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Your View: What is the Best TV Show Ever?

Television has transformed society and virtually everyone with the financial means owns one and watches one. Whether you love the news, sports, drama, movies, or comedy, there is something for everyone on television. Some people use it as a baby-sitter, others as a relaxation tool, and some even preach against it – but it is always on our mind. So, with all of that in mind, we want to know what you think the best program ever made for TV is – from any genre. Don’t forget to give your reasons!

What is the Best TV Show Ever?

My answer: For those of you who have been watching this site for some time (especially those who have been here since the beginning) will know about my love of all things David Lynch. Therefore it will come as no surprise to you to know that I think Twin Peaks is the best TV show ever made. It created a whole new style of program and gave us something quirky and mysterious to watch every week. My only gripe is its early demise.

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  • stoner

    i reckon that family guy is the best because of its quirkey anttics n other funny random stuff thats completly funny

    but thats my opinon

    • cool man 122

      you are absolutely wrong. FAMILY GUY :( is the WORST show in the world ever (and when i say the world i mean the entire universe) the best show ever is dr who but the most depressing show ever is THE NEWS

      • egg

        shut up

    • cool man 122

      Spain 0-1 Switzerland

  • Gauntlet3D

    Iain The Wire is right up there for sure.

    jfrater Twin peaks for its time was great but if it was released now it wouldn't compare to the new shows.

    I can appriciate different shows for different reasons. Acting, directing, concept, writing. The best newish show for me would have to be Dexter. The best older show I would have to say would be either Little House on the Prarie or The Waltons.

    • Twin Peaks is incredible and I fully say it would stand up to shows now…just for starters it wipes everything on MTV off the map and all sohws like Kardasians (the dumb bitches) and all that reality crap and most shows now even though I do love some are all the same as the others repeating the same jokes over and over counted one joke used in 5 differant shows

  • Riley

    Gilmore Girls. It was witty, charming, funny, endearing, tackled real issues, and had good enough writing to not resort to shock entertainment.
    Secondly, I’d have to say (for all my fellow Canadians) Degrassi Jr. High and Degrassi High (the original’s).
    Best show ever made targeted at teens.

  • Lady Baglady

    Fringe, Alias, Lost … Anything J.J. Abrams. He is truly a brilliant mind.

  • godiva

    i think The Oprah Winfrey Show is the best show on tv right now. it talks about real problems and issues. and also, it is uplifting and inspiring. it has an easy approach that everyone from all walks of life can relate to. and come on, it has a make-over! right, ladies?

    i hate reality tv shows. i am just so sick of them! specially the ones on Mtv and Discovery. I miss the old programs. :(

  • WHAT? No one agrees with me yet? I am horrified!

    • Cool man 122

      well, that's because no one actually likes that

  • Iain

    JFrater – “My only gripe is it’s early demise.”. Therein lies the problem with ‘Twin Peaks’. I agree with much of what you said, but the way it ended seriously undercuts it. It’s like saying the greatest novel in the world is one where the last few chapters have been ripped out or written in crayon.

  • downhighway61

    Um… Jfrater… I have a confession.
    I’ve never even seen Twin Peaks.
    I can’t really make a good choice for this one. There are so many shows I haven’t seen.

  • Anthony

    Riley: Gilmore Girls? Are you serious?

    Can’t believe I’m the first to say: The Sopranos. Hands down.

  • Iain

    Anyway – the correct answer is ‘The Wire’.

  • downhighway61

    Anthony, you have issue with The Gilmore Girls, but not Oprah or Family Guy??
    The Gilmore Girls really was a great show. Have you seen it?

  • Mendacity

    I´m torn between Arrested Development and Heroes, but as their so completely different I´m going to nominate them both in different categories. As far as Arrested development, I love it because it is so consistently funny, develops deep characters, works in (then) current issues, and was totally unique at the time.
    I love Heroes because there is a lack of ¨good guys¨ and ¨bad guys¨. Everyone is a rounded character who works from their own motivation, whether that´s helping others or not – there is no arbitrary distinction into all good or evil.


  • Anthony

    downhighway61: Yes, of course I have an issue with the Gilmore Girls. And of course I have seen it. Although Oprah is almost as painful, I think GG takes the cake for the most annoying show ever recorded. And Family Guy is amusing, so there’s no comparison there. Thus you are incorrect.

    Mendacity: I forgot about Arrested Development, what an awesome show… don’t think it quite takes The Sopranos’ mantle though.

  • Louis

    House, Fringe, and Family Guy are the best shows out there rite now….hands down

  • Paulb

    Honestly, THE OFFICE. i watch ALOT of TV, OFFICE is just the best.

  • Kristie

    Outrageous fortune……… (NZ)

  • I’m going to have to say Prison Break. A couple weeks ago, a friend recommended it. I got the first two seasons and watched them entirely and loved every minute of them. Now, I’m on to the third season, let’s see where it takes us:)

    If not for that show, I’d go with Family Guy. It’s very quirky and stays up to date, and has a nice pace. I can watch it no matter what mood I’m in and it never gets old to me. I also appreciate how the show involves more than just the main characters. There is always a different clip involving real life events or real life people and they turn it around perfectly.

    We are going to say it’s a tie for those two.

    As far as runner-ups…I’m going to say Boondocks. Yes, another animated show. I think the voice acting is brilliant and this show is hilarious. This show also incorporates real life happenings and turns them around in a genius way.

  • Morono

    Dexter, Weeds, Life

  • Iain

    I get the feeling this topic will bring up a lot of ‘diverse’ opinions. It’s less than 20 comments in, and I can’t believe some of the stuff I’ve read. I watched a Family Guy DVD once (Xmas present) – quite the crash course in aversion therapy.

  • PirateXxEsque

    Firefly was brilliant. (Not including that pathetic excuse of a tie up movie, Serenity, either.)

    And House. (oh, I want to see all the disagreeing on this one)
    Early episodes particularly.

  • Polymath

    I’m old. I enjoyed Tour Of Duty series.
    Tour of Duty was an American television drama series on CBS which ran from September 1987 to April 1990. The show follows an American infantry platoon on a tour of duty during the Vietnam War. It was the first television series to regularly show Americans in combat in Vietnam and was one of several similarly-themed series to be produced in the wake of the acclaimed Oliver Stone film, Platoon. The show was created by Steve Duncan and L. Travis Clark, and produced by Zev Braun. It ran for three seasons as 58 one-hour episodes.

  • ligeia

    Damn, I’m not good at picking definite favourites, so here are just some of the programmes I love: Ren and Stimpy, Futurama, Family Guy and South Park for cartoons….. I’ve just realised I don’t really watch a lot of programmes that aren’t cartoons. As far as TV series go, the only ones I’ve ever really gotten into are Twin Peaks, Monty Python (thanks to my dad for introducing me to them!!), The Mighty Boosh…….oh there was a really cool and confusing Japanese TV series called MPD-Psycho. I used to watch the X-Files when it first came out and a lot of the earlier episodes were pretty good but I wouldn’t really watch them now. To be honest, I find a lot of TV these days to be rubbish, though it still doesn’t stop me from switching on the box every night after work. I never got into Lost, or Prison Break, or Desperate Housewives, or House or Bones or any of that shite. I watched one episode of Lost ‘cos the folks were watching it and never again. I think because the parents watch so many series just for the sake of watching something every Tuesday at 9 I rebel against them. Oh yeah, and Bottom/The Young Ones – I love Rik Mayall!! (Of course, I still watch The Simpsons but even the old ones are beginning to get tiresome).

  • Just thought of an older show that is definitely a good one…Red Dwarf. Anybody ever get into that? I’ve seen up to the sixth series, hard to find (at least for me) anything past that. Like I said though, definitely could be thrown up for consideration for a ‘Best TV Show Ever’ category.

  • Lady Baglady

    I’ve seen the first two seasons of Red Dwarf. I’d like to check out the rest sometime …

    Doctor Who.
    Probably my all-time favorite TV series. All ten doctors have been completely amazing. XD

  • watching

    I love House MD at the moment.
    I think I’d vote for Mr Ed as an older show, though I’d also include Aussie show: Hey Hey It’s Saturday too.

  • caramellee

    For me, Blackadder is definitely number one on my list forever. Other shows that I loved are: Arrested Development, Monk and Men(Boys?)Behaving Badly, and right now I like Grey’s Anatomy and the Office. Oh, I have also loved all the CSI’s (Las Vegas, Miami, New York).
    Can we nominate reality shows: The Amazing Race and Baby Borrowers.

  • Kyran Wray

    # Southpark
    Satirical comedy at its greatest.

    However i also agree on Outrageous fortune with Kristie.

  • Hemza3000

    I’m actually confused at the fact that I’ve seen Family Guy and Gilmore Girls being mentioned but The Simpsons only once and Seinfeld ZERO TIMES, which is arguably the best show ever. For me it’s a toss-up between those two.

    And people, he did say best show ever, not necessarily on tv right now.

  • Abhimanyu

    Dexter is hands-down the best show I’ve ever seen. Intelligent, funny, dark and thrilling all at once.

  • Susan


    Unleashed Joss Whedon and some much needed snark to the world of television.

  • Mr.Graves

    There are a lot of shows mentioned that I personally love, but I don’t think my affection alone can qualify them. A lot of people like present day shows but the honest truth is most of them are retreads of other concepts that have already been done, just adding your generic extra quirk to give an ‘edge’.

    I think the Wire is a notable exception based simply on the style of writing it employed- it says something when Harvard has their own panels discussing the innovations of the techniques being used in the style and classes are being taught with it’s content as subjects of study.

    Hands-down though, the best TV show ever made was without a doubt, M*A*S*H*. That’s not just my opinion, it’s generally agreed upon in the industry. Most shows mentioned already are very excellent in key areas and have great things about them, but M*A*S*H* was the standard that no one has ever been able to trump, in writing, tackling relevant topics, humour and sorrow. It was ground breaking for it’s time, and television has never been the same since. You can’t say that about nearly any modern programming.

    In my opinion, I have shows I personally enjoy a lot more to my tastes, but that doesn’t make them the best program ever created. I’m thinking if you were to poll the heads of the industry on the matter (which has been done several times to the same conclusion) you’ll find most agree that M*A*S*H* is still considered the best program ever put on television.

  • AbstractPlain

    Anyone watch Peep Show?

  • Arbab

    The Wire

    and then Oz

  • Patrona

    “Friends” anyone???

  • Ghidoran

    Blii Cosby ^^

  • Ghidoran

    I meant Bill Cosby lol

  • dor

    Everyone i know love & often quote FRIENDS & The SIMPSONS. So I’d definitely vote for those.. As for the older generations… I have absolutely no idea.. maybe ‘I Love Lucy’??? dunno..
    But my personal favourites besides the 1st two.. are Buffy, House, all CSI & Supernatural!!!!!!!!
    oh also ‘Whose line is it anyways’!!!

  • TC

    I thought Six Feet Under was great, especially the portrayal of the mother–one of the few multi-faceted older woman characters out there. The final episode had me crying, which I believe I have done in response to a TV show only a handful of times.

    MASH was, of course, wonderful. (Final show one of the other times I’ve cried.)

    I love House right now, very well written, though utterly preposterous at the same time.

  • rushfan

    24, The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Friends, Seinfeld…

  • Cheeshygirl

    What is the best TV show ever? Wow, I don’t think I have the credentials to answer this question. My local radio station put the question out there a little differently a couple of weeks ago, which got me thinking on this subject. They asked listeners “If you could only watch one show ever again, which one would you pick?” Now, this I can grasp and after careful consideration, I chose The Simpsons. Tons of material, loveable characters, and consistent laughs. I guess I’m easily amused.

  • Phil

    My plug for Outragious Fortune, great writing, storylines, irreverent, beautifully unPC, captured the essential Westiness and very NZ, hope the world sees this one, its choice bro.

  • hook em horns

    Mythbusters is my number one show as of now, I can watch it all day long and learn new things, very intellectually stimulating.

    Family Guy is a perennial. Never misses, the randomness of the references are classic. (Hitler on a unicycle juggling fish, what more can viewers want!)

  • ep_gun

    Scrubs –
    One of the best shows ive seen. Especially the first four seasons. Its extremely funny but at the same time it teaches you about life and the decisions u have to make. U can relate to it. Highly recommend it.

    Heroes –
    Great show. Great story and everyone wants to have super powers lol. I know its far from reality yet at the same time it has less fantasy than some of the other superhero shows. Ordinary people waking up with extrodinary powers. Isnt that the dream???

    House –
    Great show. Great character. House is just awsum. But it did get a bit routine. But the new eps are pretty good.

    Family guy –
    Has some of the funniest and most random jokes ever. extremely funny. So many memorable moments.

    How i met your mother –
    Pretty good show. Suprisingly funny. Mainly thanx to Neil Patrik Harris.

    Out of the relatively new shows Dexter (9/10, acting and freshness),fringe(8/10) and The Mentalist(8/10) are a stand out for me.

  • a3minutewonder

    Great TV; Father Ted, The Sweeney, Boy’s from the black stuff, Life on Earth, The Flintstones, Prime suspect, Spitting image, the World at War, Match of the Day, Only fools and horses, Porridge, the Simpsons and Soap. Programs that have made me happy, sad or just think differently about life.

  • MT

    60 Minutes.

  • FifthSonata

    1. Scrubs
    2. Ghost Hunters
    3. Family Guy

  • “Friends”

  • A Nun O Miss

    Two and a half men!

  • I also like ‘The X-Files’, ‘Lost’, ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, ‘Full House’, ‘My Wife and Kids’ and ‘Seinfeld’.

  • DiscHuker

    arrested development, here’s hoping that the much talked about movie actually happens.

    for fans of the show: a link to a great quote page

  • Mom424

    All in the Family will be my first pick; they smashed barriers and broke all the taboos. They dealt with racial inequality, bigotry, sexism, rape (Jean Stapleton received and emmy for that particular episode I think) and the Vietnam War. All done with humor and without climbing on a pedestal. It was the first show that actually reflected the the social concerns of the day.

    I would follow it up with *M*A*S*H*. For all the reasons Mr. Graves has so kindly illustrated. I still can bring myself to tears just thinking about MacLean Stevenson’s exit from the show.

    My favorite show on TV at the moment would have to be Dexter. Who can’t love a serial killer with standards? Novel premise, good writing and believable characters. Filming in Miami is pretty cool too.

    I would give an honorable mention to Life, a new show worth a try, catch it if you get the opportunity.

  • bucslim

    The Wire by a mile.

    Dramatic, real, gritty, funny, stupid, outrageous, sad, thought-provoking, engrossing and just plain damn good. Great story lines, great direction and great acting. I’ve never been so addicted to a television series than this. It had me laughing my ass off and I actually was close to tears a few times. This is what television drama should be like.

    If you haven’t, you should.

  • Callie

    Best ever: MASH, I Love Lucy

    90’s: Boy Meets World, Friends, Seinfeld, and ER

    Presently: 24, Arrested Development, The Office

    This season: Fringe

  • JLo

    It’s really hard to compare half hour shows with one hour dramas, so I will split my decision between one half hour show and an hour long show.

    Best half hour show: Seinfeld

    Personal Favorite: Arrested Development

    Best Hour Long Show: X-Files

    Personal Favorite: X-Files

  • charlie

    I wanted to write my favorites down but that is not the topic probably the greatest tv show ever produced would be I Love Lucy. the way lucille ball interacted with all the different characters and even her self deprecating humor can not be matched. also most of the story lines have been recreated in different forms through all the different situation comedies over the years. ! vote for I love Lucy
    side note my fav’s were Deadwood,Carnivale and now Ncis since i only watch 1 hour of tv a week.

  • Dan

    Seinfeld, Lost, Southpark, Breaking Bad.

  • stevezio

    “Firefly” even though it did not last long.
    It was never given a chance but has a huge following.
    Funny ,smart with superb characters.

    ER – is very good you never know who is going to loose an arm then get crushed by a helicopter. :)

    The Adams Family – very clever and funny

    Bugs Bunny (Mel Blanc)- need I say more

  • stevezio

    I almost forgot
    Dexter – wow what a great show

  • Skepticism

    How I met your mother! hands down.

  • blargle

    MASH, Freaks & Geeks, Arrested Development, Fawlty Towers…

  • Phil

    Does any one remember Hill Street Blues?

  • Sarah

    Best Non Fiction: Jeopardy. Love it!

    Best Overall….I love Bones….but I’m going to have to go with Boston Legal. William Shatner and James Spader. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

    Best British: Are You Being Served? Freakin’ hilarious!

    And, yes, that’s right, I created my own “best” categories!

  • Einar

    House MD for its originality.
    Scrubs should have a fighting chance.

    Would say Simpsons, but the more recent seasons have pretty much killed it.

  • ABrutalKind

    Arrested Development and Firefly.
    Both for great writing and superb character development.
    Firefly created a whole new genre of television.
    Arrested Development provided us with the best social commentary in the last few years and is hilarious. The in depth writing goes so deep and amazing callbacks make it the best show ever!

  • Iain

    I would recommend ‘Generation Kill’ as a refuge for fans of ‘The Wire’. The same great storytelling techniques but substituting the Marines for the Baltimore Police (or perhaps the Barksdale Gang) and Iraq for Bodymore.

  • CJ

    I’m going to show my age and say M*A*S*H.

  • bucslim

    I’ve recently been turned on to Dexter, which has a fantastic story line. And Michael C. Hall is really, really perfect for that role. But the rest of the acting is 70’s cop show mediocrity. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, especially when Dexter is talking to himself – “I must not kill my sister, I must not kill my sister.”

    I’m still in the Wire camp.

  • Noticeably F.A.T.

    For animation it would be Futurama and Rocko’s Modern Life.
    Live action would be Friends, Scrubs, and House.

  • logar

    For me, the true measure of the greatness of a show is if I can watch episodes that I’ve already seen before, and still be just as entertained as the first time.

    Seinfeld, in my estimation, is that show. It just never gets old. No hugging, no learning!

    The only show I’ve ever cried during was Six Feet Under, the last few episodes. That’s got to make my list somewhere.

    The Sopranos would make my list as well, primarily because it was so well written and acted, and the production values were so high. I think Tony was whacked at the end, IMHO.

    I know some of the old farts are going to whip out shows like All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke, Honeymooners, but those shows just don’t speak to me. Sorry.

  • Iain

    I have to say I’m surprised that there’s nothing for ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (v2.0)yet – or ‘The Shield’.

  • Mullaccio

    For me its got to be The Sopranos. Everything about the show is just amazing. From the storylines, the script, character development, humour, cinematography and the soundtrack.
    Some of my other favourites include-
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Black Books
    The Mighty Boosh
    Peep Show
    Planet Earth
    Father Ted….The epitomy of Irish humour…highly recommended JFrater

  • Dani

    Whose Line is It Anyway.

    Probably the only show that’s ever left in stitches nearly every time.

  • terfegherte

    I think The Wire was nearly flawless in its construction and execution from start to finish. And while I was sad to see it end, I was glad to see it go out while it was still at a peak and when the creators decided it was time rather than due to cancellation or ratings or actors departing. I particularly loved how each season had the main story arc, but still remembered that everything before it had happened. So many shows drop the ball in that respect.

    And then Arrested Development for all the reasons listed by others and more. I’ve heard rumors of a movie and I’d really like to see that happen.

  • jamesss

    my favourites have to be fonejacker, lost, prison break, and peep show.

  • lexa

    Hill Street Blues is the best show ever. Without it we wouldn’t have any of the hour long dramas of the last 20 years.

    Also, Lucille Ball practically invented the sitcom as we know it, so I have to add I Love Lucy.

  • jack

    I feel that any show that can hold a following since 1963 should get a pretty good mention, so Dr Who. The show is such a blend of genres; each week it might have action, romance, drama, mystery, or science fiction. The characters are still brilliant and fresh after forty-five years, which is extremely impressive.

  • Kayla

    Arrested Development most definitely! It’s just so intricately funny. It’s a show I can watch almost every day and never get sick of

  • Heroajax

    Probably my favorite shows were Farscape, Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Alias. I was addicted to all of them.

  • Sarah

    Good call on Whose Line Is It Anyway! The original was wonderful! Between Tony Slattery and Chip Whats His Name, I laughed til it hurt!

  • Justin Y.

    In current shows, Dexter is simply awesome. Although I do love Chuck too.

  • Sarah

    I have Buffy issues because I loved the movie so much. I never could get into the tv show.

  • niksterino

    The Sopranos
    The Simpsons
    Arrested Development
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Fawlty Towers

  • Callie

    Iain I live on Baltimore and out murder rate jsut fell to an all time low. Yaaaaaaaay.

    now it’s just heroin town :)

  • Rey

    Here’s a thinker: how about Saturday Night Live? It’s spawned so many stars, so many movies, so many cultural memes, even affecting political discourse, for now going on 30 years. Granted, its quality is not consistent from year to year (or even from the first 30 minutes to the last of many episodes), but the high points, from Wild and Crazy Guys to Dick in a Box, from “Jane you ignorant slut” to “I can see Russia from my house”, from Bill Murray to Eddie Murphy to Mike Myers to Ana Gasteyer to Tina Fey, are among the best quality, most lasting, most memorable moments in TV.

  • rk

    if you have a light sense of humor, Family Guy and The Office are unbeatable.
    as for more of a serious show, House and Grey’s Anatomy are fantastic

  • Kreachure

    Good question! Oh, but there are so many great TV shows!!

    Seinfeld is the first thing that comes to mind. Incredible humor, and unparalleled influence on modern pop culture.

    I would then have to say The Simpsons, but only until the golden age (Conan O’Brien era and surroundings). It stopped being funny and smart loooong ago.

    After that it’s pretty much free-for-all in TV greatness:

    Arrested Development
    (and dare I say) Prison Break.

    I’m glad to see so many of you agree with these already! :)

    As for Twin Peaks, it was great BUT only until the murder was resolved (which was the entire point of the whole series)!!! After that, it was like, “what for?”. Or so I hear! :P

  • Kreachure

    *Ugh* and X-Files too, obviously. >.

