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25 Fascinating and Fun Factlets

Niall Murray . . . Comments

Facts, facts, facts – we can’t get enough of them! This list looks at facts that are both fun and fascinating and, hopefully, largely unknown to most of our readers. They are generally tidbits of information that are not going to help you in your daily life, but they might give you something to talk about at a party. Feel free to add more to the comments.


Facts 1 – 5


1. Dracula is the most filmed story of all time. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde comes second and Oliver Twist comes third.

2. Donald Duck has a sister called Dumbella.

3. Coca Cola has a pH of 2.8.

4. Al Capone’s older brother was a policeman in Nebraska.

5. Henry Ford never had a driver’s license.


Facts 6 – 10


6. The original name of Pacman was going to be Puck Man until the developers saw the obvious potential for parody.

7. Frank Baum got the name Oz in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ from his alphabetized filing cabinet (O-Z).

8. The Buzz generated by an electric razor in Britain is in the key of G. In America it is in the key of B flat.

9. More than half the world’s population have never made or received a telephone call.

10. Eskimos never gamble.


Facts 11 – 15


11. The Snickers bar was named after a horse the Mars family owned.

12. Tomato Ketchup was once sold as medicine

13. George W. Bush was the 17th US state governor to become president.

14. Buenos Aires has more psychoanalysts, per head, than any other place in the world

15. Oscars given out during World War 2 were made of wood, because metal was in short supply.


Facts 16 – 20

Chinese Bride

16. 75 percent of Japanese women own vibrators. The global average is 47 percent.

17. The Christmas holidays are the busiest times in plastic surgeons offices.

18. There has never been a sex-change operation performed in Ireland.

19. In China, the bride wears red.

20. Mexico City has more taxis than any other city in the world.


Facts 21 – 25


21. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.

22. President Andrew Jackson once killed a man in a duel because he insulted his wife.

23. The first ice pop dates back to 1923, when lemonade salesman Frank Epperson left a glass of lemonade outside one cold night. The next morning, the ice pop was born – and originally called the epsicle ice pop.

24. Nobody knows were Mozart is buried.

25. Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.

  • randomizer

    fact number 26: another facts list with no sources to support the facts. Just saying.

  • Zephyr

    Eskimos gamble plenty.

    • Mixed_Monkeys

      It’s Inuit, not Eskimo.

      • anonn

        Inuits are Eskimos but not all Eskimos are Inuits.

        • Nicholaa Fiery Elf

          You can have yupik, siberian yupik, inuit, inupiaq, athabascan….. it goes on and on. Eskimo is a word, not a people. Trust me I am yupik born and raised in the great north!

          • I’m Athabascan

            Athabascan is Indian (native american)

  • Trajan

    TOTAL DEFEAT!!! Pretty sad bro…

  • Number10 – how can anyone know that for sure?
    Number 11 – wasn’t it called ‘marathon’ first? Kinda puts the fact into question…
    Interesting, as well as some new info. (for me anyway) but I tend not to take people’s words as gospel without undisputable sources. Sorry.

    • stormfan

      Only known as a “marathon” in the UK – Snickers elsewhere.

  • John Doe

    “Nobody knows were Mozart is buried.”

    You’d think that people would perfect Grammar when posting on the internet.

    • Xyroze

      Hi, welcome to the internet. You must obviously be new here. Feel free to get situated and make yourself comfortable. Though, please, I recommend holding your tongue before making such nonsensical statements, at least until you are more attuned with the reality that is “teh interwebernets”.

      • badjokebob

        Shouldn’t it be “perfect their grammar”?

    • Jon Dough

      Fact # 26 : Spell checks are always not correct.

    • guyinasuit

      You make a statement like that, then capitalize “grammar” for no reason.

  • jus

    I love lists like this! Some facts (or factlets) here are new to me, especially the vibrator one lol.

    So 1 in every 2 women in the world own a vibrator, but 3 of every 4 vibrators are in Japanese women? lol

  • Karl

    “The first ice pop dates back to 1923, when lemonade salesman Frank Epperson left a glass of lemonade outside one cold night. The next morning, the ice pop was born – and originally called the epsicle ice pop.”

    Actually Frank Epperson was an 11-year old boy, not a lemonade salesman, and it wasn’t lemonade but it was, and I quote “a mixture of powdered soda, water, and a stirring stick in a cup.”

    Research next time, ok?

    • Limemime

      Yeah, these faclet lists really need to show sources. Any chance you can make that a requirement for these types of lists in the future, Jfrater?

      • mck

        Why bother? There can be another list that goes “25 popular myths that are wrong”

        I hope the authors realize that it is people like them who have made many of the myths popular with poorly researched articles”

        Coming to citing sources, I would like to have it for every list not just for this kind ok lists. And definitely not citing other lists in listverse or any other blog like this.

        Even in the parasites list that was published recently, the description for Candiru fish seemed authentic but looking at wiki page on the fish tells that the fish doest look for urea.

        It is high time that the authors cite the sources. It will also be helpful for people like me who want to know more about items published in the list.

        • randomizer

          Why isnt cause Jfrater says so enough for you? Or the “fact” that you live under a rock and Jfrater being pope, president and superman all into one has made this list to enlighten your sorry ungrateful ass. Yet you question him i hope your sorry after reading my comment.

