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Top 10 Excuses People Use To Hate America

It is a very easy thing to hate the United States of America right now. But why? We stormed the beaches at Normandy, saved Europe from economic ruin with the Marshall plan (thanks for paying off the loan, Norway. Anybody else? Anybody? Bueller?), invented the Internet, uprooted tyrants, and give foreign aid away like it was candy. We want to be the good guys and thought we were. Yet we just can’t seem to get any love these days. How’d we get here? Well… [JFrater: as the representative of Listverse, I would like to say that we don’t hate America – in fact, I had one of my greatest holidays there. This list will no doubt cause a storm – be calm and debate nicely!]


Center of the Universe

American Tourist.Jpg

The first reason: we act like the world revolves around us. America presumes much for a country generously dated at 300 years old. China has latrines ten times older than that. A quick example: many countries play baseball, but only we have the “World Series”. We’re getting better about our egocentrism, but it’s been a loooong time coming. And don’t get me started about our tourists. Just smile and take the money- they’re loud, but they’ll be gone in a week.


We Win Everything


Okay, I’ll concede Vietnam, tennis (but we don’t care) and Kenyan marathon runners. But we win damn near everything else, eventually. The Space Race. The Cold War. Tour de France. The list goes on and on. Even we hate the Olympics now that our professionals are allowed to participate straight up with the underaged/doping communist nations. It’s boring for us, but as a Red Sox/Bolton Wanderers fan, I know the angst that chronic losing against bigger and better funded opponents generates. And if we don’t have the best athletes/scientists/entertainers, we’ll make sure they get a chance to immigrate while others wait in line. That’s gotta sting. Oh, Yao Ming and Ichiro say “Hi”.


We Eat Everything


Why? Because we can. Americans are the second fattest industrialized nation per capita (sorry, Australia). But as always, we make up for it in volume. We can afford automobiles so we don’t ride bikes or walk anywhere except for fun, and thanks to abundant agricultural surpluses, ANYTHING we want to eat is readily available from takeaway restaurants and convenience stores. Some of our refrigerators could hide an entire human body. And we like the fatty stuff, because fat tastes good. This is NOT a good thing, and our global franchises (KFC, McDonald’s) are already infecting nations that traditionally had healthier diets (are you listening, Japan?)


We Made and Have Nukes

756Px-Mk17 Bomb.Jpg

The United States is the inventor and only wartime practitioner of nuclear weapons (never mind that using them prevented an invasion that would make the Iraqi insurgency look like a blowjob. “Operation Downfall”, the now-declassified US plan to invade Japan, estimated 1 Million American casualties alone). Lax security protocols (and clever spying) spread the secret to the USSR and after that the genie got out of the bottle. Many countries now have atomic weapons, and with no clear Cold War counterpart to US supremacy, the balance has shifted, and the peace dividend has not been kind post 9/11.


Natural Resources

Oil Rig Us Midland Z.Jpg

Though accounting for only 5 percent of the world’s population, Americans consume 26 percent of the world’s energy. (American Almanac), and we are the world’s largest single emitter of carbon dioxide, accounting for 23 percent of energy-related carbon emissions worldwide. (U.S. Department of Energy). This, while worldwide, some 2 billion people are currently without electricity. (U.S. Department of Energy). The good news is that among industrialized and developing countries, Canada consumes per capita the most energy in the world, and the United Sates is only second. Italy consumes the least among industrialized countries (that’s because they still drive Fiats, which “conserve” energy by breaking every other day).


International Meddling

Cold War Flag.Jpg

The United States has the most advanced army in the world. We station our military in other countries at their “request”, which is a source of much seething and hurt national pride. From Banana Republics, to the Cold War, to the War on Terror, we routinely interfere in the business of other countries to make the world safe for our interests, whether anybody asked for it or not. Even if the intentions are both right and good, many countries resent our involvement in their affairs on sheer principle: they’d rather f*** it up themselves. Are you listening, North Korea?


We Export Trash Culture


A thriving market economy and near total freedom of expression liberate Americans to pursue almost every endeavor imaginable, resulting in some of the greatest discoveries and inventions in the history of man, from the first practical light bulb to powered flight, polio vaccines, radio and TV, space exploration, the Internet, and unfortunately, everything in between. So that means ubercrap like Jerry Springer and Britney Spears gets exported worldwide. No, I’m being too kind there– “force fed” worldwide. Other cultures despise this with a mix of dread, envy, and loathing. They can’t figure out how to cull the good from the bad out of this torrent (neither can we, btw)—but once it takes hold, it won’t let go. This what the Islamic world fears most. Tanks, they understand. An educated, employed woman horny and clubbing on Friday night they simply can’t fathom. And it scares the crap out of them.


It’s Fashionable

Eeis 01 Img0197.Jpg

Despite the hyperbole bandied online, strong political opinions won’t get your door kicked in at 3 AM like in the Gulag Archipelago. There are no Stalinist purges or killing fields here. And the FBI/CIA/ATF/DEA/PTA will not shoot you on sight simply because you speak against The Surge or march against the Economic Stimulus Plan. But it’s certainly fun to claim a fear of it! You become an instant radical and feel intellectually enlightened to boot– patriotism is an uncritical, reflexive act, right?– only a deep thinker would hate his country (yet stay on to enjoy its privileges). And don’t worry about proof, because all that matters is the accusation. Volume and conviction win the day, so toss that bibliography—grab half the story and make the rest up. If you get caught in a logic box, claim satire. Other countries see this lack of consequences and pile on.


We Don’t Finish the Job


From Vietnam to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski to “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq to finding Osama Bin Laden, we seem to do most of the work, but keep a lot of things hanging on, never quite finished. Eventually the answer makes itself known, but it usually takes time, and involves help from others after a lot of (necessary) heated discussions. Maybe we should try this as as a first course of action more often…


We Act Unilaterally


We are a nation of doers, and our errors (when they occur) will be from acts of commission, not omission (Hypocrisy Alert: Darfur). Sometimes that’s a great thing, like sending Kruschev’s missiles back home, breaking Gaddafi’s/Qaddafi’s/Kaddafi’s nuclear ambitions (his nukes are now safely tucked away in Oak Ridge, Tennessee), or winning the Cold War. Other times, it blows up in our (and often, YOUR) face. Our attempts to spread democracy worldwide, intended to let others enjoy the same freedoms and advantages that we have, sometimes result in innocent people dying. We must stop to remember the Somalia embassy, Madrid and Fiji and Lockerbie 101 bombings, along with the millions of nameless others who suffered and died in countries that are not free. The US is the biggest face opposing these things that actually does anything (not just talk, FRANCE. You railed about Guantanamo but when it came time to release prisoners you took ONE.), but our allies often bear the brunt of our “foreign” wars, because the enemy cannot reach us. That has changed recently, and while it has altered our perspective, it has not altered our resolve.

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  • dbrownl

    forgot that you are ignorant… time to learn about other cultures other than yours, the language you speak is english not american, canada is not your hat and not all canadians speak french or are covered in snow, not all mexicans are poor border jumpers, i could go on and on but this was a funny list

    • America

      Canada? Really? What good has Canada brought the world, besides Pamela Anderson? I don't know where you're from, but I'm willing to bet your home country owes us big in some way shit dick. Whether it be us saving your ass in at least one world war, or giving your shit hole country aid in some natural disaster.

      • AmericaTheGreat

        Don't forget William Shatner. Of course, he emigrated to where? The U.S. of A! The greatest country on earth and the country around which the rest of the world revolves!! By the way, we are ^first* at *everything* and we speak American here.

        • Johncandy

          Saying america is the greatest counrty in the world should be added to the list.

        • ad

          you are a great example of why the world hates you.

          Keep speaking crap, nobody cares that you can’t grasp English, or geography..

          • Che guevara

            They probably don’t know what’s geography.

          • Delicious Robot

            @ ad

            You should have said he is a great example of an asshole/idiot American not an American in general, because then that would mean that all of us would be assholes/idiots and I doubt that because I live here.

            @ Che guevara

            You meant “They probably don’t know what geography is” because what you said was slightly illiterate. No offense.

          • 1337B337

            @Che guevara You obviously don’t know what grammar is.

          • Why cant we get along

            @Che guevara yeah I know what Geography, its the study of the Earth(landmass, oceans, inhabitants, etc) So you can shove that one up your ass

        • set phasers to stun…

          actually, shat is actually-SURPRISE-Canadian. :)

          And super nice.

        • don

          are you retarded most of the united states doesn’t know where Canada is or find their country on the world map plus you voted George bush in twice. I am Australian as well so I’ve already beat you in the best country in the world (Free wealth care, low crime,lots of job opportunities, beaches, forests, modern cities, friendly people)

          • Citizen of the World.

            You have free “wealth care”? That sounds nice! (Just in case you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm, I’ve heard it’s an American thing)…And you don’t sound very friendly to me, you kind of disproved that point earlier in your sentence when you did exactly what you complain about Americans for doing. For example, “I am Australian so I already beat you in the best country in the world” sounds a lot like, “I am Australian therefore I’m better than you! You’re arrogant if you think you’re from the best country! That is just impossible because I am! And this statement doesn’t make me look like an arrogant hypocrite at all!”…I believe my point is proven.

            P.S.: America also has beaches, forests, and modern cities, and most likely in a much greater quantity!

          • Melon

            This is the dumbest comment I’ve ever read. I have not met a single American who cannot find their own country on the map or has no knowledge of Canada existing. Only an infant child wouldn’t know that. Hmm, and we’re ignorant of other countries. Smh…

          • Melon

            Btw, WE didn’t vote him in. The electoral college did.

      • Whatever

        What good has Canada brought to the world??? Hummm…. what about the idea of an army who's whole purpose is to preserve PEACE !!!! A Canadian politician (Lester B. Pearson), won the Nobel Price of Peace for the creation of the Blue Helmets !!!! I say that's not bad !!!

        And for the record, people hate u.s.a. because of it's arrogance. The U.S. only acts in IT'S own interests. And when their actions are profitable to somebody else; they'll say they made him a favor !!!! So now we owe you ???? …. Yeah… whatever. It's not like YOU personally had anything to do with it !!!!!!

        • robuh.

          I agree, but i don't hate america, at least i have my freedom of speech(which is slowly being deprived) though yes, but isn't everyone like that? proud of their country,and like the u.s.a, act because of it's own interest? i don't hate america, i hate the ignorant, arrogant people but those are everywhere. america just has more of them.(canada has the best comic creators which is epic!)

          • Citizen of the World.

            I believe that this blog has proved that the real ignorant and arrogant people in the world are those who blindly follow the herd; simply hating americans based on misconceptions and stereotypes they hear through the media and random people’s hot air!

        • alec

          lol Nobel peace prize is a joke Obama has won one for what he was going to do and for the record the m1 steel helmet saved many more lifes than those blue helmets. also America has the right to be arrogant we have earned it. Don't you even imply that America isn't a peace keeping force because it is one of the biggest peace keeping forces in the world through the U.N. i will leave you on this with out war who could really appreciate peace?

          • Bruce

            buddy… the UN stands for unites nations… this means that it isnt USA but actually a number of “nations united” if you can fathom that. idiot

          • Icicle

            And, thusly, you have defined yourself as a Nazi.

          • alien

            lol… yeah… right…
            btw… has anyone else here seen the Loose Ends documentary?
            it gives good insight into the “terrorrist acts”… cough cough… of 9/11..

          • fabu

            bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity!

        • Jim

          Which country doesn’t act in its own interest?

          • jack and daxter

            The UN receives 22% of funding from the United States. United what?!

        • flebele

          they liberated my country in ww 2 and bravely fought the germans in ww 1 they are one of the strongest armies i have ever seen and they are just proud to be canadian but you are arrogant and ignorant

        • Normlsmoker

          You guys talk all this shit like what the American gov’t does somehow relates to all Americans as a whole. That’s total bs. You think we really have control over our gov’t? No, not any more than you have control over yours. Blame the small few that “run” our country, not everyone that lives in it.

        • 1234

          You kidding me bro? We give billions to any shit hole counry that asks us for help. I dont care what country you’re from, but odds are the u.s has baled you out of a war at least once. You can pound your fists and cry all you want, but it wont change the fact that no one gives a crap about your country and they never will.

      • chris

        Wow. I think this proves his point. And I'm American and a vet also. But I know that no matter how "bad ass" America is supposed to be it couldn't stand alone (I mean alone 100% without support) on the world's stage. I love my country yes but I cannot lie for it and disrespect others for it. I know this is an old thread but I must get this off my chest. As I have stated I love America but I also have noticed that there are a LOT of HYPOCRITES in America. The military goes over seas and fights for "freedom","liberty" and "democracy" in other countries. But think about World War I&II. How many Black soldiers fought killed and died for country that acted like they were animals? Only to come home to get beaten,insulted and sometimes murdered. Do think that the world doesn't know this? We are all for religious freedom. We see on TV Sunni and Shiate Muslims killing each other and say: "See Billy? They don't have freedom of religion there" But some Muslims can't erect a mosque?

        • Adam

          Well said. A mature and thoughtful comment. I agree whole-heartedly with you thoughts.

        • There’s a lot of hypocrites in the world…so what’s your point?

        • meanvince

          What a well-rounded and magnanimous comment. You’re a true gentleman.

      • Bob

        You personally have done fuckall for the world, don’t take pride in things other people did. You are a sad, sad person. You start swearing like a child when somebody offends your country, that’s why people hate america, because of people like you. Ignorant nationalists who act on knee jerk reactions of “patriotism”. To quote george carlin, national pride is bullshit. Pride should be reserved for something you achieved on your own, not by accident of birth. You don’t even know where the guy is from and you already say the most arrogant things, like america saved his country and they owe you. That very attitude, is why people hate america and its inhabitants. You and everyone like you is to blame for your country’s bad reputation. I think its reasonable to say im speaking for a large portion of the rest of the world, when I say, fuck you and everybody like you.

        • OES222

          Totaly agreed!!!

        • warren

          People(non Americans) hate America because, deep inside, they’re jealous. Thats it. End of story. No one’ll admit to this, but everyone know it. Don’t you?

          • Laurens

            Why should we be jealous on America? Because of the Burger King? Because of the invasion of Iraq (they say Saddam had Nukes but why they actually attack was CHEAP OIL)? A long history of apartheid?

            America always needs a new enemy. First it was the Sovjet-Union but when the SU collapsed America didn’t had a real threath left. So they searched for a new enemy and suddenly on an “unexpected” moment two plains flew in the Twin Towers. That attack was “planned by terrorists” while Bush had an good excuse to invade more country’s.

            I’m from holland and I know whe are the inventors of slavery, and i’m not proud of that. I just wanna say this: Why do you Americans believe everything what your government says?

          • You fail

            Yes, we are truly jealous of a bunch of dumb Inbreds like you

          • Annoyed American

            I honestly doubt jealousy is the reason that people hate America. I question the reason why you had to say “People (NON AMERICAN)” I’m an American (regretfully) and even I hate this country.

          • rhiannon

            Not at all. I am a duel citizen of America and Australia.. grew up in Australia and I’ve been living in America for the past 2 years, and have travelled to america 20 or more time before moving here. I can’t wait to get out of here and back home. I’m not jealous. I believe the american’s that all think the rest of the world are jealous do so because it makes them feel good about themselves. America is just a bad country with ignorant people, horrible politics and no-one has their own opinions that aren’t formed off of the news channels that they choose to watch. They regurgitate what other people say as fact when they have no idea what they are saying. America believes they are the best but won’t look at the statistics for healthcare, political stability, economic growth, environmental quality and education to see that they are far from the top on anything. If you average all those factors together their top city is ranked 29th. America is going to continue sinking until they realise maybe they aren’t perfect and the best at everything and start learning from other countries. I want to get out of here before all hell breaks loose. If they don’t sink themselves through the economic problems the people that they have pissed off through going to war with them will.

          • Jakob

            Rhi; that is bull shit. You say things about America that are not even true in the slightest. In a poll, Australia is about twice more proud of their own nation than the US is. Also you say that everyone blindly trusts their government and news channels yet polls show the majority of the US distrusts both it’s governments and news channels.

            Hell, Kenya has a higher approval rating of the US than the US does. Either you live in Texas or you are lying.

          • TROLOLOL

            LOL yes were jealous of an economy with 15 trillion dollars in debt stupid hillbilly your a perfect example of the us’s arrogance and i admit my country arrogant too but this this is just retarded

          • tyler

            Anger is caused by a sub conscious feeling of jealousy.

        • King Billy

          Well said that man or woman. I live here and I am blown away daily by the ignorance, stupidity, arrogance and just plain pathetic attitude of these fools who are truly brainwashed from birth. Just go onlie and google ‘dumb americans and you’ll see exactly why the world detests these idiots.

        • sue


      • Pedro

        hey guy ! and what the f*** U.S brouth the world soo good? the world war?
        well, i don’t know if your pride teachers teach you that but, the grand reason why the nazist lost the war was when tryng to attack URSS and than, start to loose force…..
        And also.. U.S don’t did any sacryfice, it was just ( one more time) a way to get money whit the war, because while the european countryes get bombs in theyr factories, U.S get producing resource to then, doing it, you get more rich whyle the another countryes was f*****, so, you AREN’T A F**** HERO!

        and the rest that you brouth was better did’nt do it….
        ( sorry by the english)

        • Picha Negra

          What??? Even in your broken English your comment doesn’t make any sense at all. Tal vez si lo escribe en español? Anyway buddy, post some facts not just unintelligible rubbish…

          • Del Taco

            Your Spanish sucks huevos

      • devinejoh

        you know, canada is the largest exporter of crude oil to the united states. just a thought. oh, how about the phone? Hockey? insulin? hell, even basketball was invented by a canadian. canada has is one of the most multicultural country in the world, where we accept all people, where bigotry is a criminal offense. not a single canadian has served in any war against there will, we have fought bravely over the fields of france, the raging north atlantic, and the skies above england. canada, a country of 11 million people during WWII, had the 3rd largest fleet, behind the United States and England. During the Korean War, the canadians would complain about american soldiers running all the time. canada, a country of peace and prosperity. also, don’t forget about the white house being burnt down.

        and besides, America is a fucken continent, and every person who lives in it is an American, idiot.

        • Eatdapoopoo

          The term “American” comes from the name of the country you shitdick pussy fuck. United States of ‘America’. Canada and Mexico do not include America in their name.

          • Krist

            YES YES YES YES!!!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth

          • Brian

            And the entirety of South America?

        • oneiros1313

          No, the continents would be North and South America. America standing alone generally means the United States OF…

          • Dick

            sorry dude, im a north american who lived in south america for 3 years and everytime i said I was “american” they assumed I was from chile or argentina… had to say i was from the USA (estados unidos) for them to understand.

          • Sir Rupert Everton


        • Jarrett

          a nation that did not come into this world until the late 1800s to the early 1900s can not take credit in the the results of a war fought in 1812…and if you do its ok because dont forget we got Montreal and Quebec…and at least we know how not to light TNT in or harbors…had fun repairing windows?

        • Britain

          A scot invented the phone and the tv and the English the internet. Just think

          • Delicious Robot

            Ok I am an American, but I live close enough to Mexico to drive there in less than an hour. Not that I would do that due to all the drug related violence. And I also am a 3rd generation Hispanic American with Spanish, German, and hints of Native American blood.

            You are right about the Scottish Alexander Graham Bell inventing the telephone but a scot inventing the tv is off. Vladimir Zworykin, a Russian came up with the concept but an American named Philo Farnsworth actually got it to work. And about the Internet… well nobody is really totally responsible for creating it but an American named Leonard Kleinrock came up with the intial idea. If you meant English in a sense of ancestry than that’s ok, but if not then I believe you were mistaken.

            My view on the country that I was born in and lived in for a measly 18 years of life is a content one. I really do not see why some people (not all merely some) have to hate on us all the time just because of a percentage of people here that are jerks or idiots. I along with many other Americans don’t like them either.

          • oolz

            YES FINALLY…….Tim Berners Lee an english man in CERN invented it…..just google CERN and see wat it is….

          • french scot

            john logie baird invented the t.v. and he was scottish…

          • french scott

            John logie baird invented the tv and he was scottish…

          • chelle0

            Yeah you are right there. John Logie Baird invented the television. A Scotsman.

        • Katie

          Lol, you do realize that America is a country not a continent, and where the stupid ones…

          • I don’t want to fight but…it’s ‘we’re’ not ‘where’.

          • Chuk

            American grammar naIs on the loose!!! Get that punctuation and spelling right or we will argue with you over the Internet!!!!

            And this person who replied to you is right… It’s we are or we’re.

          • Chuk

            Shit… Nazis, not nals… What are nals anyway? Stupid iPod…

          • Jesse

            An American did not invent the phone, the Internet or the Automobile…

          • chelle0

            John Logie Baird invented the television. He was born in Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

        • “[Canada] where we accept all people” as you quoted yourself. Honestly, do you accept all people? You’re describing your country as an amazing place. Then why do you feel that you have to offend it?

          Every country has it’s downsides. You have just proved to be one of them.

        • Devinejoh states “[Canada] where we accept all people”. Honestly, do you accept all people? You say that Canada is an amazing place. If you think it is so great, why do you feel you need to defend it?

          Every country has its downsides, and you have just proved to be one.

        • You state “[Canada] where we accept all people”. Do you accept all people? You describe Canada as an amazing country. If you think it so great, why do you need to defend it?

          Every country has its downsides, and you have just proved to be one of them.

        • Devinejoh quotes, “[Canada] where we accept all people.” Do you accept all people? You describe Canada as an amazing place. If you think it is so great, why do you have to defend it?

          Every country has its downsides, and you have just proved to be one of them.

        • Candiansareonlygoodforsyrupandbacon

          Yet even with all of that millions of people become U.S citizens everyday. I mean if we are honest, on paper Canada would be the ideal place to live, yet from early on people have died just to get to the US, to become an American. They could have easily settled for Canada, but risked their lives to go just a little further. You canadians complain that we are arogant, that it is unfair that we soley own the title of American when we all share the same continents, well if you guys up north had done more maybe you would have had the title- alas when one thinks of America they do not think of red maple leaves but of stars and stripes (which you can really only blame on yourselves…really a leaf that was the best you guys could come up with?)

          • JE

            “They easily could have settled for Canada, but risked their lives to get a little further” ?????

            In order for Canada to be closer destination for immigrants than the U.S., they’d have to be coming from f*cking Greenland !!!

            You do realise that the vast majority of immigrants to the U.S. are Mexican, and the Mexican border is one side of the U.S. and the Canadian border is thousands of kilometres away on the opposite side of the U.S. mainland?

            Actually, you probably don’t, as you’ve never looked at a map of the real world.

      • Mike

        Ignorant American and the fact that your small country has crap education.

        • Katie

          Americas education is not “crap”, immigrants from other countries trying to get a better education, because America’s education system of the top systems is what brings it down. Not to mention the fact that America is not small either, it is the 3rd largest country in the world.

          • Laurens

            But compared to Canada it’s still small, so don’t complain about the size and leave this just out. It has nothing to do with it.

          • Blah

            NO, just no. America’s education system is, in fact, utter crap. Now, why do some people go to the trouble of going to America to get a so-called “better” education?

            Well, for the simple reason that it will look good on their resume. See, some Asian countries prefer people who are from American schools. It does not matter if the person who applied is brain-dead, it only matters because he studied in America.

            Now, I studied in America last year ( 7th grade, i’m young). Let me tell you, it does not compare to Asian schools. Students disrespect teachers, bring drugs (happened 5 times i’ve been there), they do not focus on studying and they still ask why they get bad grades??!! I even got culture-shocked because of openly kissing and touching while outside the classrooms.

            I dare you to try an Asian school. No, not American Asian schools, the ones that are actually in Asia. The students are disciplined. Everyday there is a bag search to look for items that are not allowed, and everyday nothing has turned up. It does not mean we don’t have fun, it just means that our schools are more disciplined than yours.

            If only Asia has more money, I wonder what will happened

          • Canada rules

            China , Russia, Canada are all bigger than America so you’re wrong .
            Stupid American you know you can used google to find these things out before, you show how really stupid you really are .

      • jimm23

        i would get angry, but then i remember ur american. i think most ppl should give concessions to americans who talk like this, their most probably part of the retarted population who live on that fat assed piece of land.

        • AGR

          We’re fat because we can. Sorry that your skank ass country doesn’t have the luxury to eat fattening meals. So at what period did the German army occupy whatever country your from? You know, when some German soldier made your grandma suck his cock before we gave currency to Britain for them to sustain and then invaded the western front? Or are you from the mighty USSR? Oh wait, I forgot, the USSR fell afterward.

          We either saved a country or was the country that didn’t fall after ww2. And you wonder why we are cocky. We have are right to be after liberating all the countries in the PACIFIC from the Japanese empire by ourselves.

          • Doug

            I dont think australia or NZ was saved or fell during ww2. and australians are fatter than you, does that make them better? And if a really fat person is walking down the street and you are only mildly fat are they then better than you since they can “afford fatty meals” or worse than you as they can afford a gym membership and access to better educaion. Please explain oh wise north american…

          • oldglory

            Yup that’s right.

          • oes222

            You are fat because you can. Really! That doesnt change anything. And bringing up ww2 again. Americans!

          • Ben

            its our not are

          • Suzimar

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      • A European

        “your home country owes us big in some way ***** dick. Whether it be us saving your ass in at least one world war, or giving your ***** hole country aid in some natural disaster.” Owe you? wow, that just says it all really doesn’t it! America is NOT the only country to give aid to other people and plenty of other countries help in wars too! You clearly have your morals all wrong here – If a country’s in trouble and needs help, you should help them because it’s the right thing to do, not for your personal benefit! And you CERTAINLY shouldn’t treat help like a loan to be paid back later on in life – did other countries charge you after all the help we gave after Hurricane Katrina? NO. So what makes you think that the rest of the world owes the U.S a favour? Giving money and aid is a great thing to do for another country but helping each other is part of our basic moral standards – it’s about being a decent person so stop lording it above other countries because guess what America? Other countries help each other too! And what’s more, we dont treat it like a debt to be paid off, we do it because it’s the right thing to do. I don’t hate the U.S, but they need to stop acting like they’re above everyone else because after a comment like that, America has no right to take the moral high ground here.

        • Jerk

          I admit, America isn’t high on the moral list or whatever. But what country really is? When it comes down to it, people (and countries) are out for themselves. You should help a country because it’s the right thing to do? Don’t make me laugh. That’s not how the world works. I bet you crap flowers and throw up rainbows. A nation is not a charity. I’m not surprised you have such high moral standards of people though. Since three fourths of Europe are liberal/socialists that for the most part are naive and love to share the wealth and not give anyone a choice in it. One step away from Communism. U.S.A should start becoming isolationists and let the rest of the world screw around with each other. Big surprise, I’m American.

          • Lalo

            Bolivia hates Chile, and when the earthquake hit us, they, along with Argentina and Peru were the first countries to help, even tough we waged a war agansit Peru and Bolivia and we (ok, a dictator that US funded and impossed on us) were seconds away of a war with Argentina and we (again, a dictator) helped the British in the Falkland war. That’s clearly not “everyone for themselves”. And guess what… if you became isolationist we wouldn’t have to deal with carzy right wings dictators and their nazi friends thatUSA helped to escape from Europe.

          • Tina

            I wouldn’t describe myself as patriotic, but the U.S. does rank first in the world in charitable giving. So maybe the government is out for itself, but there are a lot of really caring people here. It’s hard to deny that.

          • FudgeNudger

            Yeah you guys become isolationists without cultural influence or trade with other countries and end up reverting to anarchism… Let us know how that works out for ya’

        • Annoyed American

          I agree with this. But I think you might be forgetting something. A lot of American’s (or at least the ones that I have seen) don’t have a normal sense of what is morally right and wrong. If you ask me, a lot of kids grow up watching a lot of violent crap on T.V. and seeing things they shouldn’t at a young age. Children turn to roll models they see on T.V. (for example, celebrities) and maybe these roll models aren’t appropriate for a kid. Therefore kids would grow up thinking that something which is wrong is actually right (for instance, perhaps domestic violence). I think Americans have a warped sense of morals partially due to the huge freedom given to the Media.
          Also, I would like to point out that a lot of American’s that I have seen, don’t tend to think before they act. They tend to follow the crowd, trying to become what society has set as being “cool”, and don’t really think about the consequences. They get involved in gangs, violence, drugs, etc. because people pressure them into things like this. Maybe it’s like this in other countries too, but I don’t know. Probably to some degree, but I bet it’s a bigger issue in America.
          I agree with nearly everything you said, except for a couple words. If I recall (sorry I’m starting to forget what you posted, the response box is right over your comment) didn’t you say that you don’t hate this country? I on the other hand do. That was the only part I disagreed with in your comment.

        • o3o

          You spelled “favor” incorrectly.

      • Planet Earth

        Watch this and repost it .

      • Canada Rules!

        hey fack you buddy, we take care of our land and we don’t owe america nothing.
        Your nothing but a spineless douchebag who thinks his country is all mighty and powerful, although your probably NOT willing to die for it. So Fack you and the horse you rode in on!!!!!!

      • Canada

        What the hell do you have against Canada!? I can think of tons of things Canada has done for the world! (examples… the telephone, hockey, awesome food, like back bacon and poutine and beers, washing machines, television and so much more! We don’t owe you anything!

        • John

          scotland invented the television and telephone you absolute idiot

          • 1337B337

            You couldn’t be more wrong…

            Philo Farnsworth invented Television, and he was born in Utah.

            Alexander Graham Bell, among others, were credited with the invention of the Telephone.

            I don’t mean to post on the same day, but this was utterly ridiculous.

          • 1337B337

            I apologize, American text books don’t seem to mention Alexander was born in Scotland, that’s something I never knew before.

            In all fairness though, it wasn’t just him.

          • Heather

            “John Logie Baird FRSE (1888-1946)[1] was a Scottish[2] engineer and inventor of the world’s first practical, publicly demonstrated television system, and also the world’s first fully electronic colour television tube. Although Baird’s electromechanical system was eventually displaced by purely electronic systems (such as those of Philo Farnsworth), his early successes demonstrating working television broadcasts and his colour and cinema television work earn him a prominent place in television’s invention. ”

      • Americans are going to get nukes by Iraq one day. If they keep up the bullshit with killing people who didn’t even do anything
        “the victim has a rpg” it was just a news camera! Stupid Americans your country is going to hell

        • Whitney

          They don’t have nay nukes

      • wake up america

        are you retarted buddy? world war 2? where do you think you get most of your oil and soft wood from, and don’t forget electricty too, not the far east either stupid. your country sucks you can’t even take care of your sick and injured. you have a fake democracy that is bought by lobbyists and special interest groups. your probably a republican aren’t you? the saddest part is that you’re too ignorant to see the fact that your polititcal system is corrupt, your country is bankrupt ( you’ll all be chinese someday anyway since they own all your governments debt. translation: they own your currency)and your politicians are in the back pocket or whoever has the most money. try doing so reading about your own country before you think you have knowledge about someone else’s. but shame on me i should know by now that that’s the american way. in closing i think we should close the boarders today, and by tomorrow half of you country will be in the dark with no gas

      • Wolf

        Lol owe? Did you know that the American economy is in debt with 100 billion dollars. Sorry for writhing my other opinions but my eyes usually stop at fanatic bullshit, for explain rednecks. Where the mony comes, thats a hard question, but beside the depth the american way of life is quite rich, thats what make everyone immigrate there, and thats what keeps the whole shit maschine running, smart, lucky immigrants, for explain, nuclear bomb wasn’t invented by america, the research team was made up by 5 men, 4 of them was hungarian. The second thing is propagand, communists dont hide their intentions, thats why they crashed by their own nations. America is a peace of shit dressed in Armani, and thats why ppl immigrate, cuz america looks cool. The last is the money hunger, you help only who can pay, national resources? You sold the hungaryan revolt for suez, bitches! But you gladly accepted the immigrants again, a few of them started the famous “america” research againts cancer. Oh and Russia has 2 times bigger army, and the AK47 is better in aim and fire rate. Thats all for now.

        • just a correction.

          Last I heard, the debt was around $14 trillion, not 100 billion.

      • Lola

        Canada gave you hockey, basketball, cable t.v., telephone, James Cameron, Brian Adams, Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion, Mike Myers better special effects for big movies (they even made the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park!), maple syrup (not that fake thing), a lot of your electricity, insulin, they invented refining >_>
        And most important… In the war of 1912, the Americans thought they could invade Canada. So Canada sneaking in and burned the White House. They haven’t tried again ever since. :)

      • Derp

        Ahahaha you are the exact stereotype of an annoying American, if anyone wasn’t hating America after reading this list they do now after reading your comment.

        Have fun trololololling

      • Europe

        You are one stupid mother f***! USA wouldent exist today whiteout alle the money they get from the Scandinavian countries!

      • Annoymous

        First of all im sure USA owes China something like hmmm lets see maybe 1 trilllion dollars…. thats a shitload of money for a corrupt government to dig out … how will USA get rid of this debt?

      • Canadaguy

        You represent exactly what he is talking about you prick!

      • CanadaWinning!

        LOL… you are a complete and utter fool .. well then again your are probably the typical american

        how can you even fathom comparing the (as the below idiot said) “US of A” to Canada i do honestly find your ignorance entertaining.

        Canada as a population is smarter than the “US of A”… and as a matter of fact the “US of A” owes canada at least 90 billion dollars.. it prob could of been more but canadians being smart and seeing the failing state of the “US of A” realized that the “US of A” is most likely gonna default on all its debt…

        Never the less let me lay some facts for your overly patriotic militaristic ignorant being

        Canada is rated as being and having:

        -The world’s best advanced economy.
        -The world’s soundest banking system.
        -The only G7 nation fully recovered from the global financial crisis & recession.
        -The world leader in educational attainment.
        -The world’s most tolerant country.
        -The world’s friendliest nation.
        -The world’s most welcoming country.

        Canadians have the world’s 2nd highest Quality of Life.
        (Australia’s currently #1.)
        Canada has three of the world’s top five cities: Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.
        (The other two are Australian.)

        Canada’s also rated as being:

        -One of the world’s 10 safest countries.
        -One of the world’s 10 most peaceful nations.
        -One of the world’s 10 happiest countries.
        -One of the world’s 10 least corrupt nations.
        -One of the world’s 10 freest countries.
        -One of the world’s Triple A credit rating nations.

        And Canada rates better than the “US of A” in all those categories.

        if you want to you can stop reading here i know this is probably a lot to comprehend..

        Canadians in comparison to Americans:

        -Canadians are healthier and live years long. (due to Canada’s universal healthcare system.)
        -Canadians pay fewer taxes per person.
        -Canadians are wealthier. (Canada has a higher median net worth per capita than the US.)
        -Canadians have lower-cost but equal-quality higher education.

        Canada’s more economically, politically and societally stable than the US.

        Canada’s a kingdom: a constitutional monarchy & parliamentary democracy.
        That system of governance has additional checks and balances on political power & abuse that the US lacks, with the result that Canada’s less politically polarized/radicalized than the US.

        Canada also has 3 main political parties and multiple smaller ones so there’s more choice than just US-style Democrat or Republican limitations.

        Canada’s a universal healthcare nation where care is prepaid by taxation.
        (Meaning no co-pays, deductibles, doctor’s bills, paperwork to fill out, or any of the other hassles US patients endure.)

        Canadians are covered everywhere both in or outside of Canada too, by the way.
        (Meaning no being restricted to “authorized providers” like US health insurers do to Americans.)

        And Canadians are covered – by law – for all medically-necessary care: pre-natal, preventive, primary, diagnotic and follow-up without limit or limitation.
        With medical necessity determined solely by doctors & hospitals, not government.

        by now you most probably have tears of joy knowing that such a eutopia exist …lol

        never the less if you would like me to continue to bury the “US of A” with facts showing Canada is WAY superior than the “US of A” please feel free to reply.. and i shall lay your doubts to rest .

        Oh and by the way yes Canadians are living the “American Dream” while you all still strive for it …

        • Tyler

          I live in Canada, and im American.

          1. Your fast food is ridiculous in cost.
          2. Canada has more drop outs per a capita than the US and at a lower grade (9th)
          3. Your free health care is slow, and cost you almost 57% of total gross pay every year.
          4. The U.S is in almost a depression and our money is worth more on a daily basis still.
          5. Your Lower crime/Higher Intelligence/Ect. is not a good comparison considering you have a total population of like 36 million and i think canada is larger than the US, and most Population are on the border of US.
          6. 70% of your country is a frozen wasteland, who wants to commit a murder there.
          7. in the US you cannot be refused health care, unlike in Canada if you dont carry your province Health card, 1. you cant get care, and 2. It is extremely hard to get care out of your native province.
          8. Your medical career workers are trained way less than an American. For ex. the american EMT (emergency medical technician) is a 6 month course, the equivalent, the Canadian EMA (emergency medical attendant) is a 4 week course, and they are expected to do the same job.

          Your Utopia starts to look like are hat once again.
          I love the US, and i can tolerate Canada, i mean, i did meat my beautiful girl here. :)

      • HM8432

        Really? I’ve fought Canadians before, and crushed them with little difficulty ( I box in the military, and my opponents are frequently from the Canadian military).

        It’s an odd experience going to a place like Victoria or Vancouver and noting while gazing down the street at all the people that 1.) As an American, you’re obviously the Alpha-male as far as you can see 2.) A nation full of Ned Flanders, wow! 3.) How can anyone dislike a Canadian? They’re so friendly!

        Canada is a fine place; if there was anything to dislike about Canada, watch “Canadian Bacon”. That movie pretty much covers WHY Americans sometimes look sideways at our northern neighbor.

        • CPB

          You know that movie wasn’t a doc, right retard? I bet all you’re butt buddies in the millitary would laugh if they knew you were a Michael Moore fan.

      • neil

        lol ill take you up on that. 1vs 1

      • Canada

        You know that Canada is America’s largest foreign provider of oil right?

      • Joe

        F*** YOU A******, WE GIVE U UR F****** URANIUM!

      • joboflores1

        well Celine Dion is canadian…

      • Switzerland

        What exactly do you owe me? Budwieser?

        (that was sarcasm. I thought you might need it explaining to you)

    • NobodyCares

      Sounds like you live by that list. I don't know where you might be from, but I know this: at some point we have helped you when you needed it. And now, when we could use some help, your mighty, highly-educated and snobbish nation has not even sent us a towel to wipe oil off a pelican. Thanks for that. Feel free to keep insulting us–we've probably helped pay for your freedom at some point. And we don't need your towels. But next time a typhoon or earthquake strikes near you, I hope we laugh and let you handle it yourselves. Good luck with that–you've never seemed to manage it without us before.

      • Melissa

        Yeah, we don't send towels because Americans milk the publicity and film the poor dying animals instead of helping them.
        It sounds harsh but you Americans deserve this Oil Spill, trying to play the VICTIM of all environmental disasters. ATOMIC BOMB, dumping toxic waste, and all the rest of the world's oil spills. Man, you guys just love it you have someone to blame now. Why not get off your lard arses and actually contribute ideas on how to help oil stop spilling instead of complaining.
        Karma bites even if it is 65 years later. Unfortunately doesn't bite hard enough.
        Hell, once you've forced BP out you'll probably be drinking the oil out the Gulf of Mexico cause you love oil consumption SO MUCH.

        America has brought nothing but corruption to this world (Extreme Capitalism, Selfishness, McDonalds), the only reason why countries keep you close is your money. If you were a poor country, no one would bat an eye if Russia ended up nuking you.
        If you are referring to England in your post, you have to understand we aren't 'textbook' English 'snobbish' blah blah, we are just a normal European country and tbh we're pretty poor because of your war and your brilliant capitalist ideas [/sarcasm].
        Whilst you're laughing at poorer countries getting hit by 'acts of god' I'll at least be safe knowing that I have free health care. Which is more than your people can say when they are injured by acts of god.

        • brits=Fail

          No wonder you brits (small "b") have such rotten teeth. You're too busy ranting incoherently. Go practice some good dental hygiene. Oh yeah, don't ever, ever forget how we Americans kicked you brits out of your own damn colonies. HAHAHAHA!!!

          • yanks=Fail

            Haha, this is going to be fun.

            Read this:

            The best quote:

            "A study performed by OECD, an international economic organization, on the state of dental hygiene in developed countries has concluded that the British have the very best teeth in the entire world, with an average of just 0.6 of a tooth decaying per citizen. Not just "not the worst"–the absolute fucking best! That's like routinely mocking the feminine lisp of a guy-pal and finding out he's boned every single girl you know, including your mother (especially your mother)."

            PWNED, yank. PWNED. And I am loving this moment. Thanks.

          • mike

            we do have good teeth look at all your incest loving hillbilly fuck of a family then tell me who's got the worst teeth

          • Katie

            OMG, Mike, get off you butt and come to America before making that statement. Those type of people are on T.V., they are acting. Do you think i turn on Harry Potter and think that all British people go around all day casting spells. You need to step into reality and get off the TV, no one is really like that… it is acting.

        • Hugo

          Funny how the English, inventors of the English language, have terrible English grammar and spelling.

          • Emma

            Stereotypical generalisation much?

          • katie


          • You fail

            Generalization is the American spelling of Generalisation (Generalisation is the correct spelling)

          • Grammar police

            Please don’t criticise the English with their grammar, considering the majority of Americans use the word ‘gotten’, as in, ‘it had gotten to the point that s.o. . .’ when in fact gotten is an adjective. This isn’t a criticism of Americans or a defense of the English as such – I’m just pointing out that most people in the world regardless of nationality who speak English don’t use the language correctly.

        • deerampage

          wow there are some extremely ignorant and pompous people on here. AMerican and Foreign. Im american and can definitly say we know we didn’t win ww2 single handedly, but also know we contributed to victory and that fact was supported by other world leaders ( Stalin). We know our gov is currupt and money driven, but with nothing short of a revolution will change that. Whats the name if that country that isn’t run by money or always struggling for it? oh right it doesn’t exist. We dont care that we’ve adapted our own english and dont think anyone shoud give a dam anyway. It just gives brits one more thing to brag about anyway right? Does that honestly really bother Foreigners? Reading all the generalizing and just plain argumentative driven stereotypes shows the ignorance from here (US) and abroad. I mean i just read that we’re only tolerated because of our money yet the next one says we’re broke. Contradictory BS. As usual this has become a page of insults from both sides with extremely loose “facts”. We may say brits have bad teeth but do you honestly think we believe the whole country does? Or do you really think that all Americans are fat? I for one hate MCdonalds and budweiser. Newcastle anyone!? ;) Oh and we film animals instead of cleaning them??? How far was ur head up ur a** when u wrote that? Thats almost as laughable as some dude saying america has given aid to every country on earth, or that We laugh at other counties when hit by natural disasters. Its these self proclaimed einsteins with opnions that make Americans look arrogant and foreigners come off as “no it alls” Not to mention how they rub anything they can in Americans faces which is apparently an American trait so go figure. After reading peoples comments its clear that the rest of the world has just as many is ignorant inhabitats as America. In closing All amercans dont think that other countries are jealous of us.thats just a retarded statement ;)

      • Bob

        Saying dumb shit like that is why people hate america. You americans generally have such an arrogant attitude like you displayed just now. You have no fucking idea who this guy is and where he’s from, but you assume your country is better, has helped his, and they owe you. “And now, when we could use some help, your mighty, highly-educated and snobbish nation has not even sent us a towel to wipe oil off a pelican” How the fuck can you know that if you just said you dont know where he’s from, you idiot? You’re displaying what’s known in the rest of the world as typical american arrogance, and you wonder why people hate you.

        • A disappointed american

          I’m American but I agree with you completely. It makes me sick and embarrassed when Americans say stuff like that. Most Americans are this arrogant and don’t even know the difference between the UK, Great Britain and England. It’s pretty sad. Luckily I’ve learned not to be one of these people and I can’t wait to get out of this country. I just can’t leave yet because I’m still living under my parents roof. I think if we were more educated about what’s going on in our country and the world we would be a little less self centered and ignorant

          • But how can we ever get better when the great ambassadors to our humble country (like you) keep leaving?!

          • Alex

            Wow, you must not be self confident in your nation. No one should be listening to you dumbass, you live with your parents. Haha.
            We would LOOOVVEE for you to get out. You obviously have no contributions for our country, you’re useless, you insult your own, which other countries would spit at if their citizens were as disrespectful.

            If anyone is ignorant, it’s you. This is coming from a 14 year old boy in California.

            As fellow teens will say, GTFO.

          • J.M.

            You are such a moron, along with almost everone that has made comment on this page. Just because you have the ability to think and throw together an opinion, does not mean that your semi-retarded brain is correct, or even resonalble. Try to not let emotion and popular opinion from the teeming dim-witted masses drive your thoughts. Instead use your reason and common sense to understand that: there are a great deal of flaws among the people and leadership of the United States, but fortunatly; there are some of the brightest thinkers and kindest selfless, non-judgemental in this country as well. The reason for this paradox is a word used way to often, but freedom. If someone wants to be a fat moron, go for it. If he wants to challenge himself to become the best person he can be, thats ok too.
            So lighten up, most of the ridiculous things you belive about my country, are a form of manipulation by mass media and political intrests. And therefore either greatly eggagerated or just false. This is true for some of the great things you have heard. None of your opinions are well informed, or mis informed. So go on if you want, but just remember: ;you really are just a puppet with someone smarters hand up your ass, telling you what and how to think.

          • Person you responded to

            Honestly you two who were rude to my comment are exactly what I’m talking about. You are ignorant and do you think I’m going to listen to a 14 year old. I’m stating what I know and my opinion and if you did not have to be rude about it. It’s a fact that most Americans don’t even know what’s going on in this damn country. We have a president who out of all 44 presidents has spent the most and brought us to a debt of 14 trillion and a national deficit of 1.65 trillion. That’s ridiculous! And you should think so too. When Obama was elected the national unemployment rate was only 6% and in 2010 went up to almost 10%. now that he resigned the bush tax cuts (which he said he would get rid of when elected) and the unemployment has started to drop. Our government almost shut down Friday at midnight and our troops aren’t even getting paid what they should be. He has gone against his word in so many things saying he would get rid of guantanamo bay (which he didn’t), get our troops out of Iraq ( instead he sent more) and so much more. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that we have gotten into this situation and that’s why I don’t want to live here. Also because it’s my dream to live in and travel in Europe where all my family lives and is from so don’t you dare call me a dumbass because unlike most Americans I know what’s going on in our government. I could honestly keep going but I’m not even going to waste my time on a 14 year old boy who probably hasn’t even reached puberty yet or the others who have made rude comments. But thanks to the nice comments. I honestly love the united states of America and what it stands for, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But I’m disappointed that Americans don’t pay attention because if thy really understood they would be outraged and would take action. After all our government was designed for the people to have power over the government.

