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10 Terrible Bigots in Modern History

History is full of people who were just plain bigots. The disease of racism and bigotry is a universal one, affecting people of every race, religion, nation, etc. The following list is the top ten of these men who, through ignorance, are at the forefront of bigotry.


Wallace Fard Muhammad

Fard Muhammad

The founder of a group of black Muslims which became the Nation of Islam (NOI) in Detroit, Michigan in 1930. Muhammad’s theology was a blend of 50% theosophy, 50% traditional Islam, and 100% crazy. Muhammad taught his followers that the Earth was over 76 trillion years old and at the time before the creation of Adam, there was one continent called “Asia”. He also taught a very bizarre view of the origin of the human race, and this is where the bigotry comes in.

Muhammad taught that long ago, God created blacks as the first humans, while white people were the result of an experiment by a renegade black scientist named “Yakub” to be a slave race to the blacks. As such, whites are not fully human (Louis Farrakhan, the Nation’s current leader, has stated that “White people are potential humans…they haven’t evolved yet”). This teaching continues to influence NOI beliefs and preaching to this day. Most recently in 1993, former NOI spokesman, the late Khalid Abdul Muhammad, referred to Jews as “bloodsuckers” and advocated the murder of all white South Africans who would not leave the country in 48 hours


Henry Ford

M Henry Ford Www.Cleanmpg.Com

The founder of the modern American automotive industry was also the 1920s king of American anti-Semitism. Henry Ford is best known for being the inventor of the assembly line method of manufacturing automobiles, but he was also an avid fan of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, the famous Russian anti-Semitic forgery. He was so convinced of its authenticity that he published it in serial form in his newspaper, The Dearborn Independent. He later took the Independent’s Articles and published them as a book, “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem”. In it, Ford blamed the Jews for everything from pornography to alcoholism to communism and beyond. The book proved to be rather popular, and was especially so in 1930s Germany; so much that Adolf Hitler himself awarded Ford a medal, and Ford is the only American mentioned in “Mein Kampf”. The book has recently proved to be popular with Islamic radicals, who use it in their preaching against Israel by portraying the country as part of a Jewish plot to destroy Islam.


Samuel Bowers

061105 Bowers Hmed 6P.Hmedium

Samuel Bowers was the Imperial Wizard (leader) of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a particularly violent branch of the Klan that was active in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement. He formed the group in 1963 and within a year were active in most counties in Mississippi. Bowers believed that the Klan must fight back violently against the movement for black equal rights. As such, his group became famous for giving, as one modern Klansmen, C. Edward Foster, on a recent History Channel documentary about the Klan put it, “bricks, bombs and bullets, not bullshit”.

In 1964, during the civil rights campaign known as “Freedom Summer”, the group murdered several civil rights workers, white and black, most famously James Chainey, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman, an event which became the basis for the movie “Mississippi Burning”. In 1966, under Bowers’ orders, Klansmen firebombed the home of Vernon Dahmer, who had been registering blacks to vote, and in 1967 they targeted Jewish establishments in a series of bombings.


Yahweh ben Yahweh


Born Hulon Mitchell Jr., Yahweh ben Yahweh is the leader of the appropriately named Nation of Yahweh, a religious group adhering to Black Hebrew Israelism, the belief that blacks are the true descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. While usually a rather harmless belief, ben Yahweh took it one step further; he declared that he was the Son of God and the Messiah, and that he was sent by God to vanquish white people and Jews, referring to white people as “white devils” in the same manner as the Nation of Islam once did. He was later imprisoned in 1990 for conspiracy in relation to 23 gruesome murders that took place in the Miami area involving members of the group.


Jack T. Chick

5001 02

Little is known about Jack Chick, a reclusive fundamentalist Christian preacher operating out of Rancho Cucamonga, California, and what little can be gleamed about him is only available on the website of his publishing house, Chick Publications. What is known is the proliferation of tiny, hand drawn comic books, called “Chick Tracts” which he uses to evangelize. The subjects of the tracts range from relatively typical to downright bizarre, but are best known for a particularly vicious brand of anti-Catholic bigotry, and anti-evolution.

Chick’s tracts portray the Catholic Church as sinister and conspiracy bent, especially in regards to Protestant Fundamentalists and himself in particular. He portrays Church belief and practice as being born out of ancient paganism, and depicts demons as infesting every aspect of Catholic life, as though Catholics secretly worship Satan. He frequently refers to the Church as the “Whore of Babylon”, “Antichrist”, insinuates the Church created Nazism as a means to exterminate Jews, and portrays Catholics as foul-mouthed, angry, abusive and prone to drunkenness.


Ian Paisley


Ian Paisley is a Northern Ireland politician and leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) as well as being the Moderator (leader) of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, as well as being a member of British Parliament and of the Northern Ireland Assembly for the constituency of North Antrim. Like Chick, Paisley is well known for his vicious anti-Catholicism.

Paisley frequently refers to Roman Catholicism as “popery” and founded the European Institute of Protestant Studies to promote his own particular brand of anti-Catholicism. In 1988, he attacked Pope John Paul II at the European Parliament (of which he was a member), shouting “I Denounce you as the AntiChrist!” at the Pontiff while holding up a sign accusing him of being the Antichrist, causing him to have to be manhandled out of the hemicycle by several other MEPs. In 1963, Paisley organized a protest against the lowering of flags following the death of Pope John XXIII. He also stated that seat no. 666 in the European Parliament is reserved for the Antichrist and praised Slobodan Milosevic for fighting a “Vatican conspiracy” to destroy the Serbian Orthodox Church.


The Mexica Movement


This is the only group that is on this list. The Mexica Movement is an organization of “indigenous” activists with some very unique goals. The group views (erroneously) all the indigenous groups on the American continent, from the Mayans in Mexico to the First Nations of Canada, as being one single ethnic group of a nation called “Anuhuac”, similar to white supremacist groups believing whites to comprise a single nation. Consequently, the group supports the repatriation of all whites back to Europe, and I can only assume that this will include force if no one wants to go.


William Joseph Simmons


William Joseph Simmons was a former preacher from Georgia who, in 1915, founded the second Ku Klux Klan after the collapse of the original Klan following the end of Reconstruction. He formed the Klan as a fraternal organization dedicated to defending American values. Unfortunately, his version of American “values” was odious.

The new Klan retained it’s predecessor’s anti-black attitudes, and added a whole host of new ones; the new Klan added Catholics, Jews, and immigrants to its list of enemies. The new Klan fought long and hard against immigration and black equal rights, eventually numbering over 20 million members, until financial woes, government investigations and news stories of high profile scandals brought the organization crashing down.


Richard Girnt Butler


An aerospace engineer by trade, Richard Butler graduated to racism and neo-Nazism when he founded the Aryan Nations in the 1970s. The group was founded on a blend of racist neo-Nazism and Christian Identity, an interpretation of Christianity which holds whites as the “true Hebrews” of the Bible and blacks and other minorities as soulless “mud people” created with the other beasts of the field, as well as viewing Jews as the descendants of Satan through Eve, promoting the idea through their religious arm, the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian. The group preached racial separatism and hatred of all non-whites, and was accused of attempting to foment a race war. They even attempted to forge an alliance between them and al-Qaeda based on both of their hatred of the American government and Jews.

Following Butlers death in 2003, the group collapsed as financial ruin from lawsuits brought them to their knees, and culminated in the group’s compound being given to the plaintiffs in one case.


Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

The only one on the list to achieve political power. Hitler rose up the ranks of the National Socialist German Workers Party, or Nazi Party in the 1920s and early thirties. As the Weimar Republic was coming apart the seams, Hitler was elected Chancellor in 1933, and promptly positioned himself as “der Fuhrer” or “The Leader”. His rule was characterized by harsh anti-Semitic policies. Jews were forbidden to marry “Aryan” Germans, display the national colors, etc. Later, Jews and other “undesirables” were forcibly relocated to ghettos and later to concentration camps, leading to the Holocaust. During his rule, millions died in these camps, as the Nazis pursued a policy of deliberate racial extermination which was only brought to an end by the defeat of Germany in World War II.

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  • Mike

    what's wrong with the mexica movement? it just seems like nationalism to me. And technically wouldn't all the latin/native american/descendants of indigenous "Americans" technically be entitled to North America, making their views somewhat relevant and valid?

    • Ken Biddle

      Latest studies find that they arrived in 3 separate waves…

      So, after all the ‘recent’ arrivals have been expelled, the descendants of the three earlier waves will end up fighting amongst themselves after one of the ‘first wave’ descendants claims they are the sole, rightful owners of the Americas.

      The Mexica will want to argue this in the mother tongue, Spanish, naturally.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Good list. Missing is one of the worst religious bigots of ALL time. MARTIN LUTHER. Im surprised he was omitted. I was sure he would be either one or two.

    Anyone familiar with "On the Jews and their Lies" by Martin Luther will attest to this.

    Here are some quotes from the bigot himself:

    "Therefore the blind Jews are truly stupid fools…"

    "He who hears this name [God] from a Jew must inform the authorities, or else throw sow dung at him when he sees him and chase him away."

    "We are at fault for not slaying them "

    "Either God must be unjust, or you, Jews, wicked and ungodly. You have been, about fifteen hundred years, a race rejected of God"

    "their rabbis be forbidden to teach on pain of loss of life and limb.

    …set fire to their synagogues or schools and bury and cover with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will ever again see a stone or cinder of them.

    …their homes also should be razed and destroyed"

    Believe there are many more of these quotes in this book. Martin Luther has inspired anti-semites for 500 years. He even earned praise from Hitler himself. In Mein Kampf he called him a "great reformer".

    Its incredible that an entire religious movement was founded on the teachings of a low life like Luther.

    • hiii

      everyone thought like that back then, cant really blame one person

    • I agree, Rolo. Well said!

      Look at the herd who followed him-right down-(in every sense) -to this Chick character in California who was unknown to me until I read this list!

      Ok-forgotton-as quickly.

      One has to laugh-as life is getting shorter.

      Dog gone!

    • I agree, Rolo. Well said!

      Look at the herd who followed him-right down-(in every sense) -to this Chick character in California who was unknown to me until I read this list!

      Ok-forgotton-as quickly.

      One has to laugh-as my life is getting shorter.

      Dog gone!

  • ianz09

    Wow, interesting list. Not surprised to see ol’ Adolph adorning this one.

  • abby

    pretty good list though never knew what bigot meant

  • nepratini

    Interesting list.

  • Choosilicious

    Who would not have expected hitler….

  • antsandmoths

    this list is awesome.

  • pdxstargazer82

    Good list. I hadn’t heard of a couple of these.

  • Tim

    What about Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps?

    • KRB7694

      How about the muslim terrorists on 9/11 who killed over 3000 Americans and the muslims who are still trying to kill us everyday? How about Osama Bin Laden? Fred Phelps was trying to shed light on the true message of Islam which is to nonmuslims: 1) convert 2) submit or 3) die.
      I will agree Mr. Phelps went about it the wrong way but he should not be anywhere close to being on this list.

      • jason

        how about you, since thats in no way the message of islam, islam promotes peace between the 3 major monotheisms. maybe you should learn about things before you preach them.

      • AtheistEvo

        Are you kidding??? Mr Phelps is the orignator of the “god hates fags” campaign. The hateful one who pickets dead soldiers funerals yelling obscenties about how they deserved to die, and how Americans are “fag enablers”. He pickets gay men who have been beaten to death by bigots saying that it was right and proper to kill them and then sets up web sites with their pics engulfed in flame and hellfire and a counter telling everyone how long he has been in hell.

        He advocates thought crime punishment, and hides behind the fourth amendment.

        he DEFINITELY deserves a place on this list. It just isn’t long enough.

        I am surprised that you would say such things. His main message has NEVER been that Islam is bad, but that ALL religions but his are bad.

  • wellyeah

    I’m missing George Bush (both of ’em) on this one!

  • vazy

    what about L.Ron Hubbard

  • Morticia

    Very informative. Learnt quite a few things here today. Thank you!

  • sad muso

    Good list, very interesting! Hitler HAD to be number 1!

  • henrysmyagent

    Seven out of ten are Americans. USA! USA! USA! No, wait a minute…never mind. Come to think of it weren’t there one or two bigots in South Africa? Yesterday being the 20th aniversary of Nelson Mandel’s release from prison I figured one bigot from South African would be on the list.

  • mzrts12

    henry ford did not invent the assembly line; that was Ransom E. Olds of Oldsmobile

  • @#$!

    Clearly the Earth is over 230 Trillion years old. And everybody knows us white people come from underground, near the center of the Earth. What a dumb asshole.

  • capt Funtime

    according to the tales around the campfire, Hitler modelled his moustache on charlie chaplin?

    @VAZY: Old mother hubbard is a hypnotist and author, and nobody cares about scientology enough to consider it a threat, they are more like gum on the bottom of your shoe

    ‘do you want a free stress test? have you heard of dianetics? GIVE US ALL YOUR MONEY!!!!!’

  • T

    Very interesting list.

  • nzall

    @ abby:

    A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

    The correct use of the term requires the elements of obstinacy, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing devotion.

    source: Wikipedia

    so you can see a bigot as someone who is REALLY fanatic about his own beliefs, and even goes as far as to violently oppress anyone who disagrees with him.

    see it a bit like catholic church and gay people. you can’t have a year without atleast 5 different highly ranked catholics coming in the news for homophobia. for instance, a cardinal in the country i live compared homosexuality to anorexia and boulimia.

    bigotry is also that, but maybe even more extreme.

    • Holly Hale

      Guess what I believe that these idiots are in Hell and if any of them are still alive they will be in Hell when they die! I believe it does not matter what race you are, if you believe in God you will be with him in eternity which is the best place there could ever be!

      • Wilz

        Which God though? What if I’m virtuous and kind but worship Thor… What then?!??

  • capt Funtime

    henry ford was the first man to mass produce the automobile, im pretty sure he didn’t ‘invent’ anything, just combined a few ideas for the Model T

  • DoomSai

    I kinda like those Chick comics

    • KRB7694

      Jack Chick tells the truth!

      • AtheistEvo

        You must be joking…

  • Iain

    To be fair to Ian Paisley (and I’m not a fan) – it appears that he has been working relatively positively in the development of post-troubles Northern Ireland. His partnership with Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuiness has been so cordial, they’re referred to as the ‘Chuckle Brothers’.

  • Skrillah

    Thank you JustinJ. Great job!

  • Gabriel

    I would also add Jean-Marie lePen, and his daughter marine lePen, the leaders of the french national front party (extreme right wing)

  • Ahmad

    Well actually, to say that the so-called Nation of Islam contained 50% traditional Islam is way far-fetched. Actually, almost nothing of it was Islamic at that point except for its name.

