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Top 10 Most Powerful Comic Book Characters

Comics books have brought joy to millions and millions worldwide. Everyone has the personal favorite hero from comics, but they are all puny compared to the guys on here. This list has been a long time in the making. Thousands of characters had to be considered – but ultimately only ten were chosen. Be sure to mention your own favorites in the comments. Oh – and if you like comics and lists relating to them, be sure to check out the Top 10 Significant Moments in Comic History.




Publisher: Marvel Comics
First Appearance: X Factor vol 1. #5 (June 1986)
Origins: Cairo, Egypt

En Sabah Nur is reputed to be the first mutant on earth and also the most powerful. He scores an impressive 39 out of 42 on Marvel’s official powergrid. Apocalypse has control of his body on the atomic level to go along with tremendous energy absorption and energy projecting abilities. His powers are greatly enhanced due to his mastery of alien technology specifically genetics and biochemistry.




Publisher: DC Comics
Origins: Planet Apokolips
First Appearance: Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen # 134 (November 1970)

Darkseid is worshipped as an “anti-god”. He is a supreme conqueror who is one of the greatest threats to the DC universe as he seeks to control all living beings. Darkseid is capable of unleashing unimaginable amounts of energy through his “Omega Effect” beam. He is also immortal and has displayed immeasureablee levels of strength, stamina, endurance, and mental abilities.


Anti Monitor

234400-54503-Anti-Monitor Super

Publisher: DC Comics
First Appearance: Crisis on Infinite Earths #2 (May 1985)
Origins: Qward

Very little has been revealed about this character. What is known is that A-M is the embodiment of all the anti-matter in existence. This makes him a threat to the entire omniverse through his near limitless cosmic powers. It has been alluded that his purpose was to eliminate all matter in the omniverse, leaving only anti-matter behind. This would essentially make him “God”. Anti-Monitor has shown the ability to absorb entire universes, manipulate matter and energy on a cosmic scale and transform the very essence of reality.




Publisher: DC Comics
First Appearance: Superman #153 (February 2000)
Origins: Unknown

Imperiex is the DC Comics version of Galactus. A being whose plan was to hasten the end of the universe by collapsing galaxies into super black holes and create a new, perfect universe with the corresponding release of energy. Imperiex wields near omnipotent power derived from the big bang and has been described as an energy being requiring a material shell. It has shown the ability to project immensely powerful energy blasts and exert its will through a near infinite supply of “probes” which are capable of annihilating entire planets.




Publisher: Marvel Comics
First Appearance: Iron Man #55 (February 1973)
Origins: Titan (Saturn Moon)

Sure, many a villain threatens to destroy the universe but Thanos is the only one who can actually do it. He possesses immeasurable levels of intelligence, strength, endurance, stamina, and durability. Thanos also has exhibited the ability to manipulate enormous amounts of cosmic energy. An obsession with the female embodiment of death, led him to gain control of the infinity gauntlet, ascending him to godhood. Thanos used his power to destroy half the life in our universe by simply snapping his fingers.




Publisher: Marvel Comics
First Appearance: Fantastic Four #48 (1966)
Origins: Planet Taa (Pre- Big Bang)

The only survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang, Galactus consumes entire planets for nourishment. He has displayed god like abilities, including manipulation of molecules on a cosmic scale, conversion of matter to energy and vice versa, teleportation across great distances, erecting impenetrable force fields, etc…, all on levels beyond human comprehension. His intelligence, stamina, and endurance are also beyond any known method of calculation. Galactus is also able to scan the thoughts of virtually any known being.


The Presence

300Px-More Fun Comics 52 001

Publisher: DC Comics
First Appearance: More Fun Comics # 52 (February 1940)
Origins: Silver City

The Presence is the DC comics version of the Judeo-Christian God. It is the highest being in their very complex religious cosmology which includes a second tier of “gods” such as the New Gods, Greek Gods, Hindu Gods, etc. Although it has been described as omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent; it has also been mentioned as having appeared at some point after the beginning of reality as we know it. This ambiguity lowers The Presence’s ranking as it is generally credited with the creation of only one universe (DC), thus it may or may not be the original creator.


Abstract Entities

440Px-Lord Chaos & Master Order

More specifically: The Brothers, Eternity, Death, Infinity, Lord Chaos, Master Order etc.
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Origins: N/A
First Appearance: N/A

They can be considered abstract concepts that have shown the ability to manifest themselves physically in order to reveal themselves or their motives to conscious beings in the omniverse. These entities have at one time or another exhibited “god like” power within their respective realms. It is not clear, however if these entities take action through their own will or if they are controlled by a higher power.


The Living Tribunal

440Px-L Trib

Publisher: Marvel Comics
First Appearance: Strange Tales #157 June 1967
Origins: N/A

The Living Tribunal is a virtually omnipotent and omniscient entity whose purpose is to safeguard the omniverse from imbalance. Tribunal is perfectly impartial and has shown the ability to accomplish anything it sets its will to; including the willingness to sacrifice millions to save billions and sacrifice billions to save trillions. There is absolutely no limit to what The Living Tribunal can accomplish in order to maintain balance or eliminate threats. Nevertheless; Tribunal is second to one.


The One Above All

661922-One Above All 2 Super

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Origins: N/A
First Appearance: Doctor Strange Vol 2, #13 (April 1976)

Creator of all realities in all timelines in every single part of the omniverse. TOAA is essentially “God” and therefore nothing can possibly exist without him. This makes TOAA more powerful than all beings or entities combined. His true identity has been alluded to as being Stan Lee, the legendary comic book creator.

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  • zsasz

    "His true identity has been alluded to as being Stan Lee, the legendary comic book creator."

    god that is annoying..and i though the spiderman movies were annoying enough having him appear in them (the first time was amusing, but it got old fast)

    • Obvious fact that went unnoticed

      It’s a rule, he plays a character in EVERY movie ever made with Marvel because otherwise he will be forgotten

      • J

        The man that made marvel, and a convincing argument can be made that he made modern comics, will not be forgotten. Ignorant statement.

  • Twisted_Me

    I don't get it, how come Jean isn't here? Isn't the Pheonix supposed to beat everyone ass like in a nanosecond?

    • Rozz

      yea..where’s Phoenix!
      she eats stars just like ole Galactus right?

      • bub101

        Phoenix is too limited.

        • bub101

          After all Warbird channeled the power of a sun but like Phoenix, it was temporary. Phoenix force could make any of these guys on the list #1, but no Jean Grey.

  • troy

    this list is hogwash first of all darkseid is not immortal and i hate superman but… y couldnt darkseid kill him and y is superman stronger than him but not on the list this makes no sense

    • JS

      In multiple versions, he was immortal. He is many millenia old and was created as one of the “New Gods”

      • bub101

        seems more like an antihero/villain/abstract list though. Superman has too many weaknesses but his strength is off the charts.

  • I'm not a big comics fan so maybe I'm way out of line here but…Dr. Manhattan? Superman? Where are they?

    • JS

      These beings, past the first 2, are the GODLIKE ENTITIES. They are so powerful that no superhero or villain is even comparable, because they can do things like instantaneously alter the entire universe

      • Discordination

        I see your point but look at Dr. Manhatten, he IS godlike, he IS everything. He can control time and space itself. Create life as easy as he can destroy it. I’m honestly suprised he isn’t on this list.

        • bub101

          Dr. Manhattan is energy and Thanos would turn him into a weapon and jump to #1. But then Thanos would loose the weapon to some dipsh!t while asking Death for her love and loose his place.

  • ollie

    I am not a comic book reader, but it was interesting nonetheless. How do the traditional heroes like Superman even manage to defeat these characters. some of them must be villains.

    • JS

      The upper ones aren’t heroes or villains, they are the Gods of the universe. SO they don’t take sides

  • ADII

    How about Mephisto? He is one of my favorite comic bad guys ever yo. Dude is a demon….effin sik

    • badjokebob

      Sure he is a demon but the Richards kid was able to obliterate him with a simple (but heartfelt) “Bad man GO AWAY”

      • bub101

        He was Thanos’ lackey. He is only SUPERPOWERFUL in his realm. And he’s an idiot.

    • Osfmany

      Man, i actually came to this list because i was wondering if Mephisto would appear in the list of the most powerful comic charcters. Maybe in a list only containing Marvel characters or Villains.

  • Scott

    why did TOAA create these other evil bastards in the first place?

    • JS

      He created the celestials, and all the lower gods, who got bored

    • Nissim Levy

      Because he (Stan Lee) needed to sell comic books.

  • ronsantohof

    I prefer Joker or Kingpin or Green Goblin as villains. The ones on this list are not believable; cannot relate to them. However, Magneto I can understand why he is the way he is.

    • JS

      Most of them aren’t superheroes or villains, they are GODS. They’re not supposed to be believable

  • chubbmeister

    I find it funny that, besides being omnipotent, they all find time to visite the gym…

    • tcsilver

      that IS really funny isn’t it ? :)

  • corinthian0430

    Bah- the "Endless" of Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" graphic novel could pwn everyone in the list- without even batting an eyelid >:)

    • Ross

      Yea you’re right.

  • astraya

    The only one I've heard of is Galacticus, through having accidently stumbled on Fantastic Four II on tv recently.

    Are these good guys or bad guys? If they are bad guys, then how come the sort-of human super-heroes can defeat them?

    • JS

      4 and above are neutral gods. Those below them, some of them are quite often at the other end of the universe, or in a different one all together. They don’t really fight heroes that much

  • necro_penguin

    i've only heard of 2 of them. but i don't read any DC comics and not many marvel ones.

    way to keep it with only the big 2 companies.

    • GodofGODS

      –So wht are you replying??!

  • Tryclyde

    Don't know where he'd fit in among these 10, but Cosmic Spiderman was pretty powerful and badass.

