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Top 10 Inkblot Test Cards

by Listverse Writers
fact checked by Alex Hanton

The Rorscach test (commonly known as the inkblot test) is used by the psychiatric world to help determine a person’s mental state. It is very common but very controversial. I have managed to obtain copies of all of the inkblots and believe we are the first site to do so – so by reading this list you are part of history in the making! This list will tell you what the therapist is looking for and it should help you to pass as “sane”.

The cards are placed in your hand one by one and always in the sequence shown below. There are ten cards in total. The therapist will not give you any help and will generally start by telling that you can do anything with the cards – for example flip them, or rotate them. As you respond, the therapist will take notes (either using the special shorthand designed for the test, or in long hand). Often they will tape record the session.

You should hold the cards steady and upright – flipping or rotating will be marked against you (though in some cases an examiner may mark you down for not doing so). Your responses should not be overly sexual and you should only name positive images – negative images mark against you. For example, it is better to see two rabbits playing than two vampires fighting. Butterflies, people holding hands, leaves, mountains, etc are all generally considered to be “safe” responses (although nothing is guaranteed when taking the Rorschach). You will also be marked down for taking too long to answer, or not taking long enough to have studied the card properly.

“Nobody agrees how to score Rorschach responses objectively. There is nothing to show what any particular response means to the person who gives it. And, there is nothing to show what it means if a number of people give the same response. The ink blots are scientifically useless.” (Bartol, 1983).

Here then, are the official full color inkblot cards. Use the comments to tell us what you see in each one.

1. Plate I


Possible Sexual Imagery: Breasts, primarily the rounded areas at the top of the image.

2. Plate II


Possible Sexual Imagery: Male sex organ at top center or, in some cases, a vagina (at the center near the bottom).

3. Plate III


Possible Sexual Imagery: Male sex organs and female breasts, right about where you would expect to find them.

4. Plate IV


Possible Sexual Imagery: A pair of male sex organs, typically seen at the top of the image. Some subjects may instead visualize a vagina in the upper center of the blot. This card may also be seen as viewing a person from below or a male figure with an enormous sex organ.

5. Plate V


Possible Sexual Imagery: A pair of male sex organs at the very top of the inkblot. The vast majority of test subjects will see a bat- or bird-like figure. This is by far the most common response.

6. Plate VI


Possible Sexual Imagery: The head of the male sex organ (the portion at the top of the card) or alternately, a female sex organ (middle and bottom part of the card).

7. Plate VII


Possible Sexual Imagery: The female sex organs (seen at the bottom of the card where the figures join.

8. Plate VIII


Possible Sexual Imagery: Female sex organs, usually seen at the bottom of the card.

9. Plate IX


Possible Sexual Imagery: Female sex organs, usually seen at the bottom of the card. Most subjects struggle to see anything in this card.

10. Plate X


Possible Sexual Imagery: Male sex organs at the top center of the card.

Sexual imagery text by SPARC.

fact checked by Alex Hanton
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