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7 Ways To Indulge In the Seven Deadly Sins

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Disclaimer: This list is just for fun and not of a religious nature. We all indulge in guilty pleasures from time to time, and we all find ways to not feel guilty about them. Here is a list of ways to heavily indulge in the 7 guiltiest of pleasures: the Seven Deadly Sins. Feel free to suggest more in the comments. (Personally, I would avoid every single thing on this list. Just saying…)


Destroy a Car


Who doesn’t like taking their anger out on inanimate objects from time to time? There was a “Smash for Cash” fundraising event held recently, where people donated a few dollars to do as much damage to an automobile as possible in 30 seconds. A few cars had been donated from salvage yards, as well as a few donated from people. Those who paid the $2 were given goggles, gloves, a sledgehammer or baseball bat, and 30 seconds on the clock. Participants then proceeded to relieve their stress by demolishing the car with the bludgeon of their choice. If the sin of Wrath can be described as anger or hate expressed through violence, then this fundraiser can be described as an indulgence in Wrath. In this case though, unleashing your Wrath is acceptable because the money raised by committing the sin is going to charity — and Charity is the virtue opposite Greed.


Eat at the Heart Attack Grill


The Heart Attack Grill in Arizona is a perfect example of moth-to-a-flame Gluttony. This unashamed establishment is known for their “Double Bypass” burgers and “Flatliner Fries”, that are deep fried in pure fat. A combo includes a large Jolt Cola and a pack of no filter cigarettes. Seriously. While you feast on the enormous 4-patty “Quadruple Bypass Burger,” the waitresses (who are dressed up like nurses) dab the sweat from your brow with napkins, and should you finish the whole thing, the girls will wheel you out to your car in a wheelchair. If that wasn’t enough of an slap in the face to the American Heart Association, anyone who weighs over 350lbs. eats for free. There is not much to justify eating at the H.A.G., but the extreme levels of Gluttony (and the Sloth that is sure to follow the meal) are far overshadowed by the Wrath towards unhealthy Americans displayed by the owners of the restaurant.


Start a Ponzi Scheme

Charles Ponzi

In 1920, Charles Ponzi became a millionaire in about six months by giving in to Greed, and creating a dishonest money making system. His scheme promised substantial returns on investments that were seldom paid to the investors. Because of the apparent money making potential, investors would usually reinvest their “profit” back into the system, being content with simply receiving statements showing what they had supposedly earned. It’s a simple scheme: tell people that if they pay you $100, you will give them $150 next week. Anyone who wants their $150 at the end of the week would be paid from the $100 of the next victim, while anyone who reinvests their profit just receive a statement showing they made money. The people who were actually paid the $150 are likely to reinvest after they’ve seen how easy it is to make money. The system doesn’t begin to collapse until the majority demand their payout, which is usually when the con man disappears. The odd thing about this list item is that not only the con man is indulging in Greed, but the investors who are hoping to be paid for nothing seem to be as well.


Book an Exotic Adult Vacation


To fully immerse yourself in the sin of Lust, look no further than experiencing the ultimate in sleazebaggery: an Adult Vacation. Companies like Affordable Adult Vacations offer excursions similar to a normal tropical Caribbean resort vacation, except for one thing: prostitutes (or “escorts” as resort literature lovingly refers to them). You can book a week-long retreat at a secluded island resort with food, drink, and “companionship”, for singles or couples, included in the price. Just pay for your flight and hotel, and you’ll have someone with whom you can jet-ski, snorkel, and enjoy the beaches and high thread count sheets for an entire week. On one day of your trip, you may choose a second escort to accompany the first while you go fishing, swimming, or …whatever.


Drive the Toyota i-REAL


Toyota has recently unveiled the i-REAL, a “personal mobility vehicle” that is basically just a futuristic motorized wheelchair for non-disabled people, and an excellent way to indulge in the laziness known as Sloth. The i-REAL’s utilizes a small wheelbase, keeping you at approximate eye-level with pedestrians and enabling you to move around “naturally” in a social setting. However, the difference between this and a normal wheelchair doesn’t end at it’s size and mobility. With the push of a button, the wheelbase widens, the chair sinks and leans back, which lowers the center of gravity and enables the high-speed mode. In high-speed mode, the i-REAL can reach speeds of 18mph and will actually lean into turns to prevent tipping. So in a wonderful display of Sloth, Toyota has now made it possible to remain seated all day long.


