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10 Psychics Who Solved Crimes

by Tracy Shane
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Though the science of psychics is a matter debated by many, a psychic’s “vision” is definitely a mystery many criticize and question the validity of. But what if that mysterious gift could provide closure for families with a missing loved one?

For decades, psychic tips have been given to investigators, and though most have proved useless, some have resolved cases that had left police stumped for days and even years, giving families peace of mind for their loved one involved.

Due to public criticism of the use of a psychic in a police investigation and because a psychic’s “visions” could never be used as evidence in court, it is no surprise that a psychic has never been officially credited with solving a crime, but after reading about the mysterious cases of disappearance and murder below and the shocking, spot-on predictions by aiding psychics, you’ll be wondering why more police stations don’t have a psychic on speed dial.

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10 Kristy Robinett Finds Ashley Howley

Photo Credit: nontelodiromai / Flickr

Since she was a toddler, Kristy Robinett has been communicating with spirits that haven’t crossed over yet, but it was the appearance of the spirit of a young woman by her bedside one night that got Robinett involved in a criminal investigation.

Twenty-year-old Ashley Howley had disappeared near Columbus, Ohio in 2005 and had been missing for four years when Kristy was supposedly visited by the dead girl’s spirit. After some research, Robinett was able to track down local authorities and the family to give them some information about the case.

She told detectives that Ashley had been kidnapped and murdered by her boyfriend, Robert MacMichael II, then directed them to the location she believed Ashley would be found. The location was near MacMichael’s home. Police had believed all along the boyfriend was involved, but they wanted to wait to break ground until they had more evidence against him.

That chance came a while later when MacMichael’s was arrested for the murder of his mother and her boyfriend. As part of the plea bargin, he revealed the location of Howley’s remains, right at the location Robinett had identified.

Robinett said the reason Howley visited her in the first place was so she could be put to rest and her family could find closure. Thanks to Robinett and the work of the police department, they were able to do just that.

9 Irene Hughes Finds Bodies In Chicago

Photo Credit: Jet Lowe / Wikimedia Commons

Up until her death in 2012, Irene Hughes had been predicting numerous events in the City of Chicago, as well as helping the police force solve mysteries.

1966 marks the first year she helped police solve a crime. She predicted a man would be found near a large rock in the Cal-Sag Canal dead after having been shot in the back; he would be wearing a white shirt and would be missing a shoe. Sure enough, Lt. Jerry Harmon of the Cook County Sheriff’s Department would find the man just as Hughes predicted. They would go on to work on eight other cases together, including one where Hughes would give Harmon the exact name of the killer.

When aiding in an investigation, Hughes requests a photograph of the victim, sometimes clothing, as well, and uses the photograph to meditate and draw conclusions from. Using this method, she has helped police on over two-thousand cases over the span of 25 years.

8 Annette Martin Finds Dennis Prado

Photo Credit: US Army Corps of Engineers / Wikimedia Commons

People do not choose to be a psychic, it just happens, and Annette Martin is a prime example of that. She wanted to be an opera singer, but instead has been using her unique ability to help find missing people for over 20 years.

One of her most famous finds, however, was helping police locate the body of Dennis Prado, an elderly gentleman who had disappeared from his home. Search and rescue teams had been scouring the area of a 2,000 acre state park near Pacifica, California for almost two months to find the man, but had come up empty handed. As a last resort, local police gave Martin a photograph of Prado and a map, asking her to see if she could pinpoint an area for them to search.

Martin focused on the map and was able to give the police an area about an eighth of a mile to comb through. They were skeptical at first, but searcher Roberta Hauser took a search dog with her and was able to discover the corpse of Mr Prado right in the center of the circle Martin had pointed out. The police were stunned.

Since that case, Martin has worked closely with various other police departments to help solve abduction and murder cases and has been featured on various TV and radio programs to talk about her gift.

