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Top 10 Horror Movies

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Horror films have been criticized for their graphic violence and are often dismissed as low budget B-movies and exploitation films. Nonetheless, some major studios and respected directors have made forays into the genre. This is a list of the ten greatest horror films of all time.

10. Ringu


After the death of her cousin Tomoko, reporter Reiko hears stories of a videotape that kills everyone who sees it exactly one week after viewing. At first she discounts the rumors, but when she learns that Tomoko’s friend (who watched the video with her) died at exactly the same time, she begins to investigate. After viewing the tape herself, strange things start happening, and so she teams up with her ex-husband to try to stop the death clock that has once again begun ticking.

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9. Jaws


A Great White Shark decides to make the small beach resort town of Amity his private feeding grounds. This greatly frustrates the town police chief who wants to close the beaches to chase the shark away. He is thwarted in his efforts by the town’s mayor who finally relents when nothing else seems to work and the chief, a scientist, and an old fisherman with revenge on his mind take to the sea to kill the beast.

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8. Poltergeist

Poltergeist 041505 Big

While living an an average family house in a pleasant neighborhood, the youngest daughter of the Freeling family, Carol Anne (Heather O’Rourke), seems to be connecting with the supernatural through a dead channel on the televison. It is not for long when the mysterious beings enter the house’s walls. At first seeming like harmless ghosts, they play tricks and amuse the family, but they take a nasty turn- they horrify the family to death with angry trees and murderous dolls, and finally abduct Carol Anne into her bedroom closet, which seems like the entrance to the other side

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7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


En route to visit their grandfather’s grave (which has apparently been ritualistically desecrated), five teenagers drive past a slaughterhouse, pick up (and quickly drop) a sinister hitch-hiker, eat some delicious home-cured meat at a roadside gas station, before ending up at the old family home… where they’re plunged into a never-ending nightmare as they meet a family of cannibals who more than make up in power tools what they lack in social skills…

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6. Carrie

039 39789~Carrie-Sissy-Spacek-Posters

Carrie White is a shy young girl who doesn’t make friends easily. After her class mates taunt her about her horrified reaction to her totally unexpected first period one of them takes pity on her and gets Tommy Ross, her boyfriend and class hunk to invite Carrie to the senior prom. Meanwhile another girl who has been banned from the prom for her continued aggressive behaviour is not as forgiving and plans a trick to embarrass Carrie in front of the whole school. What she doesn’t realise is that Carrie is … gifted, and you really don’t want to get her angry.

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5. Les Diaboliques


The wife and mistress of a sadistic boarding school headmaster plot to kill him. They drown him in the bathtub and dump the body in the school’s filthy swimming pool… but when the pool is drained, the body has disappeared – and subsequent reported sightings of the headmaster slowly drive his ‘killers’ (and the audience) up the wall with almost unbearable suspense…

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4. Rosemary’s Baby

Rb Shot4L

Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse move into an apartment in a building with a bad reputation. They discover that their neighbours are a very friendly elderly couple named Roman and Minnie Castevet, and Guy begins to spend a lot of time with them. Strange things start to happen: a woman Rosemary meets in the washroom dies a mysterious death, Rosemary has strange dreams and hears strange noises and Guy becomes remote and distant. Then Rosemary falls pregnant and begins to suspect that her neighbours have special plans for her child.

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3. Psycho


Marion Crane is a Phoenix, Arizona working girl fed up with having to sneak away during lunch breaks to meet her lover, Sam Loomis, who cannot get married because most of his money goes towards alimony. One Friday, Marion’s employer asks her to take $40,000 in cash to a local bank for deposit. Desperate to make a change in her life, she impulsively leaves town with the money, determined to start a new life with Sam in California. As night falls and a torrential rain obscures the road ahead of her, Marion turns off the main highway. Exhausted from the long drive and the stress of her criminal act, she decides to spend the night at the desolate Bates Motel. The motel is run by Norman Bates, a peculiar young man dominated by his invalid mother. After Norman fixes her a light dinner, Marion goes back to her room for a shower…

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2. The Exorcist


Blatty’s novelization of a real case of possession that happened in a Washington Suburb (Mt. Ranier, MD) puts Regan, an adolescent girl, Living with her mother in Georgetown in Washington, into a more and more difficult situation. She exhibits strange symptoms, including levitation and great strength. When all medical possibilities are exhausted, her mother is sent to a priest who is also a psychiatrist. He becomes convinced that Regan is possessed and he and a second priest experienced in exorcism try to drive the spirit from Regan before she dies. Very graphic for its time.

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1. The Shining

060608 Shining Vmed 1P.Widec

Jack Torrance becomes the caretaker of the Overlook Hotel up in the secluded mountains of Colorado. Jack, being a family man, takes his wife and son to the hotel to keep him company throughout the long and isolated nights. During their stay strange things occur when Jack’s son Danny sees gruesome images powered by a force called “The Shining” and Jack is heavily affected by this. Along with writer’s block and the demons of the hotel haunting him Jack has a complete mental breakdown and the situation takes a sinister turn for the worse.

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Notable Others: Nosferatu, Dawn of the Dead, The Birds

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • Jack

    God I still remember watching Poltergeist as a kid. Scared me to death. And i definitely agree with your place for The Shining. One of my favorite movies ever, Jack Nicholson is awesome.

    • Paris Hilton

      If it scared you to death how are you still alive?

      • Terrabyte

        You clearly don’t know what a hyperbole and an idiom is, Paris Hilton.

  • RobS

    Sorry. Not a big fan of The Shining. As much as I've always like Jack Nicholson, I don't think he was the best choice for the lead.
    During the movie, we should see the character of Jack Torrence go from normal to insane and I don't think Nicholson EVER looks normal. Also, I think casting Shelly Duval as Wendy was a bad choice.
    And what happened to Scatman Carruthers, does not bear thinking about.
    Stephen King HATED this adaptation of his book and Stanley Kubrick, the director, even said he "didn't get" horror movies.

    • Yes, yes, and yes. You are absolutely right. Which means you agree with exactly my opinion of the movie. The one thing I would say, however, is that the two little girls are creepy as hell.

  • dalandzadgad

    not a big fan of horror, but i only watched ‘Jaws’ (not too scary) and part of the ‘The Ring’ (scarred me for a week)..

    as much as i’m apprehensive, i guess i’ll have to watch ‘The Shining’ now.

  • ian

    the shining made me pee myself
    just thought id let you know

  • The Shining has to be the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t sleep alone for like two days.

  • RobS

    Oh, and I’ve never heard of Les Diaboliques! It sounds really, really good though. Must check it out!

  • Jeff

    What about Halloween 1?That was easily better than anything in the top ten.Great storyline and it didn’t have to rely on cheap bloodletting.

  • The omen is not in here!

  • Rob: that is amazing about what Kubrick said – because he sure managed to make one hell of a horrifying film despite it! :)

    Jeff: I considered Halloween but it just didn’t rate high enough when compared with the ones here.

    Null: The same goes for the Omen – I do love the film though (the original).

  • fs

    The Shining is an great film. I don’t really think of Jaws as a horror though. How about Suspiria? That’s one of the best horror films in my opinion. Also, The original Wickerman from the ’70’s.

  • fs: I was going to include the original wickerman – it is a great film. In the end one of the others won out.

  • anesb

    I think Jaws is more scary than Carrie. I could easily watch Carrie home alone at night and not be the least bit scared. But maybe that’s just me :)

  • anesb: I think the difference is jumping out of your seat or not – Carrie has an underlying horror – jaws throws it in your face.

  • RobS

    The Wicker Man… do you mean that film that starred Edward… whatever his last name is, who was on The Equalizer?
    I caught that one night, without really knowing what it was about and just about flipped out! That is one suspensefull flick.

  • Rob: that is the one – Edward Woodward. I was extremely surprised with the ending – it was the first time I had a seen a film in which the good guy is killed.

  • RobS

    Ah, now you gave it away for anyone who’s not seen it! ;^)

    Don’t pay attention to what he said! The hero’s not dead! He’s just… mostly dead.

  • RobS: hehe that is true, but then again the film is so old that hopefully everyone has seen it! :)

  • bucslim

    Funny that Stephen King hated Kubrik’s Shining, when the one that was on TV – “Stephen King’s The Shining” was dog doo.

    Like the list, but I’m an absolute sucker for the 70’s Dracula movies – Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. I know they’re not that scary, but I love em anyway.

    When I snuck into the first Halloween (I was underage for an R movie) I couldn’t sleep without a baseball bat by my side.

    Also – I thought 1403 was pretty good.

  • bucslim: it seems that every Stephen King TV movie is rubbish compared to the movie. How could he hate anything by Kubrik?!

  • RobS

    Maybe because even though The Shining was cinematically an excellent movie, it wandered so far away from the original story, that King was p.o.’d?
    I think that in one of his non-fiction books, King goes off on a rant about The Shining. I just remember reading an interview with him some years ago where he said that he had said all that he wanted to on the subject and if anyone was interested, they could read it in…
    And that’s all I remember. :^(

    On the other hand, King LOVED what Rob Reiner did with Stand By Me, and I agree. That’s one of the best translations of a Stephen King book to the screen.

  • RobS: Stand by Me is an outstanding film.

  • bucslim

    Jfrater: Kubrick’s the master, until Eyes Wide Shut with that nutball Tom Cruise.

  • bucslim: I have mixed emotions about that film as well. I think it contains some great music (by Gyorgi Ligeti I think) and some good acting, but Tom Cruise just manages to spoil everything he touches. He is like the reverse of King Midas!

  • Midian

    Steven King loved The Shining, thought it was a great movie. It just had nothing to do with his book. Thats why he made the mini series. He says so on the Commentary track on the mini series DVD.

  • Midian

    sorry I meant Stephen King….

