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15 Great Short Films

carpe_noctem . . . Comments

Over the last century, cinema has played an increasingly important role in popular culture, combining visual media, soundtrack, and dialogue to mix together three of the biggest components of art: visual art, music and prose. However, with all the attention given to feature length films, short film is often overlooked. These tiny little gems tell marvelous stories in a distinctly short time, making them the visual equivalent of a good short story, a small morsel that can really be viewed and appreciated without devoting hours of your time. This is by no means the best in short film, because it is possibly even more subjective than feature-length film appreciation, but these 15 shorts are all worth a look. WARNING: Some offensive language, adult themes and mild nudity follow



A very eerie, surreal film along the lines of David Lynch. This is a challenging insight into a bleak, unstable world that exists within the realm of imagination, but aside from its absolute insanity, it’s very well done.


Black Button

This is a short moral-based film that was made in Australia, and won the Melbourne Film Award. It carries some religious overtones, but is still thought-provoking.



This is a beautiful little film that touches on concepts of mortality. It is very well made, and quite moving, although somewhat sad.



Although based upon fairly adult concepts, this is not a particularly visual film, but rather uses dialogue and implied visuals to tell a passionate story.



A fairly light-heartened, fast-paced film. It is remarkably well put together, and is very unique. The camera-work is particularly stunning.


Geri’s Game

A short, but heart-warming animation from Pixar. Although this one is quite well-known, and over ten years old, it does not fade with age, and is brilliant in each retelling. A remarkable piece of work.


Ratrix Hero

Winner of a French short film festival, this is a very light-hearted comedy/action animation, which retells part of the Matrix story, with a slight difference. Full of humour, but never breaking its film-noir backdrop, this is a great little film.


For The Birds

Almost certainly the most celebrated Pixar short, this is widely-received as one of the best animated shorts ever. Very well made, and very humorous, this can be enjoyed by all ages.


The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

Another unique and bizarre film, this follows a Halloween story… from the perspective of the pumpkin. It is quite funny in its utter bizarreness, and has won numerous awards in its time.



The story of the little bird that could (not entirely unlike the little country that could it originates from) this follows the plight of a kiwi, and shows that even the biggest of dreams can be realized. This is my favorite animated short by far.


The Heart Of The World

A fairly recent (2000) film, despite the cinematography, it averages 2 frames per second, and pays homage to the old silent movies with their black and white cinematography, lack of dialogue and grainy quality. Quite simply, one of the best and most unique short films ever made.


The Story Of A Sign

A simple, heart-warming Spanish short film. This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, no matter how bad a day you’ve had. It’s simplicity is its hook, it has no fancy techniques, just a tale to tell.



Before 300, Gerard Butler was the star of this award-winning short film, starring as a the protagonist in this emotional film. It is an amazing film, and it is in no way difficult to see why it has won awards.


Another award winner, this quaint little film follows the antics of the staff at a supermarket during the night shift. It is unequalled for originality, artistic quality and execution.


Ten Minutes

One of my personal favorite short films, this was ranked as Europe’s best short film. It is a very moving, brilliantly filmed film, the majority of which is filmed in one, long take. You will think about this film long after its conclusion.


The Piano

This was included in a piano-related list a month or two ago, but this time it merits entry for the video used. A lovely creation.

Contributor: carpe_noctem

  • Oooh short films! Something to suit my attention span.

    Nice work carpe :-)

  • magnolia_snooze

    …so no Un Chien Andalou???

    Just kidding! :P but seriously, don’t put it in there…

    it’s just… too much O_O

  • BlackYamiCat

    Oh good, short films. It’s about time that they were recognised. I’d already seen Kiwi and The life and death of a pumpkin. I always thought that Kiwi was a bit depresssing. Cute, but sad.

  • JT

    Oooooh nice list

    Check out this short. It was made by my friend’s dad and won an Oscar in its day. Warning: this may mek you weep.

  • Cliff

    Wht abt Last of the Mohicans and Traffic? I thought they were amazing.

  • Burgerbuddy
  • Gravy

    um, “I Met The Walrus” won a grammy or some huge award. it would TOTALLY trump anything on this list. I have it on my iPod.

  • Gravy

    heres the like to I Met The Walrus

    Its an interview with John Lennon

  • Ghidoran

    Typo in the Kiwi one, first sentence makes no sense.