  • BuzzDJT

    Also suprised the Beyonder isn't on there, He's Marvel, he's behind the Secret Wars, and Is another universe, displayed omni presence and omnipotency, and could definitely take Darkseid, thanos or Apocalypse [to quote bennett from Commando] "in the blink of an Eye"

    Also notable exceptions, the Spectre (post crisis) and Onslaught, when he had reed richards son and X man's powers as well as his own.

    They could also hit somewhere between place 8 and 10

    • randell

      Onslaught is not as powerful as any of the people on this list he is listed as a 12 on the superhero database where all of them are above 13

    • JS

      I totally agree, Beyonder needs to be here, and those other guys should definitely shove the last 2 off. But in this, it’s talking about Thanos when he had the Infinity Gauntlet and the powers of Death herself, so it would be hard for Beyonder to destroy him; before the gauntlet, he might have made it at the end, definitely better than Apocalypse.

      • bub101

        Beyonder is the result of a cosmic cube experiment. Anyone with intimate knowledge of a cosmic cube (Thanos, Galactus, Reed Richards) can defeat the Beyonder.

  • Tonio

    Why are these all villians? it says comic book CHARACTERS. They shoul have the Phoenix from X-Men, she owns all.

    • JS

      Okay, people need to get off the Pheonix fetish. Yes, she IS undeniably badass, but after Darkseid, she stands a chance against NOBODY on this list. She may be one of the most powerful (if not THE most powerful) MUTANTS, but these guys are far too powerful. I love X-men too, but she just isn’t enough.

  • David

    Apocalypse no 10?! He should be no 3, or 1! He`s beaten all the X-men at once, has survived being impaled, one on one fighting, he`s nigh on unbeatable, can control every molecule in his body, he throttled the Hulk, he can`t die, he "hibernates," he has advanced technology, you can go on and on. And Darkseid?! Doomsday, nearly killed him, with a few punches. And where`s the Juggernaut, Absorbing Man, The Abomination and Optimus Prime and Megatron out of Transformers? Speaking of which, Unicron could defeat Galactus, easily.

    • randell

      dude you are thinking way to much oh and yea if you go to the superhero database it lists apocalypse as graded as a 13 where in darseid is a 16 galactus a 21.juggernat a 7 and hulk has deaftead the abomination many times where in the one above all is the creator of all times and realities

    • JS

      Okay, 4 and above can’t be defeated, PERIOD! They are Gods, and can alter the WHOLE FUCKING UNIVERSE so I don’t understand why people keep claiming that a character like Apocalypse should be number 1. This is NOT a list of heros, this is NOT a list of villains, this is a list of CHARACTERS, some of whom are ethereal and completely immortal, impregnable SUPER ENTITIES!

      • Talkinghead

        All the marvel Gods on this list with the exception of #1 were beaten by Thanos when he had the infinity Gauntlet. In fact he beat them all at once.

    • bub101

      Apocalypse is the only one that doesn’t belong on this decent list. He’s a wuss compared to the top nine. If you’d like, I can get you and Apocalypse a room. You can even bring your little Transformer “toys” with you. Or would you prefer Absorbing Mans big ole ball and chain and Juggie’s “shaped” head.

  • cavaman

    Also surprised not to see the Beyonder.

    • tom

      Mr. M would be a good one to add, if you've read x-men: the 198, he's fucking awesome!

    • ben

      After Secret War, the Beyonder’s backstory was retconned into something that made him considerably less powerful than the omnipotent earliest version of him. He’s like, an incomplete cosmic cube or some shit.

  • dbrownl

    i really thought tribunal would be 1

    • jordan

      seee what im not understanding is where jon osterman/ dr manhattan on the list, then again i suppose he is the most powerful "realistic" super guy

  • dbrownl

    speaking of number 1

  • Tragik

    Somehow I am not surprised that Casper didn’t make the list.

  • GoldenInk

    I though tribunal would be 1 also

  • tinkerbell

    i hate comics

  • Vanguy

    Surprised Kitty Pryde of The X-Men didn’t make the list.
    (What the hell did she do?!?!?)
    Also, The Riddler and Ant-Man.

  • Captain Funtime

    for how awesome ‘the presence’ looks damn lame, give it some horns

  • nuriko

    love this list!!!! :)

  • nuriko

    btw, anyone from The Philippines who you know selling a Thanos and Death action figures? thanks! :D

  • Simpsons

    i think richard reeds son has a cool power

  • blabla

    Not bad, but definitely better than the NFL one.

  • LMXV

    This makes me want to look up and see how our superheroes defeat these invincible villains, I’m assuming some are villains.

  • nuriko

    @simpsons – I think his daughter, Valeire, has awesome power too… both of his children are considered to Omega-level mutants…

  • j

    that dr manhatten guy from watchmen didnt just control atoms on a molecular level, he was able to make life. is that not a neat trick?

  • 95south

    What about the Beyonder?

  • Caysha

    Really interesting list – and nice to see characters from both DC and Marvel being equally considered. Was kinda expecting to see one of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ series though…

    • randell

      i know death is supposed to be the most powerful being in the universe and anti-monitor is ranked as only a 13 on superhero database wehre indarkseid is a 16 how the hell did he rank anti-monitor before him

  • cat


  • Galactus

    I am pleased to be at Number 5 and I have no qualms with those ahead of me.

    However, there is this being known as the Protege, a cosmic entity in the Marvel Universe. She may deserve to be at No. 3 or even No. 2, as he(she??) is the only known being to have defeated the Living Tribunal in actual combat (Thanos also managed to defeat the Living Tribunal, but needed the aid of the powerful Heart of the Universe to do so).

    Thus Galactus now departs from Listverse and goes on to other worlds.

    • randell

      who cares about the Protege the protege was the leader of the church of truth who claimed to be the new one above all but in truth was not the new one above all just a claim the one above all is the ultimate power


    “Here I come to save the day!!!” Mighty Mouse

  • max

    you always talk about american comics…wat about indian comics?? where is Nagaraj and Super Commondo Dhruv??

  • Korinthian

    Too bad these guys are all pretty boring.

    Honorable mention should go to that pedophile monstrosity that defeated The Authority (and has 45762 super powers). I can’t remember his name, though.

  • dudemeister

    11. Ryan Howard – anybody that saw the game last night knows what im talkin about

  • @max (26): I don’t know – you obviously haven’t sent in your list submission of Indian comics or it might have appeared here.

  • bwmyers18

    What about the Flash ?!?!? Seriously – he can run really fast! Of course, he CAN be defeated by a curb…. You know what? Never mind ….

    • randell

      actually the flash can run so fast he can walk through walls

  • Nice list, but you are missing Dr. Manhattan.

  • Baohan

    Dr. Manhattan anybody?

  • Nitroglycerin

    Are these characters from Hentai? haha.What about mickey mouse?

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Hey JFrater. You forgot to mention me as the contributor. : )

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Correction. I believe that picture for number 1 is of “One above all” who is one of the celestials. He is different from “THE One Above All” whom I placed as number one on this list.

  • BuzzDJT

    Don’t get me wrong though, fantastic well thought out list. one of the best of these type as a lot of these guys have very subjective powers.

  • Link of Hyrule

    What about The Beyonder, Silver Surfer and the “Brothers” from DC vs Marvel?

  • Kris

    I agree with you Corinthian. They are the beginning and the end. They own all of them!

  • Link of Hyrule

    And TOAA can take any form he choses.

    He took the form of a homeless man who consoled Peter Parker (Spider-Man) when his Aunt May was close to death.

    • Gotcha!

      the only way you would know that is if you were more powerful than TOAA!!!

  • BuzzDJT

    Astraya [35], 10-6 are all bad guys, 5-1 are all too powerful to be classed as a bad guy, most of them have motives ‘beyond that of normal minds’ or some such hokum.
    10-6 are generally beaten by a gangup of the good guys pounding on ’em
    5-1 are generally seen as badguys at the start, beaten on by a gang-up of the good guys, who loses the fight, then get talked around to not blowing up the earth/galaxy/universe/all reality, by someone else, who proves that there is an alterante option

  • MT

    This list is Ok. But when you start talking about “God Like” powers then most of the above all fall into the same bucket. I agree with some previous posters that the Beyonder should be on here if you’re including the real big shots.
    Marvel also had a character that was a good guy with control over matter/anti-matter. I don’t remember his name but he dressed and looked like the classic version of Jesus Christ.

    • YouRang?

      The AQUARIAN. i think…

  • Audrey

    What about V? From V for Vendetta, he may not be traditionally powerful with super powers etc., but he certainly has power enough to be included on this list.

  • Sistarose

    Stan Lee appears in all the marvel movies that I know about. Playing Stan Lee not getting into the wedding in the Rise of the Silver Surfer was funny. Sure it is egotistical, but then he is Stan lee, he has contributed so much to Marvel, so I guess he has earned the privalidge to call himself a God in a comic at least. I had been hoping Dr Manhatten would be mentioned. After all he shares so many of the atributes atributed to the others mentione and had begun his journey to Godhood at the end of Watchmen.

  • Moloch1123

    AWESOMELY ENJOYABLE LIST!!! But… could you make it a top twenty… or even thirty? Love this sort of stuff.

  • bucslim

    If these people are so super bad ass, how come they all wear the same sort of costume?

    Come on, if you saw someone with spandex tights, WWF trunks and/or some sort of helmet in real life you’d probably cross the street so that you wouldn’t have to make eye contact. The Presence’s tights even look a little saggy, and he has a hat on that makes him look like the grape guy in a Fruit of the Loom commercial, how dangerous can that dude really be? Secondly, it looks like these guys really spend a lot of time in the gym, pumping the iron and shooting the juice. Their body has to break down sometime with all that roid concoction swirling around their system, immortal or not.

