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Top 15 Crime Bosses and Drug Lords in 2012

Dylan Angeles . . . Comments

There are certain people in the world that you don’t want to mess with: those who control some of the largest organized crime operations on the planet. Organized crime has always been a problem, but as we move into 2012 some syndicates have exploded with profit and influence. Criminal groups that used to follow illegal schemes have turned to more reliable forms of profit.

The people that will be highlighted in this article include the current leaders of the Sicilian Mafia, American Cosa Nostra, Neopolitan Camorra, ‘Ndrangheta, Russian Mafia, Albanian Mafia, Chinese Triads, Japanese Yakuza, Montreal Mob, Solntsevskaya Bratva, Clerkenwell crime syndicate, Los Rastrojos, Sinaloa Cartel, and the Juárez Cartel.

In some cases it was hard to determine the true godfather, so an underboss is highlighted. In order to be considered for the article the individual had to be either out of jail or scheduled to be released in the next year. This was necessary in order to eliminate the huge amount of crime bosses that continue to run operations from behind bars.


John DiFronzo


In the world of organized crime it is rare for a high profile boss to remain out of jail and in power for a long period of time. John DiFronzo has accomplished this. He is the current leader of the Chicago Outfit. The Chicago outfit is one of the largest crime syndicates in the United States. They are known for violence, turf fighting, and have operations in many cities, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami. One of the Chicago Outfits biggest competitors is the Russian Mob. Unlike most organized crime groups, the Outfit has members from other ethnicities besides Italian Americans, including the Polish, Welsh, and Japanese-American populations. To this day, the Outfit has a strong influence from Al Capone.

In 1993, a man named John “No Nose” DiFronzo took over as the boss of the Chicago Outfit. DiFronzo was a veteran enforcer and caporegime of the family. He got the nickname “No Nose” because he sliced off part of his nose while jumping through a window during a 1949 clothing store burglary. DiFronzo is known for his dangerous temper. However, little information is available about his true personality. In 2005, DiFronzo avoided indictment in the “Family Secrets” trial of the top Chicago Mafia leaders. This fact, along with other federal indictments has caused some to question DiFronzo’s true motivations and possible connection with the police. As of 2012, he continues to run the Chicago Outfit.


Adams Family

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The Clerkenwell crime syndicate or A-team is one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the United Kingdom. The gang was formed in the 1980s by Terry Adams and his two brothers Tommy and Patrick Adams. The family is known for brute force, violence, and wealth. They are said to be involved in drug trafficking, extortion, security fraud, gambling, as well as the hijacking of gold bullion shipments. The A-team has been linked to 25 gangland murders and often uses Afro-Caribbean muscle to influence informants and rival criminals.

Terry Adams is the boss of the syndicate, while his brothers control the finances and enforcement. The overall wealth of the brothers has been placed around $200 million, but due to the nature of the criminal world, it is impossible to determine the true extent of the A-team’s influence. The BBC has asserted that the crime syndicates strength has decreased since 2000. In 2004, Sean “Tommy” Adams gained attention in the UK media when it was discovered that he had been hired by former footballer Kenny Dalglish to secure the sports agency Pro Active’s exclusive management rights to Manchester United and England football striker Wayne Rooney.

In 2007, Terry Adams was convicted of money laundering charges and jailed for seven years. He was ordered to repay £4.7 million in legal aid and £800,000 of prosecution costs. Overall, it was a minor offence for Adams, who has the ability to keep a distance from murder and other serious criminal activities of the organization. Adams was released on June 24, 2010, but recalled to prison in August 2011 for breaching his license. He didn’t report a £7,500 facelift and £7,000 trip to the dentist. Currently, Terry Adams is in jail, but expected to be released in the next couple years. His two brothers are under surveillance by the Serious Organised Crime Agency and police in Spain, but continue to run the Clerkenwell crime syndicate.


Vito Rizzuto


In the last couple years the organized crime situation in Montreal, Quebec, Canada has become a problem for authorities. A turf war has been waged between the Rizzuto crime family, who has operated in Montreal for decades, and the Italian based ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate. In 2007, the long reigning Godfather of the Italian Mafia in Canada Vito Rizzuto was arrested and given a sentence of 10 years. Since then, many of the high ranking officials in the Rizzuto crime family have been murdered, including Vito’s father Nicolo, his son Nick, Paolo Renda, Agostino Cuntrera, and most recently Salvatore Montagna, who was an acting boss of the Bonanno crime family of New York City.

Vito Rizzuto is scheduled to be released from prison in October of 2012 and the police fear that he will organize a mass retaliation effort against the ‘Ndrangheta with the help of some powerful men. It can only be suspected that Ruzzuto will do whatever it takes to avenge the death of his family. Vito Rizzuto is a smart boss and according to law enforcement officials he oversaw a criminal empire that imported and distributed tones of heroin, cocaine, and hashish into Canada. Rizzuto laundered hundreds of millions of dollars and profited from illegal gambling, fraud, and contract killings. Some people have dubbed the Rizzuto clan the Sixth Family and put them on an equal footing as the Five Families of New York, so you can be sure that some important people are overlooking the situation.


Giovanni Motisi

Giovanni Motisi3

The Motisi Mafia clan is a historical Mafia syndicate from the Pagliarelli area in Palermo, Italy. The organization is powerful and has a direct tie to the Sicilian Mafia. In the 1980s, a man named Matteo Motisi took control of the Motisi clan and became connected with the Corleonesi faction of the Italian mob. After Matteo was arrested for murder and sentenced to life in prison, his nephew Giovanni Motisi (u pacchiuni) took over as the new boss of the Pagliarelli family. Giovanni has been a federal fugitive since 1998 and is considered to be one of the more powerful bosses of Palermo.

Giovanni Motisi rose in the ranks of the Mafia with a reputation for violence and a quick wit. Motisi is close friends with boss Bernardo Provenzano, who was arrested in 2006. After Provenzano was jailed, it is thought that Giovanni Matisi was given more responsibly in the Cosa Nostra. Today, the whereabouts of Motisi are unknown. According to some reports he is dead, while others maintain that he is hiding out in Agrigento, in the south of Sicily. If he is in Italy, there is no doubt that Giovanni Motisi plays an important role in the Sicilian Mafia.


Vicente Carrillo Fuentes


The Juárez Cartel is a Mexican drug cartel based in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, across the border from El Paso, Texas. The group has a reputation for intense violence and torture. They will mutilate their victims and leave the bodies in a central location for everyone to witness. To give you a clear estimate on the wealth of the Juárez Cartel in the late 1990s. After cartel leader Amado Carrillo Fuentes died in 1997 from plastic surgery complications he had an estimated wealth of US$25 billion, which makes him one of the wealthiest criminals in history.

Since 1998, the undisputed leader of the Juárez Cartel has been Amado’s brother Vicente Carrillo Fuentes. For a short time Fuentes formed a partnership with the biggest drug lords in Mexico, including Ismael “Mayo” Zambada, the Beltrán Leyva brothers, and Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. However, after the Sinaloa Cartel refused to pay for a collection of smuggling routes into the U.S., the friendship was broken. The Juárez Cartel then became enemies to the Sinaloa Cartel.

