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Top 10 Ugliest Male Celebrities

Oh how low we have stooped! Following on from yesterday’s humor theme (and before we roll out some more serious lists) I thought we could have a look at the ten ugliest male celebrities. Many of these men are great in their field (whether it be music or film) but they are just plain ugly. Do you think I have missed anyone? Add him to the comments. Ugly actresses coming soon!

10. John Heder [Actor]


John Heder is a twin, and he is probably best known as Napoleon Dynamite. He grew up in a family of six kids and he speaks fluent Japanese which he learnt while on a mission in Japan for the Mormon church.

Are you a fan of John Heder? You could be if you buy a Napoleon Dynamite Liger T-shirt at!

9. John C. Reilly [Actor]

161041  John C Reiley L

John C. Reilly has played a host of seamy characters to great effect over the years. Of late, however, he has defied the odds by drawing in the ladies with his touching “common man” portrayals of lovable, good-natured schlepps.

8. Nick Nolte [Actor]


Nolte’s breakthrough role was in the TV mini-series “Rich Man, Poor Man” (1976), playing the role of “Tom/Tommy Jordache”. Nick Nolte said that when he played a young man in the early scenes of the project, he weighed about 160 pounds. When he played a middle aged man in the later scenes, he weighed over 180 pounds.

7. Pete Doherty [Musician]

Pete Doherty Epa 188367G

Since 2005, Doherty has become well known to the public at large as a result of his relationship with supermodel Kate Moss, his status amongst fans and his infamous rock and roll lifestyle. His drug use, arrests, and court appearances are frequently reported in the tabloid press.

6. Elton John [Musician]

Elton 051228111324392 Wideweb  300X375,1

Elton John is a five-time Grammy and one-time Academy Award-winning English pop/rock singer, composer and pianist. Elton John was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. He has been heavily involved in the fight against AIDS since the late 1980s and was knighted in 1998.

Elton John may not be the most handsome man, but he sure can pull off those sunglasses on this autographed Rock of The Westies vinyl LP at!

5. Malcolm McDowell [Actor]

Malcolm Mcdowell

McDowell is an English actor probably best known for his portrayal of Alex in A Clockwork Orange, and more recently playing the part of Mr. Linderman in Heroes.

4. Lyle Lovett [Actor/Musician]


Lovett has won four Grammy Awards, including Best Country Album, Best Pop Vocal Collaboration, and Best Country Male Vocal. He has acted in a number of films, including Robert Altman’s film The Player, Short Cuts, Prêt-à-Porter, and Cookie’s Fortune.

3. Steve Buscemi [Actor]


Buscemi has become famous for his character roles, including Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs, Garland Greene in Con Air, Rockhound in Armageddon, Donny in The Big Lebowski and Carl Showalter in Fargo. Although usually a supporting actor, he has had critical success as a lead actor, particularly in his role as Seymour in Ghost World.

2. Marilyn Manson [Musician]

67791927---Marilyn Manson

Manson formed Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids in Florida in 1989 (the name was shortened to Marilyn Manson in 1992). In the summer of 1993, the band drew the attention of Trent Reznor. Reznor produced their 1994 debut album, Portrait of an American Family and released it on his Nothing label. Why did he not make top spot? Because at least some of it is makeup – he can wipe it off, on the other hand, number 1 cant:

1. Michael Jackson [Unknown]

72400514---Michael Jackson

A picture paints a thousand words – so I will let the picture above speak for itself.

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  • SUN

    What performer looks attractive singing passionately with mouth stretched wide? Elton may not be on the top ten best looking singers but ugliest? Critics would move him from here to Thursday's "Top 15 Albums of the 70s" with either Tumbleweed Connection, Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road or Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy. After this, Elton deserves his own top ten list!

  • Fe

    HA! Gotta agree, there is no real telling anymore what Michael Jackson is anymore.

    I like Steve Buscemi. He’s fast becoming an actor I will watch an otherwise crappy movie for. I read somewhere that he is actually much nicer looking in person than he is on film.

    • lalala

      I surely can tell you're only talking about MJ's heart and soul, it's beautiful really. He was a very sweet man

      • lala

        i meant that you're not talking about it, my mistake

  • Fe: I think Buscemi is one of the best actors around and I, too, would watch a film just because he is in it. He is apparently good friends with Vince Vaughan – another excellent actor.

  • Travis502

    I’ve been told I look like Pete Doherty so I have to say I think he’s rather beautiful.

  • Travis502: hah – only you and he are allowed to though :)

  • Robert

    Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder.
    Ugliness of the heart is another matter.

    He who mocks the looks of another
    is the one who is genuinely ugly.

    • paull mccartney

      nice philosophy … .. you’re dog ugly , aren’t ya’

  • Sun: not many – but he still looks ugly with it closed!

  • seymour

    Nice list.
    Personally, I always thought Tom Petty had a mug that only a mother could love…on pay day.

  • Malcolm McDowell doesn’t look ugly, many girls loved him as alex. but man this John Heder is offensively ugly.
    and elton john is ugly, yes. no doubt about that.

  • seymour: haha

    inanytime: Maybe it was the tough attitude of Alex? That seems to have some kind of appeal in England.

  • xdarkhorsex

    personally I think that mick jagger and steve tyler are the ugliest ones around. mind you, steve tyler does have awesome genes that he passed on

  • xdarkhorsex: you are biased! :)

  • Jorgegrl

    I think the lead singer of the Used needs to be on this list too. He’s pretty….. bleah….. especially his original “look”

  • RobS

    One look at Marilyn Manson should cure anybody of belief in “Intelligent Design”.

    As for Michael Jackson, having his nostrils re-engineered to look like the letter “M” is a concept I don’t think is going to catch on…

  • SUN

    Jamie, he does not! For every Does So that you have, Ive got a Does Not.

    Not that Im a fan, but the right thing to do, considering the blasphamous comments, would be an Elton list like top CDs, songs, photos, collaborations, collector memorabilia – not that Im a fan, its just to set things right. Looking out for you, is all.

  • SUN

    BTW is that ugliest actresses or ugliest fenmale celebrities coming soon. For males missed, Owen Wilson really needs his nose fixed although he has bigger problems currently. Creed’s lead singer kind of creeps me out.

  • I agree with the No. 1 ugliest celebrity..

  • Hmmm…. I feel like I have just been told off!

  • SUN

    To be fair, you only wrote negatively of MJs appearance and pointed out many positives on the others. Still tries to earn EJ list.

  • Kelsi

    No Billy Joel or Steven Tyler?
    I personally wouldn’t touch Zach Braff with a 10 foot pole…but that may be more taste than actual ugliness.

    I’m really looking foreward to the Top 10 of ugly female celebs…

  • Kelsi: I was pretty shocked at how many were out there waiting to be put on a list like this – I just had to restrict!

  • seymour

    You did the ugliest, now shall we expect the best looking?

  • syemour: after the ugly bag is depleted I may consider it :)

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  • LJ

    you’re top three is bang on!

  • LJ: Thanks :)

  • christian

    MJ is beyond celebrity status by this point. If only there was a top ten to fit within his universe. one of a kind.
    Plus, I think the term “ugly” in the movie biz is usually hushed and replaced with “distiguished” or “memorable” or “character actor” or “the doofus/nerd/weirdo” or “nasty villian” or “the every man”, ect.
    As far as musician/singers…there’s no excuse except maybe ego.

  • Punjar

    Steve Buscemi is definitely the most talented on on this list. I’ve seen pictures of Manson without the makeup and he’s still pretty ugly, though I don’t know if he’s in the top 10 without it.

  • Punjar: I agree – Buscemi is excellent.

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  • Big Ty

    You definately missed Clint Howard
    I would also like to second the comments regarding Steven “The Muppet” Tyler.

  • Big Ty: Good Lord! That man is ugly!

  • Manson isn’t that bad as long as he isn’t covered in make up.

  • Dorn

    DJ Qualls should be on this list as well.

  • Alex

    Nick Nolte is like 60 or 70 something and his 30 something year old girlfriend just had his baby.

    How disgusting is that…

    Sorry if I’ve offended anyone, but honestly, he’s old, ugly and is old enough to be his girlfriends grandfather…. ewwww

  • AndyB123

    You missed Gates and Trump ? For shame. Nolte is a good looking fella, when he’s got a comb handy. Gary Busey & son should be on the list as well.

  • AndyB123: I agree about the Buseys – they are incredibly unattractive.

  • Sid

    Malcolm McDowell is NOT the 5th most Ugliest Celebrities.. He’s just Old..

    A picture when he was younger..

  • Sid – I kinda think he is ugly in the young photo too – a great actor, and he was amazing in Clockwork Orange, but not a pretty picture!

  • There was a time Michael Jackson used to be as cute as hell…a long time ago, but still…

  • Fallenangel

    I believe that Malcom McDowell was a fair looking fellow in his younger days, but like some one said brilliantly before me, it may just be taste. I must admit I do find Clint Howard quite repulsing.