  • rp

    From what I gathered from the commentaries, Stephen King hated the fact that Kubrick chose to make the story more of Jack’s insanity over supernatural forces within the hotel itself. I got the feeling that he (King) hated Kubrick’s vision in that respect. Personally, I LOVE Kubrick’s version of the Shining and agree with the list. And while I would kind of like to see Argento mentioned (Susperia, Deep Red), I, by the way, wholeheatedly agree with the inclusion of Rosemary’s Baby, which I feel is Polanski’s masterwork. Nice list, once again.

  • rp: Thanks :)

  • NightProwler

    I agree with most of the films you chose. There may
    be one or two I would remove, but it’s a fine list.
    As far as Dario Argento is concerned, perhaps you can do a top ten list on the Italian film genre known as “Giallo”. “Giallo”, or “yellow”, in Italy, refers to mystery books, mystery movies, or tv shows, as the spine of mystery novels are colored yellow.

  • NightProwler: I really know nothing about that to be honest – maybe you could put a list together for me?

  • J3anJean

    Anyone see “The Descent”? I don’t scare easily and I had to sleep with the light on for a week.

    • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  • J3anJean: I haven’t – but that sounds like a challenge to me!

  • Pigface

    I believe that Stephen King was dissapointed with Kubrick’s adaptation failing to explore some of the thematic aspects of his story. In King’s story, Jack is redeemed at the end. In the film, there is no redemption of Jack whatsoever. King once said he believed Kubrick was trying to hurt people by making the movie the way he did.

  • Brian Moo

    Perhaps you should do a Top 10 Classic Horror Movies list and a Top 10 Modern one.

  • wd

    the original amittyville horror is a good one as well, oh and the original hills have eyes

  • Simon Templar

    Les Diaboliques was remade as Diabolique in 1996, sadly I haven’t had the chance to see the original but the remake was ok.

  • Simon Templar

    You forgot Hellraiser, Pinhead and his posse of demons still give me nightmares.

  • roxxe

    these arent horrorfilms but thrillers
    films like braindead, hostel, jason, … are horrorfilms :)

  • roxxe: How can you say that of Texas Chainsaw Massacre?!

  • Punjar

    The original version of The Hills Have Eyes should at least get an honorable mention. I’m also a big fan of Hellraiser because, despite the presence demons that take people to hell and torture them to death, the bad guy is actually a human.

  • Punjar: I really enjoyed the first Hills have Eyes too – it does deserve a mention.

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  • Toby

    I saw the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I was in high school. I took a sweet, mild-mannered girl on a date. I didn’t think I would make it through the movie, and kept asking the girl if she wanted to leave. She was glued to the screen and wouldn’t leave. I was terrified. I like this movie because there’s actually very little blood and gore…the film relies on your mind (the scariest place ever) to complete the vision of horror.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I agree, Halloween should’ve been mentioned. Haven’t seen the original Hills Have Eyes but I liked the remake a lot, no a fan of the second one though.

  • Aw, you don’t have The Grudge ( Not

  • AnyKeyz

    Nice list
    I am a huge horror fan, and this kind of list is about impossible to do. Some personnal favorites are not there (mainly B horror like Evil Dead 2), but your picks are great as well

  • Peggy

    The Exorcist did it for me.Im 43 and still can’t watch that movie alone.Carrie and Jaws and the Shinning were scarry in the 70s & 80s.But not now.

  • Peggy: The exorcist is a brilliant film – its place on this list is totally deserved. I own a copy of it and it is one I can just watch over and over.

  • Davy

    Uhhhhhh. You left out Susperia. Too bad.

  • gabrielAmerican

    The Devil’s Rejects by Rob Zombie scared the mother-loving crap out of me. Also, after watching High Tension I had to sleep with the lights on.

  • Brian Moo

    I just checked right now, and the Shining was 6th.

    Their top ten:

    10. Wait Until Dark
    9. Night of the Living Dead
    8. Carrie
    7. Silence of the Lambs
    6. Shining
    5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    4. Psycho
    3. Exorcist
    2. Alien
    1. Jaws

    Be warned, Audition is gruesome but very interesting.

    • Shantae

      This list is also missing three horrifying alien movies:
      1. The Thing
      2. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (70s version)
      3. Aliens

  • LordCalvert

    The Changeling. Scariest movie ever made hands down.

  • LordCalvert: I must confess – I have not seen it. I guess now is as good a time as any to catch up on some of the ones in the comments that I haven’t seen – what with it being Halloween in a couple of days :)

  • Brian Moo

    I just watched a list of 100 scariest movies on Bravo, and their opinions are quite different from yours.

    For example, Jaws was listed as the scariest with Alien as the second most scariest. The Shining was listed as number seven, the exorcist in third, and TCM was 5th. The Ring was 20th (lol) and Rosemary’s Baby 23rd. Les Diabolique was 49 (ouch) and Poltergeist 60th (yikes!).

    You should give it a watch. I also recommend watching a terrifying Japanese movie I’m glad they mentioned in the list, Audition. I know know, you don’t like it when people suggest random foreign movies- but still.

  • Brian Moo – I don’t mind people suggesting films – foreign or otherwise (despite my top 10 reasons not to write a film list) – the complaint was the manner in which people present it :) Thanks for mentioning Audition – I haven’t seen it and I absolutely love Japanese horror films. Oh – and how the hell could they put the shining at 7?!

  • Brian: Thanks for looking that up – the list is reasonable but I don’t agree with the top placements.


    i just watched that bravo list too. i haven’t seen Audition, but the clips they showed alone freaked me out. i HATE needles.

    the scaryness of movies depends a lot on what scares you. like the really psychological things like the Shining don’t really freak me out, and i don’t really mind gorefests like the Saw movies, but things that just jump out at you fast and make you pee, like the Grudge, i simply cannot watch. (wow that was a long sentence)
    like the only things from the Saw movies that left a lasting impression that made it hard to sleep was the thought of someone in a pig mask jumping out of my closet or something. the torture-y stuff, not so much.

    great list, btw. i’ve seen 4 out of the 10, and i really liked them all. i really really wanna watch Carrie now.

  • Parahnus

    The Ring From Japan Was A Lot Scarier The American Ring Girl Just Looked Like A Run In The Mill Retard That Fell In A Hole =D

  • I love Carrie, but I wouldn't really call it scary. Actually, it's sad. Carrie makes me cry. De Palma does a great job with it, although the TV movie/remake wasn't bad (note: Stephen King was NOT involved with the TV movie).


      Yes, I also do agree, I it very sad,than horror…

  • Reea

    After i watched The Ring (english version) I had to sleep with my lights on, The Shining definitely deserves number 1 though :)

  • theDEFENESTRATOR: You will love Carrie – it is brilliant.

    Parahnus: I agree – the Japanese just manage to make great horror.

    Reea: Have you seen the Japanese version? If not, I recommend it.

  • I watched Carrie last night. How odd.

  • “It” freaked me out. I gotta say. I still have dreams about that movie.

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  • varma

    evildead ????where is it?

  • Christopher Joseph Borne: I agree it is sad – but I didn’t feel it was in the book – I think it is the great acting from Sissy Spacek that does it!

    varma: at the video store? :)

  • I think it’s in the book. Perhaps even to a greater degree than the movie.

  • Christopher: that is interesting – I guess it goes to show how you can have such a different interpretation of things – which explains why so many of the lists on this site cause so much controversy amongst the readers :)

  • DiscHuker

    great list jamie. for me the glaring omission, that has already been mentioned, is Audition.

    when you have horror directors like rob zombie and eli roth saying that they were totally creeped out by the movie, that’s got to count for something.

    you have to wait it out though. this movie is a slow burn. the entire movie builds to the last 15 minutes. if you give up on it you miss all the goodies. enjoy

  • DiscHuker: I am definitely going to watch it – I quite like films that take their time so I won’t be bothered by the slow pace. I am going to try to get a copy so I can watch it tomorrow night for Halloween :)

  • DiscHuker

    the same way that jaws made you stay out of the water…audition will forever alter how you look at the quiet asian girl.

  • DiscHuker: hahaha – I really can’t wait now!

  • Mafonja

    Cmoooon, wheres “The Thing”. Thats some classic horror movie… I dont think carrie should be in this top 10!!

  • j0p5

    “It” scared a shit out of me when I was a kid…
    Poltergeist was scary too…

  • Dan

    Reea: I agree, the American version of the Ring was a bad movie in general. There were parts that really made no sense to me.

    I have been a horror movie fan since I was a kid and a list like this is totally subjective as everyone has there own opinion of what is a good movie.

    Personally, I enjoy the movies that are more psychologically scary. Blood and guts are fun, but it is rare that they have a super great story line to go along with it.

    I also like the ones with a twist at the end like Hide and Seek (2005 DeNiro). It wasn’t overly scary but the twist at the end made it a good movie in my book.

    Also as time changes, we grow more accustom to the violence in movies. Movies we were frightened by 20 years ago seem tame by today’s standards.

  • Dan: I agree – in fact, one of the best horrors out there is Texas Chainsaw Massacre and you don’t even get to see anyone getting cut up – it is all implied – which, IMHO, is even scarier.

  • Dan


    The mind can conjure up things we can’t begin to describe with film.

  • j3anjean

    That’s why Stephen King’s books have always trumped his movies. The imagination is better than any screen. I do love scary movies – the blood & guts movies can get kind of cheesy.

  • rp

    Dan, I saw both and thought the American version of the Ring was okay. And while I agree with what you said in general, I think if you look at some of the Euro-horror films of 20 years ago, you’ll find that things haven’t changed too much in regards to on-screen violence. It just took a while for the rest of the world to catch up.

  • Dan

    rp: I will admit that I haven’t seen many/any of the Euro-horror films(can you post a few titles?), but I will also admit that USA is more strict (or read as prudish) compared to Europe’s standards.

    j3anjean: Stephen King (I am a big fan btw) has not been in control of some of his biggest movies and that has had a significant impact on what is portrayed compared to his books. The Shining is a great example. SK was never happy with the final version that is why he redid it as a mini-series for tv, which is fairly different from the Kubrick movie.

