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Top 10 Bizarre Screen Kisses

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Films have been full of loving beautiful kisses since day one – but (thankfully for this site) there have been the occasional weird, off-color, or outright bizarre kisses. This is a list of the ten most bizarre or unusual kisses in film history.

10. Most Confusing Kiss Transamerica


Confusion aspect 1: we have Felicity Huffman (a woman in real life) playing the part of Bree, a man who is about to undergo gender reassignment surgery to become a woman.

Confusion aspect 2: his son (Kevin Zegers, playing Toby) unaware that Bree is his father, falls in love with him thinking he is a woman.

Bizarre aspect: Toby kisses his father passionately. Bree manages to push Toby away and is forced to tell him that she is his father.

9. Upside-down Kiss Spiderman

After being attacked by a gang in an alley and rescued, Mary-Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) was kissed by costumed super-hero Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) — it was an upside-down kiss in the rain in which she peeled back the lower part of his mask after asking: “Do I get to say thank you this time?”

8. Learn to Kiss Kiss Cruel Intentions

This film was a teenaged version of Dangerous Liaisons (1988), in which an amoral, bitchy, teen-vamp Manhattan step-sister Kathryn Merteuil (Sarah Michelle Geller) demonstrated her manipulative intentions toward innocent Cecile Caldwell (Selma Blair) to destroy her reputation by teaching her how to slow- and wet-kiss in the park, with Cecile’s assessment of their lesbian smooch: “That was cool!”

7. Most Repulsive Kiss Casino


In 2003, readers of the American magazine Film voted the love scene on a sofa between sexy prostitute/hustler Ginger McKenna (Sharon Stone) and violent mob hit-man/enforcer Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci) as the ‘worst’ ever — the second ‘worst’ in the poll was the love scene between Sean Connery and 40 years-younger Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment (1999), followed by the love dalliances between Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider in Last Tango In Paris (1972)

6. Human and Ghost Ghost


During a sensuous scene at a hypnotically-spinning pottery wheel – molding, forming and sculpting a phallic-shaped clay object to the tune of “Unchained Melody,” Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) kissed his lover Molly Jensen (Demi Moore) as he was seated behind her — he assisted her in reshaping a collapsed piece of pottery by putting his hands together with hers; and in the finale, recently-murdered ghost-spirit Sam bid grieving Molly goodbye before he passed on into The Light

5. Human and Computer Tron

The climactic kiss between computer program Yori (Cindy Morgan) and human “user” Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), following his resolution to jump suicidally into the energy beam of the Master Control Program (MCP) to save “video game warrior” Tron (Bruce Boxleitner). Yori’s aghast reaction to Flynn’s idea, “Don’t, you’ll be de-rezzed!”, is followed by a long, passionate kiss, as the brilliant, multicolored shaft of light emanating from the MCP glows behind them. After the kiss, Flynn meaningfully gazes into Yori’s eyes one last time, then jumps into the beam.

4. Human and Alien ET


While alien E.T. watched the TV screen tuned to the famous love scene between John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in John Ford’s classic film The Quiet Man (1952), the actions and movements of the two film characters matched identical movements of Elliott (Henry Thomas) and the pretty blonde girl (young Erika Eleniak) in his school’s biology classroom – when the lovers kissed in the movie, Elliott quickened his nerve and kissed the pretty girl in his class – E.T. smiled; also the tear-jerking ending scene of Gertie (Drew Barrymore) kissing E.T.’s nose goodbye before he departed in his spaceship.

3. The Kiss of Death Godfather part II


During a New Year’s Eve celebration in Cuba that ushered in 1959 in a fancy ball in the Presidential Palace, amidst cheering, embracing, and confetti, Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) whispered into traitorous brother Fredo’s (John Cavale) ear as they grabbed each other: “There’s a plane waiting for us to take us to Miami in an hour, all right? Don’t make a big thing about it. (He forcefully grabbed him on both sides of the face and kissed him – Sicilian style. It was the kiss of death on his lips.) I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart”

2. Man and Corpse The Shining

Picture 1-15

When investigating Room 237 in the Overlook Hotel, half-crazed caretaker Jack (Jack Nicholson) pushed open the half-closed bathroom door of the mysterious, green and orange room, where he saw a young, totally-nude female figure (Lia Beldam) bathing – she rose, and slowly stepped from the tub and approached; Jack lustfully leered back at her and was sexually seduced by the apparition; when she stopped in the middle of the room, he started toward her – she seductively moved her hands up over his chest and around his neck; Jack embraced and kissed the illusory, beautiful bather – but when he looked over her shoulder at their embrace in the mirror behind her, he saw that her age had accelerated; she was metamorphisized into a demonic, necrophiliac lover – a pulsating, partially-decomposed corpse – a wrinkled, thick-skinned old hag (Billie Gibson)!

