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Another 10 Evil Men

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In 2007, we published our first list of evil men and followed it up shortly afterwards with a list of evil women. The list of women had a sequel the following year, but for some reason we never got around to writing a second list of evil men (though there were many suggested in the comments); we even had a popular “your view” topic on the subject which got 488 comments. So, finally, here is our second list of evil men.




Nero used the office of emperor to suit his desire for an opulent lifestyle, and had absolutely no care for the welfare of the people. He never trusted his mother, Agrippina (and rightly so), and tried to kill her by having her ship sunk. This didn’t work, and he simply ordered her executed. He routinely executed anyone close to him whom he did not trust, always under mysterious circumstances, because he feared the Praetorian Guard.

He managed to reign for 15 years in this way, killing anyone who dissented. He was accused of treason beginning in 62, and simply executed the accusers, several dozen of them. He loved to go to bars and whorehouses, not even disguising himself.

The Great Fire of Rome, in 64, has given rise to the legend that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. This is not true. He was away in Antium (Anzio), and returned to Rome to try to have the fire put out. He even paid for this out of his own pocket.

He did help out the survivors tremendously, letting them stay in the palace until homes were rebuilt, feeding them, etc. But the fire largely destroyed the city center, and Nero had a large part of this destruction rebuilt as his Domus Aurea. This was his gift to himself, a gigantic palatial garden complex of 100 to 300 acres, for which he heavily taxed the citizens throughout the Empire.

The city wanted a scapegoat, so Nero blamed the fire on the Christians, and they were terribly persecuted. He had many arrested, impaled, and burned to death as torches to light his gardens in the Domus Aurea. He is said to have breathed in the stench and laughed heartily, then turned to his lyre and sung his own songs.

The taxes irritated the populace sufficiently to begin revolts in various provinces, until, by 68, Nero was no longer loved, but hated by all. His Guards deserted him in the palace, and he fled to a nearby villa, where a messenger appeared to tell him that the Senate had declared him a public enemy, whom they would beat to death. He had a grave dug, while he repeated, “What an artist dies within me!”

Then he stabbed a dagger into his throat and bled to death. It is believed by most scholars that Nero is the Great Beast, whose number is six hundred and sixty six, referred to in the last Biblical book, The Apocalypse. [Source]


Luis Garavito


Luis Garavito is a Colombian serial killer who raped and killed 138–300+ young boys. The victims were peasant children, or street children, between the ages of 6 and 16. Garavito approached them on the street or countryside and offered them gifts or small amounts of money. After gaining their trust, he took the children for a walk and when they got tired, he would rape them, cut their throats, and usually dismember their corpses. Most corpses showed signs of torture.

Garavito was captured on 22 April, 1999. He confessed to murdering 140 children. However, he is still under investigation for the murder of 172 children in more than 59 counties in Colombia. He was found guilty in 138 of the 172 cases; the others are ongoing. The sentences for these 138 cases add to 1,853 years and 9 days. Because of Colombian law restrictions, however, he cannot be imprisoned for more than 30 years. In addition, because he helped the authorities in finding the bodies, his sentence has been decreased to 22 years. Garavito is considered the worst serial killer in history for having a higher death toll than any other (though a lower proven death toll than British killer Harold Shipman).


Jean-Bédel Bokassa


Jean-Bédel Bokassa was the military ruler of the Central African Republic from 1 January, 1966, and the Emperor of the Central African Empire from 4 December, 1976, until he was overthrown on 20 September, 1979. He is often called the “cannibal emperor” because he was said to engage in cannibalism. Most notably, he was involved in the massacre of school children. He was arrested and charged with torture, murder and cannibalism. Convicted of murdering several political opponents, Bokassa was sentenced to death, but that was later commuted to life in prison. He was later released in a general amnesty, and died of a heart attack in 1996, aged 75.


Oliver Cromwell


The Cromwellian conquest of Ireland (1649–53) refers to the re-conquest of Ireland by the forces of the English Parliament, led by Oliver Cromwell, during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. The consequence of this conquest (in order to displace Catholic authority) was 200,000 civilian deaths from war-related famine and disease, and 50 thousand Irish being taken as slaves. Cromwell considered Catholics to be heretics, so the Irish conquest was a modern day Crusade for him.

The bitterness caused by the Cromwellian settlement was a powerful source of Irish nationalism from the 17th century onwards. He died in 1658, and was so hated that, in 1661, he was exhumed from the grave and given a posthumous execution – his corpse was hung in chains at Tyburn, and he was later dismembered and his remains thrown into a pit, with his head being displayed on a pole outside Westminster Hall for the next twenty-four years.


Shirō Ishii


Ishii was a microbiologist and the lieutenant general of Unit 731, a biological warfare unit of the Imperial Japanese Army, during the Second Sino-Japanese War. He was born in the former Shibayama Village of Sanbu District in Chiba Prefecture, and studied medicine at Kyoto Imperial University. In 1932, he began his preliminary experiments in biological warfare as a secret project for the Japanese military. In 1936, Unit 731 was formed. Ishii built a huge compound — more than 150 buildings over six square kilometers — outside the city of Harbin, China.

Some of the numerous atrocities committed by Ishii, and others under his command in Unit 731, include: vivisection of living people (including pregnant women who were impregnated by the doctors), prisoners had limbs amputated and reattached to other parts of their body, some prisoners had parts of their bodies frozen and thawed to study the resulting untreated gangrene. Humans were also used as living test cases for grenades and flame throwers. Prisoners were injected with inoculations of disease, disguised as vaccinations, to study their effects. To study the effects of untreated venereal diseases, male and female prisoners were deliberately infected with syphilis and gonorrhea via rape, then studied. Having been granted immunity by the American Occupation Authorities at the end of the war, Ishii never spent any time in jail for his crimes, and died at the age of 67, of throat cancer.


