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10 Skills Every Man Should Have

The definition of being a man has changed drastically over the centuries. From he who can kill the buffalo, to he who can afford the most slaves, to he who can afford the tickets on the 50-yard line. The following ten points are the most important skills a man can have to survive in modern society.


Score a Baseball Game


Attention to detail and knowledge of the game are vital in the ability to properly score a game. Knowing that a runner touching home scores a run is not enough. A man should be able to document in only a few letters, numbers, and symbols everything that he sees happen from the first pitch to the final out. You should also be able to explain why “BB” means walk.


Build a Fire


This seemingly basic skill is often overlooked by those who never joined the Boy Scouts. The skill was fine-tuned centuries ago, but one can never be sure when he will have to provide a fire for warmth, to cook, or for sheer pleasure. Start with small dry twigs in the shape of a teepee, and slowly build up to larger pieces of wood. Don’t smother it, but don’t let too much air in.


Tie a Tie

Picture 1-114

Imagine waking up the day of an important meeting or interview, showering, getting dressed, and then not being able to tie the tie. The open collar look might work for some of us, but for most it will simply look sloppy. There are plenty of videos on youtube to help you out. Personally I use a little cheat-sheet given to my grandfather by a department store in the ‘50s. Some things just don’t change with time. Looking good is one of them. I recommend learning the “four in hand” method as it is the simplest – the adventurous might want to try a full windsor. Be sure to have a dimple in the tie (as is visible in the picture above).


Hold Their Own in Any Sport

Picture 2-76

Whether in the pool hall or a volleyball game at the company picnic, no one wants to lose. More importantly, no one wants to look like an idiot. As they say, you can’t win them all, but you can keep yourself from being embarrassed. A man should know the basic skills of every major sport, football, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, and various forms of non athletic games such as poker, pool, and fishing. Also, one should be able to explain the rules and basic skills of any of these competitions to any woman who asks.


Car Maintenance

Fixing Car2.Jpg

Every man has been in this situation: On a date with a cute girl, when suddenly the car stops working. She looks at you with those wide eyes, assuming you know how to fix it. Surprise ladies, we are not all mechanics. However, a man should be able to change a tire, jump start a car, recognize any fluids in the car, and be able to get the car to someone who can fix it, while not showing weakness in front of his lady.




As a man, you have certain responsibilities to your friends. Possibly the most important one is to help him get laid. It may involve starting the conversation, or even distracting the less desirable friend. You should be able to accept anything short of long-term physical injury in order to help a buddy out. These acts should be rewarded for their bravery and must be re-paid.




A good conversation is almost an art form. The ability to be interesting and charismatic without dominating a conversation is a skill reserved for the real men amongst us. A man should have a good joke on hand, as well as a supported opinion of most current events, from the threat of Iran as a nuclear power to the Pacers’ need for a starting center.


Basic first aid

First Aid Kit 480X360

CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, dressing cuts, scrapes, burns, and bruises, are all invaluable skills that could benefit you to know. It could mean the difference between life and death, or simply make you more comfortable. The possible importance of these skills can not be understated. Knowing these skills will also keep you from panicking if the situation should arise. It will keep everyone safer and can save lives.


Fix things


As Clint Eastwood said in Gran Torino, “WD-40, a vice grip, and a roll of duct tape. Any man worth his salt can fix almost any problem with this stuff alone”. Most household problems, from squeaky doors to dripping faucets, can be fixed easily by anyone with a clue. Fixing things by yourself will save you money and be more satisfying than calling in a professional.



Gcsyoung Man Cooking

Long gone are the days of hunting and gathering, where any food was considered good food. A real man should know his way around a kitchen and be able to cook a good meal now and again. When in the company of others, ramen and poptarts do not count. Check out some of our previous lists for some tips and ideas.

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  • Barold

    Nonsense! All nonsense!

    • power

      you r right. that is a list for stupid people with little brain evolution. believing this list does not prepare a man for the next century.

      • someone

        massive lol over here

    • Bambi

      i agree,completely

  • dbrownl

    i don't know if cooking should be on here, bbq yes cooking no… also why is bb for a walk in baseball boxscores?

    • lyfslpd-hrd!

      BB or bb, means that the runner can take 1st base as the 'count'( ie- 2/2) is always given in what the Umpire (dude b-hind the home-plate) calls as balls/strikes, in that order. So if you hear the announcer say "Full Count'" , this would be 3/2……in other words, unless the batter fouls off, he is either going to WALK (4)/2 or STRIKE OUT 3/(3), or get a hit. BB means Base on balls- reached 4 balls, before 3 strikes or getting a hit, K?

      • Jon

        that counts as 1/10

    • DGMdragunov

      In simple terms, “Base on Balls (BB)”.

    • WasteSide

      I played division 3 basketball and absolutely loathe baseball. But I’m sure I would have gotten a ton more girls in college if I had just managed to be mediocre at every sport and impress them with my baseball spreadsheets.

      This isn’t the mid 20th century. Baseball stopped being America’s pastime sometime after families stopped sitting around the radio.

      Im not making fun of anyone that scores a ball game, cause I love me some sports stats, but to act like you’re not a man if you don’t do it is beyond laughable.

  • notas

    Should this mean "10 skills every AMERICAN man should have?" i just read number 10 and realised that a horrible mistake has been made while coming up with the title

    • Patriot

      American men are the only ones who count ay? ;-)

    • josh brown

      ever been to japan which ironically has adopted the AMERICAN pasttime as there own and we forgot about pretty much it gets like 5 min on the sports news now adays

    • DGMdragunov

      Well, baseball is actually more popular in the Caribbean and Japan than it is in the USA, but I also imagine that scoring a game could apply to any sport, not just baseball.

  • Kibey

    There's so many things wrong with this list….

    • Erin

      *There are

  • apepper

    I think I only score 3 out of 10(!) I can score a cricket match though!

    • Jens

      haha! The proper way lol

      • Jon

        Switch baseball with cricket for the non americans

  • calm_incense

    Damn. I currently score 0/10.

    [/feels pathetic]

  • belfman

    Aw, come on! Score a baseball game? That’s kinda U.S. centered, don’t you think? I’ll bet thousands of Europeans would disagree with you on that.

    Otherwise, nice little list, although these kind of things are up for debate, of course. Honestly, I think every person should know how to give first aid, manage a conversation and cook, not only men.

    • guillaume

      you are right, i am french, i can't score a baseball game and i don't care
      i also disagree with the "tie part" but not sure it's because i am european

    • utsav

      everything is actually perfectly fine .A man should be able to do all of these things

      except for that baseball thing ,no one gives a fuck about it other than america

      • Seatown

        And Japan and Korea and Cuba and Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and Mexico and Canada and do you watch the Olympic summer games where it's been played since 1904

        • RedRose

          dunno where you got this from but Baseball hasn't been in the Olympics since 1902…it had a sort of unofficial showing at the those games. It was then made official in 1992 and won't be there in 2012…do you watch the news or read books, they've been out since, well, longer than you have.

  • Norman

    No.10 should be “Understand The Technicalities Of Sports.” Knowing how to score a baseball game is pretty useless outside the US.

  • jajdude

    Adept rifles on the list G. A man with a plan can understand what’s at hand,yo.

  • Annae

    The perfect man……every girls dream

    • ricardo

      thanks i didnt know you noticed.

  • Ru

    being able to explain offside to a woman should suffice :P

  • Foxy

    Wow us English all know how to score a Baseball game. Sorry this list means nothing to me.

  • Bee

    9/10 for me and my womaly parts.

    I don’t know enough about cars, tragic.

  • Damo

    Sweet list, except number 10 is really covered by number 7. Surely some prowess in the bedroom is a skill that could slip into the top 10.

  • schmoon

    BB means base on balls for baseball.

    this explanation was brought to you by a guy living in england :)

  • Stacy Braswell

    This list is ignorant and wtf why isnt “take care of you children” on here.

    Change a diaper, teach a kid to read…..


    no wonder men today are worthless and it took me 28 years to find the gem I have who BYW scored 4/10.

    Hes a good father, a good provider, he doesnt drink or cheat.

    • Jens

      calm down this cant be that bad. I assume who ever wrote this targeted people who didn't have kids?? dumb shit…

    • qbg

      jeez – you need to chill out. this was all clearly said tongue-in-cheek because as everyone knows, the most important skill a man needs this day is how to hold his own in a Pro Evolution Soccer tournament with all the boys – while the WAGS make snacks & bring the beers over

  • dbrownl

    thanks schmoon, i live in canada and could give a crap about baseball

    • Jens

      The rest of the world agrees XD

  • Geng1s

    Ok first off Baseball should be changed to the countries particular Major sport, in my case Rugby which i know the rules of.

    I dont know shit about cars and the last time i was meant to be a wingman im pretty sure the girl was under age and i was already in a relationship so im going to give myself 8 1/2 out of 10.


  • Geng1s

    @Bee (12):

    Yeah i think there are less and less Car guys these days, maybe we should start a club

  • Rocknopera

    That’s pretty solid…

  • Greg

    wow, gender typing and sexism in one poorly written list…

  • godiva

    this list is absurd.

  • Robert

    I got 4/10.

    I can build a fire, tie and tie, first aid and fix things.
    The rest seem pretty useless and I illogical.

  • chickybee32

    Am I the only one who thinks this list is an awesome collection of stereotypes and generalizations fed to women by magazines as to what to look for in the perfect guy?

    I’m kinda shocked that so many people are taking it seriously. To me, the skills a man ‘should’ have depends on his lifestyle and personality. The use of ‘should’ alone suggests to me that the skills mentioned fit a particular ‘type’.

    And this is why I rarely let myself comment – I’m rambling again, but FWIW RandomPrecision, I like it. :D

  • InfearNO

    With the exception of baseball you’ve got it dead on there.

  • corinthian0430

    8/10 for me- not so bad :)

  • InfearNO

    Ru, yeah mate explaining the offside rule should be a good Brit/Euro replacement for number 10.

    I don’t no s**t about cars, bikes I’m good with but cars have to much pointless crap in them. Who really needs radios, A/C, seatbelts and room for passengers.

    Can I get half a point then since I’m good with bikes but crap with cars?

  • ChevalierDupin

    What nonsense. This list should be removed from this site. This is clearly a matter of RandomPrecision24 and HIS idea of what a man should be. Most of these things have nothing to do with masculinity and all to do with machoism.

  • fifthsonata

    I can’t fully agree with this list. I don’t see the logic in propagating gender roles, even if the list was meant for humor. Encouraging stereotypical masculine and feminine roles only isolates those of us who don’t have an interest in it or simply aren’t good in the subject. When I was a kid I was hounded over liking videogames…now I am stereotyped as a bitch because I am career-oriented and am a mediocre cook.
    When a guy doesn”t exhibit stereotypical behavior, it’s worse – he isn’t a “man” if he doesn’t like sports or can’t repair a car….
    Life would be simpler without this gender role crap.

    • Jens

      Get the joke and laugh for christs sake. I hate stereotyping too but there is such a thing as getting a joke, same a racism.

      • ak99

        explain the joke..

    • vince

      WTF is 'converse" and "cook", then? Those aren't typical gender roles.

      WHY should sports be on the list? How about to fit in with the 'norm'? You take your significant other to a party of your friends, and he's put in a room with a dozen other Alpha-males talking sports, and soon he'll find himself gravitating towards you and the girls, emasculating himself. Maybe it's endearing to you- but to the 'norm'- he's a bit of a black sheep. Black sheep sometimes find it harder to climb the corporate (or non-corporate) as well as social ladders. Maybe it's not 'fair'- whaaaaa. Life's not fair, and those who don't seek to even their own odds deserve to fail when they do.

      If you're happy with your mate not being a 'stereotypical alpha-male', that's good for you- maybe better for him. Everyone has characteristics that they look for in a mate- some are evolutionary instincts, others are environmental. Some women only care about being taken care of financially. Others only need emotional support. Others want a perfect alpha male. Everyone else falls somewhere in between. If you're happy with your mate not being a 'stereotypical alpha-male', that's good for you- maybe better for him, especially if he is happy too.

      BTW, I'm 10/10 on the list. I also know how to change a diaper, sew, fix computers, build a house, do laundry, help the kids with homework, and can even hold an intelligent conversation about quantum physics if it comes up. My wife is much better looking than I am- since she didn't marry me for my looks or my money- I can only guess it's because I'm a pretty well-rounded guy who can take care of almost any problem that comes along.

  • uni

    Yep I didnt like #10 either. I give a damn about baseball. Cricket I like.
    And hey my girlfriend thinks I am “adorable” because I cant tie a tie (she doesn’t know that I can) :-)

  • cm

    No. 10 is what American men should know…

  • Tereso

    What a useless pointless list!!!!!!!
    But very fun indeed, loved it.
    BTW, I score 2/10.

  • gh0st

    10/10 …….therefore I win.

    • Seatown

      Right there with ya. Comments are full of a bunch of sniveling bitches.

      • Bluto

        Both of you. Here are your propeller hats.

  • Cazzazz

    Funny list, I am now apparently 100% man :) I’ll inform my vagina!

    On a completely different note; is anyone else seeing the ‘1 sexy stomach rule: Obey’ advert, the 1 rule according to the picture clearly being ‘GIVE BIRTH TO YOUR BABY!’
    Gotta love the world of advertising.

  • sayhuh78

    Personally I think this list, on top the last very not scientific list the other day is lacking quality (hell it just sucks. why do i need to score a baseball game?). How about a a list of 10 survival skills everyone should know.

  • InfearNO

    Why so cynical Cazzazz, you mean you don’t believe you can go from the before (apparently preggers) picture to the after (apparently a bloody super model) picture in just 3 weeks?

  • optimus_grime

    @ Stacy Braswell

    you say your man doesnt drink or cheat?? well not to your knowledge, he could be slammin your sister WHILE throwin back shots of JD….

  • kirk

    10 out of 10! Be calm ladies, line up, there’s plenty of me to go around.

  • necro_penguin

    i got 7/10 and can wing it on the other 3. maybe the ability to wing it should’ve been on this list.

    i learned how to score a baseball game from my grandma and i learned how NOT to fix things from my dad. actually, i think i’ve learned more of those things from women since i don’t like men and usually don’t hang out around them.

  • optimus_grime

    baseball might not be such a fun game to watch for most people but IMO its the best game out there to actually play.

    although i am biased because i’ve never tried crickett but i would be happy to give it a try cause it seems similar.

  • Carlos

    Wow, a list straight out of the Fifties!

  • Scotto

    Really, really dumb list. I’m yawning, loudly, like a man.

  • Ru

    hey it both involves a bat type thingy and a ball, ‘In My Opinion’ that qualifies as alike since I’m dutchy and ignorent to both of them :P

  • Milos

    @ChevalierDupin: i totally agree with u, this list does not belong here and its stupid. i vote for it to be removed.

  • nuriko

    not an interesting list…

  • Patrask

    Haha, I only have 4 of those skills. Guess I’m not as manly as I thought.

    (#10 doesn’t apply to me since no one plays Baseball where i live).

  • Barold

    @Milos and Chevalier: I agree. This is just propogating stupid gender stereotypes. If it’s meant as a joke, it’s really not very funny.

    @Jfrater: I vote for this to be deleted. Is the listverse a democracy?

  • spidermonkey

    Is this meant to be a joke? If you think playing or even liking sports makes you a ‘man’ then you’re seriously misguided. My boyfriend doesn’t like sport and trust me, he’s all man ;) it means I don’t get ignored for weeks at a time when major sporting tournaments are on the TV.

  • Arsenal

    @necro_penguin (39): i totally agree with you. A man should be able to wing it:)))
    its obvios that this list sucks. We should vote it out and make a new list. A better list:))
    i suggest also that a man must always help a lady

  • Signe

    InfearNO and Ru: You guys are so right! Everytime Im near a football match, guys always tries and explains the offside rules like it is the most important thing in the world and us girl never understand anything nor care…but it sure seem like the guys thinks it is essential knowledge and don’t understand who you can go trough life not understandin the offside rules :-)

  • Ru

    winging it is really important indeed, considering most men live by the rule ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’ ;)

    always helping a lady is rather outdated though, that’s why we invented emancipation, so women can’t demand we do stuff for them :P

    and I don’t particularly hate sports, but I’m far from a fan of any sport either.

  • chubbmeister

    my car is way too complicated for me to fix, with all the technogadgets, to me it’s important to be able to fix a flat tire on all vehicles…

  • muzli

    This list should have been called:

    1. Ten skills every American … north American man should have
    2. Ten skills every person should have
    3. Ten skills every woooman should have.
    4. Ten skills every grandfather should have.
    5. Ten skills every grandmother (for that matter) should have.

    I could also feel it from the first point that the title of this list was misleading. This is list is meaningless, stupid, nonsensical and just a waste of cyberspace, time and money.

  • archiealt

    Surely No.1 on the list should be realising that there is a world outside the USA. Nobody outside America cares about Baseball.