Buy MTV Cribs on DVD


For those unaware, MTV Cribs is a modern version of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous that shows off the extravagant homes of music artists and athletes. Few things can spark the sin of Envy like watching a 24 year old watch fish, that cost more than your car, swim in the 480-gallon aquarium installed in his foyer, or seeing a former crack dealer show off his fleet of Ferarris and rare Oriental rugs. Of course, footage of exactly those things is available for you to own and watch again and again in the comfort of your significantly smaller home. The only thing crazier than MTV Cribs being available on DVD is that people actually buy it. Then again, the Envy felt by watching people blow ridiculous sums of money is probably outweighed by the Pride shown by those who blow it.


Freeze Yourself


Pride is arguably the worst of the deadly sins, and nothing seems more narcissistic than cryogenically freezing yourself to be “resurrected” at a later time. Not only is this assuming the technology to reanimate you will be available someday, but it also assumes you are important enough that future scientists will spend their time and money on thawing out an elderly caveman for the sole purpose of letting you continue your life normally (or as normal as you can as a formerly dead person in the distant future). So, for a modest fee of $150,000, companies like the Alcor Life Extension Foundation will preserve you in ice despite the extremely high risk that the process won’t even work.

  • Hafiz Zainal

    This somehow reminds me of The Divine Comedy. I loved that book.

    • Kimani

      Inferno is my favorite book of all time.

      • bloodwts

        …OF ALL TIME!!

    • brock

      i think this list is boring notfor my taswe

    • tanman

      this reminds me of the movie 7

  • Kimani

    This is a great list.
    I must say sloth is my sin and i engage in it all the time; like right now i should be working but I'm on listverse.

    • trinityenigma

      Me too!

    • TEX


    • acbde

      -raises hand-

      • deeeziner

        My sloth is greater, for you have typed more.

        • deeeziner

          Although I exceed in stupidity by replying to acbde, rather than to Kimani.

          Boy am I glad that stupidity is not a sin.

        • oliveralbq

          *my* sloth is greater, for i havnt typed anyth… *dammit!*

          ok fine.
          but my sloth lasted an hour longer!

    • xdr


  • oliveralbq

    the title of this list should be:

    "5 things to avoid at all costs while alive, 1 thing to avoid upon death, and time to reflect on these things on an exotic adult vacation."

    • lalabhaiya

      yes. or maybe forget everything else when you go for the exotic adult vacation.

      • oliveralbq

        as long as the exotic holiday is part of the equation, then i'll happily do the math.

        • TEX

          "ultimate in sleazebaggery"
          Well well now – if going on a tropical vacation is a sin then MikeS must be the Church Lady.
          And if paying to have the opposite sex stimulate the old lizard brain is a sin so is marriage.

          • bluesman87


  • gg

    Nice List!

    • oliveralbq

      @gg: " First :) "

      fantastic, is this you? :
      *nsfa* not safe for anything
      oh — and wtybim — so if it does turn your brain into mush, you cant say i didnt warn ya :)

      • bsballbuster

        That is some funny shit. Nicely articulates how those that strive to type the word "FIRST" are actually douchebags. Yes gg, you, my silly friend, are a D-Bag…*enter slow clap*…now please take a bow.

        • bsballbuster

          For the love of Pete, gg, stay with your original comment! Typing "first" was value added…okay it wasn't, but at least man (or woman) up and stay with your original message. With out our daily dose of people typing "first" and followed up with I can only assume is a rapid vertical arm pump exclaiming "YES!", you are detracting from the generally hilarious rebuttals that fall out.

          • Jay

            Thank you,sir, for that excellent portrayal of Pride. Can you do Greed, too?

          • oliveralbq

            @jay: "Thank you,sir, for that excellent portrayal of Pride. Can you do Greed, too? "

            greed? nooo.

            i can do lust.
            will that work?

      • Finnish man

        I think there should be an eighth deadly sin for writing "first" on a comment section.

      • psychosurfer

        First! has become an instant favorite of mine, let me be the First! to thank you for this video!

    • trinityenigma

      Ha Ha

  • bluesman87

    Entertaining list (with the possible exceptions of 1 & 3 ) but i dont think most people have trouble figuring out how to commit sins these days . Hell most people are practically pro's , because the bible kind of makes it hard to remain sin free ( genius isn't it ?)

    • murpheyslawyer

      Nothing you just said made any sense.

      • Jay

        He's saying that the Bible tells us that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. In the Bible even thinking about having sex with someone is a form of adultery. Since nearly everything we do is a sin, we should have gotten really good at sinning by now. Alas,I never seem to get any better at it. It's not that don't try. I just don't have the knack. *sigh*

  • Though I can think of better examples for Sloth and Pride, I still think this is a very funny and great list.

