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Top 10 Unbearable Phobias

Everyone has a fear of some sort, but not all of us suffer from the type of pathological fear called a “phobia.” Some phobias are well known, such as agoraphobia, which is the fear of being in an open area or in a large crowd, and Thanatophobia, which is the fear of death. (I think we can all relate to the latter.) There are other phobias that are just plain bizarre; for instance, arachibutyrophobia, which is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one’s mouth. This list, however, is devoted to those phobias that seem inherently unbearable. In other words, fears that fundamentally affect a sufferer’s quality of life to an extreme extent. While perusing the list, let’s keep in mind that there are real people suffering from these phobias; understanding the phobias themselves will allow us to understand (and sympathize with) the tribulations of the sufferers.



Screen Shot 2011-06-15 At 1.16.47 Pm

“The fear of walking or standing.”

Imagine the implications of such a fear: the mere thought of standing or walking around fills you with utter terror. How in the world do you live a normal life? You certainly can’t travel around in a motorized chair all the time. Unfortunately for ambulophobes, human flying has not yet been achieved, either. It would seem that an individual suffering from this devastating phobia would be forced to confront their fear many, many times, every single day of their life. That doesn’t sound like fun.




“The fear of making decisions.”

As you can see, some phobias have profound psychological consequences. If someone is deathly afraid of making a decision, then how do they go about life? Do they instruct others to make a decision for them? Isn’t that a decision in itself? Do they simply follow a real life equivalent of stream-of-consciousness, simply “going with the flow”, and not interfering with the normal course of events? But isn’t THAT a decision, too? Decidophobes must be in a constant state of mental flux; as long as they contemplate a decision, they shouldn’t experience fear. It’s the act of actually making the decision that terrifies them. This essentially means that any sort of personal interaction with the world requires a decidophobe to overcome traumatizing fear.


Epistemophobia (Gnosiophobia)


“The fear of knowledge.”

What? The fear of knowledge? Indeed. No school. No education. No introduction to any new facts of any sort. Developing epistemophobia is akin to placing a cognitive cap on your development. You can’t learn anymore, unless you’re willing to withstand unrelenting terror throughout the entire process, which would obviously impair your ability to even comprehend the new material in the first place.




“The fear of food.”

Let’s perform a quick analysis of this situation: food is required to live. Cibophobes are frightened by food. This means such people have two options: (1) avoid food altogether, thereby killing themselves through malnutrition and dehydration, which is clearly not a viable (or attractive) prospect, or (2) stay alive by eating food and dealing with bone-chilling tremors every time a spoonful of cereal approaches their mouth. Imagine being a cibophobe; maybe you really enjoy macaroni-and-cheese, or bacon-and-cheddar cheeseburgers, or some other delectable dish. Well, now all the enjoyment you get out of those meals is wiped away because you’d be eating them with a touch of pepper, a dash of salt and a dollop of dread.


Somniphobia (Hypnophobia)

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“The fear of sleep.”

Just like the aforementioned phobia, this one involves something that we all need to stay alive: precious shut-eye. But whereas one might be able to go a few days without food, and thereby dampen the effects of cibophobia, it is much harder to remain functional even after a single day of sleepless activity. I can’t even imagine the overall physical and mental fatigue that this phobia causes; if you stay awake, you harm your body physiologically and undermine your brain’s capabilities, but if you try to go to sleep, you’re overwhelmed by fear which may, plausibly, make it impossible to fall asleep, anyway. Certainly a horrible fear for anyone to have to deal with.



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“The morbid fear of sounds, including your own voice.”

We are now moving into the territory of even more bizarrely limiting phobias. How does one live a normal life as an acousticophobe? Do you live in a sound-proof room? Do you walk around with ear plugs? Do you convince a doctor to surgically make you deaf? These all sound like rather drastic decisions, and dangerous ones, to boot, but the other alternative is not very promising: go through life and be horrified by any random noise, whether it’s the slight buzzing of a nearby housefly or the distant rumbling of thunder or the roar of a passing vehicle, or even your own voice. And even if you tried to shield yourself from the terror by covering your ears with your hands, that wouldn’t work; you’d still hear the blood rushing through your head. Scary.




“The fear of the passing of time, or more generally of time itself.”

Stretching this fear to its logical conclusion, one would assume that the fear of time also entails the fear of concepts pertaining to time, such as the past, the present, the future, and words like “later,” “early,” etc. What a horrible existence that would be, eh? Even if chronophobes aren’t afraid of words or ideas pertaining to time, they ARE afraid of time itself and of its passage, and as human beings we are well aware that time is constantly ticking away. Just imagine being a chronophobe, and staring at a watch or one of those old analog clocks with loudly-ticking second hands. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Every passing second reverberates like an earthquake of shock and terror through your soul.



Phobia 1

“The preference by a phobic for fearful situations.”

Re-read that definition. This is an arcane, mind-bending phobia if there ever was one. So, we have a phobic, and this person actually SEEKS OUT those situations or objects that cause them intense discomfort and fear. This may sound like some sort of strange, twisted masochistic syndrome, but it’s thought that counterphobes engage in these activities in an effort to combat their phobia. I’m sure you’ve heard the old maxim advising you to “face your fears.” Well, for a person suffering from a phobia, that advice is a lot easier said than practiced. So counterphobes try to conquer their intense fears by placing themselves in their peculiarly fearful situations, which evidently does not work, so the counterphobe is in a constant oscillating existence of fight-or-flight. Thus, counterphobia takes the standard mental devastation caused by phobias and, just to make things worse, adds in a whole new level of psychological problems. Yeah, not a very nice phobia at all.




“The morbid fear of developing a phobia.”

Again, re-read that definition. Phobophobia is the fear of developing a fear. Well, wait a second – it’s already a fear, so in that case, isn’t phobophobia essentially a self-referential disorder? It would seem so. This is such a ridiculously complicated fear that it seems more like a paradox or brain-teaser than a legitimate fear, which is why I really pity any individuals suffering from it. They fear developing a fear, but they’ve already developed a fear, so phobophobia sort of feeds upon itself in an endless cycle, ad infinitum. Truly, truly disheartening.




