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Top 10 Crazy Facts About Kim Jong Il

MikeS . . . Comments

North Korea’s pint-sized dictator is a master of propaganda and social manipulation, but he also apparently suffers from insecurity, delusion, and severe OCD. Here are 10 “facts” about Kim Jong Il, as reported by the media. The word “facts” is in quotes because the first 5 on the list are examples of propaganda that Kim Jong Il uses to brainwash his citizens into maintaining his almost god-like image. The last 5 are actual facts.




The “Fact”: He had a supernatural birth

According to North Korean historical literature, Kim Jong Il was born in a log cabin inside a secret base on Korea’s most sacred mountain, Mt. Paekdu. At the moment of his birth, a bright star lit up the sky, the seasons spontaneously changed from winter to spring, and rainbows appeared. This contradicts way less interesting Western accounts of his birth, which state the dictator was born in a guerilla camp in Russia, while his father was on the run from the Japanese.


Fashion Forward


The “Fact”: He is a fashion trendsetter

According to North Korea’s newspaper Rodong Sinmun, Kim Jong Il’s iconic style has become a global phenomenon. The inspired look of his zipped up khaki tunics with matching pants has been spreading across the world, an obvious testament to his outstanding image and influence. The paper didn’t mention the popularity of the 4 inch platform shoes Kim wears, but his oversized shades definitely seem to be a big hit with the women of Hollywood.


Loved the World Over

Kim Jong-Il Heart Throb1

The “Fact”: The world loves him

According to state-run media, Kimg Jong Il is the most prominent statesman in the present world, and people in countries the whole planet over celebrate his birthday with films and festivals. In reality, most nations are confused by his erratic foreign policy decisions on important issues such as N. Korea’s nuclear program.



A380Aecba8E8F77F North-Korea-Burgers

The “Fact”: He invented the hamburger

Since any American influences have long since been banned in his tiny communist country, Kim Jong Il had no choice but to create some new non-Western food by himself. North Korean newspaper Minju Joson reported that Kim Jong Il invented a new sandwich called “double bread with meat” in an attempt to provide “quality” food to university students. He then built a plant capable of mass hamburger production to feed his students and teachers, despite the fact that the majority of his citizens battle famine on a daily basis.


Golfing Glory


The “Fact”: He is the best natural golfer in history

In 1994, it was reported by Pyongyang media outlets that Kim Jong Il shot 38 under par on a regulation 18-hole golf course – including 5 holes in one! That score is 25 shots better than the best round in history, and is made even more amazing by the fact that it was his first time playing the sport. It’s said Kim Jong Il would routinely sink 3 or 4 holes in one per round of golf, and – lucky for the PGA – he has since given it up.




The Fact: If he gets addicted to a drug, everyone else does too

According to a book written by one of Kim Jong Il’s ex-staff members, he was once injured by falling off his horse when it slipped on loose rocks. He was afraid of becoming addicted to the painkillers that his doctors prescribed him, so he had members of his administrative staff injected daily with the same dosages he had to take. He did this so he wouldn’t be the only one hooked on the drug.


In the Movies


The Fact: He once kidnapped a prominent director to film a Godzilla ripoff for him

Shin Sang-ok, a South Korean filmmaker, was kidnapped by Kim Jong Il, sent to prison, and eventually forced to make a film called Pulgasari that was basically a communist propaganda version of Godzilla. After Shin and his wife managed to escape North Korea while location scouting in Austria, Kim Jong Il shelved Pulgasari and all of Shin’s other work. Kim Jong Il has since given specific instruction to his Ministry of Culture and his communist filmmakers: “Make more cartoons.”


Hitler Much?

Kim Jong-Il 280X450 11384A

The Fact: He had disabled and short people deported from his capital

In preparation for the World Festival of Youth and Students in 1989, Kim Jong Il had disabled residents removed from Pyongyang. The government also distributed pamphlets advertising a wonder drug that would increase the height of short people. Those who responded to the pamphlets were sent away to different uninhabited islands along with the disabled in an attempt to rid the next generation of their supposedly substandard genes.


Great Booze


The Fact: At one time was the world’s biggest buyer of Hennessy

For a few years in the early 1990s, it was confirmed by Hennessy that Kim Jong Il was it’s best customer, spending about $600,000 to $850,000 annually on the liquor. He is partial to the Paradis cognac, which can sell for over $700 per bottle. In comparison, the average North Korean makes about $1000 per year.


City of Dreams

400Px-Northkorea Kijongdong.Jpg

The Fact: He maintains a city that was built just to be looked at

Kijong-Dong is a propaganda city that was originally built in the 1950s by Kim Jong Il’s father right on the border, this was to display the North’s superiority to the South and also to encourage people to defect. It has no actual residents, but an extensive effort has been put forth to simulate a functioning city, including lights on set timers, and street sweepers to create an illusion of activity. The use of modern telescopes has revealed that the units lack window glass, and some buildings are just concrete shells that don’t even have interior rooms. The city also houses the world’s largest flagpole, complete with a 300lb. North Korean flag.

  • oliveralbq

    say whaaaa?
    i knew 4 of the 5 facts (#s 1-5)
    but the 5 "facts" (tidbits of propaganda)?
    i had only heard of one of those.

    and i dont know if its just me but those 5 mostly make him look like a certifiably crazy person, and there must be something else to it that causes the people to accept a god-like image from this nut.

    5 golf aces and 25 shots better than the best recorded in history?
    dont think so.
    supernatural birth?
    invented hamburgers?
    these things make him appear to be full of shit, not god-like

    • I think the reason that people accept this crazy person is that if they don't they get shot!

    • Spiderbait

      I'm surprised they left how he banned smoking in N-Korea when he was trying to quit smoking and other delicious facts that his personal cook divulged when he fled the country.
      But to be fair you can't really fault him for no. 1 seeing as S-Korea was openly competing with the north. South-Korea has it's own village (albeit real) on the other side and S-Koreans built a 100m flagpole before the overly-compensating N-Koreans built their 160m flagpole.


