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10 Alleged Top Secret Bases That Officially Don’t Exist

by Marcus Lowth
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Most of us have heard of Area 51, where top secret “flying saucers” are kept, even live aliens depending on your source, but there are many equally dramatic but lesser-known areas of top secret, off-limits activity. By their very nature, secret bases are not spoken about openly. Officially, they don’t exist, or at the very least, the activities taking place at certain locations are vastly different than what is officially stated.

While the vast majority of this list may need to be read with a pinch of salt, the following claims are nonetheless intriguing and most definitely alluring to the part of one’s brain that, in terms of the authenticity of the claims, asks the question, “but what if . . . ?”

10 Base AL/499

Most of what we “know” about Base AL/499, claimed to be 60 meters (200 ft) below the small English village of Peasemore in the Berkshire countryside, comes from apparent whistle-blower James Casbolt. Casbolt claims his family has both high-ranking intelligence and Illuminati connections, and because of this, he says he was “born into” a top secret program that operates out of the underground facility, called Project Mannequin.[1]

According to Casbolt, Project Mannequin is primarily a cloning operation geared toward creating super soldiers, but it also operates MKULTRA-style mind control programs that create highly trained and unknowing (even to themselves) assassins. Although it is based and operated from the United Kingdom, it connects to similar secret operations in the United States, and ultimately, those in charge of the program answer to the NSA.

Casbolt further claims that while he entered the program through his family connections—even elaborating that he had been part of an Illuminati-controlled assassination team—many others were kidnapped and forced into it against their will, being used as “civilian guinea pigs.”

9 Camp 13

In a recent Listverse article about claims of recovered alien craft, we looked at the Kalahari Incident, which supposedly involved a downed UFO being recovered by the South African military (with two alien beings to boot) before being passed on to their American counterparts. However, according to the story, a third alien being was kept by the South African military and taken to their own top secret facility.

If there is any truth to the account, then it is perhaps this secret base that was of as much concern to the South African military as it was the ruined alien craft. Camp 13 is said to be somewhere in the Kalahari Desert.[2] Its exact location isn’t known, and aside from the alleged hosting of extraterrestrial beings, the general rumor is that high-tech laser weapon tests are carried out there.

According to some UFO researchers based in South Africa, UFO sightings are much more common than are reported (even today), and rumors of other bases, similar in nature to the alleged Camp 13, are rife.

8 Top Secret UFO Response Team Based In Wales

According to journalist Derrick Gough, as far back as the 1980s, the UK and US governments were operating a top secret program out of a base in Wales’s Brecon Beacons mountains, geared toward the recovery of mutilated human bodies which had been subjected to alien abduction and experimentation.[3] Gough quickly realized the files he had been given by his military whistle-blower source were of a serious nature—a point rammed home to him by the several threatening phone calls he received after he contacted the police about the files and even further so by the fire at his office. He would pass the information and files to UFO researcher Tony Dodd, who made contact with Gough’s source and brought the incident to the public in his 1999 book, Alien Investigations.

According to Dodd’s further investigation, the base and response team that operated out of it was set up as a top secret UK/US venture by the administrations of Thatcher and Reagan, respectively. The team was available to be dispatched around the clock and would receive prior warning of incoming UFOs and the often grim cargo. As well as recovering the mutilated bodies and hiding them away from the public, they would also seal off an area before an operation was underway, ensuring that there were no prying eyes.

7 Alien Base Off The Icelandic Coast

Another claim made by the aforementioned Tony Dodd was that of increased UFO activity along the coast of Iceland. There was so much activity that he believed a secret alien base operated there, which at the very least received the (largely) unwitting protection of NATO forces, if not the cooperation.[4]

Dodd, an experienced and respected UFO researcher, had several sources in the Icelandic fishing community (who were often the only other vehicles allowed near US and NATO vessels), as well as one anonymous source in the Navy itself. Each would report several UFOs entering the sea or flying low into the mountainous landscape. The Navy source stated that they would track the approach of these UFOs and ensure that they had an uninterrupted passage to their destination. He was aboard a ship while this happened on at least one occasion.

Once in the water, the alien craft would be tracked and monitored further, again with the waters being kept completely free of other traffic until the apparent safe arrival of these otherworldly guests.

6 Network Of Bases Under Denver International Airport

Despite denial by those responsible for building it, the conspiracy theories about just what lies underneath the Denver International Airport have continued for over 20 years since it first opened in February 1995.[5] Those theories come thick and fast, and they aren’t strictly limited to underneath the airport, with several apparent “Illuminati-type symbols” being present throughout the facility, not to mention its bizarre and “disorientating” layout.

Looking at the increased construction costs (which rose from around $1.7 billion to over $5 billion) as well as the original layout of the airport being scrapped and “buried over,” it is easy to see where the roots of such conspiracies stem from.

However, the claims of the “baby-eating aliens” which control a human workforce, alongside high-ranking US military officials for good measure, are what really gained ground with those in the conspiracy community—as well they might! Researcher Alex Christopher, along with the late whistle-blower Phil Scheinder, claimed to have gained access to the underground facility. They told of “human slave labor” overseen by reptilian aliens, who essentially control the US military and government. What’s more, similar bases are allegedly below various large cities across the United States.