1. Man and Ape Planet of the Apes

Planet Of The Apes

This scene is the first to show a bond of love between animal (played by a human in costume) and human. Displaced astronaut-human George Taylor (Charlton Heston) kissed scientist-ape Zira (Kim Hunter), following this situation, as they stood next to crashing waves on a beach: Taylor: “Doctor, I’d like to kiss you goodbye.” Zira: “All right … but you’re so damned ugly!”

Bonus: Child and Adult Me and You and Everyone We Know


This highly controversial kiss (combined with the earlier teenaged sex scene) probably lead to the film earning an 18 rating despite the absence of violence and foul language. Here we see the young boy, Robby, meeting the middle-aged Art Gallery owner that he had been leading on (on the internet) with his talk of “pooping back and forth”. The gallery owner realizes that he is the “man” she has been chatting with and kisses him goodbye despite the fact that he is about 8 years old. Surprisingly the scene illicits a feeling of sympathy for the lady rather than disgust. This controversial film has won awards at Cannes, Sundance, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Newport, and Los Angeles.

Some text courtesy of Greatest Films

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • Emily

    weird list

  • Emily: hehe indeed – that was the aim though :)

  • Sarah

    Brilliant list. I love the scene in Me and You and Everyone We Know when the little boy describes pooping back and forth. It is so cute, yet disgusting and hilarious at the same time!

  • How did I know that the Spiderman upside down kiss was gonna be on here….. lol blech…


    great list

  • Sarah: it is one of my favorite films – the kids are brilliant actors. Did you know the main women (the one who makes the films for the art museum) is the director of the movie too?

  • Ravyn: blech? I think it is one of the sexiest kisses in film history!

  • Jamie: I completely agree….the blech was about how it was sooooo overhyped in the media and by every bloody teeniebooper.

    I mean seriously who hasn’t kissed in the rain…upside-down

    I have :)

  • Sheyhey

    “Ghost” did damage to my psyche. I knew it was really Whoopi Goldberg that Demi Moore was getting all hot and heavy with. *shivers*

  • Ravyn: you have? Truly? Lucky bitch!

    Sheyhey: hahahah – I watched it last night – It made me feel very strange :) Mind you – any film with Whoopi makes me feel that way :)

  • Sheyhey

    I get a little crazy with the double clicking sometimes… how on EARTH do i delete a comment?

  • Sheyhey: which one do you want deleted? First or second? I will do it for you.

  • Jamie: Luck or Crazy? Either way is true though. I love my man ;)

  • Ravyn: I can appreciate that :) Was he wearing a spiderman outfit? :)

  • Thanks for this unique list.

    A kiss that also came to my mind was in a movie called Testament It’s about the results of a nuclear war and the last survivors in the US (very depressing film) Anyway Jane Alexander kisses a priest played by Philip Anglim. I remember it was a very much unexpected bazaar kiss.

    Also can anybody help me with this?.I saw a movie a while back. I think it was a Canadian Film about the end of the world. (I don’t know what’s up with me with the end of the world flicks)Hey, maybe that would make a good list. Anyway before the world ends this guy and gal agree to shoot each other in the head right before the world ends and then instead they kiss. Another really bazaar kiss. Does anybody know the name of that film?

    • SilentSyren

      "Last Night". Sandra Oh is in it? Love that movie!

      But since this was years ago, you probably already know this…

  • God for me that Transamerica kiss would be number one. I remember seeing that movie and not only did I feel repulsed the whole way through it (the subject content is just a bit too weird for me), I felt physically ill when the scene you described took place! There are another couple of scenes that creeped me…the gay sex in the pickup truck, and the bit where you see Bree after he/she has just had the operation…naked.

  • Blogball: I am just guessing here, but it wouldn’t be “The day the earth stood still” or “The Quiet Earth”?

