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Top 10 Bizarre Ad Campaigns

Some are funny. Others strike an emotional chord. But some Ad campaigns are truly bizarre. From a commercial encouraging you to rent your wife to robots selling fried chicken (or attempting to do so), we look at ten commercials which are known for the notoriety rather than the products they are attempting to promote. Some famous celebrities have helped engender this list, including Hulk Hogan and the present day Governor of California. You may cringe in disbelief.


Rent a Wife


A Belgian video rental service used a twisted metaphor for this commercial, leading to controversy. It depicts a couple in the mood for love making when the man suddenly packs her off in a box for disposal. Seconds later, the doorbell rings with another woman at his disposal. There was no mention of the video rental service anywhere in the advertisement and the unsuspecting viewer might just have thought the rent-a-wife scheme to be true, only to have checked the website to find an innocuous rental store. Perhaps the creators of the advert should let the poets make use of the metaphors.  



Robocop trying to sell fried chicken


You’ve goto hand it to the Koreans for coming up with something like this. The person who conjured up this idea must have been on something while coming up with this, because he or she has made a very absurd assumption that a robocop devours and relishes the same kind of food that humans eat. The entrance of this friendly monster through the television and the whisking away of the whole fridge at the end of the advert make it all the more unreal. What’s more, he wants ‘frieda chicken’. ??


Do not Murder


Of all the things that the Church of Scientology preaches ‘Do not murder’ is perhaps the least controversial. However, because it cannot end there, they went ahead and made an advertisement about it. The advert was supposedly an informational one which would act as a ‘roadmap to a happier life through values of compassion and caring that every member of a civilized society holds dear’. The content of the ad is simply a bullet which has just left a revolver while desperate voices cry out in the background and ends with the message ‘Do not murder’. Very obfuscating, indeed.


Sumo Wrestling and Sprite


Sumo wrestling being a rather obscure sport to most people outside of Japan, it seems only natural that those who conjured up this idea were aiming for the bizarre. And that’s exactly where they got. Iridescent sumo wrestlers bumping into each other to create orgasmic pleasure? Naa. The event is far more likely to produce an earthquake. And all this to simply relate the idea of ‘LYMON’? Utterly disturbing.


Sheila’s Wheels


‘For bonzer car insurance deals, girls get onto Sheila’s wheels’. If you are a girl in the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland), you wont have to keep your hands on the steering wheel while you drive because ‘women make the safest drivers’. Coquettish crooning accompanied by a band which follows their tune as the convertible waltzes past the countryside is hardly the way to sell car insurance and just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, a mouse appears to be driving the car.


Ice Cream at the Bar


And now to some edification on the art of being illogical. Set an animated lass to cavort in a bar and then at the end of it all, tell the prospective customer to buy your brand of ice-cream. To make it more interesting use a blackboard somewhere along the way to feign erudition and make sure the girl carries the ice-cream with her so that the sensual waves trigger off pleasure which will become readily apparent. Essentially, make sure that your customer is made to believe that consuming ice-cream has the same effects as alcohol.


Pufuleti Gusto


What do Romanians turn to when they need to inject optimism into life? After years of communist rule, high rates of unemployment, the defection of Nadia Comaneci and the retirement of Dan Petrescu and Gheorghe Hagi, they seem to have come up with the answer. Or that’s what this commercial claims. Because when you have just accidentally chopped off your head when peeling an orange, but still have the strength to ask for the Pufuleti snack, there must be something to it.


Hulk Hogan and the air conditioner


Hulk Hogan was the undisputed master of the ring who could possibly do anything and everything. Well, that’s what the makers of this advert for air conditioners thought. Because it is otherwise inexplicable why you would rope in a wrestling star to sing a lullaby to an infant to market a device from which cool air emanates into the room. And the song which is simply a tune of the days of the week does not make up for the faux pas. The only thing that could have made it worse is a video cassette of Hulk Hogan’s singing as a free gift. Simply excruciating.


