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10 Interesting Facts about the Caribbean

Hello, all. Recently, I must say, Listverse became my go-to website, the first site I check for the day as I go onto the internet, even before viewing my email! After viewing this list, people should think of the Caribbean as much more than white sands and azure-blue seas. Without further ado, I’d like to pay homage to these spectacular and beautiful islands, I am proud to call home.


Natural Resources & Agriculture


Cuba (fondly called El Cocodrilo by the natives) and many other countries are known for having a lot of natural resources, that are exported throughout the world. Resources like bauxite, oil, iron ore, asphalt and nickel are some of the most common.

Bananas, cocoa and coffee industry are also popular sources of income in these islands (like Jamaica), and in most smaller islands that do not boast natural resources, these are the major contributors to their economy, apart from tourism.


Island Inhabitation


One of the most awesome facts that you’ll ever hear about these isles, is that roughly only 2% of the islands are inhabited. Think of the islands that you know & that figure only represents 2% of the total islands that are down there. It is amazing the amount of land, there is down here, only seen and roamed upon by wildlife.


Accidental Re-discovery

Landing Of Columbus 1 450

On his voyage to Asia (the Indies) in 1492, Christopher Columbus had believed that he had in fact arrived at the aforemetioned destination and the region was named West Indies. The name “Caribbean”, comes from the Amerindian tribe, the (cannibalistic) Caribs (who were some of this writer’s ancestors). The colonization of the islands by the Europeans has left its mark, for there are many structures still existing that are major tourist attractions.




Most residents of the islands are descendants of African slaves. They were brought to work in sugar plantations and as slavery ended, they remained in the paradise like conditions. The culture, religions and languages of each country / dependency are unique, due to the different monarchies that ruled during the said slavery days. For example, the islands of: Haiti, Martinique and Guadeloupe have a very rich French heritage; while Cuba and Puerto Rico are strongly Spanish based. Religious beliefs also go with the former rulers and ancestors. For instance, in Haiti, voodoo (voodu) is very rampant, because of the African slaves, who brought that form of witchcraft to the West Indies.




As in item number 5, the history of the Caribbean has heavily influenced the musical genres. Some of the more popular styles of music are reggae, calypso, reggaeton, salsa, (East Indian inspired) chutney & pan music. Pan music, also known as steel pan music is made from steel tins or drums, that are fashioned to carry tunes and make lovely sounds.


Climate and Natural Disasters

There are only two seasons in the West Indies. Dry and rainy seasons. The dry season lasts from roughly December to May and it is very hot, breezy and dusty. Then, from June to November is the rainy or hurricane season. At this time, a number of storms and hurricanes develop near the West African coast and make their way across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean. Very dangerous period of time, where some countries are unfortunate to experience these disasters, almost every year, like Grenada and Haiti.

Interesting to note: The Caribbean lies on the Caribbean Plate and it was noted on a news report, that a major earthquake (apart from the one that hit Haiti in January, 2010), that is expected to strike, is 20 years overdue!




Food in the Caribbean is based on mostly African, Spanish, Chinese, and East Indian, but generally are crossovers of the cuisines from the rest of the world. Spices, peppers and many different types of herbs (seasonings) are heavily used to prepare most meals. Popular dishes here are jerk chicken (Jamaica), fried flying fish (Barbados), general seafood which is prepared in many different ways, and stewed peas and beans, like pigeon peas. Roti, which is East Indian based, contains curries and spices. Callaloo soup, which is made of dasheen leaves, okra (pictured above) and sometimes crabs, is eaten with rice sometimes, and is most prevalent in Trinidad and Tobago.


Flora and Fauna


Flora and fauna (flowers and animals) are in abundance and wide variety. Dry and moist forests, savannas and mangrove swamps are what covers the lands that are not used by the natives for living on. Many beautiful flowers make their home here; for instance the Bwa Kwaib is the national flower of Dominica, the Bougainvillea of Grenada and the Heliconia of Montserrat (pictured above). Fruit trees can also be found all over the place: like the mango, papaya, orange, banana, guava, pineapple, tamarind and watermelon.

