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Top 10 Ultimate Rivalries

kreachure . . . Comments

Conflict and opposition have been a common trait of the human experience throughout history. Some rivalries come and go, but some rivalries have become so inherent to our lives that no one can deny their influence on the modern world. Even if some rivalries seem petty and unimportant, they secretly represent a much deeper conflict that may occur in our world and sometimes within ourselves. This list of the Top 10 ultimate rivalries reminds us of a world in black and white, where conflicts are much simpler and innocent; when in reality we live in a complex and chaotic world, tinted in many shades of gray.


Spy vs. Spy


Spy vs. Spy is a silent comic strip created by Antonio Prohias and published in Mad Magazine from 1961 to this day. In the strip, two spies known only as White and Black, are constantly in a battle of deception to steal the other side’s secret plans while at the same time setting up intricate traps to kill each other. Just when it seems that one of them will be falling into a lethal death trap the other one lay out, the trap is ingeniously backfired by the first, and the other spy is comically killed while the first spy escapes with a mischievous smile and doing the v sign with both hands. In a few occasions, a third, female spy known as Lady in Grey is involved, and always ends up besting both Black and White, mostly due to them being helplessly in love with her.

Prohias, whose name appears in every strip in Morse code, and who fled from Cuba just before Castro took over the free press, considered himself a spy of sorts, and drew the cartoon as a satire of the Cold War and a criticism of its pointlessness. By 1990, health complications impeded his work on the strip, and other editors of MAD took over the task. Prohias passed away on February 24, 1998. Spy vs. Spy is possibly the longest running feature in MAD magazine, and the hilarious battles of wit between Black and White are still ongoing in the pages of the satirical magazine.


Pepsi vs. Coke


The two biggest cola brands in the world, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, have almost always been in direct competition, as they have both risen to global fame and have come to be hugely popular in all corners of the world. The immense popularity of both carbonated beverages has led to many a battle for the preference of the public in what has come to be known as the Cola Wars. What began as a struggle to strive in the American soft drink market, within a century became a global battle for cola domination in almost every nation of the world. During most part of the 20th century, both beverages rose to fame almost shoulder to shoulder, with no apparent winner.

But the ‘conflict’ escalated when Pepsi unveiled its “Pepsi Challenge”, where people were given a taste test of two unlabeled cola cans, and most of them turned out to prefer the can containing Pepsi. As a response, Coca Cola concocted a new formula for their beverage and released it as the “New Coke”. This new Coke was quite unpopular among the public, and Coca Cola quickly returned to its old formula, calling it “Coca Cola Classic”. After this, both companies have undertaken fierce advertising campaigns aimed mostly at a teenage audience, trying to one-up their rival in the global cola market through catchy slogans, different flavors and spin-offs, and celebrity spokespersons. Although Coca Cola dominates the market overall, Pepsi still possesses several bastions of popularity around the world, and is hot on the heels of its rival of this 100-year+ conflict.


Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Picture 1-48

If you want the ultimate conflict within the almighty geek populace, spanning several decades of shaping and reshaping pop culture as we know it, and bringing war to space and cyberspace alike, yet with no apparent winner to be found, then you need to look no further than the “Star Wars vs. Star Trek” debate. Each of these powerful franchises have defined the genre of Science Fiction across the media industry through TV shows, major feature films, spin-off books, video games, conventions, and toys. As a result, seemingly endless battalions of die-hard fans of each franchise have taken it to themselves to defend their obsessions by lashing out against their sci-fi counterparts at conventions and internet chat rooms.

Although both franchises have several similarities which roughly unite them within the Science Fiction genre, such as laying out an entire galaxy teeming with alien species ready to battle each other in outer space with cool spaceships and other futuristic technologies, they can also be considered completely different and opposing when it comes to thematic undertones and philosophies, among many other things that fans are able to rant incessantly about. No matter how many words are posted in message boards about the subject, no matter how many fanfiction crossover stories may be written; this battle for the supremacy of sci-fi may never see a true resolution.


Microsoft vs. Apple

Get A Mac Ad Characters

The impact of the advent of computers onto the modern world is undeniable. And on the forefront of this revolution were two particular businesses which started small, but dreamt big, and became the most important computer corporations in the world. By the early 80’s, Apple Computer, founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, was already enjoying success from its innovative series of “Apple” computers, while Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, was just releasing its first operating system (or OS). But after getting a contract with IBM, Microsoft released its DOS series of operating systems and experienced a rise in the industry as it began to dominate the market through DOS and several software products aimed for businesses. Apple acknowledged the presence of Microsoft, and in 1984 launched a major advertising campaign for its new Macintosh computer. The success of the Macintosh was limited, and Microsoft on the other hand kept on the rise with its several forays into the computing market, and especially its new Windows series. By 1993 Microsoft already dominated the market while the Apple industry started to struggle. During the 90’s Apple was on such a slump that it had to cut deals with both IBM and Microsoft to release joint products in an attempt to recover. Microsoft and its Windows OS series became synonymous with Personal Computers, while Apple became the less popular alternative.

By the turn of the new millennium Apple experienced a revival of its brand through the introduction of the iMac and other products sharing a new, fresh, streamlined style of computers. But it wasn’t until the release of the iPod that Apple was back again on top of the world. The huge success of the iPod popularized the new Apple style, and the iMac computers would rise in popularity as a result. Nowadays, Apple’s ‘fresh’ and ‘young’ style has come to directly antagonize the more ‘traditional’ style of Microsoft, as depicted by the ‘Mac vs. PC’ series of ads. Although Microsoft still dominates the PC industry, Apple has an undeniable influence over modern electronics through the iPod and its more recent iPhone, which have once again made Apple a worthy contender against the Microsoft empire.


Cats vs. Dogs

Cat Vs Dog

Although they are not predator and prey, dogs and cats could nevertheless be considered the most famous “natural enemies” on the planet. Since the dawn of civilization, both canines and felines have held a place of privilege within the cities and homes of mankind; and as such, they have inevitably come to face each other in an ultimate battle for man’s fondness.

This rivalry becomes more intense when we consider that they have seemingly opposing traits (even if this is true mostly as a stereotype): one is sly and cunning, while the other is brawny and brash; one acts like a loner who demands man’s attentions, and the other glows with friendliness towards its master. Whatever your predilection, dogs and cats will continue to resent each other as long as there are human homes to contest and back alleys to claim.


Nature vs. Nurture

3661212 Eada70491A

What makes us who we are? Is it a lifetime of nurturing and experiences, or were we predestined by our genes to become who we are today? Is our behavior defined by biological imperatives, or do we have some say in what we eventually become in life? How important are my genes in defining my life as opposed to the way I was raised? All these questions seek to find a solution to the “nature vs. nurture” debate. Some think that genetics and biology are quite irrelevant when it comes to defining your personality, and we are basically a blank slate (“tabula rasa”) ready to be shaped into whatever kind of individual our parents and society wants us to be. Yet others emphasize the importance of heredity and genetics in defining people, since it is through those traits inherited from our parents that we become predisposed to certain behaviors and characteristics. Genes could be the primary trigger which defines our propensity to be intelligent, to be fat, to smoke, to be an athlete, to be bitter, to like rock music or classical music, etc.; in short, since the moment we are born, we would be predestined to be who we are.

