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15 Facts That Are Truly Terrible

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Due to the popularity of the recent list on frightful food facts, I thought I would post another list of horrible things, also sourced in part from the same book as the first (1,001 Facts that Will Scare the S#*t Out of You). It is a great book that I know anyone on this site would love, so get yourself a copy. Anyway, these facts cover all manner of topics and really are simply terrible things. But the truth will set you free, so it is worth learning them anyway!


Facts 1 – 5

Mugshot  Guillen

1. In Illinois in 2008, a woman had to have her dachshund, called Roscoe, put down after the dog gnawed off her big toe while she slept. Mrs Floyd, 56, woke up too late because nerve damage from diabetes had left her with no feeling in her toes. [Source]

2. By the time an average American child leaves elementary school, they have seen 200,000 violent acts and 40,000 murders on television.

3. Criminals who are generally considered to be physically unattractive receive, on average, a 50% longer jail sentence for their crime than good looking criminals. [Source]

4. Pubic lice is found primarily in pubic hair. But they can also be found on the chest and thighs and, perhaps more revolting, on facial hair (including eyelashes and eyebrows).

5. Eating cocaine can lead to severe bowel gangrene. Though, fortunately, most people wouldn’t be stupid enough to do so.


Facts 6 – 10


6. Until the 1800s, Turkish women suspected of cheating were tied in a sack with cats and thrown into the ocean.

7. If you wash towels with underwear there is a very good chance that they will be contaminated with feces (according to “The Secret Life of Germs”).

8. Alkaptonuria is a rare condition in which a person’s urine turns a dark brownish-black color when exposed to air.

9. In the 2000s, up to 29 albino children have been murdered by being hacked apart with a machete in Tanzania, to supply a trade in their body parts to people who think it will help them achieve great wealth. [Source]

10. Over 700 species of bacteria thrive in the average human mouth. Additionally, human saliva keeps the mouth’s acid balance right – if it didn’t, the mouth would be so acidic it would eat its own teeth.

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Facts 11 – 15


11. During the 1995 and 1997 famines in North Korea, the starving peasants dug up and ate human bodies.

12. When you urinate, a small amount of the urine enters your mouth through the saliva glands. But that’s okay – fresh urine is cleaner than saliva.

13. In 1835, a unique event occurred in the United States: it became debt free for the first time. Unfortunately, it is also the last time it was debt free.

14. Are you reading this while eating at your office desk? You might want to reconsider. There are more than 400 times the bacteria on an office desk than on a toilet.

15. Martin Luther, the religious reformer, reputedly ate one spoonful of his own feces every day, stating that he “couldn’t understand the generosity of a God who freely gave such important and useful remedies.” [Source]

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • wyckid1

    We’ll never see 13 again!

    • I tend to (sadly) agree with you. The future of economics in that regard is looking bleak!

      • ianthemagnificent

        It makes sense for a country to run a defecit (although not such a big one). Rich countries can borrow money so cheaply that their country’s economy can grow faster than the debt they’re acquiring.

      • Cora

        Your comment and the addition of #13 strikes me as pretty naive. Debt is borrowing from the future to pay for some current expenditures – like foreign aid, providing military support to other countries, we are known for doing this here in the States. It stabilizes the economy – sure, we get recessions and periods of growth but debt is designed to dampen the extremes.

        If you want to see what happens in a recession when one is forced to maintain a balanced budget, just check out what is happening right now to the 50 States, the District of Columbia and the major cities in the U.S. – we seem to have a disagreement growing in Wisconsin at the moment. The Feds are getting into debt to subsidize (with stimulus packages) what local governments cannot provide, things like returning laid-off teachers to the classrooms. The current activity is not the first time – recall New York City in 1975 (btw, New York paid back the loans).

        Lucky #13 is not truly terrible.

        • Mac

          I agree 13 will never happen again all you have to do is follow the money . Look into what family started banking system and look into the Federal reserve .
          Watch ZEITGEIST movie , there ‘s 3 of them watch the one about MONEY .

      • ToneRowes

        Especially because most of the presidents since haven’t necessarily dealt too wisely with the defecit.

    • joan

      what about 15?

    • Jason

      Clinton Era?

    • Jason

      I always thought the Clinton era was debt-free.. they reset the debt clock in NYC and all

    • awwyeah

      I think you’re right. I don’t knowz much about the US but I know of a certain mentally troubled former president that had to pretty much beg for a 700 billion dollar bailout or something near it from either other countries or central banks, but eithwer way….WTF is a prez doing needing 700 billion dollar bailout

  • akira

    If we actually knew what kinda of nastiness was in our food and everything we touched we’d hermetically seal ourselves in plastic bubbles…

    • Michael – is that you?!

