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Another 10 Truly Weird Music Videos

Ian Zanni . . . Comments

The final list of this theme from this particular user, but it should be a good one. This list only features (aside from two bonus items) videos and songs from artists not previously featured. So no Manson, no Bjork, no, Aphex Twin, no NIN, no Dir En Grey and no Tool! Hope you enjoy it, Listversers!


Fuck You

Artist: Lily Allen

[WARNING: language is NSFW.] If the title wasn’t enough to get the theme across, then let me indulge you. Ms. Lily Allen hails from England, is very peeved with some narrow minded people, and let’s them know in the gloriously contrasting song. Definitely not my type of music, but it is hard not to be very entertained by the upbeat and vulgar lyrics. The video itself is quite amusing.


Day ‘N’ Nite

Artist: Kid Cudi

The line between reality and imagination gets blurred by the entertaining animated visuals. Very cool effects highlight the Cleveland rapper’s, otherwise average, stroll through town. This song about loneliness was remixed by Crookers, but I wouldn’t bother listening to that mess if I were you.


The Mission (M is for Milla Mix)

Artist: Puscifer

Despite the lack of Tool or APC on the list, the ever-eccentric Maynard James Keenan makes the list with his solo venture, Puscifer (pronounced dangerously close to “pussy-fur”). Not much to say about the video itself (the most consistent element is a dancing cowboy), but the song itself features actress Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element, the Resident Evil film franchise). It’s catchy as anything, too.


The Red Symphony

Artist: Ink Dot Boy

[WARNING: Video is NSFW] This video starts out with a lonely chick walking around town. Then some guy with black stuff all over his eyes. Suddenly, lesbians. That’s about all I gathered. The band’s Facebook page has this to say:

Influences: Pieces of stardust and distant, eerie cries of the witching hours, sounds of sexual penetration.

Band Interests: Creating haunting noises that may take you elsewhere in the parallel universe.

Take from that what you will.


Long Time

Artist: Cake

When it comes to weird concept videos, this band takes the… Nevermind, stupid joke. Anyway, they do a damn good job of animating a bizarre video with a touching meaning behind it. The man and his monkey best friend were just juggling apples, no need to have them executed! Or.. Whatever, make up your own interpretation.


Time To Pretend

Artist: MGMT

And here we have a send-up of the rock and roll lifestyle (or Scarface, it could go either way). I could fall back on the usual stupid LSD/hippie jokes I usually make about triply videos, or I could just say watch the video and absorb all the weird it has to offer. So, yeah, that.



Artist: Slipknot

This sad tale of depression and obsession comes to us from the, usually very heavy, Slipknot. The only thing heavy about this outing is the meaning behind the song and visuals. Many Slipknot fans were upset with the song, and while it is quite a one-outer for the masked men, I personally think it is beautifully done. Stay tuned to the end for the bizarre twist. The production value is considered enough for the video to qualify as a short film.


Push Button

Artist: Stolen Babies

Oh, avant-garde metal, you are so easy to pick on for these kind of lists. Trippy, and just plain odd, animation has been a reoccurring theme in this list so far, but generally songs have been regular fair. But the Stolen Babies manage to take that familiarity and throw it away. Unless you are familiar with the dark cabaret genre, a metal band that employs an accordion may be a little… Out there.



Artist: Tyler, the Creator

Anybody familiar with OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), or just Odd Future, knows that the leader of the rap collective is Tyler, the Creator. Say whatever you want about the music, but at twenty years old, Tyler is rapper, producer and music video director. Which means he is probably laughing all the way to the bank.


Saving Us

Artist: Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian, of System of a Down fame, released this video for a song off his first solo work, Elect the Dead. The simply depicted message of humanity displayed in the video is a prime example of modern music videos as an art form.

  • Maggot

    Lol – no this, no that, but you still had to slip in a quasi-SoaD shout out…at number 1, no less. :-)

    • ianz09

      It was supposed to be a bonus item :(

      • Maggot

        Heh I’m just razzing you because I know you like them (and I can’t stand them). No fault of yours, but you know it’s a rough day for Listverse when they have to take a mulligan…

        • ianz09

          Yeah, what happened to the other list? I missed that. And anyway, as much as I still love SoaD, I have actually been way more into Tool and Mushroomhead lately

          • Johan

            Jfrater, what happened to the earlier list? Was it not accurate?
            Is honey not a good disinfectant? Cause I just smeared myself in it… :(

          • Based on a comment I saw on the previous list, it sounded like it was just lifted from a Yahoo! article.

          • Maggot

            The problem was that all of the tips would actually result in horrible disfigurement. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though.