  • daisy

    Number 4 – The Story of a sign made me cry.
    A very sweet short film.

  • kiwiboi

    Typo in the Kiwi one, first sentence makes no sense.

    Ghidoran – how so? It could do with quotes around “the little kiwi that could” and “the little country that could” for clarity, but it makes perfect sense to me…

  • romerozombie

    One of my fav lists on the site. Like the simple, brief descriptions, too. :)

  • londonafter

    what about The Cathedral by Tomek Baginski?
    i think he won an oscar for this one, is really amazing

  • Bill

    Has anyone seen the claymation short ‘Harvey Krumpet’? Anyone who has would understand why it should have been on this list. Liked the list very much though.

  • sofia

    ‘passing hearts’– it’s a beautiful one. made me cry

  • amoondoo

    I love “”I met the walrus ” it should have been on this list! :-(



  • dustin

    no chien andalou, odd exclusion because its probably the most famous short film ever created. also, did anyone else notice in gerri’s game white moves first?

  • Cryptopsy72

    For those of you who haven’t heard of the film Schwarzfahrer (Black Rider) you might want to check it out. Oscar winner:

    a good laugh

  • Magnus

    Number 2 on your list is nice. Being Swedish I wonder where all these naked Swedish girl are?

  • Anon

    ‘The Red Balloon’ (Films Monsouris, 1955, 34m) is one that rather lies between a short and a feature, and so is in danger of falling down the crack in the floorboard. I saw it when it came out and it is still imprinted on my memory. Halliwell rates it a full four stars and says of it:

    “A lonely boy finds a balloon which becomes his constant companion and finally lifts him to the skies.
    Absorbing and quite perfectly timed fantasy, one of the great film shorts” (So a short by that definition.)

    Unfortunately only available on video, nevertheless it’s up there for our next *buying binge*.

    Unless they are disqualified for being animated, something of the great Nick Park (Aardman Animations) belongs. The seminal, Oscar-winning ‘Creature Comforts’ would be my option.

  • FallenMorgan

    “Kiwi!” is so sad, really. It almost made me cry.

  • Magnolia

    Falling Art is probably my favorite short piece. I was quite surprised to see that it wasn’t on the list. Great list though.

  • Dr. Awkward

    Cashback is not a short film, it’s a full length feature film that is 1 hour and 42 minutes in length. Great film nonetheless.

  • chershey
  • chershey

    Was saying how much I love For the Birds using the bracket-3 type of heart, and it took it to be code. Don’t mind the bank comment…

  • chershey

    er, blank….

  • Susan

    Kiwi makes me cry every time. This is a very, very goodl lists! I love all of these short films!

  • postman

    My favourite short film is Heap of Trouble which features full frontal nudity.

  • Angelina

    Good job carpe! I’m impressed! :-)

  • kowzilla

    Very cool list.
    But I have two recommendations.
    1. Don Hertzfeldt’s Rejected
    It may be the funniest film ever made.


    2. West Bank Story
    A retelling of West Side Story set in the world of rival falafal stands.

  • nygel

    dunno if it was mentioned, btu Cashback is a full length feature film. I just watched it last night.

  • Vivii

    #24 (Dr. Awkward) and #31 (nygel):

    Cashback is the name of two films, one short film and one full length feature film. The short was made first, the full length film was made two years later, based on the first one :)

    I can’t watch the videos at the moment :( but I will soon (hopefully). I’ve seen #6 and #8 before though, both great!
    Nice list carpe!

  • Cedestra

    There are a *lot* of great, short films, so I’m not surprised that two of my favorites weren’t on here (or even mentioned by other yet).
    For your consideration:
    #1- “More” by Mark Osbourne. Nominated for an academy award. Here is the original:
    Here it is again, set to Kenna’s “Hellbent”:
    #2- “Bobby Loves Mangoes” by Stuart Archer. Award winning as well. Three parts (sorry, it has commentary on it):

  • Scar.

    Anyone else having problems with the films freezing every 2 seconds?
    I haven’t had one that’s played out yet..

  • dustin

    scar, try pausing it and letting it load all the way

  • Scar.

    It’s happening with all videos on my computer, youtube, google, other sites..
    It literally stops playing after 2 seconds, and has no sound what-so-ever.