      • Ash Jackson

        Respect Michael jackson he left this world as a Muslim
        R.I.P MJ

        • Michael Jackson was not muslim at all. this false news spread by Muslims to show how great there stupid religion are.

  • OmegaMan

    15 is just gross!!

    • joan


  • Neat list. #2 reminds me of:

    • sjarrel

      I’d like to see the source on that fact, sounds like bull to me. If you saw your first murder on tv when you were say, 6, that would mean you’d see more than 1 murder on tv every hour that you’re awake.

      • JoshCF1

        Well, there are bound to be multiple deaths within seconds of a show. Like if a kid watched an episode of a disaster show, it usually isn’t murder, but if it was the hijacking of a plane that was crashed, that could be hundreds of lives lost within a few minutes. Also, there is a large chance someone has seen more than one 9/11 documentary (that’s about 3, 000 in only an hour).

      • larry

        If you put video games into the mix the number is pretty feasible. If you play Call of Duty for a couple hours you’ll have witnessed about 1000 deaths right there.

        • sjarrel

          I suppose video games can really add up, but I’m not sure if that should count towards ‘seen on television’.

          And just because say 3000 people died in 911 doesn’t mean you’ve seen 3000 murders when you watch a documentary, that’s like saying we’ve all seen more than 20 million because we watched a WWII documentary.

          If things like that count, I wouldn’t be very impressed with the fact, which is why I’d like to see a source.

    • RR

      Children have always been exposed to dead bodies and murder, it’s just the method of exposure that has changed through time. Children used to go to the Coliseum in Rome to watch the gladiators because it was supposed to toughen them up. Children have fought in wars, witnessed executions, etc. all through the ages. TV is no different, it’s just that today’s society needs to be outraged and overly protective about the wrong things.

  • Kevin

    Wait, he ate what?!

    • Shit really? Oh wait…

      • Hmm- I censored myself.

        • Mik

          Hmm… I’m using this on my mobile device. I just realised that there hasn’t been any censorship when viewing the mobile site. Could be a bug, I suppose.

          • It is intentional – the mobile site uses different code and there is only one advert there so it was not necessary to block certain terms.

  • thievingbastard

    i have difficulty accepting the last fact.

    • Have you read his writings on the Jews? Once you have you won’t find it so hard :) In fact – his last words were to recommend the expelling of all jews from Germany.

      • sjarrel

        Oh makes perfect sense then, clearly he’d also eat his own feces if those were his last words.

        • ToneRowes

          ^hahaha nice. :D

          John the Baptist ate honey and locusts.

          Also, it was common at one time for physicians to use excrement to help the patient regurgitate.

          • JimNEPA

            Locusts are kosher. Shrimp, on the other hand……..

      • Ben

        He might have been crazy (he thought two demons followed him around and also used corporal punishment against himself so that God will forgive his sins) but he was smart enough to realize that the Catholic Church was fucked up at the time

  • ianz09

    lol @ Martin Luther. Poo goes in the potty, silly

  • I forgot to mention (in connection to item 15) that Luther died in a puddle of his own feces due to his illness.

    • Julius

      Btw, I’ve noticed that you increased the number of comments of per page, very nice!
      Now if only we could have the recent activity button back, I’d be a happy panda!

      • Yep – I doubled it based on the comments on this list :)

    • joan

      the monk right?

  • fraterhater

    #14 is why I am writing this and eating on the toilet right nowe.

    But seriously a lot of the bacteria related facts shouldn’t be at all shocking because the fact of the matter is that we are surrounded by microbes constantly, theres probably more to worry about from the chemicals we encounter and things like Justin Beiber. That being said common sense is important, don’t do #15

    • chrom3d

      Yup I’m having nightmares because of that Justin Bieber..

      • fendabenda

        “Who the kcuf is Justin Bieber?” -Ozzy Osbourne in an interview

        • That is hilarious! Good old Ozzy.

  • chrom3d

    Love this list!.. Savored every word of it except number 15, that’s not very appetizing ain’t it Mr. Luther hahaha..

  • hardcoremilk

    I can’t take Lutherans seriously now.

    • chrom3d

      Martin Luther is a Crap lover.. Scat lover.. Poop lover.. Feces lover.. just wondering which word will be censored hehe..

      • chrom3d

        None of the above!

  • I must ask: am I the only one who has to read these sorts of lists twice because the first time through, you’re sort of squinting and trying to read it sideways juuuuuuuust in case there’s a truly horrid picture or vivid description in there?