  • evilspwn

    great list. very well reseearched.

  • KDeath

    the only difference between Paisley (Jnr and Snr) and McGuinness/Adams is the sinn feiners learned to play the PR game (they no longer preach armalites and the ballot box), whereas the DUP still publicly air their ridiculous views. it’ll take another couple of generations (at least) for these outdated beliefs to die out i fear…

  • Ryan

    Under Hitler the list says, “The only one on the list to achieve political power.” This is misleading, as while Ian Paisley is now retired from most political life, he was the First Minister for Northern Ireland; was the leader of the DUP – which is currently the single largest political party in Northern Ireland; he has been an MP for over 3 decades.

  • Gregory

    You forgot Jesse Jackson on your list.

  • Julius

    How about Eugène Terre’Blanche and the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, they make the KKK look like a Kindergarden!

  • I disagree that Hitler is the only one to rise to political power. The Reverend Ian Paisley was First Minister of Northern Ireland from May 2007 until June 2008 under the power sharing agreement and was the leader of the DUP from 1970 until 2008. Additionally, he has been a member of the Stormont government (in its many forms) continuously since 1970, serving as MP of North Antrim, and was the DUP’s representative in the European Parliament from 1970 to 2004.

  • Jasmine

    Nation of Islam aren’t Muslims though!

  • LH

    I would like to humbly petition that FuhQue (#27) be added to this list for his stunningly stupid and offensive comment.

  • Abi

    Like him or not Ian Paisley is seen by many as one of the greatest men who ever lived by Northern Irish Protestants.
    Fantastic speaker, fantastic leader.
    Too bad about his views on gays and Catholics.

    • Paul

      As an Irishman and a Catholic I have to disagree with you Abi. Much of the hatred in NI is due to men like Ian Paisley. He's not a fantastic leader or speaker, he is a foul-mouthed tw*t with the ability to delude and seduce the minds of the Protestant working classes into believing the Catholics and the Irish are the ones to blame for their woes. He is one of the individuals responsible for the segregation between Catholics and Protestants (the Republican side had its share of bigots as well, true). A man like him is worthy of nothing but a place on the list of the most odious men on Earth.

  • Dennis

    Then Nation of Islam isn’t all that Islamic for several reasons:
    1-Wallace Fard Muhammad is identified as Allah, when in true Islam God is God and will never come down as a man. To do otherwise contradicts the uncompromising “one God” theology of Islam.
    2-The Islamic God has no name that humans can know. “Allah” is an Arabic word for “the most high,” i.e., God. In NOI theology, “Allah” is a distinct entity different from the Christian God. In Islam, there is only one God, and all religions worship Him in one form or another–though only true Muslims do it “right.”
    3-Humans were created from the Earth in true Islam. In NOI theology, man was created from space.

    Anyway, these of just three of the biggest heresies of the Nation of Islam. There are many, many more.

    • AtheistEvo

      Allah also said that men were made from Mud. Soooo…. if you aren’t made of mud, can I assume that you aren’t a true muslim?

  • trt

    what about griffith, the cineast?

  • nicoleredz3

    @ianz09 (1): For real! Good list.

  • nicoleredz3

    @FuhQue (27):

    In this modern day, it’s a shame that there are unevolved creatures such as yourself. Your parents must be so proud… ;-)

  • Carole

    What about Ian Mosley, leader of the British Fascists? He wanted to deport all the Jews to Madagascar and referred to anyone who wasn’t a white protestant as “excess tissue”.
    His son Max Mosley, was in the tabloids for have a sex romp with girls dressed in concentration camp uniforms.

  • Gladiator

    No Israel? Jews are the biggest bigots on Earth! And it`s Oswald Mosley, not Ian Mosley!

    • random

      You anti semetic or something

  • MPW

    This was a very interesting read and is bound to stir u some debate

    Chick lives in the the next city over from me and Ive never heard of the crazy bastard. Haha.

  • MPW

    That should say stir up some debate rather than stir u some debate. My apologies, I should be asleep.

  • Amy

    While I am in no way a Paisley fan – his public rantings do not match the private image.

    Look up what he did for east Belfast Roman Catholics when they were burnt out of their homes in the 70’s

    Also he did (eventually) sit with Sinn Fein to all the assessembly to finally make that final move towards policing and justice

  • SteveC

    “I’m missing George Bush (both of ‘em) on this one!”

    What bigoted statements did they make or what actions did either of them do? Was it as bad as the generational slavery Democrats have put minorities into with Section 8 and welfare that has made millions of people slaves to the state? Were either of them an active member of the KKK like Robert Byrd? Were either of them against the civil rights initiatives in the 1960’s like the Democrats were and it was only the GOP who voted for it that it finally passed?

  • shawnlaura2011

    I like to consider myself an equal opportunity bigot/racist, whatever…I dislike most people. It amazes me that the human race has survived this long as stupid as we are. A really great list, informative and well written!

  • nosferatwo

    post number 7

  • Romanov Konstantine

    Eugène Terre’Blanche isn’t on this list… Shocking

    His name means White World for Christs sake!

    Also watch Louis Therouxs weird weekends he meets a LOT of the people on this list as well as many others for interviews concerning their various beliefs.

    He meets:-
    Eugène Terre’Blanche
    Khalid Abdul Muhammad
    Yahweh ben Yahweh and
    Richard Butler

  • Romanov Konstantine



  • Romanov Konstantine
  • oouchan

    Great list. The only one missing is Fred Phelps. That guy and his bunch from the WBC are the biggest nutjobs currently on this planet. To protest at soldiers funerals is just sick.
    This list reminds me of why it is important to be tolerant of others no matter where they are from.

  • Karl

    I think there are also terrible bigots on the Internet too.

  • Rahul

    Nice list. You could also have included Raj Thackeray, head of political party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (Army for liberation of Maharshtra). Raj Thackeray, estranged nephew of Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray, has been forcibly removing Biharies and other north Indians from Indian city Mumbai. His aging uncle Bal Thackeray claimed came to power in Mumbai by staging violent drives against Muslims in the past. Here’s the wikipedia like to Thackeray.

    • siddparkar

      What a dumb ignorant nincompoop.

  • Morticia

    Not forgetting other South African utterings like: One Settler, One Bullet, or Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer…..

  • MagpieMagic

    Unfortuanetly there are bigots and racists in every walk of life. It sickens me that you can dislike somebody simply because of their skin colour/beliefs.
    Its a sad world
    And at FuhQue (27) What a ridiculous, offensive and embarrasing comment

  • Chandramouli

    A quote comes to mind:
    “The mind of the bigot is like pupil of the eye. The more light you shine on it, the more it contracts.”

  • gabi319

    Well done, JustinJ. And aside from two or three comments, I’m glad to see that the comment thread hasn’t disintegrated to stupidity yet.

    @capt Funtime (15): according to the tales around the campfire, Hitler modelled his moustache on charlie chaplin?
    Not exactly. The toothbrush mustache was a popular style for a while in Germany, so it would be hard to say if Chaplin had any influence in the Hitler ‘stach since everyone wore it. Needless to say that it became identified so strongly with Hitler that afterward no one wanted to sport the style ever again.

  • Greg


    Yes, I agree, George Bush SHOULD be on this list of bigots. He’s outspoken targeting of Muslims and his urging Americans to Take Up Arms against the supposed Muslim Oppressors following 9/11 should guarantee his spot in this rogues gallery….


  • ciremelf

    I’d like to add the Reverend Fred Phelps and his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper to this growing list of scum.

  • CannonJack

    As to #4, I’ll move to Europe if they will pay for it! Call Me!!!!

  • Cheeshygirl

    Very well-written and researched list. Good job, JustinJ.

  • alexman

    the list is good apart from some of the later ones.
    where the hell is osama, gerry adams, stalin ect. why would you pick paisely over them?
    you also didnt include ones like nov 9 society or national front from the UK or the french nationalist party (can’t remember its name)
    i liked the mix of different coloured and religious groups/people you included rather than just picking on whites.

  • Wingnut

    Great job! I nominate Margaret Sanger for your (hopefully) forthcoming “Another 10 Bigots” list.

  • get a clue

    This list is a good start, but it barely scratches the surface.
    Also, the charges of bigotry would carry more weight if the author drew a bright line between facts and personal opinions.

  • E.V. Cunningham

    Ya know, I wasn’t surprised to see Hitler at number one, but at the same time, I thought that that was so obvious it wouldn’t require mentioning. But, good list.

  • pmoessner

    i love how sam bowers is being escorted by a black man

  • I’m so good, I was 100% sure that Hitler was going to be number one and as soon as I saw number two, I was like yup……the only guy that can beat that sign is the one who invented it himself.

  • Davy

    Ian Paisley needs to brush his teeth.

    Otherwise, great list!

  • Lifeschool

    Hey all, as the song goes “money, power, holy roads?; freedom puts my faith in non of the above.” That is to say it’s a shame that some groups of people blame other groups of people for all the worlds troubles, when in actuality we’re all in the same boat together. As soon as some get up and start rocking the boat we all start falling out! – and how can we all get on when we’re falling out?

    “The essential requirement for a safe passage is good weather, therefore, study the weather forcasts and consider Force 3 as the maximum. Look at the direction of the wind in relation to the tide, wind and tide in the same direction can make for a smooth voyage, whereas in opposite directions conditions can become unpleasant or even unsafe, especially for narrow boats.” –Safety guidance information to Sharpness.

    The tide: has turned and is getting steadily stronger.
    The wind: is currently blowing [fear/hysteria] in the opposite direction.
    The result: slow progress.

    @Romanov Konstantine (47): Agreed – his shows are great – and intentionally a little disturbing.

  • gav

    I don’t want to be a bigot, so I will allow these morons the right to believe the ill-conceived notions they believe- just so long as they don’t impose these beliefs on others.

    And North America was taken over fair and square. Stop whining. You don’t hear me whining about them beginning to take it back. I just whine about our government financing their movement.

  • Dano

    You left off Margaret Sanger she was a massive bigot. Of course the reaction to your list about mass killings may be why you left it off. But she was a major bigot.

  • Vegan Zombie

    What about Ben Gurion, and the creation of the Israeli (artificial) State?

    A State that would only recognise jewish people as it citizens and has promoting suffering, a ghetto policy and other horrors among palestinian people?

  • Groogle

    #3 ha ha, “long and hard”…

  • Clantargh

    How about those who led ethnic cleansings? Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia, etc. Surely those who slaughtered thousands based on their ethnicity deserve a mention.

  • silvernano

    The architect of aparthied P.W Botha should be on this list.

  • Cool

    So many to choose from: Churchill, Malcolm X, of course the Black Panthers.
    The list goes on and on.

  • MrRee

    What about Al Sharpton? He’s one of the most bigoted, outspoken and annoying POS alive today.

  • silvernano

    By the way February 11 2010 was the 20th anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela froM prison.

  • Happypants78

    Number four still has me laughing. Mexicans are going to force us back to Europe? First their relatives would have to send Mexico as much American money as selling oranges will get. Then they would have to organize, and storm the borders. Perhaps it would just be easier for them to finally learn to speak English.

    • starletdempsy

      They didn't put Madalyn Murray O'Hair on the list. A radical athiest who thinks ALL christians are nut cakes of the earth. Know that is insane!

  • Cubone

    Excellent read! Keep the comments coming . . .

  • Lifeschool

    (sorry, I don’t mean to be pretentious… )

    New Lines (for an old song)

    The world is changing day by day,
    Still more pressure is on the way
    Where is heaven, I can’t see:
    Beyond the worlds’ craving for temporary complacency,
    Beyond boredom, beyond greed,
    Beyond our lives arrested so needlessly.

    Religion is dying – make way for the new gods:
    Money, power and control of the flock.
    Where is contentment, I can’t see:
    Past the rebellion against the rules of society.
    Past the bitterness, past the rivalry,
    Past our self-centered circles of insecurity.

    The worlds gone mad with too much information!
    Do we care where we’re going anymore?
    The lines are drawn in the sands of time,
    How long before the we decide?
    The communications are far from clear.

    Some say we can still make it,
    Though the winds are high, the sky isn’t changing,
    Where is freedom, I can’t see:
    Beyond the politics of the governments domination decree,
    Beyond books, beyond TV,
    Beyond the things we take for granted so religiously.

    Neglect our body, neglect our brain,
    Neglect the soul which makes us the same.
    Where is the hope, it isn’t so clear;
    Gone are the days when the world lived without fear,
    Beyond the technology, beyond the guns,
    Beyond the lives yet to be taken by the atom bomb.

    The worlds gone mad with too much information!
    This frontier isn’t worth dying for!
    The lines are drawn in the sands of time,
    How long before the we decide?
    The communications are far from clear.

    But who am I to react to the world going black,
    If all I do is ridicule the constant attack,
    What can we do?’re asking me…?
    The time has come to stand together for what we believe!
    We can’t afford to be blind to what we see,
    Or the world will choke on the ignorance of humanity,
    And then where will we be..?
    And then where will we be..?
    When will it end… you tell me!

  • Hurrrrr

    HURRDURRR. Random comment about some political figure I hate and want to label a bigot when I don’t know what a bigot is. George Bush was a terrible president, but he was not a bigot. Dick Cheney might be a bigot.

    @FuhQue (27): lulz. I saw that too. Malcom X and Al Sharpton would have done nicely on the list.

    Only person I think needed to be included was Fred Phelps from Westboro Baptist Church. Pretty good list still.

  • Cubone

    @Dano (69): I was going to say that . . .

  • Forsythia

    What a perfectly relevant list for listverse!! Wonderful job.

    You did, however, forget to add 7 out of 10 commenters here who hate Americans. ;)

    And it begins!!!! Ha.

  • Scratch

    Great list. The entry on Jack Chick makes it sound as if he is only anti-Catholic – which he is – virulently so. He is also anti-Islamic and racist.

    @Cool (74):

    Malcolm X later embraced a much more egalitarian view of humanity after he left the NOI and embraced Islam. For that reason, I don’t think he should be included anywhere near this list.

    • KRB123

      Chick is not anti-Cathlic or anti-muslim. He is anti-Catholicism and anti-islam. The Catholic Church has a history of corruption and islam was started by Mohammad from a Sabian tribe who worshiped many gods. Mohammad picked the moon god and named it Allah and he went with it.
      Jack Chick has played a major part in saving thousands of lost souls to hell.