  • Ryan: I forgot about the scene in the truck – the film is definitely full of shock scenes. Strangely though, I think it is probably one of the best truly art films in recent years from the States. The director is a genius. You can’t have been shocked with the scene where the father lights his hands on fire though, surely – what a tragic scene – he is trying so hard to get his sons to notice him and love him. It is very sad.

  • Hannah

    I had heard great things about “Me & You & Everyone Else We Know”, but I absolutely hated it once I saw it. Funny though, the kiss mentioned in this list didn’t even stick out in my mind.

  • Hannah: you didn’t like it? What particularly? It is one of my favorite films

  • Philip

    What about Brokeback?

  • Sheyhey

    First, im funnier in the second :-D
    Thanks Jamie!

  • Philip: Brokeback Mountain (the scene where the wife sees the kiss) was number 10 but then I found a scene that better suited “bizarre” – rest assured, however, Brokeback Mountain will eventually find its way to the site :)

  • Gah- I nearly had a seizure after watching that Tron scene, and I’m not even epileptic. (Excuse my spelling.)

    Good list though, fitting…

  • Kelsi: I have to confess: this was one of my favorite lists to write!

  • Hannah

    Jfrater- I think I expected the movie to be quite a bit different (from the trailers I had seen), and I was pretty disgusted with the scene involving the two teenage girls and the boy (the “who’s better?” scene) It ruined the movie for me.

  • StewWriter

    Okay, let’s go with: The scene where Gena Davis feels the first signs of the fly hair on Jeff Goldblm’s back during and after a kiss, or, the scene where the main chick (I forget her name,, but she’s on Scrubs) kisses her mutated husband on Slither, or in Species when Sil kisses the man she intends to mate with and then… ahem… screws to death. Those are all pretty bizarre I’d say. Gee, i guess I’m a horror movie freak or something…

  • Sirea

    Wasn’t there some scene in Howard the Duck where the girl kisses the fricken duck? I could be wrong, I never actually saw the movie but I’ve seen enough clips to suspect it… and that would be a very awkward kiss.

  • Xavier

    Sirea- Considering ducks don’t have lips, I’m sure that would have been very awkward haha.

  • Sin

    Baseketball – kiss between the 2 dudes
    same goes with (In & Out – Kevin Klein & Tom Selleck)

    Tanpopo – kiss with oyster/raw egg

    Nightmare on Elm Street 2(or3) – Freddy kisses a girl over the phone

  • The Dum Guy

    Sirea- If I remember right, they did kiss, and a bit more than that.

  • k.

    my vote goes to the animated kiss in the Final Fantasy movie… very surreal to see two (very well-rendered) computer animated characters kiss… and it actually seems heart-warming.

  • Mathilda

    While the kiss itself is not particularly bizarre, I would like to submit the wedding scene during Freaks when the drunken bimbo wife kisses another man in front of her new husband. I find the whole scene very unusual and quite sad.

  • Samsung

    The puppet kiss / sex scene in Team America: World Police – very disturbing

  • Josh

    Hello? Billy Madison? Chris Farley french-kissing a penguin’s beak? Could you get more bizarre than that?

  • Fili

    What about on Fight Club when “Tyler Durden” kisses the narrator’s hand to burn it with lye? Though I guess for the purpose of this list, a “kiss” would be two people locking lips.

    Great list!

  • Tomo

    I’d like to reccommend the Lister/Alien kiss from Red Dwarf. I can’t remember what season it is, but at one point, David Lister was seduced by a shapeshifting alien in the form of a beautiful woman. At first, they show him smooching the girl, and then the camera rotates, and Lister is making out with a slobbery, giant fly type thing. Both utterly bizarre, and incredibly hilarious.

  • Wow. I am speechless about number 10. That is messed up.
    Number 2 really creeps me out…but I am a chicken when it comes to movies like “The Shining.”
    Lastly, number 1 is quite weird. Unless you believe the story about ape turning into man.
    Interesting list!

  • jfrater, this comment isn’t necessarily about this particular list, but I had to say thanks for the endless hours of entertainment provided by compiling these lists. Yours is the first blog I read every day.

  • Joel: Thank you – that is very kind of you to say :) I get a lot of pleasure from writing the lists and readings the comments so it is well worth it :)

  • Bonnie_

    I hated the whole Planet of the Apes scenario. It was so grim and awful and depressing. The only redeeming light in the whole series was the gorgeous and half-naked Charleton Heston. Look at that bod. He makes Brad Pitt look like one of the apes, and unlike Brad, Heston can really act.