  • DJ


  • EAL

    I would have to say “The Simpsons”. In the past few years the show has declined significantly, but in it’s prime it was the funniest show on television.

  • Jmark

    The Wire

    Never has there been a more realistic and compelling narrative…

    If you haven’t seen it watch it…It never gets the awards it should… but all the best critics agree.. it was the best show when it was on TV and maybe the best TV show of all time

  • Bill

    WKRP In Cincinnati… Sure, it was sometimes campy. It was about a struggling AM station making the transition to a hard rock (now classical rock) format. Many episodes dealt with controversial issues of the day; and much of the dialogue and subject matter (ie. Jennifer’s boobs, race relations, Vietnam PTSD & Agent Orange, etc) was racy enough that the PC Police would never allow a show like that to be made today using the same material. YouTube the infamous “Thanksgiving Turkey episode”. It’s a classic.

  • Nikki

    Im only 15 but how about Happy Days?i saw it the toher day and thought it was pretty good, so i try and catch as much as possible.I really like Friends, but i dont think its the best ever.Love whose line is it anyway lol.Fresh Prince of Bel Air?erm….The Simpsons,Futurama,Bottom,The young ones,Hayyr Hilss Tv burp lol you ve been framed.

  • Maxman

    I find that ‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Simpsons’ both got boring quickly, but their side projects ‘American Dad’ and ‘Futurama’ were both 10x better. Amazing viewing

    Also ‘Scrubs’ for the fact that is so amazingly funny

    ‘CSI’ (Vegas only, miami and NY are just posers) and ‘House’ for the clever situations and problem solving

    Also ‘Prison Break’, buying the box set means you’ll be unable to sleep or work untill youve reached the end

    Top of all is ‘South Park’ though. Just because its always so on the ball and funny. Everything shown although extreme is correct of human social situations, and in some episodes can bring together 3 or 4 situations in one that you didnt even see comming and become even more clever and funny

  • Randall

    This is too hard a question to answer, as there are so many different GENRES of TV show…

    I would have to agree with Bill as far as sitcoms go…. WKRP in Cincinnati, with Seinfeld a close second.

  • Mongoose

    Best show on television ever, would have to be Seinfeld. The show was taken off the air 9 years ago and still on TV at least 5 times a day (where I live anyway). Seinfeld was voted the number 1 show of all time by TV Guide, and you would have to think that they know what there talking about.
    The show ran for 9 seasons and many of the catchphrases and lines (Yada Yada Yada, shrinkage, master of your domain, and Not that there’s anything wrong with that) into daily life conversations. The show is brilliant in absolutely every way and no other sitcom could ever dream of being considered better than it.

    Some of the submissions that I read just make me sick to my stomach. Gilmore Girls, Friends !?!?, these show are god awful, and have only successful because they have been supported by hordes of imbecilic preteen girls.

    The Office, Curb your Enthusiasm and Arrested Development are some others that deserve to be mentioned

  • soonergirl27

    I would have to say either The Office or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Great shows. :)

  • ericdraven26

    Seinfeld, scrubs

    that 70’s show would rank if they never had the last season

  • fydeaux

    I’m gratified to see one mention of DEADWOOD. It really is the closest thing to f*cking Shakespeare in my lifetime.

    I dont recall a previous mention of THE WEST WING, and I dont think NYPD BLUE has gotten an earlier mention, but both are deserving of consideration.

    SPORTS NIGHT and THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY JR are the only series that I ordered the very first day they were available.

    LOU GRANT was great in its day, but I dont think it has aged as well as its (roughly) contemporaries HILL STREET BLUES or ST ELSEWHERE. And I dont know anyone who regularly watched AMERICAN GOTHIC and wasnt somehow changed by the experience. There is no question that THE SOPRANOS and SIX FEET UNDER have changed the medium.

    (For what it’s worth, I may be the only one in the world, but I’d rather have all my teeth pulled that to have to watch an entire episode of either FRIENDS or -especially- SEINFELD. I guess as far as the public at large is concerned, I dont have very good taste. I can live with that.)

  • Grendel

    The Simpsons. History will prove me right.

  • Cedestra

    Damn you, Jamie, and your impossible to answer questions! How funny is it that when you ask about life-changing, important questions, I’m right on it. When you ask about someone fairly inconsequential, I’m at a loss.
    21. ligeia: Oh, you are the only one I saw that mentioned Monty Python’s Flying Circus, the one that I think comes closest for me. Thank you.

    As well as Monty Python’s Flying Circus, I would agree with a few people so far and say Dexter, Fringe, House, and Heroes are great. There’s just so many shows in different venues and media. Full Metal Alchemist would have to be my favorite anime and Mad, Mad House was my favorite reality television show. When I was a kid I loved Pinwheel, and when I got older it was Freakazoid and Earthworm Jim.

  • bingob0813

    I am in absolute shock that nobody mentioned The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It brought you the Carlton, and find me a person who doesn’t know the theme song.

    Also for way out there, I found Nip/Tuck crazy to watch.

  • Sarah

    Agree with Deadwood. I was crushed to see it end.

  • islanderbst

    jamie – while i didnt like the series so much, that premiere episode of “Twin Peaks” was fantastic and mesmerizing.

    Best ever: Seinfeld.

    I see a lot of good shows being mentioned, but one that hasnt yet: Star Trek (either the original or next generation)

  • Sheila

    Benny Hill anyone, lol

  • Phender_Bender

    I don’t think there can be one best tv show. There can be a best of a category though…
    Comedy: Seinfeld -Come on, all you have to do is watch “The Parking Garage” episode
    Drama: Dexter -deep characters and interesting plot twists
    Action: 24 -Jack Bauer
    Reality: Futureweapons -Great information and an interesting delivery
    Cartoon: Simpsons -This one is somewhat obvious, its been on for what, 19 years?

    –Honorable Mentions–
    Comedy: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Arrested Development (I love Tobias), Friends, The Office (British and American)
    Drama: Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, Journeyman, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    Action: Ultimate Force, The Shield
    Reality: Survivor, Amazing Race, Dallas SWAT
    Cartoon: Family Guy, South Park

    Just my opinion, don’t get mad.
    BTW, Jamie, nice change from all the downer “your views” :)

  • josh116

    I’d give my vote to The Simpsons…Heroes is pretty damn awesome too…

  • NHGumby68

    All in the Family, Cheers, and Family Guy. The first 2 are classics, the last one a future classic.

  • Charlie Day

    Funniest show ever-Its Always Sunny in Philidelphia
    Drama-Heros..or Dexter

    You have to throw Cheers in there somewhere

  • warrrreagl

    The Rockford Files.

    Close and lock the forum, please.

  • Quiana

    Oz, series that was on HBO

  • powell

    The best show on television right now is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

  • chershey

    Doctor Who
    I Love Lucy

    Not necessarily my faves, but a few I think are definitely in the top 10.

  • TMo

    I never understood the love for recent network television.
    Lost sucks.
    Prison Break sucks.
    Heroes sucks.
    House sucks.
    CSI sucks.

    I never understood these shows’ appeal. It’s like one really loud person said they were good, so now everyone thinks they’re good. But they’re not. Network TV has severely disintegrated since the 90’s… Seinfeld, The Simpsons, X-Files, all classics.

    The premium channels tend to make higher quality stuff… Dexter is decent, Weeds had a couple good seasons early on, though they’ve ventured into mediocre-out-of-ideas land, Sopranos was pretty good…

    And then there are the cartoons. South Park is pretty good, though it’s seen better days, much like Family Guy. It seems American Dad picked up the flack and stole all the funny writers from Family Guy. Samurai Jack was awesome. Oh yea, VENTURE BROS FTW

    Pretty much all reality sucks… Man & Wife on MTV is good, like this generation’s Loveline. I guess I just don’t get that excited about TV. I really miss the old Mission Impossible and old Batman shows. And Hogan’s Heroes was always fun.

    In short, I guess, VENTURE BROS FTW

  • TMo

    Oh yea! 24 season 1 only. High-brow comedy at its finest.

  • Hemza3000

    “The Simpsons. History will prove me right.”

    – # 99. Grendel.

    One of the most accurate sentences ever spoken.

  • danesc1

    “”Anyone watch The Peep Show?”–Yep Brilliant. They are making an US version. also brill was Father Ted— Spaced and THE GOODIES :)

  • Callie

    I’m kind of surprised at all the Family Guy love. I watch it and have a giggle, but I really don’t think when people my age are older and watching “classic TV” it’s going to show up on any rotation. I used to watch old Bewitched, I Love Lucy, and Man From UNCLE reruns with my mom on weekend mornings…I hope to god my generation can spit out something better to cuddle up with my kids to than Family Guy. It’s a good’s not in the running for best ever.

  • Angelina

    Law & Order, The West Wing, M.A.S.H., Seinfeld, Entourage, The Shield

  • Pat

    I’m glad someone finally mentioned Star Trek. The original series and TNG were both great. It used scifi as a cover to confront a lot of issues that the censors of the day (in the late 60’s, at least) wouldn’t have approved in a more direct context.

    And I’d have to say MASH for a close tie with ST.

    Third choice – Firefly.

  • JJ

    West Wing

  • kiwiboi

    Woah…difficult question.

    Cartoon – Johnny Bravo;
    Old sk00l Comedy – Fawlty Towers & Green Acres;
    Modern comedy – The Office (tie between UK & US versions);
    Mini-series – Murder One & Band of Brothers;

    Then again, these are favourites rather than the “best ever”.

  • Phillies


    /discussion over


    The National treasure that is Only Fools ánd Horses!!! ‘Rodney You Plonker’ :)

  • Cedestra

    117. Callie: Tough part is, I think, that a lot of people’s favorites are clouded by them being associated with comfort or being very fresh.
    I was very fond of the Simpsons, but they jumped the shark a long time ago. They’re really stretching to come up with some fresh ideas for their episodes. I haven’t watched them in years. Family Guy, as well, has been on for, what, six years? Seven? It makes me laugh a couple of times per episode, but, come on, they had a full episode where the running gag was singing the same song over and over again. LAME.
    The best show ever should be innovative, expressive, portrays the genre correctly, well casted and acted, have a clear and logical plot, and know when to call it quits. This automatically disqualifies the Simpsons and, dare I say, M*A*S*H*. I’m going to stop there, though, because I really haven’t seen many of the shows hailed as being great- not enough Seinfeld, no Firefly or Law & Order or The Shield or West Wing or 24. Just not into those kinds of shows. Fringe and Heroes are too new.
    TMo- Venture Bros., that’s the best you got? Really…

  • Cedestra

    121. kiwiboi- SNL did an excellent sketch on the “original” version of The Office, from Japan. ‘Twas funny.

  • Q43

    the best are : Star Trek, The X Files,MASH, Seinfeld…nobody mentioned China Beach? I think it’s one of the best…

  • MplsBrad

    1. Twin Peaks – a remarkably cohesive show (despite its quirks) especially considering pretty much every episode had a different writer and director. The great hand of David Lynch controlling all.
    2. The Office (British) – Ricky Gervais is quite possibly the funniest man in the history of television. Check out Extras as a bonus.
    3. The Office (US) – still consistently original and funny. The Gervais influence still very strong and brilliant.

  • chinga1013

    I think The X-Files at least deserves to be in everyone’s top ten. It encompasses almost every genre- horror, mystery, romance, action, humor, etc. It has well-known characters and everyone knows the theme song. It was the first tv series to be put onto DVD. It spanned nine seasons and is one of very few tv series to have more than one movie. It also won several awards. It dealt with very difficult issues sometimes and although it is a show that is mainly about the paranormal, it has the most realistic characters I have ever seen in any tv show, ever. It also was one of the first tv shows to garner a huge internet fanbase which is still going strong to this day, 15 years after the show premired. It had original and engaging storylines and consistently broke boundaries in the industry. So it’s my number 1, but I think eveyone should at least consider it in the top ten.

  • humpty

    SWAT CATS!!!! just the inclusion of radical in its lengthy full name makes it rad. (1990’s rocked my world)

    I like the office too.

    never really got what people saw in family guy though.

  • BadBanzai

    The best show in the history of television is without a doubt the new Battlestar Galactica. It’s brilliantly written, has excellent characterization, and brutal intensity.

  • Jadey

    The best show according to me, would probably be DEXTER. Ah, I love it so much.

    Also I would have to say Mythbusters too, but thats just me haha.

  • fivestring63

    I can’t believe some of you guys choices. Didn’t you see the topic Best TV show EVER. Some of these haven’t been on long enough to earn that title.

    My vote is for The Andy Griffith Show. Funny and great values and morals to learn from.

  • chris

    hand down, best show I’ve ever seen has to be the Wire, although the intricacies of its long form narrative don’t lend well to single episodes, it needs to be watched in one big sitting to really get immersed in it. I also think the new Battlestar Galactica is a really great and clever TV show and Deadwood and Rome are also pretty amazing. I loved Twin Peaks when it first aired, but rewatching it recently, im not sure if it still holds up, it felt dated, but it could just be that I remembered the story arc too well. Definetley ground breaking for its time though.

  • shamzahm

    Top Gear
    Arrested Development
    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    The Office

    But nothing in this world comes close to Top Gear, I can’t live with out it…

  • Heroes

  • shamzahm


  • Jadey

    Oh, and I forgot Black Books! The most brilliant British comedy ever!

  • shamzahm

    Blackadder! i forgot about Blackadder!

  • shamzahm

    But Top Gear is the best TV show in history, hands down.

  • Damn, this is a hard one. I don’t watch that much tv, so I’m a little handicapped, but going back as far as I can reasonably recall I’d have to include the following (not all inclusive):
    Twilight Zone
    Outer Limits
    Science Fiction Theater: These were all wonderfully written shows which made you *think*. You didn’t get to just sit back and watch, you were fully engaged with the story line.
    The Dick Van Dyke Show: Another wonderfully written show, but this time a comedy. It starred two women who shared equal story time and talent with the men. It also featured a strong married couple, Rob and Laura Petrie who, unlike the other married couples on t.v. at the time, were a true couple. Rob didn’t “know best”, Laura didn’t didn’t kow-tow. It was engaging, hilarious, and truer than life.
    Twin Peaks: This show had it all; drama, suspense, freakish red herrings, freaks, fabulous cinematography, a story line you had to keep notes to follow, characters that could break your heart or give you nightmares (or both). My kids were young, 11, 12, 13 when it started, and they immediately fell in love with the show. Even though it’s regular show time was on later than their bedtime, this was the one exception I made (but for school events), and on Twin Peaks night I always baked a cherry pie and made a pot of decaf coffee to have while watching the show. This little ritual is still one of their favorite memories.
    Law&Order (in several of it’s guises): Well written, fast paced, insiders view of the legal system from both sides. I know a couple of the writers, so maybe I’m biased.
    House: Again, the writing is excellent. I believe the characters. Some of the cinematography/special effects tricks are just marvelous, and the foley engineers (the sound guys) do a fabulous job matching sounds to the stretching of tendons or muscles, the firing of synapses. I like that, as in real life, everyone has a secret hurt which affects their actions.
    Planet Earth/Blue Planet: These two mini-series ought to be required viewing by every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth. Only by being intimately aware of what we have, and what we have at stake, can we be expected to make all the correct actions to save our planet, our atmosphere, our oceans, ourselves.

  • Kreachure

    Hmm, I forgot to mention

    24 (Jack Bauer will hunt you down if you don’t agree!)
    South Park (especially the most recent seasons)

    and I’m sure I’m forgetting other greats… :(

  • Kreachure

    … like Mythbusters! (dammit! There’s just too much awesomeness in TV! :P )

  • JaySin420

    (Looks over at camera and winks) The Office

  • Taroc

    The Office, pretty good stuff both(US and UK)

  • Angelina

    Renee: Such hostility!! Your opinion is welcome here but your insults (on 2 lists already) are not.

  • John

    Twin Peaks season 1 was amazing, probably the best season of television ever. However, it went downhill in season 2 with crazy plot lines. Maybe a season 3 would have cleared it up but it’s hard to name it the best show ever. Freaks and Geeks would rival Twin Peaks for greatest season ever. Both of these shows were so much different, and so much better than anything we’ve ever seen on TV.

    My favorites- Wonder Years, Seinfeld, Simpsons, Monk, Veronica Mars, Law and Order. Lost might make the list but I’ll reserve judgment until it’s all said and done in May.

  • appie

    L world…joke!
    The Three Stooges…hehehe

  • chris (133): Thanks for mentioning Rome – it was a brilliant series and I might rank it as 2 behind Twin Peaks. I bought the two series on DVD and watched the lot over a couple of weekends. Excellent acting and they really brought the period to life.

  • Marcus

    Mad men or Deadwood both really good

  • Mom424

    Warrreagl: I love Rockford Files. So did Jim Garner, too bad about his damn knees, we could have had a couple more years of reruns.

  • marko x

    the sopranos is the best show ever, smart, entertaining, a good story, great actors

  • greg

    The Golden Girls

  • Delilah

    Dexter- I love this show beyond reason, just has such interesting character development.

    Dead Like Me- Anyone else ever watch this? I know it’s been cancelled for a few years but I thought it managed to be really funny while maintaining the a level of character complexity that made it stand out. Really wish they’d bring it back.

    Just my opinion

  • manoftherock

    Hill street blues started a lot of good television.But now Deadwood was great and so was Sopranos.Probably not good for children
    though,The office and E.r are also good

  • Joni

    Having grown up in the 90’s, I’m going to say The Simpsons. It opened the door for so many cartoons, and is quite simply a timeless show. Most of the plots/jokes still have relevance today.
    Of course the recent seasons are a damper on the show’s history, but I still love watching The Simpsons.

  • danmoo

    w/o it there would be no modern sitcoms
    no that 70s show
    no friends
    not even i love lucy

  • Mom424

    Renee Pussman has some not so latent hostility issues I think.
    Ease up girly, it isn’t a nasty contest. And if you’re a guy, well too bad. You’re still acting like a bitch.

  • Bill

    Now that ‘Dexter’ was brought up, does anyone remember ‘Six Feet Under’? It was weird, but really good.

  • Sean

    Cowboy Bebop, Freaks and Geeks, Dexter, Twin Peaks

    I win!

  • Vera Lynn

    All in the Family
    The Odd Couple
    Timeless. Classic. Hilarious. Sad. I used to watch these in syndication. They are like no other. Original, fresh, touching.
    Maybe WKRP in Cinncinnati.

  • Beast

    The wire is the best tv show. Its sapranos in the hood. its the shit

  • mrkv


  • Po

    CSI and King of the Hill pwn.

  • Blogball

    I’m glad Charlie # 55 and Callie # 53 mentioned I Live Lucy. So many shows have tweaked or totally ripped off the plots to so many of those episodes. Hooray for Segue # 140 for mentioning Twilight Zone (I’m waiting for the next marathon) and The Dike Van Dyke Show (My Favorite).I still watch lots of other shows from the 60s. Including The Andy Griffith Show. Also some of the early Leave It to Beaver shows are just hilarious.

  • orenj21

    it seems like everyone here likes the more mature, adult shows… but i dont =]

    Fresh Prince of Bel Air 10/10
    Chuck 10/10
    Steve Harvey Show 10/10
    Full Metal Alchelmest 10/10
    Eyeshield 21(japan with english subs) 10/10
    Family Guy 9/10

    And some others, but too lazy to list. I wanna see what Entourage is really like though, i have only seen the episode where kanye west guest stars lol

  • Pat

    I forgot to mention the mini-series Centennial. Excellent – stellar cast – sweeping saga of the American west. And it was recently released on DVD, so I get to see it again – YAY!

    And someone else mentioned China Beach – I have to agree that it’s one of the best.

  • Niall Maclennan

    Arrested Development hands down.

  • ElenaSFA

    Well, I was going to say Star Trek… Probably not a very good choice now that I think about it.

    But hey! At least they relled in the first interracial kiss on TV eh? Learned that here.

  • ElenaSFA

    Reeled. X( Damnit. Can’t take that back, now I look stupid.

  • cclow6933

    24 – the acting and writing are on par with a first class movie. The fast pace and storyline keep you on the edge of your seat and keeps your interest. Season two was a little weak, as was the last season.

    An honorable mention is “Damages.” Glenn Close is a wonderful actress and she and Ted Danson did a wonderful job last year.

    As far as for older TV shows, “Hill Street Blues”, “St. Elsewhere”, “Homicide”, “Law and Order”, and “Twin Peaks” are absolutely wonderful.

    Good topic!

  • Ravenous

    Somebody said Mad Men and I half-agree. It’s a sly, quite accurate potrayal of people during the golden years of advertising.

    Any older shows anyone?
    MacGyver? So much so its entry in is:
    ‘To achieve a goal through the ingenious combination of common household items, in the spirit of Richard Dean Anderson’s character McGuyver, from the television series of the same name.’?

  • ElenaSFA

    Oh, and to ever said “MASH discussion over.”

    No dude, discussion is on. I wanna know why?!

  • Beirne

    It has to be Frank’s Place. This was from the time when dramedies were a fad, but this was the best of them and should have stayed on the air more than one season. Tim Reid played a northern college professor who inherits his father’s restaurant in New Orleans. It is hard to explain why the show is so good, but the characters are real and the show is funny without being a punchline show. Some of the episodes were weak, but the strong ones were really, really strong, like The King of Wall Street.

  • duggandeep

    Has anybody even thought of “All in the family” – which still relates to a lot of todays problems. The best writing and superb acting I have ever seen on a sitcom. I could laugh and cry all in one episode.

  • Ashley

    Seinfeld. As if that was a question. :D

  • poopymcpoopsalot


  • bigski

    SEINFELD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha I Put More Exc Points Than You.

  • simpsons
    or family guy
    or scrubs

  • Pat

    One more that comes to mind – Northern Exposure.

