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Top 10 Fictional Male Charmers

It’s not uncommon to find a fictional character, whether in literature, television or film, that has that certain alluring spark in his smile. He’s smooth, sophisticated, and always knows the right thing to say. And sadly, for many of us, we’ve fallen victim to his charisma. What is it about these guys that make men jealous and women weak at the knees? We’re exploring that today in our list of the top ten fictional charming men.


Sir Lancelot

LancelotWho is He: Sir Lancelot is one of the most celebrated knights of King Arthur’s Round Table. Now, it’s still unclear whether Lancelot was a real man or simply based on someone, but he does live abundantly through literature as a valiant and athletic hero in Arthurian legends. He and his fellow knights traveled across the lands on adventures that tested their courage, strengths and wits. Did we mention many of those stories involved damsels in distress?

How Charming is He: Most famously, Lancelot had an affair with Queen Guinevere, who was said to be one of the most beautiful women. His appeal was just too much for the married queen to handle. However, she wasn’t the only one that caught his attention. Young virgin damsels were often depicted fawning for him because he was dashing, youthful and, in many ways, perfect. Everything about him attracted women and kept his peers riddled with jealousy and admiration. In the famous poem “The Lady of Shalott” by Alfred Tennyson, she was so taken back by Lancelot that she brings on her own curse to follow him to Camelot, resulting in her death.


Han Solo

Han-SoloWho is He: If you don’t already know, you’ve been living under a rock in a galaxy far, far away. Han Solo is a mercenary from the film trilogy Star Wars. He was played by Harrison Ford, portrayed as a polar opposite of protagonist, Luke Skywalker. Han lives by his own rules, looks out for his own interests, and doesn’t give a damn if Chewbacca is shedding all over your seat. He’s Han Solo, baby and he shot first!

How Charming is He: As a rogue, Han’s charm isn’t similar to the rest of the men in our list. He’s in your face, challenging and self-serving for a good portion of the films. It’s only under the rugged exterior that the audience see the sweet, cool and bewitching aspect of the once lone wolf smuggler. In the ultimate example of his aloof slickness, Princess Leia professes her love for him and all Han has to say in response is, “I know,” and yet we still love him.

Similar Charmers: Action-adventure heroes Indiana Jones (also played by Harrison Ford) and Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean film trilogy, played by Johnny Depp.


Dorian Gray

A Le Portrait De Dorian Gray-9Who is He: He was the protagonist of Oscar Wilde’s novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. He’s a man whose beauty was breathtaking, and one of the most famous examples of Adonis-like perfection in all of literature. The novel itself is a study of man’s quest for beauty and his desire for superficial excellence, demonstrated through Dorian’s wish to keep his physical appearance untainted while his portrait ages and deteriorates. Thus, his sins and transgressions never blemish his perfection, in exchange for his soul.

How Charming is He: While Dorian’s plan fails him in the end, he is still a famous charmer. Men became infatuated with his handsomeness, if only curious as to how Dorian seemed ageless, and women were unable to resist succumbing to his charms. In fact, he got every lady he desired, and broke their heart soon after. That’s just one of the perk of being the most beautiful man in literature.

Similar Charmer: Tom Jones from The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling by novelist Henry Fielding.


Ferris Bueller

Ferrisbueller1Who is He: Ferris is the lead in the 1986 film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This fourth-wall breaking character takes the day off from school to spend time in the city with his friends, while avoiding all chances of getting caught. This leads them through fun, exciting adventures as they push their luck with every new and surprising situation. Ferris, the leader and the brains behind their rowdy antics, barely keeps them out of trouble, but managed to pull off the perfect day without suffering any parental repercussions.

How Charming is He: One of the big reasons Ferris gets away with his victimless crime is his charm. He’s the cool kid in school, the kind that always seems to have a good time. He knows how to get in trouble, and how to get out of it in style. As said in the film, “Oh, he’s very popular, Ed. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads – they all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude.”


Count Dracula

Dracula-1Who is He: Count Dracula was the protagonist of Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula. The character was based on Romanian general Vlad the Impaler, notably remembered for the cruel punishments he ordered on his enemies. Count Dracula’s notoriety surpassed the written word when he was adapted into films and television, making him one of the most famous villains, and the greatest vampire of all time (you heard me, Twihards). This powerful, enigmatic figure has been the subject of many interpretations, and still captures the interests of audiences today.

How Charming is He: For a second, look past the fact that he’s undead, he’s creepy and that he likes to drink your blood. When you study the rest of Dracula, you come to realize he’s actually a charmer (though some of you might argue he’s as charming as a snake). He possesses hypnotic eyes and mind controlling abilities, but more than that, he’s charismatic and worldly. Here’s this sophisticated being that lives like royalty, and treats his guest as such… until it’s dinner time, of course.

Similar Charmer: Patrick Bateman, from Bret Easton Ellis’s novel, American Psycho. Patrick is another dangerous and creepy character who might not traditionally be seen as a charmer, but he is when you look beyond the murder. And necrophilia. And cannibalism. No, really. He’s charming.


Jay Gatsby

Fictionalhouses 14Who is He: Jay Gatsby is a literary character from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby. He’s a self made man living in the U.S. during the Jazz Age. It’s through the course of the novel that readers learn Jay earned his money through bootlegging during Prohibition, when alcohol was banned. The once former poor man is now one of the most beloved socialites of his time. He hopes his wealth and power would win the heart of Daisy, a married rich woman he has loved for years.

How Charming is He: Though his heart is set on Daisy, Jay takes all opportunities to be a good host to every one of his guests (particularly the women). He is a neat dresser, polite, fun and equipped with natural good looks. Jay is the hit of every party, and the talk of the town among the rich and powerful. Both envied and desired, Jay is often thought to be the quintessential American icon.


Rhett Butler

RhettbutlerWho is He: Rhett is one of the main protagonists in Margaret Mitchell’s novel, Gone with the Wind. Clark Gable’s film portrayal brought the character to life in the 1939 movie by the same name. Rhett was considered a pariah amongst the Confederate South during the U.S.’s Civil War years. He ends up falling in love with protagonist Scarlett O’Hara, despite the fact that her heart belongs to someone else.

How Charming is He: What made Rhett different from the men around him was his experience, and sophisticated understanding of human nature. He was one of the few that appeared to be involved with the Confederate South, but still able to see it from an outsider’s perspective (ultimately keeping his distance at all times). Even as a black sheep, he was accepted by his associates for his charming ways and educated ideas. There’s just something about the mustache and smile they couldn’t seem to ignore.

