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10 Delights To Try Before You Die

More accurately the title is Ten Foods, Drinks, and Destinations to Try Before You Die. I don’t presume that you are about to die, but let’s consider our mortality with a generous measure of humor. As Marcus Aurelius said, “Death smiles at us all. What can a man do, but smile back?” Or, as Seneca said, “Bibamus. Moriendum est,” “Dying is unavoidable. So let’s go get wasted.” A Christmas Bucket List!


Macallan 25-year-old Scotch
Speyside, Scotland

Img 2225.Jpg

I’ve had one shot. In a New York scotch bar. $30. Which is overpriced. A fifth of 25-year-old Macallan will run you about $600, but if you ever taste it, you’ll want more, never mind the price. It’s like drinking a campfire that hugs you and wants to be your friend.

If you want scenery, I recommend Loch Morlich in winter. It’s southeast of Aviemore. Snowy, with plenty of shallow streams to listen to (where do you think the distilleries bottle their whiskys?).


Spotted Dick
London, England


It has nothing to do with the clap. It is also called Plum Duff, and it is a dessert pudding with dried currants, custard, and rum. In the best restaurants, they add a generous douse of your favorite rum on top. As Robert Newton’s Long John Silver says, “That be what gives it the flavor! Ha haargh!”


Belem, Brazil


Churrasco is no one dish, but a particularly Brazilian and Argentinian style of serving meat. These two countries are internationally known for great steaks, but have equally great pork, lamb, mutton, chicken and seafood. Some restaurants serve all you can eat, sliced fresh off the grill, along with corn, rice, and fresh fruits, especially mangoes. Belem is nicknamed “City of the Mango Trees.”

If you’ve always wanted to see the Amazon Jungle but don’t want to get eaten when you go into it, Belem is perfect. It is on the coast, but only 20 to 30 miles inland, you can charter cheap ferries down the Para and Tocantins Rivers. They are not technically tributaries of the Amazon River, but they are part of its estuary, and with just a short jaunt in a schooner, you can see all the jungle you ever wanted.

And you can’t imagine how deep, dark, and wild it is. Familiar with the Goliath Bird-eating Spider? You can see them climbing the trees at the edge of the water, from 50 feet away.

You can be assured of seeing the Amazon macaw, one of the most famous parrots in the world. Flocks of them flying over the rivers all the time, from jungle to jungle.


Napoli, Italy

Pizzeria.Napoli.-4 1

Pizza was invented in Napoli (Naples), by the poor class who had money only for bread dough, tomatoes, and cheese. So they put it all together and baked it.

Today, the most traditional pizza in America is still in New York City, but if you want it truly traditional, Napoli is the only choice. Any quaint, family-owned-and-operated restaurant in the city will serve you pizza to die for.

The reason pizza is the best in Napoli is because the tomatoes are San Marzano, grown on the south slopes of Vesuvius, in extremely fertile, volcanic soil, and the mozzarella cheese is made from the milk of the Campanian water buffalo, or “Mozzarella di Bufala Campana.”

How do you make pizza better? A view of Mount Vesuvius.


Fire-Roasted Lamb
Stavros, Crete

2523200010 1940Dec685

The Greeks know how to have fun, and if you can’t decide which you like more, mountains or a beach, just settle for both. Photographers have noted that they rarely employ their polarizing filters to enhance the colors of their photographs in the Aegean Sea. The ocean is nowhere bluer than it is around Greece. The woods and hills have their colors, and you’ll need sunglasses to handle them.

Lamb roasted on a spit outside is a Grecian tradition, and you haven’t lived until you’ve tried it cooked by Grecian grandmothers. It is typically rubbed with apples several times during cooking, and served with ghanoush, vegetable-stuffed grape leaves, Greek red wine, and homemade baklava (not that junk you’ve eaten in most American restaurants). There are plenty of quaint beachfront restaurants in Stavros, in the shadow of the Akrotirian mountains. You’re free to climb them and see the ruins of the 5th or 6th Century Catholic monastery founded by St. John the Hermit.

Before, during and after supper, as you will be eating with friendly strangers, locals and tourists, you’ll be encouraged to drink ouzo, a Greek liquor that tastes like aniseed. Then you can join everyone in a dance around the fire on the beach in the sirtaki, the famous dance at the end of Zorba the Greek, with Anthony Quinn, which was filmed in Stavros.


Vienna, Austria

Original Sacher Torte

Vienna is world famous for its desserts, and sachertorte, at the Sacher Hotel, is world famous among the world famous desserts. It is dry chocolate cake, with apricot jam between layers, and dark chocolate icing on the top and sides. The only place outside Vienna where you can find it is a Sacher shop in Bolzano, Italy.

It is served with whipped, heavy cream, which balances its dry flavor. While you’re there, pay your respects to Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Strauss, et al. at the Central Cemetery. Mozart is buried somewhere in St. Marx Cemetery, but has a monument near Beethoven and Schubert’s graves.

Go see an opera or a symphony. Beethoven’s Ninth, or Mozart’s “Don Giovanni.”


Bavarian Alps

Screen Shot 2009-12-07 At 12.51.12 Pm

Germany has its fair share of a claim to the world’s wines. Trockenbeerenauslese is extraordinarily sweet, white wine, with so much sugar in it that it’s syrupy. If you’ve had a taste of bad wine and lost your liking for it, this will get you back on track.

It is expensive, but can have as much as 300 grams of sugar per bottle, which will give you diabetes if you want it to. Alcohol content is therefore quite low as wines go, which means you can drink quite a lot before you get drunk. It makes a great dessert in itself, and goes very well with a local pretzel, a fresh, big one, with salt to cut the wine’s sweetness.

And if you’re looking for grand scenery, the Bavarian Alps might give you diabetes, too. Try the Black Forest, for starters.


Lobster and Cracked Crab
Pink Beaches of Harbor Island, Bahamas

Eleuthera Point  Harbour Island  Bahamas[1]

Perhaps you aren’t as big a fan of mountains as you are of the tropics. Harbor Island is world famous for its pink-sand beaches, and Dunmore Town caters to tourists with outstanding seafood restaurants.

Have your fruit of the sea brought out to you on the beach in the late afternoon, and the sunset will be behind you, over the palm and coconut trees. There is a lot of quartz in the sand, and the sunlight makes it glow, lighter where it’s dry, and darker in the surf.

If you’re lucky, the wild horses will walk up out of the surf and give you a sniff.




At least one supper you eat should have the greatest wine in the world. Domaine de la Romanee-Conti is a very small vineyard, only 4 acres, and only produces about 5,000 bottles a year, but those 5,000 have a taste beyond comprehension.

Rather than try to describe the taste, since I haven’t had any, suffice to say, a very good vintage will be 20 to 30 years old and cost about $900 a glass. Or about $3,600 a bottle. Some vintages have sold at auction for $14,000 a bottle.

If you have the money, you have to try it. I prefer natural scenery with my suppers, but if you prefer art, Paris is a given. Plenty of restaurants there serve Romanee-Conti. Or you could go southeast to Grenoble, find a great restaurant, then hike into the Chartreuse Mountains. Spectacular.


Spaghetti Bolognese
Bologna, Italy

Nasica Bo La Grassa

For good and all, now and forever, the greatest spaghetti in the world is in Italy, and the finest restaurants are in Bologna. Its nickname is “di Grassa,” “Bologna the Fat.”

Sure, the Chinese invented the noodles, but tomato sauces are expressly Italian. New York City ain’t got nothin’ on Bologna.

I’ve been there, I’ve had several spaghetti recipes, but the best by far, you will find at Clorofilla, Strada Maggiore, 64, 40125 Bologna, Bologne. It’s almost as good as my recipe.

Bologna is a magnificently beautiful city, and not far north of some good mountain vistas. Or you could take a leisurely drive over the Appennines to Firenze (Florence) and see the original Statue of David, among other works of art.

While you’re in Bologna or Florence, be sure to catch Verdi’s Requiem Mass. When you leave, you’ll go to confession, I ain’t kiddin’ ya.

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  • plasmatwa2

    Poutine isn't on this list?! Sacre-bleu!

    • and no kobe beef?

      • Sarah

        Kobe beef is NOT that special. Now a days you can find it in any run of the mill restaurant. Ive worked in quite a few that all have featured some form of kobe beef.

        • megeetsa

          Actually, real Kobe Beef is very rare to find. produced in only one area of Japan in limited quantities. “Despite many American beef products being labeled Kobe, authentic Japanese Kobe beef is not available for sale anywhere outside Japan, with the solitary exception of Macau.”(source,Wikipedia)

  • that guy

    Cool list brah

  • Charlotte

    mmm mmmm, hungry now

  • BravehisTickle

    Some of the delights look utterly disgusting..and according to me,what doesn’t look good doesn’t taste good.

  • zachcoufal

    wow no comments yet? awesome list! number one looked like a weiner :))) make more food lists tho i love all of the food lists they kick ass!

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    what about fry bread and golden syrup? or hangi? sorry just being maori here lol

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    I hope to see another similar list which considers the cuisine and foods of other lesser known countries.

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    I am now regretting not eating dinner. Everything here looks so delicious! Also, this list is perfect for followups.

  • ABrutalKind

    Oh how this makes me want to travel. I am so sick of eating all this “Americanized” food here in the States. I am ready to really try food. Great list!

  • lo

    about the scotch- if a shot is 1.5 oz, there are 17 of them in a fifth. 600/17=35.29 so if you got the shot for $30 it was actually cheaper than buying it by the bottle, $90 cheaper…………

  • plasmatwa2

    @ABrutalKind (9): You know, I was in Naples a couple months ago on a university trip, and I never even thought about stopping for pizza. Talk about a wasted opportunity, huh?

  • lo


    *dried “currants” are actually small grape raisins, unrelated to fresh currants.

    *goliath tarantulas are a burrowing, not arboreal tarantula, so you won’t be finding them in trees, no matter how deep into the amazon you go…..

    *if you want to try a great and famed wine, do it now. climate change is already altering the acidity and sugar contents of the grapes in the world’s greatest european wineries. everything is moving north…….

    *the italians got their pasta from china and their tomatoes from the americas. italy has maybe 400 years of tomato sauces, south and central america have at least 2500.

    • nato2101

      To add to the Italian bit Pizza was actually imported from the Arabs and improved. It also depends what type of "pizza" you prefer, i am Italian but prefer the American style pizza to the really thin Neapolitan one.

