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Top 10 US Political Scandals

John Waller . . . Comments

Many are furious at the president for what has been called Benghazi-gate. The story behind this scandal is that after J. Christopher Stevens was murdered, the Obama Administration blamed it on the inflammatory video “The Innocence of Muslims” and said it was spontaneous. It was later revealed that it was actually a planned Al-Qaeda attack. While this scandal will probably not damage his bid for reelection, here are 10 others that damaged people’s political careers. If you think any were left out (there are many that were), please comment.


Eliot Spitzer Affair


Eliot Spitzer was the governor of New York from 2007-2008. He resigned after it was revealed that he was involved in a call girl ring. He was especially involved with a 22 year-old call girl who was known as Kristen. He was called Client 9, and in 2008 met with Kristen at Room 871 in the Mayflower Hotel. He later paid her $4,300 in cash, $1,000 of which was for future liaisons. It was eventually revealed that Spitzer paid about $80,000 in prostitutes from when he was attorney-general to when he was governor of New York. He resigned after threats of impeachment.


Cipel-McGreevey Scandal


Jim McGreevey was the governor of New Jersey from 2002 to 2004. His term was set to expire in 2006, but he resigned in a press conference during which he made a public declaration of his homosexuality, and said that he had been having an affair with an Israeli man named Golan Cipel, whom he had appointed National Security adviser of New Jersey. His male driver later claimed that McGreevey, McGreevey’s wife and himself had an orgy. Cipel, after resigning from his unfairly given post, went to Israel and said that him and McGreevey were not having an affair: McGreevey was sexually harassing him.


Marion Barry Cocaine Scandal


Marion Barry was the mayor of Washington DC. In 1990, he was arrested for possession of cocaine while still in office. He and his ex-girlfriend, Rasheeda Moore, were arrested outside Vista hotel. During it, Barry uttered the now-famous phrase, “B*tch set me up.” He remained governor during the trials. He was in prison for six months. In 1991, Barry surrendered himself to a correctional facility. He was released in 1992, and two months later ran for Ward 8 City Council Seat in that year’s election. He won. Then, in 1994, he shocked the nation: in the aftermath of this scandal, he ran for mayor and won. He is currently a member of the DC City Council.


Chappaquiddick Incident


In 1969, Ted Kennedy accidentally drove off a bridge by accident with a female passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, on board. The car landed in a tidal channel. Kennedy was able to swim away, but Kopechne drowned. Kennedy did not tell the police about the incident for 9 hours. He received a two month suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury, and his wife blamed a miscarriage on the incident. The incident hurt Kennedy’s image, and may have been a reason why he didn’t run for president in 1972 and 1976.


Teapot Dome Scandal


Albert Fall was the Secretary of the Interior under Warren G. Harding. From 1922-1923, Fall leased navy petroleum reserves to several oil companies for ridiculously low prices. Fall was eventually convicted of accepting bribes, and before the Watergate scandal it was considered the greatest scandal in American history.


My Lai Massacre

My Lai Woman Gray

In 1968, an entire village of Vietnamese were mistaken for Viet Cong fighters. As a result, all 347 of the villagers were killed by the US Army. In 1969, the massacre became public knowledge. Some of the women were gang-raped by the soldiers, and many of the bodies were found mutilated. 26 soldiers were charged with the murders, but only one was convicted. He was going to be given a life sentence but it was reduced to three and a half years under house arrest. Three soldiers who attempted to stop the massacre and help the wounded were called traitors by several US Senators in an attempt to cover up the massacre. They received death threats and mutilated animals at their doorsteps. The three were later praised by the army for their heroism.


Abu Ghraib Torture Scandal


Human rights violations took place in 2004 at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Photos spread of several soldiers abusing prisoners. The tortures inflicted upon the prisoners of the Abu Ghraib included urinating on prisoners, jumping on a wounded prisoner’s leg, pouring phosphoric acid on prisoners, rape and sodomy using a baton, and the tying of rope to a prisoner’s genitals before dragging him across the room. Many called for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s resign after the incident. Several disturbing photos exist of the torture inflicted on the detainees. Seven soldiers were prosecuted because of their involvement in the abuse.


Iran-Contra Affair


In 1986, during Ronald Reagan’s second term, it came to light that several high-ranking US officials were facilitating the selling of arms to Iran, an incredibly dangerous country. Because the US had an arms embargo against Iran, the plan was that the US would give weapons to Israel, Israel would sell them to Iran, the US would resupply Israel, and Israel would give the US the money gained. Funding the Contras was banned by Congress, but the politicians continued to fund the Contras, who were fighting against the ruling socialist Sandinista National Liberation Front.


Monica Lewinsky Scandal


Considered the quintessential American sex scandal, it led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States. In 1995, Monica Lewinsky was hired to work as a secretary for the White House and soon began a close personal relationship with him. From 1995-1997 they apparently had a sexual relationship. Linda Tripp, a close friend of Lewinsky, secretly recorded their phone conversations. The scandal has become one of the most famous in history and although Clinton is often viewed as a good president, his administration is scarred by this infamous scandal.




When it caused the first and probably only resignation of a US President, it must be number one. What could have been remembered for good things was instead remembered for dirty politics, burglary and wiretapping.