    This one wasn’t as gag-inducing as the food facts, but still pretty bad. Great job, sir. :)

  • bhahaha

    jfrater ypw blow. The list on medieval shit was so terrible. the worse list ever in the world. i souldn’t read listverse while drunk baahahaha. i still think jfrater is a blowhard thopugh

    • I can’t guarantee that every list will please everyone can I? Just keep reading and one day something you really love will appear on a list – I guarantee it. Oh and there is nothing wrong with reading LV when drunk – but maybe some caution ought to be used when commenting :)

  • jerry

    I had to reread #7 a few times, I thought it meant using your underwear to wash towels…I’m too drunk to be on listverse

  • Serenna


    awesome list though. jfrater, you’re amazing. :D

  • ouchie

    So many grammatical errors …other than that great list :)

  • Jack

    Am I right in thinking the dog actually saved her life in #1? I could be thinking of another story, but I believe her foot or toe or whatever was infected so it ended up saving her life.

    • Neil

      That did happen, but it was a man not a women and was only last year so obviously a different dog! It was a man called Jerry Douthett from Michigan, he was suffering from undiagnosed type II diabetes and had a gangrenous infection in his toe which he hadn’t had checked out. One night he passed out drunk and the dog took the opportunity to bite his infected toe off… obviously waking up to a lot of blood and a missing toe inspired him to finally go to hospital, where doctors diagnosed his diabetes, removed the rest of the infection from tissue at the base of where his toe had been, and confirmed that had he left it much longer the infection would have spread and been fatal.

      • What a great tale – thanks for adding it.

    • Julius

      “Although a reason for the dog’s behavior can’t be known for certain, Floyd’s hangnail could have had something to do with it. The toe, in a healing state, could have given off a scent that attracted the animal, one veterinarian said.

      The dog may have started by simply licking the toe, then went too far, said Dr. Robert Brakeville of Beltline Veterinary Clinic in Alton, which was not Roscoe’s clinic or doctor.

      “I’m sure the dog didn’t realize what it did,” he said. “Anything that has to heal like that, dogs pick up the scent.””

      Dogs are attracted to that kind of smell, that’s why they lick their wounds (if you have an injured dog he sometimes has to wear a cone so he can’t fiddle with his injury). Pretty sure the dog didn’t mean harm. Still a horrible scenario.

    • Am i the only one who don’t see any humans defending our own species?

      • gav

        purityshannon, if you think I’m going to start licking your hangnail, you’ve got another thing coming!!!

    • mom424

      That may be the case in this particular instance – not in the one from the other day. Just read about a pet ferret; went after an infant, left her with thumbs and one partial finger. Old fellow too – lost a bunch of toes to the family pet. Read about it yesterday. Again, the guy had loss of feeling due to diabetes, but they weren’t gangrenous or infected; just tasty. They forgave the dog btw.

  • akelz7

    While I don’t care in the slightest about #2, nice list Jfrater.

  • Wrichik

    I liked the list.

    The fact about Tanzanian children was easily the most depressing for me. The photo of the frail, albino child being carried by his brother (presumably) made my heart ache even more after reading the fact.

    As for #6, I agree that what happened to the women was extremely horrible but just as horrible as what was happening to the cats too. Animal cruelty takes far more severe forms the world over and even today there are cultures that torture animals ruthlessly.

    • ToneRowes

      It’s terrible. I’ve seen it happen (in videos anyway). Though, I would not agree that it’s just as bad.

      • Wrichik

        Both the woman and the cats were drowning to death … I would say it felt just as bad to the cats as it did to the women. One might argue that it takes an extra dose of depravity on the part of the perpetrator to brutalize humans, but the experience of the sufferer is equally horrible.

        I, too, have seen some of the videos you mentioned and they shook me up immensely. “Earthlings”, a documentary I highly recommend, makes some very strong points on animal cruelty in multiple ways. More specific to individual cases are films like “The Cove” and some shocking clips taken from the fur industry like this one –

        • ToneRowes

          Generally, because a human’s lungs are larger, it takes longer for a human to drown than cats. Also, because humans can escape easier they have to be tied up tighter and gagged, unlike cats who just have to be put in a bag and thrown in. Thus, the human suffers more than the cat.

          Also, I put human life before the life of an animal. Even after seeing what is done to animals, what is done to humans is a greater offense.

  • pedro

    I don’t beleive 12, urine is created in the kidneys and excreted into the bladder. I don’t see how it could appear in the salivary glands, urea maybe? Just doesn’t make much sense.

    • perhaps it meant that when we urinate, some urine evaporated and enter our nose and dissolve in our blood as we smell it?

      just a wild guess

  • wow martin lurther king, you are just disgusting

    • Wrichik

      Did you really think that entry was about MLK ? It’s about Martin Luther, the 16th century German priest !!!

      … not that it makes it any less disgusting though :)

      • i’m sorry

        but i wont be surprised it was King. Opps!

  • axelf

    number 12 is totally true. Can’t believe King was a daily shiteater tho. Lol

    • Julius

      Not Martin Luther King. Just Martin Luther

    • gollumizer

      there is a picture there (of Martin Luther a.k.a. the guy who broke away from the catholic church a looong time ago), which looks like nothing like MLK. why do people still ask this?