    How wonderfully ironic that whilst writing this comment the spell check is telling me i have spelt realising wrong.

    The irony just won’t stop. Now it’s trying to tell me that spelt is not a word.

  • Araz

    I can fill in 9 of 10. Most of them pretty well, some less (Car Maintenance)

    But I would be able to score a Baseball game if my life depended on it.

    And yes, I am european.

  • clargnblost

    Scoring baseball clearly doesn’t belong on here (and I’m in the USA).

    Clear oversights on the list:

    – Grilling meat for a large quantity of people.
    – Covering a tab graciously.
    – Expertly coaching kids at [your country’s popular sport].


  • KGB99

    Oh come on. It’s one thing to dislike a list (inevitable) from time to time, but does it really offend you enough to demand that it be taken down? You can’t just wait 24 hours for a new list to be posted and forget all about this one? You’re ok with ruining it for other people who have yet seen it and cast their own opinions about the list? All this list has is 10 “skills” (or stereotypes) that men have. Doesn’t mean you have to agree with it. That is what’s great about this site. Overall this list is harmless and you’re overreacting.

  • muscarius

    this list is a failure.
    number 10 is totally useless unless you live in USA or Japan. Basebell is not appealing to anyone outside those 2 countries.
    also I don’t wear ties and will never do. I cannot stand anything tied around my neck (not even ropes). so number 8 is useless as much.
    number 7 is quite arguable: you listed games almost unknown here in Italy. also saying “Also, one should be able to explain the rules and basic skills of any of these competitions to any woman who asks.” shows you’re a maschilist that presumes women need to be explained sports (I’d need too, as I stated, for example).
    I agree with some of those points but for the majority this list is a failure.

    • ScottyBoy

      You’re right, over half the population of every asian and american country don’t watch baseball, your opinion is based on zero fact… you should probably consider studying up before making ignorant comments.

  • Magnus

    Number 10 should be: Knowing how to touch a woman.
    Knowing when a light touch is needed and when a firmer grip is needed. I am NOT talking about physical abuse.

  • melnve

    What a ridiculously outdated list… way to promote ludicrously archaic male stereotypes! Who cares a damn if a guy can score one sport that’s insignificant outside of the USA? Why would you need to hold your own in every sport? The author has prowess in ski jumping, curling and caber tossing does he?

    Disappointing… seems that the reliable quality of these lists is to be mourned as a thing of the past.

  • Haas

    This list is bound to be in the top 10 worst lists.
    Baseball? I can play it but last time I hold a bat was in middle school, because nobody place baseball here.
    First aid, well I can get a child out of a burning house etc, but after that I should hope someone else can do the rest, thats girls stuff.
    Cooking? serious I’m king of bbq but cooking why??
    And a tie? Most real man work as metal workers or other hard jobs they don’t wear tie’s. Tie’s are for office jobs where most girly men work.

  • Matt

    “…we’re men. That means a few things – we like to shit with the door open, we talk about pussy, we go on riverboat gambling trips, and we make our own beef jerky. That’s what we do…”

  • Realist

    lol @ all the uptight people on here. Get over yourselves.

  • Haas

    A men should be able to kill animals! Because you have to hunt for it then kill it and eat it.

  • the tantalizer

    woohoo, 10 for 10, so that means im a real man? hmm, i thought the cock and balls was good enough. and for anyone who doesnt know “bb” means base on ball, or to walk the batter

  • gabi319

    @Cazzazz (34):
    Hahaha, that’s what I was thinking too! I didn’t qualify for all but for most!

  • Tonio

    wow people stop complaining about the basesball thisg, it was only one item on the list! great list i thought, made me laugh.

  • frushka


  • rushfan

    I like this list. At certain points I had to stifle my feminist urge to be offended at the way women are mentioned as nothing more than props, but I see the humor and old-fashioned feel of it. Today’s young men are sorely lacking in many life skills and obviously RandomPrecision was raised with a positive male role model.

    I personally don’t prescrible to traditional gender roles in my own life, but there are obvious differences between the genders that should not be ignored, and I think the “feminization” of men has been detrimental to them. Here’s an interesting article on the topic, it’s called Are Men Obsolete?

  • Wyldcat

    I am a 33-year-old husband & father that has learned the following lessons in my life. For the original list, I do see validity in #’s 9, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1. But that’s rooted in my own experiences and background, to a certain extent.
    I humbly submit my top 10 necessary skills for a man.

    10. Lead by example, using words only when necessary.
    9. Honor your father and mother, no matter how they are
    as parents.
    8. Be the same person in his home that you are anywhere
    7. Learn to converse and interact with anyone.
    6. Remember that someone else’s viewpoint may be vastly
    different than your own, but that’s okay. You’re
    not always right.
    5. Apologize first.
    4. Pray. For your children, wife, all those around you- everyone needs it.
    3. Work hard and provide for your family.
    2. Choose time with your children over everything else
    whenever possible.
    1. Love others and place them above yourself.

    I am not implying my list is an improvement or better than the original. But I do think these things are indeed skills that have to be cultivated, and are universal in nature.
    Thanks for reading.

  • moonbeam

    I’m a woman and I can’t say this list is entirely sexist as others have, although it does have evidence of misogyny. RandomPrecision24 doesn’t say that these are skills are only for men to master. Lighting a fire, holding an interesting conversation, first aid, cooking, fixing things/cars, playing/ understanding sports both men and woman would do well to possess these skills, if possible.

    As to # 10 sorry to jump on the bandwagon, but as soon as I read it – and I’m from the USA – I thought “oh boy – here we go…” This list is read by people from so many different countries yet list makers and commenters often make the mistake of assuming we’re all from the same places.

    RE #7 my best friend’s husband uses a wheelchair and obviously can’t master sports, and is still more of a man than many people I’ve come across in life. I have to say though this comment is sexist: “should be able to explain the rules and basic skills of any of these competitions to any woman who asks.” How about “anyone who asks” instead?

    #6 Car Maintenance Sexist again: “while not showing weakness in front of his lady.” It’s OK to be vulnerable occasionally, really. Besides maybe she could fix or recognize the problem.

    I do think being able to raise a child, or in the case of those choosing not to be fathers, at least the ability to help with child care, is a glaring omission.

    Although many people are already ‘hating on’ this list, I like the fun, tounge – in – cheek ones as well as the serious lists. It’s the varity that keeps me coming back. Besides the controversy inspires such good comments. Thanks RandomPrecision24 for the list.

    BTW – I like the Clint Eastwood quote.

  • Andy

    I only got one or two out of ten, but since I got number 4 I don’t feel so bad.
    I think I could score a baseball game, but as a US citizen I think that’s a stretch even for us. I like basketball and (american) football so it’s like saying everyone in the world needs to know what a touchback is.

    would be a good thing if i could cook better, had better knowledge of my fireplace (soon) and knew more about cars. way to make me go to sleep thinking about how i can improve my man-like whatevers!

  • oouchan

    Interesting list, RandomPrecision24. So it’s not my cup of tea, but it was amusing to read. I agree with part of this that men should know. … and it’s funny that I can do 7 of these while some men above claim to only do 4. :)

    @Magnus (59): Good point. I would like to add that they should be able to take care of children, provide for a family and know how to have sex….period.

  • zambrotta19

    Does number 6 by default mean that a REAL man should know how to drive?

    BONUS – A real man should know how to act should a woman dispute his ability to perform any of the ten things on this list?

  • IggyKoopa

    I’m a woman and scored 8 out of 10. Does that make me a man?

    This list is sexist and a little bit racist (i.e. “he who can afford the most slaves” …so any male who is not white is therefore not a man? Male slaves weren’t men?)

  • Matt

    But in all seriousness I think people expressing their disgust and deeming this to be out of the fifties are rather pedantic and a little precious. Lets take a look at a few in a different light:

    10: Score a Baseball Game – Hey, guys love sport and love to be involved in it. How can we have a game without someone knowing the rules? (who cares about baseball though?)

    9: Build a Fire – Camping is tops and bonfires on the beach are ace. Lets be honest, it generally the dude that does it, and who really has a problem with this?

    8: Tie a Tie – I don’t know if you have noticed but ties are standard for most of us in any profession. How unprofessional does a poorly dressed person look?

    7: Hold Their Own in Any Sport – Again most of us love sport and for better or worse we do kinda note others sporting ability. Being good at sport makes one feel good about himself. What’s wrong with that?

    6: Car Maintenance – Ya just have to know someone who knows how to fix a car.

    5: Wingman – Having a mate to prop you up and help you out is one of the most important things in life. Funnily enough chasing girls consumes us for at least the first 25 years of out life. I am sure girls have similar, without good friends we’d all be poked.

    1: Cook – Being able to bust out a great meal impresses anyone. Ruling a BBQ is important to a lot of fellas but personally I think those guys are just wankers.

    So is any of this really that barbaric? Stereotypes are generally founded from some form of reality so perhaps just relax and accept that some things in life are important to us.

  • Cahl

    For the rest of us 5.7 billion people out here, can you tell us what this “Baseball” is? Replace it with football (yes, thats what it is called, not soccer) kthnx.

  • thussain

    Most of the points in this list are reasonable but number 10, I don’t give a shit about baseball.

  • timmar68

    As soon as I read this I knew that some women would be offended.
    I’m not one of them. I treasure the times before the 1970s when all that femi-nazi stuff came into being. Feminists don’t like me because I disagree with a lot of them.
    Good list. Love this site.

  • Jason

    Get over yourselves, people. These lists are for entertainment only, and for those that take them as serious advice need to get out a little more. These seem to be skills that men are commonly losing in an increasingly-dependent society. Forget the nationalistic sports subject, but many of these topics are commonly being reserved for “professionals” when they are skills that a balanced person should know. Yes, it could be considered a “stereotype” that men should know about cars, but that’s just the way it normally is. These are more generalities, not stereotypes. Just because there’s the 2-3% of men that enjoy watching the OC or whatever instead of Monster Garage, doesn’t mean they’re still not men. They’re just not the typical man.

  • faketree78


    Wingman is overrated. A real friend wouldn’t expect you to go through an uncomfortable situation merely for the chance of him getting some action. Its a juvenile concept.

    I wish I was more handy around the house. Sure, I can use WD-40 and duct tape, but that isn’t really ‘fixing things’, is it?

    I’ve got #1 down. Thats what I do for a living!

  • Petie

    Wooh Ooh! 7 out of 10. Just substitute #10 for Cricket or Soccer (Futball).

    When zombies overrun the world, you’ll need to know:

    * Build Fires
    * Cook: cook over said built fire
    * Tie a tie, convert to tie a rope for rapelling cliffs. Zombies can’t rapell.
    * Hold your own in sports means you can outrun zombies
    * Car Maint.: Fix all those abandoned vehicles and build a zombie-proof getaway truck
    * First aid: You or another survivor will probably get shot in the arm or leg by some yoohoo

  • cminus

    8 of 10, or 10 of 10 if you modify #7 and #10 to reflect that baseball just isn’t a major sport Around Here. I do know the basics of American football and hockey, though.

    That said, it should probably have been renamed “10 skills every traditionally-minded heterosexual American man should have.” Or else drop #5, #7, and #10, modify some of the supporting text, and rename it “7 skills everyone should have.”

    Oh, and IggyKoopa, racial slavery is actually a relatively new form of slavery. Originally, slavery was a matter of class, not race: the Roman Empire, for instance, extended citizenship to most of its subject peoples if they had the wealth, and willingly enslaved their fellow Italians if they didn’t.

  • flgh

    Hey, where’s “let her orgasm first”?

  • IkeTurner

    For all you Europeans that are saying this list is for Americans just because baseball is on the list need to check your facts. Baseball is quite popular all over the world. It’s quite popular in Central and South America. Japan, China, Korea and several other Asian Countries. It’s popularity is growing in Africa as well. It seems the only place its NOT popular is in Europe… probably too busy playing soccer =P

  • Acula

    #10 is really dumb.

  • DrFrigmundPseud

    A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

    -Robert A. Heinlein

  • dre

    im not sure if anyone brought this up already but in #4 on the list it says converse, so i thought to myself “the sneaker?” I mean the dude in the pic is wearing converse sneakers so thats what i thought it was….until i read it, that is all.

  • smbrickner

    9 out of 10.
    Being married now my wingman days are behind me.
    I thought it was a funny list, but certainly regional. If someone from my area had written it field dress and animal and clean a fish would have certainly been on it.

  • Bob

    You forgot “Be able to read and write verse properly.” And I don’t mean that free verse shit. Sequence of the metronome my ass.

  • alexman

    what about

    not showing emotions
    more fighting
    driving fast and other man-centric “skills”

  • deepthinker

    I’m making my husband read this list!

  • 8bithero

    I can build a fire (and start one without any matches, lighters, or that other junk).

    I can tie a tie, fix things, and cook.

    The Army taught that to me. I can also navigate without a GPS, read a map, kill my own food, fashion an emergency shelter, perform REAL first aid (bain-aids don’t do dick for shock and head trauma), fashion an emergency stretcher, and the list just goes on.

    This list is good for the metrosexuals that might want to go “camping” someday. It means nothing to real men (and women) who have more advanced skills.

    PS- Baseball sucks, sports are for fun not essential skills, and gety yourself laid you loser.

  • mom424

    I’m a damn near perfect man – I fail a bit in the wingman department. And of course I’m only talking about basic car maintenance; I can change a tire, change the oil, air filter, oil filter, brake fluid, washer fluid. But why would I? I have men for those chores. Good time to bring up a life lesson – just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should, in fact sometimes it’s best to pretend you can’t. There has to be some jobs for the men in your life. Imo a man who can’t fix stuff isn’t really a man.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @IkeTurner (86): HAHA almost pissed myself from that one.

    But 10 should be about football instead (American of course). Its way manlier. Over all a cool list though, if it is not taken too seriously. It pisses me off when people take this shit uber literally and get all worked up.

  • Its Just Dave

    See if this “Yankee” has the Football offsides rule correct….

    If Chelski, Arsenal,Man U, or Liverpool have a man behind the last defender when he gets the pass, it is NOT offsides as long as they are playing at home.

    Is that correct ?

    • RedRose

      if an player from the attacking team is behind the final defender of the defending team when the ball is played to him or is considered to be active in the play, then they are offside. This does not count if the attacking player is "offside" in there own half. Also you can't be offside from throw in's, unless they've changed that again…. So i'll give you a 6/10 for effort….That home rule though, i've never heard that before….thats just mental lol :P

    • qbg

      it's when the ball is passed not when it's received which determines if the guy is on/offside. I like your Yankee football as well – still don't get the pass interference rule though…

  • Keith

    Know what would make this post… helpful?

    Actually including a link with every “skill” to a website that might provide some information on obtaining that skill. Especially since most of that stuff can be “learned” from reading a quick article (which shows why it’s pathetic to not know at least a few of these things).

    I think cooking may be the single most important skill for a man to possess; particularly if he’s interested in attracting a decent mate.

    Also, “wingman” is a retarded “skill.”

  • Taylor

    I am really surprised that listverse published this. I’m not sure whether the author is trying to be funny, but this list is offensive to many different types of people. How about being a ‘man’ by respecting people and there differences.

  • Taylor

    oops their not there

  • amgriffin

    So disappointing. Listverse, you’re better than this.

  • Dani

    Wow, I need a man that knows all this!

  • Barabas

    Football is a major sport? LoL

  • Steve

    10. Your only a man if you live in the US and like to watch overpaid athletes run around in circles.

    9. Everyone should be able to do this.

    8. This is actually valid.

    7. Again sports have nothing to do with having a penis.

    6. Everyone who drives should be able to do basic repairs and not just to impress girls.

    5. You should have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations in order to get your friend to be able to hook up with a random bar chick.

    4. – 1. Important for EVERYONE

  • blacksunshine

    Is it bad that I’m hoping for a 10 skills every woman should have list?

  • logar

    There certainly are some uptight folks commenting on this list… Just because 1 of 10 items on the list is USA-centric, doesn’t negate it’s validity. Just substitute your country’s favorite sport, and get over it.

    Remember, these are skills that every man SHOULD have, not skills it takes to BE a man. Those would involve honor, dignity, fortitude, etc…

    Personally, I think all of these skills are things anyone should know- some call these archaic and dated, but I don’t see society improving as these skills erode… Do you?

  • bucslim

    Nice list Random – I enjoyed it.

    To all of you pinheaded mooks out there populating the comment section – I wished you would shut your blathering pie holes for crying out loud. This incessant need to point out that one list is ‘too USA’ is total bullshit and reveals a mind that cannot possibly think outside of your own border. Are we supposed to offer up a multinational list every damn day? Pull your collective heads out of your collective rectums and look around for a change. It’s an interesting world out there full of trivial facts that are supposed to enlighten your mind, make you chuckle or just pass the time. But if you continue to walk around with your head up your ass everything is dark and it doesn’t smell too good. OF COURSE you’re going to say that every list you don’t like or is too USA or misogynistic or racist or poorly written. If you live and root in shit then everything you see is shit.

