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10 Great Female Cartoon Voice Actors

islanderbst . . . Comments

To create a great cartoon, a creative team must have two ingredients: great writing, and great voice acting. Low quality animation (such as the limited animation style of the 1970’s era Hanna Barbera shows) can easily be overcome when the characters have memorable personalities. Voice actors of the past were rarely, if ever, credited (or well paid) for their work. Fortunately, conditions and pay have greatly improved, and with the DVD releases of many classic shows, the respect due is being given as well.


Nicole Jaffe
Velma, Scooby Doo, Where Are You?


Jinkies! I’m sure most of us would agree that, usually, the original is the best. Six performers have voiced the smart, short, bespectacled, turtle-neck sweater loving crime solver Velma Dinkley. Listening to all the different voices though, Jaffe’s voice is the one that has stuck in my head as the iconic voice of the character. Jaffe performed as Velma in the debut of the show called “Scooby Doo, Where Are You?”. This version debuted on American television in 1969 and ran for two years. A follow-up show, “The New Scooby Doo Movies” ran for two more years; Jaffe also voiced Velma in these episodes. This show was cancelled in 1974; Scooby, though would be revived in 1976 on a different network, and in a different format. Jaffe had married and moved on and was replaced, though she did return to the role for several videos earlier this decade.

Trivia: The current voice of Velma is done by Mindy Cohn, who is remembered for being on the sitcom “The Facts Of Life”. She was Emmy-nominated for her work as Velma. BTW, the picture of Nicole is from the 1969 Elvis Presley movie “The Trouble with Girls”.


Cree Summer
Penny, Inspector Gadget


At 14, Cree Summer got the part of Penny, the smart, resourceful girl who helped her not-so-super spy uncle, Inspector Gadget, save the day from evil genius Dr. Claw. Major changes after the first season, including moving production of the show from Canada to the US, lead to Ms. Summer being replaced for it’s less successful second (and final) season. Summer has nearly 150 voice acting credits on her resume, with characters ranging from Elmyra Duff of “Tiny Toon Adventures” to Foxxy Love on “Drawn Together”. She has voiced characters of many different nationalities and several male characters.

Trivia: Cree Summer starred as Freddie in the late-1980’s Bill Cosby-produced comedy “A Different World”.


Lucille Bliss
Smurfette, The Smurfs


Into a show about the lives of 100 blue men, each just three apples high, came it’s first female character, Smurfette. Bliss, with only a few cartoons on her resume, won the part at the age of 65! She gave her character a very recognizable high-pitched yet raspy voice. There is a memorable discussion scene about Smurfette in the cult film Donnie Darko, and there is a planned trilogy of Smurf movies with “Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere rumored to be providing her voice. After “The Smurfs”, Bliss had a very busy voice-acting career and has been active in her nineties, most recently working on “Invader ZIM”.

Trivia: There is very little information about Ms. Bliss on the Web; I could only smurf some brief anecdotes mentioning that she is a smurfy storyteller. She is in an assisted-living home, but still able to do voice work.


Jean Vander Pyl
Wilma, The Flintstones


Yabba Dabba Doo! “The Flintstones” was initially a cartoon geared more for adults when it debuted as a successful nighttime animated show in 1960. It followed the crazy antics of Fred Flintstone and his friend Barney. Fred’s wife, Wilma, would be the one to show Fred the error of his ways or get him out of trouble. Vander Pyl had performed in a handful of radio and television shows before becoming the voice of Wilma. She then would go on to voice work in many other cartoons, including voicing Rosey the Robot in “The Jetsons”. An example of an actor not understanding Hollywood finances, Vander Pyl accepted a one-time $15,000 payment in lieu of payments from future airings (residuals). Had she been given residuals, she would have earned millions, as the show airs continuously around the world, mostly on the Boomerang Network. She continued working until her death in 1999, at age 79, of lung cancer.

Trivia: “The Flintstones” continues to be a very profitable marketing brand, with a line of vitamins and, perhaps the awesomest cereal ever, Fruity Pebbles.


Bea Benaderet
Granny, Looney Tunes


For me, it doesn’t get any better than the Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies cartoons of the 1940’s and 50’s. The vocal work of Mel Blanc, Arthur Q. Bryan (Elmer Fudd) and Stan Freberg (Pete Puma) was sublime, and one female actor fit in with them just fine. Voicing most of the female characters during that time, Benaderet voiced Granny (of the Sylvester/Tweety shorts), Ma Bear (of the Three Bears shorts) and Prissy the Hen (in the Foghorn Leghorn shorts). She was replaced around 1955 by June Foray (for reasons I have been unable to find). However, just a few years later, she would star on “The Flintstones”, voicing Betty Rubble. She left this show during it’s run to focus on her acting, primarily a role in the popular sitcom “Petticoat Junction”. Benaderet passed away though shortly afterwards at the age of 62.

Trivia: Benaderet missed out on playing two legendary television characters: She had been Lucille Ball’s first choice to play Ethel in “I Love Lucy”, but was unable to get out of a contract with another program, and she was the first choice for Granny on “The Beverly Hillbillies”, but was later rejected because she was too “busty” to be an elderly grandmother, according to the producers.


Tress MacNeille
Mom, Futurama; Agnes Skinner, The Simpsons


Perhaps the busiest female voice actor of the past thirty years. MacNeille voices some twenty recurring characters in the long-running show “The Simpsons” including Crazy Cat Lady and business-woman Lindsey Naegle. Included among over 200 credits are the voices of Daisy Duck (since 1999) and Dot Warner (of one of the most underrated cartoons ever, “Animaniacs”.) Recently, she has voiced Mom and Linda (one half of the newscast team, alongside Morbo) in the new Futurama movies. She will also be in the upcoming sequel to Hoodwinked.

Trivia: MacNeille sang in “Weird Al” Yankovic’s song “Ricky”, an ode to “I Love Lucy”, and appeared in the video as Lucy.


June Foray
Rocket “Rocky” J. Squirrel, Rocky and His Friends; Granny, Looney Tunes


Considered one of the very best voice actors, male or female, of all time. Legendary animation director Chuck Jones gave Ms. Foray the highest compliment possible when he said “Mel Blanc is the male June Foray”; as Blanc is typically regarded as the best ever for his voices including Bugs Bunny. She became a regular in the Looney Tunes shorts in the mid 1950’s, taking over as the voice of Granny, and new characters such as Witch Hazel. Most of her fame, though would come from her work on the “Rocky and Bullwinkle” cartoons of the 1960’s; Foray voiced Rocky and Natasha Fatale. Foray has worked on virtually every popular cartoon of the past 50 years: “The Flintstones”, “Garfield and Friends”, “DuckTales” and so many more. She has continued to work steadily through 2007.

Trivia: A great injustice has been done to Ms. Foray. The two current premiere showcases for voice acting, “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy”, have each used Foray’s incredible talents only once each: “Simpsons” in a brief part on a first season episode, and “Family Guy” for one line as Rocky. Shame on them, especially as Foray still looks and sounds great at the age of 91.


