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Top 10 Movie Wedding Disasters

If you’ve ever wondered how important it is to get the planning right for your big day, the movies provide a wealth of examples of just how disastrously wrong an ill-prepared wedding can go. These are the top ten most disastrous wedding ceremonies that the cinema has ever provided us with.


Bride Wars

Bride Wars Ver2

While an element of competition between friends is fairly normal when trying to plan the perfect big day, Bride Wars takes this potentially explosive element to the extreme, as best friends Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson do everything possible to make each other’s big day a living nightmare.


The Hangover


If you’re fretting at all about the escapades your fiancée may find himself embroiled in on the night before your wedding, it’s probably best not to watch The Hangover. It follows a group of friends the day after a wild night in Vegas as they try to piece together what happened, and discover where they left bridegroom. With such dangerous obstacles as the Yakuza, a tiger and Mike Tyson in the way, The Hangover hilariously depicts an absolute worst case scenario.


Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party

Tom Hanks stars as a party animal who’s looking to finally settle down after one last wild party with his friends. Robert Prescott’s interfering ex-boyfriend of the bride-to-be isn’t happy with this state of affairs, and he does everything possible to derail the marriage, even going so far as to kidnap Tawny Kitaen’s bride.


Old School

Old School

Rounding out a trio of films that depict how badly the bridegroom’s friends antics can affect the big day, Old School sees Vince Vaughn’s cynical best man attempt to sabotage Will Ferell’s big day, with some wildly inappropriate comments during the ceremony. If you’ve got a bachelor party of your own coming up, it’s probably best to keep your bride-to-be well away from this calamitous comedy trio. You may want to have a quiet word with a few of your friends as well!


Sixteen Candles


Molly Ringwald stars in this John Hughes-directed coming-of-age classic. While Ringwald’s character looks forward to her upcoming big day, trouble arrives in the form of her dysfunctional family, and a crude Asian stereotype rather inexplicably brought along for the ride.


The Wedding Singer


What do you get if you hire a heartbroken Adam Sandler to sing at your wedding reception? Rousing renditions of such romantic classics as ‘Love Stinks’ and drunken rants about why nothing will work for the previously happy couple. Fortunately, Drew Barrymore arrives to mend Sandler’s broken heart, and nullify the threat his character may pose to future marriages.


Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings And A Funeral Ver2

Amidst a number of lavish weddings carried out around England – that number being four – the first wedding stands out as being particularly imperfect, thanks to a disastrous delivery of the ceremony from Rowan Atkinson’s trainee priest. Two lessons can be learnt from this: the first is to make sure you hire somebody with a clue to conduct your own ceremony; the second is to never, ever hire Mr. Bean.


The Graduate


Dustin Hoffman’s titular graduate becomes embroiled in a romantic relationship with older woman, Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), in this all-time classic. While Hoffman plays a pivotal role in the breakdown of the Robinsons marriage, he also falls in love with their daughter (Katharine Ross), who is herself engaged to somebody else. The film builds to Hoffman’s last ditch attempt to stop the wedding in progress and win over the woman that he loves.


Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride

The clue is definitely in the title with this one. Pretty Woman co-stars Richard Gere and Julia Roberts reprise their on-screen romance as Gere’s character attempts to wed Roberts’ serial jilter. ‘The Runaway Bride’, as the tabloids call her, has left three man standing at the altar on their big day alone – will there be a fourth?


Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2
2003 / 2004

Kill Bill

You’ll probably be wishing that a raucous bachelor party or last minute cold feet had derailed your wedding if your ceremony turns out anywhere as badly as that endured by Uma Thurman’s former assassin. Her old employer and lover, Bill (David Carradine), gatecrashes the wedding with a team of Thurman’s former colleagues and proceeds to lay waste to everyone in attendance. Thurman survives and spends two whole films seeking vengeance, as well you might if your big day turned out anywhere near as badly as hers.

  • Not my favorite list, but I like Kill Bill and didn’t even think about it when I saw the title, so that was definitely a nice surprise.

  • magoopaintrock

    If I remember correctly, Kill Bill was just the wedding rehearsal.

    • Otter

      You are correct. It was the rehearsal, not the wedding when they got killed.

    • Well, if I remember correctly, having your entire wedding party murdered the day before you tie the knot, and then falling into a coma MIGHT cause a wedding day disaster…

      • I am with you on that. Let’s not get picky. When I saw the submission title in my inbox the first wedding I thought of was Kill Bill.

        • Bansey

          Hi Jamie, do you have any tips on writing lists?

        • Jera

          Play informative for me, Mr. ineetrnt writer.

  • Jael

    What about Zombieland? One of the opening scenes is of zombies crashing a wedding, with a reanimated bride attacking the groom!