  • Dana: yeah – it is a great tragedy really.

    Fallenangel: I thought he was a bit weird looking even as a kid – and the opening scene of Clockwork Orange doesn’t help him much either :)

  • I know people who think Marilyn Manson is hot. I don’t see why.

  • delilah

    i dont think jon is ugly.
    He has big teeth, but hes got a pretty face..
    xD! have u seen blades of glory??
    & i loveeee the way he dances!!

  • Doug

    Poor Michael Jackson. He wouldn’t be on this list if he hadn’t screwed his face up with plastic surgery. He was (and would be) a good looking man.

  • Mac

    I can’t believe Malcolm McDowell is on this list, let alone so high. He was beautiful when he was young – those blue eyes are still so striking now. Maybe he hasn’t got the classic leading role features (a la the offensively bland Brad Pitt) but he certainly doesn’t deserve to be featured here! Check out “If…”

    I also think Steven Tyler deserves a place here. What’s going on there?

  • dvhann

    Mac: i agree, when malcom mcdowell was in his days of a clockwork orange, he was a very good looking young man.

    Though now he is a bit creepy, but his eyes are still wicked.

  • Tracey

    Malcom Mcdowell- he may be old but has timeless appeal. Well hot!

  • I think Mick Jagger could have easily replaced Jon Heder … not that Jon Heder is good-looking, but I have never understod what any woman sees in Mick, young or old …

  • alyssa

    i dont agree on the manson 1… i think he’s well….sexy!! but the rest…i wont hold you back…say all you want…those are so true!! lol and btw….michael is weird and fugly!! 4got to add that? lol

  • Ry

    Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails…check him out in a NON PHOTOSHOPPED PIC….his profile in the “closer” video…he looks like a wild witch woman….but now looks like a cromagnon with no upper lip and stuff…Rabbi on crack

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  • Drogo

    I shouldn’t be saying this considering that I’ve been compared to Ringo Starr, but if you think Clint Howard is ugly in (professional) photos you should see him in real life. I was an extra in a movie he was in. He’s a really nice (cool) guy though.

  • ok…for one, jon heder is DEFENITLLY NOT UGLY! i have kno idea why you have him on thelist at all! and yea i do have to agree with the person hew wrote about him with the teeth thing…he does have bigg teeth but that is the only thing that is wrong and thats not even that bad! (at least he has good teeth!) he just has a bigg smile! he is accully pretty hott!

  • Jacki

    5 and 6 just look like they’re aging naturally…

    I don’t think Elton John’s bad at all.

  • miss_ali1984

    Malcolm McDowell is really sexy. Every time I see him I picture him as little Alex. :-)
    I had a big crush on Steve Buscemi when I was younger. I can’t remember why the hell that was! Not that he’s ugly, but not really gorgeous.
    Another “ugly” guy I think is cute is Phillip Semour Hoffman.

  • Azmerelda

    Marilyn manson is not ugly!!!! Micheal Jackson is because that is his now permenant face(well until he desides again to go and get it changed) but mansons face is how he likes it and it fits his style of music and what he does thats his personality, but micheal jackson honsetly had no reason to change his face besides the fact that he’s retarded his doesnt fit acting.

  • potato

    they may be ugly but they make millions more than you do……..and john heder happens to be one of my favorite actors!!!

  • Anya

    I read recently that Michael Jackson’s lip split after his son popped him in the face with a blanket.

    • lizzie

      That wasn't funny at all, I hope you're happy with yourself since he's dead and his son is depressed because he lost the best father in the world

      • diane

        Come on,people didn't like michael jackson when he was alive,now all of the sudden they're supposed to like cause he is dead?As far as being a good father,I beg to differ,good fathers do not dangle kids out of windows and make them wear masks in public.He was not A GOOD FATHER,DEAD OR ALIVE ,ITS THE truth.

        • Lindsey

          1) only hypocrites are suddenly nice about him. Fans have always been infuriated with how he’s been treated
          2) If you kept with MJ at all, you’d realize he apologized profusely over the balcony incident and swore to God he would never intentionally hurt a child, let alone his own.
          3) he was a good father because of the masks. Those masks were what protected his children. He got threats from people that they would kidnap them he wanted them to be able to go out in public without him. He wanted them to have the childhood he didn’t have. But no thanks to his family they now are all over the tv!!

          To accuse MJ of being a bad father is probably the worst and stupidest thing you could say about him.

          • Way to go Lindsey! Excellent post.

            Also MJ would make sure no matter what, that he’d read to his children before they went to bed.

  • Becca

    John Heder isn’t ugly, he’s just a little funny looking.
    And there is nothing wrong with Marilyn Manson *evil glare* He looks great with and without make up, especially when he was just starting out.

  • copperdragon

    i’d have to agree with lovett, buscemi and MJ.

    everyone looks a little like Nolte after a night on the town.

    what about Keith Richards?

  • mina

    aww, but jon heder looked kinda cool in School for Scoundrels.

    nice list, though.

  • Phil Townsend

    Why didn’t you include the ugliest of alla actors” …..Sean Penn. He is so ugly, his face looks like someone set it on fire and then tried to put it out with a rake.

  • sugar

    why didn’t you include the ugliest of all SEAN PENN? Penn is so ugly he scares children

  • anon

    malcolm mcdowell is the single most attractive man i have ever seen

  • anon: you aren’t his mother are you? :)

    sugar: Sean Penn was quite good looking in his youth – that is why Madonna married him no doubt :)

  • Just thought of an addition to this list. Davey Havok, lead singer of AFI. Wears waaay too much makeup all the time and looks freaky as hell. Worse than MJ.

  • Lady_Luzhin

    I have a major crush on Buscemi…

  • Jenn McWhorter

    UI'm with Lady Luzhin…

    Buscemi is hot.

  • Brandy

    While I will agree that Marilyn Manson is not one of the most attractive people in the world I do not think that he is one of the two ugliest men in the world. Jack Nicholson maybe….Danny Devito…You also have to give Manson his credit he has made millions of dollars appearing the way he does. He is there to shock and he does it well. And for being the 2nd ugliest guy he sure does pull some hot chicks…Rose McGowen, Dita Von Teese…

  • Defender

    OH Come on! Leave Steve alone! He’s not ugly!!! I do find him attractive :P And I am not the only one to say that! I wonder how does the person look like who made this list!! It’s not how he looks like – it’s what he does and who he is! Just get over yourself sick ugly male celebrities’ list maker! You need a shrink!

  • Drogo

    Shortly after sept.11,2001 a New York fire fighter was interviewed on TV. He told of how he was digging through the rubble of the World Trade Center looking for survivors with a man, who was wearing a vest that identified him as a volunteer, also frantically looking for survivors. When the two men came close together the fireman recognized the volunteer. It was Steve Buscemi.

  • holly

    uhm wtf there are many uglier faces than Jon Heders.

  • Jennifer

    With all the ridiculous focus on who’s beautiful, sexy, rich, bad… we work so hard to teach our children to honour the differences in people and judge them by their “character” – and then we get some dufus(s) spending precious time actually researching who’s (in their sadly limited view) is ugly? FOR GOD SAKE ALREADY!!! Your parents must be SO frickin’ disappointed…

  • Nancy

    Pete Doherty is hot! And Malcolm McDowell is quite handsome too… I like Marylin Manson amd Steve Buscemi as well!!!

  • wht at about rob schneider, and morgan freeman, they both sort of gangly(ugly)

  • pete doherty is an ugly crack head!

  • Buscemis acting in The Island was phenomenal.

  • kfinn

    I think Jeffree Star could have made it. none the less, great list.

  • Mel

    i think that willem defoe is hideous. he didn’t require makeup for his role as a villain in spiderman. and where’s donald trump?

  • eww

    ugh how did Pete Doherty get Kate Moss? He is hideous. the same goes for Marilyn Mansen, he is so nasty looking but his ex and his current girlfriends hav both been hot.

  • Polly Odyssey

    Hey, Elton isn’t ugly!

  • DDDemy

    I disagree with Marilyn Manson, I think he is definatly NOT ugly, hes a bit weird, but cool, love his music and paintings. I’m not a goth or anything. Hm, oh well

  • fehlien

    i thought malcolm mcdowell looked pretty fine(in a rather sinister way) as alex in clockwork orange. he did not age well though.

  • Kayla

    I’ve always thought Marilyn Manson is hot. However, the person that mentioned Burt McCraken of The Used has issues. The man is gorgeous..

  • Lily

    Pete Doherty is not that bad. He just needs a shower. There is just something about Steve Buscemi. He is so hot!

  • Jennifer

    FYI, Ebaumsworld is using this list….

  • Jennifer: Thanks for the info – it is certainly not the first time they have done that :)

  • George(Girl)

    I actually think Jon Heder is really good looking now.
    He should not be on the list!

  • yo

    no, marilyn manson should have been number one, he’s a disgusting being that has no purpose, michael jackson is a sweet man, and talented.