The bad blood between the groups escalated in 2004 when Vicente’s brother Rodolfo Carillo was killed outside of a movie theatre allegedly at the order of Guzmán Loera. In response, Vicente Carrillo had Guzmán Loera’s brother “El Pollo” assassinated in prison. The event marked the beginning of a massive Mexican turf war which has caught the attention of media from around the world. In 2005, the Juárez Cartel was at the center of the “House of Death” case, where the organization was penetrated by law enforcement, but the case was compromised because the informant participated in the murders.

Despite the advancement of the Sinaloa Cartel, Vicente Carrillo Fuentes remains a billionaire and controls a large portion of Mexico’s drug trade. He collects hundreds of millions of dollars each year by smuggling huge amounts of drugs into the United States. Fuentes remains one of Mexico’s most powerful and wanted drug lords. The United States is offering a $5 million dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of Vicente Carrillo Fuentes.


Diego Perez Henao

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Los Rastrojos is a group that is currently engaged in the Colombian armed conflict. The cartel is considered to be the largest supplier of drugs in Columbia. They collaborate with a wide range of Mexican syndicates, including the most powerful Sinaloa Cartel. Los Rastrojos specializes in the transportation of cocaine, heroin, and illegal gold mining. They control the primary smuggling routes into Venezuela, which is a bridge for cocaine into Europe. The organization is, together with the Norte del Valle cartel, considered the “heirs” of the Cali cartel. However, some people feel Los Rastrojos are in fact the same as the Norte del Valle cartel.

Luis Enrique Calle Serna alias “Comba” was the leader of Los Rastrojos until he surrendered to the U.S. DEA in May of 2012. With the news of Comba’s arrest, second in command Diego Perez Henao (Diego Rastrojo) assumed control of the criminal organization. Perez Henao is widely considered to be one of the most powerful Columbian drug lords in the world, along with Daniel Barrera Barrera alias “El Loco Barrera.”

In the early years of Los Rastrojos, Perez was instrumental in the expansion and growth of the organization, sending out heavily armed cells to different parts of the country. He secured access to drug crops, cocaine laboratories, and corridors within Colombia. Before becoming a drug lord, Diego Rastrojo was a longtime hitman who specialized in collecting coca in rural areas. He maintains a low profile and little information is known about his personal life. As of 2012, Perez maintains direct command over Los Rastrojos across Columbia and takes a direct hand in combat. He has been indicted by the U.S. government and remains a federal fugitive.


Daut Kadriovski

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Albanian organized crime is a major problem in Albania, the United States, the European Union, and other areas of the world. In Albania there are over 15 mafia clans that control organized crime. The Albanian mob is known for violence, torture, and terrorist activity. They have constructed an enormous crime syndicate that is primarily based around drug and arms trafficking. However, the syndicate participates in a diverse range of criminal enterprises, including car theft. Similar to other organized crime groups, the typical structure of the Albanian Mafia is hierarchical. They hold a deep reliance on loyalty, honor, and blood relationships.

Albanian Mafia clans are usually made up of groups of fewer than 500 members. They are secretive and little information is known about the current Albanian Mafia bosses. In the 1980s, the Albanian Mafia moved into New York and began to fight with the Italians. Today, the Albanian presence is highly evident and the organization has come to an agreement with other criminal syndicates, who have agreed to stay out of their way.

In Italy, Albanian organized crime gangs appear to control the car theft and trafficking market. Albanian gangs are believed to be largely responsible for sex trafficking, immigrants smuggling, and the heroin trade in the United Kingdom. They hold a heavy presence in France, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Australia, and Honduras. According to Wikileaks, Albanian Mafia clans are affiliated with various South American politicians and banks.

It remains unclear who the acting boss of the entire Albanian Mafia is, but it is clear that a man named Daut Kadriovski is one of the leaders. He is the reputed boss (godfather) of one of the 15 Families. A Yugoslav Interior Ministry report identified him as one of Europe’s biggest heroin dealers, and calls Daut Kadriovski a “major financial resource for the KLA.” In 1993, Kadriovski moved to New York and began to assert himself in the Albanian Mafia. He is currently wanted in 12 European countries, but remains a free man. Kadriovski gained the attention of the Australian Authorities after it was discovered that he created a drug pipeline through Albanian and Croatia to Sydney and Brisbane.

He was one of the most accomplished mobsters in modern history. Buy Bulger On Trial: Boston’s Most Notorious Gangster And The Pursuit Of Justice at!


Pasquale Scotti

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The Camorra is a Mafia-type criminal organization that originated in the region of Campania and its capital Naples in Italy. It is one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world and dates back to the 16th century. The word “Camorra” was first used in 1735, when a royal decree authorized the establishment of eight gambling houses in Naples. The word is almost certainly a blend of “capo” (boss) and a Neapolitan street game, the “morra.” Unlike the Cosa Nostra, the Camorra is composed of individual clans that act independently of each other.

In recent years, various Camorra families have formed alliances with Nigerian drug gangs and the Albanian Mafia. In Campania, where the unemployment rate is high, the Camorra have began to offer children jobs in the area of criminal activity, including cigarette smuggling, drug trafficking, and theft. It is difficult for officials to fight the problem because the society of Campania has come to tolerate and accept the mobsters. The area is governed by a code of silence or omertà that persists to this day.

Pasquale Scotti is an Italian criminal and boss of the Camorra. He has been wanted in Italy since 1985 for murder, concealment of corpse, and other crimes. Scotti has been described as a smooth and ruthless personality. He is one of the most able of the lieutenants of the historic leader Raffaele Cutolo and is an extremely popular mobster. On Christmas Eve of 1984, Scotti escaped from the hospital of Caserta where he had been admitted for a wound to the hand.

In 1990, an international arrest warrant was issued against Pasquale Scotti. However, he has since disappeared. In January 2005, he received a life sentence for a series of 26 murders during the 1982-83 Camorra war between the NCO and the Nuova Famiglia. In October 2011, while Scotti had been on the run for nearly 27 years, the Italian police issued a new photo profile on the basis of a mug-shot from the 1980s. The new attention sparked interest in the case and prompted new questions over possible leads. Some people have described the possibly that Pasquale Scotti is dead.


Kenichi Shinoda


In Japan, the largest organized crime syndicate is known as the yakuza. The group is extremely powerful and has a long history. In 2012, it was estimated that over 100,000 yakuza exist, with 85,000 of them living in Japan. The most powerful yakuza syndicate is the Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi, which is one of the largest organized crime groups in the world. The Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi is known for strict rules and tradition. The syndicate makes billions of dollars each year from extortion, gambling, the sex industry, guns, drugs, real estate, construction kickback schemes, stock market manipulation, and Internet pornography.