The most infamous scandal in US history began when five men were caught breaking in to the Democratic National Convention in Watergate. It was eventually revealed that Nixon had a tape-recording system in the offices and that he had recorded many conversations. He was ordered to hand over the tapes, and many senior Nixon officials were arrested. It was obvious that he was going to be impeached, and so he resigned and his VP, Gerald Ford, took office. Ford pardoned Nixon, which caused many conspiracy theories, including one that the brains of the operation was not Nixon, but Ford. Nevertheless, the Watergate scandal stands as a bad moment in the history of the US.

  • Jamie

    What about 9/11?

    • I’m not sure how 9/11 qualifies as a scandal. An embarrassment, sure…

      • Jamie

        Let’s just say… it was convenient

        • Pauly

          The WTC bombing of 1993 was an inside job, too. It has reptillian alien illuminati, new world order, fanatical muslim, mossad, CIA, Bush, Clinton Vatican, hollow-earth Nazi prints all over it.

          An empty van can’t blow up an underground garage. Only cruise missles packed full of burning thermite could.

          It happened on 2/26/1993. A video explaining the whole thing is on YouTube named-you guessed it-2261993 !!!

          WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!!!

          • davo

            I, too agree with the anonymous wackos on youtube! IT’S ALL A CONSPIRACY!

    • Ni99a

      Because of your “symbolic” 9/11 the middle east has to suffer everyday.

      Good job.

      • The middle east suffers everyday not because of 9/11, but because it is a conglomeration of poorly run, poor, and illiterate countries. If people were an education, if the economies were stronger, and if the governments of the middle eastern countries weren’t religious zealots who insist on oppressing the citizens of the countries, the middle east might not be such a horrible place to live.

        • Kal

          the u.s education system isn’t that great either from what i’ve read. one of the highest, if not the highest, illiteracy rate of first world countries

        • Kal

          and not only that, but I believe the strong economy you mention was built on the back of slaves who did your work for a couple of hundred years. as well as war profiteering (selling arms to these countries that have political instability.

        • kamat

          The fact that majority of the middle eastern countries are ruled by religious zealots is because of the United States. Successive governments, in order to ensure American interests (political or financial) either directly or indirectly encouraged such “religious zealots”. Be it Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq (US did support Saddam Hussein and was partly responsible for his rise to power) or Saudi Arabia, such people rose in power due to the US. Now that it is biting them in the ass, they cry about oppressed citizens, religious fanatics, democracy, freedom etc etc. Saudi Arabia is neither a democracy nor is a utopia for its citizens..but as long as it continues to supply oil at reduced rates for the US, the royal family will continue to enjoy power

          • ni99a

            You watched Syriana didn’t you?

          • Mikal

            Religious zealots have ruled in the Middle East LONG before the U.S. even existed. Wow….history is informative!

          • kamat

            And i bet you love Top Gun and Armageddon. Unlike you, i dont need to see hollywood movies to get knowledge of history because i actually READ history books/articles. It is common knowledge that the CIA backed the coup against General Abd al-Karim Qasim, allowing Saddam to return back to Iraq and get more powerful by killing off the communist supporters of Qasim, whose names were supplied by the CIA.

            During the Iran-Iraq war, the US supplied Saddam with weapons, some of which were used to kill off his own citizens (one of the reasons stated why the US went on war against Iraq) When the war ended in a failure and Saddam began to align himself more with the Soviet Union instead of the US, he suddenly became evil.

            It is also common knowledge, and the CIA have also admitted to it, that a US sponsored coup was responsible for the destruction of democracy and establishment of monarchy in Iran during the 1950s (funny seeing how US has always maintained that it supports democracy). This was because the then democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammed Mossadeq, wanted to nationalize an oil company as it was beneficial to his country’s interests. For the next 25-30 years, Shah Pahlavi became a puppet of the Americans, angering the common citizens with his ruthlessness and expensive tastes, leading to a revolution which allowed Ayatollah Khomeini (the religious zealot) to come to power.

            And no..this is not a script for any hollywood is history..which you would know if you were interested in what had really happened or is happening around the world instead of believing what you are told. And i don’t think i need to educate you about US’ ally in the middle east, Saudi Arabia, or do you think that the Saudis voted King Abdullah to be their king?

            p.s: Yes, religious zealots did rule in the middle east long before US existed, just as they did in the western world (including what is now known as the USA)….but i am not talking about ancient or medieval history…i am talking about the situation after WWII

        • ni99a

          Qatar and Saudi.

          These are country that have a higher standard of living than USA. Iraq was one too, before USA whooped its a$$.

          Inb4: but they have no freedom of speech…..

          Freedom of speech is not the only way to measure to measure standard of living.

      • Pauly

        They deserved it.

        You’re welcome.

  • Jamie

    Could we include the fact the American government still hasn’t rebuild new Orleans? Almost a decade later.

    Or the awful signing of the Second Amendment which gave US Citizens the right to bear arms. Stupid Decision

    • The Second Amendment is a mistake, sure… but the word scandal has a different meaning than “mistake.”

      • Have you read the second amendment?