  • YO-YO

    The X-Files it has its own mystery and in every episode it has new thing (theories,conspiracies,mysteries and so on )
    i think it the best show ever

  • Vera Lynn

    Wow! That’s a lot of TV. No wonder we’re so fat! ;)

  • anthony p

    One would have to say the simpsons for longevity, Familyguy for coming back from Cancellation and X Files for being so dam interesting.

  • Mr.Crow

    ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. A superb show with sublime writing that is not only well planned and hilarious but so dense and layered that multiple viewings makes it even funnier because of all the jokes you realized you missed. The acting was amazing and I thin that the fact that it was taken off the air is a crime to humanity. Also this is an awesome choice for a your view.

  • DEMklok

    People are forgetting greats like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Metalocalypse. They’re half as long as other shows and are still greater than most of the shit on TV. Also Mythbusters, Arrested Development, Dexter, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld(Larry David is a fucking genius!), and I think Greg the Bunny was pretty freaking hilarious. Too bad it was cut, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Nikki

    Cheers or The Simpsons.


  • hilly

    Mine are the same…

    Arrested Development
    Six Feet Under
    The Office (UK and US)

    The BBC America series Skins is also fabulous. I’m really into that lately.

    A really important and superb show that was overlooked- Veronica Mars. Did anyone get into it? The first two seasons were great, I thought. No?

  • DEMklok

    Yeah Veronica Mars was great. It was horrible that it got cut. I like how all the characters got their own spotlight.

  • greg

    The golden girls: It was progressive, funny, and had good acting and original humor, despite the occasional cliche.

  • ACE

    For me it would be Scrubs. Just in the last year or so i’ve watched most if not all the episodes and it is very funny clever and in some cases very sad. i would recommend checking it out.

  • Lynn in Oregon

    I loved Twin Peaks, I was addicted, and I still have my “treasures” (coffee mug and keychain) from a trip to the lodge and surrounding area.

    Nothern Exposure was another favorite.

    My taste runs to the quirky, campy, cheesy… so those are the shows that usually rate highest with me.

    These days I like watching:

    Pushing Daisies
    Eli Stone

  • sarahenity

    arrested development, dead like me and freaks and geeks all tied…

  • Lynn in Oregon

    …and as for the best tv show ever (in my lifetime)
    or at least the last 40 years…

    Seasame Street of course!

    Yes, there were other children’s shows on first, (Howdy D., Bozo, ect) but Seasame Street was educational AND entertaining.. the ones before seemed to be one or the other.

  • jbjr

    M*A*S*H. It broke the mold. Hard to believe its been 25yrs since the last episode. The show does not seem dated at all as the show lives on forever in syndication. Concept shows, black comedy, rib tickling shows with great acting and directing. Only flaw it may have lasted a few years too long.

    I have been watching a lot of That’s 70 show lately.

  • k1w1taxi

    You can tell this view is mainly an American one can’t you?

    Personally I find it too hard to name just one Best ever but I can certainly eliminate all but about 3 shows made in the last 10 years.

    Some of The Best I have watched
    Steptoe & Son
    Open All Hours
    Porridge (Yes I am a huge fan of Ronnie Barker)
    Monty Python
    Deadwood (except for the last half of series 3 when they knew they were cancelled and tried to wrap it up)
    The Sweeney
    The Games (Oz comedy about the lead up to the Sydney Olympics)

    The more observant amongst you will have noted only the one US series on here. That is because though many US series start out really well (MASH, Hill St Blues, NYPD Blue, Simpsons) they almost all outstay their creative welcome. Did you know that one of the most revered pieces of British Comedy (Fawlty Towers) consists of only 12 episodes. Yet it is still held up as one of the greatest British comedies ever. (Personally I don’t know why, I detest Basil Fawlty and that whole style of comedy). If however as some seem to indicate longevity is a sign of Greatnes then surely the Greatest show on TV MUST BE Coronation St. 47 years (or more) and still going strong.


  • jbjr

    Hey Steptoe and Son the inspiration for Sanford and Son.

  • sportacus


  • Iain

    Let’s not forget Sgt Bilko!!!

  • a3minutewonder

    5…4…3…2…1…Thunderbirds are go!
    If you are of a certain age you will already be humming the theme tune and trying that crazy puppet walk.
    The Muppet show was great fun and Till death us do part is still discussed years after.

  • Iain

    Callie – congrats on the murder rate (but are you sure they’re not just massaging the stats?)

  • n4s33r


  • Christiane

    I absolutely loved Northern Exposure
    and Malcom In The MIddle is hillarious.

  • mrjim

    Tough call…best ever…I would rule out any of the shows mentioned in the comments that didn’t last long enough to go into syndication. Of course, now with DVD’s new generations can see into TV’s past.

    Best TV Shows by category:

    For comedy I’d have to say The Dick Van Dyke Show.
    For police drama: Hill Street Blues
    For drama: The Twilight Zone
    For Science Fiction: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    For Fantasy: Buffy/Angel
    For Cartoon: Simpsons
    For Variety: The Smothers’Brothers (breaking my rule there)
    For Crime: The Sopranos

    For a show that should have lived on and I really miss:
    Veronica Mars

    Best show on TV Today….Nuthin!

  • Spocker

    *Trekkie Alert! Trekkie Alert!*

    Star Trek

    Here was a show that wasn’t even all that popular during it’s original run. A show that was allowed to make a second pilot, something that was unprecedented in it’s day. A show that survived a third season based on the strength of a fan writing campaign, also unheard of. A show that was light years ahead of it’s time in special effects and set construction, despite a relatively low budget (which got smaller with every season). Without Star Trek, there would probably have been no Star Wars (but conversely, without Star Wars, there may have not been the Star Trek movies).
    A show that produces iconic characters that are identifiable to most people today (Captain James T.Kirk, Mr. Spock, “Bone” McCoy, Scotty). Coined famoiliar phrases, the most popular being: “Beam Me Up, Scotty!”.

    Star Trek gained popularity as a result of re-runs, which brought the idea of a “Star Trek” convention (There were sci-fi conventions, but it was unheard of for a single show).

    Star Trek spawned four successful spin-offs (The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, and Enterprise) and 10 full-length feature films (with an 11th in the works slated for release in 2009).

    Star Trek dealt with the social issues of the day, conveniently veiled a science fiction stories to avoid censorship (ex. “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” was clearly about racism. One race has black on the right side of the face and white on the left, while the other races’ colors were switched, and they hated each other because of the difference). It allowed an array of different races to be part of the cast and was the first TV series to feature an interracial kiss (between Kirk and Uhura in “Plato’s Stepchildren”). And, incidently, Nichelle Nichols, who played Uhura, almost quit the show at one point, until she was encouraged by Martin Luther King Jr to stay on, citing that her character was important to the civil rights cause.

    Star Trek was forward thinking in exhibiting a utopian universe in which all races could live peacefully together on earth and the elimination of war and famine. It is a sign of hope for imagining a better future.

    Star Trek was also forward thinking technologically. Communicators were the basis for our modern cell phones. The Tricorder was the precursor for Blackberries and many sensitive portable instruments. Other advances in science owe inspiration to Star Trek.

    I could go on and on. But suffice to say, there has never been a show that has quite the phenomonal draw and impact that Star Trek has had. It was ahead of it’s time.

  • bwmyers18

    At the time, I used to be out at a club or party or whatever – would come home at 9:00 Friday night just to watch Miami Vice, then go back out ….

  • Q43

    Spocker, i’couldn’t agree more!

  • Phillies

    173. ElenaSFA

    lol, that was me. The discussion isn’t REALLY over. It’s just that, in my opinion, M*A*S*H is the best. Fantastic characters, great writing, fun comedy, a bit of drama with the war backdrop…I simply felt that it was understood why M*A*S*H was so good, and it did not need to be discussed.

    CLEARLY, i was very much mistaken, and apologize

  • Diane

    My personal favorites, which do not equate to ‘best’ are:
    Comedy: MASH
    Drama: Columbo
    Sci Fi: Stargate SG-1
    Medical: Dr. Welby

    My vote for best goes to Dark Shadows. I remember coming home from school every day to watch it. Intricate storylines, timeline hopping, very well developed characters. Barnabus Collins scared the daylights out of me. Forty years later his legacy continues in my refusal to watch movies or read novels with vampires.

  • Mr.Graves

    @124. ‘Cedestra – October 14th, 2008 at 12:28 pm [Report Abuse]

    The best show ever should be innovative, expressive, portrays the genre correctly, well casted and acted, have a clear and logical plot, and know when to call it quits. This automatically disqualifies the Simpsons and, dare I say, M*A*S*H*.’

    You do know the final episode for MASH was the most watched program in television history, right? I’m not even a monster fan- I do really like it- but I have my own personal tastes that are different too- but not of your qualifiers actually applies to MASH.

    I’ve heard more than once that All in the Family is the only show that could come close to it, as mentioned earlier.

    You can tell there are a lot of younger viewers sounding off- not that the choices are bad in any way at all- just that all of the ‘best show in tv history’ just so happens to be on EVERY other channel right now. I think it’s more people being caught up in the hype for whatever show they are lovin right now.

    Wire was awesome but let’s face it; it blew it on the last season- faking a serial killer, half the force in on it, no repercussions and the outlandish measures they went through? It was totally bad ass up until then, and then it became a sit com. Betcha it had something to do with writer contracts.

    Firefly and Buffy? Would not even be mentioned in a serious discussion (queue the enraged hordes of Joss Whedon fanboys descent, furiously wiping cheetos grime off their orange stained fingers and slurping back mountain dews while screeching castrato pitched obscenities and frothing at the mouth, pounding their replies into their keyboards… hehe) Honestly.. fun shows… really fun. But no where near being called the exemplary piece de resistance of the entire medium. They were comic books and most people over 20 didn’t see anything new.

    Hey, I have my personal loves, too, but I won’t try to convince anyone that because I think it’s awesome, that’s what makes it the best thing humanity has produced. It’s a bit… shortsighted? If, as a medium, it has certain artistic structures and contexts, then it moves out of an opinion piece and becomes a dialogue on the creation of art itself.

    I’m not even middle aged, but I just don’t see anything that can claim true innovation any more. Reality TV was the last time a boundary was crossed, and that was for the worse. It’s all just rehashing with different combinations of ‘quirks’. Same formulae, new extra slick packaging to make you forget you had the same thing for breakfast. :)

  • Max

    Arrested Development
    The Office (UK)

  • aley

    Little House on the Prairie ………hands down

  • Clantargh

    I am going to do this a bit differently. Because so many great shows have been on over the years, I am going to make a top ten current and cancelled list.

    Top 10 current:

    10. Sons of Anarchy
    9. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    8. 24
    7. South Park
    6. Breaking Bad
    5. Doctor Who
    4. Torchwood
    3. Family Guy
    2. Heroes
    1. Simpsons

    Top 10 cancelled:

    10. Picket Fences
    9. Sopranos
    8. Seinfeld
    7. Monty Python
    6. M*A*S*H*
    5. Oz
    4. Northern Exposure
    3. Nowhere Man
    2. Jericho
    1. Phil Silvers Show (AKA Sgt. Bilko)

    And Simpsons for best ever.

  • steve d

    Okay, it seems that everyone missed one word in the title…”EVER”. Not just in the past two or three decades. And based on popularity, longevity, and quality only a few shows really qualify. There have been a ton of great shows on this list, but let’s face it, ‘Seinfeld’ is hands down one show that most people can agree on. Another classic is ‘The Honeymooners’. Gleason made 30 or so shows and ended it because he felt he could go no further. Those 30 shows are some of the funniest ever. ‘I Love Lucy’, although not a personal favorite, is on every top TV show list ever made. And there’s no denying it’s importance in TV history. Recently, ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Mad Men’ and other cable shows have pushed the boundaries and reached greatness. Again, just because a show is a personal favorite doesn’t make it the ‘greatest show ever!’ I love ‘Pushing Daisies’ ‘The Munsters’ and ‘The Tick’, but they would be on a list of ‘greatest shows EVER!!’

  • Callie

    ok..I can shurg off something that’s been mentioned once or twice but it’s been brought up so many times I need to ask now. What is Sons of Anarchy? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.

  • psychosurfer

    I think I agree with most of these but Twilight Zone from the 80´s changed my life, I still have nightmares about that Gramma episode.

  • psychosurfer

    Has anyone mentioned V ?

  • Cedestra

    Callie: It’s a show about the beginnings of the Hells Angels, I think. Haven’t seen it myself.

  • psychosurfer

    I would have to go with Twilight Zone from the 80´s.
    Best episode: Gramma.

  • Cedestra

    209. Mr.Graves: M*A*S*H* was a great show, but it should have ended a long time before it did. So what if its last show was well watched? Lots of people have favorite baseball teams and only watch their team if they make it into the postseason. M*A*S*H* qualifies for all other standards mentioned.
    142. Renee Pussman: You wouldn’t happen to be related to Randall, would you? No, no your comments aren’t nearly as clever or well thought as his, just abusive. Fail.

  • How could I have overlooked Monty Python’s Flying Circus?
    Thanks kiwitaxi.
    Which leads me to:
    Keeping Up Appearances
    and, though it’s not a “show”, in the sense that’s scripted, and acted:
    The British Parliament, Live
    All three are funny to the bone.

  • ligeia

    I absolutely HATE Seinfeld, and I don’t much care for M*A*S*H either.

  • Sedulous

    Well, I just want to say to Riley, that Gilmore Girls isn’t a bad suggestion, I don’t think it is the best but I really enjoy it. My wife watched it religiously and then started ordering the DVDs from netflix. Eventually I saw enough episodes to know what was going on and who the characters are and I have to say while the story lines aren’t that unique or deep, the dialogue is pretty incredible and definitely witty. It catches you off guard and then you just end up laughing. Also some of the rants, arguments, scoldings, and humorous exchanges are very unique and creative. I just saw that Riley was getting some flack for itso I wanted to stick up for her.

    I don’t know what the best ever is but I love Family Guy for the humorous long winded rabbit trails.

    Everybody Loves Raymond for the very different personalities of each character and how they complimented each other and provided for some of the funniest situations.
    One of my favorites was:

    Marie: “Don’t you tell me to be quiet! I have a mind of my own you know! I can contribute! I’m not just some… trophy wife!”

    Frank: “You’re a trophy wife? What contest in hell did I win?”

    Seinfeld for the characters but also a show about NOTHING(GENIUS)! Jerry Seinfeld’s comedy translated beautifully to sitcom. To me there is no better comedy than that which makes fun of the truly mundane tasks that every person does. Everybody can relate, so when you watched that show you really felt connected to it and the humor is easy to follow.

    I’m sure there could be others that are better but I don’t spend much time watching TV.

  • Sedulous

    Also I have to mention Heroes and the Office(US)obviously. I think it’s too early to say that either one of those is the best ever but I think potentially we could be saying that. I don’t think I have laughed more often at a show than I have with the Office. Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott, is amazing. I don’t think I have laughed more and at the same time felt more uncomfortable with any other character on TV. One of my fav quotes:

    Michael: ‘Hug it out, bitch.’ That is what men say to each other after a fight. They hug it out, in doing so they just let it go, and walk away, and they’re done. Not a good idea to say that to a woman, however, I’ve found. Doesn’t translate.

    I enjoy Heroes because I love the idea of superhuman abilities. I loved watching Smallville even though I would never attempt to call it the best show ever. I’m a superman….man. But Heroes has a very engaging story with limitless possibilities and so far they are unfolding things quite nicely. You can’t miss a single episode or you are lost which I think is why they let you watch it on NBC and Netflix the day after. I just hope it doesn’t get too far fetched and weird which is what happened to Smallville.

    Anyway, I think I have said enough.

  • meltingbridge

    I would definitely agree with those who said The Simpsons. In its early days, it started a new era of cartoons. Plus, it had a lot of cross-culture appeal due to all the guest stats on the show. Sadly, I have to say it ran its course about five years ago.

  • cymplyirziztbl

    SEX AND THE CITY!!!! WHOO HOOOOO!!!!!!! (sorry a bit of carrie fever)

  • Keith

    I don’t know if this really qualifies as a TV show for this list but I don’t think that you can forget about,

    “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”

    But not the new one with that crappy jay leno.

  • Rylan


  • kiwiboi

    Thanks for mentioning Rome – I bought the two series on DVD and watched the lot over a couple of weekends.

    jfrater – heh…I did exactly the same.

  • kiwiboi

    Has anybody even thought of All in the family – which still relates to a lot of todays problems.

    duggandeep – the original British show that All in the Family copied was also a comedy classic (Till Death Us Do Part). The 2 shows are somewhat different in terms of style and emphasis, though. TDUDP, whilst being wonderful satire, was more in your face.

  • I would say Friends was the best show ever. I still watch it religiously.

    Close seconds are family guy, smallville, and ER

    Heroes is looking to be good too…

  • londonafter

    anyone who thinks “friends” is the best show ever clearly needs to watch other shows.
    this is too subjective, obviously everyone likes different shows.
    i’d have to say old shows were the best, the twilight zone, Alfred hitchcock presents, i love lucy, the three stooges, and right now the simpsons and…….. honestly i have no clue, tv sucks so much these days.

  • londonafter

    oh!! almost forgot not the nine o’clock news, blackadder (anything that has Rowan Atkinson in it besides mr Bean) and dr who.
    British shows are by far the best

  • Kreachure

    I think I should mention a couple of shows that I haven’t been able to see, so I don’t know how hey stack up to the others I consider the greatest ever:

    The Sopranos
    Curb your Enthusiasm
    Star Trek

    But I’ll probably think they’re great once I’ve watched them :D

  • djb522

    I’d have to say Deadwood. Incredibly realistic and well made show about cowboys in the Gold Rush days.

    Also Criminal Minds for looking into how the minds of serial killers work.

  • The Sopranos is by far the best ever created its really the only tv show i would wait for the episode for… south park is hilarious as well, and Mutual Omaha or whatever its called, the shit where animals treck across africa that is great

  • and yo this motherfucker who runs this site is banking it on asking questions you ask when your bored with your boys! im in the wrong line of work….

  • Straight up

  • cribbage427


  • joebecca

    i would have to say the Golden Girls is one of the best. even years later, its one of the few shows that makes me LOL

    Also, Chappelle’s Show. Goddamn that show is freaking HILARIOUS!!!!


  • Dan

    The Sopranos, The Wire or the original Twilight Zone.

  • Julie

    I would have to say Veronica Mars.

  • Ben

    There will never be a show as good as Seinfeld.

    I also agree with Tour of Duty, and add Band of Brothers.

    I think Prison Break is addictive, but still is a terrible show.

  • KT


  • jay

    the sopranos ….gold.

  • Zakšek

    T.P. BOYS


  • zlurekim

    Firefly all the way.


  • rjdorado

    The Wire is the closest thing to perfection I’ve ever seen on TV.

  • bsktball_babe


  • hijamie

    Family Guy WAS funny until they started to repeat the whole ‘remember that time when…’ over and over again. Funny at first, but not anymore.

    Twilight Zone
    South Park

  • ringo710

    mystery science theatre 3000. also, metalocolypse.

  • Lisa

    hands down – Simpsons

    honourable mentions – Friends, How I met your mother, Alias, House

  • anekrel

    Here’s a list of the shows I have seen that I personally consider the best:

    I Love Lucy
    Star Trek: TOS
    Star Trek: TNG
    Monty Python’s Flying Circus
    The Twilight Zone
    The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    Law & Order
    Homicide: Life On The Street
    Murphy Brown
    The Simpsons
    Will And Grace
    Absolutely Fabulous
    Queer As Folk (UK Version)
    The X-Files
    The A-Team
    Invader Zim
    Robot Chicken
    Saturday Night Live

  • ringtailroxy

    it would really have to depend on your age and what was popular when you where growing up, as well as what channels you where exposed to.

    as a child, I adored Galaxy Star rangers and Fraggle Rock. Belle and Sebastian was an early fave, to.

    as a teen/young adult: E/R and X-files. Northern exposure.

    as an older middle aged adult : Firefly. the first season of 24. Ally Mcbeal. (not the last 2 seasons… but i was young and it gave me an excuse to justify my personal theme song…)

    currently: Dirty Jobs, South Park, and the original Cosmos, with Carl Sagan.

    ***notable mention***the original Star Trek, and even Star Trek:The Next generation where, and still are, amazing creations. I am convinced my father’s religion is a unusual mixture of Jesus and Roddenbury…


  • Alan

    As of this moment, my mind swings towards “All in the Family”, I have always felt it was well written, and did a wonderful job of presenting real world issues in an entertaining light.

  • CRSN

    All time classics like M*A*S*H

  • The Simpsons, Family Guy, Southpark, Rome, Sesame Street, Mr. Bean, Naruto, Spongebob Squarepants

  • CRSN

    Ahhhhhhhhhh!? Sponge bob square pants is back Ahhhhhhhhhh!

  • greg

    I’m telling you, the Golden Girls

  • CRSN

    Ok! Ok! i admit it, i had a childhood crush on Bea Arthur.


  • methehuman

    Definitely Doctor Who. It one of the most addictive programmes if you give it the chance- and it takes you on an epic journey which simply cannot be compared with any other television programme, sci fi or not. Its the longest running sci fi programme (Stargate DOES NOT count, I dont know why they got the record at all!!) and it is also the best!!!

    Though I have to admit to a massive soft spot for Freaks and Geeks, a pretty short lived television series made in 1999. It follows the story of the “freaks” and “geeks”- the freaks being the burn outs, and the geeks being…geeks. But this show looks into more that just the labels, and shows their stories. The way the show is written really makes you empathies- the characters within the show have such soul, and each episode is bound to make you laugh- and, very cliche; make you cry.
    Its just shame that it has to be a cult favourite, since NBC canned it without really giving it a fair go. But the one and only season of Freaks and Geeks that showed was pure gold.

  • ChrisG

    The Wire

  • JJB

    battlestar Galactica
    The sopranos
    the wire
    The west wing
    I claudius


    Greatest Tv Show Ever = SOUTH PARK

    Why ? = 1) Unlike Family guy(which IS one
    of the BEST) The ‘Funny stuff’
    remain relevant to the plot.