  • jakexxxwbu

    @ greg 56
    Bush should be on the list for targeting muslims???? You’re an idiot….Are all muslims these days terrorists, no. Are all terrorists these days muslim radicals YES. Welcome to the real world. Because Bush was protecting the country he’s a bigot? Again, you’re a dumbass. And I guess Bush is making Obama keep troops in the Mid-East…..What a dumbass

  • Yeah – I’d replace Jack Chick with Fred Phelps any day of the week. Chick’s a nut, but he’s not any more aggressive with his opinions than any other comic book artist. Fred Phelps’ bunch, however, are dyed in the wool idiots of the first degree and should be ignored or mocked as it suits the observer.

    I choose “mock”.

  • Scratch

    @jakexxxwbu (84):

    You state that all terrorists these days are muslim radicals and then you call someone else a dumbass?


  • MChris

    @EV #63
    If he had been left off the comments would be doubled by now with people clammoring for why he wasn’t on the list. The problem with list like these is that there are far too many people who could make it on them. We could spend the next week reading “list-of-10 more-bigots” and just scratch the surface. These are the public ones too… we could wrap up the week with the list of “top ten most idiotic biggoted comments posted in the list-verse comments section” where we can add folks like #27.

  • Hillbilly Philosopher

    Personal attacks such as name calling are the tools of inferior minds.

  • Eoz

    See now, when I saw the title “Terrible Bigots”, I was expecting a list of people who were just lousy at being bigots.

    “John, a KKK member, slept with a black chick, again??”
    “*sigh*, Yes, John is a terrible bigot.”

    See? It’s funnier that way.

  • insoct

    A bigot is someone racism dehumanises – like Frater is a bigot.

  • Rico

    @gav (68): Bigot – a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

    You said, “I don’t want to be a bigot, so I will allow these morons the right to believe the ill-conceived notions …”

    And that’s how it all starts.

  • Scratch

    @Hillbilly Philosopher (88):

    Self-contradictory statements posing as aphorisms are the tools of – well – inferior minds.

  • Lifeschool

    @Forsythia (82): When will it end…? you tell me!

  • bassbait

    I don’t think the list should have ended with Hitler…

    because Joseph Stalin was a Bigot too, and he was the worst man who ever lived.

  • Admiral

    Lol Yaweh ben Yaweh is such a freak. I was so amused to see him on this list. I make Yaweh jokes all the time and nobody ever knows who he is

  • wendell

    My list includes barak obama for his hatred of Americans.

  • Hillbilly Philosopher

    @Scratch (91): Amazing, you continue to expose yourself. I won’t stop you. Perhaps you’d like to enlighten us as to how my statement was self-contradictory.

  • Jay Poe

    @wendell (95): You might want to spell his name correctly if you want to put him on your list.

  • Hillbilly Philosopher

    @Scratch (91): I made no personal attacks, I simply pointed out a behavior. If you took it personally…do the math.

  • krypto092108

    I would have to submit Archie Bunker, but he’s a fictional character, although no less a bigot…

  • krypto092108

    As far as item four goes, a British Rock Group said it best:
    “When You Listen To Fools, The Mob Rules!”

  • john

    Who made the list? Whites, blacks, hispanics
    Who didn’t make the list? Jews

    What a surprise. Zionists are the most hateful racist bigots on the planet.

  • Scratch

    @Hillbilly Philosopher (98):


    You stated that personal attacks were the work of inferior minds.

    You will notice that the second part of your statement includes the words “inferior minds” which is directed at anyone who uses personal attacks. Thus, you are issuing a personal attack on anyone who issues personal attacks. Voila, self-contradiction.

    In essence, you are calling your own mind inferior.

    I didn’t take that personally, I just thought it was funny.

  • insoct


    “I don’t think the list should have ended with Hitler…

    because Joseph Stalin was a Bigot too, and he was the worst man who ever lived.”

    Ah but people are pretty certain ‘Josef’ was a Jew they only SUSPECT Adolf was.

  • Jon

    Glad to see that international opinion of Paisley is that he’s a complete bigot. A lot of people here (North of Ireland) feel the same way. Yet there has never been an apology for the decades of discrimination against Irish Catholics by a system that Paisley nurtured and that created the Provisional IRA in the first place. My grandfather couldn’t get a job because he was a Catholic, he had to emigrate to find work. Paisley actively campaigned against equal rights for Catholics, against the vote for Catholics and for internment of Catholics without trial. He doesn’t just hate Catholics, he hates all things Irish.

    Fortunately this attitude of the ‘good old days’ seems to be dying. Paisley-ites like Jim Allister can’t get a mandate here anymore and are publicly ridiculed, as on Question Time last night. People are tired of the establishment DUP, corrupt to the core. As the Belfast Telegraph Poll showed today and the Euro Elections showed, Sinn Féin are the largest party – with a 3% lead on the DUP. It took Paisley to sit down with an ex-IRA Commander, Martin McGuinness, to bring peace here – and for that he must be commended. What happens when McGuinness becomes First Minister this year remains to be seen…

  • Hillbilly Philosopher

    @Scratch (102): I suppose that’s one way to look at it but you misunderstand. If I was attacking ANYONE who used personal attacks then it wouldn’t be personal, would it? Naming the source of a behavior in a general sense falls well short of a personal attack.

  • Lucas

    My list includes Barak Obama because I’m a moron. I can’t even correctly spell the name of the president of the United States. I sure hope no one calls me out on this, because I’ve got nothing to back this statement up with.

  • Kay

    Interesting list. Of course Hitler is on the top of the list. What I find weird is that Hitler had dark hair and did not have blue eyes, but yet he said the “master race” were all blond with blue eyes…

  • Scratch

    @Hillbilly Philosopher (105):

    :) Bah, you’re right. My inferior mind at work.

    @Kay (107):

    He also surrounded himself with people who were far from the ideal – Goebbels was scrawny, had a giant head, one shortened leg and walked with a limp, Goerring was a fat slob, and Himmler was skinny and had thick glasses.

    @insoct (103):

    Stalin was not a Jew.

  • Fred the Fop

    Pretty ugly and vile ultra zionist (and happily dead) Meir Kahane not on this list?
    Maybe next time =)

  • shawnlaura2011

    Could someone PLEASE enlighten me as to what comment 27 from fuhque said that was so bad??? I don’t see it on here, and lots of people seemed enraged over it.

    Also, I would just like to add that stereotypes exist for a reason!!! Heeeeeelllllooooo people!

  • Hillbilly Philosopher

    @Scratch (108): Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. I’ve been disarmed.

  • rwblake

    There are a lot of people who should be on the list. Several who should be off it, while they may be controversial like Chick they are not fitting of the definition.

  • shawnlaura2011

    What is the terrible comment left by this FuhQue person??? I see no FuhQue in the comments…can someone please enlighten me???

    Oh, I would also like to add that stereotypes exist for a reason.

  • FlameHorse

    Good stuff, justinj! What did FuhQue say? I’d LOOOOVE to know.

  • Scratch

    @Hillbilly Philosopher (111):

    Yeah, I’m not sure where that came from either.

    @FlameHorse (114):

    He erroneously spoke on the absent of black people from this list, but he used the n word several times.

  • DrEvo82

    Jessie Jackson
    Al Sharpton
    Walt Disney

  • weegmc

    Apparently Hitler is the only European racist in history and most racists are Americans.
    Milosovic has to be on the list, and if you are targeting groups, Khmer Rouge wasn’t fond of the ethnic Chinese.
    Bad list.

  • Arsnl

    This list is so awful. Worst list this year. How can you put 9 idiots with a guy that commited genocide. You either make a list with 10 idiots or you make a list with 10 people that commited genocide. Terrible list. It has now structure. You also forgot stalin, mussolini, idi amin generals that were at srebenica to name a few. You have no knowledge in history and i dont understand your math 50%+50%….+100%? Whats that? What were you thinking? Ok im gonna make a list with 9 nut jobs and then ill put hitler number so people wont notice the fact that its a stupid list.

  • shawnlaura2011

    Ooooohhhhh…the dreaded N word!!! Why is ok for whites to be called cracker, whitey, and honkey??? Why in the last 10-15 years has it become socially acceptable to be racist towards whites so long as other races aren’t disparaged by any sort of derogatory terms?

    We live in Atlanta, and there has been a huge stink raised over one of the MARTA (our mass transit system) lines being called the yellow line. Apparently many Asian-Americans were “outraged” over MARTA’s use of yellow – it was offensive, thoughtless, and careless of MARTA to pick yellow. Really??? Reeeeaaalllyyy??? I almost want to start a protest over one of the lines being dubbed “red line” because I am an Indian descendant (see how I used the term Indian and not Native American???). Puh-leeze people, there are so many other (more dire) problems in our world.

    Maybe I should change my screen name to misanthrope2010???

  • DavidTehGnome

    I can’t help but notice the double standard. So all pro white groups are bad…would you call pro asian groups in asian countries bad? Pro black groups in black countries bad? etc. The white rights groups you attack are in white countries!!! They are groups that exist to protect their own people in their own land. All the non white non Christian groups listed above are alien groups. Based on this fuzzy logic I can only imagine what the white equivalent of “la raza” or something of that nature, in a foreign non white land would be labeled. Of course they don’t really exist unless you count perhaps South African whites “which would require a fair amount of mental gymnastics”, who are today being robbed, raped, murdered and all around systematically destroyed. But no word from the liberal left, or conservative right for that matter… But lets at least be fair, white’s in their own lands cannot be called bigots, unless you spread that asinine ideology around equally among all races in all lands. Of course you will most likely be shot in one of those other lands.

  • Interesting list. I was expecting for Hitler to appear here.

  • msulli222

    I’d just like to point out that this list is called “10 Terrible Bigots in Modern History”, not “Top 10” or “The 10”. And, I thought adding Hitler, the epitome of genocide in the West, at the end was brilliant. It shows what bigoted attitudes lead to if given enough power. The first 9 may be idiots, but if they were to ever get enough power, all hell would break loose. Hitler demonstrates that.

    For more info on the connection between bigotry and genocide, read Nancy Scheper-Hughes or Zigmund Bauman.

  • Leewey

    What a bunch of pricks

  • Very interesting list! Although Ian Paisley is a person I absolutely abhore, I have to say he did come round in recent years to accepting others a bit more.

  • Lori

    I figured Fred Phelps would be one here. Maybe he needs an “honorable” mention.

  • mike

    #59- alexman: Americans can’t really say anything about Osama, only because they are directly responsible for his actions by funding him with millions of dollars worth of weapons, and equipment during the Afghan-Soviet war in the ’80s. We gave him all of that stuff, and then after the war was over we just left him and the entire country with all of the guns. America completely forgot about the nation of Afghanistan after their bout with the USSR, and in a couple of years, the Taliban and Al Quaeda(did I spell that right?) were formed thanks to all of the supplies and the lack of foreign military presence to keep control. I’m not trying to hate on American’s as individuals, but Reagan really fucked up with that decision he made back then, and now in the 21’st century it’s costing us more than ever.


    was this list written by a jew by any chance

  • nicoleredz3

    @Eoz (88):

    Lol! So true… Thought I was the only one deceived by the name…

  • Alucard

    Fred Phelps isn’t on the list. He is not only anti-Gay, but anti-American, anti-semite (he started ‘God Hates Jews’) and has even carried banners that said “God Hates You”.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Wow this is a great list! Considering how many haters there are I bet there will be a part 2.

  • Aus

    Very good list, one of my favorites. I do think that Paisley and Hitler were kind of weak picks though.
    Paisley just doesn’t come off as a terrible bigot. As for Hitler, it’s kind of like mentioning breathing on a list of survival techniques, we all know the story. Perhaps you could have added him as a bonus.
    Anyway very interesting list keep it up.

  • Armodillotron

    Personally, I don`t see why there should be a problem with racism. When we had an Empire, racism was normal. Words like nigger and coon were acceptable. You could make fun of black people, asians, Jews and the Irish and noone would give a toss. Racism came about, because of political correct politicans. Now you can`t say anything, because the PC brigade, MP`s and the ADL, will go bannanas. The Muslim cartoons, Ken Livingstone being demonised for comparing a reporter to a Nazi concentration camp guard, David Irving and David Duke being arrested for denying the Holocaust, George Galloway being banned from Canada, you can`t say sod all. It`s ridiculous.

  • arun

    @ Happypants78 you sound like quite a bigot yourself with “Perhaps it would just be easier for them to finally learn to speak English.”

    they live in a spanish-speaking country, idiot. why dont you learn french? lots of people in canada speak it.. oh yeah but YOU DON’T LIVE THERE, so why should you? i do agree that mexicans who move to the u.s. should probably learn english, as it just makes it way easier for them.. but i’m not going to get PISSED at them if they don’t, thats just stupid.

  • nicoleredz3

    @Kay (107):

    Oh, the irony!!!

    @FlameHorse (114):

    FuhQue’s statement was just outright racist… Nuff said.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @Armodillotron (131): I can’t tell if you’re kidding or if you really are that terrible of a human being.

  • arun

    @ Armodillotron interesting, i personally always saw political correctness as guidelines for not sounding like an uneducated asshole

  • RedMan

    I am so sick of racism being about blacks and latinos. Has everyone on this planet forgot about native americans. It is a fact that the reason they got wiped out was because they refused slavery and would take their own life rather then be forced to serve another. I suppose I mean african americans rather than blacks. Eh doesn’t matter no one has or ever will listen to the words of those who truly belong to the land. Kinda like the aborginies(spelled wrong I’m sure) in Australia.

  • segues

    @Arsnl (118): I understand your anger. I, too, think the list would have been better had the writer stuck to one group or the other, but he didn’t.
    The fact of the matter is that the list is interesting, gives some insight into some bigots most of us have never heard of (that is, we would all have heard of different ones depending on where we live or how old we are), so it was educational in that way. Bigot # 1 should have been someone along the same lines as the rest of the list.
    I don’t think Hitler belonged on this list. To call Hitler a bigot is an understatement of galactic proportions…sort of like calling John Wayne Gacy a clown with dating problems.

  • nicoleredz3

    @General Tits Von Chodehoffen (134):

    Gotta wonder, eh?.. Too bad sarcasm can’t always be be picked up on text!

  • tessiesmom

    Great list- Now I know why I have always had an aversion of Ford vehicles.

  • arun

    @ shawnlaura2011 (119) well i’m pretty sure “cracker” has got nothing on the n-word as far as hateful history of its usage. don’t think any white slaves ever got called “cracker” by their “keepers” for hundreds of years.. but maybe i didn’t read my history books enough. and calling yourself “indian” instead of “native american” makes no sense, seeing as the reason that name even started was because early european explorers mistakenly believed that they had reached india. unless you actually have relatives from india.

  • VikaS

    Now people want more Americans on the list. The retarded and BIGOTED posters on this site never cease to amaze.