      • Barry

        Russia and australia sent crews over during last years california fires, japan sent crews after katrina, after 9-11 almost every western country (plus a lot of eastern ones) pledged to support you with your war on terror. In vietnam troops from all over the world supported your troops, with the cuban embargo countries backed you up and also refused to trade with cuba (resulting in thousands of cubans dieing of starvation). England colonised you. The native indians helped you until you stabbed them in the back. Swiss banks support youre regimes… Pretty sure you have had a fair bit of help…

      • guymcguy

        Buddy, you just made yourself out to be a really huge @$$ hole, you know that? That is precisely why people hate America.

    • Airaloske

      you don't actually think all Americans believe that, do you?

      Americans are not all a bunch of fat lazy moronic slobs that live off of McDonald's and Budweiser. We know what language we speak, and we are aware that Canadians and Mexicans do not always fit their stereotypes. Actually, you probably insulted half of the populations of both Mexico and Canada by perpetuating the stereotypes.

      Thanks, ass.

      We are not ignorant, thank you very much. God, sounds like your entire base of American cultural knowledge came from late-night adult-oriented cartoon shows. Stop watching so much goddamn TV.

      • Katie

        Thank you, you took the words out of my mouth. I am an American and i can say that i have never had Budweiser and I rarely ever eat McDonalds. People from other countries complain about how we sterotype Mexicans and Canadians in such horrible way and they call us hypocrites, but they are doing the same thing… they have thousands of comments on this website showing that. I can tell you that i’m not always proud to be an American, but Americans mess up just as much as other countries. Americans are in the limelight so people notice us messing up more often thats all.

      • Remmy

        Most Americans I met were arrogant and ignorant and the few that weren’t had the national pride everyone does. Unfortunatley, there has been only 2 Americans in total I have met that tried not to be selfish. And I have met quite a lot of Americans. I don’t hate all of you but I will admit that most of the Americans I have met do give an impression that all Americans are arrogant selfish ignorant people even if it isn’t true.

    • Luke

      Please ignore all these idiots… Not all us Americans are ignorant, self-centered, arrogant morons… Please don't hate all of us.

    • americans-STFU

      dbrownl is right…. the problem you have america is your SO ignorant
      no your not taking 'pride' in your country
      but hey while we ARE on the subject of history lets go waaaaay back to the start of the 13th century (1400s)…. oh yea i forgot america wasn't discoverd it was only discoverd in October 12th 1492 by Christopher Columbus who was ITALIAN
      then other buggers from different countries came and settled in america while they drived the natives into extinction
      so basicly you people who are stating 'we love america! we are proud to be american' the truth is
      ….like you maury would say 'the DNA results are in and you are'… NOT AMERICAN! unless somewhere down your family tree theres a native american relative, you come from somewhere else!
      haha how do you like that?! so for example you might rant about how you hate british, well mostly likly you came from a british herratige!

      and just another little tip for you; you might say how you love jerry springer but the host… is brittish, go wiki it

      • Long Nguyen

        Lol, every country has ignorant people who blindly have pride in their country american hater. America became a country after the revolutionary war with the British. We started out as the 13 colonies.

      • Cameron

        My lord. You realize what you just said? First of all, nobody has ranted about hating the British or any other country. This whole idiotic debacle has been nothing but militant liberals (morons) talking trash and perpetuating stereotypes about a country for the sake of trying to get under our skin. I would bet money that if I confronted any of them about their comments in real life they would back down and stammer incoherently for 45 seconds trying to come up with an explanation like the thoughtless, cowardly toads that they are.

        And the fact that you would explain that the 13th century encompassed the 1400s (the 13th century would be the 1200s) says more about your ignorance than even your implication that we don't all know we came here from Europe (as if we're so unfathomably ignorant as to believe we're the native people of this land). Not that it matters, as our cultural ties have long since deteriorated and most white Americans no longer care about, or in some cases even know about, their European heritage.

        As for your "final thoughts" about Jerry Springer: as he was used as an example of the very WORST of American culture, I don't see why you feel it necessary to bring up the fact that he was born in the UK, as it serves only to deflate your argument, but I thank you nonetheless.

      • america34

        well if you wanna get technical with it america was actually discovered by vikings in 1000 AD

      • Danjoe

        For one Columbus discovered the Bahamas but that doesn’t really matter anyways because the Vikings were here first. History my misguided friend, history.

      • Mortivore

        And you think Brits just started out on that island like in a game of Age of Empires? I’m relatively sure that if you go back far enough, using your brand of logic, you should have no British pride either, because we’re all from Mesopotamia.

    • Long Nguyen

      lol, u think americans hate other cultures, u think we speak "american", and think canadians are covered in snow? I'm a vietnamese immigrant that came to the USA because of cummunism and I follow vietnamese tradition in the USA. The United States doesn't care what culture u practice, as long as it doesn't bring violence.

    • jonnyV

      As an American, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT OTHER CULTURES!! Why should we? We ARE ALL "cultures". The word doesn't even mean anything in the US of A, we can call hate rap "hip hop culture"
      — the word is a punchline here.
      We are not your mommy, your daddy or moral compass. Douche
      Grow a pair.

    • Kevin

      I agree with everything you said except one thing, dbrownl. The dialect of English we speak in the US is so different from Queen's English that it may well qualify as an entirely different language, and thus may actually deserve the title "American". Just a thought. Personally, I still call it English, because until somebody declares otherwise, that's what it is. Just another dialect.

    • Why does everyone think that we think we speak "American" and not English. Maybe a small child thinks that, but by the time we get to age 11 or 12, it would become pretty clear to us that we speak English, because our language study class would go from a generic "Language Arts" to instead "English." That is, that our required courses from about 6th grade on, consist of English, Math, Science, and History. Meaning that the average American 11-year-old takes English class, meaning that they should realize that the language that most Americans speak is English.

    • Silence

      ” ‘scuse me sir, but I think your cruzin for a bruisin!” Personally I have no objections to what you say but I must inform you that, just like every other nation, the United States of America has its own cultures of people. Not all of these cultures are educated to an extent and with the dawn of the internet and media, people can believe whatever they want to. France, england, mexico, and many other countries have the same problems with ignorant people, and all of those you names were simply stereotypes held by those in ignorance to the rest of the world. The U.S has always spearheaded forward in technology and industry, remember that in those 300 short years, the U.S overtook Britain, the supposed “Super Empire” of the day, and that overtake didn’t take long, I believe that it was shortly before the civil war.

    • Earth

      Keep quiet you. You sound ignorant just making a comment like that.

    • Dave

      I didn´t know they had Culture…

    • HaterGonnaHate

      Oh wow, you’re speaking like all Americans(That’s with a capital A) are ignorant to other countries culture. Stop stereotyping all Americans because one or two stupid people did something wrong. Also, its like your country doesn’t have its pros and cons? Its the best country ever? i doubt it.

    • Dave

      What we have learned from dbrownl
      English was made from scratch and owes some one propitiatory rights.
      Canada is not on an american continent.
      Everyone on north, south and central america is stupid.

      Please actually visit a place or at least not get all your info from 10 year old entertainment television just streamed to your tv such as jerry springer

    • Cari

      I don’t care. :)
      Some of the people I love the most in the world are American. Some aren’t.
      I hate all corrupted governments…which is kind of repetitive isn’t it? All governments are corrupted, universally, in different ways in varying degrees.
      Now stop hating each other. Most likely the person you’re arguing with is not the one who created the nuke, and you’re not the reason that your country is sooo great.
      The only people I don’t like are the ignorant ones who spread hate…

    • Harmless_Dilettante

      “Canada is not your hat,” is a hilarious line. It, like the entire list above, gave me a good chuckle.

      I doubt people differ that much solely based on nationality. I’m American and married a Brit. One of my friend’s married a Canadian and another a Swede. Obviously, I think my husband’s brilliant and the Canadian is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. The anti-semitism and racism of the Swede frankly shocked me. Yet, I’ve visited Sweden (I was there for Nobel week) and everyone I met was extremely charming. Every country has its mix of good and bad citizens.

  • Destiny

    I think SOME (read that again, it says SOME not ALL) people hate America 'cause they're jealous. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but it's true.

    • Airbag

      NO ONE (read that again, it says NO ONE) is jealous of america. No one admires or covets ignorance and arrogance wrapped in fat. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but it's true.

      • tallil2long

        Airbag has personally queried EVERY person in the world, and determined that NO ONE is jealous of America.

        Seriously, Airbag, your claim is born of your own biases rather than any actual knowledge.

      • GoGoGadget

        The one and only downfall to living in america, the most powerful country is having haters lol. They’re so unhappy in their own countries they have to hate on us. Don’t worry you can always come to the good ol US of A and we will forgive you. I’ll even give you a job mowing my lawn.

        • Jordon

          I’m not unhappy in my own country. I love it! Yet I still find Americans arrogant, stupid people who think the world revolves around them and that everyone wants to be American and that America is saving the world by bringing here American **** everywhere. Mind you, I’m not saying all Americans are like this, but a good percentage of you aren’t making America look to nice.

        • Danger

          To faiclitate was a impressive place of duty. It is inspiring on behalf of all. Credit on behalf of sharing to faiclitate slice.

      • Jarrett

        India is…but hey most dont try because its not possible

    • Pluto

      Well I'm an American, and I lived and worked in Europe for 4 years. Europeans hate America because they don't understand us. We say, we live in the Land of opportunity, and that's true. But from a European's perspective they think we are being arrogant–that's not true.
      Its a whole other world out there. They do not have our same freedoms.

      • Lila

        Excuse me? NOT YOUR SAME FREEDOMS? Which world are you living in?

      • Tom

        Possibly the most retarded statement on here, we dont enjoy the same freedoms? We have exactly the same freedoms as you, you complete fuck tard. Considering the amount of countries in europe it might be an idea to stop generalising so much on peoples opinions from an entire continent, theres a fuck of a lot of countries in europe all with seperate views..

    • apm

      i dont get how you can imagine that anyone would ever be jealous of america… jealous of what ? funny joke tho :)

    • Better_than_you

      Jesus Christ, why the fuck are you idiots allowed to live? I fucking hope you die and everyone related to you…."cause they're jealous"…god, you sound like a 7th grader…dumb ass politically and intellectually illiterate idiot – not uncommon for any American.

      • Nossida

        Why do you hate us so much? Seriously we try to help and shit happens. I’m sure your country helps out too but everyone labels Americans as stupid and fat. But every country has their own fat stupid people. (on a side not in parts of Africa the fatter a woman is the more beautiful she is considered and the larger her dowery will be.) Not all Americans are stupid we have just as many geniuses as any other country. And not everyone talks like George Bush, who in all honestly was in a position none of us would ever want to be in. Imagine 5000 of your countrymen were just murdered now you either have to do nothing and be labeled unpatriotic and let 5000 people die for nothing or declare war and be labeled a warmonger.

        • Elias

          yeh, your country tries to help out… IN THE SHIT STORMS YOU COUNTRY CREATES…. and its the people who come on here who are americans who are just arrogant piees of shit acting like their country is the best and unstoppable and thinking the entire world revolves around them… it takes a non american to actually relize government sets up events like the 9/11 bombings… dont hating me saying it was the muslems and shit because islam is one of the most peaceful religions… fanatics of every religion will go to such an extent.. how about you read the koran though and youll understand ?… the point of your government setting up such things is to get every arrogant piece of shit out there waving american flags and hating on other places so your country is free to invade anyone they want… so anyway, basically we all hate your country because of your government and we hate the people because you keep voting war mongering mother fucking cunts in… and we have the people who r the same as your presidents.. war mongering arrogant flag waving pieces of shit…

      • tallil2long

        What a pathetic, hating, genocidal idiot you are. You are the perfect rebuttal to those who claim Americans are uniquely idiotic, or intolerant, or hateful. Everything that people claim to hate about America turns up in their own speech or their own culture.

        "You are without excuse, you who judge, because in whatever way you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge pratice the same things."
        -Romans 2:1

      • AmericathGreat

        Better_than_you ,

        Your own words hang you, you idiotic fuck.

      • Unpatriotic American

        Please don't hate all of us. Not all Americans are ignorant arrogant morons… I'm so sick of people like this giving the impression all of us are as dumb as them.

      • Katie

        You just put the name Jesus Christ next 3 swear words… were the politcially incorrect ones ya. Your rant sounds like a 7th graders comeback and the title “Better_than_you” really isnt helping your cause. You politically and intellectually illerate idiot- not uncommon for a non- American

        • Katie

          *illiterate, sorry *blushes*

    • Jim

      For you information… ALL THE WORLD HATES U.S.A.

      • Nielo

        Actually, not everyone hates the U.S.A. Personally, I don't. But that doesn't mean there aren't several things about it I don't like. But hey, I don't like everything about my own country (Holland) either.

        I guess what bugs me about the US is that a lot of US citizens seem to think that the US is the best country in the world and that is why the US always tries to 'help' other countries, even though what's best for the US may not be best for whatever country you're trying to help, even though your intentions are good.

        Oh, and I'm definitely not jealous of the US. We've got just as much freedom in Holland, so don't worry about us. ^^

        • kopite

          Having lived in both Holland and the US, I can catagorically state that there is more freedom in Holland. Americans are some of the most brainwashed people I've ever met. People in Europe just take it for granted that they're free without even thinking about it, while in the US the media bombards you with it on a daily basis. They're no more free than any other Western country.

          • Alex

            You’d have to be a complete idiot to listen to our media. No one really watches our TMZ and fox news, except for maybe outside folk who use that has a border for making biases.

            -14 year old kid.

          • To Alex

            Fox news isn’t biased. It’s other news stations that are take NBC for instance who is owned by GE. GE lost so much business in the middle east after the war started so they never have said anything positive about the war only negative. Not saying fox is 100% true but it’s one of the better US stations. But as you stated you are 14 years old which proves your immaturity and inability to understand the who’s lying to you and who isn’t. Don’t pretend you know exactly what you’re talking about. You have a long way to go in life and a lot to learn.

          • Mick

            Well said mate !

      • tallil2long

        Jim, too, has personally polled EVERYBODY in the world. What a dope for making such a claim.

    • AmericatheGreat

      Destiny, of course they're jealous. Little bunch of ankle biters can't figure out how our *great* country came out of nowhere in only a couple hundred years to dominate the world. We save their asses again and again and they slap our faces in return. Don't sweat it, Destiny. We will always be the best ansd they will always be nipping at our heels.

      • Canadaisbetter

        im sorry, who won 1812 and burned down your whitehouse?

        • Canadaisinferior

          I’m sorry, but that was the British ^_~ I think it’s funny how Canadians use this “comeback” when this happened over 200 years ago, because they as a country have not done anything of real significance since then. Also, the whitehouse was slightly razed and still stood tall, and shortly afterwards, Americans invaded York (present day Toronto) and burned, looted and spit on your “military”… oh wait i’m mistaken, it was the brits again, because all the Canadians were, were the lackeys that shined the shoes and tended to the horses of the British… peasants. Canadians that believe their country to have such an impact, and believe it as a savior of some sort, are entirely laughable. I pity you’re blind love for a country that has done nothing more important than maybe export a medicine and two sports. Canuckistan is a joke.

          • You fail

            If you could count (which you cannot) you would know that it was 199 years which is not over 200 years

        • Katie

          actually in 1812 it wasn’t the White House, it was just the presidents house until 1901 when it was finally called the White House… just saying

      • Jules

        You came out of nowhere? really? as I recall it you came from Europe.

      • You fail

        Jealous of what? Inbreds like you?

      • Seriously

        @AmericatheGreat: No one is jealous of America.

        The reason no one likes America is because of the ignorant and arrogant people. I’m not saying everyone in America is like that but, I will admit that a lot of people are. America has good people and bad people just like every other country.

        ~Written by an American~

    • PetkoSVK

      I´ve been to the USA. Every nation has history and past. :)
      But its all about people.
      You live completely different life than we do here in Europe. I am not jelous, what you have there. I am happy here at home, in Europe.
      I like to come to the US for a vacation. But thats all. And I dont hate US, why should I?

      • Alex

        You are welcome for a vacation. We really don’t hate anyone. That’s just a prejudice :D which country in Europe do you come from?

    • Magolobo

      Ha, ha, ha… I can name a looong list explaining about what you´re saying, but there´s not use now.
      To really understand why you think "people outside USA hates USA" you must reborn in any other country.
      It´s so simple, you never understand it completely but it´s not envy or so.

    • Tom

      I can only presume you were smoking crack when you wrote that..

    • kida

      should anyone be jealous of the fact that our country has the biggest carbon dioxide emmissions? I mean it used to show you are a 1st world country but now with all the envirolmentally friendly stuff it just means your country is oblivious to the fact that (leave other humans and countries) animals and the echosystems you need to survive suffer because of this. Junk tv is freedom of expression, but at least I'm not jealous of being free to show off how much idiocy I can sell, if I were you, I'd be happy to show off that part of your television that is actually worth watching. Most researchers in your country are foreign geniuses who happen to need your money for research and your facilities, but they are not americans, just like the guy who invented the TV was not american, he was mexican (feel free to check). So I dont hate you guys, I actually enjoy some of your stuff, but being ignorant, a bully and a show off for achievements which are not from americans but inmigrants of some sort is not something anyone should be proud of. the bottomline is "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" and the fact that you guys are responsible for the biggest economical failure world wide, because of your irresponsible use of a credit card, is a living proof of that.

      • truf

        the US are not the country with the biggest co2 emissions (China is) and it's spelt ecosystem, not "echosystem".

        • Silence

          Also, the “the United states of america are” was changed to “the United States of America is” from my memory as soon as the constitution was signed and the federal government was formed, just a bit of history, we are one nation, not 50 divided nations under one banner. States give up their soverignty and a few rights (ie. state currency, state army and complete freedom to set laws etc..) to be a part of a larger nation.

          • wvthcomp

            Just a correction. It was the War Between the States, when the “are” was changed to “is.”

    • Anonymus

      oh yeah. Fools with nuclear weapons and an army that think they own the world. You guys managed to get the best parts of the world all for yourselves and you also managed to screw it up. Jealous indeed, jerk.

    • ???

      im not jealous to cheeseburger americans.

      • Kate

        Oh my goodness, do you pay attention to anything… you are sterotyping Americans again… no one sits on there butt all day eating cheeseburgers, McDonalds and icream… or drinking beer. You need to come to America before you can speak to us like that.

    • Brazilian guy

      Well, let´s talk only about the first point: AMERICA is a CONTINENT, not a COUNTRY!!!! The United States of America are the "United States of America": a country and not the whole continent!!!! USA!!!

      Please note that you and me are "american" (but I´m "south-american" and "brazilian" too; how about you?).

      Still having problems guessing why so many people in other countries deslikes "America"?

      By the way: I ldon´t like Brazil: many brazilian people are too much arrogant, emotional, hypocrite and uncivilized!

      Patriotism is an open door for wars: we´re all human beings, we´re all equals.

      Sorry about my trash grammar: I´m not habituated talking or writing in english (and the language is "english", not "american"!)

      • Alex

        Number one, everyone else calls the USA “america” so we just go with it.
        Number two, don’t bash your own country… that’s beyond low.

        • Mena

          THat’s it. For brainwashed USA people it’s low. For the rest of the world, critizicing your country and opening your eyes to its deffects is being analytic.

          Everybody else dislikes this kind of blind faith and love for your country, no matter what it does. The USA may be awesome in many ways, but other countries are also awesome, no country is “the best”. Think of the comparison between a succesful banker and a political activist. Both are interesting, educated people, they just have different values and make different choices. In an ideal world they would balance up and tolerate each other.

          • Mena


  • Donna

    Okay… tick tick tick…. BOOM!

    I just wanna say that okay, some of these things make me frown but America has soooo much more to be proud of than they do to be ashamed of. I have shoes older than America but the country kicks ass man, look at all they've achieved! And the people are the proudest in the world and for that I think you all rock. You are the good guys, you do get bad press but so what? I'd have a cold one with any of you at anytime! World would be a very boring place without ya'll!

    From an Irish girl who''s never stepped foot in the Land of the Free! :o)

    • Nik

      from an american to a cool irish chick, no you rock hunny! But thanks. Yeah our leaders are kinda douchebags sometimes, but hell, whose countries leaders aren't?

      • boo

        Finlands leaders aren't

        • Mena

          and Sweden

          • Me

            But Australia’s are!

          • Joe

            Are you serious? Your leaders effectively gave your country away with their lax asylum policy, allowing hoards of Middle Easterners to flock to your welfare state for a free ride. Many of these “asylum seekers” vacation in their home countries from what I hear. Add in the facts that they allow non-nationals suffrage rights and that they have more kids than you do. I wager that by 2050 it’ll be a Muslim state and be renamed to Swedenistan. Malmo is now a cesspit, and the rest of the country will soon fall with it. Judging from your other comments I’m going to go ahead and say that you’re either a radical leftist, or a Muslim asylum seeker in Sweden.

    • AmericatheGreat


      Come on over, babe! I'll have that beer with you. We love Ireland, you guys rock too and we're always happy to welcome another beautiful Irish lass to our shores!

    • viperr68 ARMY STRONG

      I would hoist a pint Guinness with you anytime Donna:) And just for the record, Britain can have Springer back lol.


      "From an Irish girl who''s never stepped foot in the Land of the Free!" IT IS NOTICEABLE THAT YOU NEVER BEEN THERE! IT'S IRONIC!


    • Abbie

      And just when I was starting to feel hated on…. I don't feel so bad now though! …Just…alert me if anyone attempts to blow up our country. Some of these comments scare me a little. :D

    • Robbie

      If i am ever in Ireland i'd be happy to have a drink with you, plus it would give me a chance to see a different culture ^…….^

    • Hateisretarded

      Your awesome. I love people like you. Though you may have never been here, you don’t scream out and bash this country for whats on the TV like most of the commenters here do. From an American that loves foreigners and his own country.

      • anon

        its not our fault that ur country cant manage to put good publicity out there for the rest of the world to see. we only know what we see. and its nogood telling us all to hike it up there and go to america to see what it looks like coz its too bloody expensive anyway.

    • Mr.LaVey

      Donna, thank you for giving me another reason to be proud of the people who populate the nation of half of my ancestry. Come on over. I’ll personally pay for several “cold ones”.

  • mexecution

    There's no excuses to hate america there's only facts and if you have doubts to the research.

    • eric

      Funny how the illegals coming into the us don't mind taking a hand-out to start up a business, or go to college, or eat, live, etc… There is a long list of benefits that the US gives to immigrants, makes me sick!!!!

      • alastor 16

        maybe but you need the inmigrants the three times i have been there nearly all of the public services and people working there were inmigrants and they have something most U.S nationals ( I prefer this term cause americans are all the people born in america not just you) lack wich is the will to work hard, they lack a lot of services you have just for being born there but they work twice as hard and just imagine who will do all of that work if they don´t do it you will? i don´t see many U.S nationals doing the works they do

        • Alex

          What he means is, he hates “illegal immigrants”. Not the cool ones that come here to be citizens and leaders like my dad, just the ones who live for practically free.

          • Mena

            You mean people whose countries’ resources were completely depleted by American economic policy and then, because of the resulting poverty, decided to leave their families and their country to live as second class individuals?

            You just confirmed everything I believed about American people.

        • katie

          Um… no, we don’t need the immigrants, the immigrants work for less money then the Americans to be able to stay in the country, so less Americans are employed. If there were not immigrants we’d be fine… the immigrant jobs would go to the citizens

          • Mena

            Than, not then, honey. Learn your own language.

            I’m an immigrant by the way.

            Also, you could practise some reading comprehension, as you said “No”, but then went away and confirmed everything I said about your country.

          • Mr.LaVey

            I’m sorry, but what was your ethnicity again? Unless you can honestly state that you are a “Native American” (A generalized term used to umbrella a large number of unique peoples with varied cultures, tribes, languages, etc., the term itself I do not agree with), you have no room to complain about immigration into this country. With the very small number of “Native Americans” as the exception, every individual in this country, who is proud to have been born in and continue to live here, needs to be grateful for immigration as without it, you would not be here and thus lose what seems to be your main point of pride. I myself am proud to be the son of not only a full-blooded Cherokee, but also a third generation Irish American. The last time I checked, the plaque on the Statue of Liberty (or to use its proper name “Liberty Enlightening the World) did not read “NO VACANCIES”. Yes people do hate this country, as people can hate any nation, but to be fair, we as a nation do provide a lot of the cannon fodder used against us.

          • Mr.LaVey

            And Mena, just to clarify, the above comment was directed at Katie, not you. I personally welcome the idea of immigration into this country. Particularly if it causes the close-minded folks who live here to experience a culture they know nothing of, which I hope engenders education in the ways of people they can learn a great deal from.

  • DaVega

    The US didn't invent the internet.. that's why we in Europe don't like the US.. being arrogant isn't a good thing. In the name of 'peace' invading a country isn't a good thing too..

    • America

      So we should just sit back and try and talk it out with these Muslim extremists while they bomb our shit? Sound plan you got there. Is that how your country became so awesome? Taking it up the ass because a couple of goons who don't understand that shit just isn't handed to you didn't like the idea of taking peace for themselves? If you were getting your ass beat everyday at school, work, home, whatever, are you just gonna let it happen or be a man and stand up for yourself and make the fucker stop?

      • Klak

        Im with you ???? ?? ????? ?????

    • Nossida

      The US did invent the Internet. It started out as a connection between different databases to help secure information in the event of an attack that would result in the loss of communication with other posts. Ohh that’s right the Internet is just a bunch of connected databases. And the US didn’t keep the ideas or technology very long becuase we shared it with our allies, like Britian (though from this website you would think we are sworn enemies)

      • TheDane

        You should really learn to read your homework. The internet we use today is founded by Microsoft, yes. But the internet as a whole was invented by CERN. Noone had thought about connecting computers before they actually did it.

        • truf

          You are confusing the WWW with the internet. The internet was invented by the Americans. The World Wide Web, which is only a part of the internet, was invented by CERN.

    • harvey

      You are so stupid!!! We are invaded by terrorists in the us every day!! Are we supposed to bend over and take it?

      • Nighthawk

        The UK is also attacked by terrorist often too. Just some Brits are so full of shit they deny everything so don't pay attention to them. There are after all a lot of mentally ill people around the world and my experiences tell me that most anti-Americans do suffer from mental illnesses and have far lower intelligence.

        • tingting

          @Nighthawk: ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have seen a number of stupid posts in this list…but this one takes the first place by a looooooooooooooooooooong way. So those who hate the US "suffer from mental illnesses and have far lower intelligence"??? Last time i checked, i saw that US was a country…not a miracle drug that prevents mental illness and increases our intelligence. According to your "experiences"??? You know buddy…reading your comments on this list has proved one thing to me…your so called "experience" is not even wide enough so that i can write the 10 letters it requires to complete the word.

          So Nighthawk…tell me…are you some part of the PR office of the White House??? will you use your "vast experience" and tell me the total number of terrorist attacks carried out by foreign nations inside the United States??? Let me tell you..a grand total of ONE. Even Britain has experienced more terrorist attacks that your country did. Do you know the number of terrorist attacks carried out in Palestine, Indonesia, India??? The number of terror attacks that they experience in a year is more than the total number of terrorist attacks carried out in US since its formation.

          It is necessary to invade other countries to keep the "peace"??? Peace for whom?? Peace for the stockholders of US military hardware companies??? Peace for the stockholders of US oil companies??? Because there is no peace for Iraqis..or even Afghans…maybe you should go there and help them understand that the deaths of their children, wives, husbands, fathers and mothers is very very very important to maintain peace. 10 years in Afghanistan and 7 years in Iraq and there is still no peace…so what peace are you taking about???

        • Klak

          Mentaly ill,eh?A study researched by the world showed that 25% of India is as smart as the whole U.S.A.Man,India!You got bitched slaped by India?HAHAHHAHAHHAH

    • Fatasses

      Yeah. TIm Berners Lee, the MIT engineer largely credited for inventing the Internet, was British.

      • Tim Berners Lee invented the protocol for the WWW (World Wide Web), not the internet. The internet has been around a lot longer than the WWW which included other protocols for accessing information.

      • Nighthawk

        Fatasses, hey dumb dumb. Tim Berners Lee invented the WWW, not the internet. The US Dept of Defense invented the internet. the WWW is part of the internet, just like email. Get your information striaght.

        • Liam

          Spell straight correctly

    • Nighthawk

      @DaVega, too bad you made a total fool of yourself. The US did invent the internet. What you are think of is the World Wide Web, which was invented by Brit Tim Berners Lee. Talk about being ignorant. Oh and yeah sometime it is necessary to go into other countries or even exterminate people to establish peace. Not everything is rainbows and unicorns my friend. But, then again Europe created 2 World Wars, in which both the US had to come in to save Europe's ass so I guess you guys don't have a clue to anything really.

      • Sendym

        what the hell? I don't remember ammies saving my ass in WW1!
        And the thing about winning cold war? where did this come from? And winning space race? what about sputnik? Laika? And Gagarin? Those were ammies? lol

      • WeDontHateWeLaugh

        Hey Jackass, stop with the whole "we saved your ass in 2 world wars" shit. You saved NO ONE. You entered the war BECAUSE JAPAN ATTACKED YOU. And to my knowledge, there was no american help in WWI so get your facts straight. It was Russia who held the nazis at bay, it was Russia who won the war for Europe, not you. The fact that you people think that you saved anything but your scrawny asses amazes me to this day. THERE WERE MORE CANADIANS AND BRITS IN NORMANDY THEN AMERICANS. So suck it and gfy.

        • welaughandhate

          japan was world war 2, not WW1. The Nazi regime did not come into power (or existence) until 21 years AFTER world war 1. THAT is when hitler came to rise and start world war 2. Please read up a little more or listen more in your history class, your grammar indicates to me you are probably middle/high school (being generous). WW1 and WW2 are separated by over 21 years! There was ALOT of american involvement in world war 1 just read wikipedia if your that lazy!! Also you speak of Russia like they stuck with one side, but in WW2 Stalin flip flopped so many times that he basically sold his people out and eventually allowed hitler to occupy their own country for "breathing room" as hitler put it. It seems like you need to get your facts straight more than anyone else. I listened in school and had enough critical thinking to research things for myself. Now please debunk what i just said, so i can debunk you again! i enjoy foolish children like you who spout what their parents tell them when they are drunk and accept it as written in stone.

      • British French

        europe was hardly reponsble, america knew just as much about what hitler was doing in germany as the british but we were the ones that bothered to do something about it

    • lol

      we did invent the internet, England invented the actual web/web-browser/http-connection though.

    • dan

      In 1969 ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) goes online in December, connecting four major U.S. universities. Designed for research, education, and government organizations, it provides a communications network linking the country in the event that a military attack destroys conventional communications systems. In1972 Electronic mail is introduced by Ray Tomlinson, a Cambridge, Mass., computer scientist. He uses the @ to distinguish between the sender’s name and network name in the email address.

      • FuzzyWinker

        @welaughandhate WW1 did have little American input when compared to Australian, Canadian, British and French input to name but a few…

        And Stalin did not “flip-flop”. He may have signed the Nazi-Soviet pact, but this was for the good of his nation. He then had his breakdown at the beginning of the Nazi invasion of Russia, but he quickly led a successful resistance to Nazi invasion. This is mainly evident in his total war economy or the “Scorched Earth” policy. This is not him flip-flopping at all. He was not against the Nazi regime when they invaded Poland, but when Hitler invaded the USSR Stalin did not flip flop at all.

  • davross

    yeah you invented nuclear weapons and won the space race after taking german war criminals who were responsible for the deaths of thousands of people into american to create your rockets which were fired into my country, your country is all about the fast buck and wooo america f*ck yeah!!!! ignorant dumb people who create lists like this which incites more hatred at your pure arrogance even though your country is a bastard nation which created by us the europeans, you guys killed your own native peoples once you started breeding, yeah real nice, and to say sorry you give the few natives left land to build casinos on, typical americans, throw money at it, nothing but a country of bullies and die hard patriotic idiots for a bastard nation, you have nothing to be proud of at all, you only entered world war 2 because pearl harbour got bombed, you joined the last year after ACTUALLY brave men had been fighting tyranny for years unlike your present day presence in iraq which is all about oil, im going to write a list of reasons people hate americans and why they are right!!!!

    • Nossida

      First not all Germans were war criminals a large part of Hitlers army hated him including some of his highest ranking officers and generals. And if we didn’t bring Von Braun over here you would of done the same thing. (my grandfather worked with him at NASA and said he was an exceptional man and not an anti-semetic).
      Next what do you have to be proud of? we have proved ourselves and in 300 years we have become a world power. Where is your country fighting injustice right now? Or do you think we should have let Saddam gas some more Kurds?

      • "Where is your country fighting injustice right now? "
        – anything you are firghting for is profit and a hamburger on sale"

        • sigh

          Even if you were right and we do have bad motives, that wouldn’t change the fact that we are fighting injustice. “anything you are firghting for is profit and a hamburger on sale” I’m pretty sure that soldiers don’t sign up to make a profit.
          btw it’s spelled fighting.

      • John

        any way you are awarded inventions that did not. and yes, few Germans were anti-Semitic; and.. "united states fight for injustice?" if you have killed as many people as the Nazis anti-Semitic, in the name of democracy and peace. Just for his arrogance and greed you kill people, of that you should be proud. therefore you disgust me.

    • ryan

      actually i think you need to research more because we entered the war because of a catastrophe brought by one of Germany allies not because of any payment the payment you speak of is the loan we made to Britain so it could rebuild rather than just let you do it on your own. so after that you wouldn't think that you have some responsibility to help stop terrorist groups that harm people from all over the world and set up a stronger government to make sure people that do stuff like they dont come into power any more even if it may mean that oil is more available even if that the real objective of are government that still will probably happen

    • Everyday American

      Yes you are right , I been all over the world and am well aware of the evils my country has commited. No one is innocent though. Ive noticed that most countries that have common traits with the US, it is the worst ones that prevail, i.e., materialisim, arrogance, apathy, isolationisim, xenophobia, so on. No one even comes close to Americas unity. Americans are by far the most dangerous people on earth. I know the real reason that you and others hate U.S. …..FEAR. And rightfully so. Americas unity is a scary force. It is easy to control and fickle. You did say that America comes from you Europeans and thats right, so your the bad parents then? Whose really to blame for a childs actions? America is made up of everyone in the world who wanted to get away from where they were. So really your hatred is really self-hatred? Well I used to care. I tried to be an ambassador to you all being humble and quiet, trying to learn about you and build a freindship. Nobody wants it froms us unless its money. Im not visiting other countries anymore and I will encourage other Americans to do the same. AND STAY THE FUCK OUTTA AMERICA!

      • John

        so fuck you then. who cares

      • Lux

        American unity? more like American stupidity that others are afraid of.

      • You fail

        We hate America because of dumb Inbreds like you

    • Alice

      Dude. Just…take a deep breath. Take it in…and let it out. It's not everyones f-ing fault, remember that. Stop assuming everybody is one thing in this country. Does everyone act the same where you live? 'Cause right now I'm apparently an arrogant bully that entered WWII after Pearl Harbor, and when I came over to this country I almost annihalated the indians. And yeah, I can see the logic behind what you are saying, but the blind hate laced in with it makes me angry. Write something that not only other american haters will read and maybe I'll try it again.

    • Klak


    • the_kid_rocks

      Good one, davross. Never mind that it was a group of (mostly) European scientists who wrote FDR a letter begging him to spend billions on the R&D that turned THEIR ideas into the weapon which THEY felt might be urgently needed to free Europe from the aggressor. In part, because they knew that other European scientists were busily at work developing said weapons for Hitler.

      You wrote: " …to create your rockets which were fired into my country… " Yet you also write: " …us the Europeans…" Precisely what sort of exotic creature are you?

      As for the "ACTUALLY brave men (who) had been fighting tyranny for years," the average Brit was no more for war than the average Yank until the Hun moved against British troops in the Lowlands and France. Where were you lot in Poland and Czechoslovakia? Exactly where we were, albeit without the false illusion of safety provided by an ocean–and without tens of millions of sons and daughters of the Fatherland within your borders.

    • Heather

      Every country has good people and bad people. I'm american and I'm not some idiot who believes we're better then other countries. I actully want to live in Europe one day, because it's the land of my ancestors with a wonderful history. Though the main people you hear about ARE idoits who sadly get handed the mic or a seat of power and told to say or do whatever, then they end up getting America hated on. We aren't bad people, well most of us aren't anyways, please don't be so quick to judge. Yes, I agree that people who have made decisions for my country in the past were wrong, but that is not something I, or really most Americans, can fix. Most of us just try hard to get through the day. I'm sorry if you hate us, but if you are going to judge and hate then you are the idiot that you accuse all Americans of being. Trust me were all very frustrated over here. Though I love my country, I am certainly ashamed of many things past and present people have done, but I can't change that. It's the same in every country. I am just as human as you are. No better and certainly no worse.

    • welaughandhate

      ya just like the british enslaved almost all of india so they could have a more easily accessible "Tea Time" while allowing the british east india company to choke out competition through monopolies and exemptions that was truly admirable. Or how about the centuries of occupation and constant face fucking of Ireland ? No country is truly innocent of ANYTHING and you are either delusional or ill-educated to think otherwise. Every country has blood on its hands, some more so than others. So step down from your soap box and start punching yourself in the face for crimes you did not even exist to commit, or were never even involved in and did not agree with.

    • OneWithABrain

      **very mild, polite tone** Excuse me, but not ALL Americans are redneck jingoistic bastard hillbillies like you seem to believe. Some of us are smart enough to be highly displeased with what's been and is being done in the name of "the people", and are willing to do whatever we can to CHANGE it. Unfortunately, we're a minority, so the rest of the world DOES get that image of NASCAR-loving, flag-waving, idiotic fuckheads who don't even know that we had hardly anything to do with WWII. PLEASE keep that in mind the next time you post inflammatory comments. Thank you.

      A US Citizen who is NOT Ignorant.

      • Name J.M

        You have great communiction skills, and your opinions are well formed, however; you need to understand one thing. Just because you are a very confident(arrogantly so) American, and you passed you classes, does not mean that you are correct. Sadly, you are just another puppet of smarter people with an agenda to change this country fundimentally. One day when you grow up and start thinking for yourself, hopefuly you will make an accurate fact check, review your endoctrination, and see that you are at this time totally ignorant to the true state of the world and history. I pity you in a way, because you are so sure of yourself(nobody wants to be so clueless) that you are getting angryer and more enraged that you wont even entertain the idea that you are wrong.
        People like you are the reason that with evey passing generation in this world, the quality of like for people will decline. I dont just mean America, listen to and really look for any substance from any of the hate this country sheep from around the world. Just like you the only info they have is not info at all just parroting what they heard on some nonsensical entertainment program, or likely a misleading and agenda driven professor. The rest of the “argument” is adolecent, I hate everything, nonsense.

  • davross

    @ blitz17 ok so you have terrosit group in afghanistan and you invade iraq? yeah…………. war on terror, not war on a country which nothin, who did iraq invade? they were only guilty of killing there own people, if that is why american invade why arent they in somalia? or any of the other countries practising genocide? you have a gung ho culture which is brainwashed by your very calculating media, id say the majority of americans are clapping seals which go along with whatever company has the most money to spend on advertsing, you can win a u.s presidential election if you have 400 million dollars, anybody could do it, all about money.

    • America

      And you're a band wagon bitch jumping on with all the other kids who think its cool to "hate" America, despite us saving most of the worlds ass in both world wars. Why hasn't your country done anything in Somalia? Or Darfur? Or any of the other countries practicing genocide? Don't speak about shit your own country isn't willing to do. And if you are doing something, why should we be there to hold your hand? Can't do shit on your own? Need even more help from us in America?

      • jack

        why do you think that you should intervene in Somalia, Darfur, or any of the other countries practicing genocide? the world has the UN for that. what gives you the right to intervene in other countries' business?

        • derr

          The UN is a joke for future reference dont use it

          • Name


  • gaius: you are wrong – the Internet was "invented" so to speak by Americans. You are confusing the Internet with the World Wide Web which WAS invented at CERN by an Englishman Tim Berners-Lee.

    The fathers of the Internet are: Vinton Cerf, and Lawrence Roberts – both from Connecticut, Leonard Kleinrock (from New York), and Robert Kahn (also from the US).

    • WeDontHateWeLaugh

      Cerf, Kleinrock and Kahn being U.S. names, of course… the arrogance overwhelms me sometimes.

      • Cameron

        Please, elaborate. I'd very much like to know what constitutes a "U.S. name" given that it is a nation of European immigrants.

        • Name


  • jeremy

    I still say the shitty beer is the reason most people hate americans.

    • Anon

      Our big three (Coors, Miller, Budweiser) are generally pretty "meh," but there are a ton of great microbreweries and smaller operations all over the country that produce very fine beers to suit anyone's tastes.

      To generalize an entire country is pretty ignorant. This list was a bad idea because it stereotypes people who stereotype Americans. To say that all Americans are stupid, arrogant, self-centered, wasteful, hypocritical mouth-breathers would be like saying all Germans are war-mongers, or all Italians are in the mob, or all Canadians wear flannel and eat ham, or all Russians are dirty and drunk, or whatever else about whoever else. There are shitty people in America the same as there are shitty people in any country. But there are also a lot of really great people here who don't fit any of the criteria that people claim is fundamentally "American." If you look for the best in people and have a positive attitude, you will surely find great things. Call it naive, but in my travels all over the US and abroad, I've found nothing but kind people who go out of their way to help a stranger.

      Can't we just try to get along?

      • momo

        Can't we just try to get along? tell that to the nation that invade other's

        • Joel

          Seriously. If any other country had the arms, and political clout they'd be just as likely to be World Police as any other.

          As a country we fought for what was ours, and we kept fighting, and we kept fighting. Every single citizen of this country is here for a better life, or a descendant of someone who wanted the same.

          You are controlled by media as much as we are. You say we are the worst, but you don't seem to remember that Bush's approval rating tanked when we left Afghanistan to move into Iraq.

          We, as a nation, should have a bigger voice but we do tend to be a bit lazy. We do want change, and we have the hardest damn time admitting we make mistakes.

          But we are a fat, slovenly, stupid, arrogant, unread people. Apparently.

          And, if I remember correctly… we were all… well… you at one point.

    • whatever

      American beer is like making love in a canoe… Fucking close to water.

      • Nighthawk

        I don't know about that. American beer is pretty popular around the world so I guess you're suggesting that people around the world have bad taste then, right?

        • Sendym

          american beer IS preatty popular around the world… as the best thing to water your flowers.

          • Lux

            OHHHHH ZING!

        • french

          american beer is absolute shite! its watered down and weak…if you want proper alcohol go tp Germany, france or the UK

  • blitz17

    DaVega, your third sentence is why a lot of Americans tend to dislike Europeans, or get the wrong impression about Europeans at least. Its because people like you are always trying to one-up America by saying "Well Europe is WAY more advanced in science than the USA" like if its some kind of contest, or who knows, maybe you just have a superiority complex.

    • derr

      Actually they do, statistics will show that European nations do have a superiority complex (AKA little dick syndrome). They rank high in assaults, especially in England..Dont try to argue about global crime trends since this my area of study and no the US is not on the top of list even compared to European nations, youd be surprised at the number

      • Nick

        I agree with you there. As an Australian traveling alone in Europe two years ago I couldnt believe what a bunch of rude,cold, unhelpful arrogant fucktards Europeans were. When I needed some directions or advice, Americans would always go out of there way to help out. As for the English, there nothing but a fucking disgrace. I was stripped searched at Heathrow airport by there Pakistani customs and told to “fuck off” in a Prague night club by a bunch of limeys for just trying to be being friendly.

  • funkhose

    Americans really are not that bad, its just the stereotype thats seen bad, but what race isn't seen as bad from a stereotype?

    • John

      really. These are your heroes? watch this…

      • sigh

        no they aren’t my heroes. You didn’t prove or disprove his comment at all. He said that most races are seen as bad from a stereotype. It had nothing to do with war crimes committed by soldiers in Iraq. Every country has committed war crimes or abused their authority in some way, the US is no different.

  • Corey

    I think the real reason people hate Americans is because we genuinely do not give a shit that you hate us.


    I smile every time someone bashes America, which just infuriates them more. It isn't because they don't make valid points. This list proves that there are valid reasons to hate the country.

    It's because YOU care so much. It just comes off as an inferiority complex. Are you actually inferior? Not necessarily. But damn, you sure act like it, and until you stop, we'll always be able to dangle that "best country in the world" claim over your heads.

    • chaoskills

      I live in California and foreigners come all the time stating stereotypes. Of course, most don't but it's those few who do that piss me off, those ones who don't understand that Californians don't say "Cali," aren't stoners, and most don't live on the coast and surf all day like they believe. Also that since San Fransisco is in California, they expect to see flamboyantly gay men wherever they go, except what they don't realize is that California is mostly a conservative state, especially in the valley, and usually it becomes a blue state by two or three percent. Blame the stereotype, not the people.

      • wvthcomp

        Just out of curiosity, by valley, do you mean San Fernando? Because, of course, this is the Valley, most people in the rest of the Country think about, when valley is mentioned in relation to California. :)

    • >I think the real reason people hate Americans is because we genuinely do not give a shit that you hate us.

      Logicfail. Please have your tubes tied stat.

      • Ivy

        > Logicfail. Please have your tubes tied stat.

        Corey isn't necessarily a girl's name. Makes just as much sense to suggest this person get a vasectomy. Just saying.

    • Huh711

      Lol you have hit the nail on the head, I couldn't have said it better, and nobody wants to hear it,
      there are literally thousands of posts on here and all over the Internet (from Europeans mostly) complaining about America and the very arrogant Americans who do nothing but brag and keep down the rest of the world, and yet almost none from Americans bragging and putting down Europeans. Look it up on google and YouTube there is no comparison. Hell the few Americans who respond on here do so apologetically, and in a non confrontational "were better than you" manner. And the sad thing is that most Americans are are really kind and generous people who would gladly give any of the people on here who hate them the shirt off their backs if they needed it

      • tingting

        Huh711…Do you realize that there are nearly 3000 comments in this list? Check just above the comments start and you will find numbers which when clicked on will take you to another page full of comments. Or do you already know it and you are loyally following the blueprint of your government by selecting just those comments which will benefit you the most?