    Last time I checked there were a myriad of nationalities playing baseball – not just Americans. Yeah, it is called our national pastime, but there are plenty of men from Latin America and Japan in the Major Leagues. So get over this juvenile rant about baseball just being a USA sport.

    If you don’t like a certain list, fine – feel free to say so and move on. I’ve done my fair share of ranting in lists of yore. But this tsunami of ridiculous criticism about this list is pointless, boring, stupid and just plain lazy. Surely there’s something in the archives or forums that will make you happy enough to see that this site is about entertainment and learning about interesting facts you may or may not have known.

    This definitely ISN’T the worst or the most boring or the most poorly written list ever published in the history of mankind. But some of the comments ARE definitely some of the most stupid, unfunny, wrong, banal and pointless ones I’ve read.

    Time to grow up and move out of your parent’s basement.

    • Right on, bucslim! I swear, every jackass with no sense of humor has some sort of weird compulsion to post a comment and prove it.

  • Keith

    @bucslim: that’s quite a blathering pie hole you’ve got there… asswipe

  • Kelly

    …or, just every man should become a boyscout.

  • roberth

    “Stacy Braswell
    August 6th, 2009 at 2:08 am

    This list is ignorant and wtf why isnt “take care of you children” on here.

    Change a diaper, teach a kid to read…..


    no wonder men today are worthless and it took me 28 years to find the gem I have who BYW scored 4/10.

    Hes a good father, a good provider, he doesnt drink or cheat.”

    Must be gay

  • bucslim

    @Keith (108):

    Ooooohh I’m wounded now. You really got me with that one.

  • IggyKoopa

    cminus, given that the author specifically mentioned killing the most buffalo before the slavery comment and because the list is clearly targeted to white, American, heterosexual men, I’m fairly certain he meant white, landed gentry from pre-civil war America. I am aware of other kinds of slavery and their historical context. That doesn’t make the author’s comment any less racist.

  • foohy

    I agree mostly except with #10!! Baseball is terribly boring and only has real popularity in two countries (USA & Japan).

    So minus that horrible addition I score an 8/9.

  • callie19

    We’re men, we’re men in tights.
    We roam around the forest looking for fights.
    We’re men, we’re men in tights.
    We rob from the rich and give to the poor, that’s right!
    We may look like sissies, but watch what you say or else we’ll put out your lights!
    We’re men, we’re men in tights,
    Always on guard defending the people’s rights.

    We’re men, MANLY men, we’re men in tights.
    We roam around the forest looking for fights.
    We’re men, we’re men in tights.
    We rob from the rich and give to the poor, that’s right!
    We may look like pansies, but don’t get us wrong or else we’ll put out your lights.
    We’re men, we’re men in tights
    TIGHT Tights
    Always on guard defending the people’s rights.
    When you’re in a fix just call for the men in tights!

    Sorry.In all seriousness, I think people have missed that this is a humor list. I laughed all the way through. Except for the tie thing. You really should be able to do that. If I can master walking in heels, you can tie a tie.

  • callie19

    wow Buc…I think Keith just stole your man card with that slicing insult.

  • Layne

    @Dave #97
    Isn’t offsides in football/soccer when the opposing team’s offense goes past the other team’s defense,and they get a pass without having two people between them and the goal? Or something like that?

    And just for the record,as a 16 year old girl,I can do 6/10 items on the list. Including scoring a baseball game, which my Mom taught me how to do. Figures,huh?

  • Annunnakike

    How about being able to dance a nice slow? Or, for that matter, just dance. There are so few men with good moves out there… It’s a pity. I’d kill for a guy who can slow!
    And, i agree with some previous posts: let her have first orgasm! :D

  • bucslim

    @callie19 (115):

    Wasn’t exactly ‘Randallesque’

  • foohy

    Instead #10 should be one of the following:

    “Talk to Kids”
    -If you end up talking ‘at’ kids rather than ‘with’ them then you fail at this one. Being able to get along with kids/teens shows that, while you are mature, you haven’t forgotten what it was like to be a kid. AKA you’re not a boring, mean, old fart. :)

    “Stay Physically Fit”
    -I don’t mean you have to be ripped with muscles bulging out ever which way. I mean not being to fat or to skinny. ‘Toned’, I guess.

    “Proper Personal Hygiene”
    -Like you said this is modern society that doesn’t tolerate someone with oily hair and rancid B.O.

  • Serious

    The list isn’t worth reading.

  • Chavon

    i do agree with 15 Stacy Braswell

    take care of ya damn kids!!! i am a single mother n it is hard…that definatley shoulda made the list

  • Chavon

    117 Annunnakike

    i looove a guy who can dance also!! very much agreed!!

  • Petie

    Read a map. That’s a good one!

  • Truth Watch

    #5 is stupid and offends me. Why is it even on the list?

  • Kristen (utbiomedengr)

    I love listverse, and some of the past lists have been amazing… but this is just stupid. Are these things that are supposed to impress a woman?
    10. I’m a soccer fan so whoopie doo if a guy knows all the rules to baseball.
    9. I was in Girl Scouts, and we also learned to build fires.
    8. The first valid point, wearing a tie may be important in some workplaces. Maybe this entry assumes that good men have jobs.
    7. As a prosthetics engineer, this offends me. I meet little boys born missing limbs, does that mean they’ll never be good men? No.
    6. If you’re going to drive a car, regardless of sex, you should be able to do basic maintenance on it.
    5. I’m resisting the urge to type in all capital letters. Seriously? Real men help their friends have one night stands? Real men are respectful of others, including women. This disgusts me.
    4. This is another good point, but being open is more important than having an opinion on every current event.
    3. Everyone needs to know basic first aid, not just men.
    2. It has been my experience that men are better at improvising, but there are exceptions in every group.
    1. I was unaware that men didn’t know how to cook. Maybe these guys lived with their moms until they got married.

    I agree with the poster above who asked if we could vote this off. This isn’t “Tips for Surviving A Zombie Attack” funny so it must be “Fascinating Reattachment Surgeries” factual. It’s gotta go Jamie.

    • Kristen, you are WAY too easily offended. This list is light hearted – perhaps that's why you don't get it.

  • grubthrower

    I like what Robert A. Heinlein had to say about “man” skills:

    “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallanty. Specialization is for insects.”

  • Keith

    @bucslim (118):

    We seriously didn’t need a five paragraph dissertation defending this worthless list. Which, I agree isn’t too bad and that people should stop whining about how ethnocentric it is. As far as I can tell, these lists are thrown together by some dude whose personal biases and opinions naturally come through, you know, since this isn’t a peer-reviewed science journal.

    But when you start of your own rant (that you clearly consider “intelligent”) by calling everyone a pinhead mook… well, guess what you sound like?

    A whiny bitch… the same you think you’re cleverly ranting against.

  • archangel

    A good bunch of stereotypes, and surely, all skills would be handy for a man to have!

    However, I agree that no. 10 is a little American-centric.

  • nefarious11

    10/10 and im girl. ha! I make a better man than most men!

  • Keith

    Can we just re-name the list to 10 Skills Every American Man Should Have?

    Or if it makes you feel better, we could change number 10 to include scoring a game of Cricket.

    Right-o mates?

  • Steve

    Wow, what a perfect pile of bullshit.

  • Becca

    10) Frankly, I’d be embarassed if my boyfriend paid that much attention to such a boring sport, or any sport for that matter.
    9) Fair enough, but any Girl Guide/Scout can do it, so it’s basic knowledge.
    8) I can tie ties. My boyfriend works with his hands all day, it’d be silly of him to wear one and set it on fire.
    7) Um, ew. I probably speak for a lot of women when they say they don’t want a bloody jock for their partner. I hate sports and would be disgusted if his life revolved around how other people saw him.
    6) Yes, this is a valid point, no qualms here. =D
    5) If you’re a frat boy trying to get his friend laid, then yes. If you have a brain in your head, no. Being a friend does not mean getting your buddy laid while you take the “hot girl’s fat friend” home. Ugh.
    4) This is very true as well, but I’d rather his conversations didn’t revolve around sports and current events. That makes it sound like he has no original thoughts of his own and just repeats whatever he saw on the news.
    3) Valid point. but everyone should know this regardless of gender.
    2) Most valid point of all. I’m horrid at fixing things and have little patience so…
    1) Men should cook on a barbeque. There’s something wrong about a man cooking as much or more than the woman. -_- Unless of course the man lives on their own.

  • Keith

    @Becca (132):

    Your commentary is the most boring thing on this page right now.

  • Nvrtry

    If baseball wasnt such a boring sport, im sure many people would know how to score the games. The rest of the list was good stuff though.

  • Pyderz

    Score a baseball game?… How about no.

  • callie19

    I don’t understand women actually being offended by any of this. Real men don’t have one night stands and are respectful at all times!!! Yeah. In The Notebook, maybe. Ask your current hubby/boyfriend if he’s ever had a one night stand. This is SATIRE, people. Funny? Ha…ha….? This is like someone getting offended by Blazing Saddles.

  • Rufus

    apparently this list only works for some parts of the world…

  • Keith

    Some of you people should probably give baseball a try.

  • bucslim

    @Keith (127):

    And we seriously don’t need a deconstruction of my 5 paragraph defense dissertation from snot nosed whiney bitch ass like you.

  • ringtailroxy

    not the best list compared to the gems of the past week or so.

    3 additional skills…

    3.) know that slathering yourself in AXE body spray doesn’t make up for the fact you haven’t showered in 3 days

    2.) a man should be able to identify the local flora/fauna in his area. don’t tell me it’s a tree. i know that dumbass. you’d impress me more if you could tell me it’s an American Mahogany tree. which i already know. but it would show me you care about more than yourself. which is sexier than your Hamilton wristwatch & overpriced gas-guzzler.

    1.) please realise that sex, especially GOOD sex, is more than insert object A into slot B. consider your partner…and remember, what looks good on pornos rarely feels as good in real life. it’s acting, stupid.


  • NationYell

    Heh, I am only good at 7 out of 10 :P I wish I knew how to change my car’s oil on my own, shouldn’t have to shell out 20 bux for some other GUY to do it.

  • Keith

    @bucslim (139):

    Wow, way to regurgitate everything I said about you while adding “snot nosed.” Funny how snot noses typically come from the likes of 5th graders who use the same defensive tactic that you are.

    What’s next, “I know you are, but what am I?”


  • johnny

    Calm down girls. I think it is meant as humor. Some people will think it’s funny some won’t.

  • bucslim

    @Keith (142):

    I’m not a loser, you’re a loser!

  • frushka

    (No longer speechless)

    Cute,silly, eye-ball-rolling list.
    And (as usual) great comments from everyone!
    Like Napoleon Dynamite said, chicks like guys with skills.

    The only thing a man can do that a woman cannot
    is to achieve and maintain a good erection.
    A hard man is good to find. :) :) :)
    Cheers! :)

  • Keith

    @bucslim (144):

    Ok, that’s funny.

    We’re cool buc.

  • chershey

    This seems to be a list of skills every PERSON should have, not just men.

  • Maggot

    To all of you idiots whining about the baseball entry, I give you a “K”.

  • Keith

    @Maggot (148):

    Make that a backward ‘K’

    Lighten up folks, baseball is fun.

  • Randall

    Howzabout we add the following: “For those of the non-American persuasion, subsitute ‘soccer/football’ for ‘baseball’ in item #10, or whatever your national sport happens to be.”

    Does that make everybody happy and warm and fuzzy?

    Bunch of whining morons.

    By the way, I have no idea why BB means “walk.” And…. yup… with that admission, my dick just fell off.

  • Bob

    Base on balls. :-)

  • shaymm

    Fun list…I scored a 5/10. Not bad, though I know nothing about cars and how to fix anything. And, my major flaw is tying a tie. I actually have a group of ties in my room that are pre-tied–pathetic, really. I need to learn.

    Even funnier than the list are the comments…”he doesnt drink or cheat.” @ringtailroxy (140): Hilarious.

    I cant believe this list offends so many people…everyone, including the dumb and the ignorant, are entitled to their opinions. If this writer feels that the perfect guy should follow this list, or maybe he himself feels that this is the way he wants to be, then fine by me. And it should be fine with everyone else. This is purely satire…have fun with it.

  • shaymm

    also, it would be fun to see reverse the list and see what skills a women should have. Either from a male or female perspective.

  • Maggot

    @Bob (151): Base on balls.

    Just because Randall admitted he was dickless doesn’t mean you should make fun of him like that. He could probably still leg out a bunt.

  • logar

    @Bob (151)

    …. Because “Walk on Balls” seemed too painful.


  • callie19

    @Randall (150): But…I thought we had plans. We were supposed to have a life together Randall!!

  • thundercatx


  • plow22

    Some of the most fun I’ve had on Listverse in a while, not the list but the comments. You guys slay me!

  • plow22

    walk on balls… ha

  • bucslim

    @Maggot (154):

    But he won’t be able swim in a straight line anymore without the rudder.

  • Bjart

    what a stupid list, you’re small minded random precision

  • Charles

    This is such a stupid list. Because you’re a guy you should know how to do these things? This doesn’t make any sense

  • Maggot

    @bucslim (160): But he won’t be able swim in a straight line anymore without the rudder.

    Makes you wonder how the womenfolk can do it. But as we all know, we men must never ask them for directions.

  • wily


    This is mine.

    10. Figure cost, profit and loss.
    9. Turn the other cheek.
    8. Stop at one drink.
    7. Say no to a woman without making her angry.
    6. Defend someone else
    5. Share credit.
    4. Be accomplished at something tangible.
    3. Respect authority.
    2. Manage authority.
    1. Self control.

  • randomprecision24

    Relax ladies and gentlemen, I am not suggesting that your balls are going to fall off if you can’t tie a tie.
    As for those whiners, consider the possiblity that there are underlying traits under these skills that are important
    10. attention to detail
    8. Dress with class and style for the occasion
    7. keep from embarrassing themself
    5. be a good friend
    4. Be an interesting person and be able to form your own opinion on issues.

    Hope you all enjoyed the list =)

  • Zachary

    I agree with Barold. (1)

    Some of these are fine–tying a tie, basic first aid.

    The rest are sexist ideals. You don’t have to be a man to score a baseball game. You don’t have to score a baseball game to be a man.

    I guarantee the author can’t do a fourth of these things.

    JFrater’s lists are really the only ones on this website worth anything.

  • kyle k

    Wow, the baseball thing is ridiculous,

  • shaymm09

    awesome I just joined the WordPress world. I guess its cool. lol

  • archiealt

    @randomprecision24 (165):

    ‘As for those whiners, consider the possiblity that there are underlying traits under these skills that are important
    10. attention to detail
    8. Dress with class and style for the occasion
    7. keep from embarrassing themself
    5. be a good friend
    4. Be an interesting person and be able to form your own opinion on issues.’

    This begs the question, why not just make that the list?

  • redcaboose

    The list was a fun read, but I think a little tongue in cheek. Especially about the sports. And who can fix the new cars.

    As a resident of the US, everytime I hear someone going on about rugby, soccer, etc, I usually roll my eyes. Nevermore!! I watched my first Australian Football game a few nights ago. What a blast. That game had more excitement and fun in one game then anything the US has done in years. I didn’t know the rules, but was able to pick some of them up. I will now be looking for more of these to watch, but they are hard to find here. I will be looking on the net. Great game, Aussies. :)

  • TwoHands

    What about learning to fight and shooting guns?


    Seconded on fighting and shooting guns.

    Boo to “cooking”. What the hell. Either eat it raw or throw it over an open fire. That’s the extent of a man’s food preparation skill set.

  • zooomcatt829

    These skills seem oddly familiar to another set of skills published in Esquire…

  • Lana

    Being a “wingman” is not a skill. With that said, one of the things on the list should have been, know how to talk to women yourself without the need for that college frat wingman BS.

  • Sarsmi

    @callie19 (136):

    You should probably look up the definition of satire. The list maker seemed perfectly serious about this list to me, tho he tried to write it in a humorous light. He failed, but hey he tried right? I mean, sexism and gender stereotypes are hilarious!

    I pity men who need to feel like they can do certain things in order to be able to define themselves. Maybe this should be retitled as “10 things insecure men should know in order to feel better about themselves”? Too much of a mouthful, maybe?

    BTW baseball is boring as hell, half of this list is things that people should know (not just men), and baseball is boring as hell. Did I mention baseball is boring as hell?

  • Joseph de Culver City

    Hey, what’s this vice-grip of which you speak (in the voice of Clint, no less. He is literate)?

    Baseball? ugh!

    Hold your own in hockey? (yeah, righ

    10. Make a coherent, cogent list.

  • lostatsea1

    1 & 7 boring! Rather watch racing, cars or bikes. SCUBA, skiing and camping is much better than being a couch potato.
    Everyone regardless of gender should know enough to do at least simple maintenance on their vehicle. Help a friend get laid!! Please! Too busy trying to get laid myself, I know it’s selfish but wtf. Charm, grooming and being a good listener and talker opens many doors. I loved ‘Quest for Fire’ with Rae Dawn Chong, any camper has the fire thing down pat. WD40 is not a lubricant it’s penetrating oil, a light viscosity oil is better for squeaky hinges. Vise grips are handy but the proper wrench (box end) wont destroy the hex head. First aid is also not gender specific. Cooking and general repairs is also not a manly thing as many of my female friends are also quite adept at repairs.