Some of the wildlife in this region are endangered species and as such, are protected by the respective governments of each island. Hunting is permitted, but only at certain times of the year, with the agouti (rodent), iguana, manicou (opossum) among others being hunted. Animals like the manatee (sea cow), Bahamian hutia and Aruba Island Rattlesnake are outright protected from being harmed.

Interesting to note: I recently learnt of a species of oyster, in the West Indies that can climb (mangrove) trees!




The main festival that locals and tourists partake of, throughout most of the Caribbean isles would be Carnival. This explosion of color, energy and fun takes place in Dominican Republic, Antigua, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis and Barbados. This festival is varied in the different territories, but one thing remains true. The colorful, lovely costumes and fun! The carnival is the final big party before the penitential season of Lent begins.

Other activities are carried out, with most bearing similarities to Carnival. Crop Over Festival in Barbados, Tumba Festival in Curaçao and even St. Patrick’s Day in Montserrat are hosted throughout the year. All carrying deep historical significance.



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Of course, this is what almost any non-islander thinks the Caribbean is all about: Sun, sea and sand! The majority of foreigners come here to experience the natural beauty of the land and trees, and to inhale the pure, clean air while soaking in the sun. Eco-tourism is a big hit, as well. People visit sanctuaries like the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad, Little Tobago also known as Bird of Paradise Island, The Reef Resort in the Cayman Islands and Balenbouche Estate (pictured above) in St. Lucia for the viewing of rare animals in there natural habitat. Some tourists return year after year for all the other reasons mentioned in this list and many more.

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    I've been to St. Thomas, St. John, St. Bart's, and Virgin Gorda twice. I'd like to return….right now.

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    As an exiled Cuban living in the US, I have to say your list was fantastic. It’s hard to understand the complexity of the Caribbean in a few sentences, but you managed it just fine. On the flora and fauna section, I’m surprised you didn’t mention that the smallest bird in the world lives in a valley in the western part of Cuba, or that 60% of animal species there can’t be found anywhere else.

    Overall good list though.

    BTW LOVE Listverse :)

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    Methinks its high time we saw a couple of controversial lists. Well, that was what LV used to be all about: lively discussion, debating, arguing & … well … entertainment.

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    I would love to travel to this region but I would also love to travel to many other regions, but I don’t have enough money.

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    Child of Cuban exiles here, medstudent24!

    Great list. I’ve been to most inhabited islands, and a few that aren’t. I love the Caribbean. Beautiful people, wonderful food, and a wealth of customs, quirks, and beliefs that rarely get the attention they deserve.

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    What about Trinidad? It isn’t mentioned once and yet they have a huge carnival every year and is the birthplace of the steel pan!
    Otherwise a great list!

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    The festivals would be awesome to see.
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    @7raul7 (5): We do not need another list about religion for a while; they were starting to get stale, and imo, were controversy for controversy’s sake. There have been less comments recently only because of the new system where we have to login to comment. LV is a more pleasurable place to come now and is not an iota less interesting.

    I love the Carribean. The coolest thing I think I have ever done down there was take a catamaran off the coast of Tortola and snorkel around this small cave system at what is called Treasure Island. Unbelievable.

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    @7raul7 (5):
    It is not because of the controversy, it is because before, you didnt have to register to post, now you do. Before I never registered and when I was forced to, it took me a good… oh 15 lists for me to actually do it. I found it rather annoying but I really think thats the issue

  • weidermeijer

    Nice list, but saying 2% of the islands are inhabited is a bit misleading. That is giving Cuba and Hispaniola the same value as a rock or a sand bar sticking out of the ocean.

    Most islands with a source of fresh water have some sort of inhabitants.

    Along the same lines, the Pacific has over 23,000 islands, the overwhelming vast majority of them don’t have people either.