  • LthisPresey

    Sometimes I think God fucked with Martin Luther just for the fun of it. If I were God I’d probably do it too.

  • cunga-lunga

    what ocean is near Turkey? I guess you meant Mediterranean sea or Black sea?

    • Julius

      Turkey in the 1800’s was part of the ottoman empire so it could also have been the Indian Ocean.

      • first of all the boundaries of ottoman empire does not consist of only turkish woman. #6 is absolutely not true about turkish woman but if there is some truth in this, it may mean arabic or other nationality women. secondly, the indian ocean coast was very small amount of the empire’s coast boundaries and turkish people did not live in that area.

  • oouchan

    ewwwww!!!! So grossed out right now! Some things are better left unknown. However, I liked the list. You should have seen my face when I read number 10….horrific! I got a mental image of teeth dissolving….followed by a scene from the movie Deliverance.
    That fact is just as bad as the stomach lining one…where it has to replace itself every 2 weeks or the stomach will digest itself. (yuck!)

    Great list!

    • Hah I nearly included that on the list :)

  • Utopial

    #3 …really?? I guess having a good look benefit you in more ways than you can think of

  • ianthemagnificent

    About no.14, there are many different types of bacteria so it’s not simply about how many there are.

  • ianthemagnificent

    Maybe ugly criminals are more likely to commit violent crimes. Good looking people are used to everyone being nice to them all the time. Just a guess.

    • ParusMajor

      Good point.

  • mackie

    That dog from #1 shouldn’t have been put down. The woman probably had a diabetic ulcer that was infected (she should be checking her feet regularly) and the dog smelled the infection. The dog chewed off the infected toe to save the woman’s foot.

    • ToneRowes

      No, the dog chewed it off because it smelled yummy. I assure you the dog didn’t really have an intent on saving the woman from her infected foot. Sure, dog’s can save people from fires, but have any of them studied medicine? I think not.

      • Canadianguy

        Although mackie’s explanation is far fetched, dogs can apparently be trained to detect the presence of certain types cancer with a high degree of accuracy.

        • ToneRowes

          Ah, but those were dogs trained to smell a certain smell. Like the bomb squad dogs. The dog the woman had most likely wasn’t one of them. Interesting article, though.

  • Mario Holmes

    I am pretty sure that kids don’t see 40,000 murders on T.V. by the time they leave elementary school, maybe highschool? or maybe they just saw many movies about genocide

  • Elemarth

    Well, it wasn’t TOO disgusting. I didn’t regret reading it while eating – yes, I was, in fact, reading it while eating at my desk, as number 14 suggests. It’s my home desk, not an office desk, but there’s probably no difference.
    Number 2 was pretty depressing. I don’t understand how people can not figure out that this isn’t good for kids!

  • OutOfBounds

    Luther ate his poop, what the hell?

  • Capra

    #7 is just plain wrong… ok, not totally if you wash your stuff at 30 degrees C, or even so, detergents have strong antimicrobal effect, and if you add high temperature to it (and by high I mean 50 degrees celsius or more) there is no way that any bacteria (fecal or other) would survive. Spores – yes, but there are hardly any fecal bacteria that can sporulate.
    and #12 is a bit strange too, but ok; though urine is not ‘cleaner’ than saliva – healthy person’s urine is sterile (before it enters lower third of urethra)
    #14… ok, maybe it’s true. but, then again, human body contains 10-100 times more bacterial cells than its own. how ’bout that?

    • mom424

      No it is not. In North America we don’t believe in hot water. 40 degrees tops. It was a complaint from an appliance repairman…never buy a front loading washer in NA…they (nor our hot water heaters) do not heat the water hot enough to work, let alone kill germs. From said repairman, I gather that that is not the case in Europe.

      • Wow that is terrible! My front loading washing machine goes to 95 oC (5 degrees below boiling). It is great for washing whites. The North American temperature is just 1.5 degrees below the temperature of my jacuzzi!

        • mom424

          I actually had to remove the township mandated mixing valve from the top of my hot water heater. By-law requires that the water NOT scald you coming out of the taps…even on full hot. And how would one mop the floor and get it clean? (although I do use my steamer for a full wash – but what about spills?)

  • Grossed

    not being rude, but #15 sounds like ‘1 man 1 spoon’ to me :)

  • NJ Fiorvento

    I seriously doubt #2. Doing the math, that works out to seeing 10 murders PER DAY on TV, every day, from the day you were born, to age 12. Also, what is a “violent act”?. Doing the math on that one, you get 46 “violent acts” per day, same thing, every day of your life, from birth to 12. Is there anybody who can seriously say “every day of my life I see 10 murders on TV”? This is just another meaningless stat cooked up to scare parents.