Osama Bin Laden


Osama Bin Laden is the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. Osama Bin Laden, 51, has also been indicted over the 1998 embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya. There is an almost $50 million reward on his head. His most likely whereabouts are thought to be around the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. US intelligence officials believe that he no longer uses a cell phone, in order to remain hidden. There has been some speculation that he was killed by military fire, but that the Taliban are keeping it secret in order to continue using him as a figurehead.


Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong led the Communist Party of China to victory in the Chinese Civil War, helping to establish the People’s Republic of China. He had ambitions for a strong China, but his programs largely failed. He has been blamed for the death of between 20 and 67 million of his “comrades”. Under his insane rule there was a culture akin to anarchy, that killed the economy and industrial production. His “Great Leap Forward” triggered a catastrophic and massive famine. However, he is most notorious for the precepts of the “Cultural Revolution”, which led to perhaps the greatest era of cultural vandalism the world has ever known. Antiques, historical sites, artifacts, ancient documents, feng shui traditions, Chinese traditional dresses and monasteries were destroyed for being associated with the “old ways of thinking”. Many copies of the Qu’ran were burnt. Red Guard groups around the country destroyed political and educational stability, criticizing anyone who considered himself superior, destroying reputations and lives. Mao, privately, led a life of great deviancy and excess. He also exacted revenge on all those, mainly intellectuals and professionals, who had disgraced him in his earlier career. He also targeted anyone with links to the Chinese Nationalist Party, as well as anyone who posed a threat to him. Under his reign, five million were executed in death camps, and 36 million were persecuted and tortured.


Kim Father and Son


Kim Jong-Il is the de facto leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and responsible for the deaths of four million of his fellow Koreans. He is also at the heart of a bizarre personality cult; apocryphal stories such as how “at the time of his birth, there were flashes of lightening and thunder, the iceberg in the pond on Mt. Paektu emitted a mysterious sound as it broke, and bright double rainbows rose up” are abundant. Those caught stealing food in the famine-struck nation, or attempting to cross the borders, are subject to public execution. Kim is continuing his lavish lifestyle and military obsession in spite of the crumbling economy. In North Korea, he and his father are deified, considered saviors of the whole universe. 250,000 dissidents are confined to “re-education camps”. He has waged a war on South Korea that involved assassinating South Korean leaders and blowing up South Korean planes. He presents a great threat to the world in terms of nuclear warfare, having persuaded the Soviet Union to award him a nuclear reactor in 1984.


Heinrich Himmler


Heinrich Himmler was the architect of the holocaust, and considered to be the worst mass murderer by some (although Josef Stalin really holds that title). The holocaust would not have happened if not for this man. He tried to breed a master race of Nordic appearance, the Aryan race. His plans for racial purity were ended by Hitler’s vanity, in making rash military decisions rather than letting his generals make them, thus ending the war prematurely. Himmler was captured after the war. He unsuccessfully tried to negotiate with the west, and was genuinely shocked to be treated as a criminal upon capture. He committed suicide by swallowing a cyanide capsule.




“Little Boots” took the throne on the death of his second cousin, Tiberius, something of a great Uncle to him. Some say Caligula ordered the head of the Praetorian Guard to smother him with a pillow. Upon his ascension, everyone in the Empire rejoiced. For the first seven months or so, he was loved by all. He paid handsome bonuses to the military, to get them on his side, and recalled many whom Augustus and Tiberius exiled.

But he became very sick in October of 37, of a mysterious illness. Philo blames it on his extravagant lifestyle of too much food, wine and sex. After the disease passed and Caligula made a full recovery, he had turned into one of the most evil men in human history. He has been accused of the most disgusting, insane, luridly depraved crimes.

He began ordering the murders of anyone who had ever crossed him, or even disagreed with him on mundane matters. He had a very good memory. He exiled his own wife, and proclaimed himself a god, dressing up as Apollo, Venus (a goddess), Mercury and Hercules. He demanded that everyone, from senators to Guards to guests and public crowds, refer to him as divine in his presence.

When he was a boy, a seer told him that he would never be emperor until he walked on water. So, he built a pontoon bridge across the Bay of Naples, put on the breastplate of Alexander the Great, and paraded night and day across the Bay, throwing lavish sex orgies in the light of bonfires.

He attempted to instate his favorite horse, Incitatus (“Galloper”), as a priest and consul, and ordered a beautiful marble stable built for him, complete with chairs and couches, on which Incitatus never sat.

Once, at the Circus Maximus, the games ran out of criminals, and the next event was the lions, his favorite. He ordered his Guards to drag the first five rows of spectators into the arena, which they did. These hundreds of people were all devoured for his amusement.

A citizen once insulted him to his face in a fit of rage, and Caligula responded by having him tied down and beaten with heavy chains. He made this last for 3 months, having the man brought out from a dungeon and beaten, until Caligula and the whole crowds that gathered were too offended by the smell of the man’s gangrenous brain, whereupon he was beheaded.

Caligula’s favorite torture was sawing, which topped another list on this site. The sawblade filleted the spine and spinal cord from crotch down to chest, and the victim was unable to pass out due to excess blood to the brain.He also relished chewing up the testicles of victims, without biting them off, while they were restrained upside down before him.He had another insulter, and his entire family, publicly executed one after another in front of a crowd. The man and wife were first, followed by the oldest child and so on. The crowd became outraged and began to disperse, but many stayed in morbid fascination. The last of the family was a 12 year old girl, who was sobbing hysterically at what she had been forced to watch. A member of the crowd shouted that she was exempt from execution as a virgin. Caligula smiled and ordered the executioner to rape her, then strangle her, which he did. He publicly had sex with his three sisters at banquets and games, sometimes on the table amid the food. He was finally murdered by the Praetorian Guard and some senators, leaving the Circus Maximus after the games. His body was left in the street to rot, and dogs finally ate it. He had ruled for 4 years. [Source]

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  • The fact that Shir? Ishii never spent any jail time(or some form of cruel torture) is just disgusting, he lived a somewhat long life, too long in my books.