Nancy Cartwright
Bart, Ralph Wiggum, The Simpsons


Another performer from the greatest animated television show of all time. Cartwright is notable in that most of her recent voice work is of young boys. In addition to the infamous Bart Simpson, Cartwright voices Nelson, Kearney, and Todd Flanders of “The Simpsons” and Chuckie from “Rugrats.” She got her start by telephoning voice great Daws Butler (Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound) for advice and eventually became his student and friend. An example of changing economics, Cartwright and her “Simpsons” cast mates now receive $400,000 per episode (typically 22-24 episodes per year).

Trivia: Cartwright is a leading member of the Church of Scientology. She donated a whopping $10 million dollars to the church in 2007, more than Scientology poster boy Tom Cruise.


Mary Kay Bergman
Sheila Broflovski, Sheila Marsh, South Park


Trey Parker and Matt Stone created the brilliant, hilarious, and obscene show “South Park” which debuted in 1997. Bergman was brought in for most of the female roles including each of the four boys’ mothers. Initially, she was credited under the pseudonym “Shannen Cassidy” to offset any conflict with her job at Disney. My favorite character was Ms. Crabtree, the bus driver with the bird’s nest in her hair: “Sit down!”, and “What did you say?!” were her usual lines. Bergman also voiced these roles in the 1999 movie South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. Sadly, later that year she would commit suicide after struggling with mental illness. Several actresses have since replaced Bergman, but with those first episodes being so original and revolutionary I had to include Ms. Bergman.

Trivia: Bergman did hundreds of commercials, including the voice of pancake syrup character “Mrs. Butterworth”. She was also the official voice of Snow White, which she did for videos, games, and toys.


Lillian Randolph
Mammy Two Shoes, Tom and Jerry


In the Tom and Jerry shorts of the 1940’s and 50’s, the only human character was an unnamed lady who was always after Tom (originally named Jasper), a cat, to catch Jerry, a mouse. Radio and film veteran Randolph provided the voice. The character is considered to be a racial stereotype known as a “Mammy”, a servant or maid of African descent, often overweight, loud, and heavily accented, and this has lead to some controversy. The shorts though, never stated that she was a maid and it is implied that she was the owner of that huge house with the well-stocked refrigerator. Also, the name “Mammy Two Shoes” was never used in the cartoons; it was given years later by the media, as typically only the character’s feet were shown. The shorts would be edited in the 1960’s. In some, Randolph’s voice was replaced with a plain-sounding one, and in others, she was replaced entirely with a thin white woman (voiced by June Foray.) Recent DVD releases have somewhat restored the original character.

As a child watching these cartoons, I had no awareness of the racial connotations. I just found the character completely funny, such as when she threatens to throw Tom “O-U-W-T Out!” I would hate to see this character completely erased, especially since talented performers like Ms. Randolph and others of her time are already nearly forgotten because they were mostly offered only these type parts.

Trivia: The Tom and Jerry cartoons won more Academy Awards (7) than the Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes did (5).

Contributor: islanderbst

  • Randall

    Where did Nancy Cartwright GET $10 million? Sorry, but that little tidbit sounds apocryphal to me. I mean come on, okay—she's been doing Bart for years now, and been well paid for it, no doubt, in recent years (but not at first) and sure, if she's been smart with her money, invested well… she might have a tidy package of cash under her skirt. But $10 million is still a shitload of money for a voice actress to just fork over to a cause. I'm skeptical.

    NOW… islanderbst… I had some thoughts about this list, originally, but on reflection I've altered them. See, to start off I was going to say, "great idea for a list BUT…" and then I was going to add that I thought if you're going to produce a list of Great Female Cartoon Actors, then I would think it should be made of those actors who have done a LOT of work; i.e., have been known for a multitude of roles. This would necessitate the presence on the list of the great June Foray and the great Jean Vanderpyl, but not others who have been known for only one or two characters. (ALSO… I NOTE THE ABSENCE HERE of the GREAT Marcia Wallace, from the Simpsons–not to mention Julie Kavner. While some would say Bart and Homer are the combined lifeblood of that show, let's remember that Marge and her sisters and the quintessential harassed teacher Mrs. Krabappel contribute a lot).

    ANYWAY… getting back to what I was saying…. it then occurred to me that this was wrong. On two counts. ONE: what we in fact see here is that back in the day, there just weren't that MANY female voice actors. June Foray essentially was an industry unto herself. NOW… was this due to some innate sexism in the biz? Not that many female character roles? Surely, yes. All the great Warner Bros characters are male, with the exception of Granny–who is really just a foil, a comedic device of sorts, for other characters to play off of, or around. Never mind the occasional inclusion of a female token character in Warner or Disney (such as the seen-in-comics-only Petunia Pig–Porky's significant oinker–or the insufferable Minnie Mouse or Daisy Duck–Donald was truly henpecked, the poor bastard… or should we say duckpecked? But if any duck deserved it, Donald did) the basic truth is, there just weren't that many female characters in classic cartoons. Not until Hanna Barbera show up on the scene, with their first 60s cartoon sitcoms (The Flintstones, Jetsons, and Top Cat–though the latter was strictly male) do we start getting regular female characters who have a more or less equal role with their male counterparts… though even then, of course, Wilma and Betty just weren't Fred and Barney. (By the way–anyone ever notice how, while The Flintstones could often be moderately enjoyable and watchable, it's hard to sit through many episodes of The Jetsons? I figured out long ago the reason. They made the fatal error of not including a stock and standard "buddy" for George Jetson. Fred had his Barney, but George has only… his dog. They tried to build a more "standard" family around George Jetson—wife, teenage daughter, young son, dog, raging boss–but to me the situations rarely worked. The success of The Flintstones was that it copied The Honeymooners. The failure of The Jetsons was that it copied The Flintstones, but then failed to actually COPY it, leaving the Barney/Norton character out of the equation. But I digress).

    So…. we see that back in the day, there just weren't many female main characters. LOTS of supporting or one-off characters… but not main ones. And even today–you still have far more male characters being voiced… who, today, after all, is the female equivalent of the HUGELY versatile Billy West?

    TWO: All this is also indicative of the fact that, "back in the day," VERY FEW voice actors and actresses really did ALL the work. Today we have hundreds, thousands, perhaps. Back then, nowhere near as many. This was attested to by the great Walker Edmiston (famous voice actor for TV) who, before his death, gave an interview where he mentioned that when he first started out in the late 40s, there was literally a handful or so of voice actors who did EVERYTHING. Mel Blanc was king, of course, and then there were about a dozen or so others. And that was IT. But Edmiston, in the 90s, looked around and noted that suddenly their ranks had swelled to the hundreds. There was an explosion of cartoon work in the 90s in both film and television, much of it sparked by the success of the Simpsons. Those of you not old enough will not know that before the Simpsons there was a dearth of cartoon choice on the airwaves. You had the old stuff still in syndication, and a few miserable latter-day fill-ins (the godawful Smurfs and their ilk) but literally nothing in prime time, and nothing to lift the LEVEL of kids programming… though if I vaguely recall Nickolodean was beginning this in the early days of the 90s. The Simpsons opened up more than we think.