    2) Open eye on the proceedings of
    the world..i mean america,, na ,,i
    mean the i mean,…wateva

    3) Genius. Great music.

    4) Finds humour even in a brain
    tumour. cant deal with it?
    GOD DAMNIT!! [email protected]£% YOU DONKEY

    5) The only reason i watch the TV.


    BAD GENT signing out.

  • ampn

    “coronation street” anybody?

  • leixlip

    from the seventies taxi…eighties hill street blues …ninetes the x files and from the naughties the sopranos special mention to extras …arrested development and the wire

  • Ren

    The best show ever is definately South Park. I’ve seen every episode and I own the box sets for seasons 1-11. The second best is Family Guy. I also have all of the box set with every episode up until the last saeson. Most of the shows I watch are animated or comedy. Every adult swim show is very good, especially Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The only drama show that I regularly watch is Prison Break. Every monday I can’t wait for the new episode.

  • What is a “swim” show?

  • Kreachure

    Adult Swim.


  • justme

    how about Monty pyhton’s Flying Circus
    or Faulty towers? => BEST SHOWS EVER (South park and Blackadder are the second best :D)

  • rich

    I read these pretty quickly, but I didn’t see at least one of these shows. I’m really big into comedies, mostly because my life is so hum-drum that watching something that doesn’t make me laugh is just well…stupid! Anyway, in no particular order for me:

    1. Cheers (I’m from Boston and was SHOCKED when i went to the bar and it in no way resembled the show!)
    2. All In The Family. The bigot, the ding-bat and the meathead…great fun!
    3. Seinfeld – ‘NO SOUP FOR YOU!’

  • Lee

    Firefly for me also.

  • princessbcakes

    i grew up with some excellent shows but my top three are ‘absolutely fabulous’, ‘northern exposure’ and ‘seinfeld’. the writing was top-notch and consistently hilarious and the characters were well-developed. we grew to know and love them, even when they weren’t always likable. in particular, the star and writer of ‘absolutely fabulous’, jennifer saunders shut down her show at it’s height so it could go out as strong as it came in.

  • Mr.Crow

    To all the people advocating children’s shows, we relate the shows to a time when we loved everything more, we were young and happy then. And on the basis of educational and fun for kids, Blues Clues is the best one, it’s been proven.

  • Amy

    The best tv show ever made was the Andy Griffith Show. Its satirical humor about small town life seems to ring true even today.

  • Panic!

    Best T.V. show ever has gotta be either Spaced or It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

  • jadester

    The Simpsons, it shaped my sense of humour, coming on the air when I was only 6, and me having watched it my whole life. Its also the most quotable show, to the point where often I notice people don’t even realize they are quoting it. ie: “Excellent…”, “Aye Carumba!”
    Simpsons Simpsons Simpsons. Anyone my age would agree (25!)

  • jadester

    P.S. I ‘ctrl’ F’d to find what how many times the simpsons has been mentioned. Thats how hardcore I am.
    Best. Show. Ever.

  • fernbracken

    Ernie Kovacs’s programs of 1950s-early 60s before his untimely death in a car accident for cutting edge comedy. The first thing that came to mind.
    His influence is still strong today.
    The Sopranos for drama

  • lrtrosebud

    So far my favs have been “Six Feet Under” and “The X-Files”. “South Park” is a close third. Gotta say though, probably gonna be checking out “Dexter” now after reading all the comments on it.

  • Emar

    Am I too shallow?

  • TrevD

    Umm, I hope you guys all know that Family Guy is easily one of the WORST shows on tv. it is so poorly written, one dimentioned characters, the voice acting is absolutly terrible. and 10 solid minutes of flashback and drag scene’s that have NO relevance to the plot is not funy. also falling down really ast isnt funny, and EVERY TIME someone falls down in family guy, their arm is always thrown over their back. what the hell is that, you guys need to open your eyes and see that family guy is a TERRIBLE show. Simpsons is at 20 seasons and is still better then family which is at what 6 or 7 seasons? and whoever here thinks stewie funny is an absolute idiot.

    you guys should go watch simpsons or seinfeld or frasier, those shows are about 46 times better than family guy.

  • CRSN

    TrevD 280 – Mate, piss off, no body likes a know-it-all.

    -Hogans Heroes
    -Get Smart

  • Denzell

    SpongeBobSquarePants. Centuries from now it will be a timeless classic. It’s the perfect combo of ridiculous in the sense of hilarious and touching~

    Remember the time when Sponge Bob forgot to feed Gary for weeks(?) because of trying to pass the challenge of the Dirty Bubble and the poor snail (Gary) fled? A grandma then took care of him and fed him luxuriously. Spongebob realized this, and so he attached many billboards that say “Have you seen Gary?” or “Come back to me Gary” (although I’m not really sure if those are the exact words). Try to watch it again. Don’t call me a fag, but I cried. ~boohoo!

  • Denzell

    And oh yeah, Mythbusters! Downright awesome. Do I have to say more?

  • nothing

    Ahh, Mythbusters is a darn good show. Good call. Hadn’t thought of that. (and if someone else posted that before #284, no worries, I am just not reading nearly 300 comments to find out what you had to say)

  • Tanya

    ghost hunters


  • jardojo

    I dont understand all the hype about Southpark if you’re over the age of 15. It just seems so infantile. Family Guy is a much better animated comedy.

    Twin Peaks? WTF is wrong with you?

  • psychosurfer

    Has anyone seen “Takeshi´s Castle” it´s funny, crazy an Japanese. Great Show! chick it out on Youtube.

  • Skiffo

    Lost is the best show on tv because it’s completely brilliant. Each week adds a new element to the story, and the writing, acting, and music are all fantastic.

    I enjoy Mythbusters too, and South Park is good as far as comedy goes.

    I would’ve said Heroes, but since season 3 started I’ve decided that the writers don’t give a damn about their characters at all anymore, and have completely given up on their development.

  • copperdragon

    jeez.. with the exception of the votes for MASH and Simpsons, you’d think TV was invented about 10 years ago.

    Just because a show is the **!!NEWEST**!! doesnt make it the best. And you realize that most of the popular American TV shows are just British shows with the sex taken out…you know that, right? Friends is really Couples.

    My votes:
    Comedy – Laugh-In, Simpsons
    Cop Show – Streets of SF, CSI
    Doctor Show – MASH
    Lawyer Show – Night Court
    Western – Bonanza
    Traditional Sitcom – Cheers
    Current show – Heroes
    Children’s Show – Sesame Street

  • copperdragon

    I also noticed while skimming the comments is that nobody has voted for any reality shows (with good reason)…yet at least half the shows on TV today are reality shows.

    Illustrates how much TV has gone downhill since The Honeymooners.
    (you all know that “Everybody loves Raymond” is just an updated Honeymooners, right?)

  • earwig

    My favorite has got to be, Mr Show with Bob and David.
    Awesome cast and brilliant writing.

  • Cedestra

    288. psychosurfer: “Takeshi’s Castle” is known as “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” in the U.S. And it is damn funny.

  • JayArr

    M*A*S*H, FireFly and Freaks-&-Geeks… not necessarily in that order.

  • JayArr

    Copperdragon, I think most people watch the ‘reality’ shows out of sheer morbid curiosity. I’ve seen an episode or two of most that have cropped up over the last 5-8 years, and have not been thrilled by any of them.

  • Cedestra

    I thought people might want to know what the “professionals” are saying about this question:
    MENSA: M*A*S*H* (House was number 4)
    TV Guide: Seinfeld
    NY Post: Sopranos
    Empire Magazine: The Simpsons
    Slate (MSN): The Wire Heroes

  • TrevD

    jardojo, south park is just a very unqieu show, especially when it started. and I dont understand how people think family guy is good comedy. twin peaks is awesome by the way

    and CRSN, people dont like know it alls because they point out the reason why their stupid, the only reason your mad about me saying that is because you know its 100 percent true.

  • Nauplius

    These are the only shows that I actually own the Dvd’s of:

    Stargate (both Sg-1 and Atlantis)
    South Park

    So I guess that would be my list for the best along with the simpsons (_8(|)

  • jules

    West Wing
    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Arrested Development
    The Office

    I hope someone at Fox sees this list, realizes what a following Arrested Development has, and brings it back. Micheal Cera and Jason Bateman are gods among men.

    Dexter is just amazing… in every way.

    West Wing… largely ignored here but superbly written.

  • Cedestra

    I thought Arrested Development was signed on for another three year contract- or was that “It’s Always Sunny…”?

  • Kreachure

    Cedestra: You’ve made a huge mistake!! (nyuk nyuk :P )Arrested Development was certainly canceled, and TV has never been the same since.

  • Spinner

    ‘Vik Reeves Big Night Out’ was too rediculous and had me choking with laughter.
    Not to be confused with anything else with his name on it which were generally not so flash.

  • Keara

    Twin Peaks! I’m glad to see I’m not alone in saying that

    Also… Dexter, It’s Always Sunny in Phildelphia and Scrubs

  • luismenort

    I just love Prison Break, Family Guy, And Lost. By the way does anyone know when season 4 of Lost is coming out? (I’m from Mexico).

  • Louise

    Charmed, Buffy, Angel and Greys Anatomy. Love the three first because I can loose myself completly thinking “Wow, wish I could do that!!!” The last one, couse of all the drama. But for a good laugh, that you can relate to at some point, the one and only FRIENDS!!!

  • Willie

    Andy Griffith
    Tie for #1

  • dustin

    trigger happy tv and the whitest kids u’know!

  • Ren

    Oh yeah, how could I forget about the Whitest Kids u’ Know? That is the funniest sketch comdy show ever! Especially the first season. I can’t wait for season 3.

  • kaiser1778

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gets my vote.

  • Malfore

    Oh god..soooooooooooo many too pick from……top 3 would be Heroes, M*A*S*H, and Mr. Hell

  • Miss Nimbus

    I still think the old Muppet Show was awesome… something for everyone….

  • Dillard

    1. Seinfeld
    2. All in the Family
    3. The Cosby Show
    4. Saturday Night Live
    5. South Park

  • Meg


    forever and ever. XD

    Spongebob Squarepants too. :}

  • NiMur90

    House, The Sopranos, Heroes

  • JayBe

    Comming from the anglo-saxon channels:

    7 X Files
    6 StarTrek
    5 Beakman’s World
    4 The Young Ones
    3 The Black Adder
    2 Futurama
    1 Monty Python’s Flying Circus

    Saturday Night
    Dr. Who
    I’ve fairly seen those but I know they deserve to be there.

    Worldwide (or at least what i know):
    Takeshi’s Castle
    And from home
    Redes (I bet the best science-filosophy program ever)
    Any Buenafuente’s show (better “la Cosa Nostra” and “BNF”)

  • Foxy

    There was a show back in the ’90s called “Grace under Fire” I believed to be hilarious to the moon and back. If anyone knows what happened to it, please let me know.
    M*A*S*H* should definitely be somewhere on top as well, but my no. 1 choice would have to be “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart.

  • marykerbie

    My husband would say M*A*S*H* hands down for it’s era, still today he watches the reruns everyday and tapes one or two. For the current shows, I would have to say The Shield on F/X. By far the most gripping and shocking show in a long time. To bad this is the last season!

  • Jayne.


  • donthaveone

    Wow, no one has said Friday Night Lights yet? Really? It s definitely not all about football, and it deals with real life issues for teenagers and adults alike. Football probably only takes up about 5% of the show’s time each episode.

  • Brittany

    Where to begin? I have an ecclectic taste in televsion so I guess my short list in no particular order is:

    1. Cheers
    2. The Golden Girls
    3. Get Smart
    4. Roseanne
    5. The Simpsons
    6. Law and Order: SVU
    7. The West Wing
    8. I Love Lucy
    9. King of the Hill
    10.The Andy Griffith Show

  • Paolo

    Monty Python
    Laugh In
    Chappelle Show
    South Park
    Bob Newhart
    Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
    Saturday Night Live (often sucks, but over time, classic)
    The Tick
    Daily Show

  • MiSaNtHrOpE

    Six Feet Under was the only show I ever really got into. I only saw the second and 3rd seasons, and I’m trying to find the rest for cheap. It was the only American show I’ve ever seen that struck me as intelligent and complex, aside from South Park.

  • Ash


  • Katie

    I will join the small majority and say that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the best shows on televison. Joss Whedon and Company made amazing tv with shows that were original (Hush) and others that just played with your emotions. They created characters that you loved and ones you loved to hate.

    Firefly and Angel are amazing too but I have to go with the original.

    To whomever said Dead Like Me. I absolutely loved that show. I was sad there was only 2 seasons. It was witty, intelligent, and very interesting to watch

  • ChaoticPython

    Scrubs. I’ve just got to.
    But Arrested Development is a close, close second.

  • YogiBarrister

    Perry Mason
    The Avengers
    The Smothers Brothers
    The X Files
    The Sopranos
    Six Feet Under
    The Shield
    Dead Like Me
    Veronica Mars
    The Wire

  • YogiBarrister

    I overlooked Slings and Arrows, which is probably my all-time favorite show. from the BBC: Life On Mars, Foyle’s War, Sharpe’s Rifles, Prime Suspect, Extras, and Monty Python of course.

  • YogiBarrister


  • Rapanui

    Ummm…Baseball Tonight?

  • Melina

    South Park.
    And does anyone remember Pete & Pete?
    Thats a good one. Mike Maronna(big Pete) is soooo cute.

  • Panna

    1. FRIENDS!!!
    2. Greys Anatomy
    3. Desperate Housewives
    4. Brothers and Sisters
    5. Ugly Betty

  • KryptoTSD

    I dig HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But that’s just me…

  • miller

    wow. 332 posts and not one (yea it’s slow at work) mentioned QUANTUM LEAP! Loved that freakin show.

  • steve

    How I met your mother

  • Dizo

    Both of my choices have already been named. :D

    I’ll say Dr. Who, and House. The first time I saw Dr. Who I was just lazing around in my mom’s room when it came on, and I watched it- it was awesome! That was the ninth doctor, Christopher Eccleston. I like the tenth doctor more. Who else was pissed when they got rid of Donna?

    House is really good, I love it, but I’m also sometimes wary about watching it, just cause that medical stuff can make me squirm. XD

  • Jessica

    I’m going to have to go with Twin Peaks

  • JJ

    Does anyone plan to include morality in their thoughts

  • JJ, you’re on the wrong list.

  • psychosurfer

    JJ: Is that an irreverent TV series?

  • Jane

    Panna, I´m agree with you!!! friends is the best show ever!!

    But currently airing…WEEDS!!! is really brilliant!! My vote for weeds!

  • diogenes is dead

    those tee vees look like a couple of happy sputniks
    only cubelike and not spherical chrome

    i luv that photograph
    goil and all.

  • 288. psychosurfer: Oh Yeh! I remember. It was a short lived event from where I lived. Before and before Japanese game shows made it to america. like it is mixed in today, there was the sudden oddity of seeing Takeshi’s Castle.
    It makes me think of my excitement for “That’s Incredible!”. Because I believe it was the later version or re-version of “that’s incredible!”, where I was first introduced to “Takeshi’s Castle.”
    Makes me think of, although maybe not as good, “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” with Jack Palance.

    Blah blah blah

  • Was it called “Real People”? a kinda copy-cat of “That’s Incredible!”

  • dxcfvghbjnl


  • CRSN


  • Dieter- Xerxses- Counterfeit- Fugitive- Vigil- Gallantry- Harbinger- Bully- Jump- Neuschwanstein- Liposuction:
    I mean “dxcfvghbjnl” of coarse.

  • 189. greg:
    Tha Goldie Goils?
    best ever?

  • ChuChu

    Xena ’nuff said :-)

  • Jay

    Based on long-term popularity, entertainment value, production values and effect on the American people as a whole, no other Anerican show equals the anthology show variously called Disneyland / Walt Disney Presents / Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color and Wonderful World of Disney. It was on from the fifties to the nineties, on all three major networks and cable. and may have been the most influential show on television from 1955 to 1966 when Walt died.

  • fishing4monkeys

    I’d say The Simpsons but I can’t deny anymore that it’s gone downhill, sadly. In my opinion the best TV show is either Lost or Malcolm in the Middle.

    Lost because it’s one of the few shows ever that is successful while making the audience actually THINK and REMEMBER. It’s sad that so many sitcoms are so popular…

    Malcolm in the Middle mainly because it is just about an average’s not glammed up or overly stereotyped. It’s got a perfect mixture of the mean and the extreme (extreme being the crazy, blown-out-of-proportion plots) that is neither overly complicated or overly stupefied. It doesn’t have one of those annoying laugh tracks because the humor is real and always funny.

  • Bra5am


  • psychosurfer

    Man I just remembered the best show from the 80´s no one´s mentioned:
    Me and my friends totally worshiped that show
    293.Cedestra Thanks for the info man, did you ever watch Hammer?
    (I posted this earlier but it didn´t show)

  • Robin

    I’d have to say I loved 1st & Ten
    and Sledgehammer. They were both so funny!

  • Piet

    The greatest has to be a child’s program: “Liewe Heksie”, a South African kids series.

  • ash

    DARIA! hands down. what is wrong with you people?!

  • Will

    Sesame Street.

  • badabing

    Wow, sledgehammer good call! Haven’t seen that show in in twenty years, but i remember it being hilarious. I grew up with Night Court, I used to love that show. There is only one show that made me tense, uneasy, nervous, and made me laugh at the same time. The Soprano’s. The best show ever!!

  • badabing

    Sorry, but i`m up late and i just saw a best of seinfeld episode and i can`t think of a show that`s been more quoted. Is it just me or can everything be seinfeldian!

  • anokazz


    2.Seinfeld is a very close second (hard to compare)
    3. Southpark
    4. Dexter
    5. That 70’s show, the first seasons

    For all those out there who mention Heroes, try watching the 4400. Heroes sucks.

  • fishing4monkeys

    I agree about 4400, it is better than Heroes but Heroes doesn’t ‘suck’. It’s not great but it’s good. To bad 4400 got canceled. I guess we’ll never know what became of Promise City.

  • 1/ Quantum Leap
    2/ MacGyver
    3/ Outrageous Fortune!!! YES!!!

    yup thats about it for me.

  • Bang Fidsy

    My top 10 tv shows(imdb ratings):

    1- D E X T E R (9.1)
    2- THE S O P R A N O S (9.5)
    3- THE O F F I C E (US) (9.4)
    4- F R I E N D S (8.9)
    5- F A M I L Y G U Y (8.8)
    6- H O U S E (9.2)
    7- L A W & O R D E R (SVU)(8.6)
    8- THE S I M P S O N S (9.1)
    9- L O S T (9.0)
    10- G E T S M A R T (8.6)

  • anokazz


    Ok maybe saying it sucks is exagerating a bit but the best show ever?! It’s a show full of plot holes and I mentioned the 4400 because Heroes is nothing more than a (bad) more expensive and more marketed copy of the 4400. And the 4400 is the one that gets canceled…
    Seriously, I don’t understand the excitement about herous at all.

  • LZ

    Flight of the Conchords.
    12 episodes of deadpan brilliance.

  • Adam

    family guy, the simpsons, southpark, or the new beverly hills 90210.

  • Tobias

    I think not only is the Twilight Zone the best TV show just to watch, but it’s also the most influential ever. It is the quintessential American TV drama.

    Some close competitors are That 70’s Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, E.R., House M.D., Malcolm in the Middle, Angel and even though I don’t like it, it’s so popular that I have to put it here: Seinfeld.

  • Mr.Crow

    Tobias. you have the screenname of one of the characters in the greatest show ever made. It is such a shame you don’t think so. Arrested Development.
    Tobias Funke – Analrapist(analytical therapist)

  • sooke

    Twin Peaks was worth it just for the soundtrack!

  • e.k

    Spaced, cause simon pegg rules
    South Park, old standard always funny
    Family guy, funny as hell
    Top Gear

  • Melina

    Tobias 366- You want to hear something kind of intresting? Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince married my second cousin Larry Kraft. If you go to this link-
    and look under personal life you’ll see them mention that Larry is ‘actually cousins with Peter Thomas Kraft’.
    Thats my dad. :) I recently met Janet for the first time at my Nanas 90th birthday party at my other cousin’s house in Montclair. I have a few pictures with her (she looks great!) although sadly I need to get a new USB cable otherwise I would’ve had the on the computer by now. Oh well. hope that tickled you the same way it tickles me. Somehow I doubt it…

  • karbon

    Discover Channel’s How It’s Made.

  • deepthinker

    Dexter. Flight of the Conchords. The Office. I was a tween when Twin Peaks was on, so I don’t remember it.

  • Richard S

    Hill Street Blues
    All In The Family
    Mission Impossible

  • theleafs

    Being Canadian, I’d have to say HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA, but
    ALL IN THE FAMILY was one of the best; very funny and sometimes pretty damn serious, going places other shows never dared. Also, PBS’s NATURE and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, and any of the BBC nature/science productions that Attenborough guy hosted.

  • deepthinker

    Oh yeah- The Planet Earth mini series on Discovery… the coolest nature show ever!

  • Mortivore

    Anyone gonna say Scrubs? I like all the mental images he gets in his mind of potential situation. ^-^ Makes me laugh.

  • Freeze

    Ive got to say,
    south park
    the simpsons
    and ive just started watching the wire and it think its brilliant.

  • interestedparty

    yall are too young


  • doberman

    I don’t care if this is irrational:
    The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos, The Sopranos.
    And animated shows – The Simpsons deserves credit for bringing popularity… but seriously, nothing other than South Park deservess mention.

  • Lucky

    Family Guy, Seinfeld, Sex & The City

  • Peking P

    Wow. A lot of you folks have pretty questionable taste in television… I can’t say i could ever really enjoy shows like CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, Family Guy etc. they’re crap.
    Although, a lot of my favourite shows were mentioned as well.

    Comedy: Flight of the Conchords, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested Developement, Strangers With Candy, The Sarah Silverman Program.