        • Tryclyde

          If authors had to cite everything, Listverse would come to a halt since it would be too much work for most (rightfully so for a casual website).

          • Julius

            Not really. It took me like 10 minutes to find sources for 13 of the items on this list so the too much work argument isn’t really applicable.

          • brynn

            Plus, Cracked cites some of their stuff

  • mech

    Most of these are proven false with minimal amounts of on or offline research. Poorly researched list is poorly researched

    • Anon

      Old meme is old.

      But despite that, I agree. Some of these are easily proven false if you do some research. I wonder how much these lists get looked over before Jfrater approves.

  • Sam27

    The first popsicle dates back to 1905

  • Sam27

    Coca Cola has a pH of 2.52

  • Sam27

    Or 3.4 depending on who you ask. Sourceless lists = uselesss

    • I wish we still had the ‘thumbs up’ option…

    • mck

      sourceless lists = listworse

  • Prateek

    9 looks iffy. May have been true 10 years ago, but coverage has expanded exponentially since then.

    • mck

      Searching for the exact sentence as #9 on google shows an article dated 1june 1998.

  • NedNoodle

    Why is everyone taking this list so seriously. It’s just a fun quick list and not too heavy on the mind. Thumbs up for me.

    • Clockwork

      Yeah, but accurate would be nice, fun or otherwise.

    • William

      It’s because every fact besides like 2 isn’t true…

  • Name-o

    I agree with most commenters. Lists (like these) need sources, otherwise useless.

    • Metalwrath

      I believe Listverse should ALWAYS show sources, from internet, books, or articles, and for every list (except the likes of “top 10 sci fi movies” or other lists like that which are opinions).

  • umpad

    Is it April Fools still? This list is one big joke.

  • did anyone else look at the picture of the smiling chinese bride and think it was actually a reference to a japanese woman proud of her vibrator…

    • hermy

      Yes i was thinking that lol

    • Vaami

      Ha!! Yes! I totally thought that! In fact, I still do!

  • Will Trame

    Andrew Jackson was also the first president to be a potential victim of an assassination attempt. An insane shoemaker fired at him but both of his pistols misfired. Legend has it that Old Hickory was so incensed that he literally beat his attacker savagely with his cane.

    Patrick McGoohan (“Danger Man”, “The Prisoner”) was the producer’s first choice to play James Bond. He turned down the role…twice…because he didn’t approve of the character’s drinking and womanizing.

    Stephen Stills flunked an audition to be in the Monkees. He formed the Buffalo Springfield instead. The Springfield was a much better ensemble even though it didn’t last very long.

    When Jimmy Page joined the Yardbirds, he initially played bass.

    Lloyd Bridges and Jack Lord were both reputedly considered for the role of the captain on “Star Trek”. Martin Landau was considered for the role of Mr Spock but he didn’t find the proposition logical. Interestingly, Leonard Nimoy replaced Landau in “Mission Impossible”.

    Interesting list.

    • Maggot

      When Jimmy Page joined the Yardbirds, he initially played bass.

      True enough. He wasn’t going to unseat Beck (at least not initially), but he quickly unseated rhythm guitarist Chris Dreja who moved to bass (perhaps was the plan all along?), allowing for the famed but short-lived Beck-Page twin lead line-up. Interestingly, Page was first offered the lead guitar position when Clapton departed two years prior, but he turned it down and instead suggested his boyhood friend Beck. He got the second call later when bassist Samwell-Smith left the band.

  • Rose

    Number 10:
    Are you kidding me?! Firstly, the word ‘ Eskimo’, when referring to the group of people known as Inuit, been considered politically incorrect since the 70s, and offensive for much longer. Secondly- STEREOTYPE ?!

    • fudrick

      As has already been pointed out, “Eskimo” refers to more than just Inuits. Just another case of accuracy being sacrificed for “political correctness”

  • Eskimos?

  • undaunted warrior 1

    I have seen better lists, but yes its light hearted some are tongue in cheek stuff – what the hell at least the writer made the effort

  • Name

    So there are more women in the world who own a vibrator than there are that have made a phone call? I don’t think so… Some of these lists are quite good, but this one is just ridiculous.

    • Arsnl

      Damn it! You beat me to it. Some people just have sense of orders of magnitude.

  • Armadillotron

    Frank Baum, author of the Oz books, celebrated the Wounded Knee Massacre and also said that Native Americans should be “exterminated.” Kinda changes your views on the Oz books huh?

    • Arsnl

      One of the inventors of transitors was a supporter of eugenics. Kinda changes your views of computers huh?

      • Armadillotron

        Yeah well, HG Wells, Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw, all of the British Labour Party before WW II, and Jews all supported Eugenics and America was the World`s Number One in Eugenics, before the Nazis came along. And the Nazis modeled their Eugenics after California`s Eugenics programme. . It`s only when the Nazis gave Eugenics “a bad name,” that Eugenics went out of fashion. Don`t change your view of those people really does it?

  • Armin Tamzarian

    Mozart is buried in Vienna, in the St. Marx cemetery. Only the exact location of the grave is disputed.