    There… my lecture for the day.

    OH… AND I ALSO HAVE TO PROTEST, before I go, the absence of the great Tress MacNeille here. THAT was an unforgivable omission.

    • Jack

      Who is number 5? Looks like the name says Tress MacNeille. But I could be wrong. I would also like to say that I am not surprised that there was sexism in the 40’s and 50’s.

    • Andayyyy

      Oh!! for heaven sakes get a life

  • Iain

    Of course, this list is sitting up and begging for a male version. Anybody want to argue with…

    1. Mel Blanc
    2. Dan Castelaneta
    3. Trey Parker
    4. Mike Judge (Hank Hill/Beavis & Butthead)
    5. Hank Azaria
    6. Daws Butler (Yogi Bear/Huckleberry Hound/Quick Draw
    7. Matt Stone
    8. Billy West (Futurama/Ren & Stimpy)
    9. Alan Reed (Fred Flinstone)
    10. Dayton Allen (Deputy Dawg)

    I haven't included Seth McFarlane. He's a very talented voice artist, but his shows SUCK!!!

    • bigg3469

      And how about Dal McKennon,Bill Scott Hans Coreod ,Bob McFadden Jack Mercer and Paul Frees? And I meant to say Hans Coried not Hans coroed. And let usnotforget Jackson Beck,Don Messiah,Frank Welker,Maurice lemarche,Danny CooksleyAnd CoreyBurton.

    • bigg3469

      Ps also meanttosay Don messick. Dang typos.

    • Brad

      Mel Blanc absolutely deserves to be #1 in a male voice actor list. He was brilliant in everything he did! Trey Parker and Matt Stone also deserve to be on the list somewhere. They’re voice-acting is part of what makes South Park so great, imo.

  • godiva

    this reminds me one of my favorite cartoon series, Rugrats. i’ll never forget the characters’ voices.

  • godiva

    and first? :D
    wad’ya know… my first first.

  • jajdude

    mad guns on the list, g. good to see more props being given to females in the biz.

  • Sarzella

    Love the list, interesting to see that women have had such a big part in cartoon history. :)

    I’m very intrigued by the American definition of “Mammy”. I’m Irish and here, we generally call our mothers “Mammy” or “Mam” as opposed to “Mom” or “Mum”. I thought the word was distinctly Irish. Very interesting.

  • Ren

    I was hoping Mary Ky Bergman would be on the list. South Park is my favorite show and Matt Stone and Trey Parker talk about her sometimes in the commentaries. Ater she died most of the female characters seemed to just disappear until they found a replacement.

  • Anthony

    I would have liked to see Jennifer Hale on there, she’s been in just about everything. Great list though, brings back some memories. :)

  • Iain

    Like the list – good to give credit where it’s often been unacknowledged. For my 2 cents worth, there’s some excellent female voice work on ‘King of the Hill’. Kathy Najimy as Peggy – Brittany Murphy as Luanne – Pamela Adlon as Bobby. They’re relatively high profile actresses but this never intrudes on their characterisation.

  • Wow! Awesome list! Such classic characters and how sad about Bergman.

  • Ghidoran


  • Leinad

    Cool, though i hate to see $10 million go to waste like that.

  • warningdontreadthis

    Damn you islanderbst! Damn you for telling me that Nancy Cartwright is a member of the Church of Scientology! Damn I could have been blissfully ignorant, but no. I had do learn that. I just had to. damn damn damn damn and double damn.

    Other then that great list, very nice topic.

  • Quiana

    I Love Cree Summer, you can turn the TV to any cartoon network and hear her somewere. I love her on Drawn Together and I loved her as Tommy on the rugrats.

  • Sgt. Batguano

    I might have put Nancy Cartwright first. She has quite the body of work. She was also a voice on Kim Possible. I didn’t know about the Scientology, bummer.

  • nice topic!

  • astraya

    I saw a photo of Julie Kavner (Marge Simpson) with the rest of the cast. Maybe it was staged, maybe they’re really like that or maybe Marge has rubbed off on her, but the rest of the crew were in various stages of fits of laughter, and she was standing there looking very disapproving.

  • Fromthefuture

    Great list for a thursday!!! I always wondered who did Señor druppy??

  • Spic

    For south Park, you wrote Sheila Broflovski, and Sheila Marsh.. it should be Sharon Marsh (I watch South Park religiously.. lol) Awesome List nonetheless

  • Spic

    The picture for South Park is of Eric and Leanne Cartman :p

  • NickChuck

    Most of these women lent their voice to some amazing cartoons and shows of my childhood. I love this stuff a ton; so much so that in college I took a 3-credit course on Bugs Bunny and his impact on society, it was amazing!

    Also the easiest “A” ever, but that’s not why I took the class =P

  • Specter

    I can’t believe you didn’t include Tara Strong. She’s done everything. Timmy Turner on Fairly Oddparents, Toot Braunsyein in Drawn Together, Supergirl on Justice League. The list goes on and on.

    • Matt

      I was going to mention that too Tara Strong has voiced characters on almost every cartoon from the late 90s to now I have seen on Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and a lot of DC characters. And that's not nearly all it would take forever to list all of the work Tara Strong does in voice acting. I think that she deserves a place on here as much as anybody if anything she should get honorable mention. I think Kath Soucie deserves it too.

  • warningdontreadthis

    talk about an eassy comment.

  • Randall


    You got a problem with in-depth, exhaustive analysis?

  • Lynn in Oregon

    Don’t know who is on your list at #5 Randall, but Tress MacNeille is listed in that slot on the list I read.

    Interesting list, thanks

    I loved Witch Hazel and Granny, nice to see the faces behind the voices.

  • Callie

    “I could only smurf some brief anecdotes mentioning that she is a smurfy storyteller.”

    Ohhhhhh I needed a laugh this morning. This was such a great list for today. Randall, I actually thought this mihgt be your list when I started reading it. Oh well.

  • Mom424

    Islanderbst; Great job, interesting and informative; neat to see the faces belonging to the voice.

    Randall: Tress is #5.

    Additional Trivia – William Conrad, the rotund actor from Cannon, Nero Wolfe, and Jake and the Fatman, was way more famous for his tres awesome baritone voice than he ever was for his acting. He was the narrator from Rocky and Bullwinkle, the voice from the old Hai Karate ads, and the original Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke, the radio show. When the powers that be decided to remake Gunsmoke as a TV show, they considered Robert Conrad but due to his ever expanding girth the role was given to James Arness.

  • Cedestra

    I don’t think I would have put Lillian Randolph as #1, maybe June Foray, but I’m not going to let the order of the list get in the way of me enjoying it.
    Wow! Great research- very entertaining! One of my favorite pieces of trivia to- god damn you Friendly’s banner, go away! You’re making me hungry!- tell people occasionally is that Bart is voiced by a woman. But I didn’t know about many others.
    Sad to hear about Nancy Cartwright’s affiliation with the Church of Scientology.
    Randall: Just a thought about that donation of $10 million: do you recall all the Bart merchandise from the ’90s? Several videogames, dolls, food products, bedsheets, etc. ad nauseum. I bet if you found some of the people who voiced the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles they could tell you that they made money hand over fist in the early ’90s. Probably the same with Nancy, especially since she had the stronger character in the ’90s.