  • Sarsmi

    @logar (106):

    “Remember, these are skills that every man SHOULD have, not skills it takes to BE a man. Those would involve honor, dignity, fortitude, etc…”

    Oh right. Cause women shouldn’t have honor, dignity, fortitude, etc…

    The problem with lumping a bunch of things together and saying those traits are or should be applied to only a certain group of people should be evident by now. Gender typing is just as offensive to most people as race or ethnic typing, because you are excluding other groups from having any of the positive traits you are attributing to the original group.

    Lists like these are only good when they are funny, and tick people off when they aren’t. Case in point.

  • Randall

    @callie19 (156):

    Ah, well, you see… I AM a man, and therefore know how to fix the problem with duct tape and some Gorilla Glue. So our future together is once again assured.

  • SlashBeast

    What a stupid list.

  • moonbeam

    @IggyKoopa (112): You assume that RandomPrecision24 is a white male. He could be of any race or from any part of the world. I really think you’re pushing it to call the following racist: “…being a man has changed drastically over the centuries. From he who can kill the buffalo, to he who can afford the most slaves, to he who can afford the tickets on the 50-yard line,” . Because he/she mentions “buffalo” doesn’t automatically mean he was refering to America especially because he says “over the centuries,” which I take as meaning over the history of mankind.

    @wily (164): and @Wyldcat (70): I like your versions. One thing though Wyldcat, when you say, “Honor your father and mother, no matter how they are as parents,” I agree generally but we’ve all known or heard about parents who were horribly abusive or neclectful. It would be hard if not impossible to honor them in that case. Take this from another list from ringtailroxy: “my parents became alcoholics when i was 8 years old and the spanking blatantly advanced to beatings, since i would not cry out during a spanking. often times, i would laugh, which only infuriated them more & hence lead to worse beatings.

    by the time i was 14, my mother would spank with a leather belt across the back of my thighs. sometimes she’d miss and crack me with the buckle. ever see welts from a metal belt buckle?”

    (ringtailroxy I’m not implying that you do, or do not “honor” your parents – I wouldn’t know – just thought this comment fit here)

  • Maggot

    @Sarsmi (175): Maybe this should be retitled as “10 things insecure men should know in order to feel better about themselves”?

    STFU. I would run over you with my Hummer, but my shotgun proudly displayed in the window rack might fall off.

  • Electrus

    I hate these stereotypes. Why is it that a man “has to know” how to do these things? Why is it so necessary that every man has to know the basics of any sport because “everyone wants to win”?

    Personally, I am not a competitive person. I play games and sports for the fun of it, not to win. And I’m not going to learn the basics of every sport I find uninteresting just so I can win at it if I should ever play.

    It is only necessary to find out the details of a sport if you enjoy that sport – watching or playing it. This applies to men and women. You shouldn’t know how to play every sport just because you are a man. You should know the details of a sport if you enjoy it, regardless of your gender.

    Women are not the helpless sheeple they were considered to be a hundred years ago. This list should be useful things for people in general to know. Why shouldn’t a woman know how to fix a car or household leaks? They are people also and it’s people like the creator of this list who are keeping them from being equal to men.

    This is not the “ideal” man, this is the stereotypical man who is destroying equality in this world.

  • callie19

    @Sarsmi (175): Satire is the use of humor (or irony, I suppose) to bring to light immorality, vice, or defect. Now, I didn’t look that up as suggested, so maybe there’s a newfangled definition I’m unaware of but based on mine, I’d say this list is satire. Which is exactly why this list is funny. Racism isn’t funny either, but Blazing Saddles sure is. Any sort of stereotype- gender, racial, ethnocentric, aren’t funny, but satirizing them makes it so. I just don’t understand how anyone could get offended by this list. There’s a lot of offensive things in the world, people. Put your energy towards something that matters.

  • callie19

    @Randall (179): whew. I had our wine and cheese picnic packed and everything.

  • Diamond_Dragon

    I searched for pop tarts for images, that’s some kind of candy right? is a site that I would like to recommend to those who want to investigate further into their manliness and what comes with it. It’s a great site

    @Lana (174): Being a wingman requires SKILLS. So to be a wingman you must have skills, skills that you should know, meaning that being a wingman is a skill made of several other skills. Simple as that.

    @TwoHands (171): Learning to fight is not necessary, learning to protect yourself and your loved ones is. Learning to shoot a gun is nice, but not really needed by a lot of people these days. Still, it is a nice skill to know.

    @Zachary (166): Men are a sex, and sexes need ideals. If you wanna play with Barbie, go ahead, but Men have ideals, just like women have theirs.
    Enough said.

    Talking is a skill I’ve noticed a lot of younger men, and women for that matter, have lost. They’re very unsocial and most of their sentences are… not in English. It’s time that they learn it. What do kids do in school these days?

    One skill I would like to add is How to stand up against “feminists”.


  • randomprecision24

    169 archiealt: I considered it, but after I started writing, and took some suggestions for the Listverse regulars in the IRC it came to this. It was more entertaining to write and discuss, and obviously Jamie thought it was worthy of publication.
    I appreciate your comments guys!

  • Matt

    Numbers 10 and 7 are complete and utter bullcrap. 10 because it is only relevant to americans (and posibly the japanese) and 7 because holding your own in any sport won’t help you much in any other situation than a sporting event. The rest checks out.

  • ringtailroxy

    @callie19 (156): oooh…caliie!so we’ll live as a threesome with Randall?


  • Kelsi

    I seriously hope this list is satirical.

  • damien_karras

    Wow… so much hating going on with this list. C’mon people, wipe the dribble away from the bottom of your chin, ask for your humor lobe back from where the doctor removed it and lighten up.

  • Eric karthik

    Funny list !!! Maybe Men in US and Europe are like this, but in Asia and Africa i guess these things are acquired before they are 17.

    10 / 10 (including baseball) :D

  • cherrymiranda

    oh my… its not the list that disturbed me! its the comments!!! LOL. now everytime i open up and visit this site, its not the list that im excited about! its to read the comments!!!!!! LOL.

    hi im cherry from philippines. my first time to post a comment here.


  • Maggot

    @cherrymiranda (193): hi im cherry from philippines. my first time to post a comment here.

    So then, from now on you are just to be known as “Miranda”?

  • The NON ERA

    10/10 right on.

  • oouchan

    @Maggot (194): Hilarious!

  • callan

    Looks like i have some learning to do.

  • Jbrains

    14 and scored 5/10. Decent.

  • FlashofFury

    I got 8/10

    Loved this list. Made me laugh out loud

  • Andres

    Since when is this Web site so full of haters? Dear Jesus, this is un-freaking-believable. Everyone has a reason to complain. Like you people are perfect.

    I agree that number 10 is not an universal skill that every man should know, but that doesn’t invalidate the rest of the list or make it USA-centric. That’s outright nonsense.

    And of course this list is based on the author’s opinion. What the devil were you guys expecting, Vladimir Putin’s? The Space Ghost’s? Most of the lists in this Web site are opinion-based, if not all.

    I thought it was a pretty good list, and though there are things I consider more important (for example, every man should know some type of martial arts on a decent level) than others (like the baseball part), overall it is right-on.

  • Mary Jo

    Stop it with the anti-baseball comments!! I don’t care about it either, but is it really such a big deal?

  • Alexis

    Fuck this list. Forreal.

  • samfishers

    I can’t score a baseball game..

    well because I don’t like it.
    This sport is not popular here in Canada.
    It won’t get you girls knowing that.

    Good list by the way!

  • StopHating

    United Kingdom
    Main article: Baseball in the United Kingdom

    Baseball was introduced to the UK in 1890 in Derby by Francis Ley, a Derby man who had discovered the game on a trip to the United States, and Albert Goodwill Spalding, an American sporting goods businessman who saw opportunities to expand his business across the Atlantic.

    Baseball’s peak popularity in Britain was in the years immediately preceding World War II. Baseball teams shared grounds with football clubs (hence Derby County’s home ground was named the Baseball Ground), and the game was run at a professional standard with up to 10,000 spectators per game.

    One milestone of baseball in the United Kingdom was the 1938 victory of Great Britain over the United States to win the inaugural World Cup of Baseball. There is currently no professional baseball in the United Kingdom.

    An unusual variation of the game, known as British Baseball is played in parts of England and Wales. It involves 11 players per team and shares some terminology with cricket. There is also Rounders, a Baseball-like game played mostly at schools and amongst friends.


    One of the two major European baseball nations, the Netherlands saw baseball for the first time shortly after 1900. A baseball federation (the KNBSB) was founded in 1912, and the Holland Series was established in 1922, the first winner being A.H.C. Quick from Amsterdam. Today, an eight team professional league, the Honkbal Hoofdklasse (Major League Baseball) sends its teams to the Holland Series.

    The Netherlands have won 15 European Championship titles, and participated in the Olympics twice, finishing fifth in Summer Olympics after upsetting the Cuban team. At the World Championships, a 4th position has been the best achievement so far. Some of the players in the Dutch team are actually from the Netherlands Antilles. Four Dutch players have played in the Major Leagues, the most notable of whom is 287 game winner Bert Blyleven. Andruw Jones is from the Netherlands Antilles. The World Port Tournament and the Haarlemse Honkbalweek are biannual international tournaments for national and club teams, organised in the cities of Rotterdam and Haarlem, respectively.


    Italian league competition did not start until after World War II, as Bologna won the first title in 1948. The Italian team has won 8 European titles, among which the very first title, and the team has fought out many finals with archrival the Netherlands. Because of the large number of Americans of Italian descent, there are always a few players in the national team with double nationality, the most notable of which is catcher Mike Piazza. The Italian national team have competed at all three Olympics, finished 6th twice. Best World Championships showing was a fourth place, in 1998.

    Main article: Baseball in Spain

    Baseball began relatively early in Spain thanks to the descendants of returnee immigrants from Cuba. They brought the sport along with them when Cuba ceased to be a Spanish Colony. The heyday of baseball in Spain was in the 1950s and 1960s; many teams were created, including junior teams, and public interest was high.[2] But because of the growing mass-interest in football (soccer), most baseball clubs didn’t survive into the 1970s. The Spanish public’s massive shift in focus was triggered fundamentally by the introduction of multiple TV channels that focused mainly on the soccer matches of “La Liga”, the professional First Division Spanish League.

    One of the few survivors of that fateful decade for Spanish Baseball was the Club Beisbol Viladecans. Its field was officially used during the 1992 Summer Olympics. Presently the Spanish baseball league is divided into divisions. The top teams play in the División de Honor de Beisbol.

    These are just countries in Europe that have played or still play Baseball. There are a ton more to list, but I think this will prove my point.

    (and yes, this is just copied and pasted from wikipedia)

  • Randall

    @callie19 (185):

    And… did you remember to bring the puppet?

  • Randall

    @ringtailroxy (189):

    The threesome concept is MOST welcome.

  • moo

    haha, americanised yes. the “survive in modern society.” bit hit a nerve me thinks. as though the ONLY modern society that matters is an american one. it’s that kind of egotism that the rest of the world hates.

    • Har

      Whatever, stupid. Oh how egotistical for someone to write about the society that they're familiar with. Grow up.

  • Andres

    What, besides Baseball, makes that list “americanised,” dear moo?

    I did not know tying a tie, fixing things, cooking, or playing sports were things Europeans did not care about. Oh, and good conversations are soooooooo American.

    Guys, next time you’re in a conversation, don’t try to make it an interesting one. That’s an Americanized trait and ergo it’s bad.

  • Moonbeam

    @Diamond_Dragon (186): About your comment: “How to stand up against ‘feminists,’” I always wonder why the term came to take on such a negative connotation. All women’s rights advocates or “feminists” wanted were equal rights. For example equal pay for equal work, the right to inherit or own property (widows were often left destitute), rights to have custody of their own children, the opportunity to achieve an education, the freedom to do any job they are capable of, the right to vote or run for office… Why does this struggle inspire so much fear and hatred? Why do terms like “femi-nazi” crop up?

    Often the image turns up of the extremely masculine woman screaming at a man for holding a door open for them. Pah-leeze! How often has that really ever happened?

    Look at how badly many woman are still treated all around the world. The cultures or religious fanatics who require very young girls to marry, or don’t allow women to leave home without a male, or to completely cover their bodies with veils or conservative clothing, or who punish the victims of crimes like rape and sentence them to jail or physical beatings or stoning.

    I suppose you may have been joking, but you definitely got me started!

  • emily

    Although I understood the “idea” of this list, the satire portion was written quite poorly and, for some, got lost in translation.
    To all those feminists out there: just be glad it’s “10 skills every MAN should have”, instead of women.
    I can only imagine the uproar that would ensue after that list.

  • rushfan

    @Moonbeam (209): As a former feminist, I think a lot of the problem with feminism stems from the fact that the movement here in the US has been co-opted by the gay rights and pro-abortion movements and is not accepting of women who choose to live in more traditional roles. There are femi-nazis out there, and they hate men. Plain and simple. Marriage is viewed as unnecessary and demeaning, single-motherhood is applauded and encouraged, and the goal is not equal rights, but superiority.

    • Har

      You are such a stupid, stupid bitch. But I guess everyone knew that already from your inane conservative rantings. So typical of conservatives to straight out MAKE THINGS UP to try to denigrate people who don't agree with them. Single motherhood is applauded and encouraged? Right. And by the way NO ONE in the entire fucking world is "pro-abortion". More making things up from an idiot Republican.

  • teacherguy2003

    whoa whoa whoa!! What about the fine art of making love to a woman??? THAT is a skill, and it can take some time to figure out how to do it right. NO man can say they were instant amazing in the sack… so what number should that be on the list?? (i think #1)

  • callie19

    @Randall (205): Two. I’d never let you down.

  • Jono


    Shut your flaming ignorant mouth. You obviously don’t know anything of the real issues that face women today and are just repeating what you’ve been hearing from the extremists among feminists. Good work, you asinine parrot.

  • Kozar

    I notice a bunch of sissies posting their opinions on here. I totally agree with this list. More of you ‘boys’ should turn of ‘The Hills’ and watch something more worth while such as ‘Man vs Wild’ or Shark Week.

  • 80toy

    8 out of 10…just need to brush up on sports

  • jack

    Fun list but #5 is not really a “man” thing it is more of a “guy/bro” moral support for someone who lacks self-esteem a bit.

    I mean, James Bond does not need a wing man to score.

    • Har

      No it's more of an encouraging men to be pathetic, sexist pigs thing.

  • picky

    hey jfrater jus wundering is the listverse book out in the uk??

  • Reverend Schizoid Boner

    YIPPIE! 8/10!

    Granted, most of the things I know how to fix are things that would I would have no reasonable need to fix, I am more likely to stand and laugh at the guy with a broken arm then help, and I have about as much desire to speak to another human being as I do put my own penis in a meat grinder, BUT I CAN DO EM.

  • P.I. Staker

    But thats cos im Scottish, comes naturally to us.

  • AshleyR

    i totally agree with the cooking!!!! hahaha. any of these other ones dont really matter. ahaha. i really liked this list though it was worth reading. =]

  • ringtailroxy

    @rushfan (211):

    oh my dearest rushfan! do you honestly believe that there are people whom are “pro-abortion”? i am MOST definitely not pro-abortion, but i am pro-choice.

    i have several friends whom have had multiple abortion procedures during their lives…they are not pro-abortion either. instead, they have used abortion as a means of birth control. (which is abusing the medical profession, in my opinion.)

    i myself had one when i was 20. yet, unlike my friends, i learned from that experience. it dramatically made me take responsibility for my choices, and i am still with the man who sat by my side during my recovery from the procedure.

    abortion is never an easy choice. it is not a painless procedure. it leaves mental scars that flare up throughout life.

    please do not confuse pro-choice with pro-abortion.

    i do not think everyone, whenever they feel like it, should use abortion as birth control. instead of thinking of prophylactics, medications, IUDS as birth control, we should think of them as pregnancy control.

    i do not think the government has any right to tell it’s populace what they can & cannot do with their bodies. if a person wants an experimental procedure to treat a disease, a plastic surgery to repair a physical imperfection, or even multiple-organ surgeries to save one life, it’s okay.


    p.s. still love you & your pro-life ways. you are such a good mommy…why couldn’t i have been born as your blue-eyed baby???

  • Lizzie

    Let’s see, my Dad would get a solid 8 out of ten, I know he knows baseball but I’ve never personally seen him write out a scorecard, so it could be 9.

    Woman’s version? I’d love to read, as well as see the conversation that would spark.