    To add a factlet of my own: One of the most clear symptoms of psychopathy is the writing and posting online of lists filled with nonsense, and claiming they are factlets.

    Source: my ass.

    • Shauna

      Source: my ass.
      That made me laugh so hard i almost burst an artery. Im down with the flu and was bored as hell thanks for making my day.

    • Mahony

      I agree, I find these list are often the most dodgy

  • johnsampson

    By “first filmed story” do you mean “first novel adaptation”?

    Every non-fiction film is a story

    • Armin Tamzarian

      It’s ‘most filmed’, although I sincerely doubt that, because there is also this thing called the Bible, which is quite popular, I’ve heard. Also, this one dude was quite big some 500 years ago. I think he’s called Shakespeare, and he seems to have quite a large following.

      On the other hand, I’ve never heard of or seen a movie about dr. Jeckyll and mr. Hyde…

  • OutOfBounds

    There has never been a sex change in Ireland? I understand that I’m the first person to undergo that specific surgery in my small town, but in all of Ireland? That’s interesting to say at minimum.

  • Le Tel

    Like the Eskimos I don’t Gamble….I take Calculated Risks :p

  • johnsampson

    Listverse really needs some quality control. Lately it’s become either a word-for-word compilation of Wikipedia articles or poorly researched (or not researched at all) articles with no supporting sources.

    This site is fast losing the credibility it once had. Each lists needs vetting and if one day have no new lists then so be it, at least we would have things like this

  • Bigbear

    Listverse has let it’s standards slip in a big way

    • Vaami

      Oh Yaaaaaaawn…. Get over it. Listverse Rocks! If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

  • fendabenda

    #8 isn’t true, it’s actually C sharp with a Philips razor, D flat with a Braun. And as for #24, I know where he’s buried, but I won’t tell ya… :D

    • jayjay

      C sharp = D flat

    • JimmyRiddle

      Heads I win, tails you lose?

  • Zie

    Great list!

  • eskimos never gamble.

    this is one of the dumbest things i’ve ever read. the only way that is justified is if it is a joke and the end says ….but they do wager.

    i can debunk it real fast. i’ve worked for the same casino company since 1999 and one of our highest wagering “high-rollers” who is a mainstay in the baccarat high limits area is an eskimo, from scammon bay, alaska. he prefers “eskimo”, as he thinks people who use the more politically correct terms of yupik, inuit, and aleut are only doing so because they’re told to and they don’t understand the terms, which is demeaning. (his opinion, not mine) he says “if you can’t call me a maraymaiut (sp?), then call me an eskimo”.

    now, if you want a source on that— if you come to biloxi, i’ll introduce you to him, but otherwise, you’re siht-outta luck.

    • ParusMajor

      Yeah. I once talked to a black dude and I called him African-American, just to be politically correct. He got very angry and said “I’m French, you hypocrite! I have never in my life been in Africa or America! I am French, and France is in Europe!”

    • Lifeschool

      Well put ollie – I was waiting for someone to pull out the joker card on ‘Eskimo’. It is a collective term to describe the race rather than a tribe or culture. It’s a bit like calling all native americans ‘Indians’ – and ‘Eskimo’ and ‘Indian’ were both coined by ‘outsiders’ and not by the actual peoples themselves. The word Eskimo is said to come from the native Abnaki tribe in the vacinity of what is now the St. Lawrence river – in their Algonkian tongue – to refer to all peoples of the North. It is not a direct translation of either ‘They who eat raw meat’ or ‘Those who knit snow shoes’ as is written incorrectly on the Wiki page. When the Jesuits arrived in what is now Eastern Canada, they wrote the name as Excomminquois – or ‘The Excommunicated’ – to imply they were all heathens/pagans/barbarians – but this is just a misrepresentation of the term.

      @Olliver – I guess you may know more about this. You from Mississippi?

      • i’m not from mississippi — i live there now, in the gulfport/biloxi area.

        im from wash. d.c., lived in albq., l.a., & uk. for spells.

        ok, i know of the excomminquois, who appropriately inhabited the costes des esquimaux ….. yanno– eskimo coast.

        i do know that the inuit were strong-armed and forced off the coast, simply moving down…i believe it was de champlain claiming ” un nation de sauvages qui habitent ces pays, qui s’appellent exquimaux, so yeah, coined by outsiders, unless im way off, is true. i have always thought it came from the lower north shore along the banks of the st. lawerence, but i’m not sure that is so different from “the north” as you stated.

        if i’m not mistaken, i read a couple messages on this same topic from maggot and yourself, that didn’t nest in the reply line properly, and i wanted to try to tie them together … but i have to take care of a few things … something maggot said in response to this — check back later on.

        for now, fun fact: the player at the casino, the one who prefers the term “eskimo” … well i was one of the first to do as he requested ignoring political correct nonsense, and he’s been calling me “round-eyes” for 9 years … apparently a term eskimos who live where he grew up refer to americans as — round-eyes :) .

    • Armin Tamzarian

      That’s probably based on some obscure rule in their unwritten cultural code, a code that few if any follow these days. A bit like ‘Christians eat fish every Friday’.

