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Videocast: Top 10 Best Selling Console Games

This week’s videocast, courtesy of Paulb, our resident brilliant videocast maker, covers our Top 10 Best Selling Console Games. A console game is a form of interactive multimedia used for entertainment. The game consists of manipulable images (and usually sounds) generated by a game console, and displayed on a television or similar audio-video system. The game itself is usually controlled and manipulated using a handheld device connected to the console called a controller. This is a list of the ten best selling console games.


If you want to read the original list after enjoying the great videocast, you can do so here.

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  • PirateXxEsque

    Noice list~

    Well, video-version anyway!

    Top stuff!

  • disco.x

    hehe, I love video casts…

    and this video brought out my innner geek =]

  • danmoo

    i would have thought halo or call of duty 4 would have been on this list

  • jajdude

    Fresh guns g, sticking.

  • Renegade

    hmmm the list is good. To be honest though I think that FF7 should be moved a little further up in the list. I’m not saying this because I’m a fanboy, I’ve never even played the game. However I’d like to point out the time period here. In 1997 it was laughable to play RPG’s..I mean honestly? just about everything was mario related, or, as can be seen, gran turismo (still a shocker for me.) lol. Anyways yeah..most games that were played in the 90’s were racing games or mario related games..occasionally even movie based games. The fact that an RPG came out in the 90’s that had nothing to do with mario and STILL sold almost 10 million copies should be notable enought o bump it up a little, despite the numbers.

  • eh

    The problem with this list, is everything is subjective to the time they were released… Obviously games released longer ago will have sold more, and games recently releaesd will have sold more faster..since gaming is a lot bigger than now it use to be

  • Maxman

    So the whole list is made up of 5 different games, the other 5 are just sequals to games already on the list? That sucks.

    Also although youd think that more would be sold of the earlier versions the latest of each of those games seem to outsell the previous ones (GT3 and GTA SA)

    • Dewi

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  • PlasmaTwa2

    I’m surprised so many GTA games got on the list. I think it’s because it’s a console-only list, though. GTA is outsold by Mario and Pokemon all the time. The original Super Mario Brothers sold over 43 million copies, but it was bundled with the NES.

  • ohrmets

    How about adding a simple text list to accompany the video list? No offense, but I don’t always feel like watching an 8-minute YouTube video when I could have just gleaned a text list in 30 seconds.

  • clownsocks32

    I felt that there a lot of game squeals and games that sold 11 million copies. if you could find a wider range in copies sold there would probably more variety in games

  • nice!

  • Dani


    Even though the title clearly says “Best Selling Console Games”? That would defeat the purpose of the list completely.

  • schiesl

    Super Mario Bros. for the regular nintendo outsold almost all of these combined! one of the greatest games of all time. I think it sold almost 50 million copies! NO JOKE!

  • Paulb

    ohrmets, yeah thats a my bad on my part. It should have been shorter.

    schiesl, The original super mario bro’s was bundled with the NES, thats why it doesn’t count. Also I didn’t make the list.

  • cannabiscallan

    this is cute.

  • Blogball

    hey Paul,great job, keep it up! Listversers can’t wait for your next installment!!

  • Kadaj

    Nice list. I think that videocasts from movies would be cool, since there is a lot of material to use…

    See ya.

  • DK

    Excellent job once again Paul:) Keep em coming!

  • Avid

    For the date this was posted…i’m finding this way wrong. Halo 3? GTAIV?

  • Ellen

    woah- pokémon is not on this list??? I thought it would be for sure. I mean everyone was playing that game, even me. And I’ve barely heard of Gran Turismo.
    I’m also kind of sad that no Zelda game is on this list…they’re my favourite games.

  • G Note

    I think the list would have been better if no games of the same series were listed. Just pick the hightest selling of that particular series. My 2 cents.

  • thuss

    wat a shit list

  • Paulb

    Avid, try the date of the original list posted. and thuss thanks for the incredible great insight into a chimps mind, i really learned alot

  • Dragonrider617

    Call of duty 4: Modern Warefore has sold over 11 million to date so it should definetly be on the next list they do like this

  • joah

    super mario 64

  • Ash

    This list is completely wrong or at least out of date. Many games have blown through theses since then. Wii sports is the top selling game of all time with 45.71 million.

  • VGV

    Better late than never …

    Great list. Wii sports came prepackaged with the Wii and as such cannot be considered for top selling game of all time.

    The sales numbers of Wii sports relate more directly to the sales of the Wii.

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