  • dustin

    o gotcha, well im not having any problems so perhaps be your computer?

  • Scar.

    What should I do?
    I restarted.. went to youtube, tested a random video, it worked..

    I came back and nothing!

  • Mike

    about #8.. when it starts, it says Bixar and not Pixar..

  • NiMur90

    exactly the same problem Scar!

  • ringtailroxy

    me too, scar & NiMur90! i just updated my Firefox, so maybe that’s the problem?

  • Tfisch

    I’m always partial to the one about the Pinata that farts candy. That never gets old.

  • paintball

    I love kiwi. my brother showed it to me on youtube last month.
    It is my favorite short film ever.
    I think it deserves a higher spot though

  • Taranis

    the kiwi died! :(

  • Kreachure

    Very nice selection, carpe noctem.

    What I find sad about short films is that many great short films are released every year, but you only get to hear about a handful because they get nominated to awards. And in this YouTube age, there’s just too much to sort through before you’d be able to get to the good stuff on your own.

    So my question would be, will there be another list which compiles more greats like these? :)

  • JT

    I’m having the freezing problem too…

    …anyone solved it yet?

  • SocialButterfly

    Amazing list carpe! It’s good to have you back. :D

  • JT

    Hmmm….it seems only to affect me if I follow links from this website. If i close my brower and then go staright to youtube, it’s fine.

  • Jackie

    That Kiwi short was so cute I almost died. I definitely had a little tear at the end. I still gotta watch most of the other ones….

  • knight_forked

    carpe_noctem: Great compilation! However two of my top short movie makers didn’t appear in the list (hopefully in the next list :) ). I am sure people who like surrealism would have heard the names of Jan Svankmajer and Brothers Quay. I felt that these movies are worth mentioning here in comments section (they would have featured in in my top 10 list):

    Street of Crocodiles
    The Flat
    The pit, the Pendulum and Hope

    You can watch a not so clear version of Street of Crocodiles here on youtube: (part1) (part2)

    Its sad that in pool of bad to worse feature films some real nice and wonderful short films get smothered. Nice list again!

  • knight_forked

    Well, I also found a clip of Alice by Jan Svankmajer on youtube. I think some others shorts by him could also be found.

  • JT

    Oooh Svankmajer….I remember wtaching Little Otik and being enthralled by it. Great director.

  • jhoyce07

    it’s good ü

  • Isaac

    yea its not working for me neither… some videos dont even work when i go and watch it online.

  • good list

  • Denzell

    “Lifted”, released alongside with the move Ratatouille?

  • ana

    I love those short pixar movies. They are so sweet and humorous. There’s one with the magician and rabbit. And it’s so adorable. I think they showed it along with Wall-E. They always show short movies whenever a pixar movie is showing…

  • Craig

    I’m a kiwi and proud of it. Not seen any of them. Did not even know they existed. Thanks.

  • toni-m

    the kiwi one is great.
    who says kiwis cant fly ;D

  • greensweetshoes

    I love the one with the little kiwi! Found it on youtube a couple of months ago, I cried the first time I saw it, lovely little film!

  • photo

    Geri’s Game is not that good. Pixar has several better. What you missed was a stop action short by Disney called “The Wizard of Speed and Time” done in the early 80’s. Excellent.

  • The_Patient

    Cool. Very interesting. Im glad a pixar movie was on the list! ;0)

  • DK

    Love that some of the Pixar shorts were here, though I don’t know if those are the ones I would have chosen (I love all of them so much! I don’t know how I’d choose!) For those interested, they did come out with a DVD last year, of all the Pixar shorts up to that point (so it won’t have the Magician short from Wall-E).

  • GraceM

    JT Comment #4
    I watched the father daughter short. Thank you. Can’t say I enjoyed it – it was way too sad for that – but it was very touching.
    I also had problems with the freezing, but it’s fine this morning.

  • almightypt88

    Kiwi one was my favorite, though it could have used a happier ending. Also, you should consider doing a similar list on music videos with good stories. If you get the chance, watch the music video for Nickelback’s song “Someday”. It’s like a short film in itself, and even if you don’t like the music, you can just turn off the volume and just watch the video and it’s still good.