    But I do love sailing the Caribbean. Bareboat for now, but in five years I will have my own!

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    This site seems a little rundown recently. Recent content has been unoriginal, and uninteresting. Take this list for example, the concept is particularly weak, the content is poor, with many grammatical errors, and there seems to be no real effort. I could’ve wrote this list, using no research, for a sixth grade report. I might’ve gotten a B+.

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  • labaria

    This article is very poorly researched and just shows the ignorance of the author. To refer to Voodoo/Obeah, an African religion that survived the middle passage, as witchcraft says a lot about your Eurocentric views. I guess that Christianity should also be classed under the same category.

    • dgmDRAGUNOV

      Listen, this list (not an article) is definitely not poorly researched because I live in the Caribbean and everything aforementioned in the list is true. Also, Vodou (or Voodoo) is a Haitian cult derived from an African religion, but it did not survive the Middle Passage, since, technically, was created in the Americas.

  • Maggot

    @labaria (30): To refer to Voodoo/Obeah, an African religion that survived the middle passage, as witchcraft says a lot about your Eurocentric views. I guess that Christianity should also be classed under the same category.

    Lol, controversy can be found in anything. You have just made 7raul7’s (5) day. But you also just ruined Arsnl’s (7). Nice.

  • lo

    @labaria (30):

    actually, it is technically correct, if not always preferable, to refer to any form of ritual or folk-magic as a form of “witchcraft”. it is you own eurocentric/christian-centric ideas that make the assumption that anything termed “witchcraft” and the word itself must always have a strictly negative association…. and indeed any forms of christianity that involve ritual magical practices/ceremonies could also be termed “witchcraft”, but that wouldn’t automatically mean there was anything wrong with them.

    is there anything else in the actual list you feel is inaccurate or “ignorant” or did you just jump in to sound offended and spur controversy?

  • lo

    @oouchan (17):

    why don’t you want to visit anywhere in the caribbean? how would you know you wouldn’t like it if you haven’t been there? (unless you just have something against all islands and the sea in general….)

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    Good list, makes me want to visit the Caribbean one day..

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    I wonder which continent the Caribbeans belong to: North America or South America!

    Or the islands belong to no continents?

    • dgmDRAGUNOV

      Geologically, the Caribbean belongs to none, but geo-politically, it belongs to North America

  • Lifeschool

    @nicoleredz – That settles it – will you marry me? :)

  • labaria

    @lo(31):Did you just write a list just to be presumed as an intellectual or is there too much time on your hand? All religions are based on “ritual magical practices/ ceremonies”, as you call it. I am from the Caribbean and I have visited or lived in most of the islands for the past 25 years, as a seaman or as an agent with various other American companies. You should do your research before ever posting a list. From just reading your list I am sure you are either from Dominica or Trinidad or with roots connected to those two islands.

  • labaria

    @suryaabraham(34): All of the Caribbean islands, from the Bahamas to Trinidad and Tobago, are considered part of North America although the Trinidadian land mass, flora and fauna are similar to South America. Trinidad at it’s closest point is only five (5) miles from the Venezuelian coast, separated by the Gulf of Paria. Trinidad was once part of the South American continent; most of the other Caribbean islands are mostly volcanic or coral.

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    Hey, cool list… Wait a minute! Lol! Thanks for publishing my list, JFrater!

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    Your grammer is terrible; try using less commas. They really make it hard to read when you use them so often.

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    @63jax (3):

    Rum and excellent beer,tons and tons of it!:-)

    @medstudent24 (4):

    So, much info, so little space!

    @astraya (8):

    I am from Trinidad and Tobago, just above Venezuela on the map. The visit, if you can, is totally worth it!

    @sargre28 (11):

    The Carnival in Trinidad is awesome… It rivals Brazil’s version!

    @andrewtpepper (14):

    Sporting is a whole new category.

