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Top 10 Paranormal Abilities

This list is a look at some of the abilities people claim to have that science can not verify – or oftentimes, even witness. The list should be taken with a grain of salt. In no particular order, the top 10 paranormal abilities.

1. Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis is also known as Telekinesis and mind over matter, and it is the ability to move or manipulate objects with the mind. This, in combination with pyrokinesis (item 5) is the ability that Carrie White had in the excellent book and movie adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie. Of all the items in this list, I would say this is the one that most people would love to have. It would make the television remote defunct and we could basically sit on our butts all day long and do nothing! The position normally taken by scientists and skeptics is that any apparent evidence of this ability is the result of fraud. Many books claim to help you learn this ability and they often contain exercises to help. For example, you may be told to throw a dice repeatedly whilst trying to control the number that comes up. Unfortunately, this creates the psychological state of illusion of control, in which a person comes to believe they are influencing the dice, when in fact, on every roll they have a 1 in 6 chance that their number will come up. One famous person who claims to have this ability is Uri Gellar, who is well known for his spoon bending trick in which he would (apparently) gently rub a spoon just beneath the bowl and the spoon would twist or turn. In fact, skeptics have been able to mimic this trick with great success and no claim to having supernatural abilities.

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2. Extra Sensory Perception

Extra Sensory Perception, or ESP, is the ability to gather information without the use of the 5 senses (hence it is also sometimes called sixth sense). ESP is often tested with a deck of 25 cards called Zener cards. Familiar to most people, these cards comprise a deck of 5 patterns, a circle, a square, a triangle, a set of squiggly lines, and a plus. Two people participate; one views the cards one by one, and the other attempts to “see” the card with the power of the mind. Again, there is a 1 in five chance that you will guess the card correctly, so it is not a particularly useful method of proof. Of course your odds improve with every card produced if you are told whether your guess was correct, as you can use card counting. The cards are also used in tests of telepathy when the viewer does not just record the shape on the card for verification, but attempts to “transmit” the shape to the other person. On average, most people guess right about 20% of the time.

3. Telepathy

Telepathy is the ability to communicate with others with the mind. Within the field of parapsychology this is considered to be a form of ESP. Most often telepathy occurs spontaneously in incidents of crisis where a relative or friend has been injured or killed in an accident. An individual is aware of the danger to the other person from a distance. Such information seems to come in different forms as in thought fragments, like something is wrong; in dreams, visions, hallucinations, mental images, in clairaudience, or in words that pop into the mind. Often such information causes the person, the receiver, to change is course of action, such as changing his travel plans or daily schedule, or to just call or contact the other person. Some incidents involve apparent telepathy between humans and animals.

4. Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the transfer of information without the use of the senses – it differs from telepathy in that there is no transfer of information from one person to another. Clairvoyants often say that the information comes from the spirit world. A related ability is called Clairaudience – which is the ability to internally hear information that is passed from the dead. A very famous clairaudient was Doris Stokes, a British spiritualist. Current thinking among proponents of clairvoyance posits that most people are born with clairvoyant abilities but then start to subliminate them as their childhood training compels them to adhere to acceptable social norms. Numerous institutes offer training courses that attempt to revive the clairvoyant abilities present in those early years

5. Pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis is the ability to ignite or extinguish fires with the mind. In yet another book by Stephen King, Firestarter, the main character, a young girl, has this ability. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that this ability is real, though many people involved in the field of parapsychology believe it exists. There may be a connection between this alleged ability and the various reports of spontaneous human combustion.

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6. Psychometry

Psychometry is the ability to “read” information from objects. For example, a psychometrist may hold a watch or wallet belonging to a person they do not know, and by concentrating on the object, garner information about the person’s past, present, or future. The concept of psychometry is a popular theme for stage act and Séance; with participants being asked to provide a personal object to be “read” by a medium or psychic. It was used as the basis for Johnny Smith’s visions in Stephen King’s 1979 novel The Dead Zone and its subsequent 2002 television adaption.

7. Precognition

This is the ability to foresee events. It was precognition that the famous American Psychic Jeane Dixon. She is best known for allegedly predicting the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In the May 13, 1956, issue of Parade Magazine she wrote that the 1960 presidential election would be “dominated by labor and won by a Democrat” who would then go on to “[B]e assassinated or die in office though not necessarily in his first term.” She later admitted, “During the 1960 election, I saw Richard Nixon as the winner.” Nixon held her in such high regard that he ordered preparations for a terrorist attack she had predicted. She was also one of a number of psychics who gave advice to Nancy Reagan during the Reagan Administration.