      So, in a way, it’s correct. But no one should use it as an accurate description of Eskimo (or whatever one may call ’em) habits.

  • Nineva

    10. Eskimos never gamble.

    They do, sadly. I’m from Greenland, I know.

  • flaming_frogurt

    Donald Duck’s sister is called Della.

    • Julius

      Her nickname is dumbella

      • Faith G

        Then it’s not her name :p

        • Maggot

          That would be relevant if the list had actually claimed it was her name.

  • Lifeschool

    Ok list today, knew half of them and I guess the rest are logical to an extent. e.g. ‘Henry Fold didn’t have a drvers licence’ – yeah because they weren’t invented until later. According to “The drivers license was invented in 1915 by Jim Jordan when he was injured by an underaged child driving a car recklessly. The Supreme Court passed it in 1923.”. Ford was born in 1863, so he would have been 60 years old by 1923. Why there are so many comments about research and sources is beyond me. It took just a few seconds longer to type this info into google than it would have done to click on a link. If links were provided – say to the one above on – there may have been just as many ‘it’s not a reputed accedemic source’ comments. Besides, many people get a kick out of finding out about this stuff and adding to a list like this.

  • Tony

    God i would love a snickers right about now!!

    • David

      Is it just me, or am I the only person who calls Snickers Marathon`s and not Snickers?

      • William

        Snickers has a candy bar called, “Snickers Marathons”

      • Callum

        ahhh another Brit in the room, Snickers were called marathons for years but they changed it in a re-branding

  • Clockwork

    Some of these are really, really, stupid as well as impossible to really know.

  • themagicman

    so as many people who have never made a phone call own a vibrator. I think not somehow

    • Maggot

      While I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the stated numbers, you are incorrectly comparing the two statistics. The sampled groups are not the same. The vibrator group is just women (presumably “adult women”), whereas the phone group considers ALL people – men, women, children.

      As an aside, realizing it is the inclusion of people of all ages in the phone statistic lends a greater credence to the stated ratio. In other words, even in fully developed modernized areas, there’s going to be a huge number of infants and young children who have also never made/received a call. Just mentioning that in case people were only thinking in terms of “developed” countries or populations vs. non-developed.

  • Good enough for me…Why are so many people bitter anyway?

    • Prince William

      This list of incorrect facts is good enough for you? Then I have some ocean-front property in Nebraska I’d like to sell to you.

      • I’m just bored! Forgive me! Just wanted to post. I’ve been waiting for a Science and Nature entry but it’s been ages since I saw one. My comments are even stuck there without any reply. Most of the items in this list are very familiar to me and I can either qualify them as true or dismiss them as pure junk easily. But I don’t wanna do that – explaining every item one by one and siting sources! Yikes! Some here have very little common sense I get cancer from their ignorance. Been there, done that. It is not my job to do that, let them find the references on their own.

    • Lifeschool

      “Why are so many people bitter anyway?”

      It depends what they’ve been eating for dinner. In a survey consisting of over a thousand people, a specialised scientist demonstrated that the taste of human flesh varies slightly from person to person by licking the sweat glands. In the experiement, 55% of the people turned out to be sweet, another 23% were bland or ‘savoury’, another 14% were musty/stale , and the other 8% were incredibly bitter. In a poll conducted after the experiment, the bitterest made heavy use of intoxicants, ate large spicy meals late at night, slept for over 10 hours a night, and all complained of having a constant headache. As the investigations moved on, it became clear that all these people had one very important thing in common – they all thought the world owed them a favour. They were all sadly disappointed.

      [note: the above is entirely false – please forgive my humor :) ]

      • Vaami

        Absolutely my favorite comment so far! Thanks!

      • Wow! A very creative comment! Hahaha…Half the reason I go to Listverse is because of the comments. The title page and the entry is just a lure anyway. I don’t expect much but fun reading. The comments are either hilarious or outright disappointing. Nonetheless, enough to poke my boring night time after a day’s work.

  • oouchan

    So some are right and some are proven false. Still, it was a fun read. This one made me giggle: 11. The Snickers bar was named after a horse the Mars family owned. Not sure why, but it was the funniest to me. Not sure about the Japanese one. I would think culture might have a impact on that percentage amount.

    Either way, cute list.

  • magicman555

    25 is absolutely awesum

  • mom424

    Well I’m pretty sure that 47% of women is confined to western society. In places where there isn’t enough to eat I’m pretty sure they’re not spending their money on vibrators. Not to mention those places where women are considered chattel and aren’t permitted that type of fun.

    Poor list.

    and what do you mean Eskimos don’t gamble? C’mon now. That’s a load….not to mention the Eskimo/Inuit fiasco.

    • Arsnl

      Maybe they’re wooden or from animal bones. And hamster operated. Hey just saying.
      “Eskimo/Inuit fiasco”. :))
      Can this be called eskimogate?

      • deeeziner

        I love my hamster powered bone boner!!

  • Becky

    “Eskimos never gamble.” No, I would say that historically, Eskimos gambled daily, with their lives. Having seen their version of Olympic sports at a museum in Anchorage, their very existence was dangerous. To be able to jump to their feet from a kneeling position because the whale, walrus, whatever might go for them from the hole in the ice, or the ice is breaking! And that was a required skill for survival.

