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10 Fascinating Reattachment Surgeries

[WARNING: This list contains graphic images] In the last several years thanks to the advancement of medical equipment and improved microsurgery techniques the success rate for limb reattachment surgeries has improved dramatically compared to when it was fist performed successfully almost 50years ago. This list includes some of the more interesting and dramatic reattachments of body parts due to accidents and assaults. (This is not to be confused with the recent success of transplanting body parts from donors.) According to what I have read if you wish to help someone in this situation the best course of action is to wrap the digit or limb in wet paper towels, then wrap it in plastic, and then pack it in ice. Remember: save the patient, save time and save the limb.


Everett Knowles
Right Arm Reattachment

Everett Knowles 250Px

This was the first successful reattachment of a human limb. In 1962, 12 year old Everett Knowles was trying to hop a freight train in Somerville, Massachusetts and was thrown against a stone wall ripping his right arm off cleanly at the shoulder. Knowles walked away from the tracks using his left hand to hold his right arm inside a bloody sleeve and was then rushed to the emergency-room. Chief surgical, Dr. Ronald Malt immediately assembled a team of experts he would need. After hours of surgery the doctors reconnected the blood vessels, pinned the arm bone together, and grafted skin and muscle together. After the boys hand turned pink and a pulse returned to the wrist doctors reattached four major nerve trunks. After four years of recovery, Knowles had the same use of his right arm and hand as a natural lefty. He eventually drove a six-wheel truck and lifted sides of beef at his job.

Interesting Fact: After the accident Everett became a celebrity of sorts. He was interviewed repeatedly and received letters and souvenirs from major league baseball players and astronauts, even a fan club was formed.


Kaitlyn Lasitter
Right Foot Reattachment


Teenager Kaitlyn Lasitte made international news in 2007 after her accident at an amusement park. The accident occurred while she was riding the Superman Tower of Power at Six Flags Kentucky. During the ride a cable snapped and wrapped around both of her legs and severed both feet. In a recent deposition Kaitlyn said she remembers something hard hitting her in the head before the ride plunged and then felt “yanked” from her seat before being restrained by her safety belt. Then she remembers feeling like she was on fire and smelling burning flesh. Doctors were able to reattach her right foot, but unfortunately were not able to reattach her left foot and had to have some of her left leg amputated below the knee.

Interesting Fact: Kaitlyn’s medical bills total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The doctors and hospitals have agreed to wait for payment until the family’s case against the theme park is resolved.


Arsenio Matias
Both Hands Reattached


In 2005 at a factory in North Bay Shore New York, Arsenio Matias was operating a vacuum form machine which presses plastic into parts for store displays. Suddenly something went wrong and the machine cut both of his hands off at the wrists. Matias looked down to see blood gushing from his wrists and both of his hands lying on the floor beside the machine he had just been operating. After the accident coworkers put him in a chair and told him to raise his arms over his head to slow the bleeding. Two other coworkers tied their belts around his arms and others ran to a nearby store to get ice to store his hands in. A County police helicopter then airlifted him to University Hospital. Four weeks after the complex reconstructive microsurgery he was able to leave the hospital. Matias then faced about a year of rehabilitation including exercises to regain strength in his hands and increase his range of motion.

Interesting Fact: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited the company for 17 alleged serious violations, including limited training for employees and periodic servicing of manufacturing machinery and six other violations.


Yang Chiung-ming and Chen Ming-kuo
2 left arms reattached


This often is mistaken as an urban legend but it really happened. In 1997 there was a mass tug-of-war contest along the Keelung River in Taipei in celebration of Retrocession Day. Over 1600 participants joined in the contest. The largest man in each group stood at the very front of each team. The contest began and both teams of about 800 people each started pulling as hard as they could. Unfortunately the large nylon rope was rated for less than half of the total force they were exerting on it. Suddenly the center of the nylon rope snapped and the force caused the rope to rebound and tear off the left arm of the two men at the front of each group. The victims were taken to Mackay Memorial Hospital and underwent seven hours of microsurgery to reattach their arms.

Interesting Fact: Many reports claim the men had their arms wrapped around the rope but the severing of the limbs was caused by sheer rebounding force of the broken rope ripping off the men’s arms.