    @madhavmania (18):

    Give me a challenge or do one of you own…

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    @labaria (36):

    hey, i’m not the one who can’t even be bothered to read who the list author is.

    this list was written by nicoleredz3, it says so under the title. since even such simple details elude you i’m not sure why we should care about your opinions on world religion.

    and i’m not from dominica or trinidad, i’m from chicago. but that doesn’t mean i don’t know anything about various religions.

    actually “ritual magic” is where a specific ritual is preformed in the expectation that it will alter something in the physical world thru supernatural means, this is NOT actually equally common to all faiths, as simple prayer doesn’t meet the requirements for a “magical ritual”, just praying is more like “wishing and hoping with intent”, something different from a formalized ritual.

    you never answered the question about what else in the list strikes you as “ignorant”, perhaps nicole would like to know, perhaps she doesn’t care.

    if you want a “better” list write one yourself.

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    Some one pass me a pina colada! I’m going snorkeling before I dance til I drop at Carnival!!!

  • nicoleredz3

    @astraya (8):

    I am from Trinidad and Tobago, just above Venezuela on the map. The visit, if you can, is totally worth it!

  • nicoleredz3

    @sargre28 (11):

    The Carnival in Trinidad is awesome… It rivals Brazil’s version!

  • nicoleredz3

    @andrewtpepper (14):

    Sporting is a whole new category. Waaay too much detail!

  • nicoleredz3

    Anyway, thanks everyone for the comments. The compilation was a bit longer, originally, and even had a bonus, but I guess this is good too. :-)

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    @7raul7 (5): I too miss the large comment posting from before. I loved the intelligent banter and discussion. I miss the extra international exchanges that would occur because of readers spontaneously popping off with a thought or two as they read the day’s offering.

    It was great to come across the truly clueless and poke them with a stick or two. Poking the bear on the anonymous internet DID have some truly hilarious moments.

    But I don’t miss the juvenile drop-ins who had to show off their newfound ability to string together a bunch of anatomical and scatological vocabulary to enlarge their self image.

    @astraya (8):

    “nicoleredz3: where do you live?”

    Me too. Where do you live nicoleredz3?

    @maximuz04 (24):

    “One good list topic I have never seen touched is dating ideas. How about a top 10 dating ideas ”

    My first thought was “well write one.” Then I realized that if a person is looking for good dating tips they might not be the best person to write such a list. Best of luck on your quest.

    @labaria (36):

    “You should do your research before ever posting a list.”

    And YOU should do your research before making a comment.

    @lo (40):

    Bravo lo…

  • Lifeschool

    @nicoleredz3 (41): Shucks! :D

    @lo (40): I agree that every religion has some kind of intension assertion ritual – and that the ritual (and the various props used) are there solely to bolster that intension. Most rites work on the principle of higher manifestation i.e. the objective is manifest as energy (as a ditinct wish or a prayer) which is then brought into physical existence by the persons’ own actions or gifted by a higher power. As for the term ‘witchcraft’, it generally only applies to those who would consider themselves involved in magickal organisations or orders. Could voodoo be classed as ‘witchcraft’ – yes I suppose so, although the practitioners themselves will likely have their own prefered labels.

    So how come I know so much? I was once married to a witch. Seriously! We opened a ritual shop – selling hand made wands, brooms, rhunes, cast iron cauldrons, herbs, incense, smudge sticks, tarot cards, crystal balls (a big seller), spell books etc etc. She used to run Wicca courses while I did motivational and theosophical talks. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. :)

  • nicoleredz3

    @deeeziner (50):

    I live in Trinidad and Tobago…

  • nicoleredz3

    @labaria (30):

    It is a fact. I’m not ignorant, but arrogant.

  • Lifeschool

    @deeeziner (50): Yeah, I’m also in two minds about the new LV. I agree that registering has lost many casual commenters and the site has lost most of that bitter sweet flavour – but I too am not sorry to see the back of those idiot trolls. Regardless; I think that the return of thoughtful moderation was a good move.

  • deeeziner

    @nicoleredz3 (52): Thaks…I’m sorry I missed your answer to Astraya as I compiled my own post.