The supreme godfather of the Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi is named the kumicho. The first kumicho was Harukichi Yamaguchi, who ruled from 1915-1935. The current boss is Kenichi Shinoda. Shinoda is one of the most powerful and dangerous men in Japan. He gained control of the syndicate in 2005 after the retirement of previous don Yoshinori Watanabe. Under Shinoda’s rule, the Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi has expanded and moved into some areas of Tokyo that are traditionally not Yamaguchi turf. He is the first Yamaguchi-gumi kumicho not to hail from the Kansai region and is well known for public appearances.

Kenichi Shinoda has been in and out of prison for his entire life. In the early 1970s, he was convicted of murdering a rival gang boss with a katana, and spent 13 years in prison. In 2005, only four months after being named kumicho, Shinoda began serving a six-year prison sentence for gun possession. He was released on April 9, 2011 and regained personal control of the crime syndicate. While in jail, the Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi was run by Kiyoshi Takayama.

Takayama has been dubbed the “Katame of Nagoya” or simply the “Katame” meaning “one eye,” because he has a closed right eye. In early 2012, it was announced by the U.S. Treasury that it would freeze the assets of both Kenichi Shinoda and Kiyoshi Takayama. Journalists called the move “a slap in the face to the Japanese government” for taking a lenient stance toward organized crime. Since the 2011 earthquake, Japan has seen an increase in organized crime activity. The action was the first time the U.S. government used the 2011 executive order to “target and disrupt significant transnational criminal organizations.”


Liborio Bellomo

Bellomo Liborio

In the United States the Mafia is most active in New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New England, Detroit, and Chicago. In New York there are five main families that run operations, including the Gambino, Lucchese, Genovese, Bonanno, and Colombo clans. The largest and most powerful of these families is the Genovese crime family. The Genovese family is known for running offshore gambling websites. In the 21st century the Genovese syndicate contributed to the U.S. mortgage crisis by taking advantage of easy bank loans. In the history of the crime family only five members have ever turned state’s evidence.

Officially, the current acting boss of the Genovese crime family is an imprisoned man named Daniel Leo, who is scheduled to be released in 2013, but another man named Liborio Bellomo (Big Barney) is said to be one of the fastest rising Mafia members in the United States today. In 1992, Vincent Gigante thought enough of Bellomo to give him control of the Genovese family’s day-to-day operations at the age of 35. Bellomo was considered Vincent Gigante’s logical successor as boss until he was sent to prison in 1996.

In 2008, Bellomo was released and regained his position in the family. His exact role is yet to be revealed, but many assume that Liborio Bellomo is one of the top gangsters of New York. Among the five families of New York the current acting bosses include Vincent Badalamenti (Bonanno), Domenico Cefalu (Gambino), Carmine Persico (Colombo), Steven Crea (Lucchese), and Daniel Leo (Genovese).


Domenico Condello

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One of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world is the ‘Ndrangheta. The syndicate is based in Calabria, southern Italy. The ‘Ndrangheta operate independently from the Sicilian Mafia and control over 3% of Italy’s total GDP through extortion, money laundering, drug trafficking, and other illegal operations. It has been estimated that the ‘Ndrangheta generate an annual revenue of about €35-40 billion. The main difference between the Sicilian Mafia and the Ndrangheta is their recruitment methods.

The ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate is active all over the world, but extremely prevalent in Canada, especially Toronto. Canada’s banking system is very secretive and doesn’t allow investigation, so it is an ideal place to launder money. Inside of the ‘Ndrangheta, the boss is given the title Capo crimine, but unlike other criminal organizations, this person is not the “boss of bosses.” They actually have comparatively little authority to interfere in family feuds or violence. The last known Capo crimine was Domenico Oppedisano, who was arrested in 2010.
During the late 2000s, the most powerful man inside of the enormous ‘Ndrangheta syndicate was Pasquale Condello. He was known as “Il supremo” (the supreme one) inside of the family.

Condello was regarded as a key figure in the world of trafficking cocaine between Colombia and Italy. He also controlled valuable water purifying contracts in some Calabrian towns. In 2008, Condello was arrested by over 100 policemen who converged on an apartment in the district of Occhio di Péllaro, on the outskirts of Reggio Calabria.

Since the ‘Ndrangheta rely on family blood to organize their hierarchical structure, the next person in line to be the supreme leader of the clan was Pasquale’s cousin Domenico Condello. Domenico is currently one of the most wanted men in Italy and has been evading police for years. In 2012, it was announced that a collection of Domenico’s accomplices and family members were arrested for harboring the fugitive. In 2012, Condello remains at large and a major force behind the ‘Ndrangheta management.


Chang An-lo


The United Bamboo Gang is the largest of Taiwan’s three main Triads. The Triad Underground Society is a term used to describe a collection of Chinese criminal organizations based in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Macau, Taiwan, China, and other areas with a significant Chinese population. In the early 1980s the United Bamboo Gang rose to attention when the group became involved with politics. The Bamboo Union was headed by mobster Chen Chi-li (King Duck) for over 30 years until he died in 2007. The true influence of the crime syndicate is not fully understood and the Bamboo Union is a violent group that will do whatever necessary to achieve their ultimate goals.

Similar to other criminal organizations, The Bamboo Union prefers that people don’t know who the Dragonhead (boss) is. For this reason, it is impossible to determine. However, we will focus on the possible leader Chang An-lo (White Wolf). The White Wolf is a top ranking official in the Bamboo Union who is dangerous because he is extremely smart. In fact, the White Wolf holds five separate bachelor’s degrees, three of which were obtained from American universities.

While serving a prison sentence in the United States Chang An-lo was quoted: “The clock can’t be turned back. Many brothers are now in the stock, finance, and construction industries.” The statement is indicating that the Bamboo Union has moved so far into the political sector that they can make billions of dollars and yuan from legal activity and don’t need to risk smuggling. It is well known that the Triads do not deal with drug trafficking. Currently, Chang An-lo is recognized as a former leader of the Bamboo Union crime brotherhood, but remains a fugitive living in Shenzhen, which is north of Hong Kong.


Joaquín Guzmán Loera


After Osama bin Laden was killed in 2011, a man named Joaquín Guzmán Loera (El Chapo) became the most wanted man in the world. Loera is the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel and has been named “the world’s most powerful drug trafficker.” The Sinaloa Cartel is a drug-trafficking syndicate based in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, with major operations in the Mexican states of Baja California, Durango, Sonora, and Chihuahua. The cartel has been called Mexico’s most powerful organized crime group and primarily smuggles cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana into hubs around the world.

The U.S. DEA strongly believes that Joaquín Guzmán Loera has surpassed the influence of Pablo Escobar as the “godfather of the drug world.” In 2011, Forbes magazine ranked him as the 55th most powerful person in the world. He is also one of the richest and a billionaire many times over. To keep a low profile, El Chapo is known to hold a vast collection of hideouts and underground fortresses. He is connected with many powerful government officials, police officers, and other businessmen who protect the cartels assets. A kingpin named Ismael Zambada García is the co-leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

The U.S. and Mexican governments are determined to capture El Chapo Guzmán before the upcoming 2012 presidential elections. Projections show that his arrest would be good for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. In June of 2012, the PAN candidate Josefina Vázquez Mota said that if she was elected this summer she had the power to capture El Chapo and help diminish the control of the Sinaloa Cartel.