Of Monsters, transvestites and Light


While this commercial may not seem weird in the end, a second look will expound to you the theory of relativity. Unearthly, grotesque creatures create the suspense but the producers misjudged the addition of the transvestite as somewhat of an unfamiliar, foreign object. Now, this would be perfectly acceptable anywhere in the world but Thailand.


Arnold’s Vitamin Drink


A greater absurdity in the annals of television commercial history has not been recorded. By comparison, it is the toffee apple surrounded by candy floss, the benchmark against which all things bizarre are judged. Takeda Chemical Industries roped in the ‘Terminator’, Arnold Schwarzenegger to market a seemingly energy boosting substance and the result has been a pyrotechnic display beyond human reasoning. The jejune background score, Arnold’s attempt to speak Japanese, and the metamorphosis in the end make this a classic. Maybe this is what he had in mind when he said he’ll be back.

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  • Hi

    No. 6 is a kangeroo lol

    not a mouse

    • Avinash

      Lori Van NostrandWell Colleen, aehtonr very nice poem. You are so very blessed in your marriage to Russ. Not many are so lucky to have such special feeling that last. God Bless you both!

  • get a clue

    Dash, this list is simply your lack ethnocentricity on display. Anyone from any country can easily pick 10 advertisements from another language and culture and mock them for their strangeness, stupidity, cluelessness, etc. That's mostly because each culture has memes unto itself.

    All you expose with this list is your own ignorance and petty prejudices of the cultures–and sense of humor–unlike your own.

    I remind you the rest of the world does not exists simply to fit your definition of normal.

    • Mero

      Ooh, would you mind shriang the download locations? I love the Paint Fireworks ad and it could come in handy for a data visualisation presentation.Well, I could imagine Honda having staff blogs. I live not too far from the Jaguar UK plant that was recently shut down… the ex-staff blogs might not be so friendly…

  • brosiusjb

    Nicely done!

  • El the erf

    Hmm,good one Dash.

  • Gav

    What- no Joe Namath in pantyhose? That’s GOT to be more disconcerting that Lemon and Lime Sumo wrestlers coliding on your taste buds….or IS it?
    I’m going to replay that RoboCop/ Fried Chicken spot again. It’s almost 2am and I got a Cravin’ for the Colonel!

  • EricKarthik

    great list !!!!

  • deeeziner

    I still cringe when I think about the little, furry and decidedly evil looking tree troll that Quizno’s recruited for their ads a few years ago.

    Nice list….And I expect everyone will have their own addition of bizarre to add in the comments.

  • Tom

    Quite the odd list Dash

  • El the erf

    Sufferin’ samurais! Whaj the hell is wrong with this iphone! Not coming through again,the videocast.damn

  • Vera Lynn

    Interesting. Different than yesterday for sure.

  • mandiemurder

    I’m going to make an early prediction and say that somehow this will turn into a discussion on those wacky, zany Scientologists.

  • Carl


  • ilovelistverse

    nice list.
    love the sumo thing of sprite. ive never tasted that.

  • El the erf

    Weird body,weird accent,and an even weirder name. Add to that, the weirdest governer ever

  • saopauloesquecida

    Imagine that people got paid to produce these ‘masterpieces’. I definetely chose the wrong job, should have gone for marketing, not teaching…

  • oouchan

    Cool list, Dash! Liked the Arnold one. That made me cringe for him.

    @deeeziner (5): I would agree that one was the most bizarre. I still can’t eat there because of it.

  • saopauloesquecida

    @saopauloesquecida (13): read “definitely”…

  • Jacynta

    That car insurance add. Were they meant to be Aussies? Sheila car insurance and it’s Bonza…. I always thought everyone wanted to be an Aussie. (jokes peoples)

  • NickNamed

    I remember those ghastly ‘Sheila’s Wheels’ ads. God, they were awful. I fail to see how the advert’s central theme of women ‘making safer drivers’ was borne out in practice by the three feckless harpies neglecting the wheel and road ahead in favour of forming a talentless chorus line and allowing themselves to be chauffeured by what I had always assumed to be a kangaroo.

