

In 1981, Brooke Shields attempted to prevent further use of the photographs, but a U.S. Court ruled that she was bound by the terms of the contract and more surprisingly that the images did not breach child pornography laws. In 1992, American artist Richard Prince, who is famous for his reproduction work, purchased the rights to the pictures. He recreated the picture and called it “Spiritual America.” In 1999, Prince’s version sold for $151,000. Three years ago the print was removed from the Tate Modern gallery in London, England. In response Gary Gross said: “The photo has been infamous from the day I took it as I intended it to be.” He was disappointed by the removal, but not surprised by the Tate’s decision. In 2002, a similar controversy erupted in London over a picture taken by Swiss artist Annelies Strba.

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          The graphic pics it contained were two close-up photographs of an erect penis shot from two different angles, and also a close-up of a vagina.

          I’m guessing that if there’s warnings(NSFW) then it’s okay, so long as it’s relevant and not just gratuitous. :)

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            The link pics weren’t censored in anyway, but he gave a full description of what they were (a couple were blatant child porn), so people had an informed choice as to whether/if/when they wanted to click on it or not.

            That’s exactly what I’d do with Mapplethorpe’s, and the like, pics. He’s got plenty of racy pics that aren’t overtly “obscene”.. so hook up one of those in the main article while providing link/s to pics that may offend the sensitivities of some people/workplaces. :)

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      The Tucker convertible is explained on “Tucker Wikipedia”, so need to add more here. It is no longer owned by Benchmark, but was sold somewhere in the latter part of 2010 for 1.8 million to someone out West, I think Idaho or Oregon. Then heard on the internet, it was sold to someone in Dubi for 6 million, but I doubt that’s possible. But I don’t know for sure.

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        Muhammad’s followers bought it! Oil for cars program! Need to launder some money!

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      and arguably, about the fact that it became a controversy, is that the ‘controversy’ itself started by the anti-fans who actually didnt give a real fuk about the symbol or things, but rather to offend SNSD and Sones.

      else, blame it on SM, not the girls.

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    no. 1 reminded me of that Scorpions cover. That one stirred quite a bit of controversy too.

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    I don’t see what the big deal for the 9/11 picture. Looking at the shadows it seems to me that the picture was taken hours after it happened. Who knows what they were talking about.

    Also, Brooke Shields parents should of gotten slapped around for having those pictures taken of her.

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      10 years ago comments like:

      “He should be castrated for being gay” is rampant….

      Get over it, the picture is not for purist purpose you closet pedo.

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          So on the extreme case, should pedophilia become a norm you would be part of it.

          What the world needs is moral absolutism(maybe?)

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            You comment is hilarious. As with most people on the internet you assume that you know someone by that person’s one comment. I have always typically been out of the norm. When I was a youth I was into heavy metal even though none of my friends or family were into it. Then I was a punker with a mohawk while none of my friends listed to punk or dressed that way. Many of my beliefs have not changed over the years. Many of these beliefs run against the grain of society. I believe in absolutism. In most cases, there is a clear black and white, a right and wrong, holy and sinful. I can go on with my individual beliefs but I will stop here. Again, thank you for the laugh.

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            Ni99a, it seems to me that Spaz’s words were fairly innocuous. You strike me as someone who just took a philosophy class on ethics, and is simply regurgitating a viewpoint in order to sound edgy and/or clever. Unfortunately there’s nothing more conformative than making a poor attempt to appear controversial. Clearly our moral standards are context-bound. It’s neither ground-breaking or original to say it. So to say something like “should pedophilia become a norm you would be part of it” is simply redundant. It’s a childish, baiting comment and a low form of argument. But you probably succeeded in what you aimed to do: making yourself feel clever. Given yourself a pat on the back, boyo!

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    And NEVER EVER make a list about music and American Civil War. Nobody cares except for losers.

    I have a genuine non inflammatory question.

    Why Mohammad must never be depicted in a picture?

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      what i’ve been told by some muslim acquaintances is that any image/depiction of living things is not supposed to be done, something to do with competing with god. although apparently this has been a development from the ottoman empire as some scholars say depiction of mohammed (meeting Gabriel, travelling to Medina) prior to that was not common but not unheard of. or so i’ve been told.

      • Ni99a

        Ah… So we are in Muslim dark ages.

        Like in Christian dark ages, we are lead to believe bullshats from the church empire like indulgence and Geocentrism.

        Right now we are led to believe bullshits from Ottoman empire. Prior to that we could draw Muhammad?
        Also are there explicit rules in the Quran that say you cannot draw depiction of Muhammad?

      • Sara

        While I still think its ridiculous, I believe the real reason is because they think pictures of Mohammed could because idols. Like statues of Buddha and Christ on the cross have become. Of course, now the opposite has happened and it’s been taken to the extreme by some Muslims threatening and killing people over the images. Typical religious fanatics. But that was the original idea, I think.

    • BryanJ

      I agree with you. In my articles I usually stick to contemporary subjects. However, when it comes to old pictures, such as from the Civil War, people become more interested.

    • 1)interesting list: well I think 40’s and 60’s have had their attention’s, which pictures u want to be controversial form ww2 ,those ppl have had the world sympathies for more then half a century lets move on,

      2)yeah nothing abt music and American civil war ,wise! so americans never know why there forefathers created this nation liberated it from the puppet crown of uk, so are u saying they are not patriotic or are they not patriotic enough ,maybe some ppl don’t want americans to realize what america represented and what has been made out of it,is America really sovereign today tahts a whoel another debate.

