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Top 10 Greatest Benefits of Capitalism

While likely to be a very controversial list, we are in the middle of one of Capitalism’s favorite seasons: Christmas, so it seems fitting to publish it on Christmas Eve. After the death of feudalism in the 19th century, a choice was presented to the world: would the new politico-economic system be capitalism, communism, the “Third Way” or an obscure alternative? Communism sounded great on paper but never really worked as intended, and the most well-known group within the Third Way movement was the Nazi party, whether the rest of the movement liked it or not.

Fortunately, the country in which you are living today is almost certainly capitalist, and in this article we will investigate the numerous benefits that democratic capitalism provides: an equal, happy, healthy society where you can have almost anything you want, for a price.




With capitalism, more choice is provided than ever before. You can eat low fat food, organic food, free-range food… and you know exactly what you’re getting due to the statistics on the packet. There are plenty of diets easily accessible and gyms with top of the range equipment, unparalleled in other countries. There is greater awareness than ever of the importance of fitness due to government campaigns. All of these contribute to an extremely fit society, and, in desperation, one can always resort to liposuction or some other sort of surgery. Which is why everyone is thin and healthy – on the front of magazines, at least.


Social Good

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It might seem at first glance that everyone is selfishly working for their own money, but dig a little deeper and it becomes apparent that every job has a benefit for someone else. Factory workers produce the products that we can’t live without; hairdressers perform a service that benefits us body and sould; and the police work to protect us and make sure we live in a lawful society. Even unpopular and ‘overpaid’ professions such as city bankers and sportsmen have a positive effect on society, whether it be helping us manage our money, entertainment or something else. The bottom line is that no matter the job; highly or poorly paid, glamorous or dirty, competitive or ‘easy’; everyone can have the satisfaction that they, as much as the well-known public figures, are doing their bit for society.



Equality 2

No matter where you start in life, everyone has an opportunity to make it big. The basic principle is that the harder you work, the greater your reward. Arguably no-one epitomizes this better than Li Ka-shing, who fled China in 1940 and entered Hong Kong with next to nothing. His father having died, Li left school at the age of 14 and labored 16 hours every day in a plastics trading company, where his sheer hard work and attention to detail allowed him to found Cheung Kong Industries in the 1950s, after which he never looked back. Li’s net worth today is $26.5 billion.


Human Nature

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One of the most common arguments that capitalists use is that capitalism works perfectly with human nature or, more specifically, greed. And it does. Greed is rewarded duly with large amounts of money and the entire economy is fuelled by people working hard to furnish their own needs. In addition, greed causes competition, which is an essential part of advancing the human race. The power of competition is shown during wars, where huge technological achievements are made. For example, the Jeep was invented by the Allies during WWII. Though greed and competition often damage society, one cannot deny that these traits have moved forwards mankind at a rapid pace.


Being the Best


But what about the other aspects of human nature: altruism, patience and kindness? These have their place, too, in the capitalist world. Left-wing politicians like to claim that an extensive, expensive welfare system is the only way to provide a safety net for the poor, but in actual fact there are tens of thousands of registered charities providing not-for-profit activities, from The National Alliance to End Homelessness to Save the Rainforest. Centrally planned altruism is completely unnecessary and, in fact, limits what people would otherwise give on their own initiative.



Draft Lens7700811Module65018471Photo 1256524790Freedom

Most of you reading this list will have grown up in a world-class education system and taken it for granted that you can choose whatever career you want. At school you selected your favorite subjects and could study them as far as you wanted, followed by applying to a job you chose from the widest variety ever seen in history. This is capitalism at its finest: freedom to live your life the way you want.

However, some argue that advertising infringes on one’s freedom. Don’t like advertising? Don’t switch on the TV or the radio and don’t walk around large towns or cities and you will never meet any. That is the beauty of freedom.


Built on Democracy


One of the greatest things about capitalism is that it works perfectly with democracy: everyone gets 1 vote, and thus equal power politically, whatever their race, political views or gender. In Britain, recent legislation has even allowed some prisoners to vote. Once you reach a certain age, you have as much power to choose the new government as everybody else above that age – whether that be your father, your boss or Bill Gates. Right?



Private Equity Ii

Capitalism allows the economy to grow exponentially. It is a basic fact of economics that the more money a firm makes, the more it can invest in production, and the more it invests in production, the more money it makes. So long as no unfortunate events befall the firm, this growth can, obviously, continue indefinitely. Many see a problem arising with this: there are only a finite, or ‘scarce’ amount of resources on Earth, so this huge growth of production will one day run to a halt.

However, as argued by Julian Simon, the rarer a resource, the greater its monetary value, which leads to innovation. For example as oil begins to run out we are seeing significant increase in prices, which has increased the reward and made it economically viable to search for new oil fields. Sites which were previously too expensive to profitably drill have now become available; and we are also developing new methods of harnessing alternative energy such as wind, solar and nuclear power. The oil scarcity isn’t particularly our problem, anyway, since by the time it is depleted, our generation will be long gone.


Viable Alternatives


Perhaps the strongest argument working in favor of democratic capitalism is that there is no alternative politico-economic system which has proved itself to work in our modern age. Almost every attempted implementation of communism has failed (for example, look at China – they abandoned total communism long ago and are slowly creeping towards capitalism) and any central government risks large amounts of corruption. What’s more is that if, for example, America became socialist and imposed many strong measures on corporations to regulate their behavior, the largest companies (Trans-National Corporations) would most likely move their industry elsewhere, and potential entrepreneurs would be scared to invest in capital, irreparably damaging America’s economy. So as you can see, changing the economic system isn’t even an option.



Happy People No Stutter

If you look at this happiness map published by scholars from the University of Leicester, you can clearly see that the foremost democratic, capitalist countries like the USA, Canada, New Zealand and the whole of Europe are the happiest in the world. This is because in these countries, thanks to the free-market, whatever products people want, they can get. Where do all these thousands of products come from? Well, the less happy countries like the Asian Tiger economies tend to be the main exporters of consumer goods. In conclusion, all these unhappy countries need to do is start consuming more than they produce, like Europe, and the wealth and happiness will start flowing in.

  • Dean


  • peeyaj

    Capitalism also brought the Great Recession of 2008, which effects could be felt until now.

    • Hatesocialists

      Silly, what brought on the receission was more than just Capitalism. If the socialist governments of the West stopped spending and saved a load of billions and made it easier to build cheaper housing for the poor this would have never happened.

      • asdasadasd

        The comunism has failed because the humang being is a mess, Capitalism rise for the same reason

    • Mike

      Because we all know how capitalistic the US is. Indeed, the 100,000 criminal regulations, thousands more civil regulations, central banking, immensely complicated tax code with loopholes that alter market incentives, state economic regulation on top of that, and countless other “reforms” make for an excellent example of a free market.

      • dio

        capitalism =/= markets (free or not)

  • Name

    I'm pretty sure you can find most of these in systems other then capitalism, other then the greed thing. Dumb list.

    • KaRiMiuS

      I Totally Agree with you mate, Today's Capitalism IS Fascism . . .
      A pure Propaganda List

      • Me and I


      • murpheyslawyer

        Yea I was thinking the same thing. It is almost like a government official wrote this.

        • mki

          government and capitalism oxymoron?

        • Mike

          Yea sit on your nice manufactured chair in your comfortable house in your free country where you’re free to say whatever you want and accuse an editor of being a government official just because you don’t agree with him

      • bacanaso

        yeah! despite that it is the reason why many people can use computers and the internet such as yourself and write stupid fucking comments like you just did…. yay!!!

      • Why the f*** should I tell you?

        Propaganda is not unhearded of but unlike most pieces of propaganda it just doesn’t remove info it lies.

        But I don’t think we can blame the author, he just believes what the government tells him.

        • Mike

          Please shut up, you’re a sad human being. Continue sitting in your nice house in your nice neighborhood in your free country and continue to accuse an author whom you disagree with as being “gullible”. shoot yourself

          • Napoleon666

            The author isn’t gullible but he is a bit diluted. That being said Socialism and Communism are both much worse than capitalism. Unfortunately national socialism will not be tried for a while (thanks to our dear Aryan antagonists) even though it is a system that COULD work (and no it doesn’t have to involve war or genocide, perhaps a bit of institutional chauvinism but then no system is perfect). And yes I live in Canada, a democratic country but one that has not embraced capitalism on an American scale, and has experienced the subsequent benefits. All in all capitalism is a system that works fine for now (though I hope we’ll come up with something better) but like all things, it should be pursued in moderation.

          • Trish

            Need anger management much?

        • Comments

          Correction he believes what history and human nature tell him

    • luckydog

      Agreed. How about UFO disclosure? This would end Capitalism's grip on planet earth. There is a greater power that can move and change mankind. The revelation that man will unite and re-identify themselves as earthlings who can learn about an Alien race, will undoubtedly make Capitalism obsolete.

      • circlefan

        what movies have you seen lately?

    • Benhamine

      10. Health

      You mention things like stats on cartons and don’t acknowledge it wasn’t capitalism that put those on there, it was “Big Government.”

      You note that the thin/healthy image is an illusion.

      9. Social Good

      This has nothing to do with capitalism, it’s the concept of a job. People do jobs, because they are needed/desired.

      8. Equality

      This assumes More Money = More Happiness. Studies have shown money affects happiness up to about 60k a year. After that, happiness levels off. You also lie as everyone doesn’t have the same opportunities, as those with less income in their youth are more likely NOT to make it big.

      7. Human Nature

      OK, greed can stem to progress. You neglect to mention that it also leads to exploitation of workers and disproportionate wealth.

      6. Being the Best

      Yes there are groups where people are trying to make a difference. What happens when this help isn’t enough? When nearly 70% of the nation doesn’t have Health insurance in an industry who’s prices have been exorbitantly risen due to capitalism?

      5. Freedom

      “world-class education system”?
      4. Built on Democracy

      Runs the same as a democracy, assuming we give the candidates disproportionate amounts of media coverage, the ability to pay off (read: “Bully”) lesser known candidates, and could pay off people to change the rules of campaigning to benefit them better (lobbyists). Not to mention most companies are run in a totalitarian state.

      3. Growth

      Supply and demand limit this to a point. The more you grow, the more valuable your company is until you start making more than people want. Infinite growth is not only impossible from a resources standpoint but it’s impossible from an economic standpoint.

      2. Viable Alternatives

      This is making the assumption that capitalism has proved itself a viable option. Based on the state of this nation’s economy, I’d suggest it hasn’t.

      1. Happiness

      Happiest in the world? You see that section up in Northern Europe that’s also blue on your map without figures?

      Notice how the top 5 countries….have STRONG socialist characteristics. Where’s the great US of A? 14th?!?!? With 40% Struggling?!?…No….

      • callahan

        HAHAHA on education. you’re fucking joking right? please tell me you’re joking. when our literacy rate dwarfs about a third of the countries in the world and you have more opportunities than millions could possibly dream of? How can you complain about something so many people would envy?

        Equality- too bad that’s not remotely what the author was saying. It’s the idea that if you work hard, it pays off. You aren’t gonna shit yourself into millions but you will certainly do better working hard than just showing up.

        Alternatives- if you think capitalism hasn’t proved itself as a viable option you have serious, serious issues. You can think there are better systems but you’re using a computer for fuck’s sake you’re clearly not doing too shabby.

        • 4teenager

          More you add the “*****”,no matter who you are and what were you said it explain how stupid and rude you are.
          Capitalism only works for some kind of people who can regulate themselves and wiling to do what is good to do. (they are wiling to work hard in legal activities to earn more)
          Capitalism will not works for some kind of people who can not regulate themselves and don’t want to do what is good to do. (the more prefer to do illegal activities (such as corruption,bribery, etc.) because is do and waste less and make more money)
          Modern Capitalism was made by westerners,so it will works there properly. The world is full of different people and peoples and consist of unlimited opinion,behaviour and way of think. “Good” and “Bad” is just an opinion,not a fact to people.
          And guess what? i’ll be 15 this April.
          i am very sorry if you found some/a lot of grammatical error. i am not an English is not my native language.

          • FuzzyWinker

            Mentioning literacy rates and the opportunities that we have is wrong. The USA is mainly such a superpower because it is a product of British imperialism, Britain and therefore by association, the USA has flourished by exploiting and conquering smaller nations and ruling them. Many of the countries of the former British empire are poor in literacy rates and are not superpowers. India has more honour students than America has students, yet their literacy rate is much lower.

            As far as saying working harder means you do better, compare an Indian street child polishing shoes of richer people passing him by every day. He will work his hands to the bone, while the rich men he serves might do very little in regards to actually working. A seamstress in a factory in Indonesia who makes all of the high fashion brands in the world, she is paid a pittance, yet works very hard. Capitalism is not about how working harder means better results, it is about exploitation. You could not live in the manner to which you are accustomed if it were not for exploiting much weaker countries. Not all countries in the world can be equal at any one time.

  • timothyjames

    This seems to be written tongue-in-cheek, and I really hope it is. "The oil scarcity isn’t particularly our problem, anyway, since by the time it is depleted, our generation will be long gone." <–Please don't tell me that is serious.
    Also, there were just some really ridiculous ideas being thrown around. If America was to suddenly become a socialist country, I would bet everything that I have that the largest corporations would not shun the US because of the regulations. I'm sure the US accounts for a very large portion of their income, so abandon your biggest consumer is just stupid business.
    And I'm sure this part will get torn apart: "All of these contribute to an extremely fit society." The US is in at least the top 10 of pretty much any list of obesity rates.

    Interesting idea for a list, and sure to create controversy (like the 10 excuses people use to hate america), but I am not sure about the execution. Food for thought though, I guess.

    • naziwhogotaway

      you don't need capitalism to be happy. i'm in total agreement with timothyjames, very tounge in cheek list, could have been put togeather and written much better.

    • Shivore

      Actually thought it was a very well written list meant to be taken seriously… the first good take on capitalism I've heard in a long while.

      About the oil thing, that comment as soon as I read it I knew would be huge backlash but hold the knee-jerk reaction for just a second and think: The scarcer the oil is, the more incentive there is to develop alternatives. We've already seen HUGE advances in that in just the past ten years. In another generation, say 30 or 40 years, imagine how much more technology would have advanced? At the rate we're going, by the time oil scarcity is a big problem (next generation or later) it won't be an issue because alternatives would be there thanks to the scarcity problem itself.

      In short: the problem is it's own solution.

      And about if America was to become suddenly socialist… since if we were to be become socialist the corporation could no longer function as it needed to for the most profit you bet they'd high-tail it out of here if they're smart. No they would not abandon their biggest consumer… they'd just move elsewhere and export their good into the American market.

      Extremely fit society? America may not be the top but that's not anything to do with capitalism, that has to do with American culture. Look at other communist countries and tell me how healthy they are. At least we have the OPTION to be healthy. If we don't take it… well don't blame capitalism for that.

      • timothyjames

        I agree that the scarcity of oil is making us start to think about more sustainable solutions, and that is fantastic. But just because that technology is beginning to be developed does not mean that we can just sit back and change nothing since someone else is taking care of it. I am not proposing that we all start to make prototypes of clean energy machines, but we all can take small steps to make sure that the problem doesn't blow up. Also, to say that it isn't our problem because we won't be around when the oil is gone is selfish and also just sort of mean. It's a cliched question, but what about the children? We need to think of future generations now if things are going to get better. Another issue is that the problem isn't simply with oil scarcity, it's with pollution and all the politics surrounding the consumption of oil. So it goes way beyond simply the existence of oil.

        I understand what you're saying about socialism. I guess I might not have a good enough grasp of true socialism to make a strong argument on this point. However, I think the hypothetical of the US suddenly become socialist is a silly one since it would be a monumental change and those aren't taken lightly around here. I am also not sure if we would ever be pure socialists rather than some sort of social democracy. But yeah, I guess technically a socialist society wouldn't benefit corporations.

        As for being fit, that has nothing to do with capitalism or any economic system in general. As long as there is access to food, the choice to be fit is on the people. And if we are going to argue that simply because capitalism allows access to gyms and organic food that is makes a fit society, we also need to argue that since capitalism allows easy access to fast food and motorscooters to scoot fat people around that it makes an unhealthy lazy society. In fact, in America it is so much easier (and cheaper) to get a burger from McDonald's than it is to buy organically. Sure, we have the option, but organic food and gym memberships are still way expensive, and that discourages people from making good choices for the sake of their budget. When bad food is the cheapest food, I don't think you can make an argument that capitalism encourages fitness.

  • MiSaNtHrOpE

    While many of these are most certainly true, the excesses of capitalism do dampen the extent to which we experience others. For example, #10 is grossly exaggerated and misses a few important facts. Up until the FDA was formed, corporations were not held accountable for the ingredients of food products, and the Nutrition Labels–which tell us what is in the food we buy–were the result of legislation.

    Freedom is also a sketchy one. While the downfall of the aristocracies brought about by proto-capitalism in the 18-19th centuries did lead to a philosophical movement based upon principles of equality, the capitalism we now experience has merely replaced the aristocracy of blood (birth) with one of money. If one pays any attention at all to people being fired for what they write on Facebook, or the Kafka-esque process of foreclosures which are currently being experienced by people across the country (in America), or even the fact that Wall Street even still to this day does not understand that the decisions it made during the past two decades warrant punishment.

    In fact, I would go so far as to say that the goal of the wealthiest 2% of Americans is to return to a feudal society based upon the concentration of wealth to a degree not seen since the Middle Ages.

    In my view, I favor a capitalist society with socialist principles being used to alleviate its dysfunctional aspects. I favor strong food and drug regulation, strong financial regulation, and the purest net neutrality. I think that the best case scenario would be for the unions and their corporate counterparts maintain a balance of power as equal as possible.

    It would be grossly naive to believe that corporations have our well-being in mind.

    • crc

      The 3rd paragraph is so true. Every age has its masters and slaves: patrician/plebeians, lord/serf, aristracts/bourgeois(capitalists).

      The capitalists beheaded their masters in 1789 but they ended up creating new ones.

    • Nick

      Good point about health. Western countries are healthy IN SPITE OF capitalism. It is the limits on capitalism (FDA, patent system) that actually encourage health. Free market, by itself can't lead to healthy society.

    • mom424

      Grossly naive and stupid. Good post.

    • Tragik

      While corporations certainly do not have our best interests in mind, a capitalist system forces them to fake it by allowing the consumer to take their business elsewhere.

      Also, I disagree with paragraph 3. A capitalist system affords everyone the opportunity to become a part of that 2% whereas a socialist or communist system almost certainly denies you that opportunity. The idea that all people are equal is great for five year olds, but it’s a poor excuse to deny the fruits of hard work to those willing to dream big, take risks, and do great things.

      Plus, socialized are whiny crybabies. And communists are too, at least until thier tear rations run out.

    • neflite

      All Scandinavian states are capitalist with socialist principles

  • ssodaro

    I'm pretty sure that capitalism has nothing to do with equality. In fact, capitalism in essence requires inequality. The wealth disparity in capitalist countries, especially and including the US, is frightening. This entire list is bursting at the seams with generalizations and bias. I'm going to assume that this article was written tongue-in-cheek, because simply put, it's horrible.

    • murpheyslawyer

      Capitalism is a good thing, but there is no such thing as equality. The richer you are when you are born the better your chances are. For Example, #8 on this list. What the author isn't telling us is that Li had a wealthy uncle and married wealthy. While it is true that he worked 16 hours a day, that was only to learn the business so his uncle could help him get started.

      • Eddy

        There is no such thing as a good economic system. There are systems that work and systems that doesn't, but no system is good.

        Is capitalism good? No. Many people die and are killed to make sure the rich get even richer.
        Is communism good? No. It fails to see that the seed of greed within every one is what moves society.

        • Agreed. Another point the author is not addressing, is, that, theoretically, we still live in a capitalistic society, but not in a functional one. For example, one of the foundations of Capitalism, is competition. People competing with one another for your business. But when all the cell phone companies get together and agree to certain guidelines(Like an activation fee), that's not capitalism. That's one example of many.

    • Jun

      #8. No matter where you start in life, everyone has an opportunity to make it big. The basic principle is that the harder you work, the greater your reward.

      – That is just stupid. Are you saying that a person born of dirt poor parents, who have 8 other kids to feed and barely have enough money for one meal a day, living in a crime-infested slum has equal opportunity with a billionaire's sun to make it big???

  • 63jax

    looool, equality is the essence of communism which can never be achieved. we will never be equal.

    • No. But socialistic tendencies can surly help integration

      • 63jax

        i live in a former communist country and i know what their doctrine was…i know what i am talking about, i lived it on my own.

        • Eddy

          You lived socialism, not communism.
          No country has ever achieved a true communist status. Communism states every one is equal. So, there is no government, the country is supposed to live in a perpetual state of anarchy. People tried to bring communism but failed. When they reached their posts as dictators, the politicians didn't want to get rid of the power they had in their hands, so communism lever became reality.

        • No, pretty much none of those. You lived in a single-party, Soviet tyranny. Marxism will never be put into practice so long as the USA can use their "red scare" tactics.

  • Matt

    This is the funniest list I have ever seen, all 10 items are great jokes.

    • The Ashok

      True. I never laughed this much in my life.

      Donno which one is more funny. Take example of Equality. One of the major drawbacks of Capitalism is economic inequality. Or consider the 10th item – Health: Commercialization of health industry would only lead to profit making from patients. Not being able to afford the treatment is worse than not having a treatment for the disease.

      • Bidzi

        absolutely right…… capitalism gives people the very best thing in the world…but if you can pay for it…those who are unable to pay will have no way to have it…this is creating what kind of equality???? the authors of the list seem to get carried over during Christmas…!!!!!

      • The Annoyed Elephant

        You do realize that the equality of capitalism isn't about guaranteeing equality of success, but guaranteeing equality of opportunity. Under capitalism, every single person has the same rights and freedom and opportunity to succeed – which is why it creates so much wealth and so many wealthy people.

        Socialism, on the other hand, is about guaranteeing equality of misery. No one can succeed, no one can go beyond their current station, and no one has any freedom to do either.

        • Anonymous

          No, it doesn't. How are rich families any different at all to aristocracy? And no one can topple a monopoly unless they're really really really really lucky, or
          some sort of revolutionary.

          Capitalism is about paying people to be your slave, use "your" resources, like land you "own" and shit to make more money for you than you have to pay them.

          But, oh, yeah, some day, you'll be able to join them owning people! Won't you? Fat chance.

        • Chocta

          Ey, you forgot to say:VOTE FOR ANNOYED ELEPHANT!

  • Psyche

    One of the things that gets up my nose is that most people don't even know what Capitalism is. For those who think its a political mind set, it's the natural flow/exchange of goods and services for something of equal perceived value. That's it! That's Capitalism. The only time capitalism becomes political is when some governing idiots (or other idiots) try to control the flow/exchange and create false values for the goods/services being changed. Like when they print money.

    I could argue every point, but for number one…from what I've read Americans do NOT come high on any happiness scale. People are rarely happy because they have food and shelter and someone who loves them. Many of my fellow country-people focus on what they don't have…ie…they're caught in the ad-men's web of endless consumption. Not that it's any better anywhere else in the affluent Western world. Living in England…I'm glad I have America to escape to if need be…if only to escape the public cameras that watch you everywhere you go.