But, the environment may also play an important role when it comes to those genes actually ‘expressing’ themselves in our lives; so even if genes have an important role in defining our personality, so would the way we are raised and our experiences in life. Genetics and behavioral sciences have come to make the subject very complex and fill it with even more questions about the nature of humanity.


Boys vs. Girls


This evident and very significant rivalry could be presented as stemming from the most basic dichotomy in nature, where the biological need for harmony between the male and the female for the purpose of survival contrasts with the usually radical differences between the genders. It could also be presented as an undeniable element in the history of human life, where women have needed to struggle through the ages against the social and cultural injustices of a seemingly male-dominated culture.

I prefer to present this conflict in terms of how kids have defined their reasons for enmity and bitter war against each other: girls have cooties, and boys are gross. Simple, huh?


West vs. East


The rivalry between the so-called Eastern and Western cultures is a very complex and extensive subject, spanning many centuries of history, and deeply defining human civilization up until modern times. Throughout the ages, this conflict has taken many shades and names, with religious and political struggles occurring. Defining the East and the West in itself is difficult, since it is not at all a purely geographical condition. But there’s no denying that several major wars and events in world history have happened directly from the opposition between the two. Arguably, religion and political ideologies are the two most important traits used to define this opposition, but these characteristics become evident only by observing the societies that have been established within each; or in other words, the way human beings have embraced and expressed their lives as a product of living in those cultures of the world.

This rivalry is quite evident in modern times, where the current major global wars taking place can be considered a struggle between the cultures of the East and the West. But at the same time, thankfully, an important process of global integration and diffusion of information is taking place, through the use of modern communications, as well as an increased interest for foreign cultures all over the world. Hopefully, this process will bring forth a much needed understanding of other cultures which are not our own, and help us appreciate the differences between our cultures; helping us perceive, through those very differences, what we all have in common as human beings.


Reason vs. Emotion

Couple-Fight Bw

One of the most relevant conflicts that define the very nature of our humanity is the constant struggle between our reason and our emotions. Many philosophical works have been written through the centuries trying to discern how these two aspects of our mind come into play to define human thinking. Yet, as of today, we still know very little about the way our mind works. If reason is the logical use of our mental faculties, something that is arguably exclusive to humans, then it is thanks to this aspect that we have developed as a superior species and have erected our grand civilization throughout time. But it would be foolish to limit human thinking and acting as only out of rationalization, because emotions constantly play a big part in the way we act. So, if emotion is a more primordial aspect of our minds, then how could we claim to be rational beings? What if you’re driven by your emotions? What if you’re too cold and rational about life? How could we find a true understanding of our minds without falling to the whims of one aspect or the other?

This antagonism is actually deeper than it seems, because it is thanks to this conflict that we have come to wonder about more mystifying aspects of life. What is love? Is it a completely emotional and biological process, or does something else, such as reason, come into play when we decide to be with someone for the rest of our lives? Is religion an emotional urge of some sort, or is it derived from our reasoning of something which may exist beyond us? What are the limits of the power of the mind as it perceives and shapes reality? What is ‘real’? Does the soul exist? What is God? Are we really able to answer these questions when we know so little about how our very minds work? Scientists, philosophers, priests, and even you and I are looking for answers to these questions, and as long as they remain unanswered, our reason and our emotion will keep on struggling in order to find the answers.


Good vs. Evil


The ultimate rivalry is as old as time itself, and has been known by many names throughout the ages: Yin vs. Yang, light vs. darkness, creation vs. destruction, order vs. chaos, God vs. the Devil… Since antiquity, human beings have been involved in this eternal battle. In just about every story ever written you’ll find this struggle between good and evil, whether literally or symbolically. The presence of good and evil in humanity is not at all straightforward, for example: justice, an eye for an eye, conscience and lack thereof, pure evil, survival of the fittest, religion, politics, etc. etc.

Ethics and morality have been used to try to define what is inherently good and evil. Many philosophers have tried to explain the nature of evil and the nature of good. All religions explain the reasons and justifications for good and evil acts in their own way. There are daily acts of goodness as well as daily acts of wickedness throughout the world. Although it seems like the most basic of rivalries, it is, in fact, the most important conflict that humanity has ever seen. Shouldn’t all of us be concerned about knowing if what we are doing is for our own benefit only, or is actually helping others’ lives as well? Shouldn’t we place the welfare of others before our own? Shouldn’t we all make certain that our actions are bringing either good or bad to the world? Despite all the confusion, it should be imperative for everyone to understand whether what they are doing with their lives is selfish and harmful to others, or if what they do every day is making the world a better place for everyone on it.

What side are you on?

Notable omission: Kasparov vs. Deep Blue

Contributor: kreachure

  • Smileyfaceman

    What about Logic vs Religion?

    • godisfakeforsure

      no contest logic wins religion is for gullible naive people also lazy hoping a imaginary god will help there is a quote here on listverse which makes sence 2 working hands can do more than 1000 clasped in prayer

      • Agnosticmasterrace

        Logic? Can you please tell me what’s so logical about sheep shoving shit down other sheep’s throats? You atheists are just autistic swine who talk about religion more than people who are religious.

        • JC

          “Sheep shoving shit down other sheep’s throats.”

          You have just described religion perfectly, thank you for that concise allusion.

    • CYBERpsycotic

      Instead of Logic vs. Religion…it might be better for Science vs Religion. Because there are theories that are contrary to creationism that are not really logical but the best the scientific community has at this time. The Big Bang really isn’t that logical by itself. Random things happening until we randomly get here…sounds kinda like faith.

      I’m not a christian and typically lean more to science but I understand that things happen that science can’t explain so who knows…

  • bazooka06

    Great List !!
    Thanx dude

  • Ruairi

    lol @ the notable omission

  • ryan: you can blame me for the pictures :)

  • ryan

    Nice list. The chopsticks in the rice may be a bit iffy, but other than that nice.

  • Mikael

    The struggle between freedom and dictatorship should be there too.

  • An impressive list – I like it! Thanks kreachure :-)

    Although there are a few confusing sentences in there :shock:

    “Although it seems like the most basic of rivalries (why is there evil to begin with? Why is there is pain and suffering in the world when that’s what no one wants for themselves? Why isn’t everyone inherently good?), it’s in fact the most important conflict that humanity has ever overtaken.”

    Is there some other meaning for the word ‘overtaken’ or is it meant to be ‘undertaken’?

  • astraya

    Wow, Jamie. You post a reply before someone asks a question. The duties of a site admin run to mind reading?

    Stunning list, Kreachure. You’ve come a long way since running from the cops.

    Notable omission: Creation v evolution?