  • milqytoast

    Fantastic list, although 10 is too small a number to include all the best delights around the world. Will definitely not die before I try at least 9 of these.

  • TXPnk

    It would be hard for the average person to try all these, how about a list of Delights “state side”. I would love to try the Romanee-Conti.

  • El the erf

    What? How does Alcohol qualify as a delight?? You might as well add drugs to this list. This is disgusting.

    • LOL!!!! Dude! You're just jealous you can't taste the delightful alcohol…

      This is an awesome list!!!

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    i suggest we try the coconut crab(kuratsa) from Zamoangga, southerrn Philippines. Only a suggestion.

  • mikerodz

    Zamboangga, I mean.

  • beforemee

    And what about Tokay Aszu? One of the best sweet white wine in the world… Sweet and strong as hell, yeah!

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    Nothing better than charred meat.

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    @El the erf (15): Erm, scotch actually fills the inner person with warm happiness.

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    @El the erf (15):

    so you don’t drink, or use recreational drugs. that’s nice.

    that doesn’t mean someone else having a glass of wine with dinner is “disgusting”. stop trying to impose your worldview on everyone. a cultural or religious preference is just that -a preference- where food and drink are concerned, and no culture is superior. to each their own.

  • Megacrust

    Please don’t be so greedy in the world, if you lead a good,noble life and atone for your sins,you’ll have a much better life and excellent food and drink in the life hereafter.

  • Titanium Black

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    Mmmm… this looks delicious, but where is the tasting menu at the French Laundry in Napa Valley, or at El Bulli in Spain?

  • El the erf

    @lo (21): So if thats the case,…well why the hell is cocaine and marijuana high up on this list will someone kindly explain. They are popular culture too …and for that matter extraordinarily ‘delightful’ too.

  • Thulsu

    I don’t think I’d have any qualms dying without having tried any of these, but I enjoyed the list nontheless. I have tried spaghetti and pizza in their native forms while visiting Italy and can say honestly that neither lived up to the hype. Being from California, I’ve found that our interpretations of many foreign dishes are quite frankly an improvement from their predecessors. Our produce is world class, from dates and pistachios to garlic and olives.

  • stefan

    Im going to visit athens soon, should be awesome !
    but a great list flamehorse, really well written and interesting.

    its a shame however that jfrater doesnt contribute as much anymore.. i was flicking through older lists and he used to comment every 5 – 10 cmnts !

  • El the erf

    NOT, i meant and WHY not??

  • BravehisTickle

    @El the erf (25): Where are cocaine and marijuana mentioned? I don’t see it.

  • BravehisTickle

    @El the erf (28): Ok I understood.

  • The boy from troy

    Booyah to yeh,you missed out on so many Indian dishes which are famous all over the world..just check out the variety

  • The boy from troy

    Well maybe not all over the world, but surely they are a real treat..ask anyone who has tasted Indian food.

  • BravehisTickle

    What about the Saudi Arabian kabsa?

  • Megacrust

    @flgh (20): That is just a false sense of happiness induced in you, real happiness comes from doing noble deeds and avoiding sin-causing practices.

  • Skrillah

    FlameHorse i could’ve come up with 10 more unique ideas for a list off the top of my head.

    When are we gonna see a list from Blog Ball?

  • Maximuz04

    I have never cared for scotch… but if there is one way to convince me.. its relating the taste to a campfire that wants to be your friend.

  • Geronimo1618

    Well,I hadn’t heard of some of these, thanks for the info and
    @Skrillah (35): Blogball is waiting with his masterpiece on the 25th.. :) that’s what it seems.

  • El the erf

    @The boy from troy (31): Those who haven’t had chicken tikka masala needn’t have come outta their momma’s wombs.

  • WiseMenSay

    does flamehorse write holiday borchures or something? :P

    completely agree with #7 (i think i ate at the restaurant on the left of the picture!). of course the only thing better than genuine italian pizza is genuine italian ice cream.

    really though, you haven’t lived till you’ve been to a bavarian stlye christmas market and had some gluhwein and a bratwurst :)

  • cerebro

    None of the romanian delights? Hhmm…

  • Arsnl

    @El the erf (15): maybe you dont fancy them but its amways fun once you’ve tested a couple of wines yourself to see the differences of taste(all the subtle aromas that the wine has)between them. I personally feel like one of those annoying french. But tasting cognac i dont get. I did try once a 10 year old one and it was amazing compared to a cheaper more recent one but you dont get the flavours of wine. A bit to strong for my taste
    @lo (21): he just stated an opinion. I havent been sent to jail for dissagreeing with him:)). Its a difference between imposing something and reading a comment and choosing to get angry. Why dont people get that they can skip comments

    moving on… A good list but i know greeks are orthodox christians so im not so sure about the catholic cemetary

  • Si Si

    @El the erf Because those things are illegal?

  • The boy from troy

    @El the erf (38): I did not mean ‘chicken tikka masala’, which is a British creation and not Indian, apparently you Britishers have a limited knowledge of Indian food, that’s why I ask people to research can check out

  • EfeDindar

    just to clerify a point ‘baklava’ is not a Greek delight you can check here other than that its a cool list with much to add :)

  • Malu

    If you want good churrasco in Brazil, the best places are to the south… In the north/northeast, try their typical foods!
    And if you want to eat anything, from anywhere, go to São Paulo ;P

  • lo

    @El the erf (25):

    maybe because even people use use marijuana or cocaine do not consider them “food and drink”……………..

  • Arsnl

    @cerebro (40): dude romania doesnt have an original cuisine. Its all taken from greeks and turks

  • Skrillah

    @ megacrust :I Agree 100%. Being a teetotaller and a vegetarian myself, Except for a Cheese pizza, I wouldn’t try anything suggested by this list…Till I Die.

    Our MAIN purpose of life should not be to indulge in these temporary and shallow delights. There are other amazing things that you could do before you die. How about;

    1) Providing dinner for a small orphanage.
    2) Giving something back to your Church,mosque,temple/shrine or where ever you practice your religion.( Atheists can at least surprise their parents or loved ones by giving small gifts occasionally, also applies to believers as well:P )
    3) Practicing some sort of relaxing meditation.
    4) Donating some money to a cancer/Aids or some other medical research center.
    5) Mastering a certain area of human knowledge ( Preferably non-destructive ;))

    We didn’t bring anything when we were born, and we don’t take anything when we die except for the good and the bad things we’ve done. Lets say you managed to try everything that this list ( Flamehorses) has suggested, and however, managed to do at least one thing( the small 5 point list)that i’ve suggested), Which would delight you more? which will bring happiness to you even when you reminisce?

  • El the erf

    @Si Si (42): And pray, for what reason? Because they are addictive?? Well, alcohol is no less then and should be banned too. This list says “before you die”. That is, it suggests the things which are worth dying for. Then give me one good reason why I shouldn’t get myself drunk, drugged, stoned and whateverelse before I die.

  • Kadinsky

    @megacrust(22/34)haaaahahaha lols. nice one ;)

  • Arsnl

    @EfeDindar (44): he did not say its greek. He just said its homemade. I know many people make that mistake but in greece you can get a great baklava like in turkey

  • Skrillah

    @ 37 Geronimo1618: Thanks for the info! :P

  • Megacrust

    @Skrillah (48): Thank you, I hope many people used to the finer things of life would listen to your suggestions.

  • tea

    anybody else think that writing [of bolognese from Bologna], “It’s almost as good as my recipe” is a bit… arrogant?

    to those who are saying, “what about a-b-c, or x-y-z”; the list isn’t called “top ten foods in the world”, it’s just a list of 10 foods to try. but i agree with the person who said that 10 is too small a number :)

  • Kadinsky

    @el the erf (49) I disagree that the list title implies that the items are woth dying for. But as for a good reason there are many, for me it’s muchos fun being drunk, drugged or stoned or drunk, drugged and stoned.

  • juanjux

    Churrasco is Spanish/Portuguese in origin (originally castillian if we want to zoom even more.)

    If you think Argentinian beef is good, try Avila’s one (Argentinian cows originate from the ones in Avila.)

  • Arsnl

    @Skrillah (48): you left out
    6) doing it with a really hot chick
    7)plant a tree, feed a dog, kill a fly, dont read whilst pooping or poop whilst reading,eat your brussel sprout(this you have to do daily)
    8)master an area of knowledge and try at your best of power to contribuite to that area of knowledge yourself
    9)be a good sport when you wife is cheating on you
    10)dont impregnate a chick and then just run away

  • lijn

    We all know that compiling a list of only 10 items will leave out too much. Understandable.
    But including German Syrup as something that will get you back on the wine-drinking track? Come on, everyone knows that german white wines are close to undrinkable. Maybe there are a cuple of good ones in the Elzas, but the I’d prefer their French conterparts anyway.
    If you go to Bavaria try beer. It ranks among the best in the world. And if you happen to like fortified white wine (only for dessert please), try Rivesaltes, or Port.
    Oh, and if you’re in Bologna, do not order spaghetti Bolognese. They’ll know you’re a tourist the instant you do. Order Tortelloni con crema or al brodo: that’s the dish the locals are most proud of.

  • The boy from troy

    Hey Skrillah, can you gimme the info on some really good Sri Lankan food? Coz I haven’t heard of any popular/famous Sri Lankan food in India..

  • Skrillah

    @ 57 Arsnl : LOL! Couldn’t have completed the list better! Good job! It’s deeper than it seems as well.

    However, i’d like to make a little change in # 7, a ”fly” should be replaced with a ”Neo-Conservative Podsnap”.

  • Arsnl

    @Skrillah (60): sadly i did more on your list than on mine. About the fly- guns dont kill people. Flies kill people

  • Kibey

    Spaghetti Bolognese and Pizza? Dude, are you some kind of weird shut in?

  • Skrillah

    @ 59 The boy from troy :Sup Neighbor!

    I don’t know how the heck you got to know that i’m Sri lankan :P, But anyways, You may want to try some of these:

    1) Spicy baby jackfruit curry cooked over a slow flame.( My favorite)

    2) Hoppers with a crispy crust.( These are delicious with Chillie and Chic pea curry cooked indian style)

    3) Jackfruit seeds. ( When cooked properly (the curry should be really hot and spicy), this is a party inside your mouth)

    4)Spicy Biling curry ( Heres the fruit - This kinda tastes like mango curry, but the taste is intense, this goes well with a cashew nut curry with Basmati rice.