    Drama: Battlestar Galactica, Carnivale, Six Feet Under, Weeds.

    Animated: King of the Hill (currently the best animated show on television), the Simpsons (in the olden times), Rocko’s Modern Life, Futurama.

    Kids Shows: Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street (circa late 60’s – early 70’s)

    It’s impossible to pick which is the best. the last episode of season 2 of weeds was one of the most exciting moments in my television watching history… The last 3 episodes of Six Feet Under had me in tears. Battlestar Galactica constantly brings relevance and high octane entertainment to a genre (sci fi) that i never really payed much attention to. It’s easily possible that the final episodes of Battlestar will be some of the best ever … I’m just getting sick of waiting for them.

    My vote goes to either Weeds or Battlestar.
    (… I haven’t seen Twin Peaks. before my time. I’m a Lynch fan though and i plan on downloading both seasons (there were only 2, right?) in the future.

  • MJ

    Northern Exposure, Seinfeld, Becker

  • wallsk8r

    Invader Zim for being the most original cartoon evah! They really too all the details of every episode seroiously.

  • Tobias

    Melina, Wow! That’s amazing and it’s really cool that you got to meet her. She did a great, great job on The Fresh Prince and I’ve always wondered why she got the axe. I’ve heard it was because of her pregnancy but they ended up writing that in, so I think they should have just kept working with her. Thanks for the great story :)

  • Dorian

    What? Nobody else for Chaser’s War on Everything?

    Last of the Summer Wine was the best until Bill Owen had the discourtesy to _die_.

  • hjak

    The 4400! :)

  • KryptoTSD

    Personally, I liked The X-Files a whole lot… It was a fantastic television show when it was on the air, especially when it was in it’s beginning seasons…

  • Melina

    Tobias-Yeah, her pregnancy was a ‘breach of contract’. I saw her son at the party for a little bit, but he left to go to a friends house so I didn’t get a chance to meet him. I think hes about fifteen now.
    But they fired her because of that and I think because her and Will Smith didn’t get along offset.
    Fuggit, life goes on.

  • Wini

    Best of British TV: Spaced; Shameless; The Mighty Boosh; Extras; Skins

    But I loved Twin Peaks early 90’s as well during my school days..
    Sex & The City was great, as was x files – man I love tv!

  • Gusta

    Anyway – the correct answer is ‘The Wire’.

  • Sharon

    The three best shows of all time are I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, and The Office. I cannot choose between them. Each are hilarious and were ground-breaking shows.

  • dr. Hannibal Lecter

    This is a tough question to ask. :-)

    Twin Peaks is an excellent choice. Maybe narrowing down by genre would help though :-) Still, how could one decide this?

    Family Guy
    Jeeves & Wooster
    A Bit Of Fry and Laurie
    Fawlty Towers
    Father Ted
    ‘Allo ‘Allo
    Police Squad! (in color!)
    Dr. House
    NYPD Blue
    The Shield
    Wire In The Blood
    Twin Peaks
    The Twilight Zone (no mouth scene!)

    …and many many more. Everything with John Cleese, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Rowan Atkinson.. Just keep the crappy CSI franchise out of the way. Such a boring look-at-me-I’m-a-model-in-an-expensive-suit show.

  • KryptoTSD

    Let’s see: I earlier mentioned Heroes, and The X-Files…
    Okay, here’s some more… Quantum Leap, Get Smart, Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series, and some of my personal Faves from Canada, North Of 60, Corner Gas and The Beachcombers… Due South, Too…
    Soon As I think of some more, I’ll let us all know…

  • Miss Destiny

    House for sure! Hugh Laurie is amazing. I also nominate Fringe, the Simpsons (like or not a show that’s been around as long as the Simpsons has got to be doing something right), Family Guy (a show so beloved it was brought back after cancellation to continue its success). I’d say Heroes but it’s starting to get on my nerves lately.

  • Jim

    PRISON BREAK is my favorite. 24 is the best.

  • PaulyIcecubes

    In its prime, which were seasons 3 through 9, The Simpsons is the best as far as I’m concerned. Second would have to be The Wonder Years, I’m a real sucker for it. It’s my secret shame. Heheh.

  • PaulyIcecubes

    Adam – I’m sorry, but the new Beverly Hills 90210? I hate to suppress a point of view, but man alive…

  • tedham

    The wire definitly needs to be at the top. The new battlestar galactica also which is far better then i thought it would be. spaced is also pretty awesome.

  • Suskis

    Space 1999 (1st year) was AMAZING.

  • DMY

    for me it’s got to be the simpsons. when i see homer it’s like looking in a mirror(i’ve more hair tho !!). a close second would be friends. seen every episode 100 times, laugh more each time !

  • Wag

    Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
    Enough said.

  • Nobba

    Anyone ever watched “World of Pub” from 2001? Unfortunately, it only ran for 6 episodes, so it’s pretty hard to find. Top show.

  • Philf

    For me (a brit), Fawlty Towers & Blackadder were two of the best, simply because they knew when to stop.

    I love the Simpsons, but as PaulyIcecubes points out, Seasons 3 to 9 were brilliant. The later ones are just poor. They should give it up.

    Family Guy is excellent. I’ve never known a programme to make me laugh out loud so often, especially the first couple of seasons.

    Maybe its just me, but I hate Seinfeld with a passion. I’ve watched about 5 or 6 episodes, and it just isn’t funny (having said that, I really like Home Improvement. Don’t judge me).

    Other programmes I love at the moment are Dexter, Fonejacker, Friends (over and over again), Desperate Housewives, and far too many others. I’m sure I’ll be back…

  • Mournblade

    I’ve got to agree–Twin Peaks IS the best t.v. show ever. There were plenty of others that followed that were wonderful in their own right: Picket Fences, Key West, American Gothic, Lost, Millenium, and The X Files.

  • Yvonne

    My best tv show ever is FRIENDS, i watch it every night on E4. But my other 2 favourite shows are Desperate Housewives, and all of the CSI programmes. Love ’em.

  • DMY

    wot about the show NEAT & TIDY. ran on C4 circa 1990. elvis’s guitar man was the theme tune. NICK NEAT & TINA TIDY on the run accross the states on a motorbike. it’s a top trivia question. loads of people remember what it was about, the theme tune etc, but not many people remember the title !! top show tho !

  • rsynr1

    M.A.S.H. , unequivocally

  • Sunspot

    Fawlty Towers, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  • mbpanda


  • abqnow

    Hill Street Blues

  • lightningclash

    SOPRANOS!!!!!! The character development and just overall pacing of the series has been unmatched(except season three, minus the Pine Barrens ep.) Second is The Shield, did anyone else see that episode last week? Blows my mind.

  • Ironman

    the office, seinfeld, family guy, futurama, simpsons, south park

  • Seventina

    Doctor Who! yes, just yes!

    and, Dizo, I was way sad when they got rid of Donna. I think Catherine Tate is one the most beautiful women alive

  • Laura

    The OC and Friends best of all time!!!

    Right now, Greys Anatomy is the best.

  • Redcaboose

    Have Gun, Will Travel.

  • alison

    Freaks & Geeks is most definitely, in my opinion, the best show ever, early 80’s about high school teenagers. awesome. Mad Men is another great one though.

  • Doug

    The Shield. Hands down one of the most engrossing series ever. A very well crafted and spun plot that constantly keeps you guessing. And the acting is very realistic and phenomenal.

  • Alicia

    King of Queens
    Will & Grace
    Odd Couple
    The Wire
    The Corner
    Martin Lawerence shows
    Def Jam Comedy
    Mission Impossible
    Bugs Bunny
    Flint stones
    All in the Family

  • Andrew

    Dragon Ball Z. Enough said

  • MEG

    family guy as it has been in most peoples lists above + i love it :)

  • charlimara

    Life on Mars
    House, MD

    and animated: The Simpsons of course, South Park, the family guy…

  • badabing

    Wow, it’s amazing how some people have no taste!!! What’s up with all the reality shows on tv, does anybody think these shows are good.

  • CRSN

    422. Yeah well if your in to sitting there watching peole bitch thats fine, but it just shows that there is no creativity out there if we are subjected to watching people sitting in their loung rooms.

    i may as well be watching CCTV with the sound.

  • badabing

    I don’t know what CCTV is, but it seems that when i turn on the tv, all i see is crappy “reality tv” and it sucks!

  • Sgt. Batguano

    Without a doubt, this is the worst list/item I have ever seen on this site. On a positive note, everything else ties for first because its really good.

    Its not the question that spells dooms; its the answers. They start off Gawd-awful and, based on random sampling, never recover. Alicia at #418 seems to be the only list that show breadth and diversity; Anekrel at #252 comes close. I didn’t agree with all their choices, but I respected the fact that they cover a good time and genre spectrum.

    Putting so I don’t have to shut up:

    Old, Old School
    Perry Mason (excellent writing)
    The Dick Van Dyke Show

    Old School
    All in the Family
    Star Trek TOS & TNG
    Hawaii Five-0 (Guilty Pleasure)

    Homicide: Life on the Street
    Original Law and Order (First Dozen or so seasons)

    New School
    The Shield
    The Office

  • CRSN

    425. Sgt. Batguano – its because poeple see them at diferent stages of their lives and they resonate differently with different people.

    My conclusion: eveyone has different tastes.
    Hogans Heroes

  • Dom

    I figured that Family Guy would be the big choice for everyone. I don’t get. The show was great. Now it’s absolutely horrid. That aside, I feel Arrested Development is the best show. Unfortunately, it was thrown down the drain and comedies with dumbed down jokes were thrown in it’s place.

  • blacksunshine

    I say Family Guy, mainly coz it always makes me laugh. Or House, because holy crap! He kissed Cuddy! Or Ghost Hunters. All though lately it seems like the show has gone down hill.

  • blacksunshine

    Oh and Alf and Perfect Strangers.

  • blacksunshine

    Ok this is the last one: Fraggle Rock, Smurfs,Yo Gabba Gabba and Cheers!!!

  • Nicosia

    Yo Gabba Gabba!
    “There’s a party in my tummy…”

    Anyone here ever watch “Corner Gas”? It’s a Canadian comedy show.

  • ollie


  • Kerry


    naf said!

  • sharlu

    Lost . . I know half of us can’t understand it . . but thats what makes it so much more appealing to me

  • stoner

    twin peak is a crap show its not good just like david lynch
    family guy kicks the crap out of the show
    and seth mcfarlane is 10 times better than david lynch

  • another one

    Oh, good, I don’t have to convince you about Twin Peaks then :)

    – OZ:
    why: the show is about the fictional Oswald State Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison. First of all it was fantastically cast. Secondly, it completely broke the notion of what can be shown on American television. It was also really well written.

    – The Mighty Boosh:
    why: because it challenges how we are used to perceive tv entertainment. I know many people doesn’t like this show, but I think it is because you have to be able to step out of your everyday life and accept something a little more magical.

  • Znyrk

    I would have to say Sopranos, It’s just so overall complete, The crime, drama, comedy mixed together in perfect balance.

  • kim

    The OC.
    its funny, cute, romantic, twisted, and unpredictable.
    what more could you want?

  • October

    Seinfeld, no hands down.

  • Wolf

    Got rid of cable 2 years ago; 130 channels of crap and now with the “reality TV” garbage on every F***ING station I see it was not a moment too soon. However, back in its first season Family Guy was great.

  • nessa

    my favourite tv shows would be

    FRIENDS the best show evveerrrr
    Desperate Housewives

  • lovelym1

    What about Roseanne, All in the family,or 60 minutes.Barney Miller had a great ensemble cast. Rerun classics like Brady bunch and Gilligan’s island. star trek TOS and TNG are always good. I think Breaking Bad is the best show on now, But I don’t watch tv like I used to because the internet rules!

  • BooRadley

    Twin Peaks
    Monty Python’s Flying Circus
    Jeeves and Wooster
    The Simpsons

  • Jarbear

    Mystery Science Theater 3000

  • Greg

    All in the Family without a doubt.

  • Scaramouche

    It is and will always be I Love Lucy. I created the three camera scene and was groundbreaking in showing a real life interracial couple(albeit not AS controversial as a black and white couple).

  • phantombrain

    1. Friends
    2. Star Trek (older version)

  • Bearymore

    Rod Serling’s original Twilight Zone. Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Playhouse 90. They didn’t call the golden age of television, the golden age of television for nothing.

    In comedy, That Was the Week that Was, Monty Python, Mary Hartmann Mary Hartmann.

    Then there are the Brits: Yes, Minister, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Smiley’s People and, of course, The Avengers.

  • Jevanzz

    The Sopranos, end of argument. It’s just the perfect show.

    Gotta mention Arrested Development too, it’s pure genius and never got the credit that it deserved.

  • Akhenaten

    ‘Long Way Down’ & ‘Long Way Round’ featuring Ewan McGreggor and Charley Booreman is fantastic. Can’t get enough.

  • Captive Bride

    Le Femme Nikita
    Will and Grace
    Ghost Whisperer

  • thehappyman

    What show do I think is the best? I think we need to consider what show has really affected our lives. Affected what we do, how we think. Our plans and our future. A show that makes us laugh or cry many times.

    To that end, I recommend The Weather Network.


  • lilcooptcb

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Six Feet Under
    Arrested Development

  • MarcusNyce

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • beth

    Roseanne. . except for the last few seasons

  • Jeremy Kyle! For non UK residents, I will explain: people with problems go on TV to be shouted at by Jeremy. 75% of guests are total losers, so it makes you feel better about yourself to watch ;D

  • Carrie

    #4-Curb your Enthusiasm
    #3-It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia
    #2-King of Queens
    #1-That 70’s show

    Honerable mentions- Wife swap,Mystery Diagnosis,all of Animal Planet

  • Mark

    King of the hill
    The Simpsons
    Spongebob Squarepants
    Jimmy Neutron
    Magic’s biggest secrets revealed

  • Mack

    I think Spaced is at the top. It is incredibly clever and has the best writing/directing combination ever and it almost forces you to know practically all of the shows on here that have been mentioned more than once. After that though I would have to go with anything Joss Whedon but in the order of Buffy/Firefly (because they’re equally good in my opinion and too different to make a true comparison) and then Angel. I’m hoping that Dollhouse will be a worthy addition as well.

  • Alex

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – watch the episode from last week “Dee has a heart attack” and you will see.

    24 – last couple of seasons have sucked but the first 4 are all great and the new one looks promising.

    Seinfeld – nothing that really needs to be said here.

    Entourage – Ari Gold is probably my favorite character ever.

    King of Queens – Kevin James is

  • Alex


    I forgot to add Twilight Zone. That show was just brilliant and had some great characters and story lines. I wish they would make a channel that played nothing but old episodes all day long.

  • Yondofan12

    Northern Exposure.  It had quirky characters, a love story, an awesome soundtrack.  Just a really good show.

  • Babes

    i think this is a very broad question as you get different genres to choose from.
    i’d still say the best show is family guy or the simpsons

  • skeptguy

    the man show

  • icarus454

    lost. hands down.

  • dunkenyonutzz

    this is easy man in order
    2.the office
    3.the wonder years
    4.the x files ghost coast to coast
    6.south park

  • weetzie


  • Laura


    X-Files X-Files X-Files.

  • bullkelsae

    I’ve never understood the obsession with Seinfeld, the office or sex and the city even though I have been subjected to these programs many times, o.k. sometimes just because I was bored, but the best in my opion(in order) has to be:

    1 M*A*S*H
    2 Northern Exposure
    3 Only Fools and Horses
    4 Friends
    5 Red Dwarf

    although i’ve never seen Twin Peaks but plan to watch through that soon and I’m told that it is brilliant so that opion might change soon.

  • dani lynn

    FRIENDS, Heroes, Gilmore Girls….I can think of a ton, but Friends is at the top of the list.

  • Juggz

    1. House
    2. House
    3. House
    4. House
    5. House
    6. House

    and so on and so forth.

  • sue

    My favorite ever is FRIENDS.

    Honourable mention,The OC,Desperate H/wives,One tree hill,grey’s anatomy,Brothers and Sisters,and ofcourse my guilty pleasure,Gossip

  • 05tbray

    it has to be doctor who. for a show to last 45 years. they must be doing something right

  • Zach

    Seinfeld by far

  • Hiamn

    Ok, had to register to comment on this one-I’m Irish and I haven’t heard of quite a few of the ones up here, but some of them…. seriously??! Buffy??!!
    This side of the Atlantic, I’d go for
    1-Fr. Ted all the way, no competition. Only 3 series before Dermot Morgan’s untimely death, but it is absolute perfection. If you ever want to see a microcosm of perfect Irishness, there it is. So much of it probably wouldn’t translate very well-the Lovely Girl competition, or the sheep scam, or Eoin McLove-but if you get it, you get it, and it’s as funny as they come. Also, it hasn’t fdated at all.
    2-Skins. I loved how groundbreaking it was as regards the real lives of teenagers, and it got people talking about tv again. It was controversial, but also excellently acted, and believably scripted. It was really gripping.
    3-Bosco. I shouldn’t have to explain myself here, the little man’s an absolute legend in his own right. The ULTIMATE comfort viewing, and he helped raise three generations of Irish kids. “Oh ta se ufasach!!”

    Overall though, it’s MASH for me. For all the reasons put forward here, it was just in a league of its own really wasn’t it?

  • dr. Hannibal Lecter


    You’re absolutely right about Father Ted, absolute perfection.

    It is kind-of like Fawlty Towers: very short, but powerful like a picture of bishop Brennan being kicked up the arse. *VERY* powerful. ;)

  • GP

    Nothing else is even close.

  • James

    Bridezilla on tlc or watever has a pretty great intro.

  • James

    whoops wrong discussion lol

  • tobbytoy

    Best TV show ever: Seinfeld

  • Pangy24

    It would have to be Firefly or Battlestar Galactica. Firefly for its amazing dialogue and story. It was a unique and beautiful show, by one of the best television creators out there, JOSS WHEDON. Battlestar Galactica just because it knew where it was going, did it well, and left all who watched in shire glee and intrigue.

  • Lynne

    Dr Who – I agree with 05tbray. 45 years and still going strong. Firefly is excellent too.

  • kking

    I’m sorry, but aside from the first two seasons, Family Guy is one of the WORST shows. They took out all that was creative, humourous, and original, after the second season and left in the mindless, irrelevant, effortless trash. Seens whose only “joke” is dragging something on for 60 or more seconds, people falling down fast for no reason, and mumbly, stuttery, useless dialogue. The only time it’s mildly funny is when the characters go out of character to act gay or like a famous person, etc.

    Frasier is the most well-written, witty show ever produced.

  • kking


  • ZenPoet

    I don’t think you will ever get anyone to agree with what is the best t.v. show ever. There are too many great thing to pick from. I myself love Twin Peaks, but I think David Linch doesn’t just walk the line between genius and stupidity… He plays hop scotch on it. There were mind blowing moments on that show, but there were also a great many painful to watch ones. For me, the most influential always seemed to be animated. It’s a medium in which you can get away with anything. And yes, while I agree that Family Guy is a hilarious show and i myself own every season, It’s comedy with no depth. It something you get stoned and watch and fall off your chair in laughing spasms, but it’s a simple humor. (And is it just me or does anyone else miss the Evil scientist/antichrist Stewie? They seem to have replaced him with a less evil gay twin) Look at something like Loony Toons. It was made for adults, dealing with adult themes like World War II and so on, but it was embraced by children as well. There was more going on than just slapstick. It had layers but managed to speak to everyone at the same time. and The Simpsons was a wonderfully amusing light hearted look at the American family, but it’s gone a bit silly for many years now. For me though, while many shows have great story and are far better written, I have to pick South Park. It’s the greatest social satire ever made! No matter what is going on in the world, be it silly or serious, South Park has always been there, right as it’s happening, pulling no punches, and making us all laugh at our own stupidity. It has shock value, but also subtleties, and a message, but not always the moral of what they’ve learned today. It tackles very heavy subjects without fear of said subjects reaction. Plus it’s so current…I mean How many people were impressed that they put out the election day episode the very day after the election?! It’s a show that every time it comes out with a new episode, always manages to stay relevant to what i see going on in the world. Just as the Jester was the only one who could tell the King the truth so long as he made it seem a joke, South Park brings an honesty to us, in the form of a brutal truth from the mouths of children. And for all you people who still say Family guy is the greatest ever, remember this. South Park was ground breaking in that it changed the way people looked at cartoons. It gave them an edge. Family guy would never have been made without South Park to pave the way.

  • ZenPoet

    Also, Since no one else seems to have mentioned them, Weeds, Law and Order (the original, not the countless parasitic devil spawns) Aeon Flux, Skins and The Mighty Boosh! For best Programs though, I have to say Nick at Nite, Adult Swim, and MTV Oddities get a three way tie.

  • BTG


  • caStroY

    One thing I’ve noticed that people tend to have really short memories, they keep saying that the show they’re currently into is the best of all time, that being said, I’m gonna do the same…

    Here are my personal favorites:

    Best Sitcom – Seinfeld
    Best Animated – Futurama (Simpsons, is a close runner up)
    Best Suspense – LOST
    Best Drama – Entourage
    Best Sci-Fi – Firefly and Battlestar Galactica

    But for histories sake, I should mention the following popular shows:

    M*A*S*H, Twin Peaks, MTST3K

    And more recently,

    Friends, The Sopranos

  • Borka

    Only Fools And Horses.

    I`ve seen 90% of what people mentioned above,and OFAH is simply better of em all.

    Sadly not many people watched it outside UK.

  • dr. Hannibal Lecter

    Heavens, Only Fools And Horses.. one of the best shows ever, in the history of the universe. I’m just in a process of re-watching the whole series again for the millionth time and it is still as hilarious as the first time.

    NB: OFAH is a very popular show here in Croatia, you Brits are not the only people enjoying the astounding performance of David Jason ;-)

  • i love corn

    But I really am not old enough to have seen many of these shows.