“The fear of everything.”

At first, you almost want to laugh at this phobia. “The fear of everything? Really? That’s just absurd.” But then the realization sinks in and you finally understand the gravity of this phobia. Think about it: the fear of EVERYTHING. One source describes this phobia as “a vague and persistent dread of some unknown evil.” So, in a theoretical sense, a pantophobe can go through life in a completely normal way, enjoying themselves, except for the fact that they are haunted by an incessant, unwavering, relentless fear that some universal, esoteric sinister force is out there somewhere. Whereas all the other phobias in this list refer specifically to some cause, this one has been placed in the number one position because it entails a ubiquitous dread: no matter where a pantophobe goes, no matter what he does, every aspect of his life, every thought, every object, every relationship, interaction, environment, and moment is plagued by a nagging thought that an evil force is hovering above his head, following him from behind, closing in on all sides. All the time. Until the day he dies.

  • TheLostRoad

    interesting list

    • Logan

      Anatidaephobia: the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.

      • Mojo

        Luposlipophobia: The fear of running around a kitchen table, being pursued by wolves, while wearing fresh socks on a newly waxed floor

        • FlameHorse

          Larsoniophobia. Fear of the Far Side. I’m not afraid of anything. I’m a MAN. I’m an ANCHORMAN. I made the Eiffel Tower out of steel and brawn. That’s what kinda man I am.


          • amrit

            :-) u necer cease to amaze flamey….need a list from u ASAP

          • moo

            im slightly a pantophobic, in my words its not a fear of everything, its just a slight constant dread at the back of your mind, mines mild fortunatrely

      • Howard


  • interesting but i think people who get these are just wimps. Also i think the other term for no.1 is called a bad trip .

    • lol

    • zelousman


    • henchmen 21

      you are incredably ignorant

    • Number 3 looks more like a bad trip to me. At least, the picture with the mouths on the back of that guy’s hands.

    • Hey you yeah you

      Lads and gents, what we have here is our very simpleton of the year.

    • It seems like these people have never read a comment of yours, blue.

    • Jerome


      • Xyroze

        I agree with you 100% phobias are not permanent things in almost all cases. Do you know why? Its because people learn to get over them. A phobia is an irrational fear of something, if you are capable of being exposed to something on a regular basis that you know to not be a threat to your well being and you are never able to build a tolerance for it, you’re a wimp.

        Obviously in cases brought about from extreme trauma or when there is a physical cause such as brain damage it might be more difficult, but in the vast majority of instances involving phobias the condition can be cured by just dealing with it for long enough to convince your subconscious that your initial reaction was irrational. This also isn’t to be confused with social anxiety disorders which I wouldn’t really consider phobias.

    • You’re Welcome

      I totally agree. These “fears” are only a result of having nothing to fear in reality. The will is a powerful thing, and if you choose to allow fear of food to become a reality, it will. Likewise, if you choose to overcome a truly crippling fear – like living in a third-world country with the fear of getting killed for your religious beliefs – you can do that too. Grow up, shut up and man the f*** up!

      • Jamie

        Most phobias are curable, but having one doesn’t make you a wimp. Phobias are irrational, your brain skips over the reasoning that that lil’ spider can’t hurt you and goes straight into terror. They aren’t so easily controlled by just “manning-up” and dealing with it, it takes a lot of time to overcome a phobia.

  • Comment

    Very well written. Interesting List.

  • max cody

    its incredible that people can have these sort of crazy phobias truly satan is the god of this sinful world and how the fuck can you be scared of everything that makes no sense lol if i had any of these stupid phobias i would kill my self i don’t wanna live with this stupid mental condition lol

    • Kobbin

      …What is wrong with you?

      • asa akira

        He has retardophobia the fear of accepting how insanely stupid he sounds no matter what type of comment he makes.

  • Epistemophobia seems a bit difficult to deal with, the fear of learning/knowledge is something i couldn’t bear, not saying I’m a smart ass but I would hate it. All the others are terrible too

    • newo

      Those people must HATE listverse..fear of learning!hahaha

  • v

    well written

  • Armin Tamzarian

    Number eight is quite popular these days, I reckon.

    • vikrant


  • Amber

    The facts were interesting but the list was TERRIBLY written. Completely inappropriate register and tone for such a piece. All the rhetorical questions, the hyperbole, the supposedly emotive language… Not at all right for an informative piece of writing.

    I actually laughed out loud at: “the enjoyment you get out of those meals is wiped away because you’d be eating them with a touch of pepper, a dash of salt, and a dollop of dread.”

    ….LOL seriously?!

    • this is a quick summary of ten weird phobias , in a list form .You want Ernest Hemingway you at the wrong site .

    • Mik

      The list was superbly written. The tone was great; the humour-cum-emotion register was very well received and was expressed brilliantly. The message of suffering in a bizarre and odd way was conveyed excellently throughout. Kudos.

      • Amber

        Yes, I want Ernest Hemingway, that’s what I said… (rolls eyes)

        And no actually, trivialising phobias was what this list did more than anything. Like I said, while I appreciated the facts, the writing style was just wrong. It read like a book written for children, trying to make things sound interesting.

        • thank you crafty stooge of sarcasm,but i appreciate the writing style . It was a good effort .

          • greg

            I’m afraid I agree with Amber. The writing was terrible. And even, looking at the selection of phobias and the underlying lack of documentation, I do not feel that the facts are that interesting. It seems to me, the lister has been reading through an actual list of phobias without taking into account the prevalence or existence of such pathology.
            Overall, if you read the definitions of these phobias, you’ll understand the lister’s explanations may even be misleading in some cases (counterphobia,…).
            I appreciate the effort of putting up such list, but I’m afraid not anyone has the talent to write to be read and I’m not telling I have it.
            I do not usually comment on websites, but I was looking for someone who may have shared the same opinion, and found Amber did. Just wanted to support that opinion.