    • deeeziner

      mjdolorico's sloth and pride:

      The pride in knowing you have a "better example" and the sloth of being too slothy to tell us.

      • Yes, I know, I'm being ironic… lol :)

  • mbkk40

    Toyota should seriously rename the i-REAL the i-SLOTH. It just fits.

  • pingping

    nice list

  • brock

    u mean stephen hawking is a sloth?? shame on u

    • jobeer

      I know you are a troll and all but apparently you can also not read…

      • The Major

        They were going to add 'Stupidity' as a deadly sin but they felt they had to give Brock a fighting chance.

        • lalabhaiya

          haha. but sadly Brock is not their beacon of hope. It was gg today. All hope gropes his double g sized brain.

          • brock

            that wsn`t e its some faker

          • brock

            oh yeah smarty pants… prove it then!. .just writing sloppy english doesn't help your cause! loser.

          • brock

            I like the taste of big hairy testicles

          • oliveralbq

            fighting with yourself is really only cool if your name is tyler durden.

          • bsballbuster

            The Brock-en-ator strikes again! He terminates the english language like no other! And yes, Brock WILL BE BACK!

          • lalabhaiya


          • lalabhaiya

            why don't you join intensedebate? there will be no such fighting after that. is there some reason you haven't joined?

      • TCor

        This was confusing… Oh well. I thought the Hawking thing was a joke. I laughed… Huh.

        • Jay

          I thought it was a joke, too, TCor. There was a guy on TV the other night who imitated Stephen Hawking calling a phone sex line. (imitates Hawking's computer voice) "What… are… you… wear…ing?"

          I guess you had to be there…

  • rain

    Funny list.

  • Jono

    I don't think nearly as many people these days actively try to avoid sloth. How many hours a week did the average American person watch of TV again? :P

    • Tomturbine

      i think its up to 25.

    • don't know about anyone else, but mine probably falls around 12-15, and most of that is movies with my kids-which kind of makes it worse.

  • chapman6640

    Not bad, particulary liked the buy MTV cribs on DVD, it truly is one of the deadliest sins.

  • monsoon

    this is so right!

  • Jael

    The list is more like "The Most Extreme Ways to Induldge in the Seven Deadly Sins". After all, most of the world committs at least one Deadly Sin per day. Here is an example of how I committ all seven sins:
    Sloth: Sleep in until one in the afternoon… on a weekday.
    Pride: Continually kicking my ex's ass at killing zombies on L4D2 then boasting about it on facebook.
    Greed: blackmailing my 17-year-old pot smoking, beer drinking, porn watching neighbour into giving me money or else I will tell his dad about his illicit activities.
    Envy: Wishing that I was whoever snogged David Tennant or Robert Pattinson last.
    Lust: Looking up nude pictures of celeb crushes on my computer and wishing that I was dating him instead of my ex.
    Gluttony: Gorging myself on the endless pasta meal deal at Olive Garden.
    Wrath: Getting into heated political debates with guys at my college, which almost always end up turning into an all out first fight.

    By the way, I am not proud of some of these things (namely what I described for sloth and wrath and maybe envy), but they happen to me on a daily basis. Honestly.

    • samanthaf63

      This is the economy version vs. the First Class one that was presented? I'll stick with First Class, especially when it comes to the "food" at the Olive Garden.

    • Anonymous

      "Do you know what your sin is?"
      "I'm a big fan of all seven."
      Best rebuke of all time.

      • Jay

        Hehehe. I love that.

  • Pee

    Love it! It’s humorous take on 7 deadly sins is simply perfect.

  • Armadillotron

    I`ve done MOST off these things. When I was a kid, I threw a brick through a car window. So am I going to Hell?

    • Tomturbine

      Not if it was a hummer. In that case you get to cut in line at the pearly gates.

      • mom424

        hahaha, so right that there is a special place in hell for 'em.

    • TEX


    • No, I think there's an IQ test required for entrance.
      You'll be redirected to Purgatory, or, more likely, Limbo, since you can't possibly be held accountable for your actions.

  • lalabhaiya

    I'm wondering what would have happened if the Kevin Spacy, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman starrer se7en comprised of these 7 scenarios of sin and not the murders.


    thank god its the other way around.

    • I loved that movie! It's one the creepiest films I've seen. What I liked about it is the fact that there is little onscreen violence in it, yet it still gives you the chills, especially the part when Kevin Spacey started talking about his motives for killing all those people.