On February 19, 2012, Mexican lawmen “nearly nabbed” Guzmán Loera in a coastal mansion in Los Cabos just a day after Hillary Clinton met with foreign ministers in the same peninsula. In May 2012, the U.S. Treasury Department announced that it would apply sanctions against Guzman’s sons under the Kingpin Act, which prohibits people in the U.S. from conducting businesses with them. Currently, a $7 million reward is being offered for information leading to El Chapo’s arrest, $5 million from the U.S. government and another $2 million from Mexico.


Matteo Messina Denaro


Who is the current capo dei capi of the Sicilian Mafia? This article will focus on a man named Matteo Messina Denaro who is thought to be the godfather. Denaro is currently not in prison, but is heavily wanted all over the world. In Italy, the Sicilian Mafia (Cosa Nostra) is a powerful criminal syndicate that emerged in the middle of the 1800s. The organization is composed of a collection of families who claim a territory in which they operate an extensive racketeering business.

In 2008, it was reported that about 25.2% of Sicilian businesses were indebted to loan sharks, who collected around €1.4 billion a year in payments. The Sicilian Mafia is believed to have a turnover of €6.5 billion through the control of public and private contracts. Mafiosi members reportedly use threats of violence and vandalism to muscle out competitors and win contracts. It is estimated that the Sicilian Mafia costs the Sicilian economy more than €10 billion a year through protection rackets.

All of these facts have put pressure on the Italian police to fight the Cosa Nostra. In 2008, the authorities foiled an attempt by the syndicate to reconstitute a new Mafia Commission. At the meeting a large number of names were nominated as the new godfather, including Benedetto Capizzi, Gaetano Lo Presti, Gerlando Alberti, Gregorio Agrigento, Giovanni Lipari, Gaetano Fidanzati, Giuseppe Scaduto, and Salvatore Lombardo. Some younger bosses include Giovanni Riina, Domenico Raccuglia, Pietro Tagliavia, Gianni Nicchi, and Raccuglia. Most of these people are in prison, but it should be mentioned that a large collection of mafia members continue to run operations while in jail.

Matteo Messina Denaro is a 50-year-old mafia boss that is widely considered to be the current godfather. He is one of the wealthiest fugitives in the world. Denaro is often portrayed as a ruthless playboy and womanizer by the media. He is violent man and has a reputation for fast living and expensive things. Over the last couple years, the Italian government has seized over 3 billion euros from dealings related to Messina Denaro. In 2011, an attempt to arrest Denaro failed and he escaped. Today, he remains one of the top mob bosses in the world.


Semion Mogilevich


Semion Mogilevich has been described by the FBI as the most dangerous mobster in the world. He is a Ukrainian-born organized crime boss who is believed to be the leader of the Russian Mafia. All decisions related to the expansion and organization of the syndicate is run by Semion Mogilevich. He is an extremely intelligent and ruthless leader who holds a degree in economics. Mogilevich earned the nicknames “Don Semyon” and “The Brainy Don” because of his smarts. According to Wikileaks, Mogilevich has been connected with some huge companies, including RosUkrEnergo, Raiffeisen Bank, and Gazprom, which is a Russian state energy group.

Semion Mogilevich rose to the position of godfather after he gained control of the Solntsevskaya Bratva. The Solntsevskaya Bratva is a powerful crime organization from Moscow named after the Solntsevo neighborhood in the city. The syndicate is considered to be one of the most dangerous criminal groups in the world. They are known for a strict code of violence, drug smuggling, racketeering, illegal gambling, kidnapping, and contract killings. The Russian Mob is also one of the most profitable in the world and Semion Mogilevich is said to be a secret billionaire.

Some articles have even suggested a link between the criminal kingpin and Vladimir Putin, accusing Putin of keeping Mogilevich safe in return for his presidential support. Whatever the case, Semion Mogilevich is currently the most recognized and powerful organized crime boss in the world. He is protected by a thick line of political defenses and continues to control the most detrimental criminal clan of Russia. On October 22, 2009 Mogilevich was named by the FBI as the 494th fugitive to be placed on the Ten Most Wanted list.

  • db202

    What about Whitey Bulger? Is he still eligible for this list?

    • msb001

      what about Don Abrahams from India? Where does he fit in?

  • Laboom

    Its worth noting that with many of the above drug lords (#3 in particular),

    The American ‘War on Drugs’ plays a significant role in funding these people and is keeping them in power.

    (I’m also pretty sure #3 made a point about this)

    The ‘war’ sky rockets the value of the Drugs and only a select few can get it in and around the country(s) (those who are prepared to take the risk), so in essence, the illegality of drugs essentially built half of these guys and made their work profitable enough to continue, just like prohibition built the a large majority of the American Mafia.

    • Jack

      THANK YOU. I think it’s long been time for America to cease waging these absurd wars on non-entities such as “drugs,” “Communism,” and “terrorism.”

      • diablo135

        Yeah we should make drugs legal. Then more people will eat faces or cut out their friends hearts and eat them.


          Incidences such as the recent one in Miami are so rare whilst the instances of murder, rape, torture, extortion and general abuse in the Latin states of the Americas are frequent, particularly in Mexico where tens of thousands have been murdered. Legalisation would certainly help the plight of these nations and the taxes raised from the taxation of drugs would help western nations such as America, Canada and Britain fight the problem without the massive loss of life in the far flung locales that the majority of the public seem to at the moment not care about.

          It would also reduce the risk of ‘face-eating’ incidences as drugs would be increasingly regulated by the government, reducing the chance of a particularly strong strain of, in this case LSD getting on to the streets.

          • Look, this ‘super-potent LSD’ rubbish is just that – rubbish. LSD is already one of the more potent substances known to man – ‘super-potent LSD’ just doesn’t exist.

            In fact the substances involved in these cases was not hallucinogenic at all. It was a mix of research chemical stimulants, labelled as bath-salts, which only exist at all as a response to meddling governments banning the use of drugs such as ecstasy, LSD and speed (which are all far safer than alcohol, smoking tobacco and unhealthy food.)

            In short – governments ban relatively safe substances and impose legal penalties for using them; as a response, chancer chemists invent new, untested concoctions which can and do harm people; rounding off the cycle of dumbness governments then use these cases as justification for banning the safer substances in the first place! Dangerous madness perpetrated by fools and knaves which every day costs more and more in the way of human lives. I despair of this planet sometimes.

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    Long and interesting list. Lots of middle-eastern and south asian mobsters who have connection with the ex-most wanted man are eliminated from the list though. We need a sequel.

  • laboom

    Five realities here:

    1) The war on drugs put these people in power

    2) The war on drugs has led to absurd prison populations that cost billions

    3) The war on drugs costs billions itself

    4) The leaders of the cartels are responsible for the majority of crime

    5) Millions take drugs in all countries relevant to this list and will continue to do so.