Similar Charmer: Bugs Bunny. The animated rabbit is actually based on Clark Gable.


Mr. Darcy

Pride4Who is He: From Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is not, at first, a charming man. He was respected by his peers for his fortune and demeanor, even if he believed himself superior to them, and acted with feigned modesty. It wasn’t until the woman he’s attracted to denied his marriage proposal that Mr. Darcy changed for the better. He saved her family from social disgrace, and redeemed himself by proving his arrogance was merely a facade.

How Charming is He: Mr. Darcy is a fangirl’s dream. He’s handsome, rich and English (it’s the accent). Most of all, he’s not just a good-looking guy. Once his perspective was changed, he became a gentleman who truly cared about others, especially Elizabeth, and who goes out of his way to validate his sincerity. There are many female readers that would openly admit to crushing on Mr. Darcy for these reasons.


Don Juan

Normal Don-Juan-De-Marco-Promo-005Who is He: This fictional character is mostly known as a libertine, a person who disregards social norms and embodies what’s understood as loathsome and undesirable. Don Juan has been written about in a variety of stories, plays and poems but is consistently portrayed as a womanizer.

How Charming is He: There isn’t much explanation needed here. The name Don Juan itself has become a term meaning “ladies’ man.” Some of the stories glorify his actions, personifying him as a hero and revolutionary for embracing his sexuality, while other stories condemn him and his behavior as a warning to future and potential Don Juans. Either way, his charm can’t be matched easily by just any other man.


James Bond

6A00D83451F25369E2010535D2Cb7E970C-800WiWho is He: Secret Agent 007 was created by journalist Ian Fleming, and was featured in several of his novels. The character became a household name when he made the transition in to films (22 in total). These action movies were filled with dangerous car chases, explosions and beautiful women. Does any of that phase James Bond? Not likely.

How Charming is He: Bond can charm the pants off you. He is the epitome of cool, too. 007 only drives the most luxurious of cars, wears the sleekest of suits, and packs the kind of weapons and secret agent tools that make our most valued piece of technology look like a plaything. Villains hate him for his skill, women love him for his attitude and audiences adore him for his charms.

Similar Charmer: Movie character Austin Powers, who was based on James Bond.

  • faisal

    awesome list :)

  • Kimani

    [DISCLAIMER: By reading this comment, you agree to be bound by the terms and rules of good humour and general merriment. If you do not want to be bound by these Terms your only option is not to read, view or otherwise engage. You understand, agree and acknowledge that these Terms constitute a funny binding agreement between you and wit and that your use of your sense of humour shall indicate your conclusive acceptance of this agreement.]

    Where is Napoleon Dynamite?

    • Where, indeed!

    • Ah I see what you did there. And I approve :)

    • Nice CYA on your part, Kimani!!

      And while ND may never be on my boyfriend list, he certainly was quite the little charmer. (maybe because I'm not a pedo-mom. :) )

    • Lol!

  • Taily

    Great list! :D (But I don't like James Bond heeheehee!)

  • What about Zorro, from mask of zorro??

  • fazrin

    i just kn0w 3 of them…maybe bcoz i just l0ve history and bizarre list.btw,nice!

  • Jcs299

    Can't agree wth James Bond as number 1. He's just too over played. Maybe if they had let him stand 8-10 years ago, but it's too much now. That and they've run out of ideas. Losing the Soviets as enemies has done that to bunch of stuff. (Thinking Tom Clancy novels, as well)

    And Colin Firth made a much more dashing Mr Darcy. :-p

    • kokopelli1000

      I don't know, Matthew Mcfadyen wasn't a bad one either :)

      • Courtney

        Matthew McFadyen perhaps wasn't a bad one, but Colin Firth captures the essence or Mr. Darcy much, much better, without looking like a whipped dog the whole time. I'm not a fan of the Kiera Knightly remake, simply because it is too modernized to properly portray Victorian England.

        Did I mention Pride and Prejudice is my favourite book?

  • haha good idea for a list. I would suggest putting a bit of dialogue that demonstrates their charm. I've been told I look like Mr. Darcy. Personally, I don't see it, and I after reading this, I wish I was likened to his personality more. Well, something to work toward, I guess.

  • I also like the beginning of the Bond one.

    "Bond can charm the pants off of you."

    Quite literally.

    • Lym

      I remember being surprised when I was younger at just how much of a whore James Bond is.

    • Kathy

      "Bond can charm the pants off of you."

      It's true! One day when I was watching a Bond film I thought man, it is a bit chilly. I then looked down and WHAT THE HELL, my pants were on the floor. Thank goodness there was nobody else around at the time.

  • astraya

    Re James Bond: faze, not phase

    Today a colleague called me a "spellingstaffel" (abbreviated SS).

    • Pan

      Actually, it IS phaze

  • Yellow man


  • deezer26

    Aaaahhh Han Solo!! And Ferris!! Two of my absolute favourites. And nice to see Indy also got a mention. God, is there anything the wonderful Harrison Ford can't do?? Top list!! Really good. Thanks.

    • As a HF fan, you must hear Christine Lavin's tribute to him. I tried to find it on YouTube for you but there were no results. It's on her album Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch. ;-)

  • Armadillotron

    If Count Dracula is charming, then where is Nostfuratu?

    • Julius

      Well Dracula and Nosferatu/Orlok are essentially the same, they just had to change the names and the settings because they couldn't get it licensed. Also in the 1922 movie Orlok is more of a monster and less of a charmer (admittedly charming is a bit hard to pull off in a silent film)

  • Cheeselette

    Where is Zapp Brannigan!?

  • Rina

    What about Edward.

    • ChickyBee

      Well I know I find a guy who climbs into my room uninvited and watches me sleep for month charming and not in the slightest bit creepy and disturbing or arranging for a restraining order.

    • Julius

      I knew that was going to happen. I almost expected to find him in this list (thank god he wasn't), but after reading the books and watching the movies (little sisters can be cruel sometimes) I must say (and this is still the polite version): He is a creepy overprotective macho and I really don't see the appeal AT ALL.
      But to each their own.