    • jobeer

      There would have been a cheeseburger in the box instead of a head…

      • Finnish man

        David Mills: WHAT'S IN THE BOX? WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!!!
        William Somerset: A cheeseburger.
        David Mills: Oh, well let me take a bite…

      • lalabhaiya

        haha. imagine THAT after 5 (in this case) killings. Pitt and Freeman sharing a cheeseburger.

  • andreinitu

    haha, very nice list, good job

  • Natalie

    the sin that might get me killed is probably wrath, i bottle things up and when i'm provoked too much i lose it, i start throwing things, and after the tantrum i start shaking and would cry out of anger

  • ArjayM

    Very good and humorous list…

  • mordechaimordechai

    About the heart attack grill.
    If man is what he eats then congrats to the cook.
    Good job! you assface

  • Shrek.

    damn yeaaaaa great list!!!

  • jeffthemaori

    If lust and greed are deadly sins, Tiger Woods is going to get his own VIP section in hell (if you believe in literal fiery hell, which I don't). I would imagine that he was doing a bit of gluttony at the same time too ;-)

    • jeffthemaori

      At the same time as his "lusting" of course.

      • mom424

        he was gluttonous with his lust – who needs 12 mistresses? Could have left a few for someone else eh?

    • Hell is not fiery, hell is cold…freezing, frigid, at the very least 0 degrees Centigrade. Your blood would turn to ice. All mucus membranes exposes to the air would be frozen solid, including your tour eyeballs. You'd be seeing out of crazed, frozen, eyes, and no way to to bring them heat.
      Hell is a frozen wasteland, and there is no escape.

  • jeffthemaori

    With regard again to lust, snorkeling kind of takes on a new meaning when it's at an "adult vacation".

  • Barry Wanksock

    Number 4 sounds right up my street.

  • joshi

    I commit these sins whenever I stand in front of the mirror naked.

  • Swapie

    I dig them all

  • Jesper

    "Pride is arguably the worst of the deadly sins, and nothing seems more narcissistic than cryogenically freezing yourself to be “resurrected” at a later time."

    That's a quite ignorant statement! I'd love to get frozen down, but definitely not for narcissistic reasons.. for selfish reasons perhaps.. but not narcissism. In my case it would not be because I consider my self valuable for future scientists, but only because any sci-fi fan out there would love to experience the future.. how is that narcissistic exactly??

    And if I paid a million to have it done.. I would also hope that someone would unfreeze me at some point.. although it does seem farfetched that anyone would bother at that point. You’ll probably just melt away in the drain when nobody cares anymore.

  • Alarpup

    What a fun list! Love it!

  • oouchan

    That restaurant needs a way to change itself from H.A.G. to H.O.G.! I live in AZ and would never DREAM of going to someplace like that. Just the description alone had me gagging.

    All things in moderation…None of these would be bad. Fun most of the time. :)
    Interesting list.

    • bluesman87

      wait ? what? you say quadrupole burgers are disgusting but you are totally up for smashing up cars with hammers and a fun filled getaway with "Affordable Adult Vacations" (that means cheap whores and warm cocktails )……… you sound like a vegetarian member of Motley Crue :-)

    • i would love to try the quadruple, if only to say I had experienced it. Life is great, might as well enjoy what you can, when you can.

  • mom424

    I thought it was an awesome list. Novel premise and entertaining to read. And it's not like we all can't do with a little reminder as to what the 7 deadly sins actually are. Pretty sure that most of us indulge in at least a few of these on a daily basis – and we'd be so much healthier if we didn't.

    The Heart Attack Grill is just a marketing ploy and a very successful one at that. Nothing wrong with a little lard now and again. Of course the celebration of gluttony is a tad disturbing considering North Americans' propensity for morbid obesity. Me? Jolly Ranchers hard candies – 25 lbs worth since I quit smoking.

    The adult vacations creep me out – how many of the escorts are there by choice? disease? ick. Way too skeevy.

    Is it just me or does the Toyota i-REAL look like something that Dr. Evil should be riding around on?

    • GTT

      I was thinking the H.A.G. was fun until the whole "anyone over 350lbs eats for free." That just seems really wrong somehow…

      And I was thinking the exact same thing about the adult vacations. It´s basically a brothel on the beach. Who goes on these things? Ick.

      • morningclaire

        Maybe they are just trying to push them over the edge. They secretly hate fat people and are doing their best to eradicate them.

        • GTT

          Makes you wonder… If someone actually HAD a heart attack while trying to scarf down the food, would they be proud that their name reflects reality?