  • Maria

    First off,my man is all man and 2nd i love watching sports with my man (MMA BABY)….some of u women are being stupid on here its just a Damn list,i think its funny,some of u are taking this to serious….my man is 10/10 but thats just me…the women on here that are criticizing other men its cause u have ur men whipped and they cant do nothing but this is just my opinion.

  • rushfan

    @ringtailroxy (222): Hey girl. Yeah, I chose my words carefully and meant what I said. If the pro-choice movement supported any choices besides abortion, they would earn the title of pro-choice, but they champion abortion, not adoption, not responsible family planning, not even education being provided to women who are trying to decide whether to have an abortion or not-such as an ultrasound.

    I don’t want to hijack this with an abortion discussion, but maybe we could meat up on the abortion your view and talk more.

    • Har

      Haha please. The only reason idiot conservatives like you try to force people into reading anti-abortion propaganda before having one is to try to make them feel bad about making the choice that is best for themselves. Get a clue, it's not about YOU. And WTF do you think "Planned Parenthood" is, you dumb bitch? They provide birth control, not just abortion. More typical Republican bullshit from someone who's enough of an idiot to name herself "rushfan".

  • will

    Feminism is the radical notion that women are people too. Seriously, that’s it. So what if some women hate men. Plenty of men hate women and I hate just about everyone (Although I prefer to do so only after I’ve gotten to know them better. Don’t hate indiscrimanately kids). And I call bullshit on this line of thought, “Marriage is viewed as unnecessary and demeaning, single-motherhood is applauded and encouraged, and the goal is not equal rights, but superiority.” So what. Again there’s white power folks out there claiming superiority, but that doesn’t mean all white people are doing the same.

    Also, but certainly not serious, but I find it funny that people who hate sports are way more into it than people who simply enjoy watching a match now and again. Really, it’s just a game. It doesn’t really matter and fans know that. Sure there are those obnoxious few out there that live and breathe for whatever sport thet’re into, but that’s not all of us.

  • will

    “If the pro-choice movement supported any choices besides abortion, they would earn the title of pro-choice, but they champion abortion, not adoption, not responsible family planning, not even education being provided to women who are trying to decide whether to have an abortion or not-such as an ultrasound.”

    They are pro choice, abortion is a choice. Besides who out there is discouraging adoption. Planned Parenthood does advocate and educate on such topics as family planning. The ultrasound thing sounds alright, but too often it’s just another tool to add more guilt to a woman who’s already making a tough choice. Maybe you should stop by Planned Parenthood some time and see what they really do (hint: Most don’t even perfore abortions).

  • archiealt

    @ Will (226&227)

    You have hit so many nails on the head there.

  • Moonbeam

    @rushfan (211): Hey, thanks for the response. I’m sorry you’re a former feminist, but I do know you’re a Rush fan!

    As far as the connection to Gay causes, I don’t believe Gay rights have superseded the movement. Although I do know gay people have suffered for who they are as much as any other minority or beleaguered folks.

    There are groups like Feminists for Life who are anti-abortion, but who support woman’s rights. I’m not sure how many woman out there are so extreme in their views that they would oppose a Mother who opts to stay at home – so to speak – in order to care for children. I’ve never heard of or met any woman who hates all men as you say. Maybe they’re out there, but I imagine they’d be pretty rare.

    You say, “the goal is not equal rights, but superiority” and that marriage is seen as “unnecessary and demeaning,” Again although I’ve never come across anyone who holds such views, every cause does have its extremists, that doesn’t cause me to write off a whole group or their positions. Single-motherhood is not actually “applauded and encouraged” by groups like NOW, but single Mothers are not made to feel so ashamed that they feel abortion is the only answer. Instead, when they keep their babies they are supported in their efforts to provide for their families.

  • Aoede

    Points on this list that would be appreciated in any person (by (this) woman): conversation, cooking, fire, first aid, various reparatory things. (You know, useful stuff.)

    Points on this list that (this) woman would actually look for in a man: conversation

    Points on this list that (this) woman never even considered, maybe it’s a culture thing: tying a tie, being good at a bunch of sports.

    Turn-offs: willingness to be a wingman, ability to score a baseball game.


    The comment above mine hints at yet another one of those discussions liberally populated by extremist idiots on one side or another (often both). I will be wise and not even read a single one!

  • wow. Score a baseball game? over clean a fish, or deliver a baby.

    Thank you for this list of some real pussy skills. I have never felt so manly.

  • @picky (218): Not yet – the estimated release date is November this year. Very exciting stuff!

  • Stacey

    I hope there’s a list of 10 Things Every Woman Should Know on its way. :)

  • I think we should all chip in to buy Callie, Ringtail, and Randall some panda porn to help their threesome get underway.

  • @Stacey (233): Feel free to write it – I will publish a good quality one if someone sends one in :)

  • ringtailroxy

    no, JFray! we just need you to man the camcorder!



  • Randall

    @callie19 (213):

    Kukla AND Ollie?! Good girl. You get “a little somethin’ extra” then. It’ll involve chocolate sauce.

  • Randall

    @ringtailroxy (236):

    …And run the wires and harnesses.

  • Timbo

    Number 1a – cunninglingus.

    • Har

      If only any man actually cared about that rather than just their own pleasure. I know they exist but I haven't met one.

  • @ringtailroxy (236): Look – I love you guys, but there are limits even for me :)

  • Mr. D

    I got build a fire, cook, tie a tie, converse, first aid, and fix some things. How bout a list of things everyone should be able to do? I can sew quite well and tie some knots, and they seem much more useful, and a continuation of good old fashioned self-sufficiency. Now to improve upon my shooting, food growing, and shelter building :P

  • Randall

    @jfrater (240):

    Jeez, whaddya want, Kiwi? You get to *watch.* Cripes.

  • Sydney

    Normally i adore listverse, but this list is just fucking ridiculous.

  • Sydney

    This list should be called top ten ways to try and prove your not homosexual, even though you totally are.

  • PeacockHat

    Alot of people are saying that Baseball is only popular in America, but Baseball is played all around the world, it’s not played in every country but that doesn’t mean it’s only limited to the states. Any who this list is less serious than other lists on this site, so don’t complain, there are plenty of other lists to read.

  • Michael

    Calm down with all this sexist stuff. Last time I read it the title does say ten skills a MAN should posses. What did you expect. It says man but maybe it will be sexually abiguious. Come on! On the plus side some bonuses could include looking good( dress well, know how to shave, groom etc), make money( support a family in any economic situation), and possibly play an instrument( something cool like a guitar). Number ten could be changed to score any game instead of score a baseball game.

  • Jono

    The baseball item should of read “Understand the rules of the national sport and fervently support it”

  • deeeekay

    At first when I saw this list, my feminist side jumped out and started to get bitchy…but then I realized it’s a fun list, and while I don’t agree with all of the points, some of them are vital! Except for #1. The rules at my house (which I learned as a young’un from my dad) are “I cook, you clean.” If my guy learned to cook, I’d have to clean the kitchen! I’ll keep in charge of the cooking thankyouvermuch!

  • trfan

    Hey, don’t assume women don’t know sports. I’m a 31-year-old woman who knows plenty about baseball, football, and basketball, enough to enjoy any game (as long as it’s a Chicago team :) ). I also know plenty about golf, too.

  • Anonymous

    #10: WTF is “baseball”??? Oh, Silly Boy’s Rounders, you mean. So unmanly. American sports suck – the rest of the world seem to agree.

    • Har

      Those parts of the world populated by self-centered assholes like you, you mean.

  • me

    why baseball? Stupid Americans….

    • Har

      Stupid you. Get a life.

  • ringtailroxy

    @Randall (242): so, you won’t be watching thru the windows? i promise i’ll stash a Coleman cooler with some ice & beer under the bougainvilleas…


  • latfat

    I think these things are a human thing not necessarily a man thing.
    @#250 totally agree that baseball suck. Seriously no exaggeration I would rather be dragged behind the back of my station wagon (laugh away) than watch a single inning of baseball. If there was a God he definitely has a sense of humor making a sport that makes you want to streak naked through it and hope you get tackled by security and become a vegetable when you watch it.

    thats the end of my baseball rant.

  • rushfan

    @will (226): Will, I’m assuming you’re a dude and you’re trying to explain to me (a chic) what feminism is. Too funny, [email protected] (227): Will, when was the last time they held a rally to encourage and support other “choices?”@Moonbeam (229): No offense, but I find it pretty surprising that you haven’t been exposed to such things. I find those attitudes pervasive in the media and modern culture.

    • Har

      Are you fucking kidding? Since when are there abortion rallies? "Everyone get an abortion", "buy one get one free". Seriously, what kind of idiot are you? They hold rallies supporting people's right to CHOOSE against the constant blathering of people like YOU who think your personal opinion should be law. Which is the most arrogant thing in the world. Your personal opinions about social issues have NO PLACE in the law books.


    Ok,crucify me for this one….but,shouldn’t knowing how to please a woman in the bedroom be on here? Because I can promise you this,once word gets sround between the local girls that you can’t take care of buisness behind closed doors you will have a hard time getting a date from then on…..

  • Wyssel

    Wow, lots of reactions for this list. The baseball thing is maybe the weakest, but I get the idea: understand the minute details of a complicated sport I think it’s a fun, lighthearted list and thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep ’em coming!

    BTW I scored 6/10, but I won’t beat myself up about it since I’m a girl :P


    I scored 10/10……honestly,I did!

  • Moonbeam

    @rushfan (254): “I find it pretty surprising that you haven’t been exposed to such things. I find those attitudes pervasive in the media and modern culture.” It might possibly be true that there are people out there who hate all men, despise marriage, and have disdain for woman who live more conservative lives, but my point is that they are extreme in their beliefs, are a small minority and don’t represent the majority of feminists.

    What media could you be referring to? Rush? Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter? Fox News? (Sorry these are media from the USA only – I don’t know the equivalent media from other nations)

  • rushfan

    @Moonbeam (258): Have you heard of Oprah?

    Seriously, I am coming from the perspective of a woman who was once left-leaning and pro-choice and sort of directionless and uninformed. I believe there *is* a place for a modern version of feminism in society, but it has definitely been taken over by women with an agenda, and that agenda is extreme. Pick up any publication that focuses on women’s issues you’ll find the focus is on a particular agenda, and that agenda is one-sided. I’m not even saying I have a problem with that agenda, I just think it’s disingenuous to claim the feminist movement either represents all women or cares to represent all women. Look at how Palin was treated by the media. Regardless of whether you agree with her politics, did she really deserve to be trashed to harshly? I bet you if she had been pro-choice she would have been treated differently.

    • Har

      Haha right, I love how you're trying to imply that liberals are "directionless and uninformed". Despite the fact that all the clueless idiots are conservatives. Trailer trash – conservative. Rednecks – conservative. Educated, civilized people = liberals.

    • Har

      Oh yes and about Palin. She was not treated harshly because she was a conservative, she was treated harshly because she was a hypocritical, clueless, completely unqualified IDIOT.

  • Sdanektir

    I rarely comment on blogs but yours I had to stop and say Great Blog!!

  • Jrodickens

    Lie….every man should be able to tell a good lie and do tremendous things to keep the lie intact

  • Clockwork

    How about Know How To Parent, or Be Respectful? I know alot of asshol*s that can tie a tie.

  • Geng1s

    @archiealt (54):

    Tell that to japan

  • Sarariman

    Seems like this list is a compilation of things from

  • sof

    What does it mean if I get 8 out of 10 and I’m a girl?

  • Karen

    I don’t know which is more hilarious, the list or the comments!

    Here’s what’s missing from the list:

    -Manners. Common, everyday please, thank you, nice to meet you, good morning, good evening, nice day isn’t it manners. Severely lacking in men these days.

    -The art of seduction. If you don’t know, LEARN.

    – Music. Should have at least a little knowledge of all genres.

    – How to interact with anyone easily, whether it be a crying 5 year old child or your 89 year old senile grandma.

    – HOW TO DANCE. And be very, very good at it.

    -Know the basics of how to fix minor problems in his own house and car.

    – The art of the fart. I’m serious. Farts are hilarious, if done with style and technique.

    -How to defend himself (and those he loves) verbally and/or physically without coming off as a punk. Additionally, the ability to know how to defuse a potentially dangerous situation.

    -How to appreciate art.

    -How to be truly compassionate.

    And there you have it, 10 skills that EVERY man should know. I could add several more, but I’d have to change the title to “15 skills every man should know and if you do, my number is….” ;-) LOL

  • chickybee32

    @karen (266)

    Thank you! The number of people taking offense at this is a scream. I’ve spent half my time reading the comments gaping in shock at how many people are taking this seriously!

  • raz

    the list should hav been titled
    10 skills every AMERICAN man should have

    • Har

      Why because it has baseball on it? Oh poor you, you might have to use your brain and think of a comparable sport.

  • Zdougherty

    Countries that play baseball (googled it).

    The countries that are listed all play baseball to a various extend. Sorry for no commas, I copied and pasted it.

    Argentina Australia Austria Bahamas Belgium Canada China Columbia Costa Rica Cuba Ecuador El Salvador Fiji Finland France Germany Hati Iceland India Iran Iraq Ireland Italy Jamaica Japan North Korea South Korea Laos Mexico Neatherlands New Zealand Oman Poland Puerto Rico Russia Saudi Arabia Taiwan Thailand United Kingdom United States of America Yeman Venezuela Vietam.

    Baseball is played OUTSIDE of the U.S. too.

  • Maggot

    @Karen (266): HOW TO DANCE. And be very, very good at it.

    Let’s not get carried away here.

  • chuck

    baseball is soooooooo boring
    i can score any football game that should have been up there i can’t believe it wasn’t
    also i agree cookin shouldn’t be there but bar b quing should or grillin whichever

  • JustKar

    @Maggot (270):

    Okay. How about just very good? Or even good? ;-)

  • Hodari

    Yo, in the item 7, why didnt you list badminton? Cause its the second most popular game in the world.

  • Kristi

    I found this list so absurd I felt the need to comment for the first time. Pointless.

  • Ru

    “Baseball is played OUTSIDE of the U.S. too.”

    I’m pretty sure a lot of countries have curling clubs as well, doesn’t make it a national sport. ;)
    I’m no baseball hater, it’s actually sort of fun to watch every so often simply because it’s something I don’t see everyday.
    Putting it so prominently on the list is the surest way to start a war around here though (For most people baseball = USA, just like coca cola), especially since there is also #7 which makes #10 obsolete anyway. :P

    Then again, if he would have replaced baseball with football, we would have the exact same discussion from a different p.o.v. ;) even though I dare to say it’s the #1 sport in most countries.

    P.S. so BB means Base on Balls, still don’t know why it means walk :(

    • Har

      Please, Japan has the biggest professional baseball league outside America. It's VERY popular there. And most of the players who play in the U.S., at least half, are from places like Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic or Venezuela, and there are plenty of Japanese players too.

  • Aier

    Not bad, but I think it could go without the baseball

    I think two things that should be added is that every man should be able to hold his own in a fight and bedroom prowess

    of the current list i’m like 8/10


  • Andres

    268 – You’re right. Men from other countries shouldn’t be taught to repair their cars or play any sports. -_-‘

  • seamy4life

    I score 4/10, although i find that 10 and 8 are a bit dumb. A mans ability to fight would be better suited for this list; even how much beer he can sink or even something to do with hunting or war…

  • Maximuz04

    I am actually 10/10 here, although i hate baseball I know how it is scored.
    Also kudos for #2 lol pic

  • DenzeLL

    Well, I score a 0 out of 10. I swear I’m MALE, but it looks like I don’t have what it takes.

  • DenzeLL

    @calm_incense (3): you’re not alone. (see comment of mine above.)

  • SunnySide

    I score 5/10 if i replace baseball with cricket. But I think this list is very much incomplete

  • Derek

    #5 hahahaha

    Yeh i agree that the list has — too much of an American perspective. Every man needs to learn to hold his beer, bs in front of a gf, CAMPING and MUST have experience in all the testosterone pumping adrenaline sports…..

    Jk, but its a cool list nevertheless, some of those skills are really necessary. I score 8/10, no baseball I’m afraid.

  • bucslim

    @ringtailroxy (252):

    You forget I’ve been out there for quite a while? Sheesh, install some stadium seating or at least some privacy booths for crying out loud. Randall says he’s coming over and all the sudden it’s a friggen party. Meanwhile I’ve been out there in the elements for months!

    Shame! For shame rox!

  • astraya

    Pussies, the lot o’ yez. Try explaining “leg before wicket”. In fact, try explaining “cricket”. In fact, try playing cricket, where “balls” and “balls” come into contact on a regular basis.

  • oouchan

    @bucslim (284): I will sell tickets and vendor items. Enjoy the show!

    @astraya (285): I hear you. I am now just learning about cricket and about rugby and find both very interesting but hard to understand. I have been watching some games on the internet to get a better idea. Love both!

  • Wenchtits

    You missed having a big dick.

  • moonbeam

    Hey I don’t mean to pile on Rushfan, but Oprah?