    (Runs for cover)

  • cory

    ah reason versus emotion, eh? just like the vulcans in star trek, or the jedi in star wars!! live long and may the force be with you

  • Okay – confusing sentence reworded. And Astraya – I noticed that myself – I have no idea how that happened! I also like your omission – though maybe nature/nurture and good/evil is enough controversy for one list? :)

    • Xarocho

      Numbers vs letters haha

  • Phil

    Its a good un.

    …we have come to wander about much more mystifying aspects of life. wonder?

    Notable omission: All Blacks vs Springboks

  • Craig

    All Blacks vs Springboks… no contest. All Blacks for sure.

  • glaukopis

    Notable omission: Us vs Them

  • si

    very good list, i read most of the lists on the site, but only comment on the very best ones, so this is in the top 10 lists.

  • MT

    Great list. It read even better than I expected.

  • Ghidoran

    OMG no.5 is from Impossible Creatures! The video game!!! And where is Mario vs Sonic!?

  • deepthinker

    Neat list! I think that girls vs. boys, and reason vs. emotion are the same thing. I like being emotional, and unreasonable… you better hope I never run for president!

  • dimse

    I would like to point out that is it not Yin Vs. Yang, it’s yin AND yang, as it represent the balance between good and evil, not the conflict between it.

  • Iain

    One commercial rivalry that always struck me is Adidas v Puma – because they were founded by the Dassler brothers who used to be partners and ended up as bitter rivals. They operated in the same town and fraternisation between employees was heavily frowned upon.

  • Cheeshygirl

    Great list Kreachure! Having been an avid Mad Magazine reader as a teenager, I loved your inclusion of Spy vs. Spy. I really appreciated the lightheartedness interspersed with the serious on this list. You did a great job developing the ideas on each one. Thoroughly enjoyable morning read. Thanks!

  • Clouds

    Great, thought-provoking list. I think you’ve captured the essence of human life, Kreachure. (Too deep…?)

  • Captain Reynolds

    What? No Red Wings vs. Avalanche? I’m disappointed :-p

  • jajdude

    All Blacks vs Springboks – Springboks for sure. All Blacks are glorified babies that choke when under pressure.

  • t_man

    Come on people! Where is Red Sox vs. Yankees!?!

  • Mom424

    Excellent list Kreachure.

    I’m pretty sure you could substitute East VS West with Have VS Have-Not, where I believe the battle truly lies. Religion and philosophy are just a handy historical excuse for that enmity. The further the economic divide the more dangerous the conflict.

  • lnehansen

    I agree with astraya that creation vs. evolution should be up there. This is a great list though. I agree that good vs. evil is the most significant rivalry…it can influence your life on a daily basis (well I guess Coke vs. Pepsi can alter daily lives too haha).

  • burningskittles

    It’s lists like these that make me very glad I stumbled on to this site. Great job!

  • londonafter

    it’s the best list i’ve seen in a really long time!
    loved n° 5
    really, really good

  • Jaz_3


    but a GREAT list!!

  • Magnolia

    Cats v. dogs? More like cat owners v. dog owners. Most dogs wont’ chase cats unless they’re playing around or if it’s an unfamiliar cat. When it’s unfamiliar, they chase it the way they’d chase a squirrel or rabbit. It’s not because it’s a cat, it’s because it’s a smaller animal.

    And where’s Red Sox fans v. Yankees fans? I thought this would be among the top three. Not to be confused as Sox v. Yanks. They get along well aside from a few standing rivalries (see Joba Chamberlain v. Kevin Youkilis). The Sox players hate Baltimore more than they hate the Yanks. But we fans are rabid at each others’ throats. As a Boston fan living part of the year deep into Yankees territory, I can say that there is something far beyond mutual disdain constantly bubbling below the surface of every Boston Faithful or Yankee fan. We hate each other. If we see someone wearing the opposing shirt, a sort of hatred comes up and demands to be released. There are, of course, varying degrees. I was, at first, numbed to the Yankees fans when I first moved to New York. But as I was taunted more and more for wearing jerseys and tees with the Sox logo on it, I became more proud and hated anything with a Yankees symbol on it with a passion I never thought possible before.
    I’ve seen dedicated fans before. But as dedicated as a Yankee fan anyone might be, he will never top the Red Sox Nation. Anyone rooting for the team with the most World Series wins can be a Yankee fan, but you have to be a crazy, passionate, masochist to be a true Red Sox fan. It’s devotion. Devotion that hurts real good.

  • loseitbonkers

    isn’t kasparov vs. deep blue the guy who played chess against the famous computer?

  • Chris

    I definitely agree with Magnolia and tman, there needs to be Yankees vs. Red Sox, at least in the top 5, perferably in the top 3.

  • DanaJade

    I completely agree with you on that Magnolia. It’s not the players that hate each other – it’s the fans. Being a Boston fan living in China though, well, there’s no one out here for me to hate on. I’ve seen 2 Chinese guys wearing Yankees hats, but I think I may have conformed them. Ha. They probably don’t care either way but it was fun to do.

    “you have to be a crazy, passionate, masochist to be a true Red Sox fan. It’s devotion. Devotion that hurts real good.”
    SO effin’ true.

    Oh, and great list Kreachure!

  • Chris

    Magnolia, the Yankees Universe will always top the Red Sox Nation. Quick question though, were you a part of the 2004 bandwagon or were you actually a fan before that?

  • Clantargh

    Great all around list. Yeah Red Sox Vs. Yankees is huge. I was born a Red Sox fan (During the pennant winning 1967 season my parents had season tickets while my Mom was pregnant with me, so I was rooting from the womb!) so don’t underestimate that rivalry. Not too familiar but aren’t some of the soccer rivalries almost as big?

  • Iain

    Frankly in terms of sports rivalries – Yankees v Red Sox just doesn’t cut it. Celtic v Rangers in Scotland is the sports worlds deepest and bitterest rivalry bar none.

  • That was a fun one.

  • Brilliant list. But hey, where are ‘science vs religion’ and ‘man vs machine’?

  • Cdavis

    Celtic v. Rangers or Ohio St. v. Michigan trump BoSox/Yankees 100 fold. Great list!

  • JFrater [3]: did ryan gave you a call before posting the comment [4]. :-)

  • Chris

    Iain, if Celtic v Rangers in Scotland is that big, then how come no one has heard of it. Is it the rivalry between the Boston Celtics (NBA) and the New York Rangers (NHL), because that doesn’t sound right.

  • AmazingThor

    firsties posters vs. firsties haters

  • ChuChu353

    Communism Vs Capitalism

  • smurff

    Craig – what happened between the Springboks and the Wallabies on Saturday ? Please remind me I have forgotten what the score was. The All Blacks – Wallabies and the Springboks have been rivals for ages.I also believe that some international rugby records were broken by the springboks 2 days ago. Ja we call it sport, but between those 3 teams their will always be rivalries.
    Boxers are big rivals they hit the s#&t out of each other and then embrace at the end of round 12.

    Great site – always interisting

  • Chickensoup

    “Iain, if Celtic v Rangers in Scotland is that big, then how come no one has heard of it.”
    Are you “no-one”? Celtic vs. Rangers is the ULTIMATE sports rivalry, bar none. How many others have seen themselves the battleground and dividing line for sectarian tensions which otherwise would have been borne out in gang warfare?