Paul Gibbs
Left Ear Reattachment

Picture 1-109

In 2008 Paul Gibbs a 26-year-old student from Leeds was camping out with a group of friends when he was attacked by three men. He suffered brain damage when he was hit over the head with a motorbike helmet before his left ear was sliced off. Because his ear was not found until 17 hours after the attack the surgeons stitched it inside Gibbs stomach so some of the tissue will re-grow. The plan is to later reconstruct the ear using some of the cartilage from his ribcage and eventually reattach his ear.

Interesting Fact: Ear reconstruction has been dated as far back as 600 BC in India when doctors were reported to have used skin from other parts of the body to reconstruct ear lobes.


Garrett La Fever
Big Toe Reattached as a Thumb

Thumb Toe.Jpg

After losing his thumb in a 2007 woodworking accident Garrett La Fever made the decision to have surgeons remove the big toe on his right foot and reattach it onto his right hand to use as a thumb. In a six-hour surgery at Saint Mary’s Pros Center in San Francisco, the director of microsurgery, and plastic surgeon worked in tandem to remove Garret’s toe and reattach it where his thumb once was. The operation involved disconnecting then reattaching blood vessels, nerves tendons and bone. Less than two months after the surgery Garrett could easily sign his name and button his clothes. His second toe on his right foot eventfully compensated and deviated toward that side which created a more symmetric foot.

Interesting Fact: Toe-to-thumb surgery is nothing new; the first successful operation was reported in 1969. The thumb is responsible for 40 percent of the function of the hand which is why doctors recommend this type of procedure after loosing a thumb.


Veterinarian Chang Po-yu
Left Forearm Reattachment


When I first saw the photo above I thought for sure it was photo shopped but unfortunately for Chang Po-yu it is not. In 2007 at the Shaoshan Zoo, Chang was removing tranquilizer darts before treating a Nile croc which had not been eating for a month. Chang, had failed to notice that the crock had not yet been fully anaesthetized and as he put his arm through bars of the crocodile’s cage the croc bit the Veterinarian forearm off. After Chang was rushed to the hospital a zoo employee launched a battle to retrieve his arm by shooting two bullets at the crocodile. Although the bullets failed to penetrate the crocodile’s hide, it was stunned enough to cause it to drop the arm. Chang’s arm was then rushed to the hospital where it was reattached after 5 hours of surgery.

Interesting Fact: The Nile croc is the largest African crocodile species. The croc can reach 16 feet (5 meters) in length and are estimated to kill 200 people a year.


Emily Stinnett
Scalp Reattachment


In 2004, four year old Emily Stinnett and another girl were playing in the back yard on the swings when a pit bull broke free from its chain and bit Emily on her head and then dragged her around the yard. The dog ended up ripping off huge chunks of her scalp. After Emily was rushed to Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville a deputy sheriff shot and killed the out-of-control dog. The Doctors told the sheriff that in order for the child to survive they needed to find the rest of her scalp. A search around the backyard yielded nothing. Then after it was realized that the dog consumed parts of the scalp the dog’s stomach was cut opened and the scalp was located and rushed to the hospital. Doctors were able to reattach the majority of Emily’s scalp but unfortunately some of the scalp pieces later died even after leech therapy. Emily survived and faced a series of painful skin grafts.

Interesting Fact: Leeches (mentioned above) are now used in microsurgery to stimulate circulation in reattachment operations for organs with critical blood flow, such as eye lids, fingers, ears and in Emily’s case the scalp.


Kim Tran’ unidentified boy friend
Penis Reattachment

Low-Flush Toilet

I knew if I didn’t include at least one penis reattachment on this list there would be great disappointment. During my severed penis reattachment research I came across several cases but this one has to take the cake. In 2005 in Anchorage Alaska a 44 year old unidentified man was breaking up with his girlfriend Kim Tran. An argument ensued, however at some point around midnight they decided to have sex and the man allowed his girlfriend to tie his arms to the window handle above the bed. She then took a kitchen knife and severed the man’s penis. Tran then flushed the penis down the toilet, untied the man and drove him to the hospital. After finding a nurse Tran said she was leaving to move her car but drove home instead. Police rushed to the home and found her cleaning up the bloody scene. Police were able to get the details about what had happened to the penis and summoned the Anchorage utility company. Lifting the toilet from the base the workers tipped it into the tub and the penis fell out. It had been lodged in the “S” curve of the toilet for more than two hours. Officials put it on ice and drove it to the emergency room. At around 6 AM, about six hours after the knife attack, hospital officials said the surgery was successful.