    Actually I do know someone who’s everything you describe. Her name is Millicent Feminist or MF for short. She believes that marriage should be outlawed except of course, for homosexuals. All men are evil and should be treated like the dogs that they are. Even though she’s straight, she married to a lesbian because she’s making a choice and a political statement. She strongly advocates that all women (or womyn, because that spelling takes the men out of it) have at least one abortion as a right of passage. Also MF feels that it’s vital that all mothers return to work immediately after giving birth (of course artificial insemination is the only way to go – no sex with those yucky men). The children should be dumped directly into a cold uncaring day care situation so that the mom can find self fulfillment. Of course she only votes for Liberal females and only attacks Conservative womyn. And good grief, don’t ever hold the door for her – she’s quit capable of doing it herself.

  • Tha shiznit

    What about growing a proper beard?

    What about beeing a good kisser?

    What about being able to dress and not look like your mother put out the clothes the night before?

    Some ppl have probably have mentioned this before but i just wanted to give my 2 cents and didn’t have energy enough to read all the 288 comments:p

    But seriously, a man is defined by his actions in a given situation and not by what skills he has. Be good to everyone around you and you will manage alrigt:)

    Cheers mates!

  • Ant-LOX

    BB = Base, on Balls.

  • clarkekentyboy

    Growing a beard isn’t really a “skill” is it?

  • Carlie

    Not bad, but I’d remove the baseball, hold your own in any sport, and wingman and replace them with any of the following: fix a computer, play an instrument, basic electric work, lawn & garden care, carving a turkey (or any other roast), how to iron a shirt, pick a lock, and self/family defense.
    It’s not that sports aren’t fun and all, just that when you’re talking about real essential skills, knowing how to score a sport match pales in comparison to knowing how to down an intruder or change a fuse.

  • krisstaar

    This is probably the worst list I’ve seen on listverse :(

  • cherrymiranda

    hi.. im just a new member of wordpress. but the email updates are so annoying!! i just received 95 new mails from them! how can i stop it? if you dont mind tellimg me..

    @MAGGOT.. na ah.. i prefer to be called cherrymiranda.

  • oouchan

    @cherrymiranda (294): In your email, you should have a link to remove you from the subscription. Click that and then uncheck the box for this list. If not, then go to wordpress and go to settings.

  • will

    “I will be wise and not even read a single one!”

    Oh please wise one. Please teach us you remain so holy and superior. Please wise one, don’t fall from atop the lofty perch upon which you sit. Oh wise, don’t let others tell you you’re full of shit.

  • will

    “I will be wise and not even read a single one!”

    Oh please wise one. Please teach us how you remain so holy and superior. Please wise one, don’t fall from atop the lofty perch upon which you sit. Oh wise one, don’t let others tell you you’re full of shit.

  • The_Patient

    Belfman (5), I agree, it does seem US centred. Baseball? Maybe we should change it to Football, (….Soccer),
    if so, I score 5! Yay me!

    Im glad others also feel that cooking SHOULD NOT BE UP THERE!

  • will

    “@will (226): Will, I’m assuming you’re a dude and you’re trying to explain to me (a chic) what feminism is. Too funny, [email protected] (227): Will, when was the last time they held a rally to encourage and support other “choices?”@Moonbeam (229): No offense, but I find it pretty surprising that you haven’t been exposed to such things. I find those attitudes pervasive in the media and modern culture.”

    Ok, when I respond to you in the future, I’ll be sure to use smaller words.

    Like FUCK YOU.

    Were you able to follow that ya moron.

    Go adopt some unwanted child you ass. Men can be and
    are feminists. Why don’t you get out of your own
    little world and learn that you can’t paint an entire
    group by the actions of an individual. If you could,
    I’d be able to say that all Listverses are stupid based on
    your comments.

  • will

    “Look at how Palin was treated by the media.”

    “Waahhh, somebody called her on her lack of critical thinking skills and out and out lies. They’re oppressing me.”

    Palin wanted the spotlight, got the spotlight and then yelled to get the spotlight off of her. I mean she couldn’t name a single newspaper she read. She couldn’t name one Supreme Court case aside from Roe v. Wade. The voters didn’t want her to be vice president. Deal with it.

    This is like those that complain that political correctness has prevented tham from using certain word (i.e. N****R). Well, no one’s stopping you. But don’t cry when someone calls you on it.
    You can repeat all the lies you want. “Oh no, feminist hate men. What if big bad Oprah comes and forces me to…” Too what? Where are these scary feminists in control. “Oh no someone said that there are still inequalities between man and women. Save me. I’ll complain that they aren’t supporting the majority view. Wahh, they’re oppressing the majority.” Fuck, do you ever get sick of listening to yourself? I know I have.

    • Har

      I wish all men were like you.

  • rushfan

    @will (299): Are you unfamiliar with the concept of a conversation? Ever had a discussion that didn’t devolve into mindless namecalling? I didn’t think so. Maybe some day you’ll grow into your balls and be capable of talking about serious issues with us grown-ups, but until then, you just sound like a whiney little bitch.
    You see, kid, people don’t always agree on things, but some of us are still capable of having a civilized discussion. Maybe you should sit silently and observe and learn something.

  • rushfan

    Dude, I’m sure the bullshit you’re spouting gets you laid at frat parties because you’re pro-abortion and call yourself a feminist, but you sound really stupid and each word you type shows how unaware you are of the real issues at hand and what limited real-world experience you have.

  • Heather

    Almost in every country we don’t care about baseball, we do care about Football (soccer) and it would be more important to know how to kick a ball than the baseball.

  • Sofia

    Well, I dunno what makes you a real man, but I live in the U.S. of A. and find baseball to be one of the most boring sports to watch/play. But then again, most sports are boring to watch/play.
    However, I think that this list may be secretly written by a woman because I don’t know many men who think they really need to improve themselves because they “already have all the skills they need.”

  • Maggot

    @Maximuz04 (279): I am actually 10/10 here, although i hate baseball I know how it is scored.

    No offense, but I’m betting you don’t. Not in the sense that the list item is referring to. I could be wrong in my assumption about you (if so, sorry), but I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few responders, even Stateside ones, don’t know exactly what “scoring a baseball game” actually means.

  • Marcus

    Score a Baseball Game? But we don’t even watch baseball in this country (Ireland). You’re assuming that all your readers have American tastes.

  • jascott1967

    There should be a top ten list of top ten worse poster characteristics:

    I’ll starts –
    1. crying “sexism” anytime a list is about one sex.
    2. taking a list too seriously
    3. inability to transfer information from one country to another. I.E., i think baseball was used as an example not a rule.
    4. creating a list off the back of another list. Guilty.

    Let’s face it, the world is different from our parents or our parents parents. Men are better cooks. Women work hard. Women can bring home the bacon but men better be able to fry it up in a pan because the modern woman simply would rather shove it in the micro and forget about it.

  • Marcus

    …well I’ve certainly be told!

  • Maggot

    @cherrymiranda (294): na ah.. i prefer to be called cherrymiranda.

    I refuse to be an enabler of you living a lie.

  • will

    rushfan, sorry but I have a short fuse when it comes to out and out lying. Both to others and yourself. How do you know anything about me? I’ve not been to any college parties for about 15 years. I realize that you couldn’t know this, since there are very few frat parties at the elementry school playgrounds you hang around. Chatting up lil’ kids, you are a real sicko.
    If you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one. Although I would have forced you mom to have had one.
    Also, please note that there are no adults on the internet, nor has there ever been a civil conversation on the webs. If someone tells you otherwise they’re lying. Like rushfan.

    So for those of you that wanna class up the joint, here’s some Shakespeare…

    “Thou common-kissing clodpole! Thou artless beefwood bladder! Thou poor, decayed, ingenious, foolish, rascally knave! Thou dissentious rogue that, rubbing the poor itch of your opinion, make yourselves scabs? Away!, Thou art poison to my blood! Hag-seed! Hang cur, hang, you whoreson, insolent noisemaker!”

    Shakespeare always says it best.

    Good Day All.

  • will

    Oh, an’ I’m gonna tell Oprah about you at the next meeting.


    Imagine being afraid of Oprah. Maybe that should be on the man skills test. “Are you afraid of imaginary things? Be they femi-nazis committing abortions at random and forcing folks into a gay marriage.”

  • rushfan

    Wow, your mom must be very proud of you.

  • oouchan

    @rushfan (312): He’s a troll. That last post is nothing but nonsense at best.

  • ringtailroxy

    wow, Buc, i thought we would just record it and throw it onto MuchoSucko, but now we can probably make it a pay-per-view event!


    hee-hee…pun not intended!

  • P.I. Staker

    @Annunnakike (117): I like your name.


    I GOT 0/10!

  • Looser

    5/10. but let me say that i dont believe that we should place stereo types on what people should be like. It’s a conformist’s strategy.

  • Diamond_Dragon

    @Moonbeam (209): I love those feminists who fight for that women should have the same rights as men, I support them. But I just can’t stand those “feminists” that claims to be feminists but in real they just want to form a club where those “feminists” meet and hate on men, all men, for that of what a few men has done.
    I’m not the reason why women are paid less then men while still doing the same work, I should not be hated. Few men are the reason for that, and therefore only a few man should be hated.
    These “feminists” are just claiming that all men are problems and the world would be better off without them.

    They fight for such poor causes that it’s.. disgusting, pure disgusting. Here’s one of their “noble” struggles, in the name of feminism.

    “Feminazis” might have been a better word for them after all, for they are not anything like those real feminists that struggled, some having died, for the rights of women.

    These feminazis just want go get rid of men, or turn them into slaves.

    So I guess I need to apologize for expressing myself in a way hard to understand. I just wanted to keep the post a little shorter than that of the length it would have to become would I explain my definition and reason for hating these “feminists”.

    So long story short, feminists are good, those who fight for women’s actual rights, “feminists” who fight for that signs with men on should be changed to women, or that words that has “man” or “men” in it to be changed into a more feminine-sounding words = bad.




  • Looser

    @gh0st (33): well aren’t you just perfect? hooray for you!!!!

  • Looser

    @EVILFUCKINGJEW (319): ummmmm is there something wrong with you? what does that have to do with it?

  • Jstar

    7/10 Although I refuse to do one of them: Wingman.

    • Har

      Wingman is for pathetic, immature, little pig boys (not men) who are just whores trying to manipulate some random ho to get what they want (sex). I absolutely despise males like that and their dumb asses need to grow up and learn to have some respect instead of being disgusting pigs.

  • oouchan

    @EVILFUCKINGJEW (323): Just an fyi..caps lock is not a great way to type. Check this out.

  • ashleigh.j

    shouldn’t everyone know how to do these?

  • ronsantohof

    I am a huge baseball fan. There is NO reason anyone needs to learn how to score a baseball game. I doubt if the majority of professional players know how to score a game.

  • Moonbeam

    @Diamond_Dragon (318): Thanks for clearing that up. I guess it’s like any religious, political or social movement in that there’s always the few crackpots who give the rest a bad name.

    I, for one, welcome the comments from the men here, I think they have a lot to offer to the discussion about woman’s rights as evidenced by your post here and others. And, yes, that includes even those who hold contrasting views.

  • astraya

    I’ve never winged and I’ve never been wunged.

  • astraya

    And I teach English to speaker of other languages.

  • astraya


    Okay, I’ll stop now.

  • Krazz

    Wow. There are a lot of whiny comments. People really need to grab a sense of humor and learn to laugh. Good job on the list RandomPrecision24

  • saber25

    Hey man driving should be in the list and please anyone agree with me and of course being a better partner in a room. my girlfriend likes me cause I’m good(you know what i mean “blink”) . And I’m a MALE.

  • noone

    number 4 … i dont see how a good conversation about suicide by trains works.

  • bootlicker

    What has happened to listverse? The last 2 lists have been boring and pathetic. Going to go find something interesting now.

  • GixxerMD17

    Having a nice wheels( old or new, sports or classic, bike of car)… is a must.

    Cooking proves to the it…..

  • enoooo

    Does winning at Miniature Golf count as holding your own in a sport? Cause I got that down.

  • yrwomn

    jeezuuussss ach ccccrrrissttt!!!! its a funny list, its meant to be a funny list!!! give it up people!!!! how about for number ten you just “insert favorite sport here’
    cuz we all know what evert sport was used as reference will piss someone off!!
    as for the rest: its mostly common guy stuff. guy stuff. that doesnt mean women and small pets cant do it, its just GUY STUFF. get over it. get over yourselves

  • Miguel Dias

    i like so much of clin eastwwod he such a good person and a great director!!!!

  • Blue

    7/10 and i’m a 15yr old girl , jeez to those who got 0

  • pequnts

    this list is bullshit
    the real list should be FFF


    experience as a manly man

  • DenzeLL

    @moonbeam (288):
    @will (299):

    Will says:
    “Go adopt some unwanted child you ass. Men can be and
    are feminists.
    Why don’t you get out of your own
    little world and learn that you can’t paint an entire
    group by the actions of an individual. If you could,
    I’d be able to say that all Listverses are stupid based on
    your comments.”

    I agree because I am an example of that. a male feminist.

  • Matt1234

    What prompted all the venom on a rather innocuous list? There’s nothing wrong with well-defined gender roles as long as they aren’t IMPOSED. The author of the list simply thought they were currently relevant.
    If you think otherwise, submit an alternate list.

    • Har

      Gender roles shouldn't include a man being an immature pig trying to con women into having sex with him, in my opinion.

  • kyle_hendrick

    it’s 3/10 for me.

  • locutus83

    I really liked Wyldcat’s list (Comment #70). That’s the definition of a good human being – qualities that every man and woman should aspire to have.

    I won’t call this list sexist. It could be satire too. However, these so called “manly” qualities are culture and geography specific. The definition of perceived “manly” qualities varies all over the world. For example, the pre-marital dating culture is almost absent in a conservative society like in India (where I belong). So the concept of a “Wingman” is totally alien to such a culture.
    Also, the ‘tie’ is an entirely American/European concept. It’s sheer madness for someone to be wearing a tie in 35 degree humid heat in a city like Mumbai or Delhi. I have worn a tie only once in my entire life, that too as a decoration which I thought was unnecessary. The dress code in my office is smart-casuals which does not include a tie.

    If I go solely by this list, I score 3/10 – on points 4 (conversation) 3 (first aid) and 1(cooking). I am not a very physical/sporty kind of guy and I don’t enjoy working with machines and tools too much. My favorite games/sports (where I am physically involved) are table-tennis, badminton, chess and cards, and I am like any average non-professional who plays solely for fun. Not too bad, not a champ either. On the other hand, I am an avid passive follower/spectator of cricket (it’s a passion in India), soccer and tennis. Baseball is alien to India. Don’t know too much about it.

    I hate cars and bikes and all that high speed heavy machine stuff. I take public transport wherever possible. I am a nature lover and I prefer walking, cycling and rowing (canoeing). I would love to maintain a farm, dig the earth, plant trees, take care of plants and tend animals.
    The only thing I should learn is to build a fire using twigs and fire-wood.

  • Katie

    I actually grossly dislike this list because its the biggest load of toss I’ve ever read and made me slightly angry.

  • Ron A.

    Just thought I’d let you know:
    I really enjoyed your site up until this narrow-minded article. I offer this as constructive criticism; no insult.

  • Tragik

    I would also think this list was retarded if I didn’t score a 9/10. Even tho I cant stand baseball I still wish to learn how to score it.

  • Fred

    Love the list. The fact that it is somewhat tongue in cheek seems to have flied over the heads of quite a few sensitive folk.

  • John

    This list FAILS hard. Please DO NOT make another list.

  • johnmontenegro

    yey. i know how to cook!

  • Davo

    holy shit I am the perfect man (I already knew this though)

  • HealthyBoomerBody

    so… how would this list look had it been posted in – hey, let’s say – 1968?

    Kathi Casey

  • Karly

    This list exemplifies a lot of what’s wrong with the world today. I vote to remove it. At least the list’s description mentioned society’s role in forming these (mis)conceptions instead of claiming they are innate. Still, I find it ignorant. I thought List Universe was above this stereotypical, sexist nonsense.

  • Eire

    I think the list should be re-named to “10 skills every man should have infront of other men” and a list of other crap like parenting and reading…. to keep the ladies happy.

  • Paramnesia

    Hmmm interesting list, I would have to disagree with some but as a girl, it’s a massive turn on if a guy can cook.

  • z

    very pathetic
    do you call these skills?
    i guess what you want you dont even dare making a similar list for women
    so you can add one more skill: being a doormat for females

    • Har

      Yeah that's funny retard. Did you even read this bullshit?

  • ianz09

    @z (357): *sniff sniff* i smell some sexism…

  • ianz09

    it seems like only chicks freaked out on this one. its just a joke, calm down. way to take it out of context.

    • Har

      It's not a "joke" because there are men that ARE like this. And men who think it's okay to act like this.

  • Mike from Australia

    Never in my life will I be required to score a baseball game. No one I know, or care to know, cares about baseball. You should have picked a real sport. One that the world other than Americans cares about. Soccer is too easy to work out the score, so put cricket instead. More people play & watch cricket around the world than baseball. Except that no American worth his salt can work out cricket and it’s hilarious to watch them try.