    Thats all that comes to my mind right now, These are all vegetarian dishes as you see, and i tried to be 100 % Sri Lankan with this. Not sure whether these foods are available in India, And you have to come to Sri Lanka if you really wanna delight your taste buds.

    Hope i’ve helped. :P

  • Morticia

    Cant say anything on this list grabs me, but then I am a really fussy eater – but great list nonetheless!

  • The boy from troy

    @Skrillah (63): Wow,that sounds exotic but haven’t heard of any in India..I’ll have to find out.Mebbe some restaurant serves it and I don’t know.. And let’s wait for the next cricket tournament to take place, maybe I’ll come to Sri Lanka then :)

  • El the erf

    @Arsnl (41): atleast we don’t disagree on one thing….. @jfrater:what about those goddammed submarine storieeeeeeeees!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

  • The boy from troy

    And I heard about this sweet also ‘Kevun’ or ‘Kavun’ from a folktale of Sri Lanka- a Kevun Appu tale or something like that..I felt real hungry reading that.

  • Arsnl

    @El the erf (66): he said he’ll post them when he’s ready:p. We’re back at square 1:)))

  • TonyR

    Afternoon delight.

  • BravehisTickle

    @El the erf (66): Oh boy here we go again..c’mon Arsnl baby ask your trademark quezzen :)

  • Skrillah

    @ 65 The boy from troy :

    Hey Good luck finding these foods in India,And about cricket.. Ya’ll really kicked our asses in the test series huh? Hopefully well make a comeback on the 9th.
    You are welcomed anytime here. :)

  • WiseMenSay

    wow, the preachy morality brigade is really out in force today…

  • Jack Deth

    Great list, Flamehorse. I really like your writing style too, you’ve added a bit of extra info about the area an suchlike.

    To a few of the other posters, it sounds like you’re from some diverse locations, instead of saying ‘you’ve missed out this or that’ why not write your own list of food and drink from your own area?

    I’d love to see some of the stuff that you guys eat, and there’s no better guide than a local guide. How about it?

  • Skrillah

    Oil cake (konda kavum or simply ”kavum”): made of rice flour, treacle, coconut milk.One of the popular food items here. Specially in the New year season. Image-

    Looks weird but, ive got only three letters for the taste- OMG!

  • oouchan

    I would like to try Churrasco, since it looks really good. A greek family I know had made the lamb above and it was awesome!

    I would also add that traveling outside of your natural habitat would be a bonus in life. Just by getting out and seeing the world would add value. I want to see an opera or play from a different county. To me, that would be a delight.

  • The boy from troy

    @Skrillah (71): Oh I just hope the cricket result was not a momentary delusion and we slide down the rankings..I really missed Jayasuriya,he always performs well in India and is a treat to watch.

  • char

    Number 7, in naples. AMAZING! i went a few years ago, and honestly the pizza is like no pizza you will have ever had. i had sunstroke and still managed to eat nearly a whole one it was THAT good. cant wait to go back!

  • The boy from troy

    @Skrillah (74): Wow that looks bloody tasty :) Actually it seems very sugary type, thank you for correcting me on the name.

  • Turnipshade

    Well, Flamehorse must be thinkin’ of opening a website :) (exclusive lists of flamehorse from listverse :)
    And davy m’boy where are you- BTW nice list,Flamehorse.Well researched and well written.
    Got it? hahaahahaha

  • mom424

    Excellent list Flamehorse. Eating is my favorite thing and entirely why I learned to cook. Everything looks awesome, excepting the Scotch. Even 30 dollar a shot Scotch is gonna taste like peat. Smooth, warm, peat but peat none-the-less. Who but the Scots would figure that that shit is edible, in any form? Too cheap to just use it for fuel, gardening and insulation. Lets drink it too. Yuck.

    @El the erf (15): A good wine or spirit is a wonderful thing. I’ve not been drunk in over 20 years but I’ve still enjoyed a nice glass of robust red wine (my favorite)now and again. A Margarita, properly made with crunchy salt on the rim of the glass, is a summer treat. Moderation boy – you know you can have a drink or two without getting wasted? Geez.

  • Simone

    I live in Bologna. It’s quite unlikely you had proper spaghetti alla bolognese at Clorofilla (if by “alla bolognese” you meant meat and tomato, that we call “ragù” – meat is mainly pork sausage, at least according to my mother recipe) ’cause that place serves macrobiotic, vegetarian food ONLY… :-) by the way, thanks for the n.1 spot in your list, actually I’m going to eat my mother “ragù” right now, I store it in the refrigerator…. yummy…. :-(

  • Rex

    A true connoisseur-list!

    If youre gonna make another be sure to include:

    Danish fjord-shrimp
    Beluga caviar
    Chateau D´Yqem
    White Truffles
    Norwegian Virgin-lobster
    Scottish Scallops with applejam
    Gallato in Rome og Bologna
    Drinking a great Barolo i Piemonte, Italy
    French Oysters
    American Maine lobster
    Spanish Black foot ham

  • mikerodz

    The boy from Troy


  • Delish

    Nearly all of these are European… lol
    I’ve had quite a lot of these delights cause of that, someone should make a list of American delights :]

  • bucslim

    First of all, there are plenty of other Scotch’s out there that are just as good, if not better than the one listed and it’s my intention to drink them all. In one sitting. Mainly because one commenter here tells me it’s bad and disgusting. I’m sure it will make me kick the dog, drive over people and beat up my kids, but it sure tastes good. Only people who’ve never tried a good wine or a tasty scotch or a gin and tonic or a martini shaken not stirred or bourbon or tequila or thrown up a sloe gin fizz in high school are going to look down their condescending noses and tell everybody else that it’s bad and disgusting – go back to drinking your chocolate milk or Hi C juice box, you child. Adults are talking here. When you’re done with that, clean up your room and go to bed or you’ll get a spanking.

    Secondly, I have not, nor do I ever intend on eating something named after diseased genitalia. I don’t want to be in a position of having to answer the question, “What did you have for desert?” So let’s just say it leaves more for you. Change the fuckin name.

  • Silentwind

    Scottish Whisky: Glenmorangie 18 yr old is truly nectar of the gods. Fine whisky deserves it’s own own top 10. Can’t afford to test this out with a goverment grant….

  • Hikari

    Well, this list isn’t Euro-centric at all.

    Peru, India, and Japan have the best foods of places I have traveled. I hear from friends that have been that China is amazing, too

  • Diogenes


    american delights you ask?

    a 40 of ole’ E
    a fat blunt
    and a trashy downtown hooker

    close the lid, i’m done.

  • brett coster

    Where’s the Vegemite?

  • electrocosmic

    It’s ok but Not my cup of tea as far as alcohol is concerned.
    Anyway, good try.

  • Randall

    Nice list, but a couple “corrections”:

    @lo (12):

    Actually, the idea that the Italians got pasta from the Chinese is quite possibly a myth, derived, of course, from the tales of Marco Polo. In fact, however, there’s reason to believe the ancient Romans had pasta, though it was of primitive varieties of course. They certainly made sure they had a constant and voluminous source of wheat (largely from Egypt) and not ALL of this was used for bread. You’re right about the fact that there were no tomatoes in the Old World, however, prior to the discovery of the New.

    Back to the list. First of all, I agree with bucslim—there’s other Scotch’s that are just as good. More importantly, however, let’s address this pizza issue.

    My ex-wife is Italian. She had family in Italy that she was close to, and her grandfather even still owned an olive orchard there. I have it on HER word (I never got the chance to confirm it personally) that great American pizza is superior to pizza made IN Italy. It’s not that Italian pizza is bad—it’s great. But up until recently, it also wasn’t what WE would call “pizza.” It was a modified foccacia. (An aside… I remember fondly my later British girlfriend’s way of pronouncing “foccacia”… which as we know is properly said “FOH-KAHSH-YAH.” She, however, pronounced it, “FO-KAH-SEE-YA.” I thought that cute). I suppose this is all a matter of taste and argument… but c’mon–pizza is pizza. Once you’ve got it down so that you make it great, one great pizza is pretty much the same as another great pizza. It’s all in the dough and the sauce and the quality of the cheese. In short, great ingredients are the first step to a great pizza. So to say one is truly better than another (USA vs. Italy) is probably bullshit. There’s horribly substandard pizza in the US and my ex-wife can attest to the fact that there’s horribly substandard pizza in Italy too.

    Moreover, the idea that pizza was “invented” in Naples is an oldie, by like all such stories, not entirely substantiated. Who says it was “invented” there? The Greeks had something LIKE pizza back in 500BC. (A kind of foccacia, again). We might as well say THEY invented it. (As a part Greek, I of course put forward that claim, only partly tongue-in-cheek). But really, let’s face it–pizza as we know it–PIZZA–was invented in New York City about a hundred years or so ago. And as a New Yorker, I also make that proud claim—in a far less tongue-in-cheek manner.

    Lastly, by the way, my ex-wife made EXCELLENT pizza. I DO miss her cooking, along with… a few other things.

    FINALLY… I’m glad that roasted lamb from Crete was included here… GREAT choice. You get as close to fundamental cooking with that as you can ANYWHERE on earth. However, you’re less likely to drink ouzo in Crete than you are raki—which is basically a kind of grappa, and if anything deserves the label “firewater,” it’s raki.

  • WiseMenSay

    i think it was the pizza margherita (rather than pizza in general) that was invented in Naples – certainly there is a restaurant there with a plaque that makes that claim. whether this is entirely true or not i guess we’ll never really know, though…

  • lo

    @Randall (91):

    hey randall, well, i was just repeating flamehorse’s thoughts on the pasta, while filling him in on the tomato part. it’s interesting that the roman’s may have had pasta, i’ve never heard that before.

  • Randall

    @lo (93):

    Sorry, I missed that part where he made the Chinese claim. My apologies. Anyway, Flamehorse, I stop short of saying that’s total BS (that the Chinese invented pasta) but I step very close to the edge of it.

  • ianz09

    What? No Cinnabon?

    CInnabon is deep-fried in a vat of sunshine and children’s laughter.

    Cinnabon is an FDA-approved anti-depressant.