      • Lym

        THANK YOU!!! I find it so sad that girls are reading these horrible books and thinking this garbage is good literature. Stephenie Meyer is a terrible writer, and what's even worse is the sexist messages that she's sending in every horrific page. I actually read these books just to see what all the fuss was about and my god, Bella is the worst female role model in the world. She does nothing but whine and moan or talk about how wonderful Edward is and how she doesn't deserve him. She constantly needs someone to protect her, and when her boyfriend breaks up with her, she WANTS TO KILL HERSELF!! She acts like she's worthless without a guy, and she has no goals or purpose beyond being Edward's girlfriend. She lets him tell her what to do and decide things for her like she has no brain. Oh yeah and Edward gets mad when she wants to hang out with her male friend, Jacob (who by the way is the only decent character in the whole mess) and actually forbids her from seeing him. Stephenie Meyer and her sad little fans try to act like Edward is supposed to be some male ideal dreamboat, which is completely irresponsible because now little girls are going to be thinking that it's actually DESIRABLE to have a bossy, abusive jerk of a boyfriend. Anytime I see someone talking about how great a writer Stephenie Meyer is, I know that's someone who hasn't read many books.

        • I'm glad you said Jacob is the only decent character, because I agree with that 100%!! And I'm not talking about Taylor Lautner (the only reason he's "OMG, he's sooooo HAWT!!" is because of his "dreamy body". PLEASE.
          Bella is a complete Mary Sue, and Edward, well, that's just WRONG. But just like all snakes, he is charming, even though he's chalky white.

        • The entire "Twilight" series sucks… Let's leave it at that

    • toaster

      My definition of a charming man is one that is both good looking and witty. Your beloved pseudo-vampire barely qualifies as a half-wit.

    • Hermit

      If we're going to pick a character from Twilight to be on the list, Jacob is far superior in charming-ness.

      • Julius

        Nobody with a half decent taste in literature wants to pick a twilight character AT ALL, that is the point ;-)

      • Agree!!

      • ACndCA

        The only reason I went to see Eclipse was because of Jasper… Now that's a charmer! The whole Edward/Bella/Jacob thing is kinda annoying. But yes Jacob is far superior to me too…

    • What *about* Edward? Oh please. Charming? Only if you like emo teens who have progressively leaned towards clown make-up. (whiteface, ungodly red lips and a crazy carrot top hairdo.)

      I read this list as a homage to the thinking female's sense of charm.

      • Hey, you're talking about Robert Pattinson, not Edward Cullen. Learn to separate book and movie characters! "R-Patz" can go jump off a cliff for all I care.

        • Actually, I have more time for Patterson ever since hearing an interview where he actually critisised the films, and the character he plays. And the latest was him saying how bored he is with the whole thing.

          • deeeziner

            Criticizing and publicly calling your bread and butter BORING?!

            Bad form, at best. Luckily for him, he knows that he has the full contract and cannot be replaced.

        • No actually I'm writing about the Edward of movies, that is PLAYED by R. Pattinson.

          I take your point that you are a reader….but if there was actually some intelligence and depth that Edward Cullen possesses in the book series, why wouldn't they write it into the scripts of the movies?

          • Because Melissa Rosenburg is a bitch that can't write a stupid movie to save her life. If there is anyone to blame for all the infamy "Twilight" has, it's because of the movies Rosenburg wrote. Seriously, before the movies came out, all Twilight had were good reviews and praises because it was such a good story to READ. And then the movies came out, and everyone started to hate the movies because they thought the books were just like that, and that's not true. Like all the movies that are based from novels, the book is way better than the movie.

    • Anonymous

      I think he's "He Who Must Not Be Named" here… altough I thought the list was about characters who charmed most of the women…

  • Scott

    Male Charmers sounds like someone who charms males. I prefer womanizers.

    • There is a distinct difference between a charmer and a womanizer.

    • I think there is a homosexual joke somewhere laying about. But I don't feel like finding it right now.

  • the biggest Don Juan of all times is …..Johnny Bravo

    • YESS!! I loved that show when I was little :)

  • ChickyBee32

    I always thought Ferris Bueller was an obnoxious irritating little twerp… but I know I'm in the minority there! Agree with the rest of the list though, especially Rhett Butler… I've been crushing on him for years.

    • Hermit

      I've had thing for Mr. Butler since I was a little girl. Gone With The Wind is possibly my favorite movie of all time.

      • Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

  • becd85

    Rhett Butler should be number one, there's just something about Clark Gable…

  • Julius

    I might have put Don Juan first, the old James Bonds were definetely male charmers, but with Daniel Craig, films started to look a lot more like a Robert Ludlum adaptation (think J. Bourne) than an actual Bond movie.(that might just be my love for the Mozart opera speaking though).
    As for Han Solo, screw you George Lucas and your stupid digital remastered version. I know he shot first!
    Also, Bugs Bunny is based on Clark Gable? This shit be trippin' man!

  • Kimani

    Was expecting to see at least one Cary Grant character. Roger O. Thornhill comes to mind, or any of his other Hitchcock characters: To Catch a Thief; Notorious.

  • Steve

    Indiana Jones got Marion, Willie and that godess Nelsa. Why isn`t Indy here?

  • Chineapplepunk

    I’m suprised James Bond doesn’t have a venereal infection…

    • Mr.K

      Are you sure he doesn't? :D

    • Perhaps a little help from all his "Wonderful gadgets"?

      Or Maybe he was just a "dirty" secret agent.

      • With a name like Goldfinger, Bond MUST have caught something.

        "How do you like your crabs, Mr. Bond?"

    • Lym

      James Bond is a straight up ho!

    • The Sanity Inspector

      Hey, if he never runs out of bullets and never has to go to the bathroom, why not?

  • Right. I'm off to watch GWTW again. Clark Gable = yummy.

    Glad to see Dracula was included in the list. Ever since I was little I've loved him. I know for sure I'd fall for his charms like a tonne of bricks.

  • Sid

    I'm a pretty charming guy myself, watch out ladies. I'll sidle up to you and ask non-cliched questions like "was your daddy a hunter? Because you are a fox." Irresistible I know.
    I also think Hannibal Lecter was very charming. I know, I know, he ate people, but if we can move past that, in the books he would often charm people into liking him, and then eating them (or feeding someone else to you, think Red Dragon).

    • Gladiator

      Which Hannibal Lecter? The Hannibal Lecter out of Manhunter, where he isn`t a cannibal, he`s called Hannibal LECKTOR and he`s sinister as hell. or Hannibal Lecter the cannibal one? Personally, I like Lecktor more than Lecter, but people today have probably have never heard of Manhunter.