          • Absolutely agree this list was poorly written nothin g i nformal except rhetorically asking its readers to imagine what the fear might be like, where are the facts and examples of people suffering, anybody can look up a definition and write an essay for it

        • Arsnl

          “…that’s what I said… (rolls eyes)…”
          (moves fingers on keyboard. Screen is a bit dirty. Thinking what to write. Thinks he is amazing. Grabs an apple but deep down he actually wants a pear. Doesn’t matter. Calls the apple superapple. Such a luscious red apple. Just like his lips. His eyes scrutinize the screen. He begins to type:)

          Okay. Do you really think we need to know what you or your body is doing? And why are you talking about yourself at the 3rd person? Do you have some sort of mental illness?

          “Completely inappropriate register and tone for such a piece.[…]….LOL seriously?!” irony? I can’t tell. Comment a deux balles and your remarks are bidon like the french would say.

          • greg

            Where’s the value of yours? I see Amber’s comment is argumented and does not sound “bidon” for someone who is used to read English.
            Don’t be French, please!

          • Arsnl, this is one of the best replies I’ve seen in ages. Bravah!

          • In webspeak “(rolls eyes)” is a way of conveying sarcasm. You must be very sophisticated for your age from your extensive knowledge of the french language. 12 years old I’m guessing?

            I agree with amber, this article was badly written. As have most of the lists that have been posted recently.

            Now get f*@#ed as Aussies say.

          • Arsnl

            (web-speak……says hmm…. looks at the horizon. Never heard of web-speak. Picks up dictionary. … *sound of pages*… web … web page …website…no web-speak. Is confused. AHAAAA. finds solution: google. Types…Enter….Looks down…back up. Is on a horse. mmm old spice. Oups he was day dreaming. Clicks on the first website. Urban dictionary: “The official language for prepubescent morons”. That doesn’t sound very good. Goes back to google. Second website abcnews. com: “Webspeak: The Secret Language of Teens”. Feels very old. Puts head in hands. Desperately wants to be fresh and hip. Gets an idea. He’s going to fake it. No one will notice. Types:)

            Yooo dawg Iz thinkin b***h be trippin’.

            (he finally figures out that all those ali g shows weren’t watched in vain.)

            @Laura: finally someone recognizes my skills. My show is from 9 to 11 in the LV lounge. Tell your family, friends, etc. We also serve refreshments but children under the age of 7 are not allowed to attend the performance.

        • Beast Of Gevaudan


          There’s a “literary expert” in every forum…(shakes head)

    • Just because the style of writing does not suit your particular tastes does not make it TERRIBLE writing. Your complaint that you feel that the tone is wrong for the list or whatever is fine, but make sure you’re criticizing the right thing, and realize that you’re talking about your opinion, not a fact.

      Also, I’m am fairly confident that the “dollop of dread” part was supposed to be facetious. So… if you laughed…. It looks like it was actually pretty well-written.

      • Soren

        Okay, let me try and express my agreement with Amber in a way that will appease the “That’s your opinion, not fact,” argument:

        To somebody with serious phobias and a panic disorder, this list is written in an OFFENSIVE manner. It presents people with these phobias as a novelty, with absolutely no attempt at researching actual cases and seeing how it really affects people. So while the style it was written in may be appealing for entertainment factor, it’s definitely making light of something that you cannot expect to make light of without upsetting some people–namely, those the subject is actually relevant to.

        • That’s reasonable. I don’t necessarily fully agree, but I understand where you’re coming from.

        • Beast Of Gevaudan

          I understand what you’re saying but I still think you’re overreacting a little bit, I’m sure the author of this list understands that these are very serious phobias as well. Fair enough if you don’t care for the writing style, but unless the writing is littered with grammatical errors and incoherent, calling it “terrible writing” is being a little dramatic, don’t you think?

          • Soren

            But I, personally, didn’t call it terrible writing. Like I said, it could be considered well-done, but it’s very out of place for the subject matter. Again, it’s people who are actually affected by these things that would find it inappropriate (and I don’t presume to speak for everyone they affect), and I don’t expect people to get it. I guess I’m trying to show why some of us would have a problem with it, in more agreeable words. Though, in all fairness, Amber DID explain this as well in earlier comments (“…trivialising phobias was what this list did more than anything.”) It’s everyone else who took it as “the list author can’t write.

    • badjokebob

      How can you laugh at a joke and then complain that it was funny? A dollop of dread was obviously meant to make you laugh!

      • Amber

        Firstly: Badjokebob – it is difficult to express sarcasm in writing, so allow me to clarify that my “laughter” at the “dollop of dread” was sarcastic. Even if the joke were funny, it’s not appropriate to have jokes in a piece of writing like this. I don’t just mean the subject matter (but yes, this list is offensive in its treatment of the topic of serious psychological disorders) but also the fact that this purports to be a factual piece; there is no place for witticisms.

        Secondly: I don’t know the meanings of the phrases “à deux balles” or “bidon”, so I’m afraid I cannot defend myself against those particular accusations.

        • Gem

          If y0u’re that easily offended the internet is probably not the best place for you.

    • crapper

      well i almost crapped my pants whilst reading it

    • Jannygm

      Let me say it in a very correct way….get the F over it, seriously? Get a life.

  • Kari

    Well-written and interesting. I have been really enjoying the past few weeks of LV, seems the intelligent lists have returned.

  • mck

    Distraction is the way to deal with any phobia?
    Somniphobia – I see it different from others. You can sleep involuntarily unlike the other activities that you are afraid of. Because of this it may be easy to handle the pohbia.

  • Nate

    I’m not a doctor, but my guess is that one could cure both the fear of eating and the fear with a healthy dose of ganja. Just saying. Good list as usual.

    • LAD

      I second that!

    • Your cure for Cibophobia(eating fear) is at times the cause of Pantophobia(fear of everything)

      • fudrick

        Do you have any proof of anyone who’s developed pantophobia after using marijuana? I’m gonna go with no, because that’s never happened.