    Getting diabetes from Cinnabon is the best kind of diabetes.

    Eating yourself to death on Cinnabon is the only known way to die smiling.

    I could go on.

    No but in seriousness, awesome list FlameHorse! You have given me the urge to travel. I know what I’m doing after I graduate college. I’m not a fat American right now, but I’m about to travel the globe and become one.

  • DoubleT

    It’s like a top 10 of American cliches about Europe, you know, that boring old continent that consists of England, France, Germany, Italy, Greece and… and… well that’s it: England, France, Germany, Italy and Greece. Broaden your horizons a bit… there are also Czechs, Hungarians, Croatians, Turks, Slovenians, Portuguese, Serbs (etc. etc.) with some REAL non-cliche fantabulous delights that will remain undiscovered because certain listmakers only dare to walk the road MORE traveled…

  • Jack

    @bucslim (85): let’s not change the name – it’s been round longer than “dick” became a colloquialism for penis. Much the same with “gay” meaning happy. Plus it tastes great. The pudding that is.

  • krishna

    hyderabadi dum biriyani ,you’ve got to try that before you die

  • Randall

    From a gastronomic website, on the origins of pasta:

    …There is validity, however, in the belief that the Ancient Greeks and Romans had discovered some form of flattened dough – this a broad noodle called in Greek ‘laganon.’ (Randall here—this is, as you can imagine, similar to what we know as “lasagna.” And yes, the theory is that “lasagne” IS of ancient Greek origin… in Greece it is known today as a kind of “pastitsio”). It is significant, however, that this was not boiled as we boil lasagna noodles, but roasted on hot stones or in ovens – more related to what we would think of as pizza.

    Apicius, a Roman writer of the first century AD describes a pasta made “to enclose timballi and pies…” These were called “lagana.’ The recipe for the dough is not given, however there are suggestions for layering and seasoning with meat and fish.

    The first certain record of noodles cooked by boiling is in the Jerusalem Talmud, written in Aramaic in the 5th century AD. The word used for the noodles was itriyah. In Arabic references this word stands for the dried noodles purchased from a vendor, rather than homemade noodles which would have been fresh. Dried noodles are portable, while fresh must be eaten immediately. More than likely, pasta was introduced during the Arab conquests of Sicily, carried in as a dry staple. The Arab geographer, Al Idrisi wrote that a flour-based product in the shape of strings was produced in Palermo, then an Arab colony.

    Some historians think the Sicilian word “maccaruni” which translates as “made into a dough by force” is the origin of our word, macaroni. Anyone who has kneaded durum wheat knows that force is necessary.

    In the ancient methods of making pasta, force meant kneading the dough with the feet, often a process that took a full day. Ancient Sicilian lasagna dishes, some still eaten in Sicily today, included raisins and spices brought by the Arab invaders, another indication that the Arabs introduced pasta. Whether the Arabs sauced pasta is questionable, and the array of sauces may be an Italian invention. What is certain is that the climate of Italy was perfect for growing durum wheat, a hard wheat from which we get semolina, and the availability of the wheat ensured its popularity. Soft wheat can be used for fresh pasta, but semolina is used for dried pasta.

    The romantic myth that Marco Polo brought pasta on his return from China has long been debunked. Our friend, Marco, returned in 1295 after twenty-odd years of travel away from Italy. In 1279, however, a Genoese soldier listed in the inventory of his estate a basket of dried pasta (‘una bariscella plena de macaronis’). The Chinese are known to have been eating a “noodle-like food” as early as 3000 BC. Marco Polo describes a starchy product made from breadfruit – hardly durum wheat.

    The first mention of a recipe is in the book “De arte Coquinaria per vermicelli e maccaroni siciliani” (The Art of Cooking Sicilian macaroni and Vermicelli). This was recorded by the chef to the Patriarch of Acquileia. The first historical references to dried pasta made in proportions large enough to be offered for sale are found in the city of Palermo.


    NOW… my (Randall) follow-up on this issue of ancient Roman pasta:

    There are tantalizing suggestions (pardon the pun) of a kind of ancient Roman pasta that goes beyond the descriptions offered above, and are thought to have been boiled, as we boil pasta today, and consider to be part of what is “pasta proper.” These suggestions are in the form of written fragments and fragmentary quotes from later sources (Apicius, mentioned above, is the main source for info on ancient Roman cuisine, but there are bits and pieces from others as well) as well as mosaic and mural depictions found in various places. We have no PROOF that the ancient Romans had what we today would call “pasta,” but it seems more than likely they did.

  • Jack

    @El the erf (38): Chicken Tikka Masala isn’t indian, it’s British.

  • Scratch

    @plasmatwa2 (1):

    Sacre bleu de colisse de tabernak, poutine vous va tuer.

    Mais, c’est bien.

  • Randall

    Sorry… I should add that I am NOT dissing the contribution of the ancient Chinese to the wonderful world of the noodle. The only question is did modern Italians get their pasta from the Chinese—which is almost certainly a myth—or did it exist in Italy prior to the wanderings of Marco Polo, and so forth? In short, did the ancient Romans have it, or something like it?

    Again, from the website I cited above:

    The Chinese did not use the word pasta which is Italian. However the oldest form of this noodle has been unearthed in an overturned, sealed bowl at an archaeological site in Lajia (northwestern China). The bowl was buried under ten feet of sediment.

    Unlike our semolina pasta, these noodles were made from two varieties of millet which was highly cultivated throughout Chinese history, dating back 7000 years .

    “This shows a fairly high level of food processing and culinary sophistication,” stated archaeochemist Patrick McGovern at the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia.

    While this gives evidence of the long Chinese history, the pasta we have eaten throughout western history still must have been introduced into western diets through the Arabs and their travels.


    So… we’re more apt to thank the Arabs for pasta than the Chinese, if you go back to the origin of it… but the other thought not taken up here is this: there’s evidence the Chinese were messing around with grains to create a kind of noodle going back *thousands* of years. Now, no disrespect to the Chinese, but if THEY came up with the idea thousands of years ago, surely others could have come up with it independently. And possibly the Greeks and Romans DID. At any rate, it is almost certainly wrong to think that no one in Europe had pasta until the 14th or 15th century. Rather, it’s almost certainly correct that pasta existed in Italy, at least, long before that.

  • tot

    List needs some authentic philly cheesesteak

  • bassbait

    All of this stuff is too expensive for me. I’ll just stick to top ramen…

  • Oooo

    I have never tried a cheeseburger. Are they good?

  • bassbait

    But, honestly, in response to my own comment…

    a list like this is cool and all, but I would rather die than try any of these. Mainly because they are most likely REALLY expensive, but also because some of them look and sound disgusting. The best foods I have are local.

    Daphne’s Greek Cafe, Sbarro’s Pizza, and coco’s (only because of the pancakes.)

  • Lucas

    I’m hoping you said “jungle to jungle” in a figurative way, because Brazil is not just Amazon, dude.

    The Amazon, in fact, is just a portion of Brazil that 10% brazilians visited, and the other 90% have never step foot in it before.

    Yes, the brazilian media showed a f*cked up and distorted reality, but it’s not like that. Sure hope the Olimpics can change that.

  • gav

    Charred chunks of animal flesh, bottled drugs, peasant food… and for dessert, you have a choice of dried up cake or a spotted dick…

    This is truly a list for the people who don’t want the best in life to pass them by. Bon Apetit!

    And yes, if I am going to die, I would like to try cocaine, marijuana and maybe a bit of heroin and ecstacy for good measure. But I’ll have the scotch first. I wouldn’t want the heroin to taint its flavor and smoothness…

  • Carl

    My God! Can someone get rid of that El the erf person?
    I’m ridiculously hungry right now…
    I can’t wait for my trip to Italy for spring break!!! I’ve already decided to forego buying souvenirs to spend all my money on food…even though my meals are paid for…And the drinking age is 16! I can have wine! Yay!

  • Yawyack

    @El the erf (25):

    Looking down on people who enjoy the taste of an alcoholic beverage because it has alcohol in it, believing they are just after another fix, is pretty ignorant. Lots of people drink alcohol for the taste not just to get drunk. Otherwise why would anyone buy anything other than vodka? Personally, on a nice warm summer day, there is nothing better than the taste of a really good cool lager. Can people really say the same about cocaine or marijuana? I think not.

    Sorry but I feel the need to re-post what bucslim said:

    “Only people who’ve never tried a good wine or a tasty scotch or a gin and tonic or a martini shaken not stirred or bourbon or tequila or thrown up a sloe gin fizz in high school are going to look down their condescending noses and tell everybody else that it’s bad and disgusting”

  • Yawyack

    @gav (108):


  • Yawyack

    @gav (108):

    The only food I’m interested in eating before I die is anything that is smothered on Avril Lavigne’s naked body.

  • Courtney

    I have personally experienced number 1 and 7, and I have to say that I agree ENTIRELY. I ate Napolitan pizza under the shadow of Mt Vesuvius, whilst being serenaded by an Italian man playing the guitar. It was awesome.

    I get sad now when I have to eat the Western excuse for pasta. The best pasta I ever had was at my hotel in Rome; I don’t normally like tomatoes on my pasta, but this stuff had the most exquisite, well balanced flavour I have ever tasted.

  • Jack

    @bassbait (106): Sbarro’s Pizza is your idea of top quality food..? Oh dear. Please do yourself a favour and see some more of the world, even if it’s just a restaurant, or better yet, get a proper recipe and cook it yourself. Mass produced crap is not a delicacy.

  • Renan_Grená

    Forget about Italy… São Paulo, Brazil, has,officially, the best pizza in the world.

  • El the erf

    @mom424 (80):
    Why,then I can surely say the same for cocaine,right ??
    One or two snorts don’t hurt..for the sake of merriment hey!
    And I assure you its more enjoyable, much more than your robust red wine.

    @bucslim (85):
    Save the chocolate milk for your kids granpa
    I am not the kid of the 60’s who used to grow up on his mama’s milk, I am more of the Alex DeLarge type who smacks his lips after a dose of mescaline-spiked milk.
    As for you, yes you may drink dear. You are an adult now!

  • Scratch

    @El the erf (117):

    So what do you propose, bringing back the Prohibition or legalizing marijuana and cocaine?

  • lo

    can anyone even remember a comment el the erf has made that contributed anything interesting to any list? all he does is put in baity little troll hooks and talk about “submarine stories”. how boring.