    Just the names Trinidad and Tobago make me think about tropical flowers and cool green oasis.

    Someone get me out of this desert!

  • ginger0607

    “The name “Caribbean”, comes from the Amerindian tribe, the (cannibalistic) Caribs (who were some of this writer’s ancestors).”

    The Caribs weren’t cannibals. In saying they were some of your ancestors (mine as well) I’d hope you would have done better research on that. I know there has been work put in to get clear up that myth and its really annoying seeing it still used in describing Caribs (also, not their original name) The Caribs were cannibals like America’s Natives were “savage”- i.e. no one would dare go on using that to describe them now.

  • ginger0607

    P.s. For anyone intersted:

    I really liked this article except for the one part that was frustrating to me- I think it’s the second time I’ve seen it on this site alone.

  • nicoleredz3

    @deeeziner (55):

    No problem!:-)

  • nicoleredz3

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    In case you missed it, even on this website:

  • astraya

    @ devonsfridge (40): Your grammer is terrible; try using less commas.

    nicoleredz3 has already pointed out “grammer” > “grammar”. I will also point out that you should have written “fewer commas”. “Comma” is an countable noun. “Fewer” is used with countable nouns. “Less” is used with uncountable nouns.

  • astraya

    As far as I can find from brief research, most of the Caribbean sea and island sits on the Caribbean plate, which means, by that criterion, that they are separate from both North and South America. It also explains some volcanos on some islands and the recent earthquake in Haiti. (But using that criterion, part of California and Baja California are not part of North America.)
    Wikipedia states that “geo-politically” the islands are considered part of North America. I guess that, although Spanish is used on some islands, basically the region was formerly dominated by Britain, France and the Netherlands. (Indeed all three nations still have overseas territories there.)

  • Maggot

    @astraya (60): “Fewer” is used with countable nouns. “Less” is used with uncountable nouns.

    Wow! That’s some serious grammar-nazi shit. You da man, Astraya! Yep, that’s some right fancy book-learnin’ skilz you gots there.

  • nicoleredz3

    @Maggot (62):

    Lol! :-D

    Ironically, I just had Italian: spaghetti and meatballs… :lol:

  • kayleyrae

    It was a interesting list. Also, it was short and to the point. Which is what I like.

  • oouchan

    @lo (33): I don’t like hot tropical places. I’d rather go somewhere cooler. Sand, sun and beach are torture for me.

  • sandboas

    Lovely list – I learnt some interesting facts. Thank you.

  • smokingfrog

    great list!!

    caribbean music FTW

  • lo

    @oouchan (65):

    ah, well we are opposites then, i love everything about the tropics & subtropics (except the mosquitos, but they are perhaps worse in AK or MN than in even the amazon….), i even love the humidity.

    but i guess this is good, as we can’t all want to live in the same climate zones. good to hear from you.

  • kalel17

    Few things were mention of jamaica. What about reggae? The top sprint country in the world, top english speaking tourist destination in the caribbean, largest exporter of bauxite in the western hemisphere and second in the world with the 4th largest reserves worldwide, i could go on and on.

    Not a bad list just lacking a bit of content.
    Btw i am jamaican :)

    • In_formed

      Sounds like it. But this is not a list of Jamaican pros. Being a Islander myself, I would liked to have seen more about The Virgin Islands, being the only U.S. Territory in the Caribbean, home of it’s biggest oil refinery (Hovensa), and my home. Anyone could go on for hours about all ‘their island’s’ treasures, but most of us mere mortals simply lack the time. Awesome list though! My islands weren’t mentioned once yet it still hit home.

  • Roti, salt fish, curried goat and Jamaican patties… I miss that cuisine…

  • kalel17

    What about jerked chicken/pork(if u eat it)/fish? Jerked lobster is also good

  • JRM

    We got a BBD$2 bet that you from Bahamas or the Virgin Islands.

    I agree with kalel17 loads of omissions and exaggerations.