As well as various experimentation areas and production lines, the base below DIA supposedly has allocated space for the world’s elites (including the British royal family), who will use the facility during “the change” when it is eventually unleashed.

5 Secret Base Under Rendlesham Forest

While many people have heard of the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident of December 1980, not quite as many are familiar with the alleged complex that runs underneath the two (formerly US) military bases of Woodbridge and Bentwaters.[6] Furthermore, if sources are to be believed, some of the technology in this secret base was said to be light-years ahead of its time.

When the 2014 horror movie The Rendlesham UFO Incident (aka Hangar 10 ) was filmed in the area on location, director Daniel Simpson, recalled speaking to an owner of a firm that was renting space on the some of the now privately owned land there. When they arranged for an Internet connection, the engineer discovered cables that appeared to have been fitted in the early 1980s. However, upon inspection, the engineer became increasingly frustrated with the find, essentially because the technology appeared to be more advanced than what is even widely available today.

Simpson would also discover several strange hatches seemingly in the middle of nowhere throughout the forest. Underneath the heavy lids, long ladders descended downward into blackness. Although he was informed by local authorities that what he had found was simply a drainage system, Simpson stated it looked “very elaborate” for such a thing, not to mention being so hidden away. (Simpson had stumbled onto them accidentally.) According to locals he later spoke with, it is believed these are still-utilized access points to the secret underground base.

Incidentally, when it was revealed in 2011 that files stored at the National Archive relating to the incident had gone missing, it raised an eyebrow or two in the conspiracy and UFO communities.

4 The Black Pyramid Of Alaska

Alaska is an area of the planet that is as interesting as its terrain is unforgiving. Perhaps the claims of an ancient black pyramid buried deep under the state are some of the most bizarre and intriguing.[7]

The claims first surfaced in 1992, when Channel 13 Anchorage aired a report on scientists conducting seismic recording experiments, who believed they’d inadvertently discovered the dimensions of a pyramid structure around 80 kilometers (50 mi) from Denali (formerly Mount McKinley). Nothing much more came of the story, until two decades later in 2012, when a member of the military (now retired) contacted UFO researcher and journalist Linda Moulton Howe with information on the alleged find. He claimed the pyramid was built thousands and thousands of years ago and was constructed to harness the natural power of the planet.

As Howe broke the story into the public arena, more people came forward who had been involved in, or were directly related to someone involved in, the Black Pyramid. A gentleman named Bruce L. Pearson claimed the structure was “not made by man” and was being used as a secret base to study the harnessing of such power. Another anonymous witness claimed his father had worked on the “dark pyramid,” even helping to install a “powerful electrical system” within its ancient structure.

3 The Protected Area Of The Ross Sea

When an international agreement was reached in October 2016 to make 1.5 million square kilometers of the Ross Sea protected, it seemed on the surface like a good idea. There would be no commercial fishing in the region, for example, so wildlife would be free to thrive as it would do naturally. However, it also means that no one aside from those with “exclusive permission” are allowed to even be there. The area is completely off-limits.

To some in the conspiracy community, this was simply a ruse to cover the fact that secret bases were operating in the Ross Sea. Claims have even been made of secret wars between the aliens that reside there and a multinational, and very secret, human response team.

When reports resurfaced of a crashed UFO in Antarctica with a parade of other mystery vehicles (incidentally with no defining track marks suggesting they were airborne craft) that had been captured by Google Earth, many began to wonder if the reasons for “sectioning off” part of the Ross Sea were really the ones offered to the public.[8]

2 Base 211

The official reason offered by the Third Reich in 1938 when they first ventured into Antarctica was to secure Germany’s whaling industry. To the plethora of conspiracy theories that would follow over the decades to come, the real purpose was to establish contact with the Inner Earth beings that resided in the region—a mission that resulted in Base 211.

Rumors and conspiracies even ran rampant that Hitler himself had finally escaped to the base in the final days of World War II, and after lying low in the region, he made his way to South America, where some people will tell you he lived until the 1980s.[9] The Nazis, or at least the high-ranking members, had long believed that an ancient race of alien beings resided in Antarctica, and what’s more, they believed that they themselves were the direct descendants of such a race—or at least according to their propaganda machine, anyway.

1 The Claims Of Admiral Byrd

Perhaps one of the most famous claims of a secret base is one of the first, that of the one reported in 1947 by Admiral Richard Byrd.[10] While on a flight over the North Pole, he allegedly found an entrance to the Inner Earth, which led to lush, green vegetation and a base inhabited by beings who called the region home. Byrd was far from quiet about the encounter and even gave a press conference, telling all who would listen, even giving a warning that the beings residing there could cover the distance from the South Pole to the North Pole at incredible speeds.

Needless to say, Byrd was quickly “hospitalized” on the instructions of the US military and promptly banned from giving any such press conferences again.

One other thing of interest to mention is that Byrd claimed to have seen craft with swastikas on them. Were they proof that the Nazis had indeed established their Base 211 and, in turn, established communication with an inter-terrestrial race that could travel pole-to-pole at incredible speeds?

fact checked by Jamie Frater
Marcus Lowth

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a passion for anything interesting, be it UFOs, the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the paranormal or conspiracies. He also has a liking for the NFL, film and music.

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