    • Juri Han

      Could say the same for Mengele, really; he was never brought to justice and more than likely died in his bed of old age.

  • One of the best lists in a while. I’m glad we finally get a follow up here. Odd that it’s mostly political leaders, but there’s that one serial killer thrown in to sweeten the pot. Another political leader might have been a better addition. I don’t remember who was on the other list, but Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Hussein, and Pol Pot come to mind.

    • Just checked – looks like Hitler, Pol Pot, and Stalin were already taken care of. Just in case anyone was wondering.

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      Kim no bad man Kim good man like Ronald mcdinald leader Kim Jong il Make happy time for PRK we vay happy leave alone us

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        no, kim jong il is destroying your country, please see the truth, he is a callous, self-absorbed monster, and you would be far better off without him. I pray he will soon be deposed.

    • Random Observer

      Osama bin Laden?

      Does no one pay any attention to what is going on ‘behind the curtain’ that is the American government, on a daily basis, SINCE 911?

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        Thumbs up!
        I wish people just turn off the TV and think for a while…

  • Shaboigan

    Most of these seem like repeats of other lists.

    • Spuddy

      Couldn’t agree more, all of this has been covered on previous lists.
      I used to be a regular daily visitor if this site, but a load of lazy & dull lists have sent me elsewhere….. Shame really

      • Sorry listverse

        Where else? I’ve gone through every list on this site, and I still read the new one daily, but would love some suggestions.

        • I think what he kinda meant is that the people mentioned in this list have been in other lists before, like Nero and Kim Jong Il, but i do not agree, these are not repeats of other list, they are just inspired by other lists . . . mostly the subjects discussed in comments of other list are evident in this list

      • DirtySanchez

        I’ve read this site for a while also and sorry, the lists have not gotten more lazily written. Sorry that you’re getting nostalgia for an earlier time on listverse. Every time I read the older lists on this site I’m actually surprised at how short and boring they are. Not all of them obviously, but most of them.

    • Elemarth


  • Good list . knew all of these , but nice variety . Absolute power corrupts absolutely .

    • what a weird quote. It’s essentially just “power corrupts.” An adjective and then the adverb form of that adjective (or other way around) is obviously going to produce a logical idea. replace the words and you get the same idea.

      incorruptible power corrupts incorruptibly….wait…

      • BOONE

        The full quote is:

        “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

        Essentially saying that either way corruption is a strong possiblity with power, however if you give someone absolute power (without checks and balances) there will be guaranteed corruption. If you read the full quote it actually makes a lot of sense and is not weird at all.

        • suppose you guys are right but i like my way better .

    • Absolutely . . . Every time I see that word, I think of out president

      • You’re from South Africa, right? That might be completely wrong, but I feel like you said that in some comment.

        • Yes i am . . . and auto correct just failed me(Damn typo)

          • People like Jacob Zuma I just can not take seriously…
            Oh well, at least he’s better than malema… Where in SA are you from if I may ask?

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          • GP?

          • Gauteng . . . JHB to be specific

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      This is way better than a brick & mortar esatlbihsment.

  • Freddie

    Garavito got only 22 years, thats ridiculous. Thats like one month for every murder!! I am sure he will get his own in prison or definitely after he gets out.

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    Can’t wait for the next one! How about list of good people? Haha

    • Freddie

      Good people are too many to list fortunately.

    • I dunno about that list of good people , it would make me really uncomfortable, seeing my name as no.1 on something like that would be very hard to handle for a person as humble as me .

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        LMAO, awesome reply.

        • Name

          I wrote this list,so I guess that I could write a sequel. I have like 4 people already.

  • Rossco

    All the rubbish about Caligula is propaganda by successive emperors. Hardly any of it is true.

    • dread

      Listverse sources Listverse as the authority on this matter, so it must be true!

    • Metalwrath

      That is what I thought but I’m not enough of a specialist to know that it is true…

      But the fact that he was hated so much that his successors and historians would describe him so evil is probably and indication that he was indeed a bad person anyway.

    • Eoz

      Reading the entry about Caligula lead me to think that, too. It’s just TOO bad. Publicly raping girls? Boning his sisters on the dinner table? Chewing testicles? Cmon, now. I’m sure he was a bad, hated man, but a lot of this sounds like someone sat and thought “what is the worst thing I can imagine a person doing?” and writing that out about Caligula.

    • Incitatus

      I agree, It happens more often in History than not. Granted Caligula was not an angel, the incest and chewing on others testicles are just a myth. The things on circus maximus could have happen but then again, I can think of several other rulers that used extreme violence as ways of intimidation.

  • Dr Kevin Pondikou

    It really is amazing what people will allow to happen. Revolting to say the least.

  • theoneandonly

    Could we have an Evil Groups list? At number 1 we could have Catholicism because of The Crusades, The Inquisition, the silence regarding Hitler and even the child abuse scandals!

    • First thing on my mind was the Westboro Baptist Church

      • Armadillotron

        Agreed, the catholic Church is more evil than ANY of the people here. Pope Innocent III, massacred Jews, Crusades, Excommunicated King John, refused to recognise Magna Carta, and said he had been given the title of Pope by God. The guy was a madman. And other Popes, have carried out Crusades, excommunications, African slavery, genocide, the Inquisition, persecuted “Heretics,” made profits from crime,supported the Nazis, and one Pope turned the Vatican into a BROTHEL, and had sex with his MOTHER. So why aren`t any Popes here?

