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Top 10 Fantasy Adventure Movies

Shane Dayton . . . Comments

The fantasy/fantasy adventure genre has long enjoyed a lot of fanfare in books, but movies are a little bit harder to come by. While the trend is changing, I wanted to make a list of the top ten fantasy adventure movies.

There are bound to be a pile of films that you would like to see on this list – so please feel free to suggest them – and give reasons for why you think it should be added.

As a note: fantasy adventure means there has to be something beyond the human realm (so sorry to fans of Princess Bride and the 13th Warrior, but there just wasn’t enough to make that jump). So here’s the list of the top ten fantasy adventure movies.


The Wizard of Oz


It’s the original. A wizard, good and bad witches, flying monkeys, this movie has it all. A classic story and a classic film, this movie is way beyond classic: it’s an inherent part of the culture. My favorite story about this film was when my grandfather as a boy watched it in the theatre, and was so amazed when it switched to color that he stayed for a second show…and was grounded the moment he came out to see his father who had been waiting over two hours for him.


The Dark Crystal


A lot of people know and love this movie, and there is a large number of people who have never heard of this film. This film is done with Muppets (though not the famous ones) and is actually a really incredible fantasy story that will grip you as you watch it. If you liked Labyrinth but missed this one, then you need to track down a copy right away! It’s the classic hero trying to save a nearly doomed world, and you’ll be surprised by how good it is.




This great 1986 film has a strong cult following, and though it is most famous for having David Bowie as the villain, this is a quality movie that is heavily beloved by many “children of the eighties.” With strange Muppets, a fascinating world, and interesting plot, this movie is a winner. It was also the last full length movie directed by Jim Henson before his death.


Pirates of the Caribbean


This may be one of the best films on the list, the main reason it is lower is because of arguments over whether it is really a fantasy film, or a historic supernatural, horror, etc. But there is magic, there are skeletons, there’s a curse, so what isn’t there to like? Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are unforgettable, and while this might not feel “fantasy,” there’s enough here to put this memorable trilogy on the list.



Krull Ver2

Krull is a 1983 heroic fantasy film with a strong cult following. Directed by Peter Yates, this movie is renowned for its strong soundtrack by James Horner, and is a great answer to trivia as this film also starred now famous actors Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane in bit roles. A strange surreal movie with fantastic scenes and fun action sequences, this one remains a cult classic.


Pan’s Labyrinth

Pans Labyrinth Ver6

This 2006 film threw a lot of people, because unlike most fantasy movies, this was not aimed at a younger audience. This movie had some extreme scenes of violence that threw off a lot of people who weren’t expecting this from a fantasy movie. The direction was incredible, the story dark and intense, and the combination is fantastic! This isn’t a movie for the weak stomached or someone looking for a pleasant easy fantasy film, but it is a fantastic work, as indicated by the fact that it ranks as the #54 movie all time on IMDB.


The Never Ending Story


This is one of the all time classics of the fantasy movie genre. I remember as a kid watching this over and over again, following Atreyu through his quests, along with Falkor, the luck dragon, maybe one of the most beloved characters ever, as they try to find a cure for what ails the princess. Sebastian reads this book, and is transformed into their world. As a kid I never got sick of this movie, and it’s one of those rare gems that is worth watching again and again.


Princess Mononoke


This is an incredible anime fantasy movie that starts around Ashitaka, a prince trying to make peace between the human settlement and the forest. Wild gods, spirits, and creatures all abound in this incredible movie, whose artwork is extraordinary. At the time, this was the most expensive animation ever made, as both hand drawn animation and computer 3-D images were used in combination to make this truly unique and incredible film.




Val Kilmer as a lone swordsman, Warwick Davis as a reluctant Halfling hero with the potential to be a sorcerer. Filled with magic, adventure, and prophecy, this is a fantastic action film that aside from being heart warming and touching, also has moments of great humor, and a few pretty top notch battle scenes to boot. This is fantastic movie with unlikely heroes triumphing over evil, and while it was ground breaking twenty years ago, the special effects and story still hold up to this day. This is a fun quality movie.


Lord of the Rings Trilogy


While an argument could be made that all three movies would be on a top ten list, I decided to put them together to allow more quality movies on the list. All three of these films were rated over an 8.0 on IMDB, and it seems appropriate that the trilogy of books that grandfathered popular fantasy adventure would spawn three movies that became wild world wide successes.

Contributor: Shane Dayton

  • dmx72

    I'm sorry but Willow kind of sucks…;)

    • dan thomas

      The movie “Willow” does not suck, as you so bluntly put it. If you look it was made in 1988. This may have been before you were even born, unless you’re native old idiot, which is even worse. With the resources available, Ron Howard with the help of none other than George Lucas, created a tale of adventure, action, kid-fantasy and romance that captured so many.
      Before puking on something, do a little research, this movie helped inspire many, including myself, a writer of fantasy and adventure. You might see my books soon. Dan Thomas

      • holly

        Willow is awesome. I watched that movie over and over again after it first came out. Now, I can’t wait for my kids to watch it.

  • mr_evilmonkey

    The Adventures of Baron Von Münchhausen, it had Robin Williams as the moon.
    great list

    • Smaug

      Robin Williams was KING of the moon, not the moon itself.

  • dewetha

    How about some low budget films?
    Hawk the Slayer. the sword and the sorceress?

    no Conan the barbarian?
    Excalibur is a must see for King Arthur fans.

    • Mystikan

      You’ve got the wrong list. Hawk the Slayer belongs belongs in the top ten most cheesybad movies ever made, this is the top ten best list.

      I know where you’re coming from; HtS is one of those “so bad you have to watch it” movies, and as a kid I must have watched it 20 or more times. But it really hits all the wrong notesl: hammy acting (Jack Palance at his finest Shakespearean ranting!) inappropriate music (70s disco for a swords and sorcery fantasy?) creatures that make Kermit the Frog look lifelike, crappy cinematography, high-school-media-studies grade “special effects” if you could call them that, and scriptwriting that makes Twilight look like classic literature.

      No, HtS does not belong on this list. But if someone makes a list of top ten worst fantasy movies of all time, then that one would be No. 1!

  • Quiana

    Wow, theres a few of these I have never seen. I want to check out Labyrinth.

    • Steve_Machine

      Yes you really do,
      PS David Bowie is fucking King! -No Homo

  • Quiana

    What sucks about it? Never seen it.

  • Quiana

    I love the Chronicles of Narnia, and I remember watching A Wrinkle in Time when I was in grade school.

  • hellcrawler

    I’m a HUGE fan of the fantasy genre! Willow an the neverending story were excellent movies!! When I was I kid I loved The Goonies. I could watch that movie over and over.

  • hellcrawler

    I’m a HUGE fan of the fantasy genre! Willow and The Neverending story were excellent movies!! When I was I kid I loved The Goonies. I could watch that movie over and over.

  • Denashi

    Awesome list!

  • hellcrawler

    crap… sorry for the triple post… i forgot to spell check the fist one.. tried to stop it but I guess it made it through.. DOH

  • longball

    Chronicles of Narnia and The Ewok Adventure could both be up there. Not so sure about Pirates…Awesome list idea.

  • Quiana – Labyrinth was a very unexpected many ways…

    Tom Cruis hate aside.I enjoyed Legend…the make up and costumes for the times was excellent.

  • EnglishRose

    Fab list surprised not to see Spirited Away on there though.

  • mregan

    Willow doesn’t suck, it just doesn’t quite work. It suffers from the besetting sin of mediocre fantasy: too much of the dialogue is simply characters shouting each other’s names: “WILLOW!!!” “MAD MARTIGAN!!!” over and over.

  • carpe_noctem

    Willow was amazing for the time it was written in, so it should deserve a merit just for that. Pan’s Labyrinth is definitely, defintiely deserving of it’s position, if not, even higher. I can’t wait for Hellboy 2, even though I didn’t particularly love the first one, just for Guillermo del Toro’s directing!

    And I for one am pleased you chose Princess Mononoke over Spirited Away, even though it was incredible in a lot of ways, Princess Mononoke has always striked as me as the more impressive of the two!

    Excellent list, almost everything as it should be :)

  • hellcrawler

    dmx72: You gotta be kidding! Willow was a GREAT flick! Val Kilmer kicked ass in that film.

    Elsa: I forgot all about Legend!! Legend should be on this list.

    You know they’re making a movie based on the MMO World of Warcraft? I’m a wow fan, but I’m a little nervous. I think the only game-to-movie I really enjoyed was the first Resident Evil.

  • Quiana

    Hellcrawler- Are you trying to say you didnt enjoy street f ighter : ) I gotta go check out Willow.

  • 116880

    I think that Willow should be in the above 5 area. Also, The Never Ending Story could be, too. Anyway, good list

  • Noodle The Cat

    Sorry but Labrynth, while it might have been fine 25 years ago, is nearly unwatchable today. I watched it with the kids the other day. Terrible acting, terrible music, and David Bowie’s crotch should have had top billing.

    This list should include Baron Munchausen. What about the Golden Compass?

    • Krys365

      Labyrinth is not unwatchable, I still enjoy watching it. And the fact that you think the Golden Compass should be on this list just proves how little you know about good movies. The Golden Compass is one of the worst movies if ever dared to watch. Quite frankly that movie is an insult to the books.
      The books were awesome, the movie is total crap.

  • Quiana

    Believe it or not I have never seen Lord of the rings or Oirates of the Carribean. I really need to have a movie night!!!

  • Quiana

    * Pirates*

  • QDV

    Too bad Michael Moorcock could never find anybody trustworthy enough to adapt Elric for the big screen.

  • cheese

    this is a great list.
    it’s not soo good when people try to stereotype the ‘fantasy’ genre but this list has it all.


  • Kreachure

    Great choices, great list!