Interesting Fact: Dr. Sarah Troxel who went through training for microsurgery at Stanford and also performed this surgery said. “I’d say it’s more likely that it might not work very well.” I think it seemed kind of appropriate that since a woman cut off the penis it was only fair that another woman should sew it back on.


Sandeep Kaur
Face Reattachment


This is truly an incredible story and is what inspired the list. In 1994 nine year old Sandeep Kaur from India had her face and scalp completely amputated from a threshing machine. The machine caught one of Sandeep’s braids causing her head to be pulled in. Sandeep’s mother, who witnessed the accident, said: “I didn’t know where her face was. Everything was peeled off.” Abraham Thomas, one of India’s top microsurgeons was on duty when Sandeep arrived at the hospital unconscious with her face in two pieces in a plastic bag. The surgeon managed to reattach Sandeep’s face back onto her skull and reconnect the arteries. The above picture shows Sandeeps face right before it was reattached and Sandeep at age 19, ten years after the accident. Sandeep is now training to become a nurse.

Interesting Fact: Sandeep Kaur’s groundbreaking surgery also inspired the recent face transplant procedures from donors.


Israel Sarrio
Left Arm Reattachment


This is another groundbreaking, first time ever surgery. In 2004, 25 year old truck driver Israel Sarrio had his lower arm torn off in a traffic accident. Doctors in Valencia Spain reattached the arm but the stump became infected. To save the arm the surgeons re-amputated the arm and attached it to the patient’s groin. This kept the limb alive by feeding it blood through its veins and arteries while doctors worked to cure the infection. The arm remained on the groin for nine days before it was reattached to the stump which had recovered from the infection.

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    1 of the best lists yet!!!

  • Good list! No matter how… kind of disturbing. Very cool. I saw a show a long time ago like this. Some dude had both of his thumbs chopped off by a tractor or something and replaced with his toes. That face thing is just crazy.

  • callie19

    ok…amputees scare the crap out of me. It took me all day long to get the courage to read this list. It was really cool, actually. Medicine is amazing.

  • callie19

    Oh and I was all set to bring out my considerable pit bull defense arguments, but no one said anything. Good going, guys. Thanks :)

  • fcx

    i saw number 1 in a magazine a few years back, truly scary

  • jajdude

    Pitbulls are evils vile creatures and should all be killed.

  • blogball

    Thanks for the comments everybody! This was really an interesting list to put together and gave me even more respect and appreciation for life changing surgeries like these and the doctors that perform them. Imagine what they will be reattaching in another 50 years.

    callie19, looks like jajdude is trying to bait you.
    (pun intended)

  • joebecca

    That face one is truly amazing!!

  • deeeziner

    @frushka (57): Quite a story, though I can’t help ask “WHY!!” Thanks for the interesting link.

    @onwisconsin (67): I think I have come across your friend’s story, or another reattachment that involved the penis with interim arm-site healing.

    Thanks for the read, Blogball. Always love your lists!!

  • splodie

    @57 frushka – that’s a hoax – take a look at the day the BMEZine article was published.

  • astraya

    jajdude: no “guns” and no “yo”? Are you the real jajdude????

  • Kurupt55

    I havent quite been through reattachment surgery but i came about as close as you can.
    I was working on a 40 ton brake press (machine that folds sheet metal) and put my hand in there to get a piece of metal out and left my foot on the pedal.
    by the time i realised what i had done and took my foot off the pedal the machine had crushed my hand along just below the first knuckles and above my thumb and my hand was hanging on by about 3 mm of skin.
    i went through 12 hours of microsurgery to reconstruct the frist knuckle of my index finger, put plates in and reattch veins tendons nerves and muscle (luckily the arteries are on the under side of your hand so they were squashed but not severed.
    it has been 2 years and i have full use of my hand and some great photos to go with the story. the worst part of it all was the 6 months of rehab, going through accupuncture and hand exercises on a daily basis

  • astraya

    @ Mtatazela (72):
    “With all this language correction going on I hesitate to comment on this site since English is my third language.”

    That seems like a perfectly good English sentence to me, but I’m only an English teacher, so I might be wrong. You are doing far better in your third language than many people do in their first. Don’t worry and keep commenting.

  • Callie19

    I don’t think fake jajdude knows anything about the real jajdude…

  • The_Snowdog

    hmmm Ear stitched inside stomach?