        • Metalwrath

          The Crusades weren’t simply blatant evil. There was a context, and complicated one, which includes loss of Christian territory after Muslim military expansion and invasion. Not to mention everyone fought wars back then, its hardly a Catholic monopoly. Oh, and they didn’t “support” the Nazis, this is a misconception. People were angry because they didn’t condemn nazism as much as they should have (mainly because they were afraid of what the Nazis would do to German Catholics). There are actually very highly critical documents sent by the Catholic Church to Hitler (of which the names I forgot) which triggered a “small” persecution of Catholics, forcing the church to back down.

          Also it is the people who are evil, not the Catholic institution per se. I’m not a Christian but Christianity is probably the only religion which is centered on love, compassion and kindness through the image of Jesus (central figure in Christianity as you know). Some of the followers simply didn’t follow the basic principles. Again, I’m no Christian at all and had my violently anti-christian period a few years ago. I’m just trying to be honest here.

          • Armadillotron

            The Catholic Church DID sopport the Nazis. Catholic Priests were members of the Croat Ustashi, who liked to collect EYEBALLS and saw peoples heads off, with an actual SAW. And other sick things. A Catholic Priest even ran the Jesanovac death camp. Fact, not make believe. And what about “The Ratlines,” where the Catholic Church helped Nazis escape to new lives in South America. There evil.

          • ben

            @ Armadillotron [citation needed] What you’re saying sounds like hogwash, honestly.

          • Metis

            I’m sorry Metalwrath but the crusader were blatantly evil. Why? Because the doctrine that killing in the course of the crusade was not a sin but actually a good deed in the eyes of God. This lead to massacres in invaded cities (granted those tended to happen anyway) because the crusaders were actually thinking they were making up for their past sins by killing.

        • Mel

          Religion isn’t evil. It’s the people that do evil under the guise of religion, that are the culprits. You can’t blame a nonsentient concept for the sins of sentient beings. Yeah, a lot of atrocities were (and still are) commited in the name of religion. But this list is pretty much proof that bad people will do bad things regardless of who they are, be they government officials, dictators, or regular people.

    • Froody

      Come off it you idiot, i’m a Protestant and not the biggest fan of Catholicism, but Islam is a far more pernicious, nefarious religion, or group as you would call it. Child abuse is not clandestine in Islam, it is mandatory, and apostasy is a death sentence in Islam, oh and Saladin and the Saracens were hardly angels during the crusades. I could go on…. but at least have antipathy towards the group(religion)that wants to subject you to sharia, and have you killed, respectfully!!! PS not all terrorists are Muslims, but the vast majority are!!!

      • coolidge

        Child abuse in mandatory in Islam ? Care to provide for proof ? Pernicious and nefarious ? Any credible citation please ? And wants to kill all non-Muslims ? Really ? Well, Mr Froody, for centuries Muslims were in control of much of the Iberian Peninsula, the Balkans and what is now India. Are you saying that after hundreds of years of ruling much of the Balkans, the Muslims surprisingly failed to either forced its non-Muslims to convert to Islam or execute them ? Care to explain why, if indeed this is something mandatory in Islam ? As to the vast majority of Muslims being terrorists, as you alleged, you obviously are quite uneducated with regards to the actual factors driving, say, the conflict in Chechnya or Palestine. Good day, Mr Froody.

        • Froody

          I feel it a bit silly if you don’t feel that the indoctrination, of children to kill apostates, and infidels(mentioned in the koran and hadith) not to be evil and projected in the name of a barbaric religion, then i pity your religious piety, my friend. And if you remove the clitoris of a female child by force, and subordinate women and kill gays under sharia or, in the name of religion, then i also believe this to be evil. That’s the foundation of my comment, no offence, we obviously have contrasting views on Islam, and the koran is my credible citation. Do not also forget that this religion was propegated by violence, and never made it into Spain, Italy and anywhere else you care to mention 600 AD plus, years ago, by any way other than violence, the Muslim armies have besieged, Rome, Vienna, Tours and have very thankfully, in my opinion failed. I apologise if you thought i meant that most muslims are terrorists, i should have said most terrorists are muslim, but that is my fault for making that comment easily misconstrued. The 20 million est. muslims in Europe have made it here this time, because Europeans have failed to create a stable demographic, and by subordinating women, they have children whilst we don’t. The muslim population are taking advantage of Europe at the moment whilst acting bellicose, and belligerent to the indigenous population, so much so that you can’t have a critique of the religion without someone trying to murder you, you can’t draw a cartoon of an ancient figure(who should be on this list)without someone trying to murder you, and if you look at a country like Thailand for eg. then you will see this problem is not native to Europe and that my friend is an oxymoron anyway, good day Coolidge, i refrain from giving you the title Mr or Mrs because I dont know you, I just hope to goodness your not a feminist.

        • Mediator

          I believe coolidge said the vast majority of terrorists are Muslim, not the vast majority of Muslims are terrorists as you say. There’s a big difference. Not that I’m saying either of you are right…

          • Mediator

            And I also believe I meant to say Froody said the vast majority of terrorists are Muslim. Whoops.

    • Silly Armadillotron…

      Blame it on the people not the faith. Come on now, sin has compelled more people to do bad things not religion and faith…

    • weegmc

      Gotta love the anti-catholic hatred. A more appropriate list of Evil Groups would start with all the Colonial Powers, those countries that actually fought in the crusades, appeased Hitler, and stick Jews in ovens. Or elts nto forget the Oliver Cromwell dude on the list and all the Catholics he killed, enslaved or drove from their homeland, all in the name of HIS religion. But hey, its all the popes fault.