  • Randall

    Lynn, Mom:

    Good God, I am going blind. Must be the ADD acting up again. And the OCD. A little of the schizophrenia too.

    Anyway, I retract my mention of Tress MacNeille. She appears on the list, and I now appear foolish. Again. You’d think I’d get use to it by now.

  • Daphne

    Who is my voice? Do u know everyone?

  • dustin

    aw i didnt know about bergman

  • Phillies

    12: Quiana
    Cree Summer was the voice of Susie Carmichael. Tommy was voiced by E.G. Daily. Rugrats had an entire collection of talented female voice casting on its show: Summer, Daily, Christine Cavanaugh (played Chuckie Finster, Obleena from Ahhh! Real Monsters, and Dexter from Dexter’s Lab)and Tara Strong was Phil and Lil DeVille (many, many other roles throughout the 90s and today).

    And Randall, as noted previously, Tress MacNeille is at number 5. Rest assured though, were she NOT there, I would be by your side in outrage and horror

  • Phillies

    28. Daphne

    * Indira Stefanianna Christopherson (1969-1970)
    * Heather North (1970-1985, 1997, 2002-2003)
    * Kellie Martin (1988-1991)
    * Mary Kay Bergman (1998-1999, until her death)
    * Grey DeLisle (2001-present)

    Thanks, Wikipedia!

  • Bob

    Politically-motivated choice for number 1 = fail. Cartwright should obviously be number 1.

  • logar

    Jesus, Randall. Are you a professor of ancient history AND a cartoonologist? :)

    Islanderbst- nice list, nice idea. Very enjoyable!

  • Dr.Diogenes

    I’m amazed that Randall (or any one else yet) didn’t mention Mae Questel in his “in-depth, exhaustive analysis”…and I thought I knew ye.
    Mae Questel was the voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl and Little Lulu

  • warningdontreadthis

    Randall: Never I worship you, I bow down to your greatness and all knowingness.

  • modelpenguin

    This is now my favorite list! Thank you so much for putting this together! I am a huge cartoon fan and wonder who does these fabulous voices and cannot find information all the time. I love to listen to voices and find “matches” to other shows. Thank you for a great list!

    From 10: “As a child watching these cartoons, I had no awareness of the racial connotations.”

    Exactly! I completely agree. I got into an argument with the professor in my college race relations class about this and won!

  • Randall


    Randall is the master of MANY things, grasshopper. Many.

  • Mom424

    Randall: And I thought foolish to be my sole purvey. XD

  • Randall


    Ah. You are forgiven for showing the proper respect. In future, watch it. Lest I bore you with further barrages of trivia-ridden, but insightful, elucidations.

  • warningdontreadthis

    On an other note Mom/Randall, what ever happend to Slickwilly?

  • Randall

    Dr Diogenes:

    Little Lulu and Olive Oyl can both be discarded and disdained for the insipid characters that they were. Though Olive does offer some insightful commentary on the innate character flaws beating within the breast of Popeye, her paramour. Why did he want her? Even as ugly as he was, he coulda done better than a dried-up cornstalk of a woman with adenoid trouble.

    On the other hand, Popeye was a sailor. Perhaps unbeknownst to us, Olive Oyl was actually a seaport whore. Makes sense. Though why Popeye and Bluto had to fight over her when four bits coulda bought another one just like her–or a buck more coulda bought the far more desirable Betty Boop–is beyond me. I am smart, but not able to muster the sensibility to explain the unexplainable.

    Betty Boop is the only character worth her salt here (pardon the meandering pun). But only back in her original days—not later when the Hays Office forced her into a miserable domestic role. I’m talkin’ back when Betty was a real dirty girl.

    Reminds me of some very funny filthy poetry a friend of mine has written about encounters betwixt Popeye and Betty Boop. I shall not share here for the sake of the children looking in. We may publish a volume of them in future, though.

  • Randall


    A list of that sort that omits Mel Blanc ALONE isn’t worth the keyboard it’s typed on. Try again, and tread more carefully and thoughtfully next time.

  • islanderbst

    First, J- on entry 2, could you change the title to read “Sharon” Marsh? (My typo not yours)
    And the picture is Leanne Cartman, but Bergman voiced her as well, so thats ok.

    Thanks for nice comments. I am a huge cartoon fan, and this list is, more accurately, my own personal top 10.

    Randall- thanks, your comments, as always, def. add to the flavor. And I could NEVER leave off Tress M, being a huge Futurama geek.

    Iain- You’re def. right on King of the Hill, Kathy Najimy might be a #11 for me.

    warning- comment 11. :)

    diogenes – mae questel, she was considered for sure, but in the end went with my faves

  • Randall


    My understanding that Slickwilly is lurking, but he is otherwise engaged in important work (as am I, but slacker that I am, I repeatedly neglect the same… also, I am more nihilistic than Slickwilly, and see little point to life’s little chores and burdens… hence I am easily distracted by pretty blue skies, the internet, and the posteriors of attractive women walking by).

    SlickW also, so it seems, has himself some happy developments in his personal life which no doubt is where he is focusing his energies at present.

  • Iain

    Randall – I put Mel Blanc at number 1

  • Cheeshygirl

    Randall: :D

  • warningdontreadthis

    Randall: I’m happy for him, though I miss his insight. And by the way I seem to recall a certain list about evoloution that you promised me a long time ago. Whatever happend to that :P hm…?

  • islanderbst, great list! Takes me back to childhood Saturday mornings, and my own adult foray into the voice acting world.
    **Randall. Nancy Cartwright’s $10 Million is no mystery. She has a long and varied acting career in both movies and television, in addition to her voice work. Look up her filmography if you want proof, but trust me, she’s been in more TV and movie than you can possibly believe, going back to the 60’s, almost always in a supporting role, but *that* is well paid too!

  • Cheeshygirl

    Crap, I forgot to comment on the list. Oops.

    Great list, Islanderbst! It’s great to see women representin’. It’s only been in the past year that I realized Cree Summer was such a talented voice actress, thanks to a local radio personality’s obsession with her. (Boris, I know you’re lurking!)

  • Randall


    Good lord. I’m getting scared now. What is this, dyslexia? That’s twice in one day I’ve glanced right over the obvious.

  • Randall


    What ARE you talking about?

    No, honestly, I have no memory of this. Refresh me, please.

  • Cheeshygirl


    I believe it was SlickWilly who promised an evolution list. He’s been extremely busy lately with school, work, and me :D, but he really wants to finish it so be patient.

  • Cheeshygirl

    *hugs Randall* It’s ok. The old-timer’s gets to us all eventually.

  • Wally


    You are struggling today. Put down that fourth cup of coffee and slow down!! :-)

  • Iain

    Randall – no problemo! However, for now, I do prescribe more blue skies and attractive posteriors and a little less internet.

