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10 More People You Should Know but Don’t

Chris Blank . . . Comments

They have shaped the lives of people in their own countries and around the world, but remain largely unknown. Some may be on the brink of fame, others are well regarded in their own fields. But the individuals on this list, along with countless others, deserve wider recognition, for the contributions they have made to improve the quality of human life.


Jennifer Carroll

Lg-Img 1823 8X10Officialpor

Black Republicans are rare, and prominent black female Republicans are especially scarce. Jennifer Carroll, born in Trinidad and educated at St. Leo University, is the first female to serve as Lieutenant Governor in the history of the state of Florida. Carroll also holds the highest elected office of any black Republican in the country. Carroll retired from the United States Navy as a Lieutenant Commander, Aviation Maintenance Officer, earning numerous commendations. Carroll has been especially active in working to bring aerospace jobs to her state, playing a leading role in winning a 10 year contract to manage the International Space Station National Laboratory, worth $15 million per year.


Ian Frazer


For girls and young women, Ian Frazer’s discovery that cervical cancer is linked to the human papillomavirus, or HPV, is literally a life saver. He also developed a vaccine, marketed under the name Gardasil, which is effective against two HPV strains linked to 70 percent of cervical cancers and 90 percent of genital warts. Frazer was one of the first to investigate the link to the sexually-transmitted virus, genital warts and cervical cancer. Born in Scotland, Frazer received a medical degree from the University of Edinburgh. He emigrated to Australia where he established the University of Queensland’s Centre for Immunology and Cancer Research at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.


Robert Edwards

Imgname--Ivf Pioneer Robert Edwards Wins Nobel Prize Award For Medicine---38647165--Images--Nobel-Prize-Winner-Robert-Edwards

For many infertile couples, in vitro fertilization, or IVF, represents the best hope of fulfilling their dreams of having children. British scientist Robert Edwards began researching the process in the 1950s, and achieved success in 1978 with the birth of the world’s first “test tube” baby. Since his discovery, four million births have occurred through IVF, with many “test tube” babies becoming parents themselves. For his work in discovering and developing IVF, Edwards received a PhD from Edinburgh University and was a co-founder of Bourn Hall Clinic in Cambridge, the world’s first IVF center. Edwards was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2010.


Michael Pineda

Pineda Michael-1-262X393

As a rookie pitcher with the Seattle Mariners, Michael Pineda, a native of the Dominican Republic, racked up a 9-10 record with a 3.74 ERA, 173 strikeouts in 28 starts, walking only 55 batters in 171 innings. In January, the Mariners traded Pineda to the New York Yankees, adding even more strength to the traditional baseball powerhouse organization. The right-handed pitcher has a fastball that clocks in at an average 94.7 mph, along with a good slider and overall good control. Although Pineda suffered a career-ending injury in his right shoulder in April, he is recovering after surgery and is expected to report for spring training in February 2013.


Lissie Maurus


If your knowledge of contemporary pop music begins and ends with Lady Gaga, you’re missing out on a raft of talent. One standout, Lissie Maurus, born in Rock Island, Illinois in 1982, performs under her first name, Lissie. The versatile performer opened for rocker Lenny Kravitz in 2008. She’s also done covers of various artists, including Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Lissie was nominated for a Grammy for “The Longest Road,” a Deadmau5 remix collaboration with DJ Morgan Page of Los Angeles. She released her first full-length album, “Catching a Tiger,” in 2010 and was named Solo Artist of the Year by Paste magazine the same year.


Tirunesh Dibaba


Tirunesh Dibaba first made her mark when she won the 2003 World Champion award for the 5,000m run. Since then, the Ethiopian native has won bronze in the 2004 Olympic Games for the 5,000m run and gold medals in 2008 for both the 5,000m run and the 10,000m run as well as both gold and silver at the 2012 Olympics. Dibaba set the women’s world record for the 5,000m run with an amazing 14:11.15 in Oslo in 2008. By winning double gold medals at the World Cross Country championship in 2005, Dibaba became the first athlete, male or female, to accomplish that feat. Dibaba’s athletic talent runs in the family. Older sister Ejegayehu won silver at the 2004 Olympic Games.