    I wonder if that guy used this as a pick-up line in bars:

    “Hey, baby, I can’t hear you. Lay your head in my lap and speak here. mmmm oh yeah…that’s it…”

  • @Callie19 (106): Hmm – fodder for another bizarre coincidences list perhaps? :)

  • jajdude

    @Callie19 (106):

    I don’t think you know about my life altering experience that recently happened to me. (Who needs guns when you have peoples faces gettin peeled off)

  • jajdude

    @jajdude (109):
    whoz this yo?

  • diogenes

    (a) I can’t tell you how many times I have lodged my penis in the “S” curve of a toilet..

    really I can’t.

    but believe me when I say I have LOTS of stories I could tell.


    –just foolin–

    (b) but speaking of….wait a second, “onwisconsin”!!! That story is freakin crazy!

    (c) Fun list Bloggy.
    I remember quite a few of these.

    (d) ooo, share your photos Kurupt55.

    (e) list#6: so how easy is it to rip a human ear off anyway?
    —speaking of ear attachments: Stelarc

    (f) I’m STILL waiting for this to happen:

    (g) which has got me thinking of “brain transplants” and “William and Mary” by Roald Dahl,

    (h) and Vladimir Demikhov’s two headed dog(s?) and Robert White’s monkey head(s?)

    (I) I’m sure this has been asked a zillion times already by dolts like me, but was a final winner determined with the Retrocession Day (whatever that is!) Tug-O-War?

    (j) which reminds me of weight lifter, Sergei Akmudov’s unfortunate “clean and jerk” upset in the All Drug Olympics.

    (k) some think the mixing of fact and fiction has got to stop. I apologize to no one.

    All our fears and accomplishments says I

  • Kurupt55

    @diogenes (111): I would love to share the pictures unfortunately i do not know how other than by email

  • Queeny

    There was a man in Romania who accidentally chopped off his willie with a knife in an attempt to silence his neighbor’s rooster. Of course, that wouldn’t make the list because it was never reattached.

  • diogenes

    hmm, yeh I don’t know either Kurupt55, I could give you my email(but I don’t want to publicize it in the comments/to the world, and I was thinking more of sharing them with the list/site. There’s the forums and they have attachments, but thats different (nobody’s going to see them, but forum groupies. Of coarse, there is Flickr or from one’s own blog and/or you send a link address, but that’s just me trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about.. I’m no computer tech aficionado by any means…Hmmm am I more interested in seeing them privately or having them shared with all? I think sharing with all is beneficial to the list.

    Anybody else that knows how to do this without it being terribly intrusive, please step in and advise.

    I know I have seen straight links to only images before in comments.

  • Amanda H.

    I heard of number one previously… :( amazing what doctors are able to do!

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Wow what a coincidence, I just finished watching the movie Teeth.

  • frushka

    @splodie (102):
    So, it was posted on April 1, 1999.
    So that means that all business transacted on April Fool’s Day is bogus????

    Somebody back me up here.
    I don’t like being gullible.
    I am an accomplished woman.
    I am whining.
    It’s the wine.
    I’m gonna go have a smoke out on the back porch.

  • Kurupt55

    Ok i have put a photo up on photobucket for anyone who is interested


  • rushfan

    @Kurupt55 (118):

    I would say that qualifies as disturbing. Glad you’re okay now.

  • diogenes

    oh my!
    I was just going to cut the cord on my computer for the night when I decided to check back here real quick.
    Kurupt55, that is something! amazing picture.

  • Dani

    One word: Amazing!!

  • Meg

    I always get excited whenever there’s a warning about graphic images… and always end up regretting why I viewed them at 1 in the morning. :{

  • Mortivore

    I recently severed my smoking addiction, totally voluntarily. It was reattached two days later, though. T.T

  • Chineapplepunk

    @Kennoth (48): i’m not saying that he did like it, I said that PERSONALLY I ccouldn’t. I hate ears it’s that simple!!! See that mouse that had an ear grafted on to it? I would rather jump in a tank full of maggots and cockroaches than let that thing near me :S

  • suzi

    GREAT list

  • Sarah

    @teacherguy2003 (33): “wow intelligent comments so far..
    just one thing, as a teacher it drives me nuts to see this basic spelling error, like people screwing up in number 5, first sentence, he did did not “loose” his thumb, he “lost” his thumb!”