        Check out each and every comment and you will find at least one for every 10 comments in which Americans do brag and put down the Europeans….and there is nothing "apologetic" abt it. It is just that they have been rightly ridiculed and sent packing off this post only for a fresh batch of chest thumpers like you coming on to spew how kind how saintly America really is (of course there are an equal number who admit that America is not as great as it projects itself to be)

    • Lux

      Have you considered that that's the problem? You should care. The people who can't find fault with their country is a nationalist douchebag that needs to be taken down a peg. True, not all Americans are jerks but people like you are. As for 'best country in the world'? Seriously. If anyone in the world thinks that, they need a serious reality check. There isn't a single country in the world who can exist completely isolated from the world and still be a world power. Every country depends on others. Its just that America here thinks that it is a notch above everyone else.

      • Brian


        Exactly where did Corey say that America has no faults? America has many faults, it's just that we don't proclaim them as loudly as people like you do. Also, WHY exactly should we care about what some America-bashers think or say? Should we grovel and apologize about every single mistake we make? Should we linger on our every fault endlessly? 'Cause that sure sounds like what you're suggesting. Get real.

  • funkhose

    lol Canadians are hated in america, australians are seen as surfy dumbarse and porteguese are apprently sketcky

    • WeDontHateWeLaugh

      And I guess "sketcky" means "not knowing what sketcky" means, because I´m PORTUGUESE and I didnt understand a single word of your gibberish.

    • Heather

      o WOW. no we don't, i love all those countries. I'm not racist unlike some people, funkhouse.

    • dave

      Those aren’t even words here in the united states atleast…

  • davross

    yeah i agree bltz but why did you join the war?

    cos millions of jew were being slaughtered? russians? polish? french? any of those?

    becuase a country invaded another country and it wasnt right?

    any other reason that wasnt selfish?


    you joined becuase japan premptively attacked you in a move which threatned YOUR trading shipping lanes.

    • Anon

      I'm not here to start an argument, but you bitch about the US not getting into the war for all of those reasons, but in the same breath you will bitch about us policing the world and invading Korea, Somalia, Iraq, Vietnam. There were atrocities being committed in every one of those places that we tried to put an end to. We tried the isolationism approach, and the rest of you pissed and moaned about it, so we tried the World Police approach and you piss and moan about that, too.

      The moral of the story is that people bitch entirely too much about what Americans do, and in return Americans bitch entirely too much back. People everywhere bitch too much. Stop worrying about what somebody in another country is doing all the time, and live a satisfying and fulfilling life that pleases you.

      • tingting

        Forgive me but as far as my "limited" English goes, i understood that he or she is not "bitching" about US not entering the WWII sooner, but entering the war just before its end and then claiming all the credit for the victory. Also he, or she, is "bitching" about that fact that almost all US citizens believe that they entered the war in order to "save the asses" of countries such as UK and France from Nazis (the small matter of Germany and Japan looking to dominate the whole world including US did not matter. It was a great philanthropic gesture by the US in entering the war).

        Was just reading another list here about censorship and propaganda by governments and your comment is a perfect example of the type of propaganda being spread by the US government. There were no "atrocities" being committed in Korea and Vietnam to warrant a foreign intervention. US entered Vietnam because the country was on the verge of embracing communism while had North Korea managed to capture South Korea, US would have lost the entire mainland east Asia to communism. And the atrocities being committed in Iraq seven years after the US invasion makes the atrocities being committed by Saddam seem as a gentle pat on the back for the Iraqis.


      no one gets mad at switzerland staying neutral!!! we were trying to be peaceful because it was none of our business, your mad at us because we meddle with other countries business, and your mad because we tried to stay out of it, make up your minds people! also pearl harbor made things personal, it was because they attacked us, and might i remind you we dropped that bomb on hiroshima, thus officially taking down Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • FuzzyWinker

        We get mad because of the classic quote “yeah, but we saved your ass in World War 2!” This is false. You may have helped yes, but you did only join the war effort in terms of actual manpower when you were personally attacked. You did not do anything to “save our ass” before hand, while you may have had the lend lease programme that was helpful, it did not save us as much as manpower would. The interventionist nature of the USA is very selective. You will place soldiers in many countries that have absolutely nothing to do with you, but neglect to do so in others.

        The bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were horrific acts of war that I am always shocked whenever an American used them as an example of triumph. They may have saved many US troops, but at what cost? Two Historical cities and hundreds of thousands of civilians with areas of land still being uninhabitable today. That is not something to be proud of. Fighting tooth and nail against the Japanese for several more years would have been.

    • Heather

      He didn't join the war and neither did you so shut up and stop fighting over something you two both DID NOT DO!

    • saw

      Check your history. The US became involved in WWII before the attack on Pearl Harbor by supplying England with material through the Lend-Lease program. The attack on Pearl Harbor (with a quick declaration of war AGAINST the US by Germany) only brought about the involvement of US troops. Furthermore, thousands of Americans (during both World Wars) went to Canada to enlist, prior to the US entering, because it was the right thing to do!

      • King Billy

        You uneducated fuck-wit. The U.S. did not supply England with anything. They supplied Great Britain! I’ll bet you’re one of those dumb Yanks who talk of the ‘Queen of England’ when there hasn’t been on for over 300 years. take a history lesson numbnuts.

        • Scots

          Scotland!!!!!! :D

  • jeremy

    We Americans, If i recall correctly Germany had already started to lose the war by the time Pearl Harbour happened. They may have spread up the process but they are in no way the nation that saved Europe from Nazism. I believ that was good ole communist Russia

    • chaoskills

      Actually Jeremy, you need to go into more specific details. It was Russia, but Russia wouldn't have been able to help if it wasn't for Hitler dropping out of school before he took the class about Napoleon losing the war to Russia in the middle of winter. History can be an ass that way :P

      • wvthcomp

        And the Russians beat [Hitler] with the EXACT same strategy. That’s what always makes me laugh, where Hitler is concerned. I mean, the idiot didn’t see THAT coming. LOL

  • *Jessica_Rabbit*

    I'm a native american and I can't stand a lot of americans. Well the stupid ones who hold grudges against any other country or race for sh*t that happened a long ass time ago. I hate racist people. I've had to deal with rascist people all my life. There are dumb americans and they're are the not so dumb ones but I think as a whole, Americans are so full of themselves. I'm Yakama Indian. I live in Wapato, WA and this is my opinion…

    • I'm a native American too, having been born in South Texas, as were my parents. Their parents were from West Virginia and Mississippi. Approximately 15 generations previously, my ancestors came from Europe, primarily England, Scotland and Ireland. Since we know that North America isn't the cradle of mankind, how many generations are there between you and your forebears' immigration from Asia via the Bering land bridge? Is there a certain number of generations one must exist in a place before one can claim "native" status?

    • ryan

      i never heard of native Americans ever partaking in some sort of horrific even that makes no sense who ever they are and that stuiped to hold grunges on diffrent groups

    • I, too, am part native (Cherokee). You should know well that many natives (Cherokee and otherwise) are still upset about the "white man's" treatment. That shit happened a long ass time ago. Keeping each other apart is only going to worsen the enmity in the long run. There are better things we can be doing right now.

      • Erynn

        "That Shit" is still happening, so I can understand their position.

        • sigh

          Seriously stop. You really like to troll don’t you? @Strabismus made a valid point about how to solve the situation he is a part of. Even if it is happening now it’s definitely on a much smaller scale. Honestly you are contributing more to the problem by insisting that the atrocities committed in the past still occur today. I’m pretty sure that their haven’t been many recorded events of mass murder and pillaging recently.

  • Shagrat

    Amen Davross – Blitz 17 – you're an idiot. Your forces won the war IN THE PACIFIC – but AFTER the japs had already been stopped cold in New Guinea by Australian (and Kiwi) soldiers – and we were fighting far superior numbers with less resources.

    However – as for Europe, y June 1944, Germany was already on the back foot – they'd been driven out of Africa (without American help) and Frence and Italy were already shaky thanks to the Resistance fighters in each country. Germany itself was already falling apart – thanks to bombing by the BRITISH – RAF:
    America, as usual, came in late, threw a few bucks toward the cause and then claimed THEY had won the war – just like they did in 1918 when their soldiers arrived in France for the last few months of the war – again AFTER the tide had already turned!!!

    YOU are a classic case of why most of the rest of the world can't stand you: that and the fact that you know shit about countries outside your own borders" I have lost count of the number of friends, famiy and acquaintances who have been to the US and been asked "Where are you from?" When they answer "Australia" the reply is usually (about 90% of the time) "What State is that in?"

    Americans are nice: at least all the ones I know are – as individuals they're great people – pity you can't repeat the attitude as a nation and a people!

    • "Americans are nice: at least all the ones I know are – as individuals they're great people – pity you can't repeat the attitude as a nation and a people!"

      That is patently illogical…

      • Erynn

        Actually it isn't. On the National level the less personal Americans get the more unpleasant they become. Education Policy Makers are responsible for Americans, in general, not knowing the following examples: Australia is not in America, and the Americans did NOT win WW2 for everyone else. An individual American, if they have things carefully explained to them and appropriate evidence produced, will be disappointed but accepting (unless they're republicans. Unfortunately this is actually true of my experience, and not a generalization born of dislike).

        • sigh

          That’s not true I’m American and I’ve always been taught that Australia was another country and that America did not win WWII (that would be the Allied Powers since those countries working together won the war) but joined the Allies and helped win the war. I was taught this is public school, so I’m not a special case, I am an Independent voter and could be considered a Republican at certain times. So yes, you did make a generalization and were incorrect.

    • Lux

      I think you hit the nail on the head. The Americans I know are good people too. Its just that the bastard Americans on the internet, Government, and army are so fucking annoying with their "fuck yea America" attitude are so loud that they seem to make up a large portion of the USA population.

    • sigh

      I have not met a single American who is that stupid.

      • sigh

        nvm previous was @Shagrat

  • Travis

    We must admit despite the arrogance, Americans are very smart! Just take a look: a new country who was populated by unwanted europeans, who in 300 years controled and dominated the world faster than any other superpower in history, who make up wars so their citizens can pay less for fuel, they brainwash the world with their culture… and guess what? we all love it!! I bet 7 out of 10 of your favourite movies or music is american, the clothes you wear, the styles, everything… America just put it out there… its not their fault that the whole world swollows their crap with no replies!!

    • The Ninja

      technically the world does reply, its just that a lot of americans are too stupid too a: notice b: care or c: listen and care but have absolutely no fucking way to change that

      • [citation needed]

        Bah… I'm mostly European and I abhor the pusillanimity and adherence to complete falsehood that almost all anti-Americans exhibit.

    • Erynn

      Technically it wasn't populated by unwanted Europeans. It was populated by any and everyone. There were a few prison colonies but so what? The offenses were so simple and so justifiable for the most part that it doesn't really matter ("I stole bread to feed my family". Literally).

      • sigh

        “Technically” it wasn’t populated by “everyone” since the whole world doesn’t live in the U.S. Also the Pilgrims inMassachusetts or the Quakers in Pennsylvania would be “unwanted Europeans” since at the time they were persecuted in England because they weren’t Catholic. They came to America seeking a place where they could be free to practice their own religion.

    • Binkley

      Actually fuel prices skyrocketed with the war so the citizens actually paid three times as much for a while. We are still paying more than twice what we were before 9/11.

  • calm_incense

    So much disgusting generalization in here.

    Anyone who thinks "All Americans are _____" or "All Europeans are _____" is a goddamn fucking moron.

    Oh, and the reason why "Portugal" and "Canada" aren't globally criticized is because THEY'RE NOT WORLD SUPERPOWERS. Why do you think the world doesn't hate Hawaii? Wisconsin? Massachusetts? Because it's the United States' face as a global superpower that's so easy and trendy to hate. The world doesn't hate New Yorkers or Californians, but it hates Americans. If the United States consisted of 50 different countries (and thus no powerful federal government to meddle in international affairs), the individual states wouldn't be any more hated than your typical European country.

    Oh, and davross, you're fucking annoying.

    To sum up, people need to realize the difference between:

    1. PART of a population and the ENTIRE population


    2. A government and the civilian population.

    These things are not one in the same. Learn to distinguish among them, and the world will be a far better place.

    • The Ninja

      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I second that, calm_incense. Too many netizens take trolling too far and too serious… :'(

    • blabla

      WTF is a typical european country? Do u even know all the countries in europe? If u do then u should know there are aloot of different cultures..There's no such thing as a typical European country.

    • tingting

      @calm_incense: Let me go the Rafa Benitez way and state some facts to you:
      1) US is a democracy not a dictatorship. All of your government heads are voted by the populations of New York, California, Wisconsin, Massachusetts etc etc (not saying just abt Bush)
      2) For a country where in time and again people are defending that the majority of the population was against the Iraq war and Bush, he was voted in a second time even though he was making noises about launching an invasion of North Korea and Iran
      3) Surveys conducted by US research firms showed that majority of the population SUPPORTED Iraq war initially. It was only when the general population began to realize that the Iraqis and insurgents were not going to give up and the body count began rising that the voices speaking against the war started to gain momentum.
      4) People do not criticize US because it is a so-called "superpower". People hate US because it is fucking meddlesome. Portugal got its fair share of hate from its colonial populations but now it is more than happy to mind its own business rather than interfere into the affairs of other countries. Britain too got its share of hate and is continuing to be hated in places where it does interfere. The reason why US is hated/criticized globally because its interfere is global…Mexico, South America, Middle East, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Indian Subcontinent, China, Taiwan, Japan…the only place where i dont think US interferes is around Australia so it is of no surprise that the country is one of your staunch supporters.

      • sigh

        Yes we are a democracy, however that does not mean that every single person in America wanted Bush to be president. Also, because of the Electoral colleges, the majority of the nation is not always recognized. Bush had a lower percentage in the Polls but eventually became president. Was his opposition that much better anyways? I feel the war on Terror was justified as retaliation of the 9/11 attacks, which killed almost 3,000 people and threatened the security of our president and country, which happened to extend into Iraq. Although it is true what you say about the pop. opposing the war when the death tolls began to rise, it was also because we weren’t making much progress and didn’t want more people to die for a lost cause. People are people first and part of a country second, I feel it is a good thing to intervene in a countries affairs when they threaten other nations of people as well as the nation’s own citizens. To remain a downstander allows more people to be harmed and at least doing something about it is the first step towards solving a problem.

  • blitz17

    Davross, did you really just try to compare WWII and the Iraq War? As for the whole "Russia defeated Germany" argument, Did Russia help defeat Germany? Yes, but it was at the cost of over TEN MILLION of their soldiers and ELEVEN MILLION civilians, their whole tactic was to just keep sending soldiers to their deaths until the German Forces were out of ammuntion, not very smart European thinking if you ask me. Russia just played the numbers game, they had more, but they sure as hell lost a lot more than any other nation that was involved in WWII.

    Like I said, not very smart thinking by you Europeans.

    • loochester

      Ummm…. Sorry to disappoint you, but Russia isn't a part of Europe :/

      • sigh

        Ummm…. yes i is actually. While the Eastern majority is in Asia, a good portion of the west is in Europe. Check a map of Europe, Google, or wikipedia if you don’t believe me.

    • Erynn

      Alsol, Russia didn't sell arms to the Germans. I wonder who did that? Let me think….

      • J.M.

        OMG,,,how can you be sofa king retarded and still alive,,,,I feel like im listening to a jr high debate in the hallway……most of the “facts” both sides of this cluster of morons are only what you are led to think by smarter people…..I pity all of you,,and tremble when I come to see that,,,,,YOU PEOPLE ACTUALLY THINK YOU KNOW THE FACTS” none are accurate…..your opinons are emotionally driven by low self esteem,,,,natural selection would have taken you out in the stone age….but now complete retards with no means to form an origonal idea just keep on breeding,,,,oh well,,,,,,cant fix stupid

  • FindMe

    Gotta say, I think this list is hilarious! Maybe that's coz I'm British and apparently people hate us coz we have bad teeth and drink nothing but tea and warm beer. (I am drinking tea right now though…. delicious English breakfast tea. Aaaah.)

    Gotta say though…. Corey – 'It’s because YOU care so much. It just comes off as an inferiority complex.' No.

    Whilst I don't want to sound like an ass here, this is entirely not the way it is. The reason people care SO much is because America is one of (if not the) most prominent global power and in the last 8 years or so America has f*cked sh*t up.
    I care so much because I understand that America is a vast and powerful nation and thus want to see it run well. I also understand though that America is a relatively 'young' country and, well hey, we all makes mistakes when we're teenagers.

    PS – Other commonly cited reasons for disliking America
    – Piss poor beer.
    – The Bush's. All of them.
    – The fact that your politicians are celebrities and your celebrities politicians.
    – Rednecks.

    • lordrosco

      I like this guy. But are beer isnt that bad. We have good ones like Samuel Adams. But i do agree Republicans or jack asses. And can you explain to me how our politicians or celebrity.

      • TheNinja

        lordrosco 2 words: Arnold Schwarzenagger – former movie star and current governor of California. although i must agree that republicans are ass holes i should know – im the sole liberal in a school of retarded republicans

        • ron

          sorry but its u libs that are retarded.

      • Erynn

        Dude. Ronald Regan.

      • Erynn

        The mass produced beer is TERRIBLE. Absolutly DIRE. Disgusting. OMFG bad.

        Like everyone, you have some nice local breweries. If you know where to go, or from whom to order. I don't go to any American bars that don't sell Captain Morgan – I just can't handle the beer. However, long live the Rum.

      • En Elle

        Clearly, he's never had a Railbender.

    • loochester

      Mmmmmm tea…
      Actually, that could be another reason us Brits finds America a bit aggrovating, they sell sh*t tea :(

      • ron

        tea? we have every tea in the world here

        • Erynn

          Sure you do. If someone knows how to find it. The tea in American supermarkets is pretty damn shit – I should know, I'm British and living in America. Mail order tea is never as good. It also goes funny quicker because it's not as fresh. Sometimes (most of the time) Americans just DON'T have the best shit (Just the most mass produced shit). You learn to live with it.

          • sigh

            If America sucks so much then don’t live here. Seriously, if you actually live in America and you don’t like it… LEAVE! It’s not just America it applies to all countries. If you hate where you live, stop complaining about it and go somewhere else.

          • Boss

            @sigh, it’s actually pretty hard to go to another country due to visas and whatnot.

      • En Elle

        We sell P&G Tips. Is that $hit tea? ?:

    • Lux

      what's your favorite tea? My favorite is earl grey.

    • kat645

      Hmm but the British ran for a long time, and they got worse and worse…

  • johnny boy

    I think its funny americans can brag about being "american" however the usa is almost completely made up of immigrants (apart from nativve americans) that have populated the country in the last 300 years.

    • bree

      I see nothing funny about it. What else would we call ourselves? I can't call myself German or English or Irish because I'm a mix of all three, plus Native American….And apparently it pisses foreigners off when someone claims to be Irish or whatever just because their grandparents or even their parents are from that country and immigrated to America.

      You're statement makes no sense to me.

      • Erynn

        You can be Irish if your parents were Irish – as long as you've seen Ireland once in your life. What pisses people off is having never seen the country whom you claim affiliation with. I personally have no issues with people calling themselves "American". It *does* annoy me when people claim "I'm xyz" and have never even seen that country from an airplane as they flew over it.

        • reality check

          You are confusing nationality with genealogy. When someone from the US or Canada says they are, say, Irish, they are speaking of their ancestry. They aren’t saying they are an Irish citizen, or that they have been there, or that they know anything about Ireland.
          Nationality and citizenship can change. Ancestry (or genealogy) cannot.
          Get it?

        • En Elle

          I cannot understand that statement. Honestly. A friend of mine said the same thing. I believe our anscestors passed on traits of their country (town, county etc..) and this has helped shape us from the cultures we come from. The proper term would be "American of (Anscestral Country's) Descent". My German grandfather ran with many Italians in the neighborhood, and while he was dubbed "Honorary Paisan", it doesn't mean he's now less German. Going to a pet shelter doesn't make you a vet. Going to a different country doesn't make you a national of that country, it makes you a lucky tourist. Going to my bank doesn't make me a Rothchild…Although I wouldn't complain if I was mentioned in the old duffers' Last Will & Testiments.

      • Staximus

        You should call urself the WORST of all 3? Coz the pure fact of the fookin yanks thing they are the best. Hope north Korea nukes you pricks

      • sigh


    • I love America

      Plus, don't people living in England and Germany have to come from somewhere? Scientists have proven that human life started in the middle east, so are we not all middle easterners if your statement is correct? I think what makes Americans, Americans, is that we all live here. We are all different races here but we all seem to speak English the same. Immigrants nowadays sound Mexican, or Cuban, or whatever, but in the years to come, these accents all blend.

      • Erynn

        Life didn't start in the middle east, it started in the sea. Humanity started in Africa. Most Europeans are related to Neanderthals (That was discovered this year). So they genuinely do have ancestors from the northern regions.

        • sigh

          that’s why he said “human life started in the Middle East”. You’re statement only proved he was right.

          • Boss

            Last time I checked, the Middle East isn’t in Europe.

    • Lordrosco

      People who call themselves Americans, have lived here there whole life or for generations. Immigrants dont usually refer to themselves as Americans.

    • sigh

      the way I see it is you are the nationality of the country you were born in, unless granted citizenship in another country.

  • Baxter In Action

    I think America is ready to become a place of hope again. I know that sounds idealistic and perhaps even a little soppy, but Obama is beloved by almost every non-American who doesn't hate America. That can only be a good thing. Bush on the other hand? We hated him. And Sarah fucking Palin?? What were you people thinking? -shudder-

    • wvthcomp

      Actually, my hypothesis is that, McCain was trying to cash in on the fact that Hillary lost the Democratic Primary and was courting the female vote.

      What scares me about Palin is, she’s now upheld as a hero of the Common People, and that she’s brainwashed the Tea Party Movement from its original Libertarian Ideology to her Populist way of thinking…

  • davross

    i agree with clarkee, they are the worlds biggest bullies, to quote a brilliant british comedian:

    There’s this one celebrity, Rosie O’Donnell, a talk show host, and she said this: “I don’t know anything about Afghanistan, but I know it’s full of terrorists, speaking as a mother.” So what is this "speaking as a mother" then? Is that a euphemism for "talking out of my arse"? "Suspending rational thought for a moment"? As a rational human being, Al-Qaeda are a loose association of psychopathic zealots who could be rounded up with a sustained police investigation. But speaking as a parent, they’re all eight foot tall, they’ve got lasers under their moustaches, a huge eye in their foreheads and the only way to kill them is to NUKE every country that hasn’t sent us a Christmas card in the the last 20 years!! Speaking as a mother.

    ha ha typical american attitude

    speaking as a mother

    • wvthcomp

      Rosie was always speaking out her ass. *sigh*

  • archangel


    CatChick1964… its that very display of the fake notion that you have the right to absolute freedom of speech that makes the rest of the world 'hate' Americans, and that you want to meddle with the rest of the world's affairs without even knowing about it.

    If America were a person, it probably wouldn't be too proud of you.

    • harroganteuropeans

      In America we DO have freedom of speech…that's why you hate us? Sounds a bit like jealousy to me.

      • tingting

        You need to start reading the complete comment before passing on your opinion about what is being or not being said. archangel commented on the FAKE NOTION that there is freedom of speech in the US. By freedom of speech if you mean talking, then yes, everyone does so. But recent event have proven that you dont have much freedom about what you say. And i am not talking about your "freedom" of speech among friends. Even some North Koreans will be critical of their president among their friends…try to air your opinion on a public podium and see how much of a freedom your country really has

        • wvthcomp

          I wish this wasn’t the case. But for those of us who, rightfully, accused Bush of demagoguery…

  • blitz17

    Jeremy, once again, that was a fuck up on the leaders, if he saw shit was going down with Germany and Poland and it never occurred to them that they may be next, then thats just plain stupidity, and it ended up costing them lives. At the same time, why is everyone acting like Russia was a saint during the war, they had in fact entered into a pact with Germany and was allied with the Nazis in the beginning. Somehow everyone seems to be ignoring that little fact, how curious.

    • wvthcomp

      Er… Blitz… Remember, Roosevelt signed a pact with Hitler too… As did Churchill… There’s photo evidence. So, let’s not open THAT can of worms… Shhh…. lol

  • Blondie

    those loans were donated from the federal reserve to place countries in debt, giving the federal reserve the power to call in the loans at any time, therefore creating a depression and allowing them to buy up chunks of the world economy.

  • Jamie_Mac

    There not excuses but i think more vaild reasons.

  • Jamie_Mac

    Destiny its arrogance and big headedness like that is just the reason why people dont like america. Full of idiots who believe themselves to be better than other people. Im not trying to be a jerk, but it’s true.

    • tallil2long

      Jamie_Mac, you're not being a jerk, you're just an "idiot who believes him/herself better than other people" — at least, better than Americans whom you stereotype mindlessly.

      Read Romans 2:1.

      • Hear, hear!

      • WeDontHateWeLaugh

        Read "go screw yourself" you religious fanatic douche.

    • Anonymous

      What a joke, You're ignorant if you actually think its full of idiots. I think the only idiot here is you. You're entitled to your opinion but mine says you're a bigot that picks up what everyone else says and repeats it without recollection of what you said.

  • Blondie

    @4. Jamie_Mac

    Agreed, I forgot to mention that, they are reasons, the argument of whether they’re valid or not will no doubt bog this page down to troll levels within hours though ;)

  • ChrisG2

    I don’t hate America. I’ve liked most Americans I’ve ever met. But this list can be summed up with the real reason America may be despised: you’re so insufferably sanctimonious. This site is fast going to hell with crap like this.

    • TheHon

      Thank You! Somebody said it! America's patriotism is an insecurity not something to be proud of… the english are patriotic but we don't have to embed St George's cross in every film we've ever made and cry about it. It's like an attention seeking little girl trying to get her way all the time, in fact the world Spoiled comes to mind. America is a spoiled child.

      Having said that, i haven't met a single american i don't like and i can assure you that their hospital system is brilliant.

    • tallil2long

      Chris,the worst invective on this site comes from America-haters; yet you blame it on Americans! It's never your own sort who do wrong, is it? Europe was soaking in sanctimony long before America was even founded.
      Witness your millenium-long love affair with war and massacre, as well as your centuries-long career of colonialism — yet so many Europeans blame AMERICA for the mess the world is in?

      • Peace_out

        the only reason why american haters exist are because they've had enough of people being so big headed about the US being the best and the saviour just gloating about how amazing they're and how better they're than every countrie online, so can you see how these sorts of arguments start they're are just in defence of being trod on by US fanatics online saying they're better and save everyone. I know this is not the case with the US themselves but more people who sit behind a pc trying to enlarge their own ego's.

        • Wow, Peace_out, are you really that fucking retarded?

        • the_kid_rocks

          That's what bloody well happens when the rest of you lot can't be bothered to dip your own oars into the water, isn't it, then?! Europe prospers, but Heaven forfend they should tell us 'Thanks for the treasure and the lives you've spent helping clean up our mess. We're ready to carry our share of the burden now, so's why don't you return home to a well-deserved R&R, lads.' No, it's much, much easier to let us keep the sealanes open and the Bear from your doors. Just as it's easier for the South Koreans and the Japanese to let us carry their weight.

          We withdrew from the Phillippines in 1991, at their request. We withdrew from the Panama Canal Zone on 12/31/1999, pursuant to treaty modifications made at Panama's request. We anxiously await YOUR request.

    • the_kid_rocks

      You've a point, Chris, though ya'll need to pay closer attention to exactly WHO among us Yanks most commonly exhibits that sanctimony. To wit, our Progressives, professing their love for everything NOT American, and our Religious Right, presuming themselves the vanguard of the Second Coming. Each, the bas*ard child of Europe's persecuted sects, intermingling and morphing, two strains emerging after our Civil War. The one, Puritan, born in the prosperous North, finding itself in the Chappaqua Movement, finding universal truth in whatever faddish gibberish is current among its fashion forward. The other, a volatile mix of fundamentalism and evangelism, born in the vanquished South, reinventing itself in the tents of the Revivalist Movement, finding ITS universal truth in whatever half-baked 'theology' its loudest mouth-breather imagines in a syphilitic sweat or an epileptic fit. ____Think of Jimmy Carter, with his curious mix of Evangelical certainty and Progressive arrogance. Then, blame YOURSELVES for feeding the man's giant ego with the Noble Peace Prize at the very same time that those Americans who AREN'T captive to either ideology were vowing to vomit him out.

      • rei

        So…like…99% of the country, but not the whole country, right?

      • J.M

        You have a large lexicon, however; your thoughts have no real substance. Only well used words and a great deal of unrelated thoughts that are mostly an attempt to appear intelligent to morons. By the way , euro-trash is the word we use for angry, coveting, dim witted wannabe, arrogant, waste of skin genetic waste like some on here.

  • blitz17


    It’s judgmenta attitudes like YOURS that makes Americans hate foreigners. I’m not trying to be a jerk but it’s true. Think before you speak…… or write in this instance. Lol.

    • stu

      well put, if they don't like it then I would be more than happy to help them pack!!!!

    • Guest

      ….or type : ]

    • Meep

      Wow, Americans hate foreigners? Isn't that a bit of a generalization?
      …Why does Stu seem to think it's immigrants, not just people outside if the U.S…?

  • blitz17

    Man, I can already feel the shit starting to hit the fan.

  • gaius

    America didnt invent the net it was invented and concieved at C.E.R.N on the swiss border. got your facts wrong before you even started the list dude

    • Alex

      That’s the WWW. Which is a part of the internet, which was already created by the US. Stop hating.

  • Jamie_Mac


    Like terrorists of the Muslim community a Tiny amount make the whole lot look bad.

  • blitz17

    DaVega, How would you rather the U.S. invade a country? In the name of Aryan Supremacy perhaps, the way that Nazi Germany took over part of Europe?

  • Chris717


    I’m a Bolton Wanderers fan, i go watch them every week!
    And yes, we do lose most games

  • funkhose

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but most people hate Americans, just the Gov, ect.
    Good list none the less

    • WeDontHateWeLaugh

      Ehhh, no, its really the U.S we hate, not just your government. And stop calling yourselves "Americans", America is a CONTINENT not a country.

      • welaughandhate

        seriously kid, look up what a country and what a continent is. America is a country composed of states, and america is not an entire continent on its own. We share the same landmass (continent) as canada as well as mexico and south america (the artificial canal in panama does not disconnect our continents as far as i am concerned). You really need to stop trying to engage in debates when all you can do is display your lack of the ability to debate intelligently.

      • Hello Sheeple

        Nooooo silly goose.
        North America is a continent.

      • IDontKnowWhyImBothering

        That’s about as dumb as saying the British shouldn’t call themselves such because Great Britain is the name of an island, not a country. “American” is a demonym derived from the name of our country (the United States of America), just like words like “Briton” and “British” come from the name of their country (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

        • Hey

          I think it’s more a conflict of education. People in many parts of the world consider American to be the joint masses of South, Central and North America, and the country to be the United States of America.

          In American (ha) school, they teach you that The continent’s names are North America and South America, not America.

          People really should agree on this, I’ve seen so many get offended by this.

        • deerampage

          finally somone making some sense!

      • redd

        HAHAHA Yessss

  • davross

    it would be a good list if written by somebody objective, it was quite clealry written by an american with the type of attitude which everybody hates.

    • jack

      If you hate the united states I'll help you pack up and go home to the place that you think is great!!

      • Gestur

        jack: nice to see the good old diversity you have in your country. This is the one way, if you are a critic, get the hell out! Your way or die, good to know.

    • Mat Brady

      Exactly! I am not an American, nor do I live there, but this article clearly demonstrates the bone-headed arrogance of an American. The biggest reason why we hate you is because you believe your own lies and you perpetuate this ignorance as if it's the truth- and that's not even on this list. Republicans are the embodiment of this sentiment. The whole anti-intellectual celebration of stupidity wouldn't be a problem except that you are writing the narrative of the world, and it's a very dumb narrative indeed. It's suicidal as a matter of fact. The sooner your nation becomes irrelevant the better. Thankfully this is already happening.

    • Meep

      Yeah, actually… the entire time I read this, I was looking at some of the things and going, "Er…that wasn't Amercian made…"
      I don't know, just the way it was written…It's just kinda like the entire time the guy was writing it he was sneering at his keyboard or something… But I personally like Americans :)
      Jack's totally a troll, amirite? X)

  • cass

    Americans are so self-centred, they think everyone hates them! (ha ha)
    The thing I hate most about America; the fact that the default spell checker on most computers is American English means that I´m constantly having to inform my computer that it´s centre not center, organise not organize, labour not labor etc etc etc.
    And even if I change the settings to English English, it reverts. How´s that for cultural imperialism.
    Here´s a funny link for all the USA bashers –

    • listerine

      If you're a Septic, there's no you in humour.

    • jim

      Are you being serious?? The Us let's people in this country every day and gives them money to start a business, health insurance, free housing, free education, ha what a joke, I know we are so self centered!!

    • Nighthawk

      @cass, maybe all the stuff around the world is in American English and not British English because Americans invented the internet and the computer! If you people finally start doing something good for the world instead of trying to enslave and colonize it like your British Empire was doing then you too could have your own language on the products. But, at language schools kids around the world are learning American English, not British English. They can tell what is significant and what is not. And don't be such a self-centered Brit pal, as about half of your English language is after all from French, as much as you may not like to admit it!

      • Lingvo

        First of all Nighthawk, it was a German who mostly recognised as the inventor of the modern day computer.
        Second of all, with all the wars America has been involved in within the last half century, you have a cheek to talk about being do-gooders.

        Third of all, as an ESL teacher [English as a Second Language] I can tell you that different countries learn a different type of English due to their geographical location. In Latin America due to its close proximity to the U.S, American English is more desired. In Europe, British English is more desired. In Asia it varies, but the most desirable would actually probably be for Australian English.

        Lastly, at the end of the day the Standard English that all native English speakers regardless of nationality can understand has around 40% of its vocabulary in French origins. This means that almost "half of your English language is after all from French, as much as you may not like to admit it! "

      • Klak

        WRONG!The Balkans learn British English and OUR teacher constantly reminds us to Speak BRITISH ENGLISH NOT AMERICAN ENGLISH

        • American

          no shit. america is on the other side of the world. why would you learn american english? the person above said it depends on your location and england is a few countries to the west.

    • RD____

      That's not cultural imperialism. That's just you not knowing how to use your computer or having sloppily gotten a virus. If you properly set your OS and applications to whatever English dialect you want, it will stay that way. That's a nice one — blaming America because you can't figure out how to use your own computer.

  • Suskis

    I can say as an Italian that hypocrisy is the 1st reason to hate america. US create the prolems that they pretend then to fix: look at how US have fucked up things in Iran, as an example. Same wemnt for Saddam Hussein or for Talibans.
    US feed terrorists, train them, give them weapons and THEN pretend to save the world from their menace.
    US have their best friend in dictatorships but still pretend to act in the name of freedom.
    President Bush even swore US were acting in the name of god. This is frankly too much.
    (and, yes, thanks, you “saved Italy from the nazis”. to bad you did it using the connections Mafia had in your country, giving our nation to them ever since)

    • America

      So should we have let you been attacked by Germany? As far as that whole "US helping the terrorists" thing, well, how the fuck would you know? Did you blindly accept what daddy told you? Or you're cool friend at school because he heard it on the TV?

      • tingting

        The fuck we know about US helping terrorists was through the mouth of your own Secretary of State…or are you calling the person who knows more about your country's policies than you as a liar??

      • derr

        Hey man it is in the history books. I mean you do know that the US trained Osama and his buddies because they were fighting Russia. So the US did arm and train them, but i mean the US is not the only country that does shit like that, people forget that.

      • Nossida

        Yes we did help train Bin Laden. But back then he was fighting the Commies and we had no idea he would become a terrorist and try to wage an all out holy war. And we were helping him becuase he is ROYALTY, his family was extremely powerful, they were royalty, they were very trusted, and his father was a billionaire construction tycoon. He and George W Bush actually met while their fathers worked on oil deals and other middle east issues. Shit half his family lives in the US anyways today. So what we help train him then he turned on us, ohh wait history just repeated itself, we did the same thing to the British.

      • Sendym

        italy attacked by germany? what the hell? and i thought they were allies!

        • tallil2long

          They were allies. As long as things were going well and easy, Italians were quite content to ride Hitler's coattails. When things got tough, though, they decided to bail. Unfortunately, when you make a deal with the devil, it isn't so easy to renege. The Germans took over Italy to prevent defection.

          • Stef

            Actually, the Italian people staged a coup and kicked Mussolini out of power in 1943 and instated a new Prime Minister, also giving power back to their King. The new, non-fascist government switched sides in the war. The Nazis invaded Italy and killed a number of innocent people. I do agree, though, that Italy sort of became trapped in its relationship with Nazi Germany. Mussolini initially never wanted to enact things like race laws, bu he ended up doing so to make his more powerful buddy up North happy.

      • Erynn

        Actually, even the IRA (You know, the people who bombed London for years) are well known to have received american money – and that's without the stuff that's a matter of public record.

    • rob

      The Mafia started in Sicily as a reaction to the oppressiveness that Sicilians felt Italy was forcing upon them. So…yeah

    • Nighthawk

      Suskis, my my you are really ignorant. You obviously fell victim to some semi-popular internet myth that would have you believe the US gave terrorists weapons. Tell you what, why don't you use the internet to do a Google search and learn. The overwhelmingly majority of weapons used by Iraq were from the Soviets/Russians, not the US! My my it is sad to see how anti-Americans are really the dumbest people on Earth. No wonder they never could achieve anything like inventing something great and new or landing on the moon or sending spacecraft to all the other planets of the solar system. It is too much for these US-hating chimpanzees.

      • Sendym

        ehm… the thing about weapons… terrorists are armed with russian kalashnikov becasuse it is cheaper, affordable, more usefull in dessert, don't jam so often have higher cedence and uses commoner type of ammo than yours pew pew gunz

      • tingting

        Nighthawk you remember me asking whether you went to school or not…i had done it in jest but i am beginning to think that i was right after all. I will suggest you follow your own advice, use the internet to do a Google search and learn. The CIA not only provided funding for the ISI (Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence) to train the mujahideen, it also sent American military advisors to train and equip Afghan rebels. The decisive weapon used in the war was Stinger missile which is not a Russian weapon but a US weapon. So once again i suggest you to follow your own advice, use the internet to do a Google search and learn. Going by your bizarre logic, the September 11 attacks were carried out by Americans then because the planes used were US commercial aircrafts.

      • The Irritated Ninja

        nighthawk shut up your the kind of person who make the rest of us americans look stupid

    • The very ANGRY Ninja

      dude very few people in america still like bush, he got selected through a freak accident with the voting. and if by dictatorships you mean china, fuck off because you don't know what your talking about, we dont like working with china we do it because a lot of our businessmen are greedy sons of a bitch (steve jobs im looking at you)and like to work there because they are CHEAP. and if we could somehow find the miracle that would get all american trade out of china, our economy would most likely collapse because we get so much stuff from china.

    • Hypocrisy? Holy fuckballs. I'm part Italian and it is WE Italians who are hypocrites by nature. Grow a pair, asshat

  • DaVega

    @ blitz17

    Your first sentance is why we don’t like the US either.. why should the US invade a country in the first place? In the name of trying to spread the ‘all-american’ culture? Anyway.. Europe is way more advanced in science than the USA..
    And whilst the USA has the biggest and most technically advanced army in the world.. their bridges are collapsing due to poor maintenance in the past 30 years..

    • America

      You've resorted to mocking our bridges? Fucking. Pathetic.

      • Erynn

        Actually he has a point – American engineering is consistently sub-par and tends to be done using cheaper materials and quicker methods. This was not always the case – look at the Brooklyn Bridge. That's a beauty. But it's old. The USA stopped building quality in the 1900s.

    • tallil2long

      And certainly Europe makes America look like an amateur at invading other countries. I mean, European imperialism and colonialism lasted for CENTURIES and covered much of the planet, largely making the world the stable, peaceful place it is today. Right?

      • Jarrett

        stable? what a joke

  • jeremy

    You forgot the most important one. They have very shitty beer. Oh yeah and the illegal war they started that ended up killing millions of Iraqis…..

    • Grade

      Millions of Iraqis? Why should anything you say have even the slightest of merit if your facts are so far off base as to be laughable. Of course beclowning yourself with completely exaggerated and false numbers is fun to read, so carry on.

      • derr

        I agree about the beer, but in all reality whether the US was right or wrong for invading Iraq Saddam was not a nice guy and the world is better without him.

        • Mikey

          Lets not forget who put the "not nice guy" in power and funded and trained his army so he could fight the Iranians for you.

          • the_kid_rocks

            That's NOT one you can pin on us. Saddam was a Ba'athist, brother in conspiracy to Assad of Syria. And he was always his own man. We did supply his army, but so did the Russians, Germans, Swiss, Swedish, and French.

          • tingting

            That is not really true is it? Saddam came into prominence for his role in the assassination attempt on the then prime minister of Iraq, Qasim, during which he was a CIA agent. After seizing power, he was seen as a hardcore anti-communist with the result being the US, and of course other NATO countries, providing both financial and military assistance to Saddam who used weapons provided by the US on Kurds (who were incidently provided support by the US against Qasim). In fact Saddam was encouraged to attack Iran by the US who also turned a blind eye on the chemical warfare conducted during the Iran-Iraq war.

        • asdasdas

          So attacking a country can be justified by saying the leader was not a nice guy? I hate your goverment and everything it represents. Your "democracy" is a joke, the politicians are paid by companies. Those with money are the true leaders. You spend too much money on your army what you could spend on education and SOCIALISTED health-care. Socialism is not a curse word you tend to think and I'm not a communist.

          • the_kid_rocks

            Yes, we do. Please ask us to leave Europe and take our $40 billion a year and more with us. So that you Euros can start carrying your part of the load, in treasue and blood. You don't truly imagine that any vacuum left by our absenting ourselves from the scene won't be filled, do you? If you do, then you're at least as ignorant as a California public schoolboy.

            The job needed doing and you lot couldn't be bothered to step up like men. For decades. Did you expect that we would not grow tired of the burden with which you'd left us? Did you imagine that we would always be ruled by the best of men? Was Solon immortal? Was George III not mad? Put YOUR bloody shoulders to the wheel, shirkers!!!! We've long since tired of your perpetual back-benching.

    • chaoskills

      actually, if you were going to get your facts straight, you'd realize that it's not an "illegal war," as you put it. America actually doesn't officially go to war unless Congress votes and says so. America has only been in two "official wars"- WWI and WWII. Other wars that aren't official include the Vietnam and Korean Wars. I forget what they are called instead.

      • WeDontHateWeLaugh

        They´re called "We are fucking stupid and want your resources operations".

        • the_kid_rocks


          Iraq's oil goes to Europe, Japan, and China. About 1% of it goes to America.

    • the_kid_rocks

      jeremy, lad,

      The UN pegged Iraq's population at 25,575,000 in 2003 and 31,476,000 in 2010. Precisely how did they accomplish that while "millions of Iraqis" were supposedly perishing in the war?

      As to your claim that the war was "illegal," ballocks. The war was duly authorized by the UN. If hands are dirty, ours aren't the only ones. The fact that those other hands are attached to bodies that cower beneath their desks, whether from fear of standing and being counted or fear of actual combat, does them even less credit than any ignoble motives you may assume were ours.

    • Beer

      Saying America has bad beer is like saying Britain has bad food. Both are statements made in ignorance because of old stereotypes that are based on how things were quite some time ago. Yeah, we still generate light carbonated-urine-like pilseners like Budweiser, Miller, Coors, etc. that people love to get at baseball games in the summer, but we have tons of fantastic microbreweries that brew some real quality beers.

  • blitz17

    Jamie_Mac, and even knowing how a small ammount of the population makes the rest look bad, you continue to judge us and call us a country with people with “arrogance and big headedness.”

    Just to make things clear, I’m not one of those hardcore patriotic Americans who tend to take things too far. I am a first generation Mexican-American born from parents who were illegal immigrants, and even having Mexican roots I still identify myself as an American first and Mexican second. I do admit however that America has its flaws, as does any country, and I also recognize that it is my duty as an American citizen to question my government and its desicions and speak up if I do not like where things are going.

    Davross, you are right, the U.S. had no business being in Iraq, that was a fuck up on behalf of our leaders and I disagreed with it from day one. Like I said, America isn’t perfect but its up to its citizens to speak up and try and change America and it’s policy for the better.

    • Nighthawk

      blitz17, I remember how the whole world was supporting America when the war started. Everyone agreed that Saddam Hussein is a bad person and must be removed. Just funny how hypocritical anti-Americans are. I guess that is what makes the USA the world leader – the USA has the stomach to take responsibility while others shy away from responsibility.

      Oh and yes America does have its flaws like any country, but it has far more advantages than any other country as well. Can you tell me any other normal country where 1 in 70 people is a millionaire and where a huge majority of wealth is self-made?

      • WeDontHateWeLaugh

        Nighthawk, seriously, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE I´ve ever seen. EVER. "the whole world was supporting America". Really? Really? You really think that? NO ONE was on your side besides the Brits, and they only went along with it because their asshole of a prime-minister was your lapdog. Things were so fucking awful you created a "Coalition of the Willing" consisting of the U.S., the British and the fucking UmpaLumpa Islands (of course thats not the real name, it was some fucking attol in the middle of the pacific ocean and I cant remember its name due to its *extreme* importance in world politics. READ. GET INFORMED. And stop making an ass out of yourself. Even U.S. nationals are asking you to shut up from the embarrasment you are causing them.

        • welaughandhate

          "READ. GET INFORMED."

          Seems you need to practice what you preach.

      • Jay

        Hussein? The guy we put in power and kept in power for several decades? The guy we gave all the poison gas to? The guy we sold the helicopters to? Yeah, that's the one. Yeah, a lot of people agreed he should go decades earlier but the Americans kept him in power.

        • the_kid_rocks

          It was German poison gas, Jay. Just as it was the Russians who dug Insane's bunkers and manned his radar and SAM installations. I can't remember exactly what the Swedes and the Swiss and the French sold him, but they were all there as well.

      • john

        millionaires with money and inventions stolen from others. ¡yes! you are the leaders to kill people. you had a bad day [9 / 11] but that does not compensate for the oppression that you have done for 234 years to smaller countries. beautiful freedom you give: death.

    • Klak

      Hear Hear

  • funkhose

    Don’t hate americans i meant.

  • dbrownl

    sure you stormed the beaches at normandy but did you forget so did multiple other nations, just because american movies don’t show other nations fighting on dday doesn’t mean it to be true, hell americans didn’t even get close to coming to their objective on d-day…doughboy

    • America

      Yeah every other country there did though, huh? Operation D-Day was a huge shit storm for everyone involved. Stop being so blinded to your own arrogance.