    For example:

    How you go forget Trini Carnival and the fact that the Bajan festivities name Crop Over (celebrating the last cutting of cane)

    Where these uninhabited islands with wildlife? Perhaps the newly anticipated intra-island ferry will take us there!

    You speak about voodooism as tho similar practices don’t exist in Cuba with their santaria. Lord knows it spreading like wildfire!

    And how you gonna miss the rum and coke with a dash of Angostura bitters and a wedge of lime (cuba libre).

    “Wheel and come again selecta!!”

    Thanks for bigging us up tho I could help you out next time with a couple more facts!!! :)

    For me:

    “This Caribbean region is a soup bowl of complexities, positives and negatives, fragile yet resilient. Different races, cultures, dialects borrowed from every part of the world. Mixed into a pellau – a lil spicey, flavourful and warm. Our path to progress admittedly has been steady one, slow in our minds, but comparatively quick when compared to others with a similar past. Small is beautiful but sometimes we don’t seem to take time to reflect on our own beauty. This beauty transcends the white sandy beaches and our crystal waters. The mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls and gullies that contain the secrets of the past, present and future. It goes beyond the melodious ways in which we speak and the beats of the rhythms that have come to move our souls. Our beauty is manifested in our unity – the differences and similarities, strengths and weaknesses!” JRM

    • In_formed

      I’m assuming, based on your use of island terminology, that you’re an islander aswell. Which island are you from? I’m from The U.S. Virgins (yes all of them) and Puerto Rico.

      • i sure trinidad. hoss.. lovin how you biggin up d reigion :) wishin people did that more these days :)

  • There are so many pro-cons about this artikel. However i have to say thanks for the list. Id love to read more your posting

  • bluesman87

    @nicoleredz3 – hey you should be proud! your caribbean list had more comments than a trekkie list!!

  • pithlitt

    @kalel17 (69): Actually Jamaica and Reggae were both mentioned. The list is “10 interesting facts…” not “every interesting fact” so of course there’s only 10 items on it. If you have an idea for a Jamaica list, by all means lets see it. I’m not even being sarcastic, I’d love to see a list about Jamaica.

  • pithlitt

    @astraya (61): Sorry, I couldn’t help myself… After giving out a lesson in grammar, you then say, “…caribbean sea and island sits…” which I’m sure you realize is incorrect english when speaking of a multitude of islands. It just gave me a smile. :)

  • nicoleredz3

    @bluesman87 (74):

    Yeah, I am proud! And also appreciative of the harsh criticism. I may work on another Caribbean compilation, after being hinting on what was left out. So much info, so little space, like I said before…

  • nicoleredz3

    @JRM (72):

    Note taken! Wheelin’ and comin’ again!

  • nicoleredz3

    @kalel17 (69):

    It’s a Caribbean list, not Jamaican, so it was tough to get every single detail about every island, you know?

    Goes to show, that not everyone can be satisfied…

  • sargre28

    @nicoleredz my mum is from Trinidad though i live in the UK, I have been there most years since i was born and absolutely love it! Maybe doubles should have been featured and Big Red- gotta love the red solo :P
    I haven’t been lucky enough to go for carnival but my brother has and of course all my cousins and relatives who live there regularly play mas and it looks amazing!

  • sargre28

    whoops above was meant for @nicoleredz3 (79): my mum is from Trinidad though i live in the UK, I have been there most years since i was born and absolutely love it! Maybe doubles should have been featured and Big Red- gotta love the red solo :P
    I haven’t been lucky enough to go for carnival but my brother has and of course all my cousins and relatives who live there regularly play mas and it looks amazing!

  • nicoleredz3

    @sargre28 (81):

    I read you! You gotta come down! :lol:

  • bythewaywhichonespink

    Regarding #3 Watermelon are grown on trees? Not in my garden.

    oouchan (65) “Sand, son, and beach are torture for me”
    Me too. Im allergic to the sun which some people claim is not possible, but it is. Indeed it ws nice here (60s) and I had exposed hands during lunch. I now have itchy bumps and blisters on my fingers. Happens all over my body where ever/when ever I am “sun kissed.”