  • Cedestra

    Holy Bejeezus, Randall, you’re getting quite senile (and blind) in your old age. Maybe you should stop typing and drinking the Pinot at the same time… ;)
    Here’s a further snippet from wikipedia on Nancy Cartwright’s Scientology donation:
    “She is a member of the Church of Scientology,[17] joining in 1989,[18] becoming a Clear on October 1, 1991.[19] Cartwright was awarded Scientology’s Patron Laureate Award after she donated $10 million, almost twice her annual salary, to the organization in 2007.

  • Cedestra

    57.: —> Randall: Might I recommend Kim Kardashian?

  • Randall


    “Might I recommend Kim Kardashian?”

    Only if she keeps her mouth shut.

    And…. “senile and blind”? I’m cut to the quick! “Wally” was closer to the truth–only in reverse. It wasn’t too much coffee… it was *not enough.*

  • Randall

    Randall reports happily that he went out to have lunch on the large patio adjecent to the high-tech bioengineering lab with a couple friends–a network guru and an engineer whom my daughters call “Einstein” because he bears a strong resemblance to the same. Beautiful and warm day, totally unlike what is typical for October. The discussion ran to politics (the amusing hopelessness of the Republicans and the tired, meandering erraticism of McCain) and the latest campus suicide. (There’s one every year… some years two). We were joined by the Dean of my home department in short order. I was extremely reluctant to return to the office.

    I do not, however, find that this junket outside has helped my capacity for concentration; rather, it seems to have compromised it further. I ask to be excused from any further errors made, today, therefore. I’m semi-giddy with sunshine and the Snickers bar I had after lunch.

  • ciko

    I don’t want to sound intolerant but I don’t think I will ever be able to swallow the fact that Nancy Cartwright is a Scientologist.On a similar note,I don’t think I will ever watch South Park the same way after today’s “gay rape” episode .But I will, nonetheless, watch it.I am a big fan of South park and Simpsons from India.

  • JayArr

    I liked the list, but think the top 5 order should be much different than currently laid out:
    5=Mary Kay Bergman
    4=Nancy Cartwright
    3=Lillian Randolph
    2=Tress MacNeille
    1=June Foray

    My primary reasoning: versatility and range of voice.

  • JayArr

    Cedestra(27) “Sad to hear about Nancy Cartwright’s affiliation with the Church of Scientology.”

    I’m thinking that should be ‘…affliction with…’ ;-)

  • xtopherp

    12. Quiana

    Quiana, Tommy Pickles was actually Elizabeth Daily, not Cree Summer. :) I know this not because I was a Rugrats fan, but because I was a teen in the ’80s. I was definately all about Ms. Daily, who was in a lot of the films marketed towards my demo, and very easy on the eyes.

    • Guest

      Elizabeth (E.G.) Daily was indeed the voice of Tommy Pickles…I was totally expecting her to be very near the top of this list as I scrolled down…cannot believe she didn't even make it! Maybe it should be top "10 HOTTEST female voice actors"…She and Cree would have to be 1 and 2 on THAT list.

  • JayArr

    warningdontreadthis(49): A quick and dirty run-down on evolution might look something like this…

    Sometime after ‘the beginning’, there was a single celled organism…
    something happened…
    multi-celled organisms showed up…
    something happened…
    larger organisms, getting more complex…
    more things happened…
    one of those ‘non-mammalian’ organisms changed…
    wild things happened…
    mammals appeared…
    catastrophic things happened…
    mammals changed and diversified…
    precursor to early human’s precursor showed up…
    precursor to precursor changes into precursor…
    precursor becomes early human…
    early human changes…
    human shows up… says, “ugh! fire good!”
    human evolves… says, “greetings, how art thou?”
    human devolves… says, “sup dawg, werd to yuh brotha!”

  • JayArr

    Sorry all, that last post of mine was off-topic. I’d ask someone to spank me, but we’re having sexual harassment prevention and awareness seminars, and… well… you know…

  • MzFly

    Cool List! The old Tom & Jerry cartoons were always my faves – I don’t think I realized anything racially biased about those old characters until I was at least High School age! Even then, it didn’t seem as much a negative thing as it was more a sign of the old times. Sad to know they have replaced those with voices of white actors. It kind of negates the point of bringing the race issue up, I think.

  • warningdontreadthis

    I’m so sorry Randall how could I mix you two up like that :O? Shame on me. Big time.
    And Cheeshygirl thank you for clearing that up and congrats :P
    JayArr:I don’t know about the spanking thing but, thanks for the run down. It’ll come in handy in the future.

  • Callie


    I’ll excuse you and your Snickers if you’ll excuse me and my Hershey’s lollypop and the fact that my clandestine office romance got outed this morning in a rather upsetting fashion. Hence the lolly and me needing a nice cartoon list.

  • warningdontreadthis

    what happend to my comment : O

  • warningdontreadthis

    Randall: I’m so sorry, how could I mix you two up like that? Shame on me. Big time.
    Cheeshygirl: Thanks for clearing that up, and congrats :D
    JayArr: I don’t know about this spanking thing but thanks for the run down. It’ll come in handy some day.

  • PlasmaTwa2

    I agree with Specter. I can’t believe Tara Strong is not on this list. By far the most versatile female voice actor working today.

  • Randall


    Well, I was asking for my errors to be excused, not the Snickers bar. That I’m unrepentant for.

    But you’re excused for the lollypop. For the office romance? Sympathy.

  • copperdragon

    Kathleen Turner as Jessica Rabbit always makes me smile.

  • Oh my! Work related romances are always *major* mistakes, with punishments far ranging and unforgivable (as far as those both closely and loosely involved are concerned).
    My deepest sympathies.

  • Davo

    why oh why is Nancy Cartwright a member of the church of fucking idiots. WHY?!?!?!?

  • Callie be fair I work in print advertising and he works in a different building in interactive…it’s not technically “office romance” so mauch as “company romance” and the good part is it’s still going on, and going strong. It’s just much less secret as of this morning than it’s been for the past 2 months and now it’s the talk of two offices. Wonderful.

  • islanderbst

    astraya (15.) just some info on julie kavner. she doesnt allow herself to be filmed while doing her lines, nor does she do the voices in public. ive read that either, its because of the way she does the voice of marge (by distorting her face and mouth) or its that she prefers to remain more anonymous.

  • Blogball

    Wow, what a fun and unique list islanderbst! Even when you limit it to women there are still so many to choose from. Glad to hear June Foray is still around. She is my favorite cartoon voice next to Mel Blanc’s work.