    You’d think as a teacher you would practice proper capitalization and punctuation, not just proper spelling! Your sentence is replete with both spelling and grammatical errors!

  • pdxstargazer82

    I was lucky enough to have my big toe on my right foot reattached after it was cut off by a bicycle accident. I don’t remember much about it, i was only 3 or 4 at the time (i’m now 27), but my toe works just fine now. Looks a little different, but i’m glad to have it. :)

  • Very Amazing………!

  • londonafter

    excellent list!!!

  • mom424

    @Kurupt55 (118): Holy crap. And I can barely stand it when I get my finger caught in the car door. I can’t imagine the throb factor of that squish injury. Grats on the healing. Amazing.

  • segues

    I’d heard of a few of these, but most of them were new to me…disturbing and new. I’m actually looking for a word to replace disturbing here, because while what what happened to these people, at the outset, was disturbing the results of microsurgery and reattachment was wonderful.
    @Kurupt55 (118): I didn’t think to take a photo, but I had a similar wound to my left hand. I severed the tendon which controls the index finger and thumb, you could see little white “wires” (that’s what I called them) sticking out, as well as the meat of the hand swelling up and and out of the wound.


    Wait… no John Bobbitt?

  • Ridiculous. Crazy. Stomach-turning.

  • chubbmeister

    #7 Interesting Fact: Many reports claim the men had their arms wrapped around the rope but the severing of the limbs was caused by sheer rebounding force of the broken rope ripping off the men’s arms.

    To wrap your arms around a rope would require some serious elastic capabilities :-D

  • kunle

    Welldone Blogball,Doctors’ve become miracle workers! Anyone seen head reattachment?
    Its ammazing!

  • Umbrage

    Whoaaaaa!! This is CRAZY!! The picture of that arm in the crocodile’s mouth is absolutely jaw dropping–it doesn’t look real. And that girl’s face! Oh my god!

    Mind-blowing list… It’s amazing that so many of them managed to rehabilitate and use their limbs.

  • Mabel

    Interesting but also yucky!

    Avulsions freak me out.

  • archangel

    reattached to the groin? wow, the wonders of medical science.

  • Kurupt55

    @segues (131): its a strnge feeling being able to look inside your hand and see whats going on, while i was waiting to go into surgery i had a good 10 mins to have a good look at what i had done to myself and had the nurse give me a bit of lesson and point out what was what.

  • onwisconsin

    Mtatazela – don’t know, I assume so since he lived happily ever after; one of the running jokes when it happened was that while he was in the hospital, every time a pretty nurse entered his room he would raise his hand….

  • segues

    @Kurupt55 (139): Strange? Fascinating was the word that sprang to mind for me. I had to wait several hours while they rounded up the hand specialists they wanted and, like you, I had a nurse who took the time to give me something of an anatomy lesson.
    She only whetted my appetite for more. When the surgeon arrived, and I discovered the operation was to be done under a local, rather than a general, I demanded that the hand be positioned so that I could watch the procedure. The surgeon, the nurses, everyone connected with the event thought I was crazy, but I calmly explained that I could handle it (I think they had doubts because I’m a female). So, after signing a bunch of additional forms, they set me up the way I wanted.
    I can only say that if you ever get a chance to witness surgery on yourself, *do it*! It was the single most instructive event I have ever witnessed, and as soon as the surgeon understood that I wasn’t going to faint or hurl all over his sterile field, he actually took the time to explain everything he was doing.
    It was mind expanding!

  • Kihtra

    everyone these days gets surgery done though……

    its not abnormal to see a person who didnt rip his/her body apart

  • Kurupt55

    @segues (141): Wow!! that sounds incredible almost makes me wish that i could have watched mine, but unfortunately i had to go under general. and i dont think i could have sat still enough for the type of micro surgery that was done on my hand, and it was 12 hours long.
    I dont know if anyone here has had to stay in the same position for 12 hours but when i woke up i honestly thought they had taken a skin graft from my a$$ it was that sore. i had to lie on my side for 2 days

  • segues

    @Kurupt55 (143): No way could I have stayed awake for 12 hours! My surgery was 3 or 4 hours, tops.
    The first thing, the weirdest thing, was when he had to make a 90º cut in my hand from the present cut so he could find the tendon. Being able to watch him cut my hand open more fully, without pain, was quite a surprise, even though I knew that was going to happen.
    Then, when he found the upper part of the tendon with his clamp, he’d pull on it and relax, making the finger straighten up and then lie curled. That got me laughing, so he played with it for a minute, like a puppet, and he and I and the nurse were all laughing like loons…but it only lasted a minute and then back to work.
    Finding the lower section of tendon was more difficult, but it was found, and everything went back together like a jigsaw puzzle. I was in a sort of contraption that held my hand and wrist and the the muscles up to the elbow immobile for 8 weeks, then there was about 8 weeks of PT (all of it made worth it by having seen the show!).