  • undaunted warrior

    Enjoyed the list, I am a small eater ie: I would rather eat a starter sip a good wine, and enjoy the company of good friends.

    What I really enyoyed was some Greek starters.

    Keftedakia was one of them fried meat balls, garlic and bread with lemon, Melitzanosaluta was anouther eggplant puree withchopped garlic and olive oil eaten with bread.

    Tis was all washed down with a glass or 3 of Tsipoure, powerfull stuff that shit.

    Sorry for the typeing errors.

  • Fat-ass

    @Oooo (105): You’re kidding

  • El the erf

    @Scratch (118): If you have read comment 85 you will know that bringing back the Prohibition Act would serve NO purpose. People who WANT to drink WILL and they WILL no doubt end up kicking the dog, driving over people and beating up their kids.
    And obviously the second proposal is in itself a gargantuan piece of trash.
    I just want people to stop gloryfying these weapons of self destruction.Please.Peace.

  • nyota0uhura

    Not a bad list but… where’s sushi? C’mon!

    I’ve been to Bologna too and it’s true. The best spaghetti bolognese ever and a really beautiful city, with a really great vibe (unlike most of Italy currently).

  • lrigD

    This is a good list, I really liked it =) And now I have some goals in life!

    Though I have to add that 2 out of 3 nights I ate pizza in Rome (not Naples, but still Italy), the pizza was not that great. The other night, however – was awesome.
    Try ice cream in Rome though – you can’t go wrong there.

    Also, sachertorte is awesome =) I’ve never had the ‘real’ kind, but there are some delicious ‘fakes’ here in the Netherlands =)

  • El the erf

    @lo (119):
    I find the Twilight tv series boring.
    I hate it.
    In fact I detest it.


    The moral of the story is…

  • oouchan

    @lo (119): I starting to agree with you.

    As for alcohol….I have maybe a total of 3 drinks per year. I hate wine and most hard liqueur. I like beer once in a while. I see no problem with the scotch being included on this list.
    What is food without drink?

  • El the erf

    fuck off

  • Yawyack

    @El the erf (117):

    What did I just say a few posts up? Its about the taste not the high! Why do you insist on posting comments on subjects you know nothing about? And when people do question you, you largely ignore them.

    You started off as a troll and you will always be a troll. You just crave the attention of the Listeverse regulars. It really is immature.

  • oouchan

    *** I’m not I


  • archiealt

    @El the erf (122):

    Before you say anything else I suggest you grow up. Otherwise you are going to continue sounding like a fool. Just a heads up.

  • Scratch

    @El the erf (122):

    Well, that makes absolutely no sense.

    I’m sorry I asked.

  • Jordybear

    Holy shit!!! The internet, and more specifically Listverse, is one of the only mediums in known existence where a simple discussion about food and drink can turn into a religious discussion!!!

    Get a grip!! You love Jesus?! Good for you, well done! What the hell does that have to do with this list?! And just a passing comment to Srkillah @48, maybe if you spent more time doing the things that are clearly so important to you that you felt the need to post them in the comments section of an entirely unrelated list and spent less time of Listverse, then maybe, just maybe, you would be humbled enough not to develop the self righteous urge to tell other people what they should be doing with their lives!! Pious much?!

  • Sailortiger

    Churrasco, OH! I did that! In Belo Horizonte and Rio De Janeiro! It was very fun. Its like a buffett but they bring you meat on metal rods right from the spit! rare – no problem they will bring it to you!I tried the beef. Interesting thing about Brazil, they DO NOT have milk cows. So all the cows are meat cows. (milk is powered or expensive) Tender and wonderfully cheap they cook it over an open fire with only salt. At the churrasco I tried snake and armadillo amoung other meats. The armadillio was diffult to translate and we all had a laugh as they tried to describe the animal, it was greasy and fatty.
    Also America is staring to get into Churrasco. Go to Lowell, Massachussetts, and visit The Oasis a small place with great food and live music. There is another one but I forget the name. The Brazilian population there is booming and so are the resteraunts. Enjoy!

  • Ryan

    @El the erf (117): Umm, nope two snorts will definetly have a noticable affect on you, unless it’s shit coke(And yes, I’ve tried it in more than one way; no, I don’t do it anymore). And to be honest drinking is a lot more fun and enjoyable than snorting coke or getting stoned, believe me.

  • BashiBazouk

    @ 48 Skrillah, Very Enlightening! Comments like that just make you think. Peace!

    Flamehorse good list tho.

  • Stefani

    ” It’s almost as good as my recipe. ”

    lol, get over yourself.

  • Randall

    @bucslim (85):

    I wholeheartedly agree.

    “First of all, there are plenty of other Scotch’s out there that are just as good, if not better than the one listed and it’s my intention to drink them all.”

    100% agreement. I had some stuff in Maine once (single malt Scotch) that came in a wooden box… Jesus it was like liquid sex. I wish I could remember the goddamn name of it.

    “Only people who’ve never tried a good wine or a tasty scotch or a gin and tonic or a martini shaken not stirred or bourbon or tequila or thrown up a sloe gin fizz in high school are going to look down their condescending noses and tell everybody else that it’s bad and disgusting”

    Again, 100% enthusiastic agreement. Alcohol CAN be a pleasure, a delight. Sometimes for the sense of drunkenness itself, but more often, when it’s very well made, for the wonderful taste and the complement that it offers to food and life and the experience of a day.

    “Secondly, I have not, nor do I ever intend on eating something named after diseased genitalia. I don’t want to be in a position of having to answer the question, “What did you have for desert?” So let’s just say it leaves more for you. Change the fuckin name.”

    Sadly, I’ve had the weirdly-named “spotted dick,” and I saw and tasted nothing great about it. It’s like saying black pudding should be experienced before one dies. I say not.

  • jubyduk

    Suggestion: Niagara valley ice wine with apple crisp desert highlighted with maple syrup. In and of itself, Canadian ice wine is sweet and just OK (IMHO). But take a sip after a bite of sweet desert and it shows its true genius. A delight that must be had to truly appreciate the rich flavor explosion that ensues. Heaven on earth.

  • Davy

    El the Erf, how old are you? 14? You’re comparing wine to marijuana and cocaine? Seriously?

  • RedMan

    Everything on here sounds wonderful to me except the chocolate cake, spotted dick, and sugary wine. I never liked sweet foods. I would love to try the lamb at least once. Good list.

  • Davy

    Very good list, flamehorse, as usual. I’ve been to Naples and I have to say, the pizza there is amazing.

  • Italo Canadese

    Southern Italian cuisine is so much better than Northern Italian, I think the rank for Pizza Napolitana and Spaghetti alla Bolognese should be switched. Northern Italian food, just like the people, is bland and tasteless, the South is where its at!

    But great list! I love Scotch! Scotch, Scotch, Scotch, so warm in my belly!

  • shadydeathrow

    i think ouzo should be in there instead of lamp as far as the greek cuisine goes but nevertheless a nice list

  • crispin

    @El the erf (117): Until someone spikes your apple juice with LSD, an event I do hope occurs in your future, please shut up about things you do not know about. Many people are able to enjoy a wide variety of “harmful” or “self-destructive” substances in moderation. Just because you have little to no self-control and are not able to control yourself does not mean that other people have similar problems. To villify those who enjoy a glass or two of wine because you or someone else you know has a problem with it is an overgeneralization and frankly makes you look like an idiot. Think before you type, sir.

  • Luanna

    Churrascoooooooo! Any town in BRA serves it, the noble meat can be found in SP and RJ.

  • psychosurfer

    Is there really a point to answer to such foolness?
    As we say down here “Caviar is not for pigs”

  • psychosurfer

    @lo (119): Yes I do! Once he said something intelligent about…
    No sorry, it was someone else.

  • bucslim

    @Randall (137):

    “I’ve had . . .“spotted dick.””

    I knew that.

  • whathappened?

    Excellent list! Made me seriously consider visiting Greece as soon as I get a chance, and I desperately want to try this scotch that will taste like a friendly, hugging campfire. I’ve recently stopped reading comments on lists altogether, but thought there couldn’t possibly be much mind-numbing debate about this list, as it was well written and researched, so I was unpleasantly surprised to see the “enjoying material things is evil” comments. Why do people bother leaving such comments? Though giving back and doing productive things for the world is important and rewarding, there is nothing wrong with enjoying life to the fullest of your capabilities and I would like anyone who disagrees to prove otherwise.
    @ El the erf(122)
    Judging from your comments, you have either never drank alcohol or have an extremely skewed view of its effect on people. Abusing alcohol is obviously extremely dangerous, but so is having too much of anything. Enjoyed in moderation and for its taste, alcohol will not lead to your immediate demise or force you to commit murder or whatever you think it does.

  • deeeziner

    If we’re bringing up the subject of primitive prepared meats (no offense intended) you cannot fail to mention pit roasted pig.

    Savory, roasted in it’s own juices, with the taste of natural woods and leaves included in the pit, the meat so tender it falls apart in your fingers.

    And usually served in a large group, a pit roast party is a thing of beauty.

    Damn, I’ve just awakened my inner meat monster…come here kitty, kitty. :P

  • ladymiranoy

    Cool list! Though it IS possible to get Sachertorte outside of those two places… there are some bakeries that make it in the States. I’ve tried it before, and it’s lovely.

    Also, El the Erf… please just stop already. You’re no bucslim and you’re no jajdude. You just stir people up for the fun of it and end up making yourself look like a jerk in the meantime. Nobody takes you seriously, Internet Tough Guy. And JF will never give you an award for crapping up his site with your comments.

  • Randall

    @bucslim (148):

    Shit. I walked right into that one.

  • oouchan

    @Randall (152): Better than backing into it. :)

    @deeeziner (150): I completely forgot that one! Haven’t had pit pig in forever. It was the best meat…I’m going to do research online to see if they have someone that does it around here.

  • Shannon

    Never quite developed a taste for Scotch. Back when I could drink the fruits of the grains, my personal favorite was Old No. 7, Black Label from Lynchburg, TN. I was, however, on good speaking terms with senor Jose’ of the Cuervo clan as well as Mons. Pierre Smirnoff. If I was forced to pick just one though, Mr. James Daniel’s oaken laced concoction was the first choice. Sadly, I can no longer “partake” of these delicacies of the glass. Alcohol and venaflexidine do NOT mix well.