      But interesting u want to high light ww2 but not American civil war makes me think hmmm!

      “I have a genuine non inflammatory question.”( I do hope that’s true)

      “Why Mohammad must never be depicted in a picture?”

      Let me give u a example,when messenger noah died,the devil came to his followers and told them(in human form) now ur messenger was very pious person make a picture/sculpture of him ,so that it reminds u and gives u a sense of duty to ur lord in fulfilling ur obligations towards ur god,they thought it a good idea so they made a sculpture,but they knew what the purpose of the sculpture was

      anyways,it goes on and second generation comes along they also remain stead fast on their religion but they also notice the respect their parent’s had for the sculpture ,

      moving on to third generation comes along ,by the thrird generation the followers of noah instead of supplicating to god start supplicating to the sculpture,

      moving along 4th generation comes along and now this generation starts praying to the the sculpture , totally destroying monotheism roots and from there on wards it gets twisted and twisted,but the DEVIL’S objective was fulfilled he mislead the righteous!made them into idol worshipers or picture worshipers both are the same,made them beleive that teh picture or idol will benefit them.


      that’s the reason pictures are forbidden in muslims,it is not themselves that they are protecting but infact the generations to come from being mislead !so that is why no pictures

      in the danish case the pictures were first of pictures secondly they were degrading so thats why teh outcry lets try to be sensitive to world’s cultures and religions and we will all get along.

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    10. i don’t really care enough about cars to have an opinion.

    9. if people think that pic shows some kind of WWII emblems/warplanes then arrest rammstein too, because people use their music to make vidoes with old nazi footage all the time

    8.i was 8 years old when that happened, in 4th grade, and they closed school early that day. when i got home, i played with dinosaur toys until i saw the news with planes hitting the towers. even though i was 8, i stoped and watched and was thinking “what the…?” that’s how impactful it was. they’re way too out of it. especially for adults.

    7. the soviets earased alot of people. isn’t there some weird radio recording of a soviet woman sent into space somewhere?

    6. i still cannot find any real justification for my country’s involvement in the middle east. i know 9/11 and all, but it took 12 years to get out of iraq and we still haven’t left afghanistan. and now with iran getting all antsy…don’t get me started.

    5. my grandma told me about the JFK assassination tapes and pictures once. she said my grandpa was really into it. then she told me to avoid it, because it will comsume you. i’m taking her advice.

    4. tough call. actaully…not really. i think it’s a fake.

    3. i’m a roman catholic, and yes i think this is offensive. you shouldn’t put something like the crucifix in urine, or feces, or whatever. i’m about showing respect and getting it.

    2. see 3.

    1. it’s NOT child porn? are they morons or is it just me? (hint it’s not just me.)

  • E.

    Finally an interesting list!! The first in weeks. Great job, I knew checking Listverse today was worth it. ;)

  • Egon

    I see nothing wrong in Garry Gross pictures. Girls are born naked, as boys. This just shows how ill is our civilization today.

    Also the Piss Christ destruction shows us how christians are, in facts, as fundamentalists as any other religious idiot around.

    • vcut

      you wont see christians bombing , killing other people for that picture . but you always consider christians more evil than what muslims have done .
      this saddens me .
      #freedom of speech ?
      what about rule and duty for respect ?

      • odin

        Because Christians already committed most of their gruesome acts.they are just acting holier than thou now.

        • vcut

          yes . but the problem . almost all atheist say – when christians commit horibble acts , they’ll tell you , that it is compatible with its religion. but when we gave example of atheists who commit horrible acts like stalin . theyll tell you that its not compatible with atheism .
          and they also level the evil things done by muslims for example . the 9/11 – they level it with a christian burning a quran . know what i mean ?
          The problem with this critique is that it exaggerates the crimes attributed to religion, while ignoring the greater crimes of secular fanaticism. The best example of religious persecution in America is the Salem witch trials. How many people were killed in those trials? Thousands? Hundreds? Actually, fewer than 25.

          • Quentin

            Christians protest and kill sometimes when they feel offended. One example is when the movie The Last Temptation of Christ was screened in France in 1988, Christians set a movie theater full of people on fire.
            It was not the only time Christians were violent.

    • Maggot

      I see nothing wrong in Garry Gross pictures. Girls are born naked, as boys.

      Please. This isn’t a baby on a bear-skin rug photo. Girls and boys aren’t born prepubescent, wearing makeup, slathered in oil, and striking provocative poses.

      • mbo

        He he he girls and boys are not born prepubescent? You were born with pubes and armpit hair? Thats a “head” start (pun intended) maybe “BJ” (pun intended again) should do another list so i laugh at you. Baby on a bear skin rug? Really? You are messed up.

        • Maggot

          girls and boys are not born prepubescent?

          Nope, they aren’t. You’re really questioning this? Way to ignore the other factors I’d mentioned btw.

          You were born with pubes and armpit hair?

          No, I wasn’t. What’s that got to do with anything? Perhaps you ought to look up the definition of the word before spouting off.

          do another list so i laugh at you.

          Yuk it up, Nothing more pathetic than a laughing idiot cluelessly unaware as to how stupid they are.

          Baby on a bear skin rug? Really?

          Yes, really. It’s a bit of a cliché. Perhaps it’s an “only in America” thing, so I’ll give you a pass on this one if you hadn’t heard the reference before.

          You are messed up.

          You shouldn’t rush to judge others when you are hindered by your own ignorance.