    • tallil2long

      dbrownl, the other nations couldn't have stormed Normandy without our resources and our manpower. Yes, like it or not, the United States was the senior partner.

      • mor

        nottt true, canada is actually looked at as one of the head honchos of it.. not america.. weird..

        • Canadiansarearrogant

          Not true at all, infact.. I’m laughing at you’re blind love and sheer belief that Canada is the “savior”. Americans would go in, take care of the heavy mess, and Canadians would usually just come in to take care of the stragglers or some other crap and believe they did something useful. Americans were the backbone of D-Day, and thousands were killed getting on that beach. Honestly, It’s pointless to be full of Canadian pride when you’re nation has literally done next to nothing for the world in general, sure you invented some medicine, as well as basketball and hockey… but.. what the hell am i saying rofl. Canadians are sometimes wayy more arrogant than any American I’ve met.

        • Canadiansrearrogant

          Also might I add, the U.S. supplied your military equipment as well.
          Canadian Patriotism is sort of like cheering on and supporting a rock, or something else just as useless.

          • Planet Earth

            Canada in 2011 is around 32 million people . The U.S.A is around 311 million it’s funny how are dollar is worth more they the U.S greenback . Americans are some of the most manipulated people in the world . The Federal reserve, look it up for yourself and see how manipulated you really are .

  • muzli

    I do not hate America. I’ve got few friends who are American. NOT ! !

    • Kaleigh

      Fuck you.

    • Brent

      I'm American and I thought your post was hilarious. Our mass produced beer is indeed crap.

  • Oh – and let’s not turn this into an American bashing comment session :) Discuss the merits of the items listed!

  • DaVega


    And what excactly is the difference between the Internet and the WWW in your opinion..?

    • Not answering for jfrater, but if you don't know the difference, then you haven't explored much on the internet.


      The short answer is that the Internet is hardware, a physical setup with some basic connectivity tools to allow computers to talk to each other. The World Wide Web is software, protocols, and all the data that gets shared with them. That's why you have to HAVE Internet service to ACCESS the World Wide Web. There are things on the Internet that aren't WWW. Look at any file requiring FTP protocols. You're not using the world wide web to download that.

  • davross

    @ blitz17 but do you not see that what keeps this going is absolutely idiotic americans who continue the above opinions which makes other countries believe that you are all like the guy who wrote this list?

    • bob

      You are an idiot!! We are defending ourselves. People wonder why american's become bigots. It is because we have to deal with millions of immigrants who invade our country every day and receive free benefits, then turn around and say they hate America and Americans.

      • tingting

        Tell me bob, what did a 60 year old man who was struggling with unrest in his own country and did not even have the weapons needed to quell the potential protests pose a risk to one of the most militarily advanced nation on this planet. Also tell me what does a 70 year old almost senile leader of an Asian country who is unable to feed his own people present a danger to the US and in what way is Iran dangerous to a country which heads the most powerful alliance that this planet has ever seen???

        Maybe they are/were tyrants and discriminated people on the basis of their sex/religion etc etc. Does that mean that the whole world had a legitimate reason to attack the US till the 1970s because they discriminated the population on the basis of color?? More importantly who the hell gave you the right to act as the "protector of the world against evil"…that exists only in fiction

        And dont spool the BS about immigration…unless you have had no education whatsoever, immigration is a problem faced by all the countries since centuries. Dont forget that you wont be there unless it was for the immigrants who went to the US in the first place.

      • Lux

        free benefits? I don't know what the hell you've been smoking but in case you haven't noticed America is a country that sucks even its own citizens' money. Immigrants aren't given a free ride by any means. In fact they're being used for cheap labor. I suppose that's what 'American justice' is, no?

    • Syl

      Okay, now I'm getting pissed off. I'm just saying that i think it's horrible that my friend has to be afraid when his dad goes over to a foreign country to do buisness, because he's not sure if he's going to come back alive or not. I just think it's taking it a little too far when someone said they're glad "the white yanks died in 9/11". I think they're ignoring the fact that the government and the people are two different things. I think they're forgetting that we're humans first, and then we're americans.

  • dbrownl

    cmon on jfrater that is why you posted this list, to get debates and discussions, every comment thus far has been on the merits of the list, perhaps a few points missed or could have been adds but i think you knew exactly what would happen the minute this list was posted

  • Suskis

    Da Vega: WWW is what made Internet usable by common people. Gopher, FTP, Telnet, MIRC… The old Internet is now unknown to 99% of its users.

    • AmericatheGreat

      The "old" internet, as you put it, is the fucking backbone of your precious WWW, so no matter how you spin it, it is still America that invented the internet and then graciously shared it with the rest of you, spo suck it up!



    • Heather

      Sorry I'll move to Europe…

  • davross

    it has no merits, hence the american bashing, you have a responsiblity to post culturaly diverse topics, you have a multitude of visitiors from every country, then you go an stick a why america is better than everyone else list in and dont expect people to be unhappy?

    i agree the internet was invented by americans but it was invented to keep communications going if there ever was cold war between underground bunkers, another war invention. all american achievments are made at times of war of near war, its the only thing that enthuses them to take any action, bullets!

  • dbrownl

    i think Team AMerica:world police nailed american attitudes perfectly, come in blow shit up bring a city to ruins and then wonder why people aren’t thanking you, crazy puppet sex movie got it right

  • blitz17

    Davross, I fully see that problem and I recognize that the only way that I can fix it as an individual is by obtaining a good education and not acting like the other complete asses that make America look bad. I’m sorry, but try as hard as I can, I can’t change others, only myself. But next time I’m abroad, I’ll continue being nice so that you can see that not all Americans are self-centered trash.

  • dbrownl


  • dbrownl


  • davega – it isn’t a matter if opinion – the www came 20 years later and is a method of sharing documents with markup on the Internet. The Internet includes all the underlying technologies. Without the net you have no web, but without the web you still have the net.

    Things on the net that have nothing to do with the web: email, bittorrents, FTP, newsgroups, telnet, etc. Furthermore, most of those existed before the web as well.

  • dbrownl


  • dbrownl

    i have never heard a bad thing about porteguese

    • WeDontHateWeLaugh

      thats because its spelled PORTUGUESE. If you are trying to say nice things about my people, at least get our nationality right. Lol just kidding. Thanks for the compliment though.

    • the_kid_rocks

      Perhaps you've never been around many Portuguese. The Portuguese themselves have been known to say that the English like no one, especially the English. Whereas the Portuguese like everyone, except the Portuguese. Or at least they used to say it. Perhaps they made another exception for us Americans when we began to come more frequently.

  • davross

    i love americans in general, hot women, good junk food, muscle cars, hot, loads of merits but what ruins it is arrogance, do you see me bragging that we invented the TV? the phone? disc brakes? fax machines, electric motors, depth charges, jet engines, car engines, penicillin, steam engine, toilet paper, submarine etc etc, cos i know already, i dont feel the need to push the fact somebody i have no relation to did something? americans go ON and ON and ON about stuff there forefathers did.

    • Kaylee

      Really? When you have a conversation with an American they start proclaiming their pride in Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, etc.? Yeah, that's kind of weird. I live in America and have yet to meet such an American. Strange…
      But, honestly, you guys all have valid points, there are definitely things in America I disagree with and am not proud of. However, just as Americans seem to bother you guys, having a person believe all Americans are arrogant jerks(though some are, and yes, I'd like to punch them too), kind of hurts. There are people here who are just that: people. When I think about my history, yeah I think about American history, but I love looking further back into my English roots.
      No matter what I think about a country, I don't hold things against its people. That would be like assuming everyone with the last name Smith is horrid… it just wouldn't be fair to the Smith's who clearly aren't. (By the way, sorry for drudging this up, I just couldn't leave the page without saying something,you know, it is my country you guys are insulting.)

  • dbrownl

    go canada!!!!!!!!

  • oh – and everyday I use telnet, email, FTP, and IRC just to manage this website. Without them it would be nearly impossible. This is probably true for the majority of people who work with websites

  • blitz17

    Davross, my point exactly, why brag about anything at all? Is it going to accomplish anything? No. I haven’t bragged, you haven’t outright bragged, although you sort of did, but I forgive you, DaVega on the other hand is over there bragging about how Europe is better at Science than the US like if its really going to affect my life. People need to stop being arrogant in general, no matter where they’re from.

  • davross

    @ jfrater


    whats your point? americans invented the internet…. agreed.

    Shall we go on about it 40 years after its inception?

    american also invaded vietnam, why do you not go on about that? bragging just incites the anger which people ave towards American, again see a list of british inventions above.

    • The Awesomest Ninja

      ya and vietnam asked for our help

  • davross

    no Corey its because of people like you who have achived nothing, america is a great nation that we europeans started.

    • >we europeans started.
      Sad to say this but Europeans of today are not at all like the Europeans which colonised America (not to mention the actual borders of the Europeans nations are different with different nations altogether). Today we have chavs and general hoodlums. As they are nowadays, such troublemakers would've been dealt with immediately in the 18th century. And do not forget the natives who still actually do, believe it or not, exist. Some of the founding fathers had native blood in them. Comparing countries (and groups of countries) AT ALL is ridiculous. Comparing them 300+ years apart is unforgivably asinine.

  • Mullaccio

    I love the really trashy shows like Jerry Springer. What a hilarious show! It is the less trashy stuff like Oprah and Doctor Phil that really get on my tits.

  • blitz17

    Davross, Europe is also a great place, that WE AMERICANS saved from the clutches of Nazism.

    • Looks like the Antichrist has thumbed your message down.

    • loochester


      • WeDontHateWeLaugh

        he can.

    • John

      united statean saved Europe from the clutches of Nazism? jajaja.

      usa only get to give the final blow

      • trendfal

        that would be Russia…

  • davross

    OIL yet again

  • blitz17

    Davross, answer truthfully, who benefitted most from America entering the war? Hmm….?

    • Lux

      Hmmmm… Let me think….
      Seemingly Americans cuz they keep fucking bragging about it

  • davross – I am not bragging – I am not American or European – I was just clearing up the misconception that the web is the net :)

  • jeremy

    sped up the process sorry.

  • Trigun472

    The tone and wording used in this give off that arrogance that people dislike Americans for. Even when talking about why people hate us, we can’t seem to do it with humiliation or modesty.

    • WeDontHateWeLaugh

      I think the word you were going for was "humility". Of course "humiliation" would also work perfectly, so I´m not sure…

  • Corey

    Oh davross, how could I possibly argue with the all-powerful ad hominem attack?

    I’m sure America is full of people who “achieve nothing” while every single citizen of every single other country goes on to do extraordinary things. That’s logical.

  • Corey

    60. jeremy – Actually, no, your facts are way off. Not that the U.S. deserves sole credit for winning WWII, but Russia would not have done it without us. Nor would England. Or any of Europe.

    • WeDontHateWeLaugh

      ahahahahahahahahhahahahahah,,,funny. Please, another joke.

    • Lux

      Dude, you just got owned

  • davross

    yes Russia was the country which lost the most 12 million or something, the nazis tried to make a push to take over russis in the winter, not a good move if you have ever seen a russian winter, russia slowly drew back and let the nazis in but stood there ground and the german grew weak and forces too spread out, the americans i will not deny helped but they joined in 1942 after 2 years of heavy war with the biggest of nazi forces.

    jeremy if your american my hat is off to you sir, well said.

  • davross

    ha ha ha corey do you know what you are talking about? clearly not by that sentence,

  • davross

    @ Trigun472 nail……..on……….. head

  • blitz17

    Jeremy, I highly doubt that you are a genuine American. “Pearl HARBOUR” gave it away. Haha. Nice try though.

    • Best trolls are American trolls, IMNSHO…

  • davross

    @ corey

    After Hitler realized he could not invade England without control of the air (which he could not obtain), he turned his attention towards the East. He invaded Russia in June of 1941. By December of that same year, he was on the outskirts of Moscow; tough Russian defense (combined with one of the coldest winters in history) allowed Russia to hold German forces, and counterattack in some places. In 1942, Hitler decided to turn his army south, towards Stalingrad. The German army was almost successful, but could not quite capture city; indeed, the Russian army turned the tables and trapped nearly 250,000 German’s in the city. Unable to supply the troops by air, eventually the surrounded troops were killed or surrended (the last of them in February, 1943). In the Summer of 1943, the largest tank battle in history took place at Kursk; Germany was defeated by a numerically superior force. From then on, Germany was on the defense, and Russian continually pushed them back until the final capture of Berlin in 1945. Despite what you might read in the history books, at the cost of million of lives, Russian was the country that stopped the German jaugernaut and turned the tables on Germany. I’m not saying they did it alone, or were doing it for the Allies, but there is no disputing that Russian blood was spilled taking Berlin.

    no americans involved, see you even like to think that no matter what people cant do anything without you, 20 million russians died to fight tyranny, how many maericans have died in iraq? 100 or something ?

    • bree

      How can you compare death rates from WWII to the "War on Terrorism" (which is not completely in Iraq, fyi)? Technology, tactics, information…we no longer HAVE TO bomb a whole village or city to find a small group of people. No one meets out on the field to do battle anymore.

    • "Joseph Stalin, during the Tehran Conference in 1943, acknowledged publicly the importance of American efforts during a dinner at the conference: 'Without American production the United Nations could never have won the war.'"

      • tingting

        Just like Roosevelt or Churchill would have acknowledged that without Russians keeping the Germans busy on the eastern front, the Normandy invasion wouldnt have been successful or FDR admitting that unless Britain had not held out against Germany Hitler would have won the war or without Australian, Chinese, British or Russian help, it would not have been possible to defeat Japan. That man knew that it took the collective effort of all nations to defeat the Axis powers and all the allied nations made equal contributions to the victory and if even one had not done so, the outcome would have been very different. Reading from the above comment, davross' point is not that the US did nothing in the war, but his comment was against the beliefs of the Americans that just 418000 soldiers were responsible for defeating more than 10 million German soldiers. Even Alexander of Caesar would have been sent packing against such an odds

    • Lux

      Wikipedia, right?

  • Travis

    @ dbrownl : You’ve never heard bad things about portuguese? you should read a history book… they started worldwide slavery trade, they were the last europeans to let go of their overseas colonies reigning them for over 500 years, they ruled the world for years by killing innocent people! And now they’re coming back with a very sneecky European Union ordeal!!

    • WeDontHateWeLaugh

      Yeah, we are sneaky that way. Except that we abolished slavery BEFORE YOUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED. So I guess that just turned on you, eh? And the "they ruled the world for years by killing innocent people" hits so close to home with you yanks I´m not even going to loose time explaining the irony of that statement to you.

    • sam

      Worst of all you unleashed Ronaldo on the world, now here is a guy we can all agree to hate

  • jeremy

    I cant remember specifically but by the time America had entered the ETO Russia had already sent Nazi Germany back past their initial lines and were gaining territory of their own, thus meaning that they were retreating. If you want to give praise to any one nation over another it would most certainly be Russia, I do agree that the war couldnt have been won without the involvment of all nations but that seems to be another reason why people are not too fond of America. They think that they are the reason WW2 was won by the allies and do not acknowledge any other nation in that war.

    • bree

      Huh….I never saw anywhere in my history books where it said that WWII was won specifically because America got involved.

      • maddibobaddie

        It seems to me most of my history books focused on what the other nations did in WWII… But this is just a freshly graduated American teen's opinion.

        • Erynn

          I don't know if you're reading good books or if Americans get the wrong end of the stick – but I have NEVER seen an American who wouldn't argue "We saved you in WW2" when it comes to why Brittain Sucks and America Rules. This without going into the whole "Yea, but you don't have Freedom like We do," thing I seem to get a lot as an immigrant who misses home.

  • jeremy

    @ Blitz

    I never claimed to be American, i am a Canadian and it is a pesky little habit to write ou rather then just o.

  • Jamie_Mac

    70. davross

    erm.. he couldnt gain control england because he did not control the sea. Not the air, althought the raf did amazing Germany pretty much did control the air.

  • Mullaccio

    What I do not like about the government in the U.S. is its policy of hypocrisy. At least in countries like China the government admits (for the most part) the wrongs they are doing (censorship etc.) where as in the U.S. they say one thing but do the opposite. I am not saying China is a better place to live by any means. It just really boils my blood to see such a big country to be so sneaky. In America you have a “democracy”. But all the applicants represent the same politicians with essentially have the same policies. So is it really a democracy? The fact they see themselves as “good guys” yet have been involved in more wars than any other nation in the last hundred years, is currently the world largest arms exporter, is the only country to use nuclear weapons in war and has the nerve to tell other nations they are not responsible enough to build them.

    These traits are not exclusive to the United States. It’s the fact that it is such a powerful nation that people highlight this so much. I do not dislike Americans but I do dislike their government. In fact I dislike almost all governments.

    • The Awesome Ninja

      the chinese government never admitted to anything, no bussnessman would ever admit that there company was giving there workers unfair treatment, same with China its bad for business.

  • sharlu

    LOL I love the remarks you made for each point. Entertaining list! I have yet to visit America. Bit far away from my lovely New Zealand :P

  • davross

    jamie that is a direct quote from a site about ww2 lol, argue with it if you want

    • BP OMowe

      So if I make a site , say it's about WWII I can write whatever I like and just quote the site as proof?

      Soviet would not have survived west of the Ural mountains had it not been for the lend-lease program (nor had GB been able to hold up without it), nor had Kursk been such a success for the Red Army hadn't they had help breaching the German crypto-communications, learning the German battle-plans beforehand.
      Speaking of betrayal, I doubt the few survivors from the Warsaw-ghetto have any warmer feelings for the Red Army.

      Either way, it's a moot discussion, as USA didn't save Europe from Germany, but from being totally engulfed by Soviet.

      Neither is the list head-on either. The MAIN reason for the dislike is the White House administration (and honestly folks… most of the natives hate it with passion too), especially when it's promoting legislation abroad originating from the big industries (which reminds me of the definition of an honest politrickian: he STAYS bought once he receives the "contribution").

      Those of you who has made serious studies of history will fully agree with the statement that every nation is built on blood, it's just a matter of how far back it's been since spilled.

      I'm a Swede btw, so I guess I better take cover :p

  • spidermonkey

    I like Jerry Springer – it makes me realise I’m not a stupid redneck whose f*cking my cousin. Seriously though, the Americans I have met are nothing like the ones on TV. And not nearly as fat either.

    Funny story – my friend used to work in a shop in Dublin city centre that sells Irish products and this elderly American couple came in looking for kilts and the cashier said we don’t sell kilts but could buy tartan material. The man said something along the lines of ‘this is disgraceful, we’re in Scotland and we can’t even buy a kilt’. They were amazed to find out they were actually in Ireland.

    • ryan

      that just afoul

    • A. P. Sushkin

      Uha-haaa! Great Nation!

  • davross


    battle of britain, you may have heard of it.

  • Cheeseface

    “We stormed the beaches at Normandy”

    Now, history would suggest that the American landings at Normandy were just a little bit disastrous. For you to not acknowledge the 83,115 non-American soldiers that landed at Normandy is bad enough, but to try and take credit for the whole thing is a travesty. It’s things like this that make everyone hate Amercia(ns).

    This list is just valid reasons to dislike America rather than ‘excuses’ people use.

    All that said though I had a great time when I went to America, and most American chaps I’ve met have been very nice, but people like you ‘Jay K’ make my blood boil.


    • A. P. Sushkin

      Bravo, Cheeseface.

    • Erynn


  • Cheeseface

    Apologies for the dreadful spelling and grammar.

  • spidermonkey

    Oh and they stole Budweiser from the Czechs and turned it into p*ss. I still drink it but its not nearly as nice as the proper stuff.

  • Spange

    Geesh, way to be considerate of people who would desperately love to be entertained by the shitstorm this list has already created but can’t because they have damned exams to revise for! Any chance you could unpost it ’til the weekend? No? Bugger.


  • jeremy


    They were the ones who took quite a beating that day though. I give props and respect to all those men regardless of their nations

  • Jordan G.

    No one’s mentioned the picture of Bert (from Sesame st.) on the Taliban sign?

    • Too busy having a hissy fit apparently. *sigh*

  • Thiru

    I think this list is created with an intention of getting responses. Guy…u know exactly what would get more responses. If what u have written is agreeable, the responses wont look like this…. and my two cents….. As u said ur the largest consumers and u only know consuming a lot than to produce. Just compare the Real field production what you do with other countries. Having monet wont haelp all the time. A country should have some intrinsic value and skill than financial transactions and policing. Or just compare the reason why people live & which country lives a meaningful life…if at all you consider living a meaningful life as meaningful.

  • Anenkova

    This is my first time commenting on Listverse (though I’ve been an avid reader for about a year now) and I won’t go into reasons for disliking the US (that’s the “country” not its people – I’ve met some likeable Americans though they tend to be a little less than well educated and a bit too much into their appearance). But I was wondering about two things:

    Do you seriously consider the Cold War to have had a “WINNER”?

    And if you do (as it came up more than once in the list), you believe it to be the US???

    I’d have a hard time finding a lot of people to agree to this rather special idea.

    Oh, and you forgot one of the reasons most often mentioned when… ehm… not loving the US so much. A nation built on the dead bodies of the people who already were living on the land? Millions of Americans (and yep, that’s them) slaughtered, infected or exiled? Wouldn’t want to have that in my resume…

    • A. P. Sushkin

      Such a clever mind and irresistable arguments given out in such a gentle and beautiful female way!
      I wish I was an acquaintance of this lady.

    • Soporific

      That's true but the majority of it was from smallpox and Spaniards. The rest of the earth seems to be content to butcher their fellow men every few decades – I'm looking at you Europe, Asia and Africa. And where do you come from so we can go through your country's closet full of skeletons?

    • Ninja

      also technically the soviets won the space race, they put the first man in space, not us, we were the first people to land on the moon though

  • Travis

    #9 we win everything: NO THEY DONT!

    Americans just give importance to what they are good at! The king of sports: Football (soccer)? they only qualify for world cups cos they play against contries that are semi professional, cos their team is crap!! for a nation of 300 million there should be at least 11 excellent players!

    • V123

      They won the Civil War, the NBA, the NFL, the MLS, the American president elections, the American Idol contest… etc, etc…

  • FindMe: don’t miss our almost as controversial list 10 Common Misconceptions About Britain. It got 500 comments in total – I think this one might beat that though :)

    • WFA

      should do one for australia XD i'd like to see that

  • jeremy

    @ Blitz

    I hope you are not grouping me as someone who said Russia won the whole war. I said that if you are going to single out any nation of the allies as the reason for winning it should be the Ruskies as they were the ones who really took it on the chin so to speak.

  • peejee

    Please don t start about the world war again – we had a very, very elaborate discussion about that some weeks ago !

    Anyhow – do read up on the history of nearly ALL latin american nations though. Some nasty things there each time involving the US, protecting their own interest and not caring about the people.

    On the other hand – I am from Belgium and one of our first kings is considered the 3rd top mass-murderer in the world (congo). So I am not having any argument around that.

    Also, I would really like to point out that as the thread lists correctly, it’s somehow fashionable among young people to start bashing the US. They think they seem moral and intellectual. Really irritates the hell out of me, as usual they are completely ignorant about US history, economy and politics.

  • davross

    yeah i would agree if all your opinions weren’t clearly based on trying to defend your country regardles of plain facts, im aware of my countries mistakes, the reason i feel justified is i havent created a list of why my country is better than anyone elses, im merely defending the fact that i have yet to see a why america sucks and why its correct.

    its always oooooh everyone hates us so fck them! how about caring people hate you and for what reason? nah? just blow them up?

  • Anenkova: I didn’t write the list, but I want to comment on your cold war question: in hindsight don’t you think the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communism (albeit technical) in Russia would indicate that the Western allies did win the cold war? It took a long time to happen – but it did happen. I am just curious btw, I haven’t really studied the issue at all.

    • Actually, no, Jamie. The fall of the Berlin Wall or the end of the Soviet Union had nothing at all to do with the Cold War or the USA. You should get your facts straight.

      • alec

        lol because the soviets spent to much on the military and not on other programs because they were trying to keep up with America in an arms race

    • Lakonislate

      I think the US "won" the Cold War in the same way that I would win a tennis match if my opponent spontaneously died of a heart attack. The Soviet Union collapsed, it didn't surrender, wasn't invaded, all America did was participate in a stupid arms race and act completely paranoid about a country whose leaders were probably just happy to be taken seriously as a threat to the great America.

      • rush2me

        the US won the cold war by sending fake neil armstrong to a studio off course

  • cas1989

    wow. this seems to incite a lot of anger doesnt it. every contry has its issues. im english. and i hate our political correctness and lots of other things. i dislike the stereotypical americans of course. god if all texans are like they are stereotyped then theysd all be gun totting mad men who are completely biggotist. none of us won world war 2. you dont win a war, how can we call it so black and white. if winning is a cease fire after the murders of millions of people then whats a loss? the points in this list do incite the masses with anger. america arent great at everything. football. i think thats probably brazil. cricket. the aussies. rugby. maybe new zealand. ice hockey. i prefer cananada. as for inventions all countries have there own. and each has its own place in history. my personal view of the americans is an extreme dislike for the republican party. ok so god. maybe the creator maybe not. but you cant use him as an excuse in a modern lifestyle. doesnt work. now as a european im probably more inclined to dislike the french than the americans. doesnt mean i have to force my opinions on people. so in all fairness. americans…maybe you did start from the people we didnt want anymore. but youve built an amazingly strong culture. you just lose your way with the fact that as a stereotype you do take in too much of the hype about how great you are. when in all fairness. noones better than anyone else. everyones just different. and im proud to be english. and im sure your all proud of youre countries. so dont put it down. but dont kick people in the teeth for feeling the same way respectively.

  • Travis

    Its been said that in 2030 65% of Americas population will be hispanic! So brush up on your spanish, hombres!!

  • Thiru

    And the 6th point was too good….. There is no relation between the heading & content. Title says Green but what all you do is to pollute & the funny part is you say that as an achievement. First sign Kyoto treaty man… Then talk about pollution. Unless, there is no moral right to pollute the world, whatsoever…..

  • blitz17

    Anenkova, do you honestly believe Europe was created peacefully and without any sort of bloodshed? If you do you are seriously deluded. Has America done terrible things? Yes. Is it the only country in the face of the earth to do terrible things? No, I can think of a few that have dont MUCH worse.

  • Jordan G.

    What country is davross from? The TV and phone were invented by Americans, the submarine was technically invented by the British (in theory) or the Dutch (in practice). Jet Engines were invented by the Germans. Is davross so fat that he spreads across three countries and two continents?

  • jeremy


    The Loss of this war would have meant the eradication of every living Jew in the world and Global dominance by Nazi Germany. I would consider it a win :)

  • cas1989

    see thank you jordon g. you are making a valid point. every country invents things. and weapons. we british made quite a few guns ourselves i believe. so lets not go overboard with our anger here. surely we have better things to say. for example. disney land. OMG THATS AWESOME. i may be 19 but who doesnt love pluto. seriously

  • davross

    is alexander graham bell american? could have sworn he was scottish jordan?

    tv was invented by john logie baird another scottish man

    Scottish inventor, John Logie Baird, the father of this pervasive technology, first publicly demonstrated television on 26 January 1926, in his small laboratory in the Soho district of London.

    god you are dumb!!!!!

    Frank Whittle, a British pilot, who designed the first turbo jet engine in 1930. The first Whittle engine successfully flew in April, 1937.

  • jeremy


    Have you seen the South Park episode goobacks? If you havent then you should.

  • archangel

    88. that because Russia had an enormous border with Nazi Germany… i can’t imagine any other way to protect yourself. In fact, their 3 line tactical defense protected Russia quite effectively, and was military genius, even if it did lose lives.

    Also, America didn’t enter the war until much much later, so their casualties were obviously a lot lower. It’s pretty easy to poke fun at European suffering when America was an ocean away.

    No. 1 – America does seem to act unilaterally these days, but not forgetting that it was great American leaders (i.e. Wilson) who started up the world’s most prominent
    international multilateral organisations.

    You know, I don’t think people really hate America as such, and the majority of people probably aren’t JEALOUS of the United States… why would I be jealous of a superpower country with a failed health system and is self-righteously pursuing its flawed moral authority? This is of course somewhat of a generalisation because it depends on the kind of administration running the country.

    However, I have a feeling people who intellectually hate America do so because the American administrations have self-righteously pursued FLAWED objectives. For example, the Bush administration thought they could lie to us about Iraq. Or, the United States acts to stop some things, yes, acts… but not talks… and this action is based on ‘American’ judgement rather than global consensus… it would be great if American judgement was always right, but, unfortunately, no one is perfect, and it is probably this fact that American governments have always acted based on self-righteousness rather than intellectually logical ‘righteousness’ that causes others to hate the country.

  • davross

    ha ha ha ha jordan

    im stunned by your total ignorance, did you go to school?

  • blitz17

    Travis, dude, I’m hispanic, and I know that right now the Hispanic population in the US is only at 15%, so unless we ALL get REAAALLLY busy, I somehow don’t see it exploding to 65% in only 20 years.

  • CatChick1964

    If other countrymen from all over the world hate America so damn much, why are most of our large corporations owned by foreigners? Why haven’t you gone out and built up your own mega-franchises and skyscraping office buildings to benefit your own people? Why do you come here to America to spend all your money?

    I spent 18 months in the middle-east country of Oman about four years ago. All I saw were Brits working the middle-eastern owned oil companies. All I saw were women treated like dirt. All I saw were Indian and Pakistani immigrants working as slaves (yes, slaves). And the whole time I was there I saw one public church in the city of Muscat. It was all denominational, because that is all the Muslim Sultan would allow… and I might add here … that’s all the homosexual sultan would allow. It was well known that he was gay, but because he was the sultan, he was never ridiculed.

    From what I read up there in the list, it’s basically just a big joke as to why you might hate America, although most are valid points. But after visiting just one foreign country, I was desparate to get back to American soil. Where as a woman, I can drive my car myself wearing a two piece thong bikini if I want to, listening to Christian music or hell-bent rock-n-roll and most people won’t even look my way.

    Go on wich’yo bad self, Lady Liberty!!!

  • Lucky Jamie, neither European, nor American. (So am I)

    Anyways, i think the majority amongst us believe that America is just a great nation (concerning science, tech, sports, entertainment, money etc. etc.), but your pesky Govt. ruines the image (of liberty, freedom, enfranchisement etc. etc.). Lets see, G. Bush admitted that invading Iraq was a (massive) mistake, Dick Cheney … well, everyone knows, & Donald Rumsfeld (probably equal to Dr. Josef Mengele) threw a typical ‘American’ apology to the world. They admitted that they were mistaken in believing Irq had WMD’s. So, the hundreds of thousands of people killed in Iraq are compensated by a weany shit sorry ? I dont think so. Also there is Vietnam, then there is Korea ( where American forces made over 80% of the U.N forcs), then there is Afghanistan, where America is trying (in other words, pretending) to destroy some religious fundamentalist & extremist groups which it has itself created to fight the so called monster of communist Russia? (Rusiian invasion of Afghanistan). And now, they have started bombing Pakistani Tribal Areas which, despite numerous govt. protests, have had no effect on the American administration whatsoever. No offence intended, but you see, you own political leadership is destroying your image, not that we have any grudge against Americans.

  • rocknopera

    Sigh… This isn’t exactly what I hoping to read when I first woke up this morning. Guess I’ll just have to keep on rocking in the free world.

  • davross

    is alexander graham bell american? could have sworn he was scottish jordan?

    tv was invented by john logie baird another scottish man

    Scottish inventor, John Logie Baird, the father of this pervasive technology, first publicly demonstrated television on 26 January 1926, in his small laboratory in the Soho district of London.

    god you are dumb!!!!!

    Frank Whittle, a British pilot, who designed the first turbo jet engine in 1930. The first Whittle engine successfully flew in April, 1937.

    ha ha i cant get over your dumbness

    bet he doesnt comment again

  • cas1989

    ahhh jeremy. thats a really good point there. mean of course in theoretical terms yes. but in the same instance. it was a horrendous loss of life really. for all the merits of winning. we have to look at the fact that those poor people in those mass graves. looking down from heaven are still saying. ” you could have done it a lot faster if youd have stopped hitler when you saw him amassing an army to take poland…you bastards” you see what i mean :)

  • calm_incense

    Yes, davross, please *do* tell us what marvelously flawless country *you’re* from.

    Oh, and it sounds like a lot of you guys don’t have problems with AMERICANS, but rather, American CONSERVATIVES. Politically/culturally/socially, the US is essentially two different countries geographically interspersed. Blaming American liberals for George W. Bush is like blaming France for the Third Reich.

  • rocknopera

    Sigh… This wasn’t exactly what I was hoping to read when I first woke up this morning. Guess I’ll just keep on rocking in the free world.

  • jeremy


    You dont necesarilly need to procreate for the Hispanic population to go up. It justdepends if it is legal or illegal population

  • emmstein

    America did not win the space race! Not even close! Russia won. Sputnik, Yuri Gagarin.. Ok you can have the moon, but not without controversies.

    And for the record, I hate america

    • J.M

      This is priceless,,,,,,,I love it when retarded people try to think

  • archangel

    91. “I think its funny americans can brag about being “american” however the usa is almost completely made up of immigrants (apart from nativve americans) that have populated the country in the last 300 years.”

    Err… if you haven’t realised… being American is not an ethnicity, its a nationalism.

  • Travis

    People hate Americans in our Era just like they hated English in the 19th Century, France in the 18th, Spain in the 17th, Portugal in the 16th, Romans before Christ, Persians (whenever)! every century has a bully just like every school year. The diference is that because the media is so advanced nowadays we know about more at a real time frame!!

  • DaleGribble

    dbrownl said: “forgot that you are ignorant… time to learn about other cultures other than yours,…”

    Yeah, right. America bows to other cultures more than any other country in the world. Go to south Florida or any large city and see where the “American Way” has been overrun by the “cuban way”, “peurto rican” way, “indian” way, etc…We accept all values and go out of our way to accept them AND celebrate them. YET Another reason our country is the BEST.

  • jeremy

    @ Archangel .110

    I am Canadian so most definetaly not jeleous of americans and their shitty beer :P

  • FindMe

    JFrater: Oh but I know :) I thought that list was hilarious! There were some additions I could think of:
    – We don’t all live in castles
    – We aren’t all alcoholics
    – Some of our teenage girls aren’t actually pregnant (yet).

    I have to say though, I still get a kick out of the fact that nearly every house I’ve ever lived in is older than America…. widdle ol’ USA :p
    I must concede however that a lot of the negative feelings about America stem from a certain ‘coolness’. That certainly rings true amongst the student population (and all the goddamn first year Political science kids. UGH!)

    I still don’t understand the logic of being able to drive at 15, buy a gun at 16/18 (verification anyone) but not being able to drink till you’re 21!

  • davross


    do i have to repeat it a million times?

    British people do lots of bad things, we ruiled the world at the point of a sword while your ntavive people were running around in loin clothes but we dont go on and on and on about why everyone hates us and why?

    we know, so we are shamed by it, not bragging why you are wrong to hate us in a list.

  • ari

    people hate america because they write rubbish like this

  • emmstein

    Also, you could combine 5 & 6.

  • Cheeseface

    I don’t know much about the Cold War but I’d be inclined to say that Soviet economic problems and numerous revolutions across Eastern Europe, which led to the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, were the main catalyst, of the end of the Cold War.
    Although I’m probably wrong here and pressing submit will make me look foolish.

    For you history buffs it’s the 54th anniversary of when the Pact was signed.

  • dadf

    Okay, the opening paragraph just shows the person who wrote this is completely blind/oblivious to things they don’t want to accept;

    First of all, D-day serves as a small tale of heroics in comparison to what Russia was involved in during their time in World War II. they lost well over 20 million lives, half of which were soldiers. While America lost under half a million. American are usually praised for their menial contribution in allied victory.

    On top of that, America helps countries only when their interests are being attacked. the marshall plan was used to stop the spread of communism, to stop a ridiculous theory that governments would collapse to communism across europe *domino theory* Coming from the person who wrote that opening paragraph, i suppose you think the americans are really helping the middle east aren’t they, completely in ignorance of their presence in the middle east as an action to obtain oil.

    Much like how americans take credit for everything, in addition to being the largest factor in gaining victory in World War II, americans believe they invented the internet. The internet was created by Tim Berners Lee, an englishman.

    I could say so much more but I doubt the stubborn brain of yours would comprehend furtehr than this paragraph.

    • Another ignorant person that thinks the internet was invented by Tim Berners Lee. People call Americans ignorant?

      • tingting

        Blind calling others blind? Just saw your other comment below regarding difference between internet and WWW but the main point here is do you know the difference? Internet is just a network of a number of computers and what you are doing now…like accessing websites, chat or email…those are applications that make use of internet. Just like an airplane makes use of air to fly above the ground…that does not mean air is plane??

        Quoting from wikipedia: "The origins of the Internet reach back to the 1960s when the United States funded research projects of its military agencies to build robust, fault-tolerant and distributed computer networks. This research and a period of civilian funding of a new U.S. backbone by the National Science Foundation spawned worldwide participation in the development of new networking technologies". So you see, though internet was started by the US Army, the latest form that we use now is the effort of scientists from across the globe (of course some of them are Americans)

        Going into its history, the internet developed by the US Army was just a group of interconnected computers which were used to calculate the trajectories of ballastic missiles etc. Later on it was used by major institutions but what common people like me and you are using now is WWW which makes use of internet.

        As i have already said a number of times.. agreeing that internet is the most important part of WWW, planes, motor vehicles and all those that use wheels to operate…are you going to credit the inventions to Iraqis and Iranians, coz they were the first to "invent" the wheel and none of those above would have been possible if wheel was not "invented".

        • I was just stating fact that the internet was created by the U.S. The WWW is only one part. The internet exists without the WWW, but the WWW doesn't exist without the internet.

  • CatChick1964

    .128 ari —

    what rubish??

    Oh .. you mean the truth… ok.. just clearing that up.

  • jeremy


    Dont even get me started with the heaven thing lol. And yeah they could have stopped him earlierm but 20 years earlier they lost countless millions of lives and were looking to do things a little more peaceful. EVen if it meant conceding some countries to Germany.

  • archangel

    113. CatChick1964

    Isn’t that such a bad generalisation? Firstly, you were in an Islamic country (not saying all Islamic countries are like this)… secondly, the business world is owned by American and Western corporations in majority because of how the West exploited (perhaps innocently) the economy from way back then to perhaps until now.

  • Travis

    @ blitz7 :

    hispanics are the ethnic group in the USA that have more children and they’re the biggest immigration wave in the world! but the study could be wrong!

  • blitz17

    Archangel, even with the huge border it is still a really high ammount of deaths, close to TWENTY-FIVE MILLION, over 4 times the number of deaths that the Jews suffered at the hands of Germany, on the other hand, France only lost half a million people, and the same goes for the UK, only about half a million people. Russia failed to properly protect its citizens and paid the price. You can’t deny that France and the UK were just as involved in the war as Russia and yet they didn’t suffer such heavy casualties.

  • matt j

    This article is absolutely pathetic, possibly the worst garbage i have ever read. I honestly fear for your sanity. The reason why people hate America is because we protect our economic interests around the world directly through bull shit wars, overthrowing democratically elected leaders, supplying guns and training to terrorist groups around the world. We basically started the extremist Islamic movement, most of our citizens believe that a 2000 year old zombie is going to forgive them of our sins making most of us literally insane. I would go on but this is a waste of time. Seriously when I think of America its like a bunch of retards with a nuke doing what ever the hell they want.

  • As of myself, i like Americans as free, loving, caring And intellectually (somewhat) superior to others, but just face it, you’ve got a shitty govt. system & setup.

  • jeremy


    Dont be pulling out wikipedia references here haha

  • FindMe

    Er, Cathchick is it?
    ‘But after visiting just one foreign country, I was desparate to get back to American soil.’

    Perhaps this IS the problem…. you went to one, borderline theocratic, most certainly orthodox country and made a bunch of quantitative judgments by simply comparing it to your perception of America. I’m pretty sure there are some places in America where listening to hell-bent rock and roll and being gay would get you in a whole heap of trouble. (I know this is true of most countries but your comment reads as though all other nationalities are essentially savages).

    Perhaps this is another reason people don’t like America, they are a desperately insular country….? Just a thought.

  • calm_incense

    @ davross

    Uh, the difference is that the British Empire is no more. So of course no one is going to hate its modern-day UK incarnation.

    More importantly, you seem not to grasp the concept that what one American does, or even what 5 million Americans do, does not give you the moral authority to then cast judgment on all 300 million Americans.

    The creator of this list is not “America”. He is “an American”. There are roughly 299,999,999 other Americans out there, and I can assure you, they don’t all either brag about America or whine amount being hated for their nationality.

    Oh, and to the idiot who acts as if Hispanics aren’t THEMSELVES genuine Americans, get a clue.

  • Jordan G.

    davross: I seem to have touched a nerve.
    The Scotsman invented a useless type of television that was obsolete by the time it came out. You see, mechanical televisions are USELESS, we use Farnsworth’s invention.
    Alexander Graham Bell taught and worked and invented in America.
    So: suck it, you whiny little bitch.

  • A random Asian

    err…. I just hate rednecks and bush.

  • dadf

    the world wide web is a large chunk of the internet. just to clarify. they’re not entirely synonymous but tim berners lee usually is not credited with his influence towards the internet.

  • jeremy

    @ Blitz

    France was taken over in 3 weeks and spent a great majority of their war experience retreating or surrender, Not meaning to offend anyone here but you cant compare a country that spent 3 weeks at war before turning to underground fighting to a country that stood toe to toe with Nazi Germany for 4 years.

  • archangel


    Definitely won’t forget that! However, you must give credit to Russia… firstly, the UK was not land-bordered with Germany, secondly, France surrendered. Thirdly, if you consider geographics… the large open grasslands between Nazi Germany and Russia meant that Russia obviously had to stretch its armies more (meaning that it had a much much larger front line to defend)… as opposed to France and England which could easily have a front line and a lot of backup soldiers.

  • Clarkeeee

    Can anyone really deny that the US is the most tyrannical nation in the world today?

    • arroganteuropeans

      You make a statement like that and have probably never been to the US, your views are probably just from what you've seen on the television. The US is a pretty big country, all kinds of people. We don't all think or act alike.

  • dadf

    matt j

    right on point. completely agree.

    jeremy- thank you

  • Baxter In Action

    I like America and I like Americans, but I take issue with this list. Being aware that half of the world despises you but not knowing the reasons why is sheer ignorance.

    “from the first practical light bulb to… radio and TV”

    None of which were invented in America or by Americans.

  • A random Asian

    I noe I’m just a random chinese guy but Davross, wherever you came from, with all due respects, plz, CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!!!

  • davross

    alexander graham bell is scottish ergo a scottish invention not american not to mention it was an italian who first patented the idea, you driblling is based on facts which your grasping at.

    The fact remains, until arrogant americans stop making lists and forcing reasons why their country is amazing despite their mistakes, people will continue to hate them, also you perpetuate the problem by sticking up for them and not seeing that the reason why are angry is beacuse of this list, all americans go into patriot mode, even if 3 minutes previous they were hating america, its actually comical.

  • CatChick1964

    #138 .. 7raul7 …

    Your absolutely right. Our leaders lie, cheat, steal, are alcoholics and drug users, Christians and athiests, they cheat on their spouses and rob the poor to feed the rich. But… as Americans, we all admit that we voted these people into office… and … we can admit that we did not vote for said political official without worry that some nazi/commie/dictator is gonna have his lackies knock down our door in the middle of the night, drag our family out to a big hole in a field and shoot each one of us in the head for not agreeing.

    We can say what we want, do what we want, eat what we want, dress how we want, worship how we want, elect who we want, read what we want, print what we want, have as many babies as we want, be whoever the hell we want to be and … nobody cares. So why should you?

  • archangel


    Yes, there are way more tyrannical nations out there. The US is still a bastion of liberalism, freedom, etc. (even if it has dipped from this every now and then – nothing is perfect!).

  • Baxter In Action

    “but you cant compare a country that spent 3 weeks at war before turning to underground fighting…”

    They spent three weeks fighting because after three weeks Germany had invaded half the country and crippled them.

    “to a country that stood toe to toe with Nazi Germany for 4 years.”
    Toe to toe across the Atlantic.

  • Earl

    Ah, yes, the brave and noble Russians, fending off the Nazi invaders. The same brave and noble Russians who stabbed Poland in the back, purged millions of their own people and then forcefully imposed communism on eastern Europe.

  • Travis

    @ 141. calm_incense :

    When I refered to the hispanic comunity I was just pointing out that America has a very low native population… its based on immigration! I never said they werent american, although with the latest illegal immigration stats a lot of them arent!

  • A random Asian

    Oh no, Clarkee, plz, dont say that. It is those kind of words and quotes that starts arguements.

  • archangel


    Because the US (as a state) thinks it can say what it wants, do what it wants, elect who it wants on the global stage (i.e. to other countries)… so that’s why people DO care.

  • blitz17

    Why does everybody bitch that America is only looking out for its own interests? Isn’t that what a good government is supposed to do? Secure it’s people and their well-being first and the peoples of the world second? Just a thought.

  • jeremy


    I was referring to Russia standing toe to toe with them for 4 years, not Britain.

  • A random Asian

    151. davross

    Im not american, but if anyone was to single out or insult my country directly or indirectly in a public social orum such as this, I will argue for it as national pride is what makes us what we are and where we came from.

  • Baxter In Action

    jeremy – shit, sorry! I withdraw my comment.

  • archangel

    154. Baxter In Action…. baxter you are misreading! this was referring to the Russians.

    155. Earl – Yes Russia is flawed, but so is the United States who has been forcing democracy (which isn’t the best way to do so) down the throats of other countries for a while now… with mixed results.

  • archangel

    161… heeheehee Touche!

  • Jordan G.

    Davross: considering that Bell was a naturalized citizen of the US and considered himself to be completely American: “I am not one of those hyphenated Americans who claim allegiance to two countries,” I’d say that yes, the telephone is an American invention.

  • CatChick1964

    140. FindMe

    You’re damn right I compared it America. I compared it to freedoms that I grew up with. It made me decide that, no, I don’t want to visit another country and see what other atrocities other governements heap upon their people.

    Hate me for the generalization? I don’t care. I can sit here all day and rant and cuss and debate the issue. The fact remains that I am an AMERICAN and I’m damn proud of it.

    As my red-neck, beer guzzling, WWII hero father-in-law might say, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • archangel

    165. Agreed, but be careful not to generalise… like in every nation, and like people… there are intelligent Americans and dumb Americans and everything in between. Because the nation is the ‘top’ nation of the world… their flaws (and intellect) are more pronounced and highlighted.