          • Jay

            I eat a lot of Dave's Killer Bread. Dude was in prison before he became a baker…

  • cool list, don't agree with envy though, could have found something better. i've watched mtv cribs just go get ideas for my house. no reason to be envious when you realize anyone can attain those levels of wealth. and beyond that, pointless to judge what people sepnd their money on. if you have 3 mill in the bank, why drive a camero? money is supposed to make you comfortable, not happy, comfortable. to each their own.

  • David J.Buckle

    David named his more emphatic image;
    created with help of several deceased men,
    David secondly created; named presicely that:

    _____– THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS —_____

    please excuse the hurry to convey.

    • mom424

      hurry to convey what exactly? your comment makes no sense to me. Have an idea that when you explain it, it still won't.

    • GTT

      What in the….. ????

    • TCor

      I read this and it; and so it did, and misunderstanding. Fragments are; aqueous disco zombies.

      Hope that cleared everything up.

      • Jay

        Thank God you came along. I was going out of my mind trying to understand that gibberish.

    • TEX

      It’s that new app – Google jumble mumble

  • callie19

    great list. The H.A.G freaks me out, but I can't think of a better example for gluttony. Here in Maryland we have a coffee shop that has it's servers dress up in skimpy bathing suits, nurses costumes, schoolgirl costumes, etc. Not my cup of tea, but it's always crowded. They found a novel way to market something, my hats off to them.

  • Gav

    I have an aversion to eating/drinking anything from a coffee stand where their exposed butt crease or crack is right at eye level. Yeah, I'm a prude. I don't like mixing food and sex.

    • mom424

      what no whipped cream?

  • I can't believe people watch shows like MTV Cribs and actually like it… same goes for pretty much every MTV show, by the way. But I just don't see the appeal of it.
    And no, I'm not a bitter old woman who wishes to have the things the people on MTV Cribs have – I'd hate to live like that. Seriously. I'd feel perpetually guilty and I wouldn't enjoy half the things I had…

    The H.A.G. is just.. yeah. We were naming global issues today and Obesity was one of them… seems places like that only make it worse.
    God, I really do sound like an old woman, don't I? xD

    Also, cryogenetics seem kind of interesting. But I wouldn't say it's pride per se that makes people freeze themselves… For example, I think it'd be really interesting to see what the world would look like in a few centuries…

    • Lisa

      Cribs is like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, remember that? :)

  • Top Kill

    Yet Another cool list. Keep em coming.

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Humorous – fun list for a change, their is a saying for the wealthy, spend and enjoy your money because you cant take it with you !
    This list is right up my alley – wealth has always eluded me like a plague all my life so, I try and be as adventurous as possible and game for anything, once they put me into the wooden box its to late my motto is try and enjoy life to the full.

  • oouchan

    Wow…didn't know you called it a clicker… the other hand's holding a remote? hahaha!

    • bucslim

      I didn't know I called it a clicker, but I will from now on oouch!

      Maybe I can make clicking noises too . . . .

      • oouchan

        Oh…I so didn't want to have that mental sound in my head along with the image……
        Do tell us though, if you manage to get it to change a channel…hahaha! :)

        • Maggot

          Do tell us though, if you manage to get it to change a channel…

          Knowing buc, he’s probably developed a Pavlovian-like response to whenever someone uses a remote to change the tv channel, his pants start feeling a little tighter.

          • bucslim

            And the clicks get louder and more pronounced.

    • mom424

      hahaha – take a bow. good one!

  • John Doe

    It seems that envy is my sin.

    • John Doe

      Why thumbs down? Don't you remember me? I'm the killer from the movie Se7en!

  • Surya

    It's irksome to see a 7-item list among so many top-10 lists. Here are three more deadly sins which could have been easily added:

    (1) Smoking Marijuana
    (2) Watching internet porn
    (3) Saying profanities.

    I often indulge in the above three to relieve stress.

    • TCor

      Smoking Marijuana = Sloth
      Porn = Lust
      Saying Profanity = wrath (if for no reason, it’s not a sin)
      The seven deadly sins a pretty famous… There’s a reason there are only seven things on this list…

      • Surya

        Marijuana is not sloth. Sloth is indulging in laziness. Marijuana is indulging in unreal fantasizing. In fact the category Marijuana belongs to is not represented by any of the seven sins given in this list.

        • Maggot

          Marijuana is not sloth. Sloth is indulging in laziness. Marijuana is indulging in unreal fantasizing.

          This isn’t intended to be a moral judgment towards anyone here, but it could be argued that indulging in unreal fantasizing, as you put it, or just using it to relax (other drugs and alcohol too, not singling out weed) or what have you, is a form of laziness. i.e. one is looking for an easy/lazy escape or way out of facing their realities or other hardships of life.