  • Lizzie

    This list is “meh”.

    • hasse


  • GaoAnTian

    What does Sixteen Candles have to do with weddings?
    Also, Four Weddings and a Funeral is 1994, not 84.

    • In Sixteen Candles a wedding IS spoiled, because the bride takes muscle relaxants before the ceremony (actually I think it’s more the wedding NIGHT that’s spoiled). But the major problem here is that the bride was the Molly Ringwald’s character’s SISTER. The wedding was a background issue, just another reason why Molly was feeling ignored.

      • Giuls

        Well, the sister’s wedding night is spoiled also because during the film we get to know she’s on her period…

    • MatthewZD

      Sixteen Candles — Molly Ringwald’s character has her 16th birthday ignored by her family because everyone is too wrapped up in her older sister’s wedding the next day. Of course, you’d think someone would have realized this months before when the date was picked. I don’t think this one belongs on the list. Yes, the wedding had problems with the dysfunctional family, the bride on too many muscle relaxants, and a Chinese exchange student with one of the coolest names in movies, but it was more of a birthday disaster.

      Four Weddings and a Funeral reminds me of a line from Married With Children. When the movie is referenced on the show, Al says “Isn’t that like 5 of the same thing?”

  • gollumizer

    father of the bride
    corpse bride (tim burton’s stop motion pic)
    my best friend’s wedding

    gosh, romantic comedies are such tripe. I used to like them, but now there is nothing good out there. shame on you hollywood, shame on you!

    • I was going to say Father of the Bride, but really, everything turns out okay. Not quite a disaster. Also, it’s a fantastic movie.

      • acc

        The original is better than the remake.

  • cassie

    I personally would have added The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. And When In Rome, but I guess that wasn’t so much a disaster as awkwardly funny.

  • I believe that in Bachelor Party Kitaen is the ‘talent’ at the party, not the bride. And I also want to nominate Very Bad Things–another bachelors on the loose in Vegas dark-comedy. It involves the accidental death-by-coathook of a hooker, and the snowballing series of murders used to cover it up. Including the Bridezilla of all time–Cameron Diaz.

    • I apologize for the possible spoiler in the above, but I couldn’t figure out how to edit it.

    • michaeld

      No, Tawny Kitaen is indeed the bride-to-be.

  • Giuls

    Wait wait wait! Molly Ringwald isn’t getting married in Sixteen Candles, she’s only turning 16. On that same day her sister is about to marry, leading Ringwald’s whole family to forget her birthday.
    Who did your research, Christopher?

    • deeeziner

      Why does the main character have to be marrying to qualify for this list? Isn’t that fact that there is a screwed up wedding enough?

      • Giuls

        I wasn’t saying that. I was pointing out that the character who’s going to marry isn’t Ringwald’s as it is said on the list.

        • Trying to Help

          The list only says Ringwald is looking forward to her “big day.” That refers to her 16th birthday, not a wedding.

  • Chance

    “The Other Sister” has one of the best wedding disasters. Good movie list to have on hand for a movie night at home.

    • Chance

      Also, I <3 listverse. I waste so many hours at work on this site.

  • chrom3d

    K-I-S-S is implemented by the author to this list, maybe he read the comments on the last list haha.. Nice list btw..

  • conanismyidol

    Molly Ringwald’s character in 16 Candles wasn’t the one getting married. Her sister was. Molly Ringwald’s character was having a birthday (the reason for the 16 Candles title).

  • oouchan

    I was hoping to see Father of the Bride on here. That was hilarious! From the list, Bachelor Party was the best. I’ve watched Kill Bill and thought it sucked. It just wasn’t a good film.

    Have to say, what an interesting take on a list. Good job.

  • Mark

    Obviously, it`s not a movie, but what about The Tudors, and Henry VIII and his marriage disasters? in the new series of The Tudors, Henry`s FIFTH wife, Catherine Howard, she`s younger than her Stepdaughter! If that isn`t a disaster, I don`t know what is.

  • OutOfBounds

    Wedding Crashers?
    Anyways. I like this idea for a list, very original. As a girl. I’m stereotypically obsessed with weddings, especiall my own someday, maybe.

  • Alex

    I never post comments on lists. But today, what a shit list this was…

  • Bethany

    What about “Very Bad Things?” Didn’t love the movie, but it definitely showed imho the absolute worst that could happen. Thought for sure that it would be on here.

  • Lifeschool

    Wedding disasters in movies? There are certainly lots to choose from – although Itend to avoid rom-coms. Am I the only one in the world who thinks Will Farrell is not such a great actor? I guess so. I suppose the entries are fine and deserve their place; although a few ommissions I’d like to add would be:

    My Best Friends Wedding (as mentioned already) – when I saw Julia Roberts in the list I felt sure this would be up there.