  • Infernophyte

    @ Mongoose post 95: Your ignorance is of a gigantic proportions. You included TVguide as a reference on how great Seinfeld is/was, you think they KNOW what they are talking about and yet you accuse FRIENDS of being a stupid show??,,,well you can look further down the list and you will see FRIENDS is the number 21 greatest show of all time IN TVGUIDE’S LIST you moronic hypocrite…It is one of the best shows ever wether you like it or not.

    Anyways my list is:

    1-FRIENDS (kinda obvious :P)
    2-the simpsons

  • Infernophyte

    sorry for typos was in a hurry

  • Weirdos

    Excuse but FAMILY GUY?! Are you guys 12?

  • carl

    Six Feet Under(i cried during its series finale. the final episode definitely brought closure for this show)
    Carnivale(lots of questions left unanswered because of the cancellation, but still a very good show, imo)

    Weeds(its 2nd season was really a great cliffhanger)

    South Park

  • Shazbut

    Seems that no-one who has seen the Wire has put it any lower than first. I’ve really got to get hold of a box set

  • scarlet_tears

    Mine is Friends but here are some nice shows too:


    Arrested Development



    The Simpsons



  • Mexican Food

    It’s like mankind has only to shows in existence: Seinfeld and Friends…don’t you guys know any other shows?

    What about the wire? entourage? arrested development? newsradio? curb your enthusiasm?

  • Mexican Food

    woops forgot to say mine is little house on the praire

    ps: two not to ^^

  • Cubone


  • number19

    South Park.
    Family Guy.
    American Dad.
    Flight Of The Conchords.
    Good News Week.
    Swift And Shift Couriers.

    All good.

  • BlackX

    The X-Files
    Battlestar Galactica
    Star Trek : TNG

  • Darky_1138

    Babylon 5

  • Scott in Hartford

    Green Acres

    Absolutely Fabulous

  • Joseph de Culver City

    Gotta say ‘Nova’.

  • gg

    maybe it’s me? But it doesn’t seem fair to include Pay channel shows. I mean they get to do stuff that regular tv doesn’t get to do. Imagine “Deadwood” on CBS, it just wouldn’t be the same. Or “Weeds” on ABC. There are a bunch of pay channel shows I would pick. But since I’m not including pay channel shows, my vote for best TV show is ………………. Drum Roll please …………………
    “Boston Legal”

  • Mr.Crow

    Family Guy is not my favorite. The show is funny and witty, it has good jokes and mocks people in great ways. This is not criteria for saying it is the best TV show. TV shows have to be judged on all their aspects, not just how funny they are. Shows need depth of character, great acting, good writing and great directing. At best, Family Guy has two of those. The show is essentially one where every character is made for the purpose of being funny, not being a good character. I think nominating an animated show is difficult anyway, they are missing so many aspects that regular shows have. Same goes for South Park, a show which I actually like a lot.

    My vote for the greatest TV show ever made is Arrested Development. It has everything needed to make a good show in every department. Just the writing alone is on a level that most shows don’t realize exists.

  • SanDiegoMark

    All In The Family, by Norman Lear. Far and away the best television show ever, was not only funny, but held up a mirror to the country and things like racism and discrimination. Not to mention that this show was the first time ever that the audience heard a toilet flush (quite the taboo in those days).
    It also was the springboard to many other shows, and also allowed Rob Reiner to become one of Hollywood’s better movie directors.
    Today’s shows are only judged against other currently running shows. Frankly, they stink. What passes for brilliance today would be mediocre yesterday.

  • lenalady

    my favorites are:
    10.Family Guy
    9.CSI Miami
    8.Good Eats- im a foodie XD
    7.Gilligan’s Island
    5.How I Met Your Mother
    3.The Big Bang Theory
    1.Bones–best show ever btw.

  • exploder22

    i personally think that spongebob, seinfeld, and planet earth are the best tv shows ever


    The best swow is…………..the shield

  • mawst

    I can’t believe how many people list shows that are either on now or within the past couple years.

    I’ll take a crack a it:

    The Tonight Show (With Johnny Carson)
    The Twilight Zone (Rod Serling’s Original)
    Planet Earth (Discovery Channel)
    The Universe (The History channel)

    Star Trek (The Original)
    Star Trek TNG (Ran for many years)
    Star Trek DS9/Voyager
    (Enterprise was a disaster – Gene Rodenberry would be turning in his grave)

    I’m sure ER, Friends and the like would be on there too.

  • kim

    the OC


  • Nesha

    1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – most underrated show ever (by people who have never seen it who are so quick to insult it, fans and critics adore it)
    2. Angel – best spin-off ever. Period.
    3. Scrubs – For some of the same reasons I love the two shows mentioned above.
    4. The Simpsons- No need for explanation
    5. The Boondocks – there’s deep and eerily true underlying messages underneath all the funny!
    6. Rocko’s Modern Life – Just cuz.

    These are some of the “best” shows ever.

  • Zac R C

    Best animated: Mission Hill (even despite its run for less than a whole season, the show is great. The characters are interesting, they actually seem to be growing, animated awesomely, and genuinely clever)
    Best live action: Kingdom/Riget (I bet, like, two people have seen this. It’s by Lars Von Trier and in Danish. It’s about a haunted hospital), TIE WITH Fanny & Alexander (Another Scandinavian mini-series, this one is Swedish and by Ingmar Bergman)

  • Mine

    doctor who for sure

  • MPW

    I can’t pick just one so I’ll say The Simpsons, the X Files, Married With Children, Law and Order and Home Improvement.

  • FrigginGodess

    I don’t have a favorite myself. But, if I had to choose… it would be a tie between Avatar and That 70’s Show.

  • richardwad1

    Malcolom in the Middle

    That 70’s show

  • Brittney

    I would have to say the best TV show ever is I Love Lucy. I am sixteen and I watch the reruns. Lucy is hilarious and she is always doing things that Ricky tells her she is not supposed to do. Lucy is very ingenious. I Love Lucy is one of those pioneering shows that started the whole physical comedy craze.

  • Philf

    I tried watching Buffy cos my partner loves it so much. I lasted the first four episodes and couldn’t watch anymore. I still don’t know what she sees in it (probably Boreanez).
    Breaking Bad has become a new favourite of mine, but first season has now finished, so I have to wait.
    I like the idea of Star Trek being the best TV show ever. Its lasted so long and created so many subsequent programmes, it must be doing something right.

  • Ash

    South Park
    Because if you underneath all the “offensive language” etc
    There is a lot of truth in what they say
    And it’s so much better than Family Guy (which is just NOT funny at all).

    But yes, I liked Twin Peaks
    Despite the fact that it was rather confusing…


    Mine is:
    7.heroes the first season was the best the rest OK
    6.prison break same as heroes
    5.My name is Earl It`s funny
    3.the X-Files
    2.that 70`s show
    1.the shield

    P.S Buffy sucks!!!!

  • Tyler Dugger

    It is clearly the West Wing, or perhaps M.A.S.H. Both are products of masterful writing, and superb acting. Furthermore both represent the collaboration of drama and comedy ever seen, and subsequently maintain a compeling story line.

  • dracon

    My personal favorites: Twilight Zone, Monty Python, Night Gallery, Beavis + Butthead, Aeon Flux, Charlie Rose, McLaughlin Group, Superjail, and The King Family Christmas. That last one is an obscurity meant to get a response from old folks like me. 48.

  • Ryno

    Favorite ever… Seinfeld
    Never gets old
    Favorite right now… Entourage
    Always keeps me wanting more. Ari rocks. Amazing use of cameos. Great character development.

    Favorite light-hearted sitcom at the moment… “How I met your mother”
    Hilarious. Witty writing. Speaks to our Generation (older 20 somethings). Great progression.

  • GoodBiscuits

    1-Friends 2-Dallas 3-Simpsons 4-House

  • Esbravo32

    I did not get a chance to read through all of the entries, but I agree with M.A.S.H as # 2;
    I can’t believe that you people are not yelling the name:

    Seinfeld is by far and away the best show ever on T.V.

  • Jaz_3

    my wife and kids…




    my wife and kids…


  • RobertSean

    ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT for sure. Only problem is you can’t be an occasional watcher or else you won’t get the jokes. MOVIE in the works though =)

  • Tom Ewing

    Nova, especially COSMOS! 1979-80 were great years for television-thank you, Dr. Sagan!

  • 532. Tom Ewing: Nova, especially COSMOS! 1979-80
    Spot on! My children were babies, toddlers, at the first run of the show, yet I allowed them to stay up to watch the series that time and every time it reran throughout their school years.
    It had such a positive effect on them, particularly my son, that he selected an observatory as his wedding site, and the full set of Cosmos DVD’s as a wedding gift!

  • k1w1taxi

    I swear to God I thought Turkeys could fly!

    For our American friends this weekend.


  • k1w1taxi

    Sorry thought I had embedded the youtube link but it seems not so


  • LOL! LOL! LOL!
    I remember that episode so well! It was a side-splitter then, and hasn’t lost it’s touch now.
    “As God is my witness, I swear, I thought turkeys could fly.”
    One of the funniest lines of all time.
    Thanks, Lee!

  • Ham

    The X-Files is definitely one of my fave non-comedies. It works as a suspenseful sci-fi, conspiracy, mystery show, yet also has many well-developed characters and themes.

    As far as comedies go, the Office (u.s.) is probably the funniest. The genius of the show is its completely exaggerated yet realistic characters.

  • oneiros1313

    Sopranos, Millennium, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  • lab

    Almost any news program, especially ABC News and SBS World News Australia. It’s the only television show that I always watch whether it be on ABC, SBA, 7 or 10, I nevere ever miss it.

  • lab


    SBA meant to be SBS

  • T


    hilarious, and genuis for Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld to make a show…about nothing.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Yes Seinfeld is great and The Simpsons are always worth a good chuckle. However there is one TV show that truly and utterly defecates upon all others, METALACOLYPSE! Not only is it hilarious but also insanely metal. It is so refreshingly brutal that it should be watched by pro football players before games. Now I know your thinking “But Mr. Chodehoffen, surely you jest, this can’t be a show to be taken seriously. It obviously lacks anything that make it a good show if it is about dumb metalheads.” Allow me to enlighten thee by pointing out that the character interactions are perfect and all the band members balance each other out and do all the other good TV show stuff. Basically if you don’t know what I am talking about you are missing out.

  • I think my favorite at this moment would be bones humerous at times but it can quickly turndramatic or even funnier.

  • monkeyboy

    I can not believe nobody thought the episode of Taxi with Jim taking the driving test is not the funniest thing ever seen on TV

  • Precision

    Obviously this is an incredibly subjective topic, so I don’t feel the need to agree or disagree with any previous comments. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and mine is thus:

    My favourite all-time tv show is definitely Seinfeld. The way that the show highlights the little quirks of life is brilliant. Favourite episode: The Soup Nazi.

    In second place is the early series of the Simpsons. Back when I was at school we actually studied this show as part of a topic on humour and parody for English Studies. This show has lost the magic though imo, and I think that is mainly because it has been running for so long the writers are running out of things to parody! I also find the earlier series to be much more subtle which appeals to me.

    The final spot on the podium is Fawlty Towers. The thing that I like most about this show is that the humour is still funny today, despite the show being decades old. My only problem with this show is that only 12 episodes were made!

    Other favourite shows of mine:
    – Black Books
    – The Sopranos
    – Planet Earth
    – ‘Adult’ cartoons (i.e. Family Guy, Futurama etc)

  • abhi

    there is no doubt….that there is any thing more intresting than prison break in d world…………….

  • The Watchmen

    Ok,this is my first post ever.I had to register on this one. I would have to go with X-files or Seinfield. I could stay up allllll night watching X-files. Also CSI (Las Vegas is the ish) suprised no ones mentioned Martin,that was a great show. Also I really like The big bang theory right now. I’ve really gotta find out what all the fuss about Dexter is, I do like Family guy alot too. Also, I like the first 48 and Mythbusters as well. Oh and how can you not like Two and a Half men,Charlie Sheen at his best. Oh yea and Flava of love!! HAHAHA, that’s a joke.

  • Nesquick

    When you take into account all the facts, only one show stands out above the rest. The Original 1992 Mighty Morphing Power Rangers had all the elements of what everyone is asking for. Drama, Action, Crime, Comedy, and even a little medical in the movie that came from it. Anyone and Everyone else is entirely and completely, ignorant and incorrect.

  • Dani


  • manoora95

    lost because it is so addictive and keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout the whole episode, and the only annoying thing is they have loooong breaks between each series that make you forget everything
    family guy because it is hilarious and i looooooove stewie because he is just sooooo evil

  • Toonman

    The Andy Griffin Show(B&W)a moral with every show.
    Seems lost today.

  • Charli

    AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL, of course!!!


  • DShoop

    I think definitely either Its Always Sunny or Seinfeld

  • BlueLion


    Yes, I know many of you are either laughing or rolling your eyes. And of course it was hard NOT to make fun of him sometimes, with his slow cadence and simple puppets. Others who don’t watch him carefully assume he was secretly a pervert (no one who looks and listens carefully to his programs over time could think such a thing). And sure, there are the countless false rumors that he was a marine, a sniper, hid his tatoos, etc. (all proven false.)

    All that acknowledged, he is one of the few people out there who CARED ABOUT HIS AUDIENCE. Everything he does is for the children, to grow them up both inside and out. His slow pacing actually attracts and keeps the attention of small children much better than the fast-paced, change-a-scene-every-moment standard that most other programming chooses (including Sesame Street, which is otherwise a great program too). He talked about death, divorce, war, all in a caring way, helping young children to face the realities of life while dealing with these difficult issues.

    He wrote the scripts, the songs, voiced most of the characters, and SHOWED our CHILDREN how to navigate in this world — something no other program really does, even today.

    His show lasted for 30 years or more.

    The children who grew up watching him, watch it now with their children (and in some cases, grandchildren) because they know HE TELLS US WHAT WE MOST NEED TO KNOW: That as humans, we are all unique, valuable, and able to grow in Love.

    This is why I think his program is the best one ever.
    (See also an article on Gratefulness dot org, under their “Gift People” section, with the title, “Fred Rogers.”)

  • alpenstocks

    Survivor….no other reality show even comes close. The castaways are put through the wringer, and the drama is real. Also, I haven’t seen “Northern Exposure” mentioned much. That show set the standard for quirky ensemble shows.

  • Kristen

    Star Trek in all it’s reincarnations and movies. But seriously, the best tv show of all time was the original Star Trek. Also had the same problem of an early demise.

  • Darin

    Dick Van Dyke show was the best ever, in my opinion

  • K-Fun

    scrubs or house or the x files

  • Haro!

    My choices (in no particular order):
    Married With Children
    Dream On
    Flight of the Conchords
    The Sopranos

    bonus: Sam & Max: Freelance Police

  • Matt

    I Love Lucy best show ever

  • Joseph de Culver City

    Homicide: Life on the Street

    Northern Exposure

    Twilight Zone

  • nkdr

    south park by far.

  • Rick

    Blackadder & Red dwarf are top for cheering you up. Hilarious. I also like X-Files and the new copy Fringe. They always get me thinking whether any of the stories might just be possible.

  • KDR

    I’d say South Park

    then there’s also Family Guy, Prison Break, Heroes, Married with Children, Scrubs and some others…

    But I’ll stick with South Park.

  • Blizard

    The Sopranos!!!
    and am i the first one to say:
    “First few seasons of sliders” was pretty good for a while.
    Also Night visions… It was great while it lasted. I don’t think many people know about it though… anybody else know about it? or sliders?
    Did i imagine them or did they really exists? Man maybe i went crazy…. hopefully they were real…

  • Wamus

    The Rush Limbaugh Show was the BEST ever. Anyone doubting it most likely never saw it.

  • Peteman27

    Ctrl-F: Seinfeld
    Over 500 entries without Seinfed? What’s going on here? It was a clever, witty sitcom that didn’t have the drama of Friends or blandness of other 90’s sitcoms. It was even named in TV Guide as the best sitcom of all time. I believe it at least deserves a mention.

  • cannabiscallan

    South Park, Entourage, Weeds

  • Blizard

    You must have hit something wrong beacuase…
    CTRl+F to me = 69 times! first one at comment 28…
    But what about night visions? or sliders?
    I do think i’m going crazy…

  • Hayley

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, no question.

  • maximuz04

    A few things:
    1) Television as a whole I think is not a great thing. It explores issues which in a sense are deprived in your real life. Studies show there is a positive correlation with how much tv you watch and depression… im not surprised. I think TV will be dead in 50 yrs.
    2) Comedies would NEVER be a top show in my book. Im sorry but I have enough comedy in my life, and dont need some trite remake of what happens to me every day. I however do find the office, and the simpsons (first 10 seasons) hilarious… but thats ONLY when I have nothing to do.
    3) Family Guy, sadly… is not a good show. Its an embarrassing attempt at “random” humor (BTW the use of the word ‘random’ is used grossly incorrectly in modern talk) and it simply tries too hard. Its slapstick humor which isnt innovative, thought provoking nor takes skill to write. I cant stand watching it for more than 1 episode! and leaves nothing to the imagination. The only clever character is Bryan and he doesnt get enough screen time. There I said it FAMILY GUY SUCKS.
    4) If I really hard to choose the best comedy, it would be Seinfeld, truly clever sitcom.
    5) Right now, the best still running show is Battlestar Galactica. Brilliant previous shows are Star trek TNG, Voyager, DS9, Stargate SG1, the outer limits (90s),the simpsons, beast wars transformers… can only think of sci fis now hahaha but thats because (unlike star wars) these shows relied on the brilliance of the writing… and in galactica… the insanely good acting, and stupid effects like star wars OR moronig “funny” one liners like in the millions of shows mentioned. You know the ones that wait for the audience to laugh (stupid ‘friends’).

  • maximuz04

    OH addition Buffy and Angel were also really good shows I didnt get into but should have.

  • Blizard

    I agree with the outer limits, forgot about that one…
    And family guy is supposed to be dumb! don’t you know that the more time passes they’re trying to make each generation dumber? Don’t get me wrong i CAN find family guy, American Dad, South park, etc. hillarious its just that i really have to dumb myself down…

  • shakidood

    House, MD.

  • the_why

    House, MD!

  • sho

    I think Friends is the best!

  • john

    the twlight zone

  • Tall Girl

    I change my mind, House!

  • ash1000

    what doesnt any one here remember baywatch

  • Alexander

    Fringe?! The Mentalist?!?! HEROES?!?!?! Seriously?!
    The acting on these shows is horrific!

    Nothing balances drama, comedy, and deep enthralling characters like mash.

    Good drama is hard.
    Good comedy is hard.

    To do both at a level that show did, I would have thought impossible.

  • paulm

    Father Ted. Best comedy series ever made.

  • Namar

    1. LOST
    2. OZ
    3. The Wire

    Honorable Mentions: Dexter, X-Files, Twilight Zone, I Love Lucy, Mad Men, Spongebob Squarepants, Family Guy, The Simpsons

  • Emmie

    To each his own, I say.

  • filipinagossipgirl

    Veronica Mars!!!

  • Teddy

    NBC The Office. Fav eva.
    Hitchikers guide UK.
    Red Dwarf.

    The Sopranos was great but I really dislike every single character lots.

  • Teddy

    Father Ted. Forgot Fateher Ted. Father Ted. Don’t know now. Not many episodes though.

  • Parker

    I love Bones.
    I love Bones and Booths relationship. i love all the Squints. everything about the show is great. My personal choice. Second would be House :)Also i love the Xfiles.

  • mark


  • giovanna

    okay, I’m surprised that barley anyone has put”It’s always Sunny In Philadelphia”. That show is hilarious! I also think “family Guy”, “the office” and “House” are great shows too. but “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia” is definitely my first pick.

  • giovanna

    oh and Seinfeld is a good one too.

  • Teacup Ego

    I’ve enjoyed reading all of the posts, and I’ve become nostalgic… so here are my favorites, too:

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show (the clown’s funeral*)
    The Bob Newhart Show (the “therapy” sessions)
    Designing Women (“They Shoot Fat Women, Don’t They?” episode)
    The Office (Jim’s proposal, finally)
    Six Feet Under (the opening scenes of each episode)
    The Sopranos (the “Whitecaps” episode)
    Boston Legal (“Denny Crane… still cuckoo for CocoaPuffs”)
    30 Rock (Kenneth!)

    Such very, very good shows. Too many choices to make just one, sorry!

    *”A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.”

  • theshield

    i cant believe no one watches The Shield, its by far the best police drama ever. The Wire is brill but it cant touch the intensity faced by the strike team each week. The final season just finished, try not to miss out. Dexter is superb, Oz is amazing and underrated,shame. Six Feet Under was excellent also, Sopranos, family guy, tour of duty, this life, NYPD Blue. . .

  • Christian

    I am voting NCIS as the best TV show of all time. I can watch it for hours on end. It is smart, funny and dramatic all at the same time.

  • Carrie B

    Sex and the City.

  • tabby

    Friends. So FUNNY -all seasons. Hated to see it end.

  • Christy

    10. I Love Lucy
    9. Sex and the City
    8. Friends
    7. Seinfeld
    6. The Cosby Show
    5. Happy Days
    4. NCIS
    3. Sesame Street
    2. Boston Legal
    1. CSI (The original)

  • nacots

    FRIENDS! :) :)

  • (insert nickname here)

    Home Improvment
    Jon and Kate plus 8
    Peoples court
    Red Green

  • (insert nickname here)

    oh and House md

  • jakeodonnell

    arrested development
    the wire
    st elsewhere
    larry sanders

  • lab

    i might change my opinion here

    blackadder goes forth

    very funny, and the last episode is particularly touching, mixing intelligent comedy and slight drama

  • aromatherapy

    CBS dramas are golden…I also like Fat Albert and Scooby Doo. Great cartoons.

  • lethaldose

    arrested development.

    I have never found another show that made me laugh so hard. If I got to pick two my second vote would be for Lost. No other show has kept me on the edge of my seat for longer.

