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25 Bizarre Buildings

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

25 Bizarre Buildings in photos:

1. The Basket House USA


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2. The Crooked House Poland

Krzywy Dom Front 1-1

3. The Castle House Dominican Republic

Castle House, San Juan, Dominican Republic 1

4. The Dog House USA

Dome House, Pensacola Beach, Florida 1

5. The Egyptian House USA

Egyptian House, Off Delaney, Gurnee 1

6. The WTF House USA

Erie Avenue, Cincinnati 2

7. The Hovercraft House USA

Hoovercr. House, New Mexico 1

8. The Kettle House USA

Kettle House, Galveston, Texas 1

9. The UFO House USA

Planet House, Pensacola Beach, Florida 1

10. The Saxophone House USA

Saxophone House, Orinda, California 1

11. The Ship House Croatia

Ship House, Dalmatia, Croatia 1

12. The Boot House USA

Shoe Hous, Off Old Lincoln Highway, Pennsylvania 1

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13. Another Shoe House South Africa

Shoe House, Abel Erasmus Pass, Branddraai Mpumalanga, South-Africa 2

14. Another UFO House USA

Spaceship House, Chattanooga 1

15. The Sphere House USA


16. The Thin House UKThin House, London, Uk 1

17. The Lopsided House Japan

Upside Down House, Japan 2

18. Another Dome House Australia

22E Dome1 Wideweb  430X272

19. The Log House Russia


20. Palacio de las Artes Spain


21. The Mushroom House USA


22. The Bubble House France


23. The Robot Ranch USA


24. The Crazy House Vietnam


25. The Holed House USA

House Tunnel 01

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