      I think it's a combination of that and having no information to contradict the official story. It's as if we were to find out that Clinton never played the saxophone. We've never had a reason to doubt it since all the information we had said that he did and there was no reason to question it.

    • Megan

      Actually he really is viewed as a deity in North Korea. The people are so brainwashed it would be hard to refute it. They don't receive any outside information, everything is government regulated. How would they know any different? It's easy to view these things as absurd from an outsider's point of view. But look at it this way: Christians in western culture believe there is a giant man in the sky who made everything and controls anything and if you don't worship him properly you will go to a fiery pit of doom to be tortured for all of eternity; even if you're a good person.

      Anything can sound ridiculous to an outsider.

      • oliveralbq

        @megan : ""Christians in western culture believe there is a giant man in the sky who made everything and controls anything and if you don't worship him properly you will go to a fiery pit of doom to be tortured for all of eternity; even if you're a good person.""

        yeah — im in the bible belt and that doesnt make sense to me either.

        many times, things that look/sound rediculous to an outsider — do not have to. *how*; it is presented will often have a lot to do with how it is percieved. and to take that further, its not just outsiders that find some things ridiculous. see — the examples i just gave allow for a wide spectrum of interpretation — but one thing you will notice is the more 'zealots' thatt are involved, and the stronger they feel about the situation, the more they are llikely to try hard to convince gullable people of stupid shit.

      • carl

        Most every major religion believes in some sort of eternal damnation for it’s defectors, not just “Christians in western culture”. I don’t want to be mean but you sound dumb making a dumb analogy like that.

        • Brian

          hahaha, they censored an-al in the word an-alogy. I love the internet!

      • harrison

        hell yea

  • oliveralbq

    oh——sorry, but fashon trendsetter…..
    ;) — oh man……

    jamie — you couldnt have found a better picture to go along with that tag

    cold chillin in his 75-year-old-woman shades, and his badass members only prototype shirt.
    gotta find me a get-up like that

    thanks for the early morning laugh, mike s
    fine job sir

    • "jamie — you couldnt have found a better picture to go along with that tag" I couldn't agree more with you :) I felt it had a very "vogue" feel to it!

  • Hahaha great list. Kim Jong Il always makes for good laughs. I hardly knew any of these. And I agree with oliveralbq – those bit of propaganda just make him sound goofy. But I just eccentricity is a common trait for leaders like him.

  • No, but seriously- this guy is terrifying. Without his country and money, I could say he's just like a lot of local crazies. Unfortunately, with his country and money, he is just like giving the local crazies those things. Meaning, he is batshit and, while I am sure he is laughably incapable of taking over any other country, it does not mean he wouldn't try. Then we will lose valuable soldiers to the stupidest war in recent history.

    • Just Me

      It all comes down to that. He can’t take over countries even if he tries. However, he has nuclear bombs, and it doesn’t take that much of an I.Q. to push the red button.

  • astraya

    Koreans have a long neo-Confucianist tradition of unconditional respect for and obedience of elders. The equal and opposite duty is that leaders and elders should care for their people like fathers to their children. The Kims seem to have forgotten about that bit. Power corrupts and all that.
    i wanted to go to the DMZ before I left Korea. I pencilled the trip in for my last free day in Korea, but at the last moment decided not to go, for no apparent reason. It turned out to be a crystal-clear winter's day, so the visibility would have been first class. I'm still kicking myself.
    Say whatever else you might (and many do), but the Kims are the only instance of a father-son transition of power in a "communist" country. (Of course, it's not really communist.)

    • When I was in Korea I had the option of visiting the DMZ or going shopping. I picked shopping and consequently had a great set of tails made for ultra-cheap. Having worn them NEVER I definitely regret not visiting the DMZ. The others on my tour loved it.

      • I assume you're talking about men's evening clothes!

        On my first trip to Seoul I spotted an ad for a certain brand of Australian wine. I mentioned this to an American colleague, and he said "Yes, Yellowtail is very common in Asia".

        • I am talking about men's evening wear. As for your friend's comment – hilarious!

        • Ozzie77

          God knows why, that wine tastes like crap and sells here (in Australia) fairly cheaply

      • When were you there?

        • About five years ago I think. I loved it – I would definitely go back. I did leave with one question unanswered – why do Koreans drive with their hazard lights on?

          • MDM

            I think that's to show other drivers that they're there and they are about to do something (i.e. run a traffic light, go past the speed limit) especially to truck drivers. Because in Korea you have the right of way if you drive a bigger vehicle.

      • Yomama3444

        YOUR MOM

    • Keith W Hendry

      Correct mate, the only people who call North Korea, China & the former Soviet Union communist are ether ignorant or have an agenda. There has never at any time existed a communist country & there never will, it simply cannot work as a nation state it has to be global. That is unlikely to happen & not for the school boy excuse about human nature but rather the reactionary forces, in particularly in the US that are currently heading us towards a third world war while at the same time destroying our planet!

    • Me Too

      Ok it’s no Communist.
      What would you call it?
      By the way do you believe Al Gore invented the Internet?
      When did you first get on the Internet? First time you were able to go to a site that had WWW in front of it.
      If so you probably do think Gore invented it.
      Did you ever hear of Tim Burners Lee?
      Of course not Al Gore invented the Internet!

  • John

    This list is too North Korean dictator.

    • Surya

      Wrong! This list is too American.

  • theBOMB

    let’s all wait for the next world war. hope i’m alive to witness it.

    • Metalwrath

      If the "free" world decided to put an end to the North Korean regime, I honestly think it would be quick business, because let's be realistic, the country is poor and backwards and the population would probably help to fight against the government. And I highly doubt China (or Iran) would risk fighting alongside North Korea.

      • Spiderbait

        I agree. If S-Korea decides to pursue the recent naval attack and it escalates to all-out war I'm pretty sure that S-Korea could handle the north without outside help and I doubt China would be as helpful as last time.

        • meijie

          i would rather help out SK than NK, and i’m chinese :D

          • Me Too

            Me too and I’m Irish.
            I killed several hundred Communists in Viet Nam and only wish I’d killed them all then come to the US and killed them all here as well.
            Sure would have stopped a lot of bullshit.