  • JohnKingston

    Wow.. John is happy now, i thought listverse was running short of topics…
    Now Listverse is back to #1 on my favourite website list
    #6 samar hassan, i cant get that image outta my mind.. Oh that is a sad sad picture..:(
    Anyways a greaaat list bryan…

    • No Sympathy, Dead Parents

      Yes, Pic 6 is a sad picture. And I completely blame the parents. What on Earth were they thinking?

      In all probability they passed through that checkpoint on their way to the hospital. And being from the area, it’s pretty safe to assume that they knew it was there. So, why did they not stop on their way back home?

      What did they think was gonna happen? In a place where suicide bombers are rife, in a country fraught with turmoil, did they think that they’d just get waved on through anyway since they failed to stop? Did they think, because they had kids in the car that the soldiers wouldn’t worry about them not stopping.. even though children had been used as suicide bombers in the past?

      The parents were idiots if they thought a good time to make a righteous stand objecting against US Army checkpoints, and defiantly failing to stop, was while they had five children in the car with them.

      Sure, adults can make a choice to place themselves in danger like that, to martyr themselves. But to risk the lives of their children, mentally scar them for life, and not to mention leave them orphans, was just beyond stupid. In my opinion, the parents (or at very least whichever one was driving) were idiotic a-holes.

      • rajimus123

        yes they were the idiots for not stopping at checkpoint in the middle of a sandy desert in their own country? especially a checkpoint of an aggressor that they most likely feared would persecute them regardless? please get your head out of your ass you buffoon. consider three things, you live in a war zone, your child is insanely sick, you probably don’t have enough money to buy medicine? where do you think your head would be? maybe they didnt see the checkpoint because for the majority of their lives they didn’t have to deal with that?

        a lot of people say, i support the soldiers eventhough i don’t support the army. tbh i don’t support the soldiers anymore at all. they’re men with consciences who know exactly what they are doing, they are getting paid to do whatever they are doing, and they don’t treat their enemy with respect that you give to a foe (or even at least give dignity to their corpse rather than using it as a trophy of your aggression). the parents had some blame but dont think this takes away from the fact that it was american bullets from american guns in american hands that actually orphaned that little girl.

        • phunkypunkkk

          It says they were on their way back from the hospital. I can understand doing it on the way there, especially if the child was very sick, but have no idea what was going through their minds on the way back. Very stupid thing to do.

        • No Sympathy, Dead Parents

          yes they were the idiots for not stopping at checkpoint in the middle of a sandy desert in their own country?

          Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

          especially a checkpoint of an aggressor that they most likely feared would persecute them regardless?

          What? They went through the checkpoint to get to the hospital. It was near town, they’d most likely passed through it many, many times before. Why all of a sudden would they “fear persecution regardless”? Regardless of what?

          please get your head out of your ass you buffoon.

          Remove your own head first, Rajimus.. then you may be able to start talking sense.

          you live in a war zone, your child is insanely sick, you probably don’t have enough money to buy medicine

          The son wasn’t “insanely” sick. They took him to the hospital, he got treated, they were on their way back home.

          This little “probably don’t have enough money to buy medicine” extra that your adding to the story is just a what-if and has no place. There could be thousands of what-if’s included, but that doesn’t make them real or factual or change the situation any. What-if the parents had of waited one more day, to see if son came good by himself, rather than venturing to the hospital that particular evening? Derp. O_o

          where do you think your head would be?

          My head would be solely concentrating on getting my family home safely and get them all tucked into bed. Which is what they should have been concentrating on too.. instead of getting all fancy and flying past the checkpoint with total disregard for safety.

          maybe they didnt see the checkpoint because for the majority of their lives they didn’t have to deal with that?

          Now you’re really grasping at straws. Not only would they have gone through the checkpoint on their way too the hospital (so knew full well that it was there), I’m pretty sure that every individual in that town were made clear of it’s presence, told the rules, and knew that they must stop or the repurcusdions would be dire.

          the fact that it was american bullets from american guns in american hands that actually orphaned that little girl.

          Because the parents were stupid.

          What if, yes what if the soldiers had of let the car go and it was packed with explosives that would kill 300 people? What, you think it would be better for those soldiers to take a chance, during a time/place of war, to forget about some random car that decides not to stop at a checkpoint? It’s better to endanger the lives of many rather than act swift and sure, taking the lives of two? Yes, Rajimus.. please do get your head out of your arse.

          • inconspicuousdetective

            anybody here have any i dea how the people feel during a time of war in the nation that’s being invaded? how about people in a nation with an above-average dislike for a specific nation, like say, iraq. and say the specific nation they don’t like is america. number one, some people there dislike america so much they’d ram airplanes into buildings. those are the people we’re there for. those are the ones we setup the checkpoint to stop and catch. now say you’re a citizen of iraq, you don’t like america, america has declared war on your country and expects you to comply with their demands. now, you don’t hate america enough to kill americans, but you don’t want them in your country and you certainly don’t feel like listening to them.

            that’s all hypothetical of coarse….actually, it’s not. that’s exactly what the feeling was/is toward america in iraq, and the bombings started again as quickly as we left. mroe importantly, i’m not going to say that the parents weren’t being stupid (because what they did was incredibly dumb) but i’d do it too. i’d feel totally violated and angry if an invading nation wanted to make sure i was “safe” to pass or whatever.

          • Maggot

            but i’d do it too. i’d feel totally violated and angry if an invading nation wanted to make sure i was “safe” to pass or whatever.