    Of course, budget can and does play a factor in how ‘cheesy’ a film can be too.

  • jayvan

    No way is shining the best horror film. Move The Exorcist to # 1. Plus I think one of the Omen movies was terrifying.

  • rp

    Dan: There are many examples, but a good start would be the late 70’s – mid 80’s films by Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci. And, of course, one of the goriest movies of all time was Cannibal Holocaust which came out in the early 80’s, I believe. It’s premise was the inspiration for The Blair Witch Project.

    Keep in mind how low the budgets were for those films combined with the special effects limitations at the time. And to this day, Suspiria, Deep Red, Tenebre, Inferno, Zombies, and The Beyond are pretty impressive horror films. At the very least they were highly influential.

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  • jaws NOT scary. the shining… awesome but not the scariest… where is halloween on this list? the ring.. also a good movie but not deserving of being in the top 10.

    • I don't think scare factor is their only criteria in making this list. You got to look at Jaws in terms of influence. It scared thousands of people into staying out of the water. That's got to count for something, even if you didn't personally find it scary. And I agree with you on The Ring.

  • Dan

    rp: thanks for the info!

  • rp

    No problem, Dan. I’m thinking of finding a copy of Suspiria to watch tonight. I made the mistake of loaning out my limited edition dvd set to a neighbor who moved without returning it. Now I see that these sets are selling for up to 100 USD. Not good times. :(

    Oh, and that should be “Zombie”, not “Zombies”.

  • varma

    varma: at the video store? :)

    gud one

  • hinjew

    Arachnophobia always scared the crap outta me when I was young. It still does actually.

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  • DiscHuker

    jamie, did you ever watch audition?

  • DiscHuker: I haven’t yet – but I have managed to get a copy. Thanks for reminding me – I might watch it this evening :)

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  • Ryon

    John Carpenter’s “The Thing” anyone?

  • Sam

    I’m also kind of concerned that “The Thing” wasnt on the list OR mentioned in any of the comments. That movie is still one of my favorites.

  • Samuel of cinci

    I’m also kind of concerned that “The Thing” wasnt on the list OR talked about in any of the comments. That movie is still one of my favorites.

  • Azmerelda

    Are these films like older horror films. Because if not wrong turn was pretty nasty. Saw no. just no.

  • Slammerworm

    ‘The Exorcist’ only works if one has a religious upbringing; otherwise it’s about a sick little girl. In a cinema, ‘The Blair Witch Project’ and its controversial conclusion inspired a volley of derision (at least when I saw it), but on DVD with the lights out, ooooh…

    • Maddie

      I disagree.

      I have had absolutely no religious upbringing at all and the movie to me was still about a possessed girl. Suspension of disbelief does wonders for people, sometimes.

  • sumit

    Guy…s jus 1 i’ll recommend is “SHUTTER”… scary as shit

  • Drogo

    John Carpenters “The Thing” scared the heck out of me, which is really embarrassing because I was 20 years old when I saw it.(haha)

  • Dragon Thief

    I am 13 and am sooo scared to watch any horror films. Just looking at the pictures on a video box scares the hell out of me. My Dad says that I shouldn’t be scared of a movie, because lots of people were in the making of it, and know how everything works. It’s just our minds that play tricks on us…My mind plays up all the time…:( Could any of you give me any advice on watching horror films without getting scared?

    Please and Thankyou

    • That's a contradiction dude. Horror films are designed to scare you.

  • Mark

    sumit: thats that thai movie about that girl who commits suicide and the camera right? if that has one of the most hair raising (for real the hairs on my back neck lol) scenes ive ever seen in a horror movie.

  • Dan231

    Dragon Thief: the best way is to start off slow and build up your resistance/sensitivity to horror films. I was watching scary movies since I was a little kid and I’m pretty desensitized to them now.

    There are horror and suspense movies. , so you have to determine which ones you want to watch. Some of each type are worse than others.

    Watch Halloween and Friday the 13th series. They are great films for their era and pretty tame by todays standards, although Halloween still kicks ass! Might want to try the Deathwish series starring Charles Bronson.

    But be careful of what you wish for, they really don’t hold up much to me as they once did. Consider yourself pretty lucky as you can get the full effect of these movies now.

  • Dan231

    Slammerworm: I disagree with you on the Exorcist.
    I am Catholic, but brought up as non-practicing. I think anyone can appreciate that there might be a higher power (God vs the Devil) and that the Devil might be able to posses a person. Have you seen the Omen? What is your take on that?

    By your statement, one could say that the Matrix was complete garbage because I don’t believe that machines could overtake man. Movies feed off imagination and rely on the big “What-If” questions.

  • Slammerworm

    Dan231: I”m an Atheist. Unless one believes in an eternal soul, ‘The Exorcist’ doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t intend to demean people of faith, but without getting into a theological flamejob, may we please agree that in order to fully appreciate ‘The Exorcist’ one does need to have been brought up a God-fearing society. Otherwise, the events of ‘The Exorcist’ do not threaten Joe Average, at least in the short term. As for ‘The Omen’; well that was a fun horror movie, but ‘The Blair Witch Project’ worked so well because the universal fears it exploited were so fundamental (isolation, hubris, the ‘evil mother’ thing, etc.). And yep, ‘The Matrix’s popularity was indeed a thing of puzzlement, given that the ideas were so familiar to anyone interested in sci-fi. It wasn’t all tht great a movie, either BTW. Unfortumately, ‘The Exorcist’s big ‘what if” question required more work than normal for a genuinely enjoyable horror movie.

  • Lewis

    Well you spelt ‘unfortunately’ wrong.

  • dan231

    I don’t agree with that. I think you take from a movie what you put in. How can the Omen be a fun movie but not the Exorcist? Don’t they both rely heavily on God vs. Devil?

  • Slammerworm

    Not really. ‘The Exorcist’ relies heavily on theology, whereas in ‘The Omen’ it’s just a device to get some goochy murders together. The latter is a more ‘traditional’ horror, affecting several characters. One could substitute an alien power or even no power at all, since the devil has his earthly assassins doing most of the work. You have to believe in possession for ‘The Exorcist’ to work, because it’s just one sick bedridden girl who’s affected, and she’s not going to go on a rampage or anything. It came with the baggage of being ‘the scariest horror ever’, but honestly I got bored. You’re quite right, one does get out of a movie what one puts in, but sometimes one doesn’t have the necessary background to create the symbiosis. I see possession as a mental health issue (see ’10 Incredible Recordings), so excuse my flipness, but the demons make Regan swear, urinate publicly, and masturbate. That’s an annoying alcoholic street person, not a monster.

  • RealTop 10

    in my opinion the top should be:-

    1.Evil dead 1
    2.Evil dead 2
    3.Demons[dario argento]
    4.The thing
    5.the exorcist
    7.Haute hension (high tension-alexander aja)
    9.SAW series
    10.The descent

    and finally blair witch project which is a psychological atmospheric horror film. i think most of u will agree with my list.

  • HandyMandy

    What about 28 Days Later….it was terrifying!

  • Jess

    Slammerworm: You don’t need to believe in exorcism or God and the devil to enjoy a movie. Many people don’t believe in aliens and supernatural forces but like the movies. Half of the films in the list are in this genre.

  • Stereo Mike

    Absolutely perfect list, right down to the honourable mentions.

    And though I love the Evil Dead series and The Thing, RealTop 10’s list had better be a joke…

  • Slammerworm

    Jess: I guess I don’t feel personally threatened by the events in The Exorcist, whereas there’s a certain amount of dread generated by the others in that they may envelop an innocent, unknowing bystander. To avoid Regan in The Exorcist, you just need to keep walking past the house. Besides, even if one does encounter her in her fully-blown ‘possession’ period, what’s she actually gonna do? Yell at you?

  • AMG

    alright the ring should have been one of the scariest movies out there! it wasnt that well advertised, but was easily a great movie. ringu, associated with the rind, but not as good.
    ringu was made in japan.the SAW series was definetely one of the best sick twisted and demented movies ive ever seen…SWEET. i love all horror movies so please keep on writing comments.

  • keo

    acc to me, apart from the above
    freddy vs jason
    hostel-1 is good,
    wrong turn-1,2
    hills have eyes -1,2
    then there are science fiction stories like
    DOOM,the house(more like resident evil…)
    evil dead is more like a comedy dont you think.
    I havnt sn the top 10 listed movies above.

  • delandria

    what can I say…good list indeed,but there are only movies that anyone know.I’ll try to write a list of good b movies you shall see.Most of them are much greater than the A ones.
    10-wind chill-not gory,not very “scary” but intensely psychological
    9-the fog-you HAVE to see it! Its just…plain good!
    8-dead birds-creepy as hell-and a whole new idea
    7-darkness falls-one of my guilty pleasures-idea used too many times but still makes you jump
    6-urban legnd1-another guilty pleasure.See just part 1-part 2 SUCKS .big time!
    5-pulse-probably you know it.I was afraid to start my computer for a week:D
    4-the tattooist-another new idea.
    3-megido-if you are an atheist that think religion-based horrors are not good-DO NOT WATCH IT!!!
    2-cup of my blood-erotic,creepy,psychological…and the list of adjectives can go on forever
    1-anything and everything from Cronenberg-the king of venereal horror(Not b movies-just less known)
    P.S.(off topic)-I’m agnostic.And I think that we have no f….n idea why and who we are.And this only because I’ll get both atheists and religious people started:P

  • Keo are good
    i havnt seen most of the films you mentiond above.
    but I heard that THE FOG is really stupid.the idea was good but the execution was bad.
    I demand
    HID AND SEK- its good(more like a suspense story)-you wont know who charly is in the film ,but they give clues to identify the mysterious person,
    SHUTTER-its scary
    THE EYE,
    th trailers are available in

  • Polly Odyssey

    I have only seen one of these (Psycho) but I like these Horror Movie lists.