        I quote: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

        Jefferson, and the founding fathers, were discussing a “well-regulated militia”, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry. The entire meaning and intent of that amendment has been abused to the point that the authors would not recognize it.

        That being said, yes, I do own guns.

        • James

          it’s reasonable to own guns if everyone around you owns guns. even if you disagree with the gun policy of the US, you should still own a gun in case a burglar in your house has a gun for example. i disagree with the second amendment, but if i lived in the USA, i would buy a gun in a heart beat for protection from other people with the same rights as me.

          • James, there are a lot of people who ought not have access it to guns. There are far too many idiots, rampant bigots, short-fused seethers, and other variety meats who should be kept as far away from weapons as possible.

      • ni99a

        You are not looking at the long term consequences of this law.

        Those guns will ensure the survival of humanity during a zombie outbreak or an alien invasion.

    • Ni99a

      I am a bit of a dunce, please tell be how the second amendment is stupid.

    • ww

      The second amendment wasn’t a mistake. It’s one of the best things on the bill of rights.

      • Jamie

        These replies aren’t shocking in the slightest.

        Take a few looks at death tolls regarding the use of guns and how easily accessible they are, ruined your country. Just have to walk for 5mins outside of major tourist stops to realise this.

        Should add a Scandal is the amount of money US Government spends on Defence budget whilst thousands die and suffer every day. 3rd world people living in a land of the free and armed.

        • ww

          As soon as we try to take the guns away, only criminals will have them, countries like Columbia will start tossing them over, and good people will die. There’s a very simple way to lower the amount of gun deaths, and that is to give everyone a gun. You also seem to be ignoring the fact that they’re equalizers, in a country without guns, it would be much much easier for big, imposing people to rob, kill and rape smaller people.

          You’re saying Africa is a good example? The problem there is that normal people don’t have guns. If they did, they could overthrow the oppressive regimes and finally solve other problems, such as their food shortage.

          • Jamie

            No. Im saying that you, the American people, are the 3rd world people living the land of the free and armed. Ive made no reference to Africa.

            I never suggested to removal of guns, it’s gone too far, and will never happen. Regardless of that, I am in no way ignoring the fact there are other ways to die, ( to call it equalisers is silly because it wouldn’t be equal ) id be embarrassed for you if you believe that in any way without guns the death toll would be so high in America. Its to easy to pull a trigger and not think of the consequences.

            Robbery’s would occur yes (as they do already ) but to resist ud end up getting beaten, not to death but just beaten and not shot. Rape ( because it doesn’t occur at the moment right? ) Behave, stupid argument, every country in the world has small and large people. Doesn’t mean go around raping, its going to happen regardless of size and stature and it does even with your guns.

          • ww

            America isn’t a third world country, so you’ll have to excuse me for thinking you were talking about some african country.

            Yes, rape, robberies, and murder still happen with guns, that’s why I’m saying that more people should have them, so that these crimes are lees frequent.

            As for being beaten instead of shot, the bearing could be worse. Somebody gets beaten bad enough, which isn’t that hard, they would end up dying in a lot of pain.

            No, you didn’t say to remove all the guns, but you said that the second amendment was a mistake, which leads to the conclusion that you think that civilians shouldn’t have guns.

            Perhaps I didn’t explain my reasoning well enough. Without the second amendment (if it were never signed), no one would have guns. I’m simply saying that larger people would find it easier to hurt other people because there would be no chance of them having a gun.

          • S

            Odd, I live in a country without guns and our crime rates are minuscule compared to any country that has guns. Not saying that that is the only reason but there is a correlation.

          • LOL

            Oh wow. How about Australia, strict gun laws and relatively few shootings, the citizens won’t stand for them. The idea of everyone needs a gun to protect themselves is just another paranoid delusion, similar to the odd belief that everyone is out to destroy the US so you should invade countries when it suits. Your attitude would do well in a 3rd world country.

        • michaelnedrow

          I did look at the death tolls for guns. And discounting suicide (which has the highest number of death related to guns. Just because guns are relatively easy to get (not carry, or become licensed) and is a replacement for the other forms of suicides that take place in other industrialized countries), Law Enforcement Shootings, and Accidental Shooting (if these idiots keep on forgetting to check the damn chamber before they leave a gun unattended or screw around with a gun. They get what’s coming) there are 12,791 deaths from guns a year (average of the average and median for 2004-2006 CDC Data) or 4 deaths/100,00 people.

          Now every death is a tragedy, but to put this number in prespective more people, and at a higher rate, are killed by mistakes in a medical hospital, drowning, accidental falls, hernia (don’t know how that works) among others ( ( Hell, even including suicides and other gun related deaths they still fall in the low 90’s for the leading cause of death in America (×288304). So saying Guns are the main reason, or even a periphery reason that people are dying more often is just a falsehood (except in suicide).

    • Look At Me Mom I’m President Kennedy

      Silly americans need to have guns to protect themselves from other americans with guns….

      • Jamie


        I beg to differ, massive areas of America live in 3rd world conditions, unable to access water. Just because you are tucked up nicely in bed, doesn’t mean elsewhere this is occurring on a massive scale, please see New Orleans. Basically abandoned by its government. Which was an point I made with my 2nd amendment one.