      • stormysiren

        I will continue to be anti-Catholic until (at the very least) the papacy stops defending and hiding pedophile priests, thank you very much.

  • Jeditrix

    Great list! havent had a good one like this in awhile. I thought surely my girlfriend’s dad would be on this. That’s right Karen i know you read listverse. OH and big suprise i dont like your dad!

    • bigski


  • chrom3d

    Theres a guy I saw in crime channel who tortured, raped and murdered children in his specially built chamber in his home and after killing the children he melts them in a vat of acid and pours them in the river.. He lures children from streets who are beggars.. I thinks he’s from india..

    • I think its sad how people hurt children that are already in a form of distress. oddly, Slumdog Millionaire just popped into my mind

      • chrom3d

        yeah.. they used real poor children as cast, given them a glimpse of luxury and bedazzled them with stars and celebrities in the awards night and then threw them back in the streets..

  • defukdto

    nice list. one of my schoolmates is a squire, a native of ireland, claimed his family the “forbes” was one of or the only family to survive an oliver cromwell attack. he said their castle held out and held back oli’s armies. they even keep a bust of cromwell in their house.

  • Flytch Sheers

    What in the hell does ‘It is believed by most scholars that Nero is the Great Beast, whose number is six hundred and sixty six, referred to in the last Biblical book, The Apocalypse’ mean?

    What scholars?

    Only idiots believe in that crap

    • Randall

      I think what the list writer meant was that many scholars assume that Nero was the emperor being *referred* to (as the “Great Beast”) when John wrote Revelations. It was clumsily said, hence your confusion.

      • Eoz

        Thanks for the clarification. I, too, was taken aback by that sentence.

      • mom424


      • undaunted warrior 1

        Nice to see you back for a short comment

  • Chi lau

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    • chrom3d


    • p1t1o

      In fact, we know only propaganda, as that is all that is allowed to leave the country. The rest we just figure out for ourselves.

      • Chi lau

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        • Lurker

          Jim Jong sounds like a cartoon character lol.

          • Chi lau

            Was test you win we friend I have dog call jim Jong child hod frend was good dog very juicy

          • Kim Jong Il

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  • p1t1o

    The Praetorian Guard are obviously Badass.

  • Ulsterman in Exile

    it annoys the fuck out of me that all my nationalist friends still go on about Cromwell. It was like 400 years ago, and they seem to expect me, a unionist Northern Irishman to feel some sort of guilt about it. Do i fuck, yes i agree he rightly deserves his place on this list and he was an english twat, but please this doesnt mean he can be used as one of the many reasons why the IRA where justied to blow the fuck out of our country.

  • stopper333

    monstette: wait slumdog millionaire did what? seriously?, not as great of a movie as i thought anymore… but back to the list, hmmm i knew most of these which made me think they had been on previous lists? am i wrong? i dont know but they were too similar as to how i remember. as a matter of fact they were the exact same excerpts describing the people but anyways i cant believe the cruelty of these people and i especially cant believe some of them are well alive in our era. man oh man if there was a point i hated america (there was) i now love it (im originally mexican but look at the autrocities being done on the country).

    • Dismay

      No, it was a theme in the movie. They definately didn’t do any of that stuff. The only bad thing that they did was take real child beggars, gave them a role in the movie, then dumped them back in to the streets with just a few extra rupees.

  • stopper333

    oh btw whats the westboro baptist church? ive heard, even had a few friends protest against it, but i never really quite why it is hated so much.. oh also listverse i am begging you to make a list on the unjustices being carried out in my home country, mexico. most people are not even aware of it but im tired of hearing of fellow innocent citizens being killed there. please it would mean alot to me if u wrote it to help spread the word.

  • Shup

    The Taliban don’t use Osama as a figure head, Al-Qaeda do.

  • Akcent

    Where is Muhammad in the list ??? he was the most evil of all mentioned here plus he created a religion which now has 1.5 billion+ followers who continue to terrorize the world

    • Really?!

      You’re an idiot.

      • Joan

        No i think you an idiot or a muslim

    • pdbrack

      Hahaha moron

    • Morhan

      Hahahah I think Muhamad should have been included in the list too LOL

    • Auburn Tiger
    • Froody

      Very well said, anyone that disagrees with the fact that this man was a delusional, murderous, barbaric paedophile, is either a Muslim or simply does not know their history.

    • September

      Very well said ! he should also be included in the list, guess this guy needs to put a list of TOP 10 EVILS OF ISLAM !

  • David

    Cromwell isn`t evil. You can`t judge people from the 17th century by todays standards. If he`s evil, then so is Elizabeth I. In those days, it was acceptable to butcher people.

    • Weegmc

      Dude it was acceptable inNazi Germany to kill Jews gypsies and gays, that’s no excuse

    • Ms-binks

      Yeah because if everyone else is butchering people it’s fine! Fuck your moral compass!


  • McCoy

    Somebody reppin Uk? John Wall!

    • Jhug

      Best comment ever!

  • Chi lau

    I back. leader Kim Jong turn off internets to save power it back on now stupid American western dogs

  • Armin Tamzarian

    Shit list. If you’re going to list Cromwell, you should list most American presidents too. For instance, more people have died because of Bush his invasion of Afghanstan and Iraq. Bush considered it a crusade against heretics. It was to displace Islamic rule.

    So calling Bush evil is just as justified as calling Cromwell evil, if not more so. Cromwell supressed a rebellious province, Bush invaded a sovereign state for some oil.