  • nicoleredz3

    @tessiesmom (139):

    Ford vehicles suck in my country and we’ve labelled them:

    F- For
    O- Only
    R- Rum
    D- Drinkers


    @segues (137):

    I kinda agree to your view on perspective. He’s an exceptional case, I guess.

  • PT

    It’s wonderful to see that the one thing that unites planet earth is everyone’s hatred of everyone else. White hates black and black hates white Christian hates Muslim Muslim hates Jew and everyone hates the scientologists. I guess we are all going to look like complete arses when we die and find out that the Jedi were the ones who had it right!

  • Chicle

    very good list, and very fun to read

  • Blogball

    @PT (143):

    your comment reminded me of this song

  • SnowKid32

    Holy crap! I live in Rancho Cucamonga, California. That’s pretty damn weird. Hopefully I can find that dipshit and beat him down! Wish me luck! ^_^

  • PT

    @ 145
    Thanks Blogball I now hate me for plagiarising a song I’d never even heard.
    Just pass the Gin I’m going to get smashed
    PS I hate everyone at first sight it saves so much time

  • Lou

    You forgot my boss.

  • fudrick

    @mike (125): I can’t say anything against Osama because of something that happened before my birth (not to mention the fact that it would have been out of my control regardless, even if I was alive)? It’s ridiculous when people hold others accountable for what their family/race/nationality did in the past.

  • Handrejka

    Good list and sadly not exhaustive. I like that you’ve included a mixture of people here, the only one I’d not heard of before was number two. Jack Chick is strangely fascinating.

  • Freddo

    To call Jack Chick a bigot is absolutely ridiculous; to list him in the Top 10 is absolutely insane. This actually shows that whoever wrote this is a bigot.

  • therush

    How come there isn’t one person from the modern apartheid state of Israel? Oh that’s right, because if you’re ever critical of anything having to do with Israel you are immediately denounced as a raving anti-Semite.

  • deeeziner

    My thoughts aren’t so much about these bigots on the list.
    Unfortunately there will be bigots, somewhere, til the end of mankind’s existence.

    I think it’s terrible that these particular bigots (and so many others) have had influence over the minds of so many children. Real children, not proverbial ones, and so these twisted prejudices are nurtured in their own manner.

    I know that makes me sound like one of those tree hugging sob artists, but it is true that our prejudices are often formed from childhood experiences. And from the desire to please those that we hold in high esteem, like our parents and their “heroes”.

  • Clockwork Banana

    Yes, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should certainly be on this list.

  • Arsnl

    @PT (143): im telling you what i hate. Women that pack to much baggage. And you may think…oh poor schmuck. Probably his gf likes to pack loads of crap-pots, pans, kitchen sink. No. Its the goddamn freakin turists. I live in paris and i’ve noticed them turists pack like its no tomorrow. Geesh its freakin france. People are so lazy here they didnt make too many escalators in the subway so you have to carry your luggage up and down stairs. I would imagine chicks that travel alone would think ahead and pack lite. But no. They pack and pack and i bet they also buy crap like little metal eiffel towers and little crystal eiffel towers and metal key chains etc etc etc. I dont know but sometimes i see chicks that carry loads bigger than them.
    Thats why probably french are so rude. Americans probably made them carry their crap up and
    down stairs in the 50s and they decided to just be rude and refuse.
    @segues (137): ill make a list with people that have mother issues and put hitler number one. The list was really good but then #1. I think people know already that hitler was evil. I dont know who john gacy was but i bet hes a serial killer since he has 3 names :-).

  • monkerz

    Add Charles Lindbergh to this list.

  • blake

    no westburough baptist church?

  • Joboo

    The entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should be on this list. It’s arguably the most intolerant place on earth. Try building a church, temple or synagogue there and see how that goes. There’s a litany of bigotry against non-Muslims in that country. It’s pinhead central.

  • shawnlaura2011

    Oh arun…you missed my point entirely. My point is that a majority of all this crap happened long before many of us were born, and I feel that there are MUCH more important things that these energies could be channeled into.

    All these crybabies talking about how so many black men (sorry, if you’re not FROM Africa, you aren’t an African-American – just like I don’t consider myself a Native American with European-American blood) are in prison…it’s because they broke the law. Why are so many Latinos degraded in our society? Because they are here illegaly, contribute very little to the economy, and for the most part cannot communicate with other members of society. Further more, while you’re rechecking your history books for the real scoop on the “cracker” versus (dare I spell it out??) “nigger” saga, be sure to check out the chapter describing how some Africans were selling members of enemy tribes into slavery, and how some Africans sold their own family members into slavery.

    Am I really supposed to care that someone is offended by the dreaded “N” word when everyday women and children are being raped and murdered, families are being devastated by the loss of their husbands, sons, and fathers to war, and hundreds of thousands of domestic animals (cats, dogs, etc) are tortured and killed??? I am truly astounded by the level of douchebaggery some of the commenters have demonstrated.

  • dazza

    well what do you expect there all rightists

  • FlameHorse

    @Scratch (115): Thank you, scratch. :)

  • mom424

    @shawnlaura2011 (159): Contribute little to the economy? The entire state of California would shut down without all the “illegal” aliens. And where would walmart get all its workers?
    The work for less than American citizens and do jobs you don’t want to.

  • doombot999

    yeah but the Mexica movement has a point.

  • JimFearless

    Ha Ha… Race, Religion. This list has all the makings of a “passionate conversation”.

    FYI.. P W Botha was NOT the architect of apartheid, merely a silly little puppet with a wobbly chin.

    And Eugene Terreblanche does not deserve to be on the list because he is an insignificant farmer on a crusade. And where theres the AWB there is MK.

    I actually laughed out loud when I read the silly american wanted to kick all the whites out of South Africa for the sake of the black muslims. Theres not too many black Jamals or Mohammeds in South Africa dude.

    These guys on the list need to watch more Russel Peters

  • Armodillotron

    General Tits Von Chodehoffen, I ain`t kidding, that`s what it`s like in England now. You can`t say anything, without blacks, pakis, indians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and so on, without them going bloody apeshit. I remember “The Satanic Verses,” debacle, when the country went crazy, burning effigies of Rushdie,and the Leader of Iran issued a “Fatwa,” calling on Rushdie to be killed. And it was donkeys years before the fatwa was cancelled. And When I was a daft kid, I was read Chinky and the Wishing Chair, and Noddy by Enid Blyton. These books are now BANNED, because of the Golliwogs. Who were the baddies. And you also could collect Golliwog badges. They were banned, because the PC brigade came along, and said, “Golliwogs offend black people.” So they were banned. Which was ridiculous. Remember a few years ago when Iran held a Holocaust Conference, and Tony Blair, Dubya, Israel and the world went crazy? And when Mel Gibson when arrested for being drunk, said, “Fucking Jews.. Jews are to blame for all the fucking problems in the world..” He was called a Nazi. What happened to free speech?

    • Magnumto

      Excellent post, Armodillotron. What you're describing isn't freedom. At the least it's speech control, and at the worst it's thought control. I would be willing to bet that, given the opportunity, a lot of the people posting here would be in favor of criminal penalties against anyone with the gall to use any of these "banned" words or ideas. Unless your race, religion or ethnicity is a "Victim" – then you can say whatever you like and you're good to go. And apparently, "Once a victim, always a victim".

  • Alison

    I can’t believe you forgot Phelps. That is one evil man.

  • kennypo65

    I’m not a bigot, I hate everyone equally. These 10 people are f-ing retards, and that’s not satire.

  • Zac

    what about Rush and Glenn Beck?

  • Miss_Info

    @mom424 (162): Thanks mom424. alot of people dont know that about California. shawnlaura is an idiot.

  • asdf

    Adolf Hitler = well placed in the list.

  • Richard

    I’m surprised not to have seen jorg haider or geert wilders on there.

  • J

    Rush, Glenn Beck, Bush, I enjoy people saying they are bigots. For some reason the left has a problem with people who voice opinions other than their own, which sounds close to the definition of bigotry. Get a clue.

  • beckyh

    The name Nick Griffin springs to mind.

  • shawnlaura2010

    Lol at the two morons who really believe that the state of California would crumble were it not for our neighbors from south of the border…

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the state of California was doing fine without all the Mexicans that do the jobs you claim we don’t want. Did you fall and bump your heads? The reason that the illegals have those jobs is because they are willing to work for wages that are usually far below what would be considered a fair wage. Also, please keep in mind that the majority of these individuals do not pay taxes, and spend very little of their earnings – putting dollars back in the economy – instead sending the money back to Mexico. Where do you think the money for their healthcare, foodstamps, and government sanctioned housing comes from? Our, mine and yours, tax dollars. So…the majority of the illegal (no quotes, they ARE in this country illegaly) contribute very little to the economy, at least not enough to balance out the drain they place on the rest of the country.

  • COTW

    Add the population of israel to the list. The land grab and killing of the Palestinians mirrors the accusation of the number one position.

  • Aus

    “A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.
    The correct use of the term requires the elements of obstinacy, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing devotion.” (Wikipedia)

    Hmm, I hadn’t thought of Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly but it sounds like they fit the bill.

  • Clark88

    @Zac (168): What about Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews?

  • Fluffhead

    Number 10 is hysterical. What an idiot

  • Armodillotron

    Nick Griffin isn`t a racist. He`s a patriot. He`s just looking out for the original people of this coutry. Unlike New LIBour and the CONservatives, who don`t give a shit about anyone, and who steal my fucking money.

  • Clockwork

    When I think of Hitler the word “bigot” doesn’t come to mind. “Homicidal psychopath” seems more fitting.

  • lunchbox

    good list however ian paisley has recently changed his attitude completley and has made great strides towards peace in the north! so i do think it fair to include some refrence to how he has tried to bring peace between catholics and prodestants in recent years!

  • porkido


    “Like him or not Ian Paisley is seen by many as one of the greatest men who ever lived by Northern Irish Protestants.
    Fantastic speaker, fantastic leader.
    Too bad about his views on gays and Catholics.”

    Too bad about Hitler’s views on Jews, Poles, Gypsies, Homosexuals, etc.

  • porkido


    “Jews are the biggest bigots on Earth!”

    Funniest sentence of 2010.

  • porkido


    “While I am in no way a Paisley fan – his public rantings do not match the private image.”

    Not such a bad guy, except for the part where he inflamed sectarian hatred that greatly contributed to decades of violence. Other than that, a real peach of a man…in private, he was known to pet kittens.

  • Jon

    And then when things got bad as a result, took a plane to Canada until things settled down!

  • porkido


    “Was it as bad as the generational slavery Democrats have put minorities into with Section 8 and welfare that has made millions of people slaves to the state? Were either of them an active member of the KKK like Robert Byrd? Were either of them against the civil rights initiatives in the 1960’s like the Democrats were and it was only the GOP who voted for it that it finally passed?”

    Thank you for equaling the stupidity of those you responded to.

  • tremblingfingers

    Meh. Moving on…

  • meg

    hum…these men pretend to be religious. No wonder religion makes my skin crawl.

  • porkido

    @Zac(168), J(172):

    Rush & Beck aren’t bigots…they’re clowns. They will do whatever it takes for ratings. If clubbing baby seals on-air meant a greater market share, they’d be hawking fur coats on the side.

  • @porkido (188): Speaking of bigots…

  • madmex

    Today’s GOP

  • evacreek

    Any of you kids remember Geo Lincoln Rockwell, leader of the American Nazi Party? One of the more amusing things to happen to him was the Playboy Interview he did in 196(mumble). While widely known for his anti-black stance whwand incendiary comments, even he must have been surprised when the hotel door was opened and there stood his intaerviewer, ALex Haley!(who conducted a damned fine inatereview despite Rockwell’s drawn and loaded Colt .45 on the arm of his chair. Ahhh, the 60’s…don’t you miss them?)

  • Lionel

    I think Dick Cheney, Hutus and Tutsies(Rwanda), Kamer Rouge, most of the middle east, deserve honorable mentions…

  • porkido



    I’m bigoted against two demagogic blowhards? Because they’re demagogic blowhards?

  • SteveC

    Well, I’ll one up you Lionel and say Margaret Sanger should be #1 on this list.

  • Bazoomer

    Ya forgot Maggie Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) and Farrakhan himself. Jeremiah Wright seems to be gaining ground on Adolf…

  • porkido


    I think the preferred spelling is ‘Tutsis’…so as to differentiate the people from the little piggies at the end of your futsies…

  • ZibbyYamala

    @ Armodillotron (if that’s how u spell ur name)

    I bet u feel so safe saying all those derogatory comments online where u can’t get ur ass kicked. try saying those words to those people, . . . after ur laid out on the floor they’l explain why those words are offensive and wrong to say.

    anyways!! nice list! man it’s hard out there for a Jew. I wish any Jew out there the best of luck in this crazy world.

    • huhatupid

      I wonder why its so hard for jews out there…what do they do to societies for such hatred…what do you think?

      Meow ruff, ruff rawr meow…gawr chip ruff: meow meow?

  • porkido

    “And when Mel Gibson when arrested for being drunk, said, ‘Fucking Jews.. Jews are to blame for all the fucking problems in the world..’ He was called a Nazi. What happened to free speech?”

    What DID happen to free speech?

    As far as I know, Mel Gibson was charged with DUI, not with making anti-Semitic comments. He was excoriated for his comments because they were, um, stupid and offensive. But nobody said he was not allowed to say them…only that he was a complete a-hole for saying them. “Shouldn’t” is not the same as “can’t”.

    There seems to be this odd confusion about Freedom of Speech: that if you disagree with what someone says, you are somehow restricting their rights. Especially amusing is that this ‘argument’ demands that critics should not be allowed to voice criticism…

  • LH

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that so many commenters think that all Jews are bigots (note, I am referring to people of the Jewish faith, not necessarily the state of Israel, though I do generally support Israel — not always — and find it interesting that many people seem to equate the two completely).

    You know, I keep hoping that we’ve at least started to make it past this kind of crap in our world, and then I see comments from plenty of people who hate me and my heritage without even knowing who I am. Anyone out there think I secretly have horns? Or drink the blood of Christian babies? Or control the world? Because it’s really not such a far step from saying “Jews are all bigots” to saying “Jews are causing all of our problems” to “Kill the Jews.” And let me tell you, if there actually WERE some sort of Jewish conspiracy to control the world, we’ve done a crap job with the brainwashing.

    I dunno, those of you saying that all Jews are bigots and racists and whatever else probably ought to take a look in the mirror before you start going after anyone else.

  • ImElvis666

    @LH (199):
    It is true that many cannot differentiate between the state of Israel and Judaism. Jews themselves are probably most guilty of this. How many times have people been called an anti-semite for criticising Zionism.