7 Laurie McQuary Finds Alexis Burke

Photo Credit: Esprqii / Wikimedia Commons

Alexis Burke, a twenty-eight-year-old mother living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, was reported missing by her husband John Burke three days after she had gone missing in March 1986. The officer taking the report thought Mr Burke’s reactions weren’t what was to be expected of a man whose wife was missing, and an investigation began.

Months later, with Alexis still missing and no leads, the family contacted psychic Laurie McQuary, who gave some interesting information about the case.

According to McQuary, the Burke’s marriage was troubled, plagued by arguments over finances and John’s lazy attitude towards working. She sees one of the arguments leading to John strangling Alexis, then having his brother help him dispose of the body. McQuary outlined 30 different points about the murder and burial of Alexis Burke to Detective Bob Lee, and 29 of those points proved to be correct.

Alexis’ body was discovered buried just 75 yards from the building John worked at. John was convicted and served 13 years in the Oregon state penitentiary. His brother Kelly was identified as his accomplice, but served no time in exchange for showing detectives where the body was buried.

With the assistance and accuracy of McQuary’s psychic predictions, Detective Lee was able to solve the murder of Alexis Burke and give her family some closure.

6 Dorothy Allison Finds Missing Children

Photo Credit: Keith Tyler / Wikimedia Commons

After some shockingly accurate premonitions when she was young (like predicting her father’s sudden death), Dorothy Allison believed she had a gift and decided to use that gift to help those in need. For more than 30 years, Allison aided law enforcement agencies around the globe in finding at least 50 missing children before her death in 1999.

Allison would often dream of the location of bodies and suspects and be able to lead law enforcement from there. In 1967, she told Nutley, New Jersey, detectives of a boy who would be found drowned in a river with his shoes on the wrong feet. A month later, a little boy was discovered bearing that exact description. A decade later, a girl would be found in an oil drum with the word “MAR” written on it; Allison predicted this through a vision two years before the girl was found.

Her list of accurate descriptions and tips would continue on throughout her life and would lead to television appearances and a book deal, but Allison never took any money besides travel expenses for her help, believing her sight should be a gift of good. And though she did have some failures throughout her career, her assistance would prove helpful in many situations.

5 Carol Pate Finds Tyson Efird

Photo Credit: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr

Desperate for answers, a mother sought out Carol Pate’s psychic assistance to help find her missing, 17-year-old son Tyson Efird.

Efird went missing from his job at the local Food Center in Malvern, Arkansas on November 14, 1991. After a large manhunt ensued with no leads, Efird’s mother came to Pate with her son’s photograph for Pate to draw from. As she touches the photograph, Pate feels a strong connection to the boy that leads to startling visions of him being abused, both physically and sexually, a brief description of what his captors look like, and the word “ridge.” Most importantly, though, she saw that Efird was alive, giving his parents hope that they would be able to find him.

Pate was able to lead police to within a half mile of where Efird was being held prisoner in a house on Ridge Road. After six days of being held captive, Tyson convinced his kidnappers to let him go. When he was reunited with his family and told of Pate’s vivid visions of him, he was astonished by how spot-on they were. She knew intimate details about what happened to him that only he and his attackers would have known.

Two men were arrested, tried, and given three consecutive life sentences in the kidnapping and rape of Tyson Efird, but Pate’s reassurance that Tyson was alive during the whole ordeal is what really brought peace to the family during a hard time.

4 Etta Louise Smith Found Melanie Uribe

Photo Credit: Joe Wolf / Flickr

Not everyone’s psychic visions bode well with the police department, as Etta Louise Smith discovered when her vision led her to the body of Melanie Uribe, a 31 year old nurse who was reported missing after failing to show up for work.

Overcome by a very strong psychic vision after watching a news report about Uribe, Smith took it upon herself to drive up Lopez Canyon in Los Angeles and search for the body. After some time, she discovered the corpse of Uribe, nude except for her white nurse’s shoes, facedown behind some brush. An approaching police car was flagged down and Smith left the scene, only to be confronted by detectives at her home later that evening. After hours of questioning, the detectives did not believe her story of having a psychic vision that led her to Uribe, and they arrested her on suspicion of murder.