    I certainly am one of those people who got thrown off by Pan’s Labyrinth. I expected an Alice-esque story of fantasy, music, quirky and colorful characters, and possibly getting lost in a magical labyrinth of whimsical situations.

    Instead, I got dark threatening creatures, sadistic beatings and deathblows, torture, explicit mutilation, blood spurting all over, and a very sad story set against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War. Yeah, I didn’t really see it coming.

  • Kris

    Pirates of the Caribbean, really??

    The rest of the list is great.

  • LOTR is at #1, I’m happy! haha Pan’s labyrinth is a great film, completely unlike most fantasy films. Plus the director of it (can’t remember his name) is going to direct ‘the hobbit’! :D

    I’d be one of the ones as well to say that ‘Pirates’ isn’t a fantasy film, it’s not really that ‘fantasy-ish’…

  • ionmike

    I would definitely have Dragonslayer, Excalibur and Clash of the Titans on this list. Also what about Star Wars because that is definitely not Sci-Fi

  • Ok I admit I didn’t properly read the rest of the comments… I missed carpe mentioning Guillermo del Toro…

  • Kreachure

    I think Spirited Away is worth mentioning. The animation is great, to say the least, and the story is, well, fantastic.

    I haven’t seen Princess Mononoke, but since it’s by the same people, I presume they’re both pretty good fantasy films.

  • Mom424

    Good List; Hard to please everyone, it is a very broad category.
    I would add one or two more family favorites, maybe
    Peter Pan – I actually liked the one with Robin Williams, but then I’m a little odd
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – A Disney favorite

    For the psychedelic crowd, an often over-looked favorite of mine; Heavy Metal – Animated and Amazing

    Some others that I think worth mentioning
    Dragonheart (I actually cried at the end)
    Conan the Barbarian – awful, but it was the first

  • hellcrawler

    Quiana: lol Street fighter sucked!

    I got an idea for a list.. Top 10 suck ass Game to Movie converstions.

  • Kreachure

    Oh, and I thought at first that Princess Bride would be mentioned (AGAIN :P ). But then I saw all the actual choices, and I thought that they were all pretty much the right ones.

  • Cathysferret

    I still love all these movies!
    David Bowie’s crotch is the best thing about Labrinth! LOL
    Val Kilmer is hot with long dark hair… it’s a good look for him!
    LOTR will always be #1!

  • Kreachure

    Uh, instead of putting that the LOTR films got an 8.0 on IMDB (not impressed… :P ), I would’ve mentioned that the trilogy has won more Academy Awards than any other movie trilogy in history, or that Return of the King is tied with Ben Hur and Titanic for a film winning the most Academy Awards EVER.

  • Denashi

    Damn, totally forgot Ladyhawke… awesome movie!

  • Mikkle

    David Bowie…always a classic choice

    And I really enjoyed watching Princess Mononoke, it was a really good movie.

  • ChrisM

    Narnia should definitely be on here, outside of that, good list

  • Chris

    Glad to see LOTR at number 1. It would have been funny to see Conan the Barbarian or Conan the Destroyer make this list–classic movies!

  • ringtailroxy

    ah… a most spectacular list! when i began to read it, i actually thought about how much i loved Krull when i was a kid-i must have watched it over 100 times. really. i especially loved the bog scene when the magician meets his fate and the flying horses with flames under their feet. most awesome.

    Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my all-time favorite movies. mainly because the day i went to Blockbuster to rent a movie, there was an African-American woman screaming (and i mean SCREAMING) at the manager. from what i could discifer, it was something along the lines of “Dis ain’t no piktur for kidz! how could you let my kid rent dis? it’s filth!” to which the manager calmly explained “Ma’am, the rental wall has a disclaimer stating that this film is an adult film, rated R, and is not intended for younger audiences” ti which she replied ‘Like i am gonna read somethin on the wall!”

    of course i had to see, and there was a nicely typed, large font notice placed in 3 spots around the display wall stating what the manager said. so i rented it, and was amazed. lovely movie. a beautiful fairytale for grown-up kidz.

    p.s. Willow did not suck, it was just a lame storyline we had already heard in one form or another recycled dozens of times. that aside, the imagery was great.

  • Pado

    What about the classic adventures.

    – Indiana Jones (Spielberg said in his own words it’s sci-fi adventure)
    – Alain Quatermain and King solomons mines
    – I didn’t like it but anyway…Tomb Raider

    • Jeepyj3333

      It’s a fantasy list, not a sci-fi list

  • Hellcrawler (#29): That list would just be a list of Uwe Boll films!

  • warningdontreadthis

    I’ve seen 4 of the movies on this list, I’m so proud :D

  • warningdontreadthis

    Quiana : You’ve never seen Pirates? How come :P?

  • carpe_noctem

    Kreachure: Don’t be too put off by the above 8 rating. The top movies of all time on their list (The Godfather, followed closely by The Shawshank Redemption) are rated at 9.1, and all three movies are above 8.6, with Return of the King, Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers coming 13th, 19th and 29th respectively out of every movie of all time. To get a movie in the top 250 on imdb ranks it as one of the greatest of all time, there is no better movie list than that.

  • Kreachure

    Oh, I see, you’re right. The IMDB scores are more demanding than I imagined. LOTR is definitely up there with the greats.

    But I would’ve mentioned the record-breaking Oscar achievements too :D

  • ceghead

    yep! i would have loved to seen Spirted away on there and im suprised narnia isn’t?!?!?!?!

  • Harsha

    No Spirited Away, Final Fantasy: Advent Children!! BLASPHEMY!!! ;)

  • carpe_noctem

    Kreachure: Well true, you can’t have to much credibility though!

    Harsha, ceghead, numerous people: They had at least one Hayao Miyazaki film! Spirited Away is better in a lot of ways then Princess Mononoke, and worse in a lot of ways, but can we agree they’re both amazing!

  • MzFly

    Great List! I have seen all except “Princess Mononoke” and the most recent “Pirates”. I really loved Spirited Away so I will have to check out Princess Mononoke.
    Looking at the list again, I think I own most of these films and I distinctly remember driving my Grandmother crazy by watching Willow every damn day of summer vacation. hahaha

  • Sidereus

    I love LOTR and The Never Ending Story. I was surprised to see Pirates on the list and disappointed not to see Journey to the Center of the Earth.

    Princess Mononoke is good, but it’s not the best of Miyazaki’s work. Spirited Away is much more enjoyable.

  • Clantargh

    How about Jason and the Argonauts or 7th Voyage of Sinbad? Army of Darkness (more fantasy/comedy than horror), Shrek, Clash of The Titans and Eragon also deserve mentions. Krull and Willow are great choices.

  • kathryn

    no alice in wondeland???is that not like… The original fantasy film? Spirited away is also wth a mention.

  • Clantargh

    oh and how about The Brothers Grimm for a worst list

  • romerozombie

    I have to agree with Randal’s summing up of the LOTR trilogy in Clerks 2: “All they did was wlak in those movie, 9 hours of walking to a fucking volcano. Even the TREES walked in those movies.”

    Not exactly that, but, y’know.

  • NeoLudd

    How is Pirates not fantasy?
    It has skeletons that cannot be killed.
    That is the shiz-nite.

  • carpe_noctem

    Clantargh: Eragon doesn’t even deserve a mention on a list of anything. It was too pathetic to even grace a list of ‘Worst 10 fantasy movies’ Granted, the books were pretty good, but still, that’s one movie where the sequel will not be getting greenlit.

  • Sidereus

    I know the Star Wars series is Sci-Fi, but it’s also Fantasy, and I think we would all agree it deserves some recognition.

  • This list is so bad I’m suprised that none of Uwe Boll’s made the list. Too many puppet movies on this list, at least two of ’em need to take a hike.

  • Kreachure

    Now that I think about it, Wizard of Oz seems awfully low on the list… I’m sure many have that one at the very top of their list, not the bottom… :)

  • KingoftheHorizon

    somebody is bound to be pissed harry potter didnt make the list

  • islanderbst

    Mizayakis best work is actually Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.
    Peter Jacksons best work is Heavenly Creatures.
    Krull was actually pretty boring IIRC, but I havent seen it lately, so…
    Wizard of Oz probably deserves a number one, but Neverending Story may be as perfect a kids movie as there ever was or will be.

  • skipps

    I love Chronicles of Narnia, and thus I’m a little disappointed that it isn’t anywhere on the list. But then again, I haven’t seen most of the movies here, so I don’t know how it would rank compared to these listed here.

    And I’m surprised no one has mentioned anything about the Harry Potter movie franchise! I know they aren’t that spectacular, but I really liked Prisoner of Azkaban directed by Alfonso Cuaron.

  • Tonny SS

    For Narnia!

    This list is incomplete with Narnia getting bumped out

  • Cedestra

    I definately said, “Uh-oh” when I saw the title of the list, but I have to admit, I am pleasantly…uh…pleased at the contenders. Maybe not the order, but definately the choices.
    9/10 seen here: never saw Krull. I am a rabid Dark Crystal fan, ever since I saw it when I was five. I also love Willow a lot and will fight anyone to the death over it’s wonderfulness. It was breakthrough for it’s time (although the moat beast’s CGI was a little cheesey).
    I would give Legend an honorable mention; it would be #11 on my list.
    I still fight with myself over whether Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, or Castle in the Sky was my favorite Hiyao Miyazaki film.

  • Sidereus

    Harry Potter is… a great book series, but the movies kind of stink. Order of the Phoenix was pretty good, but I just saw The Chamber of Secrets again and found the movie to jump around through the plot so much it was ridiculous. I just can’t imagine anyone enjoying it who hadn’t already read the book. And then, those people would no doubt be disappointed it was not more like the book. I will say, however, that the casting in all the HP movies is very good.