  • bec

    hmm… I wonder if we can judge the success of such advertising campaigns by the fact that we don’t see them on the screen anymore!! Also, I think the ‘mouse’ in number 6 is supposed to be a kangaroo. The ad sounds like it comes from Australia. Bonza!

  • alice

    Northern “Island”? Really?

  • demirah

    looool arnold “poi poi”
    great list u just made my day

  • RachelE

    In number 6, it’s Northern Ireland, not Island.
    And those adverts are shown in Northern Ireland.

    Otherwise, fun list

  • Number 2 scared me. @[email protected]
    The family was so creepy.

  • natapillar

    I really really hate the Sheila’s Wheels ads!!!!!!!!

  • QND

    Not sure why there was a pile of money in No.1, maybe Arnold had to much money(and time) on his hands that is wouldn’t hurt doing that

  • Miss_Info

    This is retarded.. how about a list on top 15 religions from best to Worst or the best places on earth to score drugs and heroin :(

  • Twisted_Me

    haha, the romanian snack is actually with tz, like a t with a comma under it, and pronounced poo-foo-leh-tzi… and it’s actually really goood xD

  • Davy

    Number 4 had to be the most bizzare commercial I have ever seen. How do you behead yourself while peeling an orange?

  • Davy

    Great and very funny list, dash

  • brafy

    where the heck is nortern island?? its northern ireland!! no.6

  • MN


    LOL. You're right on that score. No one can forget that nightmare inducing ad if they try. It makes my hair hurt. It's also made me glad that I don't use them for car insurance because I never ever will, even if they are the last provider in the UK.

    • Matheus

      ldsiertclassifgeas on April 28, 2011 Yo. Check this out.I must say this is one of the hottest video on Free Classified Ads.Good job.

  • damien_karras

    “Yo, I’m about to eat!” Don’t try to get between a hungry RoboCop and his fried chicken. Only bad things can come of it.

  • Davy

    The title says it all about these ads. Truly bizarre!

  • Niall

    In the Shiela’s Wheels advert, like it couldn’t get any weirder, the car is going backwards in some scenes. It switches between going forwards and backwards, and you can see it in the final scene with the lines on the road. The lines move down the screen, from the back of the car to the front, rather than from front to back.

    If I didn’t know better I’d say it was a sexist parody designed to be offensive to women (what with all the stupid mistakes and stereotypes), but it’s actually sexist towards men instead.

    I thought we were trying to STOP discrimination on the basis of gender, not reinforce it?

  • missmozell

    One, and a series. I remember a Cherry Coke ad that totally befuzzled me. It was split in two parts, as I recall, with something (perhaps another commercial) sandwiched in between. Definitely bizaro looking dude wears a suit literally covered with fish hooks, and walks calmly into a lake. Commercial, and I’m going WTF? Dude walks out of the lake, suit-hooks festooned with flapping fish. All done in a sort of red tinged dark grey look. I don’t recall any mention of the product (maybe they slipped a logo past while I was gaping?) I figured it out later because either later equally strange ads made it clearer, or I recognized the color scheme from the cans. It was filmed in the ‘it’s totally irreverent, but that’s what makes it ART’ sort of style. I imagine middle America stayed away from the product in droves.

    And secondly, a ‘male inhancement’ series of ads. I think the product is Cyalis, but I could be wrong. Anyway, you’ve seen them–they feature Bob. Going from his fixed grin and his vacant expression, Bob is either a serial killer, an anamatronic, possessed, or a pod person. In any case, if a guy looking like that approached me for sex I’d run a mile.

    Okay, this one led me to two more, both for Viagra. Men walk into social situations (a party, the office) and suddenly everyone’s asking them what they did to look so great. Vacation? Got a promotion? New haircut? Working out? No. He ‘saw the doctor’. So apparantly Viagra is so potent that you don’t even have to take it–you just have to consult a doctor about it.