  • chadster

    Anyone who enjoys animated shorts should check out Bitey of Brackenwood on youtube. They’re great

  • Amer5524

    ten minutes is so sad, i am from bosnia and it just kills me everytime since i could have been that little boy.

    it makes you think about your life and how good u have it even though u think ur life sucks

  • Cambrex101

    Hey, I know most of these!
    I absolutely love The Piano.
    I found Kiwi way too sad, I don’t know what exactly.
    And I loved For The Birds and Geri’s Game when I was younger.

  • Sandra

    What song is used in The Piano? I’ve heard it before, and it always makes me cry. I just wish I knew the name of it….

  • knight_forked

    Well I definitely liked the kiwi story but why the bloody hell he/she did not use a parachute when he put so much efforts in building the flight course…assembling a parachute is then just peanuts for him/her. He could have then achieved his dream over and over again (of course the moment we do that we lose the essence of the story). May be its just that I am overly analyzing the movie ;)

  • cestall

    That “Ratrix” kind of sucked. THAT wins awards? I can do better.

  • astraya

    I’ve had a busy weekend, so I haven’t had time to look at these. I’ve seen Kiwi before. When a Koren colleague showed me, I didn’t understand it. I’ve never been good at reading subtext. Then at an English teachers’ camp, one of the speakers showed it, and half the teachers said “Ahhh …”
    Australia has an annual short film competition called Tropfest. The last prizewinners were available online. I don’t have time to track them down now.

  • dustin

    sandra, the name of the songs in the credits at the end. and i feel the same way about cannon in d

  • dustin

    and i still think un cien andalou should be at least a bonus on here

  • glittershrooms

    does the kiwi die? :'(
    j/k Great list!!! “Ten minutes” was very poignant. And I had seen “the Piano” before, makes me tear up every time.
    I’m just a big mush!

  • glittershrooms

    no pun intended

  • toolnut

    yay!! you used my suggestion!! glad to see you’re submitting lists again carpe, they’re always so interesting. Just wish I could watch the videos…they aren’t working for me either…

  • krchuk

    Oh I’m frickin sobbing now!!! Ten Minutes and The Piano (and plenty of the others) have reduced me to a blobbery mess. Thanks, Jamie.

  • dustin

    does anyone know what the piano song in cashback is called?

  • Drogo

    I got a chuckle, and a groan, out of an animated, musical, short called “Jollity Farm” It is the animator’s sarcastic opinion of nuclear power. I don’t know if it can be found on the internet. It was created by a guy whose last name was Stone. I believe it’s from the ’90’s.

  • Sandra

    Dustin–Thanks! Maybe this will inspire me to finally take up piano.

  • McSquida

    Harvie Krumpet has to be there – it’s amazing. It didn’t wi an Oscar for nothing!

    Good list though!

  • Mike599

    Not sure if it qualifies as a short film but ‘A grand day out’ by Aardman animations is quite good.

  • Anon

    Mike599, (84),

    It does. See also the last para of my comment 21.

  • JC

    What about Six Shooter, superb short film by Martin McDonagh. Very much in the same vain as In Bruges but shorter, highly recommended.

  • JayArr

    Just goes to show; a lot can happen in 10 minutes…

  • Angharad

    My favorite short is One Rat Short, but I can’t watch it too often because it makes me sad.

  • Burst and Bloom

    Wow! I really loved ‘Snap!’ I thought is was so original. That and the one about the beggar. This was a fantastic list, thanks very much!

  • carpe_noctem

    Hey to everyone telling me all the films that should be on here, this is in no way a top ten (or you know, for those who can count, fifteen) list, it’s just some films I thought I’d share with you. I really do appreciate your additions though, and maybe someone else will make a follow up list one day

  • Randall


    Hey… following up on what you just posted, here’s a couple suggestions from me:

    “De Duve”—late 60s short film parody of Ingmar Bergman films… death plays badmitton. Funny stuff.

    “La Jetee” —famous short French film of the 60s, which was remade as “Twelve Monkeys.”

    “The Red Balloon” —another French entry, and also famous… kinda surprised you neglected that one.

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  • thepennymachine

    What about Scorpio’s game
    un chien andalou
    dimensions of dialogue 1 through 3
    Street of crocodiles

    These are all pretty significant films
    but the films here are good nevertheless.

  • MzFly

    I Love this list. I only got a chance to watch a few – both “Story of a sign” and “Ten Minutes” were extremely touching and beautiful in very different ways.