    My favorite scene: #1 on your list. I watched it as a little girl and never forgot when Zira told Taylor that he was “damned ugly,” but she’d kiss him anyway.

    Happy sigh. Thanks for giving me back a moment of pure happiness when I was a child.

  • Stomper

    Interesting list. Thanks for putting it together.

    In the last entry, you want “elicit” rather than “illicit.” Though I could easily imagine another sentence properly using “illicit” as well.

  • Mathilda

    jfrater – Actually, there is one missing that would have been very appropriate considering when your list was posted – when Natalie Portman kisses Hugo Weaving while he is wearing his Guy Fawkes mask in V For Vendetta. Actually I should say she kisses the mask; I think it was supposed to be sweet and romantic but I thought it was kind of creepy. I loved the movie though.

  • TMo

    Um. I own The Shining on DVD and have seen it about 10 times. I don’t remember that scene… guess I need to lay off the cheeva?

  • TMo: hehe – watch it again – it is pretty nasty!

    Mathilda: I haven’t seen that film to be honest – had I have I might have put the scene you mention on the list :) Oh – and from your description – it does sound creepy.

  • mazinga

    the best kiss ever was in hot shots 2, when she told him “kiss me like you never kissed me before”, and then he started to french kiss her nose:D

  • mattybravo

    Yo StewWriter, that Slither scene popped into my head as well, almost instantly. But the other one that came to mind was from “28 Weeks Later”….if you’ve seen the film, you know what I’m talking about….

  • The Wombat


    I was trying to think of why “V for Vendetta” would be very appropriate considering when this list was made and I racked my brain for a good minute and then felt dumb after I remembered the Fifth of November. I really need to watch that again.

    and to jfrater: Ever seen “Straw Dogs”? The rape scene is pretty disturbing, but when Hoffman is kissing Susan George afterwards (not knowing what had happened) the look on her face is just heart-wrenching.

  • aido

    Um- why would Brokeback be on here? It’s just a gay kiss. What is this, the 50s?

    My contribution- Christopher Walken / Miranda Richardson in Sleepy Hollow… whole new meaning to the term ‘lovebite’.

  • Rob

    What about Dead Alive (Braindead)?

    The zombie nurse-priest kiss which ends with the priest having half his face skin ripped off definitely needs a spot

  • Azeem

    The film about the world ending isn’t The Quiet Earth or The Day The Earth Stood Still (both great films) but Last Night, written and directed by Don McKellar. It’s utterly wonderful – and unavailable in the UK, *sob*

  • Sean H

    How about man, woman, cat in a rainstorm in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? I swear that cat gets in on it.

  • Azeem that’s it!! It was “Last Night” I should have mentioned before that Sandra Oh was in it. Thanks, I knew someone here would know it.
    Very interesting film if anybody wants to check it out.

  • monorail77

    What about the Brother and Sister big wet kiss between Luke and Lei in The Empire Strikes Back? Creepy!

  • John N

    I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet but how about the lingering kiss between mother and son (played by Angela Lansbury and Laurence Harvey) in the original THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE?

  • cdngal

    blogball – I believe the canadian movie you’re referring to is “last night,” though i never actually saw it so i’m not sure that it ended that way.

    additionally i would like to add that just because a kiss is not heterosexual does not necessarily make it “bizarre.” To think that is childish and, frankly, quite boring…of all the things out there, i’m sure we can do much better.

  • To be honest I did consider Brokeback Mountain – but not because it was a gay kiss – because it was emotionally charged (in fact one of the actors nearly broke his nose in it). I removed it when I changed the list to Bizarre – it started out with a less specific aim. I am sure it will appear on another list – it did win the Best Kiss of 2006 after all :)

  • Oh – welcome to everyone from IMDB incidentally – we appear to be on the front page hit list.

  • Heh, I’m with Mazinga on the whole Hot Shots 2 kiss, it was hilarious. In fact, when reading this list the first kiss that popped into my head was the one between Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly in Dumb and Dumber when he practically tries to swallow her face during his daydream scene. That had me roaring. Yeah, I remember weird stuff like that. Oh! And I just remembered another one, although it’s not technically a kiss, but in Batman Returns between Batman and Catwoman on the roof… you know what I’m talking about :-)

  • Wombat:

    Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot…

    and you forgot? shame shame!

  • Dude

    Errr – howabout the kiss between christopher reeves and michael cane in Deathtrap?