    And then there’s the straight ahead one. You see a montage of men, all ages, shapes, and sizes, but all normal and pleasant looking, while a voice intones, “This is the face of Viagra.” I think these men were brave. Imagine a few years later he’s sitting in a bar, chatting up a possible pickup. The girl goes, “You’re great. You’re cute, funny charming. You look familiar. I’m sure I’ve seen you before. Let me just think…” *blinks* “You’re the face of Viagra. Bartender==check!”

  • archangel


  • joeyjoejoe

    Dash, Northern Ireland, not island. Come on!

  • Ike

    @get a clue (36):
    Calm down man… don’t call the PC police ok?

    Anyways, though it’s not a real commercial, I’ve always thought this one was hilarious.

  • adoh

    I actually think these are pretty cool commercials.

  • ianz09

    Good list but…
    Holy shit.

  • stefania

    rolflol, pufuleti gusto. you should see the other ads for the same snack, really weird stuff going on.

  • mom424

    Good list Dash.

    I’ve seen many North American media stars in a variety of cheesy asian/european ads – I’m assuming they figured no one would ever see them outside of their target market. Silly folks.

    I do not understand the Scientology ad – as if a commercial is going to prevent murder eh? They must expect alien intervention – Xenu to the rescue! Because you know they’re not sending someone with homicidal urges to the psychiatrist.

    I loved the Thai Sylvania ad – very funny and clever. I wish it played here. Same with the Sumo ad. I liked it.

  • ianz09

    @get a clue (36): Um… That’s the point. Just because they would find our adverts bizarre doesn’t change that we find their adverts bizarre. It isn’t like it cancels out, that just means there are twice as many people thinking that twice as many ads are weird. Dash’s definition of normal is what caters to the primarily North American/European/Australian audience around here, and if you don’t like it, you can fuck off. A Japanese person could come here and pick out ten ads from our countries, and you wouldn’t dare call them “ignorant”. You would say “well that person’s culture is different, hence why they chose ‘normal’ ads to be labeled strange.” But as soon as Dash dares to point his labeling finger at other countries’ commercials, get a clue must step in to police him and make sure he is fair and unbiased.

    Good list Dash, by the way. Don’t let fools who are only out to bash you make you think otherwise.

  • Merzmensch aka kosmopol

    Nr. 7, subLYMONal was part of viral campagn around TV show LOST. So there are things hidden, as far as I know.

  • Athena

    My goodness, is that our Governator in #1?


    Really, they are no words for that…and his attempt at Japanese? Ahaha…

  • Kelsi

    @get a clue (36) Ethnocentricity…I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    Anyway, very amusing list. =) I think the animal driving the car in the Shelia’s Wheels commercial is a kangaroo or wallaby though, not a mouse.

  • MN

    The Sheila’s Wheels ads never offended me, even though I am a woman. I am not easily offended. What bothers me about them is that they are downright annoying. Everything from the singing to the glaring pink is just… stomach turning. I don’t think I’ve ever made it through an entire commercial before I had to change the channel.

  • ringtailroxy

    @deeeziner (5): those “furry and decidedly evil looking tree troll”s from the Subway ads are the brian-children of a very talented man, Joel Veitch, of the band “Seven Seconds of Love”, in the U.K. they have an awesome sound, and Joel makes adorable music videos…go to and just check it out. your dislike of the squirrels will be abashed!

  • Chester Copperpot

    $9.99 all you can eat lobster, the missile strikes destroys the helicopter. We feasts on meats… the witch’s teats. Legendary.

  • deeeziner

    @missmozell (34):And secondly, a ‘male inhancement’ series of ads. I think the product is Cyalis, but I could be wrong. Anyway, you’ve seen them–they feature Bob. Going from his fixed grin and his vacant expression, Bob is either a serial killer, an anamatronic, possessed, or a pod person. In any case, if a guy looking like that approached me for sex I’d run a mile.