  • MzFly

    The Red Balloon! I remember watching that in elementary school and have never forgotten it. I would love to see that again.

  • ElenaSFA


    The number 1 video never ever finishes loading for me!


    For why?!

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  • Dusty

    I’m one of the co-directors of FINITE. Thank you for putting our little short film out there for a few more people to enjoy. We know FINITE is far from perfect, but we did our best for being self-taught and having a tiny budget. For those that liked the male lead, he plays Manimal currently in HBO’s Generation Kill – a fantastic tv show.

    carpe_noctem, how did you come across FINITE? Thanks.


  • anon

    cashback was a short film, then it was extended to a full feature legnth, the long one features parts of the short one

  • blablacrobla

    omg i can’t believe i never saw ten mintutes before… i am from Croatia so i’ve been in similliar situation as a kid ;(

    best movie i have ever seen

  • David in London


    The music in The Piano, (Comptine d’un autre été – L’apres-midi), was part of the soundtrack to Amelie.


    There is a short calles ‘The haircut’, is great. The link is:

  • Ash

    I loved Nought
    The girl in it is oddly familiar though.

    But that Black Button definately made me think…

  • Wyssel

    Wow, these were all amazing films. I particularly liked the Story of a Sign. Thanks!

    Though, while I agree with the two Pixar shorts on this list (if they keep going the way they have been you’ll soon be able to make a Top 10 Pixar Shorts list), I would add ‘Lifted’ too.

    One of my favourite lists so far :)

  • Ollie

    What about La Letre(I think) by Gondry?

  • laydee

    One of my favorite short films


    Plus it has TJ Thyne in it. One of TV’s underrated actors.

  • Steev

    I always loved Kiwi, some great other films in the list too. There’s a new UK site showing some pretty cool stuff at

    Would also include some of CHris Cunningham’s music videos in this list, they’re as much short films as videos

  • kay

    The kiwi one was cute, but I don’t really get it, did it die?

  • ThatGuy

    I’m astonished that Nash Edgerton’s Spider is not on this list.

    This is a must-see short film.

  • I4gotmyMantra

    I liked “touch”

    the weird thing is that long before the surprise ending, maybe alittle less than halfway through, I started to get this bad feeling, like something was wronge, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. Very interesting.

  • nextwooden

    I am glad someone named Validation (2007). It is quickly becoming my favorite short films.

  • Sleppity Infresh

    Glad to see ‘Six Shooter’ mentioned in the comments, it’s a great little film.

    The German short ‘Forklift Driver Klaus’ is pretty good fun though not for the squeamish –

  • Jonny M.

    Cannibal Flesh Riot! by Gris Grimly should be on this list

  • Izzy

    I remember seeing ‘the piano’. I forgot the name of the song though. Something long and in french with many accent marks.

  • Izzy

    Ah, found it. It’s “Comptine d’un autre été: l’après midi”.

  • 14gotmyMANTRA

    The amazing thing is that black putton was shot on a budget of $500 in an old drama teachers classroom.

    The Life of a Pumpkin one is actually horrific.

    But one that absolutley should be in the top 2 at least, VALITDATION:

  • loz

    10 minutes was amazing…. makes you think.

  • Redd

    Ten Minute is a great short. Also Tony McNeal’s short film is one of the best that I’ve seen in a very long time. High-end action short, Born That Way

    Born That Way from Tony McNeal on Vimeo.

  • michellejesica
  • Pan Pipe Dreams

    Pan pipes, pan pipe dreams, PAN PIIIIIPES!!!

    Pan pipe trip, pan pipe dreams, cookin’ with chicken and peas, PAN PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPEEESSSSSSSSSS

  • Emily

    What about how to say i love you? That one is great!

  • Johnny Ching

    None of these shorts were any good. I wanted too see more tits and ass…and maybe some cawk.

  • Ritzy

    hav been watching these short films sice last nyt. Finite n snap were gr8 from filming pint of view. Ratrix ws rib-tickling n touch ws an overflow of emotions. Sigb ws touching…m still to watch ten minutes, though, i didnt read the kiwi one well..i couldn’t follow that it died…bt now i get it n i shall be watching it again the next day….thanks to everyone who made it a really amazing moment of the day….