      • respectfully saying

        north korea has one of the world’s biggest and best-equipped armies, actually. and WMDs. also, china can step on any toes they want.

        • Jackitt


  • enucleator

    This guy act like a spoiled kid… a dangerous spoiled kid.
    But at least, i can understand some of its actions. I i was a dictator, i perfectly picture myself saying ''make more Godzilla movies" :D

    • tololy


  • Tarsal

    And your "facts", provided by the media, aren't pro-western, anti-communist or politically motivated and distorted in any way?

    It seems hypocritical to tout a lot of biased misinformation and speculation as fact, even within inverted commas, as the real truth will probably never be known.

    • James

      These are "facts" because they are things that kim jong il has tricked his people into believing, using the north korean media. It is not made up by western or anti kim jong il media. These are taught as "facts" in north korean schools, and we know this because of info from north korean defectors, north korean media reports as well as the stories that govt minders tell tourists who go there. There is no doubt that they are crap "facts".

      • Arsnl

        Well you still dont know exactly how many north koreans believe it to be true. A disident/defector isnt a statistic. Of course living in such a society is terrible, they cant express their opinion so you cant say what they believe or not. You cant say they were tricked

        • Nat

          wether they believe it or not is irrellevant. these "facts" are sprouted as propoganda and of that we do have proof.

      • acc

        who vacations in North Korea?

        • James

          Curious people, but to get there is a quite a process and is controlled by the govt. Once there, it is pretty much decided for you where you can go and what you will do/ who you can speak to. Most of the time your group is accompanied by govt "minders".

          • D-0rK

            Wow, what a fun vacation! Say kids lets go to the Museum of Torture after we get done with the Barbwire Collection display! Next year we'll all go sailing off the coast of Somalia!

            Dude, you have the entire world to go to and you pick N. Korea?


        • I had a friend just get back from there ;)

    • Ian

      Tarsal, I believe the author may be writing this as a satire. I highly doubt he or anyone believes,"At the moment of his birth, a bright star lit up the sky, the seasons spontaneously changed from winter to spring, and rainbows appeared." Pretty positive the majority of this list is intended to be humorous.

      • lovewins12

        I have worked with North Korean refugees for a long time, and many of them, especially during Kim Il-Sung era, believed this birth story as facts. It is unbelievable for us, but the NK society is perfectly blocked from any outside media. So, as much as the catholics believe that Jesus was born without biological father from virgin Mary, they (at least many of them) believed the propaganda. The success of this kind of perfect brainwash is one of the reasons why the country has not yet collapsed even after thousands (or millions) have died from famine.

      • Me Too

        Your kidding? You didn’t see it?

    • Su Zen

      To quote Kim Jong Il himself: "Why are you so fucking stupid?"

  • David

    I don`t want to sound cruel, but Kim Jong Il gives dictators a bad name. What is it with that haircut, glasses and that hat he wears sometimes? Why can`t he be a demented megalomaniac like Hitler, or a murderous thug like Idi Amin? He`s more like Dr Evil, than an evil tyrant.

    • If only he WERE like doctor evil – he could be easily duped and destroyed!

      • Luka

        *giggles at mental image*

      • Chineapplepunk

        Mini Meee, stop humping the “Razerrr”

    • Jack

      He's a dictator. He can say and do whatever he wants.

  • Smithdogg

    This guy would be fucking funny if he wasn't so scary.
    Remember that North Korea maintains one of the largest armies in the world, and could crush South Korea if war ever broke out again.
    Also remember that China are very much allied with them.

    I'd love to see a list of Jong-Il's father, Kim Il-Sung. He's far more worshipped than his son is.

    • I am not convinced that the North Korean army are sufficiently equipped to handle a full on onslaught from the west (including South Korea). I am sure you can't get far on a diet of rats!

      • Smithdogg

        No, they'd almost certainly lose a war, that's obvious.
        But not after pretty much flattening Seoul with artillery first, within hours of a war breaking out.

        • MDM

          That's pretty much the worst case scenario that the military over there are looking at. Seoul and all the bases located along the border including Osan AFB will be destroyed by North Korean missiles while the southern bases including Kunsan AFB will act as FOBs. At least that's what they're telling us every time we have our briefing during exercises.

      • Me Too

        Boy I have a 100 acre farm to sell on the other side of the moon.
        You could get rich as it is covered in tons of Helium-3.
        Of course your too stupid to know that it would power the world for thousands of years with no pollution?

    • wfasdfa

      Try nukes man. It doesn't matter how many soldiers you have. Everyone's got nukes nowadays. Get with the times man.

  • Great list, however I think it could have been split into at least 2 lists with 1 consisting only of propaganda and another consisting of true facts, because there is a lot of both out there and all of these were fascinating.

  • Armadilltron

    Kim Jong ll is bloody crazy. Has anyone SEEN Pulgasari, the metal eating monster? The WIERDEST thing I`ve seen! And after seeing recently the way North Korea is being demonized by Hilary Clinton, for "defying the international community." (again) I hope she and Obama aren`t planning on starting another foreign adventure, BY INVADING NORTH KOREA! What after Iraq and Afghanistan both went so well! We`ve already had a second Iraq War, and I don`t want a second Korean War!

    • Arsnl

      Awwr you’re so funny. That cute. You actually believe you americans spread democracy all over the world dont you, that now i am free to say what im saying because you invaded irak?

      • Ali Khat

        Im pretty sure that he never even alluded to spreading democracy…if anything he was admonishing the fact that we went to war with iraq…settle the F down Beavis.

        • Me Too

          I wish everyone who has/had two snyaps firing at the same time would quit touting Democracy. This country is going to hell in a hat bag just like all Democracies to and in the exact order and time frame.
          That is why our fore fathers set us up as a Republic.
          Remember the pledge to the flag of the the United States and the Democracy for which it stands?
          Hell no because it’s to the republic for which it stands.
          Acting like a Damned ignorant bunch of lemmings in a Democracy is what’s killing us.
          We are supposed to be a Republican government. “NO YOU IDIOT NOT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!” If you don’t know what a Republican form of government is………… look it up.
          The Internet does have some good stuff on it too.