        • Have you never been with a paranoid stoned person? They’re the worst. Plus, I’m pretty sure she was joking.

    • immuuni

      even tho i like to smoke weed sometimes, i don’t think it’s a miracle cure for phobias.
      that is just ridiculous.

  • Will Trame

    Definitely some weird phobias here. Luckily I don’t suffer from number eight as I always enjoy learning new trivia. A decent though intriguing list.

    • Ah, the fear of knowledge… insert your GOP/organized religion joke here.

  • karlxiv

    pantophobia? if i would have this, i wish i wasn’t born before.

  • Gertrude

    I have Pantophobia and Counterphobia.

    • lie, you wouldn’t be online if you had Pantophobia cause you would probably be afraid of technology(Technophobia is a part of everything)

      • Trinity_enigma

        But they also have counterphobia so they are facing the fear!

        • archworf

          I suffer from overthecounterphobia. Non-prescription drugs terrify me.

        • Gracy

          I don’t know it’s kind of dangerous aivcde. I was always afraid of public speaking. In fact, I was profoundly shy and aloof as a child. So, without even any psychological counseling or anything, I figure out that I just need to jump in. “Screw it up beyond all recognition if you have to but you have to actually do SOMETHING!” That’s what I would tell myself. And it worked! I got to the point that as a math geek I really wanted to conquer any geekery or people skills issue I might have. And, I pursued it with a dogged relentless determination. And, now that I work in a real social business environment, having conquered any possible fear of social inadequacy I may have ever felt I had, you know what I have found? I should have stayed in my shell — social skills are way over-rated and being outside your shell is largely a nuisance that takes far too much work all just to shed what little privacy a person has these days.

  • some guy

    This list is interesting, but it fails to look at how a person might rationalize such fears. Fear is not an abstract concept; not a state of abject dread: somebody living with any of these phobias would be able to cite a reason for it if asked. One could not love the taste of a cheeseburger if he or she cowered at the prospect of eating it.

    • greg

      You’re right, and that is why I think that this list is not that good after all. This lacks facts, real cases, pragmatic explanations of what are these phobias and seem actually quite randomly chosen.

      • Arsnl

        ” seem actually quite randomly chosen.”
        A list of unbearable phobias that *gasp* lists unbearable phobias. Where is the randomness in that? It was very specific and it explains why these phobias are unbearable.

        • greg

          I should not have used the word “actually”.
          What I “actually” meant is that the writing style and the lack of facts or real cases (someone mentionned it would be interesting to know of any phobic’s story and how he deals with such phobia) make it look as if the lister went across a list, read the definitions and wrote his thoughts down.

          • Hannah

            This list was incredibly dumb. Amber and Greg are right, it reads list a children’s book, lacks facts, and comes across as a shoddy effort. It’s a shame too because I generally really like mental health lists.

    • Tom

      I can understand somniphobia…every once in a while, as I’m falling asleep, I get very anxious about not waking up…

  • JohnSampson

    This “Elsewhere Online” section on the bottom just drives me crazy. Has anyone but me ever clicked on any of them? It would seem that specialise in finding the most inane, truly terrible blogs and lists on earth. The sort of crap that used to appear on the internet in the late 90s.

    For example, one currently advertised is “Another Side of the Simpsons” which is a collection of Simpsons/Pulp Fiction mock-ups, each one somehow worst than the last

    • FoxyJess

      HAHA!! I click on them all the time! I have a very boring job. Don’t judge me. Lol

      • Arsnl

        The eyes of a ranger are upon you.

  • Em

    “How in the world do you live a normal life? You certainly can’t travel around in a motorized chair all the time”

    ehm…really? My paralysed from the waist down colleague would probably disagree :P

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Some of these are new to me – as long as I never never get a phobia about drinking my frosted bevvies I will survive no sweat.

  • Angst essen Seele auf

    How about Glucodermaphobia – the fear of the skin on chilled warm milk. :)

  • simplifried

    I skipped this one to go to Top Ten Famous Rabbits. This list scared me.

    • Drac

      Really?The Rabbits list scared me. Donnie Darko…urrghhh.

  • sanbi

    good list!

    #3 is like fearing of facing your own phobia or something?

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    • archworf

      your comment

  • frida

    i wonder if all of these phobias have any documented people suffering from them?

    • circlefan

      im looking for that too…read the comments above and you’ll be entertained.

  • Armadillotron

    I hate Rats. They scare the hell out of me. And people say, “oh it`s just a big Mouse.” They probaly haven`t seen one. But Why people are scared of Spiders is still beyond me.

    • FoxyJess

      OMG spiders are gross. My biggest fear. That and heights. *shivers down spine*

      • Armadillotron

        There just Spiders, for Gods sake. There more scared of you, than you are of them.. The big ones you get in the bath, are harmless. Why people are scared of them I`ll never get.

        • timmar68

          Look at them! All those legs! I imagine them bigger and it terrifies me. Plus they bite. I won’t go into a room if I think a spider is in there until I see it’s gone. *brrrr*

          • writer

            you’re never more than a metre away from a spider apparently… er that and you swallow 8 of them in a lifetime whilst asleep


        • I’m not scared per se, but disgusted by them. They’re very alien looking with those eyes, hairy legs, hairy fangs…eek!

        • Ms-binks

          If the fear was rational it wouldn’t be classed as a phobia.

    • alienwarrior

      The thing with a phobia is it is an irrational fear. What you may be scared of others may not be and can’t understand why you are. Rats don’t bother me at all but the arachnids that live in deserts with pinchers and venom tipped tails scare the hell out of me. Can’t even look at a pictures of them and even seeing the word witten or hear it spoken makes me feel sick. If you have a phobia you should be able to empathize with other people who do even if you don’t share the same one.

  • mynameis….