  • Pawl

    “Event Horizon” should be added to notables.. if anyone likes sci-fi mixed with strong psychological terror :) Constant tension and feeling of something about to happen.. One of my favorites :)

  • coola

    i dont agree with the exorcist being number 2 it should be number 10 it is the unscariest horormovie i have ever seen

  • Dadeaux

    The Haunting – the original version by Robert Wise. You never see a ghost, though you occasionally hear one or two, but the atmosphere is unsurpassed. The scene where one of the protagonists holds hands in the dark with another must be the scariest movie moment I have ever experienced. And one of the most shocking, too. Don’t sleep alone after watching this.

  • docsax

    Great list, but really written by a non-fan. There’s some pretty glaring omissions, and a few I wouldn’t even really qualify as “horror”, but wouldn’t necessarilly omit. Early morning, forgive my atrotious spelling.
    In no particular order:

    Shutter (the original 2004 Thai film)
    Romero’s “of the Dead” Saga
    Dawn of the Dead 2004
    El espinazo del diablo
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    John Carpenter’s The Thing
    Dead Alive

  • arpan

    i think grudge should be at no.1. it is the most horrified movie i`ve ever seen till now.

  • Emily

    I LOVED “Pet Sematary,” now that was a great horror flick.

  • sitesh

    THE GRUDGE only

  • SlickWilly

    Oh, god….The Grudge? Seriously? Go put your training pants back on and head down to the horror section of your local video store. Close your eyes. Now grab a random movie. I guarantee you that no matter what piece of shit you happen to end up with, it will be better than the piece of shit that was The Grudge.

  • YashaMaru

    my-my, someone forgot to mention The omen.

    theres also a lack of nightmare om elm street. :)

  • albert0

    I saw the original wickerman. It isnt exactly scary, more creepy the way that it is sinister stuff is so light hearted.


    Im From Romania end I havent do 1 hour of english . Y hawe learn from Cartoon’s end mouvie’s :))) . sooo if y make alots of mistakes . dont boter y wont see dis formum again in my life. So y wil list my horor mouvies :D 1—The best is DAWN OF THE DEAD maibe it wasnt soo scarie but you got to admit that it was GOOOOODDD!!
    – Texas ceinsaw masacre
    – Saw — All of them
    – ewriting whit ZOMBIE’S —- OLD & NEW –sens Mouvies war invented. :D
    -The Ring I . II . III — III is the Best ! :D
    -Alien : I . II was Superrrr Cooool .III .IV was a failiure f…g Suckt alsoo AVP . Maibe AVPR —- That was cood . Good stori , maked sense , end Aliens & Predators warent fithing in a montezuma egiptean wat the fuck was it , in the midle of noord poool or where the fuck was it . Jesssus !!!!!!
    -THE EYE —- Ooooo YA!!!
    -THE GRUDGE — !!The most idiotic horror ever ! goood story bad killer or demon !!! what the fuuck was that bich .
    -The Thing
    -Dead Birds
    -The Exorcist the first end original — the rest …hmmmmm
    -Pulse – im not in god relation whit my pc wrom when y sennd the mouvie
    -Underworld – God !! & 2 was wery wery wery god ! :D
    -THE FOG
    -Scream 1,2,3 worck’s whit a beeer whit your friends
    -Rose Red [The Series]
    -Old but good : Blairwich project . The second part it wass god but before y seeen part too i realy belive that part 1 was real :)
    -Land of the dead
    -Day of the dead
    -most of the mouvies like …bla bla OF THE DEAD :D stupid names but cooooooool mouvies man !
    – the last my favorite the scariest is ICE AGE !
    Sooory wor words that y routh rong “ALMOST EVRITHING” … end bye !! se you in other life . :p Or in HELL :D

  • valery

    the exorcist is soooo soooo cool but a little scary but still cool

  • Lilith Hel

    no Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, or Night or the Living Dead? i’m very disappointed in this one.

  • l1ghtsh0w

    omfg, the exorcist is not scary AT ALL…whenever I watch it, I just laugh my ass off…

  • muinujnik

    The Ring (Japan)
    Juon (Japan)
    The Eye (Original)
    Dark Water (Japan)
    Shutter (Thai)
    Nang Nak (Thai)

  • Jimi

    I have to agree with the others. Where’s the Omen [original], Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street etc.
    The Grudge was incredibly stupid.
    Poltergeist was just bad acting, but still ok.
    The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw and Jaws deserve to be in there coz I believe if a movie is based on a true story it’s more scary and appealing because it could happen to anyone.
    Next time If there’s another top 10 Halloween should definantly be in there.
    And also, that ICE_ULTIMATE guy is too weird..

  • [REC]

    If you want a movie that will scare you to death i recoment the movie [REC] the last 5 mins is the scarriest thing i have ever seen ind not much scares me.

    it will be hard to find cause its a spanish movie with subtitles but it is so worth it

    PS. dont plan on sleeping…seriously

  • warningdontreadthis

    I haven’t seen Poltergeist in 10 or 9 years. I watched it when I was really young and it totally freaked me out.

    I still remember the clown and the branches.

  • warningdontreadthis

    Emily: I read the Pet Semetary and I was really strange.

    Ever seen Red Rose?

  • warningdontreadthis

    Sorry other way around Rose Red ^^

  • warningdontreadthis

    Oh fuck I cant write anything right. I give up *sobs*
    “And I was really strange?”
    Jfrater please delete that comment :(

  • Tammy

    The Shining scared the hell out of me, and I didn’t see it until I was an adult. The Grudge really freaked me out, I think it was the kid that meowed and maybe the girl with no lower jaw. My kids like to mess with me by making that sound the long haired ghost/spirit/whatever made. Gives me chills!

  • Brad

    Oh man, what about Evil Dead? That’s like the measuring stick of the horror genre.

  • scary12

    he should’ve added halloween and friday the 13th

  • ZAxel

    I just saw Rosemary’s Baby with my dad last night. Within 10 minutes of the movie ending, I had made two semi- creepy jokes relating to the movie. First, my mom said something smelled bad. I suggested it was Tannis root. A few minutes later, my dad couldn’t find his phone. I then said that he might go blind. My dad actually yelled at me after the second one, I guess he was still a little scared.

  • Taija

    Carrie is such an amazing movie, especially because I can relate to it.

    The Shining is really great too, although I prefer the book.

  • CEAS

    The first Childtren of the Corn movie, I think was a realistic and creepy concept. How orndinary young kids slaughter people. It made it scary to think what could happen when you arrive or past through a quiet town.

  • CEAS

    Oh, I almost forgot “IT” was scary ass hell. Never saw a clown the same again.

  • trento

    man, i loved the scene in the shining where jack nicholson is all frozen. i saw that movie when i was 11 and the exorcist when i was 12… didnt negativly affect me that much, just had some nightmares for a few days.

  • David

    The Omen?????

  • baldude

    Good choices, I don’t know about Jaws, I was bored all the way through it. Someone mentioned The Beyond, I have bought 3 different versions of it and it’s good but it’s also too disjointed, maybe it’s just bad editing on the DVDs. If you haven’t seen Argento’s new movie, Mother of tears, GET IT! It’s Argento the way you remember him.
    Movies I guess everyone missed: Night of the living dead and Last house on the left

  • southparklovr

    no scilence of the lambs?


  • southparklovr: Silence of the Lambs is more a thriller than a horror.

  • southparklovr

    oh well, ok

    Ur oppinion I guess

  • valery

    i think the gruge is not scary only a little ah!the gruge not

  • **Tashy**

    This is one hot list, although I think Poltergeist n jaws shouln’t be in it. The excorcist still freaks me out when I picture that girl’s face!!!! And now I just saw it again- lord have Mercy :-O

  • Levi

    “i think the gruge is not scary only a little ah!the gruge not”

    The Grudge isn’t on this list.

  • animoo

    im going CAMPING this weekend, and im trying to find a good scary/horror film that my friends and I could watch together in a crowded tent. at night. more specifically, with ghosts and not a lot of gore. Preferably with color (recent, but not that much). i’ve only seen parts of jaws, ringu, and texas chainsaw massacre. Carrie was good, but I don’t think it’s a great film to scare me horribly. down to the nitty gritty: don’t like ringu and the grudge nor freddy and jason movies.
    I’m thinking about poltergeist or rosemary’s baby… Shining seems too scary for me so I’m gonna save that more later. Suggestions/Recommendations? Sorry if I’m too specific…..

  • Jay

    Nice list, but come on…Halloween is incredible and deserves a spot on the list.

  • Mike

    I definately agree with the top three, but I’m not sure about the rest of the list.

  • GuesssWho

    What, no Silence of the Lambs?


    What about “Wicker Man”?

    Old-Wizard will be with you…always.

  • Parth

    1.The shining
    4.saw all series
    5.ring 1 n 2
    6.The Omen
    7.Silent hill
    9.zeepers creepers 1 n 2

  • Nico

    I recently ordered The Omega Man (Charlton Heston)on DVD.
    As a child it scared me senseless, still a brillant horror movie worth watching.

  • Nico

    I still love the hit 70’s tv series The Night Stalker.
    I would still garantee it’s appeal to anyone who dares to believe in supernatural horror !! Darin McGavin was brillant as Kolshack a news paper columist who always managed to find the most bizzare and spine chilling stories..I’ve read somewhere that it was the fore runner for the x files tv series.

  • Egg

    Really glad Entity and Omen weren’t up there. More annoying films than frightening. I agree with LordCalvert that the Changling is a fantastic film.

  • mike

    1*The Shining (agree as #1)
    2*Exorcist (up there)
    3*Halloween (I was 13’ish the first time I saw this and walked home alone at 1am in the middle of the road, ran the last 2k flat out…pretty scared is an understatement!)
    4*Pet Cemetery (very up there)
    5*Salem’s Lot (saw that early too…very scary)
    6*Blair Witch Project (good concept, looked past the hype)
    7*Evil Dead (wow)
    8*The Thing (double wow)
    9*Event Horizon (bit of SciFi doesn’t hurt)
    10*28 Days Later (I was impressed!)
    Special mention: Omen/Nightmare on Elm St/The Deep/Poltergeist/Ringu

  • JP

    Still think Evil Dead is great as is The Exorist and Thing.
    But also remember watching Basket Case when i was young it scared the crap out of me slept with the light on for days after. Also remember Motel Hell being good haven’t seen either though for years.