  • The Wombat


    Give me some credit. A good 2/3rds of that minute where I was confused was spent trying to find the date this was posted! I get some leeway because I paid the 10 extra bucks for the DVD edition with the ceramic mask, movie posters, and some slack (of which, I am now cutting!).

  • The Wombat: I have seen straw dogs – it is a great film. I saw it some time ago so the scene you mentioned does not spring to mind – I might have to give it another look this weekend!

  • haha funny list…the shining kinda weirded me out tho…who would want to kiss a dead person?

  • jbjr

    Dr. Evil and Frau in Austin Powers in Goldmember “the prison scene”. Hilarious movie.

  • T

    Great list. Love The Godfather one. Poor, stupid

  • joseph

    Blogball: “The Last Night” is name..good movie…

    Jfrater: you are a very smart and entertaining person, thanks so much for these lists

  • joseph

    sorry just “Last Night” w/o the “THE”..confusing

  • Liyla

    Definitely Some Bizarre Kisses!!

  • Yikkity

    Another weird kiss is in the movie “Fur” with Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey.Jr. The film is about the photographer Diana Arbus. The best way to watch that movie is high. It will blow your mind.

  • VeraLynn

    jfrater… let me kiss you.

  • Amanda Kay

    lol the Manchester Transfer. ))–((

  • mizz sakura smalls

    i love the kissses where it is only gurlzzz.

  • Taija

    Toby didn’t kiss Bree because he fell in love with her, but because he didn’t know any other way to show affection than by sex. On top of that, in that scene Toby already knew that Bree was born in a male body.
    In the end, there’s nothing bizarre about the kiss, unless if a person has something against transsexualism.

    mizz sakura smalls > That’s just stupid.

  • Joe Joe

    What about Blades of Glory? Priceless!

  • Vera Lynn

    I kissed Bruce Boxleiter once when he was promoting facial products for men. Caught him by surprise. Caught in on film. Still have the pic.

    What about Angrlina Jolie and her bro? Know it’s not on the big screen, maybe on the red carpet, but still.

    I love to kiss.

  • colin

    fantastic and well written list jamie-licious

    i dont agree with one ickle bit in no 10…kevin Zegers characters didnt fall in love with Bree?…the way i saw it was, he finally realised that Bree was a good person, and as a prostitute, figured he could give some sex..


    loved it!

    and that kiss in In and Out was fun too:)

  • Me and You reminds me of Birth, that horrible movie with Nicole Kidman and a young boy. I don’t remember if they kiss, but it was weird and just a bad movie.

  • Adoe

    There’s a mad New Zealand film called ‘The Devil Dared Me to’ about NZ’s greatest stuntman. In one scene his uncle gets to kiss his unrelated Aunt who is a burn victim from a stunt that went horribly wrong many years ago. For sheer gross out laughs this is the scene!

  • maddy

    i know it’s not about the characters but the what about the movie with chyler leigh (lexie from grey’s anatomy) and her real brother play lovers in a movie and kiss. not right.

  • DAC

    Bonus Bazaar Kiss Between Alien and Human-STARMAN-Jeff Bridges kisses Charles Martin Smith on the lips.

  • Ashley R

    i thought the kiss in videodrome was pretty screwed up….

  • SophE

    I watched the Shining for the first time at about 10:00 PM with some friends.
    It was terrifying, and the awkward “um….” that went along with the nude women coming out of the bathtub was inevitable. The crazy caretaker and woman making out inspired “Wow, shallow much?” but THEN when she turned into a dead body, we all pretty muched flipped.
    We all woke up the next day and half of us shared about nightmares we had about naked corpses.
    The Shining-one of the creepiest movies i have EVER seen.

  • Grafikman

    Ok, I have a few that haven’t been mentioned.

    The most creepy, bizarre kiss I ever saw was in Prelude to a Kiss, where Alec Baldwin kisses this old grey geezer with Meg Ryan’s soul trapped in him. Eee-hheeew, even if you were gay that would make you squirm.

    Unless you were an old grey gay geezer.

    And let’s not forget the scene in Galaxy Quest where the alien chick Laliari and Tony “Monk” Shalhoub start making out and she transmorphs into a mass of tentacles, prompting crewman Guy Fleegman to exclaim “…Oohhhh…that’s not right…”

  • creepygirlfriend

    “Not another teen movie” has a great moment that spoofs the cruel intentions scene. Only a whole less sexier and a bit more of a slimy, heavily lubricated exchange between the bad girl and an elderly woman. Quite cringeworthy, even if it is cheesy comedy.

