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Your View: Le Pen or Macron?

by Listverse Writers
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Tomorrow is the big day for French people around the world! After last week’s preliminary vote, the French must now select between socialist Emmanuel Macron (born 21 December 1977) and right-wing Marine Le Pen (born 5 August 1968).

Before politics, Mr Macron was an investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque, and Mrs Le Pen was a lawyer working mainly as a public defender.

The question we present you today is: Who should be the next president of the Republic of France?

Note that we are not asking who you think will win, but rather who you think should win. Who will be better for France in the long-term?

Please remember to debate the facts not the person. Ad hominem attacks are the sign of a failed argument. There is no victory in name calling!

fact checked by Jamie Frater
Listverse Writers

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