  • Chickensoup

    Love the list, by the way!

  • Magnolia

    Chris: I think one of my baby pics is of me in a Bosox onesy. I was born into it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. :) In an ultimate act of irony, it helped me keep my sanity as a military brat. When you’re moving around everywhere, having something to tie you to the homeland is essential. Rooting for the Bosox while in England was fun.

  • Rebecca

    Is that good and evil picture from Blake’s marriage of Heaven and hell?

  • Nick Palla

    What side are you on?


  • YogiBarrister

    Candidate for the top ten list of best lists on LV.

  • kiwiboi

    what happened between the Springboks and the Wallabies on Saturday ? Please remind me I have forgotten what the score was.

    smurff – yes, a great score! Where do you think you will finish in the TriNations? Ooops…my bad ;)

  • Canuck

    I must say, while I like the list to be sure, I was expecting to see at least one sports rivalry (most like Yankees/BoSox). Were sporting rivalries not even considered?

  • Angharad

    Several of those examples in Good vs. Evil… aren’t.

  • chershey

    Girls rule and boys drool. That is all. :P

  • JB

    At least in: #10, #9, #4, #2 and #1 have in common that won’t be anything without their nemesis

    (Microsoft wouldn’t be anything without Apple but not viceversa XD)

  • lightningclash

    Here in Ontario the biggest rivalry is Toronto Maple leafs fans vs. Montreal Canadiens fans. (I’m the latter, because when I watch hockey i like to see something I can take pride in). I could be shot if I tell people what team I’m rooting for, especially in pubs and bars. Toronto fans are like rabid animals some times. I’m ashamed to admit though, that I am pretty excited to watch toronto play this year after all the changes they’ve made to the team.

  • kreachure, a fabulous list! Funny, fun and smart.
    It gives us something to laugh about and something to think about, what a nice balance.
    With all the problems in the world, revisiting Spy vs. Spy was a wonderful treat!

  • Mortivore

    I really like this list. Controversy is one of those things that just catches my interest, you know? And I like the idea of Science vs Religion. That’s something every human being has to decide on. Because honestly, some of us don’t give a rip about BoSox and Yankees. Some of us are from Texas. XD *Hides from impending baseball fans assault*

  • Sherri

    Here in Alberta, it’s Calgary Flames vs. Edmonton Oilers. Also in all of Canada it’s a lot of West vs. East.

  • kowzilla

    I thoroughly enjoyed this list.
    But I have one problem, I feel that the victor of number 4 has long been established under the undeniable conclusion that boys rule and girls drool.

  • Isaac

    This is a great read! you should to more rivalries in the near future!

  • John

    Batman vs Joker

  • Cubone

    Excellent list! What about Freddy v. Jason?!jk

  • Deziner

    Team rivalries aside…How about Football vs. Baseball or Hockey vs. Futbol.

    I’m sorry if I misnamed and/or misspelled that last one, but I enjoy it as soccer.

  • Mike

    What about Yankees vs. Red Sox????!!!!

  • Zach


  • I think we can definitely do a second one of these in time :)

  • mike

    My god… These rivalries are so dramatic, they need their own dramatic music!

  • Fruckert

    Marvel vs. D.C.

  • Evita Lolita

    The Cure vs The Smiths?

  • cheesedrummer

    great list!!
    although just with #1, the good and evil.
    i always thought it would be a bit hard to judge as good and evil are merely opinions or other people’s point of view. it’s a bit hard to judge… to one person who thinks they are doing something good could look evil to another.

  • Blogball

    Great read! Nice one kreachure. I thnk you would have had even more comments if it wasn’t a holiday today here in the states.

  • Johandus Maximus

    Great list mate, totally agree with leaving out sporting rivalries as they restrict the demographic somewhat (although you could argue that for no’s 7-10 too I guess). Idea for new list – top 10 worldwide sporting rivalries? I agree with a couple others though in thinking ‘Religion vs Science’ should definitely have made the list.

  • Riya B.

    Great list,albeit you kinda forgot Red Sox vs.Yankees

  • Maggot

    Cool list kreachure!

    A few more, just for the fun of it:

    Montague vs. Capulet
    Hatfield vs. McCoy
    Beatles vs. Stones


  • ep_gun

    Federer vs Nadal????? Anyone??????

  • Kreachure

    Hi everyone, thanks for all your comments. I definitely tried to to hit the ball out of the park with this one, and it seems several of you think I did! :D

    Speaking of sports, I never considered any “[Team A] vs. [Team B]” grudges, because any of those are regional or national at best, and I wanted my list to be as global and monumental as possible.

    I’ll consider doing another ultimate rivalry list if you want me to, but these 10 are without a doubt the rivalries I consider the biggest ever. Some of you guys had some good ideas I didn’t consider though, like Creation vs. Evolution (or, religion vs. science), which would in fact make it into a future rivalry list… I’ll have to see what else I can come up with!

  • jazjsmom

    Being from Alabama, I’d say our biggest rivalry would definitely be the University of Alabama versus the University of Auburn. I couldn’t look at this list without thinking of that. In my state, you are born a fan of one of these teams and remain a fan for life. It’s not just a game to us, it’s a way of life here. All I can say is, “ROLL TIDE ROLL!” But, I have to say this list is spot on, these rivalries are as old as time. GREAT LIST!!!!

  • emmstein

    Boys vs Girls is just the same as Reason vs Emotion. :)

  • Stormrider

    “43. Communism Vs Capitalism”

    People mostly stopped debating that since the USSR called it quits, although anyone who says that either side “WON” that rivlry either wasn’t there or has no idea what they’re talking about.

  • Vera Lynn

    Ummm… S_R vs Cyn (and the rest of ‘Verse) perhaps? ;)

  • Emmstein: how come boys vs girls is same as reason vs emotion?

  • Vera Lynn

    Maggot (75) Beatles vs Stones? Are you serious? This is a no-brainer.

  • jandaman

    WAR vs. PEACE
    or how people resolve global conflicts.

  • RambleRon

    yankees vs. redsox deserves honorable mention

  • John

    It’s more accurate to say Communism vs. Democracy and Socialism vs. Capitalism. The first is a political rivalry and the second is an economic one.

  • hahaha good list =)

  • dahnz

    Ahh what a great list!

    What about:
    Pirates vs Ninjas
    Rock vs Rap
    Winve vs Beer
    Freddy Mercury vs Michael Jackson
    Spiderman vs Batman
    NZ vs Australia having said that USA vs Canada

    hehe i feel a sequel list coming on :o)

  • Vera Lynn

    dahnz (88) Oh I could make an argument either way for wine vs beer. You pick a side; I’ll play devil’s advocate!! :) I enjoy them both!

  • Brian

    I agree with deepthinker and emmstein. #2 and #4 are the same, assuming that boys=reason and girls=emotions. Studies show the generally, women are more apt to make decisions based on their emotions, while men are more apt to make decisions based on reason or logic.