    Four more realities:

    1) Millions take drugs despite the legal status of them

    2) Every drug addict has a drug dealer

    3) Just because somethings made legal (alcohol and tobacco) doesn’t mean everyones going to take it

    4) The available drugs are non-regulated, expensive and often dangerous (more so)

    5) If the government manufactured, sold, taxed, administered and made the drugs legal, half of these issues and people on the list would vanish.

    • Julius

      The end of the prohibition didn’t particularly get rid of the mafia now did it?

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        They’re onto Drugs and Prostitution now, aren’t they?

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        Well… I guess they don’t make much money on alcohol…

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        And the War on Drugs didn’t particularly get rid of drugs.

        • Arsnl

          Didnt the Netherlands (that bastion of progressive thinking) ban selling pot to foreigners?
          I thought making everything legal is the way to go. Hmm. Weird.
          And we’re talking about pot here not cocaine or heroin, you know the heavy stuff. But pot (which i personally dont care if it’s made legal or not)

          • Armin Tamzarian

            Yeah, I know. Our government is hard on its way to returning to the ’50ies, so, so much for our bastion of progressive thinking. It’s sad to see, really.

            We are seeing the negative effects of the ban already: in the cities and municipalities where it is in place, street dealers have taken over, and drug mules are racing through them as we speak. It was and is a retarded idea.

    • Arsnl

      You CANNOT make cocaine or heroin legal. It is the most idiotic thing ever heard. Look at how much alcohol consumption is a burden on the health care system. Now think about cocaine if it were legal.
      And if it were legal, the restrictions on its consumption, and the high cost (because of all the health effects) would make illegal coke still a viable business. Mainly because people always want cheaper goods: it’s fairly easy to buy a game or song, yet people still bootleg.

      • mom424

        They’ve made it legal in Spain, The Netherlands, and many other countries. All those countries have lower addiction rates than the USA – and of course, way less drug related crime. You’re wrong.

        • Arsnl

          I wont talk about Canada and i’ll beg of you to not talk about Europe are clearly you have NO idea whatsoever.
          I was talking about COCAINE and HEROIN, Spain and Netherlands deal with MARIJUANA. I wont talk about Canada and i’ll beg of you to not talk about Europe are clearly you have NO idea whatsoever.
          I was talking about COCAINE and HEROIN, Spain and Netherlands deal with POT(which is less addictive than tabacco,some say). So you’re wrong.
          Further more you still cannot buy pot in Spain (only home grown) and as a foreigner you cannot in Netherlands. So againg. Check your fact.
          And if comparing is your game: why dont you compare hard drug (coke heroin) use in countries were it is illegal like France, Italy, China, Eastern Europe with the US. You’ll see it is still lower than the US. People dont consume drugs cuz it is illegal so stop making it seem like that.
          Im conclusion, Im talking about hard drugs (which are still illegal in every European country) and you’re telling me about pot. So you missed the point completely.

          • TheClaw

            As someone who has PERSONALLY seen ruthless drug cartels take innocent lives to complete their illegal business transactions, as difficult and illogical as it may sound I think legalizing could be a huge hit to these bastard’s operations.
            Guatemalan president Perez Molina understands this, but he seems to be alone on this idea.
            If all central America agreed and made it legal, drug lords would have to go to extreme and more difficult measures to distribute their goods. More Importantly, Central America might be out of the Path of destruction.

      • Armin Tamzarian

        Yes, just like how people are brewing alcohol and growing tobacco in their backyards, because of the high price and the restrictions on their consumption. Oh wait, that hardly ever happens.

        Face it: people are willing to buy everything legal, as long as the pro’s outweigh the cons. In the home entertainment business, that doesn’t happen, because the prices are way to high compared to the quality of the product.

        With consumption goods most people will be willing to pay a much higher price to be sure what they put in their bodies is safe.

        Also, what would be you rationale for forbidding it? In my opinion, only things that harm other people or their goods should be forbidden. You are free to do with yourself and your stuff as you see fit. Using drugs in itself harms no-one except for the user. It’s things like fighting, driving under influence and such that cause harm for other people. But those things have been outlawed already!

        • Arsnl

          1 in5 cigarettes smoked in France come from Belgium because it is cheaper there. It is fairly easy and inexpensive to buy movies and games and music yet bootleging is huuuge in Western Europe and massive in eastern Europe (go to eastern Europe and ask how many people own original DVD’s)
          Counterfeiting costs France 6 billion euros (Lous Vuitton bags etc etc). Look at how huge bootleging is in China. Are you really telling me that people want to pay more for better? We’re not talking about Iphones here.
          “You are free to do with yourself and your stuff as you see fit” blah blah harms no one blah blah.
          So why are doctors in UK begging the govt to jack up the prices of booze because 20smth year old suffer from liver failures? How much is alcohol consumption affection their healthcare. Now add heavy, extremely addictive drugs to the mix. Who will pay for that. We’re broke.
          And if we legalise drugs here, Eastern Europe will start to be flooded by drugs (because cocaine prices will decrease and now poorer people will be able to afford it). Does Eastern Europe have the money to pay for poor drugged up people?
          Lets face it. Legalizig cocaine and heroin is stupid as bricks. And your quality argument makes 0 sense to a junkie. If i wanna get drunk i dont buy a glass of Bordeaux. I buy some cheap beer.

          • Armin Tamzarian

            As I said, it’s all about supply and demand. Cigarettes from Belgium are qualitatively just as good as French cigarettes, only much cheaper. If the choice were between expensive French cigarettes of guaranteed quality, and cheap Belgian cigarettes that contain god knows what, then import numbers would be much lower.

            For that same reason people aren’t buying illegal alcohol in big quantities. If you want do get drunk, you still go for store bought beer, even though it’s way cheaper to buy illegal alcohol. It’s better to spend some more money on legal alcohol, than risk drinking antifreeze.

            Also, I didn’t say it doesn’t harm the user. I explicitly stated it does. But I think everyone has the right to destroy their own body. As long as they don’t harm others. Why should it be forbidden to destroy your own body?

          • Arsnl

            “Why should it be forbidden to destroy your own body?”

            Because we’re a freaking society, because we help each other, because they have relatives that care for them, because they may have children whom they should care for, because doctors have the obligation to help them so we end up paying for them and doctors cant help other people as a consequence, because they can endanger others. Am i really having this convo? Armin are you a 21 year-old hippy? If so I guess you’ll resonate for with these other arguments: because a panda cries when a crack baby is born, because the moon is a little fader through the fumes of a crack pipe, because momma earth and poppa sun are gazing upon us ana*lysing our deeds, because you cant fight for the children in Kenya if you’re stoked, because happiness isnt a tear drop away, happiness is on a beautiful girl’s face, when she’s smiling.

          • Sophia

            I wish your comments had a like button Arsnl.

          • Armin Tamzarian

            How does being in a society gives you the right to decide what others should do with their bodies? People who destroy their own bodies while loved ones watch on may be egoistical jer-kwads, but they have the right to do with their own bodies what they want.

            Some people neglect their families for some hobby or job. Yet I don’t see any movement to outlaw football.