          • Jay

            M-Dog, a way out of facing realities or other hardships is a form of laziness? given that some people try to forget their problems by losing themselves in their work, it could be argued that hard work is a form of sloth.

            But, given that some people are greedy for the adulation and sense of moral superiority that comes from rejecting the material world and possessions, it could be argued that poverty is a form of greed.

            Now if we can find someone who gets sexual enjoyment from self-denial, chastity could be…

          • Maggot


            Lol, nice. Beats “Maggsy-waggsy”…IanZ if you are paying attention, please take note.

            a way out of facing realities or other hardships is a form of laziness? given that some people try to forget their problems by losing themselves in their work, it could be argued that hard work is a form of sloth.

            Well you left out a key word there – I said an easy way out. So the example of becoming a workaholic in order to escape wouldn’t fit that line of reasoning.

            But, given that some people are greedy for the adulation and sense of moral superiority that comes from rejecting the material world and possessions, it could be argued that poverty is a form of greed.

            Naw, self-induced poverty for the reason you give would be the sin of “pride”.

          • Jay

            M-meister, my point was that, for a lot of people, hard work is easier than honest thought.

            Pride? To be greedy for a sense of moral superiority isn't the same as truly having it. We can only be proud of having it if we think we have it. That's self-delusion and I don't even know where that falls. Maybe it' should have its own heading: The Eight Deadly Sins.

            In the same way, to be envious of someone else's possessions MAY imply that we think we would have those things if we were better people. And when we envy others for their personal attributes of serenity and spirituality, it's obvious that envy CAN be a form of humility. But only until we realize that we are humble. Then we become proud of our humility.

            It's all a glorious mess, isn't it?

          • Maggot

            Pride? To be greedy for a sense of moral superiority isn't the same as truly having it.

            To want something that you don’t have is “envy” (as you sort of alluded to later in your post). “Greed” is wanting more of something than you already have. But if you already have a sense of moral superiority, I don’t think you can quantify wanting more of that. It’s the sense itself that is “pride”.

            It's all a glorious mess, isn't it?

            Yeah no kidding. Can we focus on “lust” now?

          • Jay

            Sadly,I seldom focus on anything else…

            Well said, M-ster.

      • TCor

        Marijuana has nothing to do with unreal fantasizing. It’s comparable to drinking alcohol. It’s not a hallucinogen. That being said, I do have trouble placing it in. That probably means it’s not a deadly sin. My point was that you don’t understand the premise of this list.

        • Surya

          Marijuana contains Tetrahydrocanabinol (THC), which is a highly potent hallucinogen.

          And the author of the list has made it clear at the beginning, that it is a fun list and has no religious over and undertone. And fun lists are not supposed to have any rigid premise.

          • Maggot

            it is a fun list and has no religious over and undertone. And fun lists are not supposed to have any rigid premise.

            All lists have to have a premise, or else it is just a list of 10 or however many random and disconnected things. What fun is that? So then, with the issue of fun-ness and premises being settled, the premise of this list is obviously to use the commonly referred to “Seven Deadly Sins” of religion in a non-religious way. As such, the rigidity of “seven” is inherent to the base premise. And accordingly, fun ensues.

          • Surya

            "Seven Deadly Sins" of which religion? The moment one starts believing the world is ruled by the premise of One religion, the world is deprived of its fun.

          • Maggot

            "Seven Deadly Sins" of which religion?

            Does it matter? The point is that it’s a pretty commonly known religious tenet (even for those who aren’t religious). You can’t tell me you’ve never heard of this? But if you truly haven’t, then I apologize. But if you have, the simple point is – for the purpose of this list, it is not being used in a religious context, it is just utilizing the seven categories as the framework for the list items.

            The moment one starts believing the world is ruled by the premise of One religion…

            Not even close to the point of this list, as you yourself acknowledged. So why the hell are you trying to argue about this?

          • Surya

            C'mon! Not all religion talks about seven deadly sins.

            Moreover, if you read carefully, this list is "7 ways to indulge in 7 deadly sins", So the list is about "ways" not the "sins" as such.There could be hundred ways to indulge in 7 deadly sins (if you are so stubborn about the 'famous 7'). Choosing ten would not have been a problem.

          • Maggot

            C'mon! Not all religion talks about seven deadly sins.

            Where did I say that? And how is that relevant? Not all religions talk about Christmas or Hanukkah or Easter or Passover either, but most everyone has heard of them. So what’s your point?

            the list is about "ways" not the "sins" as such.

            So then, why did you start this thread off by introducing more “sins” instead of more “ways” to indulge in the given seven sins?