    • unclejoe1917

      Wow!!! I had to scroll this far down the list to find the first intelligent reply. I hate to tell you this Psyche, but as you can probably see from all the capitalism-bashing, America's capitalist golden age is slowly being replaced by the same brand of Socialism that finally fell 20 years ago because it is a system that is doomed to fail. We rejoiced at its falling then and are clamoring for it now. How soon these idiots forget.

    • Kiwi

      If you define government interference as the printing of money and creating false values, then you are correct. However I would point out that our entire economic system is based on the "false value" of altogether worthless pieces of paper. The value is symbolic: Money hold's no literal value, and since the days of barter, never has. And besides, how would you suggest that money be produced without government?

      I'm somewhat confused by your argument. You, call the politicians idiots for interfering with the "flow/exchange of goods and services", while, in your second paragraph also debunking the list, and capitalism. You have offered no solution, merely problems. If capitalism is wrong, and government interference is stupid, what do you propose?

  • Anon

    …I sincerely hope this is a joke (particularly social good haha – forget to mention the money difference between what 'factory workers' are paid and how much the goods are sold for in that section)

  • Mimi Cambell

    I don't know much about capitalism but I sense trouble coming…. it would also be nice if there was a list on other systems.

  • drshady

    this list reminds me of funny T.V adds for some ridiculous and useless product..

    • Kiwi

      Reminds me of the Enzyte commercials with that happy-go-lucky asshole.

  • Karl

    Actually some of the items in the list are true.

    Personally, in my opinion, ALL economic systems are flawed. Capitalism, communism, fascism, egalitarian… not every system is perfect. And even though you have to pick your system buffet-style (a.k.a. a combination of different systems) to have a "perfect economic system", it would still go wrong in one way or another.

    I hate conomics. :(

    • Karl

      Sorry, that's ECONOMICS.

      • timothyjames

        I think the issue is that people are flawed. The systems, when followed exactly as they are specified, often do work well. However, you can't account for human nature in outlining an economic plan.

        • Kiwi

          Precisely. Capitalism would be great, if fraud had never been invented. Communism would be great if their was no corruption or greed. It all traces back to human nature.

  • nikhs

    pretty amateurish list….

  • crc

    9) We need overpaid bankers like we need a financial crisis.
    8) For every Li Ka-shing there's a million that died of hard labor.
    7) Competition is not efficient. If it was how do you explain cartel agreements?
    6) I bet those not-for-profit associations would beg to differ.
    5) I am sure every one in the western countries is living the life they want.
    4) 1 head=1 vote means majority wins, unfortunately majority is not always right; if it was, Jesus would have been released and Barabbas crucified.
    3) It really depends on what you consider as "growth". A big mass of money that makes more money has nothing to do with welfare.
    2) There is plenty of alternatives even in western (well-functioning) countries.
    1) You just solved all Third World's problems. Consume and be happy!

    As timothyjames, I hope that the list was a joke and that I just made a fool of myself with this comment :( .

    • KabirBhai

      You have done a great job by cutting down the list, point by point…
      U, sir, made a man out of yourself…

    • unclejoe1917

      10 Didn't bother to click your link 9 Financial crisis is often caused by interfering with the competitive market or trying to cheat or manipulate the market, not by the idea of a free market. 8 Who cares? Not everybody is going to live like a king. Socialism isn't exempt from its list of dead laborers either 7 Cartel agreements are the opposite of competition 6 It's my/your/their money. Nobody should be forced to be altruistic 5 I may not be living the life I want, but I am living the life I earned 4 I subscribe more to voting with your dollar than your ballot. It makes more of a difference 3 Who in the hell is stupid enough to hate money? 2 Not going to scroll up to see what you are talking about here 1 Pretty much, yes. I feel good when I buy nice stuff. Anyone who says money can't buy happiness is wrong, to an extent.
      So crc, if this is how you feel, please try living in Cuba for a few years before actually trying to impement your economic beliefs in whatever country you may reside.

      • bacanaso

        hehe nice pwnage of that dude

      • Tico

        That's the most bullshit i ever heard, "stupid enough" to hate money???whats up with that, finally all those commercials and hollywood bullshit got in to your head man, bad for you i guess, you'll never be satisfied.

        • unclejoe1917

          Tico, since you are so cool and clever that you don't need cash to get through life, I know someone who needs a few thousand dollars and a good heart surgeon ASAP. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, wise guy?

    • Um…not sure about what you mean with number 4…since the majority called for Barabbas' release…only Pilate wanted to release Christ.

  • Bidzi

    I am sure it's a tongue in cheek list….. capitalism and equality, capitalism and social goods, capitalism and happiness …. all these don't fit well together. capitalism never talks about equality…. it is the main thing to create inequality….. while the owner of the factory getting richer by day and day… the most hardworking labors are becoming poorer and poorer. In capitalism it will give you everything when you have money. What about those who doesn't have money…..eliminate them??? or try to improve their situation….nothing is said in capitalism about these……
    creating a controversial list for shake of controversy is not desirable.

    • Richard

      Everyone poor but equal is not better than a society where people are of different economic status. Further, capitalism provides freedom for people to do what they want. Also, capitalism provides an incentive to work which is unmatched in other economic systems.

      Capitalism creates unmatched growth which benefits everyone within the system.

      As a last note you can't give out salaries based on the sole criteria of how much you work. In a society such as ours you can base it on 1. The importance your job has over other people 2. The amount of people who quickly can replace you 3. The knowledge and skill needed to execute the tasks involved. Basing it on how hard you work should only be used as a last incentive.

      • unclejoe1917

        Thank you Richard for having a brain. Forced equality is a far bigger sin than inequality could ever be.

      • some guy

        @Richard: In my experience, a job's salary depends not on the amount of work done, but with the credentials or skills required to get the job and the amount of competition (i.e. the number of people in the same position).

      • SuckRick

        Dick, your materialistic approach is very reassuring. CAPITALISM provides freedom, oh yes, good thing it was invented by some fellow one day by ordinance from the king, who got his order to give such an order from his cat, who is god and therefore needs no freedom – obviously there was no freedom before this. They can do what they want as long as they want to buy shit they most often don't need for more than its worth and get paid less than they work to produce.

        Growth does not benefit the whole system necessarily: example: cancer. Cultivation benefits, mindful cultivation, not rampant growth.

        Finally, YOU CAN pay people for the amount of work they do, perhaps at first it might be scary because we'd fear skilled laborers would stop being produced, but then we realize that they aren't produced, they are born and raised and encouraged to succeed and test their limits and develop their potential – then we remember that there are about seven times more humans on earth than we can happily accommodate for long and then we breathe a sigh of relief because there would be no shortage of skilled professionals, indeed those skilled professionals would be more likely to actually be skilled rather than being moneyed in to their positions and then being terrible at their jobs (malpractice exists for a reason).

        Don't be a dick, Dick. It's bad enough that you're a fool and an idiot.

  • undaunted warrior 1

    I agree with Tim probably a tongue in cheek list.

    May I take this opportunity to wish all Listverse staff in admin. and everybody else a blessed and safe Christmas – and let all your wishes come true in 2011

    Cheers and enjoy !

    • Thank you very much – being in the Southern Hemisphere we have Christmas before the majority of the world. In two hours it is Christmas for me and I am really looking forward to it this year. Tomorrow's list (which normally I wouldn't disclose) is a nice Christmassy list.

      • astraya

        It's got nothing to do with being in the southern hemisphere – it's got to do with being so close to the the international date line.
        11.02 pm and counting.

        • vanowensbody

          Yes, and it is countries like NZ that are at the bottom of the world which tend to be closest to the International Date Line.

      • jeffthemaori

        I am totally looking forward to boxing day as we will be replacing our big LCD tv that the earthquake destroyed with an even better Plasma or LCD. Got a bigger payout than what I originally paid for the tv. Cheers EQC and cheers to capitalism, which has made the Boxing day sales possible!!

    • mom424

      Thanks you so much. Same to you and yours. Give them all a nice cushy mom-hug for me. You can keep one for yourself too!

      • undaunted warrior 1

        I replied to your pics in the snow that you sent me did you get my reply ?

        • mom424

          Did now. :) One thing about Canadians is that we are always bitc*in' 'bout the weather. It's either too damn hot (30+ degrees 100% humidity) or too damn cold(-20). If all of the sudden we were transplanted to a more moderate climate we'd have nothing to talk about.

          • Kiwi

            It's -35 C here with the wind. Although the weather channel assures me it's -10. Stupid weather!

      • Merry Christmas Mom :)

  • Name

    I'm not sure you truly meant everything you said here but you did touch on the true and Capitalism seems to be the fairest system with the way human nature seems to work. I am sure that in a perfect world there would be a better system but we don't live in a perfect world.

    • namesucks

      How human nature seems to work eh? A hammer has a nature, dear, it is generally hard and has a handle and a head that hits things. Water has a nature, it is wet and freezes solid below thirty-two degrees fahrenheit. Humans do not have a nature, they have a condition, all of us. Our nature as individuals may be one way or another, but we construct that temperament as much as it is constructed by those around us, not by our DNA.

    • I'm not sure about other Western countries, but Americans seem very good at being contented. It is far easier to simply say "we don't live in a perfect world" and enjoy life than to try to find a perfect world and then strive for it. Similarly, it is far easier to simply ask "why not?", think for 3 seconds, conclude that there aren't any reasons why not and proceed than to ask "why" and actually come up with a legit, justifiable reason for your actions.

      Human nature is shape as much by "nature" as by their surrounding <an assumption as good as any out there>. Socialism relies on human altruism far more than capitalism does. Simply plunging people who has survived off greed for generations into a socialist system won't work, thus the widespread corruption. It takes time, a lot of time, for the next generations to adjust to the new mindset of working in cooperation instead of competition. The socialist countries of old simply did not have the necessary resources to survive this required transition time. The practices that people in Western capitalist countries abhor and associate with the "evil communists" are more desperate measures taken by governments to prolong this transition than principles of the socialist system.
      There are, of course, flaws in socialism such as lack of motivation for technological progress and arduous/"low" jobs. These problems could be fixed in a modified socialist system or a new one all together. What I'm trying to say here is that people are not trying hard enough to find a better alternative. They simply sit back, relax and say "there are no alternative that is equally good".

  • Richard

    Capitalism, currency and globalization may be the most important trinity of "discoveries" in the history of modern man.

    In Defense of Global Capitalism would be a good starting point for anyone willing to read up on the subject.

    Capitalism is of course not flawless and there is a need for a government to regulate the trade but there are simply no alternatives that can create a fraction of the growth, wealth and fairness that capitalism can.

    – MBA, Sweden

    • No system is flawless…Capitalism simply has the least amount of flaws that destroy lives.

      • garrote yorky

        Wrong, again. Allow me to direct you to the dangers of monocultural crop production, corporate personhood, resource depletion, human rights violations and the undermining of our pithy oligarchy which – along with numerous other problems -threaten to eradicate human life.

  • 23redleader

    eh…that list could have been executed a little more eloquently. don't get me wrong, i'm all for capitalism, arguing points just need to be refined a little bit.

  • Geronimo1618

    Yeah man, thanks for the funny list! I seriously needed some laughs today.

  • KabirBhai

    Funny list, and i loved it.
    For a change, listverse came up with a nice list to make us see the irony…
    People sometimes cannot see the funny side of Jamie…

    I hope even i can get away with this funny joke…
    (Disclaimer: The following is a bloody joke, not something that actually exists.)
    1. Socialism: You have 2 cows and you give one to your neighbour.
    2. Communism: You have 2 cows; the Government takes both and gives you some milk.
    3. Fascism: You have 2 cows; the Government takes both and sells you some milk.
    4. Nazism: You have 2 cows; the Government takes both and shoots you.
    5. Bureaucratism: You have 2 cows; the Government takes both, shoots one, milks the other and throws the milk away..
    6. Traditional Capitalism: You have 2 cows. You sell one and buy a bull. You herd multiplies, and the economy grows. You sell them and retire on the income.
    7. A American Corporation: You have 2 cows. You sell one, and force the other to produce the milk of four cows. Later, you hire a consultant to ****yse why the cow dropped dead.
    8. A French Corporation: You have 2 cows. You go on strike because you want three cows.
    9. Japanese Corporation: You have 2 cows. You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow and produce twenty times the milk. You then create a clever cow cartoon image called Cowkimon and market them Worldwide.
    10. German Corporation: You have 2 cows. You reengineer them so they live for 100 years, eat once a month, and milk themselves.
    11. A British Corporation: You have 2 cows. Both are mad.
    12. An Italian Corporation: You have 2 cows, but you don't know where they are. You break for lunch.
    13. A Russian Corporation: You have 2 cows. You count them and learn you have five cows. You count them again and learn you have 42 cows. You count them again and learn you have 2 cows. You stop counting cows and open another bottle of vodka.
    14. A Swiss Corporation: You have 5000 cows. None of which belong to you. You charge others for storing them.
    15. Chinese Corporation: You have 2 cows. You have 300 people milking them. You claim full employment, high bovine productivity, and arrest the newsman who reported the numbers.
    16. An Iraqi Corporation: Everyone thinks you have lots of cows. You tell them that you have none. No one believes you and they bomb your ass. You still have no cows, but at least now you are part of a Democracy…….
    17. Counter Culture: 'Wow, dig it, like there's these 2 cows, man, grazing in the hemp field. You gotta have some of this milk!'
    18. Surrealism: You have two giraffes. The government requires you to take harmonica lessons.
    19. Fatalist: You have 2 doomed cows…
    20. Hong Kong Capitalism: You have 2 cows. You sell 3 of them to your publicly listed company, using letters of credit opened by your brother-in-law at the bank, then execute a debt/equity swap with an associated general offer so that you get all 4 cows back, with a tax deduction for keeping 5 cows. The milk rights of 6 cows are transferred via a Panamanian intermediary to a Cayman Islands company secretly owned by the majority shareholder, who sells the rights to all 7 cows' milk back to the listed company and proceeds from the sale are deferred. The annual report says that the company owns 8 cows, with an option on one more. Meanwhile, you kill the 2 cows because the feng shui is bad.
    21. An Arkansas Corporation: You have 2 cows. That one on the left is kinda cute.
    22. An Indian Corporation: You have 2 cows. You worship them.
    23. An Australian Corporation: You have 2 cows. Business seems pretty good. You close the office and go down the pub to celebrate.

    • oouchan

      My favorite was always the Japanese one. Thanks for adding the joke. :)

    • astraya

      23. An Australian Corporation: Too bloody right, mate!

    • allyb10

      lol at the Arkansas one.

    • My Bhai, Saab Thik

      Awesome. I love these lists. thank you for running with the spirit of examination!

  • Steve

    'No matter where you start in life, everyone has an opportunity to make it big.'




    • unclejoe1917

      I read an article a few months ago about a girl who grew up in a homeless shelter that is now attending Harvard. It isn't magically handed to you. You have to want it and you have work for it. So, yes, everyone does have an opportunity to make it big.

      • no they dont, the poor girl was just lucky as hell, go talk to some middle – low class people and ull see they have the talent but not the cahs/luck that is needed….

        • unclejoe1917

          Homeless to Harvard you jerkoff. Think about that for a second. You think that was luck??? No, she busted her ass in noisy, dangerous shelters. To sit there and call her lucky is damn insult to what she accomplished. If she were middle or low class, she would have been in an infinitely better situation. I am a middle/low class person myself and you know what? I busted my butt, paid for community college out of my own pocket, got great grades and now I have a chance to attend an Ivy League school. So screw you if you want to sit there and call what she or I have done luck. The only thing I consider lucky is that I was born in a capitalist society where this kind of upward mobiliy is possible. You can take luck and shove it, you piece of crap.

          • ulmflb

            She couldn't make it without hard work. But that is not enough. She needs luck, tons of it. She needed not to get sick. She needed to be in the right country. She needed to find the good scholarship. She needed a lot of things.
            Nobody can say that Dhoah Thoan is not a hard worker. You can bet that you don't know anyone that work as hard as he does. But he was born in Sudan, and all his hard work can keep his son from starving to death. Pedro Jimenez could have make it, that was a hard working SOB. But he was legally shot by a racist Texan landowner who claimed that he was trespassing when he was crossing the border…
            I'm not saying that the girl you talked about has no merit and owned everything to luck. I'm not saying that you own everything to luck. But without luck, in the system that you preach for, everything is impossible. Human beings live in society to have a better and more easy life. Solidarity is in human nature. Not wanting to pay taxes to aid people in need, is not being smarter or having a better understanding of the world, it's just being a greedy and selfish bastard. Just see a world map, which countries have the biggest standard of living? The longest and more healthy life? It's easy, it's certainly not in the US. It's in the countries where they pay the biggest taxes!

        • That is the reply of someone who shudders at the idea of working as hard as the girl did in order to get what you want. Instead, you declare her "lucky" whine that everyone else gets lucky but you, demand handouts and join the choruses of others like you who believe everything should be given to them. You are the epitome of the state of class warfare in our society.

          • Y'allrdummmkay?

            Garrett York: pray that we never meet. Pray. UncleJoe: Community college dun good fer yoo too! Now, while you were busting your ass and that little girl was beating off sex offenders at night some fuckup drug-addict trust-fund baby goes to an Ivy League school for free because fat-cat daddyo buys it for him.

            Fact: Harvard accepts less than ten percent of applicants, but it accepts over FIFTY percent of legacy applications (students whose parents are alumna). This is common among Ivy League schools, so good job deluding yourself. It will take a hell of a lot of LUCK to get into ANY Ivy League or even almost ivy league schools with your whopping demographic background and impressive community college transcript.

            Ironically, probably what would help you (and helped our ladyfriend) most are the same "hand-out" programs suchlike affirmative action and diversity admissions that you criticize so viciously.

            Yet another reason why: Joe is an idiot. You're neck-and-neck with Rob Dedicated to Ignorance and Please Garrote York

      • Steve

        Well chief, my younger brother has severe autism. He certainly has no opportunity to make it big.

  • Mark

    "…Left-wing politicians like to claim that an extensive, expensive welfare system is the only way to provide a safety net for the poor…"

    The majority of Left-wing politicians are still capitalist.

  • ShowMeYourAnger

    The internet intellectuals have arrived…

    • Mark

      And so have the trolls…

  • Danny

    Capitalism is not perfect, it is far from it. But it is factually the best economic solution we have currently come up with so far. lets hear some inventive ideas from the list comments that have a better economic platform that would create the perfect utopia.

    • TheGanjaGuru

      A socialist democracy driven by a capitalist economy that is regulated by both a loose collation government and very strong trade unions. Taxes are high, however, not much higher than they are now. The concept of trickle down is widely accepted as silly as everyone now knows that a tree must be take water from its roots, not its leaves. The citizens have rallied together to cut back on defense spending and excessive pay for government officials, and the very wealthy now share a proportionate amount of the tax burden. As a result higher education and medical care is available at no extra cost to all citizens (of course everyone still pays for it via taxation). Quality of life for everyone improves, and everyone is still free to start their own business and spend their money on flashy electronics and name brand clothes.

      Stop thinking in terms of singular, sometimes mixing couple mediocre ideas together can make for a decent result.

      • lol, trade unions… because they worked soooo well for GM

        • Rob:Dumb

          Rob, stop writing, forever.

  • Mark

    Number one is pretty poor as well. Sweden… Norway… Capitalist?

    And HDI rankings don't lie…

    • bacanaso

      yup Sweden is the 14th most economically free nation in the world, and Denmark is in the top ten, despite them having social programs.

      • Mark

        Yeah, and they're the lowest ranked Scandanavian countries in the HDI. Where's Norway, who's currently number 1?

        • bacanaso

          I checked again for this year, and Sweden is in 21, and Norway is in 37, which is still moderately free.

          • Mark

            Thank you for the link (Christmas Day, too lazy to do research). But judging on that you must see a level of merit in my argument.

            Don't forget, socialism is different from state-controlled assets. No-one would call Zimbabwe socialist because socialism by name and nature involves socially-minded policies. That distinction is not made in that index.

          • bacanaso

            Hi I do see the difference between a state controlled asset and a social capital network of people interacting to achieve a goal in society. The latter is permitted to exist an grow in a free market economy. I'm not sure where you wanted that distinction in the index, the way I see it the categories are very reasonable. Even nations that one would consider as "socialist" rank up pretty high in that list like Denmark, that is in the top ten.

          • Mark033

            I didn't want a distinction in the index, I'm just making the point that state-control isn't always for the stated good of the people (and therefore not really socialist).

            On second inspection Australia is third (?) which is perplexing for me. I don't know exactly what the index supposedly takes into consideration (I haven't read about it) but I'm thinking that it must be more along the lines of corruption and transparency because Australia definitely has social leanings (public healthcare, public education).

            Here's some tax rates to give you an idea (again, I haven't done any research but I'm assuming that they're going to be relatively high):

            And the 10% GST on most goods and services is what pays for healthcare infrastructure.

            N.B. I'm Australian

            Also note, I'm Mark (this is the account I only realized I had just recently).

  • mackayles

    10. Health – Yeah that's great I can buy some strawberries that haven't been sprayed with chemicals. But what good did that do for me when my wrist was broken and I had no health insurance?

    9. Social Good- First off the police are paid for by the tax payers, they are NOT private companies and are impacted by the sluggish economy which Capitalism is the heart. Or have you not heard about the hiring freezes and layoffs across the country?

    Further more of course there are jobs that benefit society, that was just lazy writing on your part. But it's extremely naive to say that "The bottom line is that no matter the job; highly or poorly paid, glamorous or dirty, competitive or ‘easy’; everyone can have the satisfaction that they, as much as the well-known public figures, are doing their bit for society." when you know damn well that there are people that scam and rip off as many people as they can. And in doing so harm people that would otherwise be contributing to society.

    8. Equality- That's more of a "Give it up for the Constitution!" thing. If it weren't for the Constitution declaring us all equal, certain groups of our society could easily be…oh, what's that word we had that big war about? Oh yeah, slaves.

    7. Human Nature- Are you saying that the military invented things in WWII out of greed to win a war that they didn't start not to ignore Pearl Harbor or stop a mad man that wanted to rule the world? You ignorant jerk! Necessity is the mother of invention, not greed. But yeah competition in an open market is what Capitalism is so, again lazy writing again.

    6. Being the Best- I dare you to go to a homeless shelter and have a serious talk with some of the people there and then tell them what you wrote.

    5. Freedom- Yeah, you're right it's that most of us took it all for granted and people don't grow up disadvantaged, they just didn't want it enough.

    4. Built on Democracy- You were really digging on this one.

    3. Growth- By "growth" you mean the load you just dropped in your pants, right?

    2. Viable Alternatives- So you're saying if we use some form of stricter regulation the companies that couldn't hack it would leave? Sign me up.

    1. Happiness- Yes, it is very nice that we're happy. Maybe it's all of the prescription medicine offered on the Free-Market.

    Summation- The list could have been a lot shorter if Jed and Rachael had just written the definition of Capitalism.

    • unclejoe1917

      If you want to hate our health care system, move to Mexico you idiot. You'll be begging to break your wrist here. Whatever you do, please don't ever vote. BTW, I also broke my wrist without health insurance and I still got amazing care and was able to pay for it later as I was able.