  • Hey med student 24…die before issuing a comment like that……Loser..go and cut your hands off Like your ruthless rebel Che Guevera..bloody terrorist…

    • dgmDRAGUNOV

      Che Guevara wasn't Cuban, he was Argentinian.

  • nikrulz1106

    Bumped into an INSANELY INTERESTING WEIRD FACTS SITE and it simply kicks ass

  • Kaylee

    Very Good site for my facts about the Caribbean. My Music teacher is making us study Calypso music right now. I have to say I really like the Banana Boat Song. I love this sight though it is very factual.

  • Kaylee

    Cute Marriage Proposal Up There!!! :) I think you are the first to do that.

  • David

    How can you highlight Carnival and not mention Trinidad & Tobago at the same time?

  • I'd Love to visit the Caribbean!


    ginger0607: Sorry to burst your bubble but, there is plenty of historical evidence that the Caribs were cannibals, and I doubt there is anyone nowadays who is part-Carib.

    P.S. I also live in the Caribbean

    • but i hear that the caribs wernt cannibals like every day meat eaters. i think yeah they were more aggressive than the arawaks but i think in terms of war and waht not i think theyd eat their prisoners. then again..i doh care cuz they're mostly killed off cuz o that colombus asshole. les go ask the carib descendants in arima what they think :D

  • i live in trinidad in the caribbean… strange i know al this stuff… :) it is a beautiful place thats true

    I LOVE TnT :)

  • Name

    Using the phrase voodoo is rampant is very judgmental. I would have expected you to also write that Christianity or Catholicism is rampant, considering that Carnival is the largest festival.

  • Mike Glass

    Amazing how this list only mentions the Dominican Republic once, being the second biggest country, number 1 in tourism and biodiversity among Caribbean islands. In the Dominican R., you can find the biggest mountains and the biggest lake (wich is sald, btw), we have different kind of forests, deserts, beaches, mountains, plains, this place is amazing. Natural and Cultivated resources are abundant and varied.
    The Republic has the most important democracy in the zone, and has the best integration of multiple races. It´s History and Culture are of first order. And last, but not less, you didn´t mention Merengue, and that I can not forgive! :-)
    Never mind, this is just a list, but Dominican Republic FTW!

    • DGMdragunov

      True, but you also forgot to mention that th DR is the third-poorest nation in the Americas (after Haiti and Bolivia), but, setting aside the huge amounts of corruption at all levels and the mass illegal immigration from Haiti, the amount of Haitian children begging on Santo Domingo street corners (not for themselves, but to line their employers pockets; it’s all a huge business), the dengue, the cholera (most recently, brought by Haitian immigrants), street gangs, muggers who kill you for your cellphone, and the Puerto Rican drug cartels that operate there, it is still a paradise for the average tourist (as long as you stay in resorts or communities whose economies depend tourism).

      P.S.: I know what I’m saying, I’m Dominican.

  • Amy

    Good for those people!

  • chelsie wow wow

    :P :D :) woo wootf

    • chelsie wow wow

      woof woof :* <3 lol :/ -_- ^_^ (^^^) <(") umm umm umm :|]

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  • cindy

    this article did not mention my beautiful country Guyana, that is in South America, it is considered Caribbean because of its culture. It is close to proximity to Trinidad, Brazil, and Venezuela as well. The best food and the kindest people. It also has a lot of eco tourism too. Check it out.

  • Jayde Reeves

    i think it was a shit and no good i hate my freind at school Carlton fletcher

  • Charlotte


  • Slader

    How can you have a list about the Caribbean and not mention the wonderful cigars that are exported from several of the islands?