    • Quote: "Was your daddy a hunter? Because you are a fox."
      May I use this? There's no viable copyright on it as I tried my substantial Google-Fu on it.
      I'll trade up: "If you were a booger, I'd pick you first.."

  • I was so happy to find Mr. Darcy on this list! Once he and Elizabeth were able to see beyond their own pride and prejudice, we were able to see him as he truly was – kind, compassionate, gentle, loving and generous. Add to that his pleasing countenance and his great wealth… What man could be more charming?

  • Maximuz04

    No casanova?

    • Seeing that this list is about fictional male charmers, no.
      Giacomo Casanova was a real person, living (mainly) in 18th century Venice. His memoirs are actually a very interesting read they're called "Histoire de ma vie"

    • Casanova is just a little bit too real to be on a list of fictional characters.

  • Is it just me or does anyone else ever feel that there was more to Han Solo and Chewbacca that what is shown in the movie?

    And Dorian Gray – Of course. the women were all after him… But
    thats not all… There were 2 men too… And one of them was married.

    And Jay Gatsby – Who will forget the Great one himself?

    Amazing list. All the characters from my favoutite books are here. Notable omission – Atticus Finch. What say? Isn't he the perfect man?

    • kokopelli1000

      I was wondering where Atticus was myself, although I'm not really sure if he's really 'charming," or so morally perfect that you just have to adore him.

      • well, he wasn't charming by any angle, but morally perfect – yes. his is the most morally perfect character i have come across till today. How about Sydney Carton from Tale of two cities? he would fit the bell… even holden would have were he a little older.

  • Mark

    Where`s Henry VIII? The Henry VIII when he was young, not the one out of The Tudors, not the repulsive fat Henry VIII.

    • Julius

      What part of the word fictional do you not understand ;-) ?

    • random

      But Henry VIII isn't fictional lol, although I guess he's embedded in pop culture?

  • tookyb

    Can someone please change the Mr Darcy picture so that it shows the ‘real’ Mr Darcy, Colin Firth, not that poor excuse for an actor that just couldn’t pull off the smoldering looks that made Colin Firth the ultimate Mr Darcy.

    • Taya

      I 100% agree with you! That was my very first thought upon reading this list. Colin Firth is the quintessential Fitzwilliam Darcy.

      • Lammy

        Colin Firth is great, but I like the guy in the BBC version too. 'Course, he was more intimidating.

    • literarylover

      I KNOW!! I was so mad lol, when will everyone forget about that stupid version of P&P and remember dear, beautiful Colin Firth? The swimming scene at Pemberly- yeah, that twerp in the above picture is NOT capable of that kind of sexiness.

  • diogenes

    Where's Ping Pong Moses?
    snake charmer,lion tamer, womanizer, monkey wrangler, horse thief, a man of letters, a man of all seasons and spices, a man with a cheap suit but looked like a million buckaroos, sword swallower, hefty bag ripper, sometimes known to dress in a gorilla suit on the weekends, had a tattooed mustache and a collection of body oils from the four corners of the earth, was the meaning of soul, wore uncut jewels like ripe fruit, he could be uncultured and uncouth without his walking cane, he knew how to tap dance someone to death….he had charm!
    lots of it.

  • nicademus

    Where is Face from the A-Team? Surely he ticks all the boxes.

  • Billy Beer

    I wouldn't say that Ferris had a completly "victimless crime", after all we don't really know what happened to Cam. What if his dad came home and beat the crap out of him, possibly causing brain damage. Or maybe he threw Cam out of the same window the car went through and killed him. I have no doubt that Cam's father had that kind of rage boiling inside.

  • Danielle

    I love Mr. Darcy! Squeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaargh!

  • Tara J

    @ Nicademus I was scrolling through thinking "Face has got to be on this list." We need another list. :)

  • I would agree with all of these! My favorite is Rhett Butler. Always liked him, even when he was a shit.
    Awesome list. :)

    • Scarlett shit on him ALOT more. I would of split the scene too.

  • Arnaud

    Let's go back in time a little… Why not include Adonis ? The name itself is now a synonym for "handsome man"…
    And he slept with two goddesses !!! (Aphrodite and Persephone)

  • Amazing! – a truely original – well presented – well researched list.

    Groovy Baby!

  • chunkylover

    From the Rushdie novel, "Midnight's Children", the character of Picture Singh is dubbed numerous times as the most charming man in the world…he should be included, if only for posterity's sake.

  • Regarding number 3: "He’s handsome, rich and English (it’s the accent)."

    I am one of few women who HATE accents. That being said, Antonio Banderos could read the phone book and I'd be mesmerized.

    • damien_karras

      "I am one of few women who HATE accents."

      Are you dating a mute? Does he have a sister?

    • Northman

      Then I'd say you don't hate accents.

    • bassbait

      I think the whole accent thing is part of the oddness of human beings. We like things that are foreign. Foreign usually means exotic, and exotic usually means erotic. That's why people are attracted to certain accents, and, at it's most basic, that's why people are attracted to the opposite sex. It's because we don't really understand them as well. I really only care about the personality of someone, which is why movies like Twilight are bad for me, is because the characters are so one dimensional and boring that by the end of the first movie I'm just begging for some Full Metal Jacket.

    • asdfghjkl

      There is no such thing as an "English accent". That's just what words sound like when they're pronounced correctly.

  • Mikaela

    Gotta throw in Dirk Pitt… Can't help but want him.

    • Can't help but love him, But WANT him, I'll leave that to you.

    • I love Dirk Pitt. He can charm me anyday. Cussler writes amazing characters.

  • Miranda


  • Kevin

    Where Edward Cullen at?

    • Northman

      If I could vote that suggestion down more than once, I would.

    • Lym

      This coming from a guy? Really?

  • Spocker

    Cassanova, anyone?

    For that matter, Marquis de Sade?

  • Well done good list – only know 4 of them.