  • mklong

    …… I lost a little faith in humanity when star wars was not here on this list

  • YogiBarrister

    For your consideration:
    Harry Potter
    Time Bandits
    City of Lost Children
    Mary Poppins
    James and the Giant Peach
    Willie Wonka
    Lost Horizon
    The Thief of Baghdad(the 1940 version, not the up coming bio-pic of George Bush)
    Babes in Toyland
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Ella Enchanted
    A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

  • Hemroid

    A series of unfortunate events should be on the list if it can be defined as fantasy adventure

  • DK

    I’m sad that Wizard of Oz was placed so low on the list! I’m not normally one to complain about the order of a list, and I do love most of the movies on here (at least all the ones I’ve seen) but seriously? Wizard of Oz is behind the Dark Crystal? I woulda put Wizard of Oz at least at # 2 & shuffled everything else down by one.

    Mom424- There’s nothing “odd” about liking Hook with Robin Williams, that’s a movie that I will still stop & watch if it’s on TV, and inevitably, all my roommates will come watch it with me once they realize it’s on! I think the Peter Pan story fits for this list, considering that those kids were all about having adventures!

  • DK

    Sorry for the double-post but I just saw mklong’s comment.
    I think Star Wars would be appropriate as well, but it’s more commonly considered Sci-Fi than Fantasy, even though it does fit as a fantasy-type story.

  • Nerdlette

    #66 I think Star Wars would probably not fit into the ‘fantasy’ category so much as sci-fi.

    Love this list, about four of my favorite movies are on here, soooo happy Princess Mononoke wasn’t overlooked. :)

  • YogiBarrister

    I’ll try this one more time

    For your consideration:
    Harry Potter
    Time Bandits
    City of Lost Children
    Mary Poppins
    James and the Giant Peach
    Willie Wonka
    Lost Horizon
    The Thief of Baghdad(the 1940 version, not the up coming bio-pic of George Bush)
    Babes in Toyland
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Ella Enchanted
    A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

  • Jackie

    romerozombie: You’re right about that! (LOTR) but I can tell you the movies at least followed the books closely. In other words the first LOTR book I read (I had already read the hobbit) was sooo hard to get through because it was so much of them just walking..and stopping…and walking and maybe fighting some more…and resting..and walking. I pushed through it but didn’t read the other two.

    Oh yeah and I LOVE the way Randall describes it in Clerks 2, it’s hilarious.

  • I love all these movies on this list. Very good list.

  • robneiderman

    Quality list here. I definitely agree with LOTR at #1 (and the decision to consider the trilogy as one).
    I have to throw my lot in with the anti-Pirates crowd here, though. Great movie (the first one, anyway), but not quite fantasy in the same sense as the others. The big difference was that there was no alternate world. That’s the big thing that separates fantasy as a genre from other magic-related fiction. At least, that’s how I look at it. That’s why I wouldn’t include Excalibur with fantasy (I also would leave it off of the list because it was a let down).
    Narnia could easily take the place of Pirates, being the only example I can find of a movie being better than the book on which it’s based.
    Also, Star Wars is arguably fantasy. If you call it sci-fi, it’s about the softest sci-fi imaginable. I can understand leaving it off the list, though. Fantasy doesn’t usually involve space.

  • Mom424

    Yogi; I forgot about Time Bandits. Good movie.
    I considered Mary Poppins as well, not quite an adventure, just the fantasy part fits. Although I guess the rooftops of london would count, and maybe falling into a picture. :)

  • tami

    i’m thinking maybe this list should be expanded into a top 25, because clearly there are a lot of great fantasy movies not on the list.

    i have to say i do not agree with ‘the dark crystal’, i thought it was pretty boring. and i don’t think ‘willow’ should be as high on the list as it is.

    oh, an miyazaki’s best movie is ‘my neighbor totoro’ :)

  • loseitbonkers


  • DK

    Oh Mary Poppins! That was on TV a couple days ago! I would say that falling into a picture to end up in a fox hunt on carousel horses counts as adventure! And so does dancing on the rooftops in London with dozens of chimney sweeps! And laughing so hard you can get down from the ceiling!I love that movie:)

  • JayArr

    I agree with Kreature on ‘Spirited Away’ – awesome movie. I gotta say ‘Pie Rats of The Carribean’ is not that great, and it’s more of a campy action adventure than true fantasy.

    Of all ten listed, the only one I’ve not yet seen is ‘Princess Mononoke’. Overall, decent list though.

    I loved Excalibur when it came out – does not hold up quite as well now, but still excellent flick.

    Beetlejuice is another exceptional movie that should have made this list (could easily replace the Labyrinth). Also, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (original 1973 version!!) can easily replace ‘Pie Rats…’ among the top 10.

    ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ needs to be among the top 3… nuff said! ;-)

  • Sedulous

    Hated, despised, and loathed Pan’s Labyrinth, one of the most frustrating movie I’ve ever seen.

  • Sanicek

    Nice list, never heard about Willow, so going to check that out.

    Princess Monooke on the list, hmm, if you include anime, then in my personal oppinion the top 10 could be made almost exclusively from that, as there are many good anime fantasy movies and by the settings, plot and characters can put many from this list into their pocket easily.

    I see the list more like an overview and a slice of different tastes the genre offers.

  • Ari-chan

    Personally I think Dark Crystal should be much higher up on the list. The story is unlike any ever told and the muppets are beautiful and eerie at the same time.

  • warningdontreadthis

    Jayarr: I’m a BIG Monty Python fan, but that movies isnt really fantasy now is it?

  • drewpy


  • romerozombie

    I tried reading the Fellowship when I was in secondary school. I got a few chapters in and gave up. It was like trying to walk through sludge and read the ingredients on the back of soup cans at the time, it was so tedious and slow.

    I have high hopes for the movie adap of The Hobbit though – Guillermo del Toro’s directing! And McKellan and Sirkis are onboard so far.

  • romerozombie

    I’ve never seen the Wizard of Oz (!), but I like the underlying themes and stuff.

    The Cowardly Lion represents an ineffective military, the Tin Man represents soulless, all-consuming corporate companies, and I forget about the Scarecrow.

  • Melody Kitn

    Wait… why no…


  • i am home!!! Yay!! I have a few comments to catch up on – stay tuned.

  • Cyn

    YIPPIE! J’s back.

  • deepthinker

    Good list. I was happy to see “The Dark Crystal” there. It is a movie that takes me back to my childhood. Sorry, but I fell asleep each time I tried to watch Lord of the Rings… all of them. They just weren’t for me, I guess. I might give them another try… when I stock up on Red Bull.

  • logar

    I’m just guessing, but I’d say that the OP is early-mid thirties? The reason I say that is because this list is pretty close to what I would have posted- mostly movies from my childhood. It is rather 80’s centric!

    I second/third Yogi and Mom on Time Bandits- sweet! What about Big Fish? That movie actually made me shed a tear or two.

    IMO, Wizard of Oz deserves at least second place.

    Remember Ice Pirates?

    Another good one: Clash of the Titans.

  • bloomfever

    I have watched all of these but Princess Monoke. Hell I own almost all of them! But what about Legend, Ladyhawke, Harry Potter movies. This is a great list. Makes me want to go home and have a fantasy movie marathon!!

  • deepthinker

    logar… I agree with you on Big Fish.

  • romerozombie, wow I don’t think I have ever met anybody that has not seen The Wizard of OZ.

    Nice list by the way.
    My only gripe is Narnia like some other folks here.

  • John

    I haven’t seen the anime films but otherwise a good list. Except for Willow. That movie isn’t very good.

    One of my favorites is the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe that was a Wonderworks special on PBS. It doesn’t have the special effects of the new version but is able to tell the story better.

  • Csimmons

    I am really disappointed that the Chronicles Of narnia isn’t on here

  • Quiana

    Warningdontreadthis – You would be suprised at all the movies I haven’t seen. I have seen every back door b and c list movie, but when it comes to the newer stuff its all foreign to me!!!

  • Tyler Straub

    2 thumbs up for the list, two thumbs down for willow.

  • Noodle The Cat: The Golden Compass was a disaster of a film! I guess that is what happens when you write a childrens book with the intention of propagandizing them, which the author admitted he did – his aim was to preach atheist propaganda – just as bad as movies aiming to teach religious propaganda.

  • Jfrater, I didn’t see that movie just for that reason. I heard it did a lot better in Europe than it did in the States. Is that true?

  • Sidereus

    I’m thinking that movies containing “religious propaganda” are a lot more acceptable if you either a) share the same beliefs as the author/director or b) keep an open mind and take things with a grain of salt. For example, I think transcendence and enlightenment is a bunch of crap, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying films based on those concepts.

  • Ghidoran

    I hated the Golden Compass! It was horrible. Too child-friendly. The books, which were pretty good, are more sinister. And where’s Harry Potter? Also, I hope The Amulet of Samarkand is good.

  • Ghidoran

    Yogi Barrister: Stardust was a bad movie. didn’t see it, but I heard stuff about it.

  • Blogball: As far as I am aware, no. It was a flop everywhere. That is what happens when you write a movie to propagandize rather than writing from artistic inspiration.

    Sidereus; You are right, of course; sharing the perspective of the propagandist will make his films appeal to you. But from the perspective of quality writing, if you write in order to convince people to follow your views, rather than writing for the pure love of writing, it is different.

  • Meg

    When i was little my babysitter would bring Labyrinth over and we watched it every day.

  • Cedestra

    Mmmm, LadyHawke. Forgot that one. I agree, as well, with Harry Potter, BUT, to be nit-picky, it’s more a fantasy whodunnit rather than a fantasy adventure.

  • Sidereus

    jfrater: I agree, although it can get difficult to distinguish the two.