  • Zac
  • LH

    @ImElvis666 (200):

    I do understand that, certainly, and I hate that kneejerk response, but I admit to getting just a touch of it myself sometimes. Here’s why, at least in my case: criticizing Israel’s policies from a pragmatic or emotional level is one thing, and that’s okay, but SO many people seem to despise Israel on such a visceral level while more or less ignoring things like, say, Darfur, and completely demonize all Israelis without admitting that there’s plenty of room for guilt on both sides that, at some point, one DOES start to think that there might be a touch of anti-semitism underneath.

    Paranoid? Perhaps, but it’s sort of hard to grow up Jewish and not be just a little paranoid. My mother was once asked to show a little girl her horns; someone painted a swastika on my brother’s car in high school. I see vandalism of Jewish cemeteries and synagogues in Europe; I see Arabic media aimed at children depicting Jews as hunchbacked, sniveling, blood-drinking murderers. I’ve heard groups like Hamas rant about “driving the Jews into the sea.” I watched the news when there were shootings at the Holocaust Museum or the JCC in LA. And I know where it’s all led before, during the Crusades and the Black Death and the Inquisition and the Holocaust and bunches of other times throughout history. So yeah, I do take it kind of personally when people’s first response to numerous topics is to automatically and viciously attack Israel and/or the Jewish people. Because it scares the hell out of me.

  • Yun

    @Mike (26): I am an American. Why should I be forced to move to a country I’ve never been to, whose language I don’t speak, and embrace a culture I don’t respect because of something that happened 400 years ago. I am not, never have been, and never will be French.

    @E.V. Cunningham (62): While I agree with your sentiment, you know full well that if he hadn’t been there, there would be a zillion comments going “WTF! Where’s Hitler?”

    @Scratch (85): Name a recent, high profile terrorist other than Tim McVeigh (whose “recent” status is, itself questionable) who is not a radical Muslim.

    @Rico (90): “@gav (68): Bigot – a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

    You said, “I don’t want to be a bigot, so I will allow these morons the right to believe the ill-conceived notions …”

    And that’s how it all starts.”

    Exactly. Gav is being tolerant of a differing opinion. Funny how that works.

    @Arsnl (118): Mussolini was not a racist, or at least no more so than was normal for the time. Jews were over-represented in the Italian Fascist Party, and Mussolini did not willingly cooperate in the Holocaust. Nor did Franco, for the record. The Italians and the Spanish actually did significantly more to protect the Jews of Europe than the supposedly liberal French, Dutch, and Americans did.

    @arun (140): “and calling yourself “indian” instead of “native american” makes no sense, seeing as the reason that name even started was because early european explorers mistakenly believed that they had reached india. unless you actually have relatives from india.”

    But calling her a “Native American” robs all other races of their rightful status as natives of the land in which they were born (which, I believe, is her point.) It’s true that “Indian” is an inaccurate term, but the alternative is not much better.

    As I said earlier in this post, I have spent my entire life (except for a brief period in Asia as part of the US Air Force) in North America. I am as much a Native American as any member of any First Nation. The only thing European about me is the color of my skin.

    @Zac (201): I fail to see how a bunch of unsourced, out of context alleged quotes prove anything. Considering the massive amounts of manpower the loony left is dedicating to taking Rush Limbaugh down ( alone employs three full time transcribers), you’d think they could provide some evidence of his alleged racism other than cherry picked and/or fabricated quotes. They can’t. Because Rush Limbaugh is not a racist.

    • rupchacha

      You made me laugh with this Tim McVeigh (whose "recent" status is, itself questionable)"…maybe he was secretly a muslim! and for the part you said name a terrorist, i'll name groups: Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam,Irish People's Liberation Organisation…many more.
      Terrorists are in the eye of the beholder…maybe

  • Yawyack

    @Armodillotron (178):

    Who are “the original people of this coutry”? The last time I checked the majority of the population of the British isles are mainly descended from Iberian migrants. And then to a lesser extent you have the genes of the Celtic, Germanic and Scandinavian migrants mixed in too.

  • Glenn

    Wait, a guy who writes comments saying nasty things about Catholicism is on the top ten list of bigots with Hitler and the KKK?

    What the heck is wrong with you?

  • Glenn

    Oops, I said “comments” but meant “comics.”

  • loop

    I’m not a bigot. I hate everyone equally!

    Go figure! There will always be those who single out members of the fraternity of man for persecution.

  • ImElvis666

    @LH (202):
    There are lots of ignorant people who won’t acknowledge any wrong doings of Arabs yet only criticise Israel. I am not denying this. These poeple are generally take a very simplistic view of the situation.

    But there are plenty of informed intellectuals, including Jews, who have spoken out against Zionism and the way the IDF has acted and these people have been branded anti-semites by important Israeli politicans. The have branded Noam Chomsky and Goldstone (report) a self hating Jew. I find this absolutely dispicable.

    It doesn’t matter how persecuted a people are, and I believe you when you say you have been at the end of prejudice, two wrongs don’t make a right. I grew up in Ireland seeing horrific things on the news happening to people in the North because of their religion so I am not exactly oblivious to the prejudices people face. It still doesn’t justify much of the way the state of Israel conducts itself.

  • teacherman

    “People say I’m a xenophobe but I don’t think that’s true. I just happen to think that America is better than every other country. Once upon a time that used to be called patriotism.” – Kenny Powers

  • timmar68

    I always thought free speech meant that I can say I don’t like the job our President is doing and not get thrown in jail for it. I thought it meant that I can give my point of view about something and not get thrown in jail for it. You get the idea.
    Now, people seem to think it means “I’ll give my opinion and you HAVE to listen to me and I don’t have to hear yours. AND I’ll do whatever I want to do to make you listen to ME ME ME and to hell with you.”

  • Z0mgZ0rs

    Probably the worst list I’ve seen on this site so far.
    1. You’re gonna attack a group’s religious views? The Earth is 76 trillion years old. Yeah, it’s retarded, but many Americans believe the Earth to be a few thousand years old and that cavemen lived with dinos. I think that’s equally, or even more bigoted.
    2. Not that I knew anything on Jack T. Chick before I read this list, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t include that he is “claimed” to be the most published comic book author in the world.
    3. The Mexica Movement is NON-VIOLENT. Again, their actual logic is probably really screwed up, just like any other religious group. Israelis are pushing and actually killing people out of Palestine for “repatriation”, but they aren’t on that list. No, cause that’d be racist right?
    4. Wondering where the Westboro Baptist Church is, unless they are too small of a group, which is then fine.
    5. If you’re gonna put Hitler up there, there are soooo many other leaders who have done so much wrong for the worst reasons.

    • yeayupohyeaaa

      man i really wanted to give you like 1000000 thumbs up but i cant, agree with everything you said, good job sir!

  • jop

    Are we the bigots for calling bigots bigots?

  • Scratch

    @Yun (203):

    “Name a recent, high profile terrorist other than Tim McVeigh (whose “recent” status is, itself questionable) who is not a radical Muslim.”

    Your demand is rather humorously worded. It seems that you are demanding the name of one non-Muslim terrorist that YOU’VE heard of. Instead, because your ignorance does not negate their existence, I’ll present you with a list of non-Muslim terrorists that you SHOULD HAVE heard of.

    To avoid complication, we’ll ignore state terrorism and eco-terrorism.

    Here’s a very incomplete list of non-Muslim terrorists. I can add more if you wish:

    Kobad Ghandy (Indian Maoist Terrorist, arrested 2009)
    Baruch Goldstein (1999, Israeli)
    Yaakov Teital (2009, Israeli)
    Joseph Kony (Ugandan, current LRA leader)
    Monte Kim Miller (American Christian cult leader)
    Comrade Artemio (Peruvian Communist, current leader of the Shining Path)
    Alfonso Cano (current FARC leader)
    Pushpa Kamal Dahal (current Nepali Communist Leader)
    Fehriye Erdal (Turkish Communist Terrorist, arrested 2006)
    Rodrigues Mingas (Angolan Separatist FLEC leader)
    Velupillai Prabhakaran (Tamil Tiger leader, killed 2009)
    Parech Barua (United Liberation Front of Asom Leader)
    Jurdan Martitegi Lizaso (ETA leader, arrested 2009)

  • jericho

    fuck this list….guess its only racism if its against jews and blacks, jewish racism doesnt even get a mention….irgun doesnt count, sharon’s massacre at sabre, meir kahane….will NEVER go on this site again, your bias is clear now

    • yourright

      "jews are fine, everyone else is wrong"

  • HighProteinDiet

    About #6; Jack Chick is, in fact, not what “normal people” consider a bigot. He’s really just publishing Christian tracts relating to modern issues worldwide, without being racist, or whatever. Whoever concluded with that idea is a bigot himself, sounding more sacreligious than (for lack of a better term) “helpful”, if anything. Personally, I like his tracts considering they are very educational based on fundamental Christian values. Just visit his website. Honestly, if this man was anything as described in #6, his ministry would’nt be as such a success as it is today.

  • Z0mgZ0rs

    @bryainiac (64): If you think Hitler invented the Swastika, you need to go read any text book, regardless of how bias it is.

  • An Intelligent Pineapple

    The apartheid state of Israel must be at least #2.
    This is the most bias list. 8 out of 10 on the list include any type of racism against jews or Israel. I don’t know much about that Paisley guy, but the Mexica Movement is non-violent, and from what I can tell not even racist, so it deserves no place on that list.

    • gupta


  • LH

    @ImElvis666 (208):

    Believe me, you’re pretty much preaching to the choir here. I’d never say that Israel hasn’t made some serious errors (I know a guy who’s a West Bank settler and I think he’s been brainwashed and has gone completely and irretrievably insane). And I certainly don’t think that Jewish people hold some sort of monopoly on suffering.

    All I’m saying is to read some of these comments; people bitching that too many of the folks on the list hate Jews and saying “your sympathies are clear” and “I’ll never come back here again”? All that I’m able to take from that is that the commenter really doesn’t like Jews.

  • porkido


    “I fail to see how a bunch of unsourced, out of context alleged quotes prove anything. Considering the massive amounts of manpower the loony left is dedicating to taking Rush Limbaugh down ( alone employs three full time transcribers), you’d think they could provide some evidence of his alleged racism other than cherry picked and/or fabricated quotes. They can’t. Because Rush Limbaugh is not a racist.”

    The quotes in the link all look sourced to me. And the list acknowledges the bogus quotes attributed to Rush as such.

    Just the same, I don’t think the turd is a racist; he’s a circus performer. But it seems a bit disingenuous to suggest that he doesn’t use race-baiting as part of his routine. The “School Bus Incident” is a perfect example: he doesn’t come out and actually speak racist epithets, but he is obviously attempting to fan the flames of race-based hysteria in his audience.

    So, ok, he’s not a racist. But he trades on racist fears. That makes it alright?

  • Verwoerd

    Well, yes, you could put Hendrik Verwoerd from South Africa on this list – he was the architect of apartheid. But then again, you could also put Julius Malema right next to him. This loser is trying to destroy everything that Mandela’s vision accomplished in the country over the last 20 years.

  • porkido


    “The apartheid state of Israel must be at least #2.
    This is the most bias list. 8 out of 10 on the list include any type of racism against jews or Israel. I don’t know much about that Paisley guy, but the Mexica Movement is non-violent, and from what I can tell not even racist, so it deserves no place on that list.”

    There’s a reason Jews show up on such lists pretty often: they are everyone’s go-to scapegoat, and have been for centuries…so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that groups with very diverse objects of bigotry should hold anti-Semitism in common…

  • Armodillotron

    I`m not anti-semitic, and I don`t deny Hitler didn`t kill Jews, but for Gods sake, LH should give it a rest. By calling Israel, you`re NOT being anti-semitic. Israelis aren`t Jews. They CLAIM to be. There Zionists. A racist organization, that tried to form an alliance with Hitler to fight us. Or, “Join the war on Germany`s side.” And when that failed, they formed terrorist groups called the Irgun and Stern Gang and launched terrorist attacks against us. And Menechem Begin-the Stern Gangs leader-eventually became prime minister! when Israel was created, and the poor Palestinians were kicked out, the scumbags showed themselves for what they are. Since 1948, they`ve carried out assassinations, murdered people, abducted people, spied on America, The USS Liberty atrocity, carried out war-crimes, such as Sabra and Shatila, you can go on and on. Why don`t they ever make movies about those crimes?

  • porkido

    When a statement starts, “I’m not anti-semitic,” you pretty much know where it’s going.

  • sidheanomaly

    Surprised Fred Phelps and The Westboro baptist Church. As I kept reading down the list, I was expecting to see it. They picket pretty much everything.

  • sidheanomaly

    I meant to say I was surprised I did not see Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church. Sorry didn’t proofread before posting.

  • MamaBear2Cubs

    Is being Jewish a race or a religon? I know it’s obviously a religon and anyone can convert to it, but is it a race too? If you’re born Jewish and decide to be another religon are you still ethnically Jewish so how does it work if you don’t want to practice the religous part anymore? This is where I’m confused. I could just ask one my Jewish friends but I would rather not reveal my ignorance lol. Why do so many people dislike Jews anyway? You don’t know someone is Jewish just by looking at them (excluding Hasidic Jews,Rabbis etc etc) so OoooO what is one of those sneaky Jews got past you and into your inner circle? I don’t understand what it is about them that makes them such a target, but it’s sad.

  • porkido


    You can identify them by the horns on their heads.

  • porkido

    Fred Phelps isn’t a bigot. He’s BATSHIT CRAZY.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @pmoessner (63): NO, Sam Bower IS the black man, stupid!

  • Armodillotron

    You know thats right, Jews are thought to have horns on there heads. Do they hide them with those funny hats they wear? Because if you look at English drawings of Jews in The Middle Ages, they`ve either got horns on there heads, or a face like the Devil. But it`s probably a myth. The blood libel isn`t though.

  • porkido


    Yes, probably.

    (how old are you?)

  • porkido

    Actually, it’s great if you hook up with a Jewish girl, because you can use her horns to steer…

  • LH

    @Armodillotron (221):

    Do us both a favor and please read what I actually said before you start bitching at me, okay? I know a whole lot of Israeli-born Jews who would take a whole lot of exception to your “they’re not really Jews” claims. And you SERIOUSLY think any self-respecting Zionist would form an alliance with the Nazis? I don’t know what kool-aid you’ve been drinking, but I think it’s not the good kind.

    I’m sorry if I sound combative, but I don’t take kindly to being (in essence) told to shut up by someone who puts words in my mouth.

    @Armodillotron (229):
    And HOLY HELL, you’re saying that it’s “probably” a myth that Jews have horns? And that blood libel — Please, PLEASE tell me that you’re NOT saying that we drink or have ever drank the blood of anyone? Because if so, then I’m wasting my time. I really hope that English isn’t your first language…

    @MamaBear2Cubs (225):
    That’s a tough one. I’d have to say that, in my case, at least, it’s both. I’m Jewish ethnically, but I don’t consider myself religious at all.