            It’s called “pick your battles”. If the parents did it defiantly as you seem to suggest would be justified (but it’s not clear that they did), they picked the wrong one and paid dearly for it. Your own post justifies the action taken, tragic in hindsight though it was, when you said:

            some people there dislike america so much they’d ram airplanes into buildings. those are the people we’re there for. those are the ones we setup the checkpoint to stop and catch.

          • No Sympathy, Dead Parents

            I hear what you’re saying there, ID.. really I do. I thought about exactly that before I made the first post. I put myself in everybody’s shoes – both the soldiers and the parents.

            I couldn’t fault the soldiers.. they had no choice.. I would have done exactly the same thing. I would have felt like crap afterwards, but my conscience would be clear.

            Now, with the parents.. I only felt that they were selfish and stupid. If America, or any other nation, invaded my country like that I would be furious, resentful, disrespectful, and feel violated. I would hate having to follow their rules/orders, and I would no doubt rebel in some way too.

            But the crux of the matter, I feel, is that they pulled that stunt with five young kids in the car with them and endangering their lives. Again, adults can make those sort of reckless decisions.. but it’s just abhorrent when they involve children in the mess.

            You say that you would “do it too”.. really? If I’d had a gutful maybe I would blow off the checkpoint too.. but I most certainly wouldn’t drag five little kids along for the ride. To me that would be akin to those news stories that crop up occassionally of a parent killing their kid/s and then themself ‘coz life suddenly got all too much to handle, and if Mum/Dad goes then they gotta take little Jimmy and Sarah with them too. And I’m not a fan of murder-suicide, pact or no pact. 

          • inconspicuousdetective

            maggot, i definately think it was an act of defiance, i’m having trouble thinking of another reason why they could have done it. i can also see clearly how it was something selfish, stupid, and just a bad move at the wrong time. but exactly how do you protest something like that? the idea that your family is on lockdown (slightly exaggerated, i know) because of the actions of another (which you may have felt were wrong or right) and you have to obey these invaders, so to speak, it might seem worth it to die defiantly, and take your family with you.

  • Karl J

    The #s 1, 2 and 3 pictures were very inappropriate!!! How could the people who took them be so insensitive?

  • Interesting list!

    in regards to number 8, it looks like a lucky shot. It appears as though they were all sitting facing the twin towers and one of the group said something, hence them looking away. If you look at how the girls body is positioned, it is done so that it’s more comfortable to be facing towards the towers, the turning of the head makes the position appear uncomfortable. Specifically, they’re all looking at the guy in the dark t-shirt and jeans.

    I would assume that the case is he said something or was speaking and they all turned to look at him/reply and the photographer was walking by (or watching from there himself), saw it and snapped a picture.

    Besides that, shock makes people do strange things.

    Don’t really see what the controversy of it is.

    in regards to #3, I think the picture looks pretty, I thought that before I knew it was floating in urine. I can understand the insulting aspect of it though, fluids that are considered dirty around a sacred object. I would have thought that 3 would be more offensive than 2 considering the whole bodily fluid aspect.

    • I thought the same thing. All of their bodies are angled toward the towers like they’d been watching what’s going on. Some of them just have their heads turned to look at the guy who’s speaking (blue shirt).

      I really don’t see the controversy in New Yorkers having a conversation during the 9/11 attacks.

      Maybe if they’d been laughing or having a picnic or something… but it looks like some New Yorkers who just gathered to watch from a good vantage point.

      • When I first saw it, I did think they were having a picnic or something and thought it was probably a photographer trying to do something edgy, but then I looked at it properly and saw what it was.

        I would think most of the problems came from people who glanced at it and became outraged, which then spread to people who hadn’t really seen the picture at all.

  • Planet Earth

    Hey listverse

    Do you think by posting those pictures for #8 you are asking for trouble ?

    People are crazy when it comes to religion .

    • Planet Earth

      Sorry i meant # 2

  • oouchan

    This was a great list with mesmerizing photos! The killing of the family got me. How sad that was. The Brooke photos are just disturbing on all levels.
    As for numbers 2 and 3….amazing how people are offended at that. One is just a piece of plastic and the other is a cartoon. I feel people who get upset about that are question their chosen path in life.

    Amazing list, Bryan.

  • Njm

    Question: if the muslims got really pissed off with the Danes for showing pictures of Mohammed, enough to storm embassies or even blow them up. Is it wise to show these images again ?

    Answers on a post card , funniest one wins :)

    • DanF

      I was thinking that, Frater is brave to put these on.

    • Postcard

      It was wise to show these images again because…

      Jamie is about due for a haircut. And the trendiest ‘short back and sides’ are obtained, nay – singed out, from the shockwave of a bomb explosion. ;)

      • rajimus123

        muslims around the world are doing damage control for the last decade of extremism, i doubt anyone will say anything

    • BryanJ

      I just thought I shoud mention that the cartoon images have been shown in thousands of different publications around the world.

      • Njm

        oh ok. I didn’t know that

  • catchick

    #10 THE LOST TUCKER: Who cares if it a real prototype? It’s a 1948 mint condition Tucker automobile. ’nuff said.

    #9. GG: Those girls didn’t do a damn thing that Madonna hadn’t already done 20 years previously. Shock & Awe = Cha Ching

    #8. 911 PHOTO: “The Falling Man” is much more controversial as it has actually sparked it’s own 60 minute film.

    #7. SOCHI SIX: Seems to me the real controversy wouldn’t be how many people Russia erased from photo archives… but how many people were simply “erased” from existence.