  • A random Asian

    America should be once more a prosperous nation under Obama. Americans and Non-Americans such as myself adore him worldwide so now Im starting to speculate that the USA should have some support thatn it didnt when Bush was president

  • jeremy

    @ Baxter

    No Worries haha, I am sure the Ruskies would have prefered the toe to toe that Britain was doing.

    Blitz just seems to be way off base with his assumptions that Russia was doing nothing but throwing people into a wood chipper. If i recall correctly Germany was doing the same thing on that front. It had nothing to do with tactics or “fighting fair”. it was a war based on complete eradication as compared to the Western Front

  • Jordan G.

    Davross: Every American is Rosie O’Donnell and Rosie O’Donnell is every American, amirite?

  • Baxter In Action

    “considering that Bell was a naturalized citizen of the US and considered himself to be completely American”

    That’s bullshit. He was living in Ontario at the time adn dividing his time between there and Boston. He did not consider himself to be American.

    And regardless, he was born in Scotland to Scottish parents, was taught in Edinburgh and did most of his sound experiments in Edinburgh. All America did was give him money.

    • cdglantern

      His grave is located in Canada on top of Beinn Bhreagh mountain overlooking the Bras D’or Lakes in Cape Breton. The wording on his gravestone reads simply, “Teacher – Inventor – Citizen of the U.S.A.”. His descendants still return to the family estate in Baddeck every summer, and some are year-round residents. As one of his great grandchildren once quipped “The Bell family is much like the telephone — conceived in Canada and born in the United States.”


      a pretty good read.

  • Travis


    read comment 123. and all discussions will be avoided!

  • blitz17

    Jeremy, Russia was, for all intents and purposes, throwing their soldiers into the proverbial wood chipper. Have you ever wondered why there were more dead Russian soldiers than German soldiers? Because Russia didn’t bother to train them properly before sending them to the front lines, they just gave them a rifle, showed them the trigger and told them to aim at the Nazis. I’m just saying, if Russia had properly trained their soldiers instead of just carting them off from their homes, they would have lost a lot less men. And yes, Germany was using the same tactics, except they trained their soldiers better, except for at the end.

  • archangel

    Lol @ Travis, perhaps… but there is a difference because America stands for values completely different to those espoused by the old empires.

  • cas1989

    see jeremy. this is a debate i like. you know. no spite or malice. just a nice debate. i love your point. giving them some countries. haha. its like a universal poker match with land development :). seriusly though. the way i saw it. it wasnt a peaceful approach to be honest. the prime minister before churchill was just a bit of a soft touch. and the french? well theyre a liability in wars arent they.

  • A random Asian

    There you go again davross… -_-‘

    Many people also protested against my country for what we did in Tibet which I have to say is truly unjust and tyrannical. But davross, you have to be aware that in an MEDC nation like America where media access is certainly a big advantage can also have its disadvantages. It is the wronged and flawed people in the government itself such as Blagojevich, Bush, and in the past, Lyndon B Johnson that have affected the perspective in the eyes of common americans in the states about all the ‘enemies’ of the country and furthermore exegerated by idiots like Rosie o donell, South Park, and all sorts of media in the country which alter the perseption towards these nations

    • cdglantern

      Lyndon B Johnson was a friend of our civil rights movement, so that’s something.

  • davross

    no jordan but its representative of your nations mass mind, i would agree the majority of americans are dumb as shit but there is a minority which always looks like the ones who dont voice their opinion cos the know everyone is right,

    here here to teh obama comment

  • calm_incense

    @ Travis:

    A very low “native population”? First off, no one “originated” from the US, and Native Americans (who immigrated via Russia) make up only 1.37% of the population. I know you mean “whites”, and I say to you, *they* ARE immigrants – and not only that, but THAT’S the WHOLE POINT! Many people from outside the US seem to suffer from the misconception that Americans are all white folks, maybe with some culturally-distinct blacks and unwelcome Hispanics thrown in. Sorry, but that’s not what the US is about. I have friends who are ethnically Persian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Pakistani, Italian, Jewish, and much more, and yet they are ALL American. No hyphenation necessary!

    To those of you guys criticizing George W. Bush, maybe you ought to consider that he was the least popular president in American history. So stop acting like Americans 100% backed him. It makes no more sense than to blame Jews for the atrocities of Nazism.

  • archangel

    176. blitz17

    Good point Blitz, this was a flaw on the Russian side… but given the circumstances, Russia’s deeds were quite rational… otherwise, if it hadn’t deployed its troops on time… they would’ve lost completely.

  • P Smitty

    I am a one legged Nigerian Jew. I like frisbee, soda-pop and the Smashing Pumpkins. America super happy times yeah!

  • Baxter In Action

    “Blitz just seems to be way off base with his assumptions that Russia was doing nothing but throwing people into a wood chipper. If i recall correctly Germany was doing the same thing on that front. It had nothing to do with tactics or “fighting fair”. it was a war based on complete eradication as compared to the Western Front”

    That’s absolutely true, Hitler’s biggest mistake was in the difference in the way he viewed Britain and Russia. He thought that Britain was made up of intelligent people who would eventually join his side, and he wanted to maintain most of Britain’s infrastructure. He also underestimated the RAF. Then when it came to Russia, he thought them weak, backwards savages. The result of this was that he didn’t hit Britain hard enough, and when he hit Russia they hit back, all the way to Berlin.

  • ari

    @ CatChick1964

    1964? i assume it is the year when you were born? well you sounded not more than 12 years old to me..

  • Abs

    I just want to say that I think its really shitty that some people are making fun of the soldiers who have died (Blitz – #88 “not very smart thinkin by you Europeans”). It doesn’t matter how many years ago World War II happened, those millions were men with families who I doubt went willingly and the fact that so many of them died is a tragedy, not some oopsie made by dumb Europeans…and trying to undermine their deaths by comparing them to how little Americans died in comparison is just wrong. It wasn’t a competition to see how few people died it was a war

  • A random Asian

    Yup, I agree with Travis in no. 123. A long time ago, dere was hateful feelings towards the ‘Oppressor’ nations in the past which seem to be what travis call the Bullies. And this time its America and because of the media coverage, we all can see whats happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and Wherever it is. But we have to all also know that Spain, Britain, Portugal, even China and Germany were also bullies but due to lack of media and exposeé, we cant see whats going on

  • davross

    My girlfriends dad side of her family is an african american who came over with the navy which he then left to settle here, i would say that in front of him because i dnt think its offensive, tell me why im wrong and we will discuss.

    DO NOT put a list up on a popular website saying why you are the best!

    it incites anger……….. simple

  • CatChick1964

    173. archangel

    Fake notion? bzzztt!!! Wrong again. I do have the freedom of speech to say anything I want and still sleep peacefully at night. If you can’t, then overthrow your facist leaders and give your people the same freedoms that we enjoy and they you hate us for.

    I don’t want to meddle in world affairs. Personally, it would be alright with me if we left other countries to themselves and let them commit their genocidal crimes against their own people. Maybe eventually they’d kill enough of themselves that whoever was left would stand up and say “uh, guys… no one is left alive… you can stop shooting now”.

    What you might not realize is that, we don’t go barging into another country without someone in power saying “our children are dying in their beds, please come help us”. It is because we have the resources to provide foreign aid that we are there. But we don’t come in and shoot the bad guys and leave because obviously, we want to make sure the bad guys don’t recoup and punish those who fought against them after we are gone. We try to help by showing those countries we assist that a democracy IS better than a dictatorship. The problem is, once the bad guy is down, said country wants to say “thank you, now get the hell out”. Although I don’t agree one bit with the war in the middle-east… THAT is why we are still there.

  • Baxter In Action

    That’s one thing that bothers me about Americans… this whole “we won the Second World War” thing. My great-grandfather was a Captain in the British Army, he “stormed the beaches” at Normandy, and he stuck it out to the end. I sometimes get the impression that the USA thinks that it was the only nation involved in D-Day.

  • archangel

    187. But it’s exactly that hipocrisy that America stands for liberalism and freedom when it sometimes acts as an oppressor… this is the key difference between the US and those Ancient empires.

  • blitz17

    Abs, I acknowledge that those soldiers were people with families and loved ones, who loved and were loved, but the fact of the matter is that WAR IS A VIOLENT COMPETITION TO SEE HOW FAST YOU CAN DEFEAT/REPEL OTHER NATIONS WHILST SUFFERING A MINIMAL AMMOUNT OF CASUALTIES ON YOUR SIDE, whichever side that may be. And yes, the fuck up was on behalf of their leaders, not the soldiers themselves.

  • A random Asian




  • jeremy


    Its not like Russia had been preparing for war for the previous 6 years like Germany had. They were still working on building their country up to the levels of other countries with no thought of building up an armed forces, not to mention Stalin purging the military whenever he seemed fit.

  • CatChick1964

    185. ari

    I sound like I’m 12 years old? Ah… if only I could witness that innocence again.

  • davross

    aaah ok catchick1964 going back to my earlier point

    why have you done nothing about the genocide in


    cos they have no oil?

  • jeremy

    @ cas

    It was peacful as in there was very little loss of life if any and no wars broke out…. for awhile atleast

  • Travis

    @ 181.calm_incense

    Dude, everyone knows that the “whites” in america have european backgrounds! In fact you’re just agreeing with my statement that america is built on immigration! And just because the natives represent 1,37% of the population doesnt mean you can sh*t on them!

    “I know you mean “whites”,”? Mate when I mean to say something I’ll say it… doent misinterpret my words!

  • A random Asian

    191 Archangel

    Yes i know, but those nations also have the hipocritical promises to the kingdoms they are oppressing too. Such as the promise of great riches and glory to the people of Germany but instead, killing more than 20 million innocent lives in the process or the promise of ‘El Dorado’ which in turn killed several million Incans, Aztecs and Mayans

  • davross

    agrees with baxter

  • jeremy

    @ A random Asian

    That is the greatest username ever

  • A random Asian





  • CatChick1964

    196. davross

    We went to Somali and they took our dead soldiers bodies, castrated them, wrapped them in an American flag and drugged them through the mud.

    Great Britain and the UN never asked for help in Rwanda.

    In Poland and in Germany, we were there with Russia when they were liberated at the end of WWII. Albeit, a day late and a dollar short.

    Where were you?

  • A random Asian

    thank you Jeremy LOL. I am proud of my ethnicity. xD

  • davross

    i work for ibm random asian, i find your caps boring.

    IBM aerican company, what was their contribution to ww2?

    they made teh machines that counted the jews…. yay.

  • CatChick1964

    202. A random Asian

    Whooo Hoooo !!!

    You go random!!!

  • Travis: your comment 123 was very insightful :)

  • A random Asian

    then if you despise what the IBM did to contribute for damn Nazis then quit from the company. Im pretty sure in economic times like this, IBM could use sum1 more pro-nationalist more than u.

  • Hi all. I thought I’d get in early today seeing as this topic is going to blow the servers with comments. Hey, I had to smile – after all those complaining about American bashing in other innocent lists – to be faced with this one. And it’s not even Friday! :)

    There has already been much said that I can comment about – not that I want to add more fuel to a fire which is already well ablaze.

    First of all, I believe that the U.S. wanted to take a neutral stance in WWII (and perhaps WW1 as well), and only joined after pressure from all sides to do so. They helped the war in many ways; not least by shipping over tanks which could at least match their German opposites. Their forces were also split on two fronts. However, I have to conclude that Russia may well have beaten the Germans eventually – though perhaps over a longer period of time.

    As far as invading other countries goes; I don’t quite understand how they can do that. In these civilised times, it is almost unheard of for first world countries to invade each other over land and property; I honestly thought we, as a global population, had moved past that. Originally, the defence agenda was created to prevent countries such as Iraq and Iran, Pakistan and Tehran, from developing weapons (of mass destruction) which could threaten to destroy whole countries. In response, the U.S. sent over their latest weapons of mass destruction, and destroyed their whole countries. Seriously…? This belies (presents an appearance not in agreement with) common sensibilities.

    However, to balance my own thoughts, Nukes? I’m not affraid of a country who knows a couple of these would destroy us all – but I am disquieted by the thought that other countries may not be so.. considerate.

    As far as America Bashing goes, have no problem with American citizens or the American culture – shadow politics is another matter. Yes, there are burger chains just as there are Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Greek – and every other style of restaurant in most cities around the globe. Also, the American nation has had it’s share of sporting successes, but no more so than any other country. For example, Formula One was once dominated by the Brazillians and the British, cricket by the Australians and Kiwi’s, soccer by Italy, Germany, and Argentina, weight-lifting by the Scandanavians – the list goes on and on.

    Finally, ‘brash’ Americanism. From what I have seen of the American culture, a get-up-and-go (gung-ho) attitude makes them formidable characters. While the English reserve may hold Brits back, Americans are much less afraid to stand up and make a difference. I admire and respect that. Just as I repect the French for being like that, and the Russians. If shadow politics does indeed threaten the free world, it is to these peoples that I must place my faith to actually do something about it.

    Ok, see you guys again in comment 254375. :P

  • blitz17

    Davross, it might also interest you to know that the U.S. wasn’t the only one to take their sweet-ass time to attack Germany, the UK and France saw Germany invade Poland and besides a half-assed attack on Saarland, did nothing to provide help, it wasn’t until THEY were in immediate danger that they decided to enter the war.

  • davross

    no random asian i just thought i’d make a random nonsense comment towards this farce.

    simple, everyone hates america.

    Deal with it.

  • calm_incense

    @ Travis:

    You completely missed my whole point. In fact, you perfectly embody it when you say this:

    “And just because the natives represent 1,37% of the population doesnt mean you can sh*t on them! ”

    You simply can’t get it through your thick skull that white Americans and Native Americans are BOTH *EQUALLY* AMERICAN. Why do you say “you” as if this “you” doesn’t include Native Americans? Why do you say “them” as if I myself am not one of them? You just don’t *get* it. Being American is a matter of nationality, and if you want to blame my mom, who is a Filipino-born Chinese-American immigrant, or my dad, who is an American-born Russian Jew, for the slaughter of Native Americans or whatever else, then you seriously have issues.

    More broadly, once again, may I remind people to recognize the difference between a country’s government and its civilians, and between its current population and the population that has long left the world of the living.

    And, between parties of differing political ideologies. The fact that America fought a civil war ought to testify to the notion that you ought not to assume that the American population is one of homogeneity.

  • cas1989


    yeah good point. and ill concede it was a very peaceful…start to mass slaughter. at least itcan be said that we dont go out of our way to. kill people without mercy. we leave that to some of the bigger countries ;). and hey. quick question. this davross guy. do you think he actually realises that hes causing more upsetthan anyone else. and the name? davross? creator of daleks. do you think he picked that cos hes fuck ugly and hates all human beings. just a guess. so dont go quoting e on that lol

  • CatChick1964

    210. Lifeschool

    Lifeschool .. you’re late. Catch up!!!

  • A random Asian

    and oh, just to let you know Davross, you are a working man who is currently arguing with me, a 15 year old High Schooler from west Cheng Du whose only job currently is a deliveryboy for a restaurant on sundays

  • davross

    im aware of the Blitzkrieg blitz, also in defence of the french they had no chance of repelling such a massive attacke, hitler travlled straight from germany to the french coast down the middle, nobody was ready for him, what happened was he then moved to the edges.

  • archangel


    You don’t have the freedom of speech to say anything you want, otherwise laws against defamation, and laws that force companies to be truthful about their products wouldn’t exist.

    “If you can’t, then overthrow your facist leaders and give your people the same freedoms that we enjoy and they you hate us for.”

    Funny, because my leaders are Australian… one of the more succesful democracies in the world, and never been subject to Fascism. Clearly, you have generalised me already without knowing anyhing about me… which proves my point earlier.

    “Personally, it would be alright with me if we left other countries to themselves and let them commit their genocidal crimes against their own people. Maybe eventually they’d kill enough of themselves that whoever was left would stand up and say “uh, guys… no one is left alive… you can stop shooting now”.”

    Again, generalisation. America isn’t always the rational hero who stops wars. America has started wars itself. Secondly, the United States isn’t the only nation out there who is willing to stop genocide (in fact, it is quite unwilling – i.e. Rwanda). In fact, strictly playing the game of generalisation… I am compelled to think that it would be more appropriate to apply that “uh, guys… no one is left alive… you can stop shooting now” phrase to the gun-ho Americans who think everything in the world can be won by the barrel of a gun.

    “What you might not realize is that, we don’t go barging into another country without someone in power saying “our children are dying in their beds, please come help us”.

    Yes, America has helped sometimes, but it has also worsened scenarios at other times. I’m not saying the United States is absolutely bad… that’s a misgeneralisation of myself on your part… the United States has helped at times… BUT, there are times when the United States has ignored, worsened, or even initiated these things. Furthermore, there are times when they disrespect the intellect of the rest of the world thinking they can lie to us about what the American’s are really trying to do.

    “It is because we have the resources to provide foreign aid that we are there.”


    “But we don’t come in and shoot the bad guys and leave because obviously, we want to make sure the bad guys don’t recoup and punish those who fought against them after we are gone. ”

    What makes you think other countries don’t want and do this as well? America isn’t the only country that does this. You have again misgeneralised the rest of the world which is not unusual given that you don’t even want to know about the rest of the world. Furthermore, even if the US has done this at times, there are times when the US simply left… do you know? This is the very reason why Al Qaeda was able to take root in Afghanistan/Pakistan?

    “We try to help by showing those countries we assist that a democracy IS better than a dictatorship. The problem is, once the bad guy is down, said country wants to say “thank you, now get the hell out”. Although I don’t agree one bit with the war in the middle-east… THAT is why we are still there.”

    I don’t agree with the war in the Mid-East either, why? Because forcing democracy down a population through occupation and gunfire is definitely not the way to go… I personally would prefer if America stayed there to help stabilise the country and would like the Iraqis to appreciate the stability brought about by US troops… BUT one must recognise that the reasons for this war, and the methods used to spread democracy are flawed, irrational, and completely not the smartest way to do it.

  • Oh, I almost forget, I did hear that Britain has paid off it’s dept to the U.S. under Tony Blair – thus ending their ‘special relationship’ under the Marshall plan.

  • jeremy

    @ blitz 203

    I thought i had mentioned something about the pact with Germany, basically Russia thinking they had all the time in the world, but i read through my posts and had not. I am not disagreeing that it was the fault of their leaders which led to the massive loss of life, nor am i acting like they were saints because we all know that not to be true. I think we are basically in agreement, although i cant remember what we are arguing about but we both seem to be very stubborn :P

  • DMcI

    I am a very proud Canadian who has many,many American friends.I for one love and respect the USA and the role it plays in the world.The U.S. is a very young country and has made mistakes,just as every other country represented by posters here has.I visit the states about once a week,I live 22 kms from the border,and it’s funny that I don’t meet the brash,vulgar,violent,gun toting American citizens all you people from other parts of world are talking about.I am sure they are there,as I am sure any country with 300,000,000 citizens will have some lunatics.To judge the American population on the basis of Fox News,the government,is well a form of arrogance and elitism,and yes my fellow Canadians this country is every bit as guilty for American bashing as anywhere else in the world if not more.
    In closing,has your country had a natural disaster?If so,I am willing to beat the American people offered and gave help before anyone else did..yes Katrina happened but that was Bush and FEMA,not the American people.

  • CatChick1964


    123. Travis –

    People hate Americans in our Era just like they hated English in the 19th Century, France in the 18th, Spain in the 17th, Portugal in the 16th, Romans before Christ, Persians (whenever)! every century has a bully just like every school year. The diference is that because the media is so advanced nowadays we know about more at a real time frame!!

  • A random Asian

    212 Davross

    No they dont. Not every1 hates America. Im Chinese-Muslim and I dont hate America so does my family. Once again davross, you are generalising everyoe into one category

  • #215 CatChick – “Lifeschool .. you’re late. Catch up!!!”

    There is no way I could have pondered my way through a sensible line of thought and yet still follow the debates. When I began my comment, there were only 56 comments – by the time I’d finished, there were 210!

  • Don

    Good list. As a Canadian I can state that we are exposed to U.S. culture on a daily basis our entire lives and are more like Americans than any of us would care to admit. I personally don’t have any problem with the U.S., they do great things for other nations and the entire world with regard to technology and they’re usually the first country offering aid to nations stricken by natural (or otherwise) disasters. I did notice however that you simply couldn’t resist taking a few potshots (while Fiats are pieces of shit, that isn’t the fault of the entire nation…and they may be running Chrysler soon if they aren’t already). So at the same time you’re listing reasons why some people hate the USA, you’re coming close to showing a sense of superiority that I would have to say would be one of the biggest reasons that people dislike Americans in general. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read in American magazines some reference to Canada being backward or some reference to the people lacking intelligence, it would seem to me they were written by people who have never crossed the border to see for themselves what it’s like here. In fact there is a late night news program that recently saw fit to rather ignorantly point out that our military will need some down time after our mission in Afghanistan comes to an end in two years. The host even went so far as to say “when are we going to invade that ridiculous country.” Maybe he thought we needed a little democracy whipped onto us since he’s obviously got his head up his ass about everything that goes on up here. Yes, Canada has a small military, we don’t have the population to have the necessary tax income to fund anything larger than we currently have in “peacetime” and since the end of the Cold War successive governments have steadily cut funding to the defence budget so that our military has become a shadow of what it once was. But, at least we’re in Afghanistan and to date 118 of our soldiers have given their lives in a war that we joined to support our American allies. But I digress, my original point was to say that sometimes by words and actions the feelings of ill will are a little bit justified.

  • A random Asian

    Davross, dont generalise people, you could start a fray and no, I am not making random comments, I am just telling you that generalisation of a whole lot of people could make very unpleasant aftermaths

  • davross


    222. CatChick1964

    aaah ok catchick1964 going back to my earlier point

    why have you done nothing about the genocide in


    cos they have no oil?

  • davross

    yes so do you not agree random asian that this list is the catalyst to all this? not my defensive comments?

  • jeremy


    maybe some Americans think that the US is the reason WW2 was won since the US is the only country that Germany actually declared war on???

    I think thats true anyways, it is 4am here so i am kind of tired

  • DCI

    Whats the difference between a yogurt and america?
    A yogurt develops a culture after 200 years.

  • A random Asian

    wow jFraters right this list is controversial

  • CatChick1964

    218. archangel

    Bravo (insert applause here please)…. you picked apart my generalization with an even better one.

    I wasn’t putting down Australia, “mate” … I didn’t know where you were from. All I saw / see is you bashing me for my personal beliefs and my pride in my country. Enjoy yourself. As I said before, I don’t care what you think.

    And yes, in my own little part of the world, I can say WHAT I want. Someone wants to sue me for defamation of character, I’d say go ahead. I had to reasons to say what I did in the first place and would defend my right to say them to the end.

    Now.. I call a truce between you and me, buddy. You don’t like America and I don’t like you. We’re even.

    So shut up. LOL

  • gabi319

    200 comments in 2 and a half hours… new LV Record? part of me’s glad I’ll be out all day. This’ll be a long, Jerry-Springer-like read to come home to, lol.

  • blitz17

    DCI, how long exactly has YOUR contry been around and when did it develop its culture? Just wondering.

  • Hunkydaddy

    I haven’t been in the US before but I have a chat mate and she seems nice and she said that the city Chicago (where he lives) is nice too…

  • A random Asian

    Davross, all I can say is, we’re just debating and all the facts about the USA is the catalyst. But then again we all just doing whatever it takes to defend ourselves from public humiliation. Especially from 15 year old Chinese Students

  • CatChick1964

    224. Lifeschool

    I know!!! Wicked, isn’t it? I wouldn’t be on the bandwagon right now except that I’m having too much fun!!!

    As I write this, the post before me is one of my own… #232. I wonder where this one will wind up.

  • megsieb

    recently i went on a holiday from Australia to America.. i was dumfounded that i met quite a few people that actually had to ask me where Australia was.. WTF i dont really give a damn if you dont know where it is but how the f**ck can people be that self centred and uneducated… sory that those few ppl might have let you down but seriousely they were the stupidest ppl i have ever spoken too….

  • Travis

    @ 213.calm_incense :

    I was refering to the way europeans colonized the country by implementing an immigration state of mind “give me your poor and weak”, and by not giving the natives a chance to join in! Natives were considered barbarians and people from other countries were considered Americans. Natives should have been given the same chances as immigrants!

  • randomguy

    If you can’t beat em, can’t join em, hate em..

  • CatChick1964

    239. Travis

    Well said Travis.

  • davross

    ha ha im not humiliated 15 year old student, i would be if you had any valid counter arguements.

    catchick, you not going to answer that one? are you selective about what you answer?

    you stated your in couuntries becuase of genocide, what about those other countries in which genocide still takes place?

  • Parameswara

    The way world people understand/hate/love/knows American is the same way American understand/hate/love/knows Middle East people.

    We don’t know each other. We just assume. Hail the internet!

    most of the list bring terrible effect to the world exactly. Not the thing u should be proud of.

  • signe

    CatChick1964 : you thin´k you live in the land of freedom? Can I marry mu same-sex partner? Adopt a child with him/her? get an aborting if I become pregnant? Or flash my boobs at the NFL? Cause I can do all of those where I come from.

    Another thing that I think annoys a lot of non-americans ot the extreme degree of religion that you find in the US. I even influence your government (law against abortion and same aex marriage) and is used as reason for going into war!

  • davross

    megsieb agreed, they dont know wales, scotland and ireland and england are seperate, there was a study which said more people from other countries can geographically name points in any other country………. except?


  • CatChick1964

    242. davross

    Davross .. you dweeb.. I did answer you. Look it up, blow.

  • cas1989


    you can win this argument mannn.:) just stick some facts in there…and maybe your foot up his ass. i really dont hate people. lifes too short. and hates such a harsh word. everyone could have done different when you look at the past. so theres no argument there is there? at least your standing up for other peoples opinios rather than forcing yours down someones throat. keep it up. im enjoin the banter. but if you wipe the smile of a certin persons face. it may be even better ;)

  • jeremy

    It is not a worry to be bested by a 15 year old Asian Kind. Arent they all geniuses anyways?

    Haha start the hatred on me, its not fair to give it to only one guy

  • A random Asian

    well what I can say now is that as I did say before, media exposeé can cause all sorts of controversy and arguments such as what we’re doing now. And it is this media thing which made people hate America in the first place

  • davross

    lol yes i wasnt born yet but id imagine my ancestors were still trying to fend off those pesky german from our doorsteps, not showing up after every german was dead and sticking a flag in.

  • Clemen

    Regarding reason 9: You win at all the sports that only you in the world play. Your “football” is a sport barely anyone plays for real. The entire rest of the world plays soccer in which America can’t win anything ever.

  • archangel


    Personally, I don’t hate America completely, I only disagree with things it has done. Nor do I hate America because it is the most powerful nation at current in the world… that’s just dumb jealousy.

    I respect and recognise the contributions that many great Americans have given to the world, and indeed, there are many.

    What I do disagree with is the fact that many Americans seem to ride-on to this superpower status and think individually that they can just sit back, relax, and make generalised comments about the rest of the world without even knowing about the rest of the world… i.e. ignorance. And what I scares me even more is the popularity some of these people gain in the most powerful nation in the world… i.e. Sarah Palin. Scary why? Because America does meddle in global affairs.

    I don’t hate the superpower because it is a superpower, I hate the people who tarnish the reputation of the superpower by being ignorant, and making brash, uneducated choices about how to deal issues in the international community – say, like when Bush (and not forgetting Blair and our own John Howard) lied to the world about their motives in Iraq (wanting to stop terrorism in a place that isn’t even central to the terrorist threat, and disarming a state that clearly had no WMD or chemical/biological weapons) then forced their armies down Iraq trumpeting this reason. I appreciate the fact that Saddam was taken out of power, but clearly, the Coalition of the Willing disreputed itself and their nations by being brash and lying to the world.

    And no, it’s not because America is a superpower. I equally dislike the Zimbabwean dictator because he is oppressing his people, the Chinese government for being so authoritarian, the Japanese for hunting whales, the Saudi Arabian monarchy for not giving enough freedom to women, Hugo Chavez for his laws… it’s not because America is a superpower… it’s because sometimes America is ignorant. Of course, all those people/institutions/countries I mentioned, like America, had great contributions to international politics too. Sometimes, Americans just seem to think that they are the only ones who are right, triumphant, and contributing greatly to the world – equally, some seem to think they are the only ones the world hates out of jealousy because they are the global superpower.

  • blitz17

    Alright Jeremy, you and me, once again, lets go! Right Here! Right NOW!!! Haha. By the way, are you somewhere in America???? I figured you might be since you said it’s 4a.m. where you’re at and I’m in the same timezone and I live in Los Angeles.

  • CatChick1964

    244. signe

    Don’t know where you’re from, signe, you failed to elaborate.

    I don’t believe in killing babies. So I’m proud of being PRO-LIFE. If it isn’t a baby…then you’re not pregnant.

    I’m sorry you can’t marry your same-sex partner. My sister is a lesbian and our entire family love her and her partner.

    And please elaborate on when we’ve gone to war over abortion and gay rights?

    And I didn’t say that other countries don’t enjoy the same freedoms I do. I wish everyone could. I said that I am proud that I have those rights.

    Don’t bash me for saying things I didn’t say. That kind of generalization is why so many in these comments are attacking me… all to no avail.

  • DCI

    My country of uzbekistan has much culture. We have swimming pools and ice rinks. Are cinemas show many new films like king kong.

  • ReVeNg3

    As a person living in America…I can acknowledge that there are idiots living here. But take it easy guys, the list is meant to be satirical and self deprecating.

  • A random Asian

    248. jeremy

    once again thats generalisation of asian people. And no fuck that hatred shit Im not doin

  • jeremy


    I live in Northern BC. A little city called Prince George. Once again hey, sorry but i am a once a night kind of guy haha. Plus i dont talk about this stuff all that much so i am out of practice with my whole world war 2 debating facts and what not. Hope i held my own :P

  • blitz17

    Archangel, wasn’t Australia founded largely by British convicts?

  • davross


    they dont hate america becuase of the media, they hate america because of what they do.

    is there really a war in iraq?
    is there really a war in afghanistan?
    did the american provide the taliban all the weapons to fight the russians that are now being used back on them?
    did americans drop a nuclear bomb on a non strategic town in japan to test a bomb?
    did americans take war criminals from germany and let them off cos they knew stuff?
    did americans win the space race because the used the rocket tech from said guys?

    did the media make all that up?

  • jeremy


    dont bring up abortion and being pro life or pro choice, this thread may never end haha

  • jeremy

    @ A random Asian

    That was supposed to come off as sarcasm, i thought it was kind of funny :P

  • A random Asian

    256. ReVeNg3

    Your right. This list should be of neutral. I dont hate or love America but I just like arguing

  • CatChick1964

    256. ReVeNg3

    As a person living in America…I can acknowledge that there are idiots living here. But take it easy guys, the list is meant to be satirical and self deprecating.

    They can’t see that. They are seeing America through slitted eyes of hatred wearing glasses the color of blood.

  • blitz17

    Jeremy, you did pretty okay against me, an 18 year old high school student from Los Angeles.

    DCI, how long has your country been around and what can you tell me that is special about its culture?

  • cas1989

    in every circle. in every country you get an asshole. someone who uses facts and figures to prove a point. on something that is completely subjective. generalisations cause issues. without a doubt. and its the people who back others up. and stand up for other peoples beliefs (whether justified or not) that are the poeple who really understand. arandom asian..jeremy..catchick1964. theyre not judging the american people as you are davross. they are being objective. speculating on known truths but not making them into a seething argument which shows nothing but contempt. the whole issue is complex as a whole country cant be banded under one name. the same goes for race sex age. if your happy to turn on one countries people. does that make you any more dignified than the people your abusing. do you realise that it puts you on par with the bigots of this world. just relax a bit. look at what youre writing. and think before you write spiteful things. its a lot nicer that way.

  • calm_incense

    @ davross:

    CatChick1964 is not in charge of America’s foreign affairs. Neither am I. I’d imagine you don’t want me to blame you for Tony Blair’s decision to send British troops to Iraq.

    @ cocky Australian (aka, archangel):

    Does the word “Aborigine” mean anything to you?

    @ DCI:

    I realize it’s a joke, so perhaps you only mean it in jest. But if you *do* take it seriously, I’d suggest you go listen to some Ives and Copland, or some Elvis and Cash, or some Mingus and Parker. Or perhaps read some Hemingway and Eliot, or some Dickinson and Angelou. Or maybe just watch some Tarantino or Spielberg. Get it? Good.

    @ Travis:

    So what do you want *me* to do about it? Donate all my possessions to the first Native American I can find?

    @ signe:

    I’d encourage you to learn the difference between American conservatives and American liberals. Your “religion” beef is with the former, not the latter.

  • archangel

    232. CatChick1964

    I only generalised once for the sake of poking fun and countering your generalisation… if you didn’t read that clearly.

    “I wasn’t putting down Australia, “mate” … I didn’t know where you were from.”

    Well obviously, this is why you should ask before you start making jdugements about people… clearly something you have said you don’t want to do.

    “I saw / see is you bashing me for my personal beliefs and my pride in my country. Enjoy yourself. As I said before, I don’t care what you think.”

    I wasn’t against you having pride in your country, nothing wrong with that. It’s simply that you have misconceptions about the world… and those misconceptions show in your beliefs.

    “And yes, in my own little part of the world, I can say WHAT I want. Someone wants to sue me for defamation of character, I’d say go ahead. I had to reasons to say what I did in the first place and would defend my right to say them to the end.”

    Just because you think you have a right doesn’t mean you do. That’s the same kind of self-righteousness that tarnishes the American image. Truth and the right thing triumphs freedom of expression… perhaps you should look up the difference between negative and positive freedoms.

    “Now.. I call a truce between you and me, buddy. You don’t like America and I don’t like you. We’re even.”

    I am concerned about your ‘black and white’ view of the world… I don’t hate America. This was again, one of your misconceptions.

    Step out of your comfort zone and perhaps see the world from a different vantage point. It just might educate you better about the rest of the world.

  • A random Asian

    I agree but davross you have to also remember. Yes indeed the media dont make things outta thin air but the exposure it gives is not a reactant but a strong catalyst which was not available for most of us to hate Germany, Spain, Qing Dynasty or the Romans

  • Yana

    Its people like you Jay K that make me dislike America!!

    Your attitude and arrogance!!!
    Seriously I never here people from odder country’s brag about what the accomplished in history!

    I bed you only made this list so you can brag!!
    About stuff that is incorrect where did you get this shit?
    about the best scientists are Americans?? and you win every thing?

    Your proud that you have nuclear weapons and just them??
    Are you insane!!!

    Your crying about us basing you and hating you and even if that’s true You give us a good reason for it. And you do the same ting to us!!!

    Your proud that you have nuclear weapons and just them??
    Are you insane!!!

  • jeremy

    @ blitz

    thats not fair, you are just fresh off social studies and history classes lol. I am like 6 years past that :P. Guess it would have been more effective if we were actually debating opposing views and not just elaborating more on what we both agreed on haha

  • A random Asian

    and no jeremy Im not angry. I usd to live in Minnesotta for 4 years before so Im kinda used to all that ‘asians are geeks’ sorta thing

  • rsks

    I agree that americans win everything, even the growth rate of homeless people! HahaHaha

  • CatChick1964

    261. jeremy

    Ooops.. mea culpa.

    J should be happy he got another awesome thread today. Loads of debate and, unfortunately, not a little hate-mongering going on.

    You guys have fun. Time for me to bow out of the ring.

  • davross

    if you dislike these things then why defend them then?

  • jeremy

    @ A random Asian

    Maybe it is just me but i find stereo types to be oddly ammusing and wont hesitate to make a joke based on them.

  • calm_incense

    @ Yana:

    You seem to have completely misinterpreted Jay K’s whole “nuclear weapons” thing.

    And stop with the excessive exclamation marks. It’s annoying!!!

  • DMcI


    273. rsks – May 14th, 2009 at 4:12 am [Report Abuse]

    I agree that americans win everything, even the growth rate of homeless people! HahaHaha

    and you take pleasure in families losing their homes?

  • davross

    americans like ive said before will go on about how much they hate an aspect of america but as soon as an outisder does, even though they hate it…….. they will defend it.

    case in point iraq, nobody wanted to be in iraq, yet catchick said oooh we wanted to help their babies screaming for help? she only said that because we are iraq bashing.

  • jeremy


    My little city is willing to give any city in the world a run at the growth rate of homeless people.

  • A random Asian


    dont take it all out on Jay K. Speaking of which, where the fuck is this Jay K guy in all this mayhem?

  • 237: Catchick – “I know!!! Wicked, isn’t it?”

    Yeah, it’s great – but as usual is getting bogged down with egos (see 253). Pfff.

    “Yes sports fans, stay tooned to this channel; where we’ll be bringing your LIVE coverage of events as they happen. Still to come on todays show; blitz17 and Jeremy go head-to-head over 18 rounds, Bucslim and Oouchan take on MarkL, and Randall starts a nuclear war! [Cuts to Randall with a red bull-like face – Grrr!]. That’s all to come on the Listverse Show – your very own Online Interactive Magazine… Don’t touch THAT DIAL! [applause, fade out]”

  • Travis

    @ 267. calm_incense :

    Oh come on you can come up with a better answer than that!! Where are your statistics and percentages? So you accept I was right!!

    You could start off by donating your computer to a native american since your usage of it is only for nonsense…

  • archangel

    259. blitz17

    Yes. It is… ???

    267. @ cocky Australian (aka, archangel):

    Does the word “Aborigine” mean anything to you?”

    Please explain your point… I have no idea what your criticising about.

    As for the word Aborigine. Yes it means something to me, the peoples who lived in the land called Sahul, was then ‘invaded/settled’ by the British… and then colonised… and then federated to become Australia. The aborigines were oppressed throughout this time, and are still living the aftermaths of those years of oppression right now. Australia, as a nation/government has a lot to reconcile with the Aborigines. Of course, Australia is a very ‘flimsy’ term to encompass the nation when there are Aborigines who don’t really feel ‘Australian’ or want to self-determine themselves, and I do not mean to disrespect the traditional owners of the land I am living in.

  • davross

    so nobody hated the germans cos there was no newspaper or tv articles?

    no you hate people who do bad things, simple.

  • DCI

    Blitz im just joking im from the UK really, to be honest my first comment wasnt meant to offend just to show the kind of banter that goes on about america over here. As for the culture, well the language everyone speaks on this site for one. Our music is exported worldwide, we brits are known for a good sense of humour. As mentioned in previous posts we have invented many useful items. Just off the top of my head.

  • jeremy

    I find it funny to see a list of reasons people hate America but Bill O’Reilly is not on there. I mean i figured he would be number one. :P

  • jeremy


    This is really my first listverse debate, usually i am a casual observer. I dont know if i have it in me to go for 18 rounds, especially after seeing my comment about being a once a night guy haha

  • calm_incense

    @ davross:

    Perhaps it’s because you (and others) perpetually act as if all Americans support the war in Iraq. You might dislike Gordon Brown, but if I start spewing things like, “The UK sucks; Gordon Brown is a total hypocrite”, I can imagine you’d resent that.

  • A random Asian

    279. davross

    Im not american, but if anyone was to single out or insult my country directly or indirectly in a public social orum such as this, I will argue for it as national pride is what makes us what we are and where we came from

  • cas1989


    im upset now. heres me thinking the resident tramp in my village was a one off…and your telling me theres MORE?!?!?! why wasnt i told this earlier

  • CatChick1964

    268. archangel

    I’ve stepped down from my podium… now is your turn.

    Oh .. and …”… I don’t hate America. This was again, one of your misconceptions.”

    It was your words that formed that opinion with me. Don’t blame me for not reading what’s in your mind and heart.


    Peace. Love. Hope. And God’s Blessings to all.

    I’m gonna go watch a ballgame and eat a hotdog and a piece of apple pie for dessert.

  • davross

    no because gordon brown is an idiot, i dont defend idots, id also let you say the uk sucks all you want as its your opinion based on facts, as an american though id imagine those facts were gleened from the back of a macdonalds menu.

  • CatChick1964

    282. Lifeschool

    OMGosh … that was sooo funny!!

    Thank you for lightening the mood.

  • archangel


    Sounds yummm to me! Peace… hope you enjoy the food and the ball game. And sorry for not being so clear about my position!

  • davross

    yeah thats fine random asian but you’d be arguing just for the sake of it instead of something you have a strong opinion on.

  • DMcI


    287. jeremy – May 14th, 2009 at 4:16 am [Report Abuse]

    I find it funny to see a list of reasons people hate America but Bill O’Reilly is not on there. I mean i figured he would be number one. :P

    lol..i mentioned Fox news in passing but not old Bill directly in 221..add Anne Coultre to the list..hey there’s an idea for a top 10 conservative windbags on Fox News

  • cas1989

    oh davross yur such a dont need to tell people gordon browns an idiot. everyone knows that. and as for the macdonalds menu thing. i must agree. we british people are so much more civilised. we have pizza hut. HAHAHAHA

  • A random Asian

    285. davross

    yes u do hate ppl for wat dey did. but as I said before media exposure is the catalyst which not only speeds up and strengthen this hatred but it also gives the information of what they did. I mean c’mon as an example, do u think that sum 70 year-old russian farmer at that time have the will to hate Hitler if he doesnt even have access to the media that informs all the things the nazis did in the first place

  • CatChick1964

    279. davross

    davross … shut up.

    You’re such a blow!!!

    If you can’t quote me right, then don’t quote me at all.

  • rsks

    @278. DMcI – May 14th, 2009 at 4:14 am

    I take pleasure in people paying for their OWN errors!
    And I’m just agreeing with a list item! HA

  • jeremy

    @cas 291

    I dont even know what you are talking about, i am having a hard time following this. At least on facebook if you are debating things and reply to a certain post it tells you haha

  • CatChick1964

    290. A random Asian

    I love you Random … you rock with me kiddo!!!

  • davross

    yes a random asian i agree but im not a sheep that goes along with the forced media opinion, i read books and im certain in my facts.

    dont assume cos the media tells people its so that they believe it, i heavliy believe the vast majority of americans do though IMO

  • jeremy

    297 DMCI

    yeah i am having a hard enough time following my own conversations. I hate him so much but he entertains me so haha

  • CatChick1964

    295. archangel

    Have an awesome day….

    Until, of course, the next heated debate!!! LOL

  • davross

    i would imagine the russian farmer would be aware 25 MILLION of his countrymen died, i dont know what gives me that idea though.

    11 million civilians and over 10 millions soldier dies, and thats just russians,

  • A random Asian

    u noe wat? Im tired of this arguement thing and its nowtime for dinner so see y’all

  • davross

    cas1989 i hate most british stuff, im british, i just wish people would realise why peopl dislike things about them and not defend against facts?

  • archangel

    306. CatChick1964

    Haha! Sounds good… I am fearing that day already… you are a formidable opponent indeed!

  • davross

    aaah dinner time eh, run along laddy.

  • calm_incense

    @ Travis:

    “You could start off by donating your computer to a native american since your usage of it is only for nonsense…”

    …what exactly do I “owe” Native Americans? None of my ancestors were even on this CONTINENT when the European colonization took place. How about the several hundred thousand Americans who became naturalized citizens last year? Should they all feel guilty on behalf of Native Americans as well?

    @ archangel:

    My point is, your country does not have a clean history, and neither I nor many others hold you accountable for it, because we realize that it’s not YOUR fault.

    @ davross:

    How about if I call you an idiot on the basis that your prime minister is an idiot? If Gordon Brown is an idiot, and the country he leads is idiotic, then that must make you an idiot as well, no? This is the chain of thought you’re perpetuating, and frankly, it’s completely wrong.

  • davross

    yeah id llet you say it calm incense cos it doesnt hurt me and id be aware that your opinion is based on the way your countrymen act.

    if i came from america id take it on the chin and accept it, not just defend it cos thats where i was born, certainly not agree with this offensive list

  • cas1989


    HAHAHA. look i dont have a pretence to make sense and be boring. if i did id be catholic. lol. and lets be fair about this. this whole string is amusing. so mayn people seem to care. about a list. and davross? he cant be english. im english and were all about the love and compassion ;) well maybe not so much. but still. what a complete asshole. im just worried hes gonna find me. :( HAHAHAHA…..well maybe not so much worried. as hoping lol

  • FindMe


    Seriously. Wow.

    I get the sneaking suspicion that CatChicks brother is in fact her father. I genuinely can’t think of any other reason for someone to be so blithely defensive. My previous comment was in no way attacking you, as I said it was just a theory… so I won’t be putting anything in my pipe, nor smoking it.

    There is a greater problem here though; you have become impossible to take seriously…… ‘no, I don’t want to visit another country and see what other atrocities other governements heap upon their people.’ If you can presume to say something like this about ‘other countries’ because of your experience in one country then you have essentially provided empirical evidence for my assumption that Americans such as yourself relish in being such an insular nation.

    Ignorance may be bliss but it is still ignorance. That makes you an ignoramus.

    Question to the American’s on here (and anyone else with an opinion… I’m sure there are some of you out there :p):

    What would YOU do to rectify what some perceive as the damage done to America’s international reputation?
    Do you think a powerful nation such as America has the ‘right’ to depose/invade/provide aid if not specifically requested?
    Why the inherent defensiveness of your country? (This is genuinely NOT meant to be a loaded question, I just can’t think of a better phraseology atm!)

  • jeremy

    314 Cas

    And to think i liked you until you said you were British, Run along and drink some tea and warm beer and dont forget to brush your teeth after :P

    Ugh now i am getting into ignorance, too bad i have to go to bed soon

  • calm_incense

    @ davross:

    Well that’s just absolutely idiotic. If you’re to be considered an idiot, it ought to be by your OWN accord. You have to EARN your idiocy; you can’t just LEACH off your fellow countrymen!

  • Steven

    Very interesting list, though I would like to know what the members of this board who live in other countries think of America. I just feel that sometimes we don’t get a fair shake. We are judged by what we are portrayed as. Only about 25% of our actual population is like this list describes. Most Americans tend to themselves. I hold no grudges against other countries, but find it amazing the kind of grudges are held against us.

    It also seems that the rest of the world puts impossible situations on us. We are asked (almost begged) to do something with Darfur and many other places, but, when we decide to go after a bloody regime in Iraq (Saddam Hussein – responsible for countless deaths in Kuwait and Iraq) we are chastised for it. We are expected to cure all of the world’s problems yet not allowed to celebrate in our glory?