  • LeVander

    What about Flavor Flav?! Now that is one ugly guy!

  • (barfs)

    D=…Why’d you have to put MJ up there? I know, hes ugly, but you don’t have to make me SEE it! EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why isn’t the lead singer of Creed there?..Hes really ugly. What’s with his chest hair and…and…*barfs* scuse me.

  • BigCanadianMan

    George lopez, ozzie and his whole fucking family…DAMN!!!

    #88 “michael jackson is a sweet man, and talented…. but you forgot ugly, a freak, and a Rapist.

  • Da Realist

    I cannot agree with this list at all. Flava Flav should be #1-10, and he’s not even on the list. WTF?!

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  • FaithyFaithFaith

    I have to agree. Very strongly. Micheal Jackson is FUGLY.

    I don’t think that there is anyone that can beat Jackson in that competition: the ugly competition.

  • Bestfriendthemom

    Nobody mentions Bernie Mac.. that guy repulses me so much I can’t stand to watch him. Especially in mr 3000 when he saunters around in a sheet with his pot belly and big ass sticking out, and he straightens his hair in the most bizaar looking style! He is just ugly!!!

  • yo

    you guys need to leave michael jackson alone, he might not be the best looking guy right now, but he’s sweet and marilyn manson is a horrible disgusting man. He named himself after a mass racist muderer, took out his own ribs to give himself blow jobs, he’s athiest and also bought a human skeleton, evil has to surely count in this list somehow.

  • Carmella

    What about William Dafoe?

  • yo: while I am not a fan of Marilyn Manson, many people in the past (including Saints) used to own skulls as a reminder of their impending death. So it is not really evil to own a skeleton. Also, being an atheist doesn’t make a person evil. I certainly agree that he is a freak though :)

  • MPW

    michael jackson may be sweet but he sure the fuck is ugly

    • jfaija

      Nope, hes beauty

  • rasanders89

    Gary Busy should have a place on this list. That man looks like a skeleton.

  • rasanders89

    Sorry about that. Gary Busey

  • anna

    I, pesonally, think that 50 Cent is ugly.
    Every part of his body is disgusting, epecially the face. Ugh.

  • Janet

    I mean really,lets look at some people who are way more ugly then Elton John on his worst looking day.Conan O brian,Steven Tyler,Bob Dylan,Tom Petty,and of course Ron Wood.Where are your glasses?You really need a pair,dont you think?

  • Janet

    oh yea and the most truly ugly person also is Prince Charles.Now that is UGLY.

  • lucy2

    Willem Dafoe should have been up there.

  • Drogo

    Yeah, I thought of Willem Defoe(Dafoe?). He’s lucky he’s tough looking, and can play tough guys or villians

  • rushfan

    I assume Gary Busey got a mention already. He’s fugly.

  • sverry

    yeah i agree with the list, but i dont think elton john belongs.

  • 63jax

    Elton John, ugly fuck. He should be no.1.

    • Mary

      Hey dude he is anything but that get some fucking glasses!!!!

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  • Bman

    I don’t understand how Clint Howard doesn’t make this list. He’s made a living playing the ugly guy in many movies. Got to give him credit though, he’s a great actor and even better director.

  • GayAss

    Marilyn Manson wearing his make upp makes him sexy as hell, it’s without the make upp he looks horrifying.

  • wickeddavis

    beauty may be only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone…

  • Nicole

    Fuck you, Marilyn Manson is amazing and gorgeous. Just because he wears makeup doesn’t mean he isn’t good looking. This post is so shallow and pointless.

  • pcm

    Right on Nicole regarding the fact that this post is shallow and pointless (and therefore garbage), and I always thought that MM was quite HOT. And, no haters, I’m not a teenager or a goth, I’m in my 30’s and no one would guess I was an MM fan unless I told them.

    Yo – You’re an ignorant fool. Lol, it’s amazing how many idiots still believe the “rib removal” rumor. And for the record, he used the names “Marilyn” and “Manson” to convey the idea that everyone has both a “good” and “evil” side. It was also a comment on America’s obsession with celebrity, amongst other things. Point is, you have no clue and MM entertains myself as well as many others therefore he most certainly has a “purpose” . Just because you don’t like someone or their art, doesn’t mean they are without talent.

    And for all we know, all you people judging the looks of celebs on the Net are nothing to write home about either.

  • carolmanson

    I agree with Nicole…
    Marilyn Manson is amazing and gorgeous…

  • Dick

    If you’re going to put Marilyn Manson on there, you might as well put up Nicolas Cage, since they have pretty much the same facial structure.

    But, wait…

    Nicolas Cage doesn’t wear lipstick, so he’s not ugly. Am I right?

  • I don’t agree with everyone on this list. Personal opinion I guess. Wacko Jacko for sure #1.

  • Crumpet

    Maybe Mickey Roarke can be included in a sequel? He’s ugly in both appearance AND personality.

  • fernbracken

    #1 on my list is Donald Trump

  • Joebecca

    UGH Keith Richards YUCK!!

    And Clint Howard isn’t so bad off. Yeah, he’s fargin UGLY, but he’s Ron Howard’s brother and is in EVERY movie that Ron makes… so he’s not doing so bad after all!

    he really should have been on the list though…

  • Cat

    Marilyn manson is the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on! How can you put him as the second ugliest? You guys are blind. You have all these old wankers before him. Thats terrible.

  • lou

    i totally agree with all of thia… i think all those guys are like super ugly!!!!

  • Muffy

    I think MJ suffers from BDD!

  • beldew

    You forgot the sexiest ugly man in Hollywood…Benicio DelToro

  • murderdoll

    Manson……HE’S MY GOD!!!!!the others actors or musicians are fucking bad….terribly and sad for them that can’t be like MERYLIN MANSON!!!!!He ROCKS \m/

  • Jessy

    I think Jon Heder is pretty cute…

  • juleigh

    What about Paul Williams?
    Donald Trump, definitely.
    Jackie Earle Haley
    Clint Howard
    Rob Schneider
    David Spade
    But they’re all making more money than what I ever will so evidently something went right in their lives even if they missed out in the looks department.

  • yourmom

    Yeahh… Jon Heder is definitely not ugly
    He’s actually pretty cute lol

  • nova_caine

    I have to disagree with a couple…
    Pete Doherty’s a cutie.
    Marilyn Manson is mm mm good!

  • Kristen

    I rather think Malcolm McDowell is very good looking for a man of his age. John Heder is a cutie and I like Marilyn Manson. He’s kind of scary hot. Not sure i that makes sense haha. And waht about Stephen Tyler? One of the ugliest men on the planet.

  • Sam

    I do not agree with Malcolm McDowell being here :o sure he has a strange nose, but his eyes are beautiful.
    Pete Doherty should be number 2.

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  • Katie

    I have a pretty irrational (or not so irrational) fear of Michael Jackson.

    • norespekt

      He was the sweetest man

  • Oofa

    No list would be complete without Chuck Todd. He might be ok without that squirrel mange on his face, but until that day, he’s a mess.

  • katy

    Pete Doherty is sexy!

  • Trex


    • fjaj

      You tell em

  • Anthonymous

    Yeah. He is the King with his kingly face.

  • Lisa

    Marilyn Manson is actually kind of hot. Well at least his music is really hot.

  • Paro

    As a girl I say that Pete Doherty is quite hot after a good bath. And Marilyn Manson too. It’s the effed up ness which appeals.

  • Baker

    I’d have to say, most of these people (the girls) saying that various guys are sexy or cute are more than likely seeing the $$$ surrounding these ‘celebrities’.

    I rest my (his) case.

  • mike

    steve buscemi looks like a rapist…

  • toda

    you are soooo stupid

  • toda

    I have been told i look just like michael jacson

    • fjiaa

      Then you must be very attractive

  • kiki

    michael jackson is soooooooooo freakin ugly

  • BridgeTroll

    What makes Marylin Manson creepy looking is the lack of eyebrows. Does anyone remember him from the spooky kids? When he had eyebrows? And the lip ring? unf ;p.

  • Debs from South Africa

    Lyle Lovitt is defenitely the ugliest. Marylin Manson and Michael Jackson aren’t male celebrities, they are just its! Steve Buscemi is not too bad. Donald Trump should definitely be on this list.

    • Your the it

      Rude, have enough respect to call Marylin and Michael humans. They are, and very good ones at that.

    • amanda

      That was, indeed, rude. They are human beings. Michael Jackson shouldn't be on this list though for sure, he was indeed attractive & he was much more than a celebrity. He was celestial. His heart was pure, his talent was undeniable, and for everyone's information he did not molest any kid – you gullible people just LOVE to read the tabloids – I beat if the tabloids said there were a bunch of unicorns running around you'd believe it. Do your research before you believe what the media tells you.

  • writergal

    Jon Heder is euwwwww – That pic reminds me a bit of a hamster on acid!