  • angel

    I agree with Ladyhawke, Legend, Star Wars, and Narnia. I also would consider:

    The Last Unicorn
    Peter Pan (2003)
    The Flight of Dragons

  • mofleminator

    wow, i absolutely love Princess Mononoke probably one of my favorite movies of all time

  • Kia

    Dark Crystal is one of my favorite movies! =D

  • Besides Narnia I should have also mentioned the films JFK, Nixon and the soon to be released “W”

  • kris

    WOW…Greatttt list!!!I am glad -The Never Ending Story is on the list… i would have watched the movie atleast 20 times … but then when I moved to India.. i can’t find those movies..

    And would want to see… The Chronicles of Narnia & Harry Potter in the list too…

  • Ty

    the best thing about those from the 80’s (labrynth, dark crystal) is that they are soooo creepy. i was terrified yet glued to the screen when I was a kid. those ostrisch/sorcerer things wigged me out man…with the newer films such as Chronicles of Narnia and whatever put me to sleep. it seems like they are too reliant on CGI and way too kid-oriented for my taste.

  • funnynotfunny11

    Chronicles of Narnia and the Harry Potter series should be on here. Labyrinth was nothing special at all. That’s the only one I would take off. I haven’t seen Princess Mononoke or The Dark Crystal so idk about those.

  • Valkyrie

    I found Pan’s Labyrinth FAR better than the Neverending Story and Willow. The blend of drama and horror with ultimate redemption through the magic within oneself is a more complex and admirable tale. The special effects for this were also very well done, making this an all around excellent (though tragic) fantasy adventure.

  • Taranis

    I really want to see Pan’s Labrynth, it looks awesome. My uncle actually got the eyeballs tattooed on hims palms recently like one of the dudes from the film. At first I thought he was an idiot but then he said ‘when you see it, you’ll want them too.’ Willow sounds really cool too.

  • candice

    I remember watching willow when i was pretty young, somehow i missed that val kilmer was even in it… Thats it, I’m renting it tonight!

  • xxal

    Actually, the book “the neverending story” by michael ende is far better than the movie. if you have read it before watching the film (as i did when i was a child) you were quite disappointed. and the movie only tells half of the book’s story.

  • spence425

    i agree xxal. the neverending story movie was a giant letdown. i loved the book. it was my favorite when i was younger, but the movie was horrible.

    i’d take it out, and instead add the chronicles of narnia…sure, it’s new, but still qualifies.

  • NeoLudd

    77. Totoro! Jesus, I fuckin love that song
    Totoro, Tortoro! Totoro, Totoro!

  • NeoLudd

    Oh yeah, did anyone else think that the Chronicles of Riddick was the half-breed spawn of Conan and Dark Crystal?

  • we’re off to see the wizard!

  • Riya B.

    This is a great list! I love Pan’s Labyrinth and Princess Mononoke. Maybe you should do a follow up of this list, since you did miss a lot of good films like the chronicles of narnia and indiana jones. but only if you want to!!!

  • Nightstalker

    Kick-Ass list!!! Just by having Krull on it makes it one of the better movie lists on this site.

    Here are a few other movies which, I think, could have made the cut…

    Hawk the Slayer
    First Knight – best King Arthur movie ever
    Clash of the Titans or just about any of Ray Harryhausen’s movies could make this list.
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – all time Disney Classic
    20000 Leagues Under the Sea

  • diogenes gone

    Has Toto always been sitting pretty in the “O” of Oz? Look at him(her?), all debonair with a hint of smugness. And what’s with the fab four dancin in airbrushed-digitalized sunlight? You guys just look gay. Like Teletubby tabs of acid on training wheels (huh?).
    Give me back my childhood Warner Bros.!
    I hate those redone covers, is what I’m trying to say.

    P.O.T.C. (#7) IS an “adventure fantasy historic supernatural horror film”.. I think we have a more acurate genre title!

    David Bowie is Pan, and he’s never going to die. All the youth will follow him back to the mothership oneday..just wait.

  • p.s. maybe I didnt emphasize when I should have. Perhaps reading it as “Give me back my childhood, you Warner Bros. bastards!” better gets my message across.

    anyway, Shane Dayton: concerning Oz—My eyebals actually burst into an explosion of jelly, when I first saw the black and white world’s veil removed and color slid in it’s place.
    Sometimes it takes a lot of light for me to really see today.

    It seems that all one needs is little people in a movie and your halfway to fantasy.
    We’ve come so far.

  • PJMurphy

    I’d consider Heavy Metal as a candidate for the list.

    One of the things I really enjoy about these “Top Ten” lists is the rebuttals in the comment section. This list is no exception.

    This time I am reminded of movies I haven’t seen in a long time, and I plan to revisit them soon. I haven’t seen many of the films mentioned in well over a decade.

    And based on the favorable opinions of Princess Mononoke, it looks like I have something new to check out, as well.

    Thanks, guys.

  • astraya

    I either love them, hate them or haven’t seen them. Being in Korea, my choices are limited. (At least I’m in the south, and not the north!)
    Does anyone know “Erik the Viking”? “Murder, rape, pillage and some really loovely scenery” as Tim Robbins searches for the meaning of life and death, with John Cleese as a Viking warlord a la British merchant banker – “Flay him alive, there’s a good chap”?
    I’ve just checked the dictionary. Fantasy “imagination, especially when unrestrained”. Many movies would fall into that definition: super-heroes, science fiction and historical dramas, and movies like “Eternal sunshine”, “Adaptation”, “Being John Malkovich” and “The Truman Show”.
    Be nice to Toto. S/he/it was the only member of the cast to be paid less than Judy Garland.
    BTW someone with too much time on their hands discovered that there are synchronicities between Oz and “Dark side of the moon”: run the movie with the sound down and the CD together.

  • astraya

    Whoops, I’d better read the introduction: “something beyond the human realm”. Sorry.

  • Em

    The only one I disagree with is Willow…and Pirates being placed higher than Labyrinth. Then again, I’m a huge fan of David Bowie’s crotch.

  • chadster

    People are getting too upset that certain movies made from books aren’t on the list. The thing is, movies like narnia just can’t compair to the books and aren’t creative enough. LOTR was excellent that’s why it made the list.

  • Andre

    Pirates of the Caribbean – my favorite movie, and only at the 7 place :(

  • E.

    Ok, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, and Neverending Story totally have to be up higher on this list…

  • MPW

    Wizard of Oz should probably be in the top three because one hundred years from now people will remember it and a lot of these movies aren’t even remembered today.

    personnaly i think animated movies should not be included in this list.

    LOTR is a great coice for #1, even though i don’t care for it a million others love it and you can’t argue with numbers

  • Noodle,

    I’ll admit it’s been a while since I’ve seen Labyrinth, but I hope it holds up. It was one of my kids favorite’s that I could actually sit and watch with them.

    Glad to see others join in on the “Legend” love.

  • MPW

    check this out (not mine)

  • MPW

    the nightmare before christmas

  • warningdontreadthis

    Quiana: Trust me I know what you mean, I see quite few new movies. I was just obsessed with Pirates cause Johnny was in it :D

    Welcome back home Jfrater. Where were you?

  • CRSN

    Unfortunatly, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy should be in there, except hollywood totally fucked the storie line when they created the movie, it should be re made with the following books adapted to the screen to create the one of the best sequel series ever, but Hollywood isnt into making a decent fantasy/futuristic movie series these days.

    the closest and best most recently made was Pans Laberynth, and the french basically made it.

  • thewebpromoter

    How about Final Fantasy Series? Aren’t they included in the list?

  • Tonny SS

    Uh to people suggesting Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon… it is not fantasy adventure movie. Unless you count Enter the Dragon as one. I know Wuxia genre is hard to grasp but just take my word, none of us around this part of the globe consider it fantasy.

    @ 133 chadster
    Uh, are you high? Narnia is one of the few case where the movie is better than the book.

  • lola

    What is Pirates of the Caribbean doing on this list?
    I agree with the rest, but also maybe:
    The Indiana Jones trilogy
    The Star Wars films,
    Spirited Away
    Harry Potter films

  • Luke

    Tony SS: Okay, the Narnia movie is not better than the book. Take it back, or I will sic Aslan on you.

    As for you, CRSN: “Hollywood” did not destroy Hitchhiker’s Guide by messing with the storyline. The script was WRITTEN BY DOUGLAS ADAMS. As in THE GUY WHO WROTE THE BOOK. You got beef with the dead author himself? Talk to him. I like what he did. And the director is British. There’s not a lot of Hollywood about that film. Don’t believe me? Here’s the IMDB page:

    And Pan’s Labyrinth (which is spelled that way, btw) is Spanish, not French. Come on man, the director’s name is “Guillermo!” And why would it matter if the French made it, anyway? Does that make it less a fantasy film?

    Argh. Wrong people all over the internet tonight. I’ll never set them all straight at this rate. :D

  • Luke

    Oh, and of course Pirates is fantasy. Cursed treasure chests, undead pirates, Davy Jones with an octopus beard… Ever see that stuff in a science textbook? Nope. Fantasy. Case closed.

  • CRSN

    Luke: Besides me being incorrect in some of the facts, have you seen the BBC’s series of Hitch Hikers, also have you read the series which the movie was made from, that shat on the movie because how could you fit all that info into a single movie, and the BBC series was made in the late 70’s(1977), and Doudlas Adams didnt have any say on the editing, as you point out he is DEAD (2001),so how can i talk to him, got his email in limbo, didnt think so.

    you see, Disney actually bought the rights in 1998 and it was re-written by an author by the sirname Kirkpatrick to be ADAPTED FOR SCREEN for the release in 2005.

    the Pans Labyrinth comment, cool, i can deal with that, i was incorrect, but mate, sounds like your ass is so tight you couldnt fit a pin up there with a jack hammer.

    chill out

  • fishing4monkeys

    This list was ok until it ot to #1…then again a least you didn’t include Harry Potter.