      • Just me

        It comes to show that even Americans are brainwashed to some extent. Sure, we have outside information to verify the “facts”, but too bad we’re too busy watching The Jersey Shore and American Idol to care. Also, we’re perfectly fine getting obese off our Big Macs to question authority figures.

        The human mind…biologically wired to follow authority, will seldom override that nature.

        • Albert

          Why are so many people defending this maniac?

    • North Korea doesn't need Hilary Clinton to demonize them. North Korea is doing a pretty good job of doing it to themselves.

  • ImMyOwnGod

    Cant wait for the US to invade N.Korea. Coz that would be the end of the arrogant US leadership. Not saying id rather prefer a lunatic like this 'wanna be' celebrity kim. Why do we always have to be lead by someone? What's this human weakness called? It's like we are electing someone to the throne KNOWING he and his family is going to enjoy their life with our taxes. Same scenario all around the world.

    * ducking 'anarchist' labels thrown at me*

    • nocturnesthesia

      Communist worked really well in practice. Thinkers like you should start a revolution.

    • sid

      Pure anarchism cannot exist, nor can pure communism. Many has tried, all has failed. We elect people because those people are best for that job. That's why we ELECT them, not see who can conquer the most land or slay most people to determine the leader.

  • Colin

    Is it any wonder he's son ronery ;-)

  • Meh

    It's kind of funny that this is posted on the day I start researching North Korea. Very interesting list. I'm amazed he can get away with the stuff he comes up with for himself.

  • Gladiator

    It really pisses me off when North Korea is called a "rogue state," just because it has nuclear weapons. We say to North Korea, you can`t have the bomb, because "there a threat to world peace." Yet us and other countries have nukes. Gordon Brown said a few weeks ago that they and Iran can`t have nuclear weapons, because there a menace. But we`re about to spend 130, BILLION POUNDS on replacing ours! And apart from South Korea, how many countries has North Korea attacked? Er-none. And North Korea will NEVER be invaded, because they have nukes. And if you have them, you won`t get invaded. You don`t have to be The Brain of Britain to work that out. The only thing dangerous about Kim Jong il is his crazy haircut.

    • aasfs

      As long as North Korea is run by someone as crazy as this guy, that country will always be a threat to world peace.

    • Akila

      ou complete idiot. People are dying because of this man. People are SUFFERING. Kim Jong il is a complete a**hole. He had a "super natural" birth? Give me a break. He's a trendsetter? The glasses he wears are really stylish..oh yeah thier really hot. He's saying a bunch of lies! And no one in North Korea will knoe because he's blocking everything they see!

      WHy don't you go to North Korea and live there ya a**hole. How will you like it when you suffer from famine? Or when they block everything you watch or see on the internet? The average North Korean makesonly $1000. THats how much i got for my BIRTHDAY. I got that much money in one day while they get that much money in a whole YEAR. It's not fair.

      And guess what? You know when there's these programs that ask you to donate money for grain for the people in North Korea? That money's not going to the people. It's going to thier ARMY.

      This isn't funny at all. It's serious. His people are being tortured. Thousands of them have gone to concentration camps where its so bad that you have to use your own poop to fertilize the land.

      I would give anythng for this guy to be killed

  • Nice objective analysis there! We welcome that on Listverse.

    • BTW, this comment is directed to the comment below, not the comment above.

  • United Korea

    I wish the UN or NATO would just go in there and overthrow the despotic Kim dynasty. The Korean people have suffered long enough from their neglect and corruption. The world has had enough of their insolence and arrogance. So what if they have the world’s largest standing army?!? Two million outdated, ill-equipped, poorly trained and hungry soldiers are no match to the west’s superior technology. So what if they have nukes?!? It’s not like they have the nuclear capability of the United States or the Soviet Union at the peak of the Cold War that could fry the world many times over; even if they were to unleash all their nukes on a major city, like Seoul, it would only destroy a tiny fraction of a city as big as Seoul, and if they’re really scared of the crude fireworks the North likes to call “nuclear missiles” they could probably persuade the Chinese – who has much to lose politically and economically if they were to support North if ever war break out – to adapt their anti-satellite missiles to intercept outgoing missiles.

    Down with Kim!!!

    • Well sadly military force was tried – it was called the Korean War and it is currently in ceasefire – it never officially ended. Kim's father won it in a sense.

      • The Korean War wasn't to overthrow Kim snr. It was in response to the North's invasion of the South. The UN forces chased the Northern army almost all of the way to the Chinese border but backed off even before Chinese troops became involved as they didn't have any mandate for "regime change".

      • Me Too

        Who told you we and the South tried to win that war?
        It’s all a big game and you are less than a pawn.
        Get used to it.

    • Ahmad

      How do we know this isn't a smearing look at Kimmy!

      Maybe these "FACTS" are false.

    • Dont send in the UN,they will get eaten alive by sharks and big cats that are meant to be lions.

    • The United States in fact doesn't want the North Korean government to fail/fall/collapse because doing so would mean sending aid, opening the border to the South, or finding some other way to deal with the millions of North Koreans, an issue nobody wants to deal with.

      • Arsnl

        Yes bet it would also mean loads of new NGO and a bunch of tv shows to donate money. And charity events. What rich bastard doesnt love a charity event.

      • James

        Send in Blackwater(Xe). They have done so well in Iraq and Afghanistan ;-)

      • Keely Anderson

        Dude's right. With the state were in we can't help them.

    • Just Me

      wow, it must be nice living in that peachy fantasy world of yours. Only thing missing is those rainbows with pots of gold at the end of them.

  • Did you all know that Kim Jong is being controlled by a crazy cockroach.

    • I thought it was Plankton. :)

      • Plankton

        Ah-ha! Now I know who was behind that crap-tasting burger!