    Wonderful list, I can’t imagine going through life with these phobias…makes me realize I am quite normal :D

  • Powerful Entity

    Batman was a counterphobe :D

    • Eye-Licker


      • Powerful Entity

        Yes. He overcame his fear of bats and is not afraid of anything now. :D

  • icepack00

    So does this means that most of paranoia patients have or may have only Pantophobia?
    Interesting list but a bit confusing. To the extent of my knowledge, phobias are just like food allergies. Little by little exposure to that allergen/phobia then soon it will be gone.

    • Tracypants

      That can work sometimes, but not always. I have extreme arachnophobia (I literally wouldn’t be able to leave my house if there was a spider on the doorknob and no one around to kill it for me) and exposure to spiders just makes it worse. If I even just see one in my house I start getting paranoid that they’re in my food and trying to climb in my ears when I sleep. And heaven forbid one actually touches me. The last time I had a spider on me I cried hysterically for half an hour. I know it makes no sense to be so afraid of them, I know most of them can’t even hurt me, but that just doesn’t help. They can still control my life.

  • oouchan

    I have two phobias. I can do everything day to day without them affecting me…..unless it’s activated. So I get by ok. I would never survive if I had a fear food. I would miss cheese terribly. :)

    Interesting list.

    • I *do* miss cheese awfully, but not due to phobia! Lactose Intolerance is my problem.

      Nor can I eat red meat, legumes of any kind, and something we have yet to identify…I’m beginning to empathize with the phobia of all food…I am never sure what is going to attack me next!

      • YouRang?

        I understand that white stuff in the middle of Twinkies is pretty safe.

  • Ziggy

    I have a huge fear of losing my head (decapitation). No name for that one! Or is there?

    • Arsnl

      Yeah. I think you’ve got a problem there. That fear of yours must be quite annoying. How do check to see when a train is coming? Do you ever visit france? And i bet you never ride a pogo stick around a helicopter. You’re missing out on so much.

    • Spaz

      My guess is that you never ride in an convertable then.

    • Ziggy, I lose my head all the time, but it’s always an internal problem…as in “losing my marbles”…so no biggie.

  • harithski

    I think developed a fear of lists containing scary things. Especially after reading the last three. Or, am I just scared that I might develop one? Scary.

  • Posey

    I thought the more you’re faced with a phobia, the easier it is to overcome it? My aunt is a psychiatric nurse and she says when they get a person with an extreme phobia, like insects, they expose them to it more and more over a period of time. Maybe I’m wrong but I would have thought that would include the likes of Ambulophobia, Acousticophobia, Cibophobia (etc), since walking, hearing sounds, eating, sleeping, learning (etc again) are things you can’t avoid in the long run.

    • I think that exposure technique only works with some people/phobias.

  • thievingbastard

    thannks for confirming i’m a certifiable nut job. off to the looney bin then. toodles.

  • The Opinion

    This is one of the most interesting list in the whole month

  • Elemarth

    Are you sure these are all real – that people actually have them? arachibutyrophobia, which you mention in your introduction was a joke inspired by a Peanuts comic strip, I thought. I do believe the last four, though and I know there’s a fear of NEW foods (so much so that some kids will only eat one or two specific foods – one kid only ate chocolate!).

  • Gemfyre

    Autophobia – fear of oneself, is also a doozy.

  • Do people actually suffer from these? or are they just phobias that have names or that at some point someone decided to name.

    how would some of these even develop? like a fear of food? surely the treatment of phobia is exposure so surely things like that you would grow accustomed to it and eventually lose the fear.

    the list itself seems kinda lazy. more of a what are the weirdest fear i can think of/find. it would be improved if you were able to list cases of people suffering them or even treatment forms that were used.

    as it is the description of them does not really add much once you say

    whateverphobia – fear of generalisation

    imagine being afraid of generalisations. every sentence would be a struggle. etc etc

  • Lifeschool

    Great list, learned something today.

  • Finnish man

    I have epistemophobia so I didn’t read this list.

  • Zeke

    Are there any documented people, somewhat famous or heard of, who have any of these fears?

  • neeshd22

    Have there been any cases of ppl actually being diagnosed with this stuff?

    • Gandyman

      Interesting list, but I would like to see a doctor keep a straight face while someone explains that they are afraid of food, sound, learning, etc. Not only are more than half of these impractical, the human race would do well to be rid of anyone who would develop such ridiculous “fears” (lies).

      • Maggot

        Considering the doctor would likely be a psychiatrist or psychologist (I know, there’s a diff), laughing them out of the room would not be conducive to prescribing a never-ending series of expensive therapy sessions to finance their next vacation to Bermuda. Plus, they have likely already heard it all…

  • kabatta

    where the hell did you get this list? Stephen King novels?

  • 63jax

    I have homophobia, so what, hate me now. What can i do if i’m afraid of them…nothing

    • YouRang?

      I assume you mean you have a fear of homosexuals. If you have true homophobia, an unreasoning fear, I don’t think anyone will hate you for that. But that same term is often used to depict a hatred for or dislike of homosexuals. That dislike may be based partly on fear that doesn’t reach the level of phobia. I’m not even sure if homophobia is the word used to denote a fear of homosexuals.

  • DV

    Just wow. People can be so messed up.

  • Jesus

    I like this list! It was very well written! GOOD JOB!:)

  • Cool list, Josiah. I think the people criticizing it are completely misreading the intention and tone, which is unfortunate for them since it was worth a few good laughs.

    • greg

      “While perusing the list, let’s keep in mind that there are real people suffering from these phobias; understanding the phobias themselves will allow us to understand (and sympathize with) the tribulations of the sufferers.”

      So Josiah is being ironic here and actually intends to make fun of phobic if they ever exist. I thought of that also, but that does not make me laugh either. It boils down to poor writing I guess…

      • When making jokes about anything, it’s important to keep in mind the truth behind it to keep things tasteful. I’m not arguing that this is a really moving piece of work or even that it is one of the better lists on LV, but it is entertaining and informative, so I don’t see the need to cut it down.