  • rob

    hmm jaws is not suposed tobe here dunno why you all forgget candyman i think it must be here too,,

  • Yes! Motel Hell is a classic. But who among you has seen Mother’s Day? One of my absolute fave fucked up don’t go camping cause you’re gonna get kidnapped and raped by psycho woodspeople movies.

  • ElenaSFA

    C’mon. Get wif the times.

  • Achilles

    I’ve never seen Les Diaboliques, or Rosemary’s Baby for that matter, but I definitely agree with The Shining and the Exorcist as the top two.

    Although The Shining is very scary, I actually find the Japanese horror films (The Ring, The Grudge, Dark Water, etc.) the most frightening. But taking everything into account, such as plot/storyline, acting, directing, gore, scariness, etc. The Shining is the ultimate horror film.

    And the scene with the two girls in the blue dresses in the hallway is quite simply the most chilling scene in cinema history!

  • ligeia

    Yawn, couldn’t have been more predictable. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a big horror fan (and by big I don’t mean fat) but this is basically just a list of the most well-known horror films. Apart from Les Diaboliques I have seen them all, and while most of them are good I most certainly would not put them in the top 10. Okay, yeah Jaws scared the crap out of me when I was about 8 and I had to check the toilet for sharks, but I was 8!

  • Domms

    Wow dude, are you serious about this list? You call this mainstream garbage horror? Wheres Dawn of the Dead? Wheres Hellraiser? Evil Dead? The Thing? A Nightmare on Elm Street?
    You got the fucking Ring. The least scariest piece of crap movie you could think of. Jaws? Stick to Sci Fi Spielberg. Exorcist is Numero Uno, until you figure that out…

    This list fails soo hard, Benoit yourself.

  • Domms

    p.s. Quit sucking Stephen King’s cock soo much, he’s the most overated horror writer of his time. Although he is quite imaginative, the fucker could never put an ending to his novels.

  • Vera Lynn

    Domms (166) I love Stephen KIng, one of my fave writers. But I agree 100% with you. I have been disappointed on many occasions at the ending of his stories.

  • Sierra

    Jaws is so not scary to me. I don’t know why.
    Child’s Play scared the hell out of me as a kid. I even stopped watching Rugrats because of “Chucky”.

  • sonya black

    i like most of them but i wouldnt count jaws as horror.
    dunno i found it a bit boring.
    i think thirteen gohsts should be there.
    thats a gooood movie.

  • juleigh

    Hands down, The Exorcist is the scariest movie I have ever seen. That little girl’s face still gives me nightmares! My sister and I watched the re-released version when it came out in theaters several years ago. There was 11 minutes of previously cut material in it and there was this one scene…let’s just say it is so unnatural and so freaky everyone in the theater screamed…
    I loved Poltergeist, I could watch it over and over. Candyman scared the crap outta me. And The Orphanage is a really good ghost story. It’s Spanish, so if you don’t speak the language, you’ll have to read subtitles.

  • hughesy

    The Shining great read the book it’s well better

  • Lintern1982

    The Shining never made it into my top 10, simply because i never found the film scary what so ever. Note that a few of these films sh!t me up because i watched them when i was around 10-11yrs old and are classics!

    1) Halloween
    2) The Exorcist
    3) Amityville 2 (The one where the son gets possessed and kills his whole family with a shotgun, scary shit!)
    4) Childs Play
    5) Friday The 13th
    6) Nightmare On Elm Street
    7) The Descent (Simply in top 10 because this film made me jump a few times)
    8) The Ring
    9) Demons (Lamberto Bava)
    10) Maximum Overdrive (Dont know why these scared me when i was younger but it was a cool film!)

    • Senor Pescado

      worked on Maximun OD not scary at alll
      see MY posts

  • nina_beretta

    omg no zombie movies? Agreed most of them were cheesy but Return of The Living Dead traumatized me for weeks, and 28 Days Later had a heart stopping chase scene, great music score. Also, 28 Weeks Later had a terrifying beginning!

  • Bert

    I am glad someone mentioned The Changeling. That movie rocks. No blood, George C. Scott, super creepy, a classic.

  • Hillery

    I can’t stand that I’ve seen all these movies (own most of them, in fact). Really good horror movies are so rare, and I’m so in love with them, that I’ve probably seen them all :( Why do they make so many crappy scary movies? Maybe a list of great horror movies you’ve probably never seen? I should start working on that, but then I would have seen all of them.

  • joebecca

    you know, i’m really suprised that Halloween isn’t on this list. In America that film is iconic!!! it’s wasn’t really gory or anything, but it scared the living daylights out of everyone who saw it for the first time.

  • snakeeyes

    nightmare on elm street[freddy],friday the 13th[jason],wrong turn 1&2,night of the living deads,saw series[mr.jigsaw]halloween[michael myers],joyride1&2,hatchet,chucky[doll],the hills have eyes series[cannibalism],final destination series,scream series,hitchikers series,texas chainsaw massacre series[leatherface],traces and faces of death series[documentary],jaws1&2,omen,hellraiser,cildren of the corn,poltergeist,and wishmaster series.

  • djcolly

    watch Poltergeist the movie free!!!

  • fawadniazi

    2.Evil dead 2
    3.The taxes chainsaw massacre
    5.28 Days later
    7.Dawn of the dead
    8.House of 1000 corpses

  • Nikki

    damn you.Just been looking through the comments and no i havent seen The Wicker man.Just like this one time i waited all week to watch a film at a cinema andi was really looking forward to it.Turned out my friend had already seen it and she said” oh,ive lready seen thatand this happens etc etc ” .I ve never forgiven her since

  • Nikki

    and i agree with the person who said that Halloween scared the living daylights out of anybody who hadnt seen it before.Im speaking from first hand experience here.I literally had a nightmare about being chased and murdered who looked suspiciously like michael myers not long afte watching it

  • sammi

    i dont like this list
    wheres nightmare on elm street? (im a HUGE freddy fan)
    when i first saw that when i was little, that movie made me afraid to sleep!!!!
    freddy could get you in your DREAMS
    i agree that friday the 13th and halloween should be on the list too

  • sammi

    anyway the exorcist should be number 1. I HAD NIGHTMARES

  • Zattaara

    hi guys. Anyone seen a thai movie where the actors are making a horror movie and one by one each of them dies. Finally the ghost is actually a thai dancer whith the long fingernails. What is the title of the movie? anyone?

  • Alex

    It´s so weird how many people found “The Exorcist” scary. I know horror in general is very subjective, but to me, it´s one of the most boring, most overrated movies ever made. Yes, the scenes with Linda Blair are very intense, but the rest of the movie is just so trite and dry to me that it´s almost physically painful. Whenever I sit through “The Exorcist” to give it another chance, I feel like watching a really long-winded documentary … and I don´t mean one of the great and engaging ones. But I guess that´s a matter of taste.

    It´s a really good selection, though. I completely agree with “The Shining” and “Rosemary´s Baby” being up there, two of the most haunting movies I´ve ever seen. I was kinda expecting “Don´t Look Now” by Nicholas Roeg to be on there because that movie disturbed me to no end, but it´s a good list nonetheless.

  • aspen

    very very good job. i have seen them all! take off carie

  • Princess

    Psycho is one of the most rubbish films I have ever seen! It’s funnier than scary! But Anthony Perkins looks so hot! I’m in love with him! Anyway, its sequels are so much better! Does anyone know where I can watch Psycho 3 for free online?

  • fatsachs

    Exorcist should hold the number 1 spot indefinitely. The most terrifying film ever shot, I won’t own it or watch it to this day and I’m 27 years old!

  • Rebecca. :)

    I’m only fifteen, but I have this love for all thing horror.
    I havn’t seen any of these, but I want to see most of then.
    On other lists I’ve seen “The Wicker Man”. (I’ve only seen the new version)It was one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen. You shouldn’t put the lines “Step away from the bike!” in any film tbh. You can’t take it seriously. haha.

    Anyway, my favourite horror films are:-
    1) 28 Days Later.
    2) 28 Weeks Later.
    3) Mirrors.
    4) The Skeleton Key.
    5) The Ring.
    6) The Grudge.
    7) The Others.
    8) The Hills Have Eyes.
    9) Saw.
    10) Hostel.

    I need to see more films?
    If anyone wants to recommend some-
    [email protected]

    • Senor Pescado

      see my post

  • olivia:)

    okayy yeah i havent been around vveryy long, but being a teenager that gets into alot of trouble, i get grounded alot and i watchh alot of movies. horror movies catch my eye mostly. here are my top 10;
    1) 30 days of night;
    -love storyy
    2) amityville horror 05′ ;
    -first of all its a true story
    -i have been to the house, yes its fucking haunted.
    -makes sense, and its stupid like the texas chain saw massacre movies.
    3) hamiltons;
    -creepy. watch with people.
    4) hostel;
    -its as if that kinda of shit could seriously happen to you.
    5) single white female;
    -okay sounds like a dating service ad, but nooo; its a chick loooking for a roommate cuz she found her fiance cheating on her. so her new roomate turns out to copy her, and frame her. (kills everyone she knows) then attempts to kill her alllll because she had a twin sister and accidently killed her and got blamed for it. (revengeful)

    6). hush baby;
    -yes its a lifetime movie. no its not a gay chick flick.
    -a woman just had a baby, and her baby hates her because its possesed by her precious daughter that drowned. check it out, veryyyyyy freakkyy.=]

    7) shaun of the dead;
    -the britishh are coming and they made u laugh, cry, and scream of in one retarded horror movies.

    -this movie is the reason every teenager wants to fit in.