Vaclav Havel


Before his death in 2011, Vaclav Havel was a playwright, a dissident activist for democracy and a statesman who oversaw the peaceful transition of his native Czech Republic to democracy. In 1963, his first solo play, the Garden Party, was staged. His works were frequently banned, and he served numerous prison sentences after the failed 1968 Prague Spring. Nonetheless, he remained active in literature and politics, forming the Charter 77 movement aimed at achieving democratic change. After the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, Havel became president of the former Czechoslovakia in 1989, resigning in 1992 after the peaceful division of the country into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

1342445495 0

In July 2012, the African Union Commission elected Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma of South Africa as its president, the first time a woman has ever been selected to lead the organization. Her election also marks the first time that a leader from the southern region of the continent had been chosen to lead the union of African nations since its predecessor, the Organization of African Union, was formed in 1963. Dlamini-Zuma defeated incumbent Jean Ping, who had served in the post since 2008. The 53 year-old Dlammi-Zuma, who had previously served as the Minister of Home Affairs for South Africa, called her election a victory for women across the African continent.


Shirin Ebadi

68609 Ebadi Shirin

Human rights activist Shirin Ebadi served as a judge in her native Iran before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 made it unlawful for women to serve as judges. During her forced resignation from the bench, she wrote numerous books and articles on legal issues and human rights, including child abuse. She was finally allowed to resume the practice of law in 1992, representing a number of high-profile clients, including the mother of murdered photojournalist Zahra Kazemi. She was also named an official Human Rights Watch observer in 1996. Shirin Ebadi was awarded the Rafto Human Rights Foundation prize in 2001 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003.


Liu Xiaobo

Xiaobo Postcard

Writer and activist Liu Xiaobo, sentenced in 2009 for “inciting subversion of state power,” is a longtime advocate of peaceful political reform and establishment of human rights guidelines in his native mainland China. Born in 1955 in Changchun, Jillin, Liu was educated at Jilin University and Beijing Normal University. He also served as a visiting professor at Columbia University until April 1989, when he left to participate in the 1989 Democracy Movement, staging a hunger strike in Tiananmen Square to attempt to negotiate a peaceful settlement between the military and students. Liu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in absentia in 2010 while still imprisoned in China.

In conclusion, whether in athletics, entertainment, politics or science, the individuals profiled above illustrate that each person can have a profound impact on the lives of his or her fellow human beings. This is true for young people at the beginning of their careers as well as for mature adults who offer decades of experience and wisdom. The lives of these men and women serve as inspiration to anyone who strives to make significant contributions to the world.

  • Armin Tamzarian

    No. 10, 7 and 5 are totally undeserved. There are people who are way more deserving of being on this list than some backwater politician and an athletes from sports no-one watches.

    Also, Václav Havel resigned after Slovakia declared independence, but before Czechoslovakia broke up. He was a firm supporter of union and didn’t want to preside over the de facto secession of Slovakia. So he did in no way resign “after the peaceful division of the country into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.”

    • Ni99a

      Don’t forget number 6. Her entry in this list serves to tell readers that the list author’s taste in music is unique and not mainstream.

    • Sanpaku Eyes

      Agreed, especially since the author states that these people may have a “profound impact” on our collective lives. I’d also add #6 to the undeserved.

    • Maggot

      and an athletes from sports no-one watches.

      Your point was fine on its own without adding the cheap shot. Of course millions of people fervently watch the two sports in question, and I doubt many would disagree that successful athletes inspire others, sometimes beyond the realm of athletics. THAT’s the real issue with the inclusion #7 – a pretty good baseball player, but nothing special (above average fastball aside) who has not made much of a mark on the game. Not like he’s opened any doors into MLB for other Dominican or Latin players either; that’s been achieved long ago. Maybe he’s supposedly an inspiration because he’s attempting to overcome a major injury? I dunno. At least the track athlete Tirunesh Dibaba achieved a couple things that no one else had ever done. Is that worthy of being described as a “contribution to improve the quality of human life” as per the list criteria? Well, don’t know about that…

      • JDo

        Did the author really mean “career-ending” injury or was it “season-ending”?