  • robneiderman

    OK, let me settle this.
    10. Black
    9. Pepsi
    8. Star Wars
    7. Microsoft
    6. Dogs
    5. Nurture. No, Nature. No. Nurture
    4. Boys
    3. West
    2. Reason
    1. Good
    OK, any more tough decisions, just let me know.

  • dahnz

    Vera Lynn (89)
    Personally, i take wine! Only cause i have a gluten intolerance and there is gluten in most beer… so if i drink too much i will bloat and feel sick… So I have more of a selection with wine
    Plus, wine gets ya tiddly faster!!

  • Dischuker

    some other possibilities from the culinary world…

    cake vs. pie
    ice cream vs. frozen yogurt
    chocolate vs. vanilla
    sweet vs. salty

    and one extra
    ufc vs. boxing

  • Vera Lynn

    dahnz (92) I see your point. However this is not normal for most people. Beer has complex differences. Can be brewed in a variety of ways. I like a medium to high carbonation. Less wheaty than some. I like a citrusy (lemon/lime) aftertaste. Oh Lord. Gonna grab a beer to describe it better. Which ever way you like it, after a long hot sticky icky grimy day do I want a gless of wine? Maybe. Do I want a beer? DEFINITELY. 100% No matter what.

  • Roneyr

    A great list !!!!!!

  • modelpenguin

    excellent list! great job!

  • dahnz

    Vera Lynn (94)
    Hmm tooshay…
    A glass of wine can be just as refreshing after a hard days work at the office…
    If i want to go out with the girls on a Friday night drink at a nice bar, a glass of wine would do justice for the image, a beer would just make me look butch! hehe.
    Hmm i do like beer, but i spose Wine is alot more Feminine where as beer is considered a Mans Drink…

    Another one could then lead onto Coctails vs Spirits..
    (man im a westie, making it all about alcahol….)

  • Drelo

    good v evil def number 1. number 2 should be male v. female… what else?

  • kerrick

    I like this list, but I’ll admit I too expected sports rivalries. I think that should definitely be a list of its own sometime. I’d try my hand at it, but it would probably suck, haha.

    One for consideration though is University of Texas vs Oklahoma Sooners, or even the Longhorns vs Aggies. (Yes, I’m in Texas)

  • dahnz:

    ‘Westie’ :lol: I haven’t heard that term in awhile (I’m stuck in Aussie); I assume you’re an Aucklander?

    Mmm wine… No rivalry there, as far as I’m concerned :-D

  • dahnz


    Yup West Auckland, born and bred! Seen Outrageous Fortune? its like my life… haha no not really… but i can relate to it, and alot of it is filmed up the road from me, and at my old high school (known as Shadbolt High in the show..)

  • derekouyang

    very good list. it gets at many different ideas with strong writing and examples. well done, kreachure.

  • dahnz: Actaully, I’ve never seen it… my bad.

    I lived in Auckland for awhile (Chatswood) with a woman who was a westie at heart. We drank an awful lot of alcohol :-D

    Hey, there isn’t really any rivalry between Coke and Pepsi in NZ is there? It’s Coke all the way (‘cept for Pizza Hut, which is behind the times).

  • Maggot

    83 VL – completely serious. I’m not debating the two, just sayin’: it’s a fairly well known “rivalry”. At least it was, back in the day.

  • sue

    Great list kreachure!

  • CRSN

    Great list kreachure :)


    Wallabies Vs. All Blacks (Rugby)
    The Ashes (Aust. Vs. Eng.)
    Adelaide Vs. Pt. Adelaide (AFL)
    West Coast Vs. Fremantle (AFL)
    Holden (GM) Vs. Ford (Cars)
    Aust. Vs. USA (Basketball)

    Last but not the least:

    Bush Vs. Bin Laden – the game just keeps going.

  • Jessy

    Lighteningclash: The biggest Ontario rivalry is Leafs vs. Canadiens? Last I checked (being from Ottawa) it was Sens vs. Leafs. Where I’m from, we’re pretty neutral about Canadiens fans, but there is a big schism between sens and leafs fans.

  • YashaMaru

    coca cola rules! pepsi just doesnt taste as good…

    there is no evil, nor any good, its an oppinionated thing and cant be claimed as fact. like beaty and ugly, there just is no definate, only oppinions.

  • YashaMaru

    the side you view as evil, views you as evil.

  • YashaMaru

    oh, and apple is inferior, in so many ways. all their product has small ingenius features, but never a whole or complete product well made. like a small lump of gold on the bottom of a big bucket’o’diarrhea.

    so they basically suck, and the novelty of multitouch screen wears of fast. kinda like wii’s “motion sensoring”

  • CRSN

    109. You should have put at the start of the sentence – “Ahhh! Confucius say that the side you view as evil views you as evil”

  • k1w1taxi

    Nice List kreachure.

    A couple for consideration on the next list
    Wile E Coyote vs Roadrunner
    and probably the most internationally known sporting rivalry
    Ali vs Frazier


  • sharlu

    ooh interesting list!

    some of mine:

    NZ vs Australia (NZ or course :P )
    Religion vs Science?!?
    Israel vs Palestine
    Rock vs Rap
    Itchy vs Scratchy!!!

    hmmm i shall ponder on this some more

  • Spart

    Well done Kreachure

    One of the best lists for a few weeks. Well written and interesting.

    Ultimate and ancient rivalry
    Springboks v All Blacks

    Uni Auburn v Alabama …..WTF are they even real?

  • Chickensoup

    The Swedish vs. The Welsh.

    *Monty Python fan*.

  • copperdragon

    awesome list!
    glad to see you stayed away from sports rivalries, as they seem shallow in comparison.

  • theleafs

    Pepsi rules…hands down one of the world’s greatest drinks

  • miami

    Red Sox Vs. Yankees?
    Michigan Vs. Ohio State?
    Miami Vs. New York?
    Miami Vs. Nick Saban, for that matter?

  • shaner5000

    Paper or plastic?

  • i THINK YOU SHOULD HAVE a sports rivlary list.. and put clips of fights or good plays or some shit… btw yankees still can go on a tear. dont discount them yet! go bombers

  • 7 Microsoft vs. Apple. For me, not hard.
    I started on an apple in 1983 or 84, and just stayed with the brand. They handle graphics better than Microsoft, and since much of what I use a computer for is graphics related, Macintosh is the best choice for me.
    My husband, who keeps our business’ books, uses a Dell, but is considering switching to the new Mac Leopard, which has both platforms, thereby eliminating the need for choice.
    Both of my machines can be upgraded to Leopard, from Tiger.

  • DK

    Excellent list kreachure! There’s so many possibilities out there for this list, and I think you did a great job of selecting them. Glad you left off sports rivalries, that could be a list of it’s own.