    9)the hitcher 2007 i wanna sayy.
    -never ever pick up a hitcherhiker idc if u hit the damn person never ever do it.

    10)ginger snaps 1&+ 2
    -werewolf movies double feature. very funny if u laugh at death. very scary if u cry at killing. :).


  • gangsta

    i would definitely give ”the ring” a place an this..”the shining” is more of a thriller than horror..i cant see ”blair witch project” too..sad..

  • orino

    i think that the omen shld have its place at the top ten horror movies of all time.
    the reason for its omitted,i cannot fathom…pls cross check ur facts and get it corrected.
    i say it again,omen is worthy of not even top ten,bt top five jn overall.

  • Signe

    “IT” and “The Blair Witch Project” are the sacrriest things out there!! Don’t know if the are exactlu horror movie – not sure about the definition – but scary as hell!

  • Ami

    I’m so glad Rosemarys Baby is on here! I just adore that movie. I think The Birds needs to be up there as well, and what, no Hammer Horror?

  • TeNo

    hmm….wat about the thing… someone elses list it was no1.
    and shinning??? it was a pretty ok movie but….i dont think its worthy of no1.

  • youngchuck72

    i really dont think jaws should be up there
    and i’m really suprised the first original halloween is not up there also the original my bloddy valentine is quite disturbing the ending gave me chills

  • Danny

    Agree with all except Shining as # 1 –

  • jaslin

    u guys shud reli check out ” nightmare on elm street” nd m sure u’l b 2 scared 2 watcg al of the 7 movies -trus me i dnt blame u if u r 2 scared watch them coz i wasnt lol- i onli got 2 numba 5 den i was terified for wat seems lke a etrnity lol

    if ur brave nd love scary movies den wacth all 7 movies of nightm,are on elm street!

  • doddi

    i hate the shining its not scary, the wife talks funny and it bugged me all the film and tha guy seems pretty luny before they go to the hotel. But i am ashamed to say i haven’t seen any of the others:(

  • creepygirlfriend

    What a fun list and also the feedback is great! I’m so glad to see Argento and Fulci being brought up and such great classics as Cannibal Holocaust and The Wicker Man. The 70s and 80s brought so much to the genre of horror. I’m still a fan of todays gore flicks, “gore porn”. Audition has a few squirm worthy scenes, hostel 1, 2, Saw series. But hey @ least Halloween 2, Nightmare on Elm St, and Hellraiser are being done, so I’m hoping for the best!

  • Mark

    200. creepygirlfriend : I think “torture porn” is a better tag than “gore” but whichever you like. My favourite horror movie would have to be American Psycho, simply because I also loved the book so much. Watch the film before you read the book, the book adds a lot and explains the film and seeing as all the film is good for is the thrill and gore watch it first I recommend. Although I would tread lightly around the book, you’re going to need one hell of a strong stomache to get through that beast :)

  • creepygirlfriend

    Mark: you are wise! I have read the book and boy that was quite a tale! Unfortunatly I saw the movie first :( But Ellis is a great author… detailing every brutal morsel and even describing all the yuppy eats, clothes, and state of the art equipment…. I would definatly give that warning you gave me to all reguarding this book!

  • Mark

    202. creepygirlfriend : Oh yeah, great book if you’re right at the end of the “gross-spectrum” but if you’re not right at the very end, stay very, very far away. Everyone has been warned, don’t read this book on my recommendation – I don’t want to get sued when you start shooting people out the clock tower :)

  • Minty

    Hell yeah, Kubrick’s The Shining 8D!
    But where’s Silence of the Lambs?
    And how is Poltergeist on here? Watch that again, and tell me it’s still as sdcary as when you first saw it.
    Jaws is also kind of more SHARKY GO NOM NOM NOM than scary.

  • LSD.chaos

    The shining isn’t acttualy scary but it is one of the most influential movies. Jaws was good the first 100 times now it’s just overrated.Texas chainsaw, is a bloody crap hole of a movie that if it was on I would probably watch it anyway it’s one of those that just makes you want to watch it.

  • Elisabeta

    I totally agree with The Shining being no 1 . Best horror movie I’ve ever seen. Scared me to death.

  • deviantmiss

    LSD.chaos i agree texas chainsaw massacre load of crap
    Minty i think silence of the lambs is classified as a thriller and as for blair witch how could anyone say that was scary? 13 ghosts was good.

  • too scared to make a name

    i watched jaws and i hav a game…not too much but i suggest jason x or freddie krueger for sadistic horrors and for psicho-horrors room 1489 or somethin like that…once i wuz littl i watched the ring and you know that shit bout 10 days due to death-i belived that-and my older sis(gosh i heat her)scared me of teh mind in ten days…freaked out

  • oouchan

    Good pick for The Shining to be number one, but for horror for me…The Thing. No other movie out there makes me jump as much as that one did. Most of the new ones are gore fests and are not worth the rental fees.

  • CrazyGirl

    The ring isn’t scary. I laughed at my friend being terrified. I haven’t seen the shining but probably will after seeing it at number one. Shouldn’t Dawn of the Dead be on here? Only like the best zombie movie. I haven’t seen jaws. *Shame* I must watch it. Poltergeist isn’t scary either.

    And I agree with Minty where is Silence of the Lambs?

    It takes a bit to get me scared though as I have watched so many horrors.

  • Elisabeta

    In my opinion Poltergeist is a bunch of crap :(

  • CrazyGirl

    Oh and what about Saw? Or is that more of a thriller??

  • IdesofMarch

    Ugh, The Shining? Are you kidding me? I vote for Ringu at number 1.

  • Danny

    A Great list. I miss SAW 1 though. That shot with the crazy guy in the little girls bedroom with a blanket over his head scared the crap out of me. Never had that before…

  • Marcus Killerby

    1. The Ecorcist
    The BEST Horror Movie EVERRR!!!! Sorry, got a little bit excited just then.
    2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    This movie IS horror. Disturbingly believable, completely sureal and non-stop frights. Completely messed up.
    3. Cannibal Holocaust
    The greatest gore movie ever, and one of the most disturbing films I have ever had the pleasure (right word?) of seeing.
    4. Martin
    Fantastic engaging story. Is Martin a vampire? who knows? but the last words spoken in this film are so surreal (just the way they are spoken)
    5. Inferno
    My favourite of Dario Argento’s undisputed masterpieces.
    6. The Shining
    Number 1, that’s a bit of a stretch. But it definitelly deserves a place in any top 10
    7. Day Of The Dead
    My personal favourite of Romero’s trilogy (and Romero’s favourite too)
    8. The Birds
    I preferred this to Psycho. Hitchcock is the MASTER of suspense.
    9. Halloween
    Brilliantly crafted and an nightmare inducing horror movie. The remake was also surprisingly good.
    10. Inside
    This french movie is the scariest movie I have EVER seen. The gore is top notch, and it had me squirming in my seat (no joke). This film affected me like no other and is bound to affect women even more due to the nature of the film. Horrible, disturbing, and actually frightening. There is some confusion towards the end, but if you overlook that then you will have an absolutely horrifying experience. The use of editing and sound is so amazing. I don’t know how the director did it, but this is absolutely terrifying, and the only film in recent years that has made my top 10.

    I wouldn’t call this a top 10 best. This is my top 10 favourite.

  • Marcus Killerby

    Check out Funny Games (Either Heneke’s Original or Heneke’s remake – they are both frame for frame the same) – a lot of people find it very hard to get through this film due to how disturbing it is. Very good stuff

  • MikeClark

    Funny Games isn’t much of a horror film. More of a thriller if anything.

  • Marcus Killerby

    Too right, if it were horror it would be on my top 10. SHUT UP Clark – you haven’t even seen it.

    Any fan of horror should check it out

  • Marcus Killerby

    Clarke’s just some guy who thinks that 1408 is the best horror movie ever, and Texas Chainsaw is just ordinary.

  • Aditya.aka.ADY

    Yeah….cool man, your place for psycho is really appreciable. I guess i have to watch The Shining now but i think carrie is more horror than Les Diaboliques as far as I am concerned about horror movies but still your list of top ten movies is great.

  • Marcus Killerby

    198 – Jaslin

    Come on, you can’t be serious. I like Nightmare On Elm Street as much as the next person but I’m not sure scary is the right word for it. The sequels are terrible and not even good for a laugh.

    The only thing that makes Nightmare a GREAT horror movie is seeing Johnny Depp getting eaten and regurgitated by a blood thirsty bed.

    Also, learn to type.

  • Marcus Killerby

    My 11-15

    11 – Psycho
    12 – Night Of The Living Dead
    13 – Jacob’s Ladder
    14 – Suspiria
    15 – Funny Games (original)
    Alright, I finally decided that I had to include this in my top 10, but because it is not exactly a horror film, I can’t put it in the top 10. This has great and bad reviews, but it is a truly great movie.

  • Chilly

    Need to watch “The Shining”. But ever never we could compare the horror films with Evil Dead, Night of the Demons, etc… They are the most powerful horror flicks.

  • kweng

    ah jaws..i’ve watched it when i was 5..and the exorcist, watched it when i was 7, and it surprisingly didn’t scare me back then..

    now after almost 10 years i’m not willing to watch the exorcist anymore (i can digest jaws)

  • C

    The Shining isn’t really that scary, I watched it for the first time when I was around 10 and I wasn’t scared at all. Then again I was a weird child who had a particular fondness for the dark.

  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    The Evil Dead movies are brilliant… bu t not scary. I think this was a list of scary horror movies. :) I for one, knew the shining would be number 1 as soon as I saw this list. :)

  • Nia

    My favourite movie is THE RING.It’s really a damn good movie.well I have not seen THE EXORCIST yet!I think it might change my choice!!!