    And why do all the badasses have to have the same pose? Arms crossed and the angry Dad look slapped on their puss? At least the Joker had that bat shit crazy look on his face. He went around town kidnapping and killing people, that’s something to be afraid of, and our superhero can do something about that. These guys want to destroy the Universe. ‘Scuse me, but you’re in the Universe, if you destroy it, won’t you destroy yourself? And even if you manage to survive sweeping away all that is, what the hell are you going to do next, sit quietly by yourself for the rest of eternity? That’s just sad man! No more witty banter when you’re fighting, no more superhero babes to kidnap to force our champion into action, and no place to purchase your tights. Just you floating in the ether void for a very long time.

    I think I’ve convinced you to calm down and perhaps try bringing a little joy to your world.

    • randell

      first off all the people who want to destroy the universe also want to recreat it

  • HughMan Lover

    CHUCK NORRIS IS #1!!!!

    He could kick the crap out of all these other losers combined!!!!

  • Rufus

    are they all villains, if yes, how were they defeated,
    if no, how did the comic book editor manage to put a twist if the hero was virtually unbeatable and stuff?

  • kilimajaaro

    No Goku???? FAIL!

    (mangas are comics too….)

    • kryptonsboy

      Not good ones, though…

      • shenlong888

        Wrong. I’d argue that the best manga titles are in the same league as any great literary work. Do some reading before jumping to conclusions (I recommend Berserk, Blade of the Immortal, etc. Heck, even the above mentioned Dragonball is better than most American superhero comics). Japanese manga creators and publishers tend to know better than their American counterparts when a series had run its course and it’s time to quit. American publishers usually pretend that they can keep on running a lucrative franchise indefinitely without comprosing quality and integrity in the writing. I mean, look at the best examples of American comics: Watchmen doesn’t run on indefinitely, neither does Preacher, or Calvin and Hobbes. The best American comic I read recently is Craig Thompson’s Habibi and that one ends too, you know.

  • Geronimo1618

    “you always talk about american comics…wat about indian comics?? where is Nagaraj and Super Commondo Dhruv??”

    No one gives a damn about Indian comics coz their international market reception is nearly zilch..

    • kryptonsboy

      You just answered your own question then.

  • Glass

    Where’s Dr. Manhattan?

  • damien_karras

    I gotta give proper credit to Molecule Man. The guy could control matter at the molecular level and single-handedly took on the Beyonder and survived! Not only that, but he dropped a freakin mountain range the size of the Rockies on the collective good guys. If the Hulk wasn’t there they would of been crushed to death.

  • Glass

    #32 – ronsantohof

    Once you start being able to “relate” to villains they start losing major villain points. They become more like anti-heroes than true enemies.

  • el scorcho

    Duh, where’s Beyonder?!

  • Korinthian

    @#63 – Glass.

    Villains have to have motivations that we can relate to, or they will just be some intangible evil person that isn’t very interesting at all.

    But in a way you are right, which may be why the Dark Reign story line is so much fun.

  • lrigD

    I honestly do not now a single one of these, lol.

  • David

    Awesome, more comics lists!!

    What about Yorick from Y: The Last Man? He had the only penis on the planet. That’s gotta be powerful in some way!

  • Pepsi

    Harley Quinn? Surely she has a place here.

  • Swapie

    Where is Obelix? He kicks ass!!!

  • GTT

    @bucslim (54): :lol: Well, at least I got a good laugh!

    I am definately NOT into comic books but I did manage to sit through F4 and the Silver Surfer the other day and reading the comments made me wonder:

    Are you all saying that Mr.Fantastic and the Invisible Girl have kids? And more importantly, does that mean that we may get another sequel that I´m going to have to sit through??

    • Prometheus

      So what do you prefer? Another meg ryan and co. romcom movie that makes intelligent people consider eugenics?

  • MrRee

    Where’s Bat-mite? He can travel through dimensions and is a real annoyance to Batman.
    She-Hulk should be on this list also due to her amazing breasts. She may not be the most powerful, but she has amazing breasts.
    Don’t amazing breasts count for something when fighting crime? I know if I was a super-villain, I would be very distracted if confront be She-Hulk and her amazing breasts.
    Please redo this list.

  • damien_karras

    @GTT (70): Can you envision the Invisble Girl giving birth?
    Doctor: Congratulations! It’s a… uhm… it’s a, well if I could see the freakin thing!

  • psychosurfer

    LOL some of the comments reminded me of that Simpson´s Monorail episode, if you know what I mean ;)

  • Randall

    @bucslim (54):

    I’m forced to agree. What’s going on here, is there some intergalactic, multi-dimensional tailor who creates these costumes? Truly the greatest god here is Fashion, since they’re all cleaving to it and copying it. I suppose the Ulimate Universal Authority for these pansies is actually the editorial staff of “Elle” and “Glamor.”

    “Come on, if you saw someone with spandex tights, WWF trunks and/or some sort of helmet in real life you’d probably cross the street so that you wouldn’t have to make eye contact.”

    I can back this up, as I’m forced to do this nearly everyday on the way to work. Only in this case it’s a trannie with a fright wig, garish makeup and a tutu on a three-wheel bicycle, who collects cans. But same principle.

    “The Presence’s tights even look a little saggy, and he has a hat on that makes him look like the grape guy in a Fruit of the Loom commercial, how dangerous can that dude really be?”

    (actually pal, that was The Spectre). The Presence won’t show himself because of the acne scars and because everyone mistakes him for James Woods. “Hey… aren’t you James Woods?” NO I AM THE SUPREME BEING. “Yeah, ha ha….what a kidder. Can I have your autograph? I loved you in “Salvador.” I AM THE PRESENCE, PUNY MORTAL. I AM NOT THIS ‘JAMES WOODS’ PERSON. “Hey look man, all I want is an autograph! Why do you Hollywood people always have to be pricks about it?” OH ALL RIGHT, DO YOU HAVE A PEN?

    “Secondly, it looks like these guys really spend a lot of time in the gym, pumping the iron and shooting the juice. Their body has to break down sometime with all that roid concoction swirling around their system, immortal or not.”

    Well you know, not only that, but some of them are WOMEN. So it’s kinda that Jackie Joyner Kersey thingamajig all over again, ‘cept with weird outfits and helmets and shit. But you’d never know looking at some of ’em, huh? Creepy. That underneath that false banana hammock Galactus is wearing, there’s a terrible surprise awaiting…

  • Randall

    @MrRee (71):

    I agree, breasts (particularly amazing ones) trump omnipotence and omniscience every day. Even green breasts, providing their amazing. Weird, saggy, wrinkly green breasts? Not so much.

  • RedMan

    Not a bad list at all, but the name of the list should have been different. These are are pretty much unknown characters for comics. For the majority of society we focus on the Superman or the Batman and this list is really kinda unknown to most. Great list just should have been given a different name. That is only IMO. Good list though I like it.

  • Avi

    I still think Saint of Killers from the Preacher comics count as #1. He would just shoot God in the head!

  • gabi319

    @bucslim (54): If these people are so super bad ass, how come they all wear the same sort of costume?
    Take that bizarre college Superhero course at UC Irvine! They should have a scientific explanation, I am sure.

    Top 10 Most Powerful Comic Book characters…
    What? No Aquaman? No Matter-Eater Man? He can eat through a fence in the same amount of time it takes Spiderman to save a busload of children. LOL

  • HulkSmashNow

    You don’t include Superman or the Hulk, the strongest there is? For shame!

  • archangel

    WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH…. comics at its most powerful. Awesome. Would like to see a manga/anime version too =]

  • gabi319

    @HulkSmashNow (79):
    The problem with Superman is that he’s got weaknesses. There’s obviously the kryptonite and in a roundabout way, he gets his powers from our Earth’s sun. Take him out of this element and he’s powerless. These fellas have the roid rage anywhere and everywhere they go.

    As far as Hulk goes… hmmm, why doesn’t HE ever wear these comic book costumes? Spandex stretches far more than the khakis and shirt that he usually wears when he’s mad. He would certainly save on clothing expenses.

  • bucslim

    @Randall (74):

    Additionally, those roids are supposed to shrivel a dudes testicular appliances. How can you be all manly and extra y chromosomey and crush worlds with a snap of your fingers if you have tiny nuts? The spandex ain’t gonna cover up the fact that your nuts are miniscule and inadequate for any threats to take hold in the heart of your superhero opponent. They’ll here your taunts and evil plans, but inwardly they’ll be giggling at your non existent bulge. And any day now his liver/kidneys are gonna fail. Have you ever seen someone in that condition? They can’t go to the bathroom by themselves.

    If you’re talking about females, well I don’t have any argument. I didn’t see my ex on the list, so perhaps she’s biding her time, or waiting for the roids to transform her outward appearance to match her inward depravity. But she’ll certainly make the list someday. Be afraid, the horrahhh . . . the horrahhh!

  • bucslim

    * hear your taunts

  • leann

    What about Gambit? He had part of his brain removed so he didn’t kill himself while using his powers.

  • SamBam51

    I was so excited when I saw this list. I dont have time to read all the comments before class, so first off great list I really enjoyed it. But I gotta ask what about Doomsday (who killed superman and wooped Darkseid) and the Arbiter (not sure if spelled correctly) who was pretty much even with The Living Tribunal but was DC.

  • bucslim

    @leann (84):

    I had part of my brain removed so that I wouldn’t kill you all with my acute witticisms.

  • El the erf

    I think Jean Grey fits the bill for the number one slot.
    She was scary ..gave me the creeps in x-men3.

  • SamBam51

    oh and Glass number 61, is right Doctor Manhattan should at the very least gotten an honorable mention. (Sorry if the comments sound nitpicky I really loved this list, you appealed to the nerdiest thing about me).


    wow look a marvel biased list.

  • phoenixtear09

    Why is Phoenix (Astonishing/Uncanny version) not on here?!?!?!? Jean Grey is the ultimate cosmic entity that can transcend any and all realms! OMG.

    By the way, I had no idea that half of these characters existed. LOL.

    • randell

      phoenix is not an all powerful entity and toaa or the one above all is the creator and most powerful entity in marvel universe exept for death one of the seven endless

  • phoenixtear09

    El the erf: I totally agree!