8. Bilocation

Bilocation is the alleged ability to be in two places at the same time. St Pio of Pietrelcina, the famous stigmatic, was said to have this ability. It is said to be a physical, rather than spiritual ability, which makes it different from astral projection. Friends of Aliester Crowley, the occultist, claimed that he had this ability, though in situations were he was meant to have bilocated, he was unaware of it. Although it is uncommon, bilocation is an ancient phenomenon. It is claimed to have been experienced, and even practiced by will, by mystics, ecstatics, saints, monks, holy persons, and magical adepts. This is also normally the explanation given for the tales of people appearing to loved ones just prior to their death.

9. Postcognition

Postcognition is the opposite of precognition; it is the ability to see an event after it has occurred. This is probably the most widely used ability in modern days as many police forces invite psychics to assist them on difficult unsolved cases. This ability has been yet another topic of a Stephen King novel, the Dead Zone, in which the main character is able to see bad aspects of a person’s past from touching them or an object belonging to them. While there has often been some success with postcognitive visions in criminal investigations, it is still generally considered to be the result of hoax or fraud perpetrated by a person who has done research in to the crime, enabling them to give broad enough description to seem legitimate.

10. Astral Projection

Astral projection is the ability to spiritually separate from your body and travel vast distances with the mind alone. It differs from bilocation in that the second body is a spirit body. The concept of astral projection has been familiar for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China and other ancient cultures. A great deal of skepticism exists around this ability due to the fact that the only evidence is the word of the person claiming to be able to project. A study done by Dr. Charles Tart tentatively concluded that astral projection may have objective validity. For example, in a 1967 study, a subject was not able to discover a five digit number written down and placed face up in an adjoining room, but did provide some details of the activities of the technician monitoring the experiment. Tart summarizes, “Thus, there is some indication that ESP may have been involved with respect to the technician’s activities, but it is not at all conclusive.”

Notable omissions: Aura reading

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  • I think everyone has "psychic" abilities, somewhat. For example, sometimes I have daydreams and they happen shortly after, unless the day dreams feel far away, then they take time. But, there's nothing special about that because I'm quite sure everyone can do this.

  • About astral projection (i called it out of body experience) I did use to experience it quite frequently when I was in my teens 16-17 years old. Let me tell you sometimes it was an enjoyable experience and sometimes a frightening one... it would scare the shit out of me. Always the day after i was feeling exhausted as if I was running all night long. I had no control whatsoever over it...whatever that IT is. However you mention great distances... well at first I was only feeling my presence in my room then slowly slowly after a few times i would go around in the house and in the latter stages i would even go outside on the road and the avenue...but never far away. To be honest it felt very very real but I thought I was just dreaming these things...however one night while i was projecting I saw my brother going to the toilet and bumping his head on the door because of his sleepiness... so the next day I asked him whether such happened and astounded he replied yes. Then I knew that what i was seeing was real. Once I would be under the road (soil and popup and down seeing cars passing over me...could not see through soil though. However: 1. I never had any sort of control over it and was like a passenger in the ride. 2. Things and details were blurred as was my reasoning and thinking. My focus was very short attention and could only focus on very few things at a time. 3. If someone woke me during projection I was feeling like my soul was ripped away and vacuumed back in my body... a very frightening experience and thought i could have a heart attack from that as i was gasping for air and my heart was racing. 4. The next day i was always exhausted. 5. when I turned 18 i never experienced anything like it. Also I had a couple of precognitions in that age that saved a friend's life once (through dreaming and then deja vu) Even saw a math test once of the following year...unfortunately i recognized the exercises while taking the exam... It would be nice if i could get these "powers?" back but never had anything similar since my 18's... dont know why

  • Hi I have most of these sences and i don't understandit properly sometimes. can you please help me understand it better.

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  • Strange things have been happening to me... as if I can kinda see the future or something that is going to happen. It is strange and people think I am joking all the time. Proofs: 1. I had a dream that someone would roll 111. It happened the next day and it is extremely rare that someone rolls triples. 2. I have never heard of the word appendix before and it seemed to just pop into my head out of no where. 3 weeks later some kid at my school I never talk to had to go to the hospital because something happened to his appendix. 3. I had a dream that someone was chasing me and when I turned around they had the strangest look on their face. Next thing I know 2 days later Im being chased by that exact person and when I turn around that person has the same facial expression and voice and words. 4. I drew a picture (I am an artist) of Elizabeth Taylor. I seemed so interested and attracted to her suddenly and that something was happening. 2 weeks later she is dead. Help?

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