  • kaka

    hey just watch the exorcist 1973.. A piece of advice,,,,!! JUST WEAR A LACK OF DIPPERS…. LOLS

  • nate

    just watched phyco u might wanna have some crazy absorbant diaperas around

  • nate

    psycho* haha

  • jonnno

    i think u all have no life because u hav no lifes as if u do this kind of shit….get a life

  • jonnno

    hahahahahahahhahaha suk my ballss

  • aaditya singh

    i prefer the gruge 1st and then the ring

  • ashish payasi

    the gruge almost in first and i think the shining isn’t very horror movie

  • madhu

    haa haa i was scared a little bit only to evildead 2 when iam 12 and none other

  • Georgie `n` Saffie `n` Abi

    Awwwwesome list, has given us some good ideas.

  • Georgie `n` Saffie `n` Abi


  • Snick

    My List [ Almost proper ]

    1 > The Thing [ Gore -Violence ]
    2 > Exorcist [ Bizzare – Good story – nice movie ]
    3 > Psycho [ Worst nightmare – last scene ]
    4 > Ringu [ Excellent story – horror at its best ]
    5 > 28 days later [ Nicely made ]
    6 > Shining [ I did not feel it as that horror of a movie]
    7 > Halloween [ Good movie ]
    8 > Dawn of the Dead [ GORE ]
    9 > Poltergeist [ Nice concept – horror ]
    10> Rosemary’s baby [ Excellent story ]
    11 > Alien [ Not sor horror – but classic ]
    12 > Saw [ intense with some violent scenes ]

  • pmb

    dude come on?????? thoese movies arent scary anough to be at a top ten list???

  • jo

    Yeah. I agree with pmb. These movies are passable at best. The exorcist and ringu are the only horrors I see listed here. But I find that very few american horrors scare me. Not because the movies aren’t good. Don’t get me wrong. Some are really good. But perhaps the difference in culture. How about the serpent and the rainbow? It used to scare me as a child but I haven’t seen it as an adult. My culture is so full of creatures n the supernatural that I can’t even begin to see jaws and the shining as horrors. Still love the list tho.

  • lozi

    are these really really scary? cos over the half term immah gunna try to cure my all my fears (yes- by watching loads of horror movies)but if they’re really scary i might not be able to make myself…..

  • ZenZaru

    Hellooooo everybody,

    What kind of a horror moviewatching fanatics are you!!!!
    Shame on you all!!!!!

    I Guess i Have to be the one to bring this to you.


    But Thou areth forgifst, that is after you watched it a 100 times

    Whoahahahaha (in a very creepy way)

  • I wasn’t really scared with ringu. Geez, I watch the 3 movies consecutively at 3 am in the morning. So disappointed.

  • thedeathgod

    yo man!I don’t think that all of these films are the best horror movies.I think Saw1,Saw2,Saw3,Saw4,Saw5 and Saw 6 are the best horror film I ever seen.

  • mex

    What about CUJO?

  • EFairy

    Good List Really enjoyed it. I didn’t think that The Shining was that scary, i actually found The Bird more scary then it. Psycho is my all time favorite film and Hitchcock is one of my favorite directers. Some of my favorite Horror films are The Haunting, The Birds, Carrie, and of course Psycho ! I need to see Suspiria which looks good along with the Wickerman which also looks really good.

  • Nikki

    hehehe…..i was not scared at all….

  • Watch the shining really late at night will all the lights turned off.

    Best thing ever.

  • nicoleredz3

    Omg, I watched Psycho and the Exorcist last weekend, one after the other! Oh…My…WOW! Awesome!

    Good list!

  • nicoleredz3

    @thedeathgod (244):

    That’s gore, not horror. There’s a difference, contrary to what ppl think…

  • theturk01

    I can list my top 10 (for last 10 years) as:

    1- Paranormal Activity
    2- Rec1
    3- The descent
    4- Rec2
    5- The fourth Kind
    6- Blair Witch Project
    7- Orphan
    8- The Others
    9- The Grudge
    10 – They

  • julietromeobravo

    Juon the grudge (japan)
    The orphanage

    all pretty good scary movies!

  • nathaaan90

    @nicoleredz3 [250]:

    i agree, Saw doesn’t belong on this list. I agree with them all except #9 and #1. Jaws just isn’t scary.

    I wouldn’t even class the Shining as a proper horror film, let alone the #1 horror film; it’s too slow and the acting from the woman and the boy is awful. There are plenty more that are better and scarier. House on the haunted hill, Hostel, Ju-on, Rec, to name a few.

  • bassbait

    @RobS [5]:

    Hey, I like what you had to say, but let me take what you said line by line and defend the movie:

    “Sorry. Not a big fan of The Shining. As much as I’ve always like Jack Nicholson, I don’t think he was the best choice for the lead.”

    Well, hey, he may not have been the best choice for the lead, maybe, but he acts that way because of Kubrick’s extremely specific direction.

    “During the movie, we should see the character of Jack Torrence go from normal to insane and I don’t think Nicholson EVER looks normal.”

    The idea here is that he’s a BAD person. He’s always been an abusive father, and always will be. That’s why throughout this film, he never seems like a good person.

    “Also, I think casting Shelly Duval as Wendy was a bad choice.”

    Well, hey, the book version of Wendy was supposed to be a certain way, but again, this is the movie. Kubrick casted her because of her lack of any independence. She seems helpless. That both gives it a lot more scary of a feel, and also symbolizes something. Everything in The Shining is symbolic, and Wendy in the movie is symbolic of the mistreatment of the native americans. She slightly resembles a native american, is always wearing clothes that suggest it, and she married a white husband who treats her as an object.

    “And what happened to Scatman Carruthers, does not bear thinking about.”

    Why? Is it what Kubrick did to him? HA! Kubrick is a genius. That’s not what Kubrick is like. The reason he did that is :

    A.Because they were filming a documentary and he doesn’t want too much attention payed to him

    B.In the documentary, he was manipulating everyone into thinking everything was real because it was a documentary.

    C.He was trying to help set the mood by paralleling his personality with Jack Torrance’s. He payed specific attention to mistreating Wendy’s and Holloran’s characters as he does in the movie. He’s a racist fellow, and he’s an abusive father and a terrible husband. Kubrick was trying to be a real life version of that.

    “Stephen King HATED this adaptation of his book and Stanley Kubrick, the director, even said he “didn’t get” horror movies.”

    Stephen King doesn’t get this movie, because the movie itself is much more complex than any of King’s books. It’s a masterpiece that deserves much more than people give it. Kubrick doesn’t get horror movies. Sure, but that’s probably a lie. He just doesn’t like horror movies. Again, he manipulates the majority of interviews by lying in order to shelter his subliminal narratives that he places in movies such as 2001 and The Shining. He also “doesn’t get them” because he doesn’t like the idea of a supernatural element. The Exorcist, for example, wouldn’t be a favorite of his, because it’s unrealistic. Now, The Shining, isn’t that full of ghosts? The answer is NO! The reality is, every nightmarish sequence in that movie, from the events in room 237 to the river of blood, are ACTUALLY nightmares. It’s all in Danny’s overactive imagination. I’m not kidding either. You would have to watch the movie and pay excruciating detail to not only what the people say, but how they act, and the symbolic representations/duality hinted at through the usage of mirrors.

  • nicoleredz3

    @bassbait [254]: Totally kickass analysis…

    Now, I look at this movie in a whole new light!

  • Will Trame

    The first time I saw the original “Night Of the Living Dead” the initial encounter in the cemetery and the scene where Judith O’Dea ran from the graveyard zombie (S William Hinzman) scared the hell out of me. The film had a real grainy look, but it added to its overall effectiveness; the black and white cinematography added an eerie film noir feel.

    The original “Psycho” was a classic (hard to fathom it’s celebrating its 50th anniversary this year) but the sequels for the most part were subpar. Psycho II was okay, but the third was more comical than fearful (one memory I have of initially seeing it was the whole theater broke into a noisy applause when Anthony Perkins and Diana Scarwid fell into bed together).

    “Wait Until Dark” is also worth mentioning, being more of a psychological thriller. Having it set primarily in a brownstone gave it a claustrophobic ambience that added to the tension. Alan Arkin made a damn good villain.

  • Signe

    I’ve seen half of these movies… Not very scary

  • dreg138

    “The Beyond” belongs on this list. These are good films, but almost totally mainstream. No Fulci? No Argento? Cookie cutter. As a matter of fact…almost all of these could be replaced.

  • steve

    dragon,grow up dude.

  • Excellent list. I have to get more into the horror genre. les Diaboliques is an AWESOME film, but not sure it classifies as "horror", no? If you are a huge horror buff, are you going to check out the new film, the Human Centipede 9i think that's what it's called)? NY mag says it is quite possibly the sickest film they have ever seen…. Nice list. Glad to see Shing beats out Exorcist….

  • :)!

    The Excorsism of Emily Rose and The Haunting in Connecticut should be in there. And i don't see why Jaws should be in there.

  • Cum Dumpster

    No Alien? No REC?

  • Hi Mom

    Night of the Living Dead? For the time, reallly good movie!

  • Vincent

    The picture of the shining made me lol for a while XD

  • Stephen A.

    don't think that TCM should be on top 10 list…maybe Halloween though.

  • james

    I happen to have seen 7 of those movies, good list but i dont think jaws is a horror movie at all. its an action movie with a little suspense and violence, a regular shark is not scary. I would have put the amitville horror in place of jaws

  • The Exorcist has lost all his horror atmosphere. I saw it at the cinema and me, as everyone else, had been laughing all the time.

  • jennifer

    okay the shinning is not even close to scary, to me its like like watching barney

  • Gracie

    what i remember most from the shining was- heere's Johnny!! and i laugh/screamed… the exorcst was frickin gorey…

  • temp

    useless list

  • Rafal

    I love The Shining but it didn't scare me :)

  • manda

    I completely agree. My aunt and I watched this after reading the books and being thoroughly scared. We were both very disappointed by the movie. I couldn't get past Shelley Duval and her horrible acting/hideousness.

  • Maddie

    If only this list were longer. I would have liked to have seen American Psycho, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Dead Silence on here. I’m generally deseneitized to horror movies but those three still creep me out, if only a little bit. [Since I’ve watched each one about a billion times.]