  • stopper333

    I dont want to be this guy… but uh do we truly believe this phobias actually exist? I mean I myself have have a look at the list of phobias, which trust me is quite long, but personally I think whoever made these phobias made them with the thought of the possibilty that there is someone out there who suffers from it. Meaning theyre not even sure if there truly is a person who suffers from it. I dont know but its one of those things I refuse to believe without being presented with an actual example. I myself had a phobia of bees and currently have a phobia of dogs. luckily enough im a of a few who can actually track the origins of such phobias. I was mauled by a few dogs around the age of 8 and stung along with my sister by hive of bees as a toddler :P

  • Vanowensbody

    Great list.

  • Me2011

    most depressing list ever…….

  • I don’t seem to suffer any of the normal phobias nor, thank you, any of the dreadful phobias described above. I do, however, have one real and overwhelming phobia which is something I am almost positive never to be faced with; I am terrified of being enclosed in a small, completely dark room with a person armed with a long, extremely sharp razor, and who slashes about with the single-minded intent of inflicting enough small, sharp cuts that I will eventually bleed to death, there, in the dark, from a thousand cuts.

    Other than that, I am pretty much good to go.

    • Arsnl

      Hey segues. How are you? How’s everything?
      “small, sharp cuts ”
      What if you’re stuck in the photocopy room? Those paper cuts really hurt.

      • LOL! Arsnl, you are so right! Paper cuts are nasty.

        How’s everything is a loaded question around here (my house), so I sort of refrain from answering it as much as possible.

        One absolutely *Marvelous* thing has happened, and that is I a now have 6 of my Art pieces hanging in a real, brick & mortar Fine Art Gallery! It only opened a couple of weeks ago, so I’m not rich yet, but time will tell. :-D

  • dantheman

    Interesting list, but I would’ve liked to see a focus on actual cases as opposed to just a thorough description of these amazing phobias. Good read nevertheless.

  • Sue

    “You certainly can’t travel around in a motorized chair all the time. ”

    And there was me thinking wheelchairs had been invented quite some time ago, silly old me.

  • Ms-binks

    No. 1 reminds me of earthworm Jim, the planet where the aliens are afraid of everything! :) “aaah something green!! Aaah something not green!” lmao

  • Courtney

    There are probably very few people in this world who actually develop those phobias



    • archworf

      MICAHTphobia-fear of shift keys.

      • Jannygm

        Agree on that, it is so annoying and…self-centered.

  • Anon

    I bet very, very few people (if any) have had some of these phobias… I think people can just make up a crazy phobia but it doesn’t mean there is someone out there suffering from it. A reaaally interesting list would be a list of people who suffer from these phobias. As for now, I doubt the authenticity of some of these.

    Also, I thought cibophobia could be a fear of a certain type of food, not all foods. For instance, someone could be terrified of any kind of meat but other foods would be fine. Or it could be more specific, such as someone being afraid of oranges.

    • fendabenda

      I saw a TV programme once about a lady who was afraid of canned white beans in a tomato sauce. She was particularly disgusted by the Heinz brand canned beans in a green can. I don’t think it was a comedy show, either, she really had this irrational fear. Maybe she had been force-fed Heinz canned beans as a baby.

    • Jannygm

      If they actually listed some real people suffering from those phobias I am sure most of people here doubting they are real (let’s say: you) wouldn’t be satisfied either and would argument they are just making it up. Just because it is odd doesn’t mean it isn’t true, that’s exactly why they are so serious conditions. What would be next? Demanding to meet them to believe it?…

  • inconspicuousdetective

    this made the silence around me scary

  • Bear

    aibohphobia – The irrational fear of palindromes

  • shinacira

    T_T now I am depressed, its kind of sad thinking about what it would be like for someone to be scared of everything, or have to live life being scared of odd things.
    thank you chi

  • Ham Guru

    I read this list, thought it was interesting to know that these fears existed, read the comments below, and realised that many people are willing to say that something doesn’t exist, when they have obviously done no research into it themselves. If you spend just a little time on google you will find far more information than you’d ever want to know about these conditions. and just so we dont all go and get confused, I’m refering to actual medical web sites and case studies not self inflated, self referenceing web sites :P

  • Alan

    The last one sounds suspiciously like religion.

  • badjokebob

    I have a fear of entering my comment here.

  • Nick

    I found out that the fear of long word is Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia… How ironic is that!

  • Some dude

    Cool list beats the hell out of those stupid ass plants list

  • lostsok

    Very cool list. Now I understand the whole Tea Party movement: Epistemophobia hitting an entire group really, really deep.

    • Spaz

      Why do you say that? What knowledge are they afraid of? Is it because they want a government which lives within their means, a government which cares more about the people rather than the politician’s poketbook? I guess their fear is where this country is heading because of the selfish politicians of both parties. I bet you are one who preaches tolerance but then are a hypocrite because you make fun of those with a different belief than you.

  • Beast Of Gevaudan

    Interesting list Josiah.

    I hadn’t heard of most of these.

  • Peanutka

    My favourte is ergophobia, the fear of working:). And of course hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, the fear of 666.

  • omg lemonade

    iv got a fear of closed doors, it can make life a bit of a challenge but i try my best to ignore it most days, its not very intense or anything, but it does effect living comfortably, idk what caused it or why i have a fear of them, even if the door has a huge window in it so you can clearly see whats behind it it doesnt help it

  • creamk

    I had Cicophobic episodes back in the day when i was totally hooked on aphetamins.. Not a great feeling, i must say. Being an insomniac the substances made the downside of not sleeping suddenly enjoyable but when i had to come down, those cicophobic episodes started to occur.. Really a hellish situation, me being up for four days or more, staying awake until all the withdrawals are over. No drugs in the system, overexhausted, heart palpations, everything saying “get the fuck to sleep” and just can’t close my eyes and feeling unbelievable fear of something dragging me down, to the dark.. These episodes does repeat them selves even now if i stay awake too long (now adays without any drugs, insomnia is a bitch), it’s a race sometimes; falling a sleep before that dark cloud comes…The paradox being that falling a sleep is the dark cloud; it’s a mental exercise, i picture that i’m trying to “aim” under that cloud without touching it or getting sucked in. Sort of good sleep vs bad sleep thing.