  • flamehorse

    Where the heck is Scrooge McDuck?!?! And Superman!? Dare I say that he is more powerful than Apocalypse?

  • That Guy From Pennsylvania

    You showed the Spectre but didn’t mention him by name??

    Actually, the most powerful comicbook character ever was Herbie Popnecker, The Fat Fury.

  • HughMan Lover

    Barrack The Obamanator is the ultimate hero in the known universe.

  • Maggot

    @gabi319 (78): No Matter-Eater Man? He can eat through a fence

    WOW!! Most amazing power ever. Definitely worthy of inclusion on this list. It should be number 1.

  • Woyzeck

    Where is Robin?

  • Woyzeck

    Where is that kid and his dog?

  • Woyzeck

    Where are Calvin and Hobbes?

  • Dan0

    I have to agree with dudemeister (28). The omission of Ryan Howard is surprising. Go phils.

  • Woyzeck

    Seriously, check this out:

    The smartest characters in the fucking universe. Fuck Superman with a kryptonite dick.

  • Happypants78

    Good idea for a list, but maybe you should make a list about the most powerful comic book heroes instead. I was a little disappointed to not see The Hulk or The Sentry up there. I’ve also read theories that state that The Flash is the most powerful hero in the DC universe.

  • Glass

    #65 – Korinthian

    Villains don’t need to be relatable. In fact, that often kills them, it makes them into anti-heroes, not villains (see: Venom). It’s kind of what stops Magneto from truly being a kick-ass villain beacuse he’s too much of an anti-hero.

  • romerozombie

    The Hulk could beat any of these guys. He even snapped Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton and breathe in space.

    • randell

      dude the hulk may have limitless strength but he is no where near as powerful..

  • gabi319

    @Maggot (95):
    It IS an amazing power! Imagine this… An old lady was just mugged when crossing the street. “Help! Stop! There’s a thief!” So you spring into action! Chase the bad guy across crowded sidewalks, slide across a taxi hood or two, perhaps jump over a grocer’s box of vegetables for added effect… Then the dude cuts a corner and sprints into an alleyway and jumps a fence. Do you jump the fence as well? HELL NO! Any regular shmoe can jump a fence! It takes a unique man – with extraordinary powers – to be able to EAT his way through it.

    And from a Lactose Intolerant point of view… it’d be nice to eat anything I want… like dairy products, for example.

  • Sie7e

    no silver surfer?

  • jewwiebear

    Avi: You’re completely right !

  • Maggot

    @gabi319 (104): And from a Lactose Intolerant point of view… it’d be nice to eat anything I want… like dairy products, for example.

    We won’t get into the details, but maybe the symptoms of the affliction are actually your amazing power (you know, kind of like Popeye and spinach). You just haven’t learned how to harness them for useful crime-fighting advantage yet. Lactose Intolerant Girl.

  • @#102 – Glass.

    What do you mean by killing them (which I assume you mean in the metaphorical sense)?

    If you mean that a villain becoming an anti-hero kills them, then genocide has been committed on the pages of the Dark Reign arc.

    I don’t believe that villainy and anti-heroism are mutually exclusive.

    Also, if you can’t relate to a villain, it is not a very good villain (or it’s not fleshed out).

  • romerozombie

    Also, Jesse Custer, the protagonist of Preacher. He had the Word of God – if he told you to do something, you’d do it. No questions.

    He told a sheriff to go fuck himself. The sheriff then proceeded to rip off his own penis and force it up his anus.

  • Jetson

    Don’t forget Jesse Custer, The Preacher.

    The Texan Priest who’s after God himself to know why has He abandoned us all.

    If you’re after God and God is running from you than you are a powerfull motherfucker.

    Am I right?

    and The Preacher is only the best comic book ever written.

  • mailedbypostman

    Anti-Monitor should be bumped up higher. Aside from that, a pretty good list.

    • randell

      bullshit anti-monitor is ranked as a 12 on the superhero database where in darkseid is like a 16 and galactus is 21

  • @#110 – Jetson.

    “Don’t forget Jesse Custer, The Preacher.”

    You know, I was always kind of disappointed that he never spoke the words “Let there be guns!” (or a mecha for that matter).

  • psychosurfer

    ***Footnote: The author withheld his name in concern of the reprisals***

  • Maggot

    @mailedbypostman (111): a pretty good list.

    I think so too. Wonder who wrote it. Was it really you Rolo, as stated in comment 40? If so, good job!

    @psychosurfer (113): lol

  • gabi319

    @Maggot (107): You just haven’t learned how to harness them for useful crime-fighting advantage yet. Lactose Intolerant Girl.

    There’s a fart joke to be made here somewhere, but I ask myself… How do I keep it classy?

  • Nauplius

    Why isn’t Randall on this list, with his newly acquired power of hypnosis he is virtually unstoppable.

  • Geronimo1618

    There was this ‘CRISIS’ from the Just Imagine Stan lee comics by Stan Lee or maybe ‘Reverend Dominic Darrk’??

  • Geronimo1618

    Does ‘Avatar’ from ‘The Last Airbender’ qualify by any chance?

  • gabi319

    @Nauplius (116):
    Because even he has his weaknesses. He referred to them comment 75, although I don’t know if his kryptonite are the amazing green breasts or the weird, saggy, wrinkly ones.

  • Rolo Tomasi


    Yeah it was really me. Thanx man! Im sure JF just forgot to include the contributor. No sweat though. BTW number one needs to be corrected. That is the picture of One above all (one of the celestials) and not of “THE” One Above All. Honest mistake.

  • gabi319

    @Rolo Tomasi (120): That is the picture of One above all…and not of “THE” One Above All
    What’s the difference? My comic book knowledge is extremely limited.

  • El the erf

    hey, the tribunal is a rip-off of the hindu mythological character named Brahma.
    btw, has he 3 heads or 4 heads?… the tribunal i.e.
    and why has he covered his head(s) with that dirty handkerchief of his?

  • Maggot

    @Rolo Tomasi (120): Im sure JF just forgot to include the contributor.

    Well, recognition where it’s due. I’m sure he will fix that once he catches wind of it in the comments. This is not a reference to Lactose Intolerant Girl btw.

    So riddle me this: Darkseid supposedly is a “supreme conqueror” and has “immeasurable levels of mental abilities”, yet he can’t even spell his own name right? The resident Listverse spelling-cops would have a field day with him. I would bump him from 9 down to 10. Ok maybe 9.5 on a good day.

  • J-Roc

    what a crap list.

    Where’s Dr. Manhattan and Miracleman?

  • damien_karras

    My super-power: Able to extend bar closing time by three hours in a single bound!

  • mailedbypostman

    I change my mind. Squirrel Girl should be up there! :D

  • Rolo Tomasi


    Good question. The difference is that they are two different characters. “One Above All” is the leader of an alien race called the celestials.

    “The One Above All” is the marvel comics version of “God”. Two characters but almost the same name.

    • randell

      yea the one above all is supposed to be the creator of everthing time the universe and all of its incarnations

  • gabi319

    @gabi319 (115): How do I keep it classy?
    @Maggot (123): I’m sure he will fix that once he catches wind of it in the comments. This is not a reference to Lactose Intolerant Girl btw.

    I bow down to literary superiority.

  • Maggot

    @gabi319 (128): My pinkies were also extended when I delivered that one. Fyi.

  • furball excel 5

    good god, do these guys ever sleep?

  • Egg

    I love comics but you know things have gotten ridiculous when you can comprise a list of 10 villains that ALL have the ability to destroy whole universes without effort.

  • El the erf

    How about the son of Superman??( in superman returns)
    see.. even krypton has no effect on him!(although a bit sensitive on the outside)

    oh well …it’s a movie.

  • El the erf

    ok sorry..kryptonite

  • JohnnyT

    Personally I would have included The Beyonder. He destroyed and recreated an entire galaxy with thought alone. Also The Celestials, the ones who created mutants in the first place. Lastly Hyperstorm, who had total control of the four fundamental forces of the universe. Nice list though.

  • josephebraul

    What about Dr.Manhatan and Silver Surfer?

  • Nitroglycerin

    @damien_karras (125): Thats an Amazing super-power to have dude..can you extend the strippers lapdance too? haha.

  • Randall

    @Nauplius (116):

    I fear my power only works on the slow-witted and intellectually sub-par. Sad, that.

  • bucslim

    How about a list of shitty villians? Never saw Wiley E. Coyote beat Roadrunner. The Bulldog never craned Droopy with a wooden mallet hidden behind his back. Shit, Slyvester even had Tweedy in his mouth a few times before Granny shithammered it out of him. Tom was fuck all when it came to Jerry.

  • Randall

    @bucslim (82):

    “Additionally, those roids are supposed to shrivel a dudes testicular appliances. How can you be all manly and extra y chromosomey and crush worlds with a snap of your fingers if you have tiny nuts?”

    Well, pal… I THINK that’s the issue here… it’s called “compensation.” Like owning a really expensive sports car or one of those long, hyped up speedboats.

    “The spandex ain’t gonna cover up the fact that your nuts are miniscule and inadequate for any threats to take hold in the heart of your superhero opponent.”

    They got that shit covered. Prosthetics, my friend. Prosthetics.

    “Have you ever seen someone in that condition? They can’t go to the bathroom by themselves.”

    I think that’s why Galactus had the Silver Surfer hangin’ around. You know… to occasionally… “help.”

    I suspect the board was involved in the “wiping” stage, but we shan’t go there.

  • Randall

    @gabi319 (119):

    Good question…

  • Rascalian

    Nice list except you forgot Doomsday. He killed Superman, arguably the most powerful superhero, and i rejoiced! Yeah i said it. But then Supe pulled a Jesus Christ and ruined everything. But even then he couldn’t defeat him and had to send him out into space to think about all the awesome “bad” things he’d done. Superman shoulda stayed dead. Doomsday for the win.