    • fendabenda

      And do you count the “violent acts” in cartoons like Tom and Jerry or Wile E. Coyote, too? I’m sure nobody takes those seriously, not even kids.

  • Derp

    Typo in #3!
    At the end, it should say, ‘… crime THAN good looking criminals…’ and NOT, ‘… crime THAT good looking criminals. ‘

  • If you do the crime, make sure you look pretty for the court date

  • Lifeschool

    Top 15 facts that are truely, disgusting, perhaps? I have a hard time imagining how someone could pee into their own mouth… surely biology is more refined than that??

    • ParusMajor
      • lmao :)

      • If only we still had the upvote buttons :)

      • Frank

        My 12-month-old nephew did this once, just as deliberately as this monkey too.

    • Anonymous

      This is going to sound really gross, but when I was a little kid, when I stepped into the bath when getting ready for bed, if I had had a pee shortly before, sometimes, a strong, pungent, tangy, kind of gingery smell wafted up my nose. It didn’t really smell like pee, and didn’t even smell bed. In fact, I quite enjoyed it.
      But when I become around 13 or 14 years old, (around when I started puberty), it didn’t happen anymore.
      Maybe there’s something different about little kids’ urine than teenagers’ or adults’ urine.

  • mom424

    Good list this morning Jamie.

    I would like to know how we end up drinking pee though. I do know that poop and pee and whatever hits the bowl ends up aerosolized when we flush – somehow I don’t think that’s what you’re talking about.

    The saliva fact explains oxyheads and their rotten teeth eh? Opiates dry up your spit to rot your teeth. Unlike crack-heads; they just crave sweets and ignore hygiene.

    The albino fact is heart-wrenching – shows exactly how we’re failing as a species – how can there still be people that believe this crap? It’s the information age for goodness sakes. How come we’re still so poor at spreading the news?

    • undaunted warrior 1

      Not sure how the saying goes, but I remember something like ” we were not asked to walk the earth being different we were born into it”

      In the late 70″s I was working on a construction site and always saw dozens of job seekers at the security gate when I drove in, one of them was an albino when it rained the other guys took shelter he sat with a determined look on his face ( I might get a job today )

      I employed him – they have a problem with sharp sunlight and sensitive skin – he worked 7 years for us and what a trusting, happy go lucky guy he was.

      Life is what you make of it – its not going to do it for you.

      Gone off the beaten track a wee bit – sorry Mom

  • SnowSoul

    There’s probably feces on the towel anyways because when you flush your toilet toilet water shoots up and spreads throughout the bathroom. On Mythbusters they tested the theory that that stuff’s on your toothbrush because the water shot up from the toilet and goes around the bathroom. So, logically, if it’s hitting the toothbrush, it’s also probably hitting the towel and everything else in the bathroom.

  • timep0rtal

    Fact 6 is totally bullshit, if someone a little interested with history knows that the period mentioned in the writing shows the Stagnation of the Ottoman Empire and in this period there is a time called Sultanate of Women

    [… ]

    Can you imagine in such a period where women are the leader they can be killed in such a bad way, it is also against the rules of Islam.

    This saying is only a modern times crusade propoganda nothing else.

    • agreed. sometimes people here just ignorant or trying to get new reader by writing extremes.

      well it is cheap, isn’t it?

  • MBoughton

    You may want to check your facts about Martin Luther eating crap. I know Jamie doesn’t do such things as checking his facts (he’s above having to do such things), but if you’re making a claim like that, you may want more than one very questionable source.

  • Jamie Frater, it is a great list however, your grammar and spelling is awful. Please check it before you complete the list.

    Some examples of your errors:

    “a 50% longer jail sentence for their crime that good looking criminals. ”

    It’s not “that” it’s “than”

    “Turkish women suspected of cheating where tied in a sack of cats and thrown into the ocean.”

    It’s not “where”, it’s “were” also I’m not sure what a “sack of cat” is.

    Again, great list and I am very appalled with number 15 wow!

  • Alex Stone

    12: When you urinate, a small amount of the urine enters your mouth through the saliva glands.

    Really??? How? The 2 systems are completely seperate and unrelated. There is just no way for urine to get from the bladder/urethra into the salivary glands. Im gonna call BS on this one.

  • Doubter

    It seems #15 about Martin Luther has some serious source problems. The author here quotes Rose George from who cites no source. I found one other purveyor of this, Newsweek, who also didn’t cite a source. With no better evidence than several people quoting each other, this seems to be made out of whole cloth.

  • Alex Stone

    Please tell me this poorly put together, poorly sourced list with multiple glaring errors is a joke or trying to prove some point like do not believe everything you read. Because if not then your quality control has really hit rock bottom.