        Haha your solution to the gun problem, MORE GUNS. Good old American thinking. How about you make more restrictions on guns, making them harder to acquire.
        In this case we are in a hypothetical that guns aren’t involved, how many beatings result in deaths? Not everybody is made of glass, you can take a beating and not die. Don’t be so stupid.

        Yes, it was a mistake, and I also stated earlier that It gone to far for them to turn back now, don’t come to conclusions without looking for the actual answers.

        Your last point is so ridiculous. Im guessing you a small insecure person.

        • ww

          The overwhelming majority of americans live in first world conditions, so calling us a third world country is inaccurate.

          Puting more restrictions on guns will only make it harder for honest people to get them. Criminals will always find a way to get them. Of course more guns will fix problems, people will be much more hesitant to commit crimes.

          No, I’m not a small, insecure person. I’m about average size, but there are plenty of weak people. I’d love to see what you’d suggest for them though, don’t skirt around it by calling it rediculous.

          • Thorlite

            The UK has 0.47 deaths per 100th people. The US has 10.84. Can you explain that in your argument? You are up there as one of the worst in the world (top of ‘developed nations’ ) for gun deaths.
            Also you quote the 2nd right and refuse to change it because it’s part of the bill of rights. Yet you choose to ignore the part that was considerably more important in their eyes. Namely that the country should separate church and state. You are just picking and choosing the bits you like…. Much like you do with the bible.

          • ni99a


            How is USA not implementing the “separate church and state” thingy?

          • ww


            Look at the comment michael made above. And to say that I only pick the parts I like is, quite simply, wrong.

        • UmbraTempestas

          Guns aren’t needed to kill people in large numbers, take a look at the Rwanda genocide. Approximately 800,000 dead and most of the killing was done without firearms.

        • ricej1969

          @Jamie. Can you explain how massive areas of the United States live in 3rd world conditions. Who doesn’t have access to water? The only example that you gave is New Orleans, which is a very small area in the US. What is your source that they don’t have water? The city is recovering and has hosted many sporting events, conventions and festivals. Only a few areas in New Orleans has not been rebuilt.

    • isaac

      part of the reason for the second amendment was so the general population would be decently armed in the event of the government trying to control the country too much (for example a police state)
      even though it is extremely unlikely america would turn into something like that, the founding fathers saw how much trouble they had with their own supply of arms and ammunition during the revolutionary war and thought it would be a good idea to allow the citizens a certain amount of firepower to defend themselves, although i do agree that it has gotten completely out of control and it is far to easy for pretty much anyone to get a gun. in 20 and only have like 1500 dollars and i can easily have a gun with permit and a couple boxes of ammo by the weekend. with money to spare too

    • Dan1211

      Why exactly would the gov't have to rebuild new orleans? Did it become gov't property? If you own property it is yours, the gov't doesn't make money, they take money, and I for one, don't want to pay to rebuild your house – especially if you are foolish enough to live/build below SEALEVEL!

      And the second amendment is what allows citizens to be free. I realize some sheeple don't understand that.

  • There is still a lot of mystery surrounding Chappaquiddick, and whatever the truth actually is, it did end any chance Ted Kennedy had for being President (though he did try campaigning once.) It also launched his lifelong support of MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Did he “pay” for his scandal? He did what he could, I feel.

  • Thom Payne


    It really isn’t a scandal if it’s just one frantic political faction scrambling to make something LOOK like a scandal in order to score PR points.

  • Pappalardosmith

    These are so very controversial scandals in the United States Polictially .

    • Pauly

      I used your product and crapped a persian rug, a swami playing a flute, and a cobra in a wicker basket.

      • What a charming mental image! :-D

  • Mr F

    Nice list, makes me glad to be British, nothing like that ever happens here ;)

    • Ni99a

      The only scandal you have there are from the tabloids.

      Flashnews! Margaret Thatcher does not wear underwear!!

      • Pippa

        Neither do i. So?
        Go finish your homework and don’t forget to wipe ur a$$ after #2.

      • Thorlite

        In god we trust!? you added that in the 50’s… ‘under god’ in the pledge of allegiance too that’s new. Teaching creationism in schools? I can give u more? Don’t you think you look a bit stupid when a foreigner knows more about your country than you?

    • Arkon

      Maybe not as famous… about the abuse of expenses by the MPs, John Stonehouse,Neil Hamilton, Rinkagate etc……..who says nothing ever happens.

      • We have had our scandals, but even when they were all caught with their hands in the till with expenses, they still managed to survive with very few going to gaol. I think though we would still have to go a very long way to ‘compete’ if thats the right word with Watergate, My Lai and Marion Barry. Im not sure that Elliot Spitzer is a scandal as such, what he does with his dick is his business…. Did he break any laws? I ask as I don’t know.

    • WilfredfromAus

      No the only scandals in British politics involve politicians being caught wearing schoolgirl uniforms and/or being whipped by dominatrices. Nothing as serious as Watergate, but a hell of a lot more amusing.

  • SJD

    Ah Americans.

  • hmmm, how bout hanging chads in the Bush/Gore election?

  • mickey

    lol politics..*shakes head*. Its all a joke.

  • mickey

    lol politics..*shakes head*. Its all a joke.