    I expect your recovery followed a similar course.

  • jaderaven

    About the bonus surgery. It says they attached the limb to his groin, as shown by the pictures. But um…what about his bits? Judging by the picture it looks like his leg is where his junk should be.

  • Big Sal

    As usual, Blogball, you’ve done a fantastic job on this one!!!

  • My arm-reattachment

    When I was four, my left arm was severed almost completely off when I fell on it ater crossing the monkey rings. I landed, trying to catch myself, with my palm parallel to the ground and my arm perpendicular to my hand, which caused the bone in my forearm to stay straight, but when my elbow started bending the bone cut off the forearm a little above the elbow. I barely missed the growth plate, which made doctors very optimistic. I had one surgery, two metal pins temporarily inserted into my elbow, three casts, and little-to-no physical therapy, and I have made a full recovery with only slight, dull pain from time to time. So when I see reconstructive surgery stories like these, I’m very frightened about the entire incident, yet curious as to how many people still struggle with recovery after years when it only took me a single summer. I’ve never found my story extraordinary, but I don’t usually pity people who break their arms, either, after what I’ve been through!

  • Bo

    All fake!!!!

  • Hmmm

    wonder how your FEMUR got severed from your ARM???

  • joboy

    #2 was reallllllllllllllllllllly creeeeeeeeeeeeepppy,.

    i remember this was featured on ripley’s,.

  • dostoevsky

    Regarding the advice given at the beginning: do NOT “wrap it in wet paper towels”!!! Unless you want the limb to die. You don’t want to get it soggy and wet or it will kill the nerve endings and make reattachment more difficult or impossible. You also don’t want to have ice directly touching it (or ALMOST directly touching it, either) or it will also kill the nerve endings.

    The best thing would be to wrap it in a towel, then plastic (so no water can get in), and THEN put it in a bucket of ice. Keep it cold but keep it safe from water/ice damage.

  • herb

    i had my right hand reattached after a complete dismemberment in 1968.dr richard kislove did the surgerys that lasted 2 years. skin grafts an tendon grafts were done so as to promote movement in fingers after the nerves were reattached and limited feeling returned. my wrist was fused as i lost the bones in my wrist and could not keep my wrist elevated as i moved my fingers. today in 2010 i have 50% feeling in my right hand and can play golf quite well with a 15 hdcp. i am thankfull what was done back in 1968 and consider it almost a miricle

  • Amazing!

  • Black Gold

    thanks for putting that list. its really amazing. i wish above that could never happen to any body i mean any body.

  • DeathDefied

    I don't really know what to say about 2 of the things on this list having happened in my hometown of Louisville KY. Either they have a lot of things being ripped off bodies, or they're really good at reattaching things. Maybe it's both. :|a

  • sk

    I lost my left ring finger at age 4 it was ripped off by a dog leash.I do not remember any pain why? I would like to know how the body and mind work to achieve that area of being

  • jocelyn

    I heard of another reattachment surgery, as described in the 70’s I believe in China Reconstructs. A woman had both feet severed and one leg crushed. Her foot was reattached to the opposite leg giving her some mobility. I would love to have a copy of this article, and don’t know if you are still researching these surgeries.

  • Da

    You forgot John Wayne Bobbit

  • Brad

    How does John Wayne Thompson not make this list? The kid has both arms ripped off by PTO, kicks a door in to get into his house in the dead of winter, calls for help by dialing a rotary phone with a pencil in his teeth, then waits for help in the bathtub because he doesn’t want to bleed on Mom’s new carpets. Both arms successfully reattached and he becomes an international celebrity.

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  • mk1980

    wow, after reading this article makes me feel grateful that i only had a part of my ear severed and reattached… I couldn’t imagined losing my scalp or face, I feel bad for them.