  • 77. Davo: Once in their clutches, it’s almost impossible to escape! I’ve told a few tales of “Scientologist’s I Have Known” on various lists, but let me tell you my own near calamity with them in the early 80’s Hollywood.
    I was walking down Sunset Blvd., minding my own business, when a very nice, extremely cute young man approached me.
    “We’re giving free Personality and IQ tests today,” he purred, “would you be interested?”
    I was leery, but he was deliciously cute, so I asked him where.
    “Right here, in this very building,” he said, taking my hand.
    “So I went with him. Up the elevator to the Scientology offices. There were tables everywhere, with pairs of people taking tests, or deep in conversation.
    He led me to a small room, and set up the tests. One was a standard Stanford-Binet IQ test, and the other the standard MMPI. I was familiar with both.
    I took the tests, and soon, the cute young man came and took the tests away to be graded.
    When he returned, he looked perplexed, he first gave me the results of my IQ test, (somewhat inflated, I already knew my IQ, so I knew what it should have been, within a margin of error…this was way outside that margin…), then he began to talk about my MMPI.
    “You come across as too happy”, he said,”this can mean you are blocking some very, very bad feelings.”
    “Can’t it just mean I’m happy?”, I asked.
    “Not this happy”, he began, and thus began a tale of such absurd claptrap that only the brain damaged could possibly fall for it.
    I’m sure he wasn’t supposed to tell me any of what he told me.
    I told him thanks but no thanks, He insisted on giving me a copy of Dianetics.
    For the next five years I got at least one call a week, usually two or three, asking when I was ready to join, barring that, when was I going to “pay” for the book I had been given.
    Forced to take for free.
    These are weird people.

  • Joe_DS

    I was glad to see your list included Bea Benaderet, whom I consider to be one of THE GREAT character and character-voice actresses —

    While she lost the role of Granny on The Beverly Hillbillies, she did appear as one of the principal cast members during the first season — Cousin Pearl Bodine, the mother of Jethro. (These, by the way, were among the funniest episodes.) As one critic put it, as Cousin Pearl, she stole every scene she was in, so CBS decided it was time to give her her own series–the principal role of Kate Bradley in Petticoat Junction. Fans of old 1950s TV shows also recognize her as Blanche Morton the nosey neighbor in the George Burns and Gracie Allen show.

    • Kim

      Hi Joe–that is my great aunt!! She was awesome, wasn't she? I wish she would have been able to accept the role as Ethel Mertz; she would have been fantastic.

  • Johandus Maximus

    I’ll be honest and admit that when I saw the title of today’s list I was a little disappointed. But, after reading the list through, I have to say I found it very interesting and enjoyable. I guess that just proves you can’t judge a list by its cover :D Great work islanderbst!

  • dr.d

    43 & 45: Sure, i’ll accept that. I wasn’t really thinking of characters as much as voice.
    She cut some sides too in her day. Mostly children’s fare and novelty bits, but I have heard a few really awesome ones….Yet another great version of “On The Good Ship Lollypop”, of which I mentioned the S.Temple version in the “song’s stuck in your head” LV Forum .

    81: Occasionally I see recruitiers behind tables set-up with stacks of Dianetics books and I’ll see them taking the blood pressure from doe-eyed yungins who happened to be walkin by in the subways of NY. I’m not saying you were a doe eyed yungin in the 80’s by any means, I know you weren’t, but I wonder how Scientolgists tactics have changed sence. Here in NY they don’t seem evasive, but such is the way of cults. Draw you in and…

    Much more confrontational and annoying here, are the Greenpeace kids and “Help save the enviornment/hungry children of the world”. 2-4 college aged fresh faces are stationed with clipboards at either end of a sidewalk city block and wave and smile and stand in your way and ask directly, “Excuse me, do you have time to save the children today?” or “Do you have a moment for gay rights?”

  • haha funny list

  • dr.d

    I’m not sayin that what they are sayin is bad, but the way in which they do it just doesn’t set right with me. I know I’m not the only one here that is annoyed by these pests.

  • Anon and On

    An interesting tidbit regarding Nancy Cartwright (and not regarding Scientology):
    In 1983’s “Twilight Zone: The Movie,” she had a role as Ethel, who was tormented by all-powerful youngster Anthony (Jeremy Licht) and ultimately trapped in a cartoon. Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t immediately associate Cartwright with Bart Simpson. A fitting development, eh?

  • 84. dr.d:…I’m not saying you were a doe eyed yungin in the 80’s by any means, I know you weren’t
    Gosh! You’re a real gentleman, a diplomat, aren’t you, dr.d?
    Everything is relative, you know. While I wasn’t a “doe eyed yungin”, I was still getting carded. Good genes and good jeans.

  • Vera Lynn

    This was a very cool list. I hadn’t thought much about this topic before. $400,000 per episode? I am in the wrong profession. It’s unreal what actors get paid, and that educators live hand to mouth at a percentage of their salary.

    warningdontreadthis (41) Well that solves the mystery of Slickwilly. What about MPW?

  • Vera Lynn

    Just did the Math. What Nancy Cartwright earns in one year would take me 146.6 years to earn. It’s not right. Yeah, I am bitter. Damn straight.

  • JwJwBean

    Well done islanderbst. :) It is nice to see some of the faces behind the toons. I was trying to remember how each one sounded. I wonder if there are youtube vids of each.

  • dr.d

    90: nuthin a little helium couldn’t fix.
    because i know you allready have a nice ass.

    I’m sorry, segue made me say it.

  • stevil

    Someone should take note of Penny Singleton. She was the voice of Jane jettson. But is best remembered for playing Bondie in the Blondie shorts for years.

  • Vera Lynn

    dr.d (92) Yeah I do. It’s from years of dance. And I doubt segue made you say it. What does helium have to do wih it?

  • warningdontreadthis

    Vera: You’re right. Where did he go?

  • Vera Lynn

    warningdontreadthis (95)I know where. It’s not good. I want people who know him to care. He’s in a bad way.

  • Schemin’

    I was really hoping to see Regina King on this list, she does the voices of Huey and Riley Freeman on The Boondocks. A classic

  • August Grey

    cartoons rule

  • Gee August you need to get out more.. ;)

  • warningdontreadthis

    Vera: You make it sound dangerous. He’s okay right?

  • MT

    Cree Summer does dozens of VO’s for TV and movie cartoons. My favorite is the character Foxy Love on my favorite cartoon Drawn Together

  • jhoyce07

    i love mameee two shoez..ü

  • Scaramouche

    I wish you could have included:

    Christine Cavanaugh

    who was the original voice of Chuckie Finster in the Rugrats series, before she retired around 2001.
    She also did the voice of Babe the pig, and Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory! She also did some spots on Salute Your Shorts, which is how I heard about her. She’s hilarious!

  • Scaramouche

    I wish you could have included:

    Christine Cavanaugh

    who was the original voice of Chuckie Finster in the Rugrats series, before she retired around 2001.
    She also did the voice of Babe the pig, and Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory! She also did some spots on Salute Your Shorts, which is how I heard about her. She’s hilarious!

  • #94. Vera Lynn
    dr.d (92) Yeah I do. It’s from years of dance. And I doubt segue made you say it. What does helium have to do wih it?
    Vera Lynn, Helium, breathed in, makes you talk like a cartoon for a few seconds.
    Is dr.d *him*?

  • I am gonna cry. My favorite voice actress (and a good friend of my sweeties) is Tara Strong.