    • helen

      What do u mean by ”no one watches” man? No body in your family may watch athletics.But to check if Dibaba is really loved or not(ofcourse do you to her performance), do me a favor, kindly watch the 10000m final in the 2012 olympics.You will ”whoa I was wrong!” …Believe me!

    • Dylan

      yes because NO ONE watches Baseball…

  • Snufkins

    #6 is totally out of place here.
    She just sounds like some obscure musician that you’re trying to plug.

  • Scr0tum

    Nice list! Thumbs up..ian frazer must be on the top list after his works in cervical cancer. Hes dedication in improving the lives of those who are prone to cervical cancer is unmatched.

    • Gesichtskrebs

      He’s a good guy, yes. But actually it was the german virologist Harald zur Hausen who discovered the link between cervical cancer and HPV, not Frazer! (zur Hausen received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2008)

  • Dagon

    I knew about all of them already…

    • Scr0tum

      Good for you!

    • Hinch

      Must’ve been a frustrating read then…

  • I’m so impressed that you put Dlamini-Zuma on this list! She makes my heart beat a little faster. Did you know that she was instrumental in improving the efficiency of our Home Affairs Department? Also, she is the ex-wife of current SA president and polygamist, Jacob Zuma.

    • South African politics always make me want to punch something.

    • Ni99a

      You guys must seriously thank Nelson Mandela for being still alive.

      The reason why there is no civil war between political parties there is because they still respect Mandela.

  • Bungalow

    Why isn’t the world greatest person, Norman Borlaug, on this list?

    • Because hopefully people will have heard of him…Well the same could be said for Havel, Frazer, Edwards, Xiaobo and Ebadi, so you might have a point.

    • Ni99a

      Because Global Warming is still considered a myth?

  • Missy

    Great list. Lissie Maurus, I had no idea about, but fascinating all the same.

  • Will Trame

    Vaclav Havel also idolized Frank Zappa. Perhaps, like Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Zappa was his Elvis as well.

  • Flippant

    I skipped pass all the monkeys

    • All the monkeys? Lovely.

    • LuvsHorror

      What monkeys?

    • Vera

      You mean your mom and dad?

  • Good list. I may not agree with all the choices, but anything that can get people to look beyond Snooki, Octomom or the Kardashians is ok in my book.

  • suicidal

    an avid fan but this list is simply boring. yes the title says it all, but still FOR ME it’s not that interesting. 6:00 pm in kuala lumpur and the rain is unstoppable. want something to do!! what about killing myself? haha

    • Ni99a

      In the mean time why don’t you go donate some money to the Malays?

  • Old Man Jim

    If #7 suffered a career ending injury why will he be going back to “spring training in February 2013”?

    • fdileague

      Exactly!! I was hoping someone beat me to this! This list is born from lunacy. He didn’t even suffer a career ending injury.

  • New superstar

    Seriously, #7.?!??!! What the hell….. Its dissappoiment to the quality of this list… If #7 deserved to be in the list, then me too deserve to be in the list…..

  • Mongo

    This list seemed a little all over the place, but not bad.

    Ss a man who has a little girl who turned 2 last month, & is the result of IVF, I have to thank Doctor Edwards (#8). There were religious conservatives around the world who protested his award. Many said that children produced this way “have no souls.” To this I have to say, “F*^$ you. I guess she won’t be joining your cult anyway. Doctor Edwards rules!”

    • Paradox

      You go Mongo!

  • Arsnl

    My personal hero is Ivan Ukhov who most certainly won his gold medal at the high jump while being p*ss drunk.

  • Iâran

    Ehm, what?!?!