      • sevendarkdays

        If you don't like it you can just geeet out. — South Park Redneck

        • unclejoe1917

          No, asswipe. People need to appreciate the quality of care that we do have here before they start screwing around saying ridiculous things about how great they have it in some craphole like Cuba. Thinking like that will eventually turn this country into, well, a craphole like Cuba. And yes, if you don't like living in the richest, most successful country in the world, I do welcome you to try living somewhere else for a while to see what you think of the US then.
          "You'll work harder with a gun in your back for a bowl of rice a day" —if you want to make clever pop culture references.

          • mackayles

            Well if it were such a crap hole, I don't think they would have the lowest population of HIV/AIDS patients. And arguing the size of the population is out of the question. Considering it is a "crap hole" they would be a lot worse off than us. I love the United States and I am proud that I am American, but that shouldn't mean that I blindly follow the direction in which I am told to follow. Aren't those the people we're trying to protect ourselves from? If anything the recent recession should have shown us that Capitalism is a Millionaire's Club form of Socialism. Big companies sank, the fed(which isn't a run by the govt. anymore and dictates everything concerning the value of the dollar) saved them. Little companies fell, well that's it, they fell and people's dreams died. That's great that you know who the Dead Kennedys are but they were talking about Pol Pot who was a horrible dictator, listen to the song more and maybe you'll hear the stuff that's sung about how ignorant Americans can be. Grow up and stop looking at the world in black and white, or rather Dallas and the Giants or what ever team you're rooting for(I don't pay attention to sports).

          • Joe, reallyquitedumb

            Your idiocy is so immense that i have to note: "richest" country would be China or Japan, either of which own more of the United States than the United States does, incidentally, because we owe almost every country in the world between billions and trillions of dollars, which is why we'll be choking on their lead-lined toys until our children grow antlers and glow in the dark.

            Second, healthcare reform is definitely something we desperately need. Higher taxes we may not like, but what we could do is spend just say two hundred billion dollars less each year on our military budget, meaning that we'd cut it by less than half (the rest of the world combined doesn't match our investment yearly) and every American citizen would not only have free healthcare but free higher education as well, so people like you could finally learn how to read.

          • mackayles

            Were you calling me an idiot? Because I agree with what you said about our foreign debt and health care reform.

      • Wheeee I looooove free health care! You guys don't know what you're missing.

      • mackayles

        I was citing an example of when I actually did break my wrist, 2 years ago. On the job, they said since it happened on the street and not in the building they didn't have to cover it. And they didn't offer health insurance to begin with. But I guess that's the risk you run being a bouncer while walking someone to their car and then get jumped by drunks(that's sarcasm). Why would I go to Mexico and beg for my wrist to be broken, that's idiotic. Whatever you do, please don't tell people not to vote, it's ignorant. You should really really think about how other people have it, instead of just assuming people are receive equal treatment in this country.

    • NonThinkingThinkingMan

      I'm on lunch break and don't have much time to comment, but your first one, the health care problem, who do you think first made health care expensive? Capitalistic pigs? In the US, health insurance companies have a profit margin of merely 2-3% (maybe even 4? I can't remember) I would hardly call the exploitation. In fact, that matches many GROCERY STORES.

      Want to blame someone? Why not look at government? Who sets up laws so that insurance companies can be sued much more easily than you can order hot coffee from a drive through window (tort reform?). Who banned interstate commerce for insurance among states? Who introduced Medicare/Medicaid which has proven time and time again to inflate medical costs because 1. some people game the system pretty well and 2. the federal government stiffs doctors on payments?

      Note also: I said SOME game the system. Some meaning a small quantity. Most people are honest, but it only takes a small percentage of people to royally mess it up for everyone else.

      The answer to these questions is the same as the answer to this question: Who allows crony capitalism?

      Capitalism is the greatest thing we've ever seen, just look at your computer you are using for evidence. Too many corrupt people have let capitalism take the blame for their wickedness though.

      • mackayles

        2-4% doesn't seem like a lot…unless it's 2-4% of billions of dollars. Not to mention that that's PROFIT! Which doesn't include the millions of dollars in bonus's given out each year. And yeah, you're right. It's not like any politicians or their staffers/lobbyists that influenced any legislation could have worked for any of the companies that benefit the most before they ran for office, I mean that's just ludicrous.

        On your note also: Well maybe we should spend more money investigating fraudulent claims than spending money for ad space for the military on NBA games. Only idiots watch a commercial and want to join the military, do we really want more idiots in our military.(I have two cousins in the army one of them is an idiot)

        • NonThinkingThinkingMan


          I'm a little confused by your reply. Are you saying 2-4% is a lot in this case because we're dealing with billions of dollars? I bet you any major computer manufacturer can match those sales numbers and boast of an even higher profit margin. Is that evil? Let's stick with grocery stores. How much food do you think people buy a year? I bet it's in the billions. Are they evil from profiting off of peoples' needs to eat? Also, do you not value health insurance enough to reward people for giving you great service? What's that? Not getting great service? See original post please.

          Or your bonus part. What's wrong with a bonus on money earned (assuming it's earned in a fair, mutual exchange type of transaction where there is no legislative hand tilting the scales). Do you not give yourself a bonus? Do you buy yourself a nice 6 pack of beer occasionally? Perhaps take a vacation? What percentage of your income are these "luxury" items? Should the money you spend be scrutinized because you are "profiting" from it? Do you save money? If it's your money, and you didn't steal it from someone else, who cares (assuming you are not harming/violating anyone else in your spending of it)? I say more power to you, live life to the fullest and do what you want with it. Wanna fly to Mexico? Go for it! Wanna go first class? Damn, I envy you, enjoy it though.

          Your military part I can agree with. I don't want to get into current events with this but basically I believe we should have a military, but only for protecting our citizens, not being stretched out as much as we are now. Yet, who decides on these wars that we are constantly involved in? You can easily point the finger at both parties, which leads us back to my original argument.

          I hope you have yourself a great Christmas and enjoy the fruits and profits of your labor (buy your idiot cousin a beer for me, too).

          • mackayles


            Yes I am saying 2-4% is a lot when you're talking billions of dollars. Last time I checked groceries were affordable and people don't die with out computers(yet). How can I value health insurance I don't have? More importantly how can my mom value it when she doesn't have it and has renal disease? She's worked hard her whole life and got injured on the job, she got fired because she couldn't work. And the doctor they sent her to said she was fine but the doctor she got a second opinion from said her knee was blown for good. The company she worked for ignored the claims. She lost her house and now stays at a shelter and occasionally my house or my aunts. So what great service are you talking about? Doctors do crap like that because they get stiffed by the government but Doctors took an oath to help and not harm people. I can't think of any other profession that swears to help people but will ignore them if they aren't getting paid enough.

            On the bonus part, Do you really believe that those bonuses are given out based on good performance, not the title you hold within the company? There's nothing wrong with a bonus if it's appropriate but getting enough money in a bonus to buy a summer house is a bit nauseating. Especially if we're going to mention the auto and banking industries. Sorry I'm losing focus right now I'm going to stop.

            You have a good Christmas too.

    • betterstill

      Mack, great comments. Unclejoe is still an idiot and the wouldbe thinker is close enough to say "dumb."

      For your information, the best thing I have ever seen would be three things: the Bodhi tree and NinaZed's breasts, which are both amazing – in part because they have different nipples.

      • much better

        p.s. 4% of 100 billion is still four billion dollars, when a grocery store makes four billions dollars in its lifetime, you let me know. Further: insurance is the biggest scam ever! You are betting the company that something bad will happen to you, so you pay them money (less of which is usually considered bad) so that if something does happen, you can get some money to fix it! Of course, most often nothing will happen to you, especially if you're neurotically cautious, meaning that your whole life you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on insurance of every type and outside of health insurance how often do you even get the payout?

        They wouldn't be in business if they weren't scamming us for profits and profit by itself actually is a bad thing – think about it.

        • NonThinkingThinkingMan

          If insurance is such a scam, shouldn't you have the option of not buying it?

          I believe in this case though, you are referring to LIFE insurance as opposed to HEALTH insurance, which was what most of the discussion for the past 2 or so years has been about.

          It can only be a scam if you are mandated to pay it without choice. Then you are unwillingly throwing your money into something you don't want (say, for example, a government mandate that made you purchase health insurance, even if you are healthy and only 18 years old and have no money).

          The biggest scam ever though would probably be social security/medicare/medicaid. Through politicians buying the vote and appeasement, the unfunded liabilities of these three excellent examples now exceeds the entire annual GDP of the planet. Scary?

          • Kiwi

            You don't live in a country with free health care do you? Because it works pretty well.

          • NonThinkingThinkingMan


            Actually, I do. I hate it. Sure, it's cheap (from my end of the expenses that is, I don't know what goes on in the "insurance" financial office. I would suspect mountains of debt, just like the rest of the world), but I can't see a doctor when I want to. I can't go to any hospital I want to. When I go to the hospital, which I have done many times because I have almost died of an asthma attack, I usually have to wait about 8 or 9 hours for help. Ever wait 8 or 9 hours for help when you can't breath?

            Pregnant women have died in ambulances here because they couldn't find a hospital that had the room to help them.

            Meanwhile, many old people here abuse the system and use the ambulance as a free taxi to get to the downtown/city area.

            Go to the doctors here and you get bombarded with medicine, some which really have nothing to do with your illness because, hey, it's free, why not?

            I've noticed I've countered a lot of the objections here, but I have yet to see a counter to what I've said. No matter how you look at it, (addressing Mac again), health insurance would go a whole lot smoother if politicians got out of the way and people were allowed to make contracts with each other. If a health insurance performed badly (or banks or any other "too big to fail" business for that matter) they should simply be allowed to fail and a better run business should take its place.

            Anyway, I must go offline for a while. My mother is coming to visit me, I haven't seen her in 4 months and I won't be here. Regardless of your political/economic philosophies, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

          • Kiwi


            I can only say that if those are the conditions of your country, then the system does not work. However, this is more to do with corruption, greed, and lack of resources in the case of the ambulance, rather than an inherent flaw in the system. While I recognize that you have responded to my post, I must say that you did not argue against government run health care systems in general, merely the deplorable conditions in your own country. And to contrast your experiences, mine have been mostly positive, or at least as positive as they can be considering that I was at the hospital. Wait times here vary from zero if the patient is at risk of dying, to three hours, if it is a relatively minor matter, such as broken bones. As for the pregnant women, and old women using the ambulance as a taxi, I have never heard of such a thing. And the pills being shoved in your face, again, I have never had such a problem.

            However, in general, if run properly and well, as yours is clearly not, a government run health care system can work, if only because the people demand it. If the people will vote against a political party that runs a poor and corrupt health care system, they can be voted out. This gives the government an incentive to run such a system. If you were mistreated by health care, and the government runs and refuses to reform that system, kick them out! It is also in the governments best interest to keep you a healthy, tax-paying member of society, as they will incur more funds for their government: Your health is their gain.

            In a private system, for profit, however, their is no incentive to actually help people: They make money by getting people to pay for health care, and they lose money when people actually need it. They also have the power and resources to hire lawyers to word contracts in such a way that they can terminate them if a patient gets sick. They also do not provide health care to those who cannot pay for it, and as far as I'm concerned, they should. They are not particularly accountable, as they are privatized.

            I can here you saying right now, a company will come along that offers good care and the people will flock to it. As far as I've heard, it hasn't happened yet. The companies don't need to change; they already make billions upon billions of dollars. Their system works for them, and that's about as much as they need to know. I would also be willing to guess that if such a provider did arise from the mists, it would be quickly crushed by those giants already in place.

            Now, in terms of actual systems, I am not saying that government run health care is the only way, I merely think it best. If a private system works, and that provider does rise from the mists, then I have no problem with it. But those that I have heard of do not work. They do not help people get the health care they payed for, they merely ditch them when they get sick. I could see a system wherein those who wish covered by the government are, and those who wish to be covered by private providers can be. This way the two systems could compete, one of the prime tenets of capitalism. They dig up dirt about the other, and the winner gets the patients. Your system sounds terrible, but that is merely such a system gone wrong, and does not disprove the idea of such systems.

            I hope that one of us has finally countered you, and I look forward to your thoughts on the matter in future posts.

            I hope, all differences aside, that your health care changes, and that you and your mother have a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the hospital, because I GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS FROM ALL THIS TYPING!

  • augaritte

    what capitalism roughly is the gender economic rule as the basis of what was founded and imposed by means of selling of the liberties by those known as the ”elite” on top of the pyramid…………………of which the many theories taken upon to influence of what is part of conditioning the human to adhere to which is to control the masses………………………………..the human is only capable of so much WHICH RESTS ON THE MIND.

  • UberNuber

    What a biased list.
    Who ever wrote this should be put on some kind of probation for further "contributions" to the site.
    This is an embarrassment for all countries with capitalistic aspects.
    We've seen the fall of communism, and we're living through the fall of capitalism.

    • bacanaso

      more so corporatism, the last time capitalism was even tried was 100 years ago.

    • NonThinkingThinkingMan

      We're seeing the fall of CRONY capitalism. What we have now is nothing like capitalism at all.

      Capitalism now is the scape goat of the corrupt.

  • buburuzu

    you don't really understand how capitalism works now, do you ? maybe you should catch up on your reading there

  • br0ck

    this list is too capitalistic

    • Mr Ma

      This comment is too-Brocky.

  • Kyle

    What an incredibly shallow list. There are a million things wrong here but since its 540 and I still haven't fallen asleep i'll only cover a few blatant ones.

    I can buy anything… for a price. Har har! Considering that I want to become a hard working public school teacher I guess that means most everything will be out of my price range. But I can be happy that I can at least buy a Lamborghini on paper!

    But of course under capitalism the CEO who sinks his company just in time to collect in bonus is going to make several hundred times more money than I'll ever make. That CEO totally deserves more than the people who people in an honest days work.

    Also capitalism can give us health, at the cost of our standard of living. Some Americans have the "best health care in the world", but America spends more on health care as percentage of GDP than pretty much any other country in the world. And even then an unacceptably large percentage of our population doesn't get decent health care. So much for health.

    Now for "viable alternatives". Capitalism is still a relatively young economic system, as mature capitalist country's have only started to emerge in the past 150 years (feudalism existed for over 1000 years). Marx always thought socialism would emerge in mature capitalist country's, to this point it has only been tried in largely feudal and agricultural country's (china had essentially no working class to speak of during its Maoist revolution). Socialism has never actually been tried in the place where it was meant to succeed.

    This list is a joke.

    • Armin Tamzarian

      Yeah, healthcare is a scam in the US. I heard you pay like 6000 dollars per year.

      I, living in Belgium, pay 150 euro's per year. That's about 200 USD. And that's full coverage: when I have to go to the hospital, a big part of my bill is still covered, regardless of length of hospitalisation, plus I have an own risk of about 50 euro. When I was still living in the Netherlands, I payed about 600 euro (ca. 800 USD) per year, with the same benefits, only a bigger (ca, 150 euro) own risk. And then i got about half my annual payments back in taxcuts and subsidies.

      So, suck on that, capitalism.

      • Arsnl

        "I, living in Belgium"
        you already lost on that statement

        • Arsnl'sanidiot

          That's called proper English. Good job, you are an idiot. Here's your idiot award.

      • unclejoe1917

        I don't see many people in the world worshipping your country and dreaming that someday they will make it big in Belgium. Let me know when your country matters for anything. You are like France's annoying little brother. Suck on that, Belgium.

        • Arsnl

          Said the guy that drinks belgian beer :))

        • Armin Tamzarian

          As i've said, i've lived in the Netherlands for a long time too. You know, the country that scores good on virtually every facet of living standards. And still, 1/10th of the price for healthinsurance compared to the US.

          European socialism isn't so bad. It has all the pro's of capitalism, and non of the con's.

        • Arsnlstilldumb, joe2

          Belgium rocks, it's beautiful and most people speak the same language I do in addition to several others. Maybe I'm just a sucker for accents, but for some reason being able to communicate effectively with people from different language groups seems important for some reason…

          i.e. when imbeciles like Arsnl try to insult a fellow who learned English after his own native tongue for applying proper grammar to his statement when Arsnl obviously cannot.

    • sevendarkdays

      Not really like english is his first language.

      And as for worshipping and dreaming of making it big in the US… have you checked your standing abroad?
      Just in case you missed it, half the world kinda hates you.

      • unclejoe1917

        People with little always hate those with a lot. It's not so much hatred as jealousy. Our lower middle class is wealthier than 90% of the world. Capitalism works.

        • Joe-americanidiot

          Joe, please stop embarrassing yourself. There is no "lower-middle-class." There are poor people, like you, who will never make enough money to pay three women to have intercourse with you at once – and there are rich people, like Lee Richard Raymond, who got a retirement (including bonus) of over 160 million dollars from ExxonMobil who at eighty will still be able to buy little boys from your trailer park to take naughty pictures of and never once face a charge.

          Your superficial materialism is sickening. Walk into traffic.

    • Eugene

      Good Luck with your teaching. I taught for many years, and just lost my job. I have never missed anything so much in my whole life.

      • Thanks again Eugene

        Sorry to hear that Eugene, that's relevant. Seriously – that type of support between people is what people need these days more than ever. Just because you got sh!tcanned doesn't mean you'll stop teaching though – but you didn't need me to tell you that. :)

  • FishInATank

    If this list was correct, the world would be a better place:

    In the most capitalistic countries, there is no equality and freedom.
    When you are born in a poor family, you chance to benefit from capitalism is not that high. Better schools are more expensive and statistics say that rich people visit their doctors four times often than poor people.
    I'm from germany and those facts refer to the countries actual situation. It's simply not fair.
    We don't have a strong left-wing party. We have party called "the left" but their political importance is so low because they always make bad publicity of themselves, they are not taken serious.
    The actual social party isn't doing very social politics, even though they are in opposition against a liberal and christian party.

    so far

  • David

    I don`t like Capitalism or Communism. With Capitalism, it`s all, "me, me, me." And sod everyone else, I`ll put myself first." And puts the individual before everyone else. And Communism, well, we`ve all seen North Korea, with it`s "Socialist Paradise," where Kim Jong Il lives in a palace, while North Koreans live in poverty. This-"Communism makes all equal," is just bullshit. I saw the old Romania under Ceausecu and to say that all people under Communism are equal is just absurd. It`s fascism for me I`m afraid. A strong leader, anti-capitalist, anti-communist, nationalism, mulitarism. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. And you can call me a Nazi.

  • oouchan

    At first I thought the list was a joke, but then I would have to say this isn't a joke, since it's filed under People and Politics and not Entertainment.
    This list doesn't sit too well with me as some of those items can be found elsewhere, not just to capitalism. As well, equality doesn't fit in with the capitalism ideology. As for happiness….I think that is more subjective.

    Not liking this list as anything but a joke. If misfiled, then funny list.

    • bacanaso

      equality does not fit well with capitalism? have you not seen all of the people irrespective of their ethnicity that have been able to uplift theirselves from poverty?

      Or does equality adheres to communism? where everyone is equally miserable?

      • bacanasolikespoopies

        Bacan – you almost did a good thing. Except that you were an idiot instead. As I denoted in another comment under some other witty moniker: capitalism can not be equal and those that escape poverty to become wealthy or fall from wealth into poverty are the exceptions that prove the rule.

        You being a racist does not mean that capitalism represents, enables or endorses equality of any kind.

        And again, given that we have no real communist states and misery is a subjective state you aren't qualified to measure we'll just have to settle for this instead: you are an idiot.

        Equality can exist, it's when I move my ass so somebody else can sit next to me while we wait for a train. It's when I drop my hat and somebody else hands it to me with a smile. Equality is very much a state of mind, it's being able to tell the boss he's an asshole without fear of losing your job, home, food and reputation. Communism may offer that, and in theory communism would foster some forms of equality, politically speaking, but whether or not that is the case neither validates capitalism as synonymous with equality nor excuses the shitty system we are now subjected to.

  • Teecee

    I am truly amazed by the negative comments. While I believe the list title should be "Benefits of a Free Market", it is true that the items on the list are indeed unique to an economy based on capitalism. While capitalism doesn't guaranty (necessarily) any of these things, it surely makes them all possible; more possible than any other economic system. If you look at the average life-span and average income, capitalistic counties exceed all others by far. Is there potential for abuse? Yes. But in what system is there not? The key to determining if the capitalistic system is the best is to look at what the people of the world are trying to escape in order to embrace. Statistically seeking, no one is fleeing from capitalistic countries to go to where it is less free.

    • Teecee:alsoanidiot

      Teecee: you are also an idiot, congratulations. Do please end your life quickly, perhaps by contracting radiation poisoning from some blowback from a hydrofracked gas-well.

      Happiness is unique to a capitalist society? Are you for real right now? Writing has existed longer and poetry about happiness has existed longer also – too bad those fools didn't know that they couldn't invent happiness without capitalism!

      Health too, nobody was healthy before capitalism, that's why humans who were hunter-gatherers based on tribal dynamics went extinct tens of thousands of years ago and there are no more humans today. Does that make sense? No, and it isn't supposed to – i only mention it because you are probably too stupid to notice my point.

      You are a fecking imbecile, like many others – so feel glad that you blend in so well with the rest of the crowd. Really, good job. Read a book.

      Please, for the love of all things: read something intelligent, that cites sound sources (you'll notice the words are smaller and there are many more numbers on the page than its own, these may seem to correlate to even tinier words at the bottom of the page, or in another strange and placeless section at the back of the book). There may not be any pretty pictures, but believe it or not that's actually a good thing. A picture is only worth a thousand words if you know a thousand words to describe the picture.

      • Kiwi

        Sir, you are an idiot. While the points that you raise are valid, you simply make yourself look like a fool by calling others idiots, imbeciles and morons. You may not like their view, and you may counter it, but relying on this type of ad hominem attack simply makes anyone who agrees with you look like an ass. Please stop posting.

  • Dwarfi

    Great List and well written. All of what you have written is true, although maybe not always true in practice like the equality point. Would be nice to have a list that also gives the disadvantages of capitalism. Awesome list though :)

    • youareanidiotdwarf

      Please eat a ball of barbed wire, then untangle it inside you and floss your digestive system with it. This is obviously an awesome list because every point is a joke illustrating how rampant capitalism and consumerism has destroyed our culture as a civilization – which is now just a throng of thralls.

  • Wow, there so many errors in this list. First off, if you consume more than you produce, the wealth is going away from you… And in capitalism, you only get chances if you're able to take chances. The weak and the dumb are left behind, because they're essentially useless to the system.

    But I do admit, I'd rather have capitalism over communism…

    • bacanaso

      If you produce more than you consume, are you wealthier? not at ALL. If all you do is produce and do not consume, you are otherwise known as a serf. If you consume, without the need to produce so much, you are a very wealthy person. You got it backwards my friend.

  • Armin Tamzarian

    This list is written from a very simplistic vision of capitalism. In the real world, you don't always get payed in proportion to your work. Eloquence, looks, mannerisms and much more factors play a large role in one's ability to climb the social ladder.

    Also, in the real world, people don't always play by the rules. Just look at a Madoff, or a Ponzi.

    Lastly, in the real world not everyone is born equal. Some people are born with disabilities, both physical and mentally. Maybe they want to work harder than everyone else, but they just can't show that. Should we just let those people rot in an alley? If that were the case, I wouldn't be happy regardless of how much money I would have. I'd rather live in a poor community, than an inhumane one.