  • Ryan G

    This guy's so full of shit – for all we know, the REAL KJI died years ago and the propaganda is just keeping him alive.

    • hah …i thought of this.
      the whole time i was reading the list, i just had that scene from the princess bride in my head.

      where westley was explaining to buttercup that the real dred pirate roberts died (or retired) years ago, and chose a successor, began calling the new guy 'roberts' and leaving when everyone was convinced and intimidated.

      "the real jong il retired years ago, and has been living in trinidad and tobago with a 29 year old hooters waitress.. i inhereted the title from him, as my successor will inherit it from me. i commission godzilla movies, eat rats, my birth caused shooting stars, and instead of creating paintings, i create cityscapes. when i refer to my successor as "il" for a time, and they are convinced he will cut their balls off for mere insubordination, i too will move to the carribean"

      hate to say it, but thats almost more believable than him evger coming close to shooting a 34 on a reg golf course, which would be all double eagles, aces, and maybe 1 par, on a par 3. *achem!* bullshit!!

  • Bat-sh*t crazy! Sums him up nicely. He needs to be put away in a nice padded room somewhere as he is living in his head. Wow!

    Love the propaganda "facts". I did like picture for the "real" fact for number 5, the addiction. It's the mini-me version.
    He would be funnier if he wasn't such an a**hole.

  • lola

    Really fantastic and interesting post. I have listverse on rss, and this past month nothing has interested me, so i just have not been reading. Now finally this list is just great.

    This man is just awful.

  • Complete nutcase – scary bit of shit, its a pity so many of his people depend on him.

  • Doc Croc

    Kim Jong il-Hitler with a haircut.

  • lola
  • BTW it's a fair point to suggest that defectors' reports may not be totally objective, but even if only half of what they say is true, it still makes Kim jnr half a nutcase and the situation in the North half a catastrophe.

  • Michael

    Is it just me, or does Kim Jong Il have the same kind of haircut as that other nutter, Radovan Karadzic?

  • Maximuz04

    I think some of the propaganda ones are confusing Kim jong Il with Kim Il Sung, his father.
    Yeah I currently live in South korea, and this situation is getting weirder.
    Jaime, I just went to the DMZ in march, some scary shit :P

    • Keely Anderson

      How's it like living in South Korea?

  • kidfromvault101

    so…….do the poeople of N. Korea actually believe all the propoganda? Cause some of it seems too farfetched.

    • There is a reason communists use propaganda. Its fast and effective. Take this for instance. Leave a lot of comments and people will love you, they will be paying just to see what type of messages you leave. All you have to do is leave 100 messages a day and spend 10 hours working on them a day and you will be known throughout the land. People will make websites about you and you will get any women you desire! Does this sound reasonable? No. But they were taught to believe this.

    • Eye-Licker

      Its a lot like religion; if people are conditioned to believe something from an early age, they will. No matter how far-fetched it is.

    • OmegaMan

      kidfromvault101, you know there is a reason why “1984” is arguably considered one of the best (if not the best) novel ever written. A totalitarian state can even control your thoughts if it wishes so.

  • its actually kinda…funny? (i guess is the word im looking for.) how for a communist government will go to try and show they are a utopia. like i read how Russia (i believe) had a very prolific serial killer and they ignored it all because" serial killers are only a result of a capitalist nation."

    • Arsnl

      Yes. And they also had this so called “soviet dream” of a “self-made man”. It goes like this: you just go there and if you work enough you will become rich. You start from making borsch in restaurants and you start going upwards. So anyone can become rich. The problems it statistically it doesnt/didnt add up.
      Its called propaganda. Everybody does it. Sometimes its silly like the in north korea sometimes its more clever.
      Btw N Korea isnt a communist country, its a dictatorship.

    • Arsnl

      Well you actually made a confusion between russia and the ussr too but hey you cant know everything.

    • Andre Chikatilo or soemthing like that he's on a list or 2

  • #8s picture looks badass, almost makes you wanna join the regime

  • Evanz

    Some of them sound like they've just come straight out of a Chuck Norris joke, 6 and 8 are good ones lol

  • Koreans
  • i just laugh at all the things this wannabe hitler tells his people. Stupid Korean Disgrace….

  • Kim Jong counted to infinity—twice.
    Kim Jong can divide by zero.
    God said let there be light. Kim Jong said, “say please.”

    • adi000

      No…. he said "say prease"

      • navyboy


  • While the world will be no doubt be better off when he dies I cant help but think there will be a little tiny sliver in my heart that will miss him :) He is the closest thing we have to a real life Cobra Commander with his complete lunacy

    • dying inferno

      LOL! best comment yet!

  • WOW! I was blown away by this list. It's partly hilarious, partly scary, and all some shit I didn't know.

  • FlameHorse

    This is just about the best list I've seen in a month! Great work, Mike!

    • OmegaMan

      I hate to say this – because I love Listverse – but it required that a nut job dictator should die so that Listverse would come up with a nice list after quite a while.

      • OmegaMan

        I look like an a** now. This is an old list. :(

  • Very interesting list, well done.

    I wonder how North Korean teams are sheltered during their travel. They're playing in the World Cup this year.


    WOW, I can hardly believe all of this facts, or "facts"…
    How, in the name of humanity, can such a nutcase be so important for its people?? How N. Koeans can buy all that bulls**t???

    Boy, so many questions with no answer…

  • Courtney

    What a nutjob. I will drink a toast to him – after he dies: "Good-bye, and GOOD RIDDANCE!"

    • We all will – but sadly I am sure he will be replaced by someone equally bad – just as Kim Il Sung was – the original (and Kim's father).

  • Kristin

    What is this book by an ex-staffer that's mentioned in #5? It sounds interesting.

    • Diogenes

      I would love to know the sources on some, if not all of these, myself.

      -about the book, I can't say for certain, as I don't know much, but it may be by Hwang Jang-yop (from what I would guess)…or perhaps Kim Dok Hong. the dynamic duo.

    • Diogenes

      oops, looks like it's more sensational… as in Kenji Fujimoto's "I Was Kim Jong-Il's Cook"
      …his former sushi chef!