    In what way does a regular baseball player and an ordinary indie rock musician ” have a profound impact on the lives of his or her fellow human beings”? Even in their own special field, these two have done nothing out of the ordinary!

    Also, in regards to the title, people you should know but don’t”… Err, yes, we do? When two of the people on the list are Nobel Peace Prize winners (and fairly recent, too), and one (Havel) is famous all through Europe, and also several times nominated for the Peace Prize, it is pretty presumptious to claim they are unknown.

    In other words, what a load of crock!

    • Ni99a

      In words of a once wise commentator here:

      “This list just contains random stuff that the author want to see get published in this site.”

  • Doshishasai

    I’m sorry, but Michael Pineda has not had the career or distinction to even warrant a mention on any list besides one about “Worst Out-of-Shape pitchers signed by Yankees”. Which would include David Wells and Hideki Irabu

  • zagging

    Michael Pineda??? Why not Jesus Montero? At least Montero has produced SOMETHING for the Mariners since the trade.

    Also, since Allen West and Tim Scott are black republicans serving currently in the US House of Representatives it is incorrect to state that Florida’s Lieutenant Governor “holds the highest elected office of any black Republican in the country.”

    Weak effort.

  • Ni99a

    Tell me, how does number 7 changed the world other than Japan, USA and Taiwan?

  • “Black Republicans are rare”

    Just a minor nitpick. Depending on the year and the source of information, approximately 8-14% of blacks are registered as Republicans. They’re not as common as blacks registered as Democrat (70% – the remainder are Democrat-leaning Independents), but I wouldn’t classify them as “rare”.

    But again, it’s a minor nitpick. Interesting list.

  • dlamini zuma is thick as pig poo …. this list didnt blow me away .

  • Sbtier

    I thought most people knew Vaclev Havel, but then I realized I was thinking of people my age. Since he doesn’t hace a reality show or drive Nascar, most young people probably don’t know who he was.

  • RyRy

    Michael fn Pineda? Seriously? Michael Pineda? Dont athletes get enough undeserved acclaim in this country? You put a fn MLB pitcher in with human rights activists etc.? Wow ok. Odd choice.

  • Someone blogged just yesterday about Gardisil, warning that some have died using it.

  • jbjr

    Number 5 I actually know from watching London Olympics. She lost to her teammate in the 5000m. She’s like royalty in her country. Pineda must be the author’s favorite ballplayer. Got an autograph or something. #6 – puzzlement, your missing out if youre listening to Lady Gaga but Lissie does a cover version of Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Haha Good one!

  • lovesya

    Wow the 1st comment is TOTALLY racist…the only ppl u believe r undeserving of this list are ALL black. go 2 hell. oh wait u already r

  • Rich

    Amazing how someone suffers a “career-ending injury” yet is returning the next season. This Michael Pineda thing is baffling to me.

  • zgillet

    This list might as well have been called “10 Uninteresting People.”

  • honkster7

    Where’s Dr Fiona Wood , inventor of spray on skin , she’s having a global
    influence in her field , meanwhile a pitcher makes somewhere nearly
    $20 million for throwing a ball ! give me a break

  • Morten

    This list is clearly made by an American…

  • honkster7

    also after Lissie realizes there’s no money in being a indie kid , she will go the

    Britney , Christina , GaGa way , i wonder how long before she gives up the street cred and starts flashing her assets for the fame .

    • I really don’t think that she is going to go down that road. I know her fairly well (my brother is the bassist/drummer in her touring band), she really has no interest in selling out. I think that they will get their residuals doing what they do now.

  • Daniel

    Where is Volatire, Soren Kieregaard, Friedrich Nietzsche and Alfred Nobel (many know his prize but not him), No offence intended but shaping pop-rock seems to me less important then the Enlightenment Era which ushered in a new wave of religious tolerance, Modern Nihilism, Secular and Non Secular Existentialism and (whilst not really a good thing) Dynamite (and of course the eponymous Nobel Peace Prize).