    • Chi lau

      Yes my friend

    • Armadillotron

      George Bush isn`t evil. The man is just an idiot. The way he said, “let`s talk about waterboarding,” is a normal way, as if it`s nothing, proves that the man is a TOTAL moron. And what about, “I`m the Decider,” “Bring them on, ” “Wanted dead or alive,” “I remember how people was abducted by the North Koreans, right here in the oval office,” and to the Queen, “You helped celebrate our bicentenial in 17-1976.” And God knows what else. If this isn`t the talk of an absolute idiot I don`t know what is. You might as well have had Caligula or Nero for president. It was Dick Cheney, “The Power behind the throne,” who was more responsible.

      • Chi lau

        Peoples republic of Korea like you my frend you not fat capitalist pig you good man

      • Armin Tamzarian

        I think you’re misunderestimating (:P) him. He can’t be such a big idiot, if he made it to the presidency. He may be a bit confused through years of cocaine abuse, but he’s certainly not dumb.

        Cheney was probably just as mighty as Bush, but for Bush he was also an easy scapegoat: no-one suspects the village idiot, so he could’ve let Cheney take the fall for a lot of things.

    • Akcent

      I suppose you are a muslim ?

      • Armin Tamzarian

        No, I am not. Why do you ask? Must one be a Muslim to value the lives and rights of easterners as much as the lives and rights of westerners?

  • Rob

    Cromwell shouldn’t be on the list, if nothing else the English Civil War did away with the nonsense of the divine right of Kings to rule.

  • oouchan

    A great read this morning. Of course the scariest is Garavito. He should NEVER be let out. He will do it again. Sick jerk! I hope the find a way to keep him in there…or make sure he doesn’t make it out alive.

    Awesome, yet disturbing list.

  • 63jax

    Evil is just a point of view, what for you might be evil, maybe it’s good for me. The most baddest things in history were made with the intention of doing GOOD. So stop deciding what is good and what is evil, it is just relative to the every situation and person.

    • AladdinSane

      No, evil is not relative to anything. You could possibly hold mental disabilities and flaws responsible for a number of people’s actions, but some people are just evil, capable of evil things. Even if what a person thinks they’re doing is for what they think is good, doesn’t mean it is based on their point of view.

    • Auburn Tiger

      While that may be, or may not (that’s a whole argument in itself) there are things that the overwhelming majority of humanity will find evil. Defined by general consensus and for the sake of real world applications (non-idealogical), these people are evil and we all can (basically) decide what is evil.

  • Armadillo

    I felt like throwing up when I finished reading #1. Thanks for the details ;)

    Most of them are not only evil but batsh*t insane… :O

    • Nightmare

      Have you read the details of unit 731? There’s an article or even wikipedia, that was some disturbing reading.

  • Chi lau

    Colonel gadaffi is proud to announce he launch new range of “Gadaffi Umbrella” it protect you from rain and Crusader bastard bomb. And we are happy long live leader Kim king il ???????????? ???????????????????????????

  • mfhewqute

    i feel dirty just reading the first entry. could all this be actually made up?

  • mom424

    Pretty good offering this morning – other than the Caligula entry. I’m pretty sure we’ve discussed the whole “history written by the winners” factor before. Certainly that’s what is responsible for much of the Caligula myth – he might have been cruel and nasty, but much more in keeping with the practices of the day. Little iffy on the Cromwell entry – but I don’t know enough about him or the circumstances of the time to be sure.

  • someone

    Osama should not be here….George W Bush should …for the 9/11 “terorist attack” at world trade center

  • Chi lau

    George bush bad more than calligua America people fund someone more bad than calligua is ur fault. @aladdinsane everything relative stupid your dick size big relative to mouse dick rahrahrah stupid pople

  • heinrich himmler looks like an Asian in this pix.

    You should have include some/all of the japanese generals in WW2. Their genocides against Asia is …………..sigh

  • Chi lau


    • curiouslittlerhino

      I’ll take it!!! Does it come with all the balut or do i have to pay extra?

      • Yafeellucky?


    • dopamine addicted

      KEEP IT

      and your glaucoma

  • Idahofireman

    Osama bin laden shouldnt be in this list. Government propaganda and a lot of false claims.

    • Tiberius

      True. I seem to remember a time shortly after 9/11 when the Bush administration, specifically Colin Powell, vowed to issue a white paper detailing bin Laden’s guilt in the attacks. To this day that paper has never been released. The Taliban were willing to extradite bin Laden if this document had been released to them, instead we let jingoism and black-or-white, crusader ideology cloud our rational judgement.

      What we do know is that according to the CIA and 9/11 Commission, the attacks were planned by a Pakistani national by the name of Khalid Sheik Mohammed in Hamburg, Germany and carried out by a US-based suicide commando squad, most of whom were Saudi. On an interesting side note, a Spanish court indicted a group of North Africans for complicity in planning the attacks, although what became of them is unknown to me. Additionally, the source of funding for the operation has never been uncovered, despite the best efforts of US Intelligence.

      Then there’s the tape given to US Forces in 2004 in Afghanistan which allegedly shows bin Laden admitting blame for planning the operation and jovially demonstrating with his hand how the planes crashed into the buildings. This is the only tape where bin Laden explicitly takes credit for 9/11. It is believed by some that the man in the video is an imposter, most notably veteran war correspondent Eric Margolis, because the mannerisms don’t match bin Laden’s as well as the apparent health of the man in the video; he is far heavier and broader in the face than man who is suffering from kidney failure.

      Let’s also consider the source of the tape. Faked tapes and forgeries are a much-loved specialty of the KGB and its successor operating in Afghanistan, the FSB. The tape reportedly was given to the CIA by members of the FSB-backed Northern Afghan Alliance (remants of the Afghan Communist Party during the Soviet occupation) of the late Ahmed Shah Massoud, a longtime “asset” of the old KGB.