  • damien_karras

    @Randall and Bucslim(139):

    Building Prosthetics on a planetary scale? Could you imagine the ad put in the paper for THAT job?

  • Glass

    108 – korinthian

    Relating to villains is what kills them. I can’t relate to a psychopathic serial killer because I’m not one, nor do I understand how the mind of one works. When villains become anti-heroes, their villany ends.

  • Seth

    Time Trapper.

  • @#143 – Glass.

    It seems we are speaking past each other here.

    Imo, a good villain needs a motivation, he needs to have a reason to do what he does.

    Sure, he can just be “crazy” or “evil”, but that’s just a lame 2-minute villain on par with that Spider-man crook that dresses up as a Kangaroo.

    A psychopathic serial killer might seem hard to relate to, but if you find out why he does it, or find out that a bully in his childhood was the trigger that started his murderous career, then suddenly you can relate.

    “When villains become anti-heroes, their villany ends.”

    Again I ask you to clarify what you mean by this.

  • psychosurfer

    @damien_karras (142): lol I was thinking the same, they would need jupiter size balls, although they better use uranus and neptune to look really virile since they have about the same diameter.

  • Benny

    Generally I don’t comment on lists, but I have a few comments because I love superheroes. The Precsence I thought was called the Spectre, Doomsday should be on here because he can’t die…only get stronger. I’m glad Superman was excluded because all in all he isn’t all that powerful. I suppose Hulk could be on here as well because he is similar to Doomsday in which he keeps getting stronger and stronger. TOAA is strong but I think there is a difference between God and Supervillain. There is a point in which you have to draw that line. I think you should do a top 20 list that involves comics most tormenting villains than the top 10 most powerful. Because its the villains that really get to you that count, not necessarily the ones that are the strongest, the villains that go the extra step to really get you agitated such as the Joker and Lex

    • randell

      TOAA is more then strong he is all powerful he could wipe all of them off the list just by thinking

  • chubbmeister

    as long as we’re requesting:

    radioactive man & fallout boy

  • damien_karras

    @psychosurfer (146): Imagine someone submitting a resume?

    1982-8484: Performed contract work during the construction of the “Death Star” in the Outer Rim.

    1979-1982: Assistant to the Assistant Manager at the AMC Multiplex Theater.

  • damien_karras

    crap… 1982-1984

  • Frog

    Where’s Bane he broke Batman’s back or Doomsday he killed Superman.

  • Vyral

    I’d like to see any one of these characters try and win even one game of Calvinball.


    I say Lobo was pretty badass,he whooped Superman and destroyed his entire race.And he went up to heaven and whooped God himself.

  • cliff

    why didnt spawn make dis list….

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @Galactus (22): Thanks for not eating us!

  • Kay

    I always liked the scrawny villians. Hey, what about a list of the creepiest comic book villians?

  • flamehorse

    @Kay (156): Joker would be number 1 with a bullet. Everyone knows that.

  • GTT

    @gabi319 (128):
    @Maggot (123):

    Great… I go out for lunch and I miss all the fart commentary.

  • uninsane

    Like the list

    But you left out
    juggernaut – x men
    SInestro – Green lantern
    Dr. Doom – Fantastic four
    Joker – “Dark Knight version”
    Dommsday – Superman
    Green Goblin – Spiderman

    And the strong good guys

    Silver surfer
    AMAZO – JLU ( Justice league unlimited)
    Dark Knight version Batman
    ORIAN ( darkseids’ son) – JLU
    Professor x – x men

  • macph

    i wish thanos was ranked higher.. you should have seen what he did with everything in the “Marvel The End” saga.. =)
    cheers from the philippines!

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Number 1 should be Deadpool, simply for the fact that he realizes he isn’t real. Oh tell me, all mighty The One Above All, why that if you made all realities and timelines that we know of, you AREN’T REAL?! At least Deadpool acknowledges the fact he’s in a comic book.

  • Steven

    No Doctor Manhattan?

  • Colleen

    I feel so puny. :o

  • Tryclyde

    I think the problem with this list (it still is very enjoyable however) is that many are not superheroes. I would classify some, such as The Presence, The Living Tribunal, and The One Above All as cosmic beings, not superheroes by definition. It’s tough to compare them to others such as Superman; it’s kind of like comparing apples and oranges. Also, has anyone mentioned Captain Universe?

  • Gatsby

    I don’t want to split hairs. It’s a difficult list to argue. All the characters on there are incredibly powerful. But what about God as shown in FF #511. Jack Kirby is easily the most powerful comic book character ever. He’s…God in the Marvel Universe.

  • Joe13

    The writers and artists who make these comics are the most powerful. The One Who Holds the Eraser (TOWHE) is the most powerful of all.

  • Cadence McFadden

    Nice List. And yes 80% of these guys are villans. For those wondering how they are beat, its because many superheros join together to fight agains them. Sometimes even 20 to 30 against one of these bad boys.

  • Comic Anon

    This list has a lot of flaws.
    The list is too general.
    There are too many comic books out there
    and don’t forget the indie publishers.
    Don’t they also make comics?
    Why is this list mostly Marvel?

    There’s also Sandman from Vertigo,
    Darkness from Top Cow, Hellboy from Dark Horse, the Shade from DC, Mister Majestic from Wildstorm.

    I suggest the title to be a little more
    specific such as “Top 10 most powerful
    villains in Marvel” or so on.

  • Jetson

    @romerozombie (109):

    romerozombie. we posted about The Preacher in the same minute.

    fuckin cool coincidence.

    Hey Frater. put this in your coincidence list and smoke it ; )

  • Ror

    Phoenix should be on this list!

  • jdrourke

    Watch out, guys. With Marge Simpson gracing the cover of Playboy, she could shoot to the #1 spot…

  • dj_eMpTy

    The Preacher.

  • My apologies for forgetting to include the name of the contributor. It has been added.

  • sof

    Rogue wins, she can steal all of there powers.

  • sof


    Christ, I haven’t made that grammar error in years.

  • superbloop

    Number’s 9 and 10 look similar…

  • xasshern

    What about Jesse Custer from Preacher? he has “the word” that allows him to command anything with his voice alone because he is possessed by Genesis, an infant god that is the cross between an angel and a demon. he can command angels and demons, and even death himself. which brings me to the next character, The Saint of Killers, an old dead cowboy who is the living embodiment of death, is indestructable, immovable and can kill anything with his walker colt pistols which he can draw instantly and never run out of ammo.

  • lamentationswithasmile

    I abhor comics. BLECH!
    But to each his own.

    Thanos means death in Greek (I think) though.

  • gabi319

    @Joe13 (166): The One Who Holds the Eraser (TOWHE) is the most powerful of all.

    Not comic book related but your comment reminded me of this:

  • KiLLeRKaMaTiS

    How bout Captain Universe – he beat Living Tribunal right?

    yeah! my vote also goes to Chuck Norris!

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Awesome list

  • saber25

    You forgot optimus primeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The Transformers? all of these are villains! Ya should add X-Men!

    Ok nice list, haven’t visited the sight for some time

  • saber25

    ah great list but shoulda added heroes lots of these are X or villains

  • saber25

    Oh yeah and remembah to watch yo back ianz09 don be a loud mouth

  • saber25

    and uhurm gabi319 (179): yep the most powerful is the comic writer himself coz he creates the characters and its on his mind if he wanna win the bad or take down all the good but will be strong at the end and kill all bad. Like Transformers!

  • EV Cunningham

    I thoroughly enjoyed this list! I tried to think of a manga character (which I think could be a decent upcomming list) that could atleast put up a fight to any of these guys (or things…?) and absolutley nothing came to mind. Well, Alucard from Hellsing could be an honorable mention, but that’s just a personal opinion, Or even the five entities from Berzerk. In any case, great list!

  • saber25

    I am Optimus so ya’ll don’t fuck with me

  • harsht

    i thought calvin, dilbert and stuff would fine their way here

  • saber25

    joking jus wanna make my day

  • saber25

    Uhurm the marvel comics have tons of characters but this list is FULL OF SH… Greatness.

  • saber25

    what about Thanos? I can’t even snap my fingers then he can destroy half the world by simply snapping his fingers? bah! hes nothing. I blowed a whole city just by farting and usually makes a flamethrower outta methane. So thanos can’t snap and fingers and blows up his underpants. haha

  • ZenPoet

    This is a pretty poor list. Say “Most Powerful Marvel/D.C. Characters…maybe” Because there could be a hell of a lot of argument even there (Dark Phoenix, Roma, The Beyonder, Mephisto etc..). And that’s not even counting The Endless from Sandman, or how about The Saint of Killers from Preacher who killed the Devil and GOD?! I think that beats out ol’ Apocalypse there…

  • Skrillah

    Nice list! come to think of it, The possibilities are endless in the universe, so all of the characters above actually exist somewhere.

  • totalstranger


    and the guy from The Preacher comics who kills god

  • daddyfumanchu

    @zsasz- go home fool!
    also i agree about the phoenix. i remember reading the battles of galactus , and being austruck at his power and purpose. the thought that humans were ant like! fantastic! make mine marvel. nuff said!

  • daddyfumanchu

    regarding these obscure comic references – i have been reading comix since i were a lad. but i dont think that a being who is mention in some odd ball, unknown, obscure work deserves a mention. the characters name should be instantly recognisable to the public to gain a mention in this list.!!

  • Tintin man!

  • jimmynorth

    who are all these people? (c) lol! Never heard of them.

  • Ror

    Can’t believe mr. myxlplyx isn’t on the list.

  • Copaface

    I was going to shout at you for not putting Dr Manhattan on this list but these guys are pretty badass.

  • Glass

    #145 – korinthian

    This is the last time I’m saying this since you’re apparently slow. Motivation is all fine and dandy, but you don’t cross the line into relatability. Once you sympathize with the villain, they’re no longer a villain, they’re an anti-heroe.