    Overall, speaking as a fat and proud American, I think this is a wonderful list and as soon as I can figure a way to get most of it without getting on an airplane, I’ll have to give it a try.

    The list does have one glaring omission. No ice cream. Ice cream, as all true intellectuals know, makes the world go round. Happiness in a frozen tub.

    On the subject of pizza, does the legend of the Napoli invention of pizza stem from the, at the time, recent independence of Italy? I seem to recall reading somewhere that the first pizza was an homage to the Italian flag with Red tomatoes and sauce, White mozzarella cheese, and Green basil and other herbs.

    Of course, as pizza goes, my best friend in college maintained that pizza was like sex in that there was no such thing as “bad” pizza, only varying degrees of “good.” But ANY pizza was better than NO pizza.

  • Oooo

    @Fat-ass (121): Yes I am. But, I bet if they were expensive or difficult to get, people would be raving about how tasty they are!!!

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @El the erf (122): You’re obviously like 12 in which case I can excuse your ignorance. If not go shoot yourself in the nuts, so there will never be any little erfs running around being as dumb as you. Don’t talk about alcohol because it sounds like you have never had anything but natty and box wine.

    Great list! I definitely want to try a bunch of these at some point. Only thing I would add is lobster.

  • Shannon

    @deeeziner (150):
    Not only is a pit roasted pig pickin’ a delight in itself, but few events are quite as much fun as the sitting around all night and tending to the cooking hog, usually accompanied by ice cold brews or shots of something warmer, depending on the prevailing weather, of course.

  • Flamehorse

    @General Tits Von Chodehoffen (156): Lobster is at #3.

  • Oooo

    @Shannon (154): What the fuck is venaflexidine?

  • Marco Rotta

    “Churrasco” in Belem (Brazil)?! Forgive me, but you know nothing about it…

  • Danny

    lol @ all the people who are anti-drinking or experiencing new things… I genuinely pity those people who do not make the most of their lives and go out and try to experience as much and as many different things as they can, like this list is trying to promote. They are truly missing out on some amazing things. I was just abroad all last year and it was the best time of my life. I urge everyone to travel and experience other cultures.

  • agginym

    @El the erf (15): some people like drinking. dont you think your over reacting? having a glass of wine or a glass of scotch is no big deal. its not like doing a fat rail of blow and banging hookers or something.

  • Doug

    I would add a good, aged cuban cigar to this list, especially a montecristo

  • kennypo65

    If one is going to Bavaria, then try a beer called Schnieder Wiesse. It is a unique beer that is turbid(that means unfiltered) so sediment will form on the bottom of the glass.(or not, if you drink it fast enough) Fruity and robust, and very different from a lager or pilsner. A James Bond Martini(Shaken, not stirred) will be watered down because shaking breaks up the ice.

  • Kris Kringle

    Why isn’t anal sex on the list?

  • Oooo

    Anal sex? Why isn’t pussy on the list?

  • fruit grower

    “*dried “currants” are actually small grape raisins, unrelated to fresh currants.”
    umm actually no, they’re not. dried currants are exactly that – dried currants, not to be confused with sultanas, raisins and the so called “zante currant” which are all dried grapes. if you are buying raisins marketed as currants then you should go complain to trading standards, unless they are specifically labled “zante”
    . dried currants have a completely different flavour to raisins and sultanas and have many tiny seeds inside of them. currants can be dried from black, red or white fruit but mostly from the commonly grown black fruit.

    yes, i’m being picky about this but i feel i have the right as my family have been exclusively growing currants for making fruit juices, concentrates and baking for centuries.

  • superbloop

    Unfortanatly, some of these things looks so fattening that eating them WILL be the last thing before they die.

  • Gatsby

    I didn’t like spotted dick. Loved Sachertorte. And back when I drank I enjoyed Scotch quite a bit. The list is a bit Eurocentric with only two exceptions. I’ve always wanted to try true kobe beef. We get this knock off crap over here in America they call kobe beef, but it’s not.

    Ragu alla Bolognese is really peasant food though, no? I’ve had it a million different ways. I don’t know if I’d actually want to go to a restaurant for it. I’d rather go to someone’s grandmother’s house and have her version.

  • deeeziner

    @El the erf (66): C’mon El…you LIVE at this site anymore…You know Jamie finally responded to Arsnl on the subject. A post such as yours is the very definition of the word troll.

    Aside from your ill thought out, immature, out of context, knee jerk comments on things in
    general…Comment #66 just really sank you to the bottom of the barrel. AGAIN.

    If you insist upon poking the bear… At least take the time to use a more creative “schtick”.

  • lo

    @fruit grower (167):

    is that true in the UK?

  • deeeziner

    @oouchan (153): My experience with pit pig was in the P.I. when I was a very young child…Talk about making an impression, 40+ years later, I can still remember that steaming heaven, served on banana leaf “plates”.

    So yeah it would be way cool to know that there is a local server of that delight–Western style!

  • bucslim

    @oouchan (153):

    A masterful comeback. (no pun intended, really)

  • lo

    @fruit grower (167):

    i always thought the ones used for baked goods in the UK -like the spotted dick in this list- were generally the zante currants, which are in fact grapes…..

    what country is your family business in?

  • Kufrovich

    @El the erf (everything)
    You are truly one of those people that make me lose faith in humanity. Your ludicrous accusations and skewed conceptions of not only culture but moral responsibilities, inspired me to take a break from a counter-insurgency paper just to comment on this thread.

    Also I wish people would stop using casual/entertainment websites as a forum to promote their particular religious views. Sure there’s nothing wrong with building a church or giving to charity, but I feel like most people know through commonsense how to be decent individuals.

  • oouchan

    @deeeziner (172): Mine was at my father’s company picnic. There were hay rides and such and everyone was waiting around for the pig to be done. And yeah, almost 30 years later for me, I can still remember the taste.
    Sadly, my searching for a pigpit BBQ place near me is not being fruitful.

    @bucslim (173): *bows* Thank you, thank you.

  • fruit grower

    we’re a uk based family farming business.

  • lo

    @fruit grower (177):

    then you can tell me, which “currant” does spotted dick in particular usually contain, the majority of the time? we don’t make it here in the states. thanks.

  • RochesterBusinessman

    I love Macallan, but actually prefer the 18 to the 25 (I’ve taste tested them side by side). At a $500/bottle price difference I’d recommend the 18. Seriously. It’s better than the 25.

  • Kiwi

    Bluff oysters, west coast whitebait, Crayfish from Kaikoura, Marlborough Sauvignan, paua, kumara and pavlova. But stay away its mine.

  • Bill
  • Brammy

    Hey ive actually had one off this list, a pizza in Napoli, and i can confirm they do taste a huge amount better than any other pizzas you can get.
    I didnt eat it in view of Vesuvius, but i did climb it later that day, does that count?

  • Amanda

    Spaghetti is number 1? Seriously?

    What about Wagyu beef?

  • Carole

    I guess for people who only ever eat at McDonalds this is an awesome list but you’re kidding right ?

  • mom424

    @fruit grower (166): Do you grow currants for Ribena syrup? It’s a traditional kiddie treat in my part of Canada, black currant syrup, mix it with milk; yum! My boys all got it for a treat and the giant shot of vitamins – a way better habit than say Flintstone multis.

    Currants are not the same as any sort of Raisin, at least where I live. And they appear together in many recipes; Plum pudding and Christmas fruit cake for example. We actually have wild red currants growing along our back fence – very tart and seedy but quite yummy boiled down with sugar and strained over ice cream.

  • appie

    yeah,!love it! :)

    all the best in the world.,,

  • nuriko

    nagutom ako (I got hungry)! :D

  • sexysmell

    kobe beef?
    real maple syrup? (table syrup is just sugar water)
    foie gras?

  • saber25

    You know what, the Fire-Roasted Lamb pictured in no. 6 looks a lot like our traditional Roasted Pig or what we call Lechon. (litson)

  • saber25

    Ows nuriko? what food in there did you like most? (ANo sa mga pagkain dun ang pinakagusto mo?)

  • saber25

    But on the contrary, I heard about a Spotted Dick on a movie but kinda forgotten on what movie was that.

  • saber25

    And haha, do you think you can just go into the Bahamas if you want to? Well for FlameHorse, its cheap, (maybe he got the pic in the web) so beautiful. But many beaches are better (huhu that Bahamas scenery) here in palawan hahahaha (ooooh I wish I could wade in that beautiful water) Oh shut up! (oooh….) Fking shut up! (sorry man I am a…..*FCKING DONT KILL ME WITH A CHAINSAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

  • chunkified

    What about Urban Midwest USA Squirrel Sashimi? Bad Research on this list.

  • lo

    @chunkified (192):

    uhm, what is “the urban midwest”? chicago? st. louis? minneapolis? we do not offer raw squirrel in our restaurants, sorry……….

    now rural hunters do eat cooked squirrel on occasion (yeah, it tastes like chicken -or maybe rabbit-)…….

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @Flamehorse (157): My bad dude, I read too fast sometimes. Love the lists. Keep em coming.

  • wondersquid

    For the record, I don’t drink alcohol, but I don’t despise drinkers or want alcohol banned. Not ALL nondrinkers are crazy.

  • rolo tomasi

    Elf the Derf:

    Yes Alcohol is really self destructive. and Yes the world would probably be a better place without it. However, this is a site for some knowledge and fun trivia. This is not a forum for personal mantras, or ethical developement.

    If you fashion yourself some type of advocate then your in the wrong place. Write to your local representative, join a club, or start a blog. That would be constructive. Right now your criticisms are falling on deaf ears because nobody takes this list in the context that you do. This is one man’s opinion of “delightful” things to try if you ever get an opportunity. This isnt law or religious canon or anything along those lines.

    Your an obvious misguided blowhard.

  • Shannon

    @Kufrovich (174):

    “I feel like most people know through commonsense how to be decent individuals.”

    Please remember the words of the inimitable Mark Twain, “Common sense, isn’t”

  • lo

    ahh hahah hehe,

    seems that lil’ erf has been shown how the majority reacts to his lil’ trollin’ posts.

    “listen! no, don’t listen to me, listen, listen!”* -lil’ erf, you’ve become tiresome.

    you are always welcome here, but why not try to add some constructive criticism, if criticize you must? otherwise we collectively will feel zero qualms about disregarding you as a pure troll.

