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Top 10 Ways Occult Preppers Demon-Proof Their House

by Andrew Gestalt
fact checked by Rachel Jones

Have you ever felt like you need extra protection against things that go bump in the night? Well, you’re not alone. Many people use occult practices to protect their homes from unwanted supernatural visitors.

Let’s explore the top ten ways occult preppers demon-proof their houses. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just curious, these tips might come in handy to safeguard your space.

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10 Don’t Hang Mirrors Across from Entrances

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Ever heard the phrase, “Mirror, mirror on the wall?” Mirrors have a long-standing reputation for their mystical qualities. Many believe they can serve as potential portals for spirits to enter our world. That’s why occult preppers take great care when it comes to the placement of mirrors. It’s not about vanity. It’s about warding off unwanted supernatural guests.

One fundamental principle that occult preppers adhere to is avoiding the placement of mirrors across from entrances. This practice is rooted in the belief that positioning mirrors in this manner can invite negative energies and entities into your home. After all, who wants unwelcome guests, especially the otherworldly kind?

Instead, occult preppers strategically position mirrors to harness their reflective power positively. They aim to create an environment that maximizes positive energy and light flow. This means placing mirrors in areas that enhance natural light, brighten dark corners, and ultimately contribute to a more harmonious and protective atmosphere.

9 Utilize Sound Rituals

Mantra for Healing & Protection from Negativity | Guru Ram Das Mantra Chants

Sound is a remarkably potent weapon for occult preppers seeking to demon-proof their homes. It’s not just about eerie whispers and sinister hisses. It’s about harnessing the positive energies of sound to create a protective haven.

One of the most popular sound-based methods involves singing bowls and bells. These mystical instruments have been employed for centuries. It invokes tranquility and wards off negative forces. When struck or played in a specific manner, they emit harmonious vibrations that resonate with the essence of the universe. They chase away evil entities like a bat out of hell.

But don’t fret if you don’t have a singing bowl or bell. Your voice can be a potent tool. Many occult preppers turn to chanting protective mantras or incantations. Supposedly, your vocal vibrations create a barrier against unwelcome supernatural guests when imbued with intent and belief. It’s like setting up an energetic force field around your home, rendering it a no-go zone for anything nasty.

8 Eat and Carry Turmeric

Turmeric: a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant | Season 6 | The House of Wellness

Turmeric isn’t just a spice for your curry. It’s also considered a potent protective agent in some occult traditions. Consuming turmeric is believed to purify your body and spirit. It makes it harder for negative entities to attach themselves to you.

Turmeric, that bright orange spice often found in your kitchen cabinet, has been used for centuries in spiritual and healing practices. Its active compound, curcumin, possesses powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a staple in culinary traditions and holistic wellness.

In occult prepping, turmeric is vital in creating a protective shield around one’s home. You can use turmeric in various ways to ward off negative energies. For instance, mixing turmeric powder with salt and sprinkling it around your property’s perimeter creates a protective barrier against evil spirits.

Burning turmeric incense or placing turmeric-infused sachets in areas of your house can help maintain a positive and harmonious atmosphere. Some practitioners even incorporate turmeric into daily meditation or cleansing rituals to strengthen their spiritual defenses.

7 Use Wards around Your House

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Wards are like the magical bodyguards of the occult prepper’s home. They stand guard, vigilant and unwavering, against otherworldly and menacing things. These symbols or objects are not just mere decorations. They’re brimming with protective energy, charged to shield your sanctuary from the supernatural.

Your front door is a gateway, according to occult legend. It’s a portal that separates the mundane from the mystical. Occult preppers understand this. That’s why you’ll often find wards strategically placed at critical points around their homes, like doors and windows. These are the potential weak spots where dark entities attempt to breach the barrier between realms.

The pentagram and the evil eye are two of the most prevalent warding symbols in occult prepping. The pentagram, with its five-pointed star, has been revered for centuries as a symbol of protection and spiritual balance. It’s like an ancient “keep out” sign for evil spirits. On the other hand, the evil eye is often depicted as a glaring blue eye. It can prevent negativity and malicious intent, averting harm before reaching your doorstep.

6 Sprinkle Cinnamon at Entrances and in Corners

How to use cinnamon for protection?

Cinnamon, that delightful spice we often associate with our morning coffee and warm pastries, possesses a secret power beyond tantalizing our taste buds. It’s a key ingredient in the arsenal of occult preppers when it comes to demon-proofing their homes.

Why? Well, cinnamon has a long history steeped in folklore and magical practices. It’s believed to have protective properties to ward off negative energies and evil entities. Sprinkling a bit of cinnamon at your home’s entrances and in the corners of your rooms creates an invisible shield. It seals off your space from the supernatural.