    I think “Bob” has been hitting the Enzyte in his series….regardless, I agree with you. His “fixed grin and his vacant expression” obviously prove that blood supply is needed much more to the brain than the little head.

    @ringtailroxy (48): Thanks for the heads-up. I will check out your tip. But ultimately I blame the P.R. guy at the sandwich corp. for okaying the campaign and the use of that off-key tree troll.

  • Skrillah

    @ 43 : ianz ”North American/European/Australian audience around here, and if you don’t like it, you can fuck off”

    No surprises m8, even Jfrater himself would agree. And its a well known fact that list verse caters to the ”White, western-centric audience”.

    You really made sure that you are fair and unbiased huh? welldone! You must be a real proud white man now. and ”Fuck -off!!??” wow, a real bad -ass term used by pencil necked poncies in the blogosphere!

    @ 36, I can understand where you are coming from. But these lists shouldn’t be taken that seriously, i mean come on man, this is just entertainment. Don’t be like the highly literate internet Dumbfucks who argue over retarded topics in here.

    Dash, I personally enjoyed the list man. Thanks. Gj!!!

    PS: Just to clarify,(If Jfrater is reading this comment), I would like to know the specific Target audience of listverse from the man himself. Mr.Jf?


  • Carole

    Good list When Arnold made that ad lots of other Hollywood actors did the same. They made big bucks whoring themselves, while maintaining a cool image back home.

  • deeeziner

    @Carole (52): I take offense at your term–whoring.

    American celebrities(as are celebrities from ALL over the world) are admired and idolized in countries everywhere. The opportunity for them to become part of another country’s culture through advertisement of that country’s products is just another facet of their stardom. It’s a way for other countries to make that celebrity their own.

    That is not to say that that the results aren’t sometimes embarrassing, when viewed out of context, or without some cultural background. I’m sure many celebrities have put themselves out there on the promise that THAT ad will never be seen in their home country.

    On the other hand, I’m sure most of these stars have enjoyed the opportunity to travel and add a few eclectic jobs into their resume’s.

    Also the foreign media and entertainment market is not highly recognized for their outrageous pay scale in comparison to the US industry.

    So the term “whoring” just doesn’t seem appropriate.

  • @Skrillah (51): We don’t really have a defined target audience – but we are, of course, aware that over 60% of the readers are in the US.

  • @MN (47): I completely agree with you – I despised that ad when I lived in the UK. It is probably the most annoying advert ever created in fact. I suspect, however, that that is what they were going for and now we all remember Sheila’s Wheels!

  • deeeziner

    I see you are dipping onto the comments here, JF.

    Checked into Cogitz today hoping the holiday would leave you in the mood for a new entry. Alas the Halloween
    Well turned up dry. :(

    Have you entertained the idea of allowing other folks to submit to this site as well?

  • deeeziner

    By “this” site I am referring to Cogitz….duh.

  • danieller

    Japandering! pretty funny stuff. there is a whole website dedicated to celebrities doing weird japanese commercials, like the one Arnie starred in there.

  • shinkeidei

    your forgetting the playstation ads, those are pretty weird.

  • flamehorse

    The Robocop one is my favorite. The Hulk was just absolutely disturbing, until those cartoon bunnies. That made it an instant classic.

    The Arnold scares the piss outta me. Arnold just laughing manically. Now that’s some energy drink for you.

  • Raftor!

    For any UFC fans the greatest ad campaign ever!

  • Yi

    Decent list. But hardly top 10.

  • Shifty

    I searched for the Cherry Coke ad with the fishhooks that missmozell mentioned. I failed but I did find this:

  • @Shifty (64): Oh my God! That is unbelievable! The worst part is the bit where the ostrich runs over the lady’s head in the salon.

  • Davy

    @Shifty (64): lol that should be on the list

  • ianz09

    @Skrillah (51): Fucking off does a body good, I’d recommend it.