  • Anonymous

    What about Georges Duroy aka Bel Ami, written by Guy De Maupassant?
    He's a bastard, prick and a womanizer, but we all fall for his charms! :)

  • Anonymous

    Quote from introduction: "What is it about these guys that make men jealous and women weak at the knees? " I now many men hate him and many of them he's creepy and many are jealous of him, but THE FACT is that women around the world adored him before he's been embodied on the screen. So where is Edward Cullen really? Women want their Edward Cullen… sorry, but that's the truth…

    Yes, he is creepy in a way, and a killer, and wants your blood, etc… but that's also appealing, he's misterious, beautiful (described as a Greek god), dangerous, protective and drives a nice car! :)

    • Lym

      Wow way to stereotype women as shallow golddiggers. Sorry but not all women are hypnotized by money and good looks. In fact, women are better than men at this – we can see beyond the outside to dislike someone with a horrid personality. A lot of men are just "grr…boobs".

      The only "women" who are enamored by Edward Cullen are naive little girls and their lonely moms. Anyone who has read those terrible books and likes this guy is stupid and should be ashamed of themselves. Honestly, reading those books, he was my absolute LEAST favorite character, perhaps surpassed only by Bella herself. I utterly hated him and couldn't stand how Meyer kept harping on about how great he was when he clearly was not.

    • Julius

      Oh please, he drives a Volvo C30 that's hardly a nice car ;-)

      • I saw him driving an orange Pinto. Don't know what movie YOU were watching.

        • Well, according to the Twilight Wiki: He owns a Volvo S60R ( A C30 in the movie adaptation of Twilight ) and an Aston Martin Vanquish as a "special occasion" car.
          good god
          I don't ever want to go back to that website

          • According to the book (and please, dont say anything. I'm a girl. Of course I read Twilight…unfortunately.) he's the replica of Adonis, with perfect everything, and all the girls want to be with him, even though they are terrified of him. This is if you're talking about the book. If you're talking about the movie, well: ROBERT PATTINSON CAN GO F**K HIMSELF. :)

          • I think that a guy being perfect in everything would make me feel sad. I'd feel like an idiot close to him. Edward himself would bore me as hell.

  • chiangy

    wei xiaobao from the deer and the cauldron!

  • Avi

    Where is Casanova!

    • damien_karras

      Right behind you. Don't move. His visual acuity is based on movement.

      • KinKin


  • Great list, BUT you're missing General T!

  • Federation Starship Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

    He got all that alien ass. Green alien ass.

    • I would have thought George Takei. He subdued an entire Romulan starfleet with his feng shui.

      • I think Sulu was more interested in Spock's bulge than mac'in the hoochie.

    • Thanks Buc, you saved me some typing.

    • Oh, bucci!
      William Shatner can't act his way out of a paper bag! As to charming? He's about as charming as a desk set.

      • Minnie

        Actually in Boston legal Shatner had moments of comic genius and some very touching and emotional scenes with James Spader towards the end of the series. Anyone that’s a fan of Boston legal will back me up.

  • Maggot

    No Prince Charming? Talk about an elephant in the room…

  • metoo

    What!?! No Gilderoy Lockhart? Not #1, maybe, but he could be 10 or 11 :-)

  • Chishio

    lancelot kinda looks like robert pattinson…meh, not charming

  • FlameHorse

    Hey! This is a good list!

  • Anonymous

    Haha! Thank you for your minuses, I appreciate your opinions.

  • A great list, nom nom. Even if I didn't agree with all your choices, the ones I DO like were delicious enough to keep my attention.

    I have to say that Indy would have been MY call over Han.

    As for Austin Powers being "similar" to James Bond. The troglodyte couldn't find his ass with two hands, and he looks like he smells bad. Not even close.

  • Sydney Carton (Tale of Two Cities): troubled, aloof, self-sacrificing, intelligent, unrequited in his love, brave, handsome. Why on earth is he not on this list?

  • I can't believe I only thought about it now, but what about Barney Stinson ;- ) ?Suit up!

    • exactly!! he definetely deserved a place here man :D

  • MouseintheHouseMI

    Tomorrow's list is the Top 10 Female Charmers?

  • An excellent list. I don't agree with many of the entries, but that is only a matter of personal preference, taking nothing away from the research and writing of the above list.
    I would have liked to see fewer references to movies, allowing the books the movies were based on to stand on their own. That is a personal quirk of mine…having a literate public…but I can't expect everyone to think as I do.
    My own charming male figures tend to be nameless, anonymous. They come from such places the poem The Bait, by John Donne…you know the one…it begins, "Come live with me, and be my love,".
    I will say that while all of the newer vampire tales of which I have heard, (I have no first-hand experience so I could be far off base), seem to be gratuitously bloody and gory, the original book by Bram Stoker was wonderfully sensual and lustful in it's way (the scenes in the castle are definitely not for children),
    and the book as a whole truly makes you fall into the clutches of, if not love, at least the power of, Count Dracula.

  • Where's Edward Cullen?? JUST KIDDING!! I don't want to start a Listverse war :)

  • Jay

    HIs to do list has won the pulitzer. He once call a psychic, to warn her. He is the most interesting man in the world. Stay thirsty my friends

    • and he drinks the pisspot beer of the world.
      That set of commercials is actually quite intelligent and funny. Having worked in the biz for many years, I know difficult it is to develop a character who can withstand the test of time. This idiot has done it.
      He's not attractive. He's not magnetic. Yet everyone has come to believe he is.
      The power of advertising.

      "segue makes Audrey Hepburn look like something the cat dragged in. Her photographs are sought after by museums in every country, and command a 7 figure price. She explores every corner of the globe, camera in hand. She is the most interesting woman in the world."

  • TEX

    James Bond reminds me so much of me.

  • Finnish man

    What about Glenn Quagmire? Giggity giggity!

  • Crisopera

    Surely Don Draper belongs on this list. His entire life may be a lie, but he can get any woman to drop their 60s panties in a heartbeat.

  • KR4T0S

    It was easy to see Bond would be at the top of the list.

    A lot of people haven't seen the old Sean Connery-Bond movies but he was absolutely perfect for the role. Connery had an incredible voice(moreso if you liked the accent), he was great looking and he just oozed charm. I don't think theres ever been a more charming fictional character in a movie or a more charming man in real life.. combine the two and your onto something special.

    I think Connery and Bond are the shining examples of what charming is.

  • Hannah

    I loved this list!
    I vote we have another one. This time including Sydney Carton and Atticus Finch!
    I had to analyze the hell out of Carton in English last year. He is dark, mysterious, and moody, but an actual good person inside. And he was the one character I could stand in the entire book.
    I have no idea why Atticus Finch is so charming, but I always imagine him to be handsome in that Clark Kent kind of way.