    What does she do?
    1. Timmy Turner- Fairly Odd Parents
    2. Raven-Teen Titans
    3. Rikku-Final Fantasy 10 & 10/2
    4. Dill Pickles-Rugrats
    5. Bubbles-Power Puff Girls
    6. Melody-Little Mermaid 2
    7. Mrs. E-Garfield:A Tale of Two Kitties
    8. Bo-Spirited Away
    9. Kia-Princess Mononoke

    Well you get the point. I am sure everyone who is reading this list has seen at least one of these. Some have seen more and can hear the wide range of vocal styles she has. She is pure taffy.

  • islanderbst

    Ravyn – aw shucks, I didnt want to make people cry, I feel bad! :)
    one thing I learned from researching this list, is that Tara Strong does have a big fanbase out there. I just havent seen any of the more recent disney and nick toons to know her well enough.

    segue – youve done voice work before? sounds cool, anything you can mention? I would love to do voices, I can do impersonate about any cartoon character out there (well to my possibly tone deaf ears anyways!)

  • JayArr

    I can only impersonate Forrest Gump and Goofy: “Laaf is liyk a boks uv chokalits… ah-hyuck!”

  • No worries islanderbst. I just have a big fasination with her. Her versitality is incredible.

  • Yun

    #42. Iain: I’ll argue with that. How could you leave out Rob Paulson and Frank Welker?

  • 107. islanderbst: It was *years* ago! I started off doing PSA’s, for things like library grandparent reading programs, Women Supporting Women, Neighborhood Safehouse Programs, and the like.
    Then I went on to do some commercial voice-over work, nothing you’d remember now.
    I’d just gotten my foot firmly in the door when I got sick. The opiates changed my voice. Made it raspier, less reliable.
    Poof! Career gone!

  • islanderbst

    segue – thanks for sharing, too bad about the illness and voice. still, what you were able to do tho, sounds way more interesting than any job ive had :)

  • Vera Lynn

    segue (105) Is dr.d him? Who? You lost me somewhere.

  • Vera Lynn

    segue (105) No it’s MPW.

  • Vera ~ Is MPW okay?

  • Vera Lynn

    MPW is fine physically. He’s not sick or anything like that. He’s going through a very tough thing right now. We talk/TM every night. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He didn’t want me to say anything. I felt I had to.

  • Denzell

    Tara Strong as Timmy of Fairly Odd Parents?

  • 116. Vera Lynn: Where in the country is MPW? Is he somewhere I could do something about?

  • warningdontreadthis

    MPW: If you’re reading this. I hope you get better :)

  • Mo

    Wow. I’m glad I experienced Saturday morning cartoons. It was a ritual that young people will never have. RIP

  • Vera Lynn

    segue (118) He’s in Monrovia,California. I can only be there for him. To make sure he is safe every night. For him to know that he is not alone. That people care. Even if it’s only me. I’m in Chicago.

  • Vera Lynn

    segue Read my post on the Exiled list (28)

  • flaminio

    This list needs more Grey DeLisle. Look up her voice work in IMDb and be amazed.

  • Bill

    This is one of the most awesome lists ever! When I was a kid, I always wondered what the people who voiced the cartoons looked like. Islanderbst, can you do some more cartoon voice lists, perhaps?

  • DK

    I personally think that EG Daily should have been on this list. I mean, Tommy Pickles, and Buttercup of the Powerpuff girls! come on!
    I’m a little biased though, as she is the aunt of a friend of my sister :)

  • islanderbst

    Bill – Thanks! as for more lists, got any good ideas/suggestions?

    DK (and others) – Sorry if I left off your favorites, maybe a while from now, there could be a sequel to this list! :)

  • KryptoTSD

    I simply DUG Janet Waldo as Penelope Pitstop…
    I don’t seem to see her in this list for some reason.
    Not to think, however, that I didn’t dig the other voice Actresses… I did.

  • Me

    I was expecting Tara Strong. Here are the cartoon characters she voiced for:

    Dil Pickles – All Grown Up and the Rugrats
    Bubbles – Powerpuff Girls
    Ben Tennyson – Ben 10
    Timmy Turner – Fairly OddParents
    Raven – Teen Titans
    Princess Clara – Drawn together
    Toot Braunstein

    In total she voices in about 170 movies and TV series. I expetced her to be in the first position.

  • Cedestra

    64. JayArr: Touche, Teacher, touche…

  • jbjr

    Family Guy Chicks – Mila Kunis and Alex Borstein. Elizabeth Daily as Tommy Pickles. Plus she was blistering hot in Valley Girl.

  • Brie

    Cree Summer voiced Susie in Rugrats, I didn’t see anyone mention this in the comments. I had remembered seeing in the list that she’d voiced Chuckie the first time I read it, but its fixed now. I’ve always been one to recognize character voices in different cartoons, especially when I was younger and watched Dragonball Z and other Cartoon Network anime. :p

  • Ash

    Smurfette is a slut

    Lillian Randolph’s voice is a legend xD

  • gabi

    Smurfs are really three apples high?! I always assumed they were an inch or two like they are on tv screens but three apples… That’s averaging 6-9 inches…maybe even a foot if those apples are the large fuji kinds. That’s incredibly creepy.

  • IdesofMarch

    I’d love to see Jennifer Hale on here and Grey Delisle.

  • Maylinda

    I really think Francesca Marie Smith should be on this list. she has only done one major role, but her voice is so very memorable, as an entire fandom can vehemently attest. Helga G Pataki from Hey Arnold is the favourite character of a LOT of Nicktoon watchers, and it’s mostly all down to her AMAZING voice skills.

  • blue horse

    In the african-american community, we must give a lot of props to Lillian Randolph on portraying Mammy Two-Shoes in those classic Tom & Jerry cartoons. She helped pave the way for african-american voice actors to get involved in cartoon voice-overs. Voice-actors like T.K. Carter, Phil LaMarr, Bill Cosby, James Avery, Dorian Harewood, Rene Levant, Cree Summer, Iona Morris, Faizon Love, JoMarie Payton, Keith David, Rodney Salisbury and others have to be thankful for Lillian Randolph for her contributions to the world of animation, especially since she had to be the first african-american actress to ever perform cartoon voice-overs, even as Mammy Two-Shoes in the Tom & Jerry cartoons. As fans of animation, we must be thankful for Lillian Randolph.

  • Mike Zickefoose

    hopefully you’ll do a list of best English Voice actors and actresses for anime series and movies and one I think should top the female list is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, best known probably for the English voice of Major Motoko Kusanagi, field commander and second in command of Section 9 in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. For the male anime actors, my top pick would be Stephen Blum, probably best known as the English voice of Spike Spiegel, the young bounty hunter from Cowboy Bebop and also as the voice of TOM, the robotic host of Cartoon Network’s Toonami.

  • Megan

    …Wow… how is that Tara Strong is not on this list?? She’s pretty much single-handedly voiced Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network and WB shows since Rugrats…

  • leon_arlott

    Where is Tara Strong?

    You’ve no idea how gutted I am she’s not there,

    But, considering her absence, the list, I’d say, is spot on! Good job.

  • Amanda H.

    Awww! Mammy :) Such memories!

  • ontheair

    How in the world could you have left Candi Milo out of this list???