    But, I will give you that today, there isn’t as much need for daily gambling. And, if you are talking about cards or horses, ok.

  • FredScuttle

    I think Frater chooses the lists he publishes at random. I’ll bet he doesn’t even read them first, as evident by the lack of quality the past few weeks.

    • William

      well the site uses wordpress so I wouldn’t be surprised if they used some scheduler plugin to publish posts every morning.

  • anonn

    Inuits are Eskimos, but not all Eskimos are Inuits.

    • Omar Bongo

      I knew it! A scheme, Mose?

  • Erica

    True. I, as a “Native American”, politely asked we not be called “Indian”. One of my comments was “We don’t have red dots on our heads. Nor do we wear turbans. ” My comment was promptly deleted. Probably because it would take too much time to correct the terms.

    • fendabenda

      I think that “Native American” is as stupid a term as “Indian” or “African-American”, for that matter. I once called a black French guy “African-American” and he almost kicked my ass, he got so pissed off.

      • Maggot

        Lol the term is stupid because you used it incorrectly?

        • fendabenda

          No, Maggot.. and Lifeschool, that’s not what I meant. I used the term “African-American” because I was trying to be politically correct, although the guy was neither African nor American. He was French, and he made it very clear to me afterwards.

          • Maggot

            I would be curious to know if he was of African descent though, because that is obviously what is meant as applied in the term “African-American”. It doesn’t mean that the person was born there or even ever set foot there (as in your buddy Parus’ version of apparently this same story).

            But your error was in trying to be politically correct when none was warranted. Your intentions were good and it would’ve been nice if the guy at least recognized that, even though you botched it. I agree that so-called political correctness can sometimes go overboard, but on the other hand sometimes it is appreciated by those affected as being more respectful, and that alone is enough to justify it IMO. That is obviously the case in the U.S., where racial “differences” have been a sensitive subject as a lingering result of past (and unfortunately sometimes still present) race-based mis-treatment. So, without getting into a debate about when/why such differentiating references are even necessary (as Lifeschool alluded to), suffice to say that when they are, better to refer to a person’s heritage, as opposed to callously referring to the color of their skin, and it’s a naming convention that has been generally adopted across the board here. That said, in France, since those kind of lingering racial issues are not present (I don’t think), this person likely has never felt the need to think of himself as anything but “French”. A term like “African-French” or whatever was never needed to be coined. Hopefully someday we in the U.S. will get there too.

          • fendabenda

            When I’ve been in the USA, I’ve had to really think about how to behave towards people of different skin colour… in Europe we don’t think about skin colour at all, everybody’s the same… where I live my neighbours are Finnish, Arabian, Swedish, russian, norwegian, somalian and korean.

          • ParusMajor

            You cannot spell anymore, fenda. You’ve got a degree from the University of Cambridge, but you cannot spell. WTF is wrong with you nowadays?

          • fendabenda

            F*ck you Parus, you know very well what’s wrong with me. Brain damage and schizophrenia. What’s wrong with YOU is just that you’re an idiot.

          • ParusMajor

            I apologize. Do you know what “tough love” means? That’s what I’m going to do to you. You must know that I love you, dude. I just have to get you back on your feet. You’re a good guy, but you’re wasting your life. I will help you. Dude.

          • fendabenda

            I hope that everyone understands that he’s joking… or is he? Damn, where’s my nunchaku, I’ll have to defend myself… :D

      • Lifeschool

        I know… it’s bull really; but it seems human beings must label things in order to put them in little boxes. Black/white, friend/enemy, big/small, fat/thin – everthing has to be quantitive. And then comes the ‘where you were born’ label – british, irish, african, german, american – oh wait a minute… these guys were here before america was even called america – we’d better call them Native American….

        I guess in once sense, saying Native American as just one step over from saying ‘The Natives’, i.e ‘Native Savages’, although at least the word ‘Native’ could imply some kind of historical land respect. At least it is better than the slang terms: – apple, half-breed, redskin, or ‘injun’ – among so many others. Whats wrong with calling some guy ‘Sir’ or ‘Friend’ or ‘gentleman’ or ‘citizen’?

        Well… political correctness has turned this whole thing into a born-again sin for all ‘rebelious vocally prejudiced deviants’ to bow down to. Oh dear, it now seems we have a whole new set of labels to deal with…

        • Lifeschool

          BTW, that was @ fendabenda.

        • Maggot

          Hmm, the “reply” thread-linking doesn’t seem to be working.

          This is @Lifeschool:

          I guess in once sense, saying Native American as just one step over from saying ‘The Natives’, i.e ‘Native Savages’, although at least the word ‘Native’ could imply some kind of historical land respect.

          Well it should be obvious that the word “native” as it’s used in the term Native American is not connotative of “savagery”, but rather aboriginal or indigenous, as opposed to those of us who’s heritage (distant though it may be) originated elsewhere. The distinction is necessary for some things I suppose.

        • ok lifeschool —–

          the nesting capability of this software got all wonky, but if you pan down a bit to maggot’s reply below, you’ll see this:

          @maggot: “But your error was in trying to be politically correct when none was warranted.” (…) “That said, in France, since those kind of lingering racial issues are not present (I don’t think), this person likely has never felt the need to think of himself as anything but “French”. A term like “African-French” or whatever was never needed to be coined. Hopefully someday we in the U.S. will get there too.”

