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Videocast: Top 10 Incredible Recordings

It is with great joy that I announce the latest videocast from PaulB, our excellent master of videos! This week we have the top 10 incredible recordings – one of our most popular lists. This list comprises some of the most amazing recordings ever made – either due to their value as oddities of history, or just plain weirdness.


Listverse Staff

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  • Aimée

    love this list

  • Aimée

    It was actually the first list i ever read on here

  • Aimee – Me too! And I’ve been ever since, though I’m sure a lot of the old regulars must think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth.

  • midknight

    Fourth, Darn it I was so close! Great list thought

  • SSDD

    My first ever list here too….

    I simplv love it

  • Melissa

    it’s not loading for me….

  • earth


  • Phil

    Is anyone else having a problem with this list not loading?

    Ive never had problems with video lists before.

  • marykerbie

    The Jim Jones one just makes me sick. How people can become so brainwashed by people like this is beyound me. That is so sad, all those poor children.

  • My favorite list… a video. How wonderful

  • Blogball

    Your best one yet PaulB. Way to go!


    This is also the list that started it all for me!…been coming here ever since….definetly one of my favorites…keep up the good work!!!!

  • OMG! Florence Foster Jenkins! Whoever convinced her she could sing should be sent to the dog-house immediately! I loved the name of one of her albums, though, Murder On The High C’s! How incredibly apt!

    And Paul, re: Ave Maria. Ave is pronounced av-aa. The final e is sounded as if it were a long a.
    Aside from that, I loved the entire thing. Laughed at most of it, because it was marvelously funny, was amazed at some, like the castrato (I’d read about him, but had never heard a recording), and cried at one.

  • YogiBarrister

    Jamie must have loved this videocast. It’s got a disturbing kind of David Lynch vibe to it. Well done!

  • cook

    Great idea to do a list in video form…And it’s faster for us with slower internet.

  • Idreno

    To segue what Segue has posted…(and I’m only doing this because it is my field of expertise):

    Castrato should be pronounced as “kah-strah-to” not with an a as in the word “cat.”

    Alessandro Moreschi: ch in Italian is always a hard k sound, so it should be “Moreski” in English pronunciation.

    Mado Robin is pronounced with the final syllable of each word stressed…mah-DO ro-BAE (There are no final n’s in French, so the vowel is a bright nasal a…much like the a in “cat.”

    Also, since the aria she sings is written in E-flat major, the high note she sings is a B-flat (the dominant tone of an E-flat major scale)…it can’t possibily be either B or D as those tones are 2 steps apart and neither are present in the chord. As for what pitch she is performing in (modern American orchestras, for example, always tune to A 440mHz, whereas in France today they often tune to A 444mHz) could make the discrepancy of a semi-tone…but regardless, she is, with intention, singing only a B-flat. Also, the numerical classification of octaves depends on region and era, but B7 or D7 never has been and can never be higher than G10 as the numbers increase going up the scale. There are still over 2 octaves remaining above her sung tone that are identifiable to the human ear.

    Great work, otherwise! It’s always nice to have visual accompaniment to the audio clips!

  • 16. Idreno: To segue what Segue has posted…
    It’s segue, small s. Otherwise I’d be the noun form, meaning : the act or an instance of segueing. It’s all I can handle being a humble v.i., please don’t make me into a noun!

  • Kristen

    Oh my god. The sounds in the background of the babies and children screaming. Absolutely chilling. Brought me to tears.

  • Dante

    geez wrong Ronaldo Picture! oh wait wrong list

  • TheOddball

    These are cool
    More so now that we have them on video

  • Jessica Karli

    This (original) list was the first one I ever read. I found it while searching Google for something.

    Now I come back everyday! :D

  • djJD

    not to sound like an ass, but anyone with a speech impediment should not do videocasts. as much as i try to pay attention, his forced accent makes me focus on how hard hes trying to sound the norm, rather than the things hes saying..

  • Paulb

    That “accent” would be my voice my good sir. And a speech impediment would be cool but i’d prolly get tired of it after a few days

  • Aimée

    For some reason the number stations just freak me out!

  • The Dude

    i can tell alot of work was put into this vid to be able to have all the pictures to accompany the recordings. well done.

  • DDRM

    nice collection

    some of those older recording – just hearing the scratchyness is creepy. You could upload them as “ghost recordings” and people would believe it just because of the quality.

  • knight_forked

    Good job on this one Paulb!

  • Redcaboose

    Great list. I was expecting the same recordings that are trotted out periodically, like the Hindenburg, FDR after Dec 7, 1941, Churchill,etc. But you have a wide range of recordings here, and each one fascinating in its own right. Thanks, PaulB.

  • s.

    i think it’s not so much that florence foster jenkins couldn’t sing, but she chose very advanced repertoire that was way beyond her skill level. i have a classically trained voice and the queen of the night aria is still pretty difficult for me to sing.

  • Andrew

    “Av Maria”? It’s “ah-VAY” Maria.

  • simone

    Brilliant, Paul.Michael Caine has a book which has all sorts of random information. I’ll probably pop one of these examples heard here at some inappropriate moment soon.

  • brad

    this list is not loading for me only the hitler video at the top

  • MLou

    Yeah, only the William Joyce video will load for me.

  • Sugen

    i enjoyed watching the video…especially the deadliest animals

  • c w

    two items that should be on this list


    the dog that can say “i want it”

  • Parker

    #2 mado robin. unreal. that was great i loved it.

  • jhoyce07

    the first 3 or four items in this list is..nada..

    the exorcism recording is good..creepy..i dont believe in those stuff..but.. haha..i dunno..

    number ten sounds like a sound effect in a horror-themed video/PC game (like silent hill or resident evil or something..) brrr..

  • Dante

    How come Paulb’s newest video isn’t out on the website, ive seen it on his youtube account

  • mikefed335

    Subtitles would be very helpful for #10. Can’t hear what the hell he’s saying.

  • katie

    very cool…although I couldn’t really understand what Flo Nightingale said, and definitely not the last one. The Jim Jones one was absolutely chilling.

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