  • fishing4monkeys


  • fishing4monkeys

    CRSN: What is it with die-hard fans that say a movie is crap (well…”shat”) just because it’s not EXACTLY like the book? Movies are made to entertain the people who watch them. And i’m pretty sure 95% of the people who saw it never read the book. So ok it’s not a carbon copy of the book but it’s still a great movie. You need to chill out same as Luke…

  • sporty_dan

    Very brave to put Krull on this list. I watched this repeatedly as a kid on HBO – it seemed like it was on all the time, along with The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. The Skeksi Chamberlain’s exile and, yes, David Bowie’s unfortunate wardrobe choices (the crowd seems to have a split opinion on that one) stick out at as mildly disturbing scenes to a 9-year old, but otherwise they were fun and memorable films.

    Also, for those who mentioned Legend – the Director’s Cut is the way to go. Gone is the crappy Tangerine Dream music, and some added scenes give more depth and continuity.

  • CRSN

    fishing4monkeys: aint a die hard fan at all, just know a good book when i see it, and a crap movie as well, i was just retorting to Lukes comments.

    i usually see those kind of comments from people on IRC that spend all their time on a computer and actually not getting any work done, and if he does it all night after work, shows how much of a life a he really has, i thought it would be better use of his time to actually read a book that is very entertaining, but unfortunatly he doesnt seem like the book reading type, it was mainly to open his eyes to a genre that is not so comercial, but still (and in this case more so) very entertaining for the mind, rather than a mind numbing, awfully put together movie that potentially could’ve made a great series of movies.

    this is not say you are wrong, but he neede to be told.

  • Susana

    Great list.I loved Labyrinth

  • marqueemark

    lotr were the worst movies i’ve seen in years

  • Felmin

    Why isn’t Waterworld on this list?

  • Quiana

    When I was growing up i liked Return to Oz. The witch having all thoses diffrent heads use to scare me!!!!!!! : )

  • DiscHuker

    willow the movie is o.k. if not forgetable. but do you remember willow the nintendo (original NES) game. i spent hours playing that and searching through nintendo power trying to figure out how to beat the last witch. good times.

  • carpe_noctem

    Felmin: I’m not being deliberately difficult, but Waterworld widely regarded as one of the biggest failure movies ever. There was virtually nothing about the movie worth salvaging. I would almost certainly have it on a ‘worst fantasy movies’ list.

    Luke: There are fanciful elements in Pirates, yes, but few people would consider it predominantly a fantasy movie, it’s much more of an adventure/action film. Look at Star Wars, they were great, but they fall under Science Fiction, not Fantasy. If you’re using the “I never saw that in a text book” argument, wouldn’t that make every theoretical move that makes a projection about the future be considered fantasy? I never saw the events of Mad Max in a textbook, and I certainly hope you don’t consider Children of Men a fantasy…

  • SlickWilly

    Felmin (#155): Because Waterworld blows.

  • GreenPepper

    Oh yes, Legend is the most magical movie that I have ever seen. I really don’t understand how it didn’t make the list… I believe that it (from the movie perspective) has way more magic than even LOTR.. (Don’t hit me, please!!.. :D)

  • teacherman

    Legend definitely needs to be on this list over pirates

  • CRSN

    SLICKWILLY: Luke had this beef with me earlier about my comment that hitch hikers galaxy was a bad make of the book me 141 him 145 and so on, do you reckon im right or wrong in it?

    how about “DUNE”, might not be fantasy, but futuristic.

  • KanE

    I would have to agree with most all the choices but 1…Lord of the Rings? Alot of words can describe that film, and whilst good it’s {they’re?} not the best there is, personally I prefered The Fountain (which isnt on this list, but thats beacuse it’s a bit of a cross-genre film and not traditional fantasy, but I digress). My argument agains LOtR is that the last 2 films decided to go the epic route and forgo the charming storytelling of the 1st film that defined it so well, in favour of epic battles where Legolas looks pretty and Gimli provides comedic releif. Or maybe I’m just bitter that the book was about the most tedious read imaginable…just behind Moby Dick in fact.

  • Arabella

    Labryinth is great to watch on magic mushrooms :)

  • JayArr

    Warningdonotreadthis – Monty Python and the Holy Grail is fantasy adventure (some would call it action adventure I suppose), but it has many of the better ‘fantasy’ elements embedded within. It’s a movie that has definitely stood the test of time. Plus, I certainly hope that fantasy and slap-stick funny are not mutually exclusive. ;)

    I’ve noticed that many of the comments here are in favor of mediocre movies with great special effects and/or CGI… I guess I do still like some live action and puppetry – it gives credence to the skills of the actors and people who ‘physically’ make the movies great. Full animation can be very good, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve always had a soft spot for real-live-creativity-and-ingenuity.

    A final note on observations from all of the above – just because ‘you’ liked a movie tons and tons and tons does not mean it should automatically be on a list like this. Narnia, Star Wars, Harry Potter (and many more) were all very entertaining movies (I enjoyed them), but they were apparently not the ‘whole package’ for what makes a GREAT fantasy movie. Pan’s Labyrinth, as just one example of greatness, was a disturbing movie with a mixed-bag ending – makes you think about it even after the final credits roll away… a truly great fantasy movie (not one of my personal favorites, but awe inspiring nonetheless).

  • psychosurfer

    Am I the only one here who thinks that LOTR is the most overestimated film in history???

  • JayArr

    Re-posting… did not see my initial attempt display after 20+ minutes. Sorry if this hits twice.

    Warningdonotreadthis – Monty Python and the Holy Grail is fantasy adventure (some would call it action adventure I suppose), but it has many of the better ‘fantasy’ elements embedded within. It’s a movie that has definitely stood the test of time. Plus, I certainly hope that fantasy and slap-stick funny are not mutually exclusive. ;)

    I’ve noticed that many of the comments here are in favor of mediocre movies with great special effects and/or CGI… I guess I do still like some live action and puppetry – it gives credence to the skills of the actors and people who ‘physically’ make the movies great. Full animation can be very good, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve always had a soft spot for real-live-creativity-and-ingenuity.

    A final note on observations from all of the above – just because ‘you’ liked a movie tons and tons and tons does not mean it should automatically be on a list like this. Narnia, Star Wars, Harry Potter (and many more) were all very entertaining movies (I enjoyed them), but they were apparently not the ‘whole package’ for what makes a GREAT fantasy movie. Pan’s Labyrinth, as just one example of greatness, was a disturbing movie with a mixed-bag ending – makes you think about it even after the final credits roll away… a truly great fantasy movie (not one of my personal favorites, but awe inspiring nonetheless).

  • JayArr

    dang…there it is now….lol.

  • couple of things

    U forgot so many great ones!!

    – the Princess Bride

    – Ladyhawke

    – and obviously StarWars is the number one: why? it’s not a science-fiction movie (scifi fans will agree), it happens “so long ago, in a gallaxy (realm) so far away”. And the story is compleately a fantastic one: knigts, swords, magic, monsters, dragons, good and evil, etc

    One more IMPORTANT thing.
    Learn a little about Spanish contemporany history and you will know what’s Pan’s Labyrint about……
    ¿¿¿¿¿a fantastic world?????
    I’m so ashamed about the little you understood this movie

  • SlickWilly

    couple of things:

    “As a note: fantasy adventure means there has to be something beyond the human realm (so sorry to fans of Princess Bride and the 13th Warrior, but there just wasn’t enough to make that jump).”

    Third paragraph of the introduction.

    Also: Instead of berating us for not knowing enough about contemporary Spanish history to understand Pan’s Labyrinth, take this opportunity to educate us. How exactly does this have a bearing on the movie? What events in particular? I happened to love that movie, but since I’m not Spanish (and most of us here are not), I don’t know how the movie is relavent to Spanish history.

  • Gary

    Wait, you dismissed Princess Bride and 13th Warrior for being too “human” and then you elected Pirates (#7), which made no illusion about being in this world, and Neverending Story, which followed the same convention as Princess Bride.
    This list sucks for being too biased and lame.
    Yes, LAME, for picking Willow (terrible movie) and Krull (who saw this one?).
    Is Star Wars not beyond the “human realm” but LOTR is?
    Gee, you forgot Ice Pirates and Howard The Duck.

  • SlickWilly

    Gary: I don’t agree with the inclusion of Pirates on the list, but the Neverending Story is not like the Princess Bride, beyond the framing device of a story within a story. The central story is the Neverending Story itself; Bastian exists as a segue into the primary story, and eventually enters the world himself at the end, unlike Fred Savage in the Princess Bride. The Neverending Story is classic fantasy. Willow was kind of lame, but I did see Krull (not impressed). I think the list is pretty solid, with a couple of notable omissions. It certainly doesn’t suck, but it could have used a rewrite or too. And the exclusion of movies like the Princess Bride feels a bit arbitrary, but it was the author’s premise of the list, so you can’t argue for a spot for the Princess Bride. Instead, you could argue that Pirates doesn’t deserve a spot. And watch who you’re calling a dork, junior.

  • SlickWilly

    edit: “…rewrite or two…”

  • violin412

    What?!?! No Chronicles of Narnia??? I can’t believe it!

  • dofnup

    Yay!! There’s only two movies on this list that I haven’t seen, and one is in my DVR queue so that’s a technicality that will shortly be remedied ^_^

    (oh, they’re Pan’s Labrynth and Princess Mononoke)

    I really liked this list ^_^

  • boliyou

    I think you have some good picks here. I think the Star Wars movies could have rated as a group, like you did with LOTR. I’m very pleased to see you included Pan’s Labyrinth, which is definitely not mainstream fantasy fare.

  • Nick

    FINALLY Princess Mononoke is feautured on a list,I have been in love with that movie,the only good movie as a kid that i had :-P

  • MPW

    i believe star wars was scifi not fantasy

    but… i could be wrong.