  • kaka

    nobody died in the watergate scandal…there have been much bigger scandals than this one.

    • Pippa

      apologies 2 @kaka.
      LoL that’s too kak funny!
      @Mr F – my comment re Profumo is for you, although i really think u were just being sarcastic. Hell, i hope so!?
      THIRD: @Bluesman – was ur ? above addressed to me?

      • Ni99a

        Your comments are everywhere. Are you lonely like me?

  • Armin Tamzarian

    The entire US political system is scandalous. Ignoring the popular vote, basing every major decision on a 200 year old piece of writing, religious discrimination, fact-free politics, the illusion of choice.

    And then there are their decisions. PATRIOT act, DOMA, threatening and executing illegal invasions, spending billions per year on defence while letting veterans rot on the streets.

    I wouldn’t want to live in such an unfair and unfree country.

    • Ni99a

      Nobody is asking you to. USA certainly do not want unproductive people like you in their country. Please stay at whatever cesspool you are from while the Americans are living in a technological advanced environment.

      I wouldn’t want to live in such backwards and dirty country such as yours.

    • weegmc

      You are one of the few

  • Thom Payne

    Surely lying about WMDs and consciously blurring the line between Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein in order to start a war with a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 trumps most this frivolous crap.

    • eljefe

      Chemical weapons are weapons of mass destruction. We took that shit serious. Anyways if the US were to pull out of the middle east and not ever get involved there would be even more trouble. Uranium was found, had they managed to make a bomb and we had a policy of non intervention then Iraq could easily have taken Saudi Arabia,and Kuwait. Effectively controlling alot of oil. We don’t get alot of oil from the middle east. But china sure does, if china were faced with having no oil, then Saddam would have a powerful friend.

  • eljefe

    I thought the contras were from nicaragua

  • Monica Lewinsky scandal is bullshit since when is cheating on your wife ilegal ? He got his dick sucked…..big deal . Still a good president waaay better than obama

    • Rosebyanyothername

      Seriously, you’d rather Romney, no health care and poor people can go f..k themselves Mitt Romney??

      • In the democrat arena clinton is faaar superior to obama . However if republicans allowed g*y marrige ab*rtion and knew that creationalism is ret*rded i would vote for them ,IF i was a citizen of the united states which i am not. My choices for leadership are far more cruel and quite frankly Sh*t . I do not have a government so much as a frat house for “special” needs students

        • Diesel

          Gay marriage will be legalized soon enough, I don’t think many Americans would argue that point. Abortion is legal, and creationism has no impact on politics. Creationism isn’t specific to Republicans, it’s a foundation of Christianity and Judaism. So if you were an American there’d be no reason not to vote Republican.

      • Arsnl

        Maybe I’m mistaken but where does he say he’d preffer Romney?
        Also how is being a mormon a fault? Obama is a christian. Is that any better?

        • Pippa

          Jesus Christ and Holey Magic Underwear!

    • timothy53

      The “Monica Lewinsky Scandal” was not about having an affair. It was about lying to a federal judge while under oath during a federal lawsuit. And if you ever need to wonder about how this scandal would have played out if Clinton had been a Republican, look up Senator Robert Packwood. A serial workplace harrasser of women, possibly a rapist who lied to duly appointed investigators, who was also considered a friend to women’s causes (one of the reasons so called feminists like Sen Mikalski (D-MD) let Clinton slide) — all simlar thins, except he was a Republican ans he was run out of town on a rail.

  • Freddie B. Doubtful

    “In 1969, Ted Kennedy accidentally drove off a bridge by accident…”
    Ok, we get it. It was an ‘accident’. Someone is trying too hard to make us belive so.

  • Pippa

    What about the Profumo Affair? And countless other spy scandals? Even OO7 couldn’t prevent them all!

    • Armin Tamzarian

      Profumo was a Yank? Funny how he became a prominent British politician then.

    • Pippa

      Above comment meant for @kaka.
      Flush urself!

  • ww

    Interesting list, not much to say about it though. Did the people in the torture thing have a good reason? Or were they just torturing for the sake of torturing?

    • Ni99a

      Of course there is a purpose. They need valuable intels. Who wants to see a naked middle eastern men with their limp d1ck?

      • qwerty


  • Will Trame

    An interesting list, definitely an apt one since it appears on the day of the first presidential debate. A lot of the entries that appeared on the narrative were really “no-brainers”…I expected to see Watergate, the Teapot Dome scandal and Iran Contra.

  • In the democrat arena clinton is faaar superior to obama . However if republicans allowed gay marrige abortion and knew that creationalism is retarded i would vote for them ,IF i was a citizen of the united states which i am not. My choices for leadership are far more cruel and retarded . I do not have a government as much as a frat house for “special” needs students .

  • Borten

    Too European

  • honkster7

    Iran Hostage Crisis 1979-81 didn’t help Jimmy Carter’s re election chances

    in 1980

    • zagging

      Neither did the sad fact that he was the most pathetic President of the 21st century.

      • zigging

        He was the best time-traveling president we ever had.