    Tl;dr: In theory, in a perfect place, this would all be correct. But seeing that we don't live in a perfect world, we'll have to make do with what we got.

    • allyb10

      I agree completely. Since I live in the US, I can definitely confirm that the capitalist system is not perfect. I also agree with everyone that said that this better be a tongue-in-cheek list, because otherwise there are a lot of flaws with the writers' logic.

  • astraya

    Wanted: one volunteer to write a list called "top 10 greatest benefits of communism". Your time starts – now!

    • Arsnl

      dammit i feel tempted in writing such a list.
      Item number one:
      huge ass useless monuments and buildings: ryugyong hotel, etc etc etc
      item number 2: less options to choose from (eg when shopping ) so that makes people happier;

  • I don't think anyone can argue that capitalism is a viable system, but it needs restraints. Laissez-faire capitalism is a failure simply because of greed and fear. We've seen the havoc that no government regulation can bring.
    And capitalism in the US (I won't speak for others) isn't just capitalism. It's corporatism. Dirty, evil, sneaky. Corporations that abuse their power and hurt the people are NOT aspects of a "free market" and they are NOT people. The sooner people realize that, the better off we will be.

    • CBR is cool

      Alakazam! Somebody's been practicing their psychic powers of mind-reading! Corporate personhood was the death knell of American politics – good job Honest-Idiot-Abe.

  • who wrote this BS? pls take this down its so full of degrading (morally) and senseless information. im sorry but this seems like a very heavily doctored document, like the CIA wanting americans who are dying because of the healthcare BS to be happy about it… weve seen the evidence this list is fake as hell….

    • Thanksforthinking

      good job

  • jeffthemaori

    Is it just me or does it seem like the more capitalistic a country becomes, the population becomes fatter and lazier?

    • unclejoe1917

      A lazy individual will starve to death in a purely capitalistic society. In capitalism, you have to earn your fat, so to speak.

    • Is it just me or does it seem like the more socialist a country becomes, the population becomes more likely to spend hours a day plowing a field and still starving?

      • Eyeswiderolled

        Rob, you are still an idiot and that comb-over is not attractive, shave that, or wear a hat. Please, it's for your own good.

        When you actually know what it is to work – in a field or anywhere else, you can come back and share your piece. Until then: shut up and worry about how you can fix your hair, name and general level of intellectual acuity.

      • Mark

        I won't make any sweeping generalisations (one is enough for today) but maybe you shouldn't believe the crap you see on TV and get told by politicians about how socialist countries really work/ed.

        A case in point, Ethiopia isn't socialist (nor is it capitalist) but Cuba is.

  • some guy

    You call out communism for not working, and then publish a list about capitalism that focuses entirely on how it works in theory. Also, "freedom" entails not being able to go where you want to? The author is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

  • Greg

    nice try U.S. Government

  • OutOfBounds

    I actually enjoyed this list quite alot, but I was hoping for something more “Christmas-ie”.

  • brundula

    are you f***** kidding me ?!??!?!

    • santa

      Sadly no, this list does indeed suck much!

  • Sam

    To all the whiners that feel this list is extremely flawed, funny, or outright propaganda: What other utopia do you recommend? Don't tell me socialism/communism, those don't work at all.

    • Mark

      We can disagree with this list and still believe that capitalism is an adequate social and financial system. As I said above, what got me was the implicit digs at socialists (and I'm using that term very broadly to include "Left-wing politicians", see point 6) and then the "proof" that capitalism is a system that works that really shows that socialist states actually keep their citizens quite happy.

    • allyb10

      Sadly, you are correct. Humans are imperfect, so it is impossible for us to create a perfect system or society. End of story.

      While I will admit that there are advantages to capitalism (and I am generally happy living in the US), some of the "facts" on this list are overstated, in my opinion. For one thing, having money to buy products contributes to happiness, but it certainly isn't the CAUSE of happiness. That is, unless we are talking about a person that is 100% motivated by greed, which isn't the case universally, even in capitalist countries. And that's just to argue with one of the points on the list…

      • I think that Americans are happy not because they have allot of money, its the fact that, with hard work, they can buy whatever it is they want. Its rather liberating to think that average guys like you or me can become millionaires.

        • Eddy

          Absolutely no average guy can become a millionaire without stealing or without the aid of another millionaire. End of story.

          • Still rolling

            Eddy is correct. Rob is still an idiot. It would be nice to think that which is why it's what you're told – but it isn't true. Just like Jeanne Niceass lied when she said she couldn't meet up with you because she was doing homework or helping her sick aunt – it's because she thought you were an idiot and she was right.

        • Mark

          The American Dream, Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism are all false, and the sooner you arrogant Americans understand that the better.

  • vanowensbody

    Great list – for starting comments.

    Based on the comments here – clearly the shine has gone off the all American brand name called Capitalism.

    If you had published a list like this one in say – 1960, or even 1970 or 1980, you might have different comments. US Capitalism for the last 30 years has been moving us backwards to the 1890's-1910's where income (wealth) is concentrated with the very few at the top. Huge disparity in wealth is many things, but it is not good for a society of people. Just look at history and see where it leads. It is never good.

    • Zagster

      The folks living in mobile home parks have big screen TV's and a car these days. The middle class and the poor are not worse off today than they were in the 60s or 70s.

      I'd rather have $100,000 with a neighbor who has $1,000,000 than have $10,000 with a neighbor who has $100,000. I swear, some of you would rather have the $10,000 because your neighbor would only be $90K richer as opposed to $900K richer.

      • unclejoe1917

        That was a great comment. I regret that I could only give you one thumb up.

  • Mrs. Antichrist

    The first world owes its high quality of life to mixed market economies, actually — the free market isn't the only factor, although it is important. The wealthiest nations with the highest standards of living (the US, Canada, etc.) tend to be the ones that balance out a large private sector with a modest public sector. The industries that fall within each sector vary from country to country, but ultimately, the key factor is balance — you've got to mix and match what works and try to eliminate the parts that don't. For example, having a private sector creates jobs and stimulates the economy, while providing a free K-12 education gives people the skills needed to find meaningful employment and become contributing members of society.

    Yay for mixed political/economic systems.

    • Eyeroller

      Thanks for that, balance is nice. I like to balance my genocidal private militaries with k-12 inculcation to inaccurate representations of my country's history and practices – especially those concerning human rights or environmental responsibility, because I'm sure there's a lot of MEANING in building intentionally obsolete gas-guzzlers for GM year after year while I develop melonoma.

      p.s. somebody fix your fecking spell-check ffs.

      • Mrs. Antichrist

        Nice straw man you've constructed there. Next time, try addressing what I actually said — that mixed market economies tend to breed a higher standard of living — instead of putting words in my mouth. I never said a lack of environmental regulations or over-inflated military spending are good things, and I challenge you to direct me to where I said anything concerning the quality of history classes in public schools. If I had been referring to anything other than quality of life/standard of living, I would have said so.

        For fuck's sake, I'm AGAINST hard capitalism and political conservatism for precisely the reasons you listed.

  • Arsnl

    The conclusion to this list:
    Go china go!

  • The Annoyed Elephant

    I love how you socialists and communists here are berating capitalism… on computers and network equipment that would have been impossible were it not for capitalism.

    • agar

      I second Mark, why would it have been impossible? Scientific experimentation occurred long before capitalism was developed and it still exists in societies without it.

    • ulmflb

      Well, we are communicating in the world wide web, which was developed by the CERN, a public institution. And ARPANET was a military development, paid with tax dollars. The computers and the network equipment you consider to be an example of the benefits of capitalism are the result of governmental led R&D. Its "-ism" is more "social" than "capital" actually!

    • TheGanjaGuru

      Are you an idiot? All of the things you have just listed as being forged by capitalism were technologies developed by the government during the cold war. Very socialist if you ask me.

    • Mark


    • The Annoyed Elephant

      I like how you guys all twitch at the thought of something not being accomplished by the government.

      The computers you're using were built using technology developed by one of 2 companies: IBM or Apple. You paid for those computers with money you got in exchange for working (I'm presuming you're not a bunch of thieves). Those computers connect to the Internet (an entity that remained shrouded in secrecy until the idea of exchanging money for pictures of naked women brought it into living rooms everywhere) on network equipment also developed by companies.

      The sad part is that you still haven't touched on the ethics of socialism. Simply put: the money I earn is mine, not yours. Keep your grubby little socialist paws off of it.

      • Mark033

        Ignorance and arrogance oozes out of your every pore.

        I'm an economics students, I'm not a socialist, I'm a Keynsian.

        Greatest rates technological advancements in the past century: during wartime.

        Periods of vastly decreased economic freedom: during wartime.

        A coincidence?

        • The Annoyed Elephant

          Aww… did I hurt your feelings?

          First, if you're an economics student, perhaps you should start by learning to spell the economic philosophy you subscribe to (it's Keynesian, not Keynsian). Just a bit of advice.

          As for economic growth, the greatest period of economic growth and technological achievement of the last half of the 20th century occurred, not during wartime, but during a time of relative peace (the 1980's-90's).

          Besides: are you seriously arguing that freedom is a bad thing? If so, then feel free to surrender yours.

          • Mark033

            That's it? A spelling mistake and a misunderstanding of what I was saying?

            I didn't say anything about economic growth, I know that economies don't grow quickly during wars.

            What I did say is that during major wars technology advances quickly, and that is when we're most socialized as a society.

  • Two Choices

    We would like to thank our corporate sponsors for their backing of tonight's main event! So, without further delay, what you all have been waiting for…


    In red corner – weighing in at the racist extreme right-wing conservative side of Yin-Yang US government – with a record of star-wars, iran-contra affairs, tricky dicks, going to war without the backing of congress and making a black man lie before the UN to defend it, stealing the presidency and reading lips for no new taxes… The Political Pachyderm

    And.. in the blue corner – weighing in at the extreme left of the US Political spectrum with GI Jane / Turner CNN-ites liberal media, tree hugging spotted owl saviors, same sex marriage loony toons, anti-war, pro- sex with interns in the white house cigar smoking non-pot inhaling leaders, sexually ambiguous / woman's rights cod-piece, green-peace, civil rights ambassadors, supporters of serial baby killers at abortion clinic, party of the poor and Jimmy Carter – hippies… The American Ass


    • Lifeschool

      Commentator 1: This is Celebrity Deathmatch. You join us as the first of our competitors slog it out over 14 rounds of heavy carnage – lets get it on!
      Commentator 2: …and it's an early lead by GI Jane as she takes a huge chunk out of Bill Gates with an upper-cut followed by his eyes being gouged out. Pitty he didn't bring his 80's glasses with him!
      Commentator 1: That's right John, Gates takes a wild stab in the dark but misses Jane and hits Ted Turner in the mouth.
      Commentator 2:: BANG!, see those teeth flying from Turner. He didn't see that one coming!
      Commentator 1: Neither did Bill Gates!
      Commentator 2: Dick Cheney steps in for a high-ball… He's moving towards John Lennon… Swoop!
      Commentator 1: OOOh, Cheney slips on Ted Turners teeth and Bill Gates's eyes and backflips out of the ring. That's gotta hurt!
      Commentator 2: YEAH!, Lets see that again in slow motion….. he walks, he swings, he slips and … out he goes – arse over tit. He's gonna regret that.
      Commentator 1: That's great! but here comes Ghandi to bash J.P. Morgan. He goes in for the low blow, and…. sits down in the centre of the ring – I guess he's playing a tactical game this afternoon John?
      Commentator 2: Yeah, but watch out for Rupert Murdock with that chainsaw!
      Commentator 1: That's no ordinary chainsaw, that's the McCulloch Mac 842 petrol saw with a tuned 42cc engine. Let's see what he makes of it… He's taken Lennons arm off, and one of Al Gores legs, but oooh – he trips over Ghandi and slices himself into two!.
      Commentator 2: Hell Yeah!, the saw rips Murdock down the middle with a nice clean stroke we can expect from the 842. Now, back to the action!!

  • Armadillotron

    I think that to decide which is the best for the economy, we should do like Harry Hill. "Now I like Capitalism, but I also like Communism. But who`s best? Their`s only one way to find out.. FIGHT!!!"

    • Lifeschool

      You're right, see my reply to Two Choices above.

    • Lurker

      I think Capitalism won when the Soviet Union collapsed. Today Russia is a capitalist country and China is becoming increasingly Capitalist (in 2007 China passed a legislation allowing individuals the right to own assets for the first time).

      • Lurkelsewhere

        Won what? The prize for which socio-economic platform would doom the human race and potentially most other life on the planet? Wow, I'm sure glad we're winning so hard…

  • this has to be the only list on this site I HATE. Capitalism is pure greed, you don't need money to be happy. Capitalism is FASCISM just like Karimius said. As a left winger, socialism > capitalism.

    • Rachael

      If you dislike capitalism, you should like this list…

      • Mark

        Agreed, this makes capitalists look retarded.

    • fascfag

      Actually, we fascist are not capitalist. Stop using "fascist" as a slanderous term.

      • fascists suck

        Fascism is not slanderous, it's descriptive. It just happens to describe azzholes, predominantly, with a few questionables in there somewhere – i'm optimistic

      • Mark

        Actually, you're probably not facist. Being fascinated by something, and thinking that it makes you look cool and edgy, due to your safe middle-class upbringing in the Western world does not mean that you believe in it, and it defintely doesn't mean that you should identify yourself as a believer in such theories.

        It just annoys the crap out of the rest of us who don't feel the need to be confrontingly provocative and over-compensate for our relative boringness.

        Knowing full-well the dangers of feeding trolls I will agree with you on one point, that facist is a slanderous term. I completely disagree, however, in your misguided belief that it shouldn't be used as such.

        Facism is by definition bad. There's no way around it, restricting liberties because your ideas are better than everyone elses (despite being proved wrong, period) is mind-numbingly stupid.


        • Mark

          Is it necessary to censor a four-letter word staring in t and ending in t with a few letters in between which are usually used to voice disappointment (aw, damnit)?

    • The Annoyed Elephant

      Capitalism isn't about gaining happiness through money. It's about working for a living and getting money in exchange for your work valued by the work you do. It's about being a responsible adult who's capable of and active in supporting themselves, rather than being an eternal 4-year-old dependent on someone or something to provide them with all of their basic needs.

      Besides, yeah – I'm being greedy with my money. If you want to let people come into your home, take your things, and leave you with nothing, that's your prerogative, but I'm willing to bet that your concept of private ownership = greed would disappear the minute someone redistributed your car.

      • Mark033

        Your assumptions are making you look foolish.

        I'm not socialist.

        I would appreciate it if you would stop labeling me as such.

        But capitalism in its purest form is unethical, and people that swear by it are invariably the lucky ones.

        I have a mentally handicapped uncle and I had a mentally handicapped aunt, how well do you think my family would have turned out if it was up to capitalists like yourself?

        I'm willing to bet that I wouldn't even have a car to redistribute.

  • Lifeschool

    Hi, this list is… balderdash!! Totally and completely 'bullocks!' All these items are subjective and in dire need of a balanced argument. Having spent this year writing assignments on propaganda in the media (as part of a degree) I can only honestly hope that this list works as reverse psychology to highlight the insanity of consumerism. Sure, folks love to buy things; the world would be a sad place if we couldn't order products and services, but does it all have to revolve around money? It's seems silly to point out that there are alternatives to money, and even alternative 'monies' i.e. tax free money, which would aid the ecconomy more than the debt market. That's right, DEPT is the market the drives the majority of the global ecconomy, not finance. In other words, the ecconomy is not a caring sharing opportunity of prosperity, rather a proponent of greed; and as we know from basic biology – greed is NOT good for ones health. So that brings me to the items:

    10: An African family surviving off mangoes, beetles and rice have a better overal diet than some porko surviving off of McDonalds. The more capitalistic the world becomes, the more they produce cheap junk food – which does little (if anything) to stimulate the brain and central metabilosm, rather the opposite.

    9: Most jobs have some secondary benefit to mankind, I hardly think a fisherman from Honduras; who survives by trade and barter; is thinking his fish will boost the capitalist global ecconomy, even though he's doing his (or her) bit for society. Social welfare and productivity is not limited to capitalism.

    8: Money doesn't bring equality. Attitudes towards equality vary from person to person no matter how much wealth the world may have at the time.

    7: Greed is NOT basic human nature, it is seeded as the person grows up and is faced by an ever increasing array of adverts suggesting that 'buying this will make YOU happy'. But the buying only leads to a temporary emotional payoff. Competetiveness is an aspect of the human survival instinct, which IS a basic human faculty, but competetiveness can be just as furious among a tribe hunting in the rainforrest as it is by banksters on wall street.

    6: In other words, capitalism regimes harbour vast do-gooder charities which drip feed the poor nations rather then helping them to help themselves. The 'save the rainforest' projects all around the world have so far failed to save one tree in those rainforests, and 'cancer research' projects secure vaccuous amounts of finance while not managing to find a single 'cure' for any of the 100's of cancers out there.

    5: The only freedom money brings is the freedom to spend more money. If freedom is something folks favour then go and live in Bhutan or Iceland or Venezuala – where everyone will leave you alone to do what you want to do. Surprisingly, these are among the smallest ecconomies of the world and yet have far greater civil liberties and personal freedoms than, say, the UK or US.

    4: Democracy (i.e. the theory that one vote equals a say in your own future) is not linked to, nor limited by capitalism. When you vote, you vote for a guy who does whatever he or she wants to do, with or without your say.

    3: A stable balanced ecconomy is one which brings in just as much as it takes out, it imports and consumes just as much as it exports, and it makes sure every citizen has the means to work. That's it. An ecconomy based on constant growth will always reach a tipping point where it is no longer viable as a balanced ecconomy; and trade and jobs suffer as a result. Global 'growth' ecconomies have now all fallen into this trap, which leads purely to more dept. For example, if a nation imports more than the populace can consume, it creates a surplus. You can't fill a cars gas tank more full than the gas tank can hold, or you'll get a spill over. Therefore, this over spill is waste, based on greed, which accumulates and takes on more dept. More is NOT better.

    2: Just because the world is hung up on capitalism (and democracy, which is unrelated) doesn't mean that is the only system that can, or ever worked. At the turn of the century, the 19th century that is, folks often worked for a share in the business they were involved in. Their efforts made sure they created a better business environment because everybody had an equal share and an equal say. That mean't the focus was less concentrated on money but more on the persons involvement and role within the local community. Another way of looking at things may be that paper money has an implied 'value' beyond the value already on things. When we take money out of the equation, we see that folks trade items interchangably and without money. For example, the internet is a free interchange of information and this vast ecconomy is based on sharing (yeah, file sharing, ironic!).

    1: 'When enough is enough, you will always have enough. When enough isn't enough, you will never have enough'. End of.

    BTW, thanks for the list, pitty it's a huge FAIL. :)

    • 10. Astonishingly pointless argument, since anyone "living off of McDonalds" will certainly die prematurely. The nice thing is we can choose to live on a diet of beetles and rice and have a Big Mac every now and then. No one is forcing anyone to eat cheap junk food, it is done so by choice.

      9. The Honduran fisherman sells his fish int he village. the Alaskan fisherman sells his fish on the world market. He fares better, and provides himself and his family a better lifestyle. In addition, he purchases goods and services the Honduran fisherman could never afford, and thus supports job creation and market function. Who do you think is doing better?

      8. You are mistaken the equality if opportunity for the equality of being. it's OK, though, a lot of people here are doing that…of course, this speaks to a serious problem; that being the idea that the equality of being is more important than the equality of opportunity. The only way this can be accomplished is to make everyone poor, and ruled by a fascist elite. Considering your admiration for poverty in the first two entries you provided, I'm beginning to see a pattern.

      7. Your claim that greed is not basic human nature flies in the face of reality. It is appallingly infantile.

      6. No cure for AIDS either…maybe we should stop wasting our money by giving to these clearly incompetent charities and research institutions.

      5.Yeah, small, manageable populations with ethnic consistency are great, aren't they?

      4. True…but one does give rise to the other…. care to guess which?

      3. Um….no…pathetically wrong. What you described may be termed as a "stable" economy… but a patient in "stable" condition may also be dead. That kind of lack of growth is how an economy – and a country – dies.

      2. "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for every other form of government." – Churchill

      1.'The sky is blue and water is wet"…really with that?

      Thanks for your list…pity it's a huge FAIL.

      • Lifeschool

        Hay; excellent reply – and a few challenges too! Nice one – I'll follow you up with a full and jolly banter tomorrow – when I'm sober.

      • GarroteGarrettPlease

        When healthy foods are more expensive, that places a socio-economic prerequisite on your health, azzhole, which means that sure, maybe YOU can have a big mac and a mango/beetle/rice diet by choice, but I'm dumpster diving because I'm hungry and have no alternative.

        The honduran fisherman BARTERS, which is like selling, but he will never deplete his supply of fish, as the Alaskan has done almost entirely, so one of them will run out of food while the other will be able to provide for generations to come. Whose life is better? You are an idiot, did I mention that yet? "Better" is a subjective notion based on your own lust for comfort and complacency.

        Equality on a biochemical level is impossible, sure, but equal opportunity is also impossible in a capitalist system. REALITY CHECK – affluence leads to affluence, poverty leads to poverty. Sometimes, wealthy people lose their fortunes, sometimes poor people become wealthy – these are the exceptions that prove the rule: equal opportunity under capitalism is an infantile inaccuracy.

        Again, greed is socialized and "human nature" is an outdated and disproven notion – we share a condition, our nature is our own. Read some Sartre or Rorty – hell, read some Chicken Soup for the Soul. P.s., the notion that greed is bad for you is proven: look at the obese wastoids that have to be liften by crane from their houses only to have their lungs crushed by their grotesque amounts of blubber.

        Yes, I will guess this: capitalism inspires and endorses idiot politicians that ignore their civic duty in exchange for corporate pay-offs and free bj's from their lady-friends. This in turn destroys democracy – which might be useful to some extent if people were educated – but wait we need to spend hundreds of billions to save our capitalists from themselves… maybe next generation we'll teach our kids how to think rather than eat and buy when they could cultivate and craft.

        Actually, that is a stable economy by definition – and death sure is stable: try it on. What happens when a "lack of growth" occurs in your bones once you've reached adulthood? You stop hurting and looking awkward, you can get used to your body – we call it adulthood. What happens when your cells never stop growing and die? Cancer. What does cancer do? Kills your azz dead, unless it STOPS GROWING. Idiot. I'm sorry, I don't mean to make it so personal, but you are really a textbook example of a cretin.

        And you misquoted Churchill, last phrase. Anyway: most forms of democracy do suck, but some might have potential.

        Happiness cannot be bought, because it's a mind-state. Pleasure can be bought, as a sensation it can be replicated or stimulated by things you buy. Happiness is a decision you make. If you're always busy thinking about what to buy next and how you're going to pay down all your debt, it isn't likely that you'll have time to be very happy about much of anything.

        Thanks to Garrett York for proving in such an ironclad manner what a true idiot looks like: take notes kids – this could be you.

        • GarroteGarrettPlease

          Ah, adult is a-du-lt is bleeped there, and also I didn't reply to number six so here's that:

          Charities are nice, people aren't denying that, especially when they avoid corruption.

          However, government programs and research grants do more and would continue to be even MORE effective if we were less focused on appeasing all our bomb-building buddies who lobby with billions each year for "defense" contracts when we're a country that has never been invaded, but has assaulted many others.