    The Princess Bride! (!!)

    The In-Laws (1979 or the 2003 remake)

    The Philadelphia Story (Katherine Hepburn – although she does marry in the end)

    • oouchan

      You are not the only one who thinks Will Farrell sucks. He’s horrible! Not funny at all.
      AND I can’t believe that I missed The Princess Bride! One of my favorites….I’m going to sit in a corner now.

      • mom424

        I agree on the Will Farell sentiment – going to have to take issue with your lack of appreciation for Kill Bill – although it may be due to our age difference. There are so many things for me to pick up on……that maybe don’t ring the same bells for you.

      • I’ll join you in that corner! “Mawwige is what bwings us togevuh today.”

    • ouiareborg

      I also agree about Will Farrell. People have learned to settle for crap. If he came along the first 10 years of SNL, he would have been an unpaid intern, instead he’s rich and famous. Farrell, Luke Wilson, and Vince Vaughn…how do they pack all that talent on one screen. The Hangover was a joke as well. People actually pay $12 and up in some places to see that drivel.

  • StinkyWizzleman

    This place has become nothing but one big advertisement…

    • Auburn Tiger

      How so?

  • Ophiucha

    Does Bride Wars ever deserve a place on any list, save perhaps a list of Razzies Nominations?

  • mom424

    Sorry Chris but this is a pretty lame list. All new movies, lots of bad movies, and too many notable omissions. Father of the Bride (Spencer Tracy/Liz Taylor or the Steve Martin vehicle), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (IMDb 84% btw), The Princess Bride, Moonstruck… even Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer is better than many of these choices.

    • deeeziner

      Perhaps it could have made up for yesterday’s “short” list by being a top 15 or 20.

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Yea what can I say, its not the best list Ive read on this site, but Christopher you researched and had the guts to submit this list for that I salute you.
    Practice makes perfect buddy dont give up.

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Been on this site for donkies years an now my avitar is gone – Im getting to old for this

  • Oh, drat! I can top these with my own first wedding.
    I had hired a friend of my brothers girl-friend to make the wedding dress and the bride’s-maid dresses. The day before the wedding the wedding dress was still in pieces…not one single stich had been sewn! I had to dash off to a wedding dress shop and just buy the first thing that fit me.
    Earlier that day had been the wedding rehearsal, and so that evening was the rehearsal dinner at my fiancé’s Mother’s home…that was bound to be a diaster under any circumstances, but this just frosted the cake.
    First, I had taken a bottle of *very* good, and *very* expensive Champagne for the toasts. His Mother was dating an extremely weird man whom aspired to the manners of trailer trash. When the Champagne had poured and the Best Man began the toast, this fellow grabbed a handful of jello salad and went around plopping chunks of it in everyone’s glass! I can’t begin to tell you how angry I was.
    On the way home from the dinner, my father had a heart attack, and my fiancé and I rushed to the hospital to make sure he was going to be alright.
    I chose to stay with my Mother at the hospital, and sent my fiancé along with my brother and his girlfriend, who my brother was going to drop off and then the two of them were going off to the bachelor party (it had been established that the attack was a mild one and my dad was in no immediate danger). During the drive, my fiancé made a serious pass at my brother’s girl-friend.
    The only thing that went off without a hitch was the actual wedding ceremony.
    The reception was another series of disasters…which only foreshadowed the actual disaster of the marriage.
    I shudda known.

    • ConVixen

      Wow o.o

      After that passed your fiance made at your brother’s girlfriend sweetheart, I would’ve dumped him on the spot. Wedding or no wedding.

    • gollumizer

      I had hired a friend of my brothers girl-friend to make the wedding dress and the bride’s-maid dresses.

      When the Champagne had poured and the Best Man began the toast, this fellow grabbed a handful of jello salad and went around plopping chunks of it in everyone’s glass! I can’t begin to tell you how angry I was.

      On the way home from the dinner, my father had a heart attack, and my fiancé and I rushed to the hospital to make sure he was going to be alright.

      During the drive, my fiancé made a serious pass at my brother’s girl-friend.

      –> all those signs of divine intervention, and yet you still married him? oh noes.

  • T.C.

    In Four Weddings and a Funeral, Atkinson performs the SECOND wedding, not the first. The first wedding goes off rather well, actually.

    • r.

      Except for the rings…remember?

  • deeeziner

    Excellent choice for spot 1. Mass murder of the entire bridal party has to be the ultimate social faux pas.

    Thought you might include Disney’s Little Mermaid to show that it is important to make sure of the bride’s identity before the ceremony.

  • Bernard Marx

    Kill Bill number 1 I love it!