  • Makani

    I am thoroughly appalled by the lack of Princess Bride on this list! It more than deserves to be here, no silly excuses.

  • dracomalfoy

    Oh! No Harry Potter~!

  • sdggrant

    I like everything on this list, except for number 3, BOOOOOO FOR ANIME!!! >=(

  • Rezel

    I can not believe that The Princes Bride does not deserve a spot. You should read the book, its much funier than the movie.
    Others that should be mentioned in a second list:
    Stardust, Big Fish, Eragon, Chronicals of Narnia.

    Great list in anycase. :)

  • Clarkekentyboy

    Willow is class. Neverending Story is class. Labyrinth is class. Can you tell which decade I was born in?

  • couple of things


    Pan’s Labyrint happens in 1944 in the North of Spain, maybe in the province of Burgos or Soria. (so it isn’t a fantasy world)

    It talks about the spanish postwar. When many villages were ruled by fascist officers. Many spaniars joined the “maquis”, a rebel warface to fight them and the Franco dictarorship. That part of the story was real and was happening everywhere and everyday for so long.

    The fanasy story is related to the legendary folklore of this region, the remains of the celtic culture.

    Forgive me for the tone I used, but is sad to see that foreigner people think that’s just a fairy tale with the “goodies” and “baddies” and free senseless violence.

    Isn’t Princes Bride realm a fantasy one? Florin… Guilder… Where are they?

  • SlickWilly

    couple of things: I felt that that aspect of the movie was well-portrayed. I’m not sure what the problem you’re having is…there is a clear delineation between the politics of the region in the “real” world and the fantasy world that exists beyond. It’s not as if the whole movie lays claim that that whole region of the country and the events portrayed are wholly fictitious (even though the actual characters are fictionalized). It clearly draws the distinction between the real and the fantasy. You are clearly underestimating us “foreigners'” intelligence if you think we believe the political context for the movie was fantastical. Believe it or not, we might be a little smarter than you seem to take us for. Furthermore, I don’t even know how you came to this conclusion. There was no in-depth discussion of the socio-political conxtext of Pan’s Labyrinth on this message board, nor did I see anyone denying that the Spanish Civil War occured.

  • MPW

    fantasy is unrealistic and beyond human abilities and the aspect that makes it a fantasy is given no explanation or foundation.

    science fiction is similar but the author/director attempts to explain how these
    “inhuman” things work

    basically the diference between fantasy and science fiction is the explanation of the super human elements in the story

  • JayArr

    I’ve never seen “Howard the Duck Dork…” is it any good?

    Fear the bunny with NASTY, BIG, POINTY TEETH!


    princess mononoke was a brilliant film. such a fresh mind and very unigue in its fairy tell type genre. has very well illustrations with wide minds to put the film at its peak

  • chunkylover77

    I am still waiting for my settlement from my lawsuit of “The Never Ending Story”. Lies, all lies!! only an hour and a half long?! Why?!

  • TedBuckland

    OK, I’ve gotta chime in – this is an outstanding list, sparks many thoughts. I was a major Krull lover. I remember seeing it and dreaming about various parts. If I remember right, didn’t Queen do something on the soundtrack? My take on Pan’s Labyrinth: if you are looking for that feeling that you get when your pet is run over in the street, definitely watch this film, because that is what it instills. I think DelToro is a fantastic director, but I thought Pan’s Labyrinth was horrible, dark, yucky. Just left me cold and depressed.

    Other movies to add to a list like this:
    *Sword and the Sorcerer (gotta love a 3-bladed sword!)
    *Beastmaster (probably hilarious by todays standards)

    (can ya tell I’m a product of the 70s/80s?)

  • tsiki

    excellent list!

  • Polly Odyssey

    Can I use this list as a list of my favorite movies?

  • dancurstev

    A very interesting list. I must say that I have fully enjoyed most of the movies on this list. Personally though, as a kid I couldn’t stand the Wizard of Oz, hated it. And I agree, Pirates is more action adventure, not ‘traditional’ fantasy type film.

    As for all those people that keep trying to stick Princess Mononoke, or any other Miyazagi film, in Anime needs to seriously take another look. These movies are such a high quality, much better than most Disney or Pixar films. Simply because they have a more Asian look, they get stuck in anime, which they are not. Don’t judge before you look.

    And for Pan’s Labyrinth and that ridiculous statement about the war and politics, etc…I am a Spaniard and know all about that war and politics…it does not matter at all what any of it represented or actually occured except to a Spaniard. The fact is that there was a distinction between the real world and that of imagination, otherwordly, so it is fantasy.

    As for the forgotten…Conan, Princess Bride, Clash of the Titans, Ladyhawke, and both Narnia’s should be included.

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  • zztt

    Eh, where’s stardust?

  • lethaldose

    What, no Princess Bride

  • Wizard

    The list are good but i realy dont understand wath the wizard of oz are doing there!

    Erik the Viking are a classic thats are realy funny.
    Krull and Willow are the two gratest movies on the list they are unforgetabla.

  • CindyLoo

    Mmm… Jared from Fantasia… One of my favorites from this list. Another great one!

  • CindyLoo

    ** WOW! I said Fantasia… I meant Labyrinth. Damn. Getting my posts crossed. **

  • k1w1taxi

    Can’t agree with LOTR. Thought the books were boring and couldn’t be bothered after the 1st movie. Otherwise most of the rest seem pretty good though many of them are stretching the memory cells to recall actual detail. Only two I have not seen at least part of are POTC and PM. For that I would replace PM with Howl’s Moving Castle which I have seen.

    Re: Pan’s Labyrinth. It really is irrelevant as to the degree of reality on the political front. As has been mentioned the line between reality and fantasy is clearly marked. And such a dark adult oriented fantasy gives me hope for seeing Thomas Covenant on screen before I shuffle off.

    Re: Stardust, while the book had something about it that IMO lifted it out of the ordinary this got lost on the way to the screen. The movie was OK, just not great, sorry.

    Re: HHGTTG The movie was Garbage. The TV series was so much better and on 1000th of the SFX budget. The Zaphod head idea did not work and Marvin was an absolute Travesty.


  • lisasplayhaus

    LOTR, awesome damn movies, I kept looking for them on the list and was getting upset…THEN SURPRISE. I have to disagree on the Wizard Of Oz being #9…Its a classic!

  • Pingback: Traumas de infância: o filme A História sem fim | bitpop()

  • maygwan

    Wizard of oz should be much higher on the list.

    chronicles of narnia should be there also.
    so should the princess bride.
    I also enjoyed the harry potter films yes the books are better but when arnt’t the books better.
    It depends on how you want to view fantasy/adventure as Indiana jones comes into that category also

  • amishrobots

    seriously. why do ppl think LOTR is good? i’ve only watched the first movie in the trilogy (that’s all i could stomach thank you) but it was total crap. Just a horrible cgi-fest of disconnected scenes that made no real sense, strung together without any coherent view of the overall plot. the movie was CRAP. okay? the special effects alone made me want to cry, but couple that with a total lack of coherent story line, and why are we watching this? For that matter though, i have read all the books, and frankly they weren’t much good either; the Hobbit was good, but the LOTR trilogy? a bunch of boring shxt that goes nowhere. good god get a clue! as for the movies, well, either of the Conan movies were better, beastmaster was better, krull was FAR better. you idiots probably thought the star wars prequels were good too though. plz..

  • Giovanni

    STARDUST should be here!

    i am not wondering why harry potter is not on the list, i loved the books yes but the movies were really disappointing, my imagination was way better haha!

    and hurray for lotr being on no.1

    and PANS LABYRINTH really took me aback, but nevertheless it was a great movie.

  • Suller

    I’m actually spending my summer watching fantasy-adventure films. So I was cery happy to pop on this list – there is a lot here that I’m going to find and give a try. One of the next for me is going to be Vidocq. But it is not yet mentioned here…

    Of those that belong to my personal best list but are not yet mentioned here I’d like to bring up Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Jack and the Beanstalk. I especially like the latter – together with Pan’s Labyrinth these are top two on my list. Its because they are not trivial, they brake some rules and make you look at stories from a different angle.

    Oh, and I am really pleased that I understand Russian. You’d be surprised how many good movies came out of Odessa during 1960s up to 1980s. All those fairy tales – HMMMM….

    Have a look:

  • Zee

    For those of you who like Willow, and like reading, there was actually a follow-up trilogy of books by George Lucas. They’re actually pretty good, but don’t try reading them unless you’ve seen the movie!

  • Suller

    Zee, do you mean the Chronicles of the Shadow War series?

  • rushfan

    “They look like big, good, strong hands, don’t they? I always thought that’s what they were.”

    I love The Neverending Story.

  • shane123

    no Princess Bride? for shame.

  • winstonthorne

    I can’t beleive you’ve left of LEGEND with Tom Cruise and Tim Currey. BOO!

  • SuperHero3

    Star Wars does not qualify as Fantasy Adventure? I guess I missed the whole realism of the thing.

  • momo

    Only movies I haven’t seen on this list are Krull and Willow which I guess I’ll have to rent now. All other movies are definitely amazing. I especially LOVE Pan’s Labyrinth, Labyrinth and Dark Crystal (last two are classics, must sees for everyone).
    Two other really good fantasy adventures would be
    -Harry Potter (why is this not on the list?)
    -Casshern (it’s not English though)

  • momo

    Oh and Star Wars obviously, but again, why is that not on this list?

  • ahamay

    IMNSHO, Krull sucked. As an 11-year-old, I was really excited by the commercials. So I saved my money to watch it. I walked out thinking it was a waste of money *and* time.

    Neverending Story – never ending movie – boring!

    While PotC shouldn’t be on this list, I do like the rest of the movies. Everything I’ve see from Miyasaki/Studio Ghibli is amazing.