  • Pippa

    Foque da presidential debate but will be watching for some good laughs while i play with my Bazookas.
    Da Creative Nugget News agency sucks Turd Torner.
    Americans are in deep kaka not even Long Ranger could help them.
    Guns don’t help.
    Well… maybe
    r e a l b e e g
    guns do?
    Have a nice day:-)

  • Lore

    The Contra and the Sandinistas were in Nicaragua, nothing to do with Iran.

  • Mike

    I love this site but please get off the U.S.A. Cock

  • Celia

    Libya Crisis scandal? Only to teabaggers. More reasonable people know it takes time to assess these incidents, especially when the best sources of intelligence are all dead.

    • ni99a

      Yo, ni99ress! Take your cause somewhere else. Nobody cares about Libya. This site already has its own cause To ensure Christianity always look good by covering up their misdeeds.

      • Pauly

        Much like Arabs and their fine impulse control.

        Have a nice day.

    • timothy53

      But Celia, the Administration knew it was coming days before it happened and why it was going to happen. From Day One, the Lybian government (such as it is at this point) has been screaming to the world that it was not about some silly movie, but was a coordinated attack timed to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary. They knew because they had transmitted the information to the USA.

      Please, for a moment, set aside that it was President Obama who dropped the ball on this one and imagine if it had been a President McCain who dropped the ball, what a storm there would have been in the media. The reason that this will not affect President Obama’s re-election id is because the media won’t pay any attention to it because it happened on President Obama’s watch.

      • the Administration knew it was coming days before it happened and why it was going to happen.

        Can you provide proof to substantiate that claim? By proof I mean actual facts, not something Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly said on a radio or t.v. show.

        • timothy53

          Would the Administration’s own admissions suffice? Perhaps you should stay up with the news. Or How about the Lybian government trying to tell the world from day one that it was a planned operation? Try to stay up with the news. Or use your own common sense; protestor don’t bring RPG’s and heavy guns to rallies, but militias do. Try to keep up with the news and use some common sense.

          It is not my job to keep you informed, it is yours.

          And I don’t have a clue what Limbaugh is saying on the subject. I have a job. Clearly you don’t because you seem to know what he is saying.

          • …Try to keep up with the news and use some common sense…

            blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  • Brian

    The scandal did not lead to Bill Clintons impeachment. The U.S. Senate has the sole power of impeachment, the House vote was only for show and meant almost nothing. All it did was say to the Senate that the House they wanted them to Impeach Clinton. You should have said that it almost lead to his impeachment.

    • timothy53

      The House impeaches, the Senate tries the impeachment to determine if there is sufficient reason for removal from office. The House did impeach President Clinton. The Senate made a deal to not remove him from office even before the trial commenced … that was apparent from the weakness of the case that the Republicans mounted and has been confirmed by members from both sides of the aisle.

      So what was the purpose? Simple. The House of Representatives and the Senate each have rules within their own bodies to censure member who act badly, but whose bad behavior is not enough to remove them from office. They are the legislature and have no such way to censure a president, cabinet officer, or judge. Their only recourse is impeachment without removal from office. They had the Constitutional ability to impeach President Clinton and the political ability to not remove him from office. It served the same function as a censure.

      Of course, by the time it reached the point of a trial in the Senate, the facts of the case had become so distorted that almost no one seemed to remember that President Clinton, using the full force of the presidency, attempted to deny a woman whom he had sexually harrassed (Paula Jones) her day in court by lying to a federal judge. Somehow it had morphed into a cigar, a blue dress with a stain, and a B.J. in the Oval Office. Left out were the physical assaults committed against other women who had worked for him over the years (Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick).

  • Daniel

    You forgot to point out that the Contras were Nicaraguan and not Iranian.

  • Conquest915

    BS list…Where is Fast and Furious and the cover up. No one died at Watergate yet the deaths will continue for years to come over F&F. What makes F&F different from Iran-Contra in your opinion. Then the is Solyndra or the Green Energy payoff scheme scandal. Or how about what is going on in the Middle East and the lies and cover up of this ongoing debacle and scandal.

    Sorry, this list is subjective and I feel the issues are all out of order, Watergate is pimple on the rear of political history and nothing compared to we I have seen and the lies that have come out of Capital Hll and the White house lately.

    • Pippa

      I’m glad i live in my country. We have lots of guns. Every once in a while, our derelict government buys guns from its citizens in guise of “curbing the crime” only to sell those guns to criminals at an obvious profit, which profit then goes into the pockets of government officials, bypassing the government coffers.
      Sad but no big deal, ah the pun!
      Sadder yet,
      i don’t know anybody who doesn’t own a gun. Of all the people i know around the world. Except me. LOL.

  • Really?

    Poorly written list. I am now aware of these events, but I still know sh*t all about them!

    My favourite line: “In 1969, Ted Kennedy accidentally drove off a bridge by accident with a female passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, on board.”

    “-accidentally drove off a bridge by accident-” No freaking way!

  • Robb

    Surely the massacre of nearly 400 innocent people is a bigger scandal than a president having an affair with an aide or one being complicit in a burglary???