          —–the places i’ve been in this country (and outside of this country) i have not encountered such an obvious dissonance for the prototypical and nonsensical politically correct movement as where i am now…..and it’s the people meant to be spared from harsh words that can’t stand it’s fakeness and forced insertion into our vocab.

          —–the way it happens is what’s of note: people move to this area (i’m on mississippi gulf coast, directly in the middle of mobile alabama, and new orleans) and some have a preconceived notion of southerners’ attitudes towards race relations, so they kinda of tippy-toe around observing people before interacting………… maggot is a cali boy, and i used to live there …. i also spent time in albuquerque, wash., d.c., and a few other places, and never have i seen a population (like the african-americans here) who hate forced, implied, connotative language — they say it’s like wtching a “r” rated movie on fox at 7p, where they voice over the word shiit with the word dogpoo and it looks incerdibly stupid and out of place. see? i’m even having to mispell words on purpose to get past this idiotic censoring shiit in the commenting software.

          ….well, that’s the analogy they use, it that it is forced, and stupid in general.

          this convo started because of the eskimo cat i know, and he ironically is who pointed this out to me.

          part of his ideology was formed by paying attention to people who aren’t from here, and how they gauge the “racial tension” before they decide how to act. *then* wacthing all the black people make fun of the “new guy” and how timid (s)he is, and how they dance in eggshells for weeks assuming that if they piss off the wrong person (on either side) then there will be crosses burning i their year the next morning.

          the reality is, other than a handful of retarded outliers who think that colour of skin diminishes potential adjustment and well-being — this is one of the least racist places i’ve ever been. the contingency of black people, the majority of white people, and the big vietnemese faction in biloxi (15 miles from gulfport where i live) have come to think political correctness is hindering people’s interpersonal communication abilities, because no one can ever let their guard down.

          the eskimo guy — yeah, if you call him something other than an eskimo, he gets pissed, because he believes that people who are searching for correct terminology all the time are obfuscating whatever else they were going to communicate to you in the first place…….and it doesn’t matter if eskimo guy is right or not, but it is a common sentiment.

          maggot nailed it, is what i’m saying.

          when political correctness is forced, but not warranted, all parties suffer the hindrance to communication that the wasted, unnecessary effort took away from the point of the communication in the first place.

    • Name

      i agree and use the term native american but don’t forget your actual indian relatives because there apart of your proud heritage.

  • Sammy

    Fact: 27

    80% of Listverse users get butthurt over some part of every list posted

  • blowf

    Listverse page-view strategy:
    1) Write poorly researched article on any subject. Label this ‘X unknown facts’ and publish.
    2) Wait for comments to pour in debunking ‘facts’.
    3) Copy and paste original ‘facts’ article. Copy and paste comments. Label resulting article ‘X myths debunked’ and publish.

    • Hahaha! Listverse has been boring for the past month!

  • deeeziner

    #26–4 out of 5 Listverse commenters are waaaay too a nal.

    Lighten up and just enjoy a fun and simple list. Leave the “sources” for your thesis or that huge project that will clinch your promotion.

    • 50CupsOfCoffeeThenYouKnowItsOn

      It’s not that we can’t enjoy a simple list, it’s just that they are presented as facts when many of them aren’t.

    • Faith G

      It’s true. If this was agknowledged as a humor list, it would be one thing but these are presented as facts which is not good.

  • William

    These are the classic, all over the internet facts. Like 75% of them aren’t true. Gotta check the facts, most of everything you read on the internet is false.

  • CurtisB

    Heh… just noticed that your screen shot of Pacman is actually from the TRS-80 Color Computer 3 (or Coco 3, as it is sometimes known), and in one of the emulators for it. Apparently, I am far too nerdy for my own good.

    • ironflange

      You are. So I’ll be nerdy too.

      American locomotive horns blow a C major chord. Canadian ones are in E flat minor.

      • ironflange

        (it was #8 that reminded me of this)

  • Mortis

    i work with an Eskimo (i work in the oilfield in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) and he regularly takes trips to Vegas to gamble. as do many of them. that factlet is wrong. granted, many of the Alaskan Natives aren’t Eskimo (even almost everyone not from Alaska thinks that’s what they all are) there are the Tlingit, Athabaskans, Inuit etc. i know for a “factlet” that some Eskimos DO gamble.

    • whitey

      another factlet, most eskimos hate the term eskimo, its a racial term. very disappointed that this would be allowed on listverse.

  • Alicia

    “President Andrew Jackson once killed a man in a duel because he insulted his wife.” Did Andrew Jackson insult the victim’s wife, did the victim insult Andrew Jackson’s wife, did Andrew Jackson insult his own wife, or did the victim insult his own wife! Oh, the importance of pronoun/antecedent relationships!

  • Dude

    love this lis!

  • deichman

    I call BS on 9,10 and 21. nonsense

  • T Osser

    “25. Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.”

    I can read with one hand and wank with the other at the same time… Am I gifted?