            Also, if we start banning drugs because it costs us money through healthcare, why stop there? Heart failure is a common cause of death, let’s ban all fatty food. Car crashes put people in the hospital, let’s outlaw cars. Oh yeah, and sports. Do you have any idea how many people end up in the hospital each year because of some sport injury? We should make it illegal this instant. While we’re on it, we should forbid all cell phones, electric cables, microwaves, and all the other things that (might) cause cancer too.

            Because we’re a freaking society!

      • plumber

        If they would ever make these drugs legal, the drug cartels would turn to kidnapping for money and it would just get worse.

        • By the way, Armin…. drug addicts don’t just hurt themselves. Reguarldless of if something is legal or not, they still have to pay for the object of their addiction. Be it alcohol or herion, when you become an addict, you need the object of you addiction every day, multiple times a day. People do things most normally wouldn’t do to get the money they need to fuel their addiction. It can be petty theft, or robbing someone at gun point. It still hurts other people. Not to mention the emotional toll it take on your loved ones.

          • lol, *regardless… I messed that word up really bad

          • reguarldless

            Never mind, thou art forgiven. Thanks for da laugh. :)

          • Armin Tamzarian

            Last time I checked, theft and robbery were still illegal. People who do those things can still be prosecuted.

            Banning drugs because some people commit crimes to finance their addiction is like banning cars because some people drive to fast. It’s not the fault of the drugs/cars that people commit crimes, it’s the fault of the people who can’t handle the responsibility that freedom brings.
            You shouldn’t punish everyone for the mistakes of some.

          • It’s not like banning cars because people drive too fast. They regulate speed limits to help prevent car accidents. If you’d like to compare things that are not at all the same, we’ll shall. It’s similar to how they regulate drugs that are beneficial, to prevent addiction and help protect the population. Some people still abuse them, like some people still speed and drink and drive. Let’s legalize HARD drugs, because it is unfair to take away the freedom of someone who wants to destroy their families, and the lives of people who care about them. It’s unfair for the government to tell us we don’t have the right to get blitzed on crank, meth, herion, cocaine and neglect our innocent children. While we at it, it’s also unfair for them to tell us we cannot get f-ed up and forget we left guns out that our kids can reach. Or that we have to spend our money on food and clothing instead of drugs. Why can’t we just sit at home and do drugs all day and collect welfare? Because really, we are only hurting ourselves.

            Armin, either you don’t know a true drug addict, or you are one yourself, that lies to yourself saying it’s only you that is being hurt. (Mve working in the system for years. I’ve seen firsthand what illegal drugs do to innocent children, who usually end up going up and repeating the horrible cycle. It is awful what drugs can do to normal, loving parents. Most of the cases of neglect and abuse that I have seen have been a result of drug abuse. These children are just unlucky enough to be born to a parent who is suffering from their addiction themselves. If you’d like a better understand on how drug abuse affects others, go down to what here in America is call Home of the Innocence. They have similar establishments throughout the world. They are usually government ran, and paid for by decnet tax payers such as myself. What happens to these forgotten children is sad and disgusting.

            And one more time, cocain and herion used to be legal. Until the government realized the widespread problems they were causing our society. The wars they have caused in some countries. So find a better argument for why hard drugs should be legal, because “it only hurts themselves” is incorrect.

        • Mukanya85

          And then kidnapping should then be legalized as well,lol…

      • MJCOLE

        To be fair the point your trying to make is based on a fallacy

        It is the fact that the neighbouring countrys such as germany were having issues with their citizens smuggling legal dutch weed over the border that majorly influenced the choice to ban the purchase of weed to NON RESIDENTS. So if everyone was as progressive as holland they wouldnt have to ban the sale to NON RESIDENTS.

        I am yet to hear an argument that drugs should be illegal that works for me

    • diablo135

      Like prohibition, even more people will do drugs of they are legalized. How is that good?
      Yeah we should make drugs legal. Then more people will eat faces or cut out their friends hearts and eat them.


      • MJCOLE

        The reality of it is people take drugs we can either be responsible and deal with it or we can perpetuate the lie that it being illegal solves the issue.

        There are many negative factors that arise from the abuse of drugs a large portion of which is in fact caused by it being illegal.

        The usual sticking point in any argument on the legalisation on drugs is heroin. In my opinion heroin addicts should be given a clean supply of there drug for free by the government (with a view to rehabilitation) which in turn would directly cut the everday crime that a heroin addict commits to fund their habit, which in turn would take billions alone out of organised crimes pockets.

        Working on the assumption that your child may take drugs at some point during them growing up, surely you would rather they took something that was produced properly and had in it something that is alot less likely to kill them. For years we have allowed our children to be the guinea pigs for backroom chemists whilst the criminal gangs syphon off billions in profits, when surely it would be more responsible to let the real chemist take over and let the government take there cut.

    • Lionel

      Ok so legalizing Marijuana would be fine. I’ll agree with that, but what about the hardcore drugs that dope addicts are addicted to? Legalized Pot isn’t going to make a crackhead or a methhead happy. So what do we do about them? (and yes I have heard of Methodone, but it won’t work for all drug addictions.) BTW I’m really curious to hear some actual solutions. It gets kind of old hearing ” The war on drugs is bad.” when no one posts a better solution. Oh and my solution would be since we know who and where most of these people are we send in a task force to eliminate them. Killing them and thier organizations is the only way to get them to stop,

      • psychosurfer

        I think we can get involved in byzantine endless discussions on the subject but I agree with Armin Tamzarian, regardless of all the harm that these “bad things” (drugs, guns, you name it) bring about, we are avoiding the root of these problems which is the individual responsibility that each of us hold regarding our actions.

        Leave alone the conspiracy theories and the world politics, the reality of our own story begins when we wake up in the morning and start to make decisions throughout the day, no matter if you are a politician, a bum or a druglord. Each of us has to live the consequences of such decisions.

        I say stop paternalism, if we prove that we cannot survive as a species through the effect of our own morals, then we probably are not worthy of surviving at all.

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    That’s some solid research.
    Really well done.

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    Very nice list. Very interesting and informative. This is right up my alley. A big cheers.

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    This list is scary. Just shows how loyalty can waver with money.


    This is how you write a list. Make Ryan Thomas read it twice.

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    Good list, well researched. I like it.

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    You forgot the biggest gang in the World ( FREEMASONS)

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  • oouchan

    Good article. Well rounded, full of information and well done too. Knew of a small amount of crime lords, but not that it was so wide spread such as these.
    The war on drugs needs to stop. It failed and it’s pointless. Prohibition didn’t work either. It’s time to let it go and move on…so that we stop creating criminals like the ones above.

    Interesting list.

    • Arsnl

      What about other things mentioned in the article: racketeering, bootleging, counterfeiting, arms trade, corruption, energy trade corruption, extortion, shark loans? Should we legalise these things too?
      Do you think these guys will go away without a fight? Do you really think they wont find the next best thing?
      Yes drugs probably represent their biggest gain, but they already have enough so much money they go in other areas. And boy, when they’ll go seriously into counterfeiting(medicine, electronics, high end luxury products), then you’ll the sparks fly because companies and states wont buckle down from that one.
      And they’ll still make very cheap cocaine and heroin which people will buy. Lets ask a drug addict what he will choose between: a) a lot of cheap illegal heroin or b) a tiny amount of expensive legal heroin. He bought illegal heroin until now too so he already has the experience/knowhow to buy it illegaly when it will be legal.
      Let’s stop the wishful thinking. Only way to stop criminals, is to make everything legal.