  • Gauldar

    I know Cree Summer’s work very well, but a big name you missed is B.J. Ward. She’s had character rolls from the great 1980s cartoons like GI Joe (as Scarlett) and Voltron, and many other additional voices. She was also a Playboy model. BAM!

  • ………

    what character did Lucille do the voice for in invader zim?i loved that show sooo much

  • cloufunky

    me and my brother used to watch Tom and Jerry reruns on cartoon network and videos all the time in the 90’s and we never realises the racial connotations with the lady in it, we just didn’t like her very much because she always used to shout at Tom hahahaa

  • stan

    Robin Wright Penn comes to mind as the voice of Belle and Fan from Disney’s A Christmas Carol.

  • nicoleredz3

    Isnt Cree Summer doing voive work for The Backyardigans, as well? I could be mistaken…

  • nicoleredz3

    I meant VOICE work. Lol!

  • tylerdavasel


  • RichinHB

    I was very happy to see Mary Kay Bergman on this list. Her husband (Dino) is my oldest friend. I was lucky enough to call her friend (more like a sister actually) for 12 yrs. The call from my father concerning her death was the single most horrible call I have ever gotten. Watching the South Park movie with her is one of my fondest memories. Great List.

  • Elizabeth

    June Foray should have been #1!!!

  • vanowensbody

    What a great list. Thank you for recognizing these very talented and overlooked actors.

  • swtnlow45

    I loved watching The Smurfs as a young adult and shortly after moving to Burbank (in 1984 I think it was) I had the pleasure of meeting Lucille Bliss ( "Smurfette) in a salad bar line one day at lunch. She joined us for lunch and afterward sent my kids an autographed 8×10… Super nice lady!

  • Kim

    Thank you for the great information. Also, thank you for spelling my great-aunt's last name (Benaderet) correctly. It is hard to find a web site that spells it correctly and also gives her credit for so many cartoon voices that were lumped together under the "Mel Blanc" umbrella.

  • HAB

    That was an impressive list; however, I noticed at least one faux paus. Christine Cavanaugh provided the voice of Chucky Finster on Rugrats, not Nancy Cartwright.

  • Not American, but interesting. Masako Nozawa did the voices of Goku and all his male family members in Dragon Ball Z with the exception of Raddiz (The REAL DBZ, not the American Dubbed version).

    She's a veteran voice actress, who started at age 2, and still does voice overs to this day.

  • Woody

    June Foray and Nancy Cartwright are obvious. The others, not so much. If we are talking movies, Ellen Degenerous in Finding Nemo, otherwise there is someone you guys totally forgot and should be in the top three. Her name was Grace Stafford and she portrayed a woodpecker through his most prolific years.

  • COLE


  • bigg3469

    And how about Janet Waldo,LaurenTom,Grey Deleslie,Kath Sochi and Jennifer Hale?

  • big g

    louis is the greatest of all.

  • Sam

    What about the inimitable Julie Dees??

  • wks

    Don't forget June also did Jokey Smurf..

  • Syndromeramo

    No jennifer Hale? She’s been in countless notable cartoons.

  • Louis

    In 1991, Christine Cavanaugh voiced Gosalyn Mallard, the title character’s adopted daughter on Disney’s Darkwing Duck as well as the voice of Chuckie Finster on the Nickelodeon cartoon Rugrats and later, in 1994, the voice of Oblina, one of the three main monster-students on Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.

  • Trina

    Mona Marshall. Current Sheila Broflovski, so many anime I can’t even count them, video games, parts all over the place. look her up!

  • buckinray

    How do you forget E.G Daily!?!?!?!?!? TOMMY PICKLES! Dottie from PEEWEES BIG ADVENTURE!!! *faint*

  • Steve

    I can’t recall her name at the moment, but she was the voice behind Jezebel Jade in the original Jonny Quest TV series from the 1960’s. The only Fem Fatal who was mysterious, intelligent, resourceful beauty who never allowed emotional ties to interfere with charging for her services. As far as female characters go, she was years ahead of her time. She would have been a great break-out character in her own series at the time. Come to think of it, she still would.

  • Chavo2k6

    Pamela Adlon hands down owns this list. Whoever made this should be ashamed for not even mentioning her

  • good

  • qwnskingdom

    how did tara strong not make this list she is brilliant

  • 1488

    dumb nigger got first i dont agree, niggers are too smelly

  • jbjr

    Like xtopherp said, Elizabeth Daily! Haha but I liked her in a certain scene in the 80’s flick Valley Girl.

  • Chris Wall

    I thought Ms Eandolph’s voice was a stereotype like the Black and White Minstrels so not PC. Until I heard an Afro-Anerican woman on a British TV ghost hunt show. She says things like “What’s dat noise? I’se gettin’ outa here.” I wish she’d say, “Thomas, is dat you in dat refrigerator?”
    Even Maury guests say “I is and you is”.
    So you critics, talk to da hand cos da face ain’t listening!

  • wey


  • ranwolf

    No Tara Strong? She was Raven(Teen Titans), Ben 10, Rikku(FFx and FFx-2), Bubbles(Powerpuff girls) and a whole mess of characters on tv and video games.

    Also Cree Summers played Hyena and Beth Maza on the Gargoyles t.v. series

  • me

    some of this is so weird but some is hard to believe

  • yiyithox

    estan buenas las fotos si xD

  • nothing

    this is hella dumb!! where’s the list????

  • Stevo

    O-U-W-T out!

  • Business Directory

    What an all ’round great blog post!!

  • chat 18

    This makes great sense to anyone…

  • naus226

    how is E G Daily not on this list???? Tommy Pickles, Babe, Buttercup,Mumble, Bam Bam, Froggy,

  • Justine

    “It’s amaZ’n how much a voice can give an animation. It’s twice as amaZ’n how, so many people can change there voice and pull off the oppisite sex. Like: Nancy Cartwright and the voice of Bart Simpson. I honestly thought a teenage boy was the one responcible for the unique, cetching, voice! I pray someday I can be at least 25% as good as her.”

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  • dannie

    tara strong should be on here she holds the record for lending her voice to the most characters, but all these women have such wonderful voices anyway :)

  • nthwana

    Regina King

  • Henrysmith


  • Zack`

    You forgot Regina King. She does the voices for both Riley and Huey on The Boondocks.

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  • you forgot about that girl that does the voice of Timmy Turner from the Fairly OddParents! :D

    • jayman419

      Mary Kay Bergman originally did Timmy’s voice.

      Tara Strong took over the role.

  • jayman419

    What about Tara Strong? She’s played the lead in more than a few long running toons and she has hundreds of other credits to her name, including a hilarious turn in Drawn Together, several memorable guest bits on Family Guy and way too many “additional voices” to list.

    Basically, if there was a popular cartoon in the past 15 years or so (other than The Simpsons, which seems to be the only one that counts), she has probably worked on it.

    But she didn’t give $10 million to a cult, so I guess she’s not as interesting.

  • Datnero

    Alright, where the hell is Tara Strong?

  • dcyfr1

    snubbed from thiz list e.g. daily tommy pickles from rugrats.

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