    • Omar Bongo

      You read with one hand…? Well, what do you use to turn the pages? Wait, don’t tell me!

  • doc2beer

    no nice list since a month

  • Mark

    Seeing it`s the Royal Wedding Day, here some Royal facts.. King John wanted to convert England to Islam, Edward II was gay and was killed by having a poker stuck up his backside, Henry VIII invented the stairlift, Anne Boleyn was known as “The King`s Whore,” Charles II liked to see prostitutes, fathered 13 bastards, George III talked to trees, gave clouds names, and the Royal Family proper surname is Saxe Coberg Gotha? Cool I know.

  • Name

    1.with a name like dumbella no wonder i never herd of her poor thing shouldn’t have reviled pack man’s original name now people are REALLY gonna parody him
    3.snickers is actually a good name for a pet is a beautiful color in china
    5.but even in mexico you still can’t hail a cab haha:) andrew jackson is such a romantic ha ha
    7.i bet mozart is buried somewhere underground lol

  • Vaami

    AHHHHHHH!!! You are ALL EFFING morons!! Who cares if nothing is totally actual. I really had fun with this list until I read all of your comments and now its just annoying! You guys have to pick everything apart – its a list for fun! If you don’t like it – don’t read it!

    • akira

      Hahaha…you must be new to Listverse. Commenters here will tear you a new one for misplacing a comma…let alone publishing a dubious list. (And God help you if you’re American) Roll with it.

      • Rocks

        So true. Many Listversers sit at home waiting for a new list to be published so they can attack the first mistake they see. Makes them feel big.

  • Steve

    And there used to be another chocolate and caramel candy bar called a marathon bar. No peanuts though.

  • Piotrek

    Would a Japanese male like to explain himself? :o

    • FlatEric


  • MollyMud

    I absolutely love listverse! I absolutely love facts! But sadly the above ones are either uninteresting or just plain silly. Almost half of women own a vibrator? Don’t talk such rot! There are people who struggle to survive on less than a pound a day, do you think that they would be concerned with vibators?! Or is that to say that if certain countries wouldn’t own such things that ALL of western women regardless of age would?! Imagine Little Red Riding Hood’s shock on visiting her grandmother! “My! What a big…..” Yikes! Have you considered your sales figures could be based on several purchases by the same women over the period of their adulthood? Or perhaps by rather hopeful gentlemen?!

  • TheGuyWhoIsn’tHere

    People know about Pac-Man from Scott Pilgrim.

  • bullamakanka

    My stepmother’s father could also write/draw two separate things at the same time. I was so transfixed by this that I worked at trying to become ambidextrous. As a result, I am dominantly left-handed, but write better than most I know with my right (almost as good as my left). Everything else (chopsticks, saw, hammer, potato peeler, etc.) is comfortable in either hand.

    • bullamakanka

      … although a bat (racquetball, baseball, cricket) is definitely a right-handed thing for me.

  • chris s

    5. Henry Ford never had a driver’s license.

    ummm excusr me but how could THE INVENTER OF THE CAR not have a drving lisense??? just sayin,check yr fax b4 doing a list

    • fudrick

      Too bad Henry Ford didn’t invent the car.

  • c&j

    you sure that’s lemon?

  • Adriana

    “14. Buenos Aires has more psychoanalysts, per head, than any other place in the world”

    And yes, we need them.

  • dufu

    There has never been a sexchange operation performed in Mongolia too :P

    • YouRang?

      I think Ghenghis Khan might have done a few. Gotta keep the troops in line.

  • anon

    Eskimos never gamble? Gee, that sounds like a load of crap.

  • lsky

    Everyone is moaning and groaning that people are getting upset about the inauthenticity of this list. Well, there are some people like me who like to dig up little known facts or gain useless knowledge.

    And why, might you ask?

    Because FACTS are my thing. Some people like baseball, others like knitting or scrapbooking. Me? I like to learn. So excuse me, and the others like me, who feel a little let down that an awesome site such as Listverse has accepted and posted the trash that is this article. Screw the sources, it’s not even researched. Don’t claim it as fact, label it as nonsense.

    • Lifeschool

      Go girl! You tell ’em!

      Benjamin Franklin said. “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” – I would add: “Believe only some of the things your read, and only up the point where they inform your mind rather than reinforce it.”

  • Fred

    So is the photo a Japanese or Chinese woman?

    #22: If I were forced to duel everyting I insulted my wife…

  • Maru Sanz

    “14. Buenos Aires has more psychoanalysts, per head, than any other place in the world” And 2/3 of them are jewish. And NO it’s not a racist comment, I’m from Buenos Aires and 2/3 of the psychoanalysts that I’ve been to were jewish women. And yes, we need them a lot, our country is a mess

  • Bob

    10 and 24 are wrong and almost anyone can do 25

  • ArjayM

    #25 is amazing.

  • Puck it.

  • Interesting…half the stuff I’ve never heard of…but it was good to learn something new.


    mozart is burried in my backyard

  • Alex

    Number 10. There’s no way anyone could verify that as true.

  • the vibrator one is ridiculous

  • Patrick

    Nobody knows wher Attila the Hun is buried.