  • Sue

    *Gasp* No “Very Bad Things”? Two murders during the bachelor party, one at the wedding and a few more in between. It doesn’t get much worse than that.

    • daedreams

      That’s what i was thinking.

      Sorry, Christopher. Not a very well written or researched list.

  • Gabriel

    I hate lists that have only five lines of text for each entry.

  • Smilie

    Meh list :7

  • nthensome


    • Achmedthedeadterrorist

      SILENCE! I kill you…

      • ParusMajor

        Ha ha, you’re fenda, not Achmedthedeadwhatevah. Your squirrel gives you away. :D

        • fendabenda

          Damn! Achmedthedeadterrorist has stolen my squirrel. :(

  • I didn’t even think of Kill Bill but everyone being massacred is about as big a disaster as you can get

  • MrRocketSkates

    This list was pretty kewl

  • timmar68

    Oh, for the days when Adrian Zmed was a headliner! lmao

  • fknairii

    The Wedding Singer is one of my favorite movies, as well as The Graduate.

    I liked the list, it was fun. Froufrou is fine.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Is it just me or are Kill Bill and The Hangover super overrated?

    • fendabenda

      I agree about Kill Bill (I haven’t seen the Hangover yet). The films are good, but Quentin Tarantino is a copycat director, he steals too much from films like “Lady Snowblood” and “Thriller: en grym film”

      • Kemp

        See, these movies, made waaay before Quentin started directing movies, were OBVIOUSLY watched a praised by Quentin. I’m a writer,I write frequently. Whenever I hear a cool phrase, watch an awesome movie, or hear a baddass song, I’m inspired to write. When I write, brilliance pours out. When I do that, I usually pay homage to the things that inspired me to write IN the things I’m writing. I’m quite positive Quentin does the same, I’m sure Quentin has even spoke on this. The point is.. His directing style isn’t copied, but has been chizzled through many years of awesome film in his day. You can’t tell me Pulp Fiction isn’t one of the best movies you’ve ever seen! xD

  • Dustin

    who do I write so I can charge them for my wasted time?

    • ParusMajor

      Me. I can send some of my russian friends over, so that you’ll change your mind about time ever being wasted reading Listverse. ??????? ? ?? ????????

  • ConVixen

    In Kill Bill it was not the wedding, it was the wedding rehearsel.
    In Sixteen Candles, Mary Ringwald’s character does not get married. It was her sister’s wedding that got ruined.

    I have to say that this is one crappy list.

  • blue jacket

    Not to nit pick, but ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral” was made in 1994, not 1984.

  • fendabenda

    Just a hint apropos of nothing: if you go to a wedding and you want to throw rice, do not, I repeat: DO NOT cook the rice first. The happy couple may not want a handful of porridge in their face.

    • ParusMajor

      I was at a wedding once where a person threw spaghetti (uncooked) at the couple. When someone asked about it she said: “Well, I was out of rice but I wanted to throw something to wish them happy days and good luck”. :D

      • fendabenda

        Was she drunk or otherwise intoxicated?

        • ParusMajor

          It’s possible, but I don’t think so. She suffered from dementia, probably. She was a lady in her 80’s. Nobody got angry about the incident, though, it was just a funny footnote that happened during that wedding.

  • I like The Wedding Singer. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are best couple, like in 50 first date

  • Wiggin

    …worst list ever.

  • Marcus

    How typical – The author, like a great many others whose articles I’ve read, can’t mention Rowan Atkinson without mentioning Mr Bean. He has done other things, you know!

    • fendabenda

      Black Adder, for example, which I thought was better than Mr.Bean. :)

  • Kemp

    Kill Bill.<3 <3 <3 I absolutely love Tarantino's films, ALL of them. My favorite being either Reservior Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bills, or Inglourious Basterds. Such a hard decision! D: Nice list, btw. ;P

  • rhino

    How ’bout Forces of Nature. Not Affleck or Bullocks best work, but the wedding most certainly was f**ked up.

  • Samantha

    Cute list but truth is way stranger than fiction. I liked one movie on the list and wouldn’t touch the others with a ten-foot pole or someone else’s eyes.

  • admin

    wow is this a cheap-ass list. what’d that take you all of a few minutes on imdb to sort out?

    another crap list. makes me angry because of the hard work put into some of the others.

  • Mrs Marvel

    The wedding in Princess Bride is the best disaster. Could you imagine having that guy as your officient? And to be gate crashed by the Dread Pirate Roberts to boot!

  • Dopamine Addicted

    how about that movie where the groom’s friend ‘effed’ a midget and spewed feces in the hotel’s lobby restroom after a fat girl squirted visine in his beer??? don’t know the name though

  • lala

    “Arthur” has a very good/bad wedding at the end. Also has nice music