      Top Ten Defectors of Kim Jong Il
      I got two!

  • Moonbeam

    My father served in the US army in Korea. The "police action" as it was called, took place from 1950 – 1953. It still saddens him that after all this time there really has been no resolution to the problems in that part of the world. When he sees the US get involved in other wars like Iraq or Afghanistan, he points to the fact that the US still has military bases in South Korea after all this time. He doesn't believe we'll ever be free of our involvement with these places. To all those chest thumpers who think it'd be so simple to run in, drop bombs and shoot up a country, take over, clean up, and then walk away…guess again.

    • jeremy

      Guess What Dumass…. Troops Are Already Coming Home from Iraq and Afghanistan. The Treaty Is Signed and The War Is Over So Who Was Wrong? You Were Fuktard.

  • Vera Lynn

    I had read something a while back that it was taught in schools that he didnt deficate or urinate. And that somehow he was immortal. I actually thought I raed it on a Listverse list a year or ago. Hmm.

    • Vera Lynn


  • Wow, this has to be the best list this month! Amazing job!

    As a University student living in a highly developed nation (Canada! WOOHOO!) I sometimes forget that the theoretical bullshit we deal with, actually exists in reality.

    I had no idea that this level of brainwashing happens in N. Korea! Great list again.

  • I think the real question might be, "To what extent do the people of North Korea believe all of this (well, the first five at least)"

    We look at this and just laugh, but I wonder if they might also do the same.

  • NeoSJ3

    Reading list should inspire him to write a list about himself. There should be a list of crazy facts about Jamie Frater. :)

    • NeoSJ3


  • afraid to kim jong Il policy… i hope north and south korea will getting peace… remember to the children…

  • Swark

    it's hard to believe that people like Kim Jong il still exists in our world.
    more baffling, people like this managed to climb to the top of the social and political hierarchy of a nation.
    the citizens are afraid to defy for the fear of being shot but how about the shooters ie the soldiers working for the dictator,protecting him and allowing his every indulgence? Don't they have any conscious or clear-thinking?

  • saw this come up on wordpress.
    it's also known he keeps a personal harem. girls are forcibly taken from schools to replenish his harem's ranks as his mistresses…

    • That's right people. Even Kim Jong Il gets booty. It wouldn't surprise me if his "pleasure teams" think he has the biggest willy in the world. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am off to have some "sweet brown fizzy liquid in plastic bottle" with my "double bread with ham and cheese".

  • valetboy

    HA! You really add to his already pervasive cuddliness. How lucky one would be to have him as a neighbor & friend. (Sorry, he has a gun to my head)

  • Flytch

    It makes my skin crawl to read some of the things on that list; the way he is a fashion 'icon' (travesty) or that people around the world celebrate his birthday. It's disgustingly self indulgent.

    If anyone wants to see a film that vaguely relates to this subject, watch Silmido, I can recommend it.

  • astraya

    "fact" or fact: Last night, the Australian women's soccer team won the Asia Cup by beating North Korea.

  • Mizz B

    Haha!! This list is hilarious and also quite disturbing!!
    I love your blog btw I love making lists

  • @ Oliveralbq: If Kimmy boy was really living in Trinidad and Tobago, I’d have known about that, and he’d probably already been shot and killed, or handed over to the U.S. of A…. Btw, there arent any Hooters, down here. Lol! ;-)

  • bluesman87

    I love North Korea , all its citizens are my friends , Kim Jong Il is a Benevolent and wise elder and should be adored and loved . I respect and love Kim Jong Il and his mighty country .

  • Zach

    Here are some more crazy shits about the world’s most beloved leader:

    1) He tries to save the starvation by breeding huge fucking rabbits.

    2) Being a communist as he is, he hires a staff to make sure that every grains of his rice are perfectly the same size and color.

    3) Forget botox, you ignorance capitalist swines. The “dear leader” instead injects himself with blood of virgins to stay young. A wiser plan, no?

  • Carole

    South Korea is one of the biggest customers for US weapons, so it is in their interest to continue to keep North Korea isolated and exaggerate the threat, Yes, he is a dictator and crazy but we seem to be very selective when it's time to demonize. This crap goes on in lots of countries. We don't say anything when we benefit from the cheap labour that makes all the garbage we consume .

    • sumit

      chakram gando

  • Kike

    Man I can’t imagine a fight between Kim Jong II and Chuck Norris…. That would be a hell of a fight!!!

  • Loved it!!

    Wait. . . Was it meant to be a joke?
    Haha, nah. I'm kidding.

    Great blog, I swear I'm addicted.

  • Number 8’s pic is both badass and hilarious, and number 5’s is creepily hilarious! Where’d you get them, JFrater? Had to come back and say that. The comments on here are awesome, by themselves… :-D

  • Capt. Obvious

    This list is too North Korean….

  • Tom

    I'm going to go ahead and disagree with the poster who said, "…this crap goes on in lots of countries…" Kim is his own special brand of crazy, even liberal relativists have to admit that…if not maybe they're as brainwashed by the media as the poor citizens of North Korea are by this lunatic.

  • I am surprised that China has put up with their crazyness for so long.

    China wants Taiwan, they have Hong Kong and Tibet… why don't they just take North Korea as a new state? I don't give China many kudos, but they have got to be better and more stable than Kim.

  • The old fart in the background of #9 is making me giggle. He's hired just to carry Kim Jong Il's wallet around…

  • Mimz

    Wow…I knew the man was mad, but really? These facts were very insightful and educational! Fantastic list. I think I'm more frightened of N. Korea now knowing that their leader makes Adolf Hitler look like a pussycat. When will Kim Jong Il die and leave Korea knowing they're better off without such insanity?

    • NotAmused


  • Sherry

    I really like the first picture of him on here…it's funny as hell!

  • I was in Beijing last week, and a popular new item in the stores is a stuffed animal – a pig in a military uniform. I was at a loss to understand who it was supposed to represent until I saw this list. The resemblance is uncanny.