  • bbq

    Name correction: John Cavale -> John Cazale

  • I4gotMyMANTRA


  • mindbottled.

    the spiderman kiss is my favie!!!

  • rinne

    repulsive indeed :)
    well just #2. haha

  • Gav

    Pet Sematary. Guy kisses his dead naked wife in the kitchen- as creepy as “The Shining” except this corpse was “fresh”!!!

    I never did like that full-contact kiss that Mark Harmon did with his dog in “Summer School” Yeeech!

  • Brian

    I’d say a more bizarre alien/human kiss would be in Alien Resurrection when Brad Dourif tries to make out with the alien through the glass.

  • natapillar

    what is deemed so bizarre about the Spider-Man and M.J kiss?

  • frostybabygurl

    How about Teeth? I know it’s a lesser known film, but the ending scene where the sister finally gives her brother what he’s been wanting for years (HER) he finds out there’s more to her that he realized. I thought this was a great movie, but I’m sure it made many men cringe when they watched it.

  • blah

    ok, i’m really sorry to bring this up, but it irks me every time. I know it was the 70’s, but seriously, it’s amazing how someone could say the woman in the bathtub in the Shining was beautiful after watching her stand up. I mean, did you not see her puss? I wanted to run a comb through that thing! or a weedwhacker. It was absolutely hideous. I was more haunted over the sight of that thing than any other part of the movie combined.

    You could go to a porn shop and see chicks with several hairs being considered “unkempt”, so wtf is it with this woman?

  • nicoleredz3


  • AshleySweet

    @frostybabygurl (92): HOLY CRAP! i never thought of that! my friend brought it over and didnt tell me what it was about…talk about nasty! hes her freakin brother! oh well, he had it comming ;)

  • SwampGuy

    @jfrater: A bit of background trivia regarding number 9. Toby had to do this scene over and over and, as you can imagine, hanging upside down in the rain (even fake rain), is going to get water up your nose. They had to redo the scene many times due to sniffles, sneezing, etc.

  • Gayle

    I honestly don’t know who this “John Cavale” is, but John Cazale was a wonderful and underrated actor. He would have gone on to do more great movies, had he not died tragically young, having only five movies under his belt; all five considered to be classics.

    Oh, and on a side note, he was engaged to Meryl Streep at the time of his death.

  • Amanda

    Great list! Especially the “Shining” one. I forgot about that one, even though it’s one of my favourite films! Anywho, I couldn’t help but notice that you forgot the kissing scene from the end of “Pet Sematary”. It is PRETTY bizarre… I couldn’t find the link anywhere but I can say that it includes the main character Louis Creed embracing in a kiss with his wife. Might not sound so bizarre but his wife is dead! A walking corpse woken up by being buried in an indian burial ground. Seriously, her face has been completely disfigured. Eww…

  • Jim

    What about "Prelude to a Kiss" when Alec Baldwin kisses the old man(who is actually his love, Meg Ryan)?? That was bizarre and nasty

  • Thank goodness there was no kissing scenes involving the 3 boobed woman from total recall.

  • Mon

    How about the kiss of the possesed 6 year old girl and his father in the Korean movie THE PHONE?

  • menstrual

    The ET one isn't weird. It was just a little girl kissing an alien like she would kiss a puppy or a kitten

  • Bart

    Great list, but i think we’re forgetting the most bizzare of all, “For a Lost Soldier”.

  • Simba

    “let the right one in”…..a bloody faced vampire pre-teen makes out with another pre-teen after sucking some dude’s jugular dry….deserved of # 1

  • Jasmine

    Good list! What about avatar?

  • tomom

    What about Harold and Maude? My God, come on, Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort, Nicholson’s partner was better looking than her in The Shining!

  • Name

    “id like to kiss you…alright but your so dam ugly” good line

  • The Jose

    Haha weird list indeed. What about the gay human-beaver kiss in Epic Movie? That was gross.

  • I’m not tellin

    Mind scrambling kiss anyone?

  • wasd

    Transamerica should be more up on this list. That scene freaked me out when I saw it. Spiderman should be #10

  • JP

    Blank Check has a really weird kiss. Another Adult-child kiss

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