    I agree with the others in the list.

    • Har

      Wow cricket is automatically your pick because it's popular where YOU come from? Sorry but the only people in the world who watch cricket are current and former members of the British Empire. Some of the top teams include India and Bangladesh. Please.

      Baseball is played in North America, Central America, and much of South America (that's the ENTIRE Western Hemisphere) as well as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. That's FAR more diverse than cricket. Just because it's not played in Australia doesn't mean it's "American".

  • Bilbo

    @ianz09 (359):

    I think I disagree. I thought it was mostly men, annoyed that anyone would expect them to fit narrow stereotypes.

    Though women being offended by some of the skills that realistically, anyone should have, makes sense – I mean, everyone should ideally know first aid and how to cook and how to change a tyre and use WD – 40 to stop their keys getting stuck in the door. Implying they’re manly is strange.

  • dazzlerdog

    I’m a brit, and CAN score a baseball game!!! It’s still shit though…and I only score 5 out of 10. I’m too ugly to have a wingman set things up for me, and I get nervous around hot girls so am shit at conversation.

  • ianz09

    @Bilbo (361): I appreciate the response, but a lot of women are playing their sex card unnecessarily. Many are saying this list is offensive and sexist, whereas it’s a joke. Not so blatant a joke that no one could fail to recognize it as such (item #3: all men should be able to make an omelet butt naked with a blindfold on while holding a child), but it was definitely supposed to be humorous. Granted, some are items are serious (first aid), but never once did it imply that women shouldn’t know them to. It was just a list parodying some men’s masculine arrogance. Most of these are things that typically stereotyped as manly (1950’s?), but in today’s society in which women and minorities are much more prominent, and this is simply a spoof of the older views.

    You made a valid point though, there were a lot of offended men. I was inspired to reply after reading only a couple comments, which of course turned out to be a mistake. So I will revise my claim: Only women who desperately wanted to turn this list “sexist” so they could get all in a tizzy in their comments AND men who are to dumb to take this in the context it was meant it be in commented that the list was a stereotype and sexist. So put the sex cards away, this one was a false alarm.

  • Anonymous

    Awful list. Should be removed imo.

  • Maggot

    @Bilbo (361): use WD – 40 to stop their keys getting stuck in the door

    This is not recommended. Please consider another semester of Man-school.

  • Maggot

    @Mike from Australia (360): Never in my life will I be required to score a baseball game. No one I know, or care to know, cares about baseball.

    It’s ok. You’re not the first reject to have to relinquish your Man Certificate.

    no American worth his salt can work out cricket and it’s hilarious to watch them try.

    You giggle like a schoolgirl.

  • BrotherMan

    This may have been previously mentioned in the comments, but I feel that cunnilingus should be on here.

  • Ricotta Cheese

    People really gotta chill on this list, it’s on the internet, it’s not serious business.

  • podge

    o ya, 9/10 but the one i cant do is score baseball. im irish and really dont give a shite about baseball. change it to whether you can survive the company of a woman when she’s a little bi polar. you guys no what i mean. haha

  • Mark

    @Mike from Australia (360): Wow, you’re a wanker of the highest order mate. Well done furthering the stereotype.

    I enjoy baseball, if you don’t keep it to yourself. Or at least don’t feel the need to assert yourself in such an asinine way that it makes me cringe to think that I’m involuntarily associated with such idiocy.

    FYI – in case you’re deficiency of any meaningful thought processes is worse than I thought – I’m from Australia. And, before you ask or make more of a fool of yourself, I’ve played cricket at a regional level – I’ve been to a state championship – and still play club cricket. I love the sport, more than I love baseball in fact.

    Also, the intricacies of baseball are rather impressive as well, almost (almost!) comparable to cricket.

  • lostatsea1

    @Maggot(365): Graphite powder is the recommended lubricant for locks and metal zippers!
    @BrotherMan(367): A hard man is good to find but a cunning liguist eats the pie!

  • DB

    These have GOT to be on the list:

    1) Drive a stick-shift (on hills)

    2) Load, aim, and safely fire a gun (includes pistol and rifle)

    A bonus entry would

    11) Safely pilot a small aircraft

    Scoring baseball should be removed…far too limiting.

    • Har

      Ew NO. Being an idiot who plays around with guns is NOT manly. And scoring baseball is not "limiting" just because YOU don't like it.

  • Maggot

    @lostatsea1 (371): Graphite powder is the recommended lubricant for locks

    You da man!

  • fireforeffect

    I did not see a comment here about this so if I am not the first I apologize.

    Next time a list is posted, credit should be given to the original. this list is a copy of a list I saw on about 5 months ago.

    This list is a copy, copy, copy, copy.

  • lostatsea1

    @Maggot(373):Lead in your pencil works too, just depends on the lock! ;) haha!

  • Jones

    Dude. A lot of these skills are things that any man OR WOMAN (lighting a fire, car maintenance,first aid, cooking, Just dudes need to know these things?) should have, and a few of these things are just not important at all. Of the hundreds of times I have been on this site, this is the only time I have ever been disappointed. (

  • rodrigo

    7 of 10….cool!

  • El Jimmer

    It sounds like to me that most of these people agree that #10 should be changed to something else, and based on the testimony of 95% of the people on here, it should be changed to:

    #10 Be a pussy and disagree with a list that is purely opinion and doesn’t impact anything in anyone’s life. Its purely speculative and you shouldn’t give a shit whether or not if its “sexist” or “American.” Shouldn’t Europeans also know how to fix stuff, cook, or apply direct pressure to an open, pouring wound?

    I have to admit, though, you are a useless human being if you cannot perform at least one of the things on that list. I mean honestly, if you do not “know” how to put a bandage on a cut, then you should probably never leave your house and never use knives to cut your food. Only use q-tips.

  • Gopher

    What’s the matter, my mom can do most of them. Besides if you don’t like this list make your own and let people make comments about it.

  • LemonParty

    uh, i definitely think somethings missing here, drinking heavily is a skill every man should have lol

  • kullik1

    i only know #3, and a bit of #1? does that make me a women?

  • Pet Child

    Wish the ones who cooks would like to do it :D

  • monumental13

    Man, I got a long way to go!!

  • 1st post long time reader

    Wow I don’t think such a list has produced comments like this since the last big talk about music. At 17 I score a 9 out of 10 but still I wouln’t consider myself a complete man yet, besides the tie crap is hard(and school dances mostly suck anyway). To the outside the US baseball is baseball we all love it and we all defend it, just because you don’t understand it just repect the national taste. Being a homegrown Mid-west boy though I’d take a beer and a hotdog with a baseball game over a cup of tea and that crap you call football anyday. But I still like the UK and the diffrences between us are just that so live and let live. Besides I think we can all agree that if any person man or women can only do 10 things they have failed at life.

    BTW Girls sometime just let boys be boys most men really (worth a crap) arent sexist anymore, but a good joke is a good joke. Also if you walk home in the rain on a date after a flat tire, you bet you @ss your not getting laid so I agree with that one too.

    • Har

      Oh how precious a 17 year old trying to lecture people. Most men aren't sexist anymore? Oh please, you really need to grow up because in no way is that true. More subtle yes, but it's definitely still there. And WTF are you talking about "getting laid" on a date? You're obviously still extremely immature just like the idiot who made this list.

  • Kennoth

    This list is BS

  • K.

    *Rolls eyes.* My boyfriend is brilliant, can cook, knows everything about machinery, cigars, and guns there is to know- and how to fix it, to boot, can sit and debate with me for hours, and is awesome in bed. He doesn’t know crap about sports (HATES THEM), is no athlete, cannot tie a tie, and is still TWICE the man most other “men” are.

    This list is bullcrap fueled towards those awful meat head types of men. Gross.

  • Antagonistic_Annie

    how to give a girl an orgasm everytime should be on there. I don’t care if he can cook or read for that matter, just as long as he knows how to work it in the bedroom.

  • j

    the best thing about the is it doesn’t have anything about providing for a family. lol

  • Winarto

    I prefer mastering skills like swimming, driving, giving CPR, or even public speaking, etc than scoring a baseball game!

  • curly9965

    @dbrownl (4): Base on Balls (BB)

  • sosyolohista

    jesus! i got only four! tsk!

  • Rob1965

    Why is it absolutely necessary that any “real man” have an interest in sports? There are hundreds of things in this world that contribute to the definition of a man than – for God’s sake – scoring a baseball game.

  • Mike

    Worst list EVER. LOL

  • gabealpert

    Dude, this is completely wrong,
    1. Knowing Iron things, this is more important than knowing how to tie a tie, you can buy a clip-on tie, you can’t do anything about a wrinkly jacket.
    2. Knowing sports might have been the thing 30 years ago, but now any man should be able to program in basic, and possibly java (one of my big failings as a man)
    3. Know how to score a soccer game, no one gives a shit about baseball outside of North America, Japan, and Korea. Hell CRICKET is more widely played. The world series is hardly one at all.
    4. Know the names of all major political candidates for president and the basics of their platform, any real man knows who runs their country.
    5. Public speaking: Any man should be able to give a speech of minimum 5 minutes in length to a large audience, that’s fucking ballsy (public speaking is rated as the highest fear in america, higher than death)
    6. Wingman? Not even touchign this one
    7. Building a fire, this one is neutral, not a bad skill to have but hardly essential if you don’t enjoy camping.
    8. Who forgot sowing? It’s easy to learn and well, let me tell you, looking manly is HARD with bigass holes in your clothes.
    9. I will say there are 5 that are good, 2 that are not nessicarily essential but very good to know. Fixing things, good skill to know, saves money and time of calling someone to do it, not bad. Car maintenence, once again a huge money saver that, ideally will stop you from breaking down in a bad place, overall pretty good possibly essential. Conversation, good one, people talk to eachother, you should know how. Cooking, look, either you know how to cook or you’ll have 3 options, go broke from going out to eat, starve from not eating, or eat things that by no means should be eaten as a diet stable, if you’re living on hot-pockets, you should expect to take minimum 10 years off your life.

    • Har

      Knowing how to program? Right, don't make me laugh. Sure, if you're a f*cking PROGRAMMER. The average person has no need to program anything.

      For your information baseball is played in all those places plus Taiwan, ALL of Central America and a lot of South America. That's an entire HEMISPHERE. The only big sporting countries that play cricket are the UK and Australia. Just because YOU care about it doesn't mean anyone else does. The only other places that play it are places like India and Bangladesh and the West Indies. Just because the British exported this lame ass sport to all their colonies doesn't mean anyone else cares.

  • Kestner

    I am sorry, but I have to say that this is just about the worst list I have read to date. What are you promoting, stereotypes?

    #10 is almost non-existent in my country.
    #9 The point being? It is hardly used in modern day society unless someone goes camping.
    #5 This one is so lame.

  • flamehorse

    I would just like to say, I can do all of these. You did forget to list “Kick Ass.” That’s an important trait.

  • klmmjs

    Bad list. Baseball? all i know is its a glorified rounders :)

  • daxxenos

    I scored 10 out of 10. So what? A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

    • Har

      WTF are you, some kind of army general? No, idiot.

  • someone

    Hmmm…shallow much? LOL. For a start, no.10 is extremely centered around American men, clearly. Oh I forgot, all Americans are self centered. My bad. Build a fire…if you can’t build a fire, you are not human, let lone not a man. Unless of course you aren’t able-bodied in which case I apologise. Tie a tie, really? Really? Hmmm…really?

    • Har

      You're a f*cking idiot. Shocking. Baseball is not American. Far from it. Sorry the world doesn't revolve around you. Sounds like YOU are the self-centered one, jackass. I can't stand these f*cking idiots who think they can b*tch about Americans from your cozy little perch in Australia or wherever when you've never even met one. Get a clue.

  • Sandy

    Some of these are very specific and others are very general, which is kind of odd.

    Number ten should be covered by #7 – change #7 to “have a working knowledge and be able to hold your own at major sports”. I do believe everyone should at least not be totally lost if a major sport from his or her culture is the topic of discussion. And being able to hold your own is mostly a matter of physical fitness.

    #9 should be more general – basic survival skills. Maybe you don’t have to know how to live in the forest for a month, but knowing how to cook if there’s been a disaster and the power’s been out for a week? That’s useful!

    #8 – Be able to fit in in a wide range of formality settings, from guy’s night out to job interview to formal dinner with the CEO’s wife.

    #7 is fine, should include #10.

    #6 should be covered by #2. Might I suggest self/home defense as a replacement?

    #5 and #4 should be together – social skills. Whether it’s being a man’s best friend or being a woman’s dream date, all men should have a basic amount of charisma and charm.

    I agree with #3, 2, and 1. Maybe you don’t need to be a world-class chef, but you’d be surprised how many people aren’t even comfortable following a recipe, or would have to ask the difference between a skillet and a frying pan.

  • Sandy

    @Sandy (400): Forgot to mention, I’d suggest changing either #5 or #4 to “be able to comfortably take care of pets and small children for small amounts of time.” I don’t expect anyone who isn’t a parent to know how to raise a child, but you should at least not panic if you’re asked to watch your girlfriend’s sister’s toddler for three hours and the child starts crying.

  • I can do all of these and I AM NOT A MAN! I don’t need a man.

    • _mark

      then you're a lesbian?

  • ld

    Have manners, have good hygiene, take care of their kids, support friends or family in need.
    You forgot all of those essential necessities that make a TRUE man. This list is what 15 year olds consider the extent of their masculinity. Being a real man with the ability to take care of his responsibilities is much more difficult yet rewarding than this bs.

  • Sandy

    @ld (403): Some of these are stereotypically masculine things (baseball, sports, etc.) but others are things most fifteen year olds wouldn’t consider manly (converse, cook, first aid).

  • something

    i sure as hell hope you ment this list to be serious because i think its a joke how you women want your men to have only 2 manly things #6 and # 2 yet the others are stupid. the only things men should know how to cook are burgers, steak and hotdogs. its that simple

  • Lanni

    No No No. This list is missing some crucial pieces.
    1. All men must be able to follow a football game and not ask why they keep throwing the yellow flags in the air.

    2. Men should learn the fine art in tuning out. My husband is a master of this.

    3. Grilling. Men have to grill, period. It has to be in it’s own catagory.

    Three very important skills all men should pick up on.

  • kanenhagah

    from all the above, im poor in conversation. lol

  • Baseball bat

    #10 is ridiculous, the rest is fine

  • make a sense. I love the last list! cooking, not all men want to cook especially in my country

  • dalinean

    #10 to score cricket!, c’mon guys, baseball is so boring….. and American.

    #3 Great! except in the explanation the Heimlich manouver is mentioned….. A big no-no, more dangerous than the choking it’s supposed to cure. The real tip is to let the person cough the thing up eventually, i think?

  • amin196

    Don’t forget, we are all unique, just like everyone else ;)

  • Pete

    Does operating a microwave count as cooking?
    I can also navigate a drive-thru really well.

    • _mark

      :D exactacly.

  • Ash

    I think ronnie dennis should pay close attention to numnber 3 and even closer attention to the line “These acts should be rewarded for their bravery and must be re-paid.”

    pft, saying your not coming out tomorrow.

  • Nasir

    wooow nice collection

  • mordechaimordechai

    i scored pretty good. of course baseball is out of my horizon.
    i should add to the list.
    To Ride
    Shoot straight
    Speak the Truth

    Jeff Cooper, anyone?

  • murkypon

    Pretty pathetic list, actually. And really very sexist toward men.

    Guys, give each other a break. Testosterone is nice and everything (and, trust me, I’m a big fan of it), but seriously…? As a female, I can’t say I hold any of these in terribly high esteem. Maybe #1, #4, #6, and #8 are okay since they’re somewhat practical and show some balance, but this isn’t the Stone Age.

    And, come on, having to hold your own in ANY sport? Perhaps overkill? I mean, if you’re actually interested in EVERY sport, have at it, but wouldn’t it be equally as acceptable to just pick a couple you actually like and know them well? And, frankly, why does it have to be sports? If you don’t like sports, that’s cool, too–it doesn’t make you any less of a man.

    I don’t know, if I was forced to list some specific items, I guess, I would say some technical skills, smarts, common sense, and a good dose of human kindness would be nice. But a true man can’t be judged based solely on his tangible skills–it has more to do with what sort of person he is and how he views the world.

    That said, frankly, #5 is just plain offensive. A man who is worthwhile isn’t focused on scamming a woman just to get into her pants (keyword: “scamming”), so he won’t NEED some slime-ball wingman. A worthwhile man would just be honest regardless of what his actual goal was, so he’d just need to be himself. The whole “divide and conquer” thing is so outdated and, frankly, condescending–both to men and to women. Don’t lie. Just decide what you want, whether that be marriage, a long-term relationship, dating and flirtation, or just casual sex. Then find someone who wants the same thing and get on with it. Don’t lie to coerce someone into what you want–that’s manipulative and deceitful, and everyone deserves better than that.