    *rant of the butterfly in the film the last unicorn

  • lo


    does “el the erf” translate to some weird neo-version of “god of the error function”? ’cause your posts mostly seem like errors: they lead to nothing of substance.

  • El the Erf

    All of a sudden The Selfish Giant seems like a fairy tale to me.Mom! Save me from these REAL selfish giants :(

  • Caesar

    LSD isn’t on the list? Pity….

  • Megacrust

    I don’t know why people feel so flustered when any good advice is given..if you don’t wanna follow it don’t but kindly do not misguide others.

  • Dk

    El the erf- I have to wonder where your opposition to alcohol stems from? From your posts it seems to be a religious thing, is it something stemming from some branch of Christianity? This is simply my own curiosity…

    deziner & Oouchan: I’ve only had pit pig once, in Hawai’i a few years ago, and it was delicious! When I came back, a coworker FROM Hawai’i gave me her recipe for how to “fake it” with a pork shoulder. I still have the recipe, and will hunt it down & post it in the forums for you guys. I’ve never gotten around to making it, but she and her husband both swore it was almost just as good as the real thing.

  • jreddy666

    Hmm….you forgot Chateau D’Ychem from France….Probably the best wine ever made

  • deeeziner

    @El the Erf (200): Aw come on El…You’ve been a fixture round here long enough to know that the best way to be respected in comments is to post in a way that deserves respect.

    Don’t do yourself the disservice of now crying to Mom for help. (It only adds to the impression of immaturity.)

    Why don’t you do the big boy thing…step away from the computer…eat a wholesome meal… perhaps get a few hours of good rest. Then when you return…re-read ALL the comments on this list and decide if perhaps you may have set yourself up for some of this flaming.

    Or, if after all, you still think that LV is a bunch of selfish giants, remember you can log off the site as easily as logging on.

  • deeeziner

    @Dk (203): What marvelous news DK….I’m game for a new take on the pit roast piggie.

    I’ve often wondered about whether or not one of those terra cotta 2 piece roasting pans(?) would do the trick. I understand since they are heavy ceramic, they can be used in a pit over coals.

  • Turnipshade

    Wow it’s ridiculous,people are making erf a celebrity.. From now on should I also post controversial comments?Will you all reply to me?Or Deride me? It’ll be good to be in the limelight..PAH! (sarcastic smirk)

  • triviafan

    Fantastic list. I too would love to have pizza in the country/city where it originated, since I am such a pizza fanatic.

  • El the Erf

    @Dk (203): Well, you do expect people to churn out another religious debate.But no, my comments are not motivated by religion. They stem from the simple fact that what is wrong is wrong.If taking drugs is wrong,then drinking alcohol is wrong too.And for those who say that they drink just for the taste of it lie.Almost about every fortnight they get drunk and behave as untrained animals.

  • Geronimo1618

    Whatever the comments be (it is not really necessary to go through all of them, just look for the informative ones), I just love Listverse and all the lists! In fact it’s a dream website for trivia-buff types like me and a great timepass!I will thank Jf from time to time for this awesome creation…

  • cb

    !aah! you can get real sachertorte in salzburg too.

  • DirtySanchez

    @El the Erf (209): Do you honestly think that it’s that hard to do things in moderation? It’s not like you drink one beer and you’re going to mindlessly indulge in more like your life depends on it. You seem like a little teeny bopper who lives off of information in those bullshit “Truth” or anti-drinking commercials. Come on El, try finding things out for yourself in the real world. And hasn’t it occurred to you that maybe the reason drugs aren’t on this last is that they would cause a flood of controversy? I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but other people might.

    Besides, with your logic(comparing alcohol to drugs), why not put food in the same category? Overindulgence could cause obesity, loss of girlfriend or boyfriend and sex life, a huge increase in sitting on your ass and doing nothing on a Friday night(maybe that’s your life?), diabetes, and high cholesterol. Alcohol isn’t the only thing bad for you.

  • Dayanithi

    India Biryani! :P

  • archangel

    Quite a Western list, but intruiging nonetheless! Mmmm, that Viennese dessert looks fantastique!

  • bearded_defender

    @archangel (214): what s/he said, hehehe

    i was thinking … balut.

  • El the erf

    @deeeziner (205):
    I wuz refering to mom424. She’s my cybermom. :)
    And hey! you can call me a troll, no qualms about that.
    Just don’t call me sugar-plum or honey-pie.Hee
    And I hope they celebrate 7 December as Erf day.Yay

  • Very nice blog

  • Alex

    the last pic is hilarious :)))))
    @ kris hahahaa
    i`l try to eat that pizza :D thanks for the advice

  • crispin

    @El the erf (216): Cybermom? Excuse me? I’ll celebrate the day you stop making comments that turn my stomach.

  • Randall

    @crispin (219):


  • Kris

    Made me hungry….OM NOM NOM =]

  • Yawyack

    @El the Erf (209):

    Jeez… It was on the list for the taste. The Taste! The TASTE!

    “A fifth of 25-year-old Macallan will run you about $600, but if you ever taste it, you’ll want more, never mind the price.”

    Notice how it says “taste”? And I’m pretty sure, if it was my aim, I could get drunk for far cheaper than that.

    And for your information, yes sometimes I drink with the intention of getting drunk with my friends and having a laugh. And sometimes I drink for the enjoyment of the taste. I’ve even, on occasion, being known to drink non-alcoholic beer.

    But you will ignore this. Just keep peddling your ignorance. Hopefully one day you will be able to prise yourself away from your comic books, move out of your Mum’s house and learn how to be around people.

  • 2 down… 8 to go!

  • Ah, much lovage…

    Great list; very expensive thiugh.

    How about a list of more affordable delights, eh?


  • Legal Addictions


    All addictive. Some, more legal than others. El the Erf and I will lead the campaign against Starbucks. Check us out at!

    Oh yeah, this post was written in “sarcasm font.” Cheers.

  • deeeziner

    @El the erf (216): I KNOW damn well who you were referring to…Sorry Kiddo, but I do have a very good memory, and it was in deference to Mom424’s attempt to properly “school” you that I made my two direct comments at you.

    It would have been quite simple for me to have simply said “Get lost,troll!” or “STFU”. Many have and I imagine many more will…considering who they are addressing.

    Crying HELP to your mommy be she off or on the internet IS childish. Period.

    Now grow up and back your own crap. Like a big-boy.

    P.S. In our home we celebrate Dec. 7th as my aunt’s birthday…it was the date of her birth.

  • laree

    Hey! We Chicagoans think the pizza in Chicago is equally (if not more) traditional than the pizza in New York.

  • Mining

    great list, it would be great if you could do a list devoted to just wine

  • Randall

    @laree (227):

    No way, dude. No. f**king. Way. Chicago Deep Dish isn’t even really “pizza.” It’s some kind of pie pretending that it likes and knows Pizza personally, but Pizza NEVER invites Chicago Deep Dish to its parties and CDD NEVER gets the chicks that Pizza gets.

    New York Pizza is the real shit, my friend. Chicago Deep Dish is a wanna be.

    I admit, however, a tasty wanna be. But it ain’t pizza.

    Also, one slice makes you fat. Cuz there’s like 8 gajillion freakin’ calories in it.

  • plow22

    @El the erf you should

  • eeemaluf

    @lo (12): stfu. lets see you write a list.

  • Mabel

    Oooh, great list. Also gives me some good ideas about where to travel. I always wanted to go to Vienna, because I’m a huge Beethoven fan, and Italy. I plan to starve myself before I go and then eat my way up through the entire country!

    As for the baklava mentioned in #6, I’ve had homemade. I used to live somewhere where there was a Greek Orthodox church that had bake sales every month, and the little old ladies would make every flavor imaginable. I used to go to the library and then walk over to the church and go home with a couple of sticky, lovely slices. HEAVEN.

  • hanazuhair

    nice list ..

  • uglywomansguide

    I’ve been introduced to a myriad of desserts by a myriad of men and I can’t believe they didn’t mention tiramisu! Now that’s a heavenly delight!


  • Av

    I had the wonderful opportunity to experience number 7 for myself. Best. Pizza. Ever. Sad thing was that it was cloudy that day. Vesuvius was more or less hidden by fog.

  • Dk

    @El the Erf (209): I appreciate that you responded to me, I half expected to be ignored. I often hear people speak out against drinking alcohol for purely religious reasons, usually hardcore Christians, and I like to point out to them that Jesus was clearly in favor of wine, or he would not have restocked the party.
    As to the rest of your comment, I question WHY it is “wrong” to drink alcohol. There are MANY people who drink alcohol quite often, yet rarely get drunk. Do you feel that someone who has a glass of wine or a cocktail with dinner every night is doing something horribly wrong? Did you know that a glass of wine daily is actually recommended sometimes for people who are at risk for heart disease?
    And who are you to say who is lying about why they drink alcohol? I drink alcohol on a fairly regular basis; wine with dinner, or some Bailey’s or Kahlua added to my coffee or hot cocoa. I would say that I consume alcohol 2-3 times a week. However, I drink to drunkness, on average, once a month? maybe? so like, 1 out of every 10 times I consume any alcohol results in drunkenness, the other 90% of the time, I have one drink, and that’s it. Am I a bad person because of this? Do you really feel that the only reason I have for alcohol is to get drunk, if I only drink to inebriation one out of every ten times that I drink at all?

  • The JokerThief

    You forgot to write “Tacos al Pastor” and “Enchiladas” , this foods are delocious.

  • galvinator

    @El the Erf: so anything that is self-destructive is bad for you? Do you not eat fast-food? Do you not eat any kind of dessert? Hamburgers? Oreos? Bacon?

    all of these fat-laden foods are probably much worse than the occasional glass of wine or shot of scotch. Also red wine has been said to decrease heart-disease.

    Your points are invalid. Grow up

  • Samzilla

    @The JokerThief (237): I effing love tacos al pastor. There is this guy that sells them out of a trailer near my house…num num num.

  • I need food now

  • El the erf

    @Dk (236):
    “Did you know that a glass of wine daily is actually recommended sometimes for people who are at risk for heart disease?”

