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Site Update: May 2010

by Listverse Staff
fact checked by Alex Hanton

There have been some recent changes so I felt a brief update was due. This update also includes a request so please be sure to read all the items below. I am sure that most people will be happy with item 3.


Site Redesign

I have previously mentioned that I am considering a site redesign. I have now decided to definitely go ahead with this. Rather than run a competition I would like to receive submissions from our readers and their friends. You need to send me an email (to jamie at frater dot com) with a link to your design portfolio. If I like what I see I will send you the specs for what needs doing and ask for a price quote. I am also asking people on design websites so while I would like to offer the job to a listverser, I will go with the designer that seems most to suit our needs.



I have gone through the site categories and organized them for the first time since the site was launched three years ago. Some categories have been combined and we have a new one. These are the categories as they stand today:

1. Art & Literature: this combines the two categories of art and literature into one larger category
2. Bizarre: this remains unchanged
3. Crime & Mystery: this combines the two categories of crime and mystery
4. Entertainment: this remains the same but may eventually include parts or all of movies and music
5. Fact & Fiction: this is a new category; it includes all lists on myths, misconceptions, facts, and factlets
6. Food & Health: this combines the two categories of the same names
7. History: this remains the same
8. Leisure & Travel: this category combines sport, travel, and some leisure related lists which were previously included in “miscellaneous”
9. Listverse Admin: this was previously known as “Administration” and contains admin notes like this one
10. Listverse Extras: this includes archived “Your View” and “Videocast” lists
11. Miscellaneous: as before but I am slowly going through the contents to find more suitable categories
12. Movies: as before
13. Music: as before
14. People & Politics: this combines the two categories of the same name
15. Religion: unchanged
16. Science & Nature: this combines the two categories of the same name

What I would like to do is work out a way to combine the appropriate lists in entertainment, music, and movies. I don’t want to turn it into one giant 300 list long category so suggestions for how I might best sort it out would be appreciated.


Cursor Ads

Due to the response from the recent trial of cursor ads, they have been dropped from the site completely. They will not return. While they would have been a good income boost for us, it is more important that people enjoy their time on the site – otherwise what is the point?


New Commenting

We are about to launch a new commenting system. As we migrate to it there may be a period of commenting downtime. This is not able to be helped but we are sure the new features to come will make it worthwhile.

fact checked by Alex Hanton
Listverse Staff

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