  • Tiago

    I just read it once, but #3 doesn’t sound like a phobia. What is a counterphobe afraid of?

    • Sarah_29292

      yeah it’s not really a phobia, more of a phillia (something that brings joy) where a person with a phobia purposefully puts themselves in a situation where their phobia will affect them, this can be any phobia.

      • Tiago

        Yeah it can be any phobia, I would say it’s more of a Schizoid personality disorder.
        P.S. Doesn’t that man’s fingers (in the picture) seem excessively long ? It’s creepy, I might have a new phobia.

  • jon

    #9- ‘hello welcome to burger king what would you like?’
    ‘i would like a…..a…..AAAAAAHHH!!!!!’

  • jynxie

    I have a phobia of hair and open doors and windows. People like to tease me about it but its really not cool!

  • blackbit

    Great list really enjoyed reading it. would be good to have a case study for each phobia.

  • Well one thing’s for sure I do not have Epistemophobia and thank god for what would I do without Listverse.

  • jo

    Some of these phobias are so abstract it’s hard to actually imagine what they are like in real life so to speak. However- the persons clamoring for “real” examples are maybe being somewhat unrealistic. It’s a list of phobias- not a list of case studies of phobias. So deal with it (literal eye roll)

  • StuMiller’sGust

    What about fear of the internet?

  • 4seasons85!

    What about adding Agoraphobia to the list. I have that. It’s awful. It’s the fear of open spaces. For me it related to my social anxiety. If I am in a store with wide isles and open spaces I feel like I am going to pass out. It stems from a fear of falling or tripping and not being able to catch myself on something. Then people would notice, stare, and talk about it. EVERY STORE I go into I have it hit me. Sometimes I just don’t bother going into a store because I know my anxiety will kick in full gear. It really sucks. I would give anything to not have anxiety and phobias.

  • emily_weirdnez


  • Lizzie

    #1 reminds me of Chuckie Finster

  • Cool guy

    Lol I thought the last one meant fear of pants. How interesting that would have been :)

  • Kelly Clark


  • Amiel

    how about social phobia. I have it and life is too difficult to cope with this phobia.

    • fendabenda

      There’s a cure for social phobia: BOOOZE!!!! I’m not kidding either. I’ve had a social phobia myself, but since I’ve gone to a pub and grabbed a few beers (which I never used to do), I’ve managed to get myself a girlfriend and some other friends as well. Never underestimate the power of Guinness. :D

  • John Doe

    I actually suffer quit badly from Pantophobia. It’s not actually a fear of everything, It’s just a vague sense of dread in the back of your mind, A feeling that something bad is going to happen either to or involving yourself. Not fun at all. The results for me are 1. Years of Anti depressants and anti anxiety medication 2. I carry (or have near me) weaponary at all times and have learnt several forms of unarmed combat. (I am not a violent person, My girlfiend calls me a gentle giant) My family and friends find it quiet amusing that I suffer from this (mainly because i am 6′ 4″, 24 stone and a bodybuilder… This phobia was probably one of the main reasons I started weight training to begin with). Even with my size, weaponary, martial arts training and medication I still suffer from it. This is not something I would ever wish on anyone else, it’s horrible. I long for the day when that feeling is no longer there… But I dont think it will ever come.

  • colbz

    i have to say the 1 on the list just doesnt make sense.. if u were scared of everythng wouldnt u be scared to breathe,eat, drink, and to work!! there for how would u not starve to death,dehydrate and how would u be able to pay your bills.. i mean someone else could pay your bills but wouldnt u be scared of someone elses can we really count that as a phobia? wouldnt u be dead with in weeks?? hmmm

  • Tru

    ” How in the world do you live a normal life? You certainly can’t travel around in a motorized chair all the time.”

    I’m so confused. Is this a poorly executed joke? Because you do know there are many people who can’t stand or walk and live perfectly normal lives, often with the aid of motorized chairs.

  • Sarah_29292

    good list but number 10 bugs me slightly “How in the world do you live a normal life? You certainly can’t travel around in a motorized chair all the time.” well, yes you can, may people live perfectly normal lives from a wheelchair. It annoys me that it implies that the lives of those with disabilities are less valuable than others, but i realise that it is unintentional.

    • Sarah_29292

      or at least i really hope it’s unintentional :/

  • just how many guys do you know have any of these phobias?

  • Lisa

    Assophobia – the fear of buttocks and everything that emanates from it

  • Mabel

    Lucy: “Perhaps you have pantophobia.”
    Charlie Brown: “What’s that?”
    Lucy: “The fear of everything.”
    Charlie Brown: “THAT’S IT!”

  • Arthur AneeMurDonuts

    Hippopotomonstrosisquippedaliophobia (I think that’s how it’s spelt :S) is the fear of long words. Ironic isn’t it?

    • Arthur AneeMurDonuts

      Wait nevermind someone beat me to it… Crap…

  • jesse

    It would be nice to have credit for the images posted… Acousticophobia is by

    thanks :)

  • Meoa

    The pictures for #3 and #2 scared me.

  • BrianBadonde

    I myself have a phobia of vomiting so I completely sympathize with phobia sufferers but some of these have got to be more serious psychological problems. I mean come on, fear of EVERYTHING?? That is not a phobia, that is clinically insane, surely!

  • pooptickler

    number 1 is also known as generalized anxiety disorder

  • Raven T.

    Want to know what i’m deathly afraid of? Storm drains… I know its irrational but, what if i fell in? I wouldn’t ever get back out, and if i did, it would have scared me so bad i’d be a different person.

    • YouRang?

      Do NOT read Stephen King’s novel “It.” Trust me. Don’t read it.

      On a lighter note, the great Canadian sitcom “Corner Gas” did a n episode on phobias. It centered on the fear of balloons (That’s an actual phobia.), which is known, weirdly, as globaphobia.