      TL;DR: “There is doubt in the intelligence community about the extent of bin Laden’s involvement in 9/11 although you wouldn’t know it from watching Fox or CNN.

  • What about Adolf Eichmann? Amon Goeth? Eichmann actually encouraged the start of the holocaust and Himmler/Hitler made it happen. Amon Goeth actually murdered people, unlike Himmler who just made it happen.

  • joebecca

    wow, that Caligula was one effed up dude.

  • So, I wouldn’t ask any of these guys over for tea.

    • Julius

      Tea with Heinrich Himmler might be an interesting experience.

  • RIck L.

    “It is believed by most scholars that Nero is the Great Beast, whose number is six hundred and sixty six”

    Really? Really?? “Most Scholars”?

  • Laura in Cancun

    Couldn’t finish reading all of the stuff Caligula did… *shudder*

    • undaunted warrior 1

      Your dogs name is quite unique – I had to pick my dogs name 2 or 3 years ago and it was a toss up between Suki and Shiver – Shiver won.

      Sorry guys for going off topic.

      • Thanks! I thought it was unique when I picked it, but since I’ve heard of a few dogs with that name. Still love it, though!

        Shiver’s a cool name too :)

  • caligula was fucked up

  • MBoughton

    Wasn’t this list half done about 3 months ago? Pretty sure JF did one that included Himmler, Ishii, Cromwell (which is just insane) and Mao’s wife.


  • Nazim

    If Osama Bin Laden is here, Why not include all US presidents to date?

  • cait

    omg!! the caligula one about the 12 year old….i actually gasped out loud. I knew he was evil but I’d never heard that story

  • Adam

    um that Luis dude raped, torchured, and murdered (by slitting there throats) over 140 CHILDREN and only got 22 years??? HE BETTER DIE IN PRISON! thats disgusting! he needs to be alot higher than 9 on the list…

    • Moerser

      I don’t think that a child murderer will survive 22 years in a colombian prison…

      • I wrote this list

        …yea,with those cartels in there…

  • Name

    I wrote a list just like this with the same people.It was the same topic.Is this the list?

  • R.G.

    Glad to see that bastard cromwell is on this list.

  • skeetskurt

    How have more people not noticed that 3 of these people are also on the list top 10 most evil humans? Seriously that list just came out 3 months ago

  • jum1801

    Sorry to pile on, but put me with those who wish to take you to task for the quite erroneous statement that it is “believed by most scholars that Nero is the Great Beast”. Some scholars undoubtedly do. But they are revisionists. Biblical scholars on the whole think no such thing.

    I suppose I’m surprised that such a significant error can be made because until recently most people had at least had some familiarity with the Bible, and had actually read in it from time to time. But no longer. In the last decade or so people began reaching adulthood who have absolutely no experience whatsoever with the Bible, except possibly through popular cultural references such as the spectacularly confused and confusing The DaVinci Code and the usual ignorant and buffoonish fare available on the “History Channel” and the like.

    In the future,just take care with such sweeping statements. And remember, just because you might not think something is worthy of reading or understanding, does not mean that everyone else feels that way.

    • Hamish Wood

      Arguably, Nero is the great beast. Arguably. More likely, it is simply a personification of the persecution and violence facing 1st and 2nd century Christians.

  • Tony

    There has been some speculation that he was killed by military fire, but that the Taliban are keeping it secret in order to continue using him as a figurehead.

    BIN LADEN IS THE HEAD OF AL QUAEDA, not of the talibans

  • Makes me wonder when the day will come that Obama’s on this list…:| sad day…

    *~Check out my website at please comment (:~*

  • Hamish Wood

    I disagree with Cromwells inclusion. His contributions to modern parliamentary democracy are enormous, and the high civilian casualties from the British occupation of Ireland can be attributed both to his tactics and to the decentralized nature of the Irish people at the time; that is, it cannot be directly laid to his feet ALONE.

    Regardless, good list. Interesting read as well.

  • Stefan

    ” crotch down to chest”
    Am i weird because my chest is located above my crotch?

    • Maggot

      Not if you are hanging upside down. Which is likely to be the case considering the very sentence you quote from went on to say “…and the victim was unable to pass out due to excess blood to the brain”, not to mention referred to directly in the very next sentence about the testicle chewing thing. The entry probably could’ve explained the sawing reference a bit better, but it shouldn’t have been that hard for you to figure it out.

  • abrahamvill

    for some reason the himmler descriptions sounds like it was from another list

  • Ping Pong Kim


  • ping pong kim


    • Chi lau

      I lol’d

      • dopamine addicted

        chink fight (starts fist pumping) lol

  • SarahPalin4Prez

    ObaMAO should be on here. #1. He is the most evil Kenyan I know of.

  • Larry M

    So, listverse is now producing lists that copy and paste from old lists and then present them as new lists. Pretty Lame.

  • Eumesmopo

    Why this list is made only of foreing people?

  • Sadie

    I still don’t get why Ronespierre was on the first… If he was so should every radical in the French Revolution.

  • aynomous

    Great list, but you are missing Eichmann, Hussein, and Genghis Khan. I don’t think Garavito, Bokassa and Cromwell belong on the list, but it is your choice.

  • aynomous

    you are missing Tomas de Torquemada.

  • Juri

    Great list!

    One thing tho; Pedro Lopez has a higher death count than Luis Garavito. He was also released and is still alive somewhere. O.o

  • Our Jo

    I can understand that in little visited websites trolls might have their place, to keep the site looking active etc.. but here..? I dunno. I think we need some more moderators to shift the bs before it gets out of hand?

    As far as the list goes, the guy in at number 9 (I think it was number 9), who killed all them kids and gets 22 years.. wow.. just wow.