            There could be hundred ways to indulge in 7 deadly sins. Choosing ten would not have been a problem.

            I don’t disagree, but I also don’t see why you think listing only seven items, making for a nice one-for-one arrangement, is so “irksome” either. There are other lists with more, or less, items than 10 in them. Face it, your argument, if you could call it that, holds no water.

    • TEX

      get real – Smoking Marijuana = gluttony : )

    • brock

      Yeah smoking pot !!! Youre soooooooooooooooooooooooo f-kin cool

      • bluesman87

        are you being sarcastic?

        • brock

          yes – burn outs

  • steeveedee

    Or, you could just watch the MTV Video Music Awards and see all seven at once! (Or any of the "Real Housewives" reality shows on Bravo.)

    Great list.

  • Lisa

    I'm bothered by the Restaurant in Arizona that gives free meals to people over 350 lbs . . . but not for the right reason. They should have used BMI. I have a friend who is about 6'6" and weighs almost 350 but it's almost all muscle (I think he could probably throw a car) whereas I am 5'nothing and probably could not ever weigh 350. I look chubby now and I'm only 130… This restaurant is discriminating against short people! :)

    • hunter

      "I am 5'nothing and probably could not ever weigh 350"

      – don't give up now, keep on trying!

  • callie19

    Always, darling

  • TEX

    Why is everyone getting out of shape about H.A.G.
    There’s a thousand eating joints out there that are worse –
    There’s probably one near you –
    They’re called “BUFFETS”

  • freckledsmile99

    Fun list.

  • Vami

    If I had the stuff and the money they have on Cribbs – I'd do only good things with it to better humanity and help the nations. Like buy a private jet and travel anywhere I want to while looking down on so many people less fortunate than me and know that I was lifting their spirits but being better. I'd even buy a damn "adult resort" – why the hell not, its about proving jobs and helping people! Thats what I'm all about!

  • timothyjames

    What a great list. Excellent break from the norm (not that the norm of Listverse isn't great ;)).

  • kennypo65

    Great list, I'd say more but I just got back from my adult vacation and I"m so tired I can barely lift my arms to type.

    • brock

      You must have mistaken us for people who give a shit

  • Noremac

    5) Wheelbase is the distance between wheels, so I don't see how it would keep you at the same level as pedestrians.

    6) "Few things can spark the sin of Envy like watching a 24 year old watch fish, that cost more than your car"

    That comma is superfluous and rather confusing…

    Fun article, by the way.

  • Diogenes

    just one belligerent thought:

    -I know there was talk of changing it to The Madoff Scheme, but it didn't catch. Probably because there's something even bigger out there already going on. I remember reading in the paper years ago (maybe 7or8 yrs?) about some drug kingpin in S.Amer. that died or was killed and happened to be the main dood on a very large pyramid scheme and his death caused a widespread panic like Madoff did. It exposed all the heads of governmental bodies that had their money invested not only in the drug war but the all-around necessary corruption that is a part of the times in S.A. This was just a blurb in the paper, but for me it made me think about that and today; how complex it is and how N.Amer doesn't want a visible wall because of it's implications, but is currently utilizing arial drones along the border with the……..

    ok…, I was going to spend a lot of time elaborating on thoughts I got from reading this list, but have changed my mind. Just because on the top surface of looking through the comments, there's no real discussion going on and I'm not interested on clicking the replies to see inside blabber and I know it doesn't matter one way or another what I write.

    Nice list. It's cool cuz each number could be part of their own list. 7 different lists.

  • Jay

    Even if the fish cost a fortune, he's still watching fish. I have cable.

  • except that the social security system is almost a reverse ponzi scheme, and the only reason it won't remain at the rate of 100% expected payback is because when the government wasted it's surplus back in the first two decades of the program's existence instead of putting it in an interest-bearing account that would've generated an even bigger surplus.
    A person who will collect Social Security over the next 10-30 years will probably receive way more than they actually paid in to the system, especially if they are long-lived.

    • Jay

      True, Ricky. At least we have the politicians to save us from the Social Security mess. Oh, wait… aren't the politicians the ones who stole all the money out of it to begin with?

    • NonThinkingThinkingMan

      I'm confused…

      How can I get back more money than I put into it if I supposedly get back what I put into it?

      If I put in $100 in principal, how can I get $150 back in principal?

      Do you mean I would have to use someone else's money, someone who has also "paid" their portion as well? Does the Easter Bunny bring this extra money? Where does it come from?

      Also, with all the baby boomers set to retire, I want to know, who is paying for them? Do they have their own accounts with the government? Is there any strange, odd chance that perhaps this current working generation is paying for it? If you say no, I ask this: what would happen if I decided I didn't want to pay for social security anymore? And what if everyone else decided the same?