          If the government were to say… sponsor research in cancer prevention or treatment, perhaps it would make a little more headway than if the company that sells you your thousand-dollars-a-month in meds which now sponsors the "charitable research initiatives" we hear so little about.

          • Lifeschool

            @ Garrett:

            Hi, you seem to be all fired up today, and when it comes to capitalist issues I can hardly blame you :). Lets have a look at what you wrote:

            10: You are right, nobody is responsible for anothers diet – unless they are specifically under another persons care. However, vegetables and fruits can be bought just as cheeply as fast foods. I remember when I went veggie I was surprised at how far I could stretch basic groceries, and how cheeply they can be bought. Organic purity does come at a price though, which is silly because they are charging more for NOT lacing the product with pesticides, growth hormones, hydro-boosters, and all the other preservatives and water retainers they add. To be honest, a $1 bag of rice can last two or three days – while a $1 big mac can last, well, maybe an hour before I get hungry again. But then big macs also contain enzimes which… ahh fook this, it's christmas day!

            9: I never said that barter is in any way better than other forms of trade. It's just an alternative; but one which does not necessarily fit in with the 'better'=more stance of capitalism. 'Better' is certainly subjective, or perhaps 'relative' given an unending set of peripheral variables.

            8: I kinda agree. I have had a negagive equity for most of my life, and I could consider myself 'poor'. I don't of course, because I'm not attatched to the significance of money over the things itemised in the list. Hence all this..! But at certain times I have managed to get into the black – and that's because I like to ration my resources rather than spend. I guess I'm not that much into material things; i.e. I know I can't take it with me, so I don't bother really.

            7: I agree that greed certainly has the potential of being harmful to an individual. The occasional hog may be fine, but lusting after lots of things is just a craving I can do without. However, greed certainly isn't part of basic human nature, if it were then perhaps we'd all be bankers. We are taught what it is to be greedy as we grow to know this world, by observing and talking to the people around us. Not only that, but we are then told that greed is bad, a sin, a scurge on society. But this is not necessarily true, and certainly not in all cases all the time.

            6: I agree.
            5: All regions of the world are now multi-culteral after hundreds of years of immigration and such. And even if a place was 100% 'ethnic consistent' (which is a discriminatory view), then we still have virtual multi-culturality (?) in the form of the internet. Iceland, for example, is populated by Greenlanders, Sweeds, Fins, and even a few Brits, as well as the local-born population. I think the real issue here is the local politics.

            4: Hmm, I can't work out how Democracy gives rise to capitalism. Maybe you can help me out here?

            3: A patient is not in a stable condition when they are dead. Technically they are in 'no condition' at all. :) A dead ecconomy is a dead ecconomy. However, since 'the ecconomy' is a figment of our collective appreciation of such a thing – based on virtual money on a computer screen, it could be argued that the ecconomy never did exist in the first place. (Damn it Jim, It's Christmas!)

            I can't go on… thanks guys for your comments.. :D

  • mom424

    Merry F***in' HO HO. Poor list. I could pick apart every entry. And I'll come back and do so when I'm done my capitalistic exercise – buying things that folks don't need in order to prop up Mega-corp. In the name of Jesus ffs.

    One major point – yeah sure everybody gets to vote – unless you're disenfranchised, discouraged or hood-winked out of voting. Happened the last election didn't it?

    I'll be baack..

    • Lifeschool

      Picking this list apart was actually huge fun. That's most likely why it's here on Christmas Eve? …but I totally agree with you. Jesus's Birthday? Pa! All this is because three 'wise' men can over and banded gifts about the place – every one else just paid their respects and left.

      If you pay me with respect, I'll owe you!

      But one minute it's 'save save save to save the ecconomy' and the next it's 'spend spend spend to save the ecconomy'. Knob Scratchers!

      BTW, I wish I had a mom like you. I'd look forward to NOT gettin presents on principle. :)

      • Reason continues


  • AiO

    Democracy – noun: The minority making decisions for the majority.

    • Lifeschool

      Democratic – adj: The minority making decisions on behalf of the majority with mutual understanding and consent.

  • Numeral

    I thought i should add that not all prisoners get the vote in Britain, just those serving under 4 years:

    And you can thank the European Union for that so don't just pick Britain out (All EU countries are going to have to do something simular)

  • Jed

    Actually we probably would end up with the ingredient lists with a pure free market, because at some point the public would demand healthier food and firms would start advertising their products using the 'organic' or 'healthy' nature of the ingredients.

    Though we don't currently have equality, and still wouldn't in a 'perfect capitalistic society'.

    • Except that they could just lie, because there are no government organizations to tell whether or not they are lying.

  • neuves

    If socialism collapsed so would capitalism. For the capitalist being needs the cheap suppliers to produce their goods at a lower price then they can.

    If capitalism collapsed so would socialism. For the socialist being need the rich to purchase their goods at a high price.

    • huevos

      Wow, your quasi-buddhist approach is so stoltifying. Your statements are false, without your head being rooted in your colon, you would realize this. If you had already freed your head from your colon: you'd never have made such a fool of yourself in the first place.

      There are alternatives to both of your mentioned systems, and while pure forms of either are sadly lacking – it is important to note that they are not interdependent, like your head and your azzhole.

  • Top Kill

    Great list. Any list with nazi mentioned is great doesnt matter the subject. I respect capitalism. It has made the US the world leader today. A great Christmas gift

  • gatortarian

    The comments here show why America is in decline. Personally I'd rather live under capitalism than any other system.

    • Gator's are tasty

      …because you are ignorant. However, even a rock-born dolt like you can imagine a world where freedom is more than a back-handed catch-phrase. Imagine a world where we all had enough food to eat, clothing to wear and homes that would last centuries – imagine that you never had to worry about contracting some terrible illness or have an accident because you knew your taxes paid for free healthcare from the best doctors in the world, rather than bombs that blew up the best doctors in the world. Can you do that? Can you come to that imaginary place with me?

      Reality check: this is possible today, tomorrow and the next day. We produce more than enough food for every human on the planet already (even though there are far too many of us!) and have adequate technology and innovation to house and sustain the human population, but because of capitalism we have yet to crawl out of war, poverty, pestilence and famine – this of course keeps us occupied while the capitalist elite steal the REST of the resources our natural systems contain.

      • toby

        wow. the ignorant is calling someone else ignorant.

        the world has enough food for everyone. its just that not everyone could afford them. do a simple research in the internet and you will learn this.

        and how the hell is healthcare free when you are taxed for it? oh, yes, its free for the non-tax paying citizen. good job. take the money from those who work hard for it and distribute it to everyone, including the lazy bums who really on foodstamps.

        in capitalism you get healthcare companies who compete in producing the best healthcare product. and us consumers get to decide which is the best. you turn healthcare into a government institution then you end up with a non-evolving healthcare product. and when your government ends up like California, what do you think is going to happen to your healthcare and all other government funded benefits?

        • Mark

          The ignorant is calling the ignorant who called another person ignorant ignorant. In the immortal words of those cops on South Park: nice…

          I hate Michale Moore. I hate him so much I would kick his teeth in if he was next to me right now. He acts like a child who just worked out that the world doesn't work like Disney told him it does; "oh my god I can't believe that's happening outrageoutrageoutrageoutrageoutrageoutrage".

          But the pig has a point. Australia (where I live) has public healthcare and even though sometimes my state (Queensland, which has by far the worst medical system) is short on beds, at least Medicare doesn't try and rip us off.

          Our taxation and healthcare system is a bit complicated, but public healthcare can work. The only thing that private health insurance companies promise are cost-cutting to increase profit margins, not the best products.

    • ach

      No, the reason America sucks is because there are still idiot rednecks like YOU in it. I WISH those of us with intelligence could get rid of all you ignorant, self-righteous morons that do nothing but drag this country down and try to revert us all to your medieval paradise world where everyone is forced to go to church, no one can have an abortion or birth control because YOU think it's "wrong", and you can summarily kill people you don't agree with, and all you idiots will happily go along thinking the rich people who control everything really care about you as anything other than a means to an end (getting the votes to get in power). Newsflash: they think you're trash. Useful, but trash.

      Republicans love to vilify people with education and intelligence as "elitist", like those are undesirable characteristics for one to have. It's just coincidental that having masses of stupid, ignorant people who nonetheless fervently believe that THEY are the smart, right ones helps keep Republicans around. They don't want people to be educated, because they know people who are actually smart can see that Republicans care about nothing more than themselves and how they can best use everyone and everything else in existence for their own benefit. Being Republican is all about being self-centered, thinking you're the only one who matters, that your opinions should be law, that as long as you're doing okay who cares about anyone else.

      Educated, intelligent people are by and large more left-wing than the general population. Stupid people make decisions based on bias, ignorance, and propaganda. Ever think that maybe smart people know what they're talking about? European-style systems WORK. Europe is wealthy but also takes care of its citizens. Everyone thinks "every man for himself" is a great philosophy until YOU are the one who's left with nothing. I have always wished America would be more like Europe, but that will never happen until the stupid rednecks and cowboys get lost. Conservatives do nothing but hold everyone else back. Liberals are sometimes called PROGRESSIVES for a reason. Conservatism is the enemy of progress. So if you want a reason America is "in decline", look no further than yourself.

  • santa claus

    This list came through a wormhole from 1957. The only Communist threat today is that China holds so much of the vast U. S. debt. How ironic.

  • evilcupcakes

    Capitalism=Chuck Norris. Its tears cure cancer.

    • santa

      Shut up

  • Macca

    So… wait. Your number 1 reason is essentially "buy more stuff and you'll be happy"? This list is very naive. I suggest whoever wrote it goes out into the world and sees a bit more of it.

  • skeeter

    Is this list intentionally sarcastic? At first glance it seems legit, but now it seems to be some kind of satire.

  • carole

    What a joke !
    If you have studied what makes people most happy, material wealth isn't one of them. Buying a bunch of cheap crap at Wal Mart won't make you happy. Capitalism does not need democracy to work as we can clearly see in China. In fact, if you look at the roots of democracy it is based on one group exploiting another. The ancient Greeks had more slaves than citizens

    If you have good education it is because tax dollars go toward that system. The public system of education was created by government; not capitalists.

    As for growth, we can see from the recent finacial meltdown and many in the past; that growth is based on falsehood.
    Global capitalism needs a large pool of poor exploited masses to work . Most people who are born poor, die poor.
    Healthcare!! None of the most dramatic advances had anything to do with capitalism. You must be American to think that and your healthcare system sucks beyond words.

    Capitalism has it's place but we need a strong government to keep it honest ; which we don't have now.. Just look at what wiki leaks has shown. The world is in crisis due to corruption and greed. Politicians are cowards who bow to the greed culture of making money at all costs.
    Yeah we won't be around to see the end result of the mess we are creating
    A polluted junk filled world !!

    • Finally, reason.

      Thank you, I actually don't have to write a scathing rebuke after reading your comment. Good job. The only point I disagree with is that you think capitalism has "its" place, unless that place is safely in the past.

      Keep reading, keep writing, keep spreading awareness. "We are only as strong as our signal."

  • shika

    This is one of the most profound lists ever created.

    To state absolutely anything about the food system when capitalism is involved is ridiculous. I love burgers, and I’ll be eating them until I die from an early heart attack. I’ll also be eating the fruit and vegetables that american’s capitalist transportation ventures carry to any city I’d ever like to go.

    How “healthy” my diet is, is up to me. I can thank capitalism for that.

    Obviously, a full free market economy would never due. That’s okay, though a “more free than not” market seems key to success.

    There is NO utopia. There are many people with many different views and that, is good. If everyone were to believe in any one system of financial guidelines, everything would go awry.

    I do adore capitalism, and often consumerism. Is an individual not wise enough to know what is good for themselves? If not, give them communism. I’ll take capitalism (actually I’d prefer a mixed and swaying economy) over control any day.

    • Almost done…

      Except for the fact that corporate giants use resources that are impossible to replace at rates that far exceed healthy or even feasible levels of consumption – meaning that the life-expectancy of our species is drastically diminished each day. Oh, and they have all the rights of citizens without any of the responsibilities. Oh, and they fund genocide and ecocide, and are the major reason why there are more slaves on the planet today than there have ever been in the history of humanity.

      Yeah, capitalism – yum. Frack your burger-eating azz, at least we can thank all those artificial hormones and GMO's for bigger titties to play with until they become cancerous and need to be amputated. Yeah… Capitalism rocks!

  • Aviator Zero

    In the end, capitalism is the only thing that works. Love it or hate it, nothing can challenge it. (Oh, there is? Then let's hear what OTHER economic model has had as much success, hm?)

    • Bill

      capitalism hasn't been tried, neither has socialism or communism. Everything so far has been a mix of them

      • Aviator Zero

        Communism is a political model, not economic. And the institution of capitalism vastly dominates socialism throughout the world.

    • AviatorZeroisADumbaz

      You are an idiot. Here's why: "success" meaning what? The last fifty years have left our atmosphere 40% thinner than it was, meaning that all our beloved factories and plastics and cars and planes and trains are wearing away the fragile layer of gases that protect we little humans from being scoured from the earth's surface by solar radiation.

      If that's what you call "success" then sure, capitalism has been very successful at consuming most of the earth's natural resources and depleting biotic systems everywhere, it insures that people who have been given power do not lose it because of some silly argument about ethics or freedom or authenticity. Instead we get to waste our time reading what wastoids like you write on the internet – the star of hope for a clique of intellectuals that has been raped and commodified until it hardly resembles anything liberating at all.

      • Aviator Zero

        "Success" being the standard of living worldwide. The industrialization of the world has more than doubled the life expectancy worldwide. That's evidence enough. And if we do use up the natural resources, than you can be happy to see solar-powered cars and clean energy being forced upon the populace as the last resort to maintaining our development.

    • Mark

      Feudalism, which laster for hundreds of years. Capitalism has existed as an ideology for what? 100? 150? And has only been the almost universal economic model for 19 years.

      America won two very important wars, not necessarily because they militarily deserved the victories either, and all of a sudden that is proof that capitalism is the only economic model that can work?

      I would ask you if you thought that view is a little short-sighted, but judging by the common attitude amongst the pro-Capitalism commenters here I doubt you would.

      • Aviator Zero

        "Success" being the standard of living worldwide. I doubt that peasants and those who lived/live in Communist countries can parade for their economic models.

        • Mark033

          You seem to believe that because nothing else has worked (according to you, anyway) nothing else can work. At one point in time it would have been easy to say the same thing about Monarchism as a political system. But times change.

          At least try and think ahead.

          And by the way, I'm not communist and I don't think that it will work, ever.

          • Aviator Zero

            *facepalm* Think of success as hm… just… general goodness. Human rights, GDP, quality of life, etc. Monarchism obviously didn't provide these for anyone but the monarchists.

          • Mark033

            That's not a fair comparison. Capitalism couldn't have provided a better standard of living hundreds of years ago when feudalism was being used. Comparing economic systems across times is harder than "people weren't as healthy under feudalism, therefore capitalism's the best."

          • Aviator Zero

            So capitalism couldn't work because feudalism was already in place? I don't see what you're getting at.

          • Mark033

            What medical procedures were commonly used to prolong life and keep people healthy when feudalism was the dominant economic system in Europe?

            Of course you can't expect the standard of living to be as high for technological reasons. Just because we happen to be using capitalism now doesn't mean that it is the be all and end all of economic systems, and it's extremely shortsighted to think that it is.

          • Aviator Zero

            You're right. While I maintain that it's the best thing we've tried so far, if anyone can think of a better econo-method that's feasible, by all means, let's see how it works (in small-scale first, of course).

          • Mark033

            I agree with you that capitalism is definitely the best. However, I think it self-evident that a mixture of economic systems is necessary, most notably the obvious staple of democracies world-wide – socialism and capitalism.

            I don't think we'll see another model tested in small-scale first. Some people will believe in it, some people won't, and if it comes to it there'll be a revolution (unless, miraculously, the new system is compatible with democracies as we know them and enough people are happy with it).

  • murpheyslawyer

    After reading #8 on this list, I realized quickly that this list hasn't been researched thoroughly and I refuse to go any further. Author, go do a deeper research on Li.

  • Katt

    This list must be a joke… seriously health? for instance in the US a lot of the people are morbidly obese, that can't be healthy, and claiming they can solve it with plastic surgery? again, you must be joking.
    On the other hand, a country like Cuba has one of the best medical system in the world, and it is FREE for anyone, not for the ones that can afford it….
    This site is becoming more and more ridiculous with every day that passes.

    • Jed

      Try re-reading with the assumption that the authors agree with you.

    • everyone always says how great cuba is, but if thats true, why are all their citizens washing up on my beach?

      … it must be those damn rip currents.

      • Eddy

        No one always says "how great Cuba is". Cuba has good things, like the FREE healthcare, but it also has bad things.

        Same happens with your little "idiotic american heaven", it has good things and bad things.

        In my opinion, both Cuba and the US have more bad things than good things. FAR more. And both suffer from the same thing: THE WORST POLITICIANS IN THIS ENTIRE PLANET.

      • Mark

        I don't agree with the sentiment but I like the way you expressed it, I lol'ed. Thumbs up.

  • lal0

    i dont like capitalism at all but im a part of it )=

  • jjj

    Great list.

    Most of you are funny, pathetic clowns who must not live in the US.

    But yet you’d jump at the chance to live here, you morons.

    President Obummer is trying to destroy all our attributes listed above, so we would live in a s**t-hole country like yours.

    • khjgv

      iv been to the u.s. many times, and no, i would never want to live there.
      you shoud research other places that arent the u.s. and see that the u.s. is reay more of a shit hole than alot of other countys

    • unclejoe1917

      Sometimes it feels good to be an arrogant American. This is one of those times. All these losers whining just proves that our capitalistic system works.

    • Eddy

      And people ask why I hate the US and most north-americans…

      • um… is it jealousy?

        • No it's because yous decide to be arrogant cocks on the internet without presenting any evidence for what you're arguing. There's patriotic and then there's plain dumb.

          And aren't don't the best countries in the world have a mixture of socialism and communism? Countries such as sweden and Finland etc? Honestly it's amusing how flustered the US Americans get when socialism actually being helpful or free healthcare is mentioned.


      yeah id love to live in the us, and have that feeling that comes with being american that i know im better than everyone else, and that i know im (statistically) probably fat, arrogant, and blindly patriotic. i would think that the 1800`s were ancient history and that Arabs come from Australia. that free health care for everyone was a bad idea because it meant it cost everyone a little more in tax. i would beleive that N. Korea and the USSR were perfect examples of "Commie" states, because that would be what fox news told me. And that homosexuality is wrong because im not willing to understand people who are different from me.

      • Eddy

        SHAZBOT and AbiElectric, you guys are my biggest internet idols after these two comments.
        Sums up about everything I think about the US.

        Also, it reminds me of a video I saw on the internet. They made a poll on the US for people to name countries whose name began with U. People said Hungary and exactly 1 guy thought about United States…

      • akira

        Wow. That’s like admonishing a Mexican for calling an Asian a “chink”by calling him a “spic” . Is it really that easy to quantify an entire nation?You’re doing the exact same thing you accused Americans of…stereotyping and sweeping generalizations. A very narrow way of looking at the world.

    • OnePatriot

      [email protected] – you are an idiot. Do please end yourself, you're free to do that… unless you get caught trying or have failed, in which case you get to be arrested, because that's how America likes its freedom.

      I have lived in the states most of my life, I am a citizen and I hate capitalism and everything for which it stands. Why? Because I've read a book or two, but been charged for it, even though there are more copies in existence than people to read them – given that most people are ignorant sots like yourself who are barely literate.

      The United States is a third world country, over fourteen percent of Americans are unemployed, twenty percent of Americans are underfed, almost thirty percent of Americans are overweight and only a paltry twenty-eight percent of native-born Americans speak more than one language. Additionally, we kill more of our own than almost any other country in the world, we have nearly four percent of our population service prison sentences and we devote over HALF A TRILLION dollars a year to our military – more than the REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED. We have been involved in almost every armed struggle and political coup throughout the last sixty years and more, we have broken international law and treaties we have signed by initiating acts of aggression on sovereign states over half a dozen times in the past half-century alone – we make Hitler look like a florist pruning roses when it comes to body counts: there have been over four million civilian lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq alone in this decade due exclusively to our military engagement of the same. Yet, our "target" is Al Qaeda – a MERCENARY (not terrorist, though they may be hired by and to aid terrorists) organization that OUR TAX DOLLARS FUNDED AND TRAINED vis-a-vis the C.I.A. in the late twentieth century.

      Read a book you uneducated swine – it's people like you that give all Americans a bad name. Sit down and cut your wrists vertically, do not call 911, do not attempt to bandage yourself, bleed out silently and let us be rid of your ignorant drivel.

    • ach

      You must hate Obama because he's intelligent, unlike you.

      People, please don't say you hate "America" or "Americans" when what you really mean is that you hate idiots like this. Half of us here in the U.S. hate these idiots too, but unfortunately there are a lot of them around.

      These are the people who watch Fox News (and think it's news, rather than tabloid entertainment and propaganda). They have been brainwashed with the Republican party line that "patriotism" means "you blindly and unquestioningly agree with me"; that America is the best country in the world, no matter what, despite Republicans' constant attempts to ruin it; that liberals are evil because they actually care about people other than themselves.

      They like to say that anyone who criticizes them "hates America", because to actually think about and analyze what someone else is saying would require them to use their non-existent brains, as well as intelligence, logic, and reason, none of which these people possess.

      I know these loudmouthed idiots like to spew their ignorance and stupidity at every possible opportunity, but they do NOT represent all of us.

      • Mark033

        Why is liberlism and progressiveness (?) better than conservativeness? Because it is?

        You call him brainwashed, but aren't you also? You're utterly convinced that liberals and progressives are right, period, and that conservatives are wrong, period.

        Call me crazy, but you assuming yourself enlightened with opinions like that sounds hypocritical.

        I think that the real problems with the US aren't conservatives and liberals, as both sides would have you believe, but rather polarization and hyperbole. Republicans are not evil, corporate facists and Democrats are not evil, intellectual communists.

        The USA has two political parties, one of which is slightly left of center, the other of which is slightly right of center. If you want examples of extreme political views in a democracy you should look at the EU and its constituent states, they actually do have socialists and facists.

        Therefore, stop getting so worked up over tiny problems you have with different party's policies, start thinking for yourself and stop fear-mongering. Do America and the rest of the world a favour.

    • ^_^

      successful troll was successful…
      I presume…
      I hope…. it was meant as such…
      I hope to god…

  • Kris

    worst list on the site probably.

    • Mark

      It's like deja vu all over again…

  • russell

    this ist makes me laugh. it is way more heathy to be growing you foods rather then buying. heath foods are never always heathy. organic food is so under reguated, that it realy doesnt exist (for example organic bananas are injexted with fermeldihide)

    there is no way u can tell me that a person in a rich family has has the opertunity to go to good schools good colleges and goo universitys has the sane chances as making it big as someone who grew up well below the poverty line. its possibe but no where to point where its eqaul

    american style capitolism is a system set to fail.
    any federal reserve system is realy

  • Capitalism has no use for equality, this is without a doubt a propaganda piece. I'm getting tired of all these pro-American, right-wing list.