    #6. SAMAR HASSAN: It’s the middle of the night. Mom and dad are driving home with a car load of kids after spending who knows how many hours at an emergency room. The kids are grumpy, tired and probably crying. Dad is trying to calm them down and is distracted when he blows the checkpoint. The U.S. Military over-react as we’ve seen them do many times before. All we’re left with now is several orphans, some soldiers with no-doubt guilty conscious-es, a photo of a blood spattered child and a bunch of lame finger pointing excuses. Aren’t we used to that by now.

    #5. MOORMAN JFK PIC: From all the research I’ve done on the JFK assassination, the Moorman pic is more controversial for possibly showing the 2nd (or 3rd) gunman. Look straight up from Jackie’s hat to the concrete wall corner. Now look a little to the right. That has been said to be a gunman. There were eyewitness testimonies to this fact that were later dismissed by the FBI…. hmmm.

    #4 LONDON BOMBINGS: There’s also supposed to be a still video shot of the 9-11 hi-jackers going through security but it’s been labeled fake, too.

    #3. PISS CHRIST: Ars gratia artis. Artistic pursuits are their own justification. They do not need moral justification .. it’s a beautiful picture until we think of the artists medium. HOWEVER… urine is sterile… pure. Maybe not such a hurtful medium after all.

    #2. MUHAMMAD: If either he or Christ came back and said “I am Muhammad” or “I am Christ”…. they’d both be censured, arrested and probably put to death for looking nothing like what we’ve decided they should look like.

    #1. BROOKE: The term child pornography didn’t apply to models and the photographers who shot them at the time this picture was taken. Pornography itself didn’t carry the taboo it carries today.

    • OmegaMan

      Although I am not christian by faith, I am not convinced by your justification over #3.

      And I don’t know how comparison with other picture of the same event in #8 makes it less offensive. (yes I agree that ‘falling man’ was very irresponsible of the press to print). But you cannot measure ‘offense’ comparatively.

      I can go on, but I am not self obligating myself over contradicting your other observations.

      • catchick

        Perxactly… they are all my personal observations. Ridicule them at your will. You are just as entitled to your opinion as I was of mine.

  • D

    a different slant: Sinead O’connor tearing the Pope picture on SNL

  • odin

    No viet cong shooting photo?

  • talkthattalk9

    I can handle alot, but that Iraq picture really disturbed me :-[

  • M

    Dear Author, nice article !.. but I have question for u and others.. wht do u mean by Islamist ?

    • rajimus123

      islamist is the new propaganda word to differentiate between extremist muslims and normal muslims. islamists would be the mujahideen for example.

  • ben

    #8 – “established as one of the defining images of 9/11”. Not sure how true this is, first time I’ve ever seen or heard of this photo. If it was “one of the defining images of 9/11” it would seem it would be instantly recognizable.

    • I agree. Living in the u.s. we get barraged with all kinds of photos from that day and I look at them all with interest and objectivity, but this photo is not that special and I don’t see anything wrong with the people in it. What are they supposed to be doing anyway? Rolling around on the ground weeping and moaning? To tell the truth, most people that weren’t in or under the buildings, related to, or somehow closely connected to the victims, didn’t know what to think or do.. Kinda just in shock and disbelief. It was very surreal and took some time for that day to sink in and all the ramifications to be realized.

  • Conan

    Muslims may not like pictures of Muhammad being drawn, but death threats? Bombings? Kinda says more for them as a religious group doesn’t it? Peaceful protest all they want, that’s fine, but as soon as you start calling for murder over things you hate, that’s just a slippery slope towards nazism – mostly for the genocide and murder of things they hated or disagreed with.

    • Eoz

      It worked pretty well though, didn’t it?

    • lyana

      Andres Serrano also received death threats.

  • vanowensbody

    Outstanding list.

  • mom424

    Another excellent offering Bryan – becoming a habit of the best kind.

    The Samar Hassan picture is horrifying. Here you’re distracted by the caterwauling kids, you end up in a fender-bender. In other places on the planet, you end up dead. Glad I live here – every single day. And of course the army personnel wouldn’t even be chastised for it; they guy responsible for the Haditha massacre got a cut in pay and a demotion….seems fair to me.

    Those Brooke Shields photos are horrible – how is that acceptable? Naked kids are no problem, nor is nudity in general. I do however have a problem with the s3xualization of naked children. That crosses soo many lines. I even thought that Blue Lagoon pushed the limits ….never knew I was a prude.

    By the way, these last few days? We’ve got ourselves a Listverse trifecta. Great job Jamie!

  • Nice list.. Glad it was not “top 10” like so many others claim their list to be because some pictures would blow most of these away. Like Kevin Carter’s 1994 Pulitzer prize winning photo… or Eddie Adams 1969 Pulitzer prize winner… . just to name a few..

    • DanF

      I think they have both been on a list before, amazing pictures. I hadn’t seen any of the pictures in the above list.

  • rajimus123

    so effing sick of anything to do with 9/11, there have been a multitude of worse tragedies

    • catchick

      Name one. Besides the day you were born.

      • Name

        Halifax Explosion

  • ..,,l,,..
  • Flippant

    Another entry would be the (heap of) pictures of 18 killed US soldiers, whose bodies were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu to cheering Somalian crowds, which happened October 1993.

    One of which…

  • Lifeschool

    Very good list! I thought the author started off a bit shaky with a questionable modified car – which could have been modified at any stage in history and a number stamped on it late. If I chop the roof off a delorean, is it now worth a million bucks as a ‘special?’