  • MPW

    Very interesting list.

    a few more rivalries:

    Lakers vs Celtics
    Chevy vs Ford
    Ali vs Frazier
    Democrat vs Republican (similar to Good vs Evil)- just kidding

  • JayArr

    Rivalries denotes a more personal relationship between two (or more) opposing sides (be they teams, clans, societies, governments, etc.). This list went all over the place with regard to the use of ‘rivalry’ in context. Not to say the list wasn’t an interesting read. I simply think it could have held more truly to the classic use of the term, and avoided the ideological/metaphorical bent that makes this list a bit jumbled and incohesive.

    My personal thouhts on the above list, on a lighter note:
    Spy go boom!
    No Coke; Pepsi!
    He who warps fastest gets to bend the rules.
    Tiny rotten fruit.
    It aint rainin’ until there are cats and dogs!
    It’s only natural to be nurturing…
    Without boys and girls there would be no girls and boys.
    If you go far enough east, you’re west!
    I find that I’m a reasonably emotional person.
    Ah, it’s good to be evil!

  • appie

    nice list.
    what about cats VS mice.
    dogs and cats could be friends but not mice and cats.

    I think there is good and there is evil. you can even weigh things using your conscience..unless you don’t have it..
    if there is positive there is negative.
    if there is optimism there is pessimism.

  • Soc’s vs Greasers :)

  • Chickensoup

    Shirts vs. Skins.

  • grungefreak10

    These thoughtful debates remind me of why I hate being smart.

    I could enthrall a date debating the merits of Nature vs. Nurture, tying in the debates of Reason vs. Emotion and (inevitably) Good vs. Evil. Among the most open-minded of us, we can only conclude that the answer is not clear cut, and that everything is a certain Shade of Grey.

    But when I say that Star Trek is DEFINITELY better than Star Wars… well that ruins the date. MAN! I hate being smart!

  • Bill

    Where are the Hatfields and McCoys??? Great list.

  • Clantargh

    few others Palestine – Israel, Clash – Sex Pistols, Ali – Cosell, Letterman – Leno, Morality – Temptation, Rock = Paper – Scissors, Kirk – Picard

  • Domingo

    I always thought that good and evil were circumstantial view points. Both of which rely heavily on what was taught to on either side children. In Nazi Germany, for example, the German were taught from birth that they were genetically superior to everyone else, and from their point of view they were only doing what they thought was right. I’m not saying Nazi’s are good, just that they believed what they were doing was right. I , in no way, condone being a Nazi.

  • Dan

    fantastic and original list.

    although I remember hearing that coca cola owns a company that owns Pepsi, anyone know about this?

  • Drogo

    There used to be:
    Kodak vs. Polaroid – I think Polaroid is gone now.

    Potatoes vs. StoveTop Stuffing – but that was just an old commercial :)

  • JayArr

    Domingo (131) – it was the ‘Arian’ race that was supposedly superior among races, not the Nazi’s, who were members of the Nazi party. Just clarifying….

  • luismenort


    gargamel vs smurfs

  • dahnz

    Ooo i know!
    Holdens vs Fords! *cough* HOLDENS *cough*
    Jap cars vs European
    Simpsons vs Family Guy
    Mince and Cheese pie vs Steak and Cheese pie.. mmm pie…
    Macdonalds vs Birger King (like the BK ad that had little Buffy the vampier slayer in it and Mcdonalds banned her..)

  • 134. JayArr…it was the ‘Arian’ race…
    It’s spelled Aryan in this instance.

    There is an Arian, but it refers to the followers of Arius, who lived and taught in Alexandria, Egypt, in the early 4th century. He was basically known as a nontrinitarian, that is, he didn’t believe in the “Holy Trinity”, which got him into a lot of trouble with the Holy Roman Church.

  • Jon

    Where’s Luke skywalker vs. Darth Vader??

  • Jon: fighting it out on a spaceship somewhere? :)

  • JayArr

    Curse the spelling errors…. some days I’m an ‘airyann’

  • #140. JayArr
    Curse the spelling errors…. some days I’m an ‘airyann’
    lol JayArr, I really should be the last person on earth to point out a spelling error.
    Last night I was writing my oldest daughter an email, and at the end, apparently, my bedtime meds hit me like a sledge-hammer! The last 3 words were pure gobbledygook! Even I can’t tell what they were supposed to be.
    Typo be thy name.

  • JayArr

    Hruary for splelnig erorrs! I always hate it when I fire off a memo to my team or division director that includes typos – I embarrass myself despite myself sometimes. ;)

  • 142. JayArr
    I always hate it when I fire off a memo to my team or division director
    What kind of team?

  • Vera Lynn

    rushfan (126) Greasers definitely. Hands down and away. I loved that book. Read it to pieces 3 times.I had to get a new copy each time the binding finally fell apart.
    Pony Boy, Johnny, Soda Pop, Two Bit, Dally, Darry. I would love to have my way with any of them. (Not the movie actors, but if they were real people). Except maybe Two-Bit.

  • diogenes

    i guess you can never tell how those that wish to reply in type will take form or flight. Here for instance, I think its a shame that some of the ideas and thoughts you have brought up in you list haven’t been discussed at all really..and definately not by the grand zealous commentors that suck on this site like a bunch of hungry calfs at times (and thats not an insult). This is perhaps the way things are, as some ideas may best be left to read and think about outside of the debator’s claw shadow.
    For instance, “#2 Reason vs. Emotion” is beautifully written and expressed. I can read it again and again, as i have and still think of something new or different than before. Hanging on to the flow of thoughts and to create an image or recognized a voice, a familiar touch.
    The mind as the last frontier.
    I tread lightly, scared and cautious about the steps I take. the questions asked are connected to an ultra sensitive machine, where the needle or the tremor, the breeze or synapse..snap…crack….

    ah whatever.
    real nice list dude!
    I dig it!

  • diogenes

    “The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side”.
    that’s what i meant.

  • Vera Lynn

    diogenes (146) Huh? If I have an isosceles triangle with a 10 10 14 dimension, the sum of the square roots is not the length of the third side. Give me an example.

  • CRSN

    Vera – i think he’s confused himself and you at the same time, but yes he is incorrect, fistly he went with square roots and not the singular and 10 10 14, how can the square root of the 14 be equal to the whole of 10 10, it cant be correct.

    Note: i aint no mathematician but it just dont LOOK right, sorry diogenes.

  • diogenes’ dildo


    my joke

  • rushfan

    Vera ~ Glad to hear from you! Hope you’re doing well. I personally *love* the movie. It was a huge part of my childhood and I will love Tom Howell forever. :) I find myself saying lines from that movie all the time, not even caring if people know. Lately I keep saying “that don’ bother me none” in my best Matt Dillon voice, from the scene where he picks up Johnny and Ponyboy from the church and they go get burgers and Johnny asks if his parents have asked about him. I’m sure you know…anyway, I love that movie. It’s a classic for sure.

  • diogenes

    subtract the “d*ldo” , my mistake..(moniker from the last dum mistake)
    and the joke backfires.
    i hear the “ta dah..dah…. tisssssss” of the drum and highhat
    the scarecrow is still the scarecrow
    even with a new brain, he doesn’t quite make sense
    not right off the bat anyhow.