  • @#202 – Glass.

    I’m the slow one? I have asked you for clarification twice, and all you do is repeat yourself.

    Never mind, I doubt an actual answer from you would bring much wisdom into the world.

  • Tom Wang

    “The Preacher” and “Dr. Manhattan” should be on the list.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Copaface: (and every one else who mentioned Dr. Manhattan)

    When compiling this list I included about 15-20 characters to start with then I proceeded to “trim the fat” and make the final cut down to 10. (As I have done with my other posted lists). The hardest choices were who to place 9 – 10. I wrestled with Doomsday, Dr. Manhattan, The Beyonder, The Stranger, Adam Warlock, Supes, and Edifice Rex.

    In hindsight Dr. Manhattan should probably replace Apocalypse. I considered the combined powers of these two characters a “push” but gave the nod to Apocalypse because of his mastery of alien technology, I thought that this would give him an edge over Manhattan’s earthly intelligence.

    Simply put all these characters, save the top 4, could and have been defeated. I didnt think of ranking them according to a tournament style bracket and pick out the top 10 finishers. I instead attempted to consider all of the powers that they have actually demonstrated and rank them according to who (when push came to shove) could unleash the most “powerful” effects on their respective surroundings.

    As far as this list being too “Marvel” I disagree. Eventhough pound for pound DC characters generally have more power, 4 came from DC and 6 came from Marvel. I consider this a pretty decent split.

    Unfortunately you can classify most of these characters as “villians”. Beleive me this was not my intent. Most of the most powerful individual characters are villians. If you think about it it makes perfect sense. If the super heroes were the most powerful then the traditional “villians” would become the underdogs. Therefore gaining sympathy from the general public, and becoming anti- heroes as has been stated.

    An all powerful villian makes for better storytelling

  • Steve

    How is The Beyonder not in this?

    Also, Molecule Man is not here? The guy can rearrange molecules…he could turn Galactus into a box of chocolates of he wanted to.

  • nate

    what no dr mahatten he is essentially god

  • Maximuz04

    Not big on comics but I have to point out that Spider Carnage, although not physically powerful, destroyed all reality and was only stopped with the use of time travel. (nod maybe).
    Oh and I second that a bonus should be the flash, hes really really fast

  • Maximuz04

    Does anyone find it interesting that LV is so diverse, that we could go from NFL to comics and theres still quite a large group who finds it interesting?

  • forge

    Completely left of any non dc/marvel character, I know they were already mentioned but The endless from Sandman should be on the list, also Dr. Manhattan.

  • Brian

    I’m suprised no one has mentioned Dr. Manhattan yet.

    I might be wrong, but I thought that the three faces of the Living Tribunal were the Abstract Entities.

  • Of the characters I’ve seen mentioned in comments, I’ll definitely second Beyonder and Dr Manhattan for inclusion here.

  • Derek

    Better if we make two separate lists with the most powerful DC characters and Marvel characters…

    Still a good list

  • matt

    what about the beyonder?

  • matt

    what about captain universe?

  • Andrei

    I AM SHOCKED. I thought Captain America would be no.1 :)):)):)):)):))

  • barlow

    What’s the story, where the hell is Powdered Toast Man.
    He should ne No1.

  • Glass

    #203 – korinthian

    What is there to explain? If you don’t know the definition of a villain or anti-hero by now you really are slow.

  • @Glass.

    I’ll take that as a confirmation that you can’t clarify your position.

    Again, the two positions are not mutually exclusive as the Dark Reign arc has made apparent. Do you have an argument in response or are you going to stick with the “nuh-uh” line of discussion?

  • Gabe

    What about Mister Mxyzptlk, or Lobo? Lobo literally can’t die because God is afraid of him and Mister Mxyzptlk can do anything unless you get him to say or write his own name backwards, which honestly isn’t much of a weakness, especially since it only banishes him temporarily.

    • randell

      god is not afraid of lbo he simply bannished him from heaven and hell there is a difference

  • g3nov3s3

    Ummm…..where is Batman or Spiderman? This list sucks!

  • Tsiamon

    Alright, guys, the sarcasm was funny the first 50 comments or so….

  • timefillmyeyes

    How about Batman? He always finds a way to exploit even the most minor weakness of every other character. Batman has taken on Superman before and barely broken a sweat. I think he, at the very least, deserves an honorable mention for being the epitome of human heroes, and one who can kick the butts of many non-human heroes and villains.

  • saber25

    wow hey people these list is saying THE MOST POWERFUL meaning they cannot be defeated in a single whoosh but Spideybutt and Batgal? damn. they always get defeated in a comic then the next issue of that comic then just the main character defeat the bad one. but hell. Optimus Prime should be here so I’m with you guys. But stop with the sarcasm. But the most powerful by now is…

  • saber25

    Dr. Manhattan sucks by the way he is just a fckin gay and a bald head and Optimus will just step on him then hes gone like a bug

  • Twitus

    hold on here… where’s the Beyonder????? HE is clearly the most powerful being ever created… at least before Marvel decided to screw up his character a few years late.

    But during the Secret Wars era, the Beyonder was THE most powerful character created ever, bar none!

    • randell

      not true he simply was viewed as all powerful but the living tribunal is stronger then him so is eternity the celestials and molecular man

  • Skrillah

    captain america can lick my nuts!

  • Paka

    Wat about Tin Tin and Obelix I love those ones

  • Bobby

    Beyonder is above most of them. Protege also was able to mimic the Living Tribunals power.

  • Perx

    what abt mr manhattan?

  • Han Brolo

    Am I the only one who feels like Dr.Manhattan should been on this list. This list was a fail in my mind. Sorry.

  • venj

    no batman?
    the list is full of godlike entities, so why not put dr.manhattan?

  • ben

    Im sorry if you found that insulting i was trying to lighten up after all the insulting posts about americans wev’e been having on previous lists. Its a joke me and my canadian friends enjoy. My mistake about canadian independence your right I discovered it was 1867 after looked it up to lazy to do it before I guess. Canada has the greatest territorial claim ( including water) while Russia has the greatest landmass.

  • GTT

    @Brian (211): “I’m suprised no one has mentioned Dr. Manhattan yet.”

    @Han Brolo (231): “Am I the only one who feels like Dr.Manhattan should been on this list.”

    You guys are kidding, right?? :roll:

  • nolod1207

    Dr. Manhattan the biggest absence from this list otherwise a solid list.
    Keep the comic lists coming I feel a lot less tension on the forums then alot of the other lists

  • Alexia

    I think Dr. Manhattan deserves a place on this list.

  • Some Guy

    Why is Superman or any other major comic book hero? Don’t they in the end manage to beat these super villians making them more powerful?

  • Ghost

    Stopped reading comics ages ago so am not up to date,but what about The Man Thing? I equally remember back in the day a group called The sons of the Tiger who could really kick ass,they later threw away their chains that gave them super powers and these chains were picked up by a guy on the street and when he put them on he became The White Tiger.A super bad ass.

  • christlike

    GOD is the most powerful being in the comicbook or any other Universe. Unless you count The Batman who can find a way to beat anyone.

  • Tyler

    where’s the beyonder from the secret wars series?

  • deadfish

    wouldnt the one called “white-out” or maybe the “eraser” would be considered the most powerful?

  • Glass

    #219 – korinthian

    Just give it up. It’s obvious you’re slow. A mentally defected monkey could understand what I’m saying. Just quit and keep reading “Dark Reign”.

  • Victor

    Faltou o “Louco” das histórias do Cebolinha (Turma da Monica)

    The “Crazy Guy” from the Cebolinha comics (Monica’s Gang) is missing.

  • ForgottenPatirot

    “the source” from DC comics?

  • ForgottenPatirot

    I also say Dr.Manhattan.

  • Zine

    I cant believe Apocalipse is on the list… there are a lot more characters who posses power cosmic who dwarf apocalipse.

  • Frankenhooker

    I thought Robin, The Boy Wonder would make the list

  • Go Green

    This list sucks, anti monitor should be higher and captain planet should be number 1

  • wow

    you guys aren’t funny >_>

  • marcik

    I can’t believe Thor isn’t on here! Lol!

  • nemoism

    What about the all consuming pacifier sucking unquenchable rage that is Maggie Simpson!

  • Sheriff Pablo

    What about Eternity? the living embodiment of everything that is?

  • Bo Oneal

    the beyonder defeated galactus bby just like thinking, where’s the specter, also those brothers were from marvel vs. dc were crazy, but who knows if you can count them, Dr. Manhattan could create galaxies, and that’s just a few. . .and if you’re putting Thanos on here for the infinty gauntlet, you have to include emperor joker or cosmic spider-man

  • nate

    Honestly the list would have been better if limited to marvel/and or mortal comic book characters. DC universe is so full of holes they have to keep rebooting the entire franchise to keep the storylines in tact.

  • ZombieSquisher

    What about the Celestials from Marvel?

  • PSN ID: NastyRage

    Onslaught should have been up there!!!!

  • Leo

    Not a bad list but two of these guys should not be considered. Thanos and Apocalyspe should be excluded. Odin(Marvel) is more powerful than both as is any of the Celestials. Also would the Spectre(DC) rank higher than Apocalyspe along with SuperBoy Prime as well. Anyway pretty good list.

    Oh Franklin Richards is more powerful than both Thanos and Apocalyspe as well as the Beyonder and the Molecule Man.

  • kodyack

    wait, no squirrel girl.

  • ralph

    Squirrel Girl is missing (somewhere between 5 and 6)

  • ubercube

    Powerful characters yes but most powerful nowhere near. Thanos should only be on there if he has the heart of the universe, otherwise at base he is around skyfather level at best.
    Names that should atleast have been mentioned(though they might not be the in the top ten of all comic characters, but considering even Apocalyse made the list…):
    -Lucifer Morningstar
    -White Phoenix of the Crown
    -Franklin Richards
    -Pre-retcon Beyonder
    -Mad Jim Jaspers
    -The Saint of Killers

  • katerinaelaena

    I came across some of the most ridiculous names i’ve ever “encountered” on this list! It made me laugh but it was also slightly ridiculous. I mean “Anti Monitor”, “Dark Seid”, “Galactus” “THE PRESENCE”, and my favorite, “The one above all” ??