  • yanksman89

    I would be interested in seeing the source for number 2. Assuming the average child finishes elementary school when they’re around 11 years old, that means the average child has seen almost 10 murders a day and almost 50 violent acts a day. The only way I could see that happening is if they are watching something like Pulp Fiction every day, since the day they were born. A little hard to believe if you ask me.

    • mom424

      meh – they’re probably counting every time Roadrunner outsmarts Wile E. Coyote too!

      ps – in NA high school starts in grade 9 most places. Elementary school (although some places do still have middle school/jr. high for grades 7 & 8). So 13 or so. It doesn’t seem all that far-fetched to me. I remember a family member having a fit because I let my kids watch The Simpsons – while their kids were watching Friday the 13th or some such slasher crap. We are too inured to violence. We don’t even notice it anymore it’s so prevalent.

      • Leigha

        Most of the time elementary school goes to 5th or 6th grade, middle school is 6th or 7th to 8th, and high school is 9th-12th (occasionally 9th grade is middle school). So most kids leave elementary school at 10-12.

        • mom424

          In many places in Canada they’ve forgone middle school as a failed experiment. Middle school is still classified as elementary here – curriculum is oriented the same way as elementary etc.

  • rob

    I’m pretty sure “fact” 12 is BS. I don’t see how urine, which is filtered-out, concentrated and secreted from the kidneys via ureter, bladder and urethra, could find its way into saliva, produced by salivary glands located around the mouth…
    Also – “cleaner” is a useless, non-descript word in the comparison made… if you’re talking about bacteria – maybe (both are usually antiseptic, and urine is indeed sterile in a healthy person, but if you are talking about urea or water-soluble chemicals cleared by your kidneys from your body, then NO, urine is not “cleaner”.

  • paulyicecubes

    #2 is obviously exaggerated. JFrater, you probably got it from the same source that you got that “25% of Americans eat at McDonald’s every day” bullsht that you put on your food facts list a week or two ago.

    • David Hopkins

      That stat, according to Morgan Spurlock on Super Size Me, is on a given day, 25% of Americans eat at McDonalds.

      • paulyicecubes

        Yeah, and McDonald’s serves 80 million per day worldwide. The US population is just over 300 million. Do the math.

  • Randomizer

    eww urine in your saliva. Why is everyone fussing over that guy who ate shit? You have urine in your mouth! And thats not all between your saliva and urine your urine is the cleanest. (shivers down my spine at this point i may never pee again thanks jamie)

  • Pocket Change

    huh, there is too much nasty in the world

  • murpheyslawyer

    I always thought that Martin Luther was a sick son of a bitch!

  • Waterboarder

    People say that Luther was an anti-semitic madman and “Hitler before Hitler,” but I don`t think he was. Some of the things he said were true, and he wrote “On War Against The Turk,” which was about Islamist lunatics. If you read bits of it, you`d think this was written today, not hundreds of years ago. Plus he stood up to Pope Leo X who was a greedy Pope who had a pet Elephant.

    • From this list: He referred to the Jews as a “base, whoring people, that is, no people of God, and their boast of lineage, circumcision, and law must be accounted as filth.” He said that Jews were “full of the devil’s feces … which they wallow in like swine,” and the synagogue is an “incorrigible whore and an evil slut …”

      Check out the list – it includes his 8 point plan for how to exterminate all the Jews. Seems pretty anti-semetic to me.

      • fendabenda

        You don’t seem to like Luther very much. But may I remind you about this: Martin Luther himself preferred the term “Evangelical” about his reformism. And this is the main difference between Catholicism and reformism: Luther said that a pastor can get married and have children and enjoy a normal sexual life. Whereas a Catholic priest has to be celibate. That is against human nature, so they do things to choirboys. Since they aren’t allowed normal relationships with women.

        • fendabenda

          to have, what Bill Clinton didn’t have, with that woman… :D

          • Waterboarder

            Luther was an anti-semite, but him critizing the Catholic Church was a good thing. The Catholic Church, with it`s Papal Bulls, Crusades, Inquisitions, Excommunications of King John because he disagreed with The Pope who should be Archbishop of Canterbury and Henry VIII, because he wanted A DIVORCE, for goodness sake, burning of so-called-“Heretics,” sponsorship of slavery, helping Nazis escape to new lives by “Ratlines,” to Latin America, keeping things stolen fromJews, wanting an old Nazi to become a SAINT, you can go on and on.

          • gollumizer

            he even questioned what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. heh. and they voted for him twice. never misunderestimate the power of the stupids.

            *misunderestimate is a bushism for those of you who haven’t known, do look it up.

      • ToneRowes

        He later was quite a bit more sympathetic to the Jews, but, later, he went back to his old ways. Senile perhaps?