    Also to others I do not check comments often so just skip over this rather then rebut. Unless you really feel the urge to, I may notice it eventually.

    • Will Trame

      I second the mention of Nietzsche. His influence has been profound, yet he is a neglected soul. He definitely had a cataclysmic impact on Jim Morrison’s pattern of thinking (when all else fails we can whip the horses’ eyes…and make them sleep…and CRY). Had Nietzsche never existed, there never would have been a riotous Doors performance at Dinner Key in Miami on March 1, 1969. The things one does to promote audience awareness……

    • Maggot

      Where is Volatire, Soren Kieregaard, Friedrich Nietzsche and Alfred Nobel

      You’re right, I’ve never heard of those guys. What pop-rock band are they in?

      • Will Trame

        They are notable writers and philosophers…and yeah, I know you’re being sarcastic…Actually, the second “k” was omitted from Kierkegaard’s name (not to nitpick). Sometimes philosophers may find themselves in rock bands….or associated with such. A fictional philostopher (and yes, that’s with a “t”) was one of Zappa’s creations…one Quentin Robert DeNameland, who Greggery Peccary went running to when he couldn’t divine the cause and existence of those “new brown clouds”.

    • You’re totally joking, right?

      • That was in reply to Daniel, not you Maggs!

        Either Dan was kidding, or he’s…I don’t even know what!

  • I’d expected some asians. Indians especially. Nway, there ain’t no website like listverse. Fantastic creation. :)

  • MW

    If Michael Pineda suffered a career-ending injury, how can he be expected to play next year? Perhaps it was just a season-ending injury.

  • BryanJ

    Michael Pineda? I am a strong Seattle Mariners fan and Pineda had a good start to the 2011 season, but then his fastball declined in speed and he struggled a bit. I would be surprised if he is anything better than the 4th or 5th starter for the Yankees next year. So many more people could have been included.

  • Justinzo

    I may as well be on this list. This list should be called “people you probably don’t know, because you don’t need I know them, and probably have no interest in anything about them”

    • ParusMajor

      That comment is so lame. Did you even bother to read what these people have done? Probably not. You just skimmed through the names, like “no, haven’t seen him in Big Brother”, “hmm, no, haven’t seen her in American Idols” . Am I right, or am I the opposite of left?

      • Justinzo

        Cute, bud. I’m not American. You clearly missed my point that there are thousands of more deserving people to be on this list than athletes and singers, no matter what their story. Have fun trying to start Internet arguments though. Have a fun day.

        • ParusMajor

          I didn’t say you were an American, and that doesn’t matter anyway. I’m not American either. If I missed your point, then you also missed mine. Sure, there must be more deserving people in the world, but if this is a Top Ten list, some of them have to be eliminated. Stephen Hawking, for example, would have made it if I had written this list, but I didn’t and neither did you, so stop complaining.

  • ParusMajor

    “born in Rock Island” (#6 Lissie Maurus). :D I nearly choked on that, that’s so appropriate!! :D Interesting list otherwise, too, I knew about Lissie, Ian Frazer and Vaclav Havel, but the rest were new to me. Thanks for the info, Chris Blank! Good list. :)

  • ParusMajor

    No, he wasn’t drunk in London 2012, but he definitely was in 2008: He used to be a discus thrower before he got drunk and decided to become a high jumper, and won the gold medal in London 2012. :D

    • ParusMajor

      That was supposed to be an answer to Arsnl about Ivan Uhov.

    • Arsnl

      The guy couldn’t find his shirt. He must have been a bit drunk.

      • ParusMajor

        Who cares? The dude won! :) Although, if he WAS drunk, I don’t know if it’s considered doping… I don’t think it should, because alcohol most likely doesn’t boost your athletic performance, it probably does the exact opposite

  • The Trader

    Snoozical list. Lousy entries.

  • mavinajfan

    4/10 go me!