    How great!
    I mean, let’s not get too creative!

  • Geo

    Anyone following the current DC series “Blackest Night” will know that the most powerful of all was just recently revealed. The entity responsible for sparking existence itself.

  • cool dude

    hulk is easily the strongest ever

  • likes this

    Where's Dr. Manhattan?

  • Zarathustra

    Chuck Norris could totally exterminate all these guys!!!!!

  • Guest

    I'm not certain about the rank of each character.

    I do not understand why Anti-Monitor rank lower than Imperiex, Thanos, and Galactus . Thanos is only powerful with the Heart of the Universe and the Infinity Gauntlet. But if any character obtain them, that character would be a god-like being. Thanos himself does not possess that much power to rank that high.

    The Presence and Eternity should rank the same. The Presence may be as powerful as the Living Tribunal.

    I agree with Ubercube on

    Lucifer Morningstar

    White Phoenix of the Crown

    -Pre-retcon Beyonder

    -Mad Jim Jaspers

    I would also add:



    Captain Omnipotent

  • inrainbows

    franklin richards could beat all of these guys.

  • Diego

    One word: Lobo

  • Agent Iroko

    i suppose galactus should be no 1 because he is the embodiment of all sciences and knowledge of a galaxy gone by. however the ENTITY was supposed to be the father of galactus so to say, i really believe he should be number one if Galactus is not

  • dimlightbulb10

    what The Beyonder is not in this? he is practically God in the Marvel universe. wayy more powerful than Galactus.

    featured in the story arc where Spiderman is in the galactic tournament and dons the black symbiote suit


    What about the Beyonder from Marvel Comics?
    He is also essentially "God"

    • high_life24

      i also think DC's Doctor Manhattan should be higher than darkseid and apocalypse on this list….. maybe even higher than imperiex

  • Gaara

    I can’t even begin to understand these guys. Also, my problem is compounded by the fact these guys are like “God”? If one defeats God, who is supposedly an omnipotent, omniscient entity, then that “God” was never really “God” in the first place.

    Destroying universes trumps destroying galaxies which, in turn, is above destroying planets. Creating a universe is, I would presume, more difficult than destroying one. But like I said, this is beyond my understanding. Maybe creating one is easier.

    In any case, you have effects like quantum tunnelling in the real world, which really show that there are other ways to bypass a seemingly insurmountable barrier. My example might be inappropriate but I think I’ve made my point. Maybe these guys know some … Okay I’ll go on endlessly rambling, so I’ll stop here.

  • Jay

    Everyone seems to have forgotten Herbie Popnecker. He could have taken out the Beyonder with one swipe of his lollipop.

  • VinTheComicGuy

    The One Above All? Must get that book.

  • VinTheComicGuy – maybe I need to run a couple of columns like this – What say we do an analysis of Fantastic Four #320 and Incredible Hulk #350? These books featured a Thing/Hulk match like none other.

  • kal-el

    where is superman the man of steel?

  • Stan

    what happend to beyonder?

  • Tribol

    what about the Phoenix (Jean Grey) from the X-Man???

  • Tribol

    oh, Beyonder should be here as well

  • Tribol

    what about a list of the most powerfull MORTAL characters, instead of god-like characters??? that would be nice
    ps: the "Nutty Ned" from Monica's Gang should be here, if you have ever read any Monica's Gang comic book that features him you now why (i grew up reading Monica's Gang, the're Really popular here in Brazil)

  • Lilly Macdonald

    Goku is #1 Vegeta is #2 and Gohan is #3 that is it! Not all these stupid charaters u picked!DUmbo

  • Hero

    What about sentry? Or monarch?

  • Alkesh

    Nagraj is no. 1 but not given hea.

  • Efin

    What about the Beyonder?

  • Sid Soulstealer

    I’m surprised The Endless weren’t mentioned (Death, Dream, Delirium, etc.). But overall, nice list. The Presence was a nice twist, as I was expecting to see The Spectre on here.

  • Breen

    Gatts from berserk. I know he is an ordinary human but look at what he has done without superpowers

  • edgar

    you got the wrong picture

  • James graham

    Anyone remember the beyonder? I believe it was “secret wars” he made his debut, kidnapping all mutants and placing them on a makeshift planet to battle it out for his amusement. Yes, i do believe he kidnapped galactus as well but all he did was sit around being all omnipotent. Dont forget molecule man, if i remember correctly he was the key.

  • Chip

    What about that Robot/Android that absorbed the power of anyone/thing it came in contact with. His name was AMAZO, or something like that…DC dude!

  • Comics

    1One-Above-All , Man of Mericals
    4.Molecual Man
    5.Living Tribunal
    4.Anti Monitor(Crisis on infinite earths)
    5.Mr Mxyztplyk
    7.Chaos King
    9.Mad Jim Japsers
    18.Silver Surfer
    20.Black Bolt

  • Jay llewellyn

    I think that the molecule man should be on the list ive seen him cream all comers with out breaking a sweat and consider this he destroyed the beyonder and recreated the universe also he has humiliated the dark avengers who has the sentry and ares as team members

  • kc

    what about hunger. he consumes entire dimensions.

  • AOP

    I think that Doomsday should be instead of Darkseid; after all he was the one that beated him and was able to withstand the full power of the Omega Effect beam

  • butchermode

    ouch. someone didnt check his scource. everything seems to be wrong here…

  • M

    Actually, Thanos imprisioned all of the Marvel cosmic entities when he got the infinite gauntlet.

  • Andrew Sprague

    List is okay. There are 2 huge complaints I have though: First off, the inclusion of Apocalypse and second, the exclusion of Dormammu. Apocalypse is mortal; that effectively makes him unable to be in the top 10. Dormammu owns, rules and is worshipped as a god in his own dimension and is so powerful that no one in the universe of Earth 616 can stop him at full power, not even Eternity, Death, Galactus or even Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet.

  • myround0

    TOAA my have godlike powers, but he is not god. The Guardians of Oa went to the true God and asked if the universe needed balance. They asked God, could we create a being to balance the unbeleiveable power of TOAA, to which the Lord replied, no being should be allowed to possess that much power with out opposition, for even the fallen angel was created to balance my power. Create the balance, for the worlds and universes have a right to balance. The Lantern given life by the Guardians, to be the balance to TOAA.

  • Gabriel

    This is such a pathetic list.The One Above All and The Presence are exactly
    the same thing for there on universies. Also the living Tribunal only obeys
    The One Above All because he is his boss so how can he ever be number one. Also how can The Presence be beaten by the living tribunal or the abstract entities. How stupid can you get.

  • D_MONEY757

    thats the wrong one above all, there are 2 of them in marvel, the celestial and the god, One-above-all is god, that picture above is of the celestial

  • Macneji

    I think brainiac,abraxas and amazo should be on the list instead of thanos,galactus and the lame presence

  • Mindserenity

    Do your research and you’ll find this list infallible ^_^

    Molecule Man/The Beyonder
    Doctor Manhattan
    Professor Xavier
    The Hulk/Superman

    The heart of the Universe (object)
    The living Tribunal
    The infinity gauntlet
    The Phoenix Force

  • Matt

    I would have put The Spectre on this list as well.

  • KMitch

    The Endless?

  • Thought Mr. Manhattan would on here

  • dave

    scarlet witch where?

  • Trickster Jack

    Missed Dr. Manhattan

  • Revenanteye

    Molecule Man. The guy disassembled Thor’s hammer and Silver Surfer’s board at the same time.

  • Primefan

    What about Superboy Prime?


    You know.. Somebody more powerful can come around.. Really all you have to do.. Is go to the writers and kill them and there you destroy all the entities and gods whatever…

  • TJ

    Phoenix, anyone?

  • nud

    characters that belong on here:

    man of miracles
    god spawn
    pre-retcon beyonder and molecule man
    amalgam brothers
    cosmic armor superman
    primal monitor

  • Obvious entry

    How could you forget squirrel girl?

  • Starlaladim

    You freaking forgot about Phoenix! This list sucks! She can beat the hell out of half of this characters, if not more than that!

  • Dan

    Well I think this is an excellent list, seen some really dumb comments (one guy thought V could be in this, tard.) I would put Doomsday (every time he dies he just gets stronger!) in above Darkseid and remove Apocalypse to put Dr. Manhattan in at 5 or 6, then it’d be pretty spot-on.

  • Anon


    How and why is Squirrel Girl not #1?

  • Anon

    you are forgetting soooooo many incredibly powerful characters, actually anything after and including galactus is a joke.

  • Brian

    Why are Galactus and the Abstract Entities above Thanos on the list? When he had the Infinity Gauntlet, he beat them both at the SAME TIME!

  • Samu-El

    you forget the worst nightmare of JLA, and all heroes and villains….. Doomsday

  • Renegade

    Nobody will beat Howard the Duck. They will laugh themselves to death or even burst due to laughter if Howard challenges them to a fight. LOL!

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  • GLC

    TOA is actually weak. Go on This list has no cred

  • Lawdawg100

    The Beyonder *****slapped Galactus during the Secret Wars and Phoenix (non Jean Grey) hit him with her fullk power and he shrugged it off. Not to mention he turned a building into gold with a thought…he should be on this list. Plus he is from a race of Beyonders and he was considered a “junior” version of them. Thanos is clever and uses his opponent’s energy against them without wasting his own. Where is Eternity? The whiny embodiment of the Universe? Or Infinity? Or whatever other unreasonable “embodiment” of something that marvel loves to make? Superman is near God-like but limited without a yellow sun. Stan Lee is the man, but needs to stay out of the movies…though he was probably the best thing about Spiderman 3.