    Haha, I'm a nerd.

    • Atticus Finch is charming because he is the epitome of what a man is supposed to be; intelligent, beneficent, calm in the face of adversity, brave, completely without an excess of ego, kind to children and dogs.
      The problem with To Kill A Mockingbird is that we are required to read it as children, far before we can appreciate the story on all of the levels on which it is meant to be understood. It really is a book which should be reread as an adult in order to fully grasp the many levels on which the tale is presented.
      Rereading Atticus Finch as an adult is a completely different experience. He is far superior to the man you read about as a child. It's both wonderful and shocking.
      Other books fall into that same category; One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the LookingGlass, Catcher in the Rye, The Once and Future King…just to name a few.

    • Melody

      i TOTALLY agree about the Atticus Finch thing!

  • nice list.
    i was expecting Prince Charming from the shrek series

  • April

    I agree I would put Rhett Butler at the top. I just loved Clark Gable and the character is so appealing. It's like he knows what a woman needs even if she doesn't know herself yet. Plus the fact that he is just so darn masculine and strong without having to look like a neanderthal makes him the ultimate, in my opinion. He's world-wise, intelligent, carefree, and will toss a woman on his shoulder, what's not to love.

  • krchuk

    He may not fit the bill, but I always found Heathcliff dangerously sexy and charming when he wanted to be … I loved his masculine intensity

  • Melody

    i must admit i'm a bit surprised edward cullen isn't on the list, merely because so many girls are obsessed with him these days.

  • who in the fuck is edward?

    and before anyone throws a fit about reading comments, (since im guessing it was mentioned at some point) i did not have a chance to read all the comments.
    allow me to apologize — i *always* read the lists (yes, intros too)…
    about once every 3 months ot so, i simply do not have the time to go word hunting in all comments —

    i saw this name so damn much while skimming them, it piqued my curiosity — and i did look a little for it, and googled it — but i have to assume this isnt a reference to an ed asner role– and eddie (from the iron maiden cd covers isnt charming unless you are a super ultra stark-raving lunatic — cool art, but…meh). ed edd and eddie arent charming unless you are michael jackson.

    im fucking confused. … again — apologies

    • bassbait

      One word:


      One more word:


    • OMG!!! You are confused TWICE in one day!!! YAY!!!!!!

      Edward Cullen, my dear Oliver, is from the Twilight Series! He is a vampire (fictional, but a vampire)

      • oliveralbq

        the twilight series?
        oh….you have *got* to be kidding me.

        yes, bassbait —– avoid.

        twi…l…i..g….oh —– this is the one with the panic room chick, yes?

        so is edward the dude with the small head and big neck, or the cat that said he was allergic to vaginas?
        ive heard of this—-
        well, its clear that my special power to tune out stupid bullshit is working just fine

        *shakes head*

        • Umm not really sure exactly, I am not "into" the Twilight Series. However, if bestie was awake I would ask her about it. Would ask son, but he is a little to young (IMO) to know about Edward–yet. Though he has told me that he (my son that is) is a vampire and bestie thinks this is hilarious!!!

          • throw garlic at him

            if he's really committed, he'll get the fuck out of the way

          • I would, but he might throw it back at me! (hahahaha)

    • Thank you for asking.
      I was wondering myself. From the comments I read, and I did read them all, it appears he has something to do with another character whose name I either didn't catch, or wasn't mentioned. I did find out in the comments that both Edward and Whosits are extremely white, which leads me to the conclusion that they are probably vampires…I know there was, or is, a television show about young vampires which is popular. Ed may be one of them.
      Why one would have an "undead" life-sucking vampire as a protagonist is beyond me, but I realize that every generation has it's own way of marking itself as different from each generation that came before it. Maybe vampire worship is this generations touchstone.
      It could be worse. It could be Hell's Angels.
      OTOH, I could be completely wrong. Ed could be a window-washer in Seattle.

      • oliveralbq

        um…..ok, see —– as far as vampires go — meh.
        i watched nosferatu and the lost boys and read stephen king's salem's lot —- and while a few were interesting stories.
        sort of.
        i have heard of this twilight series of movies—–tuned it out, but i understand its popular (which i understand primarily due to these dumbass kids waiting at the movie theatre over night to buy the first tickets, (like i did for bob dylan tix once) and going to the special midnight showing, after it has been released a grand total of 0 days and 5 minutes.

        there's a local new orleans writer — named anne rice — who lives in the garden district and wrote a few vampire books. which were okay i suppose. at one point i was talking to her and mentioned that the stories about witches were more engaging (the witching hour, lasher, taltos, etc)

        what she told me was that the mayfair witches series was her 'fun' and the vampire cronicles was her 'money'.
        i know there are like…2 or 3 different vampire thingys — one is something about ??'vampire' is in the title — another with the girl from panic room (which is this i think) and a third with anna paquin, who was in the piano (also rouge in x-men).

        i think what this boils down to is the authors' desire to engage a different fan base — as you pointed out, using dark material as a protagonist is weird, but it seems to appeal to kids these days.
        i dont know if were far enough into the game to allude to it as a touchstone, but i can tell you one thing —- these stupid movies are raking it in.
        and it was also a good observation that generations try to be similiar enough to previous generations, but enough different to solidify their ideology of being distinctive and uniquely individualistic

        as for the hell's angels —- im not so sure that it wouldnt be a "pick 'em" type of close call. ;)

        not really, but you know what i mean.

        and whats been going through my mind the last hour?
        what the hell are they gonna throw at us next?

        • ollie, funny you should mention the movie "The Lost Boys", as it was written by two of my very good friends from Uni. days. I found it throughly delightful, probably based entirely on that single fact. I have not seen it since the opening, but I do recall one scene in which one of the boys, not yet a vampire, is eating rice from a take-out container, and suddenly the rice becomes maggots.
          Not something I'd enjoy at this stage, but I was much younger then and supporting the art of friends.

          I was coming of age in the late 60's, in Hollywood. You can imagine, well enough, what my personal form of rebellion, of becoming myself, different from my parents generation, happened to be…yet I managed to maintain a 3.8 – 4.0 gpa and get my MFA while working and carrying a more than full academic load each semester at the same time. I also married and had three children in thirty-four months while doing so (the getting the MFA, not anything else). While in the summer between high school and Uni, I met Dylan in a coffee house where I used to go to read my poetry on "open mic" nights.