    Sleeping Beauty/Snow White/Cinderella/Beauty & the Beast could all be on this list. Not for this list, but honorable mentions could include Shrek, Ella Enchanted, Stardust, or Ladyhawke.

  • Mirnzz

    OMG pirates is the best movie ever. And conisdering how in the third one they DID travel to another world, it should be higher on the list. Just thought i should share that :)

  • Paulb

    Harry Potter?

  • luna1580

    to the person who said “the last unicorn” should be added, i 2nd that in the strongest way possible.

    great list -i’ve seen (and i’ve realized own) everything on it but willow and krull.

    no matter much i really love johnny depp, i think the 1st pirates movie (only one i’ve seen) has fewer “fantastical” elements than “princess bride” so it seems out of place here by your own rules.

  • saxx

    Harry Potter not in list…

  • den

    super list

  • Adven

    yeh! Lord of the Rings the best movie :)

  • sammy

    I have seen and love every movie on this list EXCEPT Princess Monoke! That is the movie that destroyed me for any kind of anime or similar type of animation. It just grossed me out for some reason. Ugg.. it’s making me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I was thrilled to see you included Pan’s Labrynth. It really is a new classic in the fantasy realm. You were dead on with The Lord of the Rings trilogy being number 1. Great list!!

  • sammy

    P.S. Star Wars is more in the sci fi genre, which might be why the creator of this list did not include it. There is a difference between ‘sci fi’ and ‘fantasy’.

  • Kris

    My dad told me about when they showed “Wizard of Oz” on TV when he was a kid. My grandparents couldn’t afford a color TV then, so the whole changing-to-color effect was lost. When kids at school told him that it changes to color in the middle, he was like “uh-uh” and “you’re not fooling me”. I always thought that was a funny story.

  • Steve T.

    Two stories. My partner of many years was six when Wizard of Oz first came out, and his mother took him to see it. When the Witch showed up on the Yellow Brick Road and starting hurling fire balls he became terrified, screaming, “She’s going to kill us! She’s going to kill us!” His mother had to take him out, which really pissed her off, as she wanted to see the rest of it.

    Second, it’s a great anti-flim-flam movie. Before the Oz part, Dorothy is tricked by Prof. Marvel to go back home, using the simplest of phony psychic tricks. He sets the stage with simple costumes and props, checks out her wicker basket when she’s got her eyes closed, uses what he finds to fool her –albeit for the best of reasons, to convince her to go home — and the movie SHOWS US EVERYTHING. Shows us how easy it is to be fooled when you WANTThe message, long before Toto’s finest hour, is to always pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Wonderful.

  • Steve T.

    Damn this clumsy laptop. The sentence was: “Shows us how easy it is to be fooled when you WANT to believe. The message…”

    And so forth. BTW, despite his original six-year-old reaction, my partner has loved the movie all his life.

  • Count von Turkenducken

    You, good sir, deserve to be soundly beaten with a rattan canE for even considering “Willow.” All your other lists are entertaining and well thought out. Why in the name of Caesar’s ghost would you even consider this wretched, over acted piece of pap as a good movie? WHY?!

  • coreyhubkey

    no clash of the titans

  • pyrothraxe

    pans labyrinth should be higher
    and the wizard of oz?
    wtf is that about

  • ladyval

    I have seen all the movies on this list and I enjoy all of them. I would have to say that Ladyhawke is a great movie as well.

  • dragongnomes

    i have read ur site for hours now and wanted to speak but didnt have much to say, except great site…. but I HAVE to defend Willow & PotC especially against anime (dont care how its spelt). so Mr List, what do u mean by out of the human realm, not human or not earth? cause its both if u havent specified but I dont wanna give u anymore stress ppl really jump on “ur lists”……. so I just wanted to know if Lost Boys and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? make it lol (Legend & ladyHawke were mentioned & most Monty’s) and seems like I was raised in the same era and love Oz BUT I just saw Tinman the other day and it blew me away! kicks Return to Oz back to Kansas lol

    Thanks for a great site….. cant wait for more!!
    … ohh and I know its nothing to do with this post but Vegemite!!! lol…

  • disney353

    awesome sight

    Tinman was awwesommme i watched it a billion times

    loooved the movie “wrinkle in time”

    surprised Narnia & Stardust didn’t make it though…they’re greeeeattt fantasy films

  • Flower

    I watched #5 when I was maybe 10. I am extremely afraid of the dark and started the movie around 10:00…Not the best idea. D:


    Kool list. Labyrinth sucks though and willow is pretty crap. Never seen never ending story!!!

  • Seyma

    i would like to thank you very much for this list specifically. I have found the name of the movie that I was thinking and dreaming for years…

  • Danny

    This is crazy – Goonies should be at least number 2

    & Legend deserves a mention before Pirates –

    LOVE Willow, didnt realize there were so many Willow haters

    I can see leaving out Narnia & Golden Compass – the books were SOOO much better than the films, but the Harry Potter series should be be in the top 10 for sure

  • princeofoceans

    Hi Guys,

    I’m very new to this site… Don’t laugh at me, I’m 30yrs but I love watching fantasy movies. Well firstly when I watched Harry Potter I felt its amazing but as I’m now one among you like a kid I started watching more and more fantasy movies… Guys please suggest me some good site where in I can find free English Fantasy movies I can download… currently I’m using torrentz for downloading anything else is also there to download good movies…

    My Sincere thanks for all of you… for giving ample of best comments on some movies I’ll try to download and watch them…

    Warm Wishes,

    *edited for email to prevent spamming*

  • Crow T. Robot

    Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell belongs on this list.

  • Yum Yum

    I’m so pleased to see Princess Mononoke in the list! It was the first full length anime I ever saw and have yet to see one that even comes close. Brilliant film. :)

  • InfeaNO

    Pan’s Labyrinth is amazing, I can recomend it and the Orphanage to anyone that dosn’t mind subtitles or speaks spanish (I dont)

  • Tom

    What about Highlander? Or is that more Sci-Fi?

  • Hal

    This is an excellent list, except that it missed the greates fantasy/adventure movie of all time!!


  • oouchan

    I have everyone of these movies! I love them all. Just like the post above, I would have added Goonies, along with Legend.

  • prime_gaurdian

    You guys forgot the movie Dungens&Dragons!And I just seen a real good movie called The Knights Of Bloodsteel with Natassia Malthe, I’ve seen her in at least 4 movies where she has fangs K.O.B. Bloodrayne as Rayne,Vampire Wars as Quintana and Skinwalkers as Sonja. Knight Of Bloodsteel of course is the fantasy movie she plays an Elf. And those of you who aren’t near A video store try type in a movies name and you might find what your looking for.

  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    LotR is so overated.

  • Lauren

    Never Ending Story is such a classic film. I remember watching it over and over as a child, and just thinking about it brings back so many memories. Pan’s Labrynth is also a stunning film, I caught it on TV one evening last year and it left me speechless.
    Top list! x

  • Luan Correia

    I put this third just do not know, but willow, labyrinth and especially The Story without end are perfect!
    here in Brazil, a story without end is what we call classic of the afternoon session as it is a film that was very successful here in the matinee of Brazilian television
    d =’1

  • didi

    i luv Pirates of the Caribbean that is so kool……..!!!!!1 and wat is willow????

  • Ferret_fever

    Good list, seen all except Krull.
    A few mentioned a Monty Python films.

    But no one mentioned “Eric the Viking” which would fall into this category and is a good fantasy movie directed by Terry Jones.

  • Hails

    “Eric the Viking” is just what I was going to suggest. It was one of my favorite as a kid. Along with “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”
    And Val Kilmer’s overacting in “Willow” is hilarious!

  • mzjwright on youtube

    I loved the list except it was missing a few classics; The Goonies….AMAZING MOVIE, and Annie too :)

  • kweng

    the reason why i watch pirates is because my favorite actor is there (johnny depp) and they’re about to make the fourth movie! sheesh..

    no spirited away? that one is really beautiful..

    no harry potter? c’mon..if you included lord of the rings you should also include harry potter

  • bharghavan kuttan

    the best movie in the world is thommanam makkalam.. beautiful photography,, best dialogues and not to mention the action which is breath taking.. fabulus..

  • Karim Ayittah

    please l really like the never ending story. Please show me the movie now.

  • Shaul Talmeed

    #2 Willow
    It would ahve been a good movie but, every five seconds they cut away form whatever is going on to show the viewer what the baby thinks of things. This film is so full of cutsy baby shots that if you were to remove them, the whole thing would be short enough to enjoy during a U.S. commerical break. Sure, it’s one that your 14 year old girl-friends will watch with you and not complain but, how many of us are young enough to have a 14 year old girlfriend?
    Other than that though, I liked the list! Not a bad compilation at all… aside from that Willow thingy there.

  • gonwiththetide

    the wizard of OZ no matter how old you are has and always will suck is ok if you like that cheery attitude towards films

  • pranu

    pls suggest me a gud fantasy movie ah
    i am havng holz n its quiet boring

  • Audrey

    Disappointment with how low Labryrinth is, and how high Lord of The Rings is, but thats just personal preference.

  • CJ

    :( No HP? Tragic…

  • me

    Without Harry Potter this list is useless.

  • CamrenLeaTheOtaku

    why isnt legend on this list??????

  • Linlei

    Ok this list is not right where is:
    – Legend
    – Pirates of the Caribbean…but no Harry Potter?! What the?
    – 10# The Wizard of Oz..just NO!
    Ok, i would have replaced that with “Return to Oz”! Two different types of movies. First off, this is NOT a follow-up to the classic movie. The Wizard of Oz is all cheery, happy, happy, joy joy. And Return to Oz..AWSOME!Dark/horror in my opinion better story. If you saw this movie as a child you would never forget that movie. As a child i experienced it as a scary movie but i LOVED IT!