        Anyway, I wouldn’t go so far as to say most humanity isn’t much better than that. If we met the Hitlers and John Wayne Gacys of the world, we would surely shun them and leave them on the streets rather than take them in and share the Gospel with them.

  • smiley

    if no.3 is true the guy in the photo with 2 lips is fucked…

    • Leigha

      That would appear to be his tongue…

  • Bassbait

    @ number 6:

    Those poor cats.

  • trfan01

    I often washed my clothes (including underwear) with my towels at college, mostly if I was going home for the weekend or the end of the semester just so I’d have no laundry to take home. Mostly I’d do all my laundry the night before and do one quick last load in the morning. I made it through just fine without any so-called contamination.

    • Leigha

      Considering it would be tiny particles, I doubt you’d know if there was any contamination.

      Is it considered weird to wash your towels with your clothes or something? You say it like it’s a preposterous thing to do.

  • Felix

    Re: 6

    What the hell did the cats do to deserve that?!?!

  • J.Ma

    The pee one is absolutely false. At least with the way it is written. Urine excreted from the bladder does not travel up into the saliva glands. Maybe you meant that it aersolized and thus got into the mouth. Please edit these lists before posting to get rid of such confusion.

  • Wow these surprised me.

  • really good list . N Korean people must be idiots to accept a gov that lets that happen . Thats really really beyond gross . Eating human flesh is all good and well , but eating rotting human flesh is on another planet , you really have to be suffering big time to do that .

  • peter the debater…

    …you’ve obviously never tried my wifes cooking then…

  • deniz

    “6. Until the 1800s, Turkish women suspected of cheating were tied in a sack with cats and thrown into the ocean.”

    Turkey doesn’t even have a coast on the ocean.

    • DigDug

      hey retard Turkey boarders on the Mediterranean AND the Black Sea…google before you speak LMAO that was stupid!

  • Vee


  • Amandroid

    I am fairly sure fecal polymers would get on the towels anyway since it is literally EVERYWHERE as evidenced by the Mythbusters here:

    I really wish these Facts lists had more citations… [especially the food horror list. I can’t find any outside references about cheap wine containing crunched up animals, but I nevertheless get a little sick to my stomach when drinking wine now…]

  • p1t1o

    #12 is totally false.

  • Uriah

    You mean I piss in my mouth every day anyway, and to think I’ve been doing hand-stands to achieve it…

  • Samantha

    ohhh, icky. Creepily fascinating.

  • JHillson

    I shall never pee again.

  • ericKarthik

    oh crap :P martin luther ate his own feces!!!

  • #11 is the most disturbing, that North Korean peasants actually dug up and ate dead bodies, that’s just horrible.

  • QMario

    Not biased or anything but I think that Luther eating his own poop sounds a bit like a rumor catholics would spread during the reformation/counter-reformation, I mean seriously, if your mum told you that would you want to convert?

  • Tim

    Every time you post a list, you should have reference material to back it up. Some this stuff seems completely bogus

  • gollumizer

    #12 & 14: but I still wouldn’t drink it/out of it.

  • nthensome

    This was a terrible list.

  • Klim

    I’m a doctor and I’m sorry but fact 12 is absolute rubbish. Stop the misinformation!

    • Yeah that one looked weird to me too. It doesn’t even make sense.

  • langeroo

    Its hard to take this seriously after that list about the dark ages.

  • Holy shit! (#15)

  • Pöpö

    Fact 7: if you wash them in +70C or higher temperature for 10 minutes the nastiest secret germs are being killed. That’s the European standard for washing hospital laundry.

  • digdug

    #15 is probably false…I looked at your source and googled the “quote” and found ALL references said EXACTLY the same thing, wording and all. “reputedly ate one spoonful of his own feces every day, stating that he “couldn’t understand the generosity of a God who freely gave such important and useful remedies.” was line for line, word for word on every mention of it, that suggests one original source of information rather than many…meaning..simply it’s false, seriously you should know better

  • rbl

    lol! no.6 is just a bullshit! who made up this? Stop the misinformation!

  • Hans

    This list got me hungry for lice, germs, and feces. YUM!

  • This is the first time i heard about the turkish women thrown into the water. It is senseless since i am a Turkish woman and there is nothing about this in our culture. I really like to learn your source.

  • Ak.n

    “Turkish women suspected of cheating where tied in a sack of cats and thrown into the ocean.”

    Where did you get this information exactly? actually that method-rumoured to-used by witch hunters in middle age. ? HIGHLY doubt it has anything to do with turkey.

    please research carefully,people tend to believe what they read without questioning first and since ?’m a turkish woman this made me kinda sad.

  • Ak.n

    “Turkish women suspected of cheating where tied in a sack of cats and thrown into the ocean.”

