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Important Update

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I am pretty sure you have all noticed the outages we are currently suffering. The cause of this two front pages yesterday – one on i-am-bored and one on The site has been limping along for the most part of today but it went down again about an hour and a half ago. I am expecting that this is how we will continue for the rest of the day as we weather the storm.

New Blog Always Up

I have created a NEW list universe blog which I will be using to keep you informed of outages etc. This is hosted on an independent website, so when this site goes down, the blog will not. The new blog is a – it is an easy address to remember.

Where to from here?

I am in talks with the site hosts to work out a solution to this long term – at the moment (cost depending) it looks like some kind of clustered system with a load balancer will be the best bet. I will update the new blog when I have more information.

The catastrophe in a graph

For those who are curious, this is what the site traffic graph looked like last night when we went down:

Popup Module View-1.Php

Click it for a larger view. The very big spikes were when we hit the front page of Fox.


If you are having difficulties with not appearing to be logged in, refresh the page. The sysadmins installed Squid yesterday to help with the overload and it seems to be causing some temporary problems with the logins.

All I can say is that this downtime is regretful and I promise I am doing all in my power to resolve it – please stick with us – it is going to be resolved one way or the other!

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