  • porkido


    I think The ‘tron is a teenager, and has stumbled onto some on-line poison…I think we can turn this one around…

  • LH

    @porkido (233):
    Boy, do I ever hope you’re right. I’m not completely humorless, I swear, but there are some things it’s hard to have a sense of humor about. :)

  • Larry

    This list should have included Barack Obama and Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Some of Wright’s quotes that Obama sat and listened to for 20 years:

    “We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye.”

    “We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” (Sep 2001)

    “The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing ‘God Bless America.’ No, no, no, God damn America, that’s in the Bible for killing innocent people. God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme.” (2003)

    “In the 21st century, white America got a wake-up call after 9/11/01. White America and the western world came to realize that people of color had not gone away, faded into the woodwork or just ‘disappeared’ as the Great White West kept on its merry way of ignoring black concerns.” (magazine article)

    “Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run!…We [in the U.S.] believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God.” (sermon)

    “Barack knows what it means living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people. Hillary would never know that. Hillary ain’t never been called a nigger. Hillary has never had a people defined as a non-person.”

    “Hillary is married to Bill, and Bill has been good to us. No he ain’t! Bill did us, just like he did Monica Lewinsky. He was riding dirty.” (sermon)

    “The Israelis have illegally occupied Palestinian territories for over 40 years now. Divestment has now hit the table again as a strategy to wake the business community and wake up Americans concerning the injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have lived because of Zionism.”

    Read more:

  • porkido

    “This list should have included Barack Obama…”

    With all due respect, fuck off.

  • Armodillotron

    I`m sorry LH, but Zionists DID try become allies with Hitler. There were meetings with members of the Stern Gang and Nazis in Beirut. And Avraham Stern, the Stern Gangs founder, wrote a letter to Hitler, “offering to side with the National Socialists, to drive England from Palestine.” And it`s been writen about in the book, “The Transfer Agreement.” It`s even on you tube. And a blood libel was carried out in Russia a few years ago. bloody disgusting.

  • porkido

    Hey ‘tron:

    We’re trying to cut you some slack here…but you’re kinda making a fool of yourself.

    Seriously, how old are you?

  • Winchestre

    Notice all these people/groups were religious. Just sayin.

  • LH

    @Armodillotron (237):
    Do you like to drink blood? No.
    Do I like to drink blood? No.
    Does ANYONE who is not mentally ill and convinced they’re a vampire like to drink blood? No.
    I’d thank you to stop with the ignorant racism and possibly pick up a book that’s not “Mein Kampf” or “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Because — in case no one has ever mentioned it to you — those books are full of crap.

    Oh, and just so you know, “blood libel” does not refer to the consumption of blood itself; rather, it refers to the blatantly false accusation, hence the use of the word “libel.” So when you say that a blood libel was carried out, what you’re actually saying is that people were falsely accused of drinking blood.

  • porkido

    The arch irony is that Jewish dietary laws forbid consumption of even animal blood, much less that of humans…

    But it’s true that Jewish bankers run the world from an underground bunker 8 miles deep in the Earth (to paraphrase David Cross), right?

  • porkido

    oh, and LH: I thought the deal was that you people bake the blood into your matzohs…that’s what I learned in culinary school…

  • LH

    @porkido (242):
    Now that is a blatant lie, porky! If we did, there might actually be some flavor in the damn things.

  • Anthony

    @ Shawnlaura2011 (119)

    Let me ask you this, whens the last time someone flat out called you cracker? I mean you speak of it as if it happens all the time. Who says that calling white people cracker is okay? I don’t think any white person I know would let themselves be called cracker openly. Let me give you this scenario.

    Lets say were in court, and I contiously referred to you as “fat cracker lady” I’m sure the judge would hold me in contempt, and the same punishment would be handed to you for the use of the n-word. Interchange the court room for any civilized setting and me using the term cracker as a title for a white individual would be unacceptable. Schools, Work places, Social events and the list can go on forever.

    As for you personally, if you let someone call you cracker and don’t get mad, or don’t feel disrespected then thats on you. If you feel like it’s disrespectful and you don’t like it then say something.

    Lastly please point out where it has become socially acceptable to become openly racist towards white people. I’m sure once again there is no where in the world where I can be openly racist and not recieve any type of rebuttal and type of ill will. If your talking about affirmative action then you my friend are silly.

    As for the Asians getting mad about the yellow line, well thats just rediculous. If I were the judge I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of hearing the case. Now if it were to let’s say, be the train to China town, then I might be a little more interested but still wouldn’t hear the case.

  • ianz09

    @The Annoyed Elephant (189): Sorry bud gonna have to back porky on this one. Those 2 are in it for the ratings. I would say they were both complete idiots and tools, but I’d only be half right. By being shocking and outrageous in their claims, they are getting attention and cashing in on it. It doesn’t matter how biased their “journalism” is. Whether you are watching the show to gain knowledgeable insight (and let’s pray you aren’t) or watching it to see the juicy tidbits and moments of idiocy you can simply tear into with your fellow liberals the next day, you are still watching. Ratings are ratings, and ratings are money. I choose to ignore them, because I know that they simply exist to rake in cash. And out of all the criticism Fox News offers forward, out of all the barbed comments and biased reporting they offer, the irony is in that they are cashing in. Fox News never wants Obama and his ‘liberal agenda’ to go away, because then their ratings will slump. I wouldn’t be very surprised to find out that Fox was funding his campaign last election. It ain’t about the politics, it’s about the money!

  • Joe Mama


  • Armodillotron

    Jews have been found to be found guilty of the disgusting things that they were accused of. In Medieval England, a boy was found at the bottom of a well, covered in cuts, and his blood had been drained. And the boy who was killed, was made a Saint. And Jews later ADMITTED to have done it. And the boy who was made a Saint, he was desainted in the 20th Century, because of political correctness. And Jews have also admited recently to “organ haresting,” of Palestinians and Ukrainians. What kind of mind do these people have?! It`s like something Dr Mengele or the CIA would do. And I`m NOT anti-semitic.

  • Larry

    (247) Arm… Do you have any references for your accusations? Or are we supposed to believe your learned word?

  • Larry

    (236) pork idiot, excellent retort…you have caused me to change my opinion on the matter.

  • LH

    @Armodillotron (247):
    You make me fear for the future of our species. If you truly believe such horrible things, there’s no point in trying to have a reasoned discussion with you. Go join the neo-nazis so you can be around people who don’t think you’re a pathetic relic of the days when every little problem was blamed on the Jews.

  • porkido


    What part of “fuck off” didn’t you understand?

  • Lakonislate

    It seems kind of ironic that when listing bigots, you announce “the top ten of these men”, when you could easily have added “gender” to the list of bases for bigotry. Some commenters suggested women for the list, it seems they missed the “no women allowed” sign up at the top.

  • porkido



    I take it, since you won’t answer the question, that you’re about 15 years old, love ManU, eat nothing but bags of crisps, and spend entirely too much time on the Internet…

    Nailed it, didn’t I?

    Have you noticed that you started insisting that your problem was with Zionists, assuredly NOT Jews (because, obviously, there is no connection between the two!)…but that now you’re directly condemning Jews themselves?

    This suggests a fair amount of confusion on your part.

    You’re not exactly sure about Jews having horns (probably not, you say), but they perform “The Blood Libel”, without a doubt! And you have proof, because it’s on the Internet! Q.E.D.!

    Do you know any Jews? Do you have any idea what Judaism is about? Will you believe anything that pops up on your computer screen?

    “A little learning is a dangerous thing;
    drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
    there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
    and drinking largely sobers us again.”
    –Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism

  • porkido

    You are right about the organ harvesting…however:

    1. Organs were taken from both Palestinians and Jews, soldiers and civilians, and only from dead bodies;
    2. This happens elsewhere, in China infamously (and I’ll bet it’s widespread in areas where lots of people are dying, trained medical personnel are present to handle the organs properly, and next-of-kin rights are more easily evaded);
    3. The tissues in question were not consumed, but were used as removed organs generally are, for transplants;
    4. The policy was performed by the Israeli military/government, not by “Jews”.

    A reprehensible practice, to be sure, and one that speaks poorly to the arrogance of the Israeli government…but not specific to Jews, and having nothing to do with killing children and devouring their blood.

  • porkido

    And finally, why so touchy about being an anti-Semite? I mean, if what you say about them were true, I’d be an anti-Semite as well…

  • Armodillotron

    I`m sorry, I just got my words muddled up. It`s just so easy to call Zionists, Jews, and Jews, Zionists. It were Jews that were killed in England in the Middle Ages, and it`s Zionists who have carried out the “organ harvesting.” People in that time, believed ANYTHING, even the ridiculous idea of the blood libel. But Jews DID admit to killing the person who was killed. And Zionists have ADMITTED they`ve been harvesting Palestinian and Ukrainian organs. These things are FACT. And if I`m a Nazi, then how come I don`t deny the Holocaust? I`m not one of these fucking idiots who say “Hitler didn`t kill Jews, it was all a fake.” The Holocaust was one of the worse crimes in history. If not THE worse.

  • porkido

    “I`m sorry, I just got my words muddled up.”

    Indeed you did. ‘Muddled’ is a very good description of what happened to your words.

    “It`s just so easy to call Zionists, Jews, and Jews, Zionists.”

    Yet a few posts back, you seemed pretty clear on the difference:

    “By calling Israel, you`re NOT being anti-semitic. Israelis aren`t Jews. They CLAIM to be. There Zionists.”

    OK, but let’s go on…

    “…it`s Zionists who have carried out the “organ harvesting.”

    Who are these ‘Zionists’ you speak of? Jews? Not Jews? Israelis? We’re having a little of the ‘muddled’ problem again…

    In post #254, I wrote that the ‘harvesting’ was performed, not by everyday Jewish/Israeli civilians, but by the Israeli military/government…if you want to point the finger at them, they deserve it…but this has nothing to do with the Blood Libel, nothing to do with eating blood, and nothing to do with Jewishness or Judaism…

    “People in that time, believed ANYTHING, even the ridiculous idea of the blood libel. But Jews DID admit to killing the person who was killed.”

    First, you unintentionally rebut your own claim: the idea is, as you say, ridiculous, yet you repeat what you just insisted was nonsense. Second, some posts back, you insisted that the Blood Libel was a fact. Third, who exactly are these Jews who admitted to this crime…who was the victim…have any specifics?

    Dude, you’ve gotta admit that what you’re trying to tell us is incoherent, at best. In fact, so incoherent that I’m beginning to believe that you’re just a pimply-faced troll…in any case, before you come to us with legend, rumor, and poison, please do a little more reading (and a little more thinking).

    Thank you.

  • porkido

    Oh, and I didn’t call you a Nazi…but you have to realize that the nonsense you’re trying to peddle (or, as you might put it, are confused about) is the kind of ‘evidence’ the Nazis used to justify their plans…so don’t be surprised when people react emotionally and vociferously to such ‘confusions’…

  • Amy

    @porkido (183):

    check out what he did for east Belfast Roman Catholics when they were burnt out and Sinn Fein wouldn’t touch them

  • tasmanian devil

    I have quite often found that those who pronounce other groups as being racist are in fact the more racist of the two. This is particularily the case with Muslim leaders. Any form of critisism ( even for cowardly terrorist acts) and they claim racism. Most western governments have such a guilty conscience (unwarranted for the majority) or a fear of being labeled racist that they are allowing these people to get away with way too much. As a white man I am sick of continuously being accused of racism and I feel that accusing whole countries of being racist based on the actions of an individual is itself racist.

  • Armodillotron

    The people who live in Israel, there ZIONISTS. Jews that live outside Israel, and who say there Jews, there PROPER Jews. ZIONISTS are people who CLAIM to be Jews, but there NOT Jews, and who say they should be in Israel, because “Israel is Their National Home.” There Zionists. Notable Zionists are Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni, Golda Meir, Menachem Begin, and Yitshak Shamir. Most of whom were terrorists, or sons, daughters of terrorists. So, basically Zionists are people who say there Jews, but there not Jews, say they belong in Palestine, because there “Gods people,” and who rant on and on about the Holocaust, to justify war-crimes. Like that Elie Wiesel arsehole does.

  • nuriko

    too much info…

  • porkido


    You are clearly in the Top Ten Most Retarded Anti-Semitic Bitches Posting On Listverse. You have no idea what you are talking about, and need a well-placed boot up the arse. I’ll bet your mum slaps you about after you stumble home with vindaloo and spunk smeared around your hideous gob at 5 in the morning. Do humanity a favor and snuff yourself as soon as possible.

  • porkido


    The ol’ Cat’lick-baiter might have mellowed a bit in his dotage, but a gander at the EIPS website suggests the Rev ain’t quite full’o hugs and kisses, even now…

  • Who would’ve thought…

    Roy Sipel

  • J

    @mom424 (162): Apparently you haven’t encountered the illegals who get pregnant again and again because they make more money on welfare than actually working. Don’t act like we rely on illegal workers to keep the country going when we have 10% unemployment. I have a tremendous idea, why don’t they continue to do what they do while paying taxes like every other American.

  • J

    @Anthony (244): You’re saying that cracker and the N word are held equally offensive then why do we say cracker over and over in these posts but refer to the other term as the N word.

  • Shawn

    no Osama? Syed Kutb?

  • Here we go

    Fine. I’ll stand up and say what at least 40% of you think but won’t admit, if even to yourselves. Hitler had the right idea and his plan would have helped the world if he hadn’t failed. Imagine how messed up it would be right now if he hadn’t slowed the jews down by exterminating millions of them. Read Mein Kampf then make your counter argument.

  • Scratch

    @Here we go (269):

    No, what you fail to see is how “messed up” mass genocide itself is. There is no excuse to murder an entire group of people.

    Rather than just reading Mein Kempf, I suggest you read other books on the subject of World War II and the Holocaust. And no, not books by David Irving and his ilk, but books by accepted historians.

  • Scratch

    And maybe give your head a good shake too, because what you just wrote is disgusting.

  • Forsythia

    @Lifeschool (92):

    2012 *wink*

  • Shar

    Ian Paisley Snr has calmed down alot from the good old days of riling up the Orange Order parade followers.

    But it’s his son that worries me now. He’s just the same as daddy, but his attitude hasn’t been tempered by time yet.

  • LH

    @Here we go (269):
    Tell me, buddy, what the fuck did we ever do to you?