    I didn’t think too much about the Brooke Shields (cropped) photo, but the description MADE me research the full image to see what all the fuss was about. I agree that the full image is in very poor taste – but was probably used in full support of the mother to make her child a star. I once saw a doco on Child Stars and the lengths their moms sometimes go to in order to get them into movies. Even if this wasn’t the case, the full photo shows no breasts (they are more like pecs!) and no crotch (it’s in shadow), and one odd-shaped leg. Nothin to it. Poor Brooke. She may have been sexy at one time, now she’s got a chisel-jaw like a guy!

    • Conrad P.

      I don’t think the author started off a bit shaky about the Tucker convertible. It is a real Tucker automobile #57 that became a convertible somewhere along the line, at the factory or after. But according to “Tucker Wikiepedia”, it was the “only 1949 Tucker model” ever produced. It also was the only Tucker singled out of the assembly line by Alex Temulis(Tucker designer) to become the only Tucker to have the “redesigned rear wrap around rear window” (see the book, The “Indomitable Tin Goose”). Those two items make it the rarest of all Tuckers, especially since all the rest of the Tuckers were 1948 models including the Tin Goose. This subject really has to do with whether your glass is half full or half empty. The Tucker Club put out alot of propaganda about this car, most of it negative, but now they are shut down as a site to blogging since Oct. 2011 and the board disbanded. Things finally caught up to them that they could not explain to their members, so they closed down. But their propaganda still pervades in the media and perpetuated by people who are not fully informed. Tucker #57 is just a real Tucker sedan that became a convertible somewhere along the line and that it is all it is!

      • Blake


  • Sylko

    I don’t think the 9-11 picture shows callousness. It looks like people who gathered to witness this terrible event and were maybe talking about it. Their postures range from comfortable to tense, but that doesn’t mean they are bein callous at all.

  • Name

    Leave Girl’s Generation out of this

    … ok just Tiffany out of this lol

  • p3rk3le

    I’m surpised SNSD are on this list for this :p anyways, i dont see how normal people would notice (know) and feel offended by that, I certainly didnt know. In any case, song was great and girls looked beautiful, is all i care xD

  • Jay

    The author knows full well that any depiction of Prophet Mohamad is offensive to Muslims, and yet decides to paste in 12 pictures having exactly that effect. This is totally unacceptable and at the least unnecessary.

    Such arrogance and stupidity to have come across at list verse I haven’t seen before!

    • Phil

      It’s called freedom of speech, dude. What’s totally unacceptable is murdering people for publishing drawings.

    • Holly

      I think its more rediculous that people that claim to be part of a religion that calls itself peaceful should start death threats over something so trivial.

      There is also a picture of a crucifix in piss, I don’t see you trying to come to the defence of Christians who may find that offensive.

      I believe that everyone should be considerate of everyone’s beliefs, but expecting people to abide by the rules of a religion they do not follow is unrealistic, and so just because you find something offensive doesn’t mean that it should be out lawed and never shown. Things at offend people personally as groups are shown everyday.

      Also, this list is called “Controversial pictures”, stating that the author of this – refreshing brilliant – knew that the pictures on this list would shock or offend people.

      • holly

        please excuse the shitty grammar, my Tablet doesn’t like doing as it is told!

    • tealc

      Jay, thats fine but i have a couple questions,

      would mohammed have approved of the deaths of 100 innocent people because somebody depicted him in a cartoon? if so, what the f*ck kind of prophet is he?

      if not, were those muslims going against mohammed’s wishes?

      • mom424

        Of course they are. Express instructions to spare the innocents and non-combatants. No mention of Burkas or any sort of veil either – the instruction is to dress modestly. Amazing how we twist things to our own purposes.

        Not that Christians have done any better – we have the same rules about sparing the innocents, not killing, or stealing, or coveting (very apt with the entire middle east eh?). Pretty sure there’s something in the Christian bible about turning the other cheek and treating others as you wish to be treated. Seems we’re all pretty even in the fail department.

        • tealc

          westerners tend not to twist religion to justify murder. i mean we used to, perhaps 200 years ago but now we don’t. i guess thats one mark of a developing civilisation.

          i have many friends from arabic countries, and i’d hate to say, but in them i’ve noticed something i can relate to these killings of innocent people. stay with me lol. when they get angry with a person, they will say e.g. “screw him, screw his whole family, etc…” – i mean, they always run to insulting not just the person, but the person’s friends and family. and they all do this! for westeners, apart from mom-jokes we usually stick to insulting just the person in question and we keep others out of it. it’s tough to explain, but i believe that these people simply don’t regard others as “innocent” as we normally would.

          • tealc

            i.e. it’s like innocent is not in their vocabularies :(

          • Flippant

            I’ve experienced that too, Tealc.. I know exactly what you’re talking about.

            Friends – nay, aquaintences – of mine go completely off their head at the slightest sledging and friendly banter.. it’s like flip of a coin if they’re going to handle it or not. And, yes, they’re Arabic.

            They make me uncomfortable, nervous even. When you’re out with your group, and they’re part of it, you’d be wise to have your wits about you. No doubt, no doubt, they will will start problems somewhere when you’re all out having a fun night out.. invariably. And they spew the most foul venom and (family) threats to people.. I’ve seen it first hand.