  • Frank

    All In The Family

  • Kat

    Are you people seriously saying that the best TV show is something made in the last 5 years. Gilmore Girls? spare me…

    I think you can not ignore the brilliance of MASH. Amazing, timeless poetic and poignant storyline, humor that has stood the test of time, and outstanding performances by an incredible ensemble cast.

    In 30 years time, my children will find little joy in a show like Family guy, because of the use of pop culture references and themes. I however love mash, as my mother did at my age.

    I also think you cant go past the Simpsons. It changed the face of prime time TV.

  • Pip

    LOST is not only the best show ever made, it is the best possible show that could ever be made.

  • lilstvsmom

    Married with children
    Northern Exposure

  • lilstvsmom

    OH and BIG LOVE

  • MahMah


  • CJM

    LOST is the best tv show ever!!! im surprised not many have listed it though. DEXTER is quite good as well

  • smithstar4

    “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson–There will never be another one like him.

  • caz


  • Signe

    Twin Peaks was amazing up untill they revealed who the murdere was, then it kinda went down hill from there…like that boring story about James and the rich woman who killed her husband…who cares??

    So my number one is: Buffy the vampire slayer

    Followed by Lost, just because it is amazing that they can make us wacht every week even though we have no idea what the hell is going on!

  • Mikey M

    Farscape and B5. Two of the Best Sci Fi shows ever.

  • Kish!

    Wow!!! This is sure a long held debate! If I could only watch one show ever again, (i know thats not the question, but thats how I would judge it) I think it would be… *Dexter*
    It always leaves me wanting mooooree!!!!!!!
    For those of you who love House… I understand the appeal and the humour, and but whoever said it always has original plotlines… really? It’s the same week after week. They get a new sick patient, misdiagnose them four or five times an hour until they almost die, and figure it out and fix em within the last couple hours or days of their life. The only thing that changes is the diseases!! Nothing original there…
    Sorry, I just think anyone that is that consistently bad at their job should be canned!!

  • yanyan


  • racedanger31

    best shows ever
    old: andy griffith,twilight zone, sanford and son(lol), happy days, gilligans island, i love lucy

    new: arrested develpment, its always sunny in philadelphia, office US(best show ever), CSI, Lost, criminal minds, my name is earl, snl(could also go under old)

    animated: simpsons(first nine seasons esp.), early family guy, king of the hill

    worst:jerry springer( although i love it), shitty reality shows on vh1, the wiggles( creepy as shit), knight rider(old and new), soap operas,

  • Buster Bluth

    Arrested Development!

  • akira

    One Tree Hill, The Closer. In my opinion those are two of the best dramas EVER…then again those are the two shows I watch!

  • I am Jack’s username

    I’m with PirateXxEsque: my all time favorite is Firefly, and as for shows still running – nothing comes close to House.

  • Alan

    All in the Family. Best ever!

  • racedanger31

    crap i forgot seinfield!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    CSI (Vegas)
    Family Guy
    Ghost Whisperer
    Gossip Girl

  • Sarah

    I guess I should follow up since I only did current shows….

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Sex and the City
    I love Lucy
    The Munsters (lame, I know, but its a guilty pleasure)

  • grungefreak10

    Deep Space 9. Lord knows it’s an acquired taste and it took a while before it really hit its stride, but it is definitely my favorite.

  • DerAlte

    Sheesh. History, folks. While many of the shows cited a compelling views, the scope is way to confined to address the question.

    Since I was born at the very start of the Baby Boom, I’ve seen most of broadcast TV’s history. Lots of the early shows were aired live, with all the edginess that came from knowing you only got one take. Consider Sid Caesar’s Show of Shows. You had writers like Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner. Neil Simon writing a 90-minute show done live, and with lots fewer commercials. Hard to top, but it was never in reruns.

    You had 90-minute live theater, plays written by great authors and acted by movie stars.

    Rockford Files was great, and I lived in LA when it was shot and worked where a lot of it was filmed. And as a former private investigator, I have to say the techniques were fairly true to type. Great casts, a car chase in every episode, and good writing.

    So just remember what most comments come from folks who’ve only seen a limited slice of what was on offer on a medium that began in Nazi Germany, where the Ministry of Propaganda ran the very first regularly scheduled entertainment shows.

  • JP

    I’m not seeing enough love for these GREAT shows:
    dragon ball z, the boondocks, FLCL, avatar: the last airbender, chappelle’s show, rescue me

    these are all amazing and have been barely mentioned if at all.

    other worthy, obvious, posted-a-million-times-already shows:
    xfiles, twilight zone, seinfeld, south park, simpsons, arrested development, it’s always sunny in philadelphia, dexter

    as for the best of the best? entourage. my college buddies just got me hooked to it. jeremy piven as character ari gold is just so entertaining!

  • Yomyth

    Definitely friends, that show is/was legendary

    Sure it felt tired, then again, this is the case with most long-running shows.

  • Rezel

    This is difficult one. Just from reading the other comments you can see that there are so many categories it can be made up of.

    Mine at the moment are: Dexter, Super Natural

  • osage

    Comedy – All In The Family
    Drama – Hill Street Blues
    SciFi – Babylon 5
    Variety – Carol Burnett
    Mini-Series – Shogun

  • OldNorthernGuy

    Hi folks: You’re not going back far enough. The best comedy ever was The Dick Van Dyke Show, with All in the Family a close second. Best Drama: Hill Street Blues, followed by the first Twilight Zone Best Variety: The Ed Sullivan Show, and Ed Skelton had some wonderful shows Best Kids Show: DeGrassi Junior High

    However, I don’t want to give the impression that there’s nothing good today. House is excellent, 30 Rock is un-missable, Corner Gas is a hoot, The Sopranos was gutsy & surprising.

    I’m interested in your comments.

  • tex

    House, 24, the unit, and family guy are the best shows on television right now.

  • shaymm


  • Mongrelislandboy

    Interesting list. Surprised ho much Hugh Laurie comes up with loads for House but also a lot for Jeeves and Wooster and a few for A Bit Of Fry And Laurie (genius)

    for me though

    Anything presented by David Attenburgh (planet earth, blue planet any of the Private Lives of all classic)

    Simpsons – it’s true 3-9 are the good series, but they were massively influential and hilarious

    Father Ted – every episode is brilliant laugh out loud hilarious. Those who don’t know this series must hunt it out

    The House of cards- real dark political satire, nasty and brilliant.

    Columbo – classic television. Peter Falk is a legend

    I also love – Sharpe, Spaced, Only Fools and Horses, Monty Pythons Flying Circus (Tho the films are the best), Top Gear, Quantum Leap, Babylon Five, The A Team, god its a nightmare narrowing things down really

  • aclowe

    seinfeld? anyone?? i love that show

  • discodrock

    WOW WOW WOW it took until about 180 comments for someone to come up with the best show ever NORTHREN EXPOSURE best show ever period

  • plugge

    Lost is easily the best show to every be shown on a television. followed closely by arrested development.

  • Bobo

    1. Father Ted
    2. The Naked City
    3. Hooperman
    4. I Love Lucy
    5. The Andy Griffith Show
    6. Grey’s Anatony
    7. M-Squad
    8. Topper
    9. Amos ‘n Andy
    10. Fawlty Towers
    11. Band of Brothers (miniseries)
    12. Combat
    13. The Wire
    14. Lou Grant
    15. All in the Family
    16. Stoney Burke
    17. The Eleventh Hour
    18. Ben Casey
    19. ER
    20. All Creatures Great and Small

  • jfh

    cheers, strangers with candy, family guy, most evil, barney miller, all in the family,

  • SubhaVini

    Friends and Seinfeld … the best ever..

  • ash1000

    what there just one mention of wwe in 641 posts its been on for as long as i can remember of course back then it was called something else and its still goin strong

    house monk and friends rock, by the way

  • LG

    The Best:

    3 way tie between, Seinfeld, the Simpsons and The X-Files.

    Seinfeld: definatey the best live action sitcom – Great and unique characters that everyone could relate to. Only one of my favourite shows that didnt go on longer than it should have, just kept getting better and better. Funniest shit around.

    Simpsons: Funny and touching at the same time, at least for the first 10 years or so. Changed TV. Iconic Characters. All-round brilliant show

    X-Files: the show could be anything – Horror, comedy, drama, classic sci-fi and sexual tension. Great Characters, Great Stories, in its prime it was the medium of television at its best and Scully was some of sweetest eyecandy ive ever seen.

  • Kez

    I’m gonna have to say The X-Files.
    Hands down greatest show ever made. IMO.

  • Abhijeet Pathak

    Friends and Tom & Jerry are probably the best evergreen shows, plus their endless reruns also don’t tire you. Each times it’s enjoyable.

  • Sara

    I must say that CSI ( original ) is the best show out there
    Prison Break comes next
    and then If theres nothing else on
    House is third.

  • vanna

    How I Met Your Mother

  • Sean

    Scrubs. It covers a variety of humor styles all in creative and unique ways. Marriage, best friends, coworkers, children, assholes you hate to see every day, life and death… It’s an eye opener and it is pretty damn hilarious. Something there for everyone regardless of your lifestyle.

  • Sean

    And on that note I should add that Dr. Cox could positively STOMP House in a battle of wits.

  • yc

    1 spongebob square pants
    2 that 70 show
    3 southpark
    4 scrubs
    5 freinds
    6 mythbusters – because of the hot geeky girl
    7 daily news with jon stewart
    8 fox – the supidity – makes way more fun after watching the daily show ;)

  • DOG

    Its The Sopranos, and its not even close.

  • cpena82

    This seems to be a generational and a gender opinion… But even though I do not watch these shows much anymore.. They stand out through time… Hands down.. The Simpsons in their prime and Saved by the Bell…… I have watched plenty of other good shows.. but I do not think I could ever get the enjoyment that i got out of those two….

  • Mr.Crow

    649. No he couldn’t. I like both but the entire point of house is that he’s a anti-social SUPER GENIUS. Dr.Cox is just a badass, and being a badass isn’t enough to make him beat House at pretty much his favorite game. Also, the best TV show is Arrested Development. Nothing I can think of can truly compare on every single level.

  • edwar


    Honorable Mentions: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Wonder Years, Dexter, Scrubs.

  • Aiden

    Friends, Scrubs, Gilmore Girls, Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

    I say this purely because they’re truly timeless and entertaining shows. They’re the ones that when you see live on TV, whether you’ve already seen the episode 874 times or not, you will still watch it.
    They’re obviously incomparable with shows such as Mad Men or The Sopranos, but I’m not really deciding it on that. The world of Television is too broad to say one show from a genre is better than another from a completely different one.

  • Natas

    wheel of fortune

  • D.j Jay

    The Ellen Degeneres Show!

  • Alice

    I’m gonna follow the crowd somewhat and say The X Files, for all the reasons already stated. I could watch that show again and again.

    Also Battlestar Galactica I think would be a serious contender for the best show still airing on tv.

    I’m a big sci-fi fan though, so I’m more than a little biased :P

  • Omni-Cosmos

    It’s very difficult to “view” the best TV show ever, there are too many good shows, each one of them has a different take on life and a different message to deliver

    I’m gonna have to go with the consensus and choose F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

    No show has ever attached itself to pop culture like FRIENDS did, the humor was pretty much self-explanatory (which is really smart, the writers wanted it to be appealing to most people), it followed the lives of six friends and yet it was about family and how they handle the adversities of life, and they were the closest group of friends we saw on TV..the mixture of drama and comedy was top-notch. I think people who call it stupid or for 12-year-olds are just angry because of the hype that the show was surrounded by, especially in the last few years

    Honorable mentions and close runner-ups:

    Seinfeld (classic), Cheers (the most feel-good show on TV), House (there is a reason TVguide chose it as one of the smartest shows ever) The simpsons, especially ’till season 9 (Homer Simpson is the funniest character on TV)

    Walk of shame:

    Lost (Can you say overrated?) American Idol (Karaoke on TV? No thanks) and pretty much most reality TV, I really miss the sitcom era in the 90’s

  • Clockwork

    Comedy: Seinfeld/Simpsons(Seasons 1-9)/I Love Lucy/Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Cartoon: South Park/Simpsons
    Mini Series: Band of Brothers/John Adams
    Drama: The Wire
    Other: Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson
    Overall Channel: History
    Future Contenders: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/30 Rock

  • madcadder


  • Sonny

    The Wire is, hands down, the best written and most ambitious show ever on TV that I know of.
    South Park is also amazing (still).

  • Sonny

    Also, The Office (US version) and It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia are future classics.
    Does anyone remember Get A Life with Chris Elliott? Hilarious!

  • Shanine

    Hands down – without a doubt…The Cosby Show.

  • MG

    It is THE greatest show ever. It’s got an amazing plot that never fails to capture my attention and the actors are awesome. I love the supernatural aspect as the title suggests and the questions it often raises.

    Aside from that I’d have to list:
    House M.D
    Kyle X.Y (Which has been canceled, and that is just horrible! Hey you should make a list of some great shows that have been canceled..)
    Malcolm in the Middle

  • Ray

    I agree with those who say that it can’t be the greatest show EVER if it was made in the last 10-15 years. I’m only 20 and I am aware of all those classics of each decade. The 90s (my generation) brought Full House, Seinfeld (never watched) Saved By the Bell, Friends (eh, not my cup of tea but from what I heard it was funny) Family Matters, The Simpsons (seasons 1-8) Rocko’s Modern Life, Doug, The Nanny (has anyone mentioned THE NANNY?) My favorites were Full House, Family Matters, Rocko, and The Nanny.

    My favorite 80s sitcoms are ALF and The Golden Girls. Cosby was funny and I’ve never really watched Cheers.

    Nothing really in the 70s–maybe the comedy shows like Carol Burnett and The Muppet Show.

    My favorite show from now is The Big Bang Theory. I think that is the funniest sitcom I’ve watched in a long time–since the Nanny.

    I think I Love Lucy is the greatest show ever, hands down. It practically INVENTED the sitcom and the rerun and hasn’t stopped showing reruns since the day it first aired. Those who say Family Guy is obviously have never seen real comedy.

  • Marius

    Plenty of good tv shows out there, I liked The Waltons. And Derrik.

  • xyzgon

    Lost is the best show i’ve ever seen bar none and I’ve seen alot of shows. Lost really redefines what a show can be and I’ve never had a problem following it. The problem most people seem to have with it is that they don’t invest in it. But if you do, wow. Best show ever easily.

  • bernies_girl

    Buffy, Angel, Firefly

    then Medium and Supernatural

  • Niko

    The Office, Dexter, A Double Shot at Love (don’t lie you all think its the greatest).

    but the best of all time: KENNY VS SPENNY!

  • Freemont

    I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, and The Colbert Report. Lucy and Seinfeld are really well written, and all three are (or were) able to come up with a constant flow of humor that is rewatchable- a premium for television programs.

    I do have a bias, since I don’t really watch drama shows.

  • 1/ Are you being served
    2/ George and Mildred
    3/ The Littlest Hobo
    4/ Anne of Green Gables

    (These are all classics)

    otherwise now:

    1/ Police 10/7
    2/ Outrageous Fortune
    2/ 20/20
    and thats it! :)

  • bobletto

    two words: THE OFFICE

    UK version, not the dumbed down US version.

  • Cybogen

    The Simpsons~!

  • josh

    I know it’s been said again and again on this list, but Dexter is just absolutely thrilling.

  • paintball


  • caclark

    Friday Night Lights
    30 Rock
    Arrested Development

    *not in this order, but these are the top

  • ThatGuy

    uk version of the office. hands down. 12 epsiodes, 2 part xmas special, pure bliss. it never misses, and hits all the right notes.

  • petre18

    friends. or supernatural, one of the most underrated shows ever.

  • Brooklynkid

    10)Everybody Loves Raymond
    9)Family Guy
    5)Sanford and Sun
    3)Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    2)Baseball Tonight
    1)The Simpsons

  • jordan1

    LOST is the most addicting show ive ever seen

  • k14swayne

    THE Simpsons, Cheers, and Seinfeld
    Frasier is class too and family guy and king of the hill

  • k14swayne

    i forgot father ted wat a show

  • Glowbug

    Oooooh. Tough one. I’m gonna try to limit it to my personal top te (some of which barely lasted one season, sadly – I guess they were too intelligently written to last in a society that thinks Survivor and American/Canadian Idol are quality entertainment). In no particular order….

    All in the Family
    The Twillight Zone (the original series, that is)
    New Amsterdam (Who the Hell approved the cancellation of something THAT clever?!?)
    Heist (I guess waiting a whole season to see the crew pull one robbery was asking too much in our rapid-fire society)
    Law & Order
    Family Guy (C’mon… it was resurected due to popular demand, guys!)
    And, of course, The Simpsons.

  • tripsyman

    Hong Kong Phooie
    Six million dollar man
    Man from Atlantis
    Wonder woman

    No particular order its just that they are part of my childhood – I love them all

  • elise

    Cult classics such as X-Files, Xena, Myster Science Theatre 3000, Star Trek, or Buffy. Who dosen’t love South Park? It eases the tension of current events with satirical comedy! Mike Rowe is halirous on Dirty Jobs! However unparallel it is to the lives of real Dr’s, Grey’s Anatomy is great! Bones is about the only crime show that I can stand (unless ou count X-Files as a crime show). Oh yeah- best news show ever- The Daily Show with John Stewart.

  • elise

    Oh and True Blood on HBO, which is on its way to becomming a cult TV show (in my opinion).

  • I4gotMyMANTRA

    My favorites are Curb Your Enthusiasm and Freaks and Geeks.

  • lindawn

    Seinfeld, Grey’s Anatomy, Boston Legal, House, Life, Criminal Minds, Queer as Folk (US version), The Office (US version), Sex in the Cit, i could go on, but what’s the point really!! Way too many to mention. Great list. One of the best. Some of the comments are brilliant! Thanks alot. D

  • res3ia

    The Phil Silvers Show

  • lrigD

    Hmm, this is a very hard one. Many people (including me) don’t really see a distinction between BEST TV show and TV show you like. I think it’s like a book; you can completely hate a book, but sometimes you have to agree that the writing style, characters and everything are great, it just isn’t what you prefer.

    Having said that… It’s hard to pick a best show because of course nobody has seen them all. There are several shows which I think have meant a lot to humanity since its start (which, to me, is a feature of a good show). My own favourites of those are M*A*S*H and Friends. I completely agree with #31 on M*A*S*H, and #659 for Friends. It doesn’t have much use to me to repeat everything said before, only one thing; As far as I know, M*A*S*H has been pretty much on its own (no similar TV shows follow-ups, I mean). Maybe because it just can’t be improved?
    Many comedy shows have spawned after Friends, and though some of them have a sense of humour which I can sometimes appreciate, Friends is still the top for me. If you really consider it, it’s a bit strange; there are many errors (continuity errors) in Friends, such as birth dates and positioning, but it is still one of the most popular shows ever. Try to improve that…

    Anyway, my list, in random order:
    -House, MD

    And Criminal Minds and NCIS both do a good job in the crime genre.
    Oh, and one that isn’t very famous; Higher Ground. Such a pity it only lasted a season. Deals beautifully with a messed up world.

  • Limewireissour


  • DanW1909

    Well best comedy has got to be South Park, I hate though how most people i know prefer family guy, its like why??? Its a bag of wank to be honest.

    If your talking about TV dramas i’d go for The Sopranos and The Wire.

  • Kailee

    KID”S SHOWS- Spongebob Squarepants/ Avatar: The Last Airbender
    COMEDY- Seinfeld, Fawlty Twoers, and Monty Python
    Drama- HEROES was good for Season 1 but Season 3 sucks IMO, not the best show ever
    Is without a doubt BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER
    That show makes me laugh and cry and analyze more than any other. It’s was alternately hilariously random and witty, incredibly sad and moving, metaphorical,progressive( an infamously gay-friendly show) and occasionally pretty scary ( The Gentlemen in ‘Hush’ anyone)
    This is a show that is often ignored because of the awful movie and weird name, but I guarantee if you give it a chance ( season 1 is the only season I don’t like that much) you will love it.

  • MK

    Hands down Scrubs is and will ever be the best show.

    I absolutely love Coupling, Dexter, Gavin and Stacey, Dr. Who and Heroes too.

  • Eater_MK

    Best TV Shows by category:

    For Comedy: Seinfeld
    For Police drama: Hill Street Blues
    For Drama/Mystery: Veronica Mars
    For Science Fiction: Battlestar Galactica
    For Fantasy: Buffy/Angel
    For Cartoon: Simpsons
    For Crime: The Sopranos

  • ruby


  • Maddo

    I vote Dr Who, for its sheer “Stick-to-itivness”.

  • goblin

    family guy

  • zlurekim

    Family Guy!? Seriously?


  • kath711

    700 comments and only one recommending sports night? outrage! :-) I second comment 98!

  • Dr. Imagination

    6′ Under

  • chi_chick

    I have a lot of favorites and they are all classics. I would say M*A*S*H, I Love Lucy, All In The Family, Three’s Company…The Simpsons would probably be the most recent, but still a classic. I love these shows and never tire of them. I own the complete season box sets and they make me laugh every time, they never get old. I think M*A*S*H is my all-time favorite for the same reasons that have been mentioned already by others. It tackled every issue and it was ground-breaking. It had amazing guest stars and a wonderfully perfect cast. I’m only 24 so I didn’t see it when it was originally airing but I have been hooked since the very first time I watched it. It was the first show to make me cry both from laughter and sadness. All In The Family also had that affect on me. Archie was the lovable racist…what more can you ask for? I Love Lucy is right next to M*A*S*H. I adore Lucille Ball, she was a comic genius. I just think she was so unique, she set the standard. And when you find out the behind-the-scenes drama it just makes her seem so much more admirable. Three’s Company I just love, and it may have been predictable but who could not love John Ritter?! He made that show, his physical comedy is what gets me every time. And The Simpsons…is any explanation needed? They’ve been on after all these years and I grew up with them. There cannot be a top tv shows list without them.