  • Armodillotron

    I think what Here we go means as in “Hitler had the right idea,” is that if he had killed every Jew on the planet, we wouldn`t have the present mess in The Middle East, that we have today, and the Mossad carrying out atrocities one of them possibly 9/11. He does have a point..

  • Scratch

    @Armodillotron (275):


    Stupid does not even begin to encapsulate the complete and utter lack of intellect that you display. I need a new word for this sub-stupidity.

    Please, think harder – if you can – and consider what you just wrote carefully. Ask yourself these questions – does it make sense? Really? Does it make sense to me what I just wrote? Is this really something that I should endorse? Would I apply this statement to all peoples or just to the Jews?

    I know if you concentrate really hard and try not to get distracted by the veins twitching on your forehead from all of the effort, you might, just might, be able to see just how utterly beyond-the-word-stupid your comment was.

  • STP

    LOL I have to laugh at the absolute total lack of freedom of speech in the comments. One poster says something then 30 people pounce on him calling him an idiot.
    You may disagree but you dont have to write paragrahps insulting the person.

  • Scratch

    @STP (277):


    You don’t know what freedom of speech is, do you?

  • Armodillotron

    I HAD thought about what I wrote. If Hitler had killed every Jew on the planet, we wouldn`t have chaos in the Middle East. if the Zionists, didn`t have this wierd idea, that they belng in Palestine, because 2,000 years ago the Romans kicked them out, then we wouldn`t have the problem we have now. They think that because they were kicked out, and spread around the world, and were treated like dirt by countries such as Tsarist Russia and Nazi Germany, that they can go into another country and kick the people there out. If that`s not the sign of crazy, then I don`t know what is! It`s as bad as these muslim clowns who think they`ll get virgins if they blow themselves up. Now, imagine if we said to France, “We want to have half of France back, because we owned it under Henry II,” of course, France would say we`re out of our minds. Well, that`s the sort of mindset that Zionists have. And while the Holocaust was possibly one of the worse crimes ever, why do we never hear about communist Jew mass-murder? You never see movies or programmes about Lazar Kaganovich, a commie-Jew, and who was Stalin`s brother in law and the 10, million Ukrainians that he killed. And which Israel DENY was a genocide! It seems some lives are more important than others.

  • Scratch

    @Armodillotron (279):

    I really shouldn’t have expected your brain to be able to come up with anything less stupid than before. But to come up with something even stupid? This is unprecedented.

    1) The history of the Middle East would be much different if there were no Jews. It would also be much different if there were no Arabs or no Persians or no English. It would not be any better or any worse, there would, however, still be chaos.

    2) You clearly believe that all evil in the world stems from Jewish influence. I mean, do I have to deconstruct the irrationality of that?

    3) You believe that the Jews completely vacated Palestine 2,000 years ago. You seriously believe that.

    4) As has been pointed out to you several times already, the state of Israel is not all Jews and not all Jews are Zionists. You keep conflating all of these things.

    5) We do hear about the crimes of Communism. These are not hidden crimes and they are becoming more and more well-documented since the fall of the USSR.

    6) Although they were overrepresented in the Bolshevik movement, Communism was not a Jewish plot. In fact, most Russian Jews were persecuted at the hands of the Communists they were seen as Zionists.

    Please. Stop.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzom

    Of course you had to add your faggot lil’ opinion on the Hispanic group.

  • LH

    @Armodillotron (279):
    You realize that what you’re saying to me is, “You know, if Hitler had just killed all of you people, the world would be better off.” Nice. Really nice.

    Oh, and I’m curious — In an article celebrating the life of Miep Gies, what did you say that was so heinous that your comment was deleted? Despite your loud and frequent protestations to the contrary, you do seem to have it out for the Jews.

  • LH

    Oh, and PS — think long and hard about the fact that you are currently defending someone who just advocated genocide and thinks the bad thing about the Holocaust was that it wasn’t big enough. Think about that.

  • Armodillotron

    If there were no Jews/Zionists in Palestine, you wouldn`t have these islamic loonies, saying, “Death to Israel,” and the rest of the crazy stuff they say. And there would be NO chaos. You wouldn`t have these Jewish loonies bulldozing Palestinian homes, or just kicking out off their homes, where they`d lived for decades. I don`t believe that Jews are responsible for all the evil in the world. BUT some Jews have been downright evil. Beria, Henry Kissinger, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert and of course their`s Benjamin Netanhayu. that loony who held up Auschwitz papers at the UN, and demonised Mahmoud Ahminedajad, saying, “He`s the Persian Hitler.” And Communism ISN`T becoming more and more documented. How many programmes have there been, about Stalin and the USSR, Mao`s China and Pol Pot? None, as far as I can remember. It`s not thought that over a 150, million people were killed because of Communism. Far more than the Nazis ever did. Yet you hardly EVER, see anything about these horrors. You never have Spielberg or Tarantino making films about these atrocities. It`s often said, “Jews run Hollywood.” Sometimes I think it probably IS, what with all these Nazi Germany-Holocaust movies. And it`s not known how a lot of JEWS were also Communists. Most of Stalin`s inner-circle were Jewish, or had Jewish relatives. And Communism wasn`t a Jewish plot, but it was Jewish founded.Karl Marx, who was the founder of Communism was Jewish. So Communism was a JEWISH idea. FACT. But Jews control the world?! What do you think I am, a bloody madman?!

  • LH

    @Armodillotron (284):
    Look. Just answer me one question, yes or no. One word answer.

    Let me quote what Here We Go said. This is a direct copy and paste:

    “Hitler had the right idea and his plan would have helped the world if he hadn’t failed. Imagine how messed up it would be right now if he hadn’t slowed the jews down by exterminating millions of them.”

    Are you comfortable defending what he said?

  • Armodillotron

    What Here we go means, is that IF Hitler had killed every Jew in the world, we wouldn`t have the current mess we have today. I`m NOT defending what he said. I don`t want Jews or Zionists to be killed. Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda, yes, but Jews? Er-no. It pisses me off, that whenever someone calls a Jew, or an Israeli, there called a Nazi. I voted for the BNP, but I`m NOT a Nazi, neo-Nazi, fascist, or whatever.

  • LH

    Ah, so you voted for a political party based around restoring Britain’s caucasian purity? Nuff said.

    And I don’t think that Here We Go needs you to put words in his mouth. He wasn’t talking about the Middle East conflicts or anything specific. What he said was that Hitler should have killed all the Jews and that we should all read Mein Kampf. That, my friend, is the calling card of a Nazi. When you say, “well, what he MEANT to say was…”, then you are defending what he said, and there is no reasonable, logical defense for that. None.

    And if you truly feel comfortable with everything you’re saying, why don’t you publish your real name and address and stop hiding behind the anonymity of the internet?

  • Scratch

    @Armodillotron (284):

    Lol. A BNP member. It all makes sense now.

    Here’s your quote: “If there were no Jews/Zionists in Palestine . . . there would be NO chaos.”

    So, in your confused little mind, if there were no Jews there would have been no Iran-Iraq war, no Iraqi wars period, no unrest between Pakistan and India, and no divide between various Middle Eastern states and Islamic fundamentalists?

    All the Arabs, Persians, Turks, Armenians, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Kurds, Sunnis, Shias, Christians, and Muslims would be living in peace if it weren’t for the Jews?

    Yes, there are some Jews who have perpetrated evil, there are people of every race, creed, and culture that have perpetrated evil. Your problem is that, for you, the actions of a few taint an ENTIRE people.

    Although you deny believing that Jews cause all of the evil in the world, you are arguing that there would be less evil in the world if Hitler had succeeded. This is not only disgusting, but also incredibly irrational, stupid, and hateful.

    I didn’t say that Communism’s crimes were being more and more documented, I said that it was being more and more WELL-documented. People were aware of the Holodomor genocide, for example, when it happened, but with the release of the Soviet archives, these things are more WELL documented.

    I don’t know which television programs you watch or look for, David, but I’ve seen a few programs on Stalin and the Holodomor. There’s books and books on these subjects, there’s even a Hollywood movie on the crimes of Khmer Rouge. Do I think that there should be more exposure of Communist crimes? Absolutely. Does this in any way validate your idea that people should stop making movies or books about the Holocaust? No.

    Stalin killed most of the Jews in his inner circle, and the majority of those in his circle weren’t Jewish. Again, those Jews that were involved with Bolshevism were atheist and opposed religious Jews very strongly. One reason that there was a high percentage of Jews involved with Bolshevism is that it was a movement that they could join without the virulent anti-Semitism of the Russian Orthodox or the Tsarists.

    Marx and Engels (a German) were the co-founders of Communism. Marx was raised a German Lutheran and did not follow the Jewish religion ever in his life despite his father being born a Jew and his grandfather being a rabbi. Marx believed that he had rid himself of his Jewishness by his conversion and renunciation of religion. Communism is not a “Jewish” idea any more than it is a Lutheran one, as Marx never identified with any of these. In fact, Marx wrote scathingly against the Jewish religion.

    I never presented you as saying that Jews run the world. It does, however, often sound like you are saying that.

    Of course, the worst thing you’ve said is that the world would be without so much chaos if all of the Jews had been killed by Hitler.

    Please. Think and read more deeply.

  • Leak

    i have to agree with some of the others, you put Paisley up yet not Gerry Adams or the other terrorists.

    I think there are far more evil men out there then Paisley

  • troll

    i’m hungry

  • deathorats

    Do you people seriously have nothing better to do with your time than ‘scream’ at each other?

    Interesting list but far from exhaustive. As a South Africa I can think of a few people I would like to add to the list as being HUGE bigots – of various races.

  • Gurumaguaffi

    Robert Mugabe would also make a nice addition to the list.

  • Maximuz04

    @Happypants78 (76):
    LoL I assume you mean mexicans in the US eh? Well
    1) Many mexican live in mexican communities where spanish services are provided.
    2) Mexicans only started flocking to the US after the economical rape of NAFTA

    And finally
    3) I am Mexican, I speak and read english and spanish fluently. Read good and speak decent korean. understand most portuguese, can get by with tagalog, and can read a tad chinese and japanese…
    How many languages can you speak?
    Thats what I thought.

  • ianz09

    @Maximuz04 (293): Damn dude. As a foreign language major, I must say: Damn.

  • Armodillotron

    Jews AREN`T a people . There the followers of a religion. And now lets just give it a rest about Jews. I DON`T deny the Holocaust, but I`m sure a lot of people are sick to death, of Jews and Israel going on about it. People are sick to DEATH of all these programmes, movies, Memorial Days, and them trying to get money from other countries. They`ve now stopped trying to get money, from Germany, Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania. Now there trying to get money from THIS country, because we beat a tennager to death even though he was a terrorist. It`s beyond a joke.

  • Scratch

    Armadillotron: I’ve summarised your argument for you. You’re welcome.

    “The blood libel is not a myth because I read it on the internets. Maybe I should look up the word libel? No, that would be crazy. Oh! And maybe it IS true that Jews have horns because I saw a picture of that once.

    I’m not anti-Semitic because I don’t deny that Hitler killed the Jews. But wait, Israelis aren’t Jews because they’re Zionists. Yet, I am going to proceed to repeatedly call all Zionists Jews and all Jews Zionists.

    Jews always do disgusting things and the world would have no chaos if they didn’t exist . . . but I’m not anti-Semitic because I believe the Holocaust happened. Zionists are not Jews. Jews aren’t a people, they’re followers of a religion. Yet Karl Marx was a Jew even though he didn’t follow the religion. See my point?

    There would not be a mess in the world if all of the Jews were dead, yet I don’t want them to be dead – oh no – that would be horrible. Yet the world would be better if they were all dead is what I’m saying.

    Jews are always yammering on about the Holocaust and people are always dwelling on this. What’s the big deal? After all, only six million people died, right? And now a couple of these Israeli Zionists who are not Jews but actually are, but not really, but actually sort of Jews are trying to get Great Britain to pay money because a guy was beaten to death. This proves my point that these Zionist/Israeli/quasi-Jews are so ridiculous for trying to get money for other country’s roles in the murder of the Jews.”

  • willy

    i am human i come from a long and proud line of humans some good and some not but its the only family i have

  • Dlake

    Actually even some of the world’s most recognised scientists often call the THEORY of Evolution a scam and a fraud, what are they bigots too?

    No, they’re just intelligent.

  • Armodillotron

    After seeing Jews assasinate someone today, are people SURE there the “victims,” that they say they are?

  • Jay Poe

    @Armodillotron (299): You’re an idiot.

    • lolnolol

      no sir…your wrong, hes not,open your eyes…

      i can call people idiots too…Jay Poe you're an idiot…see, there are you happy now? your an idiot :)
      good day sir, good day to you.

  • Armodillotron

    No I`m not. because that`s what happened. today. Mossad murdered a Hamas member, who probably hadn`t done anything. it`s ridiculous that israel potray themselves as victims, when they assasinate people in cold blood. I`m not defending Hitler, not by any stretch of the imagination, but Hitler has become some kind of supervillain. The bastard died over 60 years ago, and jews/zionists seem to see everyone that they kill as the new Hitler. Remember how Yasser Arafat was always being called-“the Palestinian Hitler?” Everytime a new madman comes on the scene, he`s, “The New Hitler.” Nasser, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein and recently Mahmoud Ahminedinajad is the new Hitler. It`s crazy. Hitler was a vegatarian, I am. Does that make me like Hitler?

  • Scratch

    @Armodillotron (301):

    If we’re going to be consistent with the confounded logic that you’ve been using so far, I’m thinking that the answer to your question is yes.

  • fudrick

    Everyone is getting trolled so hard. It’s actually pretty sad.

  • porkido

    You guys are still arguing with ‘dildotron? Read everything he’s written: the little bitch is obviously a troll.

    All one can do is stop responding to the pussy-boy, and be content to know he’ll soon be arrested for downloading kiddie-porn…and then he’ll get what he deserves, ironically, in the showers…

  • porkido


    Who are these world-recognized scientists you speak of?

  • porkido



  • Loke

    I kinda feel sorry for the Mexicans here as they managed to lose over half of their country to the US. What would the world look like if they didn’t have a mexican-american war?

    Alot of racism and bigotry is based more on history and past grievances. For example, if there was no slavery or imperialism during the colonization era, would the various ethnic groups around the world have a better opinion of the Europeans/Americans and may not have formed extremist groups?

    As well, people here seem to be confusing mass-murder and bigotry due to Hitler. Hitler is a mass-murderer and a bigot but they’re two different things. The same goes with nationalism. Is nationalism to the point of xenophobia considered bigotry or does it create bigotry as a consequence?

    Are there any other reasons for one group of people to hate another?

    Oh yeh, people who use such gross generalizations such as Armodildotron when complaining about other ethnic groups are bigots.