  • Ritzy

    Can sumone plz explain me what happens at the end of ‘The Piano’. I cudn’t exactly understand the inner meaning

  • @Ritzy [122]:
    –what exactly is throwing you off?
    –the old man is playing the piano, remembering old loves, deceased friends, long passed parents, childhood innocence (the little horsey thingy)
    –at the end, with the little boy, the old man’s mental journey comes full circle, with the boy sitting next to him, not yet having any of the life experiences that the old man had and lost, and with the boy still being in his own stage of innocence

    its actually a fairly deep, strong message for a clip thats only 2min 15sec.

  • Ritzy

    @107. Thanx very much. ‘Spider’ was briliant. As u rightly said, a must watch. Has romance, pain n unpredictability with a touch of shock factor.

  • profoundhatred7

    I don't know how short a film has to be in order to be considered a "short film", but my favorite film that I would consider "short", (about 28 minutes), was 2081. following Kurt Vonnegut Junior's story "Harrison Bergeron". Great adaptation, great acting, great score. Check it out.

  • nshap3435

    the list was good but it is missing tim burtons hansel and grattel

  • Che Vladimir

    In 1977 Bobby Bird attempted to literally buy a friend when he adopted a chimpanzee from a South American zoo. Things did not work out as he'd planned.

  • Vlae

    I enjoyed "Snap" very much. I was trying to anticipate what was going to be the end of it, I'm glad I never guessed it right! I loved how it surprised me.

    Thanks for sharing these films! Great list!

  • Vlae

    The Story of a Sign made me tear a little! :'}

  • Bobbo

    All these films were amazing in their own right. The link no longer works for Cashback though, I found a copy of the entire movie and found it very moving. I highly suggest watching. Cheers…

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  • Name

    kiwi was so sweet but piano was beautiful and the short “bunny” from blue sky studios (creators of robots and the ice age trilogy) should be on here it was wonderful GOOGLE it

  • Anonymous

    I really liked the short film Treevenge. Directed by Jason Eisener (Directed Hobo With a Shtogun)

  • wasfogg


  • baskiras


  • popupu


  • Alekh

    Some OTHER great short films h( not in the main list and nobody commented yet )

    5.Little man- the way the girls are
    “A boy is doing his school project about girls”

    4.Still Life
    “I can only say- WHAT A CONCEPT !”

    3.MANKIND is no island
    “Again nice theme and message”

    2.A vision of Students today
    “Must recommended for students”

    “A shortfilm about communication, better than a full length love story,great music…A MUST WATCH ”

    NOTE : kiwi is the only missing shortfilm in my list ( may be at 2nd position ), because its already in the main list.

  • bitasfopi


  • pgubirop


  • sharji

    this site is sooooooooo…………….exciting…….I like it…….

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  • Kim

    One of my favourite short films I found online. I don’t remember what it’s called but it’s animated and about an old woman on her deathbed. Her husband has passed she’s willing to go with death but this doctor and the nurses keep trying to bring her back. It’s really touching and funny. I really really enjoy that one. :)

  • kim

    Oh, there’s one my friend showed me from, if that counts. It should it’s remarkably beautiful and makes me cry every time I see it. If you’re willing, it’s called “The Composer” and it’s one of my favourites.

  • Ben

    Gerard Butler was fantastic in that short! Thanks for posting this :)

  • Jayson V. Durante

    The Russian short because of my name (za imya Moe, 2005) is also nice–very moving and profound. it is about faith and kindness.

  • Viktortheman

    Un Chien Andalou? Partie De Campagne? The Lunch Date? Eau De La Vie? La Jetee?

    Some of the greatest shortfilms.

    seriously there is too much new stuff on here!

  • Hollis
  • Eva

    No short film is cooler than Cashback. Idk, I’ve loved it since age 12.

  • EmanonGirl33

    10 minutes was AMAZING. I hate you a little bit for making me watch Please, but I also sort of love you for it. Story of a Sign and Kiwi – brilliant. Please more lists like this.

  • Enky

    Geri’s game scared me when I was little, and I guess that fear just went on because I can’t watch it without panicking…

  • I would also like to recommend one of the new and fastest growing short film website that is,

    You can submit your films on it to immediately feature on it’s homepage..

  • Do you guys think this short should be on the list?:

  • Hindi

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