  • goblin

    family guy
    tour of duty
    a team
    V,you know the alien series

  • Jamie3039

    I always had a thing for Cheers and its son Frasier.

    I always thought Seinfeld wasn’t funny but sort of like it anyway, New York eccentrics, Jewish parents, soup nazis, seems pretty engrossing

  • venus

    I’d have to say….Falty Towers is up on top of my list…!Also: Twin Peaks beacuse ofcourse the owls are never what they seem…..then, Monthy Python…..I’ll leave it at that!Going on might take up too much space…..

  • Geeome

    I’m not really sure you can appoint a show that’s still on the air as “best ever.” No matter how good it is (and many of the shows mentioned are outstanding), there’s always the possibility that subsequent seasons will “jump the shark,” … and what will that do to its “best ever” status?
    For my money, “Best TV Show” will go to Buffy The Vampire Slayer. A marvelous gender- and genre-bending show, that combined drama, humor, action and, in some cases, truly creepy horror. (“Hush” anyone?)

  • neddie

    One for the sub-monty-python generation.

    “The Goodies” the perfect combination of insanity and inanity.

    And for pure lunacy…

    Spike Milligan’s “Q” series.

  • Ryan

    Must be Sopranos

  • megyn

    My personal GREATEST tv shows are the ones i can watch repeatedly without getting bored….therefore my list would include

    L-Word……Cannot ever see any of those episodes too many times

    Boy Meets World….always brings me joy

    and while i love house i get bored if i watch a repeat

  • oouchan

    Best TV show for me (and pretty much the only one I watch) is Ghost Hunters. New season just stared and I am so there!

  • Harley

    Nope. Its “Cheers”. Hands down.

  • Nightstalker

    These are the best shows by genre.

    1. Drama – Law & Order
    2. Sci-fi – Stargate SG-1
    3. Comedy – MASH
    4. Mystery – The Mentalist

    Best show overall – MacGyver – why is there no love here for MacGyver? Is there a character in any other show who can do what he does? I thought not.

    MacGyver owns all!

  • sshoitan

    Sci-Fi: Farscape,firefly,SG1,kyle xy.
    horror/supernatural:moonlight,supernatural,dresden file,master of horror
    mystrey:x-file,fringe,eleventhour,jerico,twin peaks
    drama: the thon birds,gilmore girls,return to eden,dallas.
    adventure:mcgyver,relic hunter,remington steel,The A team
    funy:i dream of jenny,bewitched,takarch witch.
    Detective:CSI miami,Night riders (old).murder she wrote.
    action:Raven(old),incredible hulk,24,allias.charlies angels

    Im fond of seriels frm early, here are some fun stuff i enjoyed.These may nt be best 4 u.but at least ull thank me 4 the choice

  • Sugarplum Fairy

    Ok I’ve no idea if someone already said this… but what about The Twilight Zone, the original, not the remake… that was bad.
    Also the simpsons, scrubs, that’s 70 show, and well I really like Gilmore Girls :P

  • Looser


  • murph

    any show created in the last 10 years shouldn’t even be considered. Those shows go for shock value and sell sex at every chance they get.

  • Mihai


  • frankiethecat

    In no particular order
    The Wire
    True Blood
    American Gothic
    All fantastic entertainment

  • BloodSuckingLeech

    In no order:

    True Blood
    Sons of Anarchy
    Northern Exposure
    Fawlty Towers!
    Dark Shadows :-)

  • spike

    my favorite: M*A*S*H

  • Sugarplum Fairy

    also, what about Tudors?? historic my ass, but if you like hot people fucking like rabits its a great show :P

  • lightningclash

    THE WIRE!!!! Hands down. I can’t believe a few people mentioned family guy. That simpson’s rip-off is literally designed to entertain dumb people and sufferers of ADD.

  • In my opinion I find House, M.D. to be a very excellent show. The medical mysteries paired with the sarcastic comedy and hilarious observations make it very entertaining. I also love that the main character is a general douchebag but is still caring in his own way.

    It’s basically the only reason i even still own a tv.

  • matt

    star trek, simpsons, seinfeld

  • venus

    Oh yes Sugarplum (see 713) could i forget The Twilight Zone!I was so addicted to it!

  • John

    The Prisoner
    Battlestar Galatica -the new series
    Twilight Zone -old series

  • Shortstack


  • Alan Rickman Eats Children

    Twin Peaks. Hands down. Anyone who disagrees is wrong.

  • LSD.chaos

    I like Flight Of The Conchords

  • ash1000

    i think everyone would agree that apart from survivor and amazing race all reality shows pretty much suck

  • Bobbi

    My top favorite shows:
    Buffy, Angel, Firefly, & dollhouse are in first place(anything Joss Whedon!)

    My second favorites:
    Six Feet Under, Supernatural, Bones, Weeds, Gilmore Girls, Dexter, and a bunch of others

  • emac

    Doctor Who.
    and here’s why….
    1. the morals on war and life are ones we all should be living by
    2. the versatility, every week it’s a new time, a new place and a new adventure.
    3. the characters are stunning, even Billie Piper’s Rose, even though i will always be jealous of her. :)
    4. David Tennant, in a suit, running up and down corridors and saving planets. Can’t believe he’s leaving! *sob*!
    5. How many other tv shows can kill off the main character 10 times??
    6. It fits everyone. men, women, children,
    7. Any show that can run for 45 years and still be fresh, brilliant and above all entertaining gets my vote for best tv show.
    I dare you to give it a try. :)
    Long live DOCTOR WHO!

  • Team


  • Elz


  • footballpioneer

    I have seen about every show ever made lol yess i have no life one of the only shows on this list alot that I have never seen that may top out house for my 5 favorite shows all time from what I here is Sopranos ill have to pick it up.

    5. House

    4. Freinds

    3. Seinfeild

    2. Dexter

    1. X-FILES

    the only dissappointment with xfiles was the last 2 seasons barely had David Duchonvy aka (Fox Moulder) in ’em. But his replacement (john daugget) did pretty well you will recognize him as the bad liquid terminater in terminator judgement day. GREAT SHOW

  • peach hat

    without question.

    some other favourites are Arrested development and Skins.
    all absolutely brilliant.

  • magicsebi


    And again… Seinfeld :)) The best in my opinion.

  • joker

    dexter,lost,friends,simpsons,only fools,rab c nesbit

  • gandalf87

    i have to choose south park
    check there new season, the best comedy ever made

  • JesusChrist

    Seinfeld is and will always be the best show ever made.

    runners up include: Friends, Just Shoot Me, Roseanne, South Park

  • disturbedtool


    Do you like fishsticks?


  • Liam G

    Unsolved Mysteries

  • Liam G

    RIP Robert Stack

  • DeltaForce

    Walker Texas Ranger. No question bout’ it

  • John Smith

    The X-Files. No question bout’ it

  • Jerry

    Seinfeld. No question bout’ it

  • CancerMan

    I think The X-files was leagues above any other show it was just Ace week in week out. No question bout’ it

  • Arnold

    I’m going to make the usual disclaimer first, before I say anything else. It’s not only hard, but also unfair to pick a “best” from a category as wide as “T.V. Shows”.

    However, I’m going to be a nice guy and give you five (in no particular order).

    1. Seinfeld
    2. Blackadder (Season Four was the best, followed by Three, Two and One, in that order)
    3. Monty Python
    4. M.A.S.H
    5. Family Guy

    Arnold D’Souza

  • Herm’s

    The top 5 TV shows are, Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Beverly Hills 90210, Family Ties and Seinfeld

  • southcomft

    1 dexter
    2 lost
    3 prison break
    4 greek (overlooked :()
    5 weeds

    greek is the best teen show i ever seen, funny as hell but real at the same time :)

  • southcomft

    degrassi is boring as hell lol

  • Babar Junaidi

    Here are my top 5 in that order

    1 – Lost
    2 – Friends
    3 – CSI (I am surprised this has not been considered by too many people here)
    4 – Frasier
    5 – Survivor

  • Respect my Authorata




    4-Family guy

    5-CSI > really great show in mid seasons

  • Ari

    I agree that Twin Peaks was ground breaking, but House is the best ever show along with Seinfeld. Dexter has potential, Northern Exposure was fun and quirky, and Greatest American Hero was great.In order though:
    Twin Peaks

  • Arnold

    Two shows that deserve a mention (though not the best ever):

    1. Home Improvement
    2. Yes, Minister


  • SoundableObject

    Easy! Red Dwarf is the best TV show ever. You jsut need to watch ‘Backwards’ to reaise that.

    Doctor Who (the classic series mostly) is in second.

  • SoundableObject

    I hate typos.

  • enigma


  • CanadianGirl

    American Idol (I know, I’m Canadian, but Canadian Idol sucks)

  • Gigmaster


  • Zombi


    Great storyline. The Carver was an excellent villain.

  • Jay Poe

    Nip/Tuck is a good show and I liked the Carver storyline and thought it was the best season. However I hated the season finale, when you found out who the Carver was.

  • Paddy

    Got a few favourites
    – Scrubs
    – Family Guy
    – Skins

  • Paddy

    Top 10 then
    9)Chasers War on Everything
    8)Prison Break (1st and 2nd series only)
    6)Flight of the Conchords
    5)The Biggest Loser
    3)Packed to the Rafters
    2)Family Guy

    Just missed out: Desperate Houswives, Lost, Simpsons, Mastercheif

  • Inuk

    My top 5 fav shows are:
    5)Married with children-Al is my fav character of all time
    3)Degrassi JR. High and D. High
    2)The Simpson
    1)The Sprannos

  • Minap

    I loved watching these tv shows:
    Gilmore Girls
    The O.C. (but not season 4)
    Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice
    Family Guy

  • Norman

    The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show!!!!!!!

  • JayBe

    Don’t doubt it’s going to be…:


    coming up next year if nothing goes wrong

  • eydie

    my favorite show ever is M*A*S*H. i also loved the carol burnette show, the lucy show (where she and vivian vance played widows with children). my current faves include bones, house, lie to me, the big bang theory, csi new york, and the mentalist. i can only offer the term “my favorites” because the “best” is just an opinion.

  • BethanM

    i love family guy and house,
    the IT crowd

    thanks! just thought i would say, how is oprah better than any of these?? i have nothing against her show or her, but it’s not the best show on tv.

  • YoSafBridge


    Also amazing: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, Dead Like Me, Lost, Monty Pythons Flying Circus, MSt3K, Star Trek, Stargate SG-1, The X-Files, Xena

    I probably forgot a couple great ones.

  • Moe Green

    “The Prisoner”

  • Rachel

    Sex and The City.
    Coupling (british version).
    Mad About You.

    I watch these shows over and over again and always enjoy them. Highly, highly, highly recommended.

  • uknowmyname

    THAT 70’S SHOW ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Troy McClure

    Hill Street Blues

  • pengu104


  • Floridabruce

    Deadwood, if you can get past the language.

  • mat

    FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS /!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beergrl

    In my lifetime (32), Seinfeld is probably the most loved show. But lately Dexter and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia give Seinfeld a run for its money – for me, anyway.

  • morti

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  • Camshy

    So many to choose from but “there can be be only one” for the top spot
    1. The Wire
    2. The X-Files
    3. Friends
    4. Heroes , well season one anyway
    5. Band Of Brothers
    6. The Sopranos
    7. Dexter
    8. Brotherhood
    9. Ally McBeal
    10. Match Of The Day

  • lab

    Doctor Who, so creative and entertaining, and let’s not forget that awesome theme tune!

  • DerekG

    Essentially this list comes down to two things:

    1) People who have seen the wire, and;
    2) People who haven’t.

    All there really is to it.

  • Steeler Fan

    Classic comedy: Green Acres… Never saw a bad episode. That in itself is quite rare!

    British: Keeping Up Appearances and Last of the Summer Wine. Have to love that sharp british humor. The Young Ones would also fall into this category.

    Classic drama: MASH… I could have placed this into the comedy category, but they dealt with so many subjects that were anything but funny, but were serious and made you sit and think about what they were dealing with in the Korean war. Best show ever.

    Reality: Not sure if Ghosthunters and Ghost Adventures fall into this category, but I always love watching them, Destination Truth is also a great show. I guess you could say that I love anything having to do with the paranormal.

    Animation: Futurama! The perfect cast of characters….PERFECT!!!

  • Slave Zero

    3.Kenny vs Spenny
    4.Melcolm in the Middle
    5.Family Guy

    …or something like that

  • justcurious1

    Dragnet- very influential in the crime drama genre.

    As for a modern show, NCIS.

  • Bakken

    Good once:

    The Wire
    Six Feet Under

    The best:

    No question about it, Sopranos… pure genius.

  • Jojo

    Family guy is shit. Random humour is crap. Any one any just shit out randoms lines and get a emmy. Copied simpsons

  • Jojo

    2. Father Ted
    3. Flight of Concords
    4. Arrested Development
    5. X files (early on )
    6. Quantam Leap
    7. The Office
    8.South Park
    9. Full Frontal
    10. Seinfeld

    Over rated show of all time
    Family Guy
    Little Britain
    Twilight the movie (So overated that I had to Mention it i TV)

  • brit kid

    GAVIN AND STACEY ALL DA WAY! Gavin and Stacey was awesome it deserves some praise

  • T

    House Hunters, House Hunters International, NCIS, Forensic Files, Allo Allo, The Office.

  • jessebe

    It’s got to be Blackadder.

  • Will Trame

    My all time favorite is “The Prisoner” series from the 1960s, because it was perhaps the one program that made people actually think about what they are watching. It was subject to so many different interpretations, from allegory to convoluted spy drama to one man’s struggle against the facts of his existence to total nonsense. It is definitely applicable to life in 2010 as it was back in 1967. After all, we are all numbers living in our own little villages. A very prescient masterwork and excellent work of art. Portmeirion itself has an intriguing history as well.

    My other faves include:

    The Fugitive (1963-67; an excellent moody film noir piece)
    All In The Family (a pioneering show; it’s the reason for all the dross on today)
    The Twilight Zone (1959-64; I’m not fond of remakes)
    Star Trek (1966-69; definitely ahead of its time)
    The Virginian
    The Rockford Files (police drama plus humor)
    Kolchak The Night Stalker (again, ahead of its time)
    Get Smart (1965-1970)

  • Kevin17

    10. Everybody Loves Raymond
    9. The Office (US)
    8. King Of The Hill
    7. South Park
    6. The Sopranos
    5. Family Guy
    4. Cheers
    3. Frasier
    2. Seinfeld
    1. The Simpsons

  • End of discussion

    Hands down it has to be LOST

    The greatest show ever.

    Greatest comedy has to be Seinfeld.

  • MissR

    My personal favourites/recommendations (I'm Australian and love things a little quirky and offbeat)

    Wilfred: hands down one of the best Australian comedies I have ever watched. Brilliant stuff.

    The Vicar of Dibley: I cannot believe this amazing British comedy hasn't already been mentioned. Love this.

    Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Really intriguing British drama about life as a prostitute. Worth a watch.

    Q.I (Quite Interesting): British quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry featuring comedians from the UK. Hilarious stuff.

    Keeping Up Appearances: Another British comedy.

    Seconded because they're awesome: Black Books, Daria, Skins, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Top Gear (British version only) and That 70's Show

    Mentioned just because they're Australian and you should know about them: Underbelly: The Golden Mile (drama about Melbourne's underworld drug lords), Mother and Son (Classic Australian comedy), Summer Heights High (Australian mockumentary set in high school with all main characters being played comedian Chris Lilley)

    Hope you've found some new faves.

  • Best comedies ever:
    I love Lucy
    Fawlty Towers
    Blackadder 2
    the Simpsons

    the best dramas ever:
    Twilight zone
    Mad men
    6 feet under.
    the Sopranos

  • daxel28


  • Nicole

    I'd have to pick Dollhouse, It wasn't on for very long and I think it only lasted for 24 episodes, 25-26 or something, but it was still very enjoyable and I just think it was written perfectly (by the wonderful Joss Whedon) and wonderfully directed and acted (Eliza Dushku, Amy Acker, Olivia Williams, Deichen Leichman, Enver Ijkolaj), every thing the show did was good and it sucked that they had to end it early because, while we got to see an ending, it wasn't the ending we wanted to see, It could've went on for a lot longer, but was great otherwise.

  • Jukesgrrl

    The Rockford Files.

  • Human?

    Modern Family, Tosh.0, 1000 Ways to Die, ORIGINAL Hawaii 5-0, SNL, Important Things With Demitri Martin, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, 30 Rock, Soap, SEINFELD

  • Human?


  • dragon ball the best all times

  • Jacko123

    I’m with Mr. Graves on this. M*A*S*H is to TV what Shawshank Redemption is to the movies. It is the combination of the quality writing, character development, acting, directing, and storytelling that makes it what it is. How many shows carry on three fully-developed storylines at the same time and all in a 1/2 hour timespan? Only the Simpsons comes to mind.

  • Shopola

    I think Monty Python’s Flying Circus is the best show ever. The runers up are The Office (british version) and The Mighty Boosh. Yeah, I like my comedies.

  • This guy

    Arrested Development is definitely the best comedy ever at least, because it was amazingly written and cast and started the current trend of single camera filming in shows. It also went outside the box and was narrated, which made it ALOT better because punchlines weren’t just made by the cast but, by the show’s executive producer, Ron Howard

  • This guy

    And for everyone who says The Office (UK or US) or Modern Family or any single camera comedy along those lines, those shows WOULDN’T EXSIST WITHOUT ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

  • Gab

    For cartoons – South Park, hands down. Every character and situation, however crass or vulgar it might be, is well thought and surprisingly relevant. Plus, it’s funny as hell. I don’t know why The Simpsons always trumps this show. (not that The Simpsons is bad, SP is just better)

    For comedy – Modern Family. I don’t know the reason. It just is. (30Rock is also good)

    For drama – Dexter and Mad Men. Have you seen these shows? If yes, then you know what I mean. If no, where have you been?

  • Redhead Metalhead

    The Twilight Zone. Such a heavily inspiring show with a wide variety of classic, genius moments and episodes. And the best aprt is, you can watch any episode you want because it’s all a different story each time, so there’s no continuity to follow. Absolutely brilliant show that I think will never be beaten as my all-time favorite.

  • dangerous joel menace

    Seinfeld is the best t.v. show ever.

  • “All In The Family” It had everything that was eye opening with all of its hotly debated topics at that particular time (the early to mid 1970’s). Archie’s Bigotry and he being a staunch Republican. Mike (meathead) as Archie’s son-in-law who was a staunch liberal, The Vietnam War, a tad bit of Anti-Semitism. The Bunker’s next door neighbors, The Jeffersons who we’re Afro-American, Archie’s “strict” Christians values, Edith’s falsetto voice and Archie calling her dingbat and calling his daughter Gloria “little girl”, Archie’s Chair (which has been on display at the Smithsonian Institute at the American History wing of the museum for many year now), Kelsey’s Bar, and of course Archie’s reference of World War II as he would call it “WWII, ”The Big One’ ”

  • Taylor

    In my oppinion ,How I met your mother.Everyhting’s brilliant about that show.It’s so funny and everybody seems to like it.

  • And Let’s not forget “Sanford And Son” with the great Redd Foxx and the characters in that show. Fred and his son Lamont (Afro-Americans with Fred being the shyster and Lamont being the level-headed one), Julio (Hispanic), Achoo (Asian, played by Pat Morita), Rollo (the jail bird), Aunt Esther (A very devout Christian) and her husband Woody (Who couldn’t lay off the booze), Donna (who was a very decent and kind lady) Fred’s girlfriend, Fred’s best friends Grady and Bubba, and of course, Fred’s late wife Elizabeth and when Fred would feign a heart attack would put his right hand over his heart and say “Elizabeth, I’m coming to join ya honey” or “I feel a bad one coming on”. That was comedy at its best.


    GAME OF THORNES hands down!!!!!

  • That 1970’s comedy show starring a Blackman and his son who ran a junkyard and was always putting his right hand over his heart when he heard or saw something shocking and would say, “I feel a bad one coming on. Elizabeth, I’m coming to join you, honey. And would also say, “I’m gonna give you five across your lip !!”. And let’s not forget “YOU BIG DUMMY !!” and their friends Grady, Bubba, Julio, Rollo, Aunt Esther (who was Fred’s “Favorite”, YEAH RIGHT !!), Donna, Achoo, Woody who was Aunt Esther’s husband (and was never sober). Of course, its the legendary TV show “Sanford And Son”

  • RootBeerGuy11

    Favorite Dramas:
    Hill Street Blues – Not only showed the “everyday beat cops” like Adam -12, but the detectives and supervisors like Dragnet and others. It also included looks into their private lives and their problems. First one I remember to actually show cops that “messed up” but weren’t “bad cops”. Really enjoyed this show.
    Star Trek, (the original series) – hands down, still the best sci-fi on TV – I once thought that Star Trek – the Next Generation was the best, but after more viewings, it’s best episodes rank up there with the original, but many more were slow lumbering and boring.

    Big Bang Theory is consistently enjoyable
    Scrubs the early years was different and original
    Modern Family keeps coming up with very good storylines.

  • SKD

    VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!!!!!!!

  • petet2112

    “All In The Family” and “Sanford And Son”

  • girl

    i hate the news, it’s so deppressing. to me, no news is good news

  • girl

    i’d say Malcolm in the Middle, Seinfeld and Flight of the Conchords

  • girl

    the best anime of all time is Dragon Ball Z!

  • Mine…

    these are the top 7 shows I can think off, due to scripts, humour, acting, direction etc.. (in no order)

    Get Smart



    Twin Peaks

    The Twilight Zone

    Invader Zim

    The Sopranos

    Extra… E.R.

  • coco me

    for me i have a lot of all time Favorite TV shows old and new in no particular order.
    buffy the vampire slayer
    saprina the teenage witch
    dark angel(jessica alba)
    desperate housewives
    up pixar i now its not a series but i had to but it there cuz its so good

  • cullen

    The two best series are Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy they have both a diffrent plot and message but it’s great to watch

    • CULLEN


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