  • porkido


    “LOL I have to laugh at the absolute total lack of freedom of speech in the comments. One poster says something then 30 people pounce on him calling him an idiot.”

    I’m still not sure where this idea picked up speed (Palin has used it, lamely, but I know she didn’t dream it up), but let me say it again: Pointing out that someone has made an asinine statement is NOT restricting anyone’s rights…say whatever you like, but don’t tell me I can’t call it bullshit if it smells like a pasture…

  • Mrs. Antichrist

    I don’t see why Jack Chick is ranked ahead of Samuel Bowers and Yahweh ben Yahweh. I agree that Chick is rather bigoted against Catholics (not to mention a complete moron who knows nothing about science), but he’s never advocated killing or harming anyone, and he doesn’t strike me as hateful — just ignorant. He deserves an honorary mention, at best. Fred Phelps would have made a better addition to the list, given his merciless campaign against homosexual rights, and the way he targets funerals of fallen soldiers to get his point across.

    Other than that, good list. It’s quite tragic that so many people still cling to these barbaric ideas about skin colour determining worth.

    • nononowrong

      YOU lady get a thumbs down!…for a name like that :)

  • ImElvis666

    @Leak (294):
    I think maybe you misread the title of the list. It is the Top 10 Terrible Bigots in Modern History.

    Gerry Adams, whilst being many bad things, is not a bigot.

    This list also has nothing to do with “evil men” as you put it.

  • ImElvis666

    @Dlake (303):
    Why did you feel the need to capitalise the word “theory”.

    Name those world’s most recognised scientists. I’m sure they are not recognised for their scientific achievements

  • racforb

    but where is fred phelps?

  • Armodillotron

    Loke talks about the American-Mexico War. What about the bigotry Americans have shown towards Mexicans? “Kick them out.. Send them back to where they come from..” “This is our country.. Surely that`s bigotry. And Americans views towards Native Americans?

  • norkio

    Not surprising that religion is a factor in many of these bigots’ beliefs.

  • Adam

    Religious bigots have existed in the past, they exist today, and they will exist in the future. Because of this, I find it impossible to participate in organised religion.

  • jobern

    You definitely forgot Robert Mugabe on the list…

  • Trotzky

    So, what is the disease behind the “Jewish State”?

  • Devon

    You forgot about all those Islamic bigots of Hamas and Hizballah….these are the same people that admire Hitler and make most nazis blush with their overt Jew hatred.

    • Whowhatwhere?!

      omg omg Hamas and Hizballah admire Hitler omg, we need more money to defend ourselves with the American tax payers money omg, were the victims! while we kill hundreds everyday..
      We are G-ds chosen people omg we can do everything we want, we can break very rule to get whatever we want, we're the victims…HOLOCAUST!…see we're the victims…
      Good try my friend.

  • archangel

    Meh… every group of peoples on earth have a certain bigotry. Some just more prominent than others. Stop treating people like groups. Individuals count more.

  • Maximuz04

    @ianz09 (299):
    Thanks, I didnt study language but I did it for a hobby actually I kinda wish I did :(, but i opted to study engineering.
    @Dlake (303):
    Most creationists pick at the worth “theory” in front of the theory of evolution…and many other theories such as the theory of the big bang…
    To educate you:
    You dont know what the worth “theory” means in terms of a “scientific theory”. Most people dont, so dont feel too bad. Theory does NOT mean a guess, nor a wild assumption, nor something flimsy. A theory is a well established, mathematically and scientifically studied conclusion which has the possibility of being modified. Even so called LAWS also have this sometimes. Such as the LAWS of motions which are challenged by the THEORY of relativity.
    A theory has been tested a lot thus has sound proof (unlike a guess).
    I suggest creationists pick up a science book and go straight to the glossary before picking on words such as “Theory”.

    Another common argument that irks me is “you see, that doesnt make sense to me, I dont believe it”. When it comes to evolution. Now I admit, the science is a bit complicated. However, some of you seem to think that your mental…how should I put it… shortcomings are an excuse to accepting ignorance and wild “magic” (diety) reasons for things that actually have real scientific and logical explanations.
    If you dont understand science, chances are you arent going to understand the big bang.

    I admit, I dont understand the chinese language very well, but I am not going to say a deity dragon invented it 6000 yrs ago right? ok then

  • Maximuz04

    *pick ON
    *word theory
    (i should really re-read what i write first)

  • Em

    I agree with Tim(7)- What about Fred Phelps. He’s a prime example of very modern bigotry.

  • Progress00

    I don`t know if someone else mentioned this or not, but earlier someone had mentioned how latins and natives in the group called Mexica have a point about how they were here first. The natives were here first, but most people in Mexico are of a Spanish or mixed background, which means some or in many cases all of their ancestors were from Spain and thus most of them would have to leave North America as well according to Mexica`s logic. Mexica`s main mistake as the article says is holding all North American Native groups as linked together as a common nation. There`s a reason why for example natives in Canada say their a member of the first nations, see the plural.

  • NightMary

    You forgot H.P Lovecraft…

  • J

    I understand that religion can be twisted for the wrong purposes, but why is it necessary to consider all organized religion bad because of radicals who make up such a small percentage?

  • J

    @Maximuz04 (325): Try to be more condescending next time haha

  • EvilGod

    How about we add the Pope and/or the whole Catholic church.
    If telling millions of uneducated Africans that condoms don’t stop AIDS isn’t attempting a little population control I don’t know what is.

  • HungLikeAGeek

    They left out Eugene Terblanche (south african neo nazi who in his death was found to like having homosexual relations with black men.)

    Then there is Julius Malema (current ANC Youth League Leader) famous for saying whites should be raped like animals, and agreeing with Robert Mugabe (genocidal dictator of Zimbabwe) super bigot number 3 that also didn’t make it to this list.

    Most noteably, its interesting to see, a lot of the black genocidal maniacs did not make the list. And some of the more famous ones from Asia.

  • BobNickMad

    I will not look at Ford’s and Volkswagen’s the same way from now [just kiding].

  • Chi


  • P Smith

    Ten bigots, ten godbots. Religion and violence march in lockstep…or should I say, goosestep.

  • Dara :)

    Can i just point out that Paisley was First Minister in Northern Ireland until 2008, therefore Hitler is not the only one to achieve political power. Just thought i would correct you :)

  • Gretchen

    Well today it seems to be impossible to get a job in Califofnia if you don't speek spanish.
    I keep getting turned down for employment, the person who gets hired over me has less qualifications, but they know spanish.
    It does not seem right that Americans can't get work here.

    • mom424

      Well of course – more than half of your inhabitants speak spanish as their first language. That would like me moving to Montreal and complaining that I couldn’t get a job over a french speaker.

  • Fred The Fop

    As usual, never mention of jewish racists, like Meir Kahane or The JDL.
    Jews can be asshats too, you know.

  • KRB7694

    To put Jack Chick on this list is lunacy. All this guy has done is play a part in saving thousands of souls bound for Hell. I can see why the Catholic Church may not like him but is it possible that Mr. Chick may be right.

    Is Mr. Chick 100 % right? probably not but I believe he his on 99% of what he says. Mr. Chick is NOT politically correct and gets to the heart of certain issues.

    • mackayles

      Spreading hatred is counter productive and wrong. It's fine to have an unpopular belief, but to attack others for theirs rather than engaging in discussion is when the line is crossed. That's the point.

  • Iwonder

    Theres got to be a reason why everyone hates jews, i wonder what they do to societies…i wonder what they do to cause such hatred towards them.
    Anyone got any ideas?
    Maybe its the zoinists but they're categorized as jews, after all they're G-d's chosen people?

  • guest

    Jack Chick belongs here, he's agaisnt everyone who isn't a clone of himself, he thinks blacks need special simplified versions of his tracks to get the message and is rabidly anti-gay, preaching that gay=pedophile.

    He even busted on dungeons and dragons, the intolerant prick.

  • Timothy

    They also forgot Karl Marx (antisemetic, self hating Jew), Stalin (antisemetic). ( Anybody notice antisemitisim and socialism go hand & hand) Louis Farakahn, George Soros (anti-semite, helped Nazi’s turn in Jews in 1934 Budapest, “was the happiest summer of my life,” direct quote. But he was born George Schwartz go figure.). Woodrow Wilson, saw blacks as inferior, continuosliy rounded up and interned Italian and German immigrants during WW1. As a historical note Joseph Goebbels (Hitlers propaganda minister got his ideas of propaganda from the Wilson administration.

  • Gilbo

    Oh boy…Hitler was not elected Chancellor!!! The Nazi party gained large seats in the 1932 Reichstag election afterwhich Hitler was APPOINTED Chancellor by the Reich President Hindenburg. It was though this appointment where the political maneuverers were conducted that eventually lead to his rise in power.

  • captain obvious

    What about George Lincoln Rockwell?

    He should definitely be on here.

    Good list.

  • Glad to see the Mexicas here, since, although Native peoples have indeed had too much genocide & racism perpetuated against them to assume 1) that they are all ethnically identical and 2) that there is some ethnic “purity” there is farcical nonsense in the worst way.

  • blackpower

    adolf hitler was not a racist, lol if anything he was far from racism if you ask me, he was a jew, and hated jew’s first things first, he should not even be on this list, Wallace Fard Muhammad was not a racist, it would be hypocritical of him, because islam is a religion that does not approve of racism, its like saying the pope is a racist, so first things first stop trying to write histroy, farad muhammad teaches of love for self, sister, brother, earth etc. and it is quite funny that you have not accused malcom x of a racist, lol he did at one point teach his teachings, what about all the american presidents during slavery, none of which you have, lets be honest racism was started by white folks, and its going to end with black folks one day, and why dont you be honest, a movement can not be racist, period, even if its movement is to exterminate blacks, thats just a movement, religion can not be racist, either its a belief, morman is not racist, but in the book its says quite openly that white is of the light and black is ugly, and evil, why dont you have the morman as a racist, how about jews as racist for what they did in south africa, isreal is a “jewish state” lol i love when ignorant people speak, and its a sad thing they dont teach this in highschools, so more people can be honest with them selfs. peace

  • jbinminot

    So, being anti-evolution is bigotry?

  • Erin

    “Peter began to speak: ‘I now realize that it is true that God treats everyone on the same basis. Whoever fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him, no matter what race he belongs to.'” –Acts 10:34-35

  • Mary

    May I suggest a list of the biggest bigots alive today. Or a list of the biggest hate groups in the USA. The southern poverty law center has a list of many of the hate groups. I think it might be an interesting list.

  • owainglyndwr1416
  • owainglyndwr1416

    I am getting really irked with people believing the lies that painted Hitler as pure evil .. Eisenhower murdered 1.7Million German POW’s in his death camps .. In fact Hitler did a lot of good .. He banned Smoking in public and was the first head of state to outlaw Vivisection .. German pride was restored when Hitler came along and that upset the Bolshevik Communist Jews and in 1933 Judea declared War against Germany .. Is it any wonder then that there was a rise in anti semitic sentiment ? The Jews bring troubles down on their own heads and the fact that they have over the centuries been booted out of 109 countries is testament to that fact ..

  • Nietzschean

    How about the entire state of israel. To the best of my knowledge, israel is the only nation on earth that explicitly protects its racial character through racist immigration and anti-miscegenation laws. Also, you left off some other great bigots: Martin Luther, Voltaire, Kant, Dickens, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Wagner, Renoir, Chopin, Mencken, Eliot, Pound (for starters).

  • Nietzschean

    “Theres got to be a reason why everyone hates jews, i wonder what they do to societies…i wonder what they do to cause such hatred towards them.

    Anyone got any ideas? Maybe its the zoinists but they’re categorized as jews, after all they’re G-d’s chosen people?”

    Of course, there’s a reason. Ask yourself why jews overwhelmingly support open borders and multiculturalism in Europe and the US, but advocate an armed ethnostate for jews in israel? You think our great predecessors like Voltaire and Kant were just blind, stupid redneck haters? Use some common fucking sense. I don’t agree with the holocaust, but I sure as fuck understand it. Jews simply cannot behave themselves. They learned the wrong lesson from WWII.

  • owainglyndwr1416

    Not one single Jew in the list .. They are so evil a new category would have to be created just for them …

  • Rodney

    Hitler is the coolest! He’s my hero.

  • Tadlapiosax


  • Crazy Guy

    My name is Jesus Abdul Buddha Wala III and I believe that millions of years ago the earth was rectangle shaped and blacks were created by whites to build a supreme race of Asian robot ponies and Mexicans have a divine right to Alaska and the Bering Strait. My father Martha Stewart sent me to Earth to spread these teachings which have great practical value for humanity, well, at least the segment whose skin pigmentation is light to mocha colored with hazel or blue eyes

  • offibeexpappy


  • dslava


  • Jug

    What about Israel? They things they get away with are shocking. Extremely hostile.

  • jerry

    wheres fred phelps that guy is an effin retard
    he should be #2

  • You forgot Archie Bunker !!!

  • john Smith

    Accurate list

  • TitSpomiump


  • arnold clavio

    Nice post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I am impressed! Very useful info specially the final part :) I maintain such information much. I used to be looking for this certain info for a very lengthy time. Thank you and good luck.

  • petet2112

    Rush Limbaugh, Fred Phelps and who could ever forget the TV show character, most namely Archie Bunker

  • driednewtskin

    what about all the christian/mormon/ muslim bashing bigots on this site? Fuckin commies

  • Brent

    No women on this list. Interesting.

  • petet2112

    The composer Richard Wagner (1813-1883). Anti-Semite. If you think that Adolf Hitler hated Jewish people, then read up on this guy !!

  • Polks

    Can’t believe Ian Paisley’s been included in this list, incomparable to these other hateful men and an important contributor to peace in Northern Ireland’s recent history. He’s a staunch Protestant, yes, opposed to Catholic theology – but no bigot.

  • Drypeenript


  • lonokenvecy


  • imagequestqpower


  • GuittekmXS


  • NK

    its seems like these enlightened ones knew about the jews the evil they are..

  • neil1953

    The population of the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Don”t believe me ? Look it up for yourself. Hence one of the reasons I now live comfortably in a quiet Northern Suburb of Phoenix, AZ., 3000 miles away

  • neil1953

    Another thing about the people who comment about a subject matter in hand of a list here on listverse that is really beginning to p*ss me off is when their blog or opinion is “NAME”. Well For Christ’s sake why don’t you read the list or use some other way to find out the answer to the question that you might be inquiring about. Using the word “NAME” seems like the coward’s way out of a quandry or hole that you cant get yourself out of and I still don’t know as to why its used on here. Use your computer, use a reference or history book instead of an infiltrating tactic and just type the word “NAME” as trying to find out an answer. son-of-a-BITCH !!!!