    America has been through a lot in its short life, a lot in which many thought we would parish. Instead, we succeeded. We made our way, we held our heads high in adversity, we fought back against our oppressors (both foreign and domestic) and we still fight to this day. America was essentially built on the foundation of war. We fought for our freedom, now we find it our duty to fight for the freedom of others

  • Dave Rattigan

    Not sure about “near total freedom of expression”. When it comes to sex and nudity, the US is one of the most censorious nations in the western world.

  • davross

    agreed find me, you CANNOT dislike anything about america without an american sticking up for it, even if they hate it themself.

  • lol



  • CanuckCanuck667

    you don’t win everything! Canada, Russia and occasionally Sweden routinely destroy you in hockey so get out yank XD

  • CatChick1964

    315. FindMe

    Geez.. how funny… it took you long enough to get back to that. But I understand if it took you sooo long to think of ways of putting me down and generalizing everything I’ve said. You should get together with davroos, you two have a lot in common.

    Stop being so defensive. From my ignorant arrogant apparent asshole to another… I was joking. It’s called humor… you should get some… it’s nice.

  • davross

    but calm-incense why get heated over the actions of others? actions which affect the opinion of your nation? its gonna happen, americans are predominantly assholes and patriotic gung ho assholes, everyone thinks that, what is you arguing with me gonna change?

    my opinion? no
    anyone elses? no

    you merely perpetuate the opinion that all americans would stick up for a fencepost if it has an american flagpainted on it.

  • archangel

    312. calm_incense

    “My point is, your country does not have a clean history, and neither I nor many others hold you accountable for it, because we realize that it’s not YOUR fault.”

    Ah thanks for that, I completely agree. If my comments did seem like that, then I apologise. I wasn’t arguing against people for their country’s faults… that is out of their control unless they hold public office… I was arguing against people defending their “countries” (strictly countries) in a misconceived way.

    Definitely, Australia and America and all countries are imperfect, but likewise, all countries have contributed greatly to the world.

    The difficulty with these kinds of debates is that people aren’t often clear (and indeed, am guilty of this sometimes) about who they are actually arguing against or defending… is it the country? the government? groups or individuals within the country? the entire population?

    Every country is made up of individuals which are likewise a part of groups or communities within and outside the country… generalisations are harmful to global peace.

    You can’t hate America absolutely just because of some of the bad things its done, and likewise, you can’t absolutely defend America as if its a perfect nation. America, like any other country… has goods and bads about it… generalising would just be a naive thing to do.

  • A random Asian

    my last statement:

    Of course he will be aware of the deaths but what in the name of jesus christ can inform a 70 year old peasant living in the permafrosts of siberia or Ural mountains of who is responsible. furthermore, the media, as I have said, is the catalysts of all the hatred. Provided this kind of media, the russian farmer will of course hate hitler as much as we all hate Bush now.

    304. davross
    Todays media is not only a catalyst to all this problem but also a trend. people follow trends, old or young. And this plaguing trend we see right now is definitely taking its toll on you. I mean think of it like this; Imagine you were an Amish who lives somewhere in the Scottish highlands with no running water OR electricity, with simple beliefs and knowledge. Now; will you hate america? of course you will be made unaware of the whola iraq ting but in anyway possible, the media, will then plague on you and start to tell you things. Things like news, propaganda and even subliminal messages which will then convince you to hate USA.

    Thats all

  • davross

    well cas 1989 to burst your bubble im from way up north, a big hairy scotsman!!! whats your address lol.

  • davross

    i would imagine the hatred would come from the 3 or 4 generations of males being wiped out from his bloddline asian.

  • DCI


  • Helly Welly Bootz

    How is it that only one person has mentioned that America did NOT win the space race?

    You had the first man on the moon but the Russians got to space first.

  • A random Asian

    311. davross

    run along to your mom bitch!

  • CatChick1964

    324. davross

    You are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

    Pick a side, mate, and stay there.

  • davross

    yes yes true to form the child comes out

  • CanuckCanuck667

    by the way comment 225 Don (Y) your my idol well said

  • davross

    catchick where have i deviated?

  • Steven

    FindMe, I can only answer your question like this.

    Our love for our country is invaluable. We find it amazing how the world sits in judgement of us, but good forbid we to judge them. It seems as if the world has made its mind up the America is full of witless drones who seek only to take control of the world. If we ultimately wanted to control the world, wouldnt it be easier to just go ahead and take Canada, Mexico and South America First instead of starting overseas?

  • calm_incense

    Answering FindMe’s questions:

    “What would YOU do to rectify what some perceive as the damage done to America’s international reputation?”

    1. Pull out of Iraq immediately.
    2. Pull out of Afghanistan immediately (I know it has UN approval; I don’t care).
    3. Stop sending military and monetary aid to Pakistan. Take back all weapons and let the Taliban take Islamabad.

    “Do you think a powerful nation such as America has the ‘right’ to depose/invade/provide aid if not specifically requested?”

    I think any nation has the right to provide aid. No, I do not think a powerful nation has a right to depose or invade if not requested. Europe was clearly wrong to meddle with the Third Reich’s domestic affairs. The world was clearly right to ignore the Rwandan genocide.

    “Why the inherent defensiveness of your country? (This is genuinely NOT meant to be a loaded question, I just can’t think of a better phraseology atm!)”

    It’s natural for anyone to defend his or herself when his or her demographic is being attacked. Attack the female gender, and women will defend their sex. Attack Islam, and Muslims will defend their religion. Attack America, and Americans will defend their country. The reason you see more people defending America is because America obviously gets criticized much, *much* more.

  • jeremy

    330 Helly Well Bootz

    You cant define who won based on who got to space first, i think the objective was to go as far as possible. which the Americans got the furthest. Of course i am not basing this off of any information and i really know nothing of the space race.

  • archangel


    “You are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

    Bahaha… that is such a great statement… if there was any such thing… I would dare the world’s best decoder to even try decoding something like that.

  • CatChick1964

    335. davross

    Oh .. my bad …I thought you were actually being nice in 324. mea culpa. I guess I forgot who the author was.

  • davross23


    simple answer….. you cant

    only thing you can do now is deal with the aftermath.

  • ChickyBee

    I’d say ‘reasons’ not excuses.

    I’ve found that I like American’s as individuals, but as a group, Americans annoy the hell of me.

  • Jessy

    Hooooo boy, this is gonna take awhile….let’s roll up our sleeves and dive in.

    I am a very proud Canadian currently living in South Korea. The way it works in Canada is that we bitch about the USA at every turn, then import their goods, drive down there to shop, export everything we own and everyone with any talent to them, listen to their music and watch their TV shows. Exaggeration? Probably, but that’s more or less the environment I come from.

    That said, davross: take some freakin Prozac. You’re being as bigoted as anyone saying ALL Americans are a certain way, and EVERYONE should hate ALL of them…and I don’t give a rat’s ass who invented what geniuses can be born in any country. I frequently hope to heaven that Rosie O’Donnell and George Bush are not representative of the whole nation. Now Oprah, on the other hand…THAT’S the one you should be watching out for.

    CatChick1964 (sp?): You love your country. You’re allowed to love your country. You’re allowed to never get on another airplane as long as you live if that’s what you want, because you’re from a free country. But if I read your last comment right, you said you went to ONE foreign country (a theocratic monarchy at that- the Middle East is not known for progressive governments), didn’t like it, so have decided to NEVER go ANYWHERE else ever again?

    “I don’t want to visit another country and see what other atrocities other governements heap upon their people.”

    So you honestly think America is the only country in the world possibly worth living in? Don’t get me wrong, you’re entitled to your opinion (I’m from a free country myself, you see, and now living in an entirely different free country), but DAMN, that’s close-minded! Believe it or not, there might be some things outside your borders worth seeing :p.

    And the whole WWII thing goin’ on now: I love talking about Hitler as much as anyone, but are we really getting anywhere debating over which country “won” the war? I thought the idea of the “Allies” was that one nation couldn’t do it alone. Russia, Canada, Britain and the USA all had important battles, and if you took any of them away, who knows how things might’ve turned out? It’s pointless to try to hypothesize history. That said, I’ve definitely noticed the “WWII started when America got involved, and they kicked ass all over the place and guaranteed an Allied victory” attitude before, and it bugs me.

    The Cold War: I’m not an expert on the subject, but used to work in a Cold War Museum (and currently live next door to one of its last hangers-on). Long story short, Russia collapsed all by itself due to corrupt governance, poverty, economic crisis, and infighting. So you could say America won that “war”, if you could also hypothetically believe a certain wrestler has won a match because his opponent had an epileptic seizure mid-fight.

    Oh, and Vive la Canada!

  • CatChick1964

    339. archangel

    “You are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

    A partial quote from the awesome Mr. Winston Churchill. Who, by the way, I wish had been an American and my dad or my grandpa… he rocked. May he RIP.

  • DCI

    Avoid the insults and make your points. Davross has stated his opinions if you are cynical of them then change his perspective with constructive criticism and logical arguement.

  • FindMe

    If it’s in quotation marks that generally means it’s a ‘quote’. I didn’t generalise anything. (And my apologies for the late response, I was actually working on an essay).
    Oh, and you’re not funny. Genocide = not funny. Just for future stand-up routines.

    DCI – Would you mind at all if I fashioned you some kind of internet star? I think Matt Damon would approve.

    JFrater : You see what you do?! Do you see how your website distracts me from my work?! I shall credit my failure to your genius should it come to that :p

  • archangel

    343. Jessy

    Quite well said Jessy!

  • Dum Dum

    america sucks you blow up british soldiers when your fighting alongside them and you’re inbred hillbillies! i was in america and a bloke said that england is small, you must know that john smith guy right-JOHN SMITH!! theres hundreds of blokes here named john smith freakin hillbillies!

    • maura

      Hillbillies? ha, that's so funny, everytime I meet someone from Britain they have rotten teeth!!!!

  • CatChick1964

    343. Jessy

    “Hooooo boy, this is gonna take awhile….let’s roll up our sleeves and dive in.”

    You’re late Jessy … be careful diving. Lots of pool pissers in here. LOL.

  • calm_incense

    @ FindMe:

    What makes you think I was joking?

  • random guy

    you know what really makes the U.S. great? the fact that ppl can hate on us, and rip us apart, but we take it, and push forward. we do whatever is necessary to get the job done–even if this means stepping on some ppl’s (and other countries) toes. Its a dirty job, but somebody has to do it, and time and time again the U.S. is the one who steps up. So go ahead and keep bashing us all you haters–we’ll take it with a smile on our face, and keep doing what we have to do to try and make this world a better place…USA! USA! USA!

  • archangel

    344. CatChick1964

    Oh awesome! That would have to be one of my favourite quotes from Churchill… thanks for that little bit of trivia =]

  • lo


    have you ever even visited the USA? if so, which parts and for how long?

    how can you have so many opinions about a geographically huge nation of 300 million different people if you have no first-hand experience of it?

    to do so would be like me deciding britain in totality is a horrid waste of a place just because you’re both british and an idiot. but guess what- i’m capable of understanding that one fool does not a nation make, so i won’t blame britain as a whole for your existence.

  • Welfhard

    I think this is a great example of why I hate American nationalism.

  • Jessy

    Jesus Christ in the time it took me to read the comments and post on the comment thread more than doubled in length…sorry if my post is outdated…

  • archangel

    351. random guy

    I would have no problem with that if the United States government/nation can ensure that it will always take the right path.

  • ChickyBee

    335: Jessy, I’m just sitting here hitting refresh…

  • calm_incense

    @ Welfhard:

    Do you not realize that Lewis Black is himself American? That everyone in the audience is American? That most of the people who watched and rated this video five stars are American?

    Why not just hate nationalism in and of itself? It is *always* ugly, regardless of its incarnation.

  • CatChick1964

    346. FindMe

    At least you give credit where credit is due. Jfrater rocks, as does LU.

    Sorry you can’t live with a little sarcastic humor. You shouldn’t debate with me then. I love it. I thrive on it. I laugh at the insincerity with which you attack me just because you don’t like what I say and take it all out of context.

    I’m gonna send you a gift box full of humor for Christmas.

  • davross23

    ok Lo i can see your another patriot who would disagree regardless of opinion, im not commenting until someone actually comes out with a valid response.

  • jeremy

    Yeah Jessy come on, the WW2 thing ended long ago. And both me and Blitz were in agreement but we are stubborn and were both debating the same argument with different facts so it wasnt a debate at all lol. I only brought it up because i really do not like people who claim that ww2 was won by the Americans and the Americans alone as there is evidence contradictory to that fact.

  • Don

    Thx CanuckCanuck667 :) Peace.

  • calm_incense


    1. Who are you talking to?

    2. A valid response to *what*?

  • calm_incense

    And…that was to davross.

    Goddamn, too many comments!

  • davross23

    im talking to LO

    its getting boring and reafirming my point that any american will stick up fr any american act as long as someone american dislikes it.

  • DMcI

    I said before in an above post that I do indeed like the USA and go there about once a week,i live 20 minutes from a northern frontier crossing..but as a sports guy..i need to comment on # 9..I always wondered how the NBA or Major League baseball can claim a world champion..there is one team from either league from outside the USA,both here in this annoying tidbit does bother me..on the world stage it seems that the USA did not win the world cup of baseball 2 months ago..and lost in the bronze medal game at world hockey championships to Sweden..we lost there also 2-1 in the gold medal game..shakes fist at

  • lo

    360. davross23-

    you don’t think it’s valid to say whether or not your opinions of the USA come from first-hand experience?


    have you traveled abroad at all? did you make it outside of the EU? you know the world is a very big place filled with very different people and visiting it expands one’s mind accordingly. and that’s a good thing.

  • FindMe

    Debating with you is like debating with Sarah Palin, frustrating and, ultimately, a bit of a joke.

    That’s another thing that irks me slightly about ‘American English’… why remove perfectly functional letters?!
    HumoUr. ColoUr. Neighbour. Doughnut.

    And please, please acknowledge the H at the beginning of the word herb!
    Pet peeve yes. Reason to dislike America? No :)

  • CatChick1964

    343. Jessy

    Some good points. Credit given.

    I’m sure there are many beautiful things to see in any given country in the world. I just didn’t like what I saw and prefer not to take the chance of seeing that or something worse but crossing other borders.

    Rock on neighbor!!!

  • lo

    364. calm_incense-

    he was responding to me at 353. or rather “not commenting” to me.

  • davross23

    yes lo i have travlled the world but i have never been to iraq etc, so that is the reason i will not be drawn in to your arguement, your obvious defensivness stems from the fact that you dislike the fact most people hate americans.

  • jeremy

    @findme 368

    Thank you for the ou thing. I got called out earlier for spelling Pearl Harbor with an ou since you know i have been spelling that way for 24 years.

  • melbell

    Wow, these comments sure are heated….
    First i just want to point out that I am an American living in Germany for a year, so I’ve a lot of time to think about this topic.

    It seems like lots of people want to make some sort of blame game list of reasons why some countries are better than others. I would like to point out that in humanities’ long history, countries rise and fall and many countries have their share of shame and pride.

    I’ve always had a problem when people say they hate Americans. I wonder what type of person someone thinks of when they say that. Is it a middle class, middle age white guy with his big car and house and perfect white family of large excess? What about all the other immigrants that make up this country? One of the best parts of America is that anyone, from any country can come here and make a life. There is so much diversity, that I find it difficult to label us all as “you people.” Surely other countries can agree they themselves are not all filled with the same clone stereotypes.

    We do care about other cultures. We live with them every day. Indian, Mexican, Brazilian, Chinese…it’s all there. I completely agree that we lack in world views. I wish foreign language was important our public schools. I wish we didn’t have a bloated military government. I live in a huge country where I can drive in one direction for a thousand miles and it’s still English-speaking, Wal-mart, Mcdonalds, flag-waving America. I am so lucky to leave it and get some outside view.

    This list is at best humorous, and perpetuates Americans fascination with ourselves. Oh well.

  • lo

    and davross-

    why do you think you know where i’m from? just because i know the USA is big and has a lot of citizens that makes me an “american patriot”? weird.

  • CatChick1964

    368. FindMe

    oooh… I love spelling words with the long forgotten extra “U” in there. I homeschool my girls and teach them as many alternate spellings that I can find of words.

    I’m thinking the only reason we take the “H” out of herb is because it’s a common first name here as well and as a name is prounouce “h-erb”

  • kk

    yeah….i’m confused as to where whoever wrote this list stands…they didn’t defend America against the excuses all the time….was it sarcasm? Are they confused? Are they making fun of people who hate America? Who knows. Pretty average list. America win at everything? I never noticed.

  • davross23

    well why are you interjecting? for the sake of an arguement? or in defense of american acts?

  • calm_incense

    Having extra letters in words is simply inefficient.

    Screw tradition. If there’s no logical reason for superfluous components of a language, it ought to be naturally reformed.

  • lo


    you’re right, “have you ever even visited the USA? if so, which parts and for how long?

    how can you have so many opinions about a geographically huge nation of 300 million different people if you have no first-hand experience of it?”

    is a totally defensive posture.

    oh wait, it’s a totally legitimate question you have yet to answer.

  • CatChick1964

    368. FindMe

    “Debating with you is like debating with Sarah Palin, frustrating and, ultimately, a bit of a joke.”

    So, is that compliment, a derogatory comment on my character, or both. :p

    I, for one, kinda like Sarah. She’s a tough ol’ broad. :)

  • DCI

    Whats sarah palin up to nowadays???

  • CatChick1964

    376. kk

    “yeah….i’m confused as to where whoever wrote this list stands…they didn’t defend America against the excuses all the time…was it sarcasm?”

    Bingo!! And kk gets the prize!!!:)

  • calm_incense

    Some questions are best left unanswered.

  • DMcI

    I have been counting the states I have visited..and the answer is 34..from all regions expect Alaska and Hawaii..and like anything,you take the good with the bad,and I myself happen to love the country

  • CatChick1964

    373. melbell

    Bravo!! Well said!!

  • lo

    i’m interjecting because i am curious. i’m observing why people hold the opinons they are stating here.

    it’s possible to have a nuanced view of all international relations. there are options between: “i totally hate america and all americans” and “america is the best, screw the rest of the world.” you know.

    or did you know that?

    and did you know that every time someone uses “americans” only to refer to the USA the other citizens of the 2 “american” continents get pissed off? try doing it in south america and see where it gets you. like i said, it’s a BIG world.

  • DMcI


    381. DCI – May 14th, 2009 at 5:04 am [Report Abuse]

    Whats sarah palin up to nowadays???

    I think moose hunting in Alaska

  • calm_incense

    By the way, call me crazy, but I just took another look through the list, and it seems an awful lot more anti-American than pro-American. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 are all fundamentally bad. 7 and 9 are debatable. 3 is the only one that doesn’t blame America.

    Seems like you guys are seeing what you want to see. Jay K doesn’t seem to be quite the jingoist you guys make him out to be.

  • davross23

    because Lo i dont feel that if i have visited every state in america i could make an opinion, i will go with the entire worlds COMMON concensus which is they are bullies and arrogant patriots, the world is not theirs, who cares how many states ive visited?

  • CatChick1964

    387. DMcI

    “(#381. DCI Whats sarah palin up to nowadays???)

    I think moose hunting in Alaska”

    Nope… moose hunting season is Sept 5th – 15th. Now pike and salmon fishing, maybe?

  • ChickyBee

    389. Davross basing your opinion on what other people are saying is just as ignorant as other nationalities consider america to be

  • lo

    oh, and for the record, i’m a US citizen.

    and the list is a satirical critique of america!

    i guess that’s just something that people who aren’t mentally sophisticated or mature enough to see the complicated, nuanced real world can’t grasp, sigh.

  • FindMe

    Catchick – finally we agree on something! And Jeremy is in on the game too! The U should stay…. it’s not inefficient! How can taking the time to add an extra stroke to a letter possibly be inefficient!

    If you’re going to speak English speak it correctly :p
    (Had to stop myself using the word ‘gonna’ there…. oh sweet irony!)

  • DMcI

    390. CatChick1964

    i stand corrected..either fishing or bear wrestling while looking at Russia from her kitchen window

  • Cernunnos

    “thanks for paying off the loan, Norway”
    your welcome, no problem.

    however, america doesnt win everything, at all.

    the spacerace was initially about getting the first man into space, and after russia did that; usa pulled a “best out of three!!!11” and changed the race.

    secondly, what you DO win in, say, sporting events are won by people who was only let into the country for their athletic skill and dont speak a lick of english. XD

    besides, i think you should diferentiate between hating america, and americans. personally i have great dislike for america, but not its people. those i feel sorry for.

  • CatChick1964

    393. FindMe

    Oh.. now come on. You ain’t gonna get nowhere’s if you don’t take delite in mispeling a word or too now and then.

  • Cheeseface

    ‘America can be trusted to do the right thing….. After they’ve exhausted all other possibilities’
    – Winston Churchill.

    Really sums up my feelings about America.

  • davross23

    the list is the epitome of american arrogance, now i am outnumbered by americans i shall take my leave and let you all suck each other off to how great america is.

    America fuck yeah!!

  • lo

    “389. davross23 – May 14th, 2009 at 5:10 am [Report Abuse]
    because Lo i dont feel that if i have visited every state in america i could make an opinion, i will go with the entire worlds COMMON concensus which is they are bullies and arrogant patriots, the world is not theirs, who cares how many states ive visited?”

    WHAT??? -you just admitted that even if you’d spent time in every state in the USA you’d be mentally incapable of forming your own first-hand opinions of your experiences of america, so instead you choose to just go with whatever you assume the majority of other people say!

    why on earth should we listen to someone who admits they can’t think critically on their own and chooses to parrot others instead?

    your above quoted statement may be the most pathetic admission i’ve ever seen here.

  • CatChick1964

    394. DMcI

    I think bears are afraid of her. They’ve been witnessed bringing her fresh caught salmon and whild honey in worship. skeeeery…

  • CatChick1964

    398. davross23

    You’re anger and immature comments show that you have trouble admitting that you just might be wrong.

    So be it.

    k. thnx. buh-bi.

  • calm_incense

    davross is the epitome of what makes this world an ugly place.

    Basically, seeing inappropriate reactionaryism, and combating it with more inappropriate reactionaryism.

    Way to solve the problem!

  • calm_incense

    Damn, it’s 5:22am.

    THIS is why I don’t complain about ListVerse lists that don’t interest me. They’re blessings in disguise!

  • DMcI

    well this will all stop soon enough anyway,the North American Union is coming you can all bash the NAU instead of the USA..(satirical comment only)

  • cas1989


    scotsman?!?!?! fucking hell. well that change it completely. as long as you dont tie me to a caper or force feed me haggis i really aint got no problem ;) and lets be fair we british are a superior breed after all. hahaha. look i dont do hate. but it doesnt mean that in sense i dont agree with wha everyone here has said. the americans. bless there little cotton socks. can be complete tarts. but hey everyone can. i aint generalising. just the attitudes of some people there stinks. out right. am i right?

  • AnonX

    I was about to troll this thread, but people are already fighting over retarded stuff. Kinda lost my motivation.

  • Cybogen

    402. calm_incense – Basically, seeing inappropriate reactionaryism, and combating it with more inappropriate reactionaryism. Way to solve the problem!

    I agree with you. We’re not going to make it are we? I mean soon man will continue to take arguments further into violence and self destruct are own species.
    It seems mankinds hatred is its own manner of extinction.

  • Capt America

    I work off-shore with a lot of Europeans and it’s the in thing to do. But guess what we/the people not our Government just don’t care that you do. Ask any American we just don’t care about your crap we have enough going on at home without having to worry about your whining.

  • cas1989


    i hav eone question its a biggy. and in no way is it making fun. just want your opinion. you do live in america right? well here it is. how can you have mustard AND tomato sauce on a hotdog. it just doesnt work. i cant understand it at all

  • Amy

    I don’t hate America but i don’t like it either

  • Jessy

    @ DMCI 404

    Oh dear God no. Canada has already been half-absorbed into USA. Let’s not make it official, shall we?

    Has Davross gone to bed? Good, let’s get some real debatin’ going on. We haven’t cracked 500 comments yet and this is actually slowing down enough that I can keep up with it.

    (If the thread has grown to 500 comments by the time this is posted I guess I’ll have egg on my face).

    I forgot to mention Rush Limbaugh 30 minutes and 100 posts ago. I don’t hate America, but I sure as hell wanna meet that guy someday and hit him in the face with some poutine (fries/cheese/gravy for the non-Canadians). Everything he says pisses me off.

    And yeah, I just wanted to say that this list isn’t “Rah rah, America’s great!” He’s talking about why America isn’t so great. He’s admitting the faults.

    And apparently he’s now hiding under his bed till the storm passes.

  • Cybogen

    America is a great country and I will always be happy living here. I am just concerned that the way we have continued to act over the course of time. We have made many attempts to leave God out of our system of Government in that which it was founded as recorded in the archived documents of congress. We will be our own downfall. As we subject ourselves to athesetic groups that fight for the removal of GOD from everything that we use to follow as our code of morality we can only expect to lose our blessings of a country with all we have been endowwed with. GOD help us!

  • DMcI

    411. Jessy
    Agreed..I’m in Fredericton,NB..and add Sean Hannity or whatever his name is to list andof course sweet sweet Anne Coultre..

  • Hendri

    Im not a big America fan and this list just made it worse.

  • CatChick1964

    409. cas1989

    You’re absolutely right!!! I only put mustard on my hotdogs. Sometimes with some sweet relish. Yum!!

    Great.. thnx.. now I’m realy hungry. :)

  • Xthye

    3. We can afford automobiles

    I finally know where the CO2 come from

  • oouchan

    Holy hell! This is what happens when I sleep in. Over 400 comments. Wow!

    Ok..I am from America but if I wasn’t, I would probably feel the same way as this list. It’s sometimes hard to dredge up patriotism when your country isn’t making you so proud. I am sticking around to see what is going to happen next. Hopefully….we will get better.

  • Cheeseface


    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

    From the American constitution. That there ensures God never makes it into your system of government.

  • erin

    I really dislike most Americans attitudes. Just relax people, smoke some chonch. Can’t we all just get along?

    – Canadian

  • kralchctim

    You say that it’s about time you americans lose the ego, and then state you lead the world and win at everything. You write about America as if it’s a utopia and all of us foreigners need to be converted. THAT is why people hate the US, becuase on the whole, it’s citizens think they’re better than everyone else. Having said that, not all americans are prats but this list just screams ignorant yank!

  • CatChick1964

    Way way way off topic here… but does anyone know what’s up with the forums? Haven’t been able to get in for two days now.

  • cas1989


    HAHAHA wow now thatdes sound nice. although being british and all. i much prefer a lovely bacon sandwich. YUMMMMMMM. now you see not all debating has to be heated. although a hotdog would be crap cold wouldnt it.

    now that sir davross lord of clear thinking and rationalisation (not) is out of the way.:)

    we can finally get down to the more important debates this list brings forward. such as whod win in a fight ronald mcdonald…orr hitler…ill take bets and we SHAll find an answer. HAHAH oh i make me laugh. (someone has to)

    where are you actually from cat chick ?

  • cas1989

    @erin OMG that word….CHONCH. thats aawwweeesssooommmeee :) but wha doesit mean. enlighten me my lovely canadian buddy. i love canada. and maple leaves. i think i should have been born there lol. OHHHH AND MAPLE SYRUP

  • oouchan

    421. CatChick1964: Email jaime….I was able to get in last night.

  • Jessy

    Ronald McDonald, easily. He’d just feel Hitler fries (rumour has it the man was a vegetarian- so I guess Big Macs are out) until he dropped of a heart attack and he’d keep that crazy clown grin all the while….

  • Jessy

    whoops, *feed Hitler French fries….

  • erin


    It means weed, marijuana, hubbly bubbly :)

    Come on and move over here it’s legal as long as you’re not carrying over 5 grams!

  • maki

    i love the USA! im not american but i bet you that a lot of people want to immigrate there.i wonder why?

  • oouchan

    425. Jessy: It was funnier with the “feel”. :D

    I will take Ronald on that one…scary dude.

  • Uglyman


    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

    From the American constitution. That there ensures God never makes it into your system of government.

    People have the mistaken opinion that this means God should be left out of government but they are wrong. It means that Congress will not favor one religion over another. It says nothing about leaving God out of governement and it definitely doesn’t say “seperation of church and state”. It ACTUALLY means that ALL religions are FREE to practise in America. It has NOTHING to do whether or not God is allowed or worshiped in government instituions, schools, etc…

  • Gostock

    According to 90% of these comments, agreeing with others that our country is bad will make us a better country.

  • CatChick1964

    422. cas1989

    How funny you should mention a bacon sandwich. After I typed in my comment, I went and made myself a bacon sandwich. Want a bite? It’s yummy… *insert me holding my sandwich in cas’s face… lol

    Right now, I am in Sumter, South Carolina on Shaw Air Force Base. Never heard of it? No worries. I wish I hadn’t either. It’s in the south. I don’t like the south. It’s hot all the time. They have big bugs. And they eat turnip greens.

    I was raised in Kentucky in a sweet little country town called “Grand Rivers”. We have one post office, one grocery store, a volunteer fire department and a
    four-star restaurant… go figure.

  • cas1989


    hahaha yes i was wodering what feeling his fries insinuated. lets not have any innuendo on here. fast food or otherwise ;)

  • Sherman

    Catchick: Oakland has to be better than Myrtle Beach though.

  • CatChick1964

    433. Sherman

    LOL.. any place is better than Myrtle Beach .. oh .. except of course, Sumter.

  • cas1989


    wow that sounds really lovely. and yes i want your bacon sandwich. PLEASE. and before any heads look at this and say. he said what now. i did ACTUALLY mean a bacon sandwich.

    im from stratford upon avon lol. its in england. being not that big i cant give you a state. basically its the birth place of william shakespeare. and its absolutely gorgeous. buuuttt. not so much sun. or heat. well lets just say its rain lots and lots of rain lol

  • oouchan

    431. CatChick1964: How close was that to Henderson? I lived there for almost 2 years. One of my favorite states, btw. I live in Arizona now…you want hot? It’s already 80 out….and its around 6am.

  • cas1989



    can you order me and ill come first class postal :)

    beats being at work pretending to work rather than writing this post lol :)

  • Sherman

    I love the hundreds of stripper clubs that line the streets of Myrtle Beach, and let us not forget the ever successful Hard Rock Park.

  • Cheeseface

    This thread has rapidly degenerated into nicities, I for one am disgusted;)

  • Valkyrie

    Just wanted to put my two cents in:

    To the people of the US: criticism isn’t always hate – constructive critique of a country and the desire for improvement on failed or ineffective policies is NOT a lack of patriotism. Pointing out what is wrong allows broken things to be fixed, making the country better.

    The US government has intervened in many places for reasons that were both good and bad. We have allowed ourselves to be blinded by ideology and false dichotomies (Cold War and interventions in Latin America). We have invaded countries, sometimes with support (Persian Gulf) and sometimes without (Iraq.) On the other end, the US has also done some good things, and while it’s embarrassing that it took so long for us to get involved in WWII, denying that American men and women served their country and assisted in the liberation of Europe alongside their allies means you are blind or stupid. We were not the only participants, but we brought fresh blood and a country full of natural resources to a Europe that was under constant threat of bombing and/or invasion from Germany.

    The US is not perfect nor is it all evil. The list has some valid points, particularly the “center of the universe” mentality and our meddling in international affairs. As a US citizen living in Australia while Bush was still in power I was grateful the vast majority of the Australian people were willing to judge all people (not just Americans) based on their individual merits instead of what their country was doing. I got some comments about what an idiot we had in power, but ;) I never got blind hate.

    Calm down, remember that no country is perfect and that painting a broad brush of stereotypes doesn’t promote understanding between cultures no matter where you’re from.

  • CatChick1964

    435. cas1989
    –I’ve heard and read lots of Stratford Upon Avon!! I used to say I was a displaced Englishwoman. I’ve always been homesick for that country and never been there. And I love, love, love rainy days!!!

    436. oouchan
    YES!!! Henderson is only a few hours away from my family home. Been there many times. Regarding Arizona … we were terrified once that hubby might get orders there. There were only two assignments open; Arizona and Georgia; we got Georgia. So does the joke really apply in Arizona ??? It’s a “dry heat”??? That’s what they always say in Texas, too. LOL.

  • Arthur

    You should write a list why people hate Germany ;)

  • cas1989


    Niceities…HOW DARE YOU…i for one am hurt by that remark. i thought this was a fast paced debate. with some incredible arguments. loo at the last one thats a bitch of a message. im like wow. how long did that take….yeah you see. the debates not dead. ;) well not buried at least

  • tpazz

    When you are on top, there will always be someone trying to bring you down. America will not always maintain this position (see Roman Empire), however, while we are we will make the best of it for this world we live in. Stop pandering to the thoughts and opinions of whiny Europeans. Continue to roll your sleeves up and get the dirty jobs done. Let little sisters cry, we’re not here to put pacifiers in mouths, we’re here because we do what needs to be done.

  • CatChick1964

    439. Cheeseface
    “This thread has rapidly degenerated into nicities, I for one am disgusted;)”

    Cheese, sorry.. but you missed the big heated fist-fights from earlier this morning. You’ve got to get up early if you want a black eye from this thread.

    I’m still tending to my bruises and having stitches put in the many cuts and abrasions that I received. (Ouch!!! — hey doc.. that hurt!!!)

  • cas1989


    HAHAHA well you wouldnt love them if you were here and your car was sloooowly meandering down a river in flood water lol. but even then you get to see the ducks or go to the theatre. soooo i suppose your right. i should stop complaining. cos tbh I HATE BUGS. and if theyre big i get SCARED…so ill stay put… you lot should all come over. well have a picnic. have some tea;) we could even go on a rowing boat. now tell me that not cool. lol

  • Lanigh

    First and foremost, America is NOT and I repeat NOT a Democracy. America is a Republic.

    Now onto the more important matters. Don’t care that there hasn’t been a comment in a few hours.

    There are good things about the country and a hell of a lot of bad things about the country.

    Yes, there are self-righteous, in your face, egotistical bastards whose sole duty in life seems to be to piss people off and wave their dicks around.

    It’s not like everyone here is like that. I hate the egotism just as much as anyone else. But it’s one part of a whole.

    There are people like that in every country. Who CARES? Really? Why do you care so much about people like that. It’s annoying yes, but honestly.. why let it color your view.

    The stereotype of American’s is the pompous in your face religious zealot who only wants to beat shit up and take everyone’s resources. It’s a stereotype.. so why insist that it’s the whole?

    Take off everything after the pompous part and you’ve got the stereotype for the French. Do I think all French people are like that? Do I hate the France because of it? No.

    For fuck’s sake, chill the fuck out. Breathe, think, and do something more constructive than bash on a country based on the lowest dregs of it’s society.

  • scottishmonkey68

    @Davross – You need to stop getting your information from bad movies.

    @Cas1989 – You are correct on the mustard & tomato sauce on a hotdog. That is just wrong. MUSTARD ONLY!

  • Cheeseface

    445. Catchick

    I’ve been here all day, I commented once near the top, but then my enthusiasm for unfounded hatred waned. So I’ve just been watching and seething about numerous issues that have been brought up.

    Cas1989: I live near Stratford-upon-Avon. Hooray for us Warwickshire folk.

  • oouchan

    441. CatChick1964: Dry heat….yup…so it fire! By the end of today, it’s supposed to be 103. It’s not too bad…I will take it over humidity any day.

    btw…I am going to be traveling to Japan next year. I am studing the culture and language with my kid. I don’t want to go as a tourist. I plan on going outside of that “box” and getting somewhere rural to go. I hate tourists…I get them here in Pheonix! Most of the time, I want to run them over with my car! (jk…but you get my point. :D )


    Read the headline, u’ll know y many ppl hate America

  • CatChick1964

    446. cas1989

    Oh the irony of it all. Or at least, I’m hoping for some irony.

    Hubby is, even as we speak, trying to get an assignment to Mildenhall in Suffolk. We should find out in a few weeks. I’m so hoping we get it. We’ve been stationed here for six years. Can you say BOR-RING!!.

    And since he retires in two years, it would be our last assignment. Some people are gonna fuss at me because I’ve said previously that I didn’t want to visit another country. In a way, it’s true. But, oh, so much to see.

    At least I can say that we’ve lived right smack in the middle of Civil War history being here in South Carolina. I’ve even had the pleasure to be on an archeological dig and found an old iron rail road sign. It’s amazing what can make a woman squeal with glee. LOL. Or … maybe it isn’t???

  • cas1989


    where abouts??? high five to that my fellow british country bumpkin

    oh and can you help me to explain to the above people. we dont JUST drink tea and beer. dont forget VODKA. TEQUILLA. WINE. and any other alcohol we use fr our binge drinking excercises ;) cos weve got something were better at than everyone else lol

  • CatChick1964

    450. oouchan

    Japan?? That is so cool. I know you’ll have a blast. So much culture there. Enjoy and, yet, be careful, too.

  • kiwiboi

    A partial quote from the awesome Mr. Winston Churchill. Who, by the way, I wish had been an American

    CatChick1964 – well, you’ll be happy to learn that he was half American, as his mother’s family was from New York (she was born in Brooklyn).

  • TEX

    Well – it’s now sun up in the USA and there are 400+ posts.
    Looks like the Socialists were very busy while we slept.


    The next few hours will be VERY interesting.

  • steeveebee

    generally i love the site, but i think this is a poor list. it feels sanctimonious and patronising on the whole. I certainly dont hate americans or america but this list might have pushed me a bit closer lol
    Steve, Cheltenham England

  • Cheeseface

    @ Cas1989

    It’s not actually that close to Stratford it just happens to be in Warwickshire, I live in Water Orton, I dunno if you know it?

    In all fairness, the majority of what I drink is either tea or beer, but I understand alcopops are popular these days.

  • callie_

    hmm. The fact that the majority of these comments are from names I don’t recognize tells me we either have a ton of frist time commentors or people that signed up just to comment, just to bash America. Really? Someone admitted up there that a large part of their hatred WAS because it was “cool.” Well, if we all did what was “cool” I would have voted Obama. Why don’t people who ae jumping on the hate the USA bandwagon take some time, do some research, and formulate their own opinion. If it happens to be the same one, fine, but at least you can back it up.

    Also, we seem to get hated upon the most for being ethnocentric. I’m sorry, but in my opinion, that’s a good thing. Yes of course I’m aware of other cultures. Does that mean I’m a self absorbed bitch because I don’t throw down a cushion and eat with chopsticks? No, we do what we’re taught and brought up to do- WE have culture to. Is it the best? I don’t know. Am I proud of it? Hell yes. Also, I think everyone is self absorbed, no matter how good you are. I have a wonderful life- great family, great friends, a decent job, I do volunteer work, I have a rescued dog, and you know what? My world revolves around me. Not me as “I live in America, I’m better than you,” but me as in “I’m Caitlin, this is my life, it sucks sometimes but it’s pretty great” I don’t care if you live in America, Canada, Italy, Japan, Germany or New Zealand, your world revolves around you.

  • cas1989


    yeah i know what you mean mate. but lets be fair. we often do the same thing about the liverpudlans and mancs etc. so i just take it in my stride. after all not all liverpudlians thieve wheels for a living. or the transport system would involve a lot of walking

  • “And you join us in the interval now as we enter the second round of action this afternoon. Already we have seen many contestants fall; as blood and guts fly to the walls. Taking an early lead Davross, Jessy, calm_incense(?) with lo coming in on the outside, and a late entry by Valkyrie. It’s still all to play for as we go into round 2, here on the Listverse Channel. Stay with us as this promisses to be an unbeatable stage for the semi finals later on tonight.

    WE’LL be BACK after THEEESE messages.”

  • CatChick1964

    453. cas1989 – “dont forget VODKA. TEQUILLA. WINE. and any other alcohol we use fr our binge drinking excercises cos weve got something were better at than everyone else lol”

    I’ll agree to Brits being able to hold their liquor…and snaps for doing it, too. When we were stationed in Alaska, I worked at the base enlisted club. We had a team of English fighters come in for an exercise. Wow. They could put away the beer. When we’d give last call for alcohol, each and every one would order one, sometimes two, pictures of beer. EACH. And then they’d walk back to their barracks in a straighter line than they arrived. LOL.

    I also had a wonderful relationship with a British couple when we were stationed in Georgia. When some of their family came for a visit from England, they brought their own booze. I can’t remember the name of it, but it was the finest apple brandy I’ve ever tasted.. and it wasn’t sold over here… durn it. They also brought me some real… real … Cadbury’s milk chocolate. It was awesome.

    Wonderful peeps like these are the reason I’d come to England any day!!!

  • steeveebee

    @ callie

    well said, but how could you not vote obama?? lol

  • TEX

    GET’EM callie

  • CatChick1964

    455. kiwiboi

    Thank you for that tidbit of info on Churchill. I just think he was about one of the finest human beings to grace the planet earth. Shame there’s not more of his ilk around.

  • CatChick1964

    461. Lifeschool

    You keep on with those updates and NBC is gonna be knocking on your door with a job offer… lol…

  • cas1989


    hey im a first time poster. just thought it would be interesting to do so, a lot of people do that sort of thing. find something to hate and all join in together. i dont hate anyone or anything. whats the point. peoplemake mistakes andthats life. if you dont make em, who can learn from them. but please dont put us all in the same boat. cos we arent all being offensive :)

  • :D

  • CatChick1964

    wow.. I’ve been reading and commenting for seven hours now.

    Me thinks I should go see if I still have a life.

    If I don’t… then I’ll be back.

    If I do, then I’ll see you all for whatever wonderful heated debate we have tomorrow.

    Love, hugs and wellwishes!!!!

  • cas1989


    we can at that. they call it binge drinking. we call it a test of strength;) if you dont throw up you aint had enough. but i think the friendliness. depends on where you go. the citys arent so fun. i mch prefer the old english countryside

    and your so right. cadburys chocolate. has to be the best chocolate ever createdin the world. but what makes that taste. probably something weird like dog meat lol

  • Thuppose

    The fact that somebody went to the trouble to make this list is a testament to American exceptionalism. This raises the obvious question: Did anybody see Hank Blalock’s extra inning walk off double last night to beat the Mariners?

  • Travis

    I read somewhere that one day all american states will fight eachother for independence!

  • Travis

    America will only rule the world until the machines take over!! We all know that day is coming! Then all human race will join together and fight as one! Or die… depends.

  • steeveebee


    fight as one, or just make sure we put the “off” switches in easy to reach places

  • lo

    461. Lifeschool-

    i loved that little race-style recap :) (and not just because i was mentioned) i’m curious what will happen now that most of the US is awake.

    angry fools like davross got themselves all sorts of riled up without anyone even making genuine “america is the best, (it can put a boot in your ass if you disagree)” arguments back at them.

    so, let’s wait and see: 10…9..8…7…6…5…4……..

  • DiscHuker

    wow!! i check this first thing in the morning and this “new list” already has almost 500 comments. i think someone just threw a beehive into a colony of ants and lit the whole thing on fire.

    back to the top to see what all the commotion is.

  • JB-NYC

    I believe the biggest reason, and most valid, is the FACT that you never had a George Washington, or an Alexander Hamilton. A Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, or James Madison. You also never had an Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, or even an FDR for that matter. These men took some of your ideas (early on), but their brilliance created the best possible government ever on the face of the earth. Did I say it was perfect? NOPE! but our Constitutional Republic is miles above on all your silly Socialistic experiments.
    Tell the French that America didn’t help in WW-II. Tell England that the supplies we gave them from the onset of the Germans attack didn’t help their resistance and resilience. Or the 3000 Americans that died in one day on the beaches of Normandy helping Monty fight the Germans in France… I guess the English have forgotten that during WW-I they cut off all supplies to Germany forcing starvation on millions of German civilians.. I could go on and on about how wonderful all the other nations are but the USA is soooooo evil and full of itself.. Excuse me Europe, but 2 questions… 1. Hmm what was the model for the EU? and 2. How do your own farts smell?

  • TEX


  • Tina

    I don’t hate America, because I’m from America… the american CONTINENT.
    As for the United States of AMERICA, I don’t hate it either. I’ve been there many times on vacation and always had a blast. I met a lot of wonderful people and everyone was so welcoming to tourists.
    BUT, as all nationalities there are reasons to love “America” less than desirable ;D
    I “hate” that many americans have absolutely no idea about geography. I’m in the tourism industry here in Spain, and too many americans have no idea where they’re at when they visit us. Many have told me that before their travel agent suggested Spain as a destination they thought Spain was actually in Mexico (wow).
    Can’t blame them for not knowing the exact location of european countries in an european map but… thinking that Spain is in America (again, the continent!) is way too much.

    I also “hate” that tourists arrive and speak to others in English without learning a single word of the local language prior to the start of their trip. They come to you and don’t even say “hello” in English, they just demand things “where’s this museum?” “where can I find..” …
    come on, not everyone understands English! And where are your manners? Not all of american tourists are so self-centered but there are too many who expect you to speak perfect English. I blame the travel agents though, they usually sell destinations assuring their clients that “europeans understand and speak English” and that they’ll feel right at home.
    Me I work in tourism services and I’m glad to be able to practise English with americans and other foreigners but the rest of the locals shouldn’t be expected to speak English as if it was their mother tongue.
    Many american tourists are very kind and respectful of the local culture though.
    Always learn a few words in the local language, if you show respect locals will be thrilled to help you in whatever you may need.

  • ames

    I used to think I ‘hated’ my sister; then I grew up and realized I was just jealous. Have a great day from Toledo, Ohio USA ?

  • steeveebee

    i think JB-NYC is a perfect example of why some people hate america so much…

  • TEX

    471. cas1989
    those familiar with this site refer to the flavor enhancer as “beaver ass juice”

  • Kennoth

    We don’t hate you, we just don’t like you. And the reason for that is your arrogance which is ,after all, proven by this article.

  • Travis

    You guys are all talking about WW2 and how America saved europe… but listen to this: America was in a recession since 1929 and if it wasnt for the war they would still be, think about it… they let Europe get destroyed and then they come in late win the war and say :”hey guys now you buy our over priced materials to reconstruct your countries!”. Hence they developed so rapidly their economy! Europe helped the USA as they helped Europe!

  • lo

    well, i sure didn’t have to wait very long …3…2…1…478. JB-NYC!

    it’ll just get more interesting as we go, that one stopped well short of where to put a boot.

    i thought the beaver-ass juice only enhanced the flavors of raspberries. am i misremembering?

  • Cybogen

    470. CatChick1964 – Its sound lie a plan? See you tomorrow CatChick!

  • I think this is going to wind up as the most commented list on Listverse! Or at the very least, in the Top 10.

  • Sara

    I think my head just exploded.