            I’m from a very multicultural country.. but those Arabic nation guys (and it’s male attitude problem [with them] more than female).. meh.. I just hate the hatred (threats and violence) that they’re bringing to my land. They kinda scare me. :\

    • BryanJ

      I provided a collection of pictures and a video for Listverse to choose from for the depiction of Muhammad because I knew it would offend some. Personally, I don’t understand the big deal if someone wants to draw a cartoon. I would just brush it off and move on with my life.

      • Flippant

        It’s cool, Bry. You did your main part well enough (tapping it out). Cool list. :)

  • NY Native

    Picture #8 shows a bunch of hipsters…of course they don’t care about anything but themselves, no matter how tragic or earth changing.

  • Noah

    I was also thinking of the VOGUE underage sex kitten photoshoot. The Brooke Shields one is up its alley, whatever.

  • Noah

    Absolutley. But it’s all our fault because an intellectual claims it should be.

  • Matt

    Interesting list. Love lists where I’m unfamiliar with the subjects. Can’t wait for a part II!

  • JDude

    Another good list on here. Great job!! :D

  • mikedelta12

    WOW 2 great lists in a row! I spent most of the last hour reading this list and being unfamiliar with most of these items. An hour well spent!

  • adamh2000

    Anyone remember Brooke Shields in “Pretty Baby”? I think she was 12 or 13 at the time. Who did she finally lose her virginity to anyway? Remember that was such a big deal.

  • Iain

    Great list. Well done on #2 it always impresses me the willingness for this site to truly be a beacon of free speech.

  • xaaykung

    The movie “Pretty Baby” had beautiful sets but was rather creepy.

  • csta
  • damion79

    How about a depiction of Piss Muhammad?

  • Fruf

    *Ex Danish Prime Minister to be correct. Good riddance!

  • Hiawathasmith

    These type of Picture are related with any type of controversial.

  • janique

    good list, thanks!

    • mlsp

      Excellent blog you have got here.. It’s hard to find high quality writing like yours nowadays. I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  • s.davis

    That was great. I’m a trivia junkie, & I wasn’t aware of most of those. I hope that car is real.

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  • Mel

    Extremely surprise to see GG here haha. But agreeing to what monsoon said, it wouldn’t have been a controversy if antis/haters of the group weren’t beign such dicks by pointing out small details. Anyways, ain’t the girls fault. :)

  • PoutineInMaVeins

    The horror in that child’s face…

    F.U. America. From the bottom of my heart.

  • coolidge

    I’m a Muslim and I don’t see courage that you see in publishing these cartoons because they’re not the bit offensive. The fact is the Muhammad I know isn’t the Muhammad in these cartoons. The cartoon Muhammad represents the ignorance of its authors of who the Prophet really was.

    Indeed, how many of you actually know the Prophet Muhammad as he is depicted by authentic Islamic sources ?

    As a Muslim, I can tell the difference – and please don’t tell me who the Prophet Muhammad was : I know and you don’t ( beyond what some of you read – without re-checking – on hateful websites ).

    • Renaldo

      Yow, Muhammad was a murderer who lives on in the hearts of his folowers.

      • Jeseph P.

        The bible says that Hagar, the Egyptian handmaiden given by Abraham to Sarah his wife, was set free in the wilderness with her 13 year old son(by Abraham) because she kept making fun of Sarah’s son, Isaac, that her son (Ismal) would become the father of many people. He also said that, “Ismal’s hand would be against man and man’s hand would be against Ismal”. And so it is as today. The Muslins just like to fight. They like to hurt. They like to kill. They like to murder, especially innocents. They cannot be coddled for this behavior, period, Not even the higher ups in this land. The bible says you cannot hold fire to your busom and not be burned, concerning sin. The same with embracing the Muslins. You can, if you want, but they will kill you for the least provacation. Who wants to walk on pins and needles all the time trying to please them, for they will not be pleased period, unless you bow the knee to Muhammed. They are a murderous bunch of barbarians.

  • Alexander dell’A r Appia

    I’ve found for the full 10-year-old Brook Shield’s nude picture…

    She looks far hotter in the cropped version above.

    • Shinra42

      ….wow…long behold the internet, where apparantly its acceptable to refer to a picture of a 10 year old as hot as long as you’re behind a comment box.

      • Alexander dell’A r Appia

        I was being ironic! In the cropped picture, she looks like gorgeous. In the entire picture, she looks awkward and insipid.

        • Shinra42

          Well excuse me for somehow getting the wrong idea. Regardless you still related 10 year old with hot. It’s hard to tell whos a complete creep and whos not when they throw out a comment like that.

  • Conrad P.

    The Tucker convertible is more explained on “Tucker Wikiepedia” where it states it started out as #57 sedan pulled out of the assembly line by main Tucker designer Alex Tremulis to become the 1949 model with the rear redesigned “wrap around rear window”opening. The rest of the Tuckers were 1948 models including the Tin Goose. I would say that makes it the rarest of all Tuckers for those facts alone. Where it became a convertible, whether at factory or after, is where the question lies. But in the end who cares! It is still a real Tucker, convertible or not!

  • Ben

    I am amazed by the Muslims who will sacrifice anything by all means, even the death of their own sons, to spread their own religious message. But God sacrificed his own son on the cross for us. Kinda tells us who is real and who really loves us. One binds us into bondage and one sets us free! Who would I want to know, knowing this. Something to think about!