  • Geni

    I’ve got a couple worth mentioning: Tommy Lee Jones (ick! what awful skin!), Borat, Jack Black, Chris Rock (now that his teeth are fixed…?), and Walter Matthau! Elton John’s not really that ugly – there are definitely worse ones (I agree about Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Marilyn Manson, and Steve Tyler!)

  • Gina

    Before his weirdness and plasticness… I honestly thought Michael Jackson was good-looking… please say I’m not the only one!

    • $$$

      Youre not the only one. Except i still found him attractive throughout his "weirdness and plasticness" Which is a lude comment to say. He's far from weird and barely had any plastic surgery. C'mon

  • Ashley R

    aww…i have to agree with all of these…marilyn manson though…i think hes kinda cute (yeah i have weird taste i dont even know why i think hes attractive coz hes a total dick) but john c riley is such a sweet guy…and i dont think ive ever seen a movie with him in it that i didnt like…(and im very very excited for the cirque du freak movie because hes playing the vampire larten crepsley, which the cirque du freak series is my favorite book series EVER! lol) but yeah…this was entertaining. (oh and you forgot steven tyler! haha!!!)

  • rangers

    what about mickey rourke?

  • bluewitch

    How about Vince Vaughn? or Vincent D’Onofrio? How about Seal? John Heder looks nice, less the beard or a little makeover, right? Lyle Lovett was once married to Julia Roberts. Can you imagine that?

  • BridgeTroll

    Gina you are not alone. Back in the thriller days he was really good looking. Poor guy, Vitiligo + Lupus = shitty deal.

  • Ceri

    You really do not have the authority to make this list. Nor do you have the right to insult wonderful actors, singers or for that matter, anybody. Even if you did, this list is way off. Jon Heder should not be entered into this, nor should Pete or Elton for that matter, infact, none of these guys are the least attractive male celebrities- you obviously haven’t heard of very many male celebrities.. Have some grace.

  • Angelina

    I love that the ad under this list title is Male Genital Wart Picture. Hahahaha!

  • wow

    Ed Westwick is pretty dull looking not ugly, but I fail to see why girls are gaga over him. I’m a middle aged woman.

  • bait

    The late marty feldman “I gor” in young frakenstine (sp) suffered from Graves disease

  • Jade Jaguar

    YES, they are ALL UGLY but not in any particular order for me. However, there are more thate should be on this list:
    1. Samuel L. Jackson
    2. Will Ferrell
    3. clint Eastwood
    4. Stephen King
    5. 50 cent
    6. Forrest Whittaker
    7. Danny Glover
    8. Vince Vaughn
    9. Mick Jagger (hell, the entire band’s UGLY)
    10. Seal
    11. Tiger Woods
    12. Tommy Hilfiger

    Many more…

    • Mary

      Clint eastwood??? Guy's a fucking sex symbol

  • Parker

    Pete Doherty.. does anyone else think he looks a little like Robert Pattinson.

  • Mimi

    I actually think John Heder and Pete Doherty are pretty hot…

  • Mimi

    and also you can’t really blame the old dudes for bein ugly.. I mean they’re old a lot of people get ugly when they are old.

  • FuzzySlippers

    Ok, there is no way Malcolm Mcdowell belongs on that list. Have you seen him in his younger days? He has the most incredible blue eyes I’ve ever seen. He may be unconventional looking, but by no means ugly, not at all. He’s a beautiful man. Even now, he isn’t ugly, he’s just OLD. Even celebrities have to age.

    I also find Jon Heder attractive in a kind of dorky way, but I can at least understand why some people would find him ‘ugly’ and put him on a list like this. Malcolm, on the other hand… I just don’t understand that at all.

    Seriously, take Malcolm off that list. Whoever thought he belonged on here needs to get their eyes checked.

  • Molly

    omg. elton john may be ugly now, but he definitely was not when he was younger *sighs and thinks back*

    • Mary

      You are so right!!!! Way to go!!!!!! Except he's not ugly now either!!!

  • Shaaronie

    With the exception of the more weird than ugly MJ, I don’t consider any of them ugly. I do find most people’s faces very interesting. The only “ugly” celebrity that comes to my mind is Gary Coleman.

    • yup

      Grow up, both of those people you just called ugly are dead.
      Have some descensy and respect.

  • Debs from South Africa

    Responding to Jade Jaguar. I agree with all except Stephen King and Seal. Yes, Stephen is dorky looking but how does a person write like he does? Seal is only ugly because he has lupis, I love him and love his music.

  • Debs from South Africa

    Gina,I think back in the day, Michael was one hot boy, pre plastics and all the rest.

  • Sangre

    Steve Buscemi is an attractive man. Steve Buscemi is a great actor. Steve Buscemi is a very good person. I love Steve Buscemi.

  • doodlefish

    Wot no mention of Arnold Schwartznegger? All those hideous lumpy muscles and bulging veins. Yeuck!
    Personally, what really turns me off in a guy is a high whiny voice. Yes, I mean you, Alan Davies!

  • Little Miss Goth

    MARILYN MANSON?! WHY?! I LIKE MARILYN MANSON. He is one of the BEST singers and i love his – well the band’s music. Micheal Jackson i totally agree with as he is a complete weirdo. Why would anyone want to change the color of their skin? But Marilyn Manson? He makes a statement. It is, after all, only make up and he can take it off. I think he looks pretty cool and when he was younger quite fit.

    • rip

      Michael didn't change the color of his skin, he had vitiligo, a skin condition. A disease.
      He almost started crying in an interview when the interviewer asked about it, because he GOT so much shit for it. He's proud of his black heritage, he always was. He wouldn't change it.
      So stop being an ignorant bitch and learn you're shit before you say untrue accusations.

      Let him rest, we've hurt him enough already.

  • Charlotte

    ahhh….! Pete Doherty is fuckin gorgeous. Buschemi is attractive in his way also. And several others on here are just interesting looking, not ugly.

    Michael, I can’t stand to look at. But that isn’t really HIS face that he’s got on his head, so I don’t know if that’s fair.

    Of course, this is all totally pointless and everything. but fun to some degree…

  • MCRmy Soldier

    Marilyn Manson is downright creepy.

  • missybiatch

    i dont agree that steve buscemi is ugly, nor john c. reilly or jon heder. and jade your fucking dumb, will ferrell ugly? omg silly bitch with no taste, samuel l jackson, danny glover and vince vaughn aint ugly neither. so piss off.

  • timefillmyeyes

    Malcolm McDowell is only ugly now. He was cuter when he was younger.

  • Soph

    What are you talking about? John Heder is a sexy beast, lol.

    I am his hugest superfan in the entire universe.


  • Jonah

    Steve Buscemi?! STEVE BUSCEMI! Are you kidding? That is one sexy man! Oh how I love him. Honestly you put him so high in the list that I must conclude you are blind, deaf are in no way sexually attracted to sexy sexy people. Number 3? That’s a travesty. When I was in high school I used to watch the opening scene of Reservoir Dogs every day before school just to watch him playing the worlds tiniest violin for the waitresses, that is one sexy scene.

  • Anaida

    I love how talent surpasses looks with most of the men in this list. I can’t say that I agree with Malcolm McDowell though, he seems to have aged pretty well.

    I also find myself VERY attracted to Steve Buscemi, there’s just something about him ;).

  • hinkle von dinkle

    8,6 and 5 aren’t ugly, they’re just old. they were pretty reasonable when younger, just watch If… or clockwork orange for evidence of that in macdowell, and nolte’s actually a model so he wasn’t ugly

  • jellybean

    I really don’t find John Heder ugly. O.o
    Sure, he’s not the hottest guy in the world, but in the picture you chose of him, he really doesn’t look that bad.

  • Danielle

    Steve Buscemi?? I can’t believe he’s in here! He’s gorgeous! GORGEOUS. He is a very sexy man. Mmmm..

  • Alice Furball

    It seems people either love or hate Mansons’ appearance and this would depend on whether you are using the mainstream as a meter or not.

    Personally I find him attractive. But then again this list is complied by a man so I think Mansons’ strange beauty can only be noticed by females.

    To explain why so many people above said they find him attractive is he has features many women enjoy:

    -slender, lean , muscle
    -creative style appeals to artistic types
    -long hair to play with
    -contrast of pale skin with darer features.
    -nice cheek bones
    -largish lips make women think of kissing
    -deep voice
    -intense eyes with or without contacts

    -without make-up he has that Nicholas Cage appeal- weird, dark good-looks, shaped face.

    Many women are repelled by more convention good looks like very muscular bodies or tans.

    In a similar way there are men that find golden tans attractive or go nuts over delicate, snow-white skin-

    women can also be turned on by the striking appearance of snowy skin and fine bones.

    I hope that makes it more understandable to those who can’t comprehend how Manson can be sexy to some women.

  • Alice Furball

    oh- Steve does look ugly in that photo but his big eyes are kind of cute. His face is kind of likeable. Not sexy but definetlty cute.
    I found him amusing in con air.