      • Jay

        NonThink, it really is a sort of Ponzi scheme. But so are most businesses. To answer your questions: You supposedly get back what you put in? Where did that come from? The money you get back is principle? Who told you that? Where does the extra money come from? From those paying in, supposedly. Of course the current working generation is paying for those who retire. That's how it works. At least that's how it's supposed to work.

        Don't want to pay? Since it's deducted you can want all you like; they'll still take it. If you work for yourself and have to pay in quarterly, you'd be in real trouble if you didn't mail the checks. If everybody quit paying, the government couldn't pay out and your sainted parents would have no money coming in and they'd starve.

        If it worked as intended, this is a great scheme. But sometimes life throws a monkey wrench into the machine, like leaving money where politicians can get at it or having the population grow really fast for a few years and then discovering birth control so there's not many people working when those population surge babies retire.

  • the seven deadly sins should be looked at more as a guidebook(besides wrath) to life as opposed to being the ultimate evil.
    Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, envy and pride all serve a vital and enjoyable purpose in life. Hell, wrath can even bring about good things in the proper circumstances, but I'll stick with the core(lust, gluttony and greed).
    Sex, food and money.

  • Jay

    The person who wrote"Funny list" got a -3. The person who wrote "Fun list" got a +2. I'm sure there's a lesson here…

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    The 8th deadly sin, watching Jersey Shore.

    • oliveralbq

      thanks for the clarification, gen.

      i thought it had something to do with that justin beaver kid, and that snookie was simply a torture device made up to look like a oompa-loompa

      • Jay

        Justin Beaver? That's great. Please, nobody mention Michael Buble…

        • oliveralbq

          yeah, yeah, yeah….. and cristina alligator……..
          an expert on bubble-gum pop drivel, i am not

          as for the bubblé guy — i know of him. he played a handful of shows in las vegas while i still lived there.
          i had business in the catacombs of the grand once, and he was playing the grand garden arena (in mgm). i heard him do a queen cover (crazy little thing…….) . — of course, i wouldnt recognise him if he walked through my front door carrying a neon sign that said:: "bubble is sandskrit for bad motherfucker" —but thats neither here nor there.

        • Natalie

          you don't like Michael Buble?? why not? or you mean no one should talk bad about him??

  • andy graham

    Most of these are thought crime.
    Lying and general mendacity don't even make it here.

  • xdr

    Except for prostitutes we've all done all of the above. I think I've done it even before my 16 birthday. Fat chance of skipping hell… How long is the Eternity?

    • bluesman87

      sunday afternoon marathon of keeping up with the kardashians -( lord slay me if i spelt that right . . .)

  • lalabhaiya

    although it is a pain to others.

  • fakebrock

    I guess Listverse has Envy over Cracked, also a lot of sloth since no one can come up with their own ideas!

  • nicoleredz3

    I know some guys who have "adult vacations" almost every weekend… Cool list!

  • gigo70

    Love this list! Really apt ideas for each sin. Good stuff.

  • peejee

    I think your 1, 2, 4 and 5 easily can be combined, with some imagination.

  • VictoriousMarch

    Pride a sin? get with it.
    We thrive off of pride and we wouldn't be here living the way we are now without it.

  • I think I learned more from the comments than from the list .Strange how that works.

    • TCor

      Very, very true.

  • Matt Maguire

    I love this site, but the last few times I've been here, my Avast antivirus is giving me this warning:
    Sign of "JS:Small-I [Trj]" has been found in "

    Should be looked into…

  • fendabenda

    What? I've never done any of those… oh, except freezing myself, but I live in Scandinavia, so I couldn't help that…

  • wow… as if anyone can place the whole quadruple bypass burger into their mouths lol. great list!

  • teleporter7

    Paris Hilton AND Linsay Lohan BUSTED AND DETOX

  • What would smoking dank fall under?

    • danker

      not a sin.

  • +input this URL:+input this URL:
    you can find many cheap and fashion stuff
    (jor dan s-h-o-e-s)

    • I'm rather partial to lust and wrath. But the occasional bout of gluttony followed by sloth is always nice, especially around the holidays

  • Von Melee

    For answers on #7, please see Warren Ellis's "TRANSMETROPOLITAN" graphic novel. It has a VERY realistic futurist viewpoint on what happens to the frozen when they are brought back as "Revivals".

  • Parad0xfool

    Great list! I just got done watching se7en, too.

  • bill

    I have an Idead for Envy, steal someone’s identity