  • Cheeko

    I have Pantophobia to a great extent!!

  • kwg

    Those who ridicule others for having a phobia really have no idea what they’re talking about. It’s not simply something you just “get over”.

    I’ve had trypanophobia longer than I can remember. Nobody has any idea what sparked it, just that it’s been a problem since I was an infant. Over the years I’ve tried countless methods to rid myself of it. Desensitization by watching when I get a shot/blood work and watching medical videos/shows, researching the acts and the fear, distracting myself, hypnotism, therapy, sedatives, laugh gas (and a mix of the two,) rationalized and belittled myself. Nothing has worked to reduce the fear so far.

    There is no rationale for it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean someone who suffers from a phobia is a wimp. You have to take into consideration the specific nature of the phobia (not just a generalization) on a case-by-case basis. The listed phobias are definitely bizarre, but it doesn’t take a stretch of imagination to understand where they could be coming from.

  • big dee

    sounds like a bunch of crazy motherf*ckers to me.

  • Giganotus

    Goodness, at least these phobias are somewhat forcibly overcome! I have an irrational fear of something that most people are wary of anyway: poison. Sounds normal, but sometimes if my food tastes slightly off (say, because too much cinnamon was added) my brain will think “OMG IT’S [email protected]!!” it’s really annoying, but I’ve managed to tell my brain to shut up, most of the time it works too

  • Nike

    sucha joke

  • This is a really interesting list, now i know a little bit about phobic.. But those images is going to haunt my dream tonight *and its 1 am i’m starting to feel sleepy* anyway thanks for the sharing! :D

  • CS

    One thing I’m surprised isn’t on this list is a certain phobia that is certainly one to worry about. While I can’t recall the name, it’s the fear of clothes; similarly to #1, at first you might think such a fear is funny, but think about it; you are physically terrified of wearing clothes, and anyone else nearby wearing them. Surely that must be horrid.

  • Hootowl

    Oh I didn’t know I was a pantophobe..

  • SuperFreud

    Jhonen Vasquez, the comic book genius behind Invader Zim, has Hypnophobia. In his comics there is a theme of it.

  • zaeem

    interesting ….. especially PANTOPHOBIA

  • Gem

    Aquaphobia/Hydrophobia (fear of water) could have had a place on this list as well. Aside from being afraid of lakes, oceans, swimming pools etc. which could be easily avoided – imagine going through life pathologically afraid of a bathtub/shower – sure, you could survive but people probably wouldn’t get very close to you.

    Hydrophobia is much worse, which causes the person to fear drinking water. This (like the fear of food) could be life-ending. (this phobia is also a symptom of Rabies) Interesting side note – the fear of rabies is called hydrophobophobia (they got really creative with that one) :)

  • Ibrahim

    Helen,Could be. Most people in our pioefssron also seem to be terrified of testifying in court. (As a forensic psychologist, I wonder if you find that more or less difficult than other public speaking?)Not sure if you mean my stalking or bus book. My stalking book is I KNOW YOU REALLY LOVE ME. (Gee, Helen. Thanks for the plug!) If you email me privately and send an address, I’ll be happy to send you one as an appreciation for how much I enjoy your blog. My bus book is QUEEN OF THE ROAD (ditto!). My publisher gave me the promotion from Long Island Princess – I would not have presumed, I assure you. It’s coming out in June and is a much more light-hearted memoir about married shrinks on the road.

  • Moboy

    Thanks Josiah for being sympathetic, though unaware that my condition identically resembles pantophobia, until I read your list. Though you mentioned it is a theory, which may mean no case studies, i have been experiencing this ‘live’ phobia for 13 years, since i came back from an exorcising attempt. i am possessed by an entity, which i daily struggle against but it’s the external entity that follows me 24/7 that is extremely trying, because it allies with the resident one, to cause great pains, fear, apprehension, aggressive behavior in the home and anxiety which i subsequently attribute to the cause of my diabetes. I am unemployable and occupy my time reading, very difficult or any activity is a no go even sleeping, nightmares. My symptoms and experiences are myriad and may need some pages to expound on. i want to you to know that because of skeptics one suffers more because it can isolate you and this plays into the hands of the entities. Unfortunately and fortunately my two brothers experience the same and whilst i was ridiculed over the years my family eventually acknowledged that the three of us together were not unstable. They eventually accepted the phenomena of roof banging and items damaged and urine and corpse smell as not totally inexplicable. Therefore i would like to venture to say that some phobias are not self made, but how to convince someone that these invisible forces are real is most challenging. I tried this a number of times by way of passing excess electricity to others hands but invariably they say its unusual and they become afraid thereafter and don’t feel good to discuss the subject. Subsequently you surmised so correctly and uncannily that every aspect of ones life is affected as i feel to my very soul. These entities monitor even ones thought processes and try to control ones behavior always in an unsociable way.(especially to my long suffering wife). Thank God, i am now fully cognizant of all this as i fight to control myself in social interactions. Prior to 13 years ago since childhood i always felt i was been followed and being watched especially when i looked into a mirror, since i couldn’t make sense of all this i just carried on living until after a series of events later, i then went to see someone and all hell broke loose because the entities were now seemingly exposed and then they started attacking me physically, though they were invisible but my wife could see their fleeting black forms hear the tremendous banging and we abandoned our home for a while as i was terrified to fall asleep.
    I don’t doubt that science will ever quantify this phobia, as in my case it will have to trap an entity in a bottle to demonstrate (hah, never wanted to use the word demon–(strate), so science can only say it is self induced.

  • Moboy

    my apologies for leaving out paragraphs

  • Hannah

    I have Emetophobia and Sidonglobophobia. Emetophobia is the extreme fear of vomiting which I can see as being rational but Sidonglobophobia is a fear of cotton which I find highly irrational. I have been afraid of vomiting and cotton since I was little. I cannot vomit, watch someone else do it or be around sick people. I also cannot feel cotton have it rubbed against my skin hearing it rubbing together or being pulled apart literally sends shivers all down my body.