      • oouchan

        I picked out ONE thing to discuss. I don\’t have to go on about the rest of it since that is easier to combat. The drugs on the other hand is a lost cause and needs to be legal. The rest of it…meh….stupid petty stuff. The drugs are the money makers while the rest is chump change.

        And I think I was pretty clear that I wanted it to be legal with my comment about stopping the war on drugs..but hey.

        • Arsnl

          Well just like apple doesnt make just phones or google doesnt just have adsense, these drug lords dont make money just from drugs.
          France loses 6 billion euros because of counterfeiting, the sicilian mafia makes 10 billion euros from protection racketering (this list says). Doesnt seem like chump change.
          And does anyone think russian energy contracts are petty business?

          And you missed the point of my reply. I said yeah. Ok drugs are now legal? Will the crime lords dissapear? Clear answer: No. Will crime dissapear? No. They’ll find other things. And this story will repeat itself.

          • Annoyed

            As long as we can get high, then everything will be ay-okay!

          • oouchan

            Of course it won\’t go away…but it will become less than it is now. Take away what they covet the most and they lose power. Can\’t make everything legal because that would be stupid. All drugs should be legal and anyone can make it if they so wish.

            Most of their income comes from drugs so taking that away will hurt. A lot.

          • mjcole

            Let them find the next best thing, What with the police having more time and money to focus on the things that are truly crimes they would probably be in a much better position to do so. Corruption would almost definately drop as the amount of readily available cash would be less, the arms trade would probably also take a hit as there would be alot less drug turf wars. Why would you need to control an area if you have nothing to sell never mind paying your “soldiers”.

            if you asked a heroin addict would a) rather get some heroin on prescription and inject it in a safe environment under the supervision of a doctor or b) go buy a 20 bag of dirty brown skag of the street and then inject it with a thrice used needle that full of hep c not knowing if what you bought was in fact even skag

            In a world of clean legal drugs everyone who takes them is safer.
            In a world full of legal guns,legal extortion and legal corruption everybody is less safe which is why drugs should be legal and those other things shouldnt.

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    Does anyone else think the first photo looks like something out of Star Trek?

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    Never knew Listverse had so much influence in the world, Diego Perez Henao (nr 10) has just been captured.

    Note to self: Don’t piss off Jamie Frater..

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      • sjarrel

        Just pointing out the coincidence of finding out the guy got captured just a short while after the list came online (they’ll teach you how to spot what’s a key part of what somebody says in due time I’m sure, so no need to worry). If you don’t find that very interesting that’s fine, but you really don’t have to prove that you’re the most popular kid in your class to me, buddy. Because you see, that’s something I don’t find very interesting.

        • yes

          you sound mad.


          • sjarrel

            You’ve got the wit of a young Oscar Wilde, which is something to cherish, little man.

  • mom424

    Excellent list – going to take umbrage at your comment about privacy laws making Canada a great place to launder money….wrong. Any transactions of more than 10,000.00 are recorded and reported. As are repeated transactions of just under that….so no doing a million $9000.00 transactions. Must have us confused with Switzerland. We actually have quite strict banking controls – it’s why we weathered the mortgage storm so much better than our American neighbours.

    Going to jump on the bandwagon – STOP THE MADNESS – the war on drugs is fueling the violence in Mexico and elsewhere. And that’s all it is accomplishing. Look to Spain, legalized everything, treat addiction as a disease, and the number of addicts and their crime went way down. And the amount of money spent – maybe 1/10th. Stoopid North Americans.

    • Arsnl

      Mom, have a glass of water and calm down.
      Spain only allowed POT and that for personal use. That’s really really reeaaaally far away from “legalized everything”.
      And are you really saying Spain is an example? Do you realise that due to new laws they severely restricted health care coverage for immigrants?
      But I guess you’ve got your thing, and for you pot is the same as cocaine and heroin and you want it all to be legal. Im a socialist, I’m all for legalizing stuff but show me the proof. Don’t fudge data and don’t cherry pick because you’ll do more harm than good.

      • mom424

        I take it back – I misspoke. I should have said Portugal; put it down to my weed-addled brain. And decriminalization…again this one you can blame on my advanced age.

        • mom424

          There is no good reason for throwing addicts in jail – unless turning them into hardened criminals is your aim.

          • Arsnl

            “I should have said Portugal” that doesnt help your “Stoopid North Americans.” case.

            And as you’ve said, it’s about decriminalization. Trafficking is still illegal aka the reason why these guys are very rich, very dangerous criminals.

            Nobody legalized anything yet. There’s a HUGE difference between not being sent to jail for seeking treatment and being able to buy anytime you want some cocaine or heroin.

            And again it is a very specific case, they did it to curb HIV infections, they didnt do it cuz mexicans were dying. Oh and the rate of HIV infection due to drug use is still higher than the European average still showing that the case you’re presenting is particular: a small, European country that going through a huge crisis. I dont see how legalizing cocaine and heroin in the US would help with anything.

          • mom424

            It would help take the money from the drug dealers….if you can get your fix legally there is no need to support the cartels….and heroin? Heroin should be legal for those dying or suffering some other chronic malady. Because here? The only folks who can get it are the addicts. Heroin leaves you lucid – none of the others (and ask me about them – I have an Oxy junkie in my family – and it’s no better than heroin) do that.

          • Arsnl

            “It would help take the money from the drug dealers….IF you can get your fix legally there is no need to support the cartels….and heroin?”

            Show me some statistics where this was the case. The case for a country or something.

            Tou said that it helps take *the* money. So I’m looking for a reduction of 50% in drug related criminality due to complete legalization on consumption on all possible drugs.

            I have time. Thank you very much.

          • mom424

            “Since 2001, incidence of drug-related crime has dropped, as has the estimated number of “problematic” addicts (the latter has been cut in half compared to the early ’90s.) These figures are some of the best in Europe.”

            “yet America has the highest rates of cocaine and marijuana use in the world, and while most of the E.U. (including Holland) has more liberal drug laws than the U.S., it also has less drug use.”

            Read more:,8599,18

          • Offering help to addicts instead of throwing them in jail is very different than making hard drug legal. Making hard drugs legal, for one, will never happen. And it will not solve the addiction problems and lower crime rates. Like I said earlier, people still need to fund their habits. When money obtained legally is depleated, they will turn to illegal activities to fund their addiction. This happens all too often with addicts. Even with people dependant on alcohol, which is legal :)

            And herion should NOT be offered to terimally ill people, or people with chronic pain problem. There are many, many more safer alternatives to pain management that aren’t as addictive nor as dangerous as herion. Remember, these drugs, both Cocain and Herion were legal at one point in time. And it caused widespread addiction and crime. Hence the reason they were made illegal in the first place.