  • cas1989

    @lo and TREX

    OMG please dont tell me cadburys chocolate is beaver ass juice. now youve put me right off it. i mean seriously. its brown. now im gonna get nasty images. and raspberrys too. how cruel are you. ill never look at those foods the same. ever again lol

  • oouchan

    478. JB-NYC: Wow…glad you don’t speak for all of us.

    480. Tina: I agree…tourists are horrible! What? No one can be nice? What I hate is that some people demand that you speak their language. Like english or where I am from…spanish. In AZ, people get pissed if you can’t speak spanish. Our language is english…I wouldn’t force anyone to speak that if I visited your country.

    486. lo: I was already sick this morning…now I have to remember beaver ass! yummy!

    will have to pick this up later when I get to work. :D

  • cas1989

    sorry stuck an r in there.dont it make it more interesting

  • Adding so I can follow…

  • Kreachure


    I LOOOOOOVE many things about the American culture. As with anything, there are good and bad things. I would say more of the former, if you know where to look.

    But thinking that America (or rather, the American government) is “the good guys” at this moment in history is not being very smart. It’s funny how the list mentions the Marshall Plan (from almost 60 years ago), but says nothing about the current global economic recession. Guess whose fault that is…? (And that’s just the tip of the “Whoops, we messed up!” iceberg, FYI). I could go on and on and on about the subject, but I’ll simply let the previous 500 comments and the following 500 to continue for me.

    :) kthxbye! :)

  • TEX

    480. Tina
    I know geography quite well. I would never go abroad without knowing the local terrain, customs, cuisine, climate, etc.
    Unfortunately you are quite right about a lot of younger Americans not knowing basic geography and other disciplines that used to be mandatory in our school systems. Nowadays it’s only required that a student show up a percentage of time and they are graduated– ignorance rewarded. It’s up to the student to peruse an education – all compliments of the inner-city conveyor schools adopted by the government (hey, if it’s good enough for Chicago, it’s bad enough for us all) .

  • travisthechimp

    Outstanding bit of ignorance from a lot of people; to lump all Americans into one group of violent war criminals. Might want to narrow down any judgement specifically to citizens of the United States of America. Regardless, what right do any of you have to judge US citizens? Last time I checked, neither I nor my neighbor invaded Iraq. We are to suffer from the whims of world leaders all the same any person in any country could, the United States just has an outstanding military that is used as a tool of global destruction.

    No one has the right to judge an entire nation. No one has the right to judge a citizen for the actions of the government.

  • Travis

    @ 496.travisthechimp :

    Kudos to your comment!

  • lo

    for anyone who needs to take a break from this list and learn more about the beaver ass juice that may be in your dessert, just go here:

  • jay k


    Trying to catch up with the all the comments!

  • Blitzen

    I just wanted to note that I am not blitz17 and not American, so please don’t get us confused.

    The list itself is fine, but I have to question its purpose. Those of us in the rest of the world already know the reasons why America is hated, and the 90% of Americans who don’t know them don’t really care (as someone pointed out way upthread). Most of the Americans I have met have been good people, but truly, the level of ignorance they have about the rest of the world is shocking. For a world superpower, America is really very insular.

    And then they have this great ideal of brining democracy to the rest of the world, without realizing that if you impose democracy on a country….it’s not democracy anymore.

  • phat_stack


    What’s the record for most comments on a list btw?

  • Niall Maclennan

    There are two sides of America I would like to focus on ladies and gentlemen, the first being television – I don’t know where I’d be without it. If America wasn’t so rich and bursting with self-absorbed actors and actresses we would never have enjoyed the delights of “Arrested Development”, “LOST”(now THAT was a finale, am I right?) and “House”. I’ll leave it at that.

    The other side I’d like to focus on – Sports. The words, “American Football” echo agonisingly in my ears every time they are uttered. It’s about advertising and tackling. That’s it. The fans support their team for the sake of supporting them. Now compare any American football rivalry to an Old firm match in Glasgow, el classico in Spain or the Milan derby. There is no question which sport brings out the most passion from their fans.

    Apart from the hollow shell of a sport that is American football, the rest of American sport does just fine in my book; baseball, basketball and hockey are great. They do not deserve to be slagged off.

    I know I left out politics, social issues, obesity and a whole range of flaws but I intended to sound all cynical and what-not in order to be controversial. I don’t have strong feelings about any of the subject I talked about. I’m just another ignorant douche trying to start an argument on a comments page. How did I do? :D

  • Glugbutter

    Patriotism is the scourge of mankind….

  • Cybogen

    ~America the Beautiful~ Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

  • Niall Maclennan

    Haha just saw Bert beside Bin Laden!!

  • callie_

    “And then they have this great ideal of brining democracy to the rest of the world, without realizing that if you impose democracy on a country….it’s not democracy anymore.”

    That’s a ridiculous statement.

    Long ago, I was doing some temp work at an office. I’d never worked in an office before. Someone asked me to make a photocopy of a 50 page report. Cue to me, putting each page on the xerox machine, one by one. A woman came along and looked at me doing this for about 5 pages. Amused, she asked what I was doing. I told her, and even more amused, she grabbed the stack of papers from me, put it in the top of the machine and lo and behold, I had 50 copies in under a minute. Now, this woman did “force” this one me- she took the papers from me and made the copies herself. I would have made all the copies eventually my way, but her solution was a hell of a lot better than mine. Copies are copies no matter how I learned to copy. Democracy is still democracy no matter how it’s introduced to your country. Is it the best solution for them? Maybe not. I wouldn’t put one piece of paper into the top of the machine if I only had one copy to make, but its nice to have options, isn’t it?

  • johnjohn77

    I have to admit you have a lot of Yankee-Guts to wave your Red, White and Blue at the world’s faces – but you know: You’re right!

    The rest of the world is pretty mediocre compared to the US of A. I lived there during my teens and moved back to home country (Brazil) and realized how malfunctioning Brazilian culture is.

    The US got it going pretty good for its people and that’s something you guys ought to be pretty proud of. But do try to not screw up the environment anymore (though, my country’s negligence is the biggest responsible for the major destruction of the Amazon…).

    Oh – and present day Rap / Hip-Hop and EMO rock suck! Big-Time!
    I miss it when rap was politically incorrect and rock was about rockin’ (whatever the hell that was… early day Israelis Rockin’ of heathens, perhaps?)

  • lostatsea

    # 7 Nazi scientists were already working towards the Bomb. See operation ‘paperclip’. Werner Von Braun the father of rocketry later with NASA. Many inventions claimed by America actually Scottish inventors. America’s Imperialistic aims seen with trepidation by rest of world. See for a look at increasing Global tensions.
    The subprime fiasco a great Bush Cheney legacy! The Iraq war and its million casualties. CIA drug running ala Ollie North! The attack on the USS Liberty in the 60s. Gulf of Tomkin. Bay of Pigs fiasco. Lack of support for Kurdish rebels after promising support as in Bay of Pigs.
    I could go on but I think you get the drift! Not damning Americans just your govt!!

  • oouchan

    498. lo: sick again….yummy!

    501. phat_stack:

    It has 2872 comments so far.

    507. johnjohn77: I agree with the music now…not too much out there that is good. I have been listening to other countries music and finding better!

  • iguanaceros

    oooooooooooooooh shit.


    I’t s like someone dropping the N word in a room full of Detroit rappers.

  • Burgerbuddy


  • Mr D

    I don’t hate America.

    America is a continent, not a country.

    But if you ask me abuot USA: It´s been said before in this list…arrogance.

  • Bob-somebody-stole-my-name

    Freest nation ever or current. Freedom came from here. You’re welcome!

  • lo

    callie, if you believe that democracy is related to people being able to make their own choices without coercion, well forcing a political system -any political system- onto a people against their choosing seems to contradict that.

    i don’t really think being shown a new way to use a photocopier for one single copy job and then leaving you to choose which way you want to use that copier in the future is really the same as forcibly installing a form of government in a country not your own. the comparison also seems to trivialize the imposed upon countries just little too, don’t you think?


    If you HATE us so much why don’t you do something about. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T. Stop whining, cause frankly we don’t like you either!

  • geekygirluk

    Haven’t read all the comments cos I’ve just seen the list while I’m having a quick shirk at work but I think the Great Xander Harris summed it up best “I don’t need an excuse. I think (insert almost any of the reasons above) actually constitutes a reason” But the main one is the way that the IMF (mostly run/funded by America) makes big noise about how much it lends to other countries, but keeps strangely quiet about the conditions of loans (such as ‘you must spend 80-90% of this loan with US companies) and the repayment terms. That and all those military coups that the US govt has helped facilitate over the last 50 years – in order to protect US business interests.

    Also, there seems to be no mention in the main top 10 list of the vast number of adherents to some ridiculous religious doctrine or other. We have religious nutters here in the UK (some have even managed to make it into government) but none seem to have quite the fervour for their religion or hatred for non-religious people that SOME American religious nutters display.

    There are things I love about the US though – these mainly relate to Sci-fi, science, geekiness, and the landscape of the country.

  • 501: phat_stack: 1341 comments on the Biblical Stories list

  • elwood blues

    This list was awesome. I am an American and even though whenever I travel I always make sure I am very respectful, I still feel like everyone hates me. now i know why

  • Chee Soon Kueh

    time to update “Latest Top 10 Most Commented on Lists”

  • callie_

    I just think it’s still democracy no matter how it comes to fruition. Maybe it doesn’t work for your country, maybe this, maybe that, but don’t hate on the system or say it’s not democracy anymore just because of the way it was introduced.

  • JB-NYC

    To lo, Steeveebee, and oouchan…

    Sorry, Truth Hurts.

  • BongoShaftsbury

    Oh Christ! Another useless list from Jay K. What this rightwing douchebag fails to understand is that the world doesn’t hate America, it hates lying, war mongering, corporatists. ListVerse has turned into a site for these rightwing losers to bitch and moan. With all of the comments Jamie will continue to publish them, driving away the good citizens, replacing them with creepy Obama hating Americans.

  • Travis


    America is that big fat kid in school that beats everyone up steals their lunch money and still call them their friends!

    Britain is the kid that follows the bully and wants to be like him but just doesnt have the size for it.

    France is like the Poshy girl that calls everyone names and looks down on them but when it comes down to it runs away!

    Italy and Spain are the jocks (athletes) they’re loud and violent but no one really pays attention to them!

    Russia is that foreign exchange student who’s 9 feet tall never understands whats going on, isnt hip, but everyone is affraid of confronting alone.

    Poland is the geek that takes shit from everyone.

    Germany is that kid that over the school years changes constantly… one year he’ll be a punk, another he’ll be zen, or a nerd, or a hooligan… often bipolar!

    Africa are the rich kids that act like they’re poor just to look legit and cool! street cred!

    China is the fat girl no one likes and that one day just might snap and kill us all.

    South America are the kids that no one invites to the parties but they always show up and f*ck everything up!

    South Asia are the kids that no one even remembers… they’re that click that makes no difference and often dont appear in the year book!

    Australia and New Zealand are the anti social kids with criminal backgrounds. (sorry jfrater)

    Middle East countries are the popular click of kids, just because they have money they think they are the best and everyone else is wrong!

    Scandinavian coutries are the group of good looking kids that combine looks with brain. very rare.

    Japan is the kid that sits in front of class, is always organized and polite but deep down everyone hates.

    North Korea is the class clown!!

    India is the nerd everyone thinks is sick (fisically).

    Jamaica… lol… need I say more?

    Switzerland is the kid that has no friends!

    All other European countries are the slackers that just wait around for others to do stuff for them!

    the end.

  • lostatsea

    513: Your freedoms are slowly being stripped from you!! . Democracy came from ancient Greece, unfortunately history and geography seems to be poorly taught in America’s school system!!

  • BongoShaftsbury

    Another thing Jay K. YOU DIDN’T STORM THE BEACHES AT NORMANDY! There is nothing worse than a cowardly rightwing babyboomer, using WWII as an excuse to commit acts of evil in this century. Boo-hoo, everybody hates Americans. Oh STFU Jay K, they just hate you because of your incessant whining.

  • God!

    The Number 1 reason has to be that even when attempting a hilariously self deprecating list you still manage to sound pig-headed and arrogant.

  • Renee Pussman

    I’m just going to go a head and jump in here to say a few things. First of all, I’m American and proud of it. I have no problem voicing my OPINION to say that America is the greatest country in the world. The main thing I want to say, is that MOST of the people posting here are ignorant, whether they be American or not. What the fuck are you douche nozzles arguing over anyway? Do you think that this is an argument that can be won? Why don’t you let the Euros talk their heads off. They aren’t doing anything but proving their ignorance. And Euros, why don’t you let the stupid Americans talk? They just make themselves sound stupid. And Canada, FUCK YOU!!!

  • Samzilla

    So it’s either Americans came to help too late or they are just butting into everyone’s business. The U.S. could start doing everything right from now on and we’d still be hated.
    It also seems that the Europeans and the Americans are equal in their arrogance. Just my opinion from reading the comments.

    And yes Sara, my head has exploded too.

  • lo


    it just seems hypocritical to me to say democracy should be adopted without a democratic consensus of the people that they want it. of course, this logic is somewhat circular, as it could be argued that people not already in a democracy don’t have the means to choose their form of government to begin with.

    except they do. see the velvet revolution:

    your copier analogy is also flawed because you didn’t know that the other way to make copies existed before your coworker “forced” it upon you. you’d be hard pressed to argue that any nation as a whole is currently ignorant of the existence of democratic forms of government.

  • callie_

    See? We live in a country where mr. bongoshaftsbury can freely freak out over an obviously satirical list and behave like an asshat and I can freely call him out on it.

    Oh beautifullll for spaaaaacious skies, for amber waves of graaaaaain…..

  • oouchan

    520. JB-NYC: I’m from the USA. That is why I posted that I am glad *you* don’t speak for the rest of us. Your attitude is why other countries don’t like us and why some Americans agree with them. Me being one. American has lost a lost of it’s veneer. That’s the truth.

  • Jay K: That was Freakin’ Funny. Damn glad that you know how to take the heat. I’d hand you a beer to cool of but virtual beverages aren’t very refreshing.

    “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death you’re right to say it.”

  • Joe13

    What I love about the USA is our cultural diversity. The stereotype “American,” the fat, loud people, are just one small slice of our american pie. There are many other sorts of us who live peacefully with each other. Lots of Arabs, lots of Jews who get along just fine over here. Blacks and whites still have their problems but are moving in the right direction faster than ever. I want to say that there is no “American.” There’s lots of different ones. Yes, we’re young and stupid, but look at what Europe was up to when a mere 300 years old. So, please, gives us just a little more time. There’s lots of us that are serious about growing up.

  • JibbberJabbber

    It would have made more sense to have this list created by someone who knows the genuine, complete, in-context, reasons why other nations/populations have a problem with America. Rather than a list of what Americans believe other nations take issue with.

  • Holydiver

    Arrogance and Ignorance
    The two things that define America
    Also they hate Intelligent people and non-believers >.>

  • callie_

    lo, I like and respect you as a commenter and a debater, but I don’t think you see what I’m saying. It’s no matter, I don’t make a ton of sense to myself sometimes :) I’ll consider this subject now closed, but I didn’t want to make it seem like I wasn’t responding.

  • Baxter In Action

    JibbberJabbber – I think you may be on to something there. A list of reasons people hate America rather than a list of reasons an American dumbass thinks people hate America.

  • lo

    533. JibbberJabbber-

    but then it wouldn’t have any elements of satire would it?

    you can always make the list you want. make one for every country while your at it: why the world hates japan, nigeria, chile, germany, ireland, the philippines etc. etc. etc. -we wouldn’t want to legitimize the USA feeling “special” or “exceptional” now would we?

  • ames

    522. Travis:
    That. Was. Great.

  • It seems to me that the author of the list has a few good points, put they got lost amid his hyperbole and misunderstanding of the situations under which the particular point (or points) of each individual list item were made.
    It reminded me of a saying I once heard, or read, a long time ago, “Every lie is threaded with truth, and every good truth leaks lies”.
    I’m assuming he was going for the laugh, but it went over like a plumbum zeppelin.
    Sure, the rest of the world hates America. The rest of the world has always hated America. I believe it was 1958 when the novel, The Ugly American was published, and Americans have always been known as terrible tourists.
    The thing is, that right now, we are the egocentric nation; the nation with our nose in everyone else’s business. Before us, it was the the British. “The sun never set on the British nation”. They survived; now they’ve taken a different place, but still powerful. This is what I hope for America, that if we have to take a second chair, we will do so with the dignity of the British…unfortunately I don’t see the ego’s of our political leaders, financial leaders, and the leaders of the armed forces doing so.

  • lo

    callie, i’m flattered you like me :) okay, i’ll drop this one. of course if someone else makes the same argument i may take it up with them. sorry if i missed your point. and i like you back.

  • Tsiamon

    a new ‘most controversial list on listverse’ for you, Jamie.

    On that note, why was this list published? I mean, seriously, what’s the point? There’s nothing particularly objective about it; it’s just some guy’s opinion concerning a pretty terrible list topic that’s just made a lot of people bitter.

    I don’t get it.

  • Salty Bob

    @526: That’s funny. You almost had me going there.

  • Jessy

    Just came back to check in before bed; yay, we broke 500! By the time I check again tomorrow I imagine this’ll be somewhere around 2000….

    Too bad there weren’t more Americans on earlier.

    Travis: You didn’t mention Canadians! Typical…Canadians are that polite kid in the corner who just keeps his head down, does his work, and no one gives a damn about cause he just ain’t that controversial alot of the time.

    And Lifeschool: I’m honoured I was mentioned :D. I feel like part of the club now…

  • octarogar

    The sole purpose of this list is to create an endless shitstorm. Many of the comments above prove why the American’s are hated elsewhere becouse of their attitudes and international policies. This could’ve been a good list, but it’s extremely biased and whoever wrote it is incredibly ignorant.

  • TEX

    After reading some of these ridiculous posts – I would say America should go back to an isolationist stance. They should stop sending the tax dollars taken out of Americans paychecks for foreign aid. They should pull their membership and boot that joke of a United Nations out of America – 192 nations and USA and Japan pay 40% of their budget – out with the biased bastards, let them relocate to peaceful Sudan to carry on their “good work”.
    Lets pull our young men back from harms way and let the locals handle it (hardy har har).

    And how long could that last? About a year or two before some unrestrained anal pore like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Bin Laden, Chavez, Ahmajinadad, Jong-il starts to take ground. How long before a truly evil group of men gets a nuke?

    I’m sure nobody’s going to call the hate-able Americans for help.
    (America – EFFYEAH – cumin to save the mother effin day yeah – America EFFYEAH! …………screw the world)

  • steeveebee

    JB-NYC its always interesting to hear an american take on the truth, so often its different from what the rest of the world sees as the truth. Let me thank you again for backing up many of the points made by both the yank haters and those of us who are slightly more rational

  • BongoShaftsbury

    “From Vietnam to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski”
    WTF does this mean? We didn’t finish the job with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski? This guy is a mental nurf ball, reading his lists makes you stupider.

  • JB-NYC

    530. oouchan.. thanks for a normal response. After reading about 400 posts, I guess my arrogant Americanism came out.. We are not perfect but our IDEA of government is.. Well, maybe less shitty than all the other attempts, would be more accurate.

    PS to all others. The USA is not a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic.. There I go again.. Boy, I sure am rude.

  • TheGunslinger

    I’m glad we’ve advanced so far as a world that the best we can do when interacting with each other is spout reasons why we hate each other, and then actually try to JUSTIFY it with reasons.

    In my personal opinion, there are no reasons to HATE anyone. However, the idea of hating an entire nation for missteps or generalizations is completely ridiculous. This isn’t a defense of America. Governmentally, as a nation, the United States makes more mistakes than anyone else, and the annoying part is that no one with any authority has ever apoligized. As an American, I see our government use every little thing as an excuse to make grandiose and unpopular decisions. It IS foolish.

    But to hate America in general is painfully misguided. I’m technically part of America, and I’ve never had a negative thought about anyone because of their nationality or race. There’s simply no point. Nor am I a Republican, a redneck, or a pompous douchebag (at least I don’t think I am, haha). Which is why it makes me sad that everyone, American or otherwise, uses this list as a venue to spew hate speech and then actually attempt to logically back it up.

    Isn’t it a pity that after all we’ve been through, we’re just looking for reasons to be malevolent and angry?

  • Car-ell

    The United States created the internet as we know it today, but not originally. The world wide network would not be as prevalent as it was today. To those of you who keep saying that CERN created the internet, you read too many trash novels. They did create a network, but they did not take the initiative to connect the world with it. Of course, the United States could not have done it without the rest of the world spreading it worldwide.

    If the United States is so arrogant and self-centered, it’s strange that we fund so many relief efforts and are so fond of charity. I can only think of a handful of people that I know that are not involved in at least one charitable organization or more. I am constantly going to events to raise money for one or the other.When we’re not worried about giving money to your developed, thriving nation, you shouldn’t complain, but join us in helping people in third world countries.

    Americans hate arrogance as much as anyone else, but we do appreciate self confidence…
    And the US was built on hard work, and most of us remember this and are not lazy. We just don’t want to work for little pay doing difficult and dangerous jobs. I bet very few of the people calling americans lazy have ever done manual labor in their lives.

    The stereotypes you have for Americans describe the same kind of people I’m sure you have at home, too.
    We’re not bad people, you’ve just gotten a bad impression of us.

    and Travis…
    wtf, man!?! :)

  • steeveebee

    didnt more people vote for the person standing against george bush in the first election? yet he still got into power? seems like a strange system me

  • Car-ell

    Maybe our cultures are just too different…
    What’s rude or arrogant to you is normal for us, and vice versa.

  • callie_

    “Governmentally, as a nation, the United States makes more mistakes than anyone else”

    No. Just no.

  • JB-NYC

    546. steeveebee.

    Thank you for being slightly less ignorant than most.

  • oouchan

    548. JB-NYC: I understand perfectly. It’s kinda like if you own your own home. It’s got some missing paint or shingles missing from the roof. Not too pretty but still your home. You defend it.
    I see America that way. Tarnished around the edges. Not so pretty anymore. Still my home but not so proud of it anymore. We need a kick in the butt. :)

    545. TEX: I like where you were going with that. If we did pull out of everything didn’t get involved…it might be a different attitude that we see in a year or two than what is going on now. I would approve of that!

  • steeveebee

    hehe no worries just enjoying all these comments, such a huge range of passionate views on this topic.

  • lostatsea

    526: That’s the thanks we get for our troops fighting and dying in Kandahar, Afghanistan??? BTW. While travelling in Europe saw many Americans with Canadian Flags and pins, afraid of anti American backlash?? So you denigrate Real Canadians?? we’ve been Afganistan since the beginning something your media seems reluctant to point out.

  • JB-NYC

    551. steeveebee

    oof! It’s called the Electoral college. You should read the US Constitution one day. You might learn something, I doubt it, but anything is possible.

  • KDRockstar

    Congratulations to all who have argued, bullied, and cajoled their way to a 500+ thread.

    I rarely post. I rarely am bothered enough to post.

    But, really, beaver ass juice?

  • johnjohn77

    513. Bob-somebody-stole-my-name: The American concept of freedom is indeed something to drool at – but you guys tend to overuse it a bit too much while completely neglecting what your forefathers has abundantly – talent.

    Not that my country doesn’t do the same (Google Brazilian ‘Funk’ music for instance) – only without Abe Lincolns or FDRs…

  • Gauldar

    I dislike people that are over nationalistic, no matter where they live. People who are too proud of their strengths gladly ignore their weakness. Most of the time those that preach arn’t doing any of the hard work that makes their country what it is either.

  • DetroitBasketball

    I dont think it was good idea to write this in first person/ second person. I am as American as the author of the list, but even I felt it was a little antagonistic in tone.

  • johnjohn77

    561. Gauldar: Amém to you Gauldar!
    Whatever happended to Cosmopolitanism?

    Note: this has nothing to do with the Magazine ^~

  • artemis_kat

    i don’t like to call myself “american” (unless i say it with the stereotypical stupid southern accent) but rather that i’m from the united states. i AM american in the sense that i live on the north american continent. the same silly accent also goes for when i say i speak “american”… yes, i know i speak english.


    Good List! P.S. My first post!

  • ABrutalKind

    I got to about comment 350 and had to take a break to comment. Several things,
    First the whole WW2 argument, it is in my humble opinion that Hitler could have won the war if he had not attacked Russia. If he hadn’t then he would have been able to save a lot of his troops and station them along the atlantic wall and thusly would have been able to defeat the invasion of D-Day. That being said it is obvious that Russia probably won the war for us.(us meaning the Allies). No one won that war alone we all helped.

    Second. This is why I hate nationalism and even patriotism. HOW THE FUCK does it matter what country you were born in. Last time I checked you can’t decide where you are born. I was born an American. Did I choose to be born here? Yes I could leave but because I was born here I always have citizenship here. It just blows my mind that people can get so up in arms about something they have no control over. Jeez people. Be proud of something you have control over. It is like if I got up and claimed that this or that school was the greatest because my parents went there.

    okay now back to reading the copious amount of comments.

  • Travis

    This is America, fuck-head, learn the rules!! :)

  • steeveebee

    @ JB-NYC I am aware of the electoral college system and roughly how it works, but it doesnt change the fact that more people voted for the other guy? its not me not understanding the system, its me saying that the system seems a little flawed surely?

  • Mojo Pin

    The title of this article alone is rather insulting.

    First the author suggests people have excuses rather than logical reasons, because no one could truly have a reason to dislike the US!

    Secondly he/she suggests that people hate “America”,obviously for to create emotion, hates a strong world, dislike, don’t respect, etc etc seem much a more reasonable word to use.

    Finally he calls talks of America (2 continents as far as I’m aware) in his title, and then talks only of the US!

    I don’t hate the US, some of their policies, exports, and aspects of their culture seem marred or plain wrong to me. Then again so do some of my own countries views.

    But come on, be honest; “Home of freedom”
    No one really believes that do they?

  • lostatsea

    568: It’s called electronic voting and the inherent risks with that system, (open to hacking or fraudulent votes) paper ballots that can be double checked if necessary would rule out allegations of vote rigging.

  • PlasmaTwa2

    The list is meant to be a joke, but like everyone else here I can’t really get past some of the things said. First, America wasn’t the only one to storm Normandy. The soldiers of the United Kingdom and Canada gave their lives there, too. (I know you probably know that, though)

    America also used the help of the U.K. and Canada in the Manhattan Project, so while they technically did create the nuclear weapon, remember that they did not do it alone.

    Also, plenty of historians will tell you that the U.S.S.R. won the Allies WWII in Europe. After all, they are the ones who took Berlin after fighting in the bloodiest theatre of war in history and losing over ten million soldiers. Also, the U.S.S.R. declaring war on Japan was a key event that caused the Japanese to surrender; it wasn’t only the atomic bombings. That is also my opinion (Sorry, I find myself wondering what would have happened if the U.S.S.R. won the Cold War), but I also believe that America helped turn WWI in our favour.

    And I just have to ask, what is with all the “Are you listening, North Korea?” comments in the list. That doesn’t really help your case, you know, it just makes you sound like a dick.

    I also think I have to say that I don’t hate America. I like America, but I just like other countries a bit more…

  • JibbberJabbber

    537. lo

    I dont really sense satire here. It comes off as more of an emotional rant. So it’s odd that JFrater asks us to calmly debate when the list is so angry.

    And sure we can always make lists of reasons to hate most countries (namely the most well known, otherwise the reasons would become inside jokes for smaller regions and no one would understand). That’s not a problem. It’s not the point though, I’m just talking about this particular list.

    Thing is America is definitely special in one way: currently, the majority of the world takes issue with America.

  • travisthechimp

    The United States was a great idea that spread too far, too fast and took on too much and too many people. The US established itself as a world power. It’s easy to dislike or hate the loudest person in the room, even if they’re making good points. I can see how the US can come across as shoving its abilities and powers in the face of other countries, and bigoted patriots make this all that much worse. I respect the few people who either say that the Allies won the war or that the US is faulted, but still home. That’s the truth of the United States.

    No country is perfect, how could it be when comprised of the least perfect creature on earth: humans? We are a faulted species and even our best ideas will always have a backlash. The US has caused a lot of issues and problems, but the US also tries to fix a lot of problems; even against the wishes of those that are being helped. I believe half of the idea is: “we have the resources, strength, and power to help, so we’re going to help,” the downfall of that is the equally annoying: “we have the resources, strength, and power to help, so we’re going to help.”

  • Jules

    This is what I just love about the US : americans are way more able than, say, us in ye olde Europe of mocking and criticizing themselves.
    I wish I could see my own fellow countrymen have this kind of attitude.
    *note to self* : write a list about why everyone hates French people

  • oouchan

    573. travisthechimp: Nicely put!

  • Pedro90

    why make this list? people who hate american will hate it more. people who don’t won’t like the antagonist way it is written. people who love america will brag about it to make peopke who hate america hate it more. there’s gonna be an argumment on every comment. and as i’m writting probably 3 other mean comments have been written

  • Josh Plum

    im not even going to get caught up in an argument… but yea, America sucks.. i can say that because i have lived in America and out of it. the people here are rude and stupid.

  • lo

    572. JibbberJabbber-

    well, the list author’s intentions (other than provoking comments) aren’t crystal clear to me, and as many have noted, people seem to be finding what they want in this list. i found elements of self-satire, elements of hubris, and elements of WTF all mixed together.

    and i must ask, when you say “takes issue with america” do you mean with the current government of the USA? with the bush headed government? with all 300 million citizens individually? with all the 2 american continents (canadians, mexicans, peruvians, etc. are all also “americans” just as both germans and italians are “europeans” it sucks that there’s not a pretty name for US citizens, “statesians” just doesn’t work at all.) with specific US foreign policy? with ill-behaved tourists and people who can’t appreciate real football (and changed it’s name to soccer)?

    how should a US citizen react to the unspecified “the world takes issue with america?”

    i’m a US citizen, do you “take issue” with me personally?

  • Cybogen

    I think we ought to keep our hands out of other countries business unless they ask for help and take care of the problems in our own country. We know we have plenty of issues here that need addressing.

  • justareader

    I see a lot of comments refering to “most Americans…or a majority of Americans”. Talk about arrogance. Do you people really know most Americans so you can make these comments???

  • steeveebee

    @ Jules, your post made me remember an article in an English newspaper, The Sun, a few years ago. It was titled reasons to hate the French (which I most certainly do not by the way). The last reason was “they put their road signs in kilometers to make their country seem bigger than ours” made me chuckle

  • BongoShaftsbury

    Pedro90, I’ve only read the last 100 comments, yours makes the most sense. The list itself isn’t that bad, what’s dubious, is the motivation for writing and posting it. JFra is dividing his readers, and despite what he wrote in the intro, he seems to love it when we’re at each others throats.

  • JK the Fifth

    There are actually 2 and a half reasons for me “disliking” America.

    1. America “made” nukes.(I know, maybe Iran and Korea are making nukes, but they didn’t invent them; so, they are “less guilty” than America.

    2. America is a meddling kid. And as you can see, in recent years, America’s meddling has brought nothing but harm to other nations as well as America itself.

    2 1/2. America treats “Porn” as an industry ! ( And you know why this is only a half reason ;) )

    PS: There is one reason for me liking America: Invention of The Internet. :D

  • TEX

    569. Mojo Pin

    “But come on, be honest; “Home of freedom” No one really believes that do they?”

    Your goddamned right we do!

    There are no more sacred words than “land of the free and home of the brave” to a true American (USA)

  • Baxter In Action

    “and i must ask, when you say “takes issue with america” do you mean with the current government of the USA? with the bush headed government? with all 300 million citizens individually?…with specific US foreign policy? with ill-behaved tourists and people who can’t appreciate real football (and changed it’s name to soccer)?”

    lo – I imagine it’s any selection of the above. Some disagree with your government or your foriegn policy. Others just don’t like Americans. The fact is, however that a very sizable chunk of the world’s population do not like America in one respect or another.

  • JibbberJabbber

    578. lo

    Well I cant say how a US citizen “should” react. Everyone reacts differently because of their circumstances, upbringing, economic status, racial composition, age and perceptions (as well as their neurological/biological structure which can affect understanding their environment).

  • Baxter In Action

    TEX – In that respect you are no more different from the rest of the civilised world.

  • JibbberJabbber

    578. lo

    –double post it cut me off

    That last bit was a lil joke. What I am trying to say is that when I say “takes issue with America” I am knowingly (of course not everyone does this with any self awareness) generalizing, rather than going off on a long list of explanations as I just did here.

    However, if there was a genuine list not based on satire, a US citizen would see just what aspects of America is being targetting (in other words, what are the issues, are they with the government, with stereotypical Americans, all Americans, all of American history, policies, leaders/figure heads and etc).

    So I generalize, because I personally do not have the most extensive/knowledgeable top ten list to provide others with the background information.

    I do have personal (limited) “issues with America”, not with individual American citizens or even the majority of them. So no I do not take issue with you.

  • TEX

    582. BongoShaftsbury
    business is business

  • KDRockstar

    Also, I liked the comment about someone having boots older than the United States. It reminded me of when I said, “Our farmhouse was built in 1880” with that unmistakable American pride, and my Irish uncle snorted into his beard.

    As individuals, people from the United States need to look beyond their backyards and experience other countries and cultures. As a government, the United States needs to help those who ask for it rather than push itself upon everyone.

    But other countries need to forgive individual Americans for the crap TV (I hate it and do not watch), shite music (old rock and roll, please, and British is preferred) and celebrity antics (I do not know these people, nor do I care to).

    I’m surprised no one has brought up the United States equal rights movement (for women and for blacks). I would think that would be a hot topic.

  • Mojo Pin


    Land of the free – Because we set up our torture camps outside of the country.

  • smurff

    Wow wow I have just got home from work its 6-35 pm here and their is noways that I can read all the comments tonight, the way its going now it could end up near the 1000 mark.

    If Im not mistaken there was a list with 500 + comments in the past I could be wrong.

    Jamie – a good roller coaster ride this list.

    oouchan 555 your comment to 548 JB – NYC (548) was out of the top draw, I liked it very much – Thanks.

  • lostatsea

    573.travis the chimmp: Agree with your post and like any country has their own problems, however fundamentalist beliefs seem to be shaping your govt.s policies. Personally I don’t dislike Americans just your govt.s policies and blatant hypocrisy. Your foundation built on the Constitution is admirable but seems to be under attack from your politicians. Ron Paul and Dennis Kuchenik (sp?) seems to be among the lone voices in upholding these values.

  • geekygirluk

    Having now read all the comments, to correct the perceptions some Americans obviously have:

    @ CatChick1964
    What you might not realize is that, we don’t go barging into another country without someone in power saying “our children are dying in their beds, please come help us”

    – And yet the CIA went into Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Malaysia, etc and helped effect all those military coups in countries that were thriving under a more socialist government, because they weren’t allowing US business interests to buy up their national resources.

    “Great Britain and the UN never asked for help in Rwanda.” What about the Rwandans? – Did your administration think to ask THEM if they needed help?

    “I homeschool my girls” “I, for one, kinda like Sarah. She’s a tough ol’ broad.” – Say no more. I think I understand why your comments are so moronic.

    “I used to say I was a displaced Englishwoman. I’ve always been homesick for that country and never been there. Believe me, you’re not. Unless you were misplaced when the Mayflower set sail! You can’t be homesick for somewhere you’ve never been, and don’t forget, you might have to see the oppression that goes on outside your borders!

    315. FindMe – Great Comment

    318. Steven “It also seems that the rest of the world puts impossible situations on us. We are asked (almost begged) to do something with Darfur and many other places, but, when we decide to go after a bloody regime in Iraq (Saddam Hussein – responsible for countless deaths in Kuwait and Iraq) we are chastised for it. We are expected to cure all of the world’s problems yet not allowed to celebrate in our glory? “

    Er…glory? What the deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians? Er…yeah, well done there.

    #336 Steven “If we ultimately wanted to control the world, wouldn’t it be easier to just go ahead and take Canada, Mexico and South America First instead of starting overseas?” – See comments to CatChick above.

    I have read most of the comments that follow the ones I’ve commented on, but CatChick is such a moron, and Steven’s comments were so inane I just couldn’t help myself.

    Oh, and FYI USA – the debt that you saddled the UK with following WWII was paid off about 8 years ago – so yeah THANKS for that! And don’t give me that “If it weren’t for us you’d all be speaking German” rubbish – as has been said many times, every country played their part but only you act like you were the only ones that turned up!

  • BongoShaftsbury

    TEX #584 “But come on, be honest; “Home of freedom” No one really believes that do they?”

    Your goddamned right we do!

    There are no more sacred words than “land of the free and home of the brave” to a true American (USA)”
    Of course my simple-minded fellow citizen doesn’t grasp the irony of having the world’s largest prison population. At least there’s some good news here regarding that shameful statistic, Obama is going to reform our drug laws, mitigating some of the damage caused by America’s “other, other failed war”.

  • Freshies

    How about, I don’t give a rats ass if people don’t like america or americans. If you don’t like america than I don’t like you, and I really could care less.

    I drive an SUV, water my yard everday, make fun of French people, eat fast food twice a week and love it! If they had the same resources that our awesome country has they would be doing the same damn thing. And don’t blame us we are the nice country that let’s anyone from around the world come here and we share with them the same oppurtunities that we have (even if you are illegal). Now tell me what other country does that? They can’t because they don’t know how to support them, and we can. WE ARE THE BEST!

  • SamBam51

    Great List,
    BTW without America Europe would either be speaking Russian or German and Asia would be speaking Japanese.

  • travisthechimp

    593. lostatsea: Perhaps the greatest US blunder is allowing our politicians the freedoms we do without any control. I think US citizens tend to feel powerless against our government and its decisions; while very few might agree with the actions taken, we lack a voice in what happens. The Constitution was written when it was much easier to be a part of the political happenings in one’s area; now being so busy with our individual lives, we cannot maintain proper reigns over our politicians.

    You’re absolutely right: too many of our policies are based on a signle person’s beliefs or desires and those in control take us on a blundering course to inevitable judgement from other countries.

  • Mojo Pin

    Freshies – “I drive an SUV, water my yard everday, make fun of French people, eat fast food twice a week and love it! If they had the same resources that our awesome country has they would be doing the same damn thing. And don’t blame us we are the nice country that let’s anyone from around the world come here and we share with them the same oppurtunities that we have (even if you are illegal). Now tell me what other country does that? They can’t because they don’t know how to support them, and we can. WE ARE THE BEST!”

    Is that the US dream!!! Lol!
    Hate to tell you that but a lot of countries have the capability of selling fast food, and letting you water your garden each day, and even drive 4×4’s, how can you know so little about the rest of the world! Was this satire, if so i apologise.

  • phat_stack


  • roarkminusred

    I will not check any comments to my post so you may all rant when I’m finished but I will hardly care. I think this list was actually very interesting because it shows how Americans believe the rest of the world dislikes them. America is of course an easy country to dislike; it is large, powerful, and wealthy despite the masses of people who have poor education. However, America is a wonderful country because it has the unique status of being an amalgamation of hundreds of other cultures. Most other countries have cultures that are centuries old and extremely homogenized. I will not purport that America is blameless for the world’s problems, nor will I try to defend my country’s mistakes. Unfortunately, all countries that were superpowers at one time or another made massive mistakes. It is a fact that comes with the amount of power that country wields. Yet, it is evident that America must have done something correct. Our democracy is the basis for most developing nations, we threw a pretty successful revolution and then continued to tweak our government model until we solidified its legitimacy. I just do not understand why this is such an issue. Yes, Americans are headstrong and arrogant. Yes, America is not the only country to have helped the world. But aren’t all countries like that? France puts a cap on the amount of American movies that can be shown in the country, Britain does not economically tie itself to the EU, most countries have a national language. Must I continue? Do I have to list every bad thing that every country has done in the history of the world? Having pride in your country is not a bad thing, and disliking a person for specific reasons is not bad either. But making a generalization about an entire nation and then having an absolutely ridiculous argument that lacks class and eloquence but abounds in an exchange of ad hominem insults is just sad.

  • BongoShaftsbury

    “BTW without America Europe would either be speaking Russian or German and Asia would be speaking Japanese.”
    Yeah, so what? If it weren’t for Lafayette and the French, Americans would be speaking English today.

  • phat_stack

    Wait wait wait wait….HOLD ON! Look at the author of the list. “Jay K”? jk? He was “just kidding”, guys!! Now can’t we all just get along?

  • steeveebee

    LOL @ SamBam51, nearly 600 comments and u felt that that was worthwhile adding now? as many others have said every country played their part in the war and it is not down to one country that the allies were victorious.

  • oouchan

    592. smurff: Why thank you!

    598. travisthechimp: So true! We are supposed to have the power of the vote, but we don’t use like we should! These bozos keep getting elected and make the US look even worse!

  • lostatsea

    594. geekygirluk: You sum it up succinctly. The more than a million deaths and injuries in Iraq make Saddam a piker in comparison. Prison population in US highest in world, not something to be proud of, and what about the FEMA camps? The increasing default of homeowners by usurious mortage brokers! The crippling debt load being forced on American taxpayers??

  • lostatsea

    605.oouchan: My point exactly…I think it was the Diebolt company that handled your voting system that led to the Bush fiasco!!

  • lo

    i think the real cause of the US problems in international relations, yes we do have some and yes directly because of our actions, is that we truly are still a young country.

    combine that with wealth and a strong military and what do you get? something akin to a junior-high (think 13 year old if you don’t have “jr. high” in your country) kid driving a monster truck and buying fast food with an unlimited credit card.

    now this kid might have a really good heart, he might have really good intentions, but being a kid and thus lacking the wisdom you only get from experience, he’s going screw up sometimes. this wouldn’t be a big deal if he was riding a bicycle and spending the pocket change he made moving lawns, but behind the wheel of the monster truck he could cause deadly accidents with ease, and only because he’s not had that much practice driving, not because he’s a hardened killer. and it means he’ll still have growing pains and is still trying to “find himself” by figuring out his social values and all that. the USA is still that 13 year old.

    who ever said we should remember the what the european countries were each doing when they were less than 300 years old reminded me of this truth about the states. thanks.

  • smithstar15

    If my country is so damn bad why are so many deadbeats trying to get in here? Yes,we have faults but if it had not been for the USA all of Europe (Including England and France) would be clicking their heels and scarfing down sauerkraut.I agree that we should pull out all our troops from everywhere.Envoke the Monroe Doctrine.If Europe is so far ahead of us in science that’s great.Maybe when Russia comes marching into Eastern Europe again (and they will) you can defeat them through osmosis.And as far as caring what the rest of the world thinks about my country I imagine I won’t get over 10 hours sleep tonight-And for all Americans on here who agree America is so damn bad,don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  • Baxter In Action

    Freshies: “I drive an SUV, water my yard everday, make fun of French people, eat fast food twice a week and love it! If they had the same resources that our awesome country has they would be doing the same damn thing.”

    Wrong! That’s wrong! Most of the Western world DOES have those opportunities, we just don’t because we give a shit about what effect our actions have on the planet. I’m no eco-warrior but if what you said is true then you’re just plain stupid.

    “And don’t blame us we are the nice country that let’s anyone from around the world come here and we share with them the same oppurtunities that we have (even if you are illegal). Now tell me what other country does that? They can’t because they don’t know how to support them, and we can. WE ARE THE BEST!”
    That’s pretty much exactly the same as much of Europe. The only difference is that the UK (I can’t speak for the rest) takes better care of our illegal immigrants and asylum seekers because of the welfare state.

  • lostatsea

    609: A scary look at freedom to go organic in US. Must also point out Canada is no better as we have an ongoing legal battle over a cooperatives right to unpasturized milk.

  • Princess Consuela Bananahammock

    Why are you all so prejudiced? Americans don’t generally hate foreigners. Why do you hate them?

  • steeveebee

    Will arrogant and ignorant Americans stop saying things like europeans would be speaking german/ eating sauerkraut if it werent for you. Every country played a part in defeating the axis and its incredibly stupid to sum it up in that way.

  • calm_incense

    I take issue with the notion that a country can become more “mature” by becoming older. A country is only as wise as its current population. I can go to a new country like Bangladesh or an old country like India, and the people won’t be “wiser” or “more mature” – or less so – simply for living in a country that has politically existed longer.

    Sorry, but that’s just a myth. I’ve met brilliant people from the newest of countries and absolute morons from the oldest of countries. Countries are not to be personified; history is a cycle that repeats with each new generation, not a collective cup of wisdom from which each new generation will have sipped completely from birth.

    This is especially true now that the Internet has globalized knowledge. There’s no reason why an Internet-user must be advantaged or disadvantaged by his or her country’s “level of wisdom” when the wisdom of the entire *world* is at his or her fingertips.

    In short, don’t fancy yourself wiser just because you were born in a country that’s existed longer. That’s just delusional, wishful thinking.

  • lostatsea

    612: Dont remember your hissy fit over french fries because France didn’t agree with US claims of WMDs in Iraq??

  • Baxter In Action

    smithstar: “If my country is so damn bad why are so many deadbeats trying to get in here? Yes,we have faults but if it had not been for the USA all of Europe (Including England and France) would be clicking their heels and scarfing down sauerkraut.”
    Idiosyncratic jingoist-nationalist redneck. Read a history book.

    “If Europe is so far ahead of us in science that’s great.Maybe when Russia comes marching into Eastern Europe again (and they will) you can defeat them through osmosis.”
    That’s great. That’s real great. Maybe you’d rather we throw some Bibles at them?

    “And as far as caring what the rest of the world thinks about my country I imagine I won’t get over 10 hours sleep tonight-”
    And yet you still felt the need to post on this list. Bravo.

    Enjoy your FOX news.

  • phat_stack

    No one likes us-I don’t know why
    We may not be perfect, but heaven knows we try
    But all around, even our old friends put us down
    Let’s drop the big one and see what happens

    We give them money-but are they grateful?
    No, they’re spiteful and they’re hateful
    They don’t respect us-so let’s surprise them
    We’ll drop the big one and pulverize them

    Asia’s crowded and Europe’s too old
    Africa is far too hot
    And Canada’s too cold
    And South America stole our name
    Let’s drop the big one
    There’ll be no one left to blame us

    We’ll save Australia
    Don’t wanna hurt no kangaroo
    We’ll build an All American amusement park there
    They got surfin’, too

    Boom goes London and boom Paris
    More room for you and more room for me
    And every city the whole world round
    Will just be another American town
    Oh, how peaceful it will be
    We’ll set everybody free
    You’ll wear a Japanese kimono
    And there’ll be Italian shoes for me

    They all hate us anyhow
    So let’s drop the big one now
    Let’s drop the big one now

  • calm_incense

    @ lostassea:

    I hope by “your”, you’re referring to Princess Consuela Bananahammock on a personal level. Because if by “your”, you’re referring to all 300,000,000 Americans, you really have absolutely *no* clue.