          I can't imagine what a generation after this one might use as a means of declaring their independence. I have a good feeling about it though.

      • Segues,

        Not sure what show(s) you may be talking about, but I do know that there is one called "The Vampire Diaries" (Oliver and I were talking about this one the other day) It has Steven R. McQueen (yes, Steve McQueen's grandson) in it. There is also another on ABC called "The Gates". I have not seen either of these and probably won't.

        • As I stated in my previous post, I am not an expert, I do not watch these shows or movies. I have no idea who these characters are. I was making a guess for ollie, based on clues in the comments.
          Your guesses are as good as mine. Probably better, because you at least know the nales of the shows.
          Although, as I said, I could also be totally off base, and the character could be anything…an undercover cop, a shapeshifter, a cross-dresser, a high school student with an IQ of 200 inadvertently put into the remedial program and every episode is devoted to new ways of trying to get him into the right programs.

          And for future reference; it's segues, lowercase "s". Not Segues, Capital "S". There is a difference.

          • I rarely watch tv, though it is on for noise in my house. For all I know, you may be correct or totally off-base as you have previously stated.

            Sorry the the misspelling. It will not happen again……

          • mrssmith080604 states :"rarely watch tv, though it is on for noise in my house."

            There is this amazing invention now available! It's called the RADIO! You turn it on and can listen to music all day…imagine that!
            Another startling invention, and one I prefer because it gives one control over the content of the music, is called a CD PLAYER! You do have to purchase these little shiny silver discs which contain the music, similarly to the old vinyl records, but then you can play them over and over again.
            No more need to turn on the television just to create meaningless background noise.
            Isn't science fun?
            ps- no need to apologize about the spelling, it's obvious you automatically capitalize the first word in a sentence (following the rules of English), so after I reprimanded you I actually realized what you were doing.
            No harm, no foul.

          • hahaha (smiling)

            I have heard of these and actually have them….kids won't listen to them though! Well, at least not for a long period of time! Kids usually are watching Nick, Jr or Disney or something appropriate, so I really don't mind :-)

            I have to admit though that I did just watch USA v Ghana on the tube.

            I did and I am glad you understand :-)

    • You have absolutely no need to find out who Edward is. Your life will be better without it. Just an advice.

  • Abby

    No Doctor? I mean most of his companions were women. And he's been "reborn" eleven times, that could charm any lady. And don't forget the fact that's he's a Lord of Time. And I guess defeating aliens, robots, and whatnot helps too.

  • leighbert

    Don’t forget Pepe Le Pew.
    He stunk to high heaven and still we fell for him

  • anonymous


  • bassbait

    Where is Duke Nukem?

  • bassbait

    Oh, and for that matter, where is Barbados Slim? He is a mahogany god, a human Adonis, and got Olympic gold medals in both Limbo and Sex. That's a charmer.

  • my only comment: Does anyone know where I can get a life-size of Han Solo??? (hehehe)

    • theres a porn shop on the corner of bourbon st., and orleans ave., in new orleans, on the other side of the street from the cat's meow and the tropical isle.

      its called the panda bear

      if they dont have it, it doesnt exist.

      • I'll have to remember that and if I can ever get to NO without the kiddos, maybe I can stop in there and check! Or if by chance the next time you are over there let me know!!!

  • oliveralbq

    seggie gave me an idea — the fact that most of this list reference movies went right over my head.
    *tanx seg!*
    i thought of a few books and a few plays —– and cant remember fuck-all right now.
    perhaps tomorrow.

    in the meantime — more movies/tv:

    he gave sweet lovin' to damn near every woman in s.park, colo.
    i do not think he ever did lianne cartman — no reports of him sticking his hoo-hoo dilly in her cha-cha.
    not to mention, someone with that much charm really has no use for 'bear with wide canyon'

    alex de large————-
    you know good and well some chicks somewhere are gonna be into the korova milk bar scene.

    otto ————–
    kevin kline played what is probably the most twisted meld (other than malcolm mcdowell) of other and charmers. — k-k-k-ken is c-c-coming to k-k-k-kill me! he had jamie lee curtis purring at the drop of a hat.

    jordan catalano——————–
    charming to an entirely different generation than explored — in fact the old standard considered charming has been skewed somewhar — but hell, clare danes liked him — smitten — all that other high school crap

    brad pitt ————-
    i have been informed today that joe black and benjamin button and one other fit here (i do not bat from that side of the plate, so im taking a friend's word on this one.

    realisticaly, any male who gets prego, and births the fuckinng babies get charming by proxy status. and youre hung up on the fictional part — i have heard of some lit somewhere (that i didnt read — cause i wouldve remembered it) with a 3 foot sehorse — now my seahorse just there, is fictional.

    i think this is self explainatory

    ditto above.

    i had thought of at least 5 examples out of other art mediums, but i cant remember fuck-all right now.

    tomorrow will bring some off the tip on my tongue.

    • >>fonzy—————–
      ditto above. <<

      I misread that as Fozzy. Personally, I always thought Kermit was more of a charmer.

      • Naah… the Swedish Chef was the best. :)

  • elise

    awesome list definitely do a female one!

  • MJP

    I love your list. I love Mr. Darcy. I love Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy. He is the best Mr. Darcy. Keep it up

  • and why the hell is the tramp not on this list?
    eating spaghetti noodles until they are kissing……

  • StevenMAW

    Where the Hell is CAPTAIN JAMES TIBERIUS KIRK on this list, you fail me on this list. The man is a legend for his womanizing and charm. You have Han Solo but not James T. Kirk, you must bring balance to the sci-fi force, it is wrong to not include a Star Trek counter.

  • ShoresLady

    Since dubious morality is not a disqualification, think for a moment about the charms of lusty, passionate Tony Soprano…his courtly nature demands that every affair inspires generosity even when it's a bracelet signaling the break-up. Remember the giant gift basket he sent to Dr. Jennifer Melfi? No tedius self-examination before going after what he wants — and he knows what he wants. Oh, Tony!

    • I do not now, nor have I ever, found hirsute, obese, stone-cold killers sexy…maybe it's just me…but I do have this little hang up with the sanctity of life.

  • Leighbert

    Colin firth is the best Mr Darcy. My wife has insisted on it and i have to agree.

    Oh, and Quagmire is the epitomy of the label "womanizing God"

  • Eye-Licker

    This list is obviously flawed due to lack of Peppe Le Pew.

