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Your View: What is the Best TV Show Ever?

by Listverse Staff
fact checked by Alex Hanton

Television has transformed society and virtually everyone with the financial means owns one and watches one. Whether you love the news, sports, drama, movies, or comedy, there is something for everyone on television. Some people use it as a baby-sitter, others as a relaxation tool, and some even preach against it – but it is always on our mind. So, with all of that in mind, we want to know what you think the best program ever made for TV is – from any genre. Don’t forget to give your reasons!

What is the Best TV Show Ever?

My answer: For those of you who have been watching this site for some time (especially those who have been here since the beginning) will know about my love of all things David Lynch. Therefore it will come as no surprise to you to know that I think Twin Peaks is the best TV show ever made. It created a whole new style of program and gave us something quirky and mysterious to watch every week. My only gripe is its early demise.

fact checked by Alex Hanton
Listverse Staff

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