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10 Craziest Celebrity Workouts That’ll Get You Fit or Drive You Insane

by Mikel Tadeje
fact checked by Darci Heikkinen

Celebrity workout routines are all the rage right now. From the fittest to the most famous and even the ones that are straight-up bizarre, people everywhere are trying to copy their favorite celebrity’s workouts.

It’s no secret that celebrities have access to the best trainers, personal chefs, and workout facilities in the world. They also have more time to work out than the average person, so it’s no surprise that some of their routines seem like they were pulled straight from a sci-fi movie.

So we’ve rounded up 10 celebrity workouts that will either drive you insane or work wonders on your body.

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10 Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt’s Workout Routine

How Chris Pratt Transformed From Sitcom Star To Shredded Action Star | Eat Like | Men’s Health

Chris Pratt is well known for his many roles in movies and shows, from his role as Andy Dwyer in the sitcom Parks and Recreation to his role as the velociraptor trainer Owen Grady in Jurassic World. He prepared for each role he portrayed to show the correct body shape and weight the character needed.

And it was no different when he landed the lead role as Peter Quill in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In order to prepare for his role, Pratt had to get shredded and lose a lot of weight through workouts and diet. In a span of six months, he dropped more than 60 pounds (27 kilograms) with the help of his personal trainer, Duffy Gaver, and nutritionist, Phil Goglia. For five of those six months, Gaver trained Pratt with four to six sessions a week of workouts.

According to Gaver, Pratt’s workouts consisted of bodybuilding in the first two months, then equal parts bodybuilding and conditioning workouts like treadmill/rower circuit, calisthenics, and weight lifting in the next two. The final month consisted mostly of conditioning workouts like cardio, swimming, biking, and more.[1]

9 How Jennifer Lopez’s Workout Keeps Her Looking Good

Jennifer Lopez Workout And Diet | Train Like a Celebrity | Celeb Workout

We all know about Jenny from the Block back in the early 2000s. Jennifer Lopez made wearing cargo pants and a tank top look good, and it was all the rage back then. Now JLo is in her 50s, and she made being in your 50s look like you’re in your early 30s!

How does the singer/actress keep her youthful looks (and abs) at age 53? JLo’s secret to looking good is a healthy diet, a workout regime, and being confident in your body no matter the size—as long as it’s healthy.

JLo’s diet consists of all organic, non-processed ingredients. She eats whole foods like brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, and sweet potatoes. When it comes to vegetables, she eats leafy greens, but she avoids corn and carrots. She also adds protein to her diet with egg whites, white meat, and even grass-fed beef. Protein is what aids her in her workout and helps her build her muscles.

JLo’s workout consists of weight lifting, at-home workouts, and dancing. Her personal trainers, David Kirsch and Dodd Romero, train with her for roughly an hour at the gym around four to five times a week. Romero revealed that JLo focuses on different parts of her body with each session to balance her muscle development. When the gym is closed, JLo doesn’t just stop her workouts. She’ll continue her workout at home with her own routine. Her home routine is a run around her garden, kettlebell swings, and push-ups.[2]

8 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Rock Solid Weekly Workout Routine

How Dwayne Johnson Got Ready To Play Black Adam

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a person who inspires people of all ages, genders, and sizes to strive for a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s his inspirational quotes or his rock-solid workout, he is the man everyone looks up to when wanting to work out.

That’s why we’re lucky that The Rock shared his weekly workout routine so that even you can strive for a healthier lifestyle. He often starts his day by getting up early and going for a run for about 30-50 minutes, either outside or on a treadmill. Then he’ll enter the gym and start his workout for the day, focusing on one body part each day of the week.

On day one, he focuses on his legs, and on day two, his back. Day three involves his shoulders, and on day four, he focuses on his arms and abs. The next two days include workouts for his legs again and then his chest. On day seven, he rests and focuses on eating huge meals to help in his muscle build-up. He eats about five meals a day which consist of a lot of protein and other healthy foods.