  • Vera Lynn

    rushran (150) You never read the book??!! You must. Really. Trust me on this. If you liked the movie(It sucked) you have to read the book. By S.E. Hinton. A girl of 17.Please Please Please. You wont regret it. I promise. It’s 150 pages or so.

  • rushfan

    I didn’t know it was by a girl. That’s awesome. I had a cousin growing up who read and re-read the book like you. :) I’ll definitely grab a copy.

  • Tats

    Mario vs Bowser?

  • longball

    I like the picture reference to bucky and satchel from get fuzzy….:)

  • JayArr

    Segue(143) – systems developers :-)

  • Vera Lynn

    rushfan (153) I think her name was Sue Ellen. They thought that it (the book) wouldn’t sell or it would be dismissed as not genuine so they hid the fact that it was written by a girl. Interesting. I had to read it in 6th grade. Devoured it. I think I read it about ten times in a row. Back to back.

  • Fabix

    you forgot to mention the most important rivalry of the modern world whch is capitalism vs socialism. thanx

  • copperdragon

    actually, its a right triangle that follows the formula:

    a^2 + b^2 = c^2
    The square of the hypotenuse (c) is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides (a and b)

  • copperdragon

    salt v. pepper
    butter v. margarine
    silicon v. natural
    soup v. salad

  • Denzell

    My answers:

    spy (there are no other choices)

    coke (I prefer it over Pepsi)

    Star Wars (It’s cooler than Star Trek and less nerdy)

    Microsoft (I use it)

    cats (I think they’re cuter, well in exception to the shih zhou dog)

    nurture (life is what you make of it)

    equal (I’m a feminist yet I’m a guy)

    east (I’m from the Philippines, a country in the east)

    reason (come to think about it, most crimes and evil are from the grasps of emotion, especially those of revenge. It roots from human failure to reason)

    equal (whether you believe me or not, there is a good reason why evil exists. I do believe that if God ever exists, he must have bended over the power of evil. Evil brings momentarily pleasure but ends up in eternal anguish. The good’s task is now to find the window of opportunity opened up by evil to succeed in life. Notable example of this profound thought is Dave Pelzer. I have finally regained my faith when my religion teacher told me that the Bible is not to be taken literally.)

  • Denzell


    lust and love
    man chauvinist and feminist
    pink and blue
    Nickelodeon and Disney Channel
    Discovery Channel and National Geographic
    conservative and liberal
    *ABS-CBN and GMA (Philippine channels, you won’t get this if you’re not Pinoy)*
    republican and capitalist
    Christianity and Islam
    McDonald’s and KFC
    Shakey’s and Yellow Cab
    coffee and tea
    Lola and Virginia
    Derek and KC (Life with Derek)
    idealism and realism
    optimism and pessimism
    emo/punk/goth and little miss/mister sunshine
    jock and nerd
    hedonism and self-denial
    whites and blacks (races)
    justice and mercy
    let-go-and-learn and protection (how parents treat their children)
    movies and books
    tradition and innovation
    religion and science
    art and math
    Krusty Krab and Chum Bucket
    ice cream and milkshake
    similarity and contrast
    tall and short
    maximalist and minimalist
    revealing and modest
    creation and evolution
    believe and verify
    sand castle making and snowman sculpting
    fairy princess and grim reaper
    Jupiter, Zeus, and Odin
    hand drawing and computerized graphic designing
    caveman and robot
    socialite and loner

    and a lot more! there are infinite numbers of rivalries and conflicts throughout everywhere.

  • Denzell

    oh, and I forgot…

    rock vs mellow (song types)

  • ObeyArtGuy

    great taste v less filling

  • clashingthestars

    You left the biggest rivalry in the history of the world…and very well the universe..wheres the Yankees vs Redsox rivalry?

  • anticarly2

    Wrong v. Right?


    You ever noticed Coca-Cola is red, while Pepsi’s blue. That’s the same colors as the two rival gangs (bloods and crypts)! That’s just strange…

  • NedStark

    Cowboys – Redskins are the biggest rivals in sports, tied with Sox-Yankees (and only tied because of the late resurgence of the Boston Redsox).

    You put in two inanimate soda flavors, and not thousands upon thousands of men that have given more than their normal all against the villain of their franchises?

    What about Rebulicans – Democrats? Fantasy series vs real world consequences. This list is just @#$%ing retarded.


  • maximuz04

    I was certain i would see France VS England

  • Uzziah

    A sports rivalry thread would see no end of controversy.

    American sports rivalries – even Cowboys-Redskins and Red Sox-Yankees – pale in comparison to, say, Rangers-Celtic, Liverpool-Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal, Real Madrid-Barcelona, Inter-Milan, etc…

    Chances of being killed due to sports rivalry-related violence are greater in Europe too, I believe.

  • reality

    Number 1 is inaccurate at best. To have a rivalry the two sides have to be relatively equal in strength and ability. The Raiders vs the Giants (two NFL teams) in 2008 cannot be rivals because one is so much more dominant than the other. Whether it be the actions of a human being or the quality of negative vs positive emotions there is no rivalry. The biggest faux pas on the list is that God somehow has a rivalry with the Devil? Like there is some kind of equality in power there?

    I am not complaining, I have come to expect such ignorance from the people who compile these lists along with the obvious bigoted anti-religion sentiment.

  • k

    how about the red sox and yankees

  • Fury2.0

    Great list! Long time reader, first time commenting. There is some more rivalries, Conservative verses Liberal. When discussions of these topics occur, heated arguments often follows (The TV show “The View” for example). Other rivalries include Ford vs. Chevy and might as well be New York City vs. Boston since these cities tend to rival each other in everything

  • archs

    5. tis not all black and white, we can all be products of nature and nurture!!

  • PC

    If this “red sox and yankees” rivalry is so big, then why have I never heard of it. Also if you include them you must include the two Milan’s (AC and Inter). They regularly attack each other on the streets.

    Also here’s my assessment of the top ten included

    10. White (don’t like black looks evil)
    9. Coke
    8. Star Wars
    7. Microsoft
    6. Cats (Dogs look more violent)
    5. Nurture
    4. Equal (I believe neither is better than the other)
    3. West (Just seems more civilized)
    2. Reason
    1. Good

    Notable exceptions

    Right vs. Left
    Religion vs. Science
    Police vs. Criminals

  • Randall


    “If this “red sox and yankees” rivalry is so big, then why have I never heard of it.” (sic)

    Because your primary residence must be under some sort of large outcropping of what we call “rock”?

    The Boston Red Sox are well-known bums. The New York Yankees, of course, are America’s team. This is the way god intended it and the way it shall always be, no matter a fluke World Series win here and there by the Sox.

  • PC

    As far as I’m aware I’m not under a rock. Unless England is a rock and also just because everyone in America or maybe even just your area has heard of it doesn’t make it a rivalry to challenge major ones like good v evil or left v right. Its sport it’s not meant to be taken seriously. Take a chill pill the lot of you.

  • gatineau

    Jessy (107) I am also from Ottawa and I know for sure that the Montreal Canadiens – Toronto Maple Leafs rivalry is more serious than any other “rivalry” in Canada.