  • Steve

    I’ll give you credit for lyle lovett and steve buscemi, but I think you missed the mark not including mickey rourke (now) and tom petty. Yargh.

  • James

    Malcolm McDowell wouldn’t be on this list if he appeared in more popular films in his youth. He’s not ugly and never was (I wouldn’t go as far to see he was the most handsome guy, but he was cool-looking). I loved him in ‘if..’ and A Clockwork Orange, for his superb acting and his comical school-boy physical appearance.

  • Dana

    I don’t think any of em are that ugly. The guy from Heroes (McDowell)is not ugly at all to me and I am only 32 years old. He has aged nicely! Who made this list anyway? Michael Jackson was cute if he would have never gotten all that plastic surgery! Nick Nolte just has a real bad pic there. Marilyn Manson looks horrid but I don’t really know what he looks like without makeup. Napolean could easily look good if he wanted to. I don’t really like the pic of him on here though. Lyle Lovett and Steve Buscemi and Reilly are not ugly. They have character. Doughtery and Elton John are not ugly either! Gees this list sux.

  • Rigato

    The most brilliant are often never attractive. Hell, look at Manson.

  • Smiley

    What About Flava Flav!!!

  • Beauty&Brains

    gary busey & carrot top!

  • Amanda H.

    Awww I love John C. Rielly!!! He was so good in Chicago :)

  • DayshFace

    I think you should take Michael Jackson off he’s dead now and you can only say nice things about him now

    • yes

      You know whassup :)

  • Rena

    I just read the top ten ugliest female celebrities, now after seeing this I’m beginning whoever wrote these two is very shallow. If a celebrity doesn’t fall into the hot category then they’re ugly. John Hedar may not be a sexy actor, but he’s not an ugly one either. He reminds me of a friend I had in high school. Also I’m surprised to see Malcolm Mcdowell on here. I don’t see anything ugly about him. He was even cute in his younger days. The only person who rightfully belongs on this list is Michael Jackson.

    • whaddupbxtch

      You're heart deserves to be on this list way before michaels

  • Rena

    well. . .maybe Marilyn Manson.

  • angel

    hey, michael jackson isn’t that ugly at all! marilyn manson, elton john, dang they’re uglier than him! And it’s mean to put unknown by him… how would you feel if i called u an “it” and an “alien” and “wacko” it doesn’t feel good. On the inside he is a sweetie… so u guys shut up… i hate you. While MJ is beautiful in heaven cuz he has a great soul, you guys will be disgusting in hell.

    • amanda

      I agree with you 100% anyone who could say anything wrong, mean & false about this man has one cold heart. Michael Jackson was a beautiful man & does not deserve to be on this list at all.

      Marilyn Manson creeps me out, even Michael's sister Janet freaked out at the sight of him thinking he was the devil. Definitely not the kind of person I'd want to be around.

  • angel

    mj is hottt!!!!!!

  • Tonib0y

    Ohh cmon, the last choice is kinda awkward nowadays :S

  • angel

    michael jackson is not ugly ,just look at the other people there they are more ugly than a donkys butt,to me michael jackson is sexy,cute,hot,sweet,…………………………………… but the others they are no the ugly side to me
    michael jackson

  • javi

    MJ IS super sexii, sweet, gentleman,loving,very kind =D
    oh pete doherty is hott!! cmon!!

  • blurrbb9

    I think Steve Buscemi and Marilyn Manson Are both Hotties MMMMMM Yummy!!

  • nnnnnaat

    you could as well do the most handsome male and put MJ on 1st place with some hot photo(there are a lot of those)
    —sorry if my grammar is wrong

    • MJJJJ

      Gotta agree :)

  • 14gotmyMANTRA

    I’m a huge fan of John C. Reilly, Elton John and Steve Buscemi. But there is no denying they are all a bit funny looking (in the words of the coen brothers :))

  • B_2007

    Well…considering Jon Heder is one of my favorite actors, I personally don’t think he’s as ugly as some people think…majority of the rest of them…agreed!

  • michaela

    john heder isnt in the same ugly leage as the other guys, maybe thats why hes ten he is exceptional, but i guess you can say he is ugly for a celeb. hahaha im reading some of the recent comments, just because jackson is dead, doesnt mean he was pretty to look at, hes still UGLY. someone said he was hot? wtf dude? you must think a deflated blow up doll is hot.

  • Lk

    I think Marilyn Manson should bag the 1st place. I really find his face troublesome, scary and weird. . No wonder my friend and some people here fancies him. :))

    • Mmhm

      I have to say, you musnt of seen Marilyn outside of the makeup or in an interview. He's quite laid back and generous, really

  • Bert

    I have to laugh when reading some of the comments above, especially those by “yo”. So typical of the black-or-white mentality that’s prevalent in Western society.

    Granted, Marilyn Manson ain’t exactly a male model, but he also exaggerates his weirdness in order to demonstrate the shallowness and lack of independent thought that “Consumer America” finds so comforting. I’ve never really listened to any of his music, but any interviews I’ve seen with the man have me convinced that he’s extremely intelligent. Sure he took part of his stage name after (arguably) America’s most notorious serial killer, but the other half comes from America’s greatest sex symbol. It’s a cultural commentary.

    And to classify him as evil because he’s an atheist? You do realize that many of the most evil men in history were devout Christians, right? Napoleon, Hitler, and Stalin (he was training to be a priest before he joined the Communist Party) are all universally regarded as evil beyond comprehension, and were all Christian. And I certainly wouldn’t attempt to use those examples as proof that all Christians are evil.

    Learn to think instead of regurgitating propaganda.

  • rory

    where is clint howard? that man is cast to be ugly.

  • C&J

    I agree with alot of the others,Steve Buschemi is NOT ugly,his teeth are abit gnarly,thats about it.
    Now the guy who’s been totally overlooked & should be at the top of the list is Danny Bonaduce,he’s ugly inside & out & has a tiny-you know what- too boot.

  • Randomgal

    Marilyn Manson is not ugly.

  • Mikaela

    1st off, Michael shouldn’t even be on this list. HE’S DEAD, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT??? AND he wasn’t ugly for most of his life.

    2nd. I find Pete Doherty SUPER HOT.

    3rd. John Heder, Steve Buscemi and John C. Reilly shouldn’t be on this list, I mean, they’re just regular looking, they don’t fit in the word “ugly”.

    4th. Malcolm Mcdowell is NOT ugly, just old, and he was so darned HOT when he was younger, if you don’t believe me, watch A Clockwork Orange!

    5th. Marilyn Manson isn’t ugly, he’s just a rockstar with a lot of make-up on.

    Now, there should a list of possible jobs you could do instead of list making, because, it’s not only a stupid “job” (if that’s what you wanna call it so you can sleep at night), but you can’t even do it well. YOU SUCK! THE LIST SUCKS.

    RE-D0 this shit, or find someone more competent to do it for you!

    • mjj

      How about we don't even have lists of "ugly" celebrities,
      It's rude. Most of these commenters are ugly on the inside for saying such cruel things

  • Fucking MJ

    I really don’t care that he’s dead. Whoever said he was cute is a tard, i mean COME ON!!! When he was black he looked normal. THERE IS NO DENYING HE LOOKED LIKE FUCKING YOKO ONO CROSSED WITH A MONKEY!!!! You can’t protect MJ from every wrong doing, especially if it’s how he looked, which was completely his fault

    • get over yourself

      Wow you're getting extremely worked up and defensive over this.
      May i ask you if you've ever seen a home video of him, his heart is pure gold. He was such a sweet man, all he did was give, give, give. And what did he get in return, ignorant assholes (as yourself) who believed the media, made him out to be a freak. When really, he was a normal guy. He cared so much for children, he would never hurt a child, i bet my life on it.

      So if you're only going to judge him on his outer appearance (in my personal opinion, i think he was beautiful his whole life) then you sir, are very prudent and self absorbed by not learning of him behind the tabloid junk. Really, you're quite stupid, if you ask me.

  • jele

    Ron Howard

  • nicoleredz3

    If 50 Cent is to be considered a celebrity, where is he on this list? Lol!

  • ME!

    How can you say that look:
    All MJ haters need to back off and like another person said you are all going to burn in hell for judging a man like MJ if that means some of you are going to hate on me than be it!

  • ParamoreROX

    John Heder isn”t ugly!!!!! He plays Jimmy in the hilarious Blades Of Glory!!!!! Hes funny!!!!!!!!!

  • Kate

    I have to disagree with John C reilly being on this list. I think he’s hot!

    • Lara

      So do I x)

  • Aly

    um wat the fuck this list makes no fucking sense. I guess they didnt know that theres such a thing as bad pictures of people god type in michael jackson and actually look through the fucking pictures. ull find out that michael jackson is not only the sexiest man that ever lived and ever will but also the smartest, most-loving, lovable BEST man that ever lived/will live. I think the makers of this list need to get their brains checked because they obviously MUST be off srsly this pisses me off so fucking much

    • agreeeed

      The picked the worst picture possible, it's terrible. And on the inside, he's even more beautiful

      — :)

  • subdivisions

    MJ is only 70% human.