  • deeeziner

    I'm no economist, but I don't think the author is either. Way too superficial a list, even allowing for the format of the site.

    Personally for all the faults of the US economic system, I couldn't imagine relocating to a new form of government at my age. A case of the devil you know….

  • Lurker

    There are also a lot of problems relating to Capitalism.

    Inflation is one of the key problems associated with Capitalism, which causes other issues such as unemployment. As our Governments and banks create more and more imaginary money as represented by currency (IOU notes), coupled with limited resources, the prices of goods and services increase. These increase in prices force the companies or even Governments into increasing wages (growth in prices may not necessarily match the growth in wages). The problem with this is that goods and services become less competitive to imported goods and services (China), resulting in outsourcing of production (unemployment). This is one of the reasons as to why the growth rate in Europe is stagnating, whereas in China its increasing. You have understand that this is cyclical, i.e. when workers in China start to demand more wages, countries with cheaper labour will replace China.

    Speculation and Securitisation are other issues relating to Capitalism and were major causes for the current financial crises.

  • but there are probelms to captialism like all other idealogies and largely how you see its benefits is down to your opinion on things such as human nature. Anarchists and Socialists would disagree with the view of human beings greed but we are furthered by mutual aid and educating ourselves to further our understanding.

    • Eddy

      I consider myself both socialist AND anarchist and I do know that both of these systems wouldn't work because greed IS within the human nature.
      However, taking profit of that greed while ruining those that don't have the money to make profit from it is not a sign that capitalism is a good thing, it's exactly the opposite.

      • You were doing well

        Greed is socialized: survival is the closest thing we have to "human nature." Indeed, "human nature" is a contrivance, we have a common human condition, but our "nature" is biochemically unique individually and our value systems are almost entirely the product of socialization and behavioral manipulation (reinforcement/punishment).

        Socialism and/or anarchism would work very well supposing those founders were dedicated and mindful of their understandings. Liberating our minds is the first step – the hardest, but after a few generations of an alternative people would find other systems just as implausible – if not moreso.

  • Mik

    Capitalism has brought us strife and nothing but.

    Karl Marx’s final words were “I am not a Marxist”. Communism has never been implemented before and anyone who says it has hasn’t done their research. I’m a politics major and the author of this list is worryingly misguided in his attempt to advocate capitalism.

  • rocketmel

    interesting points. but seriously? starting with the health thing, i knew this was going downhill. what's so great about capitalism if the sheer choice of foods tends to turn a huge percentage of the population obese?
    i hope that was meant to be a sarcastic list, cause i did not once feel i would be better off being a banker in the big city.

  • FlameCourse

    This list should be renamed "Top 10 Greatest INTENTIONS of Capitalism."

    • Emily


  • Emily

    For the people freaking about equality: you’re right, capitalism doesn’t promote it. But I think it’s about time that people, in this new and brilliant age, start recognizing the value of fairness over equality. Would your rather have things fair or equal? In capatalist societies, we have a degree of equality offered to us by democratic governments, but for the most part we rely on fairness. Things being fair means that we are rewarded with what we deserve, and not given the same benefits based upon our want of them. Having societies in which things are completely
    equal only makes people unhappy because, as was pointed out, socialism and communism goes against a main component of human nature. The more you try to suppress that greedy. side of us with regulations and limits, the more people will strive to attain it unfairly, leading to a good deal of corruption.

  • IanK

    I knew this list would get mixed reviews…which is why the comments are so damn fun to read than the list itself!

  • Bill

    *hangs head in shame*

    Took me a long while to realize it was a joke

  • Eddy

    I really, really, REALLY hope this list was made as a joke. It's freaking christmas and it was wrote from such a selfish point of view…

    As I said to a friend: numbers 9, 8 , 2 and 1 are not exactly how you've put them
    numbers 7 and 6 are not necessarily something good
    number 5 is relative to one's position in society
    number 3 was dumb, that is a characteristic of capitalism, in a world with, let's say, communism, where everyone is treated as equals in everything (when it WORKS, not like cuban, sovietic or north korean communism) there's no need for growth, as it would have no purpose.

    And just to be sure, in case this REALLY IS a joke, it was written in a very non-funny way…

    • Mik

      I wholeheartedly agree

    • where does communism work?

      • Eddy

        When the people behind it are not greedy bastards like most people on the world today.
        Sadly, true communism can't work in this world, where greed is treated as the biggest virtue possible, while it's the weapon that destroys society from within.

        • Remember?

          Eddy, thanks.

          Rob: you are an idiot. Communism works when it works, in order for Communism to occur at least these things must be in place: a high level of technological advancement; widespread industrialization; large urban developments; the extension of greater levels of education. Once people are well educated, sufficiently technologically advanced and industrialized and enough people are concentrated in urban centers, the Communist Revolution will occur from the grassroots – the proletariat itself.

          It has NOT happened on the scale of states in the last century, but there have been many things similar to communism that have worked for tens of thousands of years: indeed it is from these cultures that we were presented with the untold wealth of resources "discovered" by white people a few hundred years ago – what they didn't know was that the wealth and abundance they encountered was the product of over a hundred generations of mindful cultivation and environmentalism on behalf of the first nations of this land.

      • Mark

        North Korea, if you're a moronic American who believes what he's spoonfed in school and by the media.

        Do you know what communism is?

  • The voice of reason

    This is the most naive list I have ever read. It just sounds like the typical libertarian bullshit about how "if the government were to just disappear, the magic of the market would make everyone happy. That's why it's magic!" I'm going to point out a couple of the biggest flaws:
    1) Freedom. Who is really free in a capitalist society? The rich and the powerful. Though afforded the same legal rights, the lower classes lack the wealth to take advantage of them.
    2) Democracy. Democracy is a horrible idea. Democracy put Adolf Hitler and George W. Bush in power. If all the people voted to abolish taxes, should we? No, because then the government would go broke. No dictator in the world could possibly be as stupid as the idiotic masses of the people. 100 men are not always smarter than 1 man.

    And by the way, I know this comment is going to be rated very low. Fuck you, I don't care.

    • Props

      That's right, tell them where to put it.

  • TH3M0N5T3R

    I weep for the future, if many of these comments are indicative of the general consensus of consequent generations. Capitalism is much better than Capitolism, which a good number of the ignorant posters here seem to embrace. Brain washed fools.

  • I hate capitalism, and btw:

    We don't have much freedom, I'm not happy with capitalism, we are no equal and there's other alternatives.

  • Will Trame

    Definitely a controversial list. Terms such as “happiness” and “freedom” are so abstract that everyone most likely will have a different definition for them. What sacrifices and other acts has one made to attain these two concepts? Was it worth it? I agree with the poster who stated that capitalism is the reason why we’re still in the midst of the great recession of 2008. Rich gets richer; poor gets poorer and the majority of the middle class (which is being decimated) just struggles to keep their heads above water. A herculean task, to say the least.

    I believe Patrick McGoohan was correct all along…we are living in “The Village”. We’re just a bunch of soulless spiritless numbers.

    To quote George Harrison from 1968: “Have you seen the little piggies rolling in the dirt?” I have, and too damn often. It’s not an appealing sight.

    Merry Christmas…Happy New Year… seeing you…..

  • Ryan

    Lol wow. The "world happiness" map was quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen posted on listverse.

  • Zagster

    It has been said that people are just begging to be told what to do. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the biggest one is: "If you tell me what to do, the responsibility for the outcome is yours, not mine. I'm safe."

    I wonder if that is why many people are attracted to a system with a powerful centralized government. I've always assumed that everyone would prefer to live in a democratic country with capitalism if for no other reason than the alternatives are so bad. But, reading these comments it is clear my assumption was wrong.

    It is hard for me to comprehend. I guess I am just wired differently.

  • Guest

    Poorly executed list with great theme. Too bad that nowadays economic education is too poor to properly analyse capitalism and capitalistic structures.

    Free market is a law of human interaction.

  • Bennie

    After reading this list over again it's obviously tongue in cheek… and quite funny when you look at it in that way frankly.

  • Jake

    It’s sad to see how many commenters don’t realized that this list was trying to insult capitalism because they don’t understand capitalism, so they buy all the little jabs. However, there is some truth in some of the items. Capitalism is based of freedom. It doesn’t make us healthier, it allows us to choose health if that’s what we want. In capitalism, we, the consumers have all the power. If we don’t like what a company is doing, we can choose not to buy their products. A company has to please us if it want’s to stay in business. This limits greed. Even the so-called robber barons couldn’t take more than people were willing to give them, and they ended up making a lot of peoples lives better. The rich got richer and the poor got richer.

    Socialism doesn’t work because there is no way to understand the best use of resources or how to substitute resources. People tend to dislike profit, but it turns out that it is the best way to know if resources are being used how people want them to be. If the US were socialist, we may have spent hundreds of billions forcing everyone to use corn ethanol (even more than the government already does). Now that we can see how big of a mistake that is, it should be clear that that would have been worse for the environment than fossil fuels are now. The government is bad at allocating resources. If you want to know why socialism doesn’t work study the socialist calculation debate.

    True capitalism is not about rampant consumerism. It punishes those who consumer beyond their means. The problem comes when the government bails irresponsible companies out. Irresponsible companies should fail. When that happens, their assets can be reallocated to responsible people. This is better for workers because they can work for more stable companies. The economic problems we see now are not due to capitalism, but government interference. The last thing we need is more government running things.

    Capitalism puts all the responsibility on us to make the world a better place. We choose the people to help, the companies to support, the type of technologies to use. That is what freedom means. A lot of people don’t want that responsibility and they just want the government to take it. Then, when the government fails, which it can’t help but doing, they have something to blame for all the problems.

    • Zagster


      This is the best comment on the thread. Bravo.

      • Readsomething

        That's like saying he's the fastest one-legged p!ss-ant. Good job, Jake, you're not only an idiot but also delusional. Capitalism makes YOU a slave and the capitalists your masters. The BEST thing about capitalism is that you don't even realize you're continually being corn-holed your whole life, robbing you of authenticity and thereby your beloved "freedom."

        You are pressganged into this economic system from birth, given no free alternative and punished (if not killed, imprisoned, starved to death, etc) for deviance from the normative system (that being corporate capitalism). Our government: the representative body of THE CITIZENS becomes an enemy impeding our "freedom" to buy goods that poison us and make toxic waste dumps out of our bodies, our homes and our land – DEMOCRACY leaves all responsibility with the people, too bad we've never seen it. Capitalism is and will ever be the worst idea the West has fostered. A free market is nice, but a capitalist market is anything but.


    Judging from the comments….maybe most of the people reading this list aren't in a Capitalist country?

    • ListedListofile

      Judging from your comment….maybe you don't understand anything?

      • WOOOP

        Judging from your comment….you have small penis

  • Loquesea

    The arguments in the list weren't really presented all that well. But undeniably the best economic system is at least built off of a capitalist foundation. Preferably the government would step in to regulate certain aspects of such a system including instituting pgovian taxes and subsidies, breaking up monopolies and oligopoly cartels, and providing some provisions to the poor to ensure stability.

    Capitalism does not seek to promote equality, and equality is a foolish goal to begin with. Equality assumes that we all have the exact same needs and desires which is far from the truth. Capitalism instead seeks to promote efficiency. In other words, a free market distributes goods to those who desire it the most. Of course it isn't a perfect system, and I have a lot of issues with the current economic system in the United States myself, but I don't think these problems should be attributed to capitalism as a whole.

    • Anticapitalist

      If the government needs to constantly modify the economic structure of its constituents: the system is broken. Read a book: capitalism does not promote efficiency, it promotes elitism and the systematic extermination of competition along with the rampant and inherent exploitation and deception of others: essentially it is moral genocide. The "best" economic system would be one in which we didn;t own, but instead recognized that we were temporally constrained and therefore borrowed from and then fed back into the earth's natural systems, whence all our lively necessities originate.

      Do please choke on shrapnel before you decide to endorse other idiots – then again, maybe flushing you out with this list was a good thing: now everyone knows you're an idiot, whereas before it was mere speculation for most.

  • Doug

    Very simple and direct list. It's not perfect, and the same goes for capitalism, but it just shows how important capitalism was to make the US and freedom synonymous. I'm those ideas are spreading to the rest of the world. The world is a better place then it was for previous generations and it'll be better in the future if we keep up those values.

    • Two Headed Boy

      Actually the philosophy behind capitalism is purely economic and has got nothing to do with personal freedom.

      • Doug

        Without capitalism personal freedom can't exist. If it isn't people making their own decisions about how to control their lives government will do it for them.

        • Mark033

          I'm sure there could be other methods of self-determination than capitalism. That seems awfully short-sighted.

    • Yawning

      Dear Doug: you are an idiot. Any upward-spiraling growth model precipitates a cataclysmic crash-and-burn scenario. The very notion of freedom has become a tool of domestication – and you are one well-trained dog. Please suck on some arsenic-tarts produced and sold by Buy(y)OurGoods Inc.

      • Doug

        A very wise and well thought out response. I wish luck in life because you are probably going to be profoundly disappointed in what come in your future.

  • snakester

    Worst list ever. Blindly optimisitic at its best, criminally misleading at its worst. Are you gonna write a list on the merits of pedophilia next? Capitolism is a dead end and anyone with half a brain knows this. The invisible hand of the marketplace does nothing but suffocate morality. The only vote you get is where you spend your money, very democratic; at least for those with a lot of "votes".

  • Leo F

    “No matter where you start in life, everyone has an opportunity to make it big.”

    Then why did the majority of the conservative (the party who is currently joint in power for those ill-informed) cabinet in the UK attend private school and emerge from an affluent background? Why do those born into working class backgrounds stay in working class backgrounds while those born into privilege and power i.e. the bourgeoisie, stay privileged and powerful?

    “The basic principle is that the harder you work, the greater your reward.”

    The word for that is meritocracy, something which is greatly considered a myth.

    “You can eat low fat food, organic food, free-range food… and you know exactly what you’re getting due to the statistics on the packet.”

    Are you seriously implying that other forms of social and economic structure would seriously deny their citizens such important information? (Well, excluding the obvious examples of societies that didn’t…)

    “The oil scarcity isn’t particularly our problem, anyway, since by the time it is depleted, our generation will be long gone.”

    And then I realise you’re joking.

    • I see your scheme

      Cause they're fucking lazy.

  • runningdog peacenik

    Capitalism will always favour those nearest the financial system. financiers are no different than anyone else and make mistakes like everyone else. the most successful economies long term have a mix of socialist and capitalist policies. it is tempting to think that one idea of using money as only source of wealth will lead to better conditions for all. it doesn’t and 2008 showed that. the best that can be said for capitalism is that it creates more opportunities the worst of capitalism is that it ignores the social base that made the money available in the first place. it tends to feed the first snouts in the trough and devil take the rest.

    • Topa

      Any mix of socialism in the economy only works in smaller countries.

  • Sanja.

    two words sum up my opinion of this list: ew capitalism.

    • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

      Two words sum up my opinion of this comment: ew jealousy.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Oh man people are going to be pissed about this!

    • Mark

      Yeah, you called it. Reminds me of this death metal list someone wrote a while ago, do you remember the idiot that did that? You know, the guy who thought that Slayer was death metal?

      What a tool :P

      • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

        Ya what a dipshit! He clearly wasn't some awesome dude who thought this was a site full of a holes who knew nothing about metal, and was trying to show a broad range of metal under a cool sounding title.

        • Mark

          I haven't commented in a while. It's interesting to see who's still around.

          I was half-way through writing a "10 Awesome Grindcore Bands" and I couldn't decide whether to go with Slayer or Black Sabbath, you know, cause they both use guitars, like in grindcore :D

  • dostoyevsky23

    This must be a joke.

    "all these unhappy countries need to do is start consuming more than they produce, like Europe, and the wealth and happiness will start flowing in."

  • Michael J. Uzbek

    Read the Grapes of Wrath for a more extensive look at the Greatest Benefits of Capitalism.

  • Grushenka

    Ok, that’s it, I knew this website was sort of retarded but this is it. See ya.

  • Carlos

    Capitalism is a flawed system since man is flawed. On the other hand, progressives, communists, marxists and socialists believe that you can create an utopia where everyone will be happy. Which in the end is just a fantasy, and no other economic system would allow the individual to succeed through innovation and hard work.
    Do you think that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack would have become a millionaire if would have created the Apple computer in Communist China or the Soviet union?

  • asdf

    Had to stop reading this list halfway through the first item… scrolled down to see number 1… instantly linked away…

    i'm sure some people for capitalism will love this list but i found your logic faulty or incomplete.

  • Two Headed Boy

    Happiness eh? well that would be true were it not for all those people living in poverty living in those countries, somehow i doubt they're all that happy. Also a lot of these people wont ever have the chance to become successful financially because of the social problems caused by capitalism, because capitalism is, after all, a win-lose game and these people are unfortunately the losers.

    • Zagster

      All those people living in poverty? The vast majority of those people in western capitalistic countries "living in poverty" would be considered to be wealthy if placed randomly on earth – especially if placed randomly on earth in a random year within the past 200 years.

      Even the LOSERS who have NO motivation and no self worth and terrible parents and no willingness or ability to fight the good fight and think the world owes them are taken care of in our "unethical" country.

      Snap out of it ding-dong.

      • Mark

        "Our country"? Did you state where he was from? Unequal distribution of income and wealth (thank you economics classes) is a problem worldwide.

        Take your blinkers off, he's not even dissing the good old US of A and you still feel the need to defend your country. What do you think that says about either you or your country?

  • frenchairborne

    ironic list, right?

  • RisePinoy

    Hahahahaha I'm sorry but this list is so infantile in its understanding of what Capitalism is.

    Capitalism is only good if those who hold the most wealth are able to create a system where the value created by others can be magnified to improve society. Unfortunately, Capitalism is the new feudalism because those who have the wealth misappropriate it and cause destruction and chaos for those who have less wealth.

    The wealth of the upper crust capitalists have insulated them from the effects and consequences of their destructive behaviors; caused by the greed of wanting to get more without creating appropriate value to match it.

    The answer, in my opinion, lies in a true balance where people with less wealth are given the opportunity to bestow value to get more economic power in the marketplace. This does not mean communism. It is more of giving everyone access to information and education so that they can choose which value they can bring to the world and contribute to the betterment of society, while earning an appropriate living out of it.

    • Thumbs up for you dude.
      In my opinion,it is actually the cooperation between the Government and the People that matters most for a progressive economy to exist in a State.Actually,any form of system can cater an environment for progress as long as the people and the government are given a chance to do their part for the system itself.
      US and China are both superpowers in the modern society yet both nations lie unto different planes of beliefs and this proves no single form of government or system exist as perfect cradles for progress.
      It is the right of the people to be given access to their needs yet it is their responsibility to do something in return for their country and yeah just like what you said.

  • And this is why I'm a Socialist. :D

    • Anna

      Me too :) See above list: Capitalism creates idiots.

    • Pinko

      Da Comrade! CPUSA represent!

  • JimNEPA

    Actually, none of this is a joke. The joke is on those who think communism and its little brother socialism are good. Ever wonder why so many people keep coming to the USA legally and otherwise?

    • ListedListofile

      You are in need of an education. Aswell as traveling to other countries and no I don't mean tourist hotspots.

      • JimNEPA

        I have an education. What I lack is a few semesters at one of your "political re-education camps" where I can learn all about how Jesus was really a gay socialist atheist and other such nonsense.

        • Mark

          Socialism is not communism little brother… Political systems and beliefs can't have sibling… Are you insane?

    • Anna

      Well I come from a socialist country and have visited the US – can you say the opposite? I didn't think so. And I have to tell you – America seemed horrible! Poor people on the streets, stupid people behind counters (not stupid as in mean, but as in unintelligent – but it's no wonder in a country where only the rich can afford an education!) People seemed so depressed, and when you talked to them, they were really ignorant. It was clear that most have no idea of what's going on outside their own country.
      I laugh when Americans defend their own system. It's like a slave defending the master who's administering the whip! The greatest lie was to make the slave believe he was free – while in reality your just puppets of the corporations.
      I'm out – enjoying my social security. And you know what? I have no problem pay taxes, because I, contrary to you, actually gets something in return: Free education and free health care – not only me, but everybody! THAT'S what makes a happy country.

  • John Bean

    Capitalism is pretty nice, but I think it should be balanced out with social programs at the same time…I know I love it when the fire department puts my burning house out for free…

    fun video from Britain…….

  • AFH

    note to the morons who commented before: capitalism is generally defined as "the economic system in which the means of production are privately controlled." the only nations who generally do not adhere to this principle (ie, not capitalistic economies) are the dprk, myanmar and cuba. china, india, france, italy and other places i'd rather not live agree partially with this principle. nice places to live, like the usa, new zealand, switzerland and canada mostly agree with this principle.

    maybe santa will pay for an intro to micro course for the fools on this site.

    • Mark

      India, France, Italy… Really? On two counts:

      1) Publicly controlled means of production


      2) You wouldn't want to live there (probably discount India for this one)

      It's interesting how extremely high some very socialised states are listed (Norway, Iceland) and how low some largely free-market states are placed.

  • its ronnie , dude!

    number nines a sausage fest

  • Peter

    lol political agenda

  • Will Trame

    I wouldn’t say that Listverse is a retarded site. It has put out some very good lists in the past, as well as a few bummers. But this one I believe is very inappropriate for Christmas Eve and the moderators must have known from the onset that it would generate a s***storm. The picture for number two exemplifies greed (profits over people?), which is not a an admirable quality.

  • ListedListingLists

    Absolutely horrific list. None of these benefits are connected to capitalism. Infact capitalism restricts some of them in a truly unbeneficial manor. Unless of course, you are a unquestioning sheep. In that case, study this list as gospel.

  • Bassbait

    Capitalism sucks, let's all say that forever. However, almost any system out there is worse. The only things better than Capitalism are direct democracy and Philosopher-Kings. When people capitalized the internet, that was a bad sign. The internet should have been a direct democracy, but with all of the ways the internet is now, it's definitely closer to Fascism or Capitalism than Democracy. That's a bummer. But it's got to be that way, because money controls the world, no matter what country you live in. People mainly disagree with Capitalism because they have been taught that America is Capitalism, but to be honest, it's leaning on becoming a Socialist Oligarchy. Why? Because every aspect of our lives is controlled by Corporations, INCLUDING politics. America is far from being the Capitalism that existed in the days of Andrew Carnegie or Henry Ford. The introduction of intense security measures, and the upheaval of mindless attacks instead of opinions is the main problem. Capitalism (the idea), has benefits. Capitalism (in execution) is horrible. It's no different than Communism. The idea could have worked, but it didn't. We really need to go back to Greek politics, I say.

  • Zagster

    I find it ironic that idiots who post on listverse have the audacity to call anything on listverse idiotic.

  • ListedListofile

    One minute I see hilarious irony the next I see dumbfounding ignorance. Can anyone clarify for me, which it is?

  • Matthew

    Either a sublimely funny joke or an obtuse and ignorant "list." If it's a joke, not very funny; if it's NOT a joke…even less funny. D-

  • Chris

    "The oil scarcity isn’t particularly our problem, anyway, since by the time it is depleted, our generation will be long gone."

    Nonononononononononononononoooooooo it f*cking is not.

  • circlefan

    am i wrong to suppose, that you, sir writer, had too much wine?