  • psj

    his body is actually just a shell for a power crazy cockroach…

  • psj

    ..and not just any cockroach, i think its one of those f'd up flying ones

  • Dionysus

    HEHE. Mate, you do the same thing in your lists. You introduce lots of american crap.

  • Jessica

    This guy scares the shit out of me!!

  • Ignacio

    what needs to happen after his downfall is the following: Hopefully if a great nation captures this sick fuck, to put him through all the tests. My idea is to create a reality show, broad casted on every nation in the world, on every channel if possible, or just one FREE channel so that everyone has access to and bring out the truth to everyone. So this show would be inside this prison made just for him…no walls, except for one room that will be used at the end. This room is barred, so no escaping. Another fact that is not mentioned here is the "Fact" that he is immortal, so that will be the first test, show some grey hairs maybe? some newly formed wrinkles? Show the exact place of birth of him, and have an interpretation of what his early childhood was like. Then make him play golf, just a round, and see what happens…I don't know, just humiliate him like he did to his dumb people (sorry not dumb, oppressed people)…Finally make him have a trial by jury, and obviously he will be guilty…then he goes to his prison, where the rest of his days are filmed. There he will receive very little food, water, and no one can talk to him. This room has no exterior windows, so he can't see the beautiful sky. All this, that is with this reality show not being aired anymore, only tapes recorded from the cameras inside the cell to show his suffering….show some bloopers perhaps, have him confess live of all the bad things he did, until one day he is in his death bed with his last breath and says "I……AM SOOOO SOOOWWWYYY" and he dies. There after, we can assume he went to hell, but best of all, he had the shittiest last days of his life. What would you have done instead? Kill him with rapid procedures? Like lethal injection? a pill? shot to the head? hanged? tortured? Well the only one that has the slowest death is probably being tortured, but come on, we are not like him. We are civilized, and we do not torture people. Clearly the best way is to make him live in that cell, and repent until he dies.

    • snippy

      You are as crazy as he is.

  • Not Desi Arnez

    No reference to his Elvis obsession?

  • tom

    i cannot berrive dis !

  • niggalova

    Will someone please ASSASSINATE this Commie?

  • List Item 3- Isn't Kim Jong Il short? I guess pompadours and lifts count for height, lol.

  • Silver

    This scares me to no end…

  • jenn

    Try going to They have a short series on there called Vice Guide to North Korea…it is kinda mind blowing!!!! If you want to see some first hand footage of a VERY brave (maybe a bit stupid) guy and his trip to NK then check it out…pretty damn amazing!

    • nate

      i watched that series and i was stunned… especially the part when the tour guide told Shane to move aside because he was blocking the picture of kim jong il on the wall. crazy

  • Fucking crazy!! And Sad Country too. Sportspeople who lose in international contests are strongly punished, even death penalty.

  • Nigel

    His fashion influence was probably limited to 80 new wave singers.

  • FUCK

    this is bullshit. typical american propaganda, i wouldnt be surprised if 8 out of this 10 stuff are lies.

    • Hi Kim – how is Pyongnyang treating you? :)

  • jd126

    you can see some video documentaries on google and decide if they're all bullshit too

  • Jefferson

    GReat list! That little nut is one funny political figure.

  • Justin

    Yeah I call bullshit on many of these.

  • Lillillipullilliee

    Oh Kim Jong, you are so funny! No need to pretend you are some black gang member with that "hardcore gangsta" handle of 50 cal. oh wait… I know what you are doing! You are using that handle so that we all just picture a 14 year old white boy pretending to be black just begging for attention instead of the short little commie nutjob that you really are Kim Jong! When you chose the user name of 50 Cal. were just trying to pronounce 50 COW??? It's alright to be frustrated that you have letters in your name that you can't pronounce properly Mr. Kim Jong "Irrrrill." Now go along and play in traffic like a good little DICKtator.

  • Ackmed teh idiot

    I hate Kim Jong 2…. Do u?

  • LOL

    LOL most of this is obviously not true. Nice read for great laughs.

  • liza/phils.

    insanity lives in every one of us, its just that he has a means to support his..

  • Yamama

    Kim Jong is the crazy bluffer at the poker table lol
    seriously what does he hav in his hands to make him act as confindent as he does !
    Also the ppl don’t stand up because they don’t want 2 be the first cpl thousand to be slaughtered in a genocide!!

  • Yon

    The spoiled kid that Kim is, wants his way, and knows how to get it. He seems to have only one set of clothing, high heeled shoes and dark glasses, though. Aside from that, taking over North Korea would be quite easy. The population has no clue about the rest of the planet and probably would try to fight for the “beloved leader”, after his elite and the higher military will have run to seek refuge in China. It would be unfortunate for the ignorant population, but their miseries would be over: hunger and cold.

  • lame

    fuckin' communist,reserved to be in hell

  • Sammy

    Hmmm. . .America and the west hate communists because of their propaganda etc. . Propaganda is usually spread to demonize the opposition and is presented in a very believable manner. . Now this list has believable 'FACTS' about our enemies. And with a bit of humor, who wouldn't believe this piece of propaganda MikeS ? ? ? This list is funny but not entirely true !

  • Kim Jong Fuck-off

    This slant-eyed freak needs to be "PUT DOWN"-like a rabid dog.

  • Benny

    Who know what amazing feats Kim Jong-un will achieve?

  • Amin

    the whole things above are mentioned in the book 1984 by George Orwell
    in that story we see the Big brother (the phrase came to life and literature of english from this book) and his party that does the same things . if you read that book you could see ehat else you can find in that country (and of course the homologous regime in Iran and other dictatorships) the reality is that the people in those countries are under the propaganda bombardment by local medias. and if anyone says what the hell are these he/she would be accused with the anti national crime, spying, trying to confuse people and so on…(Iran is much better than N. korea. they (we) stood against them but the regime killed people and arrest so many of them and raise a brutal police state )

  • spike dawg

    I never realized that Kim Jung Il was so remarkable in every way. I kick myself a thousand times for failing to celebrate his divine birth. :(

  • Al A

    Beware! This guy is dangerous and the Chinese have his back.