As insane as his daily workout sounds, The Rock couldn’t have done it without drive and motivation to achieve what he wants.[3]

7 Gigi Hadid’s Model Workout

Gigi Hadid Workout And Diet | Train Like a Celebrity | Celeb Workout

Gigi Hadid is well known for being a television personality and her runway walks on Victoria’s Secret shows. As a fashion model, Hadid needs to maintain a balanced workout and diet in order to keep her model body.

Hadid does boxing, volleyball, and weight training as her methods of working out. Even while traveling, she keeps up with her daily workout. She sometimes changes to other cardio workouts just to shake things up a bit. Her routine throughout the week consists of boxing or alternative cardio on Mondays, full-body training on Tuesdays, boxing again on Wednesdays, another full-body training on Thursdays, boxing again on Fridays, and finally, she rests on the weekends.

Hadid matches her workout regimen with a diet consisting of protein with as little carbs as possible. She also indulges herself with burgers since it’s well-known that Hadid absolutely loves them. Along with her diet, she also takes supplements like multivitamins and protein shakes to help with her health and muscle build-up.[4]

6 Zac Efron’s Workout for Baywatch

Zac Efron’s Baywatch Workout Explained by his Trainer | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

If you watched the original Baywatch, then you know that the show consists of chisel-bodied characters going on beach rescues. So when Zac Efron was cast for the newest rendition of Baywatch, he knew he needed to work to achieve the body the show is known for.

That’s where Los Angeles-based personal trainer Patrick Murphy comes in. Murphy is no stranger to Hollywood actors seeking his help in training for a role, and he’s the architect behind Efron’s intense training for Baywatch. In order for Efron to achieve the body he needs, Murphy needed to construct a training regime that needed to change over time.
The workout is basically a full body 10 to 20 drop set routine. The first thing in the routine is the dynamic warmup with wall press, standing leg swings, alternating reverse lung with trunk rotation, and hip stretch with a torso twist. Then it’s time to move on to the drop-set exercises:

  • Exercise one consists of 10 dumbbell lateral raises and 20 Dumbbell lateral raises.
  • Exercise two consists of 10 to 20 kettlebell squats.
  • Exercise three consists of 10 to 20 floor dumbbell chest presses.
  • Exercise four consists of 10 to 20 dumbbell stiff-leg deadlifts.
  • Exercise five consists of 10 to 20 incline bench dumbbell rows.
  • The last exercise consists of 10 to 20 cable ab crunches from the knees.

Efron’s workout set changed over time, starting with two rounds per set until he ended up doing four rounds per set.[5]

5 Henry Cavill’s Training Regimen for The Witcher

Henry Cavill Explains His ‘Witcher’ Arm and Leg Workout | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

Henry Cavill is no stranger to the gym. He’s been working out since he was a teenager, and he knows what it takes to get results. But when it came time for him to prepare for his role as Geralt in The Witcher, he knew he was going to need a workout regimen that would push him past his limits.

With the help of his strength coach, Dave Rienzi, Cavill had the workout kit to stay in shape for his role in The Witcher. The routine starts with Cavill doing cardio in the morning. Then he focuses on certain parts of his body.

For his glutes and hamstrings, he does Romanian deadlifts using a resistance band and hyperextensions on a glute ham machine. For his obliques, oblique static holds. For his shoulders, 3-way shoulder raises. Finally, for his biceps, he does dumbbell curls.[6]

4 Ryan Reynold’s Workout for the Perfect Deadpool Body

Ryan Reynolds’s SECRET To Getting Ripped For Deadpool! (FULL PROGRAM)

Ryan Reynolds is known as one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood, and his body is the reason why. His workout routine is what helped him achieve his perfect body for Deadpool, and it’s also what helps him stay in shape when he’s not busy filming a movie.

His workout routine was aided by Don Saladino. an NYC trainer.