  • sunshine

    I’m really confused by the intro to this list. You said that “Many are furious at the president for what has been called Benghazi-gate.” Really? Furious? Who? And who is calling it “Benghazi-gate”? Also, you said “It was later revealed that it was actually a planned Al-Qaeda attack.” Yes that is true. It was later revealed to everyone, including the administration. It was assumed (with good reason) that the attack was in response to the film. Later this was proved to be untrue. Period. A scandal usually involves some sort of deceit and I fail to see any in this situation. I’m assuming you wanted to make this list relevant to recent events so you grasped at straws.

    On 2 lesser notes: as was already mentioned you write that “Ted Kennedy accidentally drove off a bridge by accident”. Also, Marion Barry and his girlfriend were arrested inside the hotel room, not outside. It’s a trivial detail, but you can see it happen if you watch the tape of the bust.

    • michaelnedrow

      What was the good reason to assume the film had anything to do with the attack? It’s a copout by the administration that doesn’t want to take responsibility for the event. And they don’t even have to recognize any failings, it was an attack by a bunch of angry Muslims. That is something that is pretty hard to control, the administration had no hand in this (other than not having adequate security). But, instead of addressing it as pure extremism, they say the attack on September 11th -with dozens of people, Ak-47s and RPGs- was catalyzed by a little seen youtube clip, that was seen by people in war-torn Benghazi, an area that is struggling to rebuild after the shelling and battle just 10 months ago, an area with very limited internet access.
      The issue I have with the Administration is that in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, they didn’t take a minute to investigate the crime, and just declared a legally
      (and terribly) made 14 minute movie the inspiration. And why did they do this. It wasn’t for national security -it was to protect the President, who was just proclaiming his foreign policy acumen and better relations with Arab Countries. It was a stupid decision. A decision that prolonged his exposure to politically damning (and now accurate) accusations that are hard to dodge. So now instead of just attacking (and having some example of his failing) Obama’s foreign policy (something the GOP isn’t mainly focused on anyways) they can also attack his character.

  • EddieEdsky

    I think fact check might dispute your statement that Marion Barry remained GOVERNOR of anything, since he never was.

  • Planet Earth

    # 1 should be the creation of the Federal Reserve .

    The politicians gave up the power to print money to the bankers .
    Now the bankers control the money so therefore controls your politician .

    The Federal Reserve is privately own by stock owner DO YOU KNOW WHO GETS DIVIDENDS FROM THE FED ?????????????????????

    The U.S is on a ONE party system it doesn’t matter who get’s in the oval office . The people behind the scene stay the same .

    Console on Foreign relation
    Trilaterale Commission
    Biderberg group

    The plan is to create a north America union , Asian union , African union, European union and to control them all under the U.N .
    One world currency people enslaved by debt and a 1984 type society .

    People used to say it was all just a conspiracy until they saw the creation of the European Union .

  • Armadillotron

    Is it me, or is what happened to poor Chris Stevens similar to what happened to Colonel Gaddafi? Obama`s old friend, and who we sent terrorists to Libya to be tortured before we all forget, and who Gaddafi praised.. And Clinton proved he`s like every other man by going with that bird. Why he allowed that Dragon wife let him sleep on the couch is beyond me.

  • Enjoy your smartphones

    Your national language isn’t German…you’re welcome

  • Wow, it’s like there weren’t any political scandals prior to 1923…

    • ni99a

      You are jizzing yourself again. List that shows democrats in bad light is your favourite is not it?

    • Pippa

      Jet Airlines are giving some 2OOO (too few) free seats for those who swore to leave USA if Obama wins. You booked your seat yet? Hurry, there some stiff competition outthere!

      • I never said I’d leave the US. Our country has weathered disasters before. A Chicagoland retard is nothing.

        • Thorlite

          Using the word ‘retard’…. Classy. Tells me all I want to know about you.

          • I wanted to differentiate between people who are mentally challenged and a man who is willfully stupid.

            Anyone who thinks we should penalize successful people to pay off people who refuse to work is retarded.

  • Abhinesh

    In the current situation, the iran coup looks like the biggest scandal US did way back. If US had nt interfered, Iran wud be having a functional democracy instead of fanatics. Why does USA interfere? We understand US is a gr8 country but dont interfere in others lands, activities.

  • Vincent

    Nothing like a list on U.S. politics to get the crazies going.

    I guess if I mention “Fast & Furious” (which took a Spanish network, Univision, to uncover specific details that U.S. networks and politicians refuse to look at), I’ll be called a crazy as well. By some.

    The one that amuses me the most is the Clinton/Lewinsky “scandal.” Everyone you talk to thinks he was impeached for having sex with an intern. No, he was impeached for lying under oath. Plus, most of the key players in the game were Democrats (Janet Reno, who green-lit the investigation, and investigator Ken Starr, also a Democrat).

    Fast forward almost two decades, and Bill Clinton’s reputation in politics is pretty darn good. Meanwhile, Lewinsky is practically a forgotten soul, lives alone and out of the spotlight (even out of the country), unable to shake the legacy.

  • Beetjie

    How on earth does an affair scandal rank higher than the My Lai Massacre? We, as humans, seriously have a problem with our priorities.

  • skin2win

    too american…

  • Piotrek

    The election of a Muslim foreigner to U. S. presidency just 7 years after 9/11?