  • Elroy mack

    Not a good list at all. With the exception of the few people who have changed the world, the rest have no significance to mine or alot of other lives worldwide. No. 7 especially grated me since baseball may be MASSIVE in the USA it means nothing to me and the majority of Europeans. Biased shite

    • ParusMajor

      Agreed about baseball. The most boring sport ever, snooze factor 100%

      The only sport that’s even more boring is American football, snooze factor 200%. :D

    • Maggot

      No. 7 especially grated me since baseball may be MASSIVE in the USA it means nothing to me and the majority of Europeans.

      I agree that this particular baseball player doesn’t belong on the list, but the reason you gave could be applied to practically every other person on the list too, given your criteria. The lone exception is probably Ian Frazier. You should probably rethink your throwing around of the word “biased”.

  • If you want an unknown yet powerful politician, Dave Camp should be #10. Also replace #s 7, 6 and 5 with Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, Dr. Barry Marshall and Mohamed Nasheed .

  • Maggot

    Sorry but the smoke hanging out of Lissie Maurus’ mouth ruins the look for me. Not s.exy at all; there are MUCH better shots of her floating around. Would rather see a pic of her actually performing, rather than affecting some faux bad-girl look that has the potential to inspire some impressionable young fans to take up the deadly habit themselves…

  • contemporary pop, lady gaga, and talent shouldnt be used in the same sentence. Only of there is a “no” betweeen them

  • Conan

    So scientists come last and sports, music and politics come second? What have they ever done that science hasnt?

    • Will Trame

      You made a good point about sports and politics. Now that the Olympics are over, the political bile is going to become overwhelming in the next few months. As to music…and I like music (it’s one of my major hobbies)…that’s another subject altogether.

  • Black Republicans are in no way a rarity and that is just a myth pushed by the democrats to try to cover up their history of being supporters of the Klan and keeping Blacks from voting

  • Hellion

    Michael Pineda???? This man has done nothing special and anyone who isn’t a baseball fan does not need to know who he is.

    Also, if he suffered a career ending injury then why is he prepping for the 2013 season?


  • karolina

    Lissie!! Im addicted to “When I’m alone” and “Every Where I Go” ft Ellie Goulding.

  • Brandon

    im pretty sure #10 just got caught fkn her female coworker. then said “do iI look like a lesbian?” bad move

  • Horror-wolfe

    Lissie is a beautiful singer, and her song Record Collector is one of my favourite songs.

  • fred

    People from Trinidad are people of color but they aren’t “Black”. DumbAss.

    • ParusMajor

      Oh. Why not? The javelin gold medal winner Keshorn Walcott (congratulations to him, btw) looks black to me. What is he, then, if not black? Green??? Blue?????

      • Maggot

        I would venture to guess that he is reserving the term for only persons of color who are of African descent. Not realizing that “Afro-Trinbogos” (citizens of Trinidad & Tobago who are of African ancestry) make up the second largest ethnic group in the country, at almost 38%. “Indo-Trinbagos” (Indian/So. Asian descent) are the largest group, at 40%. This per the U.S. Govt CIA World Fact Book:

        • ParusMajor

          You, Sir Maggot, are the Cornucopia of Information. Thank you very muchos (and nachos)! :D

  • Jon

    I don’t see why people should know who Michael Pineda is. He’s pretty good at throwing a baseball. That’s it.

  • Sophia

    #9 Emigrate from/immigrate to…. Just saying coz i got confused there for a second. Had to google it. Lol

  • Johnsampson

    Why should we know Jennifer Caroll? Because she’s black and in a position of power?

  • BigDaddyDom

    Dumbest list i’ve ever seen one here. Like why tf is the baseball player on here? He’s a mediocre pitcher who had tommy john surgery

  • TurnipFarmer

    I don’t see how could you forget about Norman Borlaug (or do you think he is well known?) . He single-handedly saved about a billion people from starvation, that deserves some recognition.

