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Top 10 Everyday Things We Forget

by Matt Schiesl
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Everyday seems the same. You wake up, take a shower (or bath), eat a quick breakfast, maybe pick up some coffee or tea and you are on your way to work/school. But everyday is not the same, every day people seem to forget to do something that they do almost daily or weekly. That is what this list is about


Clothing Stickers


Thing We Forget: Taking the size sticker off of your new clothes.

You buy your new pair of jeans, they make your butt look good and they are reasonable priced (haha). You take them home, take off all of the tags, and proudly wear them. Then your friend says “Hey what is that on your pants?” and it’s the size sticker. Whether it says “34-30 mens” or “size 4 ladies” it was sticking to the side of your jeans for hours. You get new pants and clothes all the time yet still people always somehow forget to take off that little sticker.


Feeding the Fish

Keegan Allen Fish

Thing We Forget: Feeding the Fish.

Anyone who has ever had any fish know they are very easy to take care of. You buy them, plop them in a few gallons of water, put rocks in the bottom and some scenery if you wish and clean it every once in a while. They are pure entertainment for people that just want to sit down and look at them, however there always seems to be one thing people forget. Upon leaving their house for work or school they forget to feed the fish. This is not the end of the world for they won’t die after a day of not being fed but not feeding them for a while and you got some bottoms-up fish on your hands, so remember to feed them tomorrow?




Thing We Forget: Flushing the toilet.

Ever use a friend’s restroom and see that the water is still yellow? I’m sure it has happened more than once, and usually it is not due to someone being rude or gross, they usually just forget. They get a phone call and quickly finish their deed then run to get it perhaps. For whatever reason toilets don’t always get flushed and when you realize it you feel like an idiot, better luck next time.




Thing We Forget: Shipping out letters/packages.

Your mother’s birthday is right around the corner, you buy her a pretty necklace and a card that says how wonderful of a mother she is. You wrap them up and put them in a box to be shipped and it sits in the back of your car for weeks. Happy Belated Birthday Mom! This also works for shipping out your taxes or sending a get well soon card. I know on more than one occasion that I have had a package I need to send sits in the back seat of my car for a long period of time, whoops.




Thing We Forget: Taking your medicine.

Millions of women across the world are on birth control, a medicine that you must take every day or you could have an oops baby on your hands. Everyday thousands (perhaps millions, who knows?) forget to take it. Some people have to take cancer medication, or pain medication daily and they too every once in a while for some unknown reason forget. When you figure out you’ve forgotten it, you promptly take it most of the time, but still, every morning millions of people wake up and go to work and their medicine is still sitting untouched.


Recipe Items


Thing We Forget: An item for a recipe you plan on making.

Okay, this calls for 2 eggs, some flour, and milk – but you forgot to pick up the milk, well there goes that idea. Millions of items everyday go un-bought by people who need them. You forget the milk, or the butter, or the cheese. You write a list down (or you get a call on your cell telling you to pick up something) and it just slips your mind when you get there or you just plain forget to write it down. There are two solutions, either don’t make it, or make a quick stop at the local market and pick it up. What a waste of expensive gas.




Thing We Forget: Turning off/unplugging appliances.

Ever leave the house only to come back and realize the stove is still on, or your curling iron is still plugged in? Yeah, me too. You feel stupid for a few minutes and then it passes only to come back again when you leave your TV on all night. Not only does this run up your electric bill but it also can be dangerous depending on what it was that you left on.



Trash-Cans-For-Garbage-Separation-By-Shi-Yali-Asiastockimages-Com-Qpps 394455202778997

Thing We Forget: Take out the trash.

It’s Tuesday and it is trash day! Now it is Wednesday and you have a full can of garbage that you forgot to take out the night before. Now you have to smell old milk, cheese, and meat for the next 6 or 7 days – yuck! Every week all you have to do is walk your garbage out to the curb or throw it in the dumpster out back but you forget at least once every few weeks or months.


Special Occasions

Special Occasion

Thing We Forget: Birthdays/anniversaries/special occasions.

You cuddle up with your lady and had a great over-all night and are ready for bed, “What did you get me?” she asks – and you freak, “OMG IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY TODAY!” I know it is very clichéd, but it is clichéd because it happens every day. A best friend forgets your birthday, you forget it’s you and your girlfriend’s 2 year anniversary, you forget to call your mum on mother’s day. It happens to everyone so don’t fret, eventually it will blow over unless you have a particularly nasty significant other, where in that case it may be better he/she left you anyway.



7524-Iphone4 Desk

Thing We Forget: Keys/phone/purse/wallet.

You probably forget one of these items weekly, whether you forgot where you put it last and lost it, or you just forgot to bring it with you. You go to the store and forget your credit card at home, you go to unlock your car and left your keys inside – it’s part of life losing these items it seems. It is joked about constantly with people forgetting where you put your darn keys only to find them wedged in couch cushions or just sitting right in front of you on the table. It happens to everyone weekly for whatever reason. At least you can call you cellphone – unless it is on silent (crap!).

fact checked by Jamie Frater