    I think the scarier thing is, I’d be perfectly happy standing next to him in a line at the gas station or whatever.. just looks so normal. We see a lot of the other faces, in other lists and in other places online, in books and on TV…but to see such an ordinary face I think made me shudder more than anything else here.

    That list entry to me, as a mum.. is terrifying.

  • Sam

    You forgot George Bush Junior!!!!

    • DGMdragunov

      How stupid are you, exactly?
      Bush has nothing to do with the deaths of 1.2 million Iraqi civilians, as it was the several militant groups in the country who planted landmines, UXOs, roadside bombs, etc. that killed most of that amount. Also, do you think that Iraq would be better off under Saddam Hussein’s regime, which killed millions of Kurds, started several wars, and used illegal weapons on the battlefield?

  • DRoC

    Boy, Caligula sure was a mean sumofaB*tch! lol

  • duke

    Oliver Cromwell was exhumed because he overthrew the king, not anything having to do with Ireland.

  • it

    Great list! I really hope you do a 3rd one.

  • Merge.

    How about Harry S. Truman for okaying the dropping of the atomic bomb? Killed more than most on this list.

    • DGMdragunov

      Not really. Both atomic bombs killed hardly 150,000 people, less than Cromwell, Mao, Himmler, or Kim Jong-Il/Kim Il-Sung, and in less of a sadistic way. Also, the A-Bombs were dropped to prevent an invasion to the main Japanese islands, which would have killed hundreds of thousands, if not millions, before Japan surrendered.

  • Carra23

    Hate to pop your bubble M. Wall – but recent re-evaluation of St.John’s writings have recalculated the “Number of the Beast” at closer to 612 or 613: so Nero ain’t it!
    Sorta F#@%s up a great Iron Maiden song, too!

  • aynomous

    wehere the heack is Genghis Khan???

  • Hiamn

    This “Cromwell shouldn’t be there” craic is really beginning to bother me. He carried out the largest scale attempt at ethnic cleansing Britain ever tried. He was directly responsible for the massacres of Wexford and Drogheda, which are considered amongst the worst massacres in Britain’s history (and that is a lot of dodgy history). He murdered civilians, he tortured priests, he drove the masses to Connaught (an area that’s perticularly difficult to farm) and burnt their crops and killed their farm animals so they could not survive. He created a famine during which over a third of the country died. Just because he doesn’t feature heavily in international school curriculums (curricula?), doesn’t mean he wasn’t an evil evil man. Rant over.

    • Hiamn

      *Addendum-ONE of the largest scale attempts at ethnic cleansing

    • it

      You make Cromwell seem worse than the guy that made this list.

  • Third Reich

    Where’s Hitler?

    • DGMdragunov

      Hitler is on the first list.

  • aynomous

    Nero is much worse than you say he is. Not only did he kill his mother, but also killed his aunt, wife, and brother. He even killed the apostles Peter and Paul. Also Mao should be number 1.

  • DGMdragunov

    I’m sorry, but I seriously doubt Osama Bin Laden deserves to be on this list. First of all, his body count totals up to just over 4,000, while Oliver Cromwell, who is above him, killed over 200,000. I just don’t think Bin Laden should be compared to the likes of Shiro Ishii, Caligula, Mao, or Garavito.

  • at

    Gilles de Rais was much worse than Luis Garavito.

    • DGMdragunov

      I think Gilles de Rais is on the third list.

  • Jesus Krishna

    I would have tried to find a place for Than Shue of Burma on this list but I am not sure where I would fit him in.

  • ashleysweet

    unit 731. the first time i ever heard of it was in my quest for disturbing movies for a movie review project, and i came across the movie “men behind the sun.” I read all about the actual unti 731 after that (surprising i didnt already know, because im kind of a world war 2 era genius, not to be full of myself or anything.) and i somewhat prepared myself for the movie, seeing as all the things depicted in the film are all true. that made me do two things that ive never done before.

    1) Cried through a whole movie

    2) Threw up because of a movie

    i was so appalled that it actually kept me up at night. Then a month or so later this list comes out and i read that the bastard didnt spend any jail time?! That made me even more sick. almost makes me want to bring him back just so i can freeze his arms and rip his skin off and test untreated gonnoreah and nukes on his filthy excuse of a human body.

    on a lighter note…caligula is a very fun name to say!

  • Tommychongforprez420

    Well Osama is dead. Burn in hell.

  • lemix

    Nice List. I guess Himmler was expecting an award after the holocaust

  • spinert

    Oi have u guys considered makin a book because i read this on my tablet when sittin on the toilet lmao

  • that’s totally insane..

  • Rosenkrantz

    When are we gonna have a list on black cock?

  • Tairaa

    Wow, Caliguala was a truly disgusting man! The part about him that really made me angry was how he ordered his 12-year-old female relative to be raped and strangled in front of him.. People like him are despicable!

    • Tairaa

      I meant Caligula, my bad..

  • Great work on creating such great informational content! I am impressed by your work and your views.

    Admiring the time and effort you put into your website and in depth information you offer. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed material. Excellent read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  • kumara hetti

    Mahinda Rajapaksha should be in the first of this list as a President of a country & Killing more than 200,000 people of his own country, In very recent years & hiding them to the International Society by creating a imaginary of Rescue mission.

  • Ben

    What about Joseph Kony???

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  • fu

    the FBI says there is no proof osama bin laden was the mastermind. do some research seriously..

  • liwhg

    and wheres all the evil americans at LOL soo biased!!!

  • bush

    where is bush ?

  • Hitlersuckedgood

    WTF no Hitler come on what planet are you on ?

  • Tony

    Greet job . . .
    Thanks a lot . .
    I love history . .