    • Alexander the Pinko

      Classy comeback my good sir!

  • circlefan

    Was it Marx who said that, 'capitalism is progressive because it leads towards communism' ?

    just a not-so-random thought

  • Name

    This list looks like Fox news propaganda! Only a person who has a blank slate of history could have written a list so foolish. Why don't you ask workers in the early part of the 20th century how capitalism worked for them. Working 18 hour days for fiscal pittance, I doubt you would get many enthusiastic responses. While I agree capitalism works great when operating within a mixed economy, it is a disaster when the laissez faire approach is taken. If we did not have regulation, we still to this day would be living in wage slave conditions. We live in a time when corporations have become in many ways just as powerful as nation states, it is naive to suggest that their should be no rules or regulation for their actions when so many lives depend on their decisions.

  • Karan

    wow, pure propaganda here

  • juju

    most of this is found under other things

  • Avni

    I seriously think that this is the most "smug" list which listverse has ever come out with. Capitalism doesn't bring all the above things. Its the thinking of people which makes the change. It is nowhere connected with capitalism. "I have to make money , i have to make money" can nowhere get you happiness. I will have to say the same as the first comment..really dumb list.

  • themouseking

    The list sounds very Ayn Rand-ish. Does the list maker know that capitalism is not a form of government? And highly socialized countries like Denmark are considered the happiest on earth?

    I'd suggest economist like Manfred Max-Neef have far greater insight into healthy functioning societies than a list which looks like it was it was assembled by Milton Friedman disciples:

    1. The economy is to serve the people, not the people to serve the economy.
    2. Development is about people, and not about objects.
    3. Growth is not the same as development, and development does not necessarily require growth.
    4. No economy is possible in the absence of ecosystem services.
    5. The economy is a subsystem of a larger finite system — the biosphere, hence permanent growth is impossible.

    • Mark

      Milton Friedman… was… a……. moneterist……….?

  • santa

    This list is dumb, Christmas is Ruined! :'-(

  • Zagster

    How come every time I read a comment about how stupid and ironic this list is, the voice in my head reading the comment is the voice of a gay pseudo-intellectual A-hole?

    • Mrs. Antichrist

      Probably because you're threatened by the fact that you can't refute their arguments, so you resort to childish insults instead.

  • Zagster

    How come I hear the voices of effeminate pseudo-intellectuals as I read the comments about how this list is so wrong and so terrible?

    I had to re-word my previous comment.

    • Mark

      If you don't like the people commenting here why are you commenting? And why would you be chipping in with inane comments period?

      Unless you're one of them trolls… My mummy said not to feed you…

  • matthew

    while the points on this list are valid to a certain degree, the writers present them objectively with little to no regard for an opposing view. some of these points (most notably number 10) are laughably optimistic.

    it would be cool to see a “10 deleterious effects of capitalism” as the next list just to act as a foil.

  • Raskolnikov

    I find it funny that you can have all of these things without capitalism

  • Ayn Rand

    This is all I got from this list

    Greed is good! Screw poor people, they can help themselves! I just read Atlas Shrugged and I want to shove my selfish capitalist opinions down everyone's throats! Go America, screw socialists!

  • Anonymous

    Cuba's socialism works great, and they have a major embargo on them.

  • 4play

    This list is a joke. One track mind much?

  • Hamish Wood

    "Everyone has the chance to make it big"

    Except, you know, those born into an area w/o decent schools. Or do the underpriveleged simply lack the "drive to succeed"? Is global hunger a result of those Africans being so lazy, and not taking every chance to succeed?

    Or what about a blind man? Surely, the blind don't have as much a chance to become billionaire engineers as, say, a sighted man. Or to become secretaries. Or painters. Or writers, or doctors, or business men…

    What about those with mental disabilities? Should they just get over that, and start earning their goddamn keep?


    Equality my ass.

  • Eyeroller

    You are either a very poor comic personality, or a sheer fecking idiot. If it's the former, add a few more flavor words – strengthen the positive statements to be a bit more obvious; if the latter is the case: use our free market to buy a gun and shoot yourself. Merry Christmas, buy shit – it's how capitalism feeds your soul.

  • Avni

    This is my second comment. Is this list suppose to be a critic enhancer list so that it could get some kudos on the most controversial list type? Or JFrater has made a lot of money recently to start thinking this way?

  • Element of Facticity

    Ummm… equality can not be true in any capitalist society – ever. The whole point of capitalism is to produce profit (which is done by disproportionately paying your workers for their labor or overcharging for your goods, ideally: both) and to accumulate capital (which is finite, meaning big fish eat smaller fish until there is only ONE fish).

    Communism works marvelously, in the few places it exists (these being small and most-often unheard of, given that they need little outside assistance and are usually geographically remote for good reason) but it has yet to be achieved by a state. How do we know? Because there hasn't been a successful proletariat revolution yet, meaning "communism" as Marx coined the term, has not yet come to be. So stfu about communism already – either revolt and make it happen, or think up something else, or resign yourself to despair in isolation.

    In fact: none of these things are true and I'm increasingly convinced that the author knows this full well and is STILL laughing.

  • call guy

    Oh dear! Anyone who loves capitalism is a fool. What about the environment?? Capitalism needs constant growth, but as that is exponential we are accelerating towards the limits of growth. Communism is no better, but capitalism is a terrible system!!!!

  • archangel

    Honestly hoping that this list is written tounge-in-cheek! The Top 10 most liveable countries in the world tend to be social-democracies (welfare capitalism) or some form of well-regulated capitalism. Economics is not necessarily based on greed, but on desire (working for money to buy food to feed my family does not make me greedy).

    "All these unhappy countries need to do is start consuming more than they produce, like Europe, and the wealth and happiness will start flowing in." Eh? If everyone consumed, we'd need more planet earths to live in (either that or we'd need to kill each other for wanted scarce resources). Since when did happiness equate to consumption?

    Also, capitalism isn't restricted to the developed world. Capitalism impacts on the less developed world – indeed, capitalism can cause global inequality by privileging the developed world and consuming sometimes to the point of plunder the resources of the poor. Furthermore, you'll find that the United States itself started on a protectionist route in order to protect its infant industries… etc. eh too complex to explain on here.

    I do agree, however, that broad capitalism is probably the least worst alternative so alright list! And if you did write this tounge-in-cheek my apologies.

  • fronze

    good to know that propaganda is obviously still working.

  • toby

    a lot of uneducated comments on capitalism here.

    • SkipTheDutch

      Maybe your education is wrong. If you dare to stand up against the modern form of society, than your are:
      1. Stupid.
      2. Damn clever, try to prove they are wrong.

      And we can alle agree, capitalism brought us wealth, but also much misery… It's maybe a good system, but still far from ideal. I don't go into details, but read some books (left and right) and draw a conclusion, without being stuburn. You might think different afterwards.

      Yes Men Change the World (movie), The Shock Doctrine (movie), Communist Manifesto (book, of course), everyday history book, T.E. Lawrence, A Christmas Carrol, Carlos (movie), the shitty documentaries of Micheal More, Neo-Conservative Manifesto, etc.

      History is soaked with blood, because of capitalism…

  • GreenTheNewRed

    The comments from this list frighten me. To many SHEEPLE blindly following their professors without question. The only real problems with capitalism are the people on this list that scream that you can't make it unless your a rich white male, and the people who believe them and then never try. Lots of people in the U.S. wont wake up to feed their own children. What makes you think they'll wake up to feed someone elses. MOO MOO says the cow. Yes we can, Yes we can says the sheep.

    • Mark

      I'm a 17-year-old white male living in Australia. We have one of the highest HDI rankings in the world (third at 0.971 out of 1) and I was blessed with loving parents who earn enough to keep us firmly plastered in the upper end of the upper-middle class.

      I also won a state prize in economics and I'm going to the University of Queensland (one of the best universities in Australia with a highly respected economics faculty) to study economics next year.

      While admittedly suffering one shortcoming (not being American) I am the poster-boy for what is great about capitalism. Let's face it, unless I fk something up, I'm set. I have the luxury of sitting here on my computer arguing with others on Listverse all day and not going much else.

      Yet despite being put into this seemingly glorious position by the strengths of capitalism I have the intellect and compassion to realise that even though capitalism is pretty sweet for me, it's not neccesarily the be all and end all of economic systems.

      Left-wing intellectuals might be making "sheeples" but what do you think right-wing pundits and the media are doing to ignorant morons like you?

    • SkipTheDutch

      I think this is only a small percentage of your people. I don't think this contributes to capitalism as a whole. Yes, some are lazy, but many aren't and would like to work, in a normal envirement (don't know how to spell this…) with good workers rights.

      A CEO in your country makes about 400% percent more money than an average worker in the same company. It's insane. The worker does the hardest work! We have to figure out how this could by improved, by state regulation as example (I know many US citizens fear the goverment, and yes, the US also has nowadays a fear economy…)

      Open your eyes. Oh, and I don't think you're Hitler, just because you might have another opion. And I have a natural dislike of the US… Yes, I'm an average European…

      Merry Christmas by the way!

    • Hani

      And who are you to know what people are doing to feed their children? In my country, the vast majority of uni students work to be able to study, and a seriously huge number of workers have two jobs and work more than 16 hours per day to put food on the table, I'm one of the students/workers, and I'm one of those who know what inequality means, and what capitalism really means, and what socialism means, that's why I became a socialist, and that's why you'll remain a capitalist, because you don't know, you simply do not know. This struggle will never end because fat humans work to become fatter, the poor dream of becoming rich, the rich dreams of becoming richer, no one is being just human, and communism, is the essence of humanity, and humanity is the essence of communism, we have to become humans first, then dream to build a communist world, to fix the world and remove the greed, which is destroying the earth of the human and not only the human.

      • SkipTheDutch

        Damn right you are!

  • SkipTheDutch

    This list doesn't make much sense… Please, make a list about the negative sides of capitalism. Many of them can be found in this list as well. I think it's bit naive, but because I'm a dutch activist for the socialist party, my opinion could be a bit coloured.

    Let us hope and fight for a better future, with solidarity, equality, freedom and happiness for everyone.

  • Lanfear

    Equality? That's outrageous! Everyone has a chance to make it big, but they sure as shit don't have an equal chance. The heir to a multi-billion dollar business has a significantly hire chance of being a billionaire than the child of a Hollywood crackwhore.

    • beanbag


  • Brandon

    This list is so ridiculous it is funny.

  • Hey not very nice list…I mean I'm a fan of this site but for me these topics shall be off for discussion for two main reasons…it's controversial(it isn't true in most cases) and delving unto such topics and writing a list about it can somewhat produce a biased discussion.
    Anyways,Nice try:)
    I'm looking forward for a Top 10 greatest benefits of Communism or any other form of System to balance this out.:D
    PS:My opinion is my opinion(#4:Built on Democracy).lol

  • "In my opinion,it is actually the cooperation between the Government and the People that matters most for a progressive economy to exist in a State.Actually,any form of system can cater an environment for progress as long as the people and the government are given a chance to do their part for the system itself.
    US and China are both superpowers in the modern society yet both nations lie unto different planes of beliefs and this proves no single form of government or system exist as perfect cradles for progress.
    It is the right of the people to be given access to their needs yet it is their responsibility to do something in return for their country and yeah just like what you said."-posted it in one of the comments…I realized it is really what I believe.:)

  • Anna

    Either the person who wrote this list is really really stupid, or really, really sarcastic.

  • What a load of BS. Worst list ever. All lies.

  • "In conclusion, all these unhappy countries need to do is start consuming more than they produce, like Europe, and the wealth and happiness will start flowing in."

    You do realise that consuming more than you produce is only possible with loans right? Well, guess what, the Greeks tried this and are now bankrupt. Unemployed and hungry now, I don't think they are very happy…

    • Hani

      But the WTO, IMF and World Bank are very happy.
      So what is the problem? Let the people die.
      Funny, isn't?

  • Jon

    This list is very hypocritical

  • tassie devil

    One thing's for sure. I'll die before I live under communism, and I'll take a heap of disgusting commies with me. One thing I can't stand is halfwit factory workers complaining about other people being rich, while doing absolutely nothing to benefit their own meager existence. They have the nerve to call themselves working class but they don't know what work is. Try running your own business. That's hard work.

    • Hani

      Dear Mr. I Don't Understand. You have to understand what is SURPLUS VALUE before you decide whether to kill commies or keep them alive (Well thank you for sparing my life after all).

    • Mark033

      What you fail to understand is that in capitalism there has to be some factory workers. I don't like whining either, but their jobs are crap and even I can put up with working class whining.

      Do you know why? Because without factory workers and other working class people, you wouldn't be able to sit here and brag smugly about beating the system and making something of yourself (by the way, you didn't, no matter how successful you are you're not going to become much richer than those factory workers).

  • Hani

    What contradictions!
    How does GREED go with EQUALITY?
    I will not write more, NO and HELL NO I will not waste my time on trying to write for a bunch of greedy capitalists to read. I will just say a couple of words: CAPITALISM IS FASCISM!
    May the working class, which is the vast majority of world population, rule this world one day, and overthrown fat capitalists. Those are the greedy ones who hire greedy writers to write for greedy readers.
    Goodnight, funny fascists.

  • Canada is officially a social democracy as is Norway, two of the highest ranking happiness countries.
    Education is a social program that was brought in because private schooling failed children during the depression.
    Socialized medicine is the most effective way to spend medical dollars, for each dollar in medical care I get in Canada, the average American pays $2.20.

    Capitalism doesn't work with democracy at all, it wants to buy votes, and it does so quite well with sound-bite politics, and stereotyping people.

    This is a terrible list filled with the half-truths that keep a broken, and evil (by evil I mean selfish) economic system around.

  • In site, will be informed about some factors that affect one’s physical fitness among other things, age. According to research, children physical Fitness increases until it reaches a maximum at age 25-30 years, then going to a decline in functional capacity of the entire body of approximately of 0.8 – 1% per year, but for children who are diligent in exercising decline This can be reduced to half.

  • Etg

    WTF worst list ever

  • noname

    A lot of holes in this list, capitalism can only be seen as good for some and exploitative for others. Admittedly we are not a third world country but others around us do suffer while others often show sickening displays of over-consumption. I would even argue that we are becoming more of a plutocracy than a democracy (just an opinion based on economic and historical observations). In a society where the minority of people hold the majority of wealth, and don't intend to spread it economically or socially, this list over-shadows a lot of the evils in capitalism. I'll shut up now before I am criticized for being a socialist :) the main argument of anyone who refuses to think differently of the world.

  • CeeJay

    You know, I could write a big response, but to save time all I will say is, "Sigggggggggghh…"

  • Bullsh*t.
    Worse than Soviet Propaganda.

  • chopper

    It is funny when anyone that can type a comment is an expert. I just love these baseless emotinal blurbs

  • reallucid

    no.7 is kind of retarded. how do you define "humanity moving forward"? i dont really think greed is beneficial to humanity.

  • Bernard marx

    This guy seems to have forgotten to mention that a very small minority of the worlds population controls a vast majority of the worlds wealth,( somebody please tell me what the actual numbers are.) all that wealth does not trickle down.

    • Mark033

      Off the top of my head from class it's 10/90, but that's obviously not exact and may not even be in the ball park.

  • Narj

    Ha, ha, ha I cannot stop laughing. This list is so ideological that becomes risible!

  • nimur90

    I literally don't know if I'm angered or amused by this list. They should do a list on the benefits of anarchy next!

  • zoyelque

    Is this list a joke?? Capitalism Sucks!

  • guest

    this is a stupid list. author just makes realllllly broad statements with no actual bakcing

  • Tiago

    It's a brave new world…

  • Matt

    I'm an american, i've always been an american. I think i'd rather live in Japan or another more socialistic society. Americans may not have a monarch but we know that the real power is in business, with at least half of the white house ex ceo's of big business. The other half of our political leaders trying to appease the "simple, loud" majority and getting in bed with big business, i.e stock exchange with insider knowledge based on history through disasters and wars. God help us.

  • Mark

    capitalism's growth is constantly impeded by its very structure, that's why there is constant crisis. profit rates hit limits and imperialist expansion is necessary to keep this "exponential growth." not everyone, in fact the vast majority of the world, has social mobility. and even cycles of debt in the first world keeps people from advancing. charity or "altruism" means absolutely nothing, it has existed since the beginning of the industrial era and has never altered the contradiction of extreme poverty in extremely wealthy society. human nature does not exist, but is the result of institutional and historical shaping. china is not capitalist – in fact 50% of its resources are state owned and about 30% of its "free market" serves the state – yet even with a mixed economy they avoid the pitfalls of crisis that occur in capitalist markets. these abstractions of "freedom" and "equality" are pure illusion. there is absolutely no freedom or equality when the vast majority of the world is reduced to mere labor power grovelling for crumbs from bigger tables. and the "social good" this list suggests is absolutely insane – the division of labor has existed in most forms of society (with the exception of socialism) – and it has always, from plato onward, been said to work in tandem with the "social good." nonetheless, most of the population of the capitalist world (which is most of the world) performs the worst work for the lowest pay – or is left to starve without work – in other words, the division of labor leaves most overworked and underpaid or without work and in extreme impoverishment. this list is utterly insane, not based in any facts (notice how no statistics are ever employed), not even based in a solid knowledge of political or economic theory, practice, or reality. we're in a crisis. people are angry. anyone who believes a single word of this list must be incredibly deranged, sadistic, or incredibly stupid.

  • Kim

    I like this list.

    Although, for the greed entry, I would argue that is it not greed, but self interest, which is not necessarily bad. I see the positive in the idea that you can get a job and work with the good of yourself and your family as your primary motive. You aren’t told that you are supposed to agonize over what other people (who you don’t know and will never meet) supposedly want.

    Additionally, it seems that genocide is a requirement for communist and socialist regimes, so it is always funny to me that people harp so much on capitalism when the alternative is gulags/re-education camps/killing fields, ect.

    Anyway, good list.

    • Mark033

      Communism, by definition, does not have a regime. It's a common misnomer though, and I won't split hairs.

      The world's never really seen a socialist state so we can't really comment. But socialism mixed with democracy is working quite well in places like Norway and Denmark. There is some capitalism in those countries, with the obvious characteristic being personal ownership.

      But at the end of the day Maoism and Stalinism are nothing short of facism under a different name.

  • Bill

    It would appear that a significant number of responders to this list are hopeless Communist/Socialists (which also certifies them to be insane). I guess some folks want a form of Government to tell them what to do, when to do it, and how to do it (even going to the bathroom)! It has been my experience, such folks do not want to work for their bread-but want it handed to them (and they will gladly exchange their freedom for it). Another Socialist Dictator (like Hitler) is wanting in the wings, until a populace is absorbed with human beings who display such an attitude!
    Remember, in the 1930s Germany; Adolf Hitler did not seize power…the German People gave it to him! It only took Hitler some 50 odd days from being elected German “Chancellor,” to Der Fuhrer (supreme leader/ Dictator), by using a National Crisis (the Reichstag fire) to achieve total power by dissolving THE OTHER BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT WITH THE PEOPLES CONSENT. If it happened once; it can happen again! Most folks don’t realize that NAZI stands for: National SOCIALIST German Workers' Party.

    • SkipTheDutch

      Read books, friend. National-Socialism isn't socialism, mate, it's fascism! And they came into power due to a small economic crisis in the twenties (maybe you've heard of that one…), which was a bit like the one we're still in now.

      Oh, and don't forget what caused 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq: capitalism… Cause and effect.

      9/11: Ever heard of Sykes-Picot treaty of 1918, I don't think so. This was the beginning of the bad relationship between the West and the Middle-East. It was a treaty based on greed (oil, etc.).
      Later we formed Israel, as a gift. That's because we let the Nazi's kill so many jews, without doing something. Palestine stopped existing.
      You supported the Sjah of Iran, who was a dictator, just like Pinochet (who the US also installed due to economic advantages…).
      You supported Iraq AND Iran in their war.
      You gave the Muhdjadien weapons to fight against the USSR, but let the Taliban take control.
      You weaponised Israel, so you could abuse the country as a bridgehead.
      Then 9/11 happened, which was just a queen in the game of chess between you and the East that has been playing way too long.
      We invaded Afghanistan as a retaliation, and the US punishes the entire population too. Less food, no more certainty. Maybe they were better off with the Taliban!
      Than the US invaded Iraq because of economic reasons (oil etc.), and NO WMD's. Truly a crime. Luckily the wacky dictator is gone, but now a civil war is starting there and CHINA has two-thirds of the oil… Haha.
      America hasn't made the world a better place, especialy in the Middle-East. I personally think the neo-conservatists in the US are creating a new form of Fascism… America as largest superpower in the world, with free economy.

      Luckily the US are just like ancient Rome: borders are being breached, economic dispear, indivudualism, egocentrism – when will the downfall be complete?

    • SkipTheDutch

      Oops, sorry forgot something:

      Vietnam, Korea, Native-Americans, Cuba, Japan (the bombs), apartheid in US, Cold War, dirty little wars in South-America, War on Drugs (not very succesfull, and who is the largest consumer…), concentration camps for Japanese, supporting dictators, etc. And they all took place in the previous centrury… Meh.

  • Zeitgeist

    This list, is not for me.

    Basically, the more you spend the happier you are?

    OK, North America has relished in capitalism success, but its still a very messed up country. Very, very messed up….

  • Mr. Nick

    Do any of you think you would even be posting here right now if we lived under the communist model?? No, you wouldn't and you certainly wouldn't be posting here bashing the existing economic model, politicians or the government — that in its self will get you thrown in prison in dictated economies like China, Cuba, Venezuela etc..

    Its astounding how people will cry about capitalism, but here you are with your nice stuff – yet – you don't think its "fair," fine, why don't you go talk to individuals that escaped the USSR, China, Cambodia, Vietnam or North Korea and see what they have to say when you allow government to dictate the economy, when you give them all the power in exchange for "fairness" er "security" — which is precisely what the majority of you people are in favor of.

    Capitalism is the ONLY fair economic model, well – unless you're a sadist and you want everyone to have NOTHING because you cant get ahead in life, unless you want everyone to be poor and have no rights and have the state dictate the destiny of every individual.

    • Mark033

      You obviously have a severely limited grasp of economics and politics. I've already made a few long-winded arguments against people with similar opinions here so I'll leave it at that.

  • Alencon

    Hmm, either you're kidding or very naive. Allow me to suggest that you are viewing what you call "Capitalism" through glasses colored rosy by modern reforms such as child labor laws, minimum wage and the rise of unions. Allow me to suggest you study "Capitalism" of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

  • prawnburger

    You ignorant twat. You might want to think about why the number 1 benefit, 'happiness', corresponds to only a few countries.

    • derp

      I agree 100%. stupid list

  • Name

    Well this is a bunch of bull.
    Human Nature is predicated on compassion, not greed.

  • djC

    Not sure about no. 1 but as far as I know people from poorer countries are happier because apparently they have no financial worries. Hmmm…. something is fishy. Is the writer not a intelligence propaganda officer by any chance?

  • OwnageHippieJoshua

    This is so nonsense that it really made me laugh; if that was the intention of the article, right on!

  • bloomsy

    The U.k isn't alllowing prisoners to vote. The E.U has force it on us! Even the curren P.M has said he doesn't want to do it but it's a waste of tax payers cash to fight it in the E.U courts.