          • Auburn Tiger

            Wait. That tab I finally closed is now gone forever?! Well, I guess I could go to Yahoo or kill myself or really just do anything included in that list. Good riddance.

        • Magnumto

          I’m late to the party – what happened to Top 10 Bizarre Health Tips?

          • Otter

            It was pretty much cut and pasted from a yahoo health article. It was removed for being a pathetic attempt from someone trying to pass off a stolen article as his own.

          • David

            scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub… it never happened in Listverserland.

            And we shall never speak of it again…

  • Molly SC

    Just so you know, that isn’t the actual “Fuck You” video… it’s a mash up of a few others of hers. She never made an official video for that song.

  • timothyjames

    Tyler the creator is awesome.

  • ianz09

    Meh, the video for 10 is wrong… and it’s modified a little from my original submission

  • hmm

    they are not particularly weird didnt inspire me to watch any of these videos. unsuccessgul list.

    • kid

      unsuccessful attempt to spell “unsuccessful”..just kidding

  • Arsnl

    I always thought depeche mode enjoy the silence was a pretty weird video. This list should have been posted on the 30th anniversary of mtv

  • ianz09

    For the record, the original submission had Push It by Static-X at 4, A Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold at 1, and Snuff and Saving Us as bonus items, hence the claim that the main list featured no repeat artists (Slipknot and Serj both appeared before). Turns out some items weren’t available in all countries, hence the edits. Otherwise, as usual, thanks for the published article!

  • Jack

    I fucking LOVE Serj Tankian and anything system of a down related

  • DJ

    Ever seen “Smack My B***h Up!” by Prodigy? It’s all about the ending on that one.

    • Otter

      YES!!!! That is an AMAZING video. I remember the warning on MTV prior to them being able to air it and thought it would be a stupid video. But damn was I wrong. And you are correct, the ending is phenomenal. For those of you that haven’t seen it, you tube it asap.

  • oouchan

    I love that Lily Allen song! It always makes me laugh.

    Cool list.

  • Shlooby Pooby

    Go watch the video for A Walk In The Park by Beach House

  • ashleysweet

    ohh push button is such a good song! stolen babies is a great band! not many people know the band i was surprised to see it on here

  • formerly known as Dangsthurt

    No one has heard of these jabbroni bands.

    No wonder their muzac vids sux.

  • shoobidoo

    you must be very young….most these videos are brand new. music videos have been around for 30 years bra. also, you must not like to party. crookers remix of day n night is a banger.

  • drrinds

    Why is Satellite Skin by Modest Mouse never on any of these lists? Seriously, it doesn’t get much weirder than this:

  • hercules321

    Wow… MGMT’s Time To Pretend is one of my all time favourite songs!

    Didn’t know it had such a shitty video!! :(

    Good list though…

    • hercules321

      Wow! “Sh*tty” is nothing compared to no 10 in the list! Why do you have to censor that? :)

  • OverThere

    I love the music video of snuff. Simple yet creepy at the same time. Many of my friends were shocked to know that the artist is Slipknot.

  • I love the Lily Allen song, F*ck You, got to see her in concert and it was slightly surreal to see/hear an entire crowd screaming F*CK YOU so happily at the singer.

    Never found it a particularly hard song to enjoy, curse words arn’t really a big thing here.

    Though I did hear it played lots in Portugal during the day and was suprised it was uncensored.

  • Jack

    Not as good as the first list, seriously no comparison!!

  • Sudo

    Paranoid Android!

  • missmozell

    THANK YOU for that first one! It may be my new theme song. The music reminds me of some of the bright pop I listened to back around third grade, but the lyrics… I will now attempt to distribute this to everyone I know–including my mother. Mom is cool.

  • Grant

    Still disappointed to not see “Assistant to the regional manager” b The Devil Wears Prada.
    It’s very similar to some tool videos

  • Brittany H.

    I would say “Laser Beam” by Super Furry Animals-very trippy but awesome!

  • ParusMajor

    WHEN does the Fat Lady sing? I want all of this to be OVER!!!

  • Mr. Rager

    Why the fuck would you say “I wouldn’t bother listening to that MESS if I were you” about any Kid Cudi song at all! If you weren’t so close minded and listened to the lyrics closely you’ll realize a lot of it has very profound and meaningful lyrics! Especially from his latest album, so don’t write some fucking biased stuff on his song that you don’t understand the meaning to.

    • ianz09

      Listened to regular version- Loved it.

      Listened to Crookers’ version- Hated it.