  • MagentaSeis

    Oh my! I’m in Buenos Aires and studying Psychology.
    I even live a few blocks away from “Villa Freud”.

  • Derpina

    Uh..yeah nice list, Troll. Who approved this?

  • Jaymic

    Number seven is only a theory. A better known one (at least where I live) is that it is short for ounce. The book Is full of symbolism of politics in the late 1800’s. Namely the free coinage of silver

  • skoalman5

    You are a douchebag. If this site want to be taken seriously it should go over their grammar mistakes two or three times. I guarantee you the highly comical, somewhat immature site cracked has better grammar then this waste of time.

  • kabatta

    The list is dubious to say the least.

  • Kou

    vibrator one is totally off. I’m 100% no one took a poll of the world and found that 47% of women have vibrators. I’m also 100% no one took a poll of Japan and found that 75% of women there have vibrators, they probably took a very small sample (polls are usually 100-1000 people). Small samples are not reliable.

  • Big Papa Smurf

    Sorry – Eskimos never gamble? That’s not a fact, it sounds like the punchline to a joke. I haven’t even finished the rest of the list, I just had to be yet another person to point that out. I bet Eskimos don’t do a lot of stuff, probably enough for another list really. Number 1. Eskimos rarely windsurf. Number 2. Eskimos didn’t invent the telephone…

  • James

    @12 – ‘This should cure your case of tastless fries’

  • WafflesWafers

    I’ve read about #9 in a book before…a book that was published between 1990 – 1998. It couldn’t be “more than a half of the world population”. It would at least be ¼ of the world population.

  • Princess711

    What is the evidence behind ‘eskimos’ never gambling? And i checked the pH level for pepsi/coke and the pH level can vary significantly… Any where from 2.5 to 4.2, especially since the pH scale takes into account logirithms. Good light hearted list though

  • Creamster

    Ha I only know about the Puck man fact because of Scot Pilgrim vs the world =)

  • jc

    i see the inuits?eskimos spending there welfare checks in the casino regularly. Walk into any casino in canada odds are youll see atleast 3 no matter what casino you go to

  • AJ

    In India Also the bride wears RED

  • TinFoilHatGangsta

    lolz. people arguing about facts that may or may not be factual based on information found on one source on the internet. I guess your university educations or even HS educations served you well didn’t they?

  • Ralph

    Missing an h in #24

  • Halftrip
  • FunFUUU

    LOL, great list – The hottest fun site ever

  • MythicalMadness

    #24 should say “where” not “were!”

  • Sixpedals

    Not all Chinese women wear red for a wedding… in fact not many do. This is an old custom. Recently, Western fashion has grown and although culturally, the color white signifies death, women in China now have white wedding dresses.

  • me

    “75 percent of Japanese women own vibrators. The global average is 47 percent”. Asian men have small penises. Just sayin

  • YouRang?

    This list is full of statements that are probably not facts. Some are guesses, some are highly-disputed tales, some are just wrong. And, yes, a little research would have eliminated some of these just because there are so many versions of the truth you don’t know which is correct. To get the TRUTH would require hundreds of hours of research. For a list like this, it isn’t worth it.

    In the version I read, Epperson had a lemonade stand so he was, technically, a lemonade salesman. The statement that Eskimos don’t gamble isn’t just wrong, it’s somewhat racist. That brides in certain countries wear red is probably somewhat outdated, but brides in the U.S. don’t always wear white, either. The info on women and vibrator ownage is probably just made up. If you knew how many vibrators were actually sold and divided it by the number of women, you’d get a number but it wouldn’t be useful. Too many other factors. Are we sure the horse wasn’t named Marathon?

    I once looked up the James Worson story (He disappeared in plain view.). I started with Wikipedia and then went through about 30 other sites. I reported back that I hadn’t found any info I considered reliable and useful. Several people told me I should do research as they had spent 30 seconds looking on Wikipedia and found the TRUTH. Hehehe.

  • Parad0xfool

    Da vinci da bamf. Just kidding. Great list.

  • chetna

    wow…great facts…:))

  • Joey Abdai

    fact # 23 … I found in another one of your lists “4. Popsicle

    The Fact: The Popsicle was invented by an 11 year who kept it secret for 18 years.

    The inventor was Frank Epperson who, in 1905, left a mixture of powdered soda and water out on the porch, which contained a stir stick. That night, temperatures in San Francisco reached record low temperature. When he woke the next morning, he discovered that it had frozen to the stir stick, creating a fruit flavored ice treat that he named the epsicle. 18 years later he patented it and called it the Popsicle.

    I was a really big fan of your website and told a lot of people about it until now. i am sorry i was fooled

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  • AAN

    Why does it say eskimos never gamble?? They sure do. In almost all villages there is Bingo, a big favorite past time of eskimos, and also they love to gamble money with board games (such as Sorry!) and poker.

  • Ceeser

    I dont know if anyone mentioned this yet but Oscar actually was not made out of wood but of plaster and were exchanged for the real thing after the war.

  • Julie

    Eskimo is derogatory. They are Inuits.

  • Duuuude saying Eskimos don’t gamble is like saying religious people don’t sin… They gamble!

  • I think we all know why Japanese women all own vibrators….

  • icons collection