  • saber25

    Hey good list, but ou all forgot this: See what happens! So I came back Jamie and Miss_Info and Mi frend (or drinking buddies) El the erf and Davy. (who just beat me to the top ANNOYING commenters list. :)

  • saber25

    It’s not really and add (68) but it is about a learning center for learning English. LOL it’s very funny. See for your self!

  • Egg

    Number 2 was actually fantastic – especially for a lighting commercial. I laughed so hard!

  • saber25

    Hey Shifty (64) How do you paste the whole video itself by commenting? Please tell me, (or maybe you can too Jamie) Because I am tired of copying only the URL> Please tell me how to paste it by commenting.

  • astraya

    I assumed list item 5 was Japanese until the girl spoke and they showed the company logo at the end. They are clearly Korean. (You think I’d be able to recognise Koreans by now!) She says “delicious!”. The chicken in list item 9 and the ice-cream in list item 5 are made by associated companies. Lotte is a conglomerate including a major amusement park, department stores, supermarkets, a fast food chain and various food items.

    BTW, “frieda chicken” is perfectly acceptable Korean pronunciation of English (sometimes called “Konglish”). For reasons of phonetics, “fried” is as strange to them as “frieda” is to us.

  • Shifty

    @saber25 (71): I just copied and pasted the URL. The only difference I see between what I did and what you did is that I put the URL on it’s own line.

  • will

    what is with the transvestites? i mean, who would put a creeper like that into a infomercial? and wth is up with all of those ghosts and monsters? half the lights in my house are by that company. i hope i didn’t get the package with the transvestite 50% off!

  • El the erf

    Frieda pinto of slumdog millionaire won’t be too amused

  • saber25

    So Shifty (73) I don’t quite get it. Please tell me how it is done clearly for the difference of mine and yours. I can’t see the difference on how you explain. In steps. (e.g. step 1: etc. blabla bla…)

  • El the erf

    The curious case of a dash list… unable to reach the century line again! Great list anyway!!

  • gatineau

    Wow, number 1 is my governor.

  • El the erf

    For me, the weirdest ad would be the Motorola ad released in India some two years back (Motoyuva w180 I think it was),where the father brings a fake head(a replica of his own) along with the new phone for his son. To get his boy’s attention he drops his fake head, catching his son’s eye for a split second before he goes back to his ‘fully loaded phone’, the tagline reading “When Motoyuva comes,you will lose your son to it”. I think it was plain disgusting rather than bizarre…

  • Bobbert

    Did anyone else find the Hulk Hogan one depressing?

  • Karl

    LOL on #5. I’ve seen it before. soooo funny.

  • Taash

    I used to hate the Sheila’s Wheels adverts, but they were bloddy catchy when i was 12 “For bronza car insurance delas, girls get onto Sheila’s Wheels” By the way I dont think that a rat… I think its a dingo, maybe a kangaroo, definetly not a rat!

  • Shifty

    @saber25 (76):Alright first I’m going to attempt to post your video to see if I can get it to work.

  • Shifty

    @saber25 (71):Alright it worked. Here is what your comment looked like:

    Hey good list, but ou all forgot this: copied_and_pasted_url See what happens! So I came back Jamie and Miss_Info and Mi frend (or drinking buddies) El the erf and Davy. (who just beat me to the top ANNOYING commenters list.

    Here is what your comment should have looked like:

    Hey good list, but ou all forgot this:


    See what happens! So I came back Jamie and Miss_Info and Mi frend (or drinking buddies) El the erf and Davy. (who just beat me to the top ANNOYING commenters list.

  • Geronimo1618

    Heh heh quite the funny stuff..this..good work Dash!

  • Spiff17

    I actually really enjoyed some of these! I thought the humor behind #2 and #4 was great! Its sad to think that the gullible members of the Church of Scientology actually donated money that funded that ridiculously pointless ad (#8).

  • AuthorityFigure

    I can’t stand ads as entertainment.