      Not biased if I gave them both a fair chance. Remix flunked out. Speaking of bias, hating me because I openly hated on ONE song shows a serious bias on you part. Frankly, I don’t think I’m obligated to love every Kid Cudi song, and you thinking I have to is both arrogant and ignorant. But thank you for the reply to terrible, terrible list! :)

      • Mr. Rager

        Okay, nevermind I thought you were saying the original one is as well, completely disregard that statement, other then that, the other songs I had no problem with other then Day n Nite

  • Kombushaa

    loveee serj going to his concert this month !!

  • sam

    hey, when I pushed play on the lily allen video, I dont think it played what it was supposed to, that video looked like bits of some of her other videos.

  • rainer

    I am so confused…wtf is up with the ending to the snuff one? Is the guy dressed as the girl because he’s obsessed with her?

  • Colton

    Just FYI: #9’s unedited version is about smoking marijuana, not being lonely. It also makes the video make a little more sense that way…

    • Mr. Rager

      Yup but… Sadly the lyrics of it censored and they even remove the words “the lonely stoner” many times as well as “he smokes a clip”, don’t you just love unnecessary censorship in songs!? I sure as hell don’t. All it is are some words involving weed, not like kids don’t hear it anywhere else, I feel the lyrics shouldn’t be altered or censored in anyway if its something as stupid as that because, that’s the way the artist wrote it and wants it to be and it should stay that way they had intended it.

  • Snuff

    Snuff is my favorite song by Slipknot. It’s so deep. The video is weird, but the song is so good.

  • Ryan

    I read this just to see if yonkers was on here, and look at that it is. Glad I clicked it though, its a good list.

  • J

    Lilly allen vid is funny. Always very funny to hear people defending their world view by hating on others world views. She may have been singing about herself in some of those verses. Ah, the irony is strong in that one.

  • karongoose

    the lily allen one is wrong thats just a montage of all her other videos in black and white. and the kid cudi song is actually about getting bored and getting high with the original lyrics being “the lonely stoner…”

  • John

    I’m with stupid by Static- X

  • KillerBat

    If these were weird then what would you say about these: Right Now (Korn), The Day the Dead Walk (6 Feet Under)

  • schuyler_68661

    Where Is Earl by Earl Sweatshirt? That video is hella weird (not from california) and i knew Yonkers was gonna be on this list. OFWGKTADGAF

  • Kratoswins

    What’s the deal with the black guy playing with cockroaches!? Here’s a few to add to the mix. They don’t have that gross out factor but are cool.

  • FullShrimp

    again, no ‘The Trial’, what is this? any music video by Pink Floyd is weird but ‘The Trial’ by far the weirdest.

  • Brackus Studley

    How is Yonkers on here? Look 90% of music videos are as “weird” as Yonkers and Day and Nite. If you were gonna put Rap you could have put something like Kool Keith or Aesop Rock.

    Bad List.

  • fiewtoid
  • MissAD

    You forgot to mention “Safety Dance”.

  • itswinston

    I lol’ed at MGMTs music video o:

  • flipflop

    ‘She is the new thing’ by the Horrors is quite weird, towards the end; boarder-line disturbing.
    Just a suggestion, fantastic list by the way. It’s nice to see all sorts of genres.I love the music section of listverse.

  • Me
  • Biohazard Angel

    this is crap,inkdotboy should not be on this list at all,i love that video,song and i love them, this is blasphemy,they are a great band !!!! who ever thinks they are weird have lost there mind,but the truth is..i AM WEIRD and proud of it :D so naturally i like weird things

  • Sally

    Ink Dot Boy is incredible. I highly suggest giving him a listen; you won’t be dissapointed.

  • Vviv2

    Ink Dot Boy rocks!

  • Van Reaper

    Here for the Ink dot Boy… what is the other patented crap again?

  • Trey

    I think this group has some pretty weird stuff. Terry Sutton Conspiracy. Half of his music is played backwards…


  • jessundefined

    I have to say that MGMT – ‘Kids’ should have been on there. What a weird concept for a video, a little baby walking down a street full of monsters and crying. Poor kid.

  • A7X

    What about Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold?

  • Pawlik

    Skrillex – first of the year should be on the list, realygood song and creepy weird ass video :)

  • John

    The video posted for Fuck You- Lily Allen isn’t the right one. The one here is a combination of Who’d Have Known, Alfie, and LDN. The real video can be found if you google it.

  • Emwa

    Dir En Grey? The prodigy? Aphex Twin? The Horrors??

  • Trolololololol

    Have you not seen any video by Rammstein or Die Antwoord?

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  • Mata

    None of those videos are weird. Die Antwood have a few “artistic and eccentric” videos but they create some of the best and not to mention hilarious.