            Also, to repeat what has already been said, making hard drugs legal will not cause organized crime to go away. These people are oppertunitist. They do not JUST thrive on illegal drugs. They capitalize on everything… they even make bussiness pay them for protection. Does that mean we need to make it legal for people to demand money, and beat the crap out of others when they are refused? No. There is no way to completely get rid of organized crime. Making hard drugs legal will only make a bad situation worse.

            With that said, no, throwing addicts into prison is not the best solution to the problem. Offering them help is a better option for all involved. It would possibly lower addiciton rates, possibly lower crime rates, and it would help us spend less in regard to the prison system.

          • Arsnl

            Mom, I’m sorry. I’ll let this go since it is tiresome. You say we should legalize drug consumption and give me statistics related to drug decriminalization.

            If those are the same things for you, if you continue to cherry pick data, interpret them according to your desire, then I guess we have to agree to disagree.

            For me they are not the same thing as the message sent is different. And like I said: it’s a CASE BY CASE. Sweden has a zero tolerance policy to drug use (including p0t) and has 1/5 of the consumption rated in UK or Spain. Lets take Romania, zero tolerance 1.5% of cannabis use, less that 1% for hard drugs (7 times lower than in Portugal).

            But that means squat, because I’m cherry picking myself. Different countries different measures.


          • Arsnl

            You make sense VB

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    I’m glad to see so many people think the bristish empire was right in its opium war with China.

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    Its so nice to see that you are still on fire mom, as your posts show..

    A big big thank you for the post yesterday it ment a lot

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    None of these compare to Pablo Escobar..

    • Maggot

      Actually one of these persons listed does specifically compare to Pablo Escobar, by name, and that comparison favors this person as surpassing Escobar (relative to his heyday of course), and is supported by the opinions of the U.S. DEA and Dept. of Treasury. No, I’m not claiming that these U.S. Govt entities are the be-all to end all regarding comparative ranking of these two Cartel kingpins, but I certainly would place more stock in their opinions than that of someone with misplaced adulation who is opining about Escobar with nothing but unsupported hero-worship.

      • GrammarNazi

        Afwica isn’t a continent, boo ho ho. cry cry cry. Thanks for more of your worthless input.

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          • Mr. Blom

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            I can see you coming out with ish, like the father of that young Savage chick that was the joke of the Internet a coupla years ago, to back up your crap – “You’ve been back-traced! Consequences will never be the same!!” :lol:

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    I am surprised, you did not add dawood ibrahim to the list.. The list however was fine, but do look up about dawood… Born sheikh dawood ibrahim kaskar and was at no. 4 according to forbes worlds top 10 most dreaded criminals list of 2008.

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    maybe somebody already pointed this out but Felipe Calderon can not be reelected presidents of Mexico can only serve on 6year term. Josefina Vasquez Mota is the candidate for the PAN, which is Calderon’s party

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    Oh, and great list!

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    and some more pictures of the capture here

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    Great list, very interesting!

    • Anonymus

      they said that the man that have seen death or have to be with it have the same eyes(look) "the eyes chico they never lie"

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    Dawood Ibrahim from India who is now being sheltered in Pakistan.

  • dofnup

    “Projections show that his arrest would be good for Barack Obama and Felipe Calderón’s reelection campaigns.” This is incorrect; there is no reelection in Mexico, ergo Felipe Calderón cannot possibly have a reelection campaign.

  • IanBellamy

    #3- Felipe Calderon can’t run for re-election. Mexican presidents are only allowed to serve one 6-year term. Josefina Vázquez Mota is not one of Calderon’s competitors, but a presidential candidate and potential successor from his own party.

    • Pablito Funk

      Well said!

  • Name

    The Fact the Ochoa family isn’t on this list makes it lose ALL credibility. Or Griselda Blanco.

  • gnreal

    Daud Abrahim must also be added to this list

  • Denisse

    About number 3… they actually captured him a few years ago and was waiting for his trial, until Fox (from the same political group as our current president Calderon) “let him go”. Oh, and theres no re election in Mexico, Josefina Vázquez Mota is not Calderon´s competitor but the candidate for his own political party

  • Pablito Funk

    In Mexico there’s no reelection!!!… dumb ass!!

  • daniel

    On slide 3, you (the author) noted that the capture of El Chapo was important to Felipe Calderon’s reelection and also mentioned his “competitor” Josefina Vazquez Mota. Just to clarify, Mexico does not allow for reelection of presidents as they only serve one six-year term. JVM is actually what John McCain was to George W. Bush in 2008, since they both are in the same party and one of them cannot be reelected.

    • daniel

      I see I was a tad bit late to the party.

  • LarryHoover

    Wheres Big Meech Of BMF?

    • Crony Libwire

      Number 3 looks like Dustin Hoffman.

  • dimas

    did one of them rig the Pacquiao-Manny fight?



  • if they are drug lords and gangsters and what ever else…. shouldn’t it be better to be more….fit? I mean what if the police were on your tail???? Would you like to run as fast as a cheetah or a sloth????

  • Adam

    Bull sh*t there’s no Dawood Ibrahim in the list the biggest gangster in the world



  • Rashid

    Altaf Hussain, the Boss of MQM Pakistan should also be added here.

  • sparksssss

    No it didn’t but what it did do is strike a big hit to the power and influence the mafia controlled and it made them take a big financial hit. If you look at the mafia in the 20’s during prohibition and compare them to the mafia today they have lost a considerable amount of power. Making drugs legal would bring and end to several violent crimes, but criminals will always be around as long as there is crimes to commit, however if western governments made drugs legal it would destroy our people and communities severely so that is out of the question..have you ever seen a crack head imagine thousands of them, enough said..

    • Open Mind

      I think the bigger picture here is that there will always be a need & profit to make off any substance that people feel they need to intoxicate with. Legal or not, there are always buyers. Stopping the drug wars won’t prevent it from happening or even legalizing it. Think about it…there’s 14 year olds out there selling drugs to make a profit! It’s every where & in every city. To some it’s a business, to other’s it’s a way of life & a necessity. I think wasting government money on the wars solves nothing but neither does legalizing. For now everyone should focus on the real problems facing our countries, we can worry about people’s drug addictions & personal “business profits” later. Obviously we haven’t gotten very far with it the last few decades..

  • Tom Parker

    Semion Mogilevich is Jewish not Russian or Ukrainian.

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  • Kyleo

    I wish the russian mob guy was my grandpa. Oh and stop bitchin about legalization, the fact is drugs should be legal, murder/rape and all violent crimes shouldnt. Who gives a shit about piracy or counterfeiting gucci bags, those people make millions anyways, same with the movie business. Our pay system is so disproportionate anyways, limit amounts of children and whocan have them, get rid of fossil fuels, religion included.

  • Thanks to the drug laws in most of the world, the enormous profit margins from drugs has fueled an ever exploding number of people in this hyer violent world. In huge swaths of the world young men and women dream of growing up to become a drug dealer or courier or enforcer. But that’s ok, because the population issue has been ignored for so long and that will catch up with us very soon…

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