  • jo

    Just who wrote this list? It’s obvious this person is NOT originally from the West Indies- if you are- you need to do some history lessons pronto! Secondly- it’s obvious that this person is acquainted with like 5 islands. I am always wary of lists like this that purport to speak for an entire region. Normally I love listverse but I gotta say it- this list is just ridiculous. Why not write about only your island? This by no means gives a fair idea of the west indies. Some of the info is downright WRONG. Please don’t write about us (yes I’m from the west indies) if you don’t know about us. This list just sucks

  • jo

    God! The Caribs were ritual cannibals not cannibalistic generally and even THAT is in dispute. I hate to sound like a bitch (no I dont- I just say it so I can chuckle) but I really wish that people who obviously know NOTHING about other cultures would not attempt to write of other cultures. Having been born in Dominica(no- not the Dominican Republic) and having lived in and visited several islands I can say with authority that this list is retarded. It neglects to mention most of the islands. To date- the worst hurricane to hit the region hit Dominica in 79. Yet only Grenada is mentioned here. This list just upsets me. Truly.

  • Slyvia Hair

    You have got really great content here, Cheers, I find this is fairly beneficial. I’ve truly loved reading through your content. Simply admirable what you have created here.

  • nickjagdeo

    This is a very ill-researched article; Carnival is a predominantly Trinidadian festival, and was not even mentioned in the fact about Carnival; the multicultural fact ignores that the Caribbean is home to huge East Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese and white population, and instead promotes the stereotype that all Caribbean persons are black

  • i.j.e.r.f

    oh my god

  • Ella-Hannah Ferrer

    They are okay but they are not exactly facts.

  • Guangzhou Travel Guide

    We thought that Balenbouche was lovely and charming, and really enjoyed our stay here – we would definitely recommend that you consider staying here, however there are also some negatives which you should be aware of when making your decision. more info please see here

  • p

    7 Multiculturalism voodu is a syncretic religion due to its colonial past

  • jo


  • Ronk

    “in Haiti, voodoo (voodu) is very rampant, because of the African slaves, who brought that form of witchcraft to the West Indies.”

    Wrong. There were elements of witchcraft brought to all countries where African slaves were taken, but like all elements of African culture it was almost totally destroyed by the oppression of the slaves and the intermingling of people from widely different places. (In fact there were almost as many white slaves as blacks transported to the British Caribbean and mainland American colonies, the origin of the term “redneck” – they were usually treated even worse than the blacks and many did not live very long.)

    Voodoo is a synthetic religion which was artificially created by the Haitian government in the 19th century for nationalist and anti-Catholic reasons, combining elements of Catholic rituals and practices with real or imagined elements of indigenous African occultism.

    “Down there”? “Down here”?

    Are not the Caribbean islands on the surface of the earth. They are not “down” from any other place where readers of this page live.

    Even if you make the silly equation “down” = “south of”, do you assume that all of this page’s readers are in the USA and Canada?

    Few serious historians today think that Columbus seriously “believed” that he had discovered a new route to Asia or India. That was merely a story that he played up in order to encourage investment and migration. Nobody in Europe would have been much interested in coming to a continent that contained, no cities, no civilisation, no wealth, just primitive half-naked illiterate warlike cannibals and dangerous animals.

    “what almost any non-islander thinks the Caribbean is all about: Sun, sea and sand!”
    Not us Aussies. We;ve got much more of all three on our island continent than all the Caribbean islands put together. If we go to the Caribbean it’s for its many other attractions.

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    Carnival also takes place in Trinidad and Tobago…great list btw

  • Nicholas Voisin

    Please note that Carnival is also a major festival in Trinidad & Tobago –

  • Alex

    hmm i seem to remember seeing this exact post here: !

  • tiff

    quite disappointed to see that Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival was not mentioned in #2. Carnival in T&T has the highest number of tourist(who visit the Caribbean for Carnival) per year, and is only second to Rio for having the largest Carnival parade in the World.

    A lot of people forget abut T&T as it is not a popular tourist destination compared to some of the other islands.s It is one of the islands who’s economy thrives without the tourist industry

  • melicadujon



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