Smith would spend four days in jail before she was eventually released and the real killer was apprehended. Claiming defamation of character, Smith sued the Los Angeles Police Department and won a settlement for her wrongful arrest and the distress it caused her.

3 Phil Jordan Finds Tommy Kennedy

Photo Credit: Doug Kerr / Flickr

During a family picnic in August of 1982, five-year-old Tommy Kennedy runs away from his family during a temper tantrum and can’t be found. The family panics and calls in police to search the area to no avail. Desperate to find their son, they contact local psychic Phil Jordan for any leads.

As the boy was last seen in swim trunks holding a pool toy, the parents feared the worst that he may have gone swimming alone and drowned in the river, however, Phil Jordan very much felt that the boy was alive.

After being given one of the child’s t-shirts to hold, Jordan claimed to see the boy sleeping under a tree and was able to sketch what the area looked like — a lake with overturned boats and a small house nearby.

In the morning, the family and detectives went to the spot Phil Jordan described, and within an hour they were able to locate the boy, dirty and scared, but safe.

After the case, Phil Jordan was sworn in as a deputy by Tioga County Sheriff’s Department so he could continue to assist on other cases, which he has, on many different levels and with many different agencies around the country.

2 Nancy Weber Finds Elizabeth Cornish

Photo Credit: Famartin / Wikimedia Commons

In 1987, Elizabeth Cornish was found by her boyfriend raped and murdered in her apartment. DNA testing was not advanced enough to aid detectives, and their interrogation of family members and neighbors proved to be fruitless. In a last effort, Cornish’s sister contacted psychic Nancy Weber for help.

Upon meeting with the sister and visiting the scene of the crime, Weber was able to give the police some very startling clues that would help resolve the case. She told detectives that the neighbor upstairs, a man with a western belt buckle and a scar on his face, was the one who attacked Cornish. She also noted that the believed time of the murder by the police was wrong, a fact later confirmed by the autopsy, and that was why this man passed a lie detector test.

With this new information, police brought the upstairs neighbor in, a man by the name of John Reece and re-questioned him. Sure enough, they were able to get a full confession from him, and he was later convicted and sentenced to life in prison for Cornish’s murder.

The murder of Elizabeth Cornish is just one of the cases Nancy Weber was able to help law enforcement solve by giving them relevant and concise information early on in the investigation. Because of this, she is one of the few psychics who has ever received a badge for her police work and she still continues to lend her assistance to those in need.

1 Rosemarie Kerr Found Andre Daigle

Photo Credit: Wilson Hui / Flickr

Distance was no boundary to Rosemarie Kerr when it came to her aiding in the case of Andre Daigle. At the time of Daigle’s disappearance in June of 1987, Kerr was living in Los Angeles, over 2,000 miles away from Daigle’s home in New Orleans, but was able to give his sister some crucial details that would bring the case to a close.

Andre Daigle was last seen at a pool hall around closing time offering a young woman a ride home in his pickup truck. He never made it home that morning and for days his family was worried about him, until his sister Elise McGinley contacted Rosemarie Kerr and provided her with a photo of her brother and a map of the area. Kerr was drawn to the area of Slidell, Louisiana, about 30 minutes outside New Orleans, and told McGinley to get somewhere there as soon as possible.

Family members and police embarked on the town and soon discovered Daigle’s pickup truck being driven by two men who would turn out to be the killers. The men admitted to police that they had one of their girlfriends pick up Daigle so they could see if they had what it took to be criminals by killing him. They beat and strangled Daigle before dumping his body in a swamp.

In an interesting twist, Rosemarie Kerr actually took the stand at the trial of the murderers and recounted the vision that would eventually resolve the case.

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About The Author: Tracy spends her days writing and designing in a tourist town where she lives with her dog.

fact checked by Jamie Frater