    – Alice in Wonderland? No, i’m not talking about the disney version.

    I agree with number 9, 8, 4, 1 and 3 on the list( Only i would have added 3# under top anime movies).

  • Linlei

    Oh yea and i forgot to mention “The last unicorn”. Also 9# and 8# should be higher on the list.

  • Wahyu

    spirited away… seriously it should be in the list… come on people!!!

  • Maya

    Quite a good list, but I was surprised not to find Mirrormask up there. It’s probably less known than the Dark Crystal though ;)

  • C0G

    This is just the mainstream,
    Also watch:

    -Spirited away
    -Dracula and a host of other vampire movies
    -The water horse
    -Baron von Munchausen
    -Earthsea (and a host of other anime)

    eh, I could go on… ;) Good list though.

  • baileytracer

    As a huge fan of star wars I’ve gotta first say that I believe that would qualify as scifi fantasy. This is clearly fantasy adventure. Wizard of Oz… I’d have never thought of that one. Good call, though. But, that does bring to mind other movies where a main character either dreams the events or reads the events…(Princess Bride anyone?) I’ll admit if you were getting very specific you could make a new category for such films calling it comedic fantasy. I’d place Pan’s Labyrinth in the horror genre, but that’s just me. Still a good movie. Definitely agree on the whole Ladyhawke and Earthsea suggestions. I’d like to see Legend replace Labyrinth. Pirates I would have just put in Adventure or Action/Adventure… Let the verbal beatings upon me begin. ‘Nuff said.

  • baggerking

    Princess Bride anyone?

  • Bayrin

    Great list… But way to predictable to put LOTR on n1. Wasn’t that great a movie, especially the last part was totaly bogus. Should have put it on n10. People are way to fast voting a recent movie ‘best movie ever’

  • Saber 25

    Yes I remember the NeverEnding Story 1 and 2. It wasn't VHS back then, (the VHS was in the 1998 to 2004) It was those Monophone discs that has the size of a Big plate. You insert it on an ancient 5 storey DVD and voila! You can watch it and you got the electric bills waiting for you outside the door.

  • adogra

    lord of the rings was the best…………………………

  • dusanserb

    all i will say is THE LORD OF THE RINGS :)))))))))))

  • I have loved Dark Crystal and Neverending Story for as long as I can remember. If you like Neverending Story read the original book by Michael Ende – great stuff.

    Labyrinth I didn't see until 1990 (I had never heard of it before then), but I immediately fell in love and watched it over and over and over.

  • mary-m

    omg Princess Mononoke is so amazing :D!

  • Bella Hudson

    Pan's Labirinth is like a horror/adventure film.When i first saw it I didn't slept for 2 days…but i still like it!!!
    Labirinth is really good aswell!

  • Tribol

    Pan's Labyrinth should be higher on the list, its probably the best movie i've ever watched

  • HannahH;)

    I saw 10, 9, 8, 7, 5, 4, and 1.
    I always loved The Neverending Story. I personally would have chosen it for #1.
    Good list though:)

  • Bea01

    in no particular order:

    Pan's Labyrinth (Guillermo del Toro, 2006) – an intensely dark, tragic and simply beautiful!!!!
    Brazil – (Terry Gilliam 1985)
    The Dark Crystal (Jim Henson, 1982)
    Time Bandits (Terry Gilliam 1981)
    Goonies (Richard Donner, 19850
    Edward Scissorhands (Tim Burton, 1990)
    Big Fish (Tim Burton, 2003)
    Return to Oz (Walter Murch, 1985)
    Labyrinth – (Jim Henson, 1986
    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (Stephen Herek, 1989)

  • Bea01

    19850 ???
    …. I meant 1985 of course ;)

  • Strembop

    Pan’s labyrinth – i didnt see it all but brrrr… the stutterer and the father scene – and the father’s mouth – omg! and no stardust? a romp of witchcraft, romance (theres always one, sigh), and royal succesion. and a gay pirate too.

  • Don

    Dude The LOTR trilogy is the biggest dissapoinment on film history ever. When I went to see the Return of the King with my brothers I fell asleep in two ocassions man! And I was excited about the movie and all you know, geez what a waste of money and resources.

    I was born during the eighties and one of the movies that got sticked in my head forever was "Hawk the slayer" it was stupid but funny and full of that rustic action of those days. And also EXCALIBUR!! How come you didn't put any of those in the list?

  • WolFang

    2 thumbs up for Princess Mononoke and Spirited away!

  • Willow is great

    Nah, Willow's the best!

  • Nice to see one of my top anime films on the list! I would have Princess Bride instead of Krull on this list and it is hard to overlook the HP series, but otherwise a great list. If you like movie lists I highly suggest

  • ParagonKnight

    Okay, just a few things. First, Pan's Labyrinth is poor example of a fantasy film. Pan's Labyrinth is a World War II movie with fantasy elements thrown in there that only exist in a little girl's mind. Oh, whoops, spoilers. Secondly, where the hell is the Princess Bride on your list. I think you have no idea what you're talking about.

  • Natacha

    I have seen nearly every single
    movie on this list! I love em all so much! Neverending story is my favorite, and I know nearly every single line. Another movie that I feel should be on this list is “Legend”. Tom Cruise as Jack, Tim Curry as the devil. It’s awesome!

  • xdr

    You are definitely missing The legend and The Time Bandits!

    • xdr

      And STARDUST! Robert De Niro was excelent!

  • kloud

    Any list like this that doesn’t have The Princess Bride is a failure.

  • Kurin

    Princess Bride?

  • Suresh Maloo

    I am sure the list could do justice with a few good ones, as commented by some people. For me, it may not be right to critically say what should rank and where.

  • Subhra Maitra

    i want some justified comments on born free, two brothers, duma, babe, and babe-pig in the city. i want these fims review via my mail id as soon as possible.
    thanks.. subhra maitra.
    kolkata, INDIA.

  • Mark

    What about Legend? Tim Curry is the best depiction of Satan ever put on film.

  • Tjs

    Missed Harry Potter..!!

  • dilshd

    Enter your comment here.

  • Jason

    You forgot Wizards (1977) by Ralph Bakshi, and Legend; Ridley Scott

  • pablo

    amen! willow is fucking amazing!!!!!!

  • Pedobear


  • Gwan Pirates of the Caribbean, I think it should be round 1/2 :) some of the best movies ever :P

  • jae

    wow that s so funny lmao

  • kim

    Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my favourite films ever. From the moment I first saw it I was hooked. I don’t own it yet, but I watch it every time it’s on. It’s beautiful and frightening. It’s a gorgeous movie, really. It wasn’t what I was expected, and surpassed everything I thought it might be. It’s remarkably bold, the creatures are just amazing. I mean the creature with the eyes in his hands honestly scared me! Labyrinth is also awesome! I think one reason I saw Pan’s Labyrinth is because I though it was David Bowie’s! So, I’m thankful either way. Good List, the ones I’ve seen I love! :D

  • RubyMoon

    The Wizard Of Oz is lovely!!and Pan’s Labyrinth is Brilliant!!The Neverending Story is a childhood favourite always!!

  • RubyMoon

    Oh and i think you forgot the entire Harry Potter series!!

  • The Ocean of E-Opinon

    Overall a very good list, but Willow and Wizard of Oz need to be switched.

    It sounds like more of the authors personal favorite rather than a genuine overall critic ranking or impact on society from the film (C’mon now, Oz really does blow away Willow on any all time scale).

    Really, Willow probably should be replaced somewhere on the list with Harry Potter.

    Perhaps a more objective reworking of this list, but a very good effort despite a few correctable mistakes.

  • Geezle

    good list, except willow. I would not recommend this movie to ANYONE

  • Poog

    A great list, but I would have also included The Last Unicorn. Then again, I am biased, as that is one of my favorite films. The only one on this list I haven’t seen is Pan’s Labyrinth. You also forgot Legend. Tim Curry was amazing.

  • Alisha

    What about Legend!?

  • Rene Jensen

    Great list.. somer of the older movies are great to, some is not to good for the eyes today, still they deserve a spot, as they was great movies for their time, and meant a lot for the genre.. i sometimes imagine myself on adventures, slaying dragons, and killing skeletons.. could be cool right.. im not weird!! life is just a BIG adventure..

  • stfu-guy

    wtf is this shit? ask for the best adventure fantasy movies not no pg-13 kid bullshit whoever made this list needs to go to hell and die

  • jules

    your choices in the list show your AGE!!! LOL

  • miriam

    where’s Alice in Wonderland??????

  • mike

    where is the goonies on this list at has to be in the top 10 cause everyone i know that has seen it saids they have watched it over and over again.

  • IT

    WIZARD OF OZ SUCKS BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lando

    time bandits and the princess bride duh!

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  • Tyrannosaurus

    Conan the Barbarian (1982) needs to be on this list. Easily one of the most underrated movies of all time.

  • Anon

    You’re just being ignorant. You’re probably one of those people who are BIG TIME into crap movies of now-a-days. Go dig yourself a grave and take all the crap movies of today that call themselves “Fantasy-Adventure” with you!


    Where is Narnia

  • Burl

    I was thinking you should have included the movie Legend to the list or even the Princess Bride. Both are great fantasy flicks. Legend being the better of the two.

  • Islombek

    i think the best movie is Pirates of Carriban

  • sexyand knowit

    quit smoking and get out of debt. What auto device is simple to use, takes just a second to snap into place, and saves thousands of lives each year?

  • Krys365

    Love the list ;)

  • flowerchild1895

    i watched pan’s labyrinth when i was like 13 and it was weird but for me in a goodish way haha, but the ending is both heart breaking and nice, good movie…

  • Tsiks

    What about Harry Potter, the lion the witch and the wardrobe, alice in wonderland.

    You should make a new list nd consider the new films, especially the harry potter series as a whole