Reynold’s workout to prepare for his role as The Merc with the Mouth consists of doing warmups first before every workout, then he does five rounds each of kettlebell swings, front squats, barrel bench presses, general pull-ups, and farmer’s walks. He always rested for 30 seconds between rounds before moving on to the next.[7]

3 Alessandra Ambrosio’s Diet and Workout for Victoria’s Secret Show

Victoria’s Secret Train Like An Angel Live: Alessandra Ambrosio + Tracy Anderson – Full Workout

Victoria’s Secret is known for bringing out the best in its models. But it takes more than just a good makeup artist to look that good. Alessandra Ambrosio is a successful Victoria’s Secret model, and she knows how to stay fit. She works out every day, and her diet plan is pretty strict.

Ambrosio does around an hour to an hour and a half of daily workouts. She admitted that it might be longer if she’s with friends or family. Her fitness trainer, Tracy Anderson, helps her prepare for weeks before a Victoria’s Secret Show by doing a full-body workout.

Her diet depends on whether or not she’s home or traveling. From eggs and avocado on toast for breakfast to Brazilian bbq and sushi for dinner.[8]

2 Don Wildman’s Insane Workout

Don Wildman possibly has the most intense workout ever, and he’s a 75-year-old man! His “The Circuit” workout consists of sixteen groups of exercises that are done with no rest in between. This is done three times a week because I can’t even imagine doing it six times a week.

Let’s quickly go through all sixteen groups of The Circuit:

    • Group 1: seated dumbbell shoulder presses and seated dumbbell curls


    • Group 2: seated machine shoulder presses, propped external rotator exercises, seated leg raises, and side crunches


    • Group 3: pec deck flys with simultaneous crunches and lying rotator cuff rotations


    • Group 4: seated machine bench presses and seated leg raises


    • Group 5: seated lever rows and sit-ups


    • Group 6: lat pulldowns and cable crunches


    • Group 7: leg presses


    • Group 8: barbell upright rows and alternating sit-ups on an exercise ball


    • Group 9: ab machine side crunches and machine back extensions


    • Group 10: machine squats and calf raises


    • Group 11: lying leg curls and neck extensions


    • Group 12: leg extensions


    • Group 13: machine bicep curls and regular and alternating sit-ups


    • Group 14: seated dips and seated scissors


    • Group 15: lateral raises, side neck extensions, and leg lift with splits


    • Group 16: front neck flexions and machine crunches


1 Jason Momoa’s AR-7 Workout

The Workout Hack That Got Jason Momoa Ripped For Aqua Man! (FULL PLAN)

Jason Momoa is a celebrity in the entertainment industry known for his roles as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones and Aquaman in DC’s Aquaman film series. He is also a fitness fanatic, known to follow a workout routine that keeps him at the top of his game. This is where the AR-7 Program comes in.

The Accelerated Results 7 (AR-7) Training Program was created by personal trainer Eric Laciste. This unique workout program was designed to get anyone in tip-top shape fast, so this was exactly what Momoa needed to achieve his body for the role. Momoa’s AR-7 workout focuses on working out specific parts of his body for each day of the five days of the week.

On Monday, he’ll work on his chest through flat and inclined bench presses, inclined bench dumbbell presses, plate push-ups, and chest dips. On Tuesday, he’ll work on his back through medium grip and close grip pull-ups, reverse grip chin-ups, seated pulley row, and reverse grip BB bent-over row. On Wednesday, he’ll work on his legs through bodyweight and bodyweight jump squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, and barbell back squats.

On Thursday, he’ll work on his core through medicine ball slams, kettlebell swings, burpees, leapfrogs, and 40-yard sprints. On Friday, he’ll work on his arms and shoulders through barbell military press, bodyweight dip, diamond push-ups, dumbbell curls, and dumbbell triceps extensions.[10]

fact checked by Darci Heikkinen