    • @ben

      1)Pls don’t be that much short sighted! It is kinda hypocrite if

      lets say ss of nazi’s is willing to die for their ideals but u isolate them from rest of the german population as few evil men who were highlighted and it just happened they were in power,lets go on KKK a racist organization who wants white domination like nazi’s but does KKK represent the whole of America or nazi’s the whole of Germany it just happens both are controversial and anything they say is given more importance rather then a common man of America and Germany who does not believe in the preaches of such ideologies.rather quite tolerant to other races.

      So the point is if u wanna judge someone on the basis of 2 or 3 percent of the population that’s like if I say whole of America follows KKK’s line they are all KKK ,or all germans are nazi’s.

      Islam has its black sheep the terrorosts who think tthey can preach their ideology with hate,and media loves to highlight those anyways that’s to put things into prespective.

      2)the second case where ppl have greivances and they retaliate that is quite natural any human will do that irrespective of religion or race ,every one has a tolerance limit and when u break it u unleash the beast in them,like for example u attack some one’s country make them second grade citizens in their own country,kill their family(collateral damage) in these cases any one would retaliate ,if some one hurts your family would u stand and tolerate or would u jump in for a fight to win or that is entirely another side of sacrificing lives any human will do it,just imagine if Russia or china invaded usa and treated u like 2nd grade citizens kill ur families considering them collateral would u stand for that if u will then u must be a human without emotions any one with any emotion will strike back not caring for his won life.just think abt the kamakaziee’s why were they doing that ,bcuz of there mother land and the pride they had for their mother land and most of the world’s cultyres even today prefer honour over life its not a religious thing it is more of a cultural thing .

      3)god loves those who follow his path ,god tests his ppl after handing them out the manual lets see what do they do,do they abide by it or do they go their own way,well it’s the god who exiled us from heaven for one mistake by our great grand father adam,if we analyse it ,does it mater to god off his boundless treasures if adam ate some of what lord forbade him ,no it does’nt,but the consequences that followed were due to disobedience to think abt it god set us rules if god threw us out of heaven for this small mistake,just imagine what will be the consequences when he evaluates our deeds in the am not sure abt that much freedom!

      Abt the rest of religious statement that’s ur beleif and I will respect that which is a whole another debate.

      • Ben

        Normally, that would be true if the leaders were culpable, but if the people as a whole say nothing when their leaders do wrong then, by complacency, they are just as guilty. When Paul held the clothes of those who stoned Stephen, was he not quilty? No, by his ascent he was just as quilty as an acessory. When the Muslins stand by and say nothing to the murderous acts of their comrades, they may secretly may be agreeing. They certainly aren’t disageeing or there would be an outrage! The reason the Jews were sentenced to the death camps, is because the populace did not cry out foul. Even when some of Hitler’s officers tried to assasinate him before the war was over and of course they failed, the assassins were considered traiters BY THE GENERAL POPULACE! The assasins were hung, but their familys, way into the 70’s were considered traiters by the general populace. Today, that has changed, but it happened gradually. There is no such thing as “honor over life”(as you said), if you are taking lives to get honor, especially innocent lives of children. If that was true, then what happened to the Jews in the Nazi gas chambers was the right thing to do. No one in his right mind would agree that is anywhere right! If the Muslins don’t speak up as a general population, something is very, very wrong!

        • Curt

          Yes, guilty by association! Your’re either with them or against them. There can be no fence sitting on this one. Muslins need to get their act together on this one! Skip the culture crap thing! Don’t use the culture crap, trap to keep on with doing wrong! That is the blind following the blind, without questioning why! If you continue down that road, then you are finatical. That is another word for nuts!

      • Yeman

        “If God threw us out of heavan (really Garden of Eden) for a small mistake, just imagine what will be the consequences when he evaluates our deeds in the am not sure abt that much freedom!”If we were under the law like Muslins are we would have no hope, but since Christ paid the price for what the law required, we are set freeor freedom as you say. So now, if we accept what Christ died for us at the cross, then set us free from the punishment required by the law of death. In it’s place we receive eternal life. That’s the best deal anyone will ever see in ths life. We no longer work to please the hard taskmaster of the law(which is condemnation), but are set free by faith in Jesus Christ to serve him. Like a hostage exchange of a slave foe a slave. then after the exchange, Jesus says we are no longer slaves (servants), but says now we are friends. What a great deal! Do you know anyone who would die for you who was a stranger? Not likely! But Jesus did! In that while we were still sinners (slaves ) he died for us! A master in exchange for a slave. A nobleman for a nave. A rich man for a poor man (beggar). That is the most noble act of all time! The law never is satisfied, no matter what you do, but grace satisfies it all!

        • Lamar

          And grace was provided by Christ to all and for all that would accept His work. Our works do nothing. They only appease our own minds, but never cure the problem. Just like the blood that runs through our veins cleanes our own organs, the blood of Christ cleanes our own souls!

  • good god, that september 11th pic, so much juxtaposition in that.

  • Tanvir

    It was insensitive to post the pictures of the Prophet Muhammad. It would have been far wiser to censor the face.

  • Ryan

    Death threats generated from “Piss Christ”: 0
    Death threats generated from mahomet drawings: Countless

  • Lili

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    I’m Genie for your wish.

    Fuck,I love that song.

  • sensecommon

    I like to disrespect people and when I get hit, I say see how hateful those people are? they are in stone age and don’t believe in freedom of speech!!

  • Ruby Cube

    What about the photo of the dying girl in Africa that Kevin Carter took? There was a lot of controversy about that.

  • leanne

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  • Charlie P

    If those kids had been British, everyone would’ve been all “Keeping calm and carrying on”. Since people love to hate an American they’ll only see the worst.

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