  • jackdaniels63

    WTF? Is this the commie whining site or what? Capitalism is the bedrock of American society, love it or leave it. No system of commerce that drives any system of government is better or ever has been better for mankind…Period!

    • Mark

      How do you even begin to respond to this?

  • Tamz

    I hate to say it but this is mostly propaganda and crap. These things only help the rich. I am not one of them and I have none of these things.

  • A.B.

    happiness? really? this is the most stupid thing I almost read ever

  • This list is pretty fucking stupid.

  • Name

    I think this articles general utopianism and lack of grasp on reality are summed up nicely by the last sentence, which flies in the face of the most simple rules of economics: “all these unhappy countries need to do is start consuming more than they produce, like Europe, and the wealth and happiness will start flowing in.”

  • derp

    stupid list, most of these examples aren’t only applicable to capitalism. It’s almost pure propaganda, not that I have anything directly against capitalism

  • akelz7

    *reads list* Capitalism is good, listen to Big Brother. Capitalism brings health , which explains the abomination that is the US healthcare system. It also brings happiness if you can get rich despite the already rich screwing you over, and equality unless the only place where you can get a job is owned by a racist/sexist/ other type of bigot… hooray capitalism!

    • meme

      lol, INGSOC stands for English Socialism in 1984, and was intended as a criticism of what Orwell perceived to be corruptions of Socialism (namely Communism and Fascism). Big Brother wouldn’t tell you that Capitalism is good, as that would involve people other than the state (Ministry of Plenty) owning the means of production – if you’re going to drop references, you should probably know what they mean first.

      • akelz7

        You don’t have to be a fascist dictator to be compared to Hitler either, Einstein. get over yourself.

        • meme

          Right… Hitler comparisons, the one thing that’s been rendered more trite from over/misuse than Big Brother comparisons. Good example.

  • NMCG

    I’m sorry Europe is Capitalist? I think you should look up the definition of capitalism first. Cause Europe, nor Canada (my home country) is what is defined by Capitalism. In Ontario for example, we have government mandated monopolies like the Liquor Control Board of Ontario… Case Closed

    • meme

      Canada and Europe (as well as the US) are mixed economies, and it’s not incorrect to refer to them as Capitalistic economies. The state of Virginia has a government mandated monopoly on liquor sales, so by your own standards Virginia isn’t Capitalist (or another example, the US federal government has a monopoly on letter distribution via the USPS – private carries such as FEDEX can deliver parcels to the door, but may not use the mailbox – so again using your standard, the US isn’t a Capitalist country).

      There are no examples of pure Capitalism in the world, the only place that exists is inside people’s minds. There isn’t exactly a consensus on the precise definition of Capitalism – if you’re defining Capitalism as an ideal, then you would be expecting ALL aspects of the economy to be privately controlled (in which case Capitalism doesn’t exist in the real world), but if you’re defining Capitalism as a real thing that does exist in the world, then you just expect most aspects of the economy to be privately controlled.

    • Jake

      Capitalism is defined by economic freedom and in the indexes of economic freedom that I’ve seen, Canada is rated higher than the US, meaning that there are fewer regulations and less government involvement in industries and the economy over all. So Canada is more capitalist than the US, but most people don’t realize this largely because of the healthcare industry. It is often thrown around that Canada has socialist healthcare and the US has capitalist healthcare, but this is incorrect. The US does not have a capitalist healthcare system. The US government is heavily involved in controlling the industry, as is the Canadian government, though they do it in different ways.

  • Dead_Parade

    Good god I hope the guy who wrote this list was being sarcastic.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s so natural why don’t hunter gatherer’s do capitalism? You’re a fool.

  • Forex

    I used to be very pleased to search out this net-site.I needed to thanks to your time for this wonderful read!! I positively having fun with each little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you weblog post.

  • Comrade Ducky

    I’ve concluded that this list is sarcastic. “In conclusion, all these unhappy countries need to do is start consuming more than they produce, like Europe, and the wealth and happiness will start flowing in.” … That made me laugh because it seems to me apparent satire, because of the obvious logical fallacy that if these countries did this, there would be no more countries left to exploit. If this was actually serious, IT WOULD BE REALLY SAD.

  • Pedrolius

    While health is getting better in some places, according to the world health organiziation:
    In Africa child mortality is higher than in 1990.
    The annual global number of new cases of tuberculosis continues to increase.
    The number of people living with HIV worldwide continues to grow, reaching an estimated 33.3 million people in 2009 – 23 percent higher than in 1999.
    Diseases like polio, smallpox and measles are gone or going because of free information about the vaccine, and no patents and no capitalist drug companies controlling them.

    Social good
    Everyone working for each other? The level of wealth inequality today is almost double what it was in the mid-1970s.

    See above. Not just in America, in the capitalist world there is such an unequal distribution of opportunity. Tell your hard work/equal opportunity story to a starving child.

    Human nature
    First time I’ve ever heard greed as a good thing. Is it not a 7 deadly sin?

    Being the best
    OHH, so while capitalism fosters greed and competition, altruism, patience and kindness have a place? I suppose that place is last. I think the fact that all charities are basically begging us constantly for money as they dont have enough is not something that results from government taxation. Nor will it be fixed by lack of taxing for welfare. If you suddenly had a $100 rise in weekly pay, you would be greedy and keep it. Thats capitalism.

    See equality. How much freedom do you really have? Why is everyone not the president of the society of free porn, sex and blowjobs? (well all the boys out there anyway) who would be the president of america when that position is up for grabs.

    Built on democracy
    “everyone gets one vote”. what about all the illegal immigrants? what about all the people under the age of 18? What about florida? (was it florida that was counted incorrectly in some election a while ago? I am not from USA.)

    “this growth can, obviously, continue indefinitely….by the time it is depleted, our generation will be long gone.”
    Why am I even doing this. Im going to make a guess that you dont donate ANY money to these charities you so valiantly defend as the saviours of welfare worldwide.

    Viable alternatives
    Ive given up on this comment. I see others have said it all better than me.

    I am happy that there are some commenters out there that are post-modern with enough conviction to write full replies to this crap.

  • Araknus

    It’s Not capitalism man…it’s individuals who have no regard for the purpose of their system and got all possible cash to stash under their rich soon-to-die asses by screwing the rest of the world .

  • weuifo

    Lenin is going to hate this

  • I dont like capitalism,although I cannot suggest any alternatives,I just dont like the idea of pushing other people down so that you can get higher,I am for competition but fair competition.

    • John

      There is fair competition, do well throughout school, do well enough and you can get a full ride scholarship to college, then you do well in college, you can get a good job. And since the no child left behind act you must get that fair chance until you are 16, then you can decide to throw it away. You work hard and study in school, it is fair, but the lazy see it as unfair because money isn’t handed to them, accept by welfare which is also, for the lazy.

  • Jon


  • NF

    Dear Listverse,

    We respectfully request that you change the title of this list to “Top 10 most absurd claims made regarding capitalism.”

    Social Science and Logic

  • Anton Burrill

    I’m half American and half French, I grew up and currently live in America and visit France almost every year. I have often paid attention to the differences between the countries and I have found that France; is healthier, more accepting, kinder, and has much less poverty (due to the fact that the rich are heavily taxed to provide fiscal aid to the less fortunate). I believe that capitalism is good for many reasons but i think we let the good get to our heads and it often clouds our ability to consider other, more equal forms of government as possibilities.

    • John

      So by more equal you mean tax the shit out of the rich?

  • dio

    oh jeeze – let’s break this down…

    10) health is brought about by scientific breakthroughs that would have happened regardless of what economic system is the majority at the time

    09) I’m not sure but I think this is some sort of Argument from final Consequences fallacy – even species without economies to speak of fill in roles and niches within the community

    08) how so? the single most important factor in determining whether you will achieve anything significant is education – the second most is birth

    07) humans also have the capacity for love, compromise, solidarity, etc – when you make survival based on greed, that is what will happen – but as history and evidence have shown us … it is always better to work with someone else to achieve the same goal

    06) charity doesn’t address the problems of why there is a need for charity in the first place – it is nothing but a band aid – it is for those who have, to feel superior to those who have not

    05) depends on what you value in your freedom – if you value spending money on things you have zero need for, or don’t significantly impact your life in any meaningful way – then sure

    04) democracy determines what is bought, this is true – however this ignores the fundamental concepts of propaganda, conformity and advertisement

    that being said what is made, and what is done to the planet is not democratic, far from it – where an oil spill like deepwater can have decades of ecological impact (and by proxy economic impact) – and yes, BP technically could have gone out of business, and lost the entire company, but what’s done is done

    now with the case of oil companies – there are, what? 5-10 globally? being a rough estimate as I don’t have exact numbers right now – seeing as your car NEEDS gasoline there isn’t much of an option but to pay money to one of those companies … well and good, while they’re busy screwing each other over for the best oil you’re stuck needing to get to work every day

    car manufacturers don’t necessarily want to piss off their bread and butter with the oil companies so there isn’t incentive for innovation – because oil is profitable – even though oil is hurting our species and planet

    3) growth always has it’s limits, then what’s going to happen to those who have become used to the benefits of that exponential growth? we already know how spoiled children act when they’re finally told no …

    2) socialism, and communism – syndicatalism – participatory economics – etc etc etc

    leaning on old rhetoric because of a lack of comprehension or awareness of alternate economic systems is fallacious – and no … just because one nation was called communist, and one nation was called socialist – does not mean socialism is dead or doesn’t work – it evolves just as capitalism does, without the benefit of being there first, or being familiar – it is still viable though

    1) see my answer to growth – then ask someone from the Ivory Coast how capitalism is working for them

  • Floyd Patterson

    This is by far the dumbest list ever. “Shopping makes you happy”???!!! The USA and its lifestyle will kill the earth but until then I hope you all can buy your Escalades and Hummers …

    • Austin

      Look, if you don’t like it, fine be communist, have the government spend your money for you. “You know iv worked really hard, and I’d like to buy a nice car”, then the government says “no, here, give us that hard earned money, here’s a bike instead”.

      • S

        There are more options than just capitalism and communism, we aren’t still in the cold war here! Its all about balance. Communism doesn’t work. Extreme capitalism doesn’t either. It needs to be a mix. Universal healthcare is a good idea and better care for the poorer is right however people still deserve to succeed based on the level of work they put in.

  • Beautiful, intelligent woman.

    I’d like to see your sources.

  • Austin

    You know I like this list. All the time I hear people complain about our country, say we need universal health care, society isn’t fair to the poor. You know what, it is completely fair, no matter how poor you are, law is mandatory for one to attend school until 16, and you can study hard hard hard, and be very successful. People think it’s unfair when they chose not to do well in school, party, drink, and do drugs instead, while the kids who studied hard are making oodles of money. Then universal health care probably isn’t good when congress is voting for it to be applied to the citizens, but they get to keep their normal health care. The perfect example I’d say to prove that socialism doesn’t even work is look at Greece.

    • S

      What about the kids who bought their way to success with mammy and daddy’s money? Or the young kids growing up in an environment where drugs and drink are the norm and they have no better sense? I’ll be honest I really have a problem with what you’re saying, yes some people do waste their talents and go nowhere. A lot of others have no other choice in life.

  • bshnizle

    A lot of these commenters sound like communists…

  • Shplumpy

    I hate when people say that they hate capitalism. Why? Anyone who says it’s unfair is ridiculous, the whole point of capitalism is fairness: if you work harder in school and with a career, then you have a better chance at making more money. Capitalism promotes competition and hard work. In a communist country you have no reason to achieve anything because no matter how much you make it’ll just be taken away.

    • Austin

      YES! I had a talk about it today. It seems as if they want to pay everyone just for taking up space in the country. Then with communism it wont work because there is zero motivation. The thing is everyone thinks that the rich are handed down money from their parents, and they just get to use money as toilet paper. The fact is that its all about you choices made in middle and high school. I see it as lazy people being jealous of the successful. If you want socialism or communism, go to europe or china, dont change the gem of the world, even though the president now is kind of messing things up

    • S

      A fair point if everyone was given equal opportunities to education. I’m not a fan of Communism by the way! I’m just saying that at this point in time the more money you throw at education the better chance of success you have. Therefore poor families will most likely continue being poor as they have less money for better education than the richer ones.

  • S

    This is theoretical capitalism. The type of extreme capitalism seen in many countries, especially the US, is an altogether different and very frightening monster.

  • Chris

    What a ridiculous list. Frankly, I’ve read more compelling evidence in support of ideologies on Craigslist. The sort of writing I’d expect to be scrawled in crayon on the dining room wall.

    That added to the fact that Capitalism is an infantile solution to an infantile problem and I wonder why I wasted 15 minutes of my life reading and responding to this article.

  • getemion

    I’m not an american, but not everything in capitalism is perfect, there are always disadvantages about it. Happiness- it depends on the person not on the system

  • sanak

    I pity you…

  • Roon

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Funnyest list ever!!

  • Sara

    Jed and Rachel: I suggest you see the documentary The Shock Doctrine. It is a complete fallacy that Capitalism is built on Democracy or that the second is not possible without the first. Get informed!

  • Ngobleus

    I highly disagree with you on #10–otherwise, universal healthcare would be already happening here in America, instead of being missing and potentially impractical at this point (thanks for nothing, politicians).

  • Grace

    This is by far the list I hate the most on Listverse. In fact, it’s the ONLY list I ever hated. The analysis is so shallow! Oh God, how I hate capitalism. Try explaining this piece of crap to all the people involved in the Occupy Movement.

    Someone in Listverse must have made a ’10 Greatest Benefits of Socialism’ around here. Or at least ’10 Greatest Disadvantages of Capitalism.’

    Read about Oxfam’s Fair Trade Campaign here: Take note, FAIR Trade. Not free trade.

  • jenna

    great informtion i used it on my essay :)

  • Y Cymro

    Health? Capitalism has lead to incredibly poor health. When you’ve got people over-indulging on fast food with their ever-expanding waist-bands, while on the other side of the world children in Africa are starving because their government are busy paying IMF loan repayment and can’t afford to feed it’s citizens.

  • middle-ground

    This was brought on protectionist measures from the government of the United states and has nothing to do with the system itself. The Great depression is the perfect example why government should not meddle in the affairs of capitalism.

  • Michael

    This is one of the most ignorant things I have ever read. I could go through it point by point but space forbids. It gives the impression of having been written by an exceptionally stupid and naive high school student. Almost every sentence is factionally incorrect or morally objectionable, when it’s not discussing things which have got nothing to do with capitalism. I find it astounding that the events of the last few years have not shaken this kind of blithe, not to say idiotic, Panglossian optimism.

  • socialist annon

    HAHAHAHA equality and capitalism?? your fucking joking right?! you think that those rich CEOs of companies are equal to poverty struck families? haha good one!

  • Lakeshia Charron

    Different sources disagree on what percentage of California spending is locked down by initiative. Here’s a reference from Stanford Law Review:

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  • Katelyn Rodrigue

    What the hell is ur problem!!! seriously read the books and u will probably change ur mind the show is way too pro bill, probably to make the caracter changes more dramatic later, so take my advice and read the books and u r gonna find a mayor disappointed

  • Venky

    Capitalism first brought us pointless junk food, then the unwanted GM crops and foods, followed by expensive medical care, aided by the notorious health insurance. Sure that health food ranks first place in the ‘Benefits of Capitalism’ list. I think the list was made by a retarded douchbag.

  • Joe

    What does democracy have to do with capitalism? it’s like saying this computer is awesome because the table it sits on is real great!

    This post is really bias and discredits a lot of good stuff on this site

  • D

    Absolute dumbest list on listverse. Please go back to school. Thanks.

  • Invisible Apple

    I’m ashamed that it took me until that last bit to notice the massive amounts of irony.
    At least, I sincerely hope it’s irony.

  • Invisible Apple

    I’m ashamed that it took me until that last bit to notice the (what I sincerely hope is) irony.

  • HitlerFan420




  • John Erik Hanson

    This is worth less than manure. Every item on this list is full of lies and misleading misinterpretations of half-truths. Anyone who read and believed this list deserves almost as much compassion as the person that wrote it.

  • Joe

    I finally felt the effects of the great recession of 2008, a bottle of pop i wanted to buy cost about twenty cents more than it did when i was in school hahahaha

  • 4teenager

    Anti-Capitalist is commenting on the benefits,
    Capitalist is commenting on the disadvantages.
    let’s have a debate.

  • khaliif shooli

    the profit motive increases innovation and hard work.
    decision making is easy since they are made by individuals.
    they are no administrative costs since the government is out involve.

  • cons of vending machines in schools

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  • antonio cossignani

    system american politic captalism is the best economy number one in the world good to people democracy away. 04.05.2012 antonio cossignani.

  • rtfudge

    this might be satire

  • Peace . Islam

    are you kidding me . Interest DOES NOT give people equal chances.. It let the poor poor or poorer . and the rich rich or richer. Please reconsider your thoughts, educate yourself and/or be sincere

  • Bill J

    Is this for real (maybe a skit put on by the Koch Bros. Institute for Delusional Conservative Thought) – or is it, hopefully, a tounge in cheek poke at the neo cons?

  • arnav

    Very narrow list, for a multitude of reasons:-

    1. The USA doesn’t rank among the happiest in the world, while socialist countries like Norway, Denmark, Australia and Canada often do; because of their extensive government welfare schemes. If you make someone pay through the nose for healthcare and education, to fundamental entitlements, they’re not going to be happy.

    2. Unregulated and unrestricted capitalism is actually worse for the country, because it results in the gap between the rich and the poor widening infinitely (the 1% vs. 99% example explains this perfectly)

    3. Capitalism does NOT necessarily result in democracy. If unrestricted, it results in fascism and therefore the death of democracy (we”ve already seen how much influence big oil, wall street, and major agro and pharma companies have over the government). Just like businesses can be monopolized, so can governance.

    4. Capitalism doesn’t result in equality. Who has better opportunities to succed; the son of a multi-millionaire who has access to the best schools, food and healthcare, or the son of a struggling immigrant who has to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet? Without some kind of level playing field like universal healthcare, subsidized food, and government-sponsored quality education, capitalism DESTROYS any notions of equality.

    I respect the author’s point of view, but he’s failed to take these facts into account while writing.

  • Nelson J. Rockafeller

    I don’t care what anybody says, I LIKE living in a society where I can make all the money I desire to buy anything I want. Only the dead shall know true equality, and life is just way too much fun for me at the moment. Another great thing about living in a capitalist society is that if you don’t like it, you are free to MOVE to another country!

  • hugo

    In conclusion, all these unhappy countries need to do is start consuming more than they produce, like Europe, and the wealth and happiness will start flowing in. < possibly the most retarded thing i have ever read ………………………………………………

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  • J

    I read this hoping to find good reasons for capitalism but instead find failed attempts.

    1. Health: Not if it’s cheaper to put disgusting transfats into food because it preserves it. You seriously don’t think capitalism leads to a little junk food?

    2. Social Good: The US has the #1 murder rate of the world. The US has the most % percent of it’s own population in prison. The US also has the most prisoners over all, surpassing even China. We also have street gangs and organized crime operations. And those 2 are motivated by money. Gangs and Mafia’s count score by how much money they’ve got.

    Just because people make stuff that other people use doesn’t mean squat! That happens in communism, too. Socialism and even Fascism has a factory that makes something that other people use. They don’t only do that in capitalism.

    3. Equality: You think the rich are equal with the poor ?! HA HA HAA
    Do I even need to argue this one?

    They even get lawyers, detectives, and “expert testimony” for LAW. The poor are not equal with the rich, even when it comes to the law! Not to mention: medicine, education, opportunity
    If there is one thing that capitalism does NOT do, it’s promoting equality.
    You don’t see that the rich and the poor are not equal?

    4. Human Nature. “Greed” has plenty of bad qualities too. The idea that greed “gets people to try to make your life easier and being rewarded by selling it” forgets: Crime, Loop-holes, Monkeying with the law with bribery, Lying, Scams and cons, opportunity murder, murder for hire, calculating types of murder, Pyramid schemes, and the evils go on and on.

    5. Being the best. Not true; People take falls. People stay off to the side and lose things on purpose for bonuses, bribes, contracts. Not just that, but also once someone has enough money, it becomes easier and easier to use the money to keep others, who may have better ideas, but still keep them down still and suppressed with smear campaigns, temporary and generous deals that no poor person can compete with(and then raising the price back up as soon as the market is corned)- And nobody will risk their life saving again. They will be free from future competitions who don’t want to also bankrupt.

    6. Freedom. Foor the rich, slavery for the poor. You think people who work more in their life then not work, and still are in debt when they die, free? Free to work for rich people? Cuz that’s most of it. Most of a poor persons life is spent working for a rich person- including when they are at home, too. Thinking about work, doing little errands for works, and preparing for the next day of work.

    7. Built on Democracy. So was fascism, communism, and socialism.

    8. Growth. Right now the United State has more debt then any country in the world. Only 2nd to the European Union(The Europe countries put together).
    Communist China, has the most money surplus. So we have the most debt, and they have the most surplus.

    I realize it is more complicated then just that(United States is not really Capitalism, And China is not really Communist) and different countries generally have different interpretations, and they always benefit whoever happens to be leading those countries during those times.

    But still, to say Capitalism is good because of growth, when the US has the most debt, and the most surplus is from a Communist country, can you see why it appears as if the opposite is true?

    9. No Viable Alternatives. That’s the same thing as same “Nothing is better”. That is an pure statement of opinion and has no fact in it at all.

    10. Happiness. That’s debatable, too. Certainly you are not the spokesperson for the worlds happy people. I live in a capitalist country(the US) but I think the country could far better with a different system- or at least a reform of the current.

    And I know there are many people who don’t like capitalism- even if it’s because of propaganda from their governments- there still are people who don’t like capitalism, and to say “Happiness is the best reason for Capitalism” is like saying the same thing as above “Capitalism is the best” since Happiness is the ultimate goal(for many). And again, an opinion, not a fact of any kind.

  • J

    In the picture of the protestors with the sign “Capitalism Rocks!”

    The guy on the rights sign says:

    Profit before people!
    Bombs not bread!

    Really? Bombs instead of bread?

    Profit is more important then people?

    These people are insane

    Even when they meet their maker? Even then “Bombs not bread” and “Profit before people”?

  • noneya

    this list is so misguided and untrue, I don’t know where to start.

  • Billy Goatt

    So far (in the last 100 years) Capitalism has brought us:
    -2 world wars
    -1 Great depression
    -1 ‘New’ depression
    -many conflicts (to support ailing military complexes)
    -about 15 recessions
    -iPads and a lot of junk we don’t need

  • adam

    this list reads like it was written by a 13 year old

  • well we are fatter now then ever before. especially in the most capitalist coutries (usa)

  • mariah 2hux…….

    I really didn’t receive the information I was searching for so gud luck coz uh gona need it????

  • Actually, countries highest on the prosperity index are socialist.

  • Joel

    I have issues with much of this, but I’ll just focus on the rather ridiculous claim it finishes on:

    “In conclusion, all these unhappy countries need to do is start consuming
    more than they produce, like Europe, and the wealth and happiness will
    start flowing in.”

    So if a country has to start consuming more than they produce to be happy, how can we ever reach a situation where everybody is actually happy?


  • greg

    bunch of hippie socialist douches on this site

  • ALEX


    • Dio

      We’re probably all over 12. What’s your point?

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