But it doesn’t stop there. Some folks take it a step further by carrying a small sachet of cinnamon with them. It’s like having a pocket-sized guardian angel in the form of a fragrant spice.

5 Harness the Power of Crystals

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Crystals have a rich history of being utilized for their mystical and protective attributes, making them a staple in the toolkit of occult preppers. These enchanting gemstones have been revered for centuries thanks to their ability to ward off negative energies and create a haven of positivity within one’s home.

Among the top choices for crystal guardianship are black tourmaline, amethyst, and clear quartz.

  • Black tourmaline is often deemed a powerhouse against evil forces, working like an energetic sponge to soak up negativity and provide a protective barrier.
  • Amethyst, with its tranquil purple hues, is believed to promote spiritual clarity and dispel harmful energies.
  • Clear quartz, the “master healer,” amplifies positive vibrations and can enhance the properties of other crystals.

What’s fascinating about these crystals is that each one possesses a unique set of qualities. Occult preppers understand the importance of choosing crystals that resonate with their personal energy and intentions. It’s like picking a loyal ally to guard against unseen threats. These stones are more than up to the task.

4 Chant Religiously Aligned Prayers or Mantras

Matthew 6 | Sermon on the Mount: The Lord’s Prayer | The Bible

Tap into your religious or spiritual belief system if you want to fortify your home against the supernatural forces lurking in the shadows. Chanting aligned prayers or mantras is a time-tested method. Many occult preppers swear by this practice when safeguarding their sacred spaces.

Religion has long been a source of strength for believers, and this strength can extend to the protection of your home. Whether you follow Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other faith, specific prayers or mantras hold protective power.

For example, the Lord’s Prayer, a cornerstone of Christianity, is a common choice for invoking divine protection. Its words are a recitation and a proclamation of faith that can create a protective barrier around your home.

Similarly, there are likely mantras or prayers within your religious beliefs and traditions that carry the same protective energy. These rituals are not mere superstitions. They tap into the profound power of belief, making it a formidable defense against malevolent entities seeking to intrude upon your space.

3 Utilize Rock Salt or Pure Sea Salt

Salts: Spiritual and Magical Uses | Yeyeo Botanica

Salt has a fascinating history of being linked to purity and protection across various cultures and belief systems. For occult preppers, harnessing the power of salt can be a crucial strategy in demon-proofing their homes. This age-old practice involves sprinkling rock or pure sea salt around your home’s perimeter. It forms a protective circle that acts as a barrier against evil entities.

Using salt for protection is deeply rooted in folklore and spirituality. In many ancient traditions, salt symbolizes purity and is a potent tool for warding off hostile forces. Its ability to absorb moisture and purify the air adds to its mystical allure.

Some occult preppers take it further by placing bowls of salt in various rooms. These salt-filled vessels act as energy sponges. They absorb and neutralize negative energy.

2 Hang a Horseshoe

Protect your dear ones… invite money and good luck with horseshoe

One of the most fascinating and enduring ways occult preppers ensure their homes are demon-proof is by hanging a horseshoe above their front door. This age-old symbol of protection carries a rich history steeped in folklore and superstition. Its power lies in its ability to ward off evil spirits and negative influences. It creates a sanctuary of safety within your home.

The tradition of using horseshoes for protection dates back centuries. It’s believed to have originated in Europe, where iron was considered a powerful material for repelling malevolent forces. The horseshoe’s crescent shape resembles the moon, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life and the power of renewal.

To maximize its protective properties, hanging the horseshoe with the open end facing upward is crucial. This position is said to capture and hold onto all the good luck that comes your way, ensuring it doesn’t escape. Whether you believe in the supernatural or want extra security for your home, the horseshoe remains a cherished and time-tested talisman.

1 Don’t Purchase Used Items

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Lastly, it’s essential to exercise caution when considering used or second-hand items for your home. These items have a history, and that history might not always be sunshine and rainbows. They could carry negative energy from their previous owners, which can disrupt the harmonious vibe of your home.

The idea of objects retaining energy might sound out there, but it’s not entirely unfounded. Some believe emotions and energies imprint onto objects over time, especially if the item has been associated with intense or negative experiences. While this idea may not be scientifically proven, it’s a concept that many in the occult and spiritual communities take seriously.

If you decide to bring these items into your sanctuary, it’s wise to cleanse and purify them. One popular method is smudging, which involves burning sage or other cleansing herbs and wafting the smoke over the object. This ritual clears any lingering negative energy. Alternatively, you can bathe the item in sunlight, which has purifying properties in various belief systems.

fact checked by Rachel Jones