  • angry american

    on another note i seen what 50. cal said he really showed his ignorance. i think he should buy a ticket to the north a go live with kim jong il.

  • Belson

    man this is shit! How can he invented the hamburger?

  • okeydokey

    Need a top 100 list of insanities for this guy…

  • andre

    You forgot thay HIM never shit.

  • This guy act like a spoiled kid… a dangerous spoiled kid.
    But at least, i can understand some of its actions. I i was a dictator, i perfectly picture myself saying ''make more Godzilla movies" :D

  • Kim

    i thought most of the facts were kindda bull?

  • cintya

    long live the king!!!

  • the monster

    Don't forget:

    He's the smartest most crever most physicarry fit
    But nobody else seems to rearize it

  • mike

    this guy is f***ing crazy, but i still think he would beat me at golf : ( …. mabe

  • KarenKong

    Hey- check this out. Kinda offensive/funny korean conflict history lesson by the dude from Wild N' Out. Thoughts?

  • boredoutofmyskull1234

    the first 6 sound like they should be attributed to chuck noris mr.T or jesus

  • LDeeN

    So, who weighed the 300lb flag?

  • pksteph

    Double bread with meat…. that make me LOL hard for some reason.

    • iloveit

      me too lmao

  • anti-NK

    even though i am from a third world country, i am so thankful that i wasn’t born there.

  • general_tiu

    It won’t be long before we had to re-unify Korea by force and kill the virus that was Kim Jong Il and his cronies.



  • Philosofeeder

    This guy is literally cuckoo for cocoa puffs. He’s redonkulous. Why doesn’t someone with power do something about him. He’s a loony toons criminal who should be tried for human rights crimes.

  • kerstin

    this was a horable dude

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  • Stud Terkel

    Barack Obama shot a perfect 18 at Pinehurst, becoming the only golfer to ever record holes in on on every hole of a PGA sanctioned course.

    Remember folks, we don’t need proof of things anymore. Proof just feeds the conspiracy buffs. So anthing anyone says is now true and the press cannot ask for any evidence.

  • Bricen McNeal

    I have met Kim Jong-Il once and I have to say he is seriously the biggest douche bag I’ve ever met..

  • crazy_d

    Me: Is this a list of facts or just crap?
    KJII: this arr f**ks, f**ks… undastan?
    Me: I thought so too :p

  • Watbermeron


  • Gregory Greggerson

    Poor little fella just wants somebody to love him. He got all that power and just decided to tell his citizens that everybody DOES love him and that he’s the best at everything.

    Guess who win Oscar for best actress?

    His people must be amazed that such a great guy is running their country. Too bad they don’t have the internet……….

  • communistcheezburgen

    this is all obvious anti-communist bullshit. No-one is stupid enough to believe this, and anyone claiming otherwise is too brainwashed by the western liberal media for any help. Disappointed that anyone even takes this seriously.

    • Inagaddadavida_loca

      Real or not, there’s something to be said for totalitarian commies. Perhaps when you can have a leader that the world can look up to, you’ll have a point.

  • [email protected] online dating

    I could say he’s just like a lot of local crazies. Unfortunately, with his country and money, he is just like giving the local crazies those things. Meaning, he is bat***** and, while I am sure he is laughably incapable of taking over any other country

  • parteegirl 270

    Kim Jong – il is so mean. I wish he would die of unknown cause.

  • scir91onYouTube

    north korea. HELL ON EARTH. i take a picture of this guy’s face and piss on it.

  • BEN

    What a freakin loser

  • Cassandra

    If you want to see what it’s like in North Korea, click on this link:

    I honestly feel bad for all these people. I think that some of them just ‘praise’ him for the fear of being shot or sent to a concentration camp.

  • strangelove

    haha this list is really entertaining! LOLOLOL

  • rothchildkid

    How do we know this is not just western propaganda??? Watch This.

  • Name

    Oh wait !!! There’s more CRAZY than meets the eye in North Korea

  • goon

    i like men

  • alright

    He’s dead, I call his shades.


    And this outstanding man has (finally) left us. Great loss for golf and the fasion industry ;) but such a relief for humanity? …..

  • Inagaddadavida_loca

    Article needs to be proofread . . . it’s.

  • Tom

    in north korea, kim jong il jokes are rehashed from old chuck norris jokes

  • Tyrone Sharpton

    The Beloved Leader has not died. He has evolved into a Ho-ho

  • OmegaMan

    Man, you are surely a time traveler. “11/22/63” he he…

  • ThatOneGuy

    a lot of these just imply a lonely egomaniac with a secret love of other cultures. Imitation is a form of flattery. Too bad so many people have to suffer for his xenophobic ways….

  • Tyrone Sharpton

    He has not died…instead, he evolved into a level 100 Ho-ho

  • loris from venice (italy)

    the first 5 points looks very similar to Silvio’s program, the only difference is that Silvio isn’t not so tall..

  • Name

    Cant wait to visit this monkey’s grave and take a long gratifying piss on it. Check out all the poor little North Koreans sooking over this [email protected]@# bags death. Hah, what a laugh!!!

  • JPThomassen

    What a jerk!

  • ron

    just another good ole boy

  • the people of north korea are in deep bondage,weeping for kim is a total madness,and stupidity.

  • clesherz

    that’s terriberr…

  • “The Fact: He had disabled and short people deported from his capital”

    A. Short people?? Well, what!?!?!

    B. That explains the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled in North Korea (
    C. Source?


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  • Unsure

    Ugh, its 2012 and they still use the word “comrade” in that Stalinist shithole. Orwell is rolling in his grave.

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  • Neveah

    That guy was, is and always will be full of bull crap.

  • mr.rumpypumpy

    i feel soooo sad for north korean people. they are fooled, and dont even have chance to live like we do..they dont eat good, dont have car, dark at night, i gues they never had party.. so fu##ing sad.. they said all are even, but that KIM is fat and his people very thin.. there s alot to suffer in this country…soo sadddd

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