    My guess is that 97% of Americans have never even cared about France’s involvement in the Iraq War.

    For people who condemn American ignorance, you folks sure do know little about America.

  • Louisa Sneeza

    Where I live, we most carbon emmissions come from the fact that most people must commute about an hour to work every day or work in a family-run business. We don’t have public transportation like they do in other places (like Europe) because of the size of our nation and the resulting great expanses of rural land. How can you pretend to know so much about a country you’ve never been to before? Your arguments are weak. It seems to me that you are judging a group of people you don’t know that well on very little.

  • lo

    616. Baxter In Action-

    he’s always like that. one of the “boot in yer ass” bible-belt americans if there ever was one. fox is like mother’s milk to them.

  • calm_incense

    @ Baxter In Action:

    And yet…you’re an American. Do you realize that no matter how much you criticize and condemn jingoistic American conservatives, people who hate America are STILL going to hate you?

    The people in this thread go on singling out people like JB-NYC, completely ignoring you and everything you say, because you represent a self-critical American that these people just can’t fathom to exist.

    You’ve got some Americans yelling “FUCK AMERICA!”, and yet it’s the ones who say, “God bless America!” that get the world’s attention. While you criticize Americans for being jingoistic, these people will criticize you simply for being American.

  • Kattt

    As a neighbor from the North, i can definitely say that this is just the tip of the iceberg as to why we all hate Americans. I think the term “ignorant racist rednecks” sums it up best. the scum of the Earth. terrorist pieces of sh** to be honest hahah and the whole world would agree with me.

    oh and thanks for all that “foreign aid candy” you pumped out. It really helped to cause the African debt crisis. and We all love what your doing in the “war”.
    thank god you have a new president. now if only you could gain a couple more IQ points collectively and stop being such douche bags hahah

  • smithstar15

    Baxter In Action: Isn’t it time for your medication? I never watch FOX–But you and some others are obviously obsessed with it–Got a crush on Ann Coulter,do you? Or maybe it’s Hannity that gets you sweating?-

  • calm_incense

    @ Kattt:

    Tell me, do you consider Barack Obama to be a “ignorant racist redneck”?

  • Hyla

    It’s funny that so many comments on this list talk about not generalizing Americans and yet that is all Americans do to other countries. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out!

    America is only the greatest country in the world to Americans. Yes, it is great to be proud of your home country but recognize the fact that there are many, MANY nations around the world who’s citizens can claim the same thing (I’m Canadian and without a doubt I think that Canada is the greatest country in the world to call home. I am so damn proud of my country…and I do not judge others for feeling the same about theirs).

  • CatChick1964

    wow… I see the hate hasn’t let up since I was here earlier.

    You know, if most of you people would realize that this list was mostly a satirical joke… lighten up and see the funniness of it… it would be much more pleasant coming in here and commenting.

    But then, of course, there would probably only be about six comments instead of 624.

  • mansonego

    satire fail. Randy Newman could do soooo much better..

  • steeveebee

    @ calm_incense

    I see your point about Baxter, but i believe people like JB-NYC are coming out with points that are far more likely to incite responses. Many of which seem arrogant or assanine. Baxter is conveying logical points and arguements which are making people think rather than become angered and immediately post back. It has nothing to do with being American but a lot more to do with the image of yourself you put across on here.

  • SamBam51

    @ steeveebee, 604
    I know I came in late and wanted to add my two cents, also im not saying America was the only factor just a major one, I’m not trying to downplay other countries roles.

    Oh and heres a WWII joke,
    Q: Why is the Champs-Élysées lined with trees?
    A: So the Germans can march in the shade.

  • lostatsea

    618: Actually as it was reported in the US media it seemed as if most Americans were behind it, as the dumping of French wines down sewers etc. Have spent a lot of time in America on both coasts and in many States, seen the best and the worst including the racism still found in some southern ones, or the need for an armed guard in a fast food joint in Detroit!!

  • calm_incense

    @ Hyla

    “It’s funny that so many comments on this list talk about not generalizing Americans and yet that is all Americans do to other countries. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out!”

    Goddamn, do you NOT realize just how fucking hypocritical that is? It’s insane that you think you can impose ANY blanket label upon 300 MILLION individuals. If you don’t see the absolute ridiculousness of your idiotically presumptuous statement, you are unbelievably naive and need to grow up.

  • Baxter In Action

    calm_incense: “And yet…you’re an American. Do you realize that no matter how much you criticize and condemn jingoistic American conservatives, people who hate America are STILL going to hate you?”

    I’m not an American.

  • steeveebee

    @ SamBam51, lol nice joke

  • calm_incense

    @ steeveebee:

    So tell me, *why* do act as if JB-NYC represents ALL Americans, while simultaneously completely IGNORING Baxter? Is it because he’s not *obnoxious* enough to fit your template of the “typical American”? Because he’s not overly patriotic, it means he “doesn’t count”, right?

    Give me a break.

  • Baxter In Action

    calm_incense – as an adjoinder to that, I don’t hate Americans. On the contrary, some of the nicest people I’ve ever met are American, and I have American friends. I just think self-and-country-obsessed people everywhere are morons. We have them here in Britain too, in a small minority.

    smithstar, you’re a douchebag. I’m done talking to you now.

  • calm_incense

    @ Baxter In Action:

    Well, what you’re saying is no different from the beliefs held by MILLIONS of Americans – particularly, liberals and libertarians.

  • callie_

    “As a neighbor from the North, i can definitely say that this is just the tip of the iceberg as to why we all hate Americans. I think the term “ignorant racist rednecks” sums it up best. the scum of the Earth. terrorist pieces of sh** to be honest hahah and the whole world would agree with me.”

    wow. really? This list is actually hard for me to comment on because the people actually saying something are so few and far between.

  • smithstar15

    Baxter In Action “I’m not an American”

    No shit–You’re probably not much of anything.

  • steeveebee

    @ calm_incense

    I have never acted as though JB-NYC represents all Americans, please quote me to show where I have done that? and I would say Baxter doesnt fit the template as HE ISN’T AMERICAN.

    “give me a break” lol

  • Baxter In Action

    steeveebee, calm_incense – Thanks for the compliment!

  • calm_incense

    “i think JB-NYC is a perfect example of why some people hate america so much…”

    That makes about as much sense as this:

    “i think the Dalai Lama is a perfect example of why some people hate china so much”

  • travisthechimp

    While I discourage the ignorance of anyone judging or hating the United States of American for the actions of our government or the demeanor of a portion of our population, people like smithstar15 and Freshies certainly make a case for anyone who dislikes the United States or a citizen thereof; however, I assure you, these are people equally hated and found to be obnoxious in the States, as well, and do not represent who we all really are.

  • bucslim

    524 – bongo – there are plenty of things worse than a right wing baby boomer. For instance, a left wing hippie peacenik who bitches and moans 24 hours a day about how the ‘man’ is ignoring them but never actually do anything about it except hold up a sign or put flowers in gun barrels. They smoke pot all day long but can’t handle a little tear gas.

    Any member of PETA is worse than a right wing baby boomers.

    Liberals who constantly blame Bush for every single solitary thing that has ever gone wrong since the dawn of time despite voting to support his policies and approving the Iraq war several times are worse than right wing baby boomers.

    The empty headed, vapid, fat assed, crybaby, uniformed, busy body and freakishly moronic women on ‘The View’ are worse than right wing baby boomers. I’ve heard more intelligent commentary about issues of the day from homeless paranoid schitzos who tell me the FBI and CIA are tuning up the chip in their head and they need money for de-bugging. The only thing worse than the ladies on the View are the ass clowns in the audience applauding every time the other three gang up on Elizabeth Hasselbeck, which is about every 15 seconds.

    People who’ve been suckling off the welfare teat for three generations on the backs of working folks like you and me, yet still squirt out bastard kids every year who will eventually belly up to the giant nipple themselves are worse than right wing baby boomers.

    Douchebag, Hollywood high school drop out actors, actresses, rock stars and celebrities who think that just because they say something about politics, we’re supposed to pay attention and actually follow their line of psychotic stream of steaming dung as if it has any meaning are worse than right wing baby boomers.

    OK? We clear here?

  • steeveebee

    thats taken out of context. I do not believe that his views are the same as the vast majority. However some people react very strongly to the type of comments JB-NYC made and as a result of statements like his many people feel that his views are the same as the rest of his counries population. I have said nothing that indicated I take his comments to reflect the feelings of every other American.

  • Hyla

    @ calm_incense

    First of all calm down :) no need for childish name calling. Second of all, you completely missed the point. Before you go throwing around how it’s not ok to make a blanket statement about 300 million Americans stop and read some of the comments of your contemporaries and see the blanket statements they are throwing around about the millions of Europeans, or billions of Chinese, etc (I think that might be slightly larger than the 300 million you are so eager to throw around…I don’t know :)). All I am saying is that other comments (maybe your included, maybe not) cannot throw a fit about people generalizing Americans and then do the same thing to the individuals of other nations.

  • smithstar15

    KATT:As a neighbor from the North, i can definitely say that this is just the tip of the iceberg as to why we all hate Americans. I think the term “ignorant racist rednecks” sums it up best. the scum of the Earth. terrorist pieces of sh** to be honest hahah and the whole world would agree with me.

    That’s odd:There are 2 Canadian women and one woman From Germany who married American men living right here in my neighborhood–They all say they’re so glad to now be Americans: I guess they are exceptions..right? Just oddballs who love us old American redneck men.And of course we all know there are no women in Europe who are dying to marry American men and get over here. That’s a myth.

  • callie_

    buc, run away with me. We’ll live in a land of pink floppy hats and dial scales. Dare to dream.

  • TEX

    RIGHT ON bucslim

  • Crevan Fox

    I think this list overlooked a few points. As a non-American I don’t have a problem with the ex-pats I’ve met. It’s the government, the policy and the country when taken as a whole, in it’s feverish pro-American fervor.

    We have a problem with you funding terrorists to suit your own purposes (Osama Bin Laden, Hussein, Castro, much of South America).

    We have a problem with your war policy. From the invasion of Canada in 1812, to your belated entry in WW1 and WW2 (and prior war profiteering before commiting to the fight), your illegal wars in the Middle East, and the lies you told to justify going into sovereign nations, the treatment you give your vets(or lack of same), the fact you are the only people to drop nuclear weapons in wartime, the torture of civilians, your refusal to sign treaties banning the use of landmines, the “friendly fire accidents” that kill your allies, and so on.

    Non Americans take issue with the stereotypes you seem content to perpetuate about other cultures-if you even have an idea of that culture to begin with. Your ignorance of other countries would be a little more excusable if you didn’t invade, occupy, “liberate” and otherwise interfer in countries most of your citizens couldn’t find on a map.

    You are the richest country in the world, yet have the lowest amounts of money (by percentage of GDP) donated to deveolping countries, the greatest disparity between your own citizens. People starve on the streets, and single moms cant get basic health care for their kids, but people arepulling in millions a year.

    Your anti-socialism crusade means a lot of countries, who otherwise would be caring for their own people, are pursuing a more purely capitalist/American style of government.

    IMF and the World Banks restructuring and repayment programs have also meant less money for things like education, healthcare, infrastructure, etc. Both groups are largely American run. When the States needed to borrow money they didn’t need to follow the same rules.

    These are all off the top of my head. I’m sure I could come up with more.

    On an individual basis, the Americans I’ve met are nice, decent, people, if not a little loud and opinionated. But the actions of the country as a whole are both frightening annd angering.

    A very provoking list.

  • smithstar15

    travisthemonkey–On the contrary –I far more represent America than an ignorant asshole like you.

  • Baxter In Action

    Smithstar, I know I said I was done talking to you, but I feel I should point this out:

    “And of course we all know there are no women in Europe who are dying to marry American men and get over here. That’s a myth”

    You should see what it’s like when American girls go to Europe. They go absolutely nuts.

  • oouchan

    628. steeveebee: That was a good comment and I agree.

    bucslim: like your comment…especially about The View…they are horrible! My mother loves them and I can’t stand hearing them bitch and moan! And then she tells me about what they talked about today and who was on the show. Not interested.

  • steeveebee

    smithstar if you are resorting to insults and name calling you have lost the arguement. maybe its time to stop

  • “Welcome back! Well it’s been a tough old day so far for everyone here on the Listverse – and things are still hotting up! After several submissions, and a knock out, round three has decended into a free-for-all scramble. [Slow motion replay as phat_stack steps in with a poem, only to be gunned down in mid air… camera pans to the subs bench]. It’s a meltdown for the home team so far with many of their best players held in reserve [Cuts to Randall being restrained with chains and a gag]. But it’s anybody’s guess how things will play in the next half hour.

    We’ll be broadcasting the latest, LIVE! to your living room – only on LVC. [jingle plays, applause]

    And NOW, a brief word from our sponsers…. [fade out]

  • tripsyman

    America should be praised it has given us some truly world changing things:
    Coca Cola
    John Wayne

    How would we have survived without these things?
    If you want a nation to hate go for the English we scots have been doing it for years :)

  • travisthechimp

    smithstar15, please not the irony in what you said and have a great day.

  • lo

    buc you dispoint me. stooping to watching the view…i didn’t think you had it in you.

  • travisthechimp

    Sorry, smithstar15, please *note* the irony in what you said and have a great day.

  • oouchan

    650. smithstar15: Please don’t speak for all of us. There are more of us who are not so proud of this nation than you know.

    654. Lifeschool: Perfect! I needed some laughter!

  • Metalwrath

    As a bi-national (I’m French and American by nationality, but I was born and have always lived in France) I think I’m well placed to know for which reasons some people in Europe hate Americans the most.

    The number 10 (Center of the Universe) is a very common explanation. Something related to American egocentrism is that most Europeans believe many Americans know nothing of the world around them which is sometimes true. I have a few examples… last time I went to the US, I was with some American dudes and they saw that I had some shitty CD player and were seriously astonished that we actually had some pieces of technology in France. Another time, I met some Americans in Spain, and they asked me if France was a democracy… Also, what annoys the hell out of Europeans is when Americans think they’re the only “free” country in the world, and say Europeans hate America “because they are jealous” (which is totally untrue). Some Americans also seem to think Eastern Europe is poor which is quite an exageration (sure, things are cheap there for an American or Western European, but those are not “poor” countries…).

    Its mostly a hatred for Americans’ supposed arrogance.

    I know some french guys who fought in the military during the war for Kuwait, and apparently, the french soldiers were totally shocked by the way American marines acted with Iraqi civilians… with utmost disrespect. We can see today with amateur videos of the war in Iraq how some American soldiers act (I believe its one of the main reasons why the population there is hostile after a brief moment of joy for being liberated from Saddam). We can see videos of marines kicking a kid’s goat and laughing around, or throwing a kid in a river, making fun of an old man..etc..

  • smithstar15

    Baxter In Action: Well,you’ve really hurt me that you’re not going to talk to me–I’ll go talk to my toilet lid instead-Be about the same thing,actually–

    Yeah,the girls may go nuts but they always come home.Very few stay and marry fish-head eaters.In the end they want a man so they come home to America.

  • calm_incense

    “you completely missed the point. Before you go throwing around how it’s not ok to make a blanket statement about 300 million Americans stop and read some of the comments of your contemporaries and see the blanket statements they are throwing around about the millions of Europeans, or billions of Chinese, etc (I think that might be slightly larger than the 300 million you are so eager to throw around…I don’t know :)). All I am saying is that other comments (maybe your included, maybe not) cannot throw a fit about people generalizing Americans and then do the same thing to the individuals of other nations.”

    …no, YOU missed the point. These “contemporaries” are no more “contemporaries” of mine as an American as they are “contemporaries” of YOURS as an earthling.

    No one should be held accountable for OTHER PEOPLE’S words. My whole POINT is that just because *some* Americans generalize doesn’t mean *all* do.

    I really don’t understand what’s so unfathomable about this.

    Judge me by my own words, not by others’. Where does the demographic stereotyping end? I am a Southern Californian to Californians. I am a Californian to other Americans. I am an American to other Westerners. I am a Westerner to Asians. I am a human to animals. I’d be an earthling to extra-terrestrial beings.

    PLEASE tell me you *get* it.

  • Baxter In Action

    Lifeschool – I was just wondering where Randall was in all of this!

  • ames

    To: 652. Baxter In Action – May 14th, 2009 at 11:02 am

    You can have those girls…

  • Reyairia

    Ooh! I got another one;
    You pay more attention at what Looney Tunes says about other countries than change the channel and watch the actual news about them.

  • thuss

    the reason why i hate america is not in this list ! why ! maybe because this list was written from americas point of view! this list is biast

  • smithstar15

    Metalwrath –There’s no such thing as being French and American–And “French Fighting” is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. By the way,I saw a video of a French soldier with a goat..but he wasn’t kicking it.

  • ames

    To smithstar15:

    I think I have a crush on you…(she said, hoping he’s a guy).

  • calm_incense

    @ Reyairia:

    “You pay more attention at what Looney Tunes says about other countries than change the channel and watch the actual news about them.”


    It’s incredible how ignorant some people can be. Woe is the human race.

  • Mojo Pin

    Nicey said Crevan Fox

  • Nietzsche

    What’s funny is all the ones that hate America are just angry about it, hahaha. And they cry for “objectivity,” as long as it is from their point of view and not America’s, lmfao. Sound like whiny, jealous, angry babies. If you had all the things America had, you’d be proud of it. It’s not arrogance. We’ve done more in 250 years than you countries have done since the dawn of civilization.

  • callie_

    thuss: care to share?

    reyairia: yes. And I learned how dumb coyotes were and how busy the ACME customer service line must be from Looney Tunes as well. Also that ducks wear shirts without pants. A veritible pool of knowledge, Looney Tunes.

  • bucslim

    callie – and your little dog too!

  • lo

    now that smithstar’s joined the party this will just get more obvious:

    why would any US citizen be at all shocked if citizens of other nations hate us, we hate each other.

    really, it’s no secret that americans of different political and social bents loathe each other. if we can feel this kind of intense dislike for each other why should it make us raise our eyebrows in shock to hear that people in other places see these same traits in us and don’t like it either?

    it’s not fair to hate a country as a whole, to stereotype all of its inhabitants as one mass of anything. “americans” of the US aren’t all alike, if this keeps going down the liberal vs. conservative path that will be made abundantly clear. and so being hated by someone simply for the country of my birth stings a bit, but it’s not going to make me over-compensate and claim my country is spotless and without flaws either. if more people could be more honest and use fewer generalizations this comment list would be a paltry few hundred, tops.

  • Hyla

    @ calm_incense

    Why so much anger? I am honestly not attacking you, just stating my opinion. No hatred ok?

    Honestly if you feel that you should not be defined and generalized as American, because demographic stereotyping is wrong then fine. I *get* that. However, I see myself as a Canadian. I believe many of the posters here see themselves as Americans and are defending their country by attacking others. So I am responding to them. If you are the exception to the rule, then I apologize. But then you should really start attacking the other posters for all their comments about England, France etc,. Just to be fair and all…

    Can we get along now? After all I am Canadian, we do not like to fight. :)

  • Baxter In Action

    “If you had all the things America had, you’d be proud of it. It’s not arrogance.”

    That’s the point – we do have all the things you have!

    “We’ve done more in 250 years than you countries have done since the dawn of civilization.”

    Oh please! I’ll see your race riots and raise you the Renaissance.

  • lo

    668. smithstar15 – May 14th, 2009 at 11:13 am [Report Abuse]
    Metalwrath –There’s no such thing as being French and American

    -you’ve never, ever heard of duel citizenship? why am i not surprised.

  • Metalwrath

    smithstar15 : your comment 668 illustrates very well what I was saying (comment 660) about American arrogance, and American ignorance on the rest of the world (saying France sucks militarily, and the fact that you don’t know an enormous amount of Americans are of french descent), thank you for helping out. But don’t worry, although I inherited the nationality from my mother, I don’t consider myself American… first of all because being American isn’t an ethnicity or anything, and also because of people like you, who could make any American ashamed of sharing the same nationality.

    If you want to talk about french military history, let me tell you that I will defend the fact that France has one of the most glorious military histories in the world, topped perhaps only by England. I will argument for that if you want to debate on it, and I know in advance that I will win, simply because its true.

  • calm_incense

    @ Hyla:

    It’s not “anger” so much as “annoyance” that people *still* have archaic, 19th-century mentalities that *nationality* REALLY makes any difference.

  • callie_

    “I believe many of the posters here see themselves as Americans and are defending their country by attacking others”

    I disagree. Oh yes, there are people doing that, but I think mostly the commenters are defending our country by defending it on it’s merits. We’re listing reasons we’re good and reasons we’re proud, not reasons we’re better that your country. At least, the smart ones are :)

  • calm_incense

    Oh well, humans are immature. I don’t know why I get surprised every time I see evidence confirming this.

  • Looney Tunes is about as factual as the news these days. It’s unfair to attack them :P

  • smithstar15

    ames: Yes Sweetie(He says, hoping she’s a woman)–I’m a man (a vanishing breed as you can tell from these other posts)

  • Hyla

    All in all, isn’t it kind of nice to see how much everyone loves their own countries. It seems everyone has reasons to debate the merits of their homeland. I don’t hate Americans, but I don’t love them either. I often try to think about what it would be like to be American though. I like being the underdog, but to be the big bad bully would be…interesting. I do not envy the fact that the whole world is watching America. But you do have Obama now, so kudos!!

  • steeveebee

    @ metalwrath – 679

    well said

  • Mr.Graves

    Kinda feel like this list doesn’t belong here. It’s not really a ‘list’ of anything. Does Listverse have a ‘joke lists’ section? This could fit there I think. It seems more like this was just an attempt at stirring the pot and getting people to pay atention/comment.

    Cmon, listverse, I rarely criticize, and if this is meant to be a ‘joke list’ I can get it, but it really doesn’t belong without a disclaimer that it isn’t anything more than an attention grab.

    Next up:

    10 ten reasons why Abortion vs Gay Marriage vs Iraq War vs Creationism vs Racial Intolerance vs Sexism?


  • Mojo Pin

    Crevan fox -I think this list overlooked a few points. As a non-American I don’t have a problem with the ex-pats I’ve met. It’s the government, the policy and the country when taken as a whole, in it’s feverish pro-American fervor.

    We have a problem with you funding terrorists to suit your own purposes (Osama Bin Laden, Hussein, Castro, much of South America).

    We have a problem with your war policy. From the invasion of Canada in 1812, to your belated entry in WW1 and WW2 (and prior war profiteering before commiting to the fight), your illegal wars in the Middle East, and the lies you told to justify going into sovereign nations, the treatment you give your vets(or lack of same), the fact you are the only people to drop nuclear weapons in wartime, the torture of civilians, your refusal to sign treaties banning the use of landmines, the “friendly fire accidents” that kill your allies, and so on.

    Non Americans take issue with the stereotypes you seem content to perpetuate about other cultures-if you even have an idea of that culture to begin with. Your ignorance of other countries would be a little more excusable if you didn’t invade, occupy, “liberate” and otherwise interfer in countries most of your citizens couldn’t find on a map.

    You are the richest country in the world, yet have the lowest amounts of money (by percentage of GDP) donated to deveolping countries, the greatest disparity between your own citizens. People starve on the streets, and single moms cant get basic health care for their kids, but people arepulling in millions a year.

    Your anti-socialism crusade means a lot of countries, who otherwise would be caring for their own people, are pursuing a more purely capitalist/American style of government.

    IMF and the World Banks restructuring and repayment programs have also meant less money for things like education, healthcare, infrastructure, etc. Both groups are largely American run. When the States needed to borrow money they didn’t need to follow the same rules.

    These are all off the top of my head. I’m sure I could come up with more.

    On an individual basis, the Americans I’ve met are nice, decent, people, if not a little loud and opinionated. But the actions of the country as a whole are both frightening and angering.

    No one has made a constructive comment against this guys post, does that mean people are in agreement over it?

  • calm_incense

    @ Hydra:

    “I often try to think about what it would be like to be American though. I like being the underdog, but to be the big bad bully would be…interesting.”

    You need to get it through your thick skull that the average day of an American is fundamentally no different than that of a Canadian.

    “All in all, isn’t it kind of nice to see how much everyone loves their own countries. It seems everyone has reasons to debate the merits of their homeland.”

    No, it’s not. It’s ugly.

  • Blitzen

    This list is too American-focused!


  • Mr.Graves

    Also, you missed the NUMBER ONE reason: America thinks it is better than it is.

    I’m not saying America is ‘bad’, just that it’s own media and society promotes an overblown sense that it is the greatest nation on Earth, and ignores some very simple facts accepted by the international community for several years showing it is far from that. So much so that I will get attacked for simply implying that America isn’t the greatest nation on Earth- because if you don’t agree America is ‘THE BEST’- then you MUST be ‘Anti-American’. And jealous. Or something stupid like that.

    My point isn’t: ‘America sucks’. It’s simply: ‘America is great, but it isn’t #1, no matter how much you keep telling yourself that.’

    So how do we determine they aren’t #1? Look at the international rankings by several independant organizations of happiest populace, best education, health care, citizen rights, so on and so forth, and you will find that in most of these generally accepted rankings- including the infamous ‘Best countries on Earth to live in’ ratings- Amrica doesn’t even qualify as in the top ten.

    This is the main reason people get annoyed by the constant bravado- it’s not that they hate America, it’s that they get tired of being told they are second place to a country that doesn’t rank in the top ten for any of the previous rankings I’ve noted. It gets annoying and comes off as ignorant and arrogant.

  • BongoShaftsbury

    Another FOX News talking point turned into a list. This is what the rightwing nuttia is all about, writing cranky blogs and producing “news” that actually make the consumers less informed. Even the ones who disagree with Jay K’s politics are rendered too stupid to offer any resistance.

  • calm_incense

    There are MILLIONS of Americans who believe America isn’t “the best”. Do their opinions not count?

  • joanne

    600++ comments in less than 24 hrs??
    but then for a list with THAT title, this shouldn’t be surprising

    personally i think most people hate america simply because everyone else does – the rest are either just irresponsible people who like blaming all their life’s problems on anything or anyone else or on other factors “beyond their control” (like leftist politicians attributing “american imperialism” etc. for their country’s ills) or people who focus too much on the negatives to make something look bad and make themselves look good in comparison (e.g. corrupt politicians using anti-american BS to cover their misdeeds) i mean, c’mon every country in the world has its ups and downs

    while each of us may be either asian, european or african, christian, muslim, or jew, let us not forget that we really are one big family.
    i say this because i am not filipino, chinese, french nor american; i am human.

    Homo sapiens FTW!

  • Hyla

    calm_incense what is your problem?? stop being so angry. I am talking about perceptions not the average everyday of individuals. Please stop being mean and ignorant.

  • smithstar15

    Mentalwrath: French Military History–HaHa…Right…
    You are so stupid I’m sorry I ever commented to you in the first place. Do you think I didn’t know all the shit I would catch when I went on the offensive for my country on this site. Hell,I knew very few would back me up–Too unpolitically correct–If you back him you will not look intellectual. Just call him a dumb redneck because he loves his country and doesn’t care what a bunch of figgy-pudding eaters and fish-head lickers think of his country.I can tolerate you non-American’s stupidity and take it with a grain of salt–But it’s Americans that side with you to look good who are the ones that need their asses kicked–That’s shameful.Yes this country has made a lot of mistakes (fighting Germany in WW2 was one of them) and I believe we should have went after bin Laden instead of Hussein. But this is still the best country on earth and you all know it.

  • oouchan

    689. calm_incense – It’s ok to like America but you are going overboard here. I am American and am cringing at what you are writing. So hostile over a simple list.

    Hyla: Canada is the only country I have visited. :) I will be heading to Japan next year and can’t wait. I know how other countries see us and I don’t want to give them a bad impression. “When in Rome…”

  • calm_incense

    @ Hyla:

    Sorry, but it absolutely bugs me to see people saying stupid things. It’s nothing “personal”, and I have no doubt that you’re a very friendly person, but good intentions don’t make wrong ideas correct.

  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    Hell, I start to hate America and I’m born and raised here. No, not because of this list. :) One only has to read the papers to understand how my Patriotism could be wearing thin. I am tired of being part of America. I am sick of saying “WE are torturing people in Guatanamo Bay” and “WE are still in Iraq” and “OUR government is using 9/11 to manipulate the public.” I’m sick of America as a culture. The ideals and the way we started out are good, but its all been twisted now. I guesse I’m just waiting to turn 18 so I can get the hell out of here, at this point. :)

  • calm_incense

    @ oouchan:

    Uh…none of my posts have been the least bit “pro-American” at the expense of other countries. I’m defending it such that it should be considered an equal. If that’s jingoism, go ahead and shoot me.

  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    One thing I do like about america is what a mongrel culture it is. We have culteral and ethnical trates from all over the world, and I really do like that about the country. SOrry for the double comment. :) Had a second thought.

  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    One thing I do like about america is what a mongrel culture it is. We have culteral and ethnical trates from all over the world, and I really do like that about the country. SOrry for the double comment. :) Had a second thought.

  • Hyla

    Thanks oouchan your post made me smile :)

  • ames

    To: 699. I4gotmyMANTRA – May 14th, 2009 at 11:50 am

    I wanted to comment on your post…then read the last sentence: “I guesse I’m just waiting to turn 18 so I can get the hell out of here…”

    Have a good trip, little boy. Depending on where you go you are in for a rude awakening.

  • BongoShaftsbury

    Mojo Pin #688 “…People starve on the streets, and single moms can’t get basic health care for their kids, but people are pulling in millions a year.”
    Mojo, those “people” worked hard for that money; managing hedge funds, working for banks, selling insurance and refinancing mortgages. They deserved every penny of the money they made before the government bailout, and all of the tax dollars they receive now. Screw the single moms and their hungry brats, they don’t even play golf.

  • oouchan

    700. calm_incense: I didn’t say that. You are just getting so worked up for nothing. So hostile for nothing.

    However, I agree with some of the countries opinions of us. We are not nice and we should be looking to fix that image. That is what we should be angry about. Ourselves for putting us in this situation…or the politicians that did this to us.

    699. I4gotmyMANTRA: Exactly my point. Well said.

  • callie_

    692: You’re so focused on turning this into a conservative vs. liberal arguement that all you’re doing is helping out people who hate the USA. I suggest you go take a look at the liberal hypocrisy list again- look at how Lo and I take on the issue there- opposite sides of the political spectrum coming together on some things. Better still, look at how buc and I take on that same issue- members of the SAME side who agree on much everything else disagreeing RESPECTFULLY on an issue. Your behavior is so unamerican, or so unhuman now that I sincerely hope you’re using the computer screen as a buffer between your real world self and your listverse self. With me, what you see here is what you get IRL, but if you’re this intolerant towards people everyday you’ve got much bigger problems than left versus right.

  • calm_incense

    @ oouchan:

    Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?

  • katemonster101
  • Baxter In Action

    ames 704 – what’s your problem exactly?

  • ames

    To: 705. BongoShaftsbury – May 14th, 2009 at 11:56 am

    Hey, buddy. We share the same views…except I’m a single mom that pays for medical coverage for myself and my child…*GASP*…and works full time…*GASP*…and still managed to raise a polite, well behaved and intelligent little person…all by my lonesome. Not looking for a pat on the back-just letting you know that some of the single moms out there are working hard and making a good living (not so much when I’m on this website but that’s besides the point).

  • oouchan

    708. calm_incense: No…actually I don’t…not all the time. I used to be. But I am too jaded now.

    I like other cultures. I was talking with a friend earlier today about this list. We both agreed that 30 years ago, America was a proud place to live in. I was. Not so much anymore.

    So I guess that doesn’t make me nice anymore.

  • Baxter In Action

    ames 711 – Never mind, I think I worked out what your problem is. Hint – BongoShaftsbury was clearly being sarcastic.

  • ames

    Baxter 710-what problem? I’m just making comments like all the others…and, quite frankly, I think mine are pretty boring in comparison.
    What exactly do you mean by ‘problem’?

  • Baxter In Action

    ames – the problem I referred to:

    “Have a good trip, little boy.”
    Why so patronising and hostile? Because the person said they were going travelling?

    “Depending on where you go you are in for a rude awakening.”
    Rude awakening from what exactly?

  • calm_incense

    @ oouchan:

    You claim to like other cultures. But you’re an American, so that’s impossible. The two just don’t add up. Clearly you’re a xenophobe who hates the rest of the world.


  • ames

    Baxter 713-obviously he was being sarcastic (I realized after I posted-the hint was the brats comment). Color me red.
    Anyways, I think I’m getting all caught up in the back and forth. I better do some real work.
    Have a good day everyone :)

  • bucslim

    bongo – single moms have already been screwed, now they want someone else to pay for their mistakes. (except ames of course)

  • oouchan

    716. calm_incense: What? How did you come up with that? That makes no sense…I’m laughing at that statement! I can be American and like other cultures. Who says I have to just like one?
    The way you are talking clearly shows *you* are the xenophobe. I embrace other cultures very well…you don’t seem able to do that.

    I practice the Shinto religion and I am installing a shrine in my backyard. I am a gypsy from the Ukraine. I have family from France, Germany, Russia and England.

    Not sure what you were driving at with that statement. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  • calm_incense

    @ oouchan:

    Your sarcasm detector seems to be broken.

    My point was that this is exactly the type of mentality OTHERS have. They think that just because you’re an American means you must be arrogant/ignorant/xenophobic/etc.

    Considering you completely missed the point of my last post, I’ll give them one out of three.

  • Reyairia

    Another thing that bothers me are Americans like to go on and on about how their country is the best and then complain when people don’t like them. Hellooo? If someone went on and on about how their country was better than yours you’d be pretty pissed off too.

  • calm_incense

    @ Reyairia:

    “Another thing”? You don’t honestly think you’re bringing something NEW to the discussion, do you?

  • calm_incense

    If that’s not what we’ve been talking about for the past 722 posts, I must be blind.

  • ames

    Baxter 715-you’re right. I was patronizing Bongo. For that I apologize (to Bongo). The point I was trying to make (rather rudely-again, I’m sorry, Bongo) was that this person is rather young. His “I can’t wait till I’m 18 to move out” tantrum just reminded me of a spoiled kid threatening his parents to move out.
    I really thought the ‘rude awakening’ comment spoke for itself: depending on where bongo goes he may just realize the grass isn’t always greener…
    I’ll try to be less bitchy-sorry.
    Also, Baxter, will you be pointing out the fact that bucslim is patronizing me now and kindly ask ‘why’? Or was it just me that you were targeting?

  • oouchan

    720. calm_incense: Just an FYI…sarcasm is hard to do over the internet. Take a look at what happened to ames above. I didn’t understand so I took it at face value….but I asked questions so I could clarify. Now that I understand it makes sense. Also…your not helping by insulting others. Seems I’m nicer than I thought.

    As for your second comment….that mentality is what we need to address and fix. Our image is tarnished and we are to blame. How sad that someone above posted that he can’t wait to get out of here. He isn’t the only one. I work with my daughter’s school…she is in grade school. I have talked with a bunch of the kids she attends school with during a project on Japan I was assisting on with my daughter.
    They have the same thought process and these are young kids! How sad.

  • oouchan

    * ‘your not’…damn no edit button…should be ‘you’re’!

  • 691. Mr. Graves: If you truly feel that way, why don’t you go back to Chile?
    Or, maybe not Chile, because a good friend of mine, and someone who is more than leery of you, lives there…somewhere else where the political climate suits you better.

  • SoiledDove

    We, as americans, have so much to be proud AND ashamed of. Our arrogance is our biggest strength and our most crippling weakness. We’re a country founded on contradictions and that, unfortunately, very often makes us insufferable. And occasionally absurd.

  • calm_incense

    @ oouchan:

    “Our image is tarnished and we are to blame.”

    What, exactly, did you do to tarnish this country’s image? My guess is, “Nothing.” Why do others have the right to criticize you for things being done against your will? Would you feel comfortable criticizing Aung San Suu Kyi for the practices of the Junta? My guess is, no, you wouldn’t. So why not expect this simple human decency to be reciprocated?

  • lo

    ames- traveling to other countries is probably the most mind-expanding activity a young american can undertake. if that kid really wants an eye opener s/he should look for some kind of program where they can do volunteer work with a home-stay with a local family, there are many programs around the world where if you can scrap together the airfare and work at some community service once you’re there it’s affordable to almost anyone. airfare can be a lot but, can be saved up for. and if the kid goes to college s/he should study abroad. again i know these things aren’t free, but there are loans, grants, and scholarships.

    have you visited/lived in any other countries? i think it’s a huge problem in how americans understand the rest of the world and vice verse that we’re so far away from other countries geographically. if you’re in the midwest it can literally be 1000’s of miles to even canada or mexico. people in the EU can visit another country as a day-trip in some instances, having that opportunity shapes people’s world-views.

  • Mr.Graves

    [email protected]

    ‘Love it or leave it’? That’s sophomoric and insecure at best. Besides, I’m not even in the USA. See what I mean? I can’t say the USA isn’t the absolute BEST EVER without someone crying about how I hate America… lol.

    Newsflash: it’s that exact mentality that tres the rest of the world and comes off, once again, as arrogant and insecure.

  • hook em horns

    688. Mojo Pin

    I will take a stab at part of post.

    First and foremost, I reside in the great state where both President Bush’s call home. They are revered here, along with many others in the GOP. Now, personal political differences aside, I would have to say that general statements and accusations of an entire nation’s history due to the actions of certain administrations cannot be founded as a clear and defined argument.

    Some of the negative views in this group are perpetuated from the Bush Administration Era. To quote Crevan fox: ” Non Americans take issue with the stereotypes you seem content to perpetuate about other cultures-if you even have an idea of that culture to begin with. Your ignorance of other countries would be a little more excusable if you didn’t invade, occupy, “liberate” and otherwise interfer in countries most of your citizens couldn’t find on a map.”

    First: The United States of America is a mixture of various cultures. As for a defined culture, I will be hard pressed to find one definitive one. However, to think that we, as Americans, cannot or do not want to indulge in other cultures and rather stereotype, is a bit stereotypical.

    Second: The claim that we are the only nation to “invade, occupy, ‘liberate’, and other interfere” in countries means we must forget the colonization of the world in earlier history.

    Third: There are handfuls of people across our nation who lack in geographic education (amongst other things), but I can think of many more in other countries as well.

    Just a favor to ask of everybody: remember that The United States is made up of many different cultures and people of varying racial backgrounds. One cannot generalize a country in it’s efforts under one presidential administration as a collective nation’s identity or voice. There are many people with many different views, ideas, thoughts and outlooks in the United States. Some might be stereotypical, others might be sympathetic, and even many who are apathetic: whatever it is, we have the freedoms which warrants us a plethora of liberties not found in many countries. I feel privileged to reside in this country (as I have lived in another which did not offer such freedoms). The point of the rant is that government action and a country’s identity cannot be generalized as a relative categorical assessment of the citizens residing within it.

  • ames

    Hi lo. You make (all) very good points. I was mostly commenting on the “i’m outta here…” mentality-maybe I read it wrong.
    When I graduated (high school) I moved all over the US-which I highly recommend to anyone that can. After I settled on my career I traveled less and less. The 2 places outside of my country that I’ve been to were Toronto (Canada) and Manila (Philippines). So, no, I’m not well traveled but the traveling I did was enough for me to know that this is where I want to be.

  • oouchan

    727. segue: I was wondering if you were going to join us!

    729. calm_incense: You’re not making sense again. We did tarnish our own reputation and we are to blame for it. Those wonderful leaders of ours (sarcasm) did it for us…so what I did personally…I haven’t because I don’t act that way.
    I don’t criticize other countries or their cultures. If they want to criticize us then it’s on them. Not everyone is going to play nice. But I think we should be looking in our own backyard before we start going after other cultures.

  • Mr.Graves

    And, just to prove what I was saying earlier- the real reason people get sick and tired of hearing how America is #1 when it isn’t:

    That’s the HDI. It ranks the best places in the world to live, every year. This was last years rankings of the top 20:

    1. Iceland 0.968 (?)
    2. Norway 0.968 (?)
    3. Canada 0.967 (? 1)
    4. Australia 0.965 (? 1)
    5. Ireland 0.960 (?)
    6. Netherlands 0.958 (? 3)
    7. Sweden 0.958 (? 1)
    8. Japan 0.956 (?)
    9. Luxembourg 0.956 (? 9)
    10. Switzerland 0.955 (? 3)
    11. France 0.955 (? 1)
    12. Finland 0.954 (? 1)
    13. Denmark 0.952 (? 1)
    14. Austria 0.951 (? 1)
    15. United States 0.950 (? 3)
    16. Spain 0.949 (? 3)
    17. Belgium 0.948 (? 1)
    18. Greece 0.947 (? 6)
    19. Italy 0.945 (? 1)
    20. New Zealand 0.944 (? 1)

    But, you know, if I say the USA is #15 and not even in the top ten IAMCRAZYANTIAMERICAGETOUTOFMYCOUNTRYCOMMIE!!

    And Segue, my country is in the top five. I don’t see any reason to leave and go somewhere the political climate suits me better- I wouldn’t want to go slumming it and end up somewhere outside the top ten, say. We have real freedom here, not just people screeching about how great they are and everyone who disagrees is jealous.


  • JayBe

    interesting list…
    from a sociological/psicological point of view, I mean.

  • distllboe

    America, Fuck Yeah!

    oh…gotta love Team America.

  • callie_

    “We have real freedom here”

    Have I been living under a fake freedom rock? You’ve said in previous posts that the reason people don’t like America is our “screeching” that it’s better, and you’re going make a post saying we don’t have real freedom and going outside your country is slumming? Are you number one on that list? Because according to you, only people from Iceland can truely brag abot being awesome. Also, there are 195 (give or take) countries in the world. I don’t know which one of those top 5 you’re from, but I’m guessing it’s not Iceland so your country must be number 2-5. In the grand scheme of 195, there’s not much difference between 15 and 2, is there?

  • 731. Mr.Graves: Ah, Graves, you know me better than that. You know, as you know from where your next breath comes, that my comment applied to you and you alone.
    You try to make it a big joke, to make me …what was the word?…sophomoric!…and ignorant, to make me out the “Ugly American”.
    These people don’t know our history, so, perhaps you could fool a few of them.
    ta! Mr. Graves.

  • shinacira

    Firstly no one is using excuses to hate America they just do, and generally speaking hate is a very strong word probably the better word to use is dislike. The major reason why other nations dislike the states is because of their ego. So no we don’t hate you, you are just that one neighbor that feels they are better than everyone else and everyone should love them for it, and be just like them regardless. We just all kind of feel your annoying, hypocritical, and slightly ignorant but other than that your not all bad.. I think.
    thank you chi

  • msulli222

    I’m an American, but I’ve been living in Rome for sometime now. There are a lot of things I love about the US, but there are more things that drive me insane. To remember why I am often ashamed by just being associated with the US, all I have to do is take a walk to Campo dei Fiori around 11:00pm- all it is is drunk American college students making fools of themselves.

    But there are things I do love about the US, so in an attempt to lighten these comments up, here they are (I know that most of these are not just restricted to the US… they are just not Italian/Roman):

    1. Bread plates… I have to beg for a plate for my bread in most Roman restaurants. What am I supposed to do with the balsamic and olive oil without a bread plate? I’ll go with the Italians and assimilate as best I can on just about everything else, but I refuse to give up my “right” (okay, not really a right) to a bread plate.
    2. Ethnic food… it exists in Rome, but I have to hunt for it. It was so easy to find in the US! God knows I love pasta and pizza, but I would kill for a burrito or some pad thai right now.
    3. American football. So… yeah… stereotypically American here. I love American football, but just can’t get into the other kind of football, no matter how much I try. American football is just more entertaining.
    4. Subtitles… they dub everything (movies, TV shows) here instead of doing subtitles. In the US, no dubbing, which I find to be really, really, annoying. Only subtitles when it comes to foreign-language stuff
    5. Half-decent street paving… Italian cobblestone streets are cute and have character, but the novelty wears off about the tenth time you trip and nearly die while running errands. Shoes have to be replaced much more frequently here than in the US because of the damage incurred while attempting to walk.
    6. No earthquakes… all right, I guess this only applies to some of the US. The earthquake was kind of cool until I discovered it had killed a few hundred people 60 miles away… and then the aftershocks just got irritating. I’m trying to eat, here! I don’t need the kitchen table swaying under me!

    I don’t really do the whole redneck ultra-nationalism thing. I just appreciate the US for what makes it seem like home to me.

  • tripsyman

    Hooke,horns… quote:

    “we have the freedoms which warrants us a plethora of liberties not found in many countries”

    we like to say that in the UK as well – but lets admit it together “IT IS BULL SH*T”

    Maybe the fanatics we take into our countries (ain’t mentioning anyone in particular) can demonstratec with placards saying they hate XY and Z then burn the flags of the countries that gave them refuge (us). But you try having a little peaceful demonstartion and saying how unhappy you are with said groups and see how many freedoms you have.

  • lostatsea

    650.Cravenfox: Nicely done…very clear and concise. It is not Americans but the government that seems to be run by lobbyists and special interest groups that worry us. The first strike (nuclear) policy under Bush is extremely troubling and as far as I know still exists under Obama. The 2nd amendment being infringed upon is a step towards a police state.

  • tripsyman

    sorry about the spelling above….. maybe a spell checker would help jfrater :)

  • Hyla

    Top 5 as well!! :) I will grab at anything I can. But honestly I think everything is arbitrary. What’s the best to one is the worst to another.

  • oouchan

    745. Hyla: To get off topic (not like that hasn’t happened before) But I am a fan of interesting facts. I came across this one today from my snapple bottle: Canada has more donut shops per capita than any other country. :D

  • hook em horns

    742 tripsyman

    Growing up in Communist China then relocating to the United States, I can pretty much say for certain that the United States offers many more freedoms than my country of origin. I have witnessed first hand many radical groups demonstrating in the Midwest and can guarantee you that they did have the right to gather and protest. They might have been ostracized by societal norm, but they did indeed have the right and is protected from mainstream society at the time of their demonstration. It is never easy being a social pariah, I suppose, and they do walk on very thin ice, but I have bear witness to these unalienable rights (as it were) of these groups. (Believe me, sometimes I wish they did not possess that right to assemble, but alas, they have their right as much as I have mine.)

  • Becca

    Putting America down became a huge fad, which is kind of sad. I’m not a super-fan of the States (I’m Canadian), but I still really like going there. Your highways are way nicer than ours, pretty much ever