  • nato2101

    Especially number 10, a black high ranking Republican (especially in Florida) is only worthy of note as some very is more deserving of hell than a normal republican, they’ve admitted stopping blacks and hispanics from voting is part of their strategy. So much for “land of the free and the brave”.

  • vvgirl110

    I can honestly say that I don’t care about any of these people.

  • lilyan

    Funny how the undeserving people are black smh

  • peter

    terrible list

  • Kyle

    Goddamn it. When are list writers going to learn that the typical “people you dont know but should” is very inaccurate because many people do know them, a better title would be “people you may not know but should”

  • In what universe are most of these people not known?

    • ParusMajor

      I dunno.. although I had never heard of #7 (but that’s probably because we don’t care about baseball here in Europe… we care about real sports, like soccer). OK, let the flame wars begin. :D

      • :-) While soccer is great, I prefer rugby. :-D

        • ParusMajor

          I don’t hate rugby, that’s a good sport as well. Although my favourite sport (besides soccer) is probably taekwondo. And maybe (I know I’m gonna make a fool of myself now) professional wrestling. Hi, Austin Aries! Hi, Samoa Joe! Hi Daniel Bryan! (Yes! Yes! Yes!) I love you guys! :D

  • John son of John

    What about cardinal dolon or cardinal Burke they both deserve to be on this list!!!

  • You placed Michael Pineda before a man who developed a vaccine for HPV and 70% of all cervical cancer and a man who is responsible for giving 4 million children through IVF. A baseball player who has only one major league season under his belt and only one half of that season was good who suffered a career ending injury but plans on playing next year. Wow, thats the only word that comes to my mind to sum that up..

  • And remember, No.4, Vaclav Havel’s musical idol was none other than Frank Zappa. When he invited Frank to his residency, the Red Carpet would be rolled out for him and Havel would lavish him with gifts, fine food and the best that Czechoslovakia could offer.

  • john

    someone is beating their meat to number 7. Including him is just plain stupid.

  • Mayweed

    Dunno, I seem to have the same opinion as most…but I will contribute it anyway…I fail to see how a ‘crack-whore’ looking indie pop artist and a baseball player are making this world a better place for anyone…Baseball is boring and only interesting to Americans and well, indie artists are a dime a dozen and 99% of them suck beans. I do think there could have been room for better entries in this list, I expected scientists, and peacemakers, not entertainers…

  • Tom

    I feel so hip for seeing Lissie live about 2 years ago.

    • ParusMajor


      • Tom

        Woo hoo, I’ll definitely go and see her again if I get the chance

        • ParusMajor

          I’ll definitely go and see her and do other things to her if I get the chance.. NO! WAIT! I didn’t mean that, Mr.Policeman!!! Go away, Sir!!! Ouch! That nightstick hurts, dammit! OUCH!!! I’ll be a good boy from now on, I promise! Get off of me!!! OUCH!!!

  • what

    why is there a baseball player on this list of important people? baseball has no influence on anything other than baseball, i would not list anyone from sports as someone that i ‘should know’, unless they are actually doing something other than chasing each other around in circles

  • Pendulous

    I stopped reading when I got to “completely random athlete that did absolutely nothing”. Pointless list is….well…

  • Chael

    Why there is a baseball player on the list? Why should i know this guy..

  • Alex

    Nice list, except number 7 and 5. Why should we know about this “nobody” baseball player? And this Dibaba girl who runs in the olimpics? Pointless

    • fendabenda

      Well… should we know about them? Maybe these lists are made to let us ignoramuses learn about them.

  • rkvron

    This list sucks!!! #7???????

  • JDCarna

    Lissie Maurus looks like a crack wh*re who’s taken too many c*msh*ts to the face

    • Tom

      Her music doesn’t sounds like that, I promise. Check out ‘In Sleep’

  • James5

    Black republicans are NOT rare, a minority yes, but by no means rare. Recently, many who’ve been dem’s since Kennedy are trading sides due to the party’s pro gay marriage stance. It’s cool though, we’re all just mindless animals, go ahead and perpetuate the stereotypes….