  • Hans Alexander A. De Leon

    What about superboy prime? He kicked the asses of the heroes of dc. He even blew a hole in superman’s hand.

  • ben

    Dormammu is the most powerful one

  • anony

    Ok dumbasss, let’s get things straight up…

    IT DON’T CARE YOU BELIEVE IN GOD OR NOT, THIS IS MARVEL UNIVERSE AND YES THERE IS GOD, THE ALMIGHTY GOD, that’s number 1… he can kill you before you realize you are alive. His power is beyond what any kind of life imagine, and he’s the creator of whatever you will say should be on the list, and he can vanish it in a matter of his will.

    If you don’t read the story you will not even bother to interrupt the number 1 to 4 spots, why? they’re just God in marvel universe, even whatever-you-name-it can’t touch them, especially 1-3, unless they come to you that’s rare case like no.1 go to Peter Parker.

    No.2 is the vice of number 1, so the power they held is nearly the same as no.1, and no.3 is the balance of the universe. I know no.3 from Ben 10 comic, where Ben transform into black alien and he can do everything but after some times he absorb to dimension where no.3 is live. No.4, I just not quiet sure what this thing is, nevertheless it’s a representative of our world God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, etc, therefore it’s also a pure God like no.1.

  • sinisterjedi007

    Great list. The Presence and TOAA have no equals, and thus share no 1. A fight bewteen the two would destroy both universes. I also agree with Twisted_Mely, where is the pheonix. she most definatly belongs in a class with atleast glacatus but under eternity.

  • duh


  • nate

    these guys are probably the strongest characters, but im looking for heroes not characters

  • Nicholas

    Where’s Doctor Manhattan… He’s litterally invincible!

  • rosch

    they are all seemingly equally powerful. I wonder, on what basis can you actually rank them?

  • sean

    Why is the Saint of killers not on here he killed Satan and God Spawn was super powerful as well and The presence and One above all are both exactly the same for there multi verses

  • The Philosopher

    This listing is wrong in more ways than I can name, but will try. The person that created the list has not done their research. For starters…
    1) ‘The One Above All’ pictured as a Celestial IS NOT the same as ‘The One Above All’ who is GOD in the Marvel Comics continuum, equal to ‘The presence’ who is purportedly GOD in the DC Comics continuum. There are TWO ‘One Above All’s’ in the Marvel Universe. Of course, the writer is correct that the Christian-Judeo God should be ranked highest,
    2) Lord Order and Master Chaos listed as Abstract Entities, aspects of Life, are part of the embodiment Eternity in the Marvel Universe. Galactus is the sibling of Mistress Death and Eternity, so how can he be less on the power scale than Master Chaos and Lord Order? In terms of effecting reality, the existence of Galactus a Cosmic Entity, is essential to the continuity of the Marvel Universe, no less than any abstract entity.
    3) The Presence in DC Comics is the same as ‘the One Above All’, both said to be manifestations of the Christian Judeo God. If he is listed as no #1 how can he also be listed as No #4? Pictured on number four is actually The Spectre, whose power level in DC Comics is equal to The Living Tribunal’s who exist in the Marvel universe.
    4) Which Thanos are you rating as No #6? The one possessing The Cosmic Cube, The Heart of The Universe or The Infinity gauntlet? In all cases this Thanos was in possession of artifacts that greatly enhanced his power so the power was not TRULY HIS. A Thanos of normal proportions in no greater in power than Odin in Marvel Comics, who I am surprised is not on the list (Odin in Marvel has power equaling Galactus. Read past issues of Thor, beginning with the 1960’s for anyone interested in research).
    ‘Don’t be surprised by this technological terror you have built. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of The Force’ –Darth Vader, Star Wars A New Hope. The ability to destroy is insignificant next to the power to change reality. The Anti-Monitor, Chaos and Order, Galactus and Darkseid (possessing The Anti-Life Equation) fall in this category.

  • JR

    son guko?

  • arno kole

    Hah! what about Mother Of Existence (Man of Miracles or M.O.M.) from Spawn??!

  • nameless

    THE BEYONDER easily defeated galactus… so your list is incorrect…

  • Nissim Levy

    What about batman? He can defeat anyone.

  • Toolboxx


  • Jamie

    im not a big reader but i thought shuma gorath needed a mention


    The funny thing is Galactus is listed as #5 but Ghost Rider defeated him. You can see the video on Youtube. Ghost Rider has the power to torment his foes who have done evil/wicked acts. Does that mean Ghost Rider should be listed here? Maybe not, but it’s something to think about.

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  • Nick Kim

    Gorilla Grodd – Grodd’s psionic abilities allow him to place other beings under his mental control.
    J’onn J’onzz – J’onn can become intangible, passing harmlessly through solid objects.
    Circe – She is able to transform reality and solid matter through magic and spells.
    Silver Banshee – Silver Banshee is able to use her sound/sonic-based abilities to teleport via sound waves.

  • Edric

    Dr. Manhattan? Beyonder? Phoenix?

  • Ubnub82

    Hold on. The Presence is DC’s version of The One Above all so technically they should be tied. If they fought it would be Judeo-Christian God vs Judeo-Christian God. Also why wasn’t Pre retcon Beyonder or Molecule Man on this?

  • N/A

    If you take UDON’s Darkstalkers comics, Jedah and Pyron should be on this list.

    Pyron is the ultimate evolution in fighting, can grow to a size that dwarfs the Andromeda galaxy, consumes planets, can create robot easily, is made of pure energy… etc…

    Jedah is the guy that sent Pyron running away screaming.

  • jakecools

    number one is suppos to be Hulk because he has no limt to his power because he has infinite rage like u see hulk get shot or bruce tries to kill himself and it nerver happens every universe hero and villain would see him because remember he has unlimted rage just because u see hulk punched in the face doesnt mean hes hurt he’ll get more mad i mean the hulk can kill greek gods and titans all together thats how powerful he is hes serious he can toy with u

  • vish

    See honestly, i would of thought Franklin Richards would of been on here, yes hes a mutant, but Glactus and the eternity have both said they think he is on “par with the gods

  • johnny onion ring

    Worst list apocalypse wouldn’t make the top 40. It should be 1+2 – the presence and toaa 3+4 lucifer and michael 5+6 living tribunal and spectre 7. man of miracles 8+9 molecule man and beyonder 10. galactus

    honerable mentions – white phoenix,mr.mxystkp,superman,silver surfer and darkseid.

  • somedude

    I think The Beyonder would technically be the strongest, as I recall he and One Above All went toe to toe in power and Beyonder won.

  • Frill Artist

    Forgive my ignorance as I’m not the biggest comic book reader out there but with all these powers listed, it seems as if these guys ARE the universe itself. How do the various superheroes manage to defeat them???

  • jake

    meh batman is still the best

  • Galaga

    Personally I think as far as actual characters go. Galactus is the best, the other ones don’t fight and they’re just entities. Galactus f*cking eats worlds, give credit where its due!!

  • Citizen Snips

    Well, they got the #1 spot wrong. The most powerful being in the whole of comics’ is The Beyonder PreRetcon. Not even the combined might of all the multiverses powers could even be a fraction of The Beyonders powers.

  • joey

    Where is the Beyonder? He should be at No 2.

  • ben

    I think Imperiex is given too much credit here, and Anti-Monitor not enough. Of course, nothing’s going to touch 1-4, but for Galactus being 5, didn’t Thanos kill Galactus and just about all the other cosmic entities when he had the Infinity Gauntlet?

    I think you should have switched Anti-Monitor and Galactus, personally. I know it’s hard to compare across continuities like that, but Anti-Monitor’s always seemed like a bigger threat.

    How about the Overmonitor? I’ve never been sure whether or not that’s just another name for The Presence, but post-crisis The Overmonitor is the name of something that created everything, and The Monitor and Anti-Monitor were two aspects of a probe the Overmonitor sent to investigate its creation. Should be on par with One-Above-All, #2 at least.

    I’d also maybe have removed Apocalypse from #10. He’s insanely powerful, yeah. But I think Dr. Manhattan could have removed him from existence without blinking. Or even Superman-Prime with the Monitor Armor, or Golden-Superman-Prime from DC 1,000,000, they were easily on par with cosmic entities.

    Great Evil Beast. In every way an equal, power-wise, to The Presence.

    Ultimator was a 10th-dimensional being, surely that puts him higher than Darkseid?

  • Galaxis

    Please NOTE:

    “One Above All” in 1st place here, is only a Celestial, that is NOT above the Living Tribunal in power. The REAL ‘One Above All’ took the appearance of a homeless human, and spoke with Peter Parker. He also had the appearance of an angel in a robe, and not a metallic robotic look.

    • Galaxis

      Pre Retcon Beyonder “WAS” equal to TOAA in power. Currently, he might be placed as being equal to the Living Tribunal if not 3rd.

  • Phoenix all the way beside TOAA

    where’s the pheonix force in second place? :(


    Whoever made this list, yeah, pick up a comic book.

  • Menace

    No Phoenix, Adult Franklin Richards, Pre-Retcon Beyonder, Molecular Man, SA Supes.

    What in the devil.

  • Danny

    Well, now , here we go!!!! Where in the crackerjack is the Spectre??? I would THINK the Wrath of GOD deserves a (tie) position with the living tribunal, or # 3…verses abstract entities????? He (literally!) during the Judgment Day story he Couldn’t BE stopped, until GOD stopped him (with a single panel slap!)

  • Space Viking

    The Anti-Monitor from the crisis on infinite earths was FAR more powerful than Imperiex, Galactus, Thanos, the Abstracts. He would be only a step or 2 below Living Tribunal. The Presence is = to TOAA. This list is messed up. Where’s phoenix, superman prime one million, and monarch? All those guys would floor Thanos.

  • Spartan

    this list need to undate