    • Will Trame

      I figure the US is next going to elect a venture capitalist who has already written off about half of the US population as being “lazy mooches”. Surely this individual doesn’t consider senior citizens on retirement incomes and wounded veterans on disability pensions as being such? I sincerely hope not. To give him the benefit of an extremely large doubt, I’ll say that his words were taken a bit out of context. When seeking office, one must be careful of what one says! Who knows how it will be interpreted?

    • Pippa

      Donald, get a real pu$$y rug instead of that ape virgina you glue on your head!

    • Pauly


      Exhibit A; the Worst Generation, a.k.a. Baby Boomers. Started with filthy worthless hippies that dodged the draft, and ended up becoming chickenhawk tea baggers. Worst part is their endless criticism without contributing a viable solution. Always a knee-jerk temporary solution that gets implemented for decades.

      Thank them for soft rock, prog-rock, tie-dye, political correctness, disco, Reaganomics, globalization of the US manufacturing base, radical feminism, wars in Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq and Kuwait, the political rise of the Christian Right, rising taxes to support welfare expansion & our silly new media that values reality stars over war dead.

      The Greatest Generation gave us a cure for polio. The Baby Boomers gave us the Bee Gees. Need I say more. Please get off the keyboard, shut up about 5ucky Woodstock & die. A better generation is replacing you.

      • Thorlite


  • Spraynard

    Say what you want about Democrats or Republicans, the elephant is clearly a better mascot. Seriously, a donkey?

  • Rhonda

    “Ted Kennedy accidentally drove off a bridge by accident” So are you saying it was an accident? LMAO!

  • The gravest scandals in this list are My Lai and the Kopechne incident. The others are simply errors in judgment.

  • think

    I am shocked to hear 9/11 get called a scandal or convenient. Regardless of your political views it was a tragic event that took the lives of so many innocent. Recall the images of Americans being forced to jump from the towers and think carefully before making statements on such a tragedy.

  • what

    Correction – The Monica Lewinsky Scandal did not lead to Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

    • Pippa

      A well performed BJ is worth a good cigar. I personally like a Partagas. Nothing like pulling on one while you…well, i guess u get my drift. Ah, that didn’t come out right. Did i just blow this post?

    • timothy53

      Correction to your correction. President Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives. The Senate leadership made a bipartisan deal to not remove him from office after a weak show trial. Impeachment is like indictment in a criminal case … it is a bill of charges against the accused. Then a trial may or may not find sufficient reason to convict the accused from office. Interestingly enough, even if the Senate had voted to convict, they were not required to remove him from office.

  • “accidentally drove off a bridge by accident”?
    Okay, it’s an accident.

  • Mr. Blank

    Item #3 is just completely FUBAR. Go back and do your research and then rewrite that entry to present the facts in a concise manner.

    Oh, and just so that you won’t sit there scratching your head for half the day wondering what I’m talking about…

  • Tom

    I’m surprised that fiasco with ACORN isn’t on this list.

  • Roman

    All this fighting, and nobody’s mentioned how poorly this list was written!?

  • Stephen

    Wat about ed Muskie and his addiction to ibogaine. Ha

  • Alex

    Andrew Jackson was Impeached while in office.

    • timothy53

      Andrew Johnson. Jackson probably should have been, but wasn’t

  • Marti

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  • Regarding #4: The Abu Ghraib Torture Scandal

    In late 2001 – early 2002, when my husband was stationed at the American Embassy in Muscat, Oman, I worked for Col. George Karpinski, husband to Janis Karpinski, then a Brig Gen in the U.S. Army reserves and commander of several prison in Iraq at the time. She was demoted to Col and forced to retire after the scandal.

  • skywatcher

    With regard to certain comments, the U.S. wishes to control certain countries and it’s easier to control one man than a free nation. Thus, the U.S. is prone to destroy any chance of a democracy and install their own puppet dictator. This has been going on for a long time.

    Whether the Kopechne death was the result of accident or drunkenness, we’ll never know. But there are some who do know.

    Apparently, at My Lai we “mistook” a lot of infants and palsied old women for armed soldiers. That’s why all the rape and murder happened…

    I believe there was some scandal associated with the Whiskey Rebellion, one of our country’s first notable incidents after George Washington’s election.

    Where’s Wilbur Mills and Fannie Fox? (It was a big deal in my youth in Ohio. Fannie was the American Koo Stark. Hehehe.)

    There have been a number of scandals in which those who campaigned vigorously against some form of sexual behavior were later caught indulging in it. Any one scandal may be small, but it makes you think that any guy who wants to put all the homosexuals in jail is probably hanging around airport bathrooms for a chance to hook up with another guy. Thats why no one is coming out against bestiality any more. They know we’ll be asking ourselves, “Does this guy own a farm somewhere…?”

    I see about seven follow-up lists if you seriously want to scratch the surface of this topic. Then we’ll do British scandals just to relax…

  • 277Volt

    #1 is Watergate? Seriously? No one died in Watergate yet you completely neglect Fast and Furious? Two to three hundred Mexican citizens were killed along with two U.S. Federal agents with weapons directly traced to the 2,000 firearms our government walked to Mexican cartels. Total and complete DOJ stonewalling/lying, a non-applicable use of executive privilege to block documents and zero firings over the matter even after the IG’s report. What more do you need to a #1 spot?