    But nowadays, it seems like it is Montreal against every other team in Canada. “The West hates Quebec, Quebec hates the West, and we all hate Toronto!”

  • ?178. gatineau:…Montreal Canadiens – Toronto Maple Leafs…
    gatineau, I have been wondering about this for a long, long time, and I hope you will be able to help me with the answer.
    Why is the name of the team The Maple Leafs, instead of the more grammatically correct The Maple Leaves?
    I know that’s nit-picky at it’s ultimate, but it just make me wonder, that’s all.

  • reality


    The Maple Leafs say that the name was chosen in honour of the Maple Leaf Regiment from World War I. As the regiment is a proper noun, its plural is formed by adding a simple ‘s’ creating Maple Leafs (not *Maple Leaves).

  • 180. reality: Thank you so much for that explanation! Mystery solved, and a sweet answer, too, btw (although I’ve seen them play and “sweet” is not a word I’d say to their faces).

  • Tall Girl

    Cool list.

  • gatineau

    One thing that I noticed over the years as being a hockey fan in Canada is that the Toronto fan support has been off the hook even though they haven’t won the cup in over 30 years. They are starting to get more and more violent. I went to go and watch a Sens game in Ottawa against the Maple Leafs a few years ago and a group of college kids were starting to sing the infamous “Leafs suck” song and the Toronto fans were throwing sharp objects, beer bottles and booze all over them.

    It could be worse though. When the Montreal Canadiens win the first round of the playoffs, their fans burn police vehicles.

  • MHogan

    Looks like you put Men vs. Women twice. Once at #4 and again at #2.

  • Denzell

    161. Denzell: I actually don’t drink softdrinks… never in my life. I just chose coke because it is more popular in my place and the advertising is better. That’s why, I prefer it over Pepsi even though I don’t even know how the two taste like.

  • fcp

    vi vs. emacs

  • JM

    I think no. 1 was a little obvious but seriously, who can define what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’ anyway? it is just a way a person describes something to justify their actions because what one does is OK as long as he thinks its ‘the right thing to do’ so we should just counter all those questions you’re making to yourself with just this one. Is there actually a ‘good’ or ‘evil’? Anyway, great list, keep up the good work!!

  • Bobby

    i find number 6 funni

    years ago i used to have a cat called bill and a dog called frank who love each over

    they even curled up together in there basket

    i think its a sterotype tht cats and dogs hate each other !

  • sciencegeek

    i read 10 more ultimate rivalries before this and wondered where Spy vs.Spy was and i have found it!

  • sciencegeek

    GEEKS vs. POPULARS!!!!!!!

  • flgh

    @Uzziah (170): Liverpool-Manchester United? You mean Liverpool-Everton…

  • phil

    simpsons vs southpark vs family guy

  • Bobnoxious

    You all know that my comment is the best one on ultimate rivalries don’t you?

  • zoethaeque

    Maybe it’s too late, commenting after a loooooooong years, but Yin Yang is not a rivalry. Yin Yang is something like opposing each other, but supporting each other too.

    Tom and Jerry? My favorite rivalry.

  • Autobots vs. Decepticons? GI Joe vs Cobra?

    Nah, jk, and yes, I’m a geek.

  • Andrei

    #4 AND #2 ARE THE SAME

  • la la la

    What about Nickelodeon vs. Disney?

  • Disciple

    Awesome list of great rivals!

  • Bill Hill

    In number one “good vs. evil” the example yin vs. yang is incorrect. If you knew anything about Chinese philosophy you would know that yin and yang do not conflict, but are complementary opposites that must always co-exist.

  • forgot to remember

    why is the baby so musculer

  • tasmanian devil

    Boys are strong, like King Kong.
    Girls are weak, chuck ’em in the creek.

  • SgtDonuts

    notable omission: Pimps vs. Hos

  • chicbyarmani

    spy vs. spy; i haven’t decided which side, yet.

    pepsi, star trek, microsoft, dogs, nature, boys(even though i’m a girl, i think men have more power and more stability emotionally, which is a great benefit in business), east, reason, good.

    those are the sides i’m on.

  • I_Speak_LOLcat

    @tasmanian devil [201]:
    Well that’s real encouraging. You set a real example. *rolls eyes*

  • JJ

    What about Gibson vs Fender?

  • conie

    When reading about the “Star Wars vs. Star Trek” debate the first thing that came to mind is the way guitarists will go on and on arguing endlessly whether it was:

    Jimmy Page or Richie Blackmore

    who was the greatest guitarist of the seventies.
    Non guitarists may have the same argument (in the form of Led Zeppelin Vs Deep Purple) and I have also heard the drummer version (John Bonham Vs Ian Paice – that was hilarious because there were drummers involved), but guitarists are always more vicious in their opinions.
    The ‘Gibson vs Fender’ ,mentioned above, also comes into play here.

  • 11march

    what about adidas vs. nike??

  • BethanM

    in my world, it goes
    1 black
    2 coke
    3 microsoft
    4 dogs
    5 nurture
    6 girls
    7 west
    8 emotion
    9 good
    oh and star wars, sorry messed up the numbers

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  • Gina

    I prefer Diet >< I hat pepsi :P

  • Soendoro Soetanto

    great list. thanks.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  • theShrew

    Too long, did not read.

  • kefka1337

    my views:

    Star Trek

    • Ramses II

      cats are dumb dogs beat cats because the good breads are bigger

  • FRED


  • StrikeWitchezZZz

    Lakers vs. Celtics
    Ateneo vs. LaSalle
    Crispa vs. Toyota

  • julia

    what about google vs yahoo? :p

  • I hope next time there's a a top ten boxing rivalry list.

  • katyyyy

    you forgot red sox and yankees.
    and OBVIOUSLY the red sox are better. :)

  • D$

    they should have tupac vs biggie or

  • Name

    myspace vs facebook,late show vs tonight show,religion vs science,LEGO vs MEGA BLOKS,brawns vs brains,movies vs tv,science vs nature,disney vs universal,sifi. vs fantasy,alien vs predator,cats vs mice,transfomers vs g.i. joe/go bots,republican vs democrat and much more…also #6 CRACKS ME UP :)

  • Sonia

    I think that Harry Potter and Twilight should be there

  • Kelly Clark

    Kasparov vs. Deep Blue


  • formerly known as Dangsthurt

    Its ok.

  • Pirates vs Ninjas…………… :P

  • yoris


  • iksander95th

    How bout a list of the greatest sporting rivalries?

  • domiekerol


  • TheStingFan

    Red Socks vs. Yankees

  • Lys

    Vampires vs. Werewolves?

  • Cassandra

    How ’bout:
    France v.s. England?

  • louie vutton

    Hello There. I found your blog using msn. That is an extremely smartly written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your helpful information. Thank you for the post. I will definitely return.

  • Vader

    Star wars all the way there is no substitute

  • Ramses II

    Spy Vs. spy is the best one by far

  • joseph

    chevy vs ford??

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