    I can also see why Stephan King hated the Shining. I hated that it strayed so far from the novel, which was by far one of the creepiest things I’ve ever read, but I loved the acting, directing, and generally everything else about it.

  • Senor Pescado

    I have had too many paranormal experiences in NC and Mexico
    lived in haunted houses and I do not even want to discuss Oaxaca Mexico

    I would say 'Blair Witch Project' spoked me more than any other I have ever seen, 12-31-1999

    and of course 'Alien' for shirting in your pants

    but then 'Night of the Living Dead', first seen Halloween night Greenville, NC after visiting a cementer in 73, can never be forgotten

    my folks used to take us toe some real sick drive in movies in the 50's, there was a double or triple billing, have never forgotten them very scary stuff, and in color

    anyone knows please email,
    tried all sorts of google and forums, one was about some creatures upstairs in a sort of castle, and one had a red warning flash before something happened
    Tower Theater Raleigh NC
    ? 50's or early 60's

    and sunrise theater moves as kid in the 50;s saturday mornings

    and the the last Laurence Harvey movie, 1972-73?
    very scary witches tale, once tasted human flesh, you can never go back?

    and' Phantasmogora' sp? really weird with that floating thing and the little guys in brown cloaks

    [email protected]

  • Senor Pescado

    again I worked on 3 steven king movies in Wilmington, one with hin as director and also dride of dracula, real campy
    I can take you to real places in Wilmington, but Blair Witch Project, is real
    I will drop any of you off in Nags Head Woods, on a certain moon, come back fro you in the morning
    you will never make it
    I will NEVER again at night go back there , 1973
    and it was NOT just the morning glory seeds, well they do induce a certain,
    well, leave it at that
    once in my life was enough

  • Biswajit

    I havn't see the all………Bt i think all will be terrible…………

  • Kat

    I really don't find any of those movies scary at all :/
    Maybe because i started to watch horror films since i was like 5 , i used to be terrified of freddy krueger but now.. not at all.
    the ONLY movie that had me screaming ( well i screamed once lol) it was THE CHANGELING i watched it like one year ago with the light off it was very good

  • Noticed a severe lack of Tod Browning, James Whale, David Cronenberg and George A. Romero.

  • Jay

    This list would have needed to be MUCH longer to even include a small percentage of people's favorites. Robert Wise's "The Haunting" should have been here. Browning's "Freaks" still haunts many people. I recently saw both versions of "The Thing" back to back and I liked what Carpenter did with it. And, OF COURSE, "Exorcist 3."

  • Walt G.



  • Otto Fick


    1.The Exorcist 2 The Innocents 3.Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4.The Haunting (1963) 5. Nosferatu 6. Audition 7. Let the Right One In 8. Night of the Living Dead 9. The Bride of Frankenstein 10. Possession (1981)

    • Otto Fick

      In retrospect I'll remove Possession (great movie if you can find it uncut) and substitute Psycho.

  • Otto Fick

    The Shining and Halloween are the most overrated horror films of all time.

  • Otto Fick

    11. Freaks
    12. Anything by Val Lewton and Jacques Tourneur

    Now I'm done.

  • Billy Carty

    What abou "the woman in black"??? An english horror from 1989. A brilliant show.

  • Jay

    Not necessarily the greatest, but movies that will make you think about the nature of reality:

    1. The Haunting (the original, not the ludicrous remake); 2. Exorcist 1 and 3 (best seen together); 3. The Ring and The Grudge (if you can find both the the Japanese versions and the English remakes, that would be best); 4. Blood and Roses (very old and difficult to find); 5.The Innocents.

    These are all movies with a strong supernatural element, and each one of them has something to say about the world around us, especially the world we seldom see with any clarity.

  • Mike L

    3 movies that absolutely MUST be on the best horror movies list is The Thing (Carpenter's version), Halloween (the original) and Blair Witch Project.

    John Carpenter is the master of horror, either with effects (The Thing and In The Mouth Of Madness (another great one) ) or with very little effects but lots of atmosphere/camera work (Halloween, The Fog, Escape From New York).

    Other than that you have some great classics on there as well!

  • jackdaniels63

    "The Exorcist" the best of the list.

  • Meltedsnickers

    Ok i know nobody has posted a comment on this list in ages an im not gonna be one of those guys who blasts others cos they left something out but all il say is THE THING.

  • Alyssa

    “I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m just gonna BASH YOUR FUCKING BRAINS IN.”

    Sorry, that’s like my favorite quote from The Shining.

    Great list!

  • sara

    i saw carrie..and i loved it

  • Name

    i could SWEAR iv seen rosemary’s baby before but i just don’t remember drives me nuts and warn people about that exorcist picture it’s disgusting !!

  • Raven

    Am I the only one who hated Rosemary’s Baby? I love scary movies, and thought Rosemary’s Baby was dry, not scary. I agree with everything else on this list though!

    Instead of Rosemary’s Baby, I nominate … House of Wax? It has a major creep factor to it. Also, Frankenstein (with Boris Karloff) scared me to death as a child.

  • ruben

    dikke nest is da aleemaaal hier


    bear grylls why you search new think. you can find any strange

  • shivani giri

    i like horror films so much

  • kim

    I’ve only seen about 2-3 here. Poltergeist scared the absolute crap out of me as a small child. I have a phobia of clowns, and that’s what I remember. Even now, at 19, I can’t watch it. It still scares me, and I’ve only seen it once when I was younger! No thank you, too scary. I’ve seen the remake of Carrie and loved it. And, even though I love Stephen King, I don’t like the Shining. In fact, I’ve never finished it. Sadly, I find it boring and can’t sit through the whole thing. I’ve always wanted to see Rosemary’s Baby…….. Also, even though it’s not on this list, I have to say. One movie that people have said scared them is The Grudge. I remember watching it and thinking that it was not frightening at all! Maybe it’s just perspective or something. I know that, despite the beginning being boring, Paranormal Activity scared me and that it hasn’t scared others. Depends on the person, that’s why horror movies are fun!

  • Kerri

    Don’t know if this has been mentioned yet (perhaps not since it hasn’t been changed), but there’s a mistake in the entry for “Ringu”: Tomoko was Reiko’s niece, not her cousin.

  • stormofthedragon

    House on Haunted Hill is the scariest thing I have ever watched. Not the black and white one but the newer one. Ghost Ship and Shutter were pretty freaky too.

  • Manan Khan

    Don’t ignore THE RING!!!!

  • lly

    Where is Evil Dead?

  • 10, 7 and 2

    epic horror movies that should’ve been in the number 1 position

  • tata

    what is a good horror movie to watch at a halloween party for 12 and 13 and 14 yearolds?

    • sidd

      sceam if you want a little comidey with it but if not well your on your own

  • Anand

    Very Nice

  • soemthing

    hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha love theses movies

  • ashley lopez

    i watched Jaws as a child and still dont go into the water as a 24 yr old woman.

  • it

    Lol. I have seen many of these movies and they are not scary. Have you seen Albert Fish: In Sin he found Salvation?

    • You mean that movie that has been rated a 5.8 out of 10 on IMDb? Sounds like it scared you more than it did everybody else. Hmmmm…

      • sidd

        haaa nice

  • rob

    What about Eden Lake….or The Collector?

  • jaimee

    I am sorry ,but i do not think that the exosist should be in this list. Everyone says it is soooooooooooo scary, it is at the top of all the top 10 or 100 lists. I am 12 and i was 10 when i watched it, it did-dint even make me flinch, and it is like wayyyyyyyy to long to get to the point. Other than that, LOVE YOUR LIST!!!



  • Man, This Top 10 is really outdatet. Visit for a really cool Top 100 Horror Movies. Still nice top.

  • xaaykung

    What about the ‘Blair Witch Project?”

  • salman

    plz The Exorcist again

    • sidd


  • sidd

    the shinning was a creepy movie but it can’t be the number one horror movie
    in america! that’s just not right i can list five movies better than any of them

  • sidd

    ok since this web site can’t name tin amazing horror movies you name some!
    name your top tin favorit horror movies

  • HI guys my name is razzaq from india state maharashrtra city solapur i want to say i saw all of the top 10 movie there is no one movie for horror. these movie better than horror t v serial plz do best film like in only jungle,water,

    • sidd

      whats up this is sidd, so which horror movie is your favorit?

      • sidd

        hey sidd says heyyyyy!!!!!:)

  • Wat abt paranormal activity…that is the most scary movie up to date… watch it and u guys wont sleep for week… it is having 2 sequels too…

    • sidd

      thats not even consitered a horror movie it’s more action

  • Terry

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  • graysheep

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  • Ajax

    Mega chronic BOO! HISS! at whoever created this list. This list offers no insight into WHY these movies are so great. As an avid horror film fan, I have no argument with the choices made, but the lack of commentary bar a synopsis is completely disinteresting. Try a little harder next time.

    • Ajax

      Double BOO! HISS! because you knew this list was subjective and open to personal opinions, and you still haven’t mentioned why these movies made your list over so many others…

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    the choices are f9 but excorcist should be at no. 1

  • nikhil

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  • carly

    i haved seen all of this movies and ful with my sister and they are not scary at ALL!!!! …….=( ………=) if u are scared try to watch them again and u will not be scared any more that is what my cousin does ………=) have fun ….jajajajaja

  • What, no Universal classics from the 30s & 40s?

  • chianne

    i dont scream if i see scary movies so im brave

  • Sabbi

    Omg i have never gotten around to watching tons of horror movies but noww i guess i have more movies to watch…… with friends :))

  • Savagehenry

    The ugly should have made the list great movie

  • bianca

    Omen is the scariest movie on earth .. btw idk y ppl keep saying The Shining is soo scary .. hmm imma check it out ^^

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  • chaos

    and you obviously takes the sarcasm seriously, sir terra.

  • Delfigalow

    Yeah an curling is the BEST!!!!!!!! :’D

  • T.B.

    “Frankenstein” (1931).

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