    • rubbish

      you're correct.

      The other 30% is beyond human, more godlike then anything.
      Oh gosh, he had such a great heart.

  • linda10989

    What about Tommy Lee Jones, Bill Murray (he has definitely NOT aged well!), Keith Richards, Steve Tyler, Woody Allen. Stephen King has always reminded me of an elf. Yes, he is a good writer, but still…

    As for Michael Jackson, I’m old enough to remember him in his Thriller days…while I never thought of him as handsome, he was cute in his own way.

    As for Malcolm McDowell, in that picture, he could be the twin of Anthony Hopkins and neither of them are ugly.

    Unattractive or not, most (if not all) of the men on this list have talent of some sort, which is more than I can say for overrated pretty boys like Tom Cruise or Zach Effron…

  • watever

    wat about mick jagger

  • holly

    Shane McGowan of The Pogues. Teeth like old, broken picket fence. ‘Nuff said.

  • CandJ

    Is it just me or is politician Henry Waxman a dead ringer for the phantom of the opera(Lon Chaney)?

  • Andika

    Check out Sergey Zverev from Russia.

  • linda10989

    Andika: I checked him out and he is the most feminine-looking man that I have ever seen! While I was looking at his pictures, I had to ask myself over and over: “Is that a man or a woman???” Yes, I know he put his makeup on with a trowel, but there is nothing whatsoever about his face that is even remotely masculine. That being said, there are others on this list that are far uglier…but I can understand why you suggested him for this list–that guy is scary!

  • oedura

    In total agreement on Pete Doherty.

    If it meant I never had to see another picture of him, it’d almost be worth it to drop an A-bomb on England.

    Hideous, greasy mother-fucker.

  • Em

    You missed Kevin Bacon. By far one of THE ugliest males I have ever seen!

  • Em

    LOL and whoever said Michael Jackson is sexy has issues!

    • LOL if someone has ever said you have a great heart, they have issuses!

      Really people, how rude can you get. He's no longer alive.
      I have to agree with Jermaine Jackson (His brother)
      "Michael, maybe now that you're dead, they'll leave you alone."
      Hmm.. I guess not. I guess people are too ridiculously scrutinizing of true beauty, from the inside out to realize. He left this world because of people like you. He couldn't handle the stress, i see why.

  • Caboose

    i think Johnny depp should be # 7

  • Steph

    Caboose: My god, are you blind? Johnny Depp is the most talented and gorgeous actor in Hollywood. Beautiful lips, perfect bone structure, sexy eyes. Women young and old would drop their panties for him.:)

    • Ica

      one fine day i will be mrs. johnny depp

  • Matthew

    Steven Tyler! UGH!!!


    haha love steve buscemi

  • Stevie

    I agree with you Gina, I remember Michael back in the 80’s when he sang Dirty Diana,The Way You Make Me Feel,Bad,Man In The Mirror, Another Part Of Me, the guy was drop dead gorgeous,it’s a pity he didn’t meet his Soul Mate back then, he may have pulled back on the cosmetic surgery and settled in himself.

  • cybersleuth58

    I don’t see ELton John as foxy, but I don’t find him ugly either.

    Sorry folks… The award for ugliest male actor goes to… may I have the envelope please? … (drum roll)… Mickey Rourke!! If anyone is doubtful, see the photo here:

    I cannot claim to be super attractive. But it amazes me that this guy’s a chick magnet. Wow!!!

  • cybersleuth58
  • linda10989

    cybersleuth58: Mickey Rourke’s attraction may be because of his “bad boy” image–drinking, drugs, bad/rude/obnoxious behavior…and all have been shown time and time again in glorious detail by the tabloids.

    Speaking as a woman, I hate to say it, but some of us secretly like the bad boys–probably because our mothers always warned us about getting involved with them.

    In MR’s case, it certainly isn’t because of his looks! Yikes–that guy is seriously scary! I saw him in “The Wrestler” and while the movie was okay at best, his performance wasn’t good enough to warrant either a Golden Globe OR Oscar nomination last year.

  • regdwight

    you left out rosie o’donnell

  • regdwight

    elton doesn’t have to look good, his lovers never see him from the front.

  • bluelouie

    why is Malcolm McDowell here?! i mean, seriously, he’s awesome and not at all bad looking..


    :DD awesome

  • Karma

    Why don’t you post a picture of yourself so that people can critique your looks. And don’t airbrush it or touch it up! Elton John is overweight, not ugly. Nick Nolte used to be a good looking guy back in the 1970’s, but alcohol has taken a toll on him. And, with the exception of that demonic creature Marilyn Manson, some of these men are not ugly. Micheal Jackson (RIP), was a handsome young man until he got all of those horrible plastic surgeries. He didn’t need plastic surgery. His plastic surgeon butchered him. Marilyn Manson should have been the only man on this list. He is an ugly ass freak of nature. Babies cry when they look at his face. They know that it’s a face from hell.

  • Megan

    I would personally marry John C. Reilly in a heartbeat :)

  • Doug

    Willem Defoe is really ugly and getting uglier everyday.

    And I’ve heard from someone who waited on him in a resturant that Arnold Schartznegger is an unbelievably ugly in person.

  • DO

    I agree with some of these. Although, I always thought Jon Heder was pretty cute! As for McDowell and Nolte, they were good looking in their younger days. Michael Jackson was good looking before all the disfiguring plastic surgery. Missing from this list are the late night TV hosts, Letterman, Leno and O’Brien!

  • mo-chan

    And where is Robert Pattinson?

    • hehe

      Ah he's beautiful, inside and out

  • xMissing

    I think Timothy Spall should be added.

  • smeepy

    This list is almost as silly as the female version. I’m amused by the fact that it has the same “punchline” though, at number one, someone who was once attractive, but destroyed it all through insecurity and a distorted view of themselves.

  • lilmiss

    Michael jackson is HOT!he shouldnt be on this list. he was a sweet, kind and extremely talented man, and very good looking. maybe its reasons like this list that make people feel insecure and have surgery in the first place. I think its pretty sad that people spend their time writing lists criticising how people look, Man you must feel proud.


    • !!!!!!!!!

      I agree :)

  • Jody

    Great list, love it because it show how taking a shallow no-brainer look at the life of a celebrity can ultimately lead to finding how deep your emotional connection to someone that on a “face value” level you would dismiss. I get chills listening to ‘Nobody knows me Like my Baby’ so I find Lyle Lovett beautiful and when I think of Mr. Pink (Buscemi- Reservoir Dogs) singing ‘He’s got the Whole World’ (Con Air) my bad mood lifts and therefore I find Steve Buscemi’s existence on a career level irreplaceable- and MM, well, I think he accomplished his goal of having small minds discuss his appearance therefore enticing people that would have normally overlooked him into at least knowing his name. I can’t even think of a role where Brad Pitt, Richard Greer, Johnny Depp (ok, except for a drunken pirate) even acted like someone that attracted my attention let alone any part of my emotion.

    We are all ugly, at least some get paid for it.

    Bring on the ugly…my life needs more!

  • mel

    hey! pete isn’t ugly. i’m a big fan of him. he’s always jugded for his drugs, but to my mind he is also a very handsome male and a great poet and musican.

  • mel

    @Jade Jaguar [155]: mick jagger isn’t ugly. :D

  • Krummi

    I honestly don’t get why Elton John is on that list.
    He’s plain looking yes, but that does not mean he’s ugly.

    Also Marilyn Manson, when not in makeup is also rather plain looking, although quite honestly when he’s not painted up like a drag queen I actualy think his facial structure bourders on rather handsome.

    So yes. Elton is plain, and Manson covers his face with makeup but that does not make either of them ugly.

  • Paul

    The Nick Nolte comments are just plain bizarre. 180 pounds is not at all heavy for a six-foot male actor, and most of his career, Nolte has been square-jawed and ruggedly handsome. He was just having a serious bad hair day when he was snapped in the classic drunken mug shot…he might fit a list of “most chemically strung out males celebrities”, but not ugly.

  • jane

    I don't think Michael McDowell should be on this list, he is just really old, not ugly. Plus, he made a totally hot Alex in Clockwork during his prime.

  • BeetleJuice

    You stupid sissyheads!!!! Manson is MEGA AWESOME and is not supposed top be on the list in the first place!**duh, brainless…*

  • Jon Heder is f*cking hot! But that's just my opinion.. That Pete Doherty kid is pretty cute too lol </3

  • Matt Damon (looks like a neanderthal) Jay-Z (looks like a camel) and 50 Cent (looks like a gorilla). I have no idea how Matt Damon was ever voted most sexiest by People. Most sexiest Neanderthal is more like it.