  • BethanM

    the animal driving the sheilas wheels car isn’t a mouse, it’s a kangaroo

    great list though

  • Syfte

    … Really cool list, and I would’a been quiet over it, but my OCD is triggering. That’s not a revolver, it’s a semi-automatic.

    Sorry. Couldn’t help myself there.

  • Davy

    Number 2 is indeed the weirdest ad ever.

  • Devin

    I object to the author calling Shostakovich jejune.

  • Wow the commercials in other countries are very weird
    I didn’t understand any of them
    Maybe they need more creative people to come up with better concepts

  • number 2 takes the cake, IMO.

  • Kiyoko

    All of them are hilarious!!

  • nuriko

    uhm… interesting list…

  • I think Ad #2 wins.
    “So, that’s a jackfruit ghost, right?”

  • noi

    as a thai person, I feel obligate to explain a bit on No.2. First of all, in that ad the father use the word “kon” which mean person not transvestites, which in thai is “ka toey”. Second, the word “phee ka noon” or jack fruit ghost, is a slang meaning retired or scary prostitute. in this case, my guess is that they just try to make some wording joke relate to ghost or “phee” in thai. Last of all, the view of thai people toward transvestites is wildly accepted.

  • Really entertaining..

  • mobennett

    These are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  • Blacknimbus

    Suntory ad from Japan.

    I’d embed it, but don’t trust my html skills at the moment.

    I suppose you could do a whole list just on creative Japanese ads now that I think about it.

  • ianz09


  • soph123

    They’re all certainly memorable, which was perhaps the intention. I wonder how much good the creators of the Scientology one thought it would do.

  • Jen

    Everything Scientology’s Way to Happiness does is funny. Here, they bring peace to the Middle East, and swipe a Beatles song in the process.

  • jreddy666

    Haha…rent a wife…

  • TheBreas

    Did anyone else notice the use of the “Back to the Future III” score in #9, the Korean Robocop commercial?

  • futos

    my tongue is that bigger than number 2 at 0:03

  • astraya

    I just showed ad number 5 to my wife’s niece, who remembers seeing it. She said that words of the “song” run approximately “[Name of ice cream] is very delicious”.

    Who else thinks that the first glimpse of the ice cream at 0:43 is just a little bit phallic?

  • Wondertoast

    The Asian ones don’t come close to the stuff I’ve seen living there. The print ads are just as bad!

  • Simon

    Number 5 was hilarious

  • Leonardo

    The comentary about Thai´s Ad Campaign was absurd and prejudiced. You really know Thailand to say something like this? Then everybody in Thailand shoud know a transvestite?
    Absurd idea…

  • sorcy79au

    OMG #2 is so friggin funny!
    I loved the blue ghost, where he’s just strolling along, sees the tall ghost then bolts off screen! lol! And the way the dad talks to the tall ghost. “Why are you standing here? We’re eating dinner. Go away!”
    And what is up with #5? Is that bad acting or did she really mean to sing/dance like that??

  • #9 Jackfruit Ghost (??????) is a slang in Thai for prostitutes so it fits in the context. It may seem strange for foreigners though.

  • mik47

    You should check out the Kikkoman soy sauce commercials. Very strange. I saw one that involved suicide! It’s soy sauce!! The Japanese have some strange things going culturally. I think you can probably catch it on You Tube.

  • Lai-Lai

    “The Ultimate Warrior PSA” would be a nice addition to this collection. I’d have put it right after the Hulk Hogan video :p

  • Alisha

    Hulk Hogan figured "What the fuck, I'll get a shit load of money and no one I know will ever see it" … HE THOUGHT WRONG.

  • bestinthebiz

    Did anyone else notice that the girls in the bonzer car insurance commercial are driving backwards for half of it?

    And that Arnie commercial made me laugh.

    Good show!

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    the 2nd one really disturbed me

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    There is no revolver in the “do not murder” clip.

  • Ian Osborne

    I’d have included the Sprite soft drink North Korean military parade parody, myself.