    Who says you don’t need it as a medicine?
    When we fall ill, we all take drugs, don’t we?
    So if we can have alcohol “just for the taste of it” then we can surely have two snorts each day of marijuana “just for the fun of it”,eh?
    And if avoidance of a controversy is a reason for not including drugs, then I am sorry, this list doesn’t do justice to its intent.
    That’s what I have been saying all long…but everybody seems to be ignoring this coz no one has an answer you see.

  • A wonderful list. I’ll set out on completing it immediately!

  • crispin

    @El the erf (241): Alcohol is legal. There is nothing remotely immoral or unethical about the moderate use of alcohol.

    Also, marijuana is not snorted, it is smoked, you shittarded halfwit. You sure are an expert on drug use, aren’t you?

    Furthermore, everyone is ignoring you because you are an idiot, not because you’ve brought up any sort of controversial question that cannot be answered.

  • falaq4ever

    well i dont know what any of thus is accept for the pizza

  • Yawyack

    @El the erf (241):

    “And if avoidance of a controversy is a reason for not including drugs, then I am sorry, this list doesn’t do justice to its intent.”

    Read what the listmaker, flamehorse, wrote at the top of the page: “More accurately the title is Ten Foods, Drinks, and Destinations to Try Before You Die.” So it does do justice to its intent. I’m sure a regular 10 delights list would include things like sex, sky-diving, punching Michael Moore, etc. not just food.

    “So if we can have alcohol “just for the taste of it” then we can surely have two snorts each day of marijuana “just for the fun of it”,eh?”

    Was you dropped on the head as a child? Did you once hold your breath that little bit too long? Cos seriously, snorting marijuana?! You’ve just invalidated all your arguments by yet again proving your ignorance. And if marijuana did taste as nice as an expensive Scotch then it might have made the list. But it doesn’t, so it isn’t. Its so simple we could call it El the erf-simple.

  • Fairways Hate Me

    Fantastic list!

  • Scratch

    I do think everyone should try marijuana at least once before they die. And afterwards they should listen to their favourite record.

  • Muscarius

    As Italian, I can assure you all we have an uncountable number of goodies that would bring to tears an ogre in bliss.
    I know at least 5 pizzerias that can serve you more than 50 different kind of pizzas (wonderful pizzas!).
    Also there are special restaurants that can serve you dozens of different bruschette, others have even over 100 different pastas.
    Each city here has special dishes that come form our traditions and that can be even 1000 years old recipes.

    (note: I am just proud of our dishes but I also love chinese food as much as indian one)

  • chapi

    read the first post about the whisky (can’t be arsed scrolling back up to see if that’s the correct spelling) pretetious shite, i’m scottish, love whisky and yet i have never felt the way that this twat describes it about anything never mind some fucking water with some barley does, piss off

  • GTT

    Quick post before I go…

    Peru has some of the best food you´ll ever taste. Forget the churrasco (not bad), pizza or pasta (we have some incredible varieties here also) but it doesnt compare to the local food. Ceviche, tiradito, conchitas a la parmesana, lomo saltado, ají de gallina, tacu tacu… May I recommned a culinary trip to Peru? Believe me you wont regret it (save for all the extra weight you´ll gain from eating non-stop). Seriously.

    Oh, and some of the best lobster and prawns I´ve had was sitting on a beach in Jimbaran Bay, Bali (Indonesia). You pick the lobsters/prawns you want to eat and they are grilled fresh. You sit on the beach with the littl tiki torches and enjoy heaven…. :)


    A D O B O …..

  • segue

    Everything sounds delicious, but the best meal I ever ate was in the Yucatan Jungle, on the coast. I had stopped at a small hotel, with no electricity, no phone, no kitchen. I wondered how I was going to eat.
    As soon as it was falling dark, big umbrellas started to go up on the beach, with huge grills just a few feet outside them. Fishing boats started to pull up to the shore and unload their cargo to the chefs, who immediately cleaned and threw the fish on the grill.
    Other men were cutting up pieces of fresh fruits, or vegetables to go on the grill, while beer waited in icy baths.
    The moment something was ready it was plated and presented to you, along with a beer (well, with many beers). The freshness of everything was incredible, it was almost alive in your mouth!
    I never did know what fish it was I ate, but it didn’t matter. It was the best food I have ever eaten. If I ever again find myself in the Yucatan jungle, I will find that hotel, that umbrella eatery, and experience heaven once more.

  • xDr

    Where is ?evap? Or burek?

  • Jonathan

    It;s better to call it Greek than Grecian.
    Or even better Hellenic, which is the right name to define something of Greek (Hellenic) origin.

  • GTT

    Oh, and that spotted dick thing looks absolutely disgusting…

  • Samzilla

    @GTT (255): I’ve never seen a spotted dick that DIDN’T look disgusting…

  • Selasphorus

    Amazon macaw? There’s many species of Amazon parrots (in the Amazona genus) and many species of macaw that live in the Amazon, but there is no bird called an Amazon macaw. But there are quite a few macaws that live in northern Brazil, including the extremely familiar scarlet macaw.

    I know this article is on world delights and not proper avian nomenclature, but attention to accurate details is one thing that sets Listverse apart from other list sites I enjoyed until I couldn’t handle the factual errors.

  • WhoFan

    Must be nice to have the money to go around the world, eating the finest cuisine and alchohol available. *sigh*

    This message was brought to you by a Pennsylvanian city boy.

  • ants1

    @katary (6):

    Fully agree that Hangi in New Zealand or Umu in the south pacific should be here, dam food tastes so much better when its cooked in the ground.

  • magdalena

    I find it really weird that I read this list today of all days, as I just tried #5, courtesy of my boss!

  • Egg

    A lot of this stuff looks fantastic and happily nothing here makes use of questionable methods (foix gras)or endangered animals/plants. While some of it is probably expensive, it’s within reach of the average middle-class Joe.

    Also, drugs work in an entirely different way than alcohol, so it’s like comparing a lizard to a bear. I know, beating a dead horse.

  • Twitus

    re: plasmatwa2 (1)

    Poutine Yesss!!!! Menoum Menoum!!

  • selcem

    Fire-Roasted Lamb is in Turkish cuisine. Please edit. Thanks.

  • Andy Towler

    Well, this was very entertaining, especially the comments.

    I have one quibble – you shouldn’t put something on a list like this when you haven’t tried it yourself. I’m thinking of item 2. For all you know, it could be horrible!

  • Tânia B.

    @Sailortiger (132): Sailortiger, what do you mean we dont have milk cows? Of course we have. My father had a cow farm, and all the cows were milk cows. And milk is not expensive at all. o.O

    Churrasco is typical from the south. Belem is in the north of the country, so I guess you got mixed up on this one. If you want a real, traditional, great churrasco, you should go to Rio Grande do Sul, that’s the state with the best churrasco in the country. Forget about São Paulo, they have churrasco there, but is not the same.

  • hugo

    hahahahaahahahahaahahahha sacre bleu a ke tempos nao ouvia esa expressao

  • hctr crctr

    I hate being the quibbling type, but since you opened the door with identifying the provenance of noodles in the #1 entry… as it turns out Tomatoes are about as Italian as noodles are. In fact they’re indigenous to the Americas and the classic tomato sauce would be any typical Mexican Salsa (not all of which have to be spicy btw).

    In any case, I love the lists and really enjoy coming to this site. Thanks for all the research!

  • ks

    true love of a beautiful woman.

  • dc420911

    i watched a special on the history channel that was talking a bout the history of spaggheti and there are a lot of historians that actually believe that pasta popped up in a lot of different places independently, because of the ingredients that were available and because of how. easy pasta is to make

  • dc420911

    how bout a rare strain of pot?

  • NiolK

    I’ve had Sachertorte and it’s nothing special. Nice certainly but not a must-try-before-death experience.

  • Steve

    I’ve had pizza in Napoli, Eh.

  • James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

    It’s actually called “Spotted Dog” and was a popular item in the British Navy and frequently mentioned in the Aubrey/Maturin novels of Patrick O’Brien.

    Churraso in Brazil is basically BBQ. The restaurants where they serve it are “Churrascarias” Traditionally, it is meat grilled on skewers over an open fire. In most places waiters come to your table and cut you slices of anything they have. They’ll keep coming until you beg for mercy. Yes, it’s all delicious and will vary from place to place.

    Finally, Belem is not the place to see the Amazon. Manaus is equally accessible by air and inexpensive riverboat trips of a few hours to a week or more will show you all of the flora and fauna you like as well as the local society,

  • it’z very usefull information. but i expect more details..

  • nyahhh

    ‘It’s almost as good as my recipe.’ Completely unnecesary. Cheapened the article a little…
    But, otherwise, the list items all seem very tempting to try! Especially number one-I absolutely LOVE spaghetti. :)

  • markitiox

    Brazilian meat and Argentine meat are not equally good… Argentine meat tops Brazilian meat any day, its not even a debatable issue

  • Johny

    @logar Then by your definition, the history of the earth in it's entirety is a "moment"… Everything is a moment. You are technically correct, but you are practically wrong. Most people would use an alternate definition- a discernable, particular instant in time. It's like having a list entitled "10 greatest vertebrates" and having it all about accomplished humans- technically correct, but not what the readers are expectin
    pi?irme Oyunlar?

  • Churrasco and Chimarrão (the real Brazilian one) is from Rio Grande do Sul… But of course you can find it anywhere in Brazil… Nomnomnom!!! :D

    this English pudding looks a bit weird but I would give it at try!! Cheers Mate :)

    Nice list but I am not a fan of Sacher torte :/

  • zackapalooza

    This list is ALL OVER THE PLACE. I appreciate the list itself; the items are interesting. But there's a definite organizational problem in each entry. Some talk more about location than food, some ask random questions that aren't really relevant, and some go on tangents that don't really go anywhere.

    On top of that, the author is quite a bit full of himself, don't you think?

  • Daniel

    A adjustment:

    Porto Alegre, Brazil”

    to prevent the tourists miss this marvel.

  • Les

    lol at the spaghetti bolognese picture.

  • jessica

    they look nice

  • pammz

    i’m hungry… will settle for “balut”.. u should try “balut” sometimes.. haha

  • Leigh

    @BravehisTickle: How incredibly sad to have such a narrow take on food (“according to me,what doesn’t look good doesn’t taste good”). So, just bread and water for you, huh? Don’t get out much, either, I guess. No worries, though – I’m glad to go out and enjoy these delights, for you! LOL