  • Meh :D

    PETE DOCHERTY IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X

  • mely

    jay z

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  • lacostew

    come on guys ,they are not really ugly.

  • lizziefraley

    People are very rude and ignorant.
    I thought beauty wasn't only on the outside, but on the inside as well.

    Michael Jackson is beautiful inside and out. He has the kindest heart ever, and obviously you picked the absolute worst picture you could come up with. He's also very talented, and thoroughly missed.

    Also, Marilyn Manson is very sweet too, and he expresses himself, he has a lot of dignity and confidence. He stands up for what he believes in, and really puts up a good show.

    Oh and STEVEN TYLER IS HOT! Even though he's in his 60's now. So i don't know what some of you commenters are on.

  • speed_demon

    OH SH*T! are u kidding me?!? Anyone who calls Michael ugly can worship their blemish-free super perfect faces in the mirror and eat sh*t. Michael Jackson did more for this world than any human being you will ever meet, portraying true INNER BEAUTY which matters most. Putting him on this list is ignorant and disrespectful. Inner Beauty makes anyone beautiful, inwards and outwards, in my book. sooo
    Say Whatever, HATERZzzz

  • klassie08

    Ha ha lol deffo agree with a lot of them! ;o)

  • Maddie

    Malcom McDowell isn’t /that/ unattractive. He was rather dashing as a young man, though he has played some repulsive characters in some eaually repulsive movies. [Caligula for example]

  • Rebecca

    Malcolm McDowell really doesn’t belong on this list.

  • porpor

    John Heder and Michael Jackson are totally hot, the rest is not ugly.

  • mjj girl

    MJ is not ugly who are to judge someone that amazing. you are such a horrible person. why dont you look in the mirror.

  • blackskull18

    Boo for including Malcolm

  • justinbieber

    jackson is how kay…bieber should get number 1

  • bhilberg

    Disappointing list, the list of ugliest female celebrities was much better, for starters, Shane Macgown from The Pogues, Clint Howard, brother of Ron Howard, Lemmy from Motorhead, Comedian Steven Wright. Seriously, Malcolm Mcdowell wouldn't make my top 100 ugliest male celebrities.

  • Mary

    Elton john is ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then you're blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Mary

    Elton John he's just older. Have you ever seen when he was younger. Okay wouldn't call him ugly. The man's extremely cute. What the fuck are you talking about?!??!?!! Are you like fucking insane!?!?!?!??!

  • valencia

    JOHN HEDER IS SO CUTE! What the heck are you doing?


    Michael Jackson was the best SINGER ever Yall CANT BE HATING onn HIM

  • Lara

    I agree that John Heder doesn't look THAT bad considering the tons of ugly celebrities they could have chosen from. But John Heder should be put on this list before John C. Reilly. I just seriously don't see how bad looking John C. Reilly is maybe as a gag, but not entirely. I dunno I guess I'm the only person in the world who has a crush on him besides his wife xD.

  • millar

    You forgot Gary Busey.

  • Psyche

    On the beauty scale (1 being please put a paper bag over your head and ten meaning blindingly beautiful) only the top four are about three. I'd put the rest at about five or six. (Five being average looking), but at the end of the day beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As a teenager I thought Elton John was really sexy (I'm a woman). He hasn't aged well and his transformation into an old woman is made worse by those awful hair implants. He looked much better bald! Needless to say I married an Englishman who's bald, wears glasses (when not wearing contacts) and looks really good in hats. Some might say he's average looking, but I think he's adorable (and much better looking than Elton John!)

  • Paris

    When I saw Steve Tyler last year at the JFK, for the longest time I kept wondering what the homeless druggie was doing in the same flight I was. And then, when people rushed to him for autographs and stuff, and my cousin explained, it hit me. =p

  • Lily

    I think John Heder is kind off cutee sorry!

  • marshall

    Chad Kroger (musician) Lemmy Kilmister (musician)

  • Rox-Z

    omg, whoever made this list is blind, mj is a beautiful person and was when at his best (in my opinion the bad era) the sexiest man ever! And like other people have said Malcolm is NOT ugly! He’s just old, he looked amazing when he was young (if, a clockwork orange, o lucky man e.t.c) and his eyes are the greatest blue eyes i’ve ever seen. He’s my favourite actor. And i’m 15 by the way! As for jon heder, he’s not ugly either, just a bit goofy looking, I actually think he’s quite cute in blades of glory, blonde hair suits him much better in my opinion. And Mick jagger’s sexy, I don’t understand why people are saying he should be on this list.

  • victoria

    yes i agree that they are all plain ugly but not the first one you should replace him with Justin Bieber because now Justin is plain ugly Justin if you are reading this I'm sorry but I'm not the only girl well yeah I am:( JUSTIN BIEBER IS PLAIN UUUUGGGLLLYYY

  • Emma.

    Michael Jackson was sexy, what the fuck?! No way should he be on this list. The picture isn’t exactly brilliant, but he is far from ugly!

  • Ica

    malcolm mc dowell is not ugly! boo…
    adrien brody, on the other hand…

    • joel

      i agree with you. he’s got a nice smile ain’t that right?

  • joel

    Enter your comment haven’t you guys got more ugly people than those? there faces are just fair

  • stephanie

    Erm john heder is hott and pete docherty is gorgeous dude this is stupid why not add actual ugly people

  • Roxy

    Are you fucking kidding me? McDowel’s a fucking beaut. All you Americans are seriously brain damaged huh?

  • Toralf

    You forgot Lemmy from Mötorhead.

  • malcolm is NOT UGLY

  • Lindsey

    Michael Jackson may not of been his best in later years, but there’s no denying that for about 90% of his life he was handsome! Marilyn Manson should of been 1, MJ doesn’t deserve it. If any of us could understand how horrible he felt about how he looked you would understand the horridness of putting him at 1. <3 MJ

    • Sarah P.

      I don’t think soooo! Micheal Jackson I agree with being number 1~! okay

  • Briannna

    How does tht stupid b*tch look.

  • Hope

    micheal was very attractive when he was younger he had his problems with growing older so he had a lot of plastic sugery. it became one of his addictions. and as for marilyn manson, i find him super sexy. it all depends on what type of guy your into

    • Sarah P.

      I never thought he was!

  • Thatpersonyouknow

    I’m suprised Ron Perlman wasn’t on this list

  • Ghadeer

    Young Malcolm was gorgeous.

  • Femanon

    SIR Elton John thank you very much

  • Bill Cosby

    i think Marilyn is cute

    • Sarah P.

      Marilyn Manson ugly whatever! I wouldn’t say the ugliest. bs…

  • james gulley

    i will agree you picked the most ugly men in the world

  • JohnnyPsychotic

    fuck off!

    manson is sexy as shit

  • Michelle


  • Sarah P.

    Marilyn Manson bulls***! I disagree!

  • Person

    You forgot Justin Bieber.

  • Triptrip

    I don’t find John Heder that bad. :/ Seen way worse.

  • Kingbrunies

    Mj is ugly as hell.

  • china

    Marilyn Manson shouldn’t be on this list. Flavor flav however should be. There is nothing cute about him.


  • Tiny

    Adam Sandler is cute , talented and very funny.

  • Where the hell is Ozzy Osebourne?!?!

  • Trish

    It’s really all in perspective as to who is ugly and who is not. I for one think Marilyn Manson is an incredibly smart and talented musician, which in my eyes makes him attractive. He stands for what the rest of us don’t have the balls to do. I also think that when we make these kinds of lists, we tend to find the worst pictures possible to post of these people. Each of them have someone in their life who thinks they are beautiful so ya, it’s all in perspective.

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  • urirrelevant

    You guys are fucking shallow.

  • Sexychik

    U should add Frankie Muniz!

  • Joannex

    I actually find pete Doherty attractive

  • fredrikj

    where´s wayne rooney?

  • Kai_KaMaKaSi

    Hey where’s justin beiber? Oh wait wrong list thought I was on ugliest females list xD

    Joking aside though am I the only one that cried chuckling at the picture of MJ? Its pretty much the first picture I’ve seen of his face every other one seems to be masked by something or another
    Good list :) where’s the best looking lists at though? I think for a best looking males it should definatly be vin diesel :) and best looking females should be millia johkovitz (that one from resident evil films lmao) she is beautiful
    Either her or shania twain :) I’m 20 but I’d still tap that ;)

  • Trisha

    I disagree with number 2. This whole list is an opinion, not fact. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is someone out there who thinks every one of these men are amazing! Looks are not everything in life!

  • Sarah

    Pete Doherty is hot, Marilyn Manson used to be attractive but I can’t look at him the same anymore since I saw that chin fat photo. Also he’s over 40 now, I guess that kinda creeps me out.

  • peter8172

    I would have thought that Charles Bronson woul have made the list…..oh well

  • Michael McConnell

    Most of these guys just got old. The ugliest’s should all be young/middle age. Malcom McDowell was really attractive in his youth.