  • Too many men in this list.

  • I think that Pride and Prejudice's Mr Bingley was more charming than Mr Darcy. Say whatever else you might about Mr D, I don't think that "charm" is the right word for him.

  • Abigail

    I would submit a character from a Diana Wynne Jones novel named: Howl. The book is called Howl's Moving Castle. The guy is awesome mixed with fantastic. No matter how exasperated one got with him, they couldn't help but be charmed by him.

  • James BOnd

    The names Bond,James Bond,and i'm number 1

  • What the hell?
    Where is Sydney Carton?
    AKA The GREATEST and most romantic fictional character of all time!
    How could he possibly not make this list?

  • The whole time I was reading this list, I was waiting for James bond. I was not disappointed.

  • Daisy May

    Much too lazy to read all the comments, but I think we're forgetting the one and only Tom Riddle here.

  • 6, 3, and 2 are the only ones that make me weak in the knees. The Phantom from "The Phantom of the Opera" is my number one.

    • !!!
      yay—– right cat, right list :) :) :)

      and it was the waay in which he lured christine

      i havnt seen the movie all the way through, but seen the play 4 or 5 times——twice in nyc
      the dude that played benson was excellent, although its hard not to like the period that paul stanley of kiss did it (and for anyone with a wtf look on their face right now) — he was surprisingly good. michael crawford? — maybe the best voice, but he was a little sensitive for my view of the character.

  • Nuriko

    Mr. Darcy… :)

  • :P :D

    ….and Mr. Darcy isn't numero uno because…?

  • bondjamesbond….James…..

  • Lisa

    Han was a good choice, but I wouldn't turn down Luke either. The force was strong with that one.

  • shura

    Alexander Barrington/ Belov from The Bronze Horseman trilogy by Paullina Simons

  • Miss T

    Don Draper? Even his voice makes my clothes fall off.

  • Brit Lit Geek

    Mr. Darcy=Colin Firth. This is the truth and is utterly beyond contestation.

  • Mimi

    Finally somebody mentions Mr. Bingley! Look, I get the Darcy thing, I do, but Bingley is so charming and sweet and devoted and generally lovely that I find him far more desirable.

  • Sorry… psychopaths are psychopaths, no matter how "sexy" they are. I disagree with this list .

    Rhett Butler turns out to be patriotic and results to adultery after he's married because his wife plays too many games with him. Sure, he doesn't get married and runs around with "loose women" (who are kind, generous, and patriotic) but does that make him a bad guy? He joins the army and risks his life repeatedly.

    Patrick Bateman is reprehensible, and no matter how gorgeous Christian Bale looked in the role, I had no attraction to him because he was so vile.

    Sir Lancelot never turned me on. End statement.

    I don't have any interest whatsoever in Star Wars, so that's that.

    Dorian Gray is such a manipulative user that I never admired him.

    I always found Ferris Bueller to be totally puerile – I'm his contemporary age-wise and I'm from Chicago, but he still turned me off. So does Matthew Broderick and always has.

    Count Dracula was sorta sexy but he had plenty of women, so that always diminished my interest.

    Jay Gatsby and his entire world were a yawner to me. I read the book, saw the movie, and forget it. Not a big RR fan anyway. Now, Paul Newman is another story…

    Mr Darcy wasn't a bad guy. And as played by Colin Firth, yes, I have the hots for him.

    Don Juan, like Count Dracula, has enough females already, so I'm not interested.

    James Bond. He does what he does in the service of Her Majesty and is absolutely loyal. He doesn't destroy anyone who isn't already doing something illegal. And Sean Connery – man, no matter how old he is, is always hot.

    Why not mention Paul Newman in "Hud"? There's a guy who was so amazingly hot and sexy and did whatever he could to achieve his goals – out there for the world to see, no sneaking around for him. I couldn't help but be attracted to such a rotten guy who was so upfront and honest about being rotten.

  • reg

    None of these guys come close to Oswald in My Uncle Oswald by Roaldh Dahl!

  • Hottt list…

  • Dionysus

    How about Gomez Adams?

  • Chiclevic

    hate all of them….except Rhett Buttler. Ugly as hell, but yep…charming

  • Georgie

    Where is edward Cullen and Jacob Black LOL

  • Lady

    highly subjective but good list. Credible in the sense that its not stained by the seemingy ill taste of the now generation – the twifans,disneykids and the bieber.

    I was looking for Casanova but theres Don Juan.. so Im good.

  • Great list. Thought it was worth mentioning that I recently did some research for an essay on vampire literature and there seems to be very little evidence that Vlad the Impaler provided any inspiration for Stoker's Dracula. His nickname of "Drakul" seems to be the only connection and Stoker had much of his novel penned before he knew who Vlad was.

  • Mario

    What about Alex DeLarge?

  • one of brad pitt's characters deserved a place here also imo. damn i forget the names when it comes to write a comment; but the character in the ocean's series maybe? or achilles in troy, man he woke up with 3 women in the same bad in a war morning!!

    anyway, great list!!

  • Anastacia

    Where is Damon Salvatore ????????? And pls stop talking about Edward ………..he is so not sexy anymore…..I mean "yes" he was ….but before THE VAMPIRE DIARIES was released and before Damon took our hearts…………………. literally :D

  • Crossbonez182

    No Joey Tribbiani?! SHAME! :)

    • gollumizer

      how you doin’?

  • Colin Firth = Darcy ! No one else will do. Wrong picture there :))) great post though :))

  • Late Nighter

    just read this list for the first time and am dissapointed Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights is absent!! haha

  • JonnyBlackstone

    I was expecting to see Zorba the Greek.

  • shadowhostage

    Oh, wrong picture of Darcy. :( Sad day.

    Can’t help but wish Magnum and the Count of Monte Cristo were here too, but it is indeed an excellent list. Maybe I’ll make my own. Who knows. :D

  • Jaycelynne

    Why isn’t the Phantom of the Opera here? you got to admit, the guy’s crazy sexy, mysterious, and has a wickedly attractive badly boy side lol (oh yeah the 2004 movie by the way)

  • Anonymous

    Guilty of number 3.

  • Lyxiga pennor

    Thank you for another great article. The place else may just anyone get that type of information in such an ideal manner of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m at the look for such information.

  • potterhead

    Tom Riddle deserves a spot on this list.

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