    • Har

      Yes exactly. This list a piece of sh*t and the "wingman" crap is particularly offensive. Yeah you're not a "man" unless you're an immature pig. Sorry but no. No one's impressed by that but the idiot who wrote this list and a bunch of other immature pigs.

  • kashif

    @IggyKoopa [76]: i love u

  • kashif

    plz contact me

  • Lalalalaa

    Nr 1 is enough XD

  • Dave

    I have 7.

  • Mawii

    Wow, I only lack the baseball one.

  • Phuq King Americans

    What a steaming pile of horse $h!t this list is! I am a man and this list is an insult to the very meaning of the word! Of course what else can you expect from Americans who can't see beyond the end of their pitifully short lives. Maybe if they had a better health care system? But seriously, there is really only one quality that a male individual should have to qualify for the title "Man". A real man takes responsibility for his actions! That's it, that's all you need. But of course Americans would never understand the idea.

    • Har

      Right moron.

  • gyn

    love it^^

  • evil Taco

    meh. I don’t drive (never will. I live in a major city and don’t plan on changing that) and I hate sports, MMA aside. Baseball’s boring. What about “sharpening a knife” or “fixing a computer”? Seems a bit more appropriate, nowadays. And if you’re gonna single out a sport to understand, how about football? More complex, anyway, than “me hit ball with stick, then run in circle”. That’s hardly rocket science.

  • Evil Taco

    also, I'm just gonna point at the art of manliness blog. Google it. He's all about the lost arts of "How to wear a hat properly" and "how to give yourself an old fashioned shave", which I think is more important than being a wingman any day.

  • Mike

    8/10.. I really can't be bothered to know anything about baseball, except that a baseball bat is a pretty handy weapon (but inferior to knives and bullets). As for "wingman", well, if you're not gonna do the same for me then take a flying frig in a rolling donut. :-)

  • andy

    I will let u know what i think soon as i can get the missus to read them out to me,
    she said she will do it when shes finished servicing the car,

  • electrice funeral

    because everyone knows sports are what makes you a man *rolls eyes*

    …grow up

  • harachi

    I agree. I have absolutely no interest in sport. Also the first item of the list, concerning how to score a baseball game – does the author realise that outside of the US and a few other countries, nobody plays baseball or really cares about baseball? I hate these U.S.-centric lists

    • Har

      A few other countries like all of Central America and a lot of South America and Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Cricket, on the other hand, is only played by former and current members of the British Empire, so sorry, not interesting. Oh poor you, most of the readers on this site are American, so too f*cking bad.

  • khan


  • Luke

    I get the feeling this was written by a women…or a gay guy

  • Sam


    I'm a fucking man-beast!

    Baseball, car-mechanics or fixing things in general though.. Not so much, because I…
    1) Don't live in a baseballing country.
    2) Don't have a car, nor have a need of one. City-living is goooood, besides – this is why cabs were invented.
    3) I'd love to say "I buy quality stuff, therefore it never breaks".. but the truth is I simply have never had a need to fix anything. If something's broken, it's been something irrepairable and in need of rebuying.

    Hence, once again..
    I'm a fucking man-beast!

    • KiNgShIz

      You’re more likely a b**ch ass city boy

  • moe x hamdan

    wow very nice

  • moe x hamdan

    10 to score cricket!, c’mon guys, baseball is so boring….. and American.

    #3 Great! except in the explanation the Heimlich manouver is mentioned….. A big no-no, more dangerous than the choking it’s supposed to cure. The real tip is to let the person cough the thing up eventually, i think?

    • Har

      You are so completely clueless. Like for your information cricket and baseball are very similar so how you would think cricket in which you run back and forth on a line is somehow more interesting than running around a square is beyond me. Also for your information most of the Western Hemisphere plays baseball, that's North America, pretty much all of Central America, and at least some of South America. And they play baseball in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan as well. So think again.

      Where the f*ck did you get the idea the Heimlich maneuver is dangerous? IF the person is coughing, then yes you leave them alone because it means they're still getting air. If they're choking, then leaving them alone makes them die, stupid.

    • KiNgShIz

      Don’t Think…

  • moe x hamdan

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  • zak

    baseball? really? not everyone lives in america faggot

  • future

    if a man wants to survive the ongoing emanzipation of male he should throw such stone age thinking over board.

    but then again. stick to it: that will make it easier for the few others which rise above that kind of nonsense.

  • veritas

    I can do all of them.
    But one important thing is missing : make sure your woman has an orgasm . . . or two.

  • Max

    10/10 – I'm perfect :D

  • UDAY

    I think , what u say above is very few I like but not all. I give you point 3 out of 10………..

  • chris

    the only one i know is #4. so yeah…

  • Guess

    YEa right, do you want me to sing and stand on one foot while doing all that.
    fuck you.
    and while i'm at it, i what that every women should at least be a quantum physicist, while making me the best burger on the fucking planet.

  • Jonas

    Why is not cunnilungus on the list?

  • Non American

    This is an all American list made by yet another American moron who thinks that his country is the world! How many countries compete in their so called WORLD SERIES? Compare that to the FIFA World Cup football competition. These illiterates will never learn……

  • Mr. Quincy


    Find the G Spot?

    Spot a gold digger?



    it's all about how much money n ur status…..thats it reality now…

  • shoaib

    yeh m feeling good that there is a lot of people who accept that they are men,mostly the people don't accept that they are man.In europe 80 percent people are gay.but its ok ,we have to conversation about other topics to increase our mind level and get the knowledge about unknown things.

  • soe


  • Pffft you're not a man if you can't singlehandedly storm French beaches and kick Nazi ass all the way back to Berlin.

    You're not an American man until you lie to your family and friends and send them off to some country in the middle east to get shot and killed for oil.

    • lyfslped-hrd!

      Then that would only leave several. mainly one, Am. Man, our CIC (Commander In Chief)-Obama-Yes, you can blame some on Bush, etc,,,, , but the current CIC only has the power to stop this nonsense. We can occupy and defend a complete border in Korea; why not stop all foriegn aid to all countries save for the few who had the guts to hang with our brave men and women there in the M.East, use that $ to guard our S/Border-(I am not 'anti-Mexican', I am anti-terrorist, who cross those open borders daily) and help repair the "INSIDES" of the USA 1st.

  • lyfslapd-hrd!

    In my world, myself AND my Lady together should be able to handle this list with ease. I have not read the responses, though a tad on the sexist side in 2010? Maybe it was the difference B-tween the heading and the explaination that bothered me most. Look, #'s 10, 7 nd 6 in particular. I could if I had to, but from 1st pitch to end game-"a few letters, numbers and symbols for a whole baseall game"- they got kids to do that in the dugout. "Hold his own in any game"-I believe even Pentathletes cannot do that one! Explain, maybe-compete-comeon. I became partially disabled 5 years ago-guess I am a loser. Auto-repair-the title belittles the explaination-I can change a tire, jump-start, etc…and if on fire, I can say, "I think we should get the fuck outta here!" Anything else-that's why I paid the extra 50 bills. Call AAA. Some of the things towards the top of the list , to me, came as a result of growing up poor~Aid, fixing things, cooking, conversation…….you went that far, how about giving a woman 22 orgasms in one night, to my four? Thats' gotta be on the 'masculine' list! ;}

  • Number 1 should have been "understand a woman's mind", I still can't do it….

  • Heliosity

    Whilst i do agree tha some points on this list are stereotypical and sexist, its not a big deal, its randomprecisions opinion and i respect that (or he could just be taking the piss which would make it even more inconsequential).

    I also take my hat off to randomprecision as he has had the humility to take the multitude of abuse directed and him and still post positive comments (as far down as i read anyway, which was about comment 180).

  • Carolina

    Wow a lot of self centered, it’s all about me and my needs type people here. You know even if you don’t like todays list or disagree with it, wait till tomorrow list for something new to like or not like. BUT it’s a lot easier for you NOT to read a list that is there than it would be for me TO read a list that is not there. Just because you don’t like something is no reason to get rid of it!! As seen by the comments on here SOME people took the list the way it is meant and some not, but ALL of them have the right to read or NOT to read it in the first place. I for one am so sick of people who casually ignore my rights in favor of their own, and who would scream bloody murder if I did the same to them. Take anyone of those peoples rights away even for a good reason and watch the fireworks!!! Imagine if you can a web where the information was completely censored by someone else that had views and beliefs not the same as yours and tell me how much you would enjoy your freedom of information then????? What if you wanted to know how to breed your parrot and some left wingnut decided that was to x rated to be on the web? Maybe tomorrow all the web content dealing with car repairs would be removed because the auto mechanics would claim it keeps them from earning a living? How about if the medical information was taken off the web because the people who made the medical break thru wanted to get paid for the information? How about if the RIAA got its way and all art, music and literature and graphics were removed from the web because it infringed on the copy writes of individuals AND more importantly some poor corporations? Where would our freedom of information be and where would the usefulness of the web be?? You don’t have to blow up something to destroy it you can chip away at it one word/chip at a time.

  • Carei

    Comment #428 seems to be the most intelligent thoughtful person on here, apparently he fully got the meaning of the list and what it means to be a man and can make fun of himself. (another useful manly and not just manly trait)He get it, that it is REALLY no consequence what anyone else thinks of his manhood except him! Oh and all the add ons for the list, you all do realize that the list is limited to 10 and inclusion or non inclusion does not actually mean you are or are not a man??? This list is an opinion shared or not its just an opinion and you all ought to lighten up!!!!!!

  • Been A Son

    Feminists: go wild on this one.

  • James


    I scored 9/10 (not a sportsman), yet I've been single for near 4 years lol

    If these are the ten most important things, I must be REAAAAALLY ugly! :P

    • gabi319

      You simply haven't been advertising your accomplishments well enough. Perhaps a t-shirt with your manly resume emblazoned on the front? Or maybe carry a murse (a man purse) containing a baseball scoresheet, a tie, two sticks to make fire and a can of WD-40 to fix everything. ;)

    • ScottyBoy

      Scored 9/10, been married for 5 years… sadly 3 of those were taught to me by my wife…:(

  • G Dogg

    How about know how to handle and operate fire arms? Could save a life. YOURS!

  • I would be happy with a man who scores 7/10 on that list :)


  • Jay

    Carolina: "BUT it's a lot easier for you NOT to read a list that is there than it would be for me TO read a list that is not there."

    Hard to argue with that…

  • cgbr

    Learn how to cook with bacon and spam at

    • ScottyBoy


  • Luke

    I think Number 10 by inference means : Understand how a game works. Standing on a field no more makes you a sportsfan than standing in a garage makes you car. Nothing is more stupid than watching a bunch of dudes stop the game and argue because no one knows the rules. No pretenders. Dudes have to know their sports.

  • Suzie

    I can't say I totally disagree with this list. As a woman who has been happily married to the same man for over 28 years, dated for 4 years prior to that and were really good friends for over 4 years prior to those years, I am proud to say that my husband can handle all 10 and more. Obviously age creeps in as far as some sport activity is concerned, however, I have seen him step up to either coach or ref. The wingman thing isn't as important at our stage in life—it's more of a confidant, or one who can say. "been there, done that, lived through it." My only possible negative statement is about scoring a baseball game, I think that is a regional issue. My husband comes from a family which is well versed on ALL sports even international, however, since we live in the south, we find football and basketball to be far more important to sports lovers in this area than baseball.

    On another note, as we grow in age, I might also add something about being able to guide, teach, mentor, (whatever your choice of word) younger generations. Believe it or not, many women find that VERY sexy in a man.

  • Jay

    How long did you take to write that comment, Drab? 'Cause…

  • arlowcain

    yeah. I love a good conversation. but it isnt essential if your in a relationship with someone that cant hold one. Or care about your feelings.

  • _mark

    says who? this list is utter crap.. other than the car fix things stuff..

    • ScottyBoy

      You probably sit on your computer all day masterbating to transexual porn. So to you, i suppose, yes, this list is utter crap.

  • Jamie Green

    Truth be told i say only 5-2 and maybe 1 are good. the rest are useless in my opinion. I mean who the hell wants to score at baseball?

  • Jay

    As far as tying a tie goes, I've done that for several decades, but the most important part I can't get: Looking good while tying the tie. I occasionally see some guy in a movie, like Michael Douglas, tying a tie and he looks confident, aggressive and highly male. I just look fussy and harassed. It ends up looking fine, but I just never got that look of total confidence while doing it.

    Scoring a baseball game was simple enough, and my newspaper insisted all their sportswriters do this at every baseball game for a while. Mostly it was a pain and seldom useful for our purposes.

    I also ran a flamethrower for a while (getting rid of weeds) and a lot of people find that impressive. I don't recommend that anyone try it, though. The potential for accidental damage is just too high.

    Finally, the one thing every man needs to know in this modern world is Step One of fixing the modern electronic appliance: Turn the darn thing OFF, wait a few seconds, and turn it back ON. Half the time, that fixes the problem.

  • brock

    10 4. 10

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  • klektok

    “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” – Robert Heinlein

  • mgbeahuru chidi C.

    But….how can one lead on a conversation..????somebody please help

  • Rizka

    Those aren’t the most important skill that men should have..
    But, If u don’t have any of those skills.. You’re useless..
    I like a man who also can cook for me ^_^

    sorry for my english..

  • Vic

    Why would someone who doesn’t live in America want to learn how to score the World’s most BORING game?

  • Name

    So art, culture, science history all for sissies?

    God Judd Apatow needs to stop making movies.

  • Emmeline

    I hate to sound sexist, but I do agree with some of the things listed. I was seeing a man once. There was something wrong with my car, so he took a look at it and fixed it for me (it was the battery apparently). My respect shot up. Then I discovered that he could cook, albeit nothing fancy, and that he played rugby. I was completely done in. I found it completely endearing. So gentlemen, just from a woman’s perspective, it really wouldn’t hurt to take a note or two and learn a couple of the things mentioned. I won’t say ALL the points listed are necessary, but some of them can win many points in your favor ;)

  • geedoc

    This is a really,really poor web site……’ve probably guessed that by now.


    10 skills every man should have.. He-he-he :)

  • hairyblueballs

    So I gess we all agree that baseball is a piece of shit game! And I’m american!! However, every man SHOULD be able to score football! AMERICAN FOOTBALL!! :)

  • ScottyBoy

    After reading the comments below, i have decided that the men of today are weak. An opinion that, im sure, many of your fathers have already decided. How about reading about 2 less of these lists a day and get out there and play some football, BBQ, or take your wife/girlfriend out on a date. StarCraft and Call of Duty do not count as active sports guys, sorry to tell you. This poster is completely correct, if you want to feel secure about yourself pick up a tool every now and then and learn to play a sport for gods sake. There has to be some athleticism in that body of yours seeing as your bloodline made it this far.

  • R Mwangi

    Baseball? Tour the world man.

  • Erslev

    Be able to explain the offside rule a

    Baseball what is that ?

  • Many of these things a woman should know how to do too – except wing man, able to play all sports and baseball scores. Unless she has a favorite sport she’s interested in…

  • Most of these things a woman should know how to do too – except obviously wing-man, play all sports and baseball scores. Unless she has a favorite sport she follows…go Japan!!

    • Lissa

      Like hitting the “submit” button twice…

  • Zerotwo

    Pfft… I could care less about these except maybe the wingman part

  • MPOP

    Wow. We really have ridiculously high standards these days.

  • um1928

    why cooking is considered as the most important skill? It’s not like it would frequently come in handy. There is a more important skill, that is to treat your wife well so she’ll never leave your hungry =)) whatever

  • Ladyosphinx

    Intresting as a south African female I scored 8/10 almost 9. But I pretty much suck at sport so that’ll never happen lol. But even though Baseball isn’t a south african game I can score it as well as rugby and cricket.

  • Cem

    A man SHOULD know to cook!! Its so unfair that a woman has to do most of the household work. If he knows to cook, atleast he won’t starve to death when his wife or mother is away.

  • osteenq

    Agree with some of this, but I seriously don’t give a fuck about the sports-related stuff.

    Soooooooooooooooo fucking boring.

  • william

    what about guitar? that ones easy

  • nightemo

    forever alone (._. )

  • theotherpov

    Inspired by this, i wrote the following post

    10 things a man should know.. ~ The Other Point of View

  • Shayla

    And there’s nothing about being good in bed

  • Luks

    A man has to know how to fight

  • Beast

    a man should throw a punch like nobody’s business

  • James JOnes

    Bollocks. Scoring a girls’ game played by fat guys in pyjamas a prerequisite for manhood????? As for the rest…UTTER BOLLOCKS!!!!

  • vanquiz

    I agree with the list (although it COULD be expanded to a couple of more points). Except for #10.

    Oh and #2 fix things and #6 car maintenance can really be filed under one general “handy-man/mr.fix it ALL” category. Just my opinion, otherwise great list! I’ve had an instance where I was the best wingman for a buddy because I knew more than just basic first aid so for me those two fit well too! haha