  • And he starred in my favorite movie “A Clockwork Orange” and man, he sang a mean rendition of “Singin In The Rain”

  • BellniniMartini

    Actors used to be considered the beautiful people. This proves that theory wrong.

  • Seeing that there is no mention if the celebrity is dead, then I will give you a list : Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, Gene Simmons, Robert Smith (The Cure), Sid Vicious, Charles Laughton, The Elephant Man (John Merrick), W.C. Fields, Marty Feldman. It reminds me of what Eddie Murphy said on his popular stand-up video called “Delirious” where he is quoted : “Sing !, all you gotta do is sing and be popular because Mick Jagger is an ugly mother fuc*er. With big ass lips. Mick Jagger’s lips are so big, Black people be going up to him and saying ‘You got some big ass lips !’ ” Please absolutely no offense to the quote, but then again, it came from Eddie Murphy’s mouth !!

  • I can’t believe someone suggested Mick Jagger! When he was young, my gods… them lips.

  • agentstyx : If you can find it at your local video rental store, rent out “Eddie Murphy : Delirious”. Its a stand up routine that he did at the beginning of his career. He pokes fun at singers during his monologue and mentions Mick Jagger. He says : “SING, all you have to do is sing and be popular, because Mick Jagger is an ugly mother fuc*er. With big a*s Lips !! Mick Jagger’s lips are so big Black people be going up to him and saying “You got some big a*s lips”

  • Well, I have repeated myself……………Sorry

  • Leti

    Steve Buscemi is the sexiest man alive. It’s not about being pretty; is not about having a pretty face; but it’s about being attractive. He’s hellish attractive in his particular way. There’s no actor who can be sexy in that nerdy way like him


    • cherylandjon

      Flavor Flav has all these guys beat,now that’s one ugly motherfucker

  • I had a part-time job as a stagehand for 3 years and one of the concert that me and about 200 others worked at was a concert for the rock group KISS. After the show, Gene Simmons, he of his stage-blood spitting, fire breathing and lewd and lascivious tongue, walked by me without his make-up on. You had to see it to believe it as to how ugly he really is. However, I wouldn’t mind his bank account though.

  • Zephira

    You got all right but one. Marilyn Manson is far from ugly. Maybe your opinion is based on his “Goth” persona. I have seen him in person and he is very good looking. In one of his videos he is made up and dressed like a woman. He looked so beautiful, he put some super-models to shame! Why isn’t Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Steven Tyler, Seal…etc. On the list Nick Nolte was very handsome when he was young. The photo you have is a mug shot. I guess because he was arrested for DUI and has lived through some hard times, it makes him “ugly?” NOT!! At least your number 1 pick is right on. He was a freak and a pedophile! Ugly on the inside and the outside!

  • Ashley

    Steve Buscemi isn’t ugly at all. Just look at his Wikipedia picture. The man’s downright HOT.

  • CantEatAsMuchIWannaPuke

    “Now, that’s fine banter, Frasier” – “No it’s not, it’s brainless reiteration of platitudes, designed to not rip your brains out of your cozy feeling of having no brain”

  • peter8172

    I have two. One, and he has unfortunately passed away, but Charles Bronson looked pretty ugly to me. The other one, and I can attest to it because I walked by him as I was a stagehand for 3 years helping to set up for concerts and he didn’t have his make-up on, but Gene Simmons of the rock group KISS was just plain ugly !!!

  • jaygee

    Dont agree with mcdowell seen him in a fewfilms and his looks never stood out. Def agree wirth number 1 tho.

  • petet2112

    If you were to go back many decades (30’s and 40’s), W.C. Fields wasn’t exactly Hollywood Star Looking like Gable or Grant. And Field’s best friend was John Barrymore (“The Profile”) which also didn’t help, but also, the consumption of two quarts of “Bathtub” Gin every day for the last 35 years of his life also didn’t help. He was a legendary comic who had superior timing when he acted, but admit it, he was UGLY !!!

  • marie

    You forgot the lead singer from The Pogues

  • Ian

    Marilyn Manson is a beautiful man.
    & Jon Heder has that weird hair & pale face that teen girls seem to like..
    otherwise, my list is pretty much the same.

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  • unknown

    rooney is the ugliest





  • Jangbo

    Why don’t you consider Jason Clarke a top actor? Sure, he isn’t a household name, but he’s been in a couple of quality TV series as a leading man. Let’s give a shout out to one of the uglies who truly is a good actor, too.

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  • skylar

    ewwwwwwwwwww michael jakson is sooooooooooo ugly

  • @ skylar, let me make an additio to your post : ewwwwwwwwwwwww Michael Jackson is sooooooooo DEAD………..I can now say for the first time in my life that heir is a God in the heavens. My God was I sick about hearing about the distributor of “Jesus Juice” and Neverland and hanging the baby out side of a hotel room was it for me. He being gone now, I am a happy man !!!

  • emerlycloms


  • Felatio

    This list fails if for no other reason then it doesn’t include that maggot Donald Trump and his idiotic looking hairpiece.

  • Pooper

    They all so beautiful, not like 1D, they are gross. JUST KIDDING LOOSSEERRS… GO TEAM ONE DIRECTION!

  • Jaimie

    Michael Jackson was Good looking in the 80’s
    EVERYONE know that!
    He has a beautiful Soul <3
    That's just a bad picture btw!
    mj was a MUSICIAN. Not "unknown"
    Wtf? Jealous bastards!

  • c

    lol mj is 1 haha but i wouldnt blame you though

  • Its such a shame that so called “journalists” have this amount of time on their hands to “defame” people based on their looks. SHAME ON YOU! Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror!

  • Nick

    I agree with this list other than for one submission. I think that Malcolm McDowell is a good looking older guy. I hope at that age I look that good.

  • strangelove

    No doubt an absolutely pointless and unnecessary list.

  • Drew

    Why isnt Ron Perlman on this list??!!

  • Metamorphical

    I think Pete Doherty and Marilyn Manson are rather attractive.

  • petet2112

    Just like what Eddie Murphy said on his HBO stand-up comedy routine entitled “Delirious” back in 1983. “Sing, all you have to do is sing and be famous, ’cause look at Mick Jagger. He’s an ugly M***her Fuc**r, with big a*s lips. Mick Jagger’s lips so big that even Black People say, ‘You got some big a*s lips !’ “

  • John

    Too good I’m not a celerbirty, my photo would be first lol

  • yohsuck

    Did the author add him/her self?

  • stabber

    dont forget the guy from nickelback chad kroeger

  • Karl

    No ugly Jewish male Celebrities? Conspiracy? Or something else?
    10 Ugliest Jewish Male Celebrities:
    1: Gene Simmons (without make up) of Kiss
    2: Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction
    3: Seth Rogen
    4: Bob Dylan
    5: Mel Brooks
    6: Abe Vigoda
    7: Don Rickles
    8: Wener Kempler of Hogan’s Heroes
    9: Sandra Bernhardt (SHE’S A MAN!)
    10: Almost EVERY Single Male Jewish Celebrity

    So take that anti-Christians!!!

    You Jews can be pretty ugly too!

  • petet2112

    @ Karl. Its funny that you mentioned Gene Simmons as one of the ugliest Jewish Celebrities. I used to work as a stagehand/roadie throughout the Northeastern portion of the United States. One of the shows that we had to set up for was KISS in Manchester, N.H. At the end of the show, I was backstage and saw the guys without their make-up on. I happened to walk by Gene Simmons and he is so ugly that he could peel the paint of a wall. You have to see him personally to know what I am talking about. He is just insanely UGLY looking.

  • Lena

    McDowell was a very handsome man when he was young. Didn’t you watch A Clockwork Orange??? He’s old now, of course he doesn’t look as good as he did before, DUH.
    Pete Doherty isn’t ugly, he’s just unclean because of drugs, he’s quite attractive when he’s clean and his hair combed.

  • sex tourist

    I am not sure where you’re getting your info, however great topic. I must spend some time studying much more or figuring out more. Thank you for excellent information I was on the lookout for this information for my mission.

  • Gggggg

    You forgot that ugly old women that is Steven Tyler!

  • Zade

    John Heder – Personally i find him cute in a nerdy sort of way. He cant be passed off as ugly in my books :)

  • Ceara

    I don’t think Marilyn Manson is ugly, but I have to agree with the rest of the people on the list.

  • me


  • Sierra

    Except John Heder isn’t ugly.

  • neil1953

    Well, you have to admit that Mick Jagger has hit the very pinnacle of being down right ugly to the point of looking like a gargoyle. I remember the stand-up comedy routine that Eddie Murphy did on his “Delirious” video back in 1983 and talking about singers and no matter how ugly the are or were, just so long as you can sing something they could get women as easy as anything. He said “Look at Mick Jagger. Mick Jagger is an ugly motherfu*cker. With big *ss lips. Mick Jagger’s lips are so big that black people go up to him and say ‘You got some big *ss lips !!!…….No Offense but that’s what Eddie said.

  • Rachael

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