    Where did you get this information exactly? actually that method-rumoured to-used by witch hunters in middle age. ? HIGHLY doubt it has anything to do with turkey.

    please research carefully,people tend to believe what they read without questioning first and since ?’m a turkish woman this made me kinda sad.

  • PFF

    ugh number fourteen really got to me. thanks to my stupid manager, the desk where we all work at, my coworkers and i all share, is the same where i eat my lunch (BARF)

  • FMH

    “12. When you urinate, a small amount of the urine enters your mouth through the saliva glands. But that’s okay – fresh urine is cleaner than saliva.”

    Sorry, but that’s rubbish. You can argue about the last part, but how the hell should urine go into the salivary glands? Where did you get this “fact”? Maybe you should have asked your dentist.

  • fmh

    Oh, and I highly suspect that 15. is taken from one of the many contemporary pamphlets that where making fun of Luther, since there isn’t any reliable source online from which of Luther’s texts it should be. Those pamphlets often claimed to be written by Luther himself.
    Since that bastard also described Jews as pigs eating their own feces, I really doubt he did it himself. Or if he did, he wouldn’t have told anybody.
    I guess I’ll stop reading those lists here, there isn’t much you can learn here.

  • Lord Darth Mysterio

    6. Until the 1800s, Turkish women suspected of cheating were tied in a sack with cats and thrown into the ocean.

    Oh, poor cats.

    I know, Bad joke, but i haved to say it.

  • Horace

    Martin Luther you dirty German bastard

  • Sam

    14 and 10 are silly, surely the fact that we encounter these bacteria all the time and aren’t sick means there’s nothing wrong with them. There are 10 tomes more bacterial cells in your body then there are human cells, they keep us alive and control more things then you can imagine.

  • Chuck Norris

    i want to throw up now

    • Chuck Norris don’t throws up. Up throws themselves for Chuck Norris.

  • Bee Lakes

    I think number 2 is exaggerated. If those numbers are accurate, that’d be seeing around 10 murders and 50 violent acts a day. Not impossible, but unlikely.

    • A Dubz

      Well it depends what you consider a violent act. If they count cartoon violence it is easily possible.

  • DavidTehGnome

    Martin Luther wrote many unflattering things about the Jews. And here I am reading about how he supposedly ate a spoon full of his own excrement every day. I wonder who got that rumor started…hmmm…. what a mystery indeed! I don’t think it’s true to be perfectly honest. I think some Jews did what they always do, bash dead men in their graves who they were incapable of bashing in life. What a heroic and holy bunch they are.

  • Kina Jason

    Jim – Philip is on a vacation, and he bought a waterproof cast cover for swimming. He promised to let us know how well it works. I think he left for vacation yesterday, so we’ll hear from him in a few days probably.

  • Einar

    The fact about North Korea is very disturbing, where did you get that information? Can you share with us some links ore reference to books ore articles?

  • Emma

    I’m pretty sure 12 and 15 aren’t true. I KNOW 12 is impossible. :l

  • tguclu

    Well, about the fact 6; i will tell a real fact. Turkey never had been next to an ocean.

    • Huh??? Last I checked the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea are considered part of the Atlantic…Check a map

  • KXG

    #9; Just like they believe raping a virgin will cure AIDS and people can be penis stealing wizards who can disguise themselves as goats. You can’t make this shit up in a country full of dirt-scratching savages. Witchdoctors and Voo-Doo charms in the 21st century but who’s to say the hocus-pocus of these shit-hole countries is any less ridiculous than the savage butchery that goes on in the Muslim nations, Jewish states or Christian countries in the name of some nonsensical magic rituals and beliefs.

  • Ash Jackson

    Can u please tell cool facts about MICHAEL JACKSON :) thnx

  • 12. When you urinate, a small amount of the urine enters your mouth through the saliva glands. But that’s okay – fresh urine is cleaner than saliva.

    BS…..There is NO connection between your kidneys and saliva glands….This is absolutely preposterous…..There are some of the same substances in saliva that you find in urine, ONLY because you swallow your saliva all day!!!!!!!! Seriously, how stupid to you have to be to believe this?

  • Wow, they must really hate cats in Turkey…..

  • Elle

    It is COMPLETELY UNTRUE that urine passes through your salivary glands and into your mouth. The two systems are completely separate and have no connection to each other. The urinary tract system is a CLOSED system beginning at the kidneys, passing through the ureters (downward) and exiting the urethral meatus. Period.

  • #12 is absolute BS….There is absolutely no connection between your urinary tract and saliva glands…Wherever this info came from it was total BS. I have never read anything so stupid in my life.

  • Bee

    Your salivary glands excrete a small amount of UREA, a nitrogen compound, not URINE. There is a huge difference there–it is impossible to urinate in your mouth, as it is not